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Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg (born April 18, 1956) is an American college basketball coach, and the current head coach for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team.

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Jess Settles is a bad blend of Bill Walton, Brad Daugherty and Seth Greenberg.
hopefully Jay Will, Shane Battier, Seth Greenberg and Jay Bilas are regulars on the channel.
What's going on? Seth Greenberg enjoys an evening with 'Scotty' Brown - Boston Globe
Stephen Curry to Fox Sports Radio: "I don’t know if (Dell Curry's) talked to Seth Greenberg since that time so we kind of let that one go."
Adam Amin, Sean Farnham and sideline reporter Seth Greenberg will call the UK-Missouri game for ESPN.
Yep. Seth Greenberg didn't think he was ACC caliber, so we passed on him. Yeah, Dell Curry's son. (Never let go of the hatred)
Seth Greenberg just said can get to the 2nd weekend of the NCAA Tournament... Jay Williams replies... 'they can g…
are you referring to Buzz Williams? I Love him such an Upgrade from Seth "I Hate UNC" Greenberg.
Will Seth Greenberg Fran Fraschilla or Ben Howland return to coaching???
With Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg in the studio every week...doubtful
ESPN Seth Greenberg "I'm really impressed with because he hasn't let the pressure to win change him. Team still playing hard"
Brogdon uses game, mind for Virginia: College Basketball Live Extra: Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg explain how ...
Seth Greenberg is a DA.. Coach Cal could coach at Kentucky as long as he wants. His record is proven to be better than Adolph Rupp.
Can't handle Seth Greenberg. Seems like the guy that would take a charge in a pickup game.
I'm not sure if Seth Greenberg is SAG-eligible, but his performance just now in Pretending Neb-Mich Will Be A Great Game was award-worthy.
Seth Greenberg has me on his preseason Spiter Award watchlist for Most Valuable Rec Player.
Seth Greenberg said he was UK's most important player at halftime of this SYR - UNC game. IMO, best guard on their team.
ESPN must have pretaped a halftime segment w/ Seth Greenberg talking about Krzyzewski. Airing both on UNC-Cuse and NCCU-DSU halftimes.
just to make sure you should check with Seth Davis and Seth Greenberg. the kings of obvious assertions
Younger, more spry version of Seth Greenberg.
I think a main thing seth Greenberg left out in what help coach k get 2a 1000wins is health..
This *** on Seth Greenberg said Coach K, is a better coach then the John Wooden wow idk how u say that
Seth Greenberg just mentioned Wooden's teams only needed 4 wins in tourney. True, but you NEEDED to win conference title to get in.
Gottfried is the bizarro Seth Greenberg. Spends every year on the bubble but has made the field every year so far
That's more than you could say about any Seth Greenberg team. Especially how there'd be a 10 min drought in second half!
lemme just say. When jay will & Seth Greenberg listed their top 5 point guards out of the 10 that were up there,
Once more... on how to beat Coach K (+ on his former coach's impact (
For as much as I hated Seth Greenberg, I hate buzz more.
I like him too he is a good coach and has to clean up Seth Greenberg's beds 😂😂😂
Not a day goes by where I don't miss Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg was a fan of saying "impose your will". Nobody does that better than Buzz Williams.
Remember when Va Tech didn't want Seth Greenberg anymore? That certainly worked out well.
Ex coach Seth Greenberg: "I would have loved to have Dorian Finney-Smith & Montrezl Harrell and the team we could have had."
Broke down Terry Rozier's breakout over the past 5 games by numbers, w/scouting analysis from ESPN's Seth Greenberg:
If I had a nickel for everytime Seth Greenberg said a team played "with a chip on their shoulder," I could buy ESPN.
Seth Greenberg just said Kansas has "struggled" to shoot the ball. Did he even watch yesterday's game?
Seth Greenberg doesn't even know what basketball is
Jay Williams "(Wisconsin) probably the best front line in America". Seth Greenberg interrupts "not named Kentucky". Duh.
