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Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz Muhammad (born November 13, 1993) is an American basketball player.

Anthony Bennett Zach Lavine Andrew Wiggins Ricky Rubio Kevin Martin Gorgui Dieng Flip Saunders Minnesota Timberwolves Chase Budinger Corey Brewer Archie Goodwin Thaddeus Young

Once they sign Shabazz Muhammad it's over for the league
They best be ready to max out Porter Jr. or pay up for Shabazz Muhammad then
Shabazz Muhammad would be the best player on the Warriors right now.
Shabazz Muhammad is the reason I have this stance now lol
difference between people actually thinking that, and someone just doing his troll job. Is Shabazz Muhammad better too?
It hurts me that the people honor the students and cover the great Teacher of us all: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. ht…
If we don't retain Shabazz Muhammad, I wouldn't be mad if we threw some money at Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. . Young 3&D player.
If the keep their core together they could use a SF. I wonder what Doc thinks about bringing Shabazz Muhammad home.
"We were robbed of our desire to even want to think and do for ourselves."~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
take away the narratives and James hardin is Shabazz Muhammad with more respect from referees
if that happened the bulls should try sing jj redick and get rudy *** to play power forward or Shabazz Muhammad
The Commentary of IWDM (Imam Warith Deen Muhammad) and Social Psychology 7am-10am Friday Hosted by Rashad Shabazz
Sources: Minnesota guard Shabazz Muhammad has hired agent Rich Paul. Muhammad will be a free agent in July.
Bring back Taj, turn Kanter into a Shabazz Muhammad type, maybe steal a Ben McLemore type - it can be done. It will be done
Closed mouths don't get fed, and I'm gonna eat every time I get on the court. -
Shabazz Muhammad is a option on most teams
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But can he turn shabazz muhammad into a superstar
Is there anyway we also get: Shabazz Muhammad "The Charges"
6'6 F Muhammad Shabazz, III (2017) of South Bend's Saint Joseph H.S. has committed to play at Albion College
Ricky Rubio no looks, Shabazz Muhammad finishes for the Minnesota Timberwolves in victory Timberwolves
Sam Presti. Gordon Hayward,Danilo Gallinari, or Shabazz Muhammad at SF please and thankyou!
Check out The Commentary of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad this Friday. Hosted by Rashad Shabazz 7am-10am
Might be able to get a young guy like Shabazz Muhammad or someone else of that caliber
I don't understand why Shabazz Muhammad got so many charging fouls in transition when he has such a mean floater game--use it.
I think we need to bubble wrap Shabazz Muhammad and just unleash him when we face the Warriors.
Give me Shabazz Muhammad on a cheap contract
Shabazz Muhammad is heading to Westwood! The prolific scoring wing is officially heading to Big get for coach Ben Howla…
Report: The Brooklyn Nets are interested in trading for Shabazz Muhammad.
Jim Peterson talking about wigs when Kris Dunn and Shabazz Muhammad made a great play. Please talk basketball.
Suns are getting away with Tucker guarding KAT and Alex Len guarding Shabazz Muhammad. I’m serious.
Bulls need to get rid of Rondo and Wade and sign Patty Mills and Shabazz Muhammad and/or Patrick Patterson this offseason
Wiggins was compared to LeBron and Shabazz Muhammad was compared to Kobe at one point.. People love to go nuts
Islam, as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, will be established in America. We are a nation within a nation.
And shabazz Muhammad didn't go to UCLA because of adidas, please 🙄🙄🙄
Shabazz Muhammad and Adidas disagree with Rick's assessment on Adidas and their player involvement
but w/ Bazz, he's probably bad on that end b/c...well...
Dear Shabazz Muhammad I'm Brian Chenault I have autism I wanted to say I'm sorry you lost your cousin/best friend
Shabazz Muhammad, Allonzo Trier, John Wall, Austin Rivers (and he never used his left hand lol) and Aquille Carr
Shabazz Muhammad was 20 in 12th grade lmao
Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X, with their daughters, who all grew up to be activists and advocates.
"With the first pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select, Shabazz Muhammad from the University of Califo…
More like the NFL version of Shabazz Muhammad
Shabazz Muhammad dumb booted on 2k 😑
Roster Review | A break down of Shabazz Muhammad's 3rd season with the READ »
We've continued our Roster Review series with Shabazz Muhammad:
My explosiveness, I really couldn't show it at UCLA. It's still there.
