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Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds is a 2008 film, directed by Gabriele Muccino. Will Smith stars as a man who sets out to change the lives of seven people.

Will Smith Woody Harrelson Rosario Dawson

Seven pounds with Will Smith is a phenomenal movie
“Wedlock suits you,” he remarked. “I think, Watson, that you have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”
There is a difference between sad and disaster-ly sad, seven pounds is disaster-ly sad
Huh. I weigh almost exactly eighty seven pounds right now.
No one paid attention when you just stopped eating. Eighty seven pounds and this all bears repeating.
Almost seven years and 60 pounds later. First time I came here was for a soccer game, now I've finally been to a
New video by ESPN: Saquon Barkley squats seven reps at 495 pounds | ESPN
pummels Puerto Rico after killing seven people in Dominica . >
The loggerhead hatchlings are almost ready to be released! They are both over 11 inches long and weigh more than se…
just watched 'seven pounds' for the first time. AMAZING
Got a new tenner, lads. I'm going to sell it for seven hundred and four pounds.
Troy Brouwer shed seven or eight pounds over the summer.
Add seven pounds of ground beef then put back on heat.
Finley is a bit of a thug for a cat that weighs _maybe_ seven pounds.
Exhausted. In pain. Sitting up hurts. Inflammation increase in weight seven pounds since yesterday
Suicide flow go and kill ya self. Seven pounds
Today at work (for the Air Force) I watched a dude eat SEVEN McDoubles in one sitting. He's 126 pounds.
I lost seven pounds in like 3-4 days because that experience for me was the absolute WORST
Pour seven pounds of tamari and cover.
Seven weeks later andn⬇️10 pounds Tiffany Eddy the s rocking it! Way to go Tiffany!!
5 minutes into Seven Pounds and I started tearing up 🙄😩
Mab shall very melancholy must object of him to delay my breakfast the party of seven thousand pounds.
In the past two weeks since the previous time I was here, I've lost over seven pounds.
don't u just laugh at the end of every episode of supersize vs superskinny when they say OMG U PUT ON 5 POUNDS IN SEVEN WEEKS THATS AMAZING
I lost about seven pounds since going a month ago!!
why did I watch seven pounds and I started crying at the end 😂😂
I discovered them from the soundtrack of Seven Pounds. Bought Origin of Symmetry the next day lol.
Sometimes I feel like Will Smith when he played "Seven Pounds", sacrificed myself to see some people smile...
The most depressing movie to ever watch is seven pounds .
I lost seven pounds over break and I'm kinda confused because I've been eating so unhealthy??
Finally stepped on the scales to face the Christmas damage. Gained seven pounds in two weeks. Wouldn't have been surprised by double.
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You know what? I'd better wash down this six or seven pounds of meat and cheese with a couple glasses of milk.
Collateral beauty STILL not working on fire stick. Soo currently watching Seven Pounds. Will Smith is an amazing actor
Finally finished the blanket i was making seven months to complete final size 84x65 and weighs 15 pounds.
maybe not YOUR cat but my cat is old and weighs like seven pounds
Weighing seven pounds, 14 ounces, Kricket Jayne was born on January 1 at 4:03 am at Selkirk & District General...
The most emotional movie I ever seen before,Pounds ,.How .what do u think…
Scottish dog owner spends thousands of pounds on clothes for her seven pooches - The Daily Mail via
watch seven pounds Will Smith all about living with 2 second distraction mistake that costs ppl lives! Stupid selfish decision
Seven Pounds was dope. Concussion was alright. He carried Suicide Squad.
If you liked Seven Pounds then u gotta go see Collateral Beauty
Woman spends THOUSANDS of pounds on clothes for her seven dogs
Seven Pounds = Mike Lowry after a terrible automobile accident.
I cry more watching seven pounds than watching any other movie
Kim Kardashian says she has lost almost 70 pounds, more than seven months after she and husband Kanye West...
