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Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg (born April 18, 1956) is an American college basketball coach, and the current head coach for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team.

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Stupid Snapchat making QR a thing again.
And with Seth Greenberg thrown in. Listen to games and hear hardly a word. When comes out next day...
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg were impressed with Duke's road win over Notre Dame with Greenber... - via App
Seth Greenberg just said "That's not a foul; play on," but I am unsure whether this bolsters my argument
Seth Greenberg is a joke. No wonder he can't keep a coaching job.
but seth greenberg wanted Grayson to shut it down a week ago lol
Dan Dakich speaking truth about Grayson Allen, and inadvertently the amateur psychiatrist Seth Greenberg too lol.
I would love nothing more then to see Seth Greenberg fired, homeless, and begging for change on the street corner
I don't care how much Seth Greenberg laps up Duke he is persona non grata in Cameron.
there's a great article where Seth Greenberg gets so defensive about it like it's not his fault
Seth Greenberg out here trumpeting Donnie and the Cards at halftime of the Duke game.
On Friday, Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg talked about how good the game is for the sport. “We need more of these."
driving the ball more since Pitt. Side note, enjoy you, Seth Greenberg, and the ESPN crew.
What can happen after a loss? Seth Greenberg says, "It’s kind of a light bulb goes on moment for their team.”
.I agree. That Seth Greenberg is a bad man.
Seth Greenberg's continued criticism of Coach K is a joke. At this point you have to wonder if there is something more behind his rants
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Another magical afternoon with talking ball.
"UK has the greatest guard combo in the history of college basketball." 😂😂 -Seth Greenberg
ICYMI: Seth Greenberg and Jay Bilas of ESPN's College GameDay have lofty expectations of come Marc…
Would be powerful if Carter, Bushes, Clinton and Obama made a joint statement calling this un-American. Could even argue it…
you been hanging with Seth Greenberg?
Seth Greenberg just said "Why are we talking about Grayson Allen? We should be talking about Luke Kennard." Well that's kinda your call...
lol I don't know what Seth Greenberg has against Grayson Allen, but he needs to give it up.
How long until Seth Greenberg says Grayson Allen needs to sit out for the rest of the season again?
Did Seth Greenberg just compare Harry Giles to Paul George? How was he a head coach
He went to Oak Hill and Seth Greenberg didn't even offer him at VT! Sad!
It's a good thing I can do me and you can do you. I don't believe in the Seth Greenberg style award for ACC COY
they had Big Baby Seth Greenberg and some jabroni locking legs to "recreate" a non-foul like the Zapruder film. GTFOH.
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both pick Kentucky over Kansas.
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both pick Kentucky to beat Kansas:
When Seth Greenberg voices an opinion on Duke MBB...
Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams, and John Wall pick Kentucky to beat Kansas on
Xeroxed! What ya think bout Seth Greenberg's comments about coach K punishment of the players?
Seth Greenberg- Texas was a Top 25 team at the beginning of the season. Williams-Are they now?
Seth Greenberg says Grayson Allen got locked up with a Boston College player and calls Allen's al... - via App
"Kentucky advances the ball up the court better than anyone I've ever seen in college basketball." -- Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg a ESPN basketball guy nailed it better than any football guy when explaining why it was a good move for McCaffrey
Seth Greenberg is the absolute asscrack of humanity. Absolute garbage.
They can't keep Seth Greenberg out of the tournament now.
Seth Greenberg is in the studio sick watching VaTech beat Duke like this.
Seth Greenberg really said Grayson needs someone to help him with his "demons" 😂😂😂😂
Looks like Va Tech may have finally found a coach that can beat Duke. Nice job Buzz. I know Seth Greenberg and you are not him.
looking to beat Duke for first time since Seth Greenberg, Malcolm Delaney and co. beat No. 1 Duke in Feb. 2011 with GameDay here
Please don't lose to Tech. Seth Greenberg is gonna be unbearable. I mean, even more than usual.
