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Seth Rogan

Seth Rogen (born April 15, 1982) is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, producer, screenwriter, and voice artist.

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Three good movies to watch that I'd recommend. Dallas Buyers Club - I expect that Matthew McConaughey will win the Oscar for this. I haven't seen Nebraska yet or 12 Years a Slave, but McConaughey is REALLY impressive in this film. I didn't think he had it in him to be honest. Christian Bale is incredible in American Hustle. I wasn't impressed at all by Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street. Blue Jasmine - Absolutely the darkest Woody Allen movie ever. Cate Blanchett is incredible in it. I think Amy Adams is REALLY good in American Hustle. Sandra Bullock is okay in Gravity and Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep great in August: Osage County. I haven't seen Philomena yet. This is the End - Mindless comedy from Seth Rogan and his crew. FUNNY as *** but equally as stupid. I think James Franco is HYSTERICAL in this one as is Jonah Hill. If you're looking to head out to the movies...there's a couple of suggestions for you.
Now, I'm not a huge fan of being sick, but fever dreams are AMAZING. I just flew, watched a cemetery get overtaken by a giant wave, went to the oscars, made a pair of mittens and had a photo shoot with Gwen Stefani and Seth Rogan.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! We are in for some exciting movie previews to premier during tonight's game! So even if you aren't a football fan you can look forward to seeing previews for: "Need For Speed", an adaptation of the video game franchise starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Marvel's next phase 2 film, "Captain America: Winter Soldier" The Kevin Costner football picture "Draft Day". Darren Aronofsky's ("Black Swan") take on the biblical epic "Noah". "Transformer: Age of Extenction" starring Mark Wahlberg. Spider-man will be back with Jamie Foxx for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" George Clooney and Matt Damon will team up to save art from the Nazi's in "The Monuments Men" A new take on "Robocop" And finally Seth Rogan's new comedy "Neighbors"
Freaks and Geeks, because grunge. Thats why. Because James Franco. Because Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, and the rest of them. Because this show shouldnt have been taken off; but at least it helped start careers.
There is no better combination than Jason Segal, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and Paul Rudd.
Anyone seen the movie "This is the End"? It's got Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and James Franco in it. They play themselves in LA and the world's coming to an end. I saw it the first tonight. So funny. Lol
Just watched a most hysterical movie called "This Is The End" about the apocolypse and you're trapped in James Franco's house. So funny! All celebrities starring as themselves! Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan! Watch it. Too funny!
I didn't think their could be cooler best friends around when James Franco & Seth Rogan became bff's. But then Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill became bff's. Now i don't know what to think.
Seth Rogan and James Franco's Bound 2 video is pure art
FINALLY watched "this is the end" last night with James Franco and Seth Rogan. So friggin funny! I laughed to hard my stomach hurt. One of my new favs.
Watching this very bizarre movie - "This is the End." Love the characters - many from FREEKS AND GEEKS. Seth Rogan rocks, but I wish Jason Segal had a bigger part (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) - Did anyone really pay to see this?
So I found this show on Netflix called Freaks and Geeks and it has all these awesome actors in their first major roles on tv like Jason Segal and Seth Rogan and James Franco and my favorite John Francis Daley (Lance Sweets from bones). They were so cute when they were little.
Watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. Such a funny show, too bad it got cancelled after the first season, that's just crazy town! How could you ever go wrong with a tv show that has James Franco, Seth Rogan, AND Jason Segal?! Seriously?!
Freaks and geeks is like the most perfect show it has Seth Rogan, James Franco AND Jason Segal i just cant it's awesome.
Seth Rogan and Jason Segal are the most beautiful men on the planet.
Jonah Hill will be all "see ya" to Seth Rogan and James Franco now he's big time with Leo
Nothing brings a smile to my face at 6am like thinking of Seth Rogan and James Franco's rendition.
John's Dream Spaceballs Remake: Jennifer Lawrence is the princess, Jack Black is Barf (Seth Rogan is his understudy), Donald Glover is Dark Helmet, Jason Segal is Lonestar, Ben Stiller is Colonel Sanders, Wanda Sykes is Dot Matrix, and Mel Brooks is Mel Brooks.
I'm a mixture of Andy Samberg, Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill
Why am I beginning to fall in love with Seth Rogan THIS IS NOT OKAY
A Vince Vaughn x Seth Rogan movie is what I want.
Last night came like a seth rogan movie 😂
Neighbors with Seth Rogan looks funny af.
