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Seth Curry

Seth Adham Curry (born August 23, 1990) is an American basketball player and native of Charlotte, North Carolina, who plays collegiately for Duke University.

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Also tied with Serge Ibaka for 32nd best 3 PT% on the season (27 spots behind Seth Curry)
Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry show their potential as one-two punch in Mavericks win over Heat
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Give it two seasons, and I believe Seth Curry will join his brother in the All Star Game.
Russell Westbrook is showing that he is pretty weak mentally... he has gotten rattled by DERRICK JONES JR and SETH CURRY the last two games.
Mavs' Curry stays hot with 22 points
Mark Cuban on Seth Curry's future with the Mavericks: "We want him to be forever. He's our kind of guy."
Seth Curry lookin like Steph. imagine both still on the dubs
The Curry Brothers have transferred powers over the past 3 games: . Seth Curry: 13/20 from 3PT. Steph Curry: 4/31 from 3PT https:…
Seth Curry most improved player of the year. Speak on it
Seth Curry is my favorite little brother story in sports.
Seth Curry has 20+ points for the fifth time in six games since the All-Star break. Mark Cuban considers him a foundatio…
Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban wants Seth Curry to be a Maverick ‘forever’
That's five 20-point games for Seth Curry in his last six, including four straight. Longest by a Mavs 2-guard since Monta…
Idc what nobody say Seth Curryis better than Steph Curry !
It's not a coincidence that Seth Curry and Russ' jersey numbers make 300 when next to each other. THIS IS SPARTA 😤
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Seth Curry: 22 points, is averaging 23.3 PPG in last 6 games
"Seth Curry's a bum." "He's only in the NBA because of his family."
Look who is up to 5th in the NBA in 3pt% now, Seth Curry of the Mavs - 43%. Behind Otto Porter, Kyle Korver, Joe Ingles & G…
One thing I like about Seth Curry more than Steph is that he doesn't only jack 3s. But he's not better.
I don't think Jarret Jack has ever more wanted to be Seth Curry than right now
"Sitting back watching Stephen and Seth Curry, I’m happy and excited and proud like a big uncle."—
If Rick Carlisle takes a Mavericks team with a Yogi Ferrell-Seth Curry backcourt to the playoffs he's a lock for Coach of the Year.
Seth Curry and the Mavs take down LeBron and the Cavs.
I get the feeling Adams is not a big fan of Seth Curry lol he's pushed him a couple times and set a couple nasty screens on him.
I really want a Mavs team led by Seth Curry, Dorian Finney-Smith, and Justin Anderson to beat the Thunder.
I'm enjoying my Seth Curry and Justin Anderson experience lately
Seth Curry, Justin Anderson were the sleepers I went with.
I'm crushing all my cash games with Westbrook, Steph Curry, Seth Curry, McCollum, Covington, MKG, Noel, Randolph and Adams
Justin Anderson came off the bench and led the Mavericks with 19 points, Seth Curry puts up 14 points,...
Seth Curry is scoring 1.36 PPP this season when playing with Deron Williams, per & 1.59 with Williams AND Dirk.
Seth Curry, Omri Casspi and Darren Collison all shot 40% or higher from three last season
A lot will be asked of Seth Curry in the 2nd half without J.J. Barea & Devin Harris.
What if Seth Curry starts to really show up. He's already breaking people's ankles. But Steph Curry always breaks his ankles.
I am a mavs fan we have nothing. Wes Mathews is good sometimes. Otherwise that's it. Poor mans Steph Curry (Seth)
They love the Warriors so much and yet sleep on them, shoutout to Seth Curry
It must suck for Seth Curry that even when he plays well, the announcers gotta mention Steph like they're Siamese Twins.
I watched the Mavs game last night & EVERY time Seth Curry made a good play, the announcers said "He looked just like his BROTHER!"