Which is a BIG difference from James Johnson and late Seth Greenberg iterations.
Seth Greenberg was 3-11 vs Duke during tenure at VT. He can stop being a hater, but I understand why he is bitter.
Seth Greenberg, the apparent ESPN voice of reason.
I'd also like for ESPN to get Seth Greenberg off my screen during this game. Don't ruin this.
Seth Greenberg was 3-11 vs Duke. That explains why he is a hater. It's ok to be bitter.
Glad Seth Greenberg is a psychologist now 🙄. Stick to coaching below average basketball teams dude.
Hey Tell Ross Greenberg that he's on tonight in a replay of our interview this week. There, I told him.
"Harry Giles and Monte Morris ate cereal for breakfast. That makes them team players." – Seth Greenberg
because Seth Greenberg left Tech for ESPN. Maybe more money in the ACC
Subscribe/download Ross Greenberg "Sports with Friends" podcast by clicking here: Thanks so much!
we're not proud of Seth Greenberg, though I like him now commentating.
Seth Greenberg said creighton has the best atmosphere in the nation I strongly agree with him
I feel like Seth Greenberg has looked the exact same way as he did when I started watching SportsCenter like ten years ago.
him and Seth Greenberg can't stand either of them
Did Seth Greenberg mention UCLA beating an NBA team?
I think he & went to the Seth Greenberg school of broadcasting
Seth Greenberg is ugly, my goodness.
Seth Greenberg-"tony Bennett has figured out Pitino" Ok Greenberg we'll see about that
Even though Seth Greenberg helped us get Montrez he's always goes against us
when I see Seth Greenberg as a commentator for college basketball
Seth Greenberg is a pretty good analyst, hopefully he gets back into coaching. So much insight on the game.
All I wanted for Christmas was Seth Greenberg off tv
Lmao Seth Greenberg is on my TV doing a "chalk talk" in a god-awful suit
Intrigued by fact that 14 of top 50 free iOS apps right now are VR apps. Perhaps gift exchange is an impetus for crossing…
Mine would be Seth Greenberg was actually good.
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg express their opinions on why Grayson Allen should be suspended f... - via App
principle. Her job isn't to create a slanted storyline. Or assume he needs mental help like Seth Greenberg did. No respect for that
For Jay Williams, Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, and Dan Dakich on their reactions to the Grayson Allen trip.
Sentence I never expected Seth Greenberg to say, "You know what time it is? Dunans Time."
This dude has called Seth Greenberg "Seth Green" twice.
Bruce Pearl and Seth Greenberg being bffs is my favorite thing.
I got a lot problems with you, Seth Greenberg, and now you're gonna hear about 'em!
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Maybe Seth Greenberg could get Deron Washington to mentor him.
It's just a guess, but I don't think Dan Dakich or Seth Greenberg are members of the Coach K fan club.
Good observation by Seth, Greenberg believes Duke needs to get Allen help
I still think Grayson Allen is a prat but Seth Greenberg is on point with his assessment of the kid.
.from Grayson Allen to Coach K to McCaffery + Damon Bailey today w/ ->…
- Listened to Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich a lot today. The hate for Grayson AND Coach K is unreal. R they jealous?
My guy and I pontificate on Grayson Allen, coaching and accountability and more.
Seth Greenberg says Duke needs to "get [Grayson] help." Like he's struggling with alcoholism and not just a *** on the…
Jay Williams, Reece Davis and Seth Greenberg just annihilated Grayson Allen and Coach K! There is a God 🙏
Just saw Seth Greenberg in the media room. 40 min from tipoff @ JOHN PAUL JONES ARENA
Seth Greenberg just compared college kids to Magic Johnson and Arvydas Sabonis.
Chris Duhon did not make that shot against y'all Seth Greenberg. Put some respect on Sean Dockery's name lol.
Karl Ravech just slaughtered OG Anunoby's name and Seth Greenberg moved his head in a "huh" type motion lol
We are going to have to work with Jay Williams, Seth Greenberg, and Karl Ravech on how to pronounce OG Anunoby.