Since when is Seth Greenberg a coaching genius, dude got smacked around for a few years and got fired...
Really wish had an "analysis" or "highlight" designation. If the whole video is Seth Greenberg talking, I don't want to watch it.
Seth Greenberg calls Gonzaga the best team in the West.
Seth Greenberg is replacing dookieV as the most annoying accouncer. His UK love is just awful.
I don't think you have to be from a region to have empathy for what people are going through ~ Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg just said "Arizona is comfortable being uncomfortable." . Echoes of RichRod.
I think Seth Greenberg has watched a few Rich Rodriguez press conferences
Seth Greenberg just said that Wisconsin had the best front court in the country...Sam Decker disagrees
Why did Seth Greenberg say that Wisconsin has the best front court in college basketball? Uhm has he seen Kentucky?
shout out to Seth Greenberg and the slice offense.
Wow. Shades of ex-Batavia coach Jim Roberts. Seth Greenberg just mentioned referring to each game as its own separate entity.
listening to Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg talk about basketball is like Ray Rice discussing relationships.
Seth Greenberg stating that UCLA will be a top 15 team this season
ESPN's Seth Greenberg said would not be surprised to see Holtmann named permanent coach in next 2 weeks. Don't think it will move that fast.
Seth Greenberg kept calling him Durant. I think that was him. But I JUST DON'T SEE IT.
Seth Greenberg is the ultimate coach-speak analyst.
Oh, Seth Greenberg is 'splaining hoopy ball. Hang on, lemme take some notes.
In case there was any doubt, Seth Greenberg believes in that 'Butler Way' thing.
Yea, cause I value what Seth Greenberg says...
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg say could challenge for the title this year. Back to playing Bob Huggi…
Let's go to Seth Greenberg at the half, who'd give anything to pull in the babes like Archie Miller. On to you, Seth.
SBD: Seth Greenberg feels Rece Davis is “the best point guard in all of sports.”
We will hear from Seth Greenberg, Jay Bilas, Billy Donlon, and yours truly along with Justin and Miles on WWSU 106.9 FM from now to 10.
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Rather watch Jay Wright and Seth Greenberg go two on two against Jay Williams and Andy Katz than these other basketball "programs".
Former coach Seth Greenberg joining ESPN's "College GameDay" for hoops along with Jay Williams. Bilas and Davis back.
Also, Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams joining GameDay. They’ll be paired with Rece Davis and Jay Bilas.
ESPN Video: Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg discuss Louisville's Rick Pitino, who came in at No. 5 on ESPN Forecast's ranking of the top 50 coaches in college basketball.
According to Seth Greenberg, David Blatt will not run the Princeton offense. Will run an offense based on player personnel
Ben Howland, Seth Greenberg & Jeff Capel should be on radar. Hubert Davis & Reggie Theus are my 2nd tier picks
ESPN Video: Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams break down UConn's win over Kentucky for the National Title.
*** Vitale, Seth Greenberg and all the rest of you at ESPN... SCREW YOU!!! Hope Kevin Ollie bans you all after they're done cutting down the nets.
And moreover, why are we using Seth Greenberg and Phil Jackson in the same sentence?
Ayyee Seth Greenberg has us in the regional championship I believe!
Steve Lavin and Bruce Pearl off the top of my head; I wonder when Seth Greenberg takes another job.
If my bracket is better than Seth Greenberg's I'll be straight...VT was always one win away...they was the Memph Bleek of college ball
Can't believe Seth Greenberg has Duke going to the National Championship game
with this talent I would call Seth Greenberg on the morning. His teams played hard every play
any mention of Seth Greenberg as potential WSU coach? Coached at LB State back in the day.
Personally I hate that Seth Greenberg is on espn giving advice about basketball and coaching. What's your thoughts
"Never take for granted the opportunity to play" - Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg...perfect guy to ask about playing in the NIT.
