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Seth Rogan

Seth Rogen (born April 15, 1982) is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, producer, screenwriter, and voice artist.

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I highly suggest everyone go see Neighbors. . Seth Rogan movies never seem to fail to make me laugh.
Seth Rogan is one of my favorite people
I want to meet Russell brand and Seth rogan so bad, but I don't want to talk to either of them. I just wanna listen to them talk.
My boss looks like Seth Rogan without the curly hair, crazy.
Aziz Ansari is on my top 5 fav celebrity list. Along with Seth Rogan, James Franco, The Rock and Pete Wentz. List subject to change
90s tv show called Greeks and geeks, starred James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segal and totally kicked ***
dear god why . “Report: Seth Rogan will play Steve Wozniak in upcoming Steve Jobs film
Seth Rogan is set to play Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bale in the new Steve Jobs movie
Danny McBride, Will Ferrell, Megan Fox and Seth Rogan have all been cast in James Franco film Zeroville.
"Boycott Joss Whedon, Seth Rogan and Patton Oswalt!". I guess technically I already was because I don't watch garbage, but okay. Sure.
We have Patton Oswalt, Seth Rogan & Joss so far. Let other misinformed celebs that don't impact my life speak
Seth Rogan vs Jonah Hill. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
I can't listen to Bound 2 without thinking about Seth Rogan and James Franco grinding.
Written by: “M” It appears that Kim Jong Un, the beloved dictator of North Korea can’t even take a joke – even if it were a movie! Comedic actors Seth Rogan and James Franco star in upcoming movie, in which the play the role …
So as well as announcing some cool stuff tomorrow I am also playing some shows next week. On Tuesday the 14th I am playing at the Cheese and Grain in Frome alongside some excellent acts. Sunday the 19th I am headlining a stage at Carefully Planned Festival in Manchester alongside Seth Rogan impersonator Jimmy Broomfield and The Tiny Tim of Winchester - Max William! What an absolute treat! also NEW TWIN PEAKS! YAY!
Obviously we have James Franco and Seth Rogan to blame for the disappearance of Kim Jong Un   10% Off
I actually wish I was best friends with James Franco and Seth Rogan
Photo: Is the Charlyne Yi to this poor man’s Seth Rogan flick.
Is the Charlyne Yi to this poor man's Seth Rogan flick.
Lindsey Lohans T-shirt in Herby fully loaded. I also noticed in 40yr old virgin Paul Rudd was wearing a rebel machine T-shirt in the bar when Seth Rogan flicks him in the junk.
ICYMI: Adam McKay and Seth Rogan to Team up with Jean Ralphio
starring Seth Rogan as the alcoholic programmer with a heart of gold and Morgan Freeman as the voice of the toilet seat.
Literally why does Undeclared have only one season on Netflix? Seth Rogan, Amy Pohler, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel all from early 2000s 😍
Women prefer men with big bellies. A new study says women prefer men with big bellies. Three out of four women say they'd rather have a man with love handles than a six pack. Almost 100 percent of the women surveyed said men with beer bellies have better personalities than those with a good body. They also say guys in shape prioritize the gym over spending quality time with their significant others. The British survey was carried out to mark the DVD release of the film "Bad Neighbors", which pits buff college boy Zac Efron against family man, Seth Rogan.
Sex w/ Brad Pitt? No way! I want to be the "hot one" in the bedroom. Give me Seth Rogan. Wait, are his *** still big?. Damm…
I wanna hang with Seth Rogan, A$AP Rocky, Donald Glover and Snoop Dogg
Fake snow in the LES while filming a Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan movie.
I retire from the entertainment scene & still get offers 😩 just got 1 to be in a Seth Rogan &Joseph Gordon Levitt movie. Nope no no thanks.
Oh just a little unnamed Xmas movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan filming on my street, no biggie. (puts on shades, scoffs)
If you like romantic indie films watch Take This Waltz! Starring: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, and Luke Kirby!
I want to morph my boyfriend, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, James Franco, James Roday, and Seth Rogan all into the same person.
EXCLUSIVE: Seth Rogan will play Guy Gardner, James Franco will play Hal Jordan and Craig T. Robinson is John Stewart in Batman v Superman!!
