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Old Flin Flon 1:21 PM on 11/29/2013 The Liberals need to give it a rest. As the Globe said earlier this week; this story has run out of legs. For fun the Tories should request the RCMP investigate the Liberal role in covering up the sexual harassment by Colin Kenny. They knew of his activities for many years and shuffled him out of his role on trade missions due to complaints, but left him to harass young Canadians. The RCMP should immediately investigate whether Justin Trudeau's close family relationship with Kenny meant that they gave him a pass. Perhaps Justin, Margaret and Pierre's ghost could be called to give evidence. So when the RCMP take your statement will you wear your face?
On 8pm:3yrs after she went to company HR,NCW,court-no justice for this sexual harassment victim-she speaks out. Has anything…
I got BBQ sauce on my shirt and the level of sexual harassment raised by at least 90%
Always hear about sexual harassment towards your employees, minimum wage pay, and people quitting because of the abuse.
I think this could be counted as sexual harassment
Judge or Journalist, the bitter truth about sexual harassment &abuse is that it happens more often within imagined circle of tru…
Nothing like doing 9 lesson packets of Sexual Harassment Training. At least I'm earning money and not spending it on Black Friday. :)
India is finally opening it's eyes to sexual harassment. Still a long way to go.
"It’s not feminism if it doesn’t include and respect street sex workers."
Flavia Agnes: Reporters write about sexual harassment committees but don't know if their own companies have them
WB govt explores options as Justice Ganguly named in sexual harassment case: Justice Ganguly had been...
"This is definitely the harrassiest of Sexual Harassment Fridays. Considering we're all going to drink and get our nipples pierced later."
DAT *** ...And DEM TITTIES. for Christmas i will bring sexual harassment for ALL !! (just women doe i only swing that way)
What about the sexual harassment of one of your colleagues in Why is that being buried?
The Girlguiding report provides more evidence that it is difficult being a girl at the present time: sexual harassment, low self-esteem, etc
“Then I slapped her dead on the butt 👋😜” sexual harassment 😂
Little Giant Ladders
Sexual harassment, gender inequality, how do we solve this and can it really ever be eradicated?💭
wrote about how the high-profile sex scandal highlights harassment at Indian workplaces
When 70% of girls aged 13-21 report experiencing sexual harassment at school/college isn't it time for
ha ha. Ha ha ha. I'm sorry, Jack. Sexual harassment? Starring the guy that asked his coworker at Starbucks if he had 2 nipples for a dime?
75% of girls aged 13 and up have experienced sexual harassment. [Only 75%? Feels like 100%] via…
Lovin the 80's women got revenge for all the discrimination and sexual harassment in Jane Fondas 9 to 5
Most shocking: most 13-year-olds said they had experienced sexual harassment. . 80% of 19- to 21-year-olds.…
Law intern sexual harassment case: Ex-judge still on Kolkata university rolls [Kolkata,WB] via hindustantimes
40–50% of women in EU countries face sexual harassment. in
Restaurant agrees to pay $350K to settle lawsuit. would have been much cheaper
and perhaps worse 70% girls interviewed had experienced sexual harassment at school/ college. Absolutely horrific.
harassment against Egyptian must be combated socially:
Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act – A Welcome Change in a...
The Tarun case shows sexual harassment is a problem India has to face up to | Kavitha Rao via
Dainik Bhaskar group official taken to court over sexual harassment allegations
Justice Ganguly named by law intern in sexual harassment case
I just completed a mandatory sexual harassment course. I need to take a shower.
I'm so glad its Friday:) To top it off working with the lovely Jane Marriot tonight so know its going to be a lovely stress free evening:). May even be able to fit in a bit of sexual harassment with Andy B ha ha x
Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.[1] In most modern legal contexts, sexual harassment is illegal. As defined by the US EEOC, "It is unlawful to harass a person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex." Harassment can include "sexual harassment" or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Where laws surrounding sexual harassment exist, they generally do not prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or minor isolated incidents. In the workplace, harassment may be considered illegal when it is frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted, or when the victim decides to quit the job). The harasser can be the victim's supervisor, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or someone who ...
Transfers and postings in the Customs and Central Excise is the most lucrative industry. A K Banerjee All sorts of pressures and pulls are used to make officers, corrupt and incompetent, land plum postings. Brazen high-handedness in transfers and postings has recently been witnessed at the Bhopal Zone, Central Excise. This Chief Commissioner of the Zone has made the Commissioners of outlying Commissionerate to post all the superintendents and inspectors with his expressive approval only. It has been learnt that he formed a committee and himself nominated superintendents and inspectors, who drew a list of the officer of the rank of superintendents and inspectors for posting in Bhopal and Indore Commissionerate. The list was drawn without any meeting or deliberations with the senior officers were issued a ‘Tughlaki Farman’ to sign on the list. The list, however, sparked off widespread resentment, and had to be scrapped. Explanations too were sought; the committee was disbanded; and the Commissioners ...
Open letter to the Chief Justice of India By Indira Jaising While you have constituted a committee of three judges to look into the allegation that a former judge of the Supreme Court sexually harassed an intern, we have not been made aware of the terms of reference to the committee. As you may know, she may not be the only one to be harassed. Transparency in the functioning of such committees must be assured. Failure to do so has led to motivated rumours that the intern has not named the judge in question. It has also done a great disservice to the committee by giving rise to the suggestion that the judges threatened her to withdraw from the case. All this has led to vitiating the atmosphere for a fair enquiry into her allegations. It is therefore necessary that the Supreme Court as an institution and in full court take a decision on the procedure to be adopted while dealing with such complaints or enquiries. After all, there are two incumbent chief justices on this committee and the procedure they follo ...
gotta rocket tomorrow. Should be the last attempt. Don't wanna suffer that sexual harassment feeling once more.
If you add me, prepare for sexual harassment ~Anon ©
Due to the distinct lack of sexual harassment on the yard I shall be seeking new employment where people are not so dam picky!
'Thinakun Ekeh Campaign', 'One Billion Rising - Maldives' - these slogans may well tickle your fancy, but it is important to question the sincerity of the people leading such events before you become a pawn in their dirty politics; helping them maintain the facade and perpetuate their hypocrisy. Aneesa Ahmed -- former cabinet minister in Maumoon's regime, council member and top campaigner in gender based issues in the Maldives -- is one such hypocrite. She pretends to live up to the stature of a recipient of the US woman of courage award by leading women's rights awareness campaigns so that people would perceive her as somebody who is proactive, but turns a blind eye whenever the victims really need people like her to voice out on their behalf. On the 7th and 8th February, when MP Mariya Didi was brutalised to the point that she almost died, all we got from madam Aneesa was deafening silence. She maintained this apathy throughout the two years when sexual harassment and the brutalising of women became ins ...
The 14 year old daughter of my friend, and writer extraordinaire Kristin Louise Duncombe wrote this blog post. Kristin is currently looking for ideas about how girls should react to sexual harassment. She asks " I have been doing some anti-bullying and harrassment work with groups of kids these days, and am getting lots of info from the teenage girls groups (younger teens - 13 and 14 years old) about the amount of sexual harassment they have to face from their male peers. Totally gross gestures that mimic female body parts, sex noises, references to sexual acts, etc. The girls report hating it, but giggling because they feel so embarassed -- like nervous laughter. No one wants to report. What's a girl to do? I have been doing a series of exercises to coach/boost assertiveness, but what do the rest of you think? What would you advise a girl who has some dork mimicking crotch signs and waggiling tongues during math class? I know there is a whole piece of work that needs to happen with the boys, but while we ...
