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Seth MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (born October 26, 1973) is an American actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, comedian, producer, director and singer, best known for creating the animated sitcoms Family Guy, American Dad!

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Y'all have been letting Seth Macfarlane and Sarah Silverman guide the rulebook for so long u forgot how comedy actually functions lmao...
.PerezHilton: Never Forget! Hollywood is NOT happy about .BetsyDeVos' confirmation!
ICYMI! Hollywood is NOT happy about confirmation!
Seth Macfarlane was out of things to write 😂😂
Did you know that Seth MacFarlane scrambled your name for a character's backstory in an episode of "The Cleveland Show"?
Too freaked out by the amazing Seth Macfarlane, aka the man who is basically Andy Bernard from the past few weeks. Take that! I kick ***
Kai was a collab between seth macfarlane and matt groening. With the best non filler episodes written by Conan.
Does Seth MacFarlane have an actual time machine
Swear this was a Seth MacFarlane joke a decade ago
You know you're doing something very wrong when Seth MacFarlane sounds like a man of tremendous moral authority cri…
Me gustó un video de Seth MacFarlane 1999 Interview on his youth and creating Family Guy!
Senate confirms Seth MacFarlane for Poet Laureate of the United States.
I didn't know Seth MacFarlane was in the pocket of teacher's unions. Good to know.
Remember, if you disagree with Seth MacFarlane on education policy, you're a coward or something
Did u know that Seth Macfarlane is an executive producer of "cosmos: a spacetime odessey"? Ya me either BUT love him n I love this fun fact
I love the Seth Green vs Seth MacFarlane drama at the end of Jedi.
The Roast of Seth MacFarlane; Jon Lovitz, he's been here since the last one/nowhere else to go; SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE! $$
Besides Paul Anka, there is Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Seth MacFarlane or Curtis Stigers to sing for Trump!! Matt
Me gustó un video de Seth MacFarlane on Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012
Sam Hyde and Seth Macfarlane went to the same school. Woah
Seth MacFarlane suggests why Trump can't handle criticism any more
That better not be a metaphor for something, otherwise you may start seeing guys like Seth MacFarlane or Matt Groening casted as villains.
In my opinion these are the best 3 voice actors. 1. Harry Jon Benjamin. 2.Dan Castellaneta. 3.Seth MacFarlane
Except Naoko Takeuchi is a better writer than Seth MacFarlane. Barely.
tru. I just wanna see Chelsea Peretti, Seth MacFarlane, and Jeff Ross go in on her
WHO TO FOLLOW? Seth Macfarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, and Daniel Tosh. Nope. Never gonna do that. Literal worst suggestions of all time.
'Flash Gordon' star Sam J. Jones on Seth MacFarlane and 'Ted' films: He will always be known for playing Flash…
If the *** paper is mocking a Barbra Streisand duet with Seth MacFarlane as a "graceless embarrassment," it must stink.
I'm a huge fan so I would love to hear Patrick Warburton or Seth Macfarlane!
Seth MacFarlane sang this with the full National Symphony at Wolf Trap last night. Johnny Cash's version of this...
I looked at Ricky Gervais' page and it recommended I follow Jimmy Fallon, Seth MacFarlane and Russell Brand 😐
Website Builder 728x90
Nikola Tesla is one of my idols, next to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. & Seth MacFarlane >:O
July: Seth Macfarlane, the 4th, Cirque du Soleil, Memphis Zoo, Panic! At The Disco...the excitement is real🤗
All I've listened to lately is Beartooth, Seth Macfarlane, The Avett Bros, and Logic. What an odd combo
Lots of people like Seth MacFarlane. Many other people like watching t...
Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and Seth MacFarlane to star in Charlotte based feature film! https…
I'll watch anything Seth MacFarlane makes, anything Trey Parker and Matt Stone make, and anything Ryan Reynolds or Evan Peters are in
Happy to find out Seth MacFarlane is the Exec Producer on Blunt Talk. It's so *** good.
