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Severn Trent

Severn Trent plc is a UK water company that is traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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I have seeded coasters, comment and I’ll get one to you Severn Trent will donate £1 to WaterAid 🌻🌼
Severn Trent buoyant in face of Labour’s manifesto plans
Severn Trent's pretax profit up 4.3% on higher prices, savings - from Reuters
Severn Trent cut sewer flooding to lowest ever levels
Severn Trent raises dividend after jump in profits.
Severn Trent posts rise in full-year profits. Utility giant Severn Trent has reported a rise in...
Severn Trent saw growth in both turnover and profits for its last financial year.
Have no water & emergency number at Severn Trent not being answered for last hour! Help
Severn Trent books profit rise as efforts deliver -
telegraph: 'Severn Trent raises dividend after jump in profits'
. Severn Trent books profit rise as efforts deliver. .
Corbyn &Labour are right. Water companies making huge profit & not investing in pipes at our cost
Severn Trent books profit rise as efforts deliver
Rise in profits for Severn Trent after fewer leaks and floods
Severn Trent shares strong growth with shareholders |
Severn Trent shares strong growth with shareholders
Severn Trent buoyant in face of Labour's manifesto plans
& - strong financial performance in 2nd year & further £100m in efficiencies identified
Severn Trent lifts profits and cuts leakages and floods via
Trent makes a splash with dividend hike after eyeing more savings
Severn Trent raises dividend after jump in profits
FTSE 100 bolstered by Severn Trent: Shares in the water company climb after it reports a…
Utility News: Job losses feared at Dee Valley after Severn Trent takeover
Severn Trent still working to restore supplies after water main bursts in Bristol Road. Updates on
Disgusted with the news re Dee Valley Water, our worst fears realised. Severn Trent claimed their takeover would be good for customers 1/2
Just what was expected. Redundancies at what was Dee Valley water now Severn Trent have it 😒
Severn Trent to host drop-in session ahead of new water pipe work in Shrewsbury
I asked Severn Trent Water repeatedly for a while Pete, but kept being told that they'd pass my number…
Around 74 people called Severn Trent over the loss of water after the incident in
Drones save £300k/y in inspections and help improve employee safety at UK water company Severn Trent !
Traffic lights to be placed at Link Top, Malvern, to allow Severn Trent Water main renewal to be carried out
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$NG/:LN Severn Trent plc and National Grid plc are great investments for hard times GRID
Trader's bulletin: Taylor Wimpey in demand, Barclays still rising, Severn Trent under pressure…
Severn Trent in for an assembly today and a workshop with year 3! Look at how many litres of water is used in the W…
how long were you in the shower...? I only ask because Severn Trent have just announced water rationing...
Severn Trent thinks it's ok to dump rubbish in farmers fields!!
Severn Trent has been receiving reports of discoloured water in B14
Severn Trent support customers who struggle to pay water bills
Severn Trent is looking for Civil Engineers to join their year long placement starting in 2016. APPLY NOW!!
Stay alert to bogus callers, says Severn Trent
I'm not paying Severn Trent until this comes out of the taps
Blue water warning for Severn Trent customers
Aquam has stepped in to help provide clean water to more than 4,000 scouts and guides
Another safe job in Coventry done on behalf of Severn Trent Water. Many thanks to John at LMS for Traffic Management http…
staff complete mountain challenge for & raise £560 for charity
Hi everyone ! I am on Trent Severn Lock 40 great day with my friend Tracy
Just a drop of Severn Trent's finest vintage should do it. Have a good evening - Sonia
Severn Trent is warning its customers to be vigilant
Severn Trent Water fined £426,000 for repeated raw sewage leaks in to the Shire Brook
35th Birthday celebrations at Severn Trent today! 🎉🎈🎂
$SVT:LN Money return for students defrauded by Corinthian Colleges TRENT PLC
Heading toward Lake Simcoe today. Locks will determine how far we get. We'll reach the highest point on the Trent Severn in a bit.
You can report this on the Severn Trent website: Thanks
Please click this link for more information on bogus callers :
Blue water warning for Severn Trent Water customers.
There are reports of a burst water main on Rangoon Road/Valley Road - I am waiting for an update from Severn Trent Water.
Can't be talking to me. I ain't had one yet. Tho when I do, Severn Trent will need forewarning.