Just finished my 2 hour online mandatory sexual harassment training...that was horrible they made sure that *** "continue" button didn't come up too fast so it took exactly 2 fricking hours!!! 󾌠
Sexual Harassment training this morning. Afterward I gave the woman doing the presentation a pat on the butt and told her good job. Apparently a handshake would have been more appropriate.
On a good note. Sexual harassment tutorial is done. I totally know how to sexually harass people properly at work now. Score! 󾍇
Red Riding Hood’s the real wolf, Tejpal wants us to believe: Nandita Sengupta, What was cult chief Tarun Tejpal expecting the woman to do once she got out of the lift after he assaulted her? Stagger to the nearest wall, slide down into a heap and bawl “mein lut gayi?” The latest WMD (weapon of mass distortion) from the man who takes the award for the shortest penance ever is that his young colleague was at a party even after the episode. Hence she couldn’t have been traumatized. He only reveals how efficiently he has internalized Bollywood, khap-ism and little else. She had to show she was ‘lacerated’, he no doubt believes, to prove in the world’s eyes that she was attacked. Here’s a sassy young woman assaulted by her editor. She recognizes the crime for what it is, does not think she wants the police in yet, but shows some touching faith in her organization and her senior colleagues to do the right thing. Touching, and as the organization tragically showed, misplaced faith. She complains, ...
*Breaking: The Supreme Court has constituted a workplace sexual harassment panel that is compliant with the so-called Vishaka guidelines, including a majority of female members and two members of civil society nominated by the Chief Justice of India (CJI).
A friend of mine got a job in Bharatiya Mahila Bank. The salary and other allowance are low compared to other Nationalized Banks still I am happy for her because over there she will not become a victim of sexual harassment at workplace.
Today I'm attending a Sexual Harassment class... I think I'm going to be really good at it.
Sexual harassment means any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, where is it reasonable to expect that the other person would be offended, afraid or humiliated. Both men and women can sexually harass and be harassed by either sex. Sexual harassment is determined from the point of view of the person feeling harassed. It does not matter how the behaviour was intended. What matters is its effect on the other person. Sexual harassment can be: unwelcome touching or kissing commenting on a person's appearance comments, jokes or name-calling leering or staring sexual pictures, objects, emails, text messages or literature direct or implied propositions, or requests for dates asking about a person's sexual history or sexual activities. Mutual attraction or friendship with consent is not sexual harassment. Example Men in a maintenance crew put up erotic posters in their work area. Women maintenance workers were not worried but Jan, a clerk from the main office, was offended by the posters which remained on the wal ...
Taking sexual harassment training. I thought I was already good at it.
Dear Zane, Is reporting sexual harassment a bad thing? I read on the internet how victims get fired for reporting sexual harassment and the harassing person still gets to keep their job. I think that is unfair. How do you feel about this? MY RESPONSE: Well, as an executive at a major corporation (yes, I have a day job-LOL), I can tell you that we are trained on this around the year and it is actually supposed to be the opposite. It is illegal to fire or take any kind of action against a person who reports sexual harassment. The issue is probably because you are referring to a situation where Human Resources or the right level of management are not being informed and the people being fired are not suing, which they should. But no, it is not legal to fire someone who reports being harassed.
I don't know how I almost forgot but today is national sexual harassment day so go on and harass away
Patrice O'Neal comedy special Elephant In the Room - Routine on Sexual Harassment in the workplace.
Something tells me I'm not supposed to be laughing at my sexual harassment and racial discrimination training!
“We are really trying to break the stereotype of fraternities being involved with sexual harassment,” If you were really trying, when your "brothers" harass and rape you would hold them accountable or kick them out instead of ignoring it or defending them. That goes for all the frats, not just TKE.
I wasn't going to comment on this but I can't help myself. I saw the video "Libido" (with English translation.) Basicly its a video made by some young Egyptians encouraging "free sex" in Egypt based on the "idea" that people need sex. Now I live in America. The country everyone associates with sex. If pious Muslims in America can live without it I don't see how these young kids in Egypt can ENCOURAGE people to throw away their virginity,etc by having unmarried sex. These kids seem to think that if people have more sex they will sexually harass each other less. Like rape,sexual harassment is about control rather than sex. If anyone has respect for the other person they would not impose such behavior on them. And as for sex before marriage, for 1500 years many Muslims have practiced no sex without marriage. And some Jews and Christians also practice this because it is in their holy book. Hasn't ended the world yet. BTW just a side note.. AIDS is rising in Egypt. So with "free sex" comes consequences. Not ev ...
And all the posts are about a former resident of mine. Can we say sexual harassment?
that's sexual harassment. He only wants me.
"Terminated for lewd conduct and severe sexual harassment." .WHAT?!
More than half of the sexual harassment in Egypt takes the form of groping, according to new report:
If you've been following the recent Peter Sagan pro-cycling sexual harassment thing, this is a valid point:
Cas just threatened to hump me XD cause I said I think I'm about to cry XD NOOO sexual harassment
It was alright. Basically if you pee in the girls bathroom you'll get a sexual harassment charge or something.
Working with Sharks: A Pakistani Woman's Story of Countering Sexual Harassment at the United Nations
Calling harassment, abuse, sexual assault & misogyny is an attempt to make it cute and cheeky. It isn't, it's vile woman-hating.
Never tolerate rape. It is a disgusting crime, which involves with VIOLENCE, SEXISM, and SEXUAL HARASSMENT.
Sonic actually addressed sexual harassment in the Sonic Says bit, wth kids show dude
I couldn't sleep. I had this on my mind. Yes, it's a rant about sexual harassment, and not at all about Peter Sagan
:D Dat pic!!I really cud use some sexual harassment
I think this explains it perfectly no matter what you ship :) read the whole thing it's beautiful
you should read this. It's basically perfect :)
Sorry, Rape/sexual harassment/stalking or anything of that nature really really grinds my gears.
If I were in an office space id be the girl that makes so many sexual jokes shed be filed for harassment but still be the favorite.
Most of the stuff that happens in this mansion is sexual harassment...
Sounds like a sexual harassment case if I’ve ever heard one.
Isn't using an intern, when your President Clinton,in the diner off of the oval, sexual harassment?
If tea was a person you can count on me to be arrested for sexual harassment, its my only love in life
Tomorrow I'm walking around with a bottle of water. Dyngus Day is so awesome it's a holiday for sexual harassment.
Pretty sure SVSU Crushes is boarder line sexual harassment.
HarassMap Egypt: More than half of sexual harassment takes the form of groping
I got suspended... Apparently calling your teacher a Big Booty *** is “sexual harassment”. Oh well, yolo.
are u kidding me? You've heard my sexual harassment rants when I come to 1515
“*calls MTV HR sexual harassment dept* Uh huh” *** gonna rat me out?