Seth Greenberg? JMV? Sage Steele the only alumni host in the last 5 years
ESPN’s Seth Greenberg will host Hoosier Hysteria. Better than JMV, not as good as Sage Steele. Overall reaction: Meh.
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey and Georgia coach Mark Fox both agreed with ESPN's Seth Greenberg on the CBB podcast...
Recorded a great interview with ESPN's Seth Greenberg earlier. He was wonderful, offering thoughts on the 2016-17 Hoosiers and Tom Crean.
the Governor,since the show helped elect him. Seth Greenberg, Jeff Picaro, Shannon Spake, Ian Eagle, Joe B.!
Wow. Scott O'Neil is like Dikembe Mutumbo. Blocked me much faster than Seth Greenberg, Zach Lowe or Doug Gottlieb.
love your work. & love to have ya be part of our Y1on1 email Q&A Kids wd love it
beads :) we getting you on board for the Y1on1?
AC, think abt my Y1on1 offer? If I dont hear from ya, i'll know its a big fat no lol
lol good stuff man. Love what you guys are doin this season. Love to have ya do Y1on 1
lookin fwd to your game calls in the playoffs. No interest at all in helping us out?
chance to think abt doin the Y1 on 1 Seth's is up now. Bunch more to come. would LOVE To have you do it
Reg, gettin ya on board for the Y1 on 1?? Just had Seth Greenberg do his LOVE to have ya man..
Check out today's Youth1on1 interview with ESPN's Seth Greenberg on our website:…
shoot me a follow so I can send hose for the Y1 on 1 this is the latest
Thanks to for doing the Y1 on 1 interview with us So much insight and advice!
Check out this week's Y1 on 1with Seth Greenberg
NC State has gone full Seth Greenberg with the transfers. You never go full Seth Greenberg.
great poetic brilliance showcased. Read my review of this poem - "Sunshine" by Seth Greenberg:
Seth Greenberg on ESPN right know criticizing the committee for not taking Virginia Tech...
Join master baker Seth Greenberg on 4/30 for A Taste of Bring tastebuds!
Congrats to the recent Bowers Medal Winners, Norman & Gilda Greenberg, who have contributed SO much to https:…
my final four: Dickie V, Dan Shulman, Bilas, and " ball screen" Seth Greenberg. Great job this year guys!
Tuesday as heads to the Plus Bruce Bowen, Seth Greenberg & more... . 6a et & ESPN2
Seth Greenberg's mom, Herbstreit's kid, Lindsay Czarniak's mom. I don't get it.
ESPNs Seth Greenberg, Rece Davis and Jay Williams each have UO in Final 4 before losing to Kansas. Vitale has Oklahoma over UO in Elite 8.
*** Vitale, Seth Greenberg, Doug Gottlieb and Kara Lawson all pick UK to go to the Final 4.
Seth Greenberg of ESPN said he really likes Arizona in the sub-regional at Providence. Mentions UA's experience and play of Ryan Anderson.
Jay Bilas, *** Vitale, Reggie Miller, Seth Greenberg all think Vanderbilt should be IN.
Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams and Rece Davis all agreed on putting Temple in the last four in. We will see what tonight brings
hi sandra. Can You explain how Brian Gregory has a job coaching GT Basketball instead of Seth Greenberg or even Mark Price?   10% Off
what a joke. Your telling me Seth Davis, Seth Greenberg, and Jay Bilas are all wrong about Syracuse. OKAY!!!
Going from Seth Greenberg to Dan Shulman is like switching from Natty Light to Maker's Mark on the rocks at the bar
Seth Greenberg did in the preseason.
did Cal awkwardly leave Greenberg hanging after that post game interview? poor Seth.
Anyone else think Seth Greenberg sounds like Bob's best friend on Bob's Burgers?
BREAKING: Seth Greenberg prefers a coach who can recruit AND coach. As opposed to the rest of us...