Severn Trent urges customers to check toilets amid fears about bright blue tap water.
And in other advice, remember: breathing in and breathing out are essential for life.
Please could Severn Trent Water speed up their work on the A52 (near Whatton)... Weeks of delays wearing thin!
News: Thousands of homes left without water after a burst water mains in Canley: Severn Trent have ...
Severn Trent issue warning to customers following reports of blue water.
I added a video to a playlist Water Sports on the Trent-Severn Waterway
Severn Trent warns customers about bright blue water
Customers in Leicester please be mindful of cold callers claiming to be from Severn Trent. Any doubts, please contact us on 08…
EIGHTY apprenticeships up for grabs at Severn Trent - Derby Telegraph
South Derbyshire water supply back to normal after Severn Trent issues - Burton Mail: Burton MailSouth Derbys...
If you were offered water in the Severn Trent area run it tastes awful
We're looking for a local history expert to speak about the 'Water Tower' in the Edgbaston's Severn Trent yard. Please share
So soon I'll be sending more each month to Oxfam than Eon, and more to Three for my sim card than I do Severn Trent for water.
Adeeba & Danielle from Severn Trent spoke to pupils in assembly and in a year 5 workshop about how to save water.
Thank you Severn Trent for our fantastic assembly this morning for our Global awareness week! How will you save water at home?
Through the we are helping Severn Trent customers across South Derbyshire with saving money on their water bill!
Huge🕷in bathroom sink! After deploying 1/2 can of Lynx/running enough water to cancel out Severn Trent's 2016 profits I emerge victorious!😰
ah iwe wakugeza nemvura yakaita sei 😂 I need to call Severn Trent Water they're holding up my glo-up
we have a bore hole so have mineral water on tap-literally! Severn Trent Water though is awful-tastes of TCP!!
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Severn Trent reveals compensation for people affected by water issues | Burton Mail via
Severn Trent announce 3,700 people to receive compensation | Burton Mail via
GemmaToulson published ​Severn Trent teams up with United Utilities to provide business...
Spotted - Severn Trent Water tankers heading south over Gunthorpe bridge - cross your legs folks!
Petition launched to help the horses fly grazing on Severn Trent land in Cinderford.
hello Severn Trent, where was the picture of the bridge and stream taken? Thanks
Thanks,I'm afraid your water is supplied for Severn Trent for this area,if you contact them they should be able to help further^RC
A Hugo resident sues Severn Trent. 8,000 names could be added to the case
Atkins work with other big companies - eg Severn Trent, BP, Total, EDF. A chance to be world leading!
So not impressed with Severn Trent. Does no one post letters anymore? Happy Friday 13th people 😠
Buyers took back control of Severn Trent this afternoon after a brief spell of selling caused the price to fall from the open SVT
Remember those water problems in Huge? Severn Trent is now facing a lawsuit from a resident
resident seeks class action in Severn Trent
Severn Trent appeals to customers to help locate private pumping stations - WWT
Can you recommend anyone for this Operator I - TX featured in NBC s Science of Love
13lb 7oz my new Severn pb and only 1lb off my Trent pb 😁😁
This might be a great fit for you: Utility Technician* - LA
Boaters numbers were up this year on the Trent-Severn Waterway - here's more:
We're Read about our latest opening here: Operator II* - TX
This might be a great fit for you: Operator II - TX
thanks for RT. Severn Trent in Bham have our watergate barrier. We would be interested in setting up a meeting to show you?
See our latest OK and click to apply: Operator -
Severn Trent Plc downgraded by BNP Paribas to underperform. $SVTRF
StockMarketWire Brokers' round-up, downgrades for Severn Trent and Rotork
Join the Severn Trent Services team! See our latest opening here: FL
See our latest NJ and click to apply: Meter Reader -
We're Read about our latest opening here: Operations Supervisor* - GA
StockMarketWire FLASH: Exane BNP Paribas cuts Severn Trent to underperform from neutral,…
Aerial drone survey of Victorian pumphouse heritage asset for Severn Trent Water:
Severn Trent Water are offering FREE training to Voluntary & Community Groups
Little Giant Ladders
Time to handover your pumping station! We'll be responsible for them from Oct 2016 so if you have one, tell us more..