Seven margaritas and four pounds of chips and salsa
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I love you so much. Idk if there were onions near by or I'm just emotional but I 😢'd watching seven pounds. I love you!!! ❤️😘
I lost seven pounds in two hours on the dance to diet!
Good foraging this weekend. Seven pounds blackberries, ten pounds apples, and a handful of plums. My hands are full of scratches
Crowdfunder raises seven pounds for poshest EU trip
My cat weighs like seven pounds and yet somehow makes more noise going up and down the stairs than I do.
I missed out fell between when they were chopping and changing paid seven thousand pounds at the time
I was trying to get back to my original weight-- seven pounds, three ounces. -C. Vendetti
Much like the seven pounds of steaks she purchased...:
Seven Pounds really just confirm my outlook on life
Seven Pounds is so heavy... 😢. Forgot how that movie destroys me.
i just cried watching toy story 3 and my dad is making me watch seven pounds. Why does he want me to dehydrate
Just watched seven pounds for the first time and that mug sadder than titanic. 😔
'I had to live on seven pounds for a whole decade' - SFE and LSE blame each other in funding *** up
Waste of seven million pounds a week.
Seven pounds movie make me so emotional.
Lolipop Platinum Girl Scout Cookies in 6 weeks total time. How does 128 seven gram tops in a 2x4 sound? 1.9 pounds…
If seven pounds, the lovely bones, or boy in striped pajamas didn't make you cry, you can't be human Bruh
Seven pounds movie is kinda sad but really inspiring
Like I thought I gained an additional seven pounds since graduation and I was so upset
John's joking intelligence however, in this excess of seven thousand pounds, now been betrayed an affair, and stammered out
Another movie you should see is Seven Pounds with Will Smith.just amazing👍❤
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats seven meals a day, the equivalent of about 10 pounds of food.
Seven Pounds is such a good movie im crying
Make up is great, and you should always be feeling yourself, but if you're wearing seven pounds of foundation, you're not
SEVEN POUNDS for a bacon sandwich and a coffee in angels cafe - I'm in the wrong game
Crowdfunder raises seven pounds for laziest US trip
I want chocolate coconut milk ice cream. A giant fkn bubble bath. And to blast the soundtrack from seven pounds and just cry lol
She five foot seven hundred and thirty pounds
The movie Seven Pounds makes me cry everytime :')
Congrats to our dude Rick! So far he's down 16 1/2 pounds in seven weeks! Not only that, this guy is super...
Left for New Zealand at a shameful 220+ pounds. Checking in seven months later at 72kg, or 160 pounds.
I turn into a mess after watching Seven Pounds.
I am watching Seven Pounds right now in HBO and I can feel my heart being torn out of its arteries.
I typically sorta combine fitting into smaller clothes and pounds lost to keep me on track and motivated
I go 5 lbs at a time. It's easier than saying "I'm gonna lose 20 pounds" and seeing such slow progress. Keeps me motivated!
Seven Pounds turns me into an emotional wreck
Hey guys, will be exactly TWENTY HUNDRED and sixty-seven pounds tomorrow
Juicing as undueness buckram taming-way so that sort out superego overrun for not remember pounds in seven-leag...
if you want a movie that will tear your heart to PIECES. watch Seven Pounds
Suicide Squad will seem so much more layered if you assume it’s a sequel to Seven Pounds and Big Short.
Meanwhile, I just roasted a chicken and it turns out that seven pounds is a lot of bird. A lot.
I gained seven pounds this break, we have school tomorrow and prom is next week 😀😀😀
I mean, 16 years ago we were promised the "Willinium" and instead we got "Seven Pounds" "After Earth" and no music.
Seven pounds , the pursuit of happiness
Seven pounds is such an underrated movie
"You can't get a pet jellyfish". "You can Will Smith had one in seven pounds". "Aye... To kill himself"
30 mins into Seven Pounds. I can tell this is going to be so sad
Also, 108 again. I would like to lose 7 pounds, man. Just seven pounds. All the working out I do, it has just...leveled out.