Halftime question to Seth Greenberg: How did you motivate your team to play in the NIT?
They just asked Seth Greenberg how he motivated his teams to play in the NIT, talk about expert commentary
"How did you motivate your players when you were in the NIT?" Very appropriate question to ask Seth Greenberg at halftime.
Still think Va Tech should have never fired Seth Greenberg.
Seth Greenberg has killed UK on TV all year, but he has us in the Elite Eight. I wouldn't mind that.
I honestly thought that seth greenberg would be hired again before Bruce Pearl. Va Tech needs to eat crow.and give him his job back
I will say this: No one at ESPN is more expertly qualified to talk about motivating a team to play in the NIT than Seth Greenberg.
Seth Greenberg breaking down how to motivate a team in the NIT? I've got nothing, ESPN. That was perfect.
Seth Greenberg has Oklahoma State and Nebraska in the game going to the Final Four. What is he on?
Thank you Seth Greenberg for calling Michigan State the best team in college basketball it's what I have been saying all year. I know a number of people who need to watch that video
I want to be Seth Greenberg's bookie.
They should hire back Seth Greenberg and Al Skinner
So I guess that whole lets-fire-Seth-Greenberg thing didn't work out so well.
ESPN Video: Seth Greenberg takes a look at the most popular upset picks in ESPN Tournament Challenge and provides some bracket advice.
not what Jay Bilas and *** vitale and Seth Greenberg think. And almost 30% of the US.
With Bruce Pearl headed to Auburn, does Seth Greenberg go to? With Pearl's hair, HE IS PEARL:
Seth Greenberg has now positioned himself as the enemy!
BC fired Al Skinner, Va Tech fired Seth Greenberg and Rick Stansbury "retired" from Miss St. Coincidence those teams aren't better off? Nope
I would like to thank Auburn for naming Bruce Pearl as head coach. Will someone please make Seth Greenberg an offer?
Could Seth Greenberg be on the move at all? Virginia Tech wouldn't do it, but you never know with BC.
Why are they asking Seth Greenberg about what it's like to prepare for the NCAA tourney on Not like he made it there a lot.
why is Seth Greenberg a part of ESPN's "a coaches approach to the NCAA tournament"? Shouldn't he be on the NIT show?
Firing Seth Greenberg and Al Skinner was inexcusably dumb, and now even the schools have acknowledged it. Badly wanted both instead of Rice.
Now Seth Greenberg just needs to go to Alabama.
Seth Greenberg picks Dook for Final 4 bc he says the are playing at a high level! Yea bc they didn't jus get manhandled…
Seth Greenberg is on a Sportscenter panel discussing "A coach's approach to the NCAA Tournament." Oh, the irony.
now boston college needs to hire Seth Greenberg...
Seth Greenberg pick dook as Final 4 team, Jason Williams picks Louisville! So Seth says J Will has on a Carolina Tie! S…
Bruce Pearl would have been a good hire and has BC ties but Bates fell asleep on this maybe try Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg and Miles Simon think the Tarheels have a run in them for the tourney.
That's just dumb. Maybe they could hire a guy like Seth Greenberg ... oh wait.
I'll give BC a dollar if they hire Seth Greenberg. A WHOLE DOLLAR, PEOPLE.
What about Seth Greenberg ? A hot assistant how bout Kentucky's Orlando Antigua
if I were them I take a long look at Seth Greenberg who has ACC experience as a HC and can recruit to a point and Ben Howland
Saw (formerly of VT) Seth Greenberg on ESPN giving a "coach's view" of the big dance, couldn't help but snicker.
With James Johnson out at Virginia Tech, last 3 coaches to follow Seth Greenberg at Va. Tech & USF have been fired
Comparing this press conference to the one Jim Weaver held when he fired Seth Greenberg is startling. Seems much more prepared for search.
Hey Hokie fans Seth Greenberg is still available!! What about Bruce Pearl?