This is just gross. Shame on Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman & all the other imbeciles who ignore Israel's war crimes:
So he should have been shot to death? Should we send Ferguson after Seth Rogan and Tommy Chong?
fly to LA to smoke a J with Seth Rogan
I just watched the movie Guilt Trip w Seth rogan n Barbra Streisand n everyone in my house kept saying "omg! That's mom/ Devon!" Finally when she was asked what makes her happy n she said eating, I said ok THATS me! Funny movie!
Because we were talking about Shailene Woodley and Seth Rogan. Anna Faris and Araki came up organically.
Seth Rogan got another classic with Neighbors
I would smoke a blunt with Seth rogan
Seth Rogan's laugh is simultaneously the worst/my favorite thing in the world.
I bet Seth Rogan drank the bong water and that's why he's so whack
Greatest pickup line ever came from Donnie Darko "I like your boobs" -Seth Rogan
And then this monkey *** on the phone told us this girl either dresses like Seth Rogan or Lil Kim. WHAT?! 😂😂😂
I would love to hang out with Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco and the rest of that crew they seem like so much fun
So Tyler just did the funniest Seth Rogan impression.
How could somebody not love Seth Rogan
i thought Seth Rogan was your baby.
I doubt the myth, but just make sure, someone needs to give this script to Seth Rogan
Tonight's the last real night of summer and I'm staying in and I'm probably going to watch some Seth rogan movie and eat nachos
Rihanna says she'd like to do a comedy movie next and work with either Seth Rogan or Sacha Baron Cohen.
I enjoy celebrities who dont take themselves too seriously,ex. Seth Rogan, Robert Pattinson, Sandra Bullock... These famous people are chill
I had no idea was related to Seth rogan!!!
Still can't believe Joe Lammings' Dad played in a band with Seth rogan and Snoop Dog at Boomtown. Why wasn't I there?! 😂
Target girl compared and I to Seth Rogan and James Franco and we decided I was James cause bad jokes/good looks
"I would do very bad things to Seth Rogan." like spelling his name wrong? ;)
Has anyone seen Neighbors with Seth Rogan. Is it worth buying or should I wait for red box...Cause I want it now but not sure it's $15 worth
I want to be in a love triangle with Seth Rogan and James Franco
eat shrimp chips. thinking about Seth Rogan
When watching 'Neighbours' my boyfriend and I decided that we are Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne's characters. Don't even try and tell us no.
Seth Rogan. I have to marry this guy, or at least he be my main dish. Urg I love this dude.
I love Seth Rogan. Is there a 40-something Seth Rogan out there for me? Anyone? Anyone?
Watching Freaks and Geeks and I wanna be Lindsay so I can be friends with the young James Franco, Seth Rogan and Jason Segel
Maybe have like Kevin Bacon in the lead role or if I wanted it to be funny have like Seth Rogan
Seth Rogan is definitely top 5 funniest white guys
Off work finally! Now to throw a few cold ones back and watch Neighbors..Seth Rogan don't let me down! I need some good laughs
I spent way too much time looking at pictures of Seth Rogan today
I think Seth Rogan is really cute. No judging.
Yes Seth Rogan its tragic but get used to it
my future husband and I will be just like Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne in Neighbors lmao
I love Seth rogan and boo it's the best picture ever
Seth Rogan has to be one of my favorite comedy actors to this day 😂😂😂😂
Any movie with Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill is my kinda movie
Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are always hilarious together
I just wanna find my Seth Rogan. Lol
It's the same people that play in Seth rogan movies
I wanna be like Seth Rogan when i grow up
This dude laughs like Seth Rogan. It's killing me 😂
I know I'm not the only one that thinks Seth rogan is attractive
From the comments section: "Seth Rogan is ugly, so who cares if he has back hair." -someone called "catalicious"
Tell me Wilder doesn't look exactly like Seth Rogan...Contribute to this web-series people! Lets laugh some more!
I could listen to Seth Rogan all day
How different life would have been if Seth Rogan got the role of Dwight.
I was expecting a good Seth rogan movie as always lol. Didn't laugh at all. It was like a wannabe project x
I had a dream I was having breakfast with Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Martin Freeman, and Seth Rogan.
John leguizamo is John Goldberg n the rest of cast from End of Days, Seth Rogan's(real Seth Goldberg) title or more like The Goldberg's
|| OMG my Dany is on a page with Seth Rogan and Molly C Quinn. I will some ego!.
I just wanna party with Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and James Franco! 😍😍
In Frankfort, Michigan and just met Michael Moore - THE Michael Moore - shook his hand and he told me I should be Seth Rogan's stand in or body guard! Thanks Monica for pushing me to say Hi
I want a friendship like James Franco and Seth Rogan.