Shabazz Muhammad's future in the NBA and with Minnesota will be one of the most interesting things to watch moving forward to me.
A Year In Photos | View the best moments from Bazz's third season with the 📷:
It is in the ordinary events of every day that we develop the proactive capacity to handle the extraordinary...
I'm not cocky at all. You ask anybody, I'm one of the nicest guys. I t...
We need Zach Lavine and shabazz Muhammad to make the playoffs
Hawks fans how would you feel if Shabazz Muhammad was traded here?
Ben Simmons, Josh Selby, Shabazz Muhammad are all precautionary tales about college choices gone wrong.
Shabazz Muhammad runs ahead of Adreian Payne and Kevin Martin to throw down a vicious one-handed fast b...
win over Shabazz Muhammad scored 25 points and Ricky Rubio had 15 points and 12...
Shabazz Muhammad on end-of-regulation gaffe: 'I wasn't aware of the clock'
pick up Josh Smith and drop Shabazz Muhammad?
VIDEO: Shabazz Muhammad throws down the 1-handed jam on Kevin Durant
Timberwolves: Ricky Rubio throws a beautiful cross-court pass to set up Shabazz Muhammad for the one-handed slam -via ESPN http://
Russian commentator just called Shabazz Muhammad as Shabazz Napier... Yikes...
PG Ricky Rubio. SG Shabazz Muhammad. SF Andrew Wiggins. PF Ben Simmons. C Karl-Anthony Towns. Do we tank to get this lineup?
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Fast Break of the Night: Zach Lavine: On the fast break, Shabazz Muhammad throws the alley-oop to Zach Lavine.
Zach Lavine can still get up, finishes the alley-oop slam from Shabazz Muhammad
Also, reports from TWolves media day on Shabazz Muhammad ready to take the next step
New at Minnesota Timberwolves’ Shabazz Muhammad looks to build on strong 2015 season by
Wrote some words on Shabazz Muhammad looking to build on a strong season that abruptly ended:
On this day 15 years ago, Muhammad al Durra was shot dead in the arms of his father by the Zionist army.
PD "chilling" in Harlem with one of Elijah Muhammad's top students, Bro. Shabazz. :)
Shabazz Muhammad reportedly lost 25 lbs and gained 13 lbs of muscle (not joking, each was reported at different points today)
Winner of the Media Day cliche' trophy for Wolves: Shabazz Muhammad. 2nd: Towns.
If Shabazz Muhammad can become that 3rd scorer for your team might be something this year
Shabazz Muhammad says he's worked on ball handling to play more SG. He and Wiggins would be an imposing combo
"This is the best I've felt since I came into the NBA." - Shabazz Muhammad on his intense summer workouts
Shabazz Muhammad says he's ready for the season, physically, and he's felt the best he ever has in the NBA.
Shabazz Muhammad: "This is the best I've felt since I've been in the NBA."
Shay just pulled up a 3 with shabazz Muhammad to win the game in 2k against Kavo and he threw his phone and broke it
happening now book presentation of :"Have you read the whole truth?" with authors Ali Shaheed&Muhammad Shabazz
12th ovr: Shabazz Muhammad..Thunder had a win-win deal simply would be offense or defense preference..good scouts
but that's not all. Shabazz Muhammad, Gorgui.
GOOGLE "The first written constitution in the world". It was written by Prophet Muhammad 1400+ years ago
Shabazz Muhammad was so cold in high school.
Original piece by Y. Shabazz. Muhammad on reclaimed wood
Fun question: if you could do over the 2013 NBA Draft, would you take Otto Porter or Shabazz Muhammad?
don’t think media had any influence on Shabazz Muhammad going No. 14. Mostly because NBA scouts are their own people.
he stink. He disappointed me like Shabazz Muhammad did smh
Shabazz Muhammad will have a great season this year, he will be a "6th man of the year" contender.
A new favorite: ILuvULikeCrazay Acoustic Accapella by Amin Shabazz Muhammad on
Is Shabazz Muhammad starting to live up to his potential?
Shabazz Muhammad. He was coming on last season before he got hurt.