I was just going to nominate Seth MacFarlane as my but Joseph Gordon Levitt brought it to a tie.
Seth MacFarlane to star in Fox TV sci-fi series.
Seth MacFarlane will help the Boston Pops kick off its spring concert series
Charlie Day is from Middletown, Viola Davis is from Central Falls, Farrelly brothers are Cumberland, Seth MacFarlane went to RISD
I love voices that sound like they belong on Seth MacFarlane creations
loool you get a kick out of those Seth MacFarlane cartoons
If Seth MacFarlane ever threatens to leave like Harry Shearer with they've got a replacement.
I liked a video Wheel of Impressions with Seth MacFarlane
Yall sleep on the simpsons, its funnier than anything Seth MacFarlane makes
Seth MacFarlane. He's 20 years older than me but he's a beautiful man 😩💕
Who's down to fly to Vegas with me and to see Seth MacFarlane's show 🙃🙃🙃
am I the only one that loves that Seth MacFarlane is the voice of Johann Kraus in Hellboy. cause I think it's fab.
Exploding Seth MacFarlane is better than brand new Walt Disney Pictures films
Seth MacFarlane was an extra on Gilmore Girls season 2…
Fuzz and have a scene we can get some reason, I was Seth MacFarlane is a lot of my crowning achievement.
I thought Alec Baldwin was just someone Seth Macfarlane made up for Family Guy jokes.
Meghan Trainor and Santa Claus at The Grove Christmas With Seth MacFarlane at The Grove in Los Angel: via
The success of 'The Simpsons' really opened doors. It showed that if you we...
Christina Aguilera was a mess at Seth MacFarlane's...
Yep. I definitely have a crush on Seth MacFarlane these days.
Christina Aguilera 'was so drunk at Seth MacFarlane's...
Seth MacFarlane, and listen to? — "when you realise - in strange, distorted — crackling and cutting out tongues, unafraid.
Funny guy Seth MacFarlane takes his pop music seriously...
This may be an unpopular opinion. But it is mine and I stand by it. is a feminist.
I have always been a Seth MacFarlane fan, now I know his compassion for animals is as strong as his sense of humor.
Seth MacFarlane made Family Guy at 25 I still got 8 years
Citizens United finally working for us liberals! / Seth MacFarlane makes big political donation
If you ever watch a Jona Hill or Seth Rogen or James Franco or Seth MacFarlane movie while not missing out!!
According to her, Allen West, Seth MacFarlane & Leo DiCaprio all want her so...
About to see Seth MacFarlane sing with the Seattle Symphony w/, pretty pumped.
Seth MacFarlane with the Seattle Symphony—the crowd is...eclectic, to say the least.
Apparently I'm going to see Seth MacFarlane and the Seattle Symphony tonight. Weird.
Seth MacFarlane to join starry Boston Pops 2016 season -...
Seth MacFarlane gave a black character in his show FamilyGuy the name 'Cleveland BROWN'. I get the whole social mirror thing but ...
or Butch Hartman is just really unoriginal. Considering his best friend is Seth MacFarlane...
Jane Lynch at the hostiptal, Seth Macfarlane at graduation, Adam Brody in the band, John Ham at a random high society function, EVERYONE.
I was just told the bear movie won a bunch of Oscars so a big congratulations to Seth MacFarlane and Markie Mark for thei…
Kyle Chandler and Seth MacFarlane, Helen Hunt (young) and Leelee Sobieski, Topher Grace and Sean Patrick Flanery (young)
Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy," has claimed that the basis for Peter Griffin was a security guard he knew while at…
Diane Lane, Geena Davis and Matt LeBlanc present as Seth MacFarlane, Marta Kauffman and David Crane are honoured at today's
Movie for the was Ted 2. For Mark Wahlberg and Seth Macfarlane completionists only or those doing a movie challenge.
Dana Walden: we have to create great scenarios for the talent we work with like Ryan Murphy, Seth MacFarlane, Howard Gordon.
