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Seumas Milne

Seumas Milne (born 1958) is a British journalist and writer known for his left-wing views. A columnist and associate editor at The Guardian newspaper, he is author of a best-selling book about the 1984-5 British miners' strike, The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners, which focuses on the role of MI5 and Special Branch in the dispute.

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Downplays the potential reach of a Seumas Milne Christmas album, I feel.
GQ editor Dylan Jones says Jeremy Corbyn's advisers - including one Seumas Milne - didn't realise he needed to be "prese…
I bet it was. I can see Seumas Milne & Co all over this. Love the analogy to them “pushing him around like a grandp…
Heartening to see Jeremy resisted Seumas Milne's advice of to go for the retouched look and has kept it real.…
Politicians don't get to dictate how they are portrayed in an interview, as much as Seumas Milne an…
And the fact that Seumas Milne refused to allow GQ to use Alistair Campbell, their normal political…
I think both Jeremy & Seumas Milne requested Khaled Mashal be available to…
Jeremy Corbyn on the suggestion that Seumas Milne was responsible for the failure of Corbyn’s poor performance in…
Seumas Milne should interview Corbyn in the Guardian just to annoy the journos criticising him for not doing one with Campbell in GQ.
So is Seumas Milne no longer the director of communications at the Labour Party then? They’re advertising for a new…
If the Libyan war was about saving lives, it was a catastrophic failure | Seumas Milne
Most of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership team were at public school - maybe Emma De…
You are spot on about Momentum and McDonnell, Corbyn is the useful *** being use…
It was essentially all scripted beforehand anyway some say probably by Seumas Milne. Th…
A few photos can say a lot. Here's Corbyn's Director of Communications Seumas Milne with Corbyn and with Putin in Sochi…
Labour advertising tonight for a new Director of Communications and Director of Strategy (both on salaries of £63,899.41…
Jeremy Corbyn's top Labour strategist Seumas Milne - "North Korea is rational to have nukes" via
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Seumas Milne: the top of the Labour Party is filled with Chavistas via
Taking advice - from Seumas Milne and Andrew Murray.
Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn's millionaire spin doctor Seumas Milne sent his children to top grammar schools - Telegraph
Seumas Milne: Actively show Labour's 10 pledges so that people know what they & Jeremy Corbyn stand... via
No, just to get in the mood; Seumas Milne has some, I believe. x
Alistair Campbell, at least, knew how to play the media. Seumas Milne is a walking disaster that makes Ryan Coetzee look competent.
And Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas "Genocide" Milne can cut to the front of the queue
Seumas Milne won't let disrespect his mate Vlad the Impaler ...
On and He only has the views that Seumas Milne and John McDonnell allow him to hold ...
Includes the idea Seumas Milne could still have good relationship with press. 😭😭😭😭
Arron Banks, rivaling Seumas Milne for the most commonly misspelled name in politics
yeah Seumas Milne worked for the Guardian mate, not the Morning Star
Why don't you contact the office of Seumas Milne, ask why won't do a live interview on R4 Today programme?
"Seumas Milne was on good form at Corbyn’s Christmas drinks, chatting & joking with journalists from all wings of p…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why anyone would think Seumas Milne would not do this is beyond me. Of course he would.
you know she got thrown out of Labour conference for squaring up to Seumas Milne right? Lol
Mind you, whether or not Galloway is readmitted is now just a technicality. He is part of Team Corbyn.
Corbyn - £995 for a pair of trousers is disgusting extravagance. Milne - How much was your manhole cover collection. Corbyn - Shut up Seumas
UK MP Trident speech changed on conference autocue by CoS ! via
We've Trump, Le Pen, Banks, Farage, Seumas Milne, ... in Putin camp. Corbyn mustn't be PM for good of UK.
Seumas Milne probably can't spell May's first name correctly.
appoints hardline supporter, Seumas Milne as senior adviser & that has no bearing on foreign policy approach?
Have a look at where both Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas Milne came from:
Sorry Joanathan, typo. I meant Seumas Milne. And not a cheap shot at u--I enjoy reading your columns in the Guardian.
"Seumas the doctors are protesting something we're not?" Milne: "don't worry, we'll out protest them and ban ALL petrol cars" "
Unfortunately JC is really soft on Moscow for which Seumas Milne (a Putin apologist) is responsible.