Sidebar My best Male friend is a Muslim .. With Asad Shabazz Muhammad
Asad Shabazz Muhammad love you my brother please call me today when u have time blessings
Minnesota already has Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer & Shabazz Zach Lavine will have to fight for his minutes.
Shabazz Muhammad. Were last year's real or a result of a small sample size.
shabazz Muhammad. He was averaging 18 5 in December then injury bug got him.
Curious about Kelly Oubre. Also Adrian Payne and Shabazz Muhammad on minny. Zach Lavine too
Running Floppy Chest for Shabazz Muhammad into oblivion >>>>>>
"... Man's diagnosis is never the final diagnosis"... ~ Muhammad Shabazz
That's what Shabazz Muhammad was suppose to be lol.
See the scene in "X" where the strong Betty Shabazz has to make a naive Malcom believe Elijah Muhammad was not "honorable"
Why not Shabazz Muhammad for a trade ?
I'd be legitimately upset if Shabazz Muhammad was traded.
TB to when Shabazz Muhammad was the ranked player in the country 🔥. (Vine by Dunks n' Sh!t)
Younger brother of Shabazz Muhammad. The kid can score the ball, and will help Miami as they look to reload next year
3rd year player topic and didn't even mention Shabazz Muhammad?!? You lost me on this one. Smh
Our caught up with Shabazz Muhammad today. His thoughts on today's Flip Saunders news... coming up on
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Miami: G Rashad Muhammad transfers to Hurricanes from San Jose State; younger brother of Shabazz Muhammad (ESPN)
Miami officially announces signing of transfer Rashad Muhammad (younger brother of Shabazz). First reported by four days ago
If looking for one even worse there was Shabazz Muhammad and James.
NEWSFLASH!!: No More Beats!!! ARTISTS, that is unless you visit Muhammad Mosque or any local mosque in your...
Report: Timberwolves F Shabazz Muhammad (finger) out for season -
Maybe if the Cavs had Shabazz Muhammad instead of LeBron they'd win more.
2014-15 Roster Review: Shabazz Muhammad: Shabazz Muhammad didn't take long to go from question mark to scoring...
you trying to be like shabazz Muhammad before you get in the league
This is a silly law. You can be fired for using a legal drug on your own time. As Muhammad Shabazz said, this...
Timberwolves’ Shabazz Muhammad is out two weeks :
Dray is putting up some Shabazz Muhammad shots today. And not in a good way.
Come and bare witness to the Word of God today through Bro. Nuri Muhammad at Mosque 127th and lenox ave. in...
Space Jam is al-Qaida and the the Slam is Jihad. All in the name of the great prophet Shabazz Muhammad.
For the evening crowd: Why Shabazz Muhammad may be a bit underrated. via
ICYMI: I wrote about why Shabazz Muhammad is a bit underrated. Shot charts included. READ:
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I wrote a post about Shabazz Muhammad for I even used SHOT CHARTS. Check it out!
Piece being posted shortly from on why we shouldn't sleep on Shabazz Muhammad.
Tomorrow on Sunday June 14th, Bro Nuri Muhammad will be giving a lexture at mosque I had been waiting to see...
Rashad Muhammad (Shabazz brother) has gotten release from San Jose State. Has heard from Wake, Louisville, USF, Creighton …
who's got a better future? WOLVES have Wiggins, LaVine , Shabazz Muhammad, Dieng, Adrian Payne, Rubio.
Pitino mentioned a transfer and 5th year guy as possibilities as well. Transfer thought to be Shabazz Muhammad's little bro
I was going to but he blocked me so the page doesn’t show up. I will now go back to writing about Shabazz Muhammad.
NBA to host Asia-Pacific team camp presented by Nike in Nanjing: Shabazz Muhammad of the Minnesota Timberwolve...
Shabazz Muhammad expected to work out with "Crazy Frank" Matrisciano again this summer, starting in June. Anthony Bennett in July.
sounds like the same guy Shabazz Muhammad and Anthony Bennett went to.
If they not gone have an immediate impact they dont need to declare. Shabazz Muhammad, Archie Goodwin, Aaron Gordon and several more
Timberwolves at Jazz Injury Report: Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Nikola Pekovic, Shabazz Muhammad all out tonight
Wire: .appearance for with Andrew Wiggins and Shabazz Muhammad
.appearance for with Andrew Wiggins and Shabazz Muhammad
Wolves' Rising Stars set higher expectations: This weekend will be fun for Andrew Wiggins, Shabazz Muhammad, Z...   10% Off
Shabazz Muhammad: Shabazz Muhammad 'still a way away' -
Recommendation by :Shabazz The former UCLA enigma had bee...