Exane BNP Paribas has downgraded Severn Trent to Underperform with a price target of 1900.00p
Tapping into digital..Severn Trent Water faces a post-monopoly world A great write how…
LIVE on Backstage at the Canadian Folk Music Awards: Intermission with Trent Severn!
LIVE on Behind the scenes with Trent Severn: Canadian Folk Music Awards
Trent Severn with Lindsay Schindler on fiddle just blew the crowd away with two great songs "live" at the Canadian Folk Music Awards gala
1st musical performance of Trent Severn!.
Can you recommend anyone for this Lead Operator* - MS
We're Read about our latest opening here: Operator I* - TX
$SVT:LN Are your investments safe from US interest rate lift-off? TRENT PLC
Can you recommend anyone for this Operator II - Part Time - FL
This might be a great fit for you: Maintenance Technician II* - TX
See our latest TX and click to apply: Operator II* -
Can you recommend anyone for this Maintenance Technician I - TX
We're Read about our latest opening here: Lead Operator* - MS
Want to work at Severn Trent Services? We're in AZ! Click for details:
Severn Trent is...where we get our water from I think...something like that
Me too, what with Severn Trent being the water company for the Midlands...
Just came back from a run and Severn Trent have shut off the water I HAVE TO GO TO WORK U ***
This week, Severn Trent pop up at Montford Bridge and cause huge tailbacks stretching past Nescliffe! Bravo!
Severn Trent a holding a drop in session at Tile Hill Children’s Centre on Thursday 22nd October 10am to 12pm.
Chirp* Into the valley: ...problem because Welsh Water now sells the supply to Severn Trent,’ sa...
Just seen a Severn Trent operative pissing in the street near his van on Stonebridge Rd Utterly disrespectful.
Call the Server Trent Contact Number for help with your water supply or billing
We reduced time from five days to just a few hours at Find out how:
it must be! I'm going to complain to Severn Trent!
Severn Trent announced in will invest in AD and Solar to meet half of its electricity needs.
Severn Trent will invest £190m ($282 million) over five years in renewable energy generation. More
Severn Trent to boost self generation to 50% of consumption by 2020 with solar and biogas
New Credit and Collections Senior Advisor – Severn Trent Water .. credit and collections advisor
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Thought it had gone manic outside, my house, with traffic. Just put up tempory lights. The severn trent digging now.
.to pump £190m into generation over the next 5 years:
Severn Trent invests in renewable energy
Don't let dodgy plumbers meddle with your waterworks urges Severn Trent - Malvern Gazette
Severn Trent to spend £190m on renewables: Water company Severn Trent is planning to invest £190m in renewable...
Severn Trent Water is going half renewable by 2020
Severn Trent Water engineers were called to city centre early…
Severn Trent van turns up ten mins ago, bangs away, drives off and no water supply now! Tupton
Talk to Severn Trent on Tuesday on Robert Wynd between 4 & 7pm about plans to upgrade water pipes in Woodcross
for real people thinking it's gonna be some Severn Trent Water all of a sudden lol
6G learning about filtration and water treatment with Severn Trent.
Hi, Sorry but you will need to contact either Severn Trent Water or to confirm.
On the agenda this week: Pupil Premium Conference; Annual Performance Review and Severn Trent's water pipeline plan...I truly love this job!
Green flag is up, ice conditions on Trent Severn Canal safe for skating (photo:
One up-side to a cold snap: The Trent Severn Canal is now green-flagged = Ice conditions are safe for skating! Always use caution.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Severn Trent Water have turned off the fire hydrant on Green Lane in Kings Norton. It wasn’t a burst water main.
Severn Trent are aiming to help an additional 50,000 vulnerable customers as part of a 5 year plan. They want to...
Here are the roads that will be closed for Severn Trent Water's sewer work in Cheltenham
Major roads to close across Cheltenham as Severn Trent Water...: Roads across Cheltenham will be closed in Jan...
New Year, New System? Learn how one client increased proactive reporting by over 100% with
Funded Engineering Doctorate with Severn Trent Water available for immediate start.
the Severn Trent Water grad scheme is very good if you're looking for one.
The Severn Trent Choir will be joined by and the Citi choir for a s…
Live in the Severn Trent area and need help paying your water bills? find out how we can help
Nervous poos have been committed to Severn Trent. It's time to go!