Wow, Seth Rogan was in Donnie a Darko. So mint
"This is the dark side dont join the dark side." -Seth Rogan -Fan Boys
I liked a video James Franco and Seth Rogan Do Kanye West's Bound 2: See it Side by Side
Lmfao I love how vulgar Seth Rogan can be 😂
did you see the James Franco and Seth Rogan remake? 😂
it's got James Franco Seth rogan and Jason Segal
I can't listen to Bound 2 without picturing James Franco and Seth Rogan.
*Turns into Seth rogan while riding a motorcycle with James*
Neighbors with zac effron and Seth rogan looks extremely funny.
Three girls One bike (so glad I got to see my best friends ❤️) @ Seth Rogan's Shelter
Ken (baby Seth Rogan) when he gets super into the moshing at the punk club.
Whenever I hear bound 2 I just think of Seth rogan and James Franco
I hate you .. and you .. no not you the guy that looks like Seth Rogan .. yeah you, and you i love you
Hey Seth Rogan and me have shoulder hair
Seth Rogan & James Franco are the greatest duo.
I mean if Jason Segal, James Franco, and Seth Rogan all offered me pot I would totally be down
I just imagine to be similar to seth rogan
that's right. Don't come back until you're in a film with Seth Rogan.
i just watched the funniest movie its a must watch called Paul with seth rogan as an alien it is so funny
How many times have we seen Jason Segel or Seth Rogan naked? That's not fun for anyone and we still don't care.
If only there were more cops like Seth Rogan & the other dude in superbad
alright thanks, Ima hit you up for further notice
Neighbors Official Trailer (2014) - Zac Efron, Seth Rogan and Dave Franco Movie HD I wanna see this.
Seth Rogan game rapid fire. And the actor is Ben Stiller...GO!
Christian bale, Jared Leto, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, James and Dave Franco are my favorite male actors tbh
you would record Sum for me if Nick does that?
Erin Esaman Doucette just told me she has a crush on Seth Rogan. I'm pretty sure she and I are not related.
The movie The Guilt Trip is horrible, come on Seth Rogan.
If Seth Rogan is in something, there's a fantastic chance I'm gonna watch it
Seth rogan and James Franco in bound 3
The movie Neighbors with Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogan look hilarious af😂
I've watched Greys anatomy so many times and I just notice Seth rogan is in an episode. How did I not notice?😧
They got wendys at wingstop lol with seth Rogan in the corner
Being best pals with James Franco and Seth Rogan is my dream
Why does no one agree that Kiffin looks like Seth Rogan.
What 5 celebrity's would you go on a pub crawl with? Mine; 1) Seth rogan 2) Russel Brand 3) Noel Fielding 4) Derek Acorah 5) Duncan Ferguson We'd have a ball in the ship and mitre!
Watching the '40 year old virgin' and remembering how hot I find chubby, curly haired Seth Rogan! But not sure if he counts as a guilty crush or not though.
Ben and Casey's movie review: This is The End. Disclaimer we turned it off and went to bed so haven't seen the end. C: what do you give it? B: 1.5 stars C: it was so lame! Lame idea. Lame comedy. Lame cameos. 1.5 from me. Michael Cera was funny at the start and James Franco was funny throughout. Seth Rogan and jay were awful. The Harry potter chick was awful. She can't do comedy. B: she seemed out of place entirely. C: if people want an oddball comedy they should watch Hot tub time Machine. That was funny. B: we didn't see the end of that either. C: stupid tv. Intelligent record my *** I wish I had a hot tub time machine so I could go back in time and tape the show AFTER hot tub time machine So I could see the end. B: hot tub. C: in conclusion, don't rent THis is the End.
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It's now obvious to me that I have a Seth Rogan obsession.
Paul bluray dvd signed by seth rogan the voice if paul genuine signature £10 ovno
Who has had a person you wish had the Seth rogan laugh go every time they spoke?
I like Kanye West's 'Bound 2', yes the one that's parodied by Seth Rogan and James Franco. Yes the one that's got Kim Kardashian with dead eyes featuring in the film clip. I'm crediting the samples he uses for my enjoyment. And maybe the chorus as well.
Watching Judd Apatows wife on Jay Leno; that woman is so high she makes Seth Rogan look like Bill O'rielly!!
Our randomness for today; Ryan was trying to imitate a funny laugh... Me: "...It`s just like Seth Rogan is in my bed..." Ryan: "Really!? I want to be in your band too!" :-/
The shadow and phatom should have their own film by now as long as it doesn't involve seth Rogan who utterly destroyed The Green Hornet charcter.
Rented the new Evil Dead remake & This is the Seth Rogan. i got tix for our show on the 25th/10$/the hop. & were playing next sat the 18th/the viking.