So, VT is currently paying Jim Weaver $938k spread out over 2 years, Seth Greenberg $600k over 2 years, and now another $800k or so for JJ.
Hey Jim Weaver, next to banning the "Stick It In" chant, firing Seth Greenberg was the dumbest decision you ever made. So glad you're gone.
Turn to Sports Center and first thing I hear is "James Johnson has been fired" followed by Seth Greenberg laughing maniacally
reminds me when Seth Greenberg left USF to go to Va Tech. Oliver Purnell Clemson to DePaul. Leave before fired.
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Seven ESPN analysts ( Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, *** Vitale, Digger Phelps, Jay Williams and I don't know names of the others) picked Michigan State to win the National Championship. Hm.
Sparty On!. Jay Bilas, *** Vitale, Seth Greenberg, Digger Phelps, and Jay Williams ALL pick Michigan State to win it all.
Seth Greenberg always speaks highly of Louisville!
Seth Greenberg treats Andy Katz like a little baby
The forced disagreement between Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg on First Take is awkward.
Phil Martelli talks about the Hawks with Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg on an ESPN Podcast
Seth Greenberg and Karl Ravech talking about expected impact of freshman who is eligible tonight vs Mizzou.
"No question. Wooden Award winner. Forget about it. It's done. Everyone else is playing for 2nd." - Seth Greenberg on Dou…
According to Seth Greenberg on Sports Center Doug McDermott is no question the player of the year in College basketball! Proud of Doug and how he plays hard with integrity andd such a humble young man!
Tim Legler, Jason Williams, Seth Greenberg & Herm Edwards are breaking down the BCS Title Game. could not be worse.
No more Todd Blackledge, Matt Millen, Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich. All are egomaniacs whose commentary begs the question of what legitimizes their commentary. Dakich and Greenberg relax, expert analyst is a title only. Please hear the plea of the fan, just sound analysis of the game. You cannot know all, simply isn't possible. Add humility and respect for the game while doing your job, thank you.
Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg talk to Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg, Mike Brey kicking off the ACC schedule with Duke and Chris Mack leading Xavier into the Big East.
Seth Greenberg mentioned as a Wooden Award's about time! He's a scoring machine!
[ESPN Video] Wooden Watch: . Seth Greenberg examines the top candidates for the Wooden Award, including...
Or Seth Greenberg? Next coach needs to have passion, excitement, and a willingness to create basketball only traditions at Reed.
"Russ Rose, he's a John Wooden of women's volleyball"- Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg still can't name a single player on KSU's team. Joke.
Seth Greenberg said UO could be next unbeaten to lose tonight but must have gone off script. Host said they play Colorado. That's OK St.
Seth Greenberg: Stephen you are just to small to offer a scholarship too but you are more then welcome to walk-on Stephen Curry: No thanks coach I will just goto Davidson University and lead the nation in scoring and become one of the current best shooters in the NBA and hey don't worry about offering my brother either, he has no interest now.the beginning of the end of Virginia Tech basketball
Seth Greenberg wants to have sex with Aaron Craft...
Dang, VT's basketball team is awful. Why did Jim Weaver fire Seth Greenberg again?
VCU - 82 VT - 52.the real reason Seth Greenberg never wanted to play in state.
Seth Greenberg was right .u don't want any of that
This is why it doesn't fit Seth Greenberg's 'scheduling philosophy' to play teams like VCU. Marshall Wood had VCU in his final list too LOL.
I'm assuming this was the kind of thing Seth Greenberg was worried about. 71-47 VCU, 5:30
Good lord I wish Seth Greenberg was coaching this game for VT.
So can we start the hire Seth Greenberg back petition yet? This is pathetic.
Also, as time goes on, everyone will truly understand what a fine job Seth Greenberg did at Va. Tech, which is the worst job in the ACC.