I cry every time I watch Seven Pounds with Will Smith. Thankfully wife falls asleep before the movie ends too
Somebody name a movie (that's not Seven Pounds) that's gon make me cry. I already watched Seven Pounds I need something else now.
Has nothing to do with trying to lose 20 pounds during the offseason and stopping at seven
Seven days of booze, Starlite Diner and $1 cheese pizza slices and I lost 2 pounds.
I agree . Top 3 for sure. But you got Concussion and Seven Pounds .
Ew, puke. Do guys actually like it when girls wear seven pounds of foundation makeup and contour their faces like that? 😷
Seven Pounds to end the day bc I feel like I wanna see Will Smith😍
I was surprised Stamper didn't pull a Seven Pounds in season 4 to be honest.
Seven pounds by Will Smith makes my eyes watery
Remember when I got the flu this time last year and lost seven pounds
:Mr Norris needs to bulk up a little,his arm is stronger than his body! Maybe seven to ten pounds maybe twelve!?Easter Tigers
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I just made 2 pounds of chocolate strawberries and I ate seven within 2 minutes is this how I die
Argument to be made he tries. Bagger Vance, Ali, Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness etc etc. People want the King of July 4th.
I know lol but dude u have to have seen The Pursuit of Happyness & Seven Pounds
Watching Seven Pounds. The beginning tho...😢 every time
Seven Pounds is such an under appreciated movie.
I cry every time I watch seven pounds and I'm not even a tad bit ashamed
scooby doo. I Origins. 13 going on 30. Colombiana. Seven Pounds? 🤔
Granted we even watched SEVEN POUNDS together just to laugh at how utterly stupid it was...
Lucian Shields died weighing just nine pounds, seven ounces - about a pound more than his birth weight. 'The circumstances leading to
This is Shaye, one of the girls in Sydney's litter of four puppies at seven weeks of age. Shaye weighed 12 pounds...
I made the children eat that meal aswell! Cost seven pounds to replace, hid the old pan in the wheely bin :-)
In the United States, approximately seven billion pounds of chocolate and candy are manufactured each year.
Seven Pounds is good too and so underrated
Seven pounds has me crying like a little kid.. ☹️
I've lost five pounds this year so far which would be good if I hadn't have gained seven pounds during the holidays.
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If seven pounds don't make you cry then are you even human?
Lost seven pounds in the last two days. Cool, but I could have gone without that.
*remembers that Will Smith tore a blind person apart over the phone in SEVEN POUNDS*. *cringe*
Probably gonna see FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS at least in the hopes it's as riff-worthy as SEVEN POUNDS.
None of the Syracuse University "Sizeable Seven" were 200 pounds or more. Jim Brown was on that team.
Tell me out of their time together!" "Long a quarter of seven thousand pounds would give them at ease, was, for still distinguished
Sidenote:. 'Seven Pounds' is one of the greatest movies ever and my personal favorite.
I was SEVEN pounds SEVEN ounces SEVENteen inches long and born on the SEVENth. So ya
Bought seven pounds of bacon and 4 dozen eggs for my one year farewell anniversary party this weekend.
You know, just so you know, I used to be really hot.-Seven Pounds
Watching Seven Pounds, never understood this movie
The pursuit of happiness. Seven pounds
everything I touch on skybet is turning to gold which means tonight I will lose seven thousand pounds playing poker
Seven Pounds is the saddest movie I've ever watched 😢😢
The villain would've been Hugh Laurie wearing a faux Nintendo Power Glove made for seven pounds.
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Robinne Lee was in Seven Pounds- a must see movie if you've never watched it!!
Seven Pounds will forever hit me in the feels.
“I’ve lost seven pounds this week. Or, as my girlfriend calls it, ‘the baby’.” Maff Brown
Turkish people consume the most tea annually, an average of almost seven pounds of tea per person.
Parker Beth Sanders was born 10/23/15 in Baton Rouge. She weighed seven pounds and six ounces.
In a mood to watch some drama movie exactly like Seven Pounds.