I wish more cops in Dartmouth were like Seth Rogan and Bill Hader in Superbad
North Korea has recently issued threats against the United States based on James Franco and Seth Rogan's upcoming comedy
Expendables 4 is going to star Will Ferrel, John C Reily, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, and Paul Rudd
He is about to declare war over the new Seth Rogan movie. So anything is possible.
watch it!! It was made by Judd Apatow, and Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel are in it too!
I hate when fat celebrities get skinny. Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Fat Joe, Big Boi, & Rick Ross is gettin there. Is' up to DJ Mustard & Khaled
Seth Rogan. James Franco. Jonah Hill. Dave Franco. Actors who actually manage to make me laugh
Because stoners like Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman say they must have free morning after pills.
The dentist I assisted for today had the face of Albert Brooks, the voice of John Goodman and the Jewishness of Seth Rogan
Was just told I look EXACTLY like Seth Rogan. I think I made the wrong choice in glasses
James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segal all in the same show
I just wanna chill with James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, and like Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll
So Tim Howard is the current American hero.. Move over Captain Sully, Seth Rogan, and Michael Bay.
ok well would you buy underwear if Seth Rogan or John Goodman was the model?
I would rather watch Celine Dion have sex with Bryan Adams in a pool of sour cream while Seth Rogan jacks off Mike Myers than watch Bieber
Starring a young James Franco as Herbert West and a young Seth Rogan as an abomination.
Larry King was cold. Neal Brennan, Seth Rogan and some others.
Seth Rogan and James Franco's "The Interview" has Kim Jong Un saying that if it's released, it is considered an act of war. Plz dont release
I wanna visit Kim Jong-un & talk about Seth Rogan's new movie with him
Kim Jong Il got the whole world spooked over his beef with a Seth Rogan movie and we still consider these street hustlers hard.
In other political news. Did y'all read the Time article that said the president of North Korea has declared war if there is a movie released later this year starring Seth Rogan and James Franco that is a comedy about the US killing him?
Kim Jong Un's rewrites for seth rogen and James Franco's "the interview" from mike scollins - This week North Korea warned that releasing The Interview, the upcoming film where Seth Rogan and James Franco attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un, will be considered an act of war and put the US in danger o…
James Franco and Seth Rogan may start a war...
Watching Freaks and Geeks and it has Jason Segal, James Franco, and Seth Rogan. Lol @ the early 2000s
North Korea is threatening war against the U.S because of the movie Seth Rogan and James Franco are in
North Korea threatens war over the upcoming Seth Rogan & James Franco movie
"Jason Segal, Michael Cera, Seth Rogan, Kevin Hart and James Franco in ONE film, dam". Proper serious squad right there
Kim Jong Un swears "merciless" retaliation if the new Seth Rogan film is released! . * I can't stop laughing at this
comedy/drama about highschool kids, has James Franco, Jason Segal, Seth Rogan, Martin Starr from 15 years ago
take this as a compliment but you guys look like bizarro Rhonda Rousey and Seth Rogan!
There's a movie about James Franco and Seth Rogan attempting to assassinate Kim Jung-un coming out. I'm in.
Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel, The Pretty Young Things Thank you, Vanity Fair, for giving recognition to some of our favorite modern day comedians in your April 2009 issue. From Seth Rogen's Frida Kahlo to Russell Brand's Charlie Chaplin, your all star celebrity photographers ca…
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James Franco, Seth Rogan and Janis Ian all in a movie together. Cannot contain my excitement.
Seth Rogan is in Donnie Darko. O.o he's the guy who says "I like your boobs."
Why is Seth Rogan in Donnie Darko this doesn't make sense
And if you could hang out and have a drink with any actor (just because you think they would be cool and fun), who would it be? I would say Vince Vaughn or Seth Rogan.
Top 3 male celebrities I'd hang out with if presented the opportunity: . Seth Rogan. Vince Vaughn . Slug
Seth Rogan and James Franco's new film, 'The Interview,' is the Kim Jong-un assassination comedy you didn't know you wanted--WATCH:
This Fall, Seth Rogan and James Franco will have to kill Kim Jong Un... via
There's another chapter in the James Franco/Seth Rogan bromance in 'The Interview' – the pair are going to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
James Franco and Seth Rogan as spies sent to assassinate Kim Jong-un? In. So in. Totally in.