Please take a look at the following links that may answer your question: &
Severn Trent Water and the Carbon Trust back energy saving aeration compressor | Lontra
Hear from and Severn Trent Group on strategies for competing in a retail market
Delays possible on Rainbow Hill, Worcester due to temporary traffic lights. Severn Trent should have a burst water main fixed by Thursday.
Severn Trent have said they won't abstract water during summer. All taken under licence to.
.Why are those huge at Severn Trent still not operational? Shocking waste of money if just stationary
Hoping that Severn Trent are about as efficient as London Midland in fixing problems!
Rare bird returns to Carsington: Wildlife watchers at Severn Trent’s Carsington Water welcomed the return of a...
Arriva Mids making some timetable changes on some bus services:842 (D&G Bus, Stafford - Rugeley)-Revised times during Severn Trent roadworks
- This is due to works by Severn Trent Water.
Temporary signals at Allesley Old Rd/Grayswood Ave due to works by Severn Trent Water. Expect delays.
Engineers clear drain in Barton under Needwood. ENGINEERS from Severn Trent were called to a...
New opening at Severn Trent Services in - III
FYI: If you receive a violation/correspondence letter from Associa Gulf Coast (Oakstead HOA Management Company) you must address that letter with them at the contact info they've provided. The CDD, its clubhouse staff, or the CDD management company (Severn Trent) is unable to assist in these matters of the Oakstead HOA. If you don't get the service you feel you deserve from Associa then please attend the Oakstead HOA's monthly meeting to discuss your concerns. Check the Oakstead Calendar in the newsletter or verify the time and date with the clubhouse. We appreciate your understanding!!
Want to reduce your Severn Trent Water can help on the 14th + 16th Oct!
Great talk from Myron Hrycyk (CIO Severn Trent) about opportunity in transformation. Driving the bus.
Grease is the word for serious clients of Severn Trent | Burton Mail
Water works to disrupt Mansfield and Ashfield traffic. Severn Trent has begun work this week on...
Severn Trent Water engineers are currently working to repair a burst water main in Turves Green
it's going to be a new thing. So say you live in a Thames Water area, you could choose to pay severn trent for your water.
Panoramic of a rower rowing on the Trent Severn waterway near Trenton University
For current updates on Water Soldier control and monitoring in the Trent-Severn Waterway visit
Severn Trent Water to cut logistics costs with route planning system
Anyone got a recipe for a poolish without water! Tomorrows baguettes in serious danger Severn Trent Water
follow them then send a direct message worked for me with Severn Trent Water
Severn Trent Water's Jodie Whitehead on successful catchment solutions: paying farmers p/ML of clean water run off
great story on Severn Trent's tender process over its single supplier model held by Eversheds
Guess how increased test coverage by 377 per cent (clue:
Severn Trent’s "poo power" adds renewable gas to the regions pipelines: via
the property developer, Severn Trent Water received my meter readings to and they contacted me, was told you would also
Check out our job opening for a Administrative Assistant 2 in St Augustine, FL! Severn Trent Service
Check out our job opening for a Operator II in Brooklyn, NY! Severn Trent Service
Trent logistics operation optimised by Paragon & TranSend via |
Severn Trent logistics operations optimised by Paragon and TranSend | SHD Logistics News
We're investing in new water pipes for Mansfield to help prevent leaks for our customers...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
BOSS Bellows supplied Expansion joints on the £4M CHP Biogas-to-Grid plant at Severn Trent's Minworth Plant
We always discuss how to green from the "front-end". Let's explore new ways how to do it from your "rear-end!" :)
Congrats for Motion M-502 to improve the Trent-Severn Waterway entrance to Georgian Bay
Severn Trent operations optimised by Paragon via |
Severn Trent works resulting in Cheltenham High Street being closed. For dates, diversions and more info, click here:
Cllr on tonight talking about Severn Trent's 'poo power' gas generation scheme in Brum.
The picture you've attached is of a road gully, these are the local council's responsibility not Severn Trent. Thank you.