Metropolitan luvvies don't like questioning Corbyn's dubious relations with Russia. Comms professionals especially,…
As it happens I never even mentioned Corbyn, you both presumed. It's pretty obvious to me what Seumas Milne is
Is the old friend called Seumas Milne?
Well done Disgraceful that Corbyn employs Putin apologist Seumas Milne as his number 2.
Is Seumas Milne about to be shown the back door?
In defence of Seumas Milne: blame Jeremy Corbyn for Labour's poison, not his creatures via
What have Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Seumas Milne ... all got in common?. They think Putin is misunderstood an…
.Have you publicly taken that tone with Bloodworth & others who viciously smeared your former Guardian collegue Seumas MIlne?
I don't care what you think. I don't want the likes of Seumas Milne, Lewis, Burgon, Abbott ... in Government, period ...
2016 lowlights: that 'pro-EU' speech with bee-keeping in it; the yellow-walled Seumas Milne hostage video of him. Pretty bad.
Seumas Milne still at it - he must have been taught history at Winchester/Oxford.
"Seumas Milne regrets the fall of the Soviet Union. [...] . Stop the War [...] replaced support for the Soviet Union with support for Putin"
For party unity, he swallowed his position. The extent of Seumas Milne's efforts to block Labour In appear v.striking
Burgon will still manage to lower IQ of that panel by turning up ... I hope his earwig is working so Seumas Milne…
it is tremendous that the first charge in the indictment is now 'friend of Seumas Milne.' No end to my infamy
And how 6th rate Seumas Milne is at preparing the old duffer.
Refugees? truth emerges: how US & UK fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq | Seumas Milne
No surprise. Seumas Milne thinks the EU is a capitalist plot. Corbyn and co. want out asap.
Little Giant Ladders
25) basically anything that gets reactionary tossers fuming, such as the very existence of Seumas Milne
Christian Wolmar reflects on the Richmond by-election—and getting in trouble with Seumas Milne…
The Guardian view on Russia's actions in Syria and Iraq | Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne now wishing he'd deleted Tom Watson's entire speech
truth of the matter is: Alistair Campbell >>>> Seumas Milne
bullies & bumblers like Seumas Milne or Alan Rusbridger perhaps?
*Seumas Milne desperately tries to duct tape McDonnell's mouth before he says anything else*
"This is f***ing personal," a Labour MP shouted at Seumas Milne yesterday, as bitter recriminations escalated
loads haven't heard of Slobodan Milosevic either so obviously not Seumas Milne fans
And I'd be wary of bracketing myself with David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne and Seumas Milne!!!
Remarkably, the warts-and-all documentary on Corbyn's leadership shows his chief spin doctor Seumas Milne (right) accusing Labour par...
I desperately want Labour to win in 2020. I don't want Corbyn, with people like Seumas Milne & Andrew Fisher, in Number 10 ...
Gaza is a crime made in Washington as well as Jerusalem | Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne deals with spin about as well as Ricky Ponting did in Asia (very, very badly).
Seumas Milne has to expose Tory for it's bias. Emma Reynolds is a David Cameron spokesperson. should be closed down.
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demographic in 2020. The issue should be ours to own. I just think people like Seumas Milne don't get the impact of this policy.
Saw Seumas Milne walking through Richmond today - he had a suit on, tie done up and he looked gaunt and very edgy.
Amazingly joined the Labour Party when Seumas Milne was appointed.Shocked.
That money funds Seumas Milne's job. Now that *is* Enron-level scandal! ;)
I'm talking about the likes of Seumas Milne and Seb (Red Book) Corbyn, who, courtesy of dad is McDonnell's chief of staff.
Seumas Milne was not on ballot paper in the leadership election. He is Corbyn's chief adviser & responsible ...
May be we could get up a petition to have Seumas Milne sacked? That might create chance for a new start!
Excuse me where do you get off publishing this rubbish? The FSA is ISIS? Seumas Milne quotes?
indeed. And not many people know that Seumas Milne's middle name is All.
I feel similarly. Should have added 'Aaron Bastani should replace Seumas Milne' to Unpopular Opinions
Our private school elite’s dominance isnt just unfair. It damages us all Must not b nasty about Seumas Milne though?