Just saw a trailer for a movie coming this summer called "Neighbors" starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron. Story about a young couple with a baby and a fraternity (Delta Psi) who moves in acrosss the street. # Hilarious, present day "Animal House". Can't wait for this to open!
Watched This is the End. Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill are awesome!! :) xx
The most bizarre thing happened to me last night! I was watching the movie "The Guilt Trip" (because I'm a Seth Rogan fan) and I found myself oddly attracted to Barbara Steisand.yes, Barbara Streisand!! Can somebody tell me what this means because I am highly confused over this!
Seth Rogan is far more attractive to me than Kim Kardashian so I think the parody video Bound 3 is so much sexier than Bound…
Everyone needs to watch "this is the end" with seth rogan it was absolutly hilariouse i wanna watch it again lol :D
Just got told by a customer that I look like Seth rogan... Never will I wear my hair curly to work again.
Watched a comedy movie called "This is the end" with Seth Rogan now I'm watching Peoples Choice awards then its bed time for me. Have a great evening People. :-)
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I feel like Seth Rogan when he tells Kathryn Heigl's hormones off in Knocked Up. I hate you hormones! Is it February yet?
Movie trivia!!! Tv edition. Before spiderman, Pineapple Express, and how I met your mother... James Franco, seth rogan, and Jason Segal were in what fox tv show?
I'm stressed. I need to watch a Seth Rogan movie.
I would love one day wen im up to smoke a joint with seth Rogan jona hill micheal cera an the rest of they team frm knocced up/superbad.dem *** is comedy
I'm warching tthat movie with James Franco, Seth Rogan, Emma Watson the end i thibk its called
Trying to lift my spirits, hopefully this should be funny...gotta love Seth Rogan
Original wheels from the 2011 green hornet movie with seth rogan. 1969 Chrysler with the green lights
Seth Rogan and Babs in a movie together..not sure I can resist it
is going to come back in the next life as Seth Rogan's anal bead.
i'm basically Seth Rogan but not jewish
I'm watching the bloopers of the movie Seth Rogan did with Barbara Streisand so that's how exciting my day is.
Watched "Donnie Darko" again last night. That movie is pretty tight. I forgot tht Seth Rogan was in it. S/O Jake Gyllenhaal & Patrick Swayze
We thought it was going to be funnier because Seth Rogan was in it.
I hate justin Bieber!!! He's a flaming *** And his *** is small. But Seth rogan on the other hand...M
Neighbors trailer looks like every new parents worst nightmare. Having Seth Rogan's child.
I'm thinking that Celine Dion is def one of my favorite Canadians.right behind Alannis Morrisette, Seth Rogan, and that dude from Full House who always had his hand up that Moose's *** Or maybe it was a woodchuck.
Seth Rogan + James Franco + Bound2 = 😱😂😂😂 almost as awkward as the original LOL
Mr. Ericson reminds me of Seth rogan
I started watcHing FREAKS AND GEEKS last night on Netflix cause I remembered I really liked that show when I was a kid. Now I remember why! Seth Rogan, James Franco, and random appearances from other great comedians when they were all young! Love this show still and so going to finish watching all the seasons every chance I get.
I believe that Seth Rogan is the sexiest man alive, and I will marry him any day, every day, anytime, anywhere.
Seth rogan just taught me how to roll a cross joint
if you haven't watched the parody of bound 2 w/ James Franco & Seth Rogan, youre missing out
And you know James Franco and Seth rogan are a plus
Thank you Seth rogan for showing me how to roll a cross joint
But that Bound 3 video by Seth Rogan and James Franco was pretty disturbing I could not manage to finish it SMH pure faggotry.
Seth rogan and Emma Watson in the same movie?!?!?!
bound 2 is possibly one of the worst things I have ever heard the only good thing to come of it is the James Franco & Seth Rogan parody
Watched Paul tonight: great movie, 3.75 thumbs up, want more kristen wiig, Seth Rogan is a cute alien, maybe a 3 boob motorboat scene at end
yeah he reminds me of seth Rogan xD bring another homegirl!
Jason Segel, James Franco, Seth Rogan, and James Daily are my new favorite actors.
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An hour already wasted watching this movie called the Guilt Trip.. Saw Seth Rogan was in it so I watched it.. ***
Waiting to get a confirmation on my episode
I wanna smoke a blunt with Seth Rogan
hmmm...can't go wrong with freaks and geeks...young James Franco and Seth Rogan!
I need a Seth Rogan in my life... Send me a single funny Jew.
