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Seventh Woods

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Seventh Woods and Brandon Robinson had a few wow moments but struggled at times. Luke Maye looked improved. Inside is coming around
I hate UNC basketball but I want to watch Seventh Woods hoop
The freshman Seventh Woods dives on the floor trying to secure the loose ball. Don't have to tell this kid to be first to the floor.
None of which are seventh woods. Who's good in his own right. But he's not even the best PG on his team right now.
First, we got JB and Tony Bradley going head to head with Seventh Woods and Isaiah Hicks to rep the Blue Team in the Skills Challenge final.
Big cheers for UNC freshman Seventh Woods. He burst on the basketball recruiting scene as an 8th grader.
Seventh Woods is gonna go so crazy for us this year omg
Loud ovation for Seventh Woods. I take it they've seen the YouTube videos.
Seventh Woods is a killer he's underrated
You speak for every UNC fan lol. I'm excited to watch Seventh Woods & Berry but def the least excited for a season I've been.
gonna be tough again this year. Seventh Woods should be fun to watch
is there any role for seventh woods in Carolina this year? I'm looking forward to see him other then on you tube
i'm interested in knowing if seventh woods going to start, play alot? What has he been looking like so far in practice.
Wish seventh woods would have chose the number 7 lmao
😂😂 you know better than that! Im ready to see what Seventh Woods can do
Seventh Woods a sleeper too.. will have freshman struggles but guy can play
SEVENTH WOODS aka the best 14 year old highlights 😂
Man I can't wait to see Seventh Woods ball out for us this season
Glimpse of UNC Freshen Seventh Woods trying to escape
yea I wanna see what seventh woods gonna do ! And Mitchell is our best player in my opinion.
Today marks the first day Seventh Woods put on a Tar Heel jersey.yes the 8th grade freak we all watched 5 years ago😌
UNC freshmen Shea Rush, Brandon Robinson and Seventh Woods all showing good shooting touches from the perimeter.
Seventh Woods have to be in the starting line up, absolutely have to.
Hubert Davis working with freshmsn Seventh Woods and Tony Bradley on their shot during practice.
Seventh woods put on a UNC tar heel jersey today... to when I was marveling at his 8th grade highlight tape
Roy says he's been switching lineup between Kenny Williams, Seventh Woods and Theo Pinson starting at shooting guard.
man I wish Seventh Woods could wear
I think seventh woods will go viral after late night. Like ESPN top 10.
I think seventh woods will win the dunk contest
Seventh Woods is dirty but I wish UNC got he's definitely going to be an all star in the league one day
Check mix of Devontae Shuler & Seventh Woods battling at 2015 https:/…
First seventh woods, now him? C'mon frank they can't leave Columbia.
Kiwi Gardner, Seventh Woods, and of course Ricky Ledo should be in there.
Last I saw Hammond, they survived Ben Lippen without Seventh Woods on Senior Night. I'm sure they will be cautious with him today.
I was asked.Why isn't Seventh Woods a McDonald's All American?I said is he deserving,Kid said yes.I said how ?Kid said cause he dunks good.
Xavier Woods wants Bubba Ray Dudley after being put through the table for the seventh time in 2015. 2016 will add more.
Ravens are no longer, one of the guys who helped w/Ravens now runs Carolina Wolves. Had Tevin Mack & Seventh Woods.
Imagine Paige lil bra and seventh woods together mane
Carolina gonna have the best backcourt next year with Seventh Woods and Jalek Felton
Seventh woods is gonna be a fun player to watch I'm telling y'all
Periodic table's seventh row finally filled as four new elements are added
Yo wasn't that kid Seventh Woods in like 7th grade? *** time flies.
Can't wait to see Dennis Smith v Seventh Woods next year
Big time atmosphere here at Slick Moore! Frankie Johnson of Darlington and Seventh Woods of Hammond battling early http…
UNC signee Seventh Woods named to C. Dan Joyner Poinsettia Classic All-Tournament team.
Seventh most popular Guardian story of 2015 was about how to destroy capitalism...
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I swear seventh woods been in high school like 6 years
UNC may have successfully recruited the next generation of the splash brothers. Seventh Woods in 2016 and Jalek Felton in 20…
UNC signs Tony Bradley and Brandon Robinson to go along with Seventh Woods
We would also like to officially welcome signee Seventh Woods (to the squad! CoachW on why he's happy htt…
North Carolina signed three basketball recruits in Seventh Woods, Brandon Robinson and Tony Bradley.