I wanted to believe in Jeremy Corbyn. But I can't believe in Seumas Milne
I despair that Corbyn did not bring up at PMQs! I guess millionaire Seumas Milne wonders what fuss is about?
The "I hate this guy getting RT'd into my feed" block, or the "Full Seumas Milne".
Seumas Milne and the leader of Momentum both went to my school. Winchester doesn't produce a 'type'.
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Seumas Milne Executive Director of Strategy and Communications Labour Party Where the f**k are you!
Armed opposition to illegal invasion & occupation does not constitute terrorism: the Geneva Conventions. - Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne meeting Ed Miliband right now over pastries, apparently
During the miners’ strike, Thatcher’s secret state was the real enemy within | Seumas Milne 2014
I like Owen. Word on the street is that they wanted him for Seumas Milne's job.
I saw him hire Seumas Milne and I wanted to cry. But as you say, long time. Let's see what occurs...
Audience member asks McDonnell to reassure him that there isn't a problem with Seumas Milne taking too much power.
There is no strategy, hence there are no tactics ... Seumas Milne is Strategic Director so expect no less ...
Imagine how much Labour's Seumas Milne, Emily Thornberry & Damian McBride can learn from each other
basically, the invocation of Lived Experience in this article is what I'm talking about:
Bernardo Gui arriving at the abbey like Seumas Milne at the Labour Party press office
3rd most read this week: Guardian executives 'urge Seumas Milne to leave paper' - report
George says he is friends with Seumas Milne & sees him nearly every day. Seumas is an apologist 4 Stalin so ...
Remain campaign's next objective for victory is to lock Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell in a soft play room until July.
I can only assume Galloway's mate Seumas Milne has sprinkled his defective political fairy dust on Grassroots Out.
Not according to the Guardian article, but "Just over a week ago, Emily Thornberry, Seumas Milne & Damian McBride ...
Jeremy & Seb Corbyn in PCH with Diane Abbott just now. Seumas Milne & Jon Trickett just left. Reshuffle planning?
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Seumas Milne clearly wanted to deny the Shadow Cabinet a free vote. They were let down by John McDonnell? :(
Or JC Cluedo. Seumas Milne in the STW headquarters with the Morning Star.
"Public sector upper-middle class" apt description of Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas Milne and both 'vanguardists' to boot
Mandleson > Milne. But that's not saying much. Lucifer himself is barely a patch on old Seumas.
Though, in fairness, Seumas Milne actually is Dave Spart, so Corbyn seems less Dave Spart-ish than he.
Seumas Milne, anthemgate, dodgy bow not great. Mao, Hamas, Stop the War, What did we elect him for?
Seumas Milne, anthemgate, Mao, Hamas, Stop the War, shoot to kill, Andrew Fisher, Enver Hoxha - has it only been 100 days…
The fly in the ointment is Labour MPs. Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Seumas Milne know members won't tolerate sabotge.
Star Wars was good. One of the villains reminded me a lot of Seumas Milne.
Anyway, Seumas Milne, Corbyn, and Schneider, know as much, if not more, about posh schools. x
makes some good points but calls Seumas Milne a Stalist which is an outrageous lie
yes 100. Apparently staffers tried to prevent it being used, but Seumas Milne, that lover of democracy, insisted.
It's the that has a problem with Seumas Milne
Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctor Seumas Milne (pictured together) sent Boris Johnson a string of text messages - mistaking him for the
it's not for your Cockburn's and your Seumas Milne's, and it's working to an extent
The alarming thing? You can't rule out the poster was John McDonnell or Seumas Milne.
good day Seumas Milne gets his lines crossed 
Seumas Milne gets his lines crossed 
Seumas Milne gets his lines crossed . .
Seumas Milne gets his lines crossed  ...
Seumas Milne launching book at Momentum meetings across the country - Liverpool council: Vanguard of the Revolution
1/2 Eg in days when "expert" Neil Clark wrote pro-Milosevic pieces for Seumas Milne, he posted...
Dear we're not bitter, we just agree on Corbyn's folly, Seumas Milne style Stalinism anyone? No didn't think so
Seumas Milne on Corbyn taking on Labour and the Tories via
Seumas Milne, "Now the Truth Emerges: How the US Fueled the Rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq," J…
the question must be whether Seumas Milne is Admiral Ackbar or Grand Moff Tarkin
Things I hate most about Seumas Milne:. 1. I can never spell his name right first time. 2. Everything he stands for and/or…
I wonder what old Guardian chums Ian Katz and Seumas Milne are cooking up for tonight's edition of .