Can the please fire James Johnson and being back Seth Greenberg
Yea firing seth greenberg even 2 years later still looks like it was a terrible choice
Thank you Seth Greenberg on saying bball is a team sport 🙌
Another on-point halftime breakdown from Sinbad and Seth Greenberg
Wait. So Seth Greenberg just said something smart about basketball
Uh. Jonathan Coachman just called Andrew Wiggins "just a guy." Seth Greenberg blew that up LOL
See!!? Seth Greenberg, your anchor is Jonathan coachman!! Take that!
ESPNU College Basketball - Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg talk to Chaz Williams about UMass' hot start and to Ohio S...
Skip to about the 23-minute mark to hear the Chaz Williams interview with ESPN's Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg:
Check out the Thad Matta interview with ESPN's and Seth Greenberg
Jay Williams is going on a "UCLA needs to find an identity" rant. Seth Greenberg must be contagious.
yea boy Seth greenberg need to stay on TV..
I just heard Seth Greenberg promoting "Marty Basketball" on ESPN.Who? Iknow Jabari Parker "Basketball" and Andrew Wiggins "Basketball".
Wait Seth Greenberg might be doing the VCU/VT game? Lord have mercy I hope not lol
Seth Greenberg "he passes the ball like Arvydas Sabonis"
“Seth Greenberg just said Karno was good -_-” well we know how he is with evaluation (Currys)
Seth Greenberg just said Karno was good -_-
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Some people don't like Dickie V, I don't like Seth Greenberg
I ask again: How can Seth Greenberg be considered "expert analysis"? ESPN is so cheap!!!
I geek every time Jay Williams checks Seth Greenberg on ESPN
35 year anniversary impressions are priceless. Seth Greenberg, Bruce Pearl and Reece Davis nail it Congrats Baby!
Bobby Knight is beyond "Mr Obvious" as an announcer. Please give us Seth Greenberg or Bruce Pearl!
Hapoel Jerusalem is coached by Brad Greenberg, brother of Seth (Va. Tech). Greenberg coached at Radford prior to last 2 seasons in Israel.
Seth Greenberg, there's NO WAY that Scottie Wilbekin is a better on-ball defender than Aaron Craft
lol Seth Greenberg said OSU worrys him cause they've only played Marquette/Maryland, but then praised UConn for beating Maryland
Every game I see Trez play I want to send a thank you note to the Va Tech AD that fired Seth Greenberg.
Got to love the props *** Vitale just shouted out for my buddy Svend Wilbekin - Scottie's papa!! Go Gators!! Oh, and ESPN College Desk analyst Seth Greenberg earlier called Scottie the best on-ball defender in college hoops!!
Seth Greenberg has lost his mind saying Scottie Wilbekin is the best on ball defender in college basketball. Aaron Craft..end of discussion.
Seth Greenberg calls Scottie Wilbekin best on-ball defender in the country. Not Aaron Craft. Wanna hear and discuss this.
That's exactly why VT fired him..."Seth Greenberg just said Scott Wilbekin is a better defender than Aaron Craft."
That bald headed *** loser of a coach Seth Greenberg just picked Florida to beat Memphis. I have never heard him pick Memphis to win. He is an *** If he knew anything about basketball he would be on the sidelines and not in a studio seat. Go Tigers!
ESPN's Seth Greenberg on PG Scottie Wilbekin: "The best on-ball defender in all of college basketball."
Vacation has begun...waiting on Seth Greenberg
I'm sorry I can take the opinion of Seth Greenberg. ... He couldn't even make the tournament
Flight already canceled for tomorrow. worries hopping the train to dirty jersey and flying out from there...always have a plan B right Seth Greenberg...
ESPN's Seth Greenberg recently published an article on about the toughest college basketball matchups for teams to face. ZSN decided to figure it out for U-32 boys basketball, so we went t...
ESPN Video: Seth Greenberg goes to the game film to preview the in-state battle between No. 23 Iowa and No. 17 Iowa State.
Today on the Pulse catch ESPN's Seth Greenberg at 3:30, Mike Gminski in-studio from 4-6 and Orlando Magic VP Pat Williams at 5:15. Plus the latest with the Carolina Panthers with locker room sound throughout the show.