Video: Seventh Woods commits to North Carolina. Here's his highlight tape. Watch >
BREAKING NEWS: Seventh Woods has already received his undergraduate degree, masters & doctorate from UNC.
UNC had been on Seventh Woods for years, but sources tell us that Roy’s simple “you don’t have to live in SC anymore” p…
Seventh Woods is really about to be Dexter Strickland 2.0. Idk how I feel about that.
Seventh Woods headed to North Carolina over South Carolina. Frank Martin, your thoughts???
Seventh Woods is officially committed to UNC—check out our feature on the South Carolina native from SLAM 180 here: https:/…
Seventh Woods is UNC's third commit, joining four-stars Tony Bradley and Brandon Robinson in their 2016 class.
Sedee Keita, who signed with Gamecocks today, on Seventh Woods not coming to USC "I'm not gonna lie I'm mad right now..…
S.C. prep hoops star Seventh Woods signs with Tarheels per Usa today
Appreciate Hammond School and their hospitality today. Best of luck to Seventh Woods at UNC. Decision took me very much b…
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Huge congrats to lil bro Seventh Woods. Wish we got him but I wish you the best bro much love!
Seventh Woods:. Think Dexter Strickland, but w/ a better shot and better control on the court. So yeah, he's really good.
"Coach Roy Williams and his staff believed in me from day 1and UNC was my dream school growing up." -Seventh Woods on com…
Seventh Woods is heading to It is their third recruit for the 2016 class. Big Get For The Heels!
There it is, Seventh Woods announces for UNC.
Seventh Woods in the building, A'ja Wilson here too
What's the latest on the for Seventh Woods?
Crystal Ball is thinking Seventh Woods remains in Columbia, S.C. for college.
Asia Dozier, A'ja Wilson and Tiffany Mitchell are accompanying Seventh Woods at the exhibition today.
hoops target Seventh Woods will announce his decision at 9:45am on Nov. 11, per his school.
SCOOP: Seventh Woods is nearing his decision, but first he's scheduled one more visit:
North Carolina's Roy Williams and South Carolina's Lamont Evans are both at Hammond to watch Seventh Woods play pick up …
According to UNC head coach Roy Williams and SC asst coach is watching Seventh Woods today at open gym
Oh by the way, Seventh Woods to announce decision soon
Hammond guard Seventh Woods comment on his official visit to USC over the weekend.
needs Seventh Woods. Let's show him love guys!!
UNC has 3 main targets for '16 class. Lauri Markkanen (Finland). Brandon Robinson, and Seventh Woods.
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Seventh Woods down to three schools, sets official visits.
Miles Bridges, Bam, and Seventh Woods...i would like for our 2016 class to aleast have them as well
S.C. ranked '16 hooper Seventh Woods of Hammond has narrowed his choices to 4 Florida, Georgetown, North Carolina &…
Top 5 Mixtapes of all time! (Austin river, Marcus Lovett Jr., Seventh Woods, Aquille Carr, and Shaquille Johnson)
Seventh Woods, Dennis Smith, and Kwe Parker were all on the same team at one point 😳
Seventh Woods nice ..but that boy Harry Giles is the top prospect in the nation!! I pray UK get em!
Thon Maker and Seventh Woods battling on court 2 here at UA All-American Camp
smh but did you see Seventh Woods newest mixtape?
Seen boochie in seventh woods highlight video
Seventh Woods still has the best highschool mixtape aside from J wall
The next lebron James... Seventh woods. You don't know the kid... Get familiar.
Woods has worst 72-hole performance at Players (The Associated Press): Tiger Woods swung driver on the seventh...
Seventh Woods with the EASY dunk down the lane vs Dennis Smith last night! via
Sometimes I want a girlfriend. Would be a cool experience
Seventh Woods Hammond School C/O '16 of Carolina Wolves...beast athlete and of nation's best!!