Corbyn appoints an 'eloquent fool' in Seumas Milne - MoneyWeek
It’s the British establishment that has a problem with democracy | Seumas Milne
The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take centre stage | Seumas Milne
Ask Seumas Milne, he'll think up a reasonable sounding excuse that will fall apart under further scrutiny.
Express: '(borrowing from Animal Farm) Napoleon has just appointed his Snowball in the form of ultraultra-Left squeaker Seumas Milne'.
By Milne turned the Guardian's comment section into a polarising bear pit. God help the Labour Party
Commenter: "what would have happened in 1940 if these people were in charge?" Think we know the answer.
Seumas Milne, Corbyn's new Stalinist voice - good piece by via
An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing | Seumas Milne
The big lie of economic success may still not save the Tories | Seumas Milne
First Seumas Milne and now Gerald Kaufman, does anyone actually care about the concerns of the Jewish community at the
Why we (the British establishment) really don't like Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne -and the Wrath of Britain's New McCarthyites -my new piece on the latest smear campaign
. Joins the other nutters. Andrew Fisher, Richard Murphy, Seumas Milne, Simon Fletcher. All proof of our failed education system.
Seumas Milne needs to get together with Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Tom Watson and others vis-a-vis Frank Field.
Andrew Fisher, Ger Francis, Seumas Milne - these are the appointments that CLPs should be discussing with shock!
'George Galloway and Seumas Milne discuss the fall of the Berlin Wall'. Oh, the misery of it all.
Jeremy Corbyn, what made you appoint that apologist for murderous dictators Seumas Milne?
an open letter from Kate Godfrey on Corbyn’s appointment of Seumas Milne. pretty gut-wrenching
Guardian journalist Seumas Milne appointed Labour head of communications
Seumas Milne: The resistance campaign is Iraq's real war of liberation
It�s the that has a problem with Seumas Milne
You are to Media, as Malcolm X was to The Black Struggle. Owen Jones & Seumas Milne are like the Martin Luther Kings.
Seumas Milne blames France's part in the war on terror. Eh? Who remembers why freedom fries came to be? @ 4:05
Win or lose, Jeremy Corbyn has already changed the rules of the game | Seumas Milne
"Conservative" economics has clearly failed. So why don’t they ditch it? | Seumas Milne
Oh for sure- Seumas Milne is part of Stalinist clique-
u vl reap what u hv sown bliv m u vl = how the fuelled the rise of in Syria and Iraq | Seumas Milne
Jeremy Corbyn’s surge can be at the heart of a winning coalition | Seumas Milne
'The BBC is full of Conservatives and former New Labour apparatchiks with almost identical views about... the world.'
China can ride out this crisis. But we’re on course for another crash | Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne, one of the most enlightened social commentators of our time speaks on the phenomena https…
The crucifixion of Greece is killing the European project | Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne: " The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying...
Only really like Nick Davies & Patrick Cockburn when it comes to white male reporters I'm afraid. A few others are OK, Seumas Milne gets me
They definitely have not done that GG- Seumas Milne, John Pilger, Shaun W. etc
The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made | Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne: George Osborne’s cuts-without-end plan has backfired, but the political class is in thrall to economic nonsense
The First World War: The Real Lessons of This Savage Imperial Bloodbath - Seumas Milne - In the midst of deepening austerity, David Cameron is desperate to play the national card. Any one will do. He's worked the Queen's jubilee and the Olympics for all they're worth. Now the prime minister wants a "truly national commemoration" of the first world war in the runup to 2014 that will "capture our national spirit ... like the diamond jubilee." So £50m has been found to fund a four-year programme of events, visits to the trenches from every school and an ambitious redevelopment of the Imperial War Museum. Ministers have promised there will be no "jingoism," but Cameron says he wants to remember those who "gave their lives for our freedom" and ensure that "the lessons learned live with us for ever." In case there were any doubt about what those lessons might be, the Times has declared that despite the war's unhappy reputation, Britain's cause was "essentially just," a necessary response to aggression by a "xe ...