I never, ever want to hear Seth Greenberg in a conversation about "stud fees." NO.
Two guys I wish we could have every game- Bill Raftery and Seth Greenberg.
Hey Seth Greenberg Vanderbilt called they want their head cheerleader back.
These Seth Greenberg sideline/court interviews are making me uncomfortable
Id rather watch Laetner hit "the shot" over and over than Seth Greenberg or this . We want
this stuff with Seth Greenberg is so obnoxious and stupid.
Around the world with Seth Greenberg is really annoying.
Seth Greenberg is Rocky Top with legs and a mic.
All this Seth Greenberg stuff is ridiculous and pointless
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I like you Seth Greenberg, but this camera angle is making me dizzy AF.
I swear Seth Greenberg wants to coach at Kentucky
Why can't Seth Greenberg stay at the table and talk?
Why is ESPN so obsessed with Seth Greenberg? He's awful.
I like the "back of Seth Greenberg's head from the baseline" camera view
Is Seth Greenberg a sideline reporter or an analyst?
I've seen more of Seth Greenberg's bald head in 10 minutes than I ever wanted to. Cmon ESPN.
why not just put reporter Seth Greenberg at mid court and make it even more awkward?
Seth Greenberg is desperate for these coaches to embrace him or show they respect him but barnes and cal just kind of seem annoyed
Horrible how Seth Greenberg only does these behind the bench interviews during UK games.
Wow I'd love to see Seth Greenberg try to conduct an interview with Coach K during a media timeout. Not happening.
I do not envy Seth Greenberg in those situations.
Will someone kick Seth Greenberg's *** already? He's one of the worst.
Seth Greenberg is a smart coach and it's stupid that ESPN has relegated him to live in-game coach interviews
Seth Greenberg just asked "Is there a better finisher in college basketball than Briscoe?". Seriously??
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Briscoe off to a strong start. On telecast, Seth Greenberg says he’s one of the best finishers in college basketball.
Seth Greenberg is unbearable on commentary.
I bet it's killing Seth Greenberg to have to say good things about UK.
I met ESPN's Sean Farnham and Seth Greenberg getting brisket nachos at the concession stand. Funny guys.
Gonna trade for Seth Curry aren't they?
Seth Greenberg made a good point last. If you call a timeout there you give coach K time to draw up a better D
Seth Greenberg explains to Mike & Mike why the loss of Jones will affect Duke
It amazes me how good of a coach Seth Greenberg was but how idiotic and clueless he is as an analyst.
Seth Greenberg joins NOW to break down the end of the UNC vs Duke matchup last night:
Seth Greenberg just called former POY Kris Jenkins the "Draymond Green of Villanova." That's hig…
Seth Greenberg losing the argument on the timeout. See why he's not coaching anymore
Seth Greenberg is most overrated commentator ever! 3 weeks ago he said Duke was terrible. What now?
Brice Johnson ACC Player of the Year. Mark it down. -Seth Greenberg.
I am still trying to figure out how Seth Greenberg is defending Roy Williams on not calling a TO and rolling with berry..
The fact that Seth Greenberg argued adamantly for Roy's decision to not call TO proves he should've called TO.
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Seth Greenberg awfully critical for a guy who hasn't done sh
What's Seth Greenberg's issue with Settle down man, you come off way too argumentative.
It drives me nuts how ex-coaches on TV REFUSE to criticize current coaches like Seth Greenberg is doing right now.
I respect the *** out of for his analysis of Seth Greenberg...there's a reason you're an analyst and not a HC💯
Seth Greenberg, the lead 'analyst' on ESPN, did not offer Curry a scholarship!!!
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg stay goin at it lol
If anyone is digging a hole, can I throw Seth Greenberg in it?
Great Duke - UNC game again. Then post game is ruined by Seth Greenberg telling everyone what they should have done.
Jay Williams says Carolina should have called timeout. . Seth Greenberg disagreeing is the exact reason why he's on TV …
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg always sneak diss each other when they are together.