There's probably so many sexual harassment suits at the USDA beef factory. The jokes practically write themselves.
I'D LIKE TO ADD YOU TO MY NETWORK: Because if this is sent in an envelope on Valentine’s Day it would be grounds for sexual harassment.
I see a guy with a nice bum and I just wanna grab it…then I remember that would be haram and/or sexual harassment
Does this sound like sexual harassment a little?
Whoa Russell Simmons, he about to pick up a sexual harassment case.
These dirty jokes and sexual harassment are ruining my life.
pretty sure it was Sexual Harassment Charges comming down...?
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Discussed 'sexual harassment in work environment' at night class. Made me laugh and think of the only episode I've ever seen of the Office.
I mean you do whatever tickles your fancy but just know i filed a complaint for sexual harassment on his behalf. Js.
Cyclist accused of sexual harassment on the podium
Feb 15, when I have to attend my sexual harassment seminar.
“I bet 80% of sexual harassment cases are due to yoga pants. it's only harassment if she says 'No'
Sexual harassment in gaming must end - it is a systemic problem and it begins with the games themselves in many cases
I once touched someone's shoulder and was threatened with a sexual harassment suit.
Eating a banana in public must be classified as sexual harassment, so if you guilty, you go to jail for 6 months
Replying to the 'going down' voice in the lift by saying 'don't mind if I do' is fine when alone ..but sexual harassment if not. Who knew?!
If a sales associate makes me bend over to verify my lululemon pants are indeed see-through, can I sue for sexual harassment after?
Thanks for my daily dose of sexual harassment, blocked number guy.
I haven't seem that much cash for Semin in NC since (insert sexual harassment settlement case from NC here).
Wow, you are really ignorant and just plain WRONG about the law on sexual harassment & Title VII.
Im filing in for sexual harassment lol xD
"Is that considered sexual harassment or." Only if you don't like it
Is that considered sexual harassment or.
"Sexual Harassment" Beavis and Butthead try to get a girl sued for harassing them when she didn't do anything. They go to court and lose, 8.
Sexual harassment is not funny, unless Satan gives the order.
That's Sexual Harassment in da workplace. RT“I hate working with all guys sometimes. They overdo all the jokes”
Naby was being a pervert in the store just now, I could've called 911 and filed a sexual harassment charge! 😂 Deadass though.
"did I?" ummm yeah honey almost I the point where you could call it sexual harassment.
Women who experience sexual harassment suffer from physical ailments caused by stress and depression.
It's weird that Cheers was basically a 'sexual harassment in the work-place' sitcom.
Sorry but has anyone actually heard Nellys new song and agrees with me that after hearing it he should be charged with sexual harassment
cant believe i really just wrote that sexual harassment essay for Tobey
The comments I post on James Franco's Instagram are going to get me into jail for sexual cyber harassment 😂
The show was cool guys. I'm surprised that nobody sent in fan questions. sue Wizard 4 sexual harassment, u'll win!
Meanwhile, the only panda visit for Rob Ford will be weekly seminars with Sexual Harassment Panda
It is my belief that being conditioned not to respond to harassment perpetuates these abuses
Sexual harassment of ladies in IK's Jalsa is really shameful and punishable act!
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Sexual harassment in the work place is real.
Men must play a role to stop sexual harassment of women in Egypt
I am stating all of this AS a victim of sexual harassment.
... And so the sexual harassment continues.
Yoga pioneer sued for sexual harassment
They made take off on molest Mondays until she pass her sexual harassment class
Going to school is sexual harassment
Sexism comes into play when you fire a woman for expressing discomfort with sexual harassment.
In a professional work setting, which this was, jokes of that nature are not sexism, but are considered sexual harassment.
Here's my story (from January) on how female commuters in deal with daily sexual harassment.
MT Day of 31 Days of Women MAKING HISTORY-- Barbara Burns, coal miner
girl. It's basically like sexual harassment
"This is sexual harassment!" "I like to think of it as sexual encouragement."
Oh, no. You're doing it wrong. You are supposed to tip in money, not cheesy pick up lines that border on sexual harassment. Let's try again.
... of ever getting prosecuted. Then today some of Sexual Harassment and sequences in 2nd person mode as ~'Come hoaoaoaome'~, ...
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That aint nooo sexual harassment lol sit DOWN
Is it true Mr. B was fired for sexual harassment?
I'm disturbed by how many children are coming to me telling me they are being bullied at school. When asked if they have gone to the teacher or told their parents the reply is, "Yes, but we were told they can't do anything about it." If this is your situation, please read the following and take action. School Bullying Adults know that if other adults bully or harass them, they have recourse to the police and to the courts. It is not so well known that children also have recourse against harassment or bullying by other children. Kids will be kids, but if bullying gets out of hand and affects a child’s well being, then the parents must take action. Unfortunately, parents often don’t know what to do. The almost immediate response of most parents is to complain to the school. The school means well, but it has other problems to worry about. Dealing with school authorities to control the actions of other children can be most frustrating. In this lawsuit-saturated culture, schools have become experts at pape ...
So sexual harassment only matters when it concerns women who are going to get to the top - those lower women deserve it
So under the LibDems sexual harassment would pass the ATOS ESA medical?
India may boast an ancient civilization, but it is a youthful nation. One of the most important stories of contemporary India is that of its young people: their hopes, aspirations and frustrations.
No good. Disney Sued for Alleged Retaliation in Sexual Harassment by former archivist via
If sexual harassment is wrong, I don't want to be caught.
What 'House of Cards' got backwards about Zoe Barnes and female reporters
Nah, gone yellow. She's joining the Lib Dems in the hope of some senior citizen sexual harassment.
That is sexual harassment and you don't have to take it…
Uni students just have to harden up and get over sexual harassment and the occasional sexual assault, eh
Deny your gender entirely? - Why don&women speak out about sexual harassment? Here&why
and earlier they had John Prescott discussing the lib dem sexual harassment issue # irony overload
Sexual Harassment on the Rise in China, Women Say - by WSJ ht
Website Builder 728x90
BBC Democracy Live - Labour calls for parliamentary debate on sexual harassment
.so I said oh I'm sorry r you trying to loss your job cause if you every point at my *** again I will file a sexual harassment charge 👍
Is it sexual harassment when someone turns you on but you don't want them to?
Why is it that only ugly old men get accused of sexual harassment? You never hear of complaints against Abercrombie & Fitch models. Bizarre!
This whole twerk business. been doing it all my life people just use to call it sexual harassment.
"Everyone needs a little sexual harassment in their lives"-
Lord Rennard scandal: Politicians from other parties may be accused of sexual harassment, warns Alison Smith
Not looking forward to this sexual harassment class.
.How does he feel about their complicit + blatant sexual harassment and cover up; Q: how many Liberals have to resign before they .
I'm having a real problem with sexual harassment at work. — I’m not getting any.
Since when has sex with consent been sexual harassment? JP and secretary not the same as Rennard case!
I'm suing oomf for sexual harassment lmfao 😂
Guy "Are you a parking ticket because you've got fine written all over you " Girl "And you've got sexual harassment written all over you"
showed up in the sexual harassment video at orientation and I scream-laughed so loud. Now my co-workers think I'm crazy.