I've said this in various ways in the past, but I'll reiterate: I believe today's sport's media is probably preferable to the era of "don't ask, don't tell" journalism that existed during the days of Ruth, Cobb and Gehrig. During that time, some really despicable personalities and acts were swept under the rug and the games were the only story. However, the media personalities that make up much of what passes for sport's journalism today are overly critical and judgemental about the modern athlete, especially when trying to generate interest in a 24/7 sport's news cycle. A case in point was listening to Seth Greenberg on ESPN today criticizing a Kentucky Wildcat upperclassmen basketball player for dying his hair after having his best game of the season. Greenberg referred to his lack of "leadership" on this young team. Seriously. First of all, why did the host even ask about this and what does a 20 year old's decision to dye his hair have to do with leadership? All Greenberg's assertations made me do was ...
Seth Greenberg a basketball analyst just makes me laugh. ESPN .. Really? Did no one check the record of VT during his tenure there?
"Basketball is a team game. It's about collective responsibility not individual responsibility." -- Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays (DVD), O309, XJFPWY78P. Check today's offers: more deals: Seth greenberg: attacking zone offense and plays (dvd).
Kansas loses to Colorado & Seth Greenberg reminds us that they're young, assures us they'll be fine. When Duke (at the time ranked 6) lost to the (at the time ranked) # 5 team, everyone wanted to know what's wrong w/ Duke. ::sigh::
Seth Greenberg coaching Avon's JV basketball team today. No big deal.
Andy Katz said Wichita State was a legitimate title contender, that's why I hardly ever listen to his podcast. I like Seth Greenberg though.
Who talked espn into to thinkn that Seth Greenberg is an expert in basketball
Sometimes you have to tell a player what he needs to hear not what he wants to hear - Seth Greenberg
If you gotta be stuck with two guys forced to extend pregame analysis because of endless OT, glad it's Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich.
get Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich their own show ASAP! Great job filling the time before Duke vs Az
Entertaining listening to Seth Greenberg & Dan Dakich tell what they think every prof though of them when they coached
I'd like to see Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich call a game. No play by play. Just talk basketball the whole game.
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How is Seth Greenberg talking about J Kidd and he was horrible and got fired from Virginia Tech smh...
Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg talk to John Adams about how officiating is going so far. Plus, UMass' Derek Kellogg and Arizona's Sean Miller talk about their teams.
Seth Greenberg giving pointers? He got FIRED from the basketball powerhouse of Virginia Tech!
Last time Tournament was played in Washington D.C. ... Va. Tech's Seth Greenberg went on to beat Ol' Roy in coach of year balloting.
Seth Greenberg interviewing John Calipari on ESPN how excited are you for this ?
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VIDEO: John Calipari talks with Seth Greenberg about this years team ...
Va Tech never should hve fired Seth Greenberg.u
VA eTech never shold have fired Seth Greenberg.
Bet Seth Greenberg wishes my Lancers had wins like this to help VT's SOS back then
Hey remember that time Seth Greenberg forgot I was a VT bball manager and yelled at me and I awkwardly stood there speechless?
one of the weirdest parts of the Seth Greenberg era
You, Lunardi and Seth Greenberg are the only people still using RPI as a relevant measure.
Harrison's aren't leaders, Seth Greenberg called him "quarterback" But, didn't they get cut from USA team bc of attitude?
Can I nominate Seth Greenberg for new Athletic Directors position?
Listened to Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg discus... from ESPNU: College Basketball
Congrats to Seth Greenberg for getting inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight at LBSU. Great things happen to great people. John Calipari Talks to Seth Greenberg About the Champions Classic and More,College, high school and professional basketball in the state of Kentucky.