You probably already know this but Shabazz Muhammad, Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio have already been ruled out for tonight v. Pelicans.
guard Kevin Martin (wrist) remains listed as out for tonight's game against New Orleans. He joins Shabazz Muhammad and Ricky Rubio.
Recommendation by :Shabazz Muhammad is still more than ju...
Gonna disagree with Simmons' take that Shabazz Muhammad was a lottery bust last year. Not all lottery guys are ready to play immediately.
“Shabazz Muhammad dunk fail turns into assist
VIDEO: Shabazz Muhammad with the greatest assist we've ever seen via
Injured Player Suit Game Power Rankings:. 1. Rubio. 2. Kevin Martin. 3. Shabazz Muhammad - I wish he'd bring his on-court fire to his suit game
Recommendation by :Shabazz Muhammad has missed the last f...
Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson, and Zach Lavine all left UCLA after 1 season...
Good question. I'd expect them to do about the same as they did before the injury, with Shabazz Muhammad getting squeezed out of PT
The trend of GOOD MUSIC continues with Lupe Fiasco and Joey Badass dropping albums today. Conscious HIP HOP for...
All having phenomal seasons this year man. Now most improved is either Jimmy Butler, Shabazz Muhammad. Butler has been balling, Shabazz is
The erased a 12-pt deficit and lead the 57-55 at halftime. Shabazz Muhammad has 14 pts for MIN.
Soldier like Fred Hampton, Funny like Richard Pryor, Warrior like Muhammad Ali, Articulate like Martin and Spiritual like El Shabazz
Think I'm going to change my name to Malik Shabazz El Muhammad
Tune into Windy City LIVE to see the good Brother J. Ivy talk about the Dear Father Initiative.
Shabazz Muhammad (abdomen) will be out a couple weeks, coach Flip Saunders said.
off top my head: Shabazz Muhammad, Troy Daniels, Robert Covington, Jeremy Lin, Shawne Williams, James Johnson, Kendall Marshall
That means Hollins will probably start the game defending Thaddeus Young. Other forward for MIN is Shabazz Muhammad, who is playing wel
not sure whether to keep Trevor Ariza or add Shabazz Muhammad
Oh and that Shabazz Muhammad is gonna average 20 points a game from here on out if he continues to start.
Shabazz Muhammad led the team with 20 PTS, Thad Young had 19 and Zach Lavine added 17.
Budinger to Muhammad Chase Budinger dishes to Shabazz Muhammad for the bucket and draws a foul.
Shabazz Muhammad scores 28 points off the bench in losing effort (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
Shabazz Muhammad is averaging 23 points and 7.5 rebounds in his last two games
Give it 2-3 years and Shabazz Muhammad will be an All Star
[] Clippers clobber Timberwolves to finish road trip with five straight wins
Shabazz Muhammad's Per 36 is more productive than Andrew Wiggins. If he keeps it up, they will have no choice but to start him or trade him
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Shabazz Muhammad took advantage of a lightly contested blowout loss to the Clippers on Monday, recording his first career d...
Shabazz Muhammad has a TruPPR of 77.70 and 83.86 in his last 2 games & is averaging 22 ppg and 6 rpg per 36 minutes
Add of the night: Shabazz Muhammad 18/10/4, 54% from the field, 85% from the line on 7 attempts.
Shabazz Muhammad had 18-10-4 tonight for Minnesota. Needs more minutes.
Shabazz Muhammad set a season high w/ 20 PTS in the paint last night, becoming the 11th Wolves player to do so…
Shabazz Muhammad is showing he can be a legit NBA player
Shabazz Muhammad gets career highs in points and rebounds on back-to-back nights
Shabazz Muhammad has been maybe the garbage time mvp of the league so far
Shabazz Muhammad with 18 points and 10 rebounds!
I'm liking what I'm seeing out of this years Shabazz Muhammad!
fall to the Clippers 127-101. Shabazz Muhammad led the way with 18pts, 10rebs, 4asts
18-10-4 off the bench for Shabazz Muhammad tonight. Keep him on your radar. If more minutes open up, he's shown he can produce.