Seth Rogan and James Franco's next movie has released it's first trailer:
Ben Stiller as Mordo. Seth Rogan as the voice of Dormammu! Kristen Wiig as Clea! A puppet as the Ancient One. GIVE ME THE KEYS TO HOLLYWOOD!
I'd love to be locked in a room with Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill
Cousin (Of Jesus Jones fame) just told me he's mate's with Seth Rogan and Seth's been chasing his wife for years...*Act cool*...
Let me offer a handkerchief to Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow, poor misunderstood artists
So now according to a film critic, Ann Hornaday, it's Seth Rogan's fault for causing Elliot Rodgers to go on a killing spree...?! He killed 6 innocent people and terrorized a whole city, stop trying to justify what he did by blaming it on others. It's pathetic that his parents were well aware of his sickness, now having people defending him?!
I don't understand the appeal of Katie Couric whom I just saw on the Daily Show and her face doesn't move from so much Botox. I also don't understand why people think Scarlett Johansen is such a great actress. I find her boring. The girl from Twilight too. No range. And Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan. I don't find any of them compelling.
It's like Pineapple Express if Seth Rogan was a slug and James Franco wears cardigans bantz
Seth Rogan and Snoop Dog in a room together
Off to see the new Seth Rogan one at Mate not keen on saying were off to new new Zak Efron one
Me and Chris are literally Seth Rogan & Rose Byrne in Neighbors
It was all about Seth Rogan and Christopher Mintz Plasse ! If you don't know them that will be sad..
When girls say they want a guy like Seth Rogan I get so mad. I know like 20 guys like Seth Rogan & not a single one has a girlfriend.
Seth Rogan and James Franco forever. The bromance is real.
Every single time I hear bound 2 all I can think about is James Franco and Seth Rogan on that motorcycle 😂😂
The neighbor was so good I love Seth rogan
Can you please type in "ew!" On YouTube and watch all of the jimmy Fallon & will Ferrell, Zac Efron, Seth rogan and changing Tatum PLEASE
I had a dream that Seth Rogan lead me around a city and we almost died
My math teacher laughs like Seth rogan lololol
Neighbors, starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron, unseats The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the top of the US box office.
you should watch Undeclared! Best underrated show ever. It's got Seth Rogan, Charlie Hunnam,and Jay Baruchel
Imagine if Seth Rogan/ those guys and will Ferrell and his guys did a movie together. I'll be waiting.
I would like to go and see Bad Neighbours because I fancy Seth Rogan.
Life would be better if I had Seth Rogan's laugh
That moment when some random girls ask to take a pic with Seth Rogan... Sorry to disappoint you, but he's a lot richer
Young Seth Rogan in Freaks and Geeks looks weird. In other news, Netflix FTW!
"You know why knees are the best part of the body? They're joints" Oh Seth Rogan!
Defiantly going to watch Bad Neighbours next week! All Films with Seth Rogan in are funny!
it's chill. Seth Rogan's Jewish and he gets punked on by frat boys the whole movie in Neighbors. So I'm down to see that.
Seth Rogan is my husband. .that is all ;)
Just watch the neighbors, best movie I've seen for a long time!! Complete Seth Rogan fan for sure!!!
Seth Rogan wearing OF stuff throughout most of "Neighbors" was pretty cool
Seen the Seth Rogan joint Neighbours, thought it wuz humorous and had some sweet scenes. Not really into Seth Rogan movies but there was no Jonas Hill in it so that makes it alrite...
I cannot even begin to explain the extent of my feelings towards Seth Rogan.
Man Seth Rogan got my stomach
My bro and I went to taco bell. He started to put chopsticks in his mouth saying he looked like a walrus. So I asked him what would a person with a wlarus head hlook like? O.o and he said Seth Rogan ***
It makes me laugh how every funny/fluffy celebrity reminds me of my brother! My own personal Seth Rogan lol love and miss you bubba! Ian Messersmith
Amazing Spider-Man 2 was pretty good... The new Seth Rogan movie Neighbors was actually really funny, prb Seth Rogan's best movie so far
went to the movies with my sister tonight,saw neighbors. pretty funny movie with Zac Efron and Seth Rogan.
Movie night all night with my baby brother Billy James Jr. It's not Seth Rogan billy it's not him.