Perhaps it's just my followers, but most of them can see through the likes of Seumas Milne, Owen Jones, Simon Jenkins, Glen…
Seumas Milne: Conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine will spread without effective restraint on western domination
Seumas Milne only has only ever written one column, he just changes the headline every now and again
According to Milne, Russia 'absorbed' Crimea. My wallet was once 'absorbed' at gunpoint by a man at midnight.
Seumas Milne showing the extent to which the New Left are willing to get in bed with dictators because America
Now convinced Seumas Milne is angling for a spot as Putin's next prime minister
Much garbage in this Seumas Milne piece, but my fave is new euphemism for annexation: "Russia’s absorption of Crimea".
according to Seumas Milne i.e. don't blame Russia, blame America. 2/2
If this hadn't been in the Guardian and written by Seumas Milne, I'd think it was a parody article. Where to start...
I have read Kremlin accounts of Russian foreign policy that are less pro-Kremlin than this Seumas Milne piece:
A real counterweight to US power is a global necessity | Seumas Milne via
1) Seumas Milne: "...we need to listen to people who know what they're talking about, like Bob Lambert."
Watch the full episode here: Seumas Milne, associate editor of The Guardian, talks to Going...
Far from keeping the peace, Nato is a threat to it | Seumas Milne via
Blair embodies corruption and war. He must be sacked | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: Now he's advising the Egyptian dictatorship, his removal as Middle East peace envoy is a moral and democratic necessity
Seumas Milne: Thirty years on, the costs of the gutting of trade unions are obvious. That's why demonising Bob Crow was a failure
Where Left and Right converge: Seumas Milne and Peter Hitchens on and
Few people on the planet have less credibility to talk about extremism than Tony Blair. Great article by Seumas Milne
The clash in Crimea is the fruit of western expansion | Seumas Milne
An important reminder: The clash in is the fruit of western expansion | Seumas Milne via
My letter to Guardian, Dear Sir/Madame, Please find below my response to the article written by Ms. Seumas Milne published by the Guardian this week. a great British politician who didn't allow his nation to succumb to Hitler's aggression Winston Churchill remarked: "The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists". This maxima is deliberately neglected by Seumas Milne who in his column for the Guardian follows all kind of falsifications and propaganda stamps that Kremlin uses to justify its sneak aggression against Ukraine and plans to annex Crimean peninsula. Mass protest of Ukrainians against corrupt and bloody regime of Viktor Yanukovych which was called the Euromaidan was all but a rally of far-right extremists in quest of imposing one nation exclusive rule over all other ethnic groups in Ukraine. Although many Ukrainian nationalists passionately joined the protest against Yanukovych's plans to get Ukraine into Moscow-led Customs Union instead of signing a beneficial future-oriented Associa . ...
Corporate power has turned Britain into a corrupt state | Seumas Milne via
First world war: an imperial bloodbath that's a warning, not a noble cause | Seumas Milne via
'The Enemy within: Thatcher's Secret War Against the Miners' by Seumas Milne "Margaret Thatcher branded Arthur Scargill and the other leaders of the 1984-5 miners' strike ;'the enemy within'. With the publication of this bestselling book a decade later, the full irony of that accusation became clear. There was an enemy within. But it was not the National Union of Mineworkers that was out to subvert liberty. It was the secret services of the British state - operating inside the NUM itself. Seumas Milne revealed for the first time the astonishing lengths to which the government and its intelligence machine were prepared to go to destroy the power of Britain's miners' union. Using phoney bank deposits, staged cash drops, forged documents, agents provocateurs and unrelenting surveillance, MI5 and police Special Branch set out to discredit Scargill and other miners' leaders. Planted tales of corruption were seized on by the media and both Tory and Labour politicians in what became an unprecedentedly savage sme ...
Read the Sunday times article 'Hypocrites have airbrushed the history of Mandela' by Seumas Milne from the Guardian. Makes huge sense to me and opened up my eyes for sure. Telling it like it is.
Seumas Milne, Owen Jones, Jeremy Scahill and Mother Agnes are speaking at the Stop the War Coalition event on Syria: htt…
Prettifying the horrific reality of the first world war is no way to remember its victims Written by Seumas Milne on 31 August 2013. Posted in ArticlesAttempts to hijack the commemorations must be contested every step of the way. Remember the suffering of the soldiers, says Seumas Milne, rather than...
Reading Seumas Milne's The Revenge of History. Interesting piece on Zimbabwe from March 2002.
