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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is the common name for the Pleiades, a star cluster named for mythological characters.

Seven Sisters Road Tottenham Hale Hertford East Liverpool Street Enfield Town Victoria Line Walthamstow Central Stansted Airport London Liverpool St Stamford Hill Beachy Head Hackney Downs London Liverpool Street Edmonton Green

Inside 'Latin America in London', threatened by gentrification
The sparkling magic of the Seven Sisters trail...
Student fell from Seven Sisters cliff edge while jumping into air for photo.
May her soul RIP but how come so many are so stupid?. via
Student plunged 200ft to her death off cliff after jumping for a picture.
A 23-year-old student died posing for a photo on a cliff in East Sussex -
A tourist fell to her death while jumping for a photo at the edge of England’s famous Seven Sisters cliff…
Student plunged 200ft to her death off Seven Sisters cliff
Student plunged 200ft to her death after jumping in air for photo
First picture of student who plunged 200ft to her death from seven sisters cliff after jumping for: via
President of tours – Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition preserving Indigenous storie…
Ang ganda ng Seven Sundays huhu Reminds me of Four Sisters but with their own touch! And I love na may pagka-"Bobbie" si…
Student fell off Seven Sisters cliff 'posing for photo'
English student fell 200ft to her death at Seven Sisters clifftop while jumping up and down for a photo
Passed the art project at Seven Sisters tube station earlier. Guess it is still a work-in-progress? And is at…
Seven Sisters and A Swimming Pool, or Thoughts on House on Sorority Row .
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I am a student at Mount Holyoke College, the oldest of the Seven Sisters, empowering women since 1837. 2/
What Happened to Monday, aka Seven Sisters the upcoming scifi directed by Tommy Wirkola with Noomi Rapace & Glenn C…
To be really pedantic it's Beachy Head, which is east of where the Seven Sisters end 😉
Head, Gap and the Seven Sisters all in Sussex, UK today July 2017 a fantastic day for scenery and…
We need the oil Mark, would you prefer us to live in a world with no oil. . The seven sis…
The American University in London (AUL) is an "UNACCREDITED" university located in Seven Sisters Road
So proud of the young people the project is on display at Corker Walk off Seven Sisters Rd…
📅 Also in 2001, Arsenal rescued Sol Campbell from his Seven Sisters *** despite saying he wanted to stay at S…
• Happy Monday • I love how the handrouted circle handles contrast with the Seven Sisters paint. And am mystified w…
public inquiries regarding 7 Sisters' regeneration take place next week. we need to fight to keep our social housin…
On this day in 2001, went full YOLO and rescued Sol Campbell from his Seven Sisters *** …
Would they show this in China?. SEVEN SISTERS (official trailer) / Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe Thriller via
About to try and get from Paddington to seven sisters via Oxford Circus at 7.30am on a Monday morning with a massive suitcase.
Four of Rochdale's Seven Sisters tower blocks could be demolished
Re-up (slo-mo didn't post): Seven Sisters Rapids on the Aux Sables River
Legend Of The Seven Sisters Today I finished the last DLO that we had ...
I've fixed him for you, Seven Sisters. You may play to your heart's content.
left Seven Sisters for a room in a seaside shack,
It will be sad to see seven sisters being down graded to three Sisters.
Southern England, Eastbourne! . White cliffs are called Seven Sisters! It is lovely place!
Legend of the Seven Sisters Today I started an inquir...
Legend of the seven sisters This is my DLO about the Legend of the s...
Can't imagine this town without the Seven Sisters and they're seriously considering demolishing a few :(
So why is the whole of seven sisters station shutting for two months? V inconvenient 😡
Elsa joins us for an I've cream at Seven Sisters in the latest blog post on
The “seven sisters” of the global technology industry are now worth an incredible $3.6trn
Thanks! I've just rattled off number seven. Going a bit gardening crossover.
If this was politically motivated, surely this is a terrorist incident? .
Underpinned by huge slice of ABILITY to relate to people, convey HOPE and have a chat wit…
Located near Geiranger, the "Seven Sisters" waterfall consists of seven separate streams. According to legend,...