The word has been read by many but understood by few. Otherwise we wouldn't hoard money and materials as we do. Yet a life with riches, has many billions of eyes wondering how? Wondering if Seth Rogan likes ding wong dow? I dream of a civic influence to flow between you and I. I dream of a day with peace around this world sharing this sky. I dream of a day when money no longer is an issue. I dream of the days when I could watch Disney and not need a tissue. Alas I dream for you to dream again like when you were a kid. Don't pee on the seats either, please lift the lid.
Where are all the anti-establishment comedians? We're burdened with lowbrow bathroom humor from the likes of Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow. We need another Ramis, another Carlin, another Reitman.
"Neighbors" is a hard-R comedy about a thirty-something couple, Mac and Kelly Radner (Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne), who just bought their first home and had their first baby, Stella (played adorably ...
That awkward moment your watching Bad Neighbours and you realise your Seth Rogan
Just been to see Bad Neighbours and I can honestly tell you what a film its hilarious right from the start.. Seth rogan and Zac Efron are brilliant in it!!
The neighbors SUCKED! Id have to say that was the worst movie I've seen Seth Rogan act In
I've been told multiple times today that I look like Seth Rogan. :|
Second film in a week...let's see if Seth Rogan trumps Cameron Diaz
For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I recommend Bad Neighbours, not the same laugh factor as other films starring Seth Rogan, but really funny in parts and didn't drag out too long. A solid 4/5!
Movie Trivia Question of the Day: What was Seth Rogan's first cinematic movie?
After watching the movie Neighbors, my cousin and I started to play basketball (shirtless) when he looks at me and says "I'm zach effron, you're Seth rogan" I'd kill him if he wasn't so funny
Gonna go apply for jobs all day and go see that new seth rogan movie. Hmu if you wanna cruise
Oh! I was confused! Not Seth Rogan, but ANDY SAMBERG is hosting SNL this week! Just as great! So excited! Definitely rushing home after our Union Project show to watch it!
Most of the 50 people I watched Woody Allen's new flick "Fading Gigolo" with Monday were elderly ladies who laughed a lot. Interesting looking actresses & old buildings in NYC. Had to change seats once for a bit more space. On deck - "Neighbors" a comedy with Seth Rogan about a married couple & a college fraternity that moves in next door . Thinking "Animal House"?
After watching Bad Neighbours I can't help but think that Rose Byrne would have dealt with the whole Insidious thing a lot better if married to Seth Rogan
Serious *** did i just watch moments this is the end starring seth rogan *** man just ***
So the movie neighbors with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron is AWSOME! very funny. Had a fantastic day/ night with my guy. Im a very happy girl
The only reason I watched "Bad Neighbours" was to see Seth rogan's sex scenes OMFGG help meh:0
Well Neighbors was a lot better than I expected. However I did predict the two things that occur the most in a Seth Rogan movie; weed and back hair.
pineapple express.grandmas boy.hmmm.decisions decisions!! i hate having to choose! 😣 i guess the real question here is...seth rogan, or nick swardson? and the winner is.Grandmas Boy w/ Nick Swardson! seth is hilarious, but i find nick's humor to be funnier💗
Neighbors was funny af seth rogan never dissapoints
Neighbors was silly... Had it's moments but overall... Kinda silly and dumb. A slight over abundance of 'Seth Rogan' humor and 'awkward' humor. It kills me that I would have this mentality but I think I'm too old for this movie :-/
Went to the movies tonight with my daughter Jillian Landry and Michelle DiMaria to see Neighbors. OMG. Laughed until my head and stomach hurt. Love Seth Rogan. A must see if you want a good laugh.
Jacob Gould hey what's that movie with Seth Rogan where he gets that girl knocked up? Me- um knocked up... Lol
Watching Neighbors Seth Rogan is hilarious and omg Zack Efron umm... Well enough said
I find Seth Rogan funny, but I think he is a bit of a self rightious *** sometimes.
Zac Efron and Seth Rogan are amazing together! And Dave Franco is hotter than ever!!
Saw movie at Cinema..Bad Neighbours...Stars Seth Rogan/Zac Efron...Story about a Couple who have Fraternity guys move in next door & take exception to the noise levels,etc..Lots of rowdy Party scenes & some funny/gross out jokes..Not everyone's taste...An ok comedy..6/10 ;)
I really want to see neighbors:) with Seth rogan. The interview he did about how the idea of the movie came about was so cute.
Okay Seth Rogan, you've fooled me with your improv weed movies for the last time.
Just saw Neighbors and it was awesome!! Seth Rogan you never disappoint. O ya and did I mention 22 Jump Street is coming.