Seth rogan just showed me how to roll a cross joint. don't smoke weed but very helpful information
Seth Rogan is a perfect human being 😍
are you serious he's mine. And so is Seth rogan
The only thing I've learned so far is that I have a crush on young Seth Rogan
Seth Rogan and James Franco are the Funniest People when they work Together
that movie with Seth rogan on the new releases is pretty good
Seth rogan, Jonah Hill, Steve carell, Michael Cera. I just love them all.
Just for the fact that I dreamt it last night that I was acting with Seth rogan
yea I'm never getting those two hours back. And lol I figured with Seth Rogan in it lol.
Seth Rogan and James Franco did it better 😂😭
I know! I'm excited for the Neighbors one with Dave Franco and Seth Rogan. It looks so funny!
is that the one with James Franco and Seth rogan?
Just watched a video on how to roll a cross joint by Seth Rogan. so of me
Seth rogan is a goon in that bound remake.
"Orphans have special needs" - A haunted house; who we find most attractive (dead or alive;) Talk of analysis in literature; double *** Ideas of heaven and *** Our thoughts, wishes, and hopes for the New Year; Seth Rogan; James Marsters; Norman Reedus; Johnny Depp; John Waters; The *** of retail or as Tori states "how retail *** " What we find attractive; Barking dogs; Whiskey (chug, chug, chug;) The characters of "We, James;" Being too wordy; Much love to ...
If Seth Rogan and Carrot Top had a baby, it would be And he is glorious.
Seth Rogan deserves the perfect life
Seth Rogan was absolutely right, Shia LaBeouf has never been more entertaining.
Didn't know Seth Rogan worked the chain gang.
Comics are overrated, my new dream is to become a Seth Rogan impersonator.
I just watched "The Guilt Trip" with Barb. Streisand and Seth Rogan...Too funny. Now I know why none of my kids will travel with me. I am a Jewish mother (minus the religion). It is on Net flix. I am in love with net-flix.
Just finished watching The Guilt Trip with Barbra Steissand and Seth Rogan on Netflix. Cute movie..
Watching Freaks and Geeks...have you seen it? Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, and James Franco are all in it among others...
they should reboot passion of the Christ,having James Franko as Jesus,Micheal Crea as Judis,Vin Disel as the king of Rome,Seth Rogan As Jhon the Apostle,Mila Kunis as Mary Magdalene,Susan Sarandon as The Virgin Mary,Michael Douglas as Joesph and get ready for this.Christoper Walking as office hit.I think so
*** yeah Paul Rudd playing Ant Man sounds pretty legit. Hopefully its not like Seth Rogan playing green hornet.
I had a horrific dream last night that they remade "Tommy Boy" with Seth Rogan. Nearly woke up screaming. Pretty sure I just glimpsed ***
Less than five hours of sleep as per usual. Keeping company with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan while I plan, pack, and clean for SF trip.
Lmao i am obsessed with this show geeks to freaks !!! James Franco seth rogan !
Sometimes I sit and think if I ever met Seth Rogan and James Franco we'd really get along. Like we'd be best buds. :(
9 more hours... thank god for James Franco and Seth Rogan :D
I learned how to roll my cross joints from Seth Rogan ☺
Oh Spaceballs is on Netflix! Also so is the Guilt Trip. I love Streisand but Seth Rogan ruined that movie. The writing wasn't great and his acting was a turn off. Babs did the best she could under the circumstances.
Who decided that Seth Rogan gets to act with Barbara Streisand? What is that
Um I kind of wish there was a romantic comedy with Seth Rogan and Zoey Deschanel...
S things I like: shinji ikari swag sexy people seth rogan Things I dislike: stupid people smartasses sunny anderson
150 like and me n Danyle Wiedman will tell you who Seth rogan is?
Prestige done. Awesome film. Now for a bit of Seth Rogan in Zach and Miri.
Sounds like a helarious idea for a seth rogan film
started watching 'this is the end' .I cannot picture Seth Rogan as anything but a praying fans will get that)
Netflix marathon... So far today I have watched Guilt Trip (Seth Rogan & Barbara Barbra Streisand) and Shrek the Musical and now I have started The 4400. yet another show I will watch half of the first season and get sidetracked and start all over in a few months lol Dad (Kurt Kastner) I think you watched this at one point... is it worth watching?
I can't believe I've never seen Superbad. It's actually really funny and my man Seth Rogan is in it.
Pretty sure I just beat dead rising 3 co op with Seth rogan lol
If any one is raping Emma Watson its seth rogan. Roflmfao
Excellent night last night with Jake Ryan Lee and Gnomie Turner, Bo Burnham and Seth Rogan making me laugh, sigh and feel things in weird places. I can't wait to do it again, you guys are great!