It had to happen eventually! Seven Sisters photographed at Seven Sisters tube station in by Martin…
Seven Sisters Primary School Summer Fair!!!. Saturday 8th July at 12pm. See you there..
The Seven sisters will unite & beat the crap out of phoney Cow lovers if they stop us from enjoying a bodacious beef stake!…
This is Indi! I love Indi. He still has seven brothers and sisters that need to be adopted! Look at that cute face! 🐶💕 https:/…
That awkward moment When you realise that these are the Seven Sisters of India..
Man charged following the terrorist incident in Seven Sisters... - Metropolitan Police via
Our prayers and thoughts with those injured outside Muslim Welfare House in Seven Sisters Road hit by a van mounting pav…
Totally agree! Seven Sisters isn't the prettiest road but it was alive.
SAT: Services btwn Cambridge and Liverpool Street will run via Seven Sisters & will not serve Tottenham Hale JS
Walking the South Downs Way today... totally magnificent... but somewhat breezy on the Seven Sisters..
Wore my new city walker from Seaford to Eastbourne along the South Downs Way, over the Seven Sisters an…
Beautiful day walking the Seven Sisters on the South Downs Way.
… send him to Peckham Rye or Seven Sisters no?
No service between Liverpool St and Seven Sisters/Chingford and severe delays between Seven Sisters and Enfield Town/Cheshunt
Today in In 1797 Mary Lyon born, founded Mount Holyoke College in 1837, the first of the Seven Sisters women's…
Seven Sisters... also the place where I meet nice people with sausage dogs.
2050!!! The wait is gonna be long and I uses to have a property in Seven Sisters!
Katie Hopkins is heading to Seven Sisters in a nun's habit to be interviewed with her kids running into shot.
BREAKING NEWS...Seven Sisters Station to be renamed Eight Sisters Station. Carry on.
Lovely walk in lovely Broadfield Park yesterday & great view of Seven Sisters flats.
Catholicism and transit, the twin pillars of civilization.
Seven nuns spotted at Seven Sisters Tube station. love it!
Great picture of 7 Sisters at Seven Sisters station
Photo of the Day: Seven sisters at Seven Sisters
Yes a new crossrail through seven sisters
All this excitement about that Seven Sisters/nuns photo. Just wait til you see what they've got at Cockfosters.
Seven nuns spotted at Seven Sisters Underground station
Commuter stunned to find seven nuns waiting at SEVEN SISTERS Tube
Seven nuns spotted at Seven Sisters Tube station
^^ Seven sisters captured on camera at Seven Sisters station
What odds? Commuter on passing train captures photo of seven nuns waiting on platform at Seven Sisters station
telegraph: 'Commuter spots seven nuns at Seven Sisters'
Thought you might like this David being the MP of Tottenham seven sisters at seven sisters station 😀
Love the Seven Sisters pic even more with eight nuns. Sister Jacinta WOULD NOT stay home, it didn't matter what they said.
Seeing 7 nuns at Seven Sisters tube station is a deeply satisfying sight
Seven sisters at Seven Sisters: Commuter photographs seven nuns at London Underground station
I hope they don't make a habit of it... "Commuter spots seven nuns at Seven Sisters"
Today there were seven nuns at Seven Sisters station. That is all. .
Seen the "Seven nuns at Seven Sisters" photo story today? 1. An extra veil. 2. An extra foot. Guess the facts got in the wa…
Commuter spots seven nuns at Seven Sisters - The Telegraph
Seven sisters spotted at Seven Sisters station
Throwback to 2003 at the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road, VERY early on a Saturday morning.
Main stain glass window at York Minster called the Seven Sisters. So shouldn't main window at Beverly Minster be called the Beverly Sisters?
Crashed car into lamppost with street taped off - police cordon around chicken shop you've got to love Seven Sisters / Tottenham
Victoria Line: Minor delays Kings Cross to Walthamstow Central while we fix a faulty train at Seven Sisters.