Neighbors was amazing, the Seth Rogan and Zac Efron fight was funny as ***
It was bittersweet only seeing the back of Seth Rogan's head today at dinner but have no fear Seth! We shall meet one day when you produce and star in the screenplay i just wrote!
Dexter, darth Vader and seth rogan. Im good with that
this weather is giving me Seth Rogan hair.:/
just made Scott Lenn Richie ask a guy if he was related to Seth Rogan!
Someone come see Neighbors with me tomorrow because I need a dose of Zac Efron with a dash of Seth Rogan.
This is a quote from Seth Rogan (very under rated actor if you ask me) totally summed up how I feel about my wife. So much truth to this. "Again, in movies they like to portray marriage like 'oh the wife and husband are always arguing and bickering,'" he said. "For me and my wife...the easiest part of my life is my marriage. Like if everything was as smooth and easy and fun as my relationship with my wife then I would have a much easier time getting through the day. We really get along and we like the same stuff."
Just saw Neighbours with Zack Enron and Seth Rogan.inappropriate and funny
So today I went and took myself to a movie for the first time in a while since I dont see much anymore. Decided on the new kids flick out there.. Neighbors!! Yes, that was sarcasm cause holy cow there were lots of little ones in the theatre... Was a funny flick tho and Seth Rogan was Seth Rogan so that was good.. I give it a thumbs up, just leave the kids at home.
Neighbors. Seth Rogan is my man crush.
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Blockbuster announcement at Cannes Film Festival: Terrence Malick’s next film, "All the Bananas", will star James Franco, Seth Rogan, Mark Wahlberg, and Scarlett Johansson. All the Bananas: When a disgruntled and unproduced screenwriter (Franco) discovers that all blockbuster movies are written by a roomful of monkeys chained to typewriters he vows to expose this to the world. Studio head (Rogan) hires the monkeys to kill the screenwriter before they are exposed. The monkeys, led by Wahlberg, find out that it's not a screenwriter that wants to expose them but a group of rival monkeys, led by Johannson, who want the endless supply of bananas given to the first group of monkeys. A world war between monkeys erupts threatening civilization and Hollywood as we know it. A ménage à trois between "Planet of the Apes," "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "Swimming with Sharks." Music by Beyoncé West. Can't wait to see it!
Watching new Seth Rogan movie... neighbours... its hilarious. Wish I wasn't falling asleep! Lol.
Now I know these pain pills are messing with me...just finished watching Seth Rogan's movie 'This is the End', and I liked it! Time to get off the drugs, lol.
I didn’t realize that Moms' Night Out was a “Christian” film until I saw the production studios – Affirm Films, Pure Flix Entertainment and Provident Films. While critics hate it, and rightfully so, it seems to resonate with audiences. I have to say that I didn’t hate it, I actually laughed a few times and I’d recommend it to parents being driven crazy by young kids who need a reason to get out for a couple hours. While most moviegoers will be talking about Seth Rogan and the filthy Neighbors this weekend, Moms' Night Out is a wholesome alternative that is good for a few modest laughs. I’m going suggest this one to Wendy especially since there is a kid named Zoe. Saturn rating (6/10) for the right audience.
saw "Neighbors"...don't waste your money...watching Seth Rogan having sex made me want to throw's so bad.
This flu bug makes my laugh sound like a cross between Seth Rogan and Fran Drescher. Super sesaaay!!
Just seen Bad Neighbours, seth rogans the hottie in that film, not Zac Efron!
Bad Neighbours was actually brilliant loved it!! Seth Rogan gets sexier! Sorry Josh Ward
Okay... Steve and I went to see the movie "Neighbors" on Mother's Day. It is NOT for kids! It is funny... and I NEVER thought that I would ever say this about Zac Efron, but WHOA! He has an amazing body! Seth Rogan, not so much. lol. If you see the movie, you will know exactly what I mean! lol. There are so many good movies that are coming out soon! "Lets Be Cops" "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and a couple more! I'm ready to see them now!
When is Seth Rogan gonna do some real acting?
If there aint buttlers, suit and ties, Champaign,zaboomafoo, and Seth Rogan, then I aint going...