Okay, use the address you gave but slightly amend it to - . Severn Trent Water. PO Box 5309. Coventry. CV3 9FJ
can you confirm if this is the head office address Severn Trent Centre,. 2 St John's Street,. Coventry, CV1 2LZ
Severn Trent put up some sign with distance to roadworks in kilometres, UKIP tried to blame Shropshire Council for wasting money, wrong!
yah fingers crossed man I need out of severn Trent
that's decent mate. Wish they felt like tht at Severn Trent. At Volvo but was a few weeks back. So doubt my app will go further
Kirkfield Lift Lock looking down as we wait at the bottom for opening. Like the entire Trent Severn Waterway an...
because it tastes cleaner than Severn Trent Water
Don’t have plans for the long weekend yet? Come and celebrate with us along the Trent-Severn Waterway!
Hi-tech screens overcome fishy problem for Costain and Severn Trent Water: Severn Trent Water (STW) and Costai...
WUKSART will be exhibiting at the Severn Trent Family Fun day at Foremark Reservoir on Saturday 16th August from...
One week to Aquafest2014. Check our program for highlights including SU Paddleboard races and folkies Trent Severn.
One week to Aquafest2014 for program including SU Paddleboard races and Folkies Trent Severn!
A38 yes, this is well overdue . Severn Trent works in Eastington at the same time. Lunacy!
Next: Find out why the water soldier is a plant you don't want the Trent-Severn Waterway with Matt Smith
Hi-tech screens overcome fishy problem for and - WWT
FLASH: Credit Suisse lifts Severn Trent to neutral from underperform, target raised from...
There is a problem with a blocked sewer in Little Green. Severn Trent are responsible for the sewer and will be attending in next 6 hours.
Severn Trent Plc upgraded by Credit Suisse to neutral. GBX 1,730 PT. $SVT
Credit Suisse has upgraded Severn Trent to Neutral with a price target of 1730.00p
Association with and Good to see Severn Trent pledge to support local biz!
Severn Trent pledges further £125m to ensure Birmingham's supplies are maintained
Friends Of The Fish: 31 July 2014. A Costain team working with Severn Trent Water (STW) has come up wi...
We can use hydro projects like the severn trent barage, wind power, solar, tidal. It IS powering millions of homes already.
Severn Trent have attended both our community days to give tenants advice about their service.
Years of flooding solved by Concentric Agent-above the call of duty!
Severn Trent executive reshuffle to focus on customers, procurement
Surely at some point Severn Trent Water will realise running the tap for half an hour in our flat results in a pint of warm bleach
Severn Trent Water ARE TOTALLY USELESS! Called home from work due to burst water main in front garden.
could you clarify that this was caused by Severn Trent Water please as need evidence by Thursday afternoon.
Senior management shake-up at Severn Trent: New roles and responsibilities at utility firm as it prepares for ... http:…
Nice call out for volunteers for our Watch Day Aug. 7 in today's
There will be temporary traffic lights in Smisby Road, Ashby, on Friday May 9, while work is carried out by Severn Trent. Elsewhere, the traffic lights in Mill Street in Packington are expected to continue until May 6.
depends where you live mate. Last year Severn Trent became responsible for all drains on and outside the property
Queen Square should reopen to traffic today following work by Severn Trent Water, with bus services which had been diverted returning to normal. Severn Trent will shortly begin work on Victoria Street which will temporarily become one way heading away from Queen Square to Skinner Street. This won't affect bus services though taxis travelling towards Queen Square will be diverted via Skinner Street.
Sitting here waiting for Severn Trent to show up. No water all day again today for the umpteenth time since...
Good news, Severn Trent's emergency manhole cover work in Causeway Green Road/Pool Road in is now finished, roads are open.
WELL Just had a call from SEVERN TRENT to say all is wonderful at the works and the smell I reported last night was a Chicken Farm.. JUST Come down from the ceiling after asking if the person who told the call operator to tell me that was brave enough to ring me and tell me that in person. Will wait in anticipation ur smells a bit fishy to me.
Apply for a at Severn Trent Services in Forney, TX.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amazing time at Leicester Tigers ground tonight with Severn Trent choir . Shaky start but came good in the end.. I love my choir buddies x
Won a STAR Award for the Severn Trent Girlguiding Nottinghamshire Waste Water and Me badge # whoopwhoop
Best go to bed soon. 5 hour shift at severn Trent in the morning. Then a 12.5 hour night shift tomorrow night at hospital. Think I'm going to one tired lady.