I was, in my mid-twenties, a Guardian reader. Then I read this, by Seumas Milne:
A 21st-century Nasser could give the Arab world its voice | Seumas Milne
Zero-hours contracts: in David Cameron's Britain, the dockers' line-up is back | Seumas Milne via …
and the real problem is unions aren't influential enough | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: If Falkirk is used to weaken trade unionists' role in politics it can only entrench the closed circle of corporate power
Seumas Milne: From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it's not to be hijacked or disarmed
Seumas Milne: Western spying agencies are instruments of control and their record is disastrous. They have to be held to account
Seumas Milne: Westminster lobbying is the least of it. Revolving-door colonisation of public life is a corrosive threat to democracy
supporters: Michael Moore, George Galloway, Jemima Khan, Tariq Ali, Seumas Milne, Noam Chomsky. Says it all, no?
Seumas Milne: Those who send British troops to shed blood in the Muslim world must share the blame for atrocities like Woolwich
Seumas Milne: The nationalist right has long set the agenda. Labour should back a referendum and make the progressive case for change
Seumas Milne: If western politicians were really interested in saving lives, they would use their leverage to negotiate a settlement
Seumas Milne: Branson and FirstGroup have both gamed a disastrous privatisation. The case for public ownership is compelling
Seumas Milne: Falling living standards make Labour favourite to win the next election. It needs policies to match the scale of the crisis
must have done something right: hated by George Galloway, Seumas Milne, John Pilger, Owen Jones + other usual suspects.
Forex Money News Tunisia and Egypt need the Arab revolutions to spread | Seumas Milne: Co... Stocks Market Online
Seumas Milne: Not only have leaders from Ecuador to Venezuela delivered huge social gains – they keep winning elections too
Seumas Milne: Austerity has set female voters against Cameron, but that's only part of a global change shaping the politics of the future
Seumas Milne: Coalition austerity has delivered depression and a lost decade. Labour has to avoid locking itself into more of the same
Seumas Milne: French intervention in Mali will fuel terrorism, but the west's buildup in Africa is also driven by the struggle for resources
Don't lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange | Seumas Milne via
Correct answer. You win the complete works of Seumas Milne.
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BBC Watch report reveals the malice of Seumas Milne's anti-Israel propaganda:
Only the little people pay taxes - welcome to corporate Britain: Seumas Milne via
Forcing the elite to pay up is a matter of both justice and necessity | Seumas Milne vía
-- often the worst offenders deny regime behavior my omitting mention of it, like Seumas Milne.
Seumas Milne is the Guardian's least funny running joke.
Is there any political party who agrees with this - corporate rogues milking the country | Seumas Milne via
How 2 pay 4 free education - Roll call of corporate rogues milking the country | Seumas Milne via
Intervention in Syria risks blowback and regional war | Seumas Milne via
Horrible title (the cost to us!), but good piece from Seumas Milne on how the West is escalating the bloodbath in Syria
Whew! Finally put down everything I think is wrong with Seumas Milne's pieces on - weight off my chest...
Blacklisting is the scandal that now demands action | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: Thousands have been driven out of work in Britain by corporate spying outfits. It's an outrage that calls for more than an inquiry
Seumas Milne: The US and Britain stand behind Israel's onslaught on Gaza. Justice requires a change in the balance of forces on the ground
See (latest piece on here: in conversation with Seumas Milne on 11/13 in NYC:
Saturday, December 1 at 9:30am in UTC at Conway Hall
Letters: Grassroots support for green spaces: Seumas Milne (31 October) condemns the obscene and ever-growing wealth...
Seumas Milne glorified him. They deserve each other!
The Revenge of History by Seumas Milne – review via
Seumas Milne in Caracas: Popular support for Venezuela's revolution shows the growing space for genuine alternatives in the 21st century
George Orwell famously wrote that with his work he was striving to make political writing into an art. Precious few political writers and commentators have managed to achieve this objective in the decades since Orwell's death more than half a century ago. One who undoubtedly has is Seumas Milne.
The Chávez victory will be felt far beyond Latin America | Seumas Milne
The first world war: the real lessons .Seumas Milne via Connect to personal stories
The first world war: the real lessons of this savage imperial bloodbath | Seumas Milne
My United-Arsenal piece is next to that on our site. I feel like Seumas Milne on Guardian politics sitting next to a Gangnam Style parody.