Saw her on a roast for Seth MacFarlane and she said a totally classless joke to Steve-O about Ryan Dunn
I added a video to a playlist Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane sing Thunder Buddies - The Graham
Seth Macfarlane is the Akira Toriyama of this generation.
Seth Macfarlane. Eddie Shin. Colin Ferguson. - someone tell me how their masculinity - that I'm attracted to - supposed to be the same...
Trey Parker has Orgazmo. Mike Judge has Idiocracy. Seth Macfarlane has Tooth Fairy? See what i am getting at?
The John Wilson Orchestra, John Wilson, Curtis Stigers & Seth MacFarlane – Well, did you evah? (from High Society)
Lets not forget Natalie Portman (who is fluent in 4 languages), Morgan Freeman, Seth Macfarlane, Tre Parker, Matt Stone, etc
Michael Bublé and Seth MacFarlane on what made Frank Sinatra a 'wonderful monster'
So what's after I'd love to see NBC go after Seth Macfarlane to play Harold Hill in The Music Man.
Did anyone see the rally where Trump said Seth MacFarlane's best show was The Cleveland Show and everybody booed?
Sarah Hyland heats up the red carpet at Seth MacFarlane's Christmas bash
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Seth Macfarlane's shows/movies tell you the ugly truth behind everyone in a sarcastic way that's really hilarious.
The Breakthrough Prize awards on Sunday were a real who's who of Silicon Valley:
Tickets still available! 11/23 at benefitting Perry's Place https:…
This is an animated movie with Seth Macfarlane's voice I'm assuming?!?? CAN I WORK ON THIS?!??
Lol. I really don't even know who Seth MacFarlane is! 😝
I love Family Guy and American Dad, Seth Macfarlane is so funny.
It's scary how life works out sometimes. Seth MacFarlane was booked to be on one of the 9/11 planes, he missed it because he
Seth MacFarlane is my personal savior
oh my gosh, I had a dream about seth macfarlane last night. (*/ω\*)
Californians are lucky they have a 10% chance more than me of running into Childish Gambino or Seth Macfarlane
Seth MacFarlane in Gilmore Girls is so so strange.
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!! THE BELLES OPEN for and at The Grove Tree-Lighting!
.Did you clone yourself? Two events starting 30 minutes apart on Sunday! and
Seth Macfarlane needs to come out with another movie
2) I would bet in the name of my armpits, that this song wasn't made by Ingram. It's much more Seth MacFarlane jazzing-up style.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Excited for tomorrow, going to the groves Christmas tree lighting in a limo. Seth MacFarlane is gonna be there :)
Seth MacFarlane was paid to draw weekly comics for his local newspaper when he was just 9 years old.
Roger is the best character on any Seth MacFarlane show
Family Guy creator new jazz album is a hit. He'll be in LA this weekend:
anyways "Homicide: Life on the Street" it's the rate price quote shopping along, seth macfarlane, way.
Seth MacFarlane is like that one white dude that thinks it's ok to make black stereotype jokes because he has one black friend.
Also in the voice cast of SING are Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Seth MacFarlane and John C. Reilly.
Dinner For Five S4 E8 Tony Hawk x Seth MacFarlane x Stacy Peralta x Jon Heder: [This is my childhood at this table]
Seth MacFarlane has a jazz music career? why not listen to Brian Griffin sing?
Seth MacFarlane sings Cyndi Lauper as Stewie and Peter Griffin via /r/ funny
Nolan Gould attends the 'Concert For Our Oceans' hosted by Seth MacFarlane benefitting Oceana at The Wallis …
Yea, I'm gonna say this; Seth MacFarlane is funnier that both Matt Stone and Trey Parker combined
and Brian isn't played by Paul Walker and never was lol. He's played by Seth Macfarlane.
From Kevin Smith to Seth MacFarlane, is in demand - Las Vegas Magazine This makes me happy. 🎉
Seth Rogen and Seth MacFarlane are the funniest guys alive.