Shabazz Muhammad is ready to be a starter in the NBA.
Shabazz Muhammad is such a selfish player its stupid
One game after dropping a career-high 28 points, Shabazz Muhammad has 18 points and 10 rebounds.
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Tonight marks Shabazz Muhammad's first career double-double.
Shabazz Muhammad has a double-double with 18 PTS/10 REB. We're halfway through the final Q.
Shabazz Muhammad has been a bright spot for the Wolves tonight. The former Bruin now has 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists.
Shabazz Muhammad needs more play time!
Shabazz Muhammad registers his first career double-double. 17pts/10rebs for him tonight
Shabazz Muhammad is awake. Wiggins is growing. If Rubio was alive the Twolves would be at least a little scary right now.
The Clippers commentator is turrible... How you confuse Nazr Mohammed and Shabazz Muhammad?
Clippers announcer just called Shabazz Muhammad "Nazr" lol
Shabazz Muhammad went to Bishop Gorman. No one in Vegas/Henderson likes Bishop Gorman.
Shabazz muhammad scores like exclusively off cuts and post ups he's a 6'5 four
Without Kevin Martin , the only scorer the Timberwolves have is Shabazz Muhammad ...
Shabazz Muhammad does have all your and-1's tonight. That's fun at least.
.Shabazz Muhammad and Zach Lavine are combined 3-for-9. lead 60-50 at half. Second half underway.
Regardless of the losses I love the way Shabazz Muhammad has been playin this year.
The Timberwolves have 3 players younger than me (four if you count Shabazz Muhammad's previous age). And they're playing like it, down 13.
How is that not a foul on Big Baby? He launched his body at Shabazz Muhammad.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — LaMarcus Aldridge had 26 points and 15 rebounds to pace the Portland Trail Blazers in a 107-93 victory Sunday night over the shorthanded Minnesota Timberwolves. Wesley Matthews added 23 points, including six 3-pointers for his third straight game with at least five 3-pointers, and the Blazers led by as many as 16 points. Portland was coming off a 112-99 loss to Memphis on Friday night that snapped a nine-game winning streak. Shabazz Muhammad came off the bench with 28 points for Minnesota, which used just nine players. The Timberwolves have won just four games this season, including a 120-119 win in Los Angeles over the Lakers on Friday. Injuries and illness have decimated the Timberwolves. The latest was rookie forward Andrew Wiggins, who played just under 19 minutes after he was a game-time decision with a flu-like illness.
Expecting some Shabazz Muhammad&Anthony Bennett love in the second half of this game.
Treats rim as if it were monkey bars. MT Emphatic two-handed flush from Anthony Bennett off nice pass from Shabazz Muhammad.
Anthony Bennett with an EMPHATIC slam off a Shabazz Muhammad assist. trail 37-34 with 7:00 left in the 2nd.
OJ Mayo, Anthony Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad, all fall under this category. I am giddy to see them ball!!!
Shabazz Muhammad will not get one assist this season. He is the Yinka Dare for a new generation.
Early game story: With Andrew Wiggins out, Chase Budinger and Shabazz Muhammad take opportunities in win.
Shabazz Muhammad sound like a battist
But coach Flip Saunders also said Shabazz Muhammad has stayed in shape and been focused watching film in recovery from heel injury.
forward Shabazz Muhammad getting his first preseason action since Oct. 7. Coach Flip Saunders said he's behind with time missed.
Shabazz Muhammad getting ready to check in.
I was able to chat with Shabazz Muhammad before tonight's game. Check out the transcript here:
Three Questions With Shabazz Muhammad: Our Kyle Ratke was able to chat with Shabazz Muhammad before Tuesday's game…
SF Shabazz Muhammad to return from an Achilles injury tonight. via
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Shabazz Muhammad said after shootaround today that he expects to play tonight. Has missed the last two games w/ sore right achilles.
Video ---> Go behind-the-scenes with Shabazz Muhammad at his second annual Backpack Build:
Shabazz Muhammad expected to play tonight for Wolves
forward Shabazz Muhammad is listed as questionable for tonight's preseason game vs. Indiana. Missed last three with sore Achilles.