Monday 09 January. Please be aware there will be no London Underground service from Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters or 1/2
I've just gone north from Seven Sisters to Tottenham Hale... might be helpful to let people know it's no longer shut.
Good Afternoon, we rarely ever see officers on our neck of the woods (in between Seven Sisters and Tottenham High Road)
Journey home tonight from Trafalgar Square to Seven Sisters has taken 2 hrs 20 mins (usually 35 mins)
TUE: 04:40 Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport train will NOT call at Tottenham Hale, will call at Seven Sisters
TODAY: From 23:40 - West Anglia services will be diverted via Seven Sisters and not serve Tottenham Hale
SUN: Stansted Airport - Liverpool St services will be diverted via Seven Sisters and NOT serve Tottenham Hale: RS
I use Seven Sisters tube on a near-daily basis but have never realised it is a "Latin Quarter". Microgeographies.
- Trains between Liverpool St and Tottenham Hale/Hertford East/Stansted Airport and Cambridge are diverting via Seven Sisters.
SAT: From 19:30 Services between Stansted Airport and Liverpool Street will be diverted via Seven Sisters -GK
the 0539 service from Bishop's Stortford to Tottenham Hale was diverted to Seven Sisters
Check out my book - 'Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon' - on -
London is great. Walking through Seven Sisters/Tottenham in a suit is not.
I discovered heaven in the Seven Sisters Road
"I love my siblings, so I might link my Tottenham bruddas up in Seven Sisters" been a problem since Quality Control💎
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Junction of Seven Sisters and Green Lanes at the moment U know who!!!
Well, I'm CERTAINLY not AVERSE to thought:. But my avatar is the Seven Sisters, the seven women at the end
Everyone i know was at seven sisters opening.
policy is set by engineers & Cabinet. I also know there's cycle segregation in my ward & it's being explored @ Seven Sisters
“I once characterized the experience design mindset as an acquired condition for which there is no cure.”
as I'm sure you know we consider each scheme in detail & have an open mind on approach we take, as we are with Seven Sisters
didn't see mine I was already back at seven sisters
Return of the Water Nerd: How London stays dry and a 25km hike on the sparkling white cliffs of the Seven Sisters
Delighted to welcome major new Apex House housing development, 39% affordable, in Seven Sisters in
The experience is closest to humanity's, yet it can stand without annihilating itself, unlike mankind.
Grainger's £60m Seven Sisters PRS scheme to go ahead despite local criticism
Seven Sisters M.L. Bullock This seems to combine history and allure. It shows southern history as glamorous and not only folklore.
Still a few spaces on our Rock pooling for Adults at Seven Sisters Country Park this Sunday
I can't today😔 i have to go to seven sisters to pick up something from my friends house
“The Seven Sisters” by This post...just, wow. My comment can't do this post justice.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Grainger gets go-ahead for Seven Sisters PRS scheme: Grainger has been given the green light for a controvers...
I just got a bit star struck seeing Cora from on Seven Sisters Road.
Don't delay CrossRail 2; really important for Wood Green, Seven sisters, Enfield, Barnet
We sent for a short walk along the Seven Sisters cliffs, East Sussex
.reveals £60m BTR scheme in Seven Sisters has been green-lighted
Another fully trained UBER driver smashed straight into a lamppost in the middle of Holloway/ Seven Sisters Road
The old Female Ivy League did not integrate when the male ones did. It is one of the Seven Sisters female campuses.
Here's the text of my closing plenary.
Now playing: - Seven Sisters on London Burning Web Radio -
in reverse: when I told to Brett Anderson I had moved to Seven Sisters he asked if it was bc it's mentioned in a Suede song.
who shaped up Danny Roses beard Chaps ? Them turks on Seven Sisters Road ?
Seven Sisters schools as cat names, from best to worst: . Wellesley. Bryn Mawr. Barnard. Mount Holyoke . Radcliffe . Vassar . Smith
the mongs from down Seven Sisters Road are a bit obsessed with Spurs ain't they 😆
Happy You can download the Seven Sisters walk for free here: - how happy are you now?!