Feeling foggy today, so we watched a couple of movies. Guilt Trip with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan - and Stand Up Guys with Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, and Alan Arkin. Both movies were terrific.
I'm watching "Freaks and Geeks" on FX. James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Siegel. Did you ever watch this?
James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel all in one show
Jason Segel and Seth Rogan are extremely attractive I think!! And to stop it off... their both hilarious & amazing actors :)
Oh my god! How freaking funny is the Seth rogan and James Franco filmclip! PURE GOLD
So I saw the Parody of Kanyez bound 2 Video ..with Seth Rogan and James Franco annnd the Original video was funnier.. worst video and Song I have Seen or heard in a long time..
Fox News's "Red Eye" just told me that China will take over because Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, since we would all turn into Seth Rogan, right after they said the only other place where this is legal is "Amsterdam, which is somewhere in South America" - seriously. How stupid are they?
Man jay and silent bob need to make a return and show Seth Rogan and stoner actors how its done.
Just finished the best short-lived show. James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel in their prime
James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, Dave Allen, like I can go on and on, on how outstanding the cast of 'Freaks and Geeks' Was.
If you have Netflix and are a Mom to a grown son, I highly recommend "The Guilt Trip" with Seth Rogan & Barbra Streisand. Lots of laughs & boo hoo kind of movie!
Watching "Guilt Trip" with Barbara Streisand & Seth Rogan .. Its so sweet & funny. It's making me think of driving with my mom when I was a lil *** .
Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand, not sure how you can mess that up lol
So after talking to a friend about the creationist museum we have decided that Seth Rogan and James Franco should make a movie about Cowboy Jesus and his disciples riding around on dinosaurs, fighting crime and raising people from the dead. It should be called "This is the Beginning".
Hello, On the Fly! I am a UD alumnus and I came upon an amazing event called "Hilarity for Charity" in which you could bring Seth Rogan to UD! The event involves raising awareness and money to cure Alzheimer's. The campus that raises the most money will win a meet and greet with Seth Rogan as well as an early viewing of "The Neighbors" starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron. I have also contacted Active Minds at the University of Dayton to see if they would be interested in participating. Maybe you could work together! Anyway, I hope this can be something on your radar. Please check out the website and PDF attached for information about the competition.
OK I highly recommend Guilt Trip with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan it is HILARIOUS and available now on Netflex
Anyone watching Burning Love? It's on Hulu and it's a spoof of the Bachelor. Michael Ian Black is the host, Ken Marino (Role Models, Party Down) is the Bachelor and many other hilarious people-Kristen Bell, Michael Cera, Adam Scott (Parks and Rec, Stepbrothers) Ken Jeong (Community, The Hangover), Natasha Leggero (last comic standing), Leslie Bibb (Talladegga Nights), Carla Gallo (Superbad), Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Malin Akerman (couples retreat), Paul Sheer and Nick Kroll (The League), Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Seth Rogan, Rebecca Romijn, and many more. My day off will be lazy...
"If marijuana is not legal in the next 5 years I have no faith in humanity, period." -Seth Rogan It looks like there may be hope!
I dreamt that my dream was organized by Judd Apatow. It was awesome, my dude alter ego Seth Rogan was there. He was staring at me because I was so happy I was dancing in my seat...the music was perfect.
Quote of the Year: 'Welcome to the New Universe!' - me Worst Quote of the Year: "The reason you Georgia boys can deer hunt, duck hunt, squirrel hunt, hog hunt, (holding up his Bible) that’s the reason you can do it. What I’m holding in my hand right there. That’d be a Bible. You said, now let me get this right. If it were not for this, you would not hunt here. No sir. Here’s a quote, Georgia. 'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.' George Washington, your first president. You know what they said? Name the capital of our country after him!" - Phil Robertson, wrongly quoting our forefather  Best Lyric of the Year: (TIE!) 'Neptune GO Now serve Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mercury, Venus - uh ha! Uranus! Don’t you know my *** is famous? Mars Now serve for the gods Earth, serve for the stars!' - Gaga, 'Venus' -AND- 'Boy, I'm drinking, I'm singing on the mic 'til my voice hoarse Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboard Surfboard, surfboard Grinding on th ...
In the Netflix Screening Room tonite: "Guilt Trip", Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogan. Wow! Laugh out loud funny and highly entertaining. See it.
22 jump street, new Adam sand let movie, neighbors with Seth rogan, Frankenstein, !? Gonna be a good year for movies!!!
Ok, I'll admit it. It made me cry. I did not want to like this movie simply because Seth Rogan was in it. But he made it through an entire movie without a single drug reference! Way to switch it up, Seth! Very refreshing! Loved it.
I literally had 4 ppl in 5 minutes say I look like Seth Rogan!