Shabazz Muhammad (Achilles) is questionable. Pacers: David West (ankle) is out. Rodney Stuckey (foot) is out.
Recommendation by :Shabazz Muhammad seems to have found a...
Timberwolves: Exercised 3rd-year options on Anthony Bennett, Gorgui Dieng and Shabazz Muhammad SportsCenter
The Wolves next move should be to move Shabazz Muhammad and Zach Levine
can't forget about Shabazz Muhammad either hopefully he can live up to the hype
Gorgui Dieng and shabazz Muhammad ain't that bad either
Minnesota should of got someone else you got Zach Lavine shabazz Muhammad and now Andrew Wiggins they all the same *** all young
How about a trade with timberwolves of Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad and Chase Budinger for sign and trade
Players T-Wolves got from the last two drafts. - Andrew Wiggins. - Zach Lavine. - Glen Robinson III. - Shabazz Muhammad. - Anthony Bennett
What had Wiggins done that Shabazz Muhammad hasn't? Or G Robinson III or Zach Lavine?
that already have Zach Lavine, Glenn Robinson III and Shabazz Muhammad at his position
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Love picked because he heard from Shabazz Muhammad that nobody wears it.
If you put Shabazz Muhammad's skillset in JJ Barea's body you'd have the weirdest player to ever play the game
Wiggins and Shabazz Muhammad playing on the floor together would be interesting to see
And I hope Shabazz Muhammad doesn't get lost in the shuffle with all the new players. 48x5=not enough minutes for everyone.
Gold necklace middle finger erected. God tribe of Shabazz stylin' on the record. Lost sons of Muhammad we wildin' on the record.
Report: Highly unlikely get SF-SG Shabazz Muhammad from they don't want PG J.J. Barea.
My bus driver looks like Shabazz Muhammad. . He might actually be Shabazz Muhammad.
Yes, I know Shabazz Muhammad is still on the team. And GRIII. And Shved. And Barea. Didn't feel like listing the whole roster.
You know Philly has NO leverage. Wolves won't even offer them Shabazz Muhammad.
Snoop Dogg’s son and Muhammad Ali’s grandson play for the same HS football team
Just beat Bartlett in 2K when he was the NEW Cavs with a lineup of Rubio, Kevin Martin, Shabazz Muhammad, Thaddeus Young, and Nikola Pekovic
Gold neckless middle fingers erected. Gods tribe of shabazz we stylin on the record/ lost sons of Muhammad we wylin in the wreckage.
Shabazz Muhammad tries to find his footing as an rookie - Fans and...
"Message to the Blackman in America" by Elijah Muhammad was published circa 1965 and this book was instrumental...
Makes sense if Wolves can't do Philly deal. Move one year deals like Berea, Shved, LRMM, and Shabazz Muhammad?
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Who are some recent high level NCAA shooting guards who turned out to be subpar NBA pros? • Shabazz Muhammad.
“Why is Shabazz Muhammad demanding to be at the State Fair introduction?"
"You can't become a monster to one people without being one to your own." - Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad
Shabazz Muhammad and Johnny Manziel should be best friends! They can tell each how great they are, but never play anymore lol.
Andrew Wiggins. Zach Lavine. Shabazz Muhammad. Gorgui Dieng. Anthony Bennett. GR3(Robinson). Minnesota would have the best talent in the league.
Zach Lavine, Gorgui Dieng, Kevin Martin, Glenn Robinson, Corey Brewer, Shabazz Muhammad, hey they're trying lol
We are splitting a table with Shabazz Muhammad. How random is that. LOL
Nile Valley Praises due to Master Fard Muhammad for coming 9,000 miles to make the Black Nation a nation of Self...
But if the timberwolves going to give Shabazz Muhammad an actual opportunity this year to see what he is capable of then that's a risk
Shabazz Muhammad and deng begin for mins nope none was giving to them they had sum other trash out there playing it's hilarious
My biggest knock on PJ Hairston is that he looks like he could be related to Shabazz Muhammad.
Happy Birthday to my firstborn Shabazz Muhammad love always u r still my lil boy have a wonderful day son
And the thing about the Shabazz Muhammad's and Harrison Barnes'... They are just big fish in a pool of sharks...