John Calipari chats to Seth Greenberg about the Champions Classic and Michigan State; interesting comments:
With the signing, will join in trying to lure the Forward to
Seth Greenberg please shut up with that "back in the day" nonsense. Back in the day, your teams sucked and you got fired.
Virginia Tech just tied it up against West Virginia. This matchup would be more fun if we could see Bob Huggins vs. Seth Greenberg.
Va Tech never should have fired Seth Greenberg.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Until Seth Greenberg was fired I always thought Gabbard was Weaver FYI. Total fail. Wish Weaver the best, he's done wonders for VT
Seth Greenberg is probably so excited about how south VT has gone since he left
's Seth Greenberg knows nothing about college bball. just bc he was a former coach doesnt mean he is gonna be a good analyst
Surprised didn't have Seth Greenberg call the game today so we could hear him cry about why they should've made NCAAs all those years.
"Matt Carlino is the Johnny Manziel of basketball." Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg does good work as an analyst; enthusiastic, talks with play-by-play guy, not down to him.
Nice candor from Seth Greenberg. He's right: His teams (especially in Blacksburg) would not have enjoyed the new hand-checking rules.
If Seth Greenberg is talking about Stanford needing to find the identity of a team returning 80% of its minutes then I think there's issues
Seth Greenberg hasn't seen Wisconsin play the last few years apparently
Are you serious Seth Greenberg? "Matty Basketball?" Please Please Please don't give me any more reasons not to like you.
Seth Greenberg on the ESPN2 call for BYU-Stanford: "Matt Carlino is like the Johnny Manziel of hoops!" GREENBERG YOU JUST MADE MY CALENDAR YEAR.
seth greenberg just christened a BYU player "matty basketball", further cementing his status as the worst college basketball analyst
"Matt Basketball" Seth Greenberg about It is SG. He's got the hair of a mad scientist, so it fits.
Seth Greenberg really can't say anything good about BYU. Everything is about what Stanford isn't doing right.
Seth Greenberg on Matt Carlino: "He's like the Johnny Manziel of hoops!" Settle down, Seth.
"No Filter" Carlino was just called the Johnny Football of College Basketball by Seth Greenberg.
How many times is Seth Greenberg going to say "No Filter" on Carlino?
Really? Seth Greenberg needling the Google founders to build Stanford a practice facility? Come on...
was kinda excited to watch my first college basketball game this year, the realized Seth Greenberg was Tylenol PM and bed
You mean Seth Greenberg hasn't been hired yet??
Anyone notice how many times Seth Greenberg has said "poor (fill in the blank) by Stanford." Who's fault is that?
Seth Greenberg was less annoying as a coach and that says a lot about his announcing.
So excited about 24 hour College Basketball Marathon, then Seth Greenberg is announcing the game on now. I'll watch
Seth Greenberg might have been a mediocre coach but he's a terrific analyst.
Seth Greenberg: "I was on the bubble for 48 straight months."
Seth Greenberg was a victim of the bubble, couple of his teams got hosed by the committee so he was fired, now look at how bad Va Tech is
So Seth Greenberg took his crazy pills tonight, I see
BYU game is on ESPNU right now. Dave Pasch and Seth Greenberg on the call. Good crew.
ESPN Video: Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg preview Wichita State, the No. 15 team in's preseason power rankings.
Had a nice day with my hubby n Travis. Got to see auntie Sylvia Greenberg n uncle Seth Greenberg n get to hold baby Alan. Seth played with Travis.
Starting to swarm with the usual IT geeks... And Seth Greenberg!
Calipari asked a question to former Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg who is in town for an interview with Calipari for ESPN.
I know that I've not talked about Tech this week and a lot of it was that I was filled with Venom over the loss and it was also that I've been busy so I'm going to get this out right now, once and for all for everybody. these last weeks have been trying as a tech fan. As Hokies we held on to the hope that perhaps Tech was finally turning the corner in getting back to being an elite program. But I blame myself for jumping to quickly. As we've seen Tech is far from perfect and very far away from where they want to be as a team. The defense is as always par or better, but the task of building the offense is a job that will be long and tenduous. I don't blame the current coaches, I don't blame the system, not even Logan Thomas and the players as much. The Shoulder of the blame rest upon two individuals...Frank Beamer and Jim Weaver. As good as a coach Franks been in the past, he will forever be haunted by his greatest fault which was a one of his greatest character values...His Loyalty. Unfortuately Frank fo ...