Is it wrong that I thought that James Franco and Seth Rogan made a better music vid. Then Kim and Kanyee.
When you find out Josh Hannah is in the same room as Seth Rogan and all you wanna do is cry with jealously lol
What would you do if you were able to hang out with Seth rogan for a week??
I wanna smoke weed with James Franco and Seth Rogan...
Watching Guilt Trip on Netflix with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan on Netflix, funny stuff so far..have a great day, blessings.xoxo Jeje
I was going to get some rest, I was happy I started coloring the illustrations, and like what's happening and made good headway, but see, I stopped by Netflix, and there was Streisand and I LOVE Streisand, and Seth Rogan- How can you go wrong with Seth Rogan, right?- and the movie I'd wanted to see so much last year. (I haven't been to a movie theater in years, and even then they were kid movies, from the person who worked at a theater, just so I could gorge myself silly. Anyhow, A post on my blog, finished one spread, halfway colored another one, I deserve a movie before sleep, so I'm waylaid, YO *** *** *** Guilt Trip here I come.
This cold has given me a seth rogan laugh!!
I've had people compare me to Seth Rogan and Dane Cook, which to me is an honor, and some say Jack Black which just hurts, but recently I've been called Ted Mosby a lot. I can not help but laugh at that and say thank you for the comparison! lol Mosby is awesome! :)
Is it weird that I have a crush on Seth Rogan? Lol
Is it a put down when sumbody tells you this: "If channing Tatum n seth rogan had a son with the personality of James Franco, I'd be that kid!" *** I like huh?
Thanks for all the well wishes and eyes out. That cat came back. Also, Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand made one helluva cute road movie together.
The world may be coming to an end. Jim made me watch a Seth Rogan movie and I laughed out loud! I dislike stupid humor...well usually.
Just watched a few of the top Viral videos of 2013. Has anyone seen the James Franco and Seth Rogan spoof of Kanye West's video? Bound 3. Hilarious!! And the astronaut singing David Bowies Space Oddity while in space. That was pretty incredible.
Due to all the hype last night I finally watched the Seth Rogan/James Franco video.f***ing hilarious!
I'm scared for James Franco... Seth rogan is looking more an more like a pedophile every day... Jk!
Somewhere out in the ethereal universe, way back when, some cosmic wires got crossed, and Seth Rogan got my life... I demand a refund.
If I were to have a spirit animal, it'd be Seth Rogan.
Dream modern recast of can't hardly wait: (age irrelevant) Nerds: Seth Rogan,Jason Segal, and Jay baruchel. Mike Dexter: James Franco Amanda: as obnoxious as Amanda was I should say Kristen Stewart but I'll go with Megan fox or some other vacant *** Denise: Aubrey plaza KENNY WILL ALWAYS BE SETH GREEN. fill the rest in,fools.
HEY FRIENDS so most of you probably don't care but following this introduction is a collection of short reviews/ratings for all the 2013 movies I watched this year. I consider myself the common man's movie critic. I'm not (dreadfully) pretentious or artsy in my taste, and I like to think I can still enjoy the magic and excitement of a fun movie even if it isn't incredibly deep, but I do know enough about film to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Look, that was a movie reference right there, to go with the whole movie theme of this list. we're off to a good start.) I tried to make my brief reviews both insightful and clear, without nerding out too much about film nerd nerdy stuff, and maybe you'll use take some of my recommendations to heart and watch some of my favorites that you missed. so here we go, from worst to best.       Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - 0/10   I watched this with some friends in hopes that it would be this year's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (which, ...
''Don't drink and drive, well don't drink and bone!'' -Seth Rogan Have a happy New year's eve everyone! Let's end this crazy spectacular year with a bang and say goodbye! Ring in the new year and hope its better then the last! Everyone drink responsibly! And Drive responsibly too! Don't do both! Be safe! Tonight is a leading cause of drunk drivers. Let's change that! :D Bring it 2014!
Don't see a movie with Pauly Shore, Adam Sandler, Zac Galaifkis, Rob Reiner, Will Ferrall, or Seth Rogan as a main character
Let's think for a minute; The Jews run Hollywood and they're funny as all *** I mean, Seth Rogan and Mel Brooks to name a couple, am I right? Now imagine if Hitler hadn't killed all those Jews during the holocaust and it had ultimately never happened...imagine how much funnier our world would be today. Just saying.
Have you not seen This Is The End yet, Seth Rogan and a host of other celebrities in this very funny spoof comedy. Available to rent tonight at Prime Time. Today offer 2 films for £5 overnight. Open till 10pm.