“Shabazz muhammad stock rose like that sheesh” 😳
Shabazz muhammad stock rose like that sheesh
like Shabazz Muhammad, Samardo Samuels, Derrick Caracter, just a few who were ranked very high and aren't doing anything
starts China exhibition trip with a bang - UCLA didn’t seem to miss star recruit Shabazz Muhammad much...
Who thinks Shabazz Muhammad could make an impact next year if Bud or Brewer is incapacitated or gone?
QUESTION LADIES...If a guy gives you his card instead of asking for your number do you take it as meaning he's...
“I need the Bucks to trade Ersan and Mayo for a first round pick and then draft Parker and Shabazz.”and get shabazz Muhammad lol
she's the Shabazz Muhammad of the Spice Girls. All the talent but can't get it together.
And Giannis Antetokounmpo and Dennis Schroeder are still my two Andre Drummond and Terrence Ross... Shabazz Muhammad will always be my TROB.
PJ Hairston will not be a good pro. He's Shabazz Muhammad 2.0.
Man im happy a little , but why Shabazz Muhammad not in the lineup
Shabazz Muhammad isn't on the Wolves online roster in hurt
look at guys like Archie Goodwin, Shabazz Muhammad, Larkin (last), Marcus smart and others & just smh cuz ion see how my son Jb ain't dere
Kinda funny that kyle anderson gonna be a better pro than shabazz muhammad
lands elite scorer Shabazz Muhammad - After a winter spent addressing questions about what...
Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA must brave growing pains to reach full potential - The Bruins' loss means they will face...
Just realized shabazz Muhammad in 2k
Shabazz Muhammad's father gets hit with a 37-month prison sentence for fraud:
call me crazy but he kinda reminds me a bit of Shabazz Muhammad. Don't see him doing much at the next level
Muslims in Iraq aren't following Prophet Muhammad by killing captives.When Muhammad rode victoriously into Mecca he gave amnesty to all!
Now it really doesn't get any better than this. A day before daddy day I'm posing with Sister Ilyasah Shabazz...
Shabazz Muhammad eligibility update: UCLA files appeal, will be heard on Friday - Howland said the university can...
Even without Shabazz Muhammad, can learn plenty in China - The UCLA Bruins, most of them, will depart...
Shabazz Muhammad update: Did NCAA investigators prejudge the case? - Even so, that might not be the hottest topic...
UCLA vs. Georgia: With Shabazz Muhammad starting, Bruins win 60-56 - UCLA used a 15-5 run at the start of the...
Cal did the 1-on-1 but I do believe he nailed it. It's a bit different than Shabazz Muhammad if I'm not mistaken.
That *** on the auto thing calling himself "Shabazz Muhammad X" 😂😂
Shabazz Muhammad's dad spoke of receiving loan, court documents say - According to a sentencing...
Quincy miller, Shabazz Muhammad were on the list crazy how they were way off
This comment is from Brother Mikaeel D Shabazz Muhammad about a post I made about those who are leading men at this hour. A wonderful comment: "In military science it is taught and understood that there are two main objectives of leadership. The primary objective is...
2010 they had the pick & chose Wesley Johnson, pick Demarcus Cousins. 2013 they trade Trey Burke for Shabazz Muhammad
So it's been settled, Shabazz Muhammad for 2014 MIP. OK, that's not how it went whatsoever, but I can dream. Let's just hope he chips in.
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curious on your thoughts of Shabazz Muhammad, NBA journeyman or potential to be solid player/potential star? I see many flaws
PICTURE: From Shabazz Muhammad Instagram (about to hit the court in LA for practice, posted:
VIDEO: Shabazz Muhammad (reading to kids for the Fast Break Foundation! Posted
Shabazz Muhammad’s family calls NCAA ruling ‘inaccurate’ - "Shabazz’s family is very distressed by the...
“Whatever happen to SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD ?” He young, you about to see him more next season watch
“Whatever happen to SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD ?” *** a scrap he just athletic
Shabazz Muhammad eligibility update: UCLA freshman eligible, will play on Monday - “It’s great news,” UCLA...
Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become...
Shabazz Muhammad eligibility update: UCLA freshman eligible to play on Monday - UCLA acknowledged that violations...
UCLA vs. Georgetown: Shabazz Muhammad's debut ends in defeat - The Bruins, who suffered their first loss of the...
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