I've got a mood ring and seven pounds of eyeliner on
30 mins in to "Seven Pounds"...not sure how I feel about it yet
Walked 429km, that's 580,000 steps in January, lost seven pounds
Seven Pounds... the movie has been over for 30 minutes but the tears Keep rolling
So I'm like, 10 years late on this but I just ugly cried so hard to Seven Pounds. HOW in the world has Will Smith never received a Oscar?
Just watched Seven Pounds. I have an ouchie in my heart. ;_;
the only movie to ever make me cry was Seven Pounds with Will Smith.
Will Smith was so good on Seven Pounds 😌
seven pounds- man the way Will Smith played that character is LIVE-
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I watched Concussion. Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happiness are more Oscar worthy performances. Who agrees?
I just want to lose seven pounds of fat and gain 20 of muscle. Is that so much to ask?
Seven compelling legal tender fixes that make a will rejuvenate discounting quantitive pounds emergency: Ncmgnuj
PSA: If you're gonna watch Seven Pounds be prepared to cry your eyes out
So I've lost seven pounds while being outside the country give your girl some cred
I just watched Seven Pounds for the first time and now I just want to drown in a pool of my tears
"I just wanna have time to find out who I am." Seven Pounds
With these seven tips, you can be seven pounds lighter in the next two weeks
Mom: I don't like Seven Pounds change it. Me: I don't like your negativity change it. That's the story of when I died
Will is my favorite actor in my Top 3... But to say his acting in Seven Pounds or Focus was sub par... 🤔🤔🤔
Woody Harrelson really should've won an Oscar for supporting actor in Seven Pounds. He had me in tears a few times during the movie.
I told Ashley to watch Seven Pounds, she isn't prepared for that type of sadness & heartbreak
I forgot that seven pounds made you cry at the end smh
Lost like seven pounds through that though, so I guess its worth.
Twenty seven years ago today - Christmas day - I was blessed with the most amazing gift. Seven pounds, two...
Will Smith is the best serious actor & know cause seven pounds & pursuit of happiness >
Will Smith searches for redemption in SEVEN POUNDS
'Seven Pounds' is easily one of Will Smith's most underrated performances
Got like SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS of Chinese food tonight, we’re on that A CHRISTMAS STORY hype train!
"I got seven pounds of ham in my pants." A direct quote from my family Christmas. Happy holidays everyone.
that's what I'm saying.. Then tearing up over some seven pounds and pursuit of happyness.
Seven effective pounds fixes that seal recuperate for any one routineness strait: gjFsBbr
To help you reach your fitness goals and shed those extra pounds, here are seven creative…
I've been eating more than ever lately and weighed myself on a whim today. lost seven pounds lol
Just watched Seven Pounds for the first time, GREAT movie.
Seven plus pounds of pork butt seared, beered, and about to go into the oven for several hours.
Seven Pounds - SoundCloud Listen to Seven Pounds by MIKE MULTI on
A horse weighing approximately 1,200-pounds, eats approximately seven times it's own weight, in a year.
Seven "EPL" clubs now with investors from the US, the country still generally oblivious to soccer
Seven Pounds is the best terrible movie
Watching seven pounds again, getting myself ready for a cry😰
Insensitive? I'm actually really sensitive. Let the record show that I was sobbing at the end of Seven Pounds. Also Armageddon
Just finishing watching another movie with the family! Wow great movies — watching Seven Pounds
Seven pounds, twelve ounces. Would you say that’s a small turkey?...All will be revealed on 23rd December!.
I added a video to a playlist Seven Pounds - Full Soundtrack
Every time I tell people my favorite movies are Antwon Fisher and Seven Pounds they don't know what those are
it is right next to seven pounds and Lucy
To The Moon: ... pounds of chlorate of potassium produces seven pounds of oxygen, or 2,400 litres-- the quantity necessary for the ...
What if one loses seven pounds over Christmas? 😋
Films you think about whilst watching Moneyball, The Good Lie, Seven pounds.
best performance ever. Seven Pounds. Pursuit of Happyness. I Am Legend. . What? . What?