I despair if the accepted establishment logic for accepting sexual harassment is that when you get on, you can change it. Heard of Savile?
wonder how much spent? Bet it won't leave much for sexual harassment damages
Tiago Mendonça, you're under arrest for sexual harassment to a minor
'Two Shags' discussing sexual harassment. Not since Kissinger and the Peace Prize has there been such a discrepancy. x.
When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's Ξ 3.95 per minute.
It doesn't matter if it happens in the weird political bubble or in any business, a hand on someone's knee is sexual harassment
Sexual harassment Assembly. kill me now
The look on Miranda Green's face whilst Lord Prescott lectured on sexual harassment was priceless
Asking "secretary shagger in chief" John Prescott about sexual harassment? Sheer
Or because she got tired of your sexual harassment you *** hat.
Hmmm asking John Prescott about his views on sexual harassment is a bit asking the pope on his opinion of priests abusing children!?
I used to have a boss who liked He joked about sexual harassment and thought political correctness killed James Bond.
Ask girls working as interns for MP's about sexual harassment!
The other parties willingness to perpetuate idea of widespread sexual harassment in Westminster is most damaging to women in politics
A disgraced MP, an alleged sexual harassment scandal, countless reneged promises. Sounds like a manifesto worth voting for.
My moment of the week, Prescott speaking on sexual harassment of women around politics. lol
Prescott… Who had sex with his secretary in his ministerial office… Opining re: sexual harassment… Riiight.
Are they seriously asking - he who nobbed his secretary - about sexual harassment in politics?
Aren't Neil and Prescott a bit embarrassed talking about sexual harassment: not their comfort zone.
why do you have a Lib Dem supporter playing down a serious accusation of sexual harassment involving a senior Lib Dem?
Angela Eagle was wrong about one thing on It is about power, not gender. Men can be victims of sexual harassment. It's rare.
Hm Prescott talking about sexual harassment in the workplace .
Maria Miller - sexual harassment on a sliding scale doesn't make it relatively ok!
No, he's talking about sexual harassment. That's different.
Even more absurd, let's ask John Prescott about how to tackle sexual harassment Why not wheel out John Reid next!
Interesting for Prescott to answer questions on sexual harassment by ugly old men on young women...
Yes, sexual harassment is quite widespread, ffs!
Your erotic stories are no longer erotic. They're just full of unwanted groping and fondling that's more like sexual harassment.
"Sexual Harassment is worse in other industries" is not really a great defence of Westminster
by Barry Goldstein Protective mothers have been complaining about mistreatment by the custody court system, but have routinely been dismissed as “disgruntled litigants.” As recently as the beginning of the Battered Mothers Custody Conferences in 2004, there was little professional support for protective mothers. The mothers’ complaints have now been confirmed and supported by the domestic violence community, many women’s organizations, numerous governmental agencies, many in the academic community and a substantial body of research such as contained in our book DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY. Last summer at the NCADV Conference, Dr. Daniel Saunders of the University of Michigan and some of his colleagues presented their findings from a major Department of Justice study that confirms the findings in our book and other research that the present custody court practices for domestic violence cases are deeply flawed. The publication of these findings has taken longer than expected as Dr. Sa ...
Heated topic~ Should a *** pro athlete be allowed to share a locker & share showers with teammates who are heterosexual? Can the *** pro athlete legitimately profess that their sexual arousal & attraction would not occur when sharing lockers & showers with the same sex?
yeah thats it blame the victim ladies let me ask you this... i like evelyn lozada i read in her updates ladies saying that its all her fault she got what she deserved from chad. they say the same thing about the rihanna chris brown incident. i read in a magazine about a woman that got raped other ladies were saying it was her fault she asked for it. I wonder how a woman can say that and think that of another woman. would they still be saying that if it was their daughter that was assaulted? their sister? their mother? their grand daughter? their niece? would people still say that if it happened to them? with that said i was recently a victim of verbal sexual harassment. a woman told me well men are gonna look at you that way cause you have kids and you aren't married you sleep around. so the answer is yes they will still blame the victim family or not. so since i am not married i should expect this kinda treatment and its acceptable but if i was married it woul be different? no i think even if i was marri ...
Brief Description: 1) This is a heterosexual page. It is not a religious page. People from all religions and walks of life join together here for the greater good. 2) While we try to inspire pride, we get attacked for being heterosexuals that want to inspire pride by bigoted heteropobes. Therefore...
So some older woman (50's) gives me 500 bucks for my legal fees cause she says she knows I'm a good guy fighting for his kids. I was selling my t-shirts (she said my t-shirts were ugly) which is a quick way for me to raise some funds. Then she starts emailing me, calling me, texting me obsessive sexual messages. Now I'll be honest if she was remotely attractive it might have been o.k sort of. I guess but this woman took it way too far and has a live in boyfriend. When I politely asked to her stop she demanded her money back, it wasn't a loan. Now she posted that I'm a conman. Please lady I'm not a manwhore and you should be ashamed of yourself. I thought you were a kind person not a pervert.
with Bullying Bullying Is a Big Problem Every day thousands of teens wake up afraid to go to school. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids on its receiving end. Yet because parents, teachers, and other adults don't always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get. Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power, either in terms of physical strength or social standing. Two of the main reasons people are bullied are because of appearance and social status. Bullies pick on the people they think don't fit in, maybe because of how they look, how they act (for example, kids who are shy and withdrawn), their race or religion, or because the bullies think their target may be *** or *** Some bullies attack their targets physically, which can mean anything from shoving or tripping to punching or hitting, or even sexual assault. Others use psychological control or verbal insu ...
I get a hearty chuckle out of control freaks who leave me long rambling messages telling me not to post something because, and I quote, "It's not why I joined this page." I receive that exact same line, from multiple people, daily. These are people from the left, you know. These individuals are pushing conformity, and wish to control my thoughts. They want me to behave and think like they do. The most unfortunate aspect is they likely don't even realize the type of behavior they are perpetuating. They think they are the good guys, and they continue to try to micro-manage the lives of strangers. It's disgusting, and an example of extremism on our side of the fence. I see it everyday.
It is hard to give an exact definition of stalking because stalkers will often use multiple and differing methods to harass their victims. Stalking can consist of any type of behaviour such as regularly sending flowers or gifts, making unwanted or malicious communication (including calls, texts and emails), damaging property and physical or sexual assault. If the behaviour is persistent, unwanted and is causing you fear, harassment or anxiety then it is stalking and you should not have to live with it.
Tech Medics Tech Notes Brought to you by South Central Communications - Home of the Tech Medics   Internet Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens   We live in a digital age.  People of all Ages are using virtual online communities much more often for their social interactions.  Social networking sites, chat rooms, and games are some of the ways to socialize online.  It is important to follow certain safety measures when visiting these types of sites.   Here is an article from Scholastic that shares some good online safety tips.   “Get tips on how to keep your connected child safe online. By Deb Levine If you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you that for many tweens and teens, social networking is practically synonymous with social life. Now that they’ve hit middle and high school, it may be unrealistic to expect our kids to be open books about what they do online. But talking to them frankly about the real risks of social networking is more important than ever. Get the conversation started w ...