A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: The upheavals of the early 21st century have changed our world. Now, in the aftermath of failed wars and economic disasters, pressure for a social alternative can only grow
One of Britain’s foremost political writers confronts ten years of murderous delusion. In 2001, Tony Blair declared that those who opposed the war on terror had been ‘proved wrong’ – along with critics of unfettered corporate power and free market...
Seumas Milne: In the aftermath of the failed wars and economic disasters of the first decade of the 21st century, we need to find a new, progressive way forward
Seumas Milne: David Cameron wants to turn the first world war into a focus of national pride. That should be resisted every step of the way
November 17 London: Media and War - Challenging the Consensus. With John Pilger, Seumas Milne & many more
What's the criteria for being an observer at the Venezuelan elections? Seumas Milne, Owen Jones, George Galloway. Oh, RIGHT. Gotcha.
Seumas Milne: Miliband's conference speech will silence his critics. He should match it with policies that meet the scale of the crisis
Letters: Taking to the streets to defend democracy: Seumas Milne's warning to Labour that now is the time to opp...
Seumas Milne @ Chavez re-elected will be victory for poor in Ven, boost for prog movement in LA & weaken US aim of unipolar world
Seumas Milne,Guardian journalist speaks on the importance of the Venezuelan revolution 4 the whole continent
I can't stand it when people like Seumas Milne try to make post-revolution Libya seem worse than it is.
5 of 5 stars to The Enemy Within by Seumas Milne
Seumas Milne and Simon Jenkins both spot in today"s Guardian,pages 30 and 31.
Seumas Milne claims coalition "central economic policy is failing". I disagree. I consider it exemplary of Tory ideals.
The coalition's phoney war is an exercise in political fraud | Seumas Milne
The Revenge Of History: Seumas Milne's weekly column in The Guardian has become a central point of political re... h ...
"Why do they hate us?" That's what many Americans asked after 9/11, "oblivious to their country's role in decades of coups, tyranny, sanctions, regimes, and occupations across the... World News Summaries. | Newser
Sad thing is Guardian readers think that what they're reading is 'liberal' critical, thoughtful. Wrong!
The Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai scandal masks the battle for China's future | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: Trade unions are subject to hysterical abuse, but they are essential to democracy, equality and economic recovery featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ecuador is pressing for a deal that offers justice, and protection for whistleblowers. Seumas Milne, Guardian UK
Seumas Milne: The melodrama of Bo Xilai's fall has been used to press for privatisation, but the global crisis demands an alternative
Seumas Milne: Western and Gulf regime support for rebel fighters isn't bringing freedom to Syrians but escalating sectarian conflict and war
Seumas Milne: London 2012 is turning into a sponsored security show, but the Games could be opened up to bring the ideal closer to reality
The Olympic Games, which once strove to celebrate the talents of the world's finest athletes, has now sorrowfully become a corporate spectacle that -- for reasons that never compute -- demand the presence of surface-to-air missiles on city rooftops. Seumas Milne writes: "What is being played out in London reflects a legacy of the war on terror and deregulation of unbridled corporate power – both elite blunders that have ended in failure. If those disasters can be overcome, why should it be impossible to end the corporate grip on the Olympics – and create a Games that lives up to its billing?"
If both Seumas Milne and James Delingpole hate the Olympics, they must be doing something wrong.
The London Olympics is a corporate lockdown – why not a Games for all? | Seumas Milne via
Private banks have failed – we need a public solution | Seumas Milne: The Barclays scandal has underlined the Ci...
Seumas Milne: Hi-tech drone death squads are creating a dangerous global precedent, which will do nothing for US security
If there were global justice, Nato would be in the dock | Seumas Milne via
Seumas Milne: Liberia's Charles Taylor has been convicted of war crimes, so why not the western leaders who escalated Libya's killing?
Seumas Milne: The French and Greek elections have already shifted Europe's politics. But it needs real change to hold the right at bay
Seumas Milne: The only reason Johnson is favourite in the capital's mayoral campaign is because it's turned into a version of The X Factor
DTN UK: London mayoral election: if politics becomes a game show, elites call the shots | Seumas Milne: The only...
Seumas Milne: The rise of France's 'third man' and Bradford's by-election both show a left populism can win mass support in this crisis
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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