15 year old Seventh Woods' dunk of the year on SportsCentre! 😳😬
I repeat trey miller has consumed urine
What ever happened to seventh woods
I liked a video from Seventh Woods vs. Dennis Smith Jr. FULL Highlights
Frank Martin of South Carolina watching Seventh Woods. Gamecocks trending in his
*** yeah Dennis smith, Harry Giles, KweShuan Parker, Tatum, Josh Jackson,Malik Monk, Seventh Woods man I'm leaving out people too
Frank Martin and one of his assistants will visit with Seventh Woods and his parents today..Coach Mark McClam will also …
If Frank Martin convinces Seventh Woods & Tevin Mack to join 5 star Dozier, he'll go from a decent to outstanding team in 1…
If UNC can get Tevin Mack, I think that would put us in great position to get Seventh Woods also. AAU teammates, and good friends.
Seventh Woods out of South Carolina is a freak athlete for the class of 2016. Worth a look.
Seventh Woods and Dennis Smith Jr. Ballers fo real! Wait 2 more years they'll be the first two picks in the nba
Kwei Parker, Seventh Woods, Malik Monk, and Dennis Smith Jr., all in a dunk contest, who would win?
Hammond's Seventh Woods will not play against White Knoll tonight after spraining his ankle against Wilson Hall.
Kwe Parker (is sick man. We need to see him T Ferguson, Malik Monk, Victor Dukes and Seventh Woods in a d…
The Chick Fil A Classic was great tonight Brandon Ingram had the play of the night. Seventh Woods and Dennis Smith put on a show as well
Roy Williams of UNC watched Jalek Felton, Seventh Woods, Dennis Smith and ready to see Brandon Ingram.
2 of nations too guards about to matchup at Classic in Columbia: Hammond School's Seventh Woods, Trinity Christian's Dennis Smith
In our (free) Notebook, we look at JaQuan Lyle, Troy Brown, Seventh Woods and more:
Dennis Smith Jr, Seventh Woods, Malik Monk, Kwe Parker gone really act up in college
15 Year old Seventh Woods is the next big thing..!
14 Year old Seventh Woods has been called the best High School Player since LeBron James, would you agree? -SD
Top 5 best highschool basketball players in the country:. -Malik Monk. -Seventh Woods. -Cliff Alexander. -Elijah Thomas. -D…
Seventh Woods out of S. Carolina - Top player in his class for basketball! Whenever you're the best at what...
“15 year old Seventh Woods dunks in his high school game 😳💥
I want to see a dunk off this week sometime w Malik Monk, Terrance Furgeson, Derrick Jones, Seventh Woods, Corey Sanders, Malik Beasley
look up Seventh Woods and Thon Maker. They’re coming my friend, sooner than you think lol. Humans are evolving.
Seventh Woods vs. Dennis Smith Jr. video. (Last post on 05/08/2014 at 12:49 AM PDT)
Dennis Smith Jr gets buckets... better than Seventh Woods for sure
Note: Almost all Plays Are In Back To Back Action. Here is 6'2 Seventh Woods squaring off against 6'2 Dennis Smith Jr. on the first day of The HSOT Holiday I...
Y'all better go watch them boys Dennis Smith Jr. & Seventh Woods 😂🏀😴. will be Tarheels Soon
Seventh Woods and Dennis Smith Jr the two best high schoolers right now
Seventh Woods (2016/Carolina Wolves) has the sickest AI socks that I've ever seen.
Wait til Seventh Woods hits college and the nba. Its gonna be his league. 15 year old is a *** animal.
I can't imagine how good Seventh Woods & Dennis Smith Jr. will be by the time they're freshman in college.
Seventh Woods is gonna be a crazy college baller!
Seventh Woods reminds me of a young Russell Westbrook. Excited for the future of pro and college basketball.
Dennis Smith Jr and Seventh Woods are the best Highschool players in the country
Seventh Woods gon be the GOAT , mark my words
Kwe Parker and Dennis Smith Jr. versus Seventh Woods tomorrow? 2.5 hours away? If only I had my license. I'd do anything to be at that game.
Seventh woods is the dirtiest baller. Your going far dude
look up seventh woods highlight tape... Special
MUST WATCH: 15-year-old Seventh Woods dunks like a grown man »
15 year old Seventh Woods rivals LeBron James for dunk of the year with this epic poster!
and less importantly but barely, Seventh Woods plays after y'all
15 year old Seventh Woods with the CRAZY DUNK that gets the crowd hype!! (...