"I disagree strongly with creationists, and they disagree with me, but I don’t troll or harass. When I visited the Creation “Museum”, I informed them of my plans, I even signed an agreement to not cause trouble while I was there, not that I planned to; when I encourage my students to attend creationist talks, I also tell them to be polite and non-disruptive, and that the goal is to get information, not interrupt them. I don’t criticize creationists by sneering at their sexuality, defacing photographs of them, and getting up every day with cheery enthusiasm at the prospect of calling them fat, or ugly, or thinking of ways to tweak their names to make them sound like terms for genitalia. I have a blog that ridicules creationism by dismantling their idiotic arguments, and that isn’t even obsessive about that…and definitely isn’t focused exclusively on just a few individuals. What those jerks are doing isn’t in any way similar to what I’ve ever done. And what’s worse, it isn’t similar to ...
I encouraged House leaders to bring the Senate bill to the floor this week, and I am proud to vote for it today. It’s time to pass VAWA and give victims of domestic violence and sexual assault the support they need.
Due to a request by her, Melinda's photo has been removed, shame on the people who sent her harassing messages, you are a doing a disservice to the human race by shaming breastfeeders.
(EP Charles) Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is set to deliver his State of the City address tonight. Our Viewer's Voice question: Other than naming the major investors in his deal to keep the Kings, what do you want to hear from Kevin Johnson?
knw that u r the biggest selfish in this world...U always change ur company according to ur need... N PLZ B A MAN. Bcz treatin ur girlfriend badly n sexually harass her in colg , not the quality of man...
Emerging case law holds educators accountable for harassing students. It is a longstanding legal requirement that educators prevent student to student sexual harassment. Now educators are clearly accountable in cases when they harass students. Many persons are surprised to discover that courts have ruled that a school district is not liable for a educator having sex with a student unless the administration actually knew of the sexual exploitation or created a danger that it occurred. This unforgiving standard is now being eroded by a new precedent that provides that educators can be liable for harassing a student, provided that the harassment is pervasive. Our firm has encountered educational aides who abuse disabled students verbally and physically because the aide is untrained to deal with the stress or how to positively modify the disabled student's behavior. We believe the new anti-harassment precedent can be applied to situations when students are sexually abused by educators. Application of this ...
How To Live Long.. Nofinishi Kambe with her granddaugter Khungeka Kambe, daughter-in-law Nokhaya Joni and daughter Nontembiso Kambe. Photo by Mkhuseli Sizani By MKHUSELI SIZANI THIS gogo revealed her secret for long life at her birthday party on Saturday. Nofinishi Kambe (110) said today’s women can’t reach her age because they eat eggs and umhluzi (meat gravy). She said these foods make women horny, forcing them to harass men and leading to early death. Gogo Nofinishi, who lives in Govan Mbeki in Port Elizabeth, said three of her daughters died after not taking her advice seriously. “They drank booze in secret and ate eggs,” the gogo said. Gogo Nofinishi was blessed with eight kids, but she is now left with only two daughters. “I never went to hospital in my life, but old age has made me blind. “When I am sick I drink herbs,” she said. “When I was young I ate mealies and wild spinach. Meat was not always available. “I kept myself fit by walking long distances and working hard. “Today ...
5 years in the NW, suspended thrice, charged with sexual harassment and EACH time found NOT guilty. My WILD WEST!
I don't need a sexual harassment seminar, I already harass women better than any of those examples they give.
I was seated at a rather stiff and formal BBC dinner a dozen or so years back, one of those ghastly occasions upon which the boss class attempt, painfully, to…
This morning: was a Christian group that tries to cure *** denied freedom of speech after one its ads was banned from London buses? Plus, if a man makes inappropriate moves on you at work but you feel like you handled the situation, should you still inform your superiors? And do cold homes make for strong kids? That’s The Wright Stuff.
Australia: What not to say in the Office: Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 23 February 2013 Article by Richard Ottley and Laura Sowden inShare WHY ARE THERE THINGS I CAN AND CANNOT SAY IN THE OFFICE? What is and what is not appropriate behaviour in the workplace has traditionally been derided as simply a matter of common sense and questioned on the basis: why would we seek to prescribe common sense? In case you find yourself nodding in agreement with this sentiment - it is time to realise two things: That common sense varies a good deal; and Interactions in the workplace are regulated. We spend a great deal of our time at work with colleagues. This can sometimes lead to the erroneous conclusion that we know our work colleagues quite well. To varying degrees and in various workplaces it is possible that this is true. However, it is also possible that despite appearances there are details or parts of a colleague's life which they do not share with you, or which your conversations simply have . ...
Really? Police in Santa Cruz Harass a HETEROSEXUAL Male who was attracted to a Female alleging "Inappropriate Sexual Conduct" which resulted in a Shootout in which Two Police & the Male Died? Really? Women Rights & Bully Police are to Blame. Women should Dress down if they don't want to be Flirted with. Jus Say'in!
Quebec Charter of Human Rights Violations chapter C-12 Charter of human rights and freedoms Preamble. PART I HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS CHAPTER I FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS 1982, c. 61, s. 1. Right to life. 3. Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. 1975, c. 6, s. 3. 4. Every person has a right to the safeguard of his dignity, honour and reputation. 1975, c. 6, s. 4. CHAPTER I.1 RIGHT TO EQUAL RECOGNITION AND EXERCISE OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS 10. Every person has a right to full and equal recognition and exercise of his human rights and freedoms, without distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, colour, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age except as provided by law, religion, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social condition, a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handic ...
I'm suprised to see how the people in favor of the anti-bullying bill are handling the opposition to the bill. They first of all don't share the same values as the faith-based communities. So, how coulde they agree to something they don't know or care about? I believe we ALL care about our children and don't want ANY one person to be bullied for ANY reason. The anti-bullying bill is necessary but needs to be ammended to include ALL groups, including people that don't agree with a certain lifestyle. To force the faith-based community to conform to their standard of morality is unfair, since the faith-based schools are there for those who want their children taught biblical values, which is their constitutional right. These school love and welcome GLBT's but that should not mean that they are now obligated to conform the school's principles in which the parents have put their trust.
Does anyone know if you report a comment to FB, then can you delete it completely, or do you have to have some evidence of, say sexual content?
STATUTORY DECLARATION Mongolian woman, I, Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal ... do solemly and sincerely declare as follows: 1. I have been a police officer with the Royal Malaysian Police Force, having joined as a constable in 1981 attached to the police field force. I was then promoted to the rank of lance corporal and finally resigned from the police force in 1998 when I was with the Special Branch. 2. I have been working as a freelance private investigator since I left the police force. 3. Sometime in June or July 2006, I was employed by Abdul Razak Baginda for a period of 10 days to look after him at his office at the Bangunan Getah Asli, Jalan Ampang between the hours of 8am to 5pm each working day as apparently he was experiencing disturbances from a third party. 4. I resigned from this job after 2? days as I was not receiving any proper instructions. 5. I was however re-employed by Abdul Razak Baginda on the Oct 5, 2006 as he had apparently received a harassing phone call from a Chinese man calling him ...