& Seven Sisters waterfall in listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2005. https:/…
Hi Andrew this is correct and you can get on at Seven Sisters, more information and a timetable can be found 1/2
Free lunch this Sunday in Seven Sisters, 1.30pm, Green! Come find Food Not Bombs at our stall!
2113 Tottenham Hale to Bishops Stortford due 2156: delayed at Seven Sisters & now 4 mins late.
Victoria Line part suspended - Seven Sisters station packed - no movement. Advised to take Overground - the same situation.
SUN: Customers for stations Tott Hale-Waltham Cross should use nearby alternative stations on Seven Sisters route
Morning has broken! And so have the signals at Seven Sisters. Severe delays on the Victoria Line.
There’ll be no between Hackney Downs & Enfield Town/Cheshunt (via Seven Sisters) today after 2230 due to Network Ra…
06:27 Hertford East to Liverpool Street will no longer call at Edmonton Green and Seven Sisters due to over-running engineering works. RS
TODAY: 23:39 Hertford East-Liverpool St will call additionally at Tottenham Hale and NOT call Seven Sisters:
Trains from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge / Hertford East / Stansted Airport will be will be diverted via Seven Sisters
Trains aren't running from Seven Sisters to Bush Hill Park so I had to get a bus, *** people on buses are animals!! 😒
Hiking up to Seven Sisters falls in Indian Canyon. Reminds me of En Gedi.
Overground: No service between Hackney Downs and Cheshunt (via Seven Sisters) and Enfield Town due to planned engineering work.
1845 Stansted Apt to London Liverpool St due 1945: delayed at Seven Sisters & now 13 mins late.
TODAY: 04:40 Liverpool St-Stansted Airport will NOT call at Tottenham Hale, but will call at Seven Sisters instead.
Holloway Road currently closed northbound between the junctions with Camden Road and Seven Sisters due to road traffic collision.
20 Liverpool on Victoria Line to Seven Sisters, spouting plenty of noise. Hope they get smashed all over the High Road when they jump off!
I assume Klopp will stop the coach at Seven Sisters and ask the squad to follow him on foot down the high road to the stadium. Ummm arty
At the samev token you cannot see bullets flying in Seven Sisters,Tottenham and Hollway road,no matter the game was at critical pt
has no service btn Liverpool St, Walthamstow Central and Seven Sisters. There is a good service presently on all other lines
I'm afraid not, you will need to take Victoria Line and change at Seven Sisters
White Hart Lane mainline station 4 mins walk from the stadium,regular services connect to the Victoria Line tube service via Seven Sisters
derby day. Love it!. Nerves. Excitement. Anticipation . Adrenaline going. WHL.Floodlights.Arsenal. Seven Sisters. Dark. Imposing
What does the Inspector Sands announcement on the tube mean again? Just heard it at Seven Sisters.
Hi, trains from Bruce Grove terminate at Seven Sisters today. There are no trains to London Fields.
is suspended this weekend btn Liverpool St & Walthamstow Central/Seven Sisters this Saturday. Due to planned works.
A10 High Rd Tottenham - partly blocked just after Stamford Hill towards Seven Sisters. Slow on approach (Collision). Thanks
Located in the amazing Fjords of is the Seven Sisters waterfall. Learn more:
loool there's one by Seven Sisters and the other by Tottenham Hale. Soon see them close down a few betting shops!
Seven Sisters by Cheatahs from the album Mythologies
The rail replacement service between Walthamstow and Seven Sisters has been doing so well. But today I could have walked it more quickly. 😕
seven sisters? Nice run down columbian restaurant on the corner. Only the best for you :)
No 2 days are ever the same, making bunting for our coastal celebration at Birling Gap
I will miss getting the empty trains on the Victoria Line from Seven Sisters after the 30th
next novel Seven Sisters will release September 3rd!
harlow mill to cheshunt. Spose to change to go seven sisters because of vic line! Missed so had half hr wait for nxt train.
traffic is horrendous on ferry lane getting to seven sisters. Adding to fun of no Victoria Line.