Bad Neighbour is a great film a must watch, seth rogan funny dude and his wife is not to shabby either! :p
But I don't wanna milk u. Omg they look like my grandma's legs. Lol you totally made that movie Seth Rogan. If you haven't seen neighbors yet. Go see friends you will most definitely laugh your *** off
We went to town today with Joleen, to go and see "Bad Neighbours" the new Seth Rogan movie, not bad. I think I would have enjoyed it at home on the sofa more, 7/10
I recommend going to see Bad Neighbours, so funny. Gotta love Seth Rogan!
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I had a dream last night I was cheating on Tim with Seth rogan dream Gail knows how to get herself in trouble with style!
David and I going to see "Neighbors" in a half hour! We both love those crazy comedies!! Love Seth Rogan also - he is so funny! This theater just opened. Like all the new theaters (heard there is one in Freehold and one in Menlo Park) with the leather reclining seats! David never went to one. I went with Gropper to Mercato which has it also.
Seth rogans neigbors or the amazing spiderman 2 ?
So Jay z gets slap by solange..jay z now has found problem 100 -Seth Rogan lol
This is effin awesome, and why I would hypothetically F*Rogan!!!
fine. Seth Rogan looks like a white Howard Jones. Better?
When you realize Howard Jones kinda looks like a black Seth Rogan.
I hope Seth Rogan doesnt turn into what Adam Sandler turned into
Neighbors was awkwardly bad. No more Seth Rogan please. You're worse than Vince Vaughn now.
Seth Rogan is my new favorite actor bc he repped odd future clothes pretty much the entire movie. The neighbors was to legit
Coming up on The Juice now we're chatting to NKOTB, Millie Mackintosh, Zac Efron, Seth Rogan and we're giving away Pompeii goodie bags :) Sean
I'm trying to go from the Seth Rogan body to the Zac Effron. Needa start hitting the gym harder.
PALive Movies: Weekend of May 10th and May 11th: Seth Rogan makes his return to the big screen this we...
Neighbours was jokes, Seth Rogan was hilarious.
Bad Neighbours was really funny, Seth Rogan is the man.
I think Seth Rogan is a hilarious actor but srsly, what's all the rude comments he's making about Justin?
you need to see this, classic Seth Rogan and James Franco
Each time we watch This Is The End, Jackie & I always realize how J Franco I am, how Seth Rogan Veronica is, & how Jay Baruchel Jackie is.
My boys took me to see "Neighbors" with Seth Rogan today and then to Chipotle's. Yes, at times I have the maturity level of a teenage boy. Laughed so hard!
Love Seth Rogan, but was the worst thing I have ever seen.
Finally saw the new Spider-Man today.. The ending.. I have no words✋. Then I saw Bad Neighbours which was hilarious, couldn't stop laughing through the whole Zac Efron and Seth rogan fight😂
So this week I've watched -worlds end with Simon Pegg -this is the end with Seth Rogan And end of days with big arny! I think I'm trying to subconsciously tell myself that the end is coming! End of days was the best of the 3! What a great actor...
"John madden before Jasmin from Aladin" - Neighbors. Great movie worth seeing! Seth Rogan and Zach Efron make for a funny on screen match.
Watching Pineapple Express on TV during the day is hilarious because of all the creative ways they come up with to censor swears. Maybe I'm crazy but I'm pretty sure Seth Rogan didn't just call James Franco a casserole.
Watchin NEIGHBORS with the wife and Seth Rogan said TRILL!!!
Going to watch that new Seth Rogan movie. Looks funny.
I really wanna party with Seth Rogan.
I wonder if this Seth Rogan movie is funny?
OMG Seth Rogan and Zac Effron was hilarious in Neighbors!! Best movie a feel good must c!!
would love to go see tha new film Bad Neighbours.most films with Seth Rogan in them are class
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Watching this movie with seth rogan called 50/50. Its a great movie but his friend has cancer and his girl friend is horriable to him! That girl is an example on how not to be!
I had another dream that I was dating Seth Rogan. I'm not sure what this means.
Spidey not so Amazing. Beat on Friday by Seth Rogan film. Expected to lose weekend.
I think I'll go see "neighbors" today... Hope all the funny parts are just In the trailer... I'm a Seth Rogan fan, I have faith he'll deliver. Still haven't seen spider man 2 or captain America 2. I KINDA wanna see that new James Franco movie too..
Number one on my bucket list is to chill with Seth Rogan, such a cool guy!😱
The most L.A. thing happened to me and Gloria last night: We decided to watch the sports movie "Draft Day" in Century City. When we arrived to buy tickets the attendant told us someone bought out the entire movie for a private viewing. A few moments later, in walks Seth Rogan, McLovin and entourage.