This is the entire text of Geert Wilders’ Melbourne speech: Dear friends, Finally, I am here. I am very happy to be in your beautiful and magnificent country, Australia. 400 years ago, the Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia. They named this land after their own and called it New Holland. So, here I am today, a visitor from the Netherlands, with a message from the old Holland to the New Holland. I am here to tell you how Islam is changing the Netherlands and Western Europe beyond recognition. We are in the process of losing our culture, our identity, our freedom. I am also here to warn Australia about the true nature of Islam. It is not just a religion as many people mistakenly think; it is primarily a dangerous totalitarian ideology. I am here to warn you that what is happening in my native country might soon happen in Australia too, if you fail to be vigilant. And I am here to advice you on how to turn the tide of Islamization. Inform people. Confront them with the truth. Don’t be . ...
It would be nice to be able to safely acquire the photograph and full name of any man who feels it's his place to "compliment" (i.e.: catcall at, whisper at, or otherwise harass) me (or any woman) in the street, and then upload it to some "sexual harassers" database. Perhaps then he might understand the endangerment and discomfort one feels when being treated like public property.
What did Jeremy Clements say to earn an indefinite suspension from NASCAR?
After this weekend, I am a little confused as to how everyone in the medical cannabis movement knows that the executive director of one of the most well funded marijuana policy organizations is a sexual predator, to the extent that he will sexually harass applicants, and everyone excuses his behavior. *** Here we are advocating for the use of medical cannabis for PTSD while "one of our own" is creating cases of it left and right. This individual has long been the reason that I'm more than a little ashamed of this movement but one story in particular just brought me to tears of rage. Why do we condone such behavior?
In Polly Toynbee’s recent Guardian article about the upcoming Eastleigh by-election, “Eastleigh byelection should be about economics – not gropings or smears”, she addresses the emerging allegations of sexual harassment against Lord Rennard, the former chairman of the Liberal Democrats. Ms. Toynbee…
If being told you are pretty is sexual harassment Then i demand the right to be sexually harassed daily
Thanks to a great night of wine/ jäger/ bar bowling / more wine / chess playing / and rocking out! Laura Young Lindsey Ditch Jon George Tiffany Peterson Jared Dingler Ian Heasley
Walking home from breakfast this morning, a guy my dad's age shouted something at Lestat Petalnails from his car, something threatening and fagbashy, presumably because of the fabulous boots Amber had on. Amber responded, and then I came and took a picture of him and his license plate. Then he followed us around for a while harassing us in his car. Any ideas?
With homosexuality being a fairly common phenomena, why do we still have bathrooms separated by sex? Shouldn't they be separated by sexual preference?
Did you know that in December 2011 via Cioca v. Rumsfeld, the courts reinforced the fact/law that Rape & Sexual Assault in the military is 'incident to service,' otherwise known as an occupational hazard. Do you really want your kid joining the military knowing this information? This is why we need to focus on the Feres Doctrine. This is why we must inform new recruits because they deserve to make an informed decision before agreeing to these kind of work conditions. ~Justice for MST Survivors
I didn't realize that Millie was standing behind me watching the check-point video of people, not actually crossing the border (many MILES away), being stopped, asked questions and refusing to answer them to federal agents. We just had a great 25 minute conversation about the 4th Amendment, and her freedom to travel without hindrance across her own country. Down the street. Anywhere she wants. We also discussed how 99.9% of police officers are good people and are here to help us if we need or ask for their help. But sometimes governments and politicians forget that the Constitution begins with "We the People", not "We the Government". She smiled and said, "That's really cool!" We need more snow-days. ;)
A former Bafana Bafana coach has been arrested for allegedly groping a 26-year-old woman’s private parts and assaulting and intimidating her 30-year-old boyfriend during the Moroka Swallows and Orlando Pirates derby in Dobsonville, Soweto last night, police spokesperson Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela confirmed to DRUM. Lance Guma II
What some would call "sexual harassment" at work, we call friendly banter.. A good day ")..
Nymphodora Tonks just weighed herself on my scales. fully dressed, holding her handbag. 40.0kg
I like to save special and funny stuff for the 100s post but this one will do Crush DOWN NOW! I AM SUBMITTING THIS TO CAMPUS SAFETY TOMORROW FOR HARRASSEMENT. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT! If you wanna act like we are highschooler thats fine, but if you want to act maturely like a college student you could've just sent me a message, some one else did it and I deleted that post
⌦ Hentai or any Sexual explicit content are not allowed. ⌦ don't post anything twice ⌦ Respect the Admin. ⌦ Do not harass anybody. ⌦ don't cuss each other and be like a family have fun :).
He touched your leg and offered to walk you to your room, worse still he waited whilst you went to the bathroom he obviously a rapist.
IF THE DEVIL MANAGES TO KEEP SOMEONE IN SIN, HE WILL ALMOST ALWAYS WIN EVERY BATTLE AGAINST THAT PERSON. Balak, the son of Zippor, the king of Midian sends for Balaam the son of Boer, that he may curse the Israelites who had invaded the plains of Moab. after a failed attempt to curse, Balaam explains to Balak, "he(GOD) has blessed and i cannot reverse. GOD HAS NOT OBSERVED INIQUITY WITH ISRAEL(numbers 23:21). to be able to curse Israel, Balaam had to teach Balak how to entice Israelite men into sexual immorality with Midian women, and it was so, and one Israelite had the audacity to even sleep with a Midian harlot under the tent of meeting, and that way, they managed to curse Israel.(Numbers 25:1), Revelation 2:14. Our greatest enemy is ourselves, our greatest setback is sin. Shun evil, and no devil has a right to touch you! get involved in sin, and you open a door for him, he indeed has a right to harass you. God bless!
Omg... Everyone has been sick in our house accept me. I have been trying to fight it off.well I think I have lost this battle. I feel like a truck hit me. But I must push through I'm still going to work... I hope I have a better day than yesterday. We had a guy walk in off the street and sexual harass one of our Agents Assistants. Poor thing was so upset.
PRINCE JOSEPH FOUNDATION CHILD PROTECTION POLICY This policy forms part of the mandatory reporting polices. POLICY STATEMENT Prince Joseph Foundation believes that all children have equal rights to protection from and exploitation and that it is both an individual and corporate responsibility. Prince Joseph foundation is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in its care or under its supervision and recognizes its responsibility to take all reasonable steps to promote safe practices to protect children in and around the community. PROVISION FOR CHILDREN IN UGANDA’S LEGAL SYSTEM. PART II (2) of the children’s Act states that any person having custody of a child shall protect the child from discrimination, violence, abuse and neglect. PRINCE JOSEPH FOUNDATION ALWAYS; 1. Ensures that this policy is available to anyone who wishes to access it. 2. Displays the name and photo of the CPO so that people know who to contact with any concerns. 3. Thoroughly screen all staff prior to recruit ...
Some of tonight was markedly unpleasant. I wish certain *** Men could tuck it in sometimes, and when someone says, "No" to you, then you should back off. Duh.
“Makers: Women Who Make America,” a three-hour documentary on PBS stations on Tuesday, surveys the last 50 years of the women’s movement in American history.
Ladies, don't like my status and then expect me to not sexually harass you. Seriously, get with the program. -Shanks
Your pledge will increase awareness about this incredibly important issue in our society-do it!