Four pounds of grouper, check. Peruvian ceviche is my contribution to tomorrow's Feast of the Seven Fishes.
meat being made: Commercial red meat production totaled more than four billion pounds in November up seven per...
We Will Smith you for them seven pounds..
The imitation game, About time. project almanac, seven pounds, the pursuit of happyness, UNBROKEN, WHIPLASH, :D
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"In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine.“-Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds is such a sad film but its so worth watching
man Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happiness strongly disagree with that
Seven pounds, twelve ounces. Play Aldi’s “Turkey or a Baby” and you could win an Aldi shopping voucher!
Denominator neglect: Better to promote a good as costing a pound a day than seven pounds a week
one of those forever movies. Brilliant movies! "I can never get over Will Smith on 'Pursuit of Happiness' & 'Seven Pounds' 😯😩😭
you guys ever see Seven Pounds starring Will Smith? Heck of a movie man.
Our Film Festival starts today! At 6.30pm tonight, watch Seven Pounds, directed by Gabriele Muccino and starring Will Smith.
Seven pounds is still one of the greatest movies ever! Honestly every Will Smith movie is great, like focus, pursuit of happiness, hitch.
Will Smith in Seven Pounds was so interesting💭
Seven Pounds will really getcha in your feels. 😩😢😭
go & pick up the whole giant pile, and then activate that recoiler. Poof: seven hundred pounds of saleable loot.
The opening scene to Seven Pounds is amazing. In a sad way.
Easy to see how Neil packed on those seven pounds.
Pursuit of happyness,Seven pounds,I Am legend. Top 3 favorite Will Smith movies
Who cried during seven pounds? I didn't. Having to answer 25 questions on how it pertains to my medical administration class was so dreadful
I have gained a pound, in a week, and the week before I lost about seven pounds, what should be feeling right now?
Seven Pounds is an unbelievable movie. Well worth a watch for anyone who hasn't seen it. Just a warning tho, it gets pretty heavy, but still
Stressed to the point where eating anything is making me nauseous. I've lost seven pounds and that blows
Does anyone have the movie Seven Pounds? With Will Smith in it ?
SEVEN POUNDS FOURTY NINE bit. That's like a pint and a packet of crisps.
Just realised Netflix is SEVEN POUNDS FOURTY NINE a month. Thought it was like a fiver. Might cancel it, there's nothing on it.
Seven Pounds is a really really really sad film, dunno why I watched it :)
.That would add up to two million seven hundred and sixty pounds only!
When you lose seven pounds but then your work brings free Chipotle and Tiff's Treats in on the same day...
Model ashamed to let her husband see her nude after piling on pounds via *WaP!*
Which movies or books have made a big impact on you? — Will Smith- seven pounds
Definitely going to have gained at least seven pounds this holiday. *stuffs face with kids pick and mix*
I lost 7 lbs during my workout today. SEVEN POUNDS. That's what I get for eating 2 large pizzas the other day...
It's been seven years since I've weighted in the 120's 😊👌 16 pounds down, four more to go!💪
You can't put a price on a good book but seven hundred & ninety nine pounds fifty one pence seems a good start.
The average American uses seven trees and 680 pounds of paper per year.
One in 65 people is now worth over one million pounds after a surge in the price of property
No 6. 'The average woman will eat seven pounds of lipstick in her life'.
lost seven pounds in three days bc I can't eat anything. 😷😫
I forgot what a beautiful film Seven Pounds is
Forgot how good the movie Seven Pounds was. 👌
Seven Pounds could be the most beautiful film I've ever watched😥
The more I think about the film seven pounds the more I realise I should have made my own films.
Seven Week Slimdown: Description: Seven Week Slimdown helped me lose 22 pounds in just 7…
4 oz of halibut and 6 pecans? I just ate a whole pretzel and seven pounds of cheese plate!
*he says in reply* "Stop that... You weigh ninety seven and three quarter pounds. I weigh double you.*
Seven Day Jumpstart: Lose 7 pounds in 7 days, jumpstart your metabolism, slow aging and melt away fat.