No water, no notice. Helpful Severn Trent. Not easy with a baby :-(
Have Severn Trent turned up yet or shall I bring you some cheesecake while you wait?
People ringing to booke stands for Tenbury Applefest , the sheep are out, Severn Trent can't find the leaking meter, the neighbour can't deal with a fallen tree and all after 6.00 on a friday night .looks like take away time; not spending the night cooking
Times are hard and iv finally accepted and now admitting I need help, so got in touch with Severn Trent Find as advised and today I got a reply. . Unfortunately you don't meet the criteria. ... AND THATS WHY I DONT ASK FOR HELP !
Good luck to all the individuals and teams nominated at the Severn Trent Star Awards in Leicester. Dress rehearsal done and a promotional snap or two which hopefully we'll share with you later. The room looks fantastic and hopefully our guests enjoy their evening and the entertainment later. See you all later on.
Severn Trent can now relax as our pond is full. It is already home to several water boatmen and great diving beetles. Amazing...we didn't even have to advertise.
Severn Trent Choir are performing at the Leicester Tigers Ground tonight. Getting excited :)
MONKMOOR SEWAGE WORKS SHREWSBURY. Well last night was to say the least bloody awful why should a multi million pound company leave a sewage works unattended for over twelve hours every evening and night. When something goes wrong and the plant is not doing its job correctly then the whole area suffers. Not good enough Severn Trent. You take huge amounts of money in rates every year yet we have to live with the fact we cannot open windows and doors due to the stench. my situation my home is 1.5 miles as the crow flies from the works. Well at least two families rang 08007834 to complain.
1/2 Severn Trent Water recently opened the Droitwich sewage treatment works to the public...
Worcestershire Legal Awards 2014 President’s Launch Evening 25 September 2013 Mfg Solicitors, Adam House, Kidderminster President Iain Morrison welcomed a host of solicitors from member firms including Hallmark Hulme, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, QS Lumsdons, Painters, QS Parkinson Wright, SME, Star Legal, Thomas Horton, Russell & Co, mfg, QS Talbots and Marion Evans as he announced the launch of the first ever Legal Awards which aims to promote best practice from across the county’s legal profession. The Society’s new Legal Awards will recognise law firms that stand out across six categories which include awards for trainee, young solicitor and solicitor of the year, innovation, specific legal disciplines and a lifetime achievement honour. The winners will be recognised at a lavish black-tie dinner in April at a venue in the county which will be announced in the next week or two. Speaking at the launch evening the President said that the awards will give a ‘wonderful opportunity’ for Worcestershir ...
Great day with Severn Trent Water today sharing best practice and challenges on performance and assurance.
Call Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4 or check for info on water supply issues here
Update your maps at Navteq
On site in the City of Leicester today investigating locations for Severn Trent Water
- Dawley Green Way. JCB next to big hole. Big puddle on road. Severn Trent van. Coincidence?
"The Customer Service Rep @ the counter has the personality of a wet potato chip." @ Severn Trent:
The Angling Trust has announced a new £4,000 sponsorship deal with Thames Water and Severn Trent Water that will see both companies backing RiverFest 2013.
Apologies but the problem was caused by Severn Trent Water and it was rectified last night! Apologies!
Severn Trent calls on customers to spot water leaks - WWT
Opening of Asterdale Primary School garden in Spondon. A project funded by Severn Trent Water.
it happened last year and Severn Trent were behind it
What a joke Severn Trent Water are. Ain't lived at an address for over 6 years and still they want me to pay for the water thier even thou I've sent proof of me not being thier . Water on the brain I think turn your tap off Severn Trent Water before you flood your brain . ***
First day in my new role seconded into Severn Trent Water. I am the team (of one). Lots of stuff to learn, and forgotten a lot of it already. Still, making it up as I go along normally works. it will get more interesting when the computer system lets me in.
Drop-in and info session on @ Minster School 7-9pm tonight. Your chance to speak to Councils, Env Agency & Severn Trent
Pete, nice to see someone else trying, but Severn Trent are the only water co. that won't allow organised events
just called Severn Trent Water ,they are telling me based on the info ive given them i can save £178 year and my...