Except if you are on the replacement bus, which is adversely affected by a traffic accident at Seven Sisters.
Serious car accident on Tottenham high rd, Seven Sisters. Driver being cut out of car, avoid traffic is manic. I hope the…
still on a rail replacement journey from Walthamstow to Seven Sisters! 45 minutes and counting! Ridiculous!
Traffic on the rail replacement bus at a total standstill between Tottenham Hale & Seven Sisters. So over this now.
Car crash on Tottenham High Road in front of seven sisters station... Avoid if you can!
Diversion at Tottenham High Road. Replacement buses dropping people a mile from Seven Sisters 😩
how long does the rail replacement bus service take from Walthamstow Central to Seven Sisters?
Concerned about the constant road accidents at Seven Sisters Road & Stamford Hill, how many this year? Last year?
Battle is English Heritage, Seven Sisters is National Trust (I've not yet been there, probably more of a photo opportunity)
Due to major engineering work there are no services from Seven Sisters – Walthamstow Central until 30/8
get rid of automated voice announcer at kings cross - Seven Sisters to Wall-tumstedall is not a route I recognise. Pity the tourists
Even better, Seven Sisters to Kings X, walk down Grays Inn Road, spot a miserablist news reader having a *** go in & wait?
Sub 10 minutes from the Bell Corner to Seven Sisters. Was pretty solid from the Lord Palmerston onwards as well...
No service between Hackney Wick and Stratford, no service between Blackhorse Road and Seven Sisters. Getting home is gonna be murders 🔪🔪🔪
Good Evening. The 23:58 from Liverpool Street to Bishop's Stortford will be diverted via and calling at Seven Sisters at 00:10 and will not …
Wed, 22 July 00:10 Tottenham Hale to Bishops Stortford due 00:44: This train will be delayed from Seven Sisters onw...
Good Do you know Andrea from Seven Sisters studio?
Fun fact: Barnard seems to be the only Seven Sisters college to have a entry for alums who were
the 18.24 from Seven Sisters to Hertford East. Not sure what time it left Liverpool St
We're proud to announce our Opening Gala art-sales from the weekend! First up, David "Seven Sisters."
TUES from 23:10: Hertford East services call additionally at Seven Sisters and won’t serve certain stations
Simply splash-tacular. The falls near Seven Sisters. Easy drive from Winnipeg folks and well worth it.
what is the issue between Liverpool Street and Bishop's Stortford? Can I get to BS from Seven Sisters?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Not saying Seven Sisters by is the best song to namecheck Christian Maggio, but it's in the top one.
Mercury and the Pleiades: The elusive planet Mercury and the lovely Seven Sisters are low in…
Look up. | Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset
Tue, 4/28: "Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset" (from Earthsky)
Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset
Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset.
earthskyscience: Look for Mercury and the Pleiades - or Seven Sisters - shortly after sunset.
Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset - Tonight, look for Mercury, the sun’s innermost planet. For the No...
Mercury and Seven Sisters shortly after sunset | Tonight | EarthSky:
With 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, you can escape it all at Seven Sisters in East Sussex:
Seven Sisters is named after Errol Flynn's favourite night out
2339 Hertford E to London Liverpool St due 0028: is being delayed between Seven Sisters & Hackney Downs & now expected to be 10 mins late.
Victoria Line: No service between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central due to a late finish to engineering work at Blackhorse Road.
A10 High Road Tottenham - broken down bus southbound at Tottenham Hale towards Seven Sisters. Queues back to Bruce Grove.
I was there. Unforgettable, grown men crying, gooners taking over the High Road. Dancing all the way up to Seven Sisters
LCC road is open but traffic stopped at Seven Sisters.
Robbie Williams was conceived somewhere between Seven Sisters and Blackhorse Road
Where can I send complaint about ridiculous decision to close Vic line in August? There's no way you can bus us all to Seven Sisters.
Thanks to for the heads up: No Victoria Line between Seven Sisters & Walthamstow 8 to 30 Aug. Major works at Walthamstow.