There's just no pleasing some people I need to learn how to get over it and move on quickly And not let it get the best of me But seriously people need an attitude adjustment Today at work all I did was telling lady that I liked her glasses And she automatically assume that was a *** That was hitting on her She was old enough to be my grandmother If not older She gave a complaint to my boss my boss explained to her that it's part of my job to greet her get her name and give her he compliment And ask her how her day is going To be superfamily to the customer is what I get paid for Shiwen off on my boss and told him that I was a *** and that I was going to get fired no matter what My boss laughed and told her to please leave and never come back She waited for me outside when I finally came outside to throw the trash she told me she was going to take this to corporate I just smiled and walked past her like it was nothing she laughed and then she came back an hour later to take my picture And curse me ...
Stalking Defines per Department of Justice Like domestic violence, stalking is a crime of power and control. Stalking is conservatively defined as "a course of conduct directed at a specific person that involves repeated (two or more occasions) visual or physical proximity, nonconsensual communication, or verbal, written, or implied threats, or a combination thereof, that would cause a reasonable person fear." [1] Stalking behaviors also may include persistent patterns of leaving or sending the victim unwanted items or presents that may range from seemingly romantic to bizarre, following or laying in wait for the victim, damaging or threatening to damage the victim's property, defaming the victim's character, or harassing the victim via the Internet by posting personal information or spreading rumors about the victim. According to the CDC's National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS),1 in 6 women and 1 in 19 men have been stalked during their lifetime. For both female and male victims, st ...
Getting ready to head out with April Dawn Edwards..Who knows what we will get into..Txt it (:
Love is compassion, respect, trust. Love doesn't put you down or try to control you. Young love can be a powerful experience, but it can also be harmful. And...
Christians should not be allowed to marry. My definition says that marriage is between two consenting adults, and if you still believe there's an invisible man floating around telling you to harass *** people, then I'm sorry, you're not mature enough to qualify. And seeing as how this is my belief, I shall demand that everyone follow my definition of marriage, and anybody complaining will appropriately be told that they are oppressing me.
In the days before current mayoral candidate Wally Frasier resigned as Mundelein's police chief in 1992, village officials investigated widespread sexual harassment allegations in the department and were taking steps to demote the veteran cop, a Daily Herald inquiry has revealed. Frasier wasn't accu...
So, right now Johnathan Vega is in sexual harrassment training at work. His return today will be very interesting. If you don't know what I mean then you have obviously never met him. :P
Neichelle Guidry Jones writes on the creative genius of Quvenzhané Wallis and the role of criticism in Black women's pursuit of our dreams.
Working from home too much - I've just lodged another sexual harassment claim against myself.
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Unfortunately one of our members has had enough of the nonsense from the neighbouring page. This is the message she sent to me. Avery has NEVER attacked anyone on any page. She has not "name called", posted negative comments and/or, engaged in any harassing behaviors towards anyone on any of these pages. She only posted on our page, towards one person, who harassed her on private messages, repeatedly. If her words are so meaningless, why continue to quote her. To target her is laughable... As you claim that you will defend yourselves to those who attack you, and that has never been her. You guys just attack her. CYBERBULLYING- Cyberbullying is bullying other people on the internet, cell phone, or any other device that can be communicated through. Many people have even committed suicide because of bullying over the internet. This is known as cyber suicide, cybercide • § 240.30 Aggravated harassment in the second degree. A person is guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree when, with intent . ...
Who am i gona sexually harass today hum ?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Thought you could post this anonymously for me.So a friend who is a former Nurse and had to leave the NHS due to mental illness went for WCA today. Just heard that despite asking specifically for a female assessor the assessment was done by a male. Despite taking an advocate because of their anxiety, depression, lack of social skills and agoraphobic tendencies the 'HCP' assessor didnt just ask the advocate to be quiet but demanded they 'SHUT UP !' The assessment took less than 20 minutes and my friend was unable to perform the physical tasks due to pain. Questions asked were "can you go to a PTA meeting ?" Well of course not the friend has severe anxiety issues, clinical depression, bouts of agoraphobia, and has as much clinical evidence from RMN's to senior Consultants - It beggars belief that someone who has worked and contributed for over 30 years isnt allowed to access the very safety net they used to work in for all those years. Sadly for the assessor the advocate is also a 'HCP' with Mental Health e ...
Safety, sexual harassment in the work place and boring stories of life in the big city. I LOVE me some truck drivin'!
Is everybody accusing everybody of sexual harassment?! It's all I've seen on the news this morning!
"Heterophobia is a neologism used as a snarl word to delegitimize the *** rights movement's campaign for equal treatment and an end to anti *** bigotry. The term implies that, rather than reacting to anti *** rhetoric, homosexuals and *** rights advocates are in fact speaking out against heterosexua...
2 hours of sexual harassment training for work ): at least I get to do it at home
Becca asks: Hey there. Do you know of the top recommended doctors in Hamilton who do circumcisions? I'm just in Brantford and I'm trying to get a feel for who is out there. My baby is pretty big (almost 9 pounds), so I need to get cracking since the policy here is that it has to be done before 10 pounds.
Father, we want to bless others and be blessed rather than to curse others and be cursed. Please make us a blessing and take away the curse. We will get rid of cursed objects in our possession. We ask that you, other people and our descendents forgive us for anything we have done to bring the curse. We forgive our ancestors and everyone else that have placed curses on us. Please forgive these people for psychic prayers, spoken curses, ancestral curses, parental curses, cursing by others, cursing ourselves, cursing our descendents, disobedience, Ahab and Jezebel, charismatic witchcraft, conceiving *** having incest, Indian curses, and any other curse known or unknown that is found in the Holy Word of God. I now break any curses placed on me or my descendants from uttering a wish of evil against one; to imprecate evil, to call for mischief or injury to fall upon; to execrate, to bring evil upon or to; to blast, vex, harass or torment with great calamities. I break the curses back to ten generations or ...
ok so... if youre friends with Brian Reyes just know hes a stalker and likes to sexually harass people on the internet
Yesterday I was locked out and the hot RA unlocked my door. I was totally dropping hints and she didnt even notice. Next time should I make an obvious move or will they give me steps?
Hey Ontarians, yeah you. I'm trying to find information on the laws of boy/girl siblings sharing a room. Google isnt helping, so you're my next choice. So, anyone in Ontario know what the laws are regarding opposite gender siblings sharing a bedroom? :) Spanks -Zelda
It makes me physically sick to hear that a mentally ill girl who did not consent to this sexual act was gang raped by these violent male criminals and the police let them off scot free because they said she gave consent even though her iq is below the limit to where she is capable to consent even though she said NO. The police said it wasn't there job to get into it. The men raped her under her desk in a school and the mother fighting for her daughter like any mom would, was ignored. The boys who committed this sick crime continued to sexually harass her and the teachers did nothing but have them "talk it out." Shame on those police men, shame on this school system, and shame on those sick men for committing this heinous act against a defenseless human being.
Manitoba bill 18 posts are entertaining me this afternoon. Some people should focus on real problems
Pressure mounts on Deputy PM Nick Clegg (pictured) after admitting he ordered a probe FIVE YEARS ago into 'non-specific' claims of assault against Lord Rennard.