Alright.. I think it's safe to say that the movie "neighbors" is one of the worst movies I have ever seen... Say goodbye to your acting career Seth Rogan. Lol
I performed heart surgery on a cow last night Oh! And Seth Rogan came by to visit ...
Bad Neighbours - funny film but Seth Rogan should never get fully naked and recreate a sex scene! I feel scarred!
That new movie Neighbors with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron looks hilarious. I'm thinking a trip to the movies is needed soon
Guy at gym called me the "Seth rogan" of mma... I think it was a fat joke lol
I am officially a seth rogan fan!!! He hates justin bieber as much as I do lol
Don't miss this weekend! Staring non other than Zak Efron, Seth Rogan, and Dave (Baby) Franco. Going to be a great one.
Neighbors was an awesome movie! If you like comedies or Seth Rogan go see it! I laughed the whole time.
Zac Effron has come a long way since high school musical, thank god for Seth Rogan for doing him justice in Neighbors!
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No, I will not support anything Seth Rogan, nor will I support anyone who has to go out of their way to BASH & HATE on Justin Bieber as a desperate attempt at publicity. If ur nAmes not, Lil twist, lil raz, or u ain't a member of the lil Rascals - then shut the Fack UP!!!
Saw neighbors last might Seth Rogan is amazing lmao
The things I would do to have a smoke with Seth rogan and James Franco it would be sick
Just watched Bad Neighbors... pretty good movie but naked Seth Rogan was a little disturbing :-)
I was told I look like Seth rogan at corkies tonight. Not at all... But hey that's a new one to add to the list of people I look nothing like but have been told I look like them.
She looks like Seth rogan in a dress
So I have decided that seth rogan is my hero. Bad Neighbours is possibly the best film ever made!!
Just saw Neighbors. It was alright. Typical Seth Rogan stuff. At least I had great company!!!
well Zac and Dave are leaders of this frat that moves in next door to this family with a baby. (Seth Rogan father)
After not going to a movie theater in over 5 months, it was quite eventful to go on the same night as Zack Effron, Seth rogan, David Franco and Amy Poehler!
Seth rogan is hilarious. The neighbors was good
I used to think of Zach Efron as a little boy. But now, I'm pretty sure I'm madly in love with that little boy and I want to marry Seth Rogan. Neighbors was hilarious!
Neighbors (Two thumbs up). Makes me want to go to a Rave with Seth Rogan.
So i just saw the Neighbors and I think I figured out the Seth Rogan formula. "Overweight every day guy smokes weed with his buddies, runs into something that threatens his livelihood, then teams up with his buddies to eliminate said threat thus resulting in hijinks and phallic jokes". It's getting pretty old at this point to be honest.
;proud to say I didn't get sloshed and " turnt" LOL. The neighbours is definitely a five star & a must watch, gotta love Seth Rogan. 😌💕 bongrips & bedtime.. Early night for me. Go Kitana ☝✌
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Our neighbors gave us tickets to go see "Neighbors" today...omg its beyond funny!! I was one of the many people screaming with laughter. Seth Rogan and Zack Efron...yep...hysterical.but do NOT take kids lol...
Intro to neighbors by Seth rogan and cast
Just saw the new movie Neighbors. It is hilarious. Zac Efron and Seth Rogan are great in it.
Angel Quintero took me to watch the Neighbors ! Omega funny. Seth Rogan is hilarious!! but tomorrow is exactly 8 days until my birthday! I have no idea what my old *** wants to do.
Neighbors with seth rogan.awesome. saw it with my babe Bruce Wardell
I love Seth Rogan and the bestie. Let the neighbors begin ♡
So cool! Seth Rogan, Zac Efron and the cast of Neighbors showed up to the movies!
OK, gotta say, not a huge fan of Seth Rogan but "Neighbors" was hilarious!
Just saw the movie Neighbors with my wife. Thought I was going to hate it...was insanely funny!!! I love Seth Rogan. Even Zac Efron was really good in it. Was so surprised. Go see this movie. You will laugh your head off. Two thumbs up!
Saw Neighbors tonight. My thoughts: 1. When did Zac Efron get soo dang fine???!!! 2. It was nice to see Rose Byrne use her native accent. 3. Seth Rogan. Period. 4. Pretty funny movie, I enjoyed myself throughly.
Had a great night tonight. Everyone go check out the movie" Neighbors" with Seth rogan.
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