Victoria Line to close Seven Sisters - Walthamstow for much of August: Stella Creasy, the Walthamstow MP has j...
No Victoria Line between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow from 8th-30th August? *ties noose*
1745 London Liverpool St to Enfield Town due 1820: is being delayed at Seven Sisters & now expected to be 5 mins late.
Sky-watchers: This week, spot the Seven Sisters star cluster, the red eye of Taurus the Bull, and …
So this was where we went for our walk today 💜 Started off at Birling Gap and walked up onto Beachy Head! Fantastic view of Seven Sisters and Belle Tout lighthouse with a beautiful sunset on our return 💕 And yes.boys enjoying 'mud sliding'!! Am now settled in front of the fire and about to start the next part of my current commission. Enjoy your evening xx
12:22 Enfield Town to London Liverpool Street due 12:55: This train has been delayed at Seven Sisters and is now 5 min...
Beautiful walk at Seven Sisters this afternoon and just watched the sun set at Beachy Head
Just saw an honest-to-god UFO, folks! It lit up the sky above Seven Sisters then pootled off in the direction of Stamford…
Delays to services between Seven Sisters & Stamford Hill: Due to a fault with the signalling system between Seven Sisters & Stamford Hill
Hello... It's been a fine weekend at The Hare...s'long as we don't talk about football I don't care!. S'kind of unknown territory for me as an East End publican and being a Gooner...why? Cos I'm not used to one of the local teams(West Ham ) being above us, that's why...first time in my career...still, it could be worse...and to Wenger's detractors out there, remember that lot down the Seven Sisters have hardly got near us in nearly twenty years.cos of Wenger.don't you forget it! Oh, and a little example of how things can explode on you... My much praised up (by my good self) screen refused to work..all weekend!..great... S'ok, it'll be working for this weeks Champions League.. See you in the week. Julian
beg you hit up Seven Sisters Road, Holloway road. You will help MANY people there
Little Giant Ladders
English translation of the previous post regarding the Portugal / Timor-Leste Cooperation (Justice Sector). David Vs Golia Xanana Vs Conoco Philips & Co. I hesitated on expressing my opinion on this matter because I was not in possession of reliable information although very disturbing rumours had reached me with very serious and accusing allegations of the Justice in Timor-Leste. The Justice in Timor-Leste suffers from many weaknesses; but so does the major part of our public administration. Obviously, each sector has its own weight and Justice weights even more because it has serious ramifications when it does not work with professional competence and unquestionable integrity. The main question/issue for the Timorese Government and all the Timorese, from all social and political backgrounds, lies in the Court of Díli: The clash between David(Timor-Leste) and Golias (the notorious “Seven Sisters”, so are known the seven most powerful oil companies in the world). The government exhibited documented e ...
Accident earlier on,on Seven Sisters Road, left only 2 lanes open causing delays.
Love the light in this landscape shot of the Seven Sisters in the Holyoke Range. From Patrick in Hadley. RS
Accident before on Seven Sisters, Emergency Services at scene
Why don't they extend the Victoria Line from Seven Sisters to Town ?
A503 Seven Sisters Rd (N4) - The earlier collision has been cleared. All lanes are now open; traffic is flowing well in the area.
A503 Seven Sisters Rd (N4) is reduced to one lane southbound at the junction of Woodberry Grove due to collision.
Road traffic collision on Seven Sisters Road junction with Woodberry Grove N4. Lane restrictions in place
The Seven Sisters the Pleiades Cluster where we believe all life on Earth Came From for on Earth everything is 7's !
Accident corner lordship road and Seven Sisters Road closed
I'm counting the days until vacations! I'm making the latest tests this and next week, after that I'll just read seven sisters
The Pleiades star cluster–aka the Seven Sisters–is visible from virtually every place on Earth …
Got down to Spurs & at Seven Sisters tube station told it was rained off; it was the day John Burridge went mad at the ref
ARTFINDER: San Francisco, the Seven Sisters by Andrew Reid Wildman -- via
Other services are now running via Tottenham Hale but Hertford services do normally run via Seven Sisters on Sunday's. JA
Website Builder 728x90
Hello I'm heading off to Hertford East shortly. Are trains going via Seven Sisters or Tottenham Hale?