Harasser taught a lesson (Via KuwaitTimes) A man who harassed a young girl in public, thinking she was all alone, faced public shame when she called her mother who rushed in and knocked him right down to the floor at a Kuwait City market. The mother struck the tormentor of her daughter with her purse. Police arrived at the scene after the incident was reported, and arrested the man who will now face harassment charges.
Black History Month Moment comes from the area of social responsibility, justice, and equality. You see most of us have lived in an age where we have enjoyed the legal principle free speech. Even the application of this principle, however, bears a great deal of social responsibility. This brings up the issues with Lil Wayne and the use, actually, the misuse of Emmett Till's name in his most recent song. Lil Wayne basically compared a voluntary sexual activity to the lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi in 1955. As such, for the Lil Wayne's of the world and those so inclined to listen to the song, lets explore the concept of lynching through the death of Postmaster Frazier Baker and his infant child on February 22, 1898 in Lake City, South Carolina. In the later part of 1897, Mr. Baker was appointed a federal postmaster of the town of almost 500 predominantly whites. This outraged many of the whites in the small southern town, and as such, they began to harass Mr. Frazier and his family of seven (six chi ...   10% Off
TRASH MAIL CHICORA *** Brandon Shirley aka Ears he is a drunk 2 DUIs snorts pills. Has two boys that he gets on the weekends when he is barely home so his parents take care of them. Also has a daughter he don't have anything to do with but trys to play daddy with any of girls he is sleeping with. He drinks in the car with his boys and leaves the empty cans in the car. He has no idea who the kids teachers are what they like what size cloths they wear, *** he don't even know what size he wears because mommy buys his cloths. He is 31 lives at home with mommy and daddy he even gets yelled at to put his cloths away and clean his room. He is worthless and will sleep with anything he goees threw more girls then underwear, keep your friends away when sleeping with him he has sleeped with his girlfriends friends. I think he is making his way all threw the Butler area...
Apologies for the last post, we will be strictly sticking to Science topics... Have a wonderful day.. P.S: All of our admins have been informed...
He is a liar and cheater. Has two kids and another on the way. He is willing to sleep with anything that is moving.
TRASH MAIL leave my name out of this but alisha ealy\ pisor and david pisor sells drugs out of their home and they r always drinking and going to beer party with their two kids what low life parents they are they dont need any kids because of that they do they even do drugs infront of their kids
Two weeks of SHARP training...learning how to improve Sexual Harassment in the work place! Or is it prevent?
I just saw a post that had people all upset with a teacher that gave the students question for home work that taught history & math. Written questions that involved slaves. NO mention of race or sex of the slaves. Now they wont the teacher disciplined. The students chose the questions from their HISTORY class and proposed them to the teacher. MY QUESTION is this, " HOW FAR HAVE WE GONE to be politically correct (going along for the sake of going alone) that this is what we teach, that if you don't like what is said, you fuss, and somebody else HAS to be Disciplined?" It's OK to teach little Johnny that if he has 20 apples and someone take 15 of them how many are left. They don't mention that taking someone else's Apples is STEALING, or that it's wrong.But it's OK to teach that. But If I said "little Johnny has 20 Apples and OBAMA takes 15 of them and shares them with others what has little johnny got left". All of a sudden I'm a Raciest and I should be Disciplined because I put Obama's name in it. I didn ...
God uses the prayers of His people as a restraint against demonic activity, inviting the presence of God to intervene in the course of human events. He has given us the power of attorney to use the only name that can cast out demonic forces--it is the name of Jesus. WHAT IS A DEMON? a demon is a fallen angel! When Satan, who was the very highest angel rebelled against God, he took a large number of the angels with him in rebellion (Is. 12:12-15; Rev. 12:3-4). When their rebellion failed, they were cast out of heaven. Those angels are now demons. As angels can ascend the highest of spirituality, demons reach the depths of hatred, bitterness, and perversion. Demons torment and harass people, leading them away from God and His truth (Mark 5:2-5; Acts 13:6-12). Although lust, homosexuality, drunkenness, gluttony, and witchcraft are expressions of sinful flesh, these are among practices that can also be expressions of demonic activity in the lives of people. Grossly perverted sexual practices, such as sadomaso ...
Golden Words Islam wrote: "Marriage and Divorce: Changes and their Driving Forces" !!** Men don’t know how to hold a gun but they buy it like this the persons don’t know the rights of a marriage(nikaah) but they sit on grooms chair wearing garlands. Rights are only just passing marks and it’s just basics requirement and it is FARZ** Husband and wife is a unit, if both of them spend a happy life according to Quran n sunnah then the coming generation continue to be good in society .!!** - To make any relationship a healthy one it is necessary to be oblige with each other.!!** If a wife, compromise on less than what her right is than it Is called to do oblige!!** If a husband, compromise on less than what his right is then it is also called as oblige.!!** If a husband is giving the right more than necessary than it is also an oblige,. For a Healthy relationship ,both husband and wife should be oblige with each other.!!** - Islam has always kept women under protection, firstly protection under a father, ...
I went to the office for public assistance to get money and food stamps. The lady in the office told me that is not possible because Pugs can't collect food stamps. I explained, that I am unemployed, lazy, I don't speak proper English, and I have been given repeat warnings for sexual harassment. Additionally, I do not pay taxes, I go to the bathroom in the park, I harass strangers by begging for food and stealing. I also have no idea who my father is. Lady in the office once again looked at the papers and said "Come pick up money and food stamps on Monday."
that was more like sexual harassment than birthday wishes. Soz and ting.
Two Priests go for the same job. One is acquitted of false sexual harassment claimed by the other. Headlines?
Between 40% and 50% of women in the European Union reported some form of sexual harassment in the workplace.
Don't believe sexual harassment is a problem? See & Wow. And, yes, it's happened to me, too.
"Might be wrong but sexaul harassment is when your having sexual intercourse with a lady friend & some guy tickles your balls from the back"
U argue,misuse in 498a is'nt reason to amend. Then u scream missue ONLY when men given protec from women.
Chitrangda Singh, Sudhir Mishra & Arjun Rampal talkin about sexual harassment on TV. Watch to enjoy the joke. Bigger joke is anchor Sagarika
not really me and Harry got kicked out for sexual harassment but not a lot else to report back
Why do you use terms like Eve teasing ., why not sexual harassment or stalking
sexual harassment. As if they aren't raped and abused and oppressed by patriarchal structures.
"but we've experienced a lifetime of PMT and sexual harassment and many of us are now staring HRT...straight in the face"
if I did it to a girl it'd be considered sexual harassment and to a guy would be awkward although hilarious IM JUST DANCIN
Do you believe that 31% of the female workers said they had been at work.
As women we've *experienced a lifetime of PMT & sexual harassment* but worse has been having Julie Burchill as our unelected spokesperson
Sexual harassment circus raises thorny questions - KRISTY Fraser-Kirk's claim against David Jones is not all...
Egypt ranked the second position in the list of countries with the highest sexual harassment rates following Afghanistan. We made it.
Sexual harassment is illegal in Aus.
"I like my women like I like my harassment...sexual" LMFAO
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