“So many *** jokes tonight about James Franco. Apparently, if you’re clean, well dressed and mildly cultured, you’re super *** now. Is that why the rest of you guys are so aggressively fat and dirty? You think if you read one book and take a shower, *** are going to just fly into your face.” Aziz Ansari cuts down comedians Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Jeffrey Ross and Andy Samberg at the Comedy Central roast of James Franco.
I feel like the mom from that weird movie Seth rogan was in The Guilt Trip. Living alone & Crunching on peanut M&M's in bed. Now I understand you Barbara Streisand. Soul sisters.
Why does everyone tell me I kinda look like Seth Rogan and think it's funny and cute? I don't see the resemblance nor do I like the comparison.
.-. Did I ever show you my dad that sounds exactly like Seth rogan?
Seth Rogan says you are supposed to poop 6 times a day
yes Seth rogan should be our friend!
My whole family is in love with Seth Rogan
Neighbors it comes out around May.. Look up the trailer!! Seth rogan is in it too and my other babe Dave Franco ❤️
talking about Seth rogan and James Franco's one?
Me & Pearl are watching This is the End & he said"thanks Seth Rogan"& I instantly freaked out OMG HE HAS THE SAME NAME AS ;)
freaks and geeks. Seth rogan and James Franco in their teens. Amazing
Lmfao thanks to seth rogan and James Franco for Pineapple Express now I just laugh randomly thinking of that movie !
I remember when Seth Rogan did that joke a few days ago.
No one understands my love for Seth Rogan
I wish I was friends with Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan.
I love Seth Rogan. He is the funniest man alive
Seth Rogan has been my favorite actor since Pineapple Express.
Seth Rogan's only line in Donnie Darko is "I like your boobs" lol
I just wanna smoke and cuddle and watch seth rogan movies.
Listening I bound 2 all I can see in my head is Seth Rogan and James Franco
Guilt Trip - The Judd Appatow version of Tommy Boy starring Seth Rogan and Steisand. An okay watch.
So funny to see Seth Rogan when he was younger in Freaks and Geeks
is that the one with Seth rogan and James Franco?
it has Seth rogan and James Franco in it and it's about high schoolers from 1980. Pretty funny.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I cant explain my love for Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill 😍
My waiter at Outback sounds exactly like Seth Rogan..
“freaks and geeks is like the best show ever ☺️😍” young James Franco & Seth Rogan perfection
...but James Franco and Seth Rogan's parody is hilarious!
loll every time I hear that I think of the Seth Rogan and James Franco parody.
cant wait to see the Neighbors with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron
I had no idea Seth Rogan was in Anchorman.
James Franco and Seth Rogan are 2 of my FAV actors 😍😊👍👏
Also I got the entire new Kanye West album for free even though I would have rathered the parody video Seth rogan and James Franco did.
I can't believe Nic Cage is remaking Left Behind so soon after Seth Rogan did.
Mmmm...Our waiter sounds like Seth Rogan:) (at
Wanted to watch Pineapple Express. Wanted to see a funny Seth Rogan movie. Tv guide said that's what I'd be watching. But no. Its some stupid Alaskan vampire movie I can't remember the name of. Gr.
Marry Adam Sandler fack Seth rogan and kill oprah
Seth Rogan plays the same kind of character in every film
I forgot about that part where Seth Rogan pisses on his own mouth.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I almost hit Seth Rogan in my truck Yes!
Watchin this is the end again, with my mate seth rogan
Most girls wanna hang out with hot stars. Derika and I wish for Adam sander and Seth rogan. Lol
I watched this film under the pretense that Adam Scott was in it. I endured 1.5hours of Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan.
"I think I'm more jealous of Spike Jonze than anyone on earth. Prince is a close second." Seth Rogan ...agreed-can't wait until the new Spike Jonze movie comes out :)
Holy lightning! Hopefully its the apocalypse id like a segway like Seth Rogan lol
We don't even drink anymore. Crazy a$$ saw Barbara Streisand eat a steak in "Guilt Trip" with Seth Rogan on Netflix 30 minutes ago..and here we are!!! First time! 󾌩t
Went to see Anchorman 2 tonight with Bub. It was hilarious as expected. Two new movies to watch for Neighbors, with Seth Rogan and Blended, with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Both look to be very funny. Next on my list is American Hustle.
So just finished watching undeclared on Netflix which is produced by Judd apatow, not long after equally awesome freaks and geeks, stars Seth rogan and Jason Segal with cameos from will ferell, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and kyle gass from tenacious d and fox cancelled it after the first season. WHAT IS WRONG WITH FOX?!