Sad to realize today that Erica's little sisters in grade seven have bigger boobs than me what is life.. 😭🔪
More from mount Holyoke paving the way for women's colleges and gender identity
Dear Friends, I am so sad to share the following news with you. A dear colleague, Marcia Germain has passed. She was a true friend and mentor and a grand champion of child nutrition programs. Her enthusiasm and generosity was endless. Although a woman, we can still call her a "Mensch". Godspeed, Marcia--I'll miss your smiling face at our meetings... Marcia Elizabeth (Hammond) Germain, 77, of Glenville entered into eternal life on September 1, 2014 after a short illness at Ellis Hospital. Born in Schenectady, she was the daughter of the late Raymond W. and Elizabeth Hammond. Marcia was the beloved wife of Ray Germain for 55 years whom she shared a lifetime of spirituality and love with family and friends. Their marriage was a role model for others to witness one of such strength and endurance. Marcia is also survived by her loving children, Greg (Shelley) Germain of Cary, N.C., Michelle Germain McDonald (John) of East Greenbush, Scott (Janice) Germain of Clifton Park; her precious seven grandchildren, Chri ...
A Winemaker's Dinner celebrating varietal wines of Hovey Vineyards paired with the best Seven Sisters has to offer!
Golden Aeolian and the Seven Sisters, I bight and wash away in the not-telling of whether drink order, sited pub, or videotape in backroom.
Seven** there's no such place called SEVERN SISTERS
Roughly asked questions random the fellowes seven sisters 130 do up gift wrapping third party: PxDWTe
I feel sorry for whoever cleans the toilets at seven sisters station. They're the real mvp.
Pleiades Deep Field. Also known as the Seven Sisters and M45, the Pleiades lies about 40
Why is it Edmonton/seven sisters area that these day light attacks happen
Yeah, but why are they are called the "seven" sisters when nobody ever sees exactly seven of them? Sounds better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No wonder there was a red marked police car on seven sisters rd
On top of Donegal! Two of the Seven Sisters: Errigal and Muckish
Got a spare room going at ours in seven sisters if anyone is feeling desperate
Can't wait for my weekly pilgrimage to Seven Sisters and the Beauty Shop 💅
well they need to be in walking distance of Wickes on Seven Sisters Rd 😳.
no I realise u can get buses from seven sisters but I'm just saying it's longer 😂😂
loool ur right but all I'm SAYIN is from seven sisters, it's bare long
nearest stn is Tottenham Hale BUT unless u want her 2 catch bus from seven sisters then das calm but its longer
Sun until 0820 - Lea Valley services will be diverted via Seven Sisters GK
Oh yes, she was nice! From Seven Sisters Road if I recall? Innit
Women’s college redefines ‘women’ - Mount Holyoke becomes the first of the ‘Seven Sisters’ to ...
.becomes 1st of the ‘Seven Sisters’ to accept transgender students based solely on their self-identity
Taxi drivers - please do not reverse out of Finsbury Park station to Seven Sisters Road which puts other road users at risk
New headcanon: Peggy Carter recruiting female SHIELD agents at the Seven Sisters.
...and the ninth-largest in 1979, Gulf Oil was one of the so-called Seven Sisters oil companies. Prior to its merger with...
Support the world-premiere production of PLEIADES, a play about seven sisters in 1971, facing the feminist future.
Passed this unusual bungallow terrace in Seven Sisters in Welsh Valleys yesterday. Pic from Streetview
"It's ya girl Seven from Dayton, me & all my 6 sisters listen to Hot 102.9"
Hi, does anyone remember the name of the clothes shop that was on Seven Sisters Road a few doors from Woolworths, it was there in the 80's and sold all the latest fashions. I think it has two names, and we have been trying to remember all day.