Seven Pounds is still my favorite Will Smith movie. It's so emotional lol that & The Pursuit of Happyness (yes the movie spelled like that)
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role? — Will Smith Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds: he planned his death so he could give someone his heart, his eyes, his liver...but he didn't think about the jellyfish dying.
Yet they neva gve him an oscar:("The acting Will Smith does on In Pursuit Of Happiness, I Am Legend & Seven Pounds... Gawdly
Watching Silver Linings Playbook is like watching Seven Pounds. You don't get those movies even after watching them 5 times.
Seven-pound apprentice rider Brayan Pena who tacks 110 pounds makes his Santa Anita debut this meet.
Seven Pounds, such an emotional movie
Finally watched seven pounds, such a good film
Day Seven on the I have managed to lose eight pounds in three weeks.
Seven Pounds is such an emotional film 😭
Why did no one tell me how sad Seven Pounds is 😖
oh no I didn't cry at that! My sisters keeper and seven pounds are the killers!
Forget Boxing Day, the sales have already started: Families spend half a billion pounds more than last year in seven days before Chri...
I always have to mentally prepare myself before watching Seven Pounds 😬
Seven Pounds is a really great movie
I gained seven pounds this year... And I think I'm just gonna tone this weight bc I like it .
“What's the best movie you've ever seen?” Seven Pounds
Hamilton Collection
Been on break for one week, lost seven pounds. Well.
Going to flake at home, watch seven pounds and bawl my eyes out til mam gets home. Then continue our argument
Watched seven pounds w my second mom(kim) and i cried all over her lap as she pet my head
books like seven feet tall and three hundred pounds WAIT WERNER HERZOG IS THE BLACK GUY DYING FIRST
Seven pounds is literally the saddest movie ever made. I don't care who you are you will bawl your eyes out.
who thought it was a good idea to watch seven pounds I'm a mess rn
Should not have watched seven pounds
Opening scene in Seven Pounds with Will Smith and Woody Harrelson is probably one of the greatest acting jobs. Gets me emotional everytime
I seem to have gained seven pounds in the last three weeks which is strange because it's not like I've been having eggnog for every meal
We had seven dogs running around at family Christmas this weekend, ranging in weight from five pounds to eighty. It was was so much fun 😁
-- what's so special about me. I'm one-hundred-forty-seven pounds of pale flesh and fragile bone, sarcasm is my only defense, and I --
Seven pounds it is, brb guys going to cry a river
Can't decide between the Green Mile or Seven Pounds
Started watching seven pounds expecting a Will Smith comedy, that was deep af 😂
Seven Day Jumpstart: Recipes, meal plans, and fat-blasting workouts to help you lose 7 pounds in 7 days.
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if suicide was ever an option, I'd like to go like how Will Smith did in 'Seven Pounds' and even donate my organs to worthy patients. TWBD !
Seven pounds is the saddest movie I've ever watched
I'm 👀 Seven Pounds and eatin a tub of cookies n cream ice cream by myself. Let's just say I'm bringing out my inner emotional 7th grade girl
When I first watched Seven pounds I signed up to be a donor for all the available organs asap
sowwi! Life? Classic never gets old for me. Or if you're looking for a good cry, Seven Pounds (trailer does no justice)
Still today I can't choose with role Will Smith killed better between "The Pursuit Of Happiness" and "Seven Pounds"
I wanna watch Seven Pounds bc michael ealy is mad cute
I'm watching Seven Pounds. How one does not shed a tear during this movie is beyond me.