15 year old Seventh Woods with a Dunk of the Year candidate yesterday
Seventh Woods' dunk tonight in the Chick-fil-A Classic is now the dunk heard round the world. h…
Glaxo tomorrow though. Can't wait to catch Seventh Woods lol 😅
What do you think of Seventh Woods and these other High Schoolers throwing DOWN!!?? Video courtesy of Hoopmixtape
MT Here's why 15-year-old Seventh Woods is still trending from last night »
Seventh Woods dunked all over this kid then patted him on the should on the way back, class act
Remember the name Seventh gonna be an NBA star
15 year old Seventh Woods with the Dunk of the Year
- 15-year-old Seventh Woods dunking like a GROWN man.
15 year old Seventh Woods with one of the slam dunks of the ye...
Seventh Woods, Hammond to play in Holiday Invitational - HighSchoolOT
Seventh Woods. Get used to that name.
Seventh Woods with the DUNK OF THE YEAR?? Remember the name. He is only 15-years-old!!!
Barring injury, Seventh Woods will be a top 5 draft pick.
By now you've probably seen LeBron James' thunderous posterization of Ben McLemore from Friday night, but high school sophomore Seventh Woods may have one-upped King James with this furious dunk. H...
Seventh Woods (15 years old) cracks on ESPN's sports centre! Any room for dunk of the year from the 15 year old?! -MC5
Seventh woods, the best 9th grader in the worlds real talk.!!
Shoutout to the kid Seventh Woods. that dunk was CRAZY!!
Seventh Woods is too raw… he's 15 posterizing kids on varsity, *** ..
But yeah. Seventh Woods. Sportcenter on top ten plays last night. That dunk was 7 kinds of nasty. I'm excited to hv been on Public Address mic for that play. He's the real deal. Not just the dunking, the going man un derstands how to play the game on both ends of the floor. Midlands, we have 2 more years to watch this kid. Check him out if u can.
Here is 6'1 Seventh Woods showing out on the fastbreak at the Bojangles Bash at Ridge View High School in Columbia SC. Hammond beat Ridge View 65-43. Woods i...
Seventh Woods finishes at top of the rim in last night vs Ridge View
As expected Roy Williams is seeing Seventh Woods tonight on the recruiting trail
At Hammond School in Columbia SC watching Seventh Woods and Xavier McDaniel Jr play...
Former Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez sitting with judges at dunk contest. Seventh Woods with best dunk of 1st round.
Bruce Johnson of UNC and Seventh Woods the young phenom are apparently buds.. Get him here!
This is Seventh Woods, Ivan Rabb, Malik Monk, Terrance Ferguson and Josh Jackson. They're jumping very high. They're at the national team's U16 basketball practice. U16.
Seventh Woods, Jabari Parker, and Marcus Lovett probably have the best music for their HoopMixtape
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Seventh Woods is ok but Andrew Wiggins, Aquille Carr and the Harrison twins are NASTY!
we should go to the Hammond vs Ben Lippen game next year to see Seventh Woods live
Here is 6'2 Seventh Woods' debut Hoopmixtape from his freshman year.
PG Seventh Woods & the Carolina Wolves will be attending the July 26-28 @ Emory University
Seventh Woods will be the next Lebron James mark my word
Seventh Woods, Kwe Parker, Dennis Smith Jr to play in Fayetteville this weekend
Seventh Woods, Kwe Parker, Dennis Smith Jr. scheduled to play in the NC Basketball Showcase in Fayetteville this wknd
MUST WATCH: We've found a potential player for years. Check out 14-year old BALLER Seventh Woods.
Is 14 year old Seventh Woods next William Gates/Arthur Agee or next Penny Hardaway? Sick video my friend sent me.
Marcus LoVett, Andrew Wiggins, Seventh Woods, Shaquille Johnson, and Aquille Carr... there needs to be more Ballers like them
LeBron may B mentioned in da same convo's as Penny Hardaway & Grant Hill if this kid Seventh Woods don't slow down!
Love seeing all these SC kids getting talked about this weekend. Jawun Evans, LJ Peak, Seventh Woods, Marcus Stroman.
People sleeping on the basketball talent coming out of S.C.: Sindarius Thornwell, P.J. Dozier, Marcus Stroman, Seventh Woods, L.J. Peak...
Gamecock coaches caught the 2nd half of Aquinas (Ahmed Hill) vs Hammond (Seventh Woods) last night. Duke assistant Nate James also there.
I've enjoyed seeing many of the nation's best 2016 & 2017 players in :VJ King, Seventh Woods, Bernard Jones, Jalek Hamilton
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