Coaches should have 1 rule. Be a good human being. That means don't make bad decisions go to class and treat others respectfully.-Seth Greenberg
Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg talk about LaSalle's chances of duplicating last year's success with John Giannini and Shaka Smart describes VCU's Havoc.
Seth Greenberg is shaking his head about AD firing him when he recruited Montrezl Harrell. Now lottery pick for Rick Pitino's Louisville.
on DL, but does Bartolo Colon count?
Seth Greenberg trying to draw up a victory.
Del Harris' team taking on Seth Greenberg's squad.
So Seth Greenberg was at Camp Cal, was this one of those Make A Wish deals?
Seth Greenberg "coaching" while immediately regretting his Draft decisions.
Now that the teams have been chosen, Seth Greenberg, one of the Fantasy Experience coaches, is running his ...
Seth Greenberg grinding it out at Kentucky camp Draft. I see a player mutiny in his future. Nice 'do, though.
Insert Reddit browsing joke here MT More people have access to cell phones then they do toilets
Greenberry's on 1st floor of Newman closed down bc it was owned by former bball coach Seth Greenberg who was fired last year
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am I supposed to take Seth Greenberg's opinion on who's going to be good in football, taking shots at Romo? Nah ill pass...
Honored to have met legendary college hoops head coach Seth Greenberg last night at the tribe game!
Found a local alternative for Seth Greenberg's Brownie Crunch! But I'll still wait for the original,…
Loved that column. And add Fanbase Fear to this list (or, the Seth Greenberg Invitational).
Doug McDermott joined ESPN's Andy Katz & Seth Greenberg today for a podcast, starting about 24:15;
Missed this: But both Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg like Michigan to win the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. Little hesitation.
Who wants a signed Seth Greenberg picture from beating UNC in 2007?
Bobcats coach looks like the lovechild of John Beilein and Seth Greenberg.
Space available for the Seth Greenberg Basketball Camp at the Valley Sports Center in Canton Ct.July 22-26. For more info go to VSC website.
Podcast: Greenberg shocked by decision - . ESPN's Seth Greenberg...
Always supporting Great w/Seth Greenberg in studio, but just a super person & hoops coach!
Is there a source where I can access the full results of this data?
Another Vine advantage down the drain... MT Instagram has made their video feature embeddable.
Michigan State is ranked by ESPN's Seth Greenberg as one of the nation's Top 10 perimeter teams... Is he right?
are we talking about the same Seth Greenberg that thought Ty Garland was a benchwarmer?
Got a speech from Seth Greenberg today on how to 🙌🏀
2-Time ACC coach of the year Seth Greenberg lecturing on the first night of 2
Seth greenberg sharing with the group
Coach Seth Greenberg dropping some his reputable basketball insight on the campers to cap off Day One of Elite Session 2
If yall think Seth Greenberg was a good coach something is wrong!
Everyone should be excited for a live speech from Seth Greenberg! Here at Hoop Group, you only get the very best coaching
According to ESPN's Seth Greenberg, Michigan State will be one of the nation's top 10 perimeter teams next season.
If Tom Izzo decides to go small with his lineup next season, Seth Greenberg says they'll be the top... via
You should come by to celebrate us winning most creative ad network two years in a row!
Seth Greenberg has VCU as a top 10 perimeter team in the country at
Former Virginia Tech Head coach and ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg is lecturing us tonight
Former VT basketball coach Seth Greenberg once said he wanted more grinding and less chilling.
I've got stuff to say to Bruce Bowen and Seth Greenberg.
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