From Kevin Smith to Seth MacFarlane, Ralph Garman is in demand
I swear Bryan Swanson is a creation of Seth MacFarlane that never made the cut for Family Guy
What movie star would you most like to meet? — Matthew: Robert Downey Jr. Joshua: Seth Macfarlane. Me: Johnny Depp
Graham Norton Show is love. They should invite Will Smith, Seth Macfarlane and Amy Schumer in a single show & watch the hits touching skies.
: Seth MacFarlane sings Frank Sinatra at the Proms review – "a swell night"
The creator of the animated series 'Family Guy', Seth MacFarlane, was originally supposed to be on the plane that hit the…
Clearly Seth Macfarlane is completely insane, lol.
are you playing with Seth MacFarlane at Ravinia??
Ted 2 review: Seth MacFarlane's sequel has enough grins to bear the sticky bits
If I could meet anyone in the world... Donald glover, Tyler Posey, Jenna Mourey, Tyler Okonma, Seth Macfarlane, Matt healey, or Harry styles
Seth MAcFarlane is an outspoken liberal, feminist & LGBTQ advocate. & is so tone deaf if he joined the KKK you'd never notice the difference
Silent Hills isn't cancelled. Del Toro just got swapped with Seth Macfarlane.
.is back here tomorrow night for a tribute to Frank Sinatra:
Patrick Stewart is so cute, but I don't care how many "be nice to girls" signs he holds if he's gonna keep working with Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane has three different shows playing in succession on one network...
Thank you for flying American, your pilot won't be joining us today so instead here's Seth Macfarlane.
Nobody cares what Ted says. Seth MacFarlane is a hack
If it's not Sunday, Adult Swim is just the Seth MacFarlane channel.
I liked a video Family Guy - Seth MacFarlane on the Family Guy Pilot (Paley Center Interview)
I really want to think so but then I see the name "Seth MacFarlane" and I wince a little
Seth Macfarlane def has a *** for the number of Jared Subway Guy jokes he has for the next season of
You eat at Outback Steakhouse with Seth MacFarlane. You order grilled goose chowder with cloth.
Michael Neuvirth who is that seth macfarlane? . John sunununuvirth? Ted kennedy off an icy bridge w/ lois loan? . Leonsis lives in potomac md
"There have to be people who are vocal about the advancement of knowledge over faith." - Seth MacFarlane. . .
If you like Patrick Stewart on American Dad, Bored to Death, or any of Seth MacFarlane's series, you will love Blunt Talk
Seth MacFarlane is the white version of Tyler Perry.
So I just found out today that Patrick Stewart is doing a comedy series produced by Seth Macfarlane. Surprised I hadn't heard of it yet.
Watching Family Guy and I had the realization that the entire show is actually just Seth Macfarlane talking to himself
Claire Martin OBE sings with Seth MacFarlane at the BBC Proms 2015 vía
'Come Fly With Me' - fantastic Seth MacFarlane with the John Wilson Orchestra
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Is it just me or do other people see Seth MacFarlane in Bradley Steven Perry ?
Watching Ted you'd think Seth MacFarlane would have used another voice other than Peter Griffin 😂😂😂
Yeah, I know that nobody is paying attention but the Proms thing with Seth Macfarlane and the John Wilson Orchestra is brilliant. Joy!
Anyone ever tell you that you sorta resemble Seth Macfarlane?
'An Evening with Seth MacFarlane' with The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at the Meyerhoff
Seth MacFarlane's film output has made me re-evaluate Family Guy. Can't watch it now.
Seth MacFarlane, the man who created at the Mann music center, tonight's gonna be perfect
Seth MacFarlane with the Baltimore Symphony | The Mann Center: somebody please take me to see this
News: Seth Macfarlane feels overwhelmed by Doctor Who /via
UK: Seth Macfarlane feels overwhelmed by Doctor Who /via
ICYMI: Win tickets to see Seth MacFarlane with The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.
Ted 2 was great! Seth MacFarlane is hilarious. The Patrick Warburton and Michael Dorn classic character cameo! LOL!
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