One of the best days of my life today went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I seen Seth rogan I was so geeked he was sitting right next to me
Its weird watching Freaks and Geeks.and realizing some big names in that show...Peter Segal, James Franco, Seth Rogan.idk too bad it wasn't a bigger show.
I don't even care, if given the opportunity I would totally marry Seth Rogan. I love him.
Can I just be best friends with Seth Rogan, James Franco, Mindy Kaling, Topher Grace,
Watching Howard Stern interviews on Youtube. Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Seth Rogan, and now Jimmy Fallon. I love seeing a full hour with these people that I admire.
The beginning of "This Is The End" is enough to prove to me Seth Rogan is my man
First theatrical trailer for Zac Efron and Seth Rogan's movie "Neighbors". What do you think? - JR
I just want someone to love me like James Franco loves Seth Rogan in Pineapple Express.
Finnaly got me a copy of this is the end. Big up seth rogan!
We just watched the best movie!! 50/50 with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon Levitt.. It's the funniest/saddest movie.. Everyone needs a best friend like the one in this movie!!
Superbad is an awesome movie, right? So I just heard Seth Rogan on Fresh Air argue that the Big Lebowski supersedes all other great movies. I love him even more now.
I can't decide who I fancy the most Danny dyer or Seth rogan x
One of the best gifts I received for Christmas, a ashtray from the movie "This Is the End," starring James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and Jay Baruchel. About celebrities facing the apocalypse. It was a great gift from Misty McDonald It was the first movie I watched with Misty and Sarah Lemons.I will treasure it forever!
Seth Rogan and Evan Goldbergs interview on NPR just made my day. Love them so much.
I just lol'd listening to Evan Goldberg do an impression of Seth Rogan's dad laughing on
Just watched Kanye West's Bound 2 video. Worst song/video ever. Just watched Seth Rogan and James Franco's parody of Kanye West's Bound 2 video. Best song/video parody ever.
Was watching the comedy central roast of James Franco hosted by Seth Rogan and I came to the conclusion, after watching some of Seths movies and watching him host the roast, that he is probably the worst comedian/actor/director that I think I have ever seen. So then I turned the channel to Forrest Gump and life was much better.
Watching "The World's End". The one with Simon Peg. I had wanted to watch "This is the End" with Seth Rogan but this is the one my Brother brought with him.
Conversation I just had, super bad would have been amazing if Chris Farley and Seth Rogan played the cops!
Adam Sandler and his crew, Will Ferrell and his crew, or Seth Rogan and his crew?
Pic below is a spoof of Kayne's "Bound 2" video. If you want Seth Rogan and James Franco did a hilariously accurate spoof of it. this picture has had me fighting with myself cause I love it and really hate it at the same time And for that I think it has earned itself a share from Trip
domain names
At medieval times there is a waiter that looks pretty much exactly like Seth Rogan. No lie.
Christmas Eve Seth rogan movie marathon time
If your fat it automatically makes everything you say three times as funny, even if what you said isn't funny eg. Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill
Of course dirty randy is Seth Rogan. This show is fantastic.
There's some epic movies coming out in 2014 that I'm definitely watching. 21 jump street is making a sequel called 22 jump street, Seth Rogan is coming out with a new movie called neighbors, it also looks awesome, and for the kids there's finding dori. 2014 is gonna be a good year for movies, hopefully they release fast seven as well.
All I have to do is look at Seth Rogan and I'm pissing
Photoset: courtaa: Seth Rogan for best boyfriend.
I mean he kissed seth rogan, and he still seems a thousand times straighter than Dave lolz
Wish Seth rogan was in my friend group. He's cool.
James Franco and Seth Rogan's parody of Bound 2 is WAY better than the original
new life goal is to watch every movie Seth Rogan's in
You know a film is going to be hilarious if Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan or James Franco is in it
Seth rogan is probably one of my favorite human beings on planet earth.
Paul is too funny Seth rogan voice cracks me up
Dude in Kroger looks just like Seth Rogan.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Totally sold out on Zac Effron's upcoming films in 2014: (with Seth Rogan) & (with Miles Teller) \m/
I feel like Kim Kardashian in bound 2 when I drive with the windows down, but I look more like seth rogan in bound 3.
It's impossible to watch the Bound 2 video without picturing James Franco and Seth Rogan 😂
James Franco and Seth Rogan's remake of Kanye West's new music video,"Bound 2" is one of the best things I've seen in recent memory
Just saw Seth Rogan driving his grand ma ma near the myrtle beach mall.
The things I would give to be Seth Rogan in the bound 3 video
Need to personally know seth rogan and Jonah Hill, they're too funny
Im crazy man, i love money, i chill with bad *** and say that they love me
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