Your not from Sikeston if you haven't rode your bike through the Seven Sisters Trail.
at prom I was at table 7 which I thought was amazin and now I'm at my sisters grad and I am at table seven this is a sign
Top gig this at a top venue on the Seven Sisters Road
H/T Lana Duze Hurtling through a cosmic dust cloud some 400 light-years away, the lovely Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster is well-known for its striking blue reflection nebulae.An astronomical trip from the California Nebula to the Pleiades star cluster would cover just over 12 degrees across planet Earth's night sky. That's equivalent to the angular extent of 25 Full Moons, as your telescope sweeps past the borders of the constellations Perseus and Taurus. This wide and deep mosaic image of the region explores the cosmic landscape's dusty nebulae and colors otherwise too faint for your eye to see. On the left, cataloged as NGC 1499, the California Nebula does have a familiar shape, though its coastline is actually over 60 light-years long and lies about 1,500 light-years away. The nebula's pronounced reddish glow is from hydrogen atoms ionized by luminous blue star Xi Persei seen just to its right. At the far right, the famous Pleiades star cluster is some 400 light-years distant and around 15 ligh ...
The sixth book in the Seven Sin Sisters series is NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order! Releasing July 4th!...
I gotta be at seven sisters for 7ish
Yeah u get of at seven sisters then overground to white heart lane. your 2 mins away from me meet me in morning
oh I'm actually working there I think gotta get of at seven sisters gotta be there for 7
Sisters going Abit mad with the loom band bracelets 👀
V4CE team hard at work preparing for tomorrow's Alternative Perspectives conference in Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters Cliffs on the coast of Sussex,
gosh that was a quick follow, weren't you just live on air... Love that pic of the Seven Sisters!
i'm in Seven sisters now but i work in Loughton so hardly hang around in tottenham.
Group road rides this week! Here are the details from Captain Spencer's latest group road ride email that went out today: Hey Everybody, This morning's group ride was great. The rain ended before we left the shop, and it was sunny and clear all the way up to Good Hart and back! If you missed it, I feel bad for you! But don't worry, we're riding again this week! On Thursday, June 26th at 6pm, we'll be meeting here at Latitude 45, and riding the Seven Hills of Walloon ride! You may know it as Seven Hills, North Shore, Walloon ride, or the Seven Sisters, and there's a good reason this ride has so many names. This ride is classic, many people have ridden this route, and I'd venture a guess that a vast majority loved it. With great views at the top of each hill, you'll be compelled to keep riding in order to see what's over the next one. From the shop, we'll head over through town to River Rd, where we'll head south. After a turn onto Gruler and ride it over 131, we'll stick to the shoreline on Howard/Countr . ...   10% Off
SAARC Descriptive * 1. Seven Sisters of South Asia: The member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) are called the Seven Sisters of South Asia because of their geographical proximity and relations based on culture, ethnicity and economics. 2. Formation: SAARC came into existence in December 1985, at Dhaka, Bangladesh. 3. 8 Members: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan. 4. Secretariat: Kathmandu 5. Current Chairman: Sri Lanka 6. Main Objectives laid down by the SAARC Charter: To improve quality of life and promote welfare of the peoples of South Asia. To accelerate economic growth, social and cultural development in the region. To promote self-reliance among the countries of South Asian Region. To generate mutual trust and understanding of each others problems. To strengthen cooperation with other developing countries. To cooperate on matters of common interest in international fora. To strengthen cooperation with regional and ...
Photo: cinephiles-in-asia: (6/4/14): A389 Recordings have put up Seven Sisters of Sleep’s 2012 EP up for...
Processing an image from last night... we had a good time at the seven sisters national park
We have our new video shoot today. Dusty will be filmed driving to Seaford Head, along the coast around the Seven Sisters, setting up camp at Oakside Farm near Ringmer. Filming by Brighton Video Productions and help from Petra Kovarova and the 'borrowed' twins Anya and Xanthe from her work (thanks Dianne).
First Wind to sell solar power to Rocky Mountain Power: The Seven Sisters portfolio includes seven separate so...
Mama told me that my sisters can speak English as early as seven years old which made me feel jealous, so I learnt English as eager as I cud
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