I see why Seth Greenberg is commentating and not coaching any more smfh
Seth Greenberg thinks UNC shouldn't have called a timeout which is all you need to know about everything.
"Ben Simmons is the next Magic Johnson without the personality.". - Seth Greenberg
LSU Video: Seth Greenberg says Ben Simmons plays like Tracy McGrady and it is \"too soon to compare to Magic Johnson\" (ESPN) …
Villanova Video: Seth Greenberg says the Wildcats take \"a terrific philosophy\" of low-post offense to Butler on …
Iowa State Video: Seth Greenberg says the Cyclones will try to \"get it up and down\" against a deliberate Baylor …
Baylor Video: Seth Greenberg says the Bears will try to \"grind it out\" against a fast-paced Iowa State team on S…
South Carolina Video: Seth Greenberg says Frank Martin's Gamecocks have been \"extremely unselfish\" in opening at…
Vanderbilt Video: Seth Greenberg says it's \"a little shocking\" to see the Commodores at 8-6 going into South Car…
Will be looking for my Buffs! Might be the most "bubbly" team this side of Seth Greenberg's VT squads!
Seth Greenberg: No elite teams this year in college basketball - ESPN Video
Stanley Johnson's not a good shooter from deep. Seth Greenberg told me so. That Sam Dekker though...
The fact that Dino Gaudio & Seth Greenberg are ESPN college b-ball analysts really makes me wonder if ESPN followed their coaching careers
Huggs told Katz that coaches that didnt win "end up doing what you're doing" meaning hosting a show. Seth Greenberg is the cohost.
Seth Greenberg: There are concerns for Kentucky - ESPN Video
big game breakdown Duke vs Wake Forrest by Seth Greenberg
[ESPN Video] Big-Game Breakdown: Duke vs. Wake Forest: . Seth Greenberg goes to the touchscreen to previe...
KSR: Seth Greenberg explains some of Kentucky’s many problems
[ESPN Video] Seth Greenberg: There are concerns for Kentucky: . Seth Greenberg explains what is wrong...
KY Sports Radio: Seth Greenberg explains some of Kentucky's many problems
if I see anything else about Ben Simmons, last nights game, or seth greenberg's concerns about UK I'm gonna scream
SportsCenter Video: LSU more than Ben Simmons, says Seth Greenberg; team developing, \"very different\" than 3 wee…
SportsCenter Video: Seth Greenberg says \"I have a lot of concerns\" about Kentucky after 18-point loss to LSU Tue…
So Seth Greenberg has concerns about UK...AND? Since when does his opinion matter about anything?
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg preview North this Saturday at 8 p. - via App
[ESPN Video] Journey to the Tourney: UNC looking to stay hot: . Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg preview No...
Greenberg. Does he do any show prep? Not sure he watches the games he breaks down.
Seth Greenberg was spot-on about his analysis of the defense
I'm gonna go with what Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, *** Vitale, and Jay Williams all said
Jay Williams trying so hard not to say anything to Seth Greenberg. Holds his mouth everytime he talks 😂
Seth Greenberg put it well! Horrendous on offense and terrible on defense
Couldn't agree more with Seth Greenberg - Cats playing with no sense of purpose
"this years Kentucky team is better than last years"- Seth Greenberg
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg just ripping how bad UK and LSU are collectively playing during the studio break
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg ripping this game. Can't say I blame them.
Seth Greenberg smokes something. Some of the stuff he says on ESPN is just absurd. Maybe he's trolling...
ICYMI: was live on SportsCenter this morning with Kevin Negandhi and Seth Greenberg to talk some hoops.
Just saw this, but last night ESPN College Basketball analyst Seth Greenberg compared Frank Mason to Allen Iverson.
Been watching a lot of NCAA b-ball. I swear ESPNs Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams hate each other
Virginia Tech's biggest victory in many, many years. Buzz Williams has them confident for the first time since the Seth Greenberg era.
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams are aware FSU is only down 4 at half right? Goodness those 2 as a halftime show are horrendous
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg can eat one too.