I rated 'Seven Pounds' 5 out of 5 stars ▶
The director of Seven Pounds really makes you hate Will Smith at the beginning
Braveheart is my favourite movie of all time, Seven Pounds has me crying every time I watch it. Dead Poets Society too
I posted one of these on the other group but Ill do it again on this one :P Name/NickName: Jennifer, but you can call me Jenn Hometown: Oakville High School: Abbey Park Age: 19 (on June 18!) Program: BA Film & Television !! Campus: Trafalgar Favourite TV shows: Game of thrones, Bates motel, Dexter, Shameless, Hannibal, Sherlock, House, Once Upon a Time, anime shows, Netflix and youtube shows… mostly anything though Favourite music: EVERYTHING!! Favourite movies: Indiana Jones, Ever After, Seven Pounds, The Avengers, Sleepy Hollow, Star Treks, Star wars, LOTR/Hobbit, Disney, Pixar, Dreamwork's and Studio Ghibli movies…. Truly ill watch Anything :P Do you party? Kinda Do you drink? Yes Do you smoke? No Night Owl or Early Bird? Night owl Clean or messy? Little of both Shy or outgoing? Try to be outgoing but mostly Shy, until I get to know people Are you living on or off campus? Off campus Hobbies: Movies, Reading, Editing, Hanging out, Exploring new places, Hiking, Biking, Rugby...
Seven Pounds with Will Smith is a vastly underrated movie.
Finally got around to watching Seven Pounds, now stuff is in my eyes. Need to follow it up with something fun... Wolf of Wall Street? The Big Lebowski? Magic Mike?!
do I watch The Hurt Locker, 8 Mile, Seven Pounds or The Runaways?? that is the question.
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Will Smith and Rosario Dawson discuss their new movie Seven Pounds. From the director of The Pursuit of Happyness and starring two-time Academy Award® ...
However Will Smith was great in Ali, Seven Pounds and Legend Of Bagger Vance
Who is the best actor? Denzel Washington, Will Smith Or Leonardo Di Caprio, ive watched three of there films in last 3 days & can not decide! Training Day, Seven Pounds & Wolf Of Wallstreet are all masterclasses
BIRTHDAYS AND STUFF FRIDAY’S BIRTHDAYS Connor Cruise - 19 (The adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He was in the "Red Dawn" reboot and "Seven Pounds".) Calvin Harris - 30 (Scottish DJ who did that "Let's Go" song with Ne-Yo.) Dwyane Wade - 32 (Not-so-young NBA superstar on the Miami Heat.) Ray J - 33 (Brandy's younger brother. When it comes to KIM KARDASHIAN, HE HIT IT FIRST! His homemade sex tape with Kim is what launched her to fame . . . and unleashed that entire family on us today. He also MAY have been WHITNEY HOUSTON'S boyfriend at the time of her death.) Maksim Chmerkovskiy - 34 ("Dancing with the Stars" stud. He came the closest to winning when he was partnered with Mel B and Kirstie Alley. Both times, he came in second. His other partners have included Brandy, Erin Andrews, Denise Richards, Tia Carrere and Olympic soccer minx Hope Solo.) (He tends to get the HARD chicks, because he ROUGHS THEM UP. In fact, Hope Solo recently claimed that Maks SLAPPED her across the face du ...
The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish, I was twelve. Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I never forgot what he said... That it was the most deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. - Seven Pounds
Got my # from Carol Mills &&it's 16 ! Ok here we qo .. 1. My middle name is Christen . 2. My fav. food is Mexican 3. My Grandmother is full blood Mexican &i miss her ! 4. It takes a lot to make me mad , but when I am , BEWARE .Lol 5. I have a really smart mouth 6. I would be lost without my kids 7. I sinq really loud when i'm alone .lol 8. i'm sinqle in case y'all didn't know &by choice ! 9. I have no intentions on another relationship anytime soon 1O . Only qames I like to play are on a X Box or PS3 11. No one really understands me &i like it that way !! 12. My fav movies are Seven Pounds & D'Janqo 13. I will never stop lovinq Chris Brown 14. I want a white horse 15. I absolutely hate cats 16. sometimes I wish I didn't have so much hair .lol Lms for a numba !
Will Smith's role in Seven Pounds versus his role in Hancock! Lol
I saw Rosario Dawson, for the very 1st time on "Seven Pounds" ! And i knew that she's gonna be a fascinating star !
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