Well I've got Severn Trent doing my drain outside and one poor chap had took is top off. Nice view! Must call them out again, definitely satisfied customer. Lol
Why thank you Severn Trent, I really can get my car in that space!!!
In Derby with guy from Severn Trent Water, just told me he killed when he was in the army, ran over a mans head and killed them too.
Congratulations to the NMCNomenca teams who took part in the Severn Trent Water Raft to raise money for
Flooded cellar yet again at Cashcreators thanks a frickin lot Severn Trent, useless turds ! :(
Good first session with CIOs from FT, Telefonia UK, LV and Severn Trent Water talking about digital transformation in their orgs.
Who owns our utilities? Not that they'd ever do it! But it could be good for 'their' exports if out lights went out.
'Technology change is not just about the technology' Myron from Severn Trent - for me that's the easy bit... People are the key
"Technology change is not just about the technology" Myron Hrycyk CIO Severn Trent
Severn Trent - we have a mobile workforce 7 desks for every 8 desk workers - the strength of a virtualized desktop?
Now Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk. Bloody love Myron! He discussed mobile strategy with us in July
we've been asking the same question to Severn Trent for 13 years, but they won't allow it. But other water companies do.
Business: Severn Trent Water customers urged to report leaks
This tickled me this morning, thanks Severn Trent Water
Well that was shock Severn Trent Water just rang me back to let me know going send crew down sort out main sewer in road Granby street next few hrs o.k know reported it over flowing didnt expect call back from them
KIDDERMINSTER: Severn Trent Water customers urged to report leaks
Severn Trent Water customers urged to report leaks: Severn Trent Water customers are being urged to report lea...
Looking for support to try and get severn trent to allow us to swim in carsington reservoir nr ashbourne derbyshire, please reply and rt!
Stressed myself out thinking I wasn't gonna get paid today, but I did. Cheers Severn Trent, freshers is on you 🙌👏
First of these drop in sessions is Wed 25/9, 7-9pm at Minster School, county & district councils, Severn Trent, Env Agency all present 3/3
They are not without backers, Severn Trent Water being one, but the majority are voting with their feet.
Wolverhampton, Severn Trent confirm that they should finish works on Compton Bridge this Friday after months of roadworks.
Best ring Severn Trent Water after that 1 let them know it's on its way to them
Would like to say to Severn Trent, were the *** are we meant to park our cars between 7am and 6pm whilst you are carrying out your essential works. The roads are chocca as it is with parked cars!!
Two community engagement drop-in events are being held in Southwell on Wednesday, September 25 and Saturday October 5, 2013. These sessions are intended to provide residents and those with local businesses in the town with an opportunity to discuss the flooding incidents that occurred in July with representatives from the various public agencies involved. The sessions are open to the public but they are not in the format of a public meeting. Representatives from various public agencies will be in attendance at the events including: Nottingham County Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council, The Environment Agency, and Severn Trent. They will have stands providing information and updates on what action has and is being taken with regard to the flooding issues. An independent flood adviser will also be there to offer information on resilience and insurance. The first drop-in session, on September 25 is at the Minster School, Southwell from 7-9pm at and the second, on October 5, at Southwell Leisure Cen ...
This Friday we're at the home of the Leicester Tigers, Welford Road for the Severn Trent Star Awards. This is Severn Trent big wigs and award nominees only but hopefully we can share a few snaps with you from our evening. For those not lucky enough to have the hottest ticket in town this friday your next chance to see us publicly is at Octobash so check out our events for more info and how to get tickets.
I had a problem, every morning I noticed there was a pool of liquid on one particular paving stone on the driveway along the side of the house. I feared the worst, were the drains blocked, did I have an underground water leak? I tried to identify the nature of the leak by wetting my finger and sniffing it, no detectable odour but I checked the drains to make sure and they were clear. Should I get Severn Trent out to check for a leak? Then today I identified the source of the leak. The dog has started peeing on the same slab every morning instead of going down the garden, I have washed my finger, several times.
Severn Trent are outside. Waiting for knock on the door to move vehicles. Hurry up and finish please it seems a long time til next week!!
News: Severn Trent latest to be hit by diesel thieves
JUNIOR SCHOOL pupils had great fun when they were paid a visit by Severn Trent on Thursday September 19, which involved an educational assembly followed by various activities with different year groups.
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