Seth Greenberg, ESPN College basketball analyst, just compared Kansas guard Frank Mason to Allen Iverson. He has to be joking.
Whoa there -- Seth Greenberg compares Frank Mason to Allen Iverson.
Just heard Seth Greenberg say Frank Mason of Kansas plays like LOL sorry Seth the closest thing to AI is
Seth Greenberg said Frank Mason reminds him of Allen Iverson (Georgetown version) with his relentlessness. That is high praise
Seth Greenberg just said Frank Mason from Kansas reminds him of Allen Iverson 🤔
Seth Greenberg on ESPN just said Frank Mason's play reminds him of Allen Iverson
Seth Greenberg invoking the all-mighty Brian Zoubek looking at Plumlee.
Seth Greenberg on Mike Anderson's T: "Sometimes when coaches are mad at their team, they take it out on the officials."
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Fran Fraschilla, Seth Greenberg guys who are respected voices. All said NCAA embarrassing themselves
Now if Seth Greenberg can develop in2 a vey solid commentator, it will be a good year of college basketball.
Asked Noah about pitch to Escobar. Said he wanted to make KC uncomfortable. "That's my plate out there, not theirs." https:…
Seth Greenberg got me all geeked over here lol.. Season in 2 weeks. But them boys 7-1 tho!
ESPN Analyst Seth Greenberg (was at NC State's practice yesterday, & he broke down what he saw for us.
“Coach did you know Seth Greenberg has two ACC COY awards?”
If youre still writing abt Seth Greenberg and Virginia Tech, you werent paying attention when it happened...
I will read zero VT basketball articles that still mention Seth Greenberg, Ive moved on so should everybody else...
Every single Steph Curry highlight should be catalogued, boxed and shipped to Seth Greenberg. Like, forever… . Signed, everywhere
Wondering when is going to sign to a contract for acc analyst over Seth Greenberg
So we're still paying Seth Greenberg $25k a month? Yeesh that was a lot of money for the right to hire-fire JJ.
"Bringing strategy and creative together makes the magic happen." -Creative Strategist at OgilvyOne
Virginia Tech will pay ex-basketball coach Seth Greenberg $25k a month until March 2016. He was fired in April of 2012.
My goodness. Virginia Tech is paying ~$50K a month for Seth Greenberg and James Johnson not to coach basketball.
yea a no Brainer for football and at the time sec was winning bball as well. Jim is the one that debacled the Seth Greenberg deal
At a bar mitzvah in Jersey, the caterer is a dead ringer for hoops coach Seth Greenberg. Wish was here to see this.
I don't think they'd ever do it no matter how badly it needs done. Just look how much leeway they gave Seth Greenberg
Drinking beer makes you better at sex, says an awesome study
ESPN basketball analyst: MTSU has good shot in C-USA - The Tennessean
Seth Greenberg spoke at Thursdays' Men's Basketball Tip-Off Celebration. Read about it here:
"I don't think there's any chance in my mind that Rick Pitino will remain" coach at Louisville. - Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg on my BNA➡️CLT flight. Mad respect for him. He made relevant. Very confident will do the same.
Seth Greenberg is in the building and lunch is being served!
Big thanks to Seth Greenberg for launching our season at today's sold out lunch. Proud of our basketball program https:…
"You own Western," Seth Greenberg with a zinger about the rivalry.
To the folks who started the Q&A with Seth Greenberg (at the MT MBB's luncheon) with questions about KY and L'Ville: You are morons. Period.
"To do the the things that MT has been able to do on and off the court is amazing" -Seth Greenberg.
Seth Greenberg it takes a community to support your program.
Guy at halftime said its like calling you seth greenstein instead of greenberg
Pretty positive Seth Greenberg is gonna be on my next flight
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ESPN's Seth Greenberg imparts 35 years of hoops coaching in 2 hours
this includes game outings correct? If so, excited to receive my promo-code!!!
Correct. I said that about him his first go round at Louisville. He's the Seth Greenberg of football.
My favorite ever was when Seth Greenberg was still at VT … his blog was called Kosher Korner.
I think my other 2 favs were Seth Greenberg & (i think) Jesse James. Those calls were epic.
I just want a chance to boo Seth Greenberg in person
Jake's view of Seth Greenberg after a long 3 miles.
Karl Rove is to Donald Trump as Seth "I Hate UNC" Greenberg is to Carolina BBall Hating Irrelevant used to beens.
Save the Date, Oct 4th at 2pm. Seth Greenberg, ESPN college bball analyst and Hands On Hoops. htt…
Cincinnati here we come!!! Sept 26-27th Just added to the Coaching Roster Seth Greenberg 2x ACC COY!!!
Native content on urging people to (Client)
Seth Greenberg congrats - Bastille is absolutely beautiful! Good food, excellent vibe, and wine was delicious!.
You don't have any chance to succeed until you learn how to compete. – Seth Greenberg
Seth Greenberg puts Pat Forde on blast for latest John Calipari criticism
actually yes Seth Greenberg's opinion is more valuable than yours. Game. Set. Match.
Seth Greenberg just smashed pat and Jay Bilas has mentioned the article.
Jay Bilas and Seth Greenberg both picked Jones as their Most Likely Bust, fwiw.
Seth Greenberg is always on espn talking like he's *** John Wooden. Someone needs to remind him that he was a below average coach
Rece Davis has it rough. Football season he has Lou Holtz and Mark May. Hoop season he sits next to Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg.
At VaughtsViews: ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg not backing off 40-0 prediction for Kentucky
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams said today Gonzaga will be the two in the west. Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams are wrong.
There's more! on the blood feud between THansbrough and Seth Greenberg's wife & how he celebrated in '09
I'll have to refer back to what my pops once said about Seth Greenberg..Isn't that the bum who coached Va Tech?'
Jay Williams talks about actual match-up issues in his ACC projection. In contrast, Seth Greenberg talks about how Duke will be "focused."
How many times do Seth Greenberg & Jay Williams have to tell us who they're picking to win the ACC tourney?
"Kentucky and Wisconsin are the two best teams in college basketball. It's the final matchup everybody wants to see" -Seth Greenberg
Say what you will about Seth Greenberg, he called it right. UK - Wisky 1-2 seeds in the Midwest ? Va- Kansas 1-2 in the East ? That's a joke
Seth Greenberg may be my favorite ESPN college basketball analyst!
Seth Greenberg is the stupidest college basketball analyst on ESPN, no wonder Va. Tech fired him...
Did Seth Greenberg really just say Wisconsin is the best team in the country?
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Seth Greenberg preach about this no UK and UW in same bracket! Wisconsin is the best 2 seed, period.
this year's Virginia Tech team is starting to look like some of the Seth Greenberg teams. Will Buzz be able to take them to the next level?
Seth Greenberg would not be happy with Centennial fans
Mack Brown is shockingly good at football. Oh, and Seth Greenberg!
Find out what Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg had to say about the BYUvsZAGS coming up next on
You'd think Seth Greenberg would have the decency to tell ESPN to stop calling us "VAH Tech" 😒
Will Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg ask Karl Ravech for hair advice?
haven't won an ACC tournament game since 2011-12 under Seth Greenberg. and Wake tied 23-23 with 7:57 left in first half.
getting ready to tip off against Wake Forest. VT looking for first ACC Tournament win since 2012, Seth Greenberg's final season.
Seth Greenberg is an expert at losing just enough to miss the NCAA tournament despite having no excuse for it.
To be fair Seth Greenberg is an expert in losing
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both picked as the dark horse to win the Prove them right boys!
Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams just had a lengthy ESPN2 breakdown of BYU-Gonzaga; Seth picks BYU for the upset, J-Will goes with Zags.
Seth Greenberg just mentioned that BYU has the advantage over gonzaga Cuz "all" their players went on stupid
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