Mmhm. A lil more star power never hurts. Lord knows that's what Cavs need. Need to try n get Demarcus, Melo, Seth Curry, Nerlens
A quality grilled cheese is 👍🏽 but cmon now. Italian sub is on another level. Like comparing Seth and Steph Curry
i want to trade 4 a back up PG.guys like Jeremy Lin or Seth Curry would be ideal.Clear Mo Williams wont play so need2replace him
too much. itd be easier trying for Lin or Seth Curry which are guys we need more anyways
I'd love t ross or Danny green. Even Seth curry at this point. This team losing so much is becoming toxic
Seth curry was mad off that Hood 3 lol
Lmao good shot but why is Seth curry giving him a a step like he's way to use to getting blown off the dribble lolz
Nah man. A windmill alley oop? Get this man outta high school hoops.. Zion Williamson unreal lmaoo
Happy for Rodney Hood hitting the game winner, but hollering at Seth Curry and whomever is for Dallas reactions after he made it!
Seth Curry passes to Harrison Barnes who goes baseline for the jam.
oh I also loved the "when seth curry was playing at Duke with my son" lmao
I'd take Seth Curry over Steph any day😎
Mejri runs into Seth Curry, causing him to travel, so the refs just give Dallas a timeout it didn't even call?
Cavs are really going to miss Delly in the playoffs unless they get a back up PG like Seth Curry or Jeremy Lin etc
Deron Williams: 18 points on 6-11 shooting & 7 assists in 35 minutes. Seth Curry: 13 points, 5 boards & 4 assists in 28 minutes off the bench
If you're ever feeling insignificant remember Steph Curry has a younger brother named Seth Curry who plays for the Mavs…
Hmm Seth curry like maybe he should have stayed on the Kings
There's so many funny things in this vine. How angry Seth Curry and Mejri are, the referee's running form...
Over Seth Curry too... he wasn't too happy. Hood finished w/ 15. had 13pts 5rebs 4asts
he clearly doesn't wanna be here anymore and I don't blame em'. Just ship him to Dallas for Seth Curry/a 1st rounder lol
lol Just thinking Seth Curry would be a nice fit for Cavs too
Seeing Seth Curry cooking guys in the NBA reminds me of the superstar brothers who couldn't make it, like Blake's b…
mejri talking to the crowd and runs into Seth curry and makes him travel
If Seth Curry wld lk for his shot more he cld be a 20 point a night guy.He beat his man off the dribble&kick it out for 3 finish
i honestly might consider Mike Dunleavy for Seth Curry if im the Cavs. Hed be a nice back up to Kyrie& knows some of roster already
SMH Seth Curry brought Dallas all the way back.. & veteran Derron Williams comes in and blows the game like rookie. Why is he still in NBA?😞
We didn't lose to AARP Deron Williams and Seth curry
"Looked just like his brother on that play!" - Seth Curry must never get tired of hearing that
gotta straight up give them keys to Seth curry
Seth Curry is going to score a career high against us, naturally.
Mavs out there - SAlah Mejri runs into Seth Curry while complaining to ref, causes traveling call
Seth Curry can score at will..he is too unselfish..He need to learn thatvince he beat his man off the dribble.finish at the rim
Seth Curry plays like a fan imitating Steph Curry
Seth Curry is like the Matthew Cieniewicz of his family
We should've signed guys like Terrence Jones & Seth Curry. Instead we got Smith, Nicholson, & Burke smh
UNC grad George Karl isn't a fan of Duke players, as Seth Curry learned with the Kings. Pod:
Seth Curry, Justin Anderson combine for 24 points off the bench
Finney-Smith, Barnes, Bogut, Wesley Matthews and Seth Curry are listed as probable starters for Dallas.
Mavs currently only have one healthy PG in Seth Curry. Barea (calf strain), Harris (toe) already declared out for tomorrow. DWill is QUES
Would it be fair to compare Andrew Platek's game to being similar to Seth Curry's?
We'll try anything: We're now the All-Star team of little brothers with Seth Curry & now Jaleel Cousins. If it works, I…
Seth Curry was on fire & scored 13 of his 20 points during a 5min stretch in the 3rd! Harrison Barnes was just 1-10! https:…
fun fact- Seth Curry and Justin Anderson combined have 9 rebounds. Harrison Barnes alone has 0
Does nobody else think it's funny that both Andrew Bogut & Harrison Barnes from Golden State moved over to Dallas where there's Seth Curry?
I liked 'Seth Curry dazzles as fans get...' in the Dallas Mavs App
North Jersey is like Steph Curry South Jersey is like Seth Curry
Seth Curry's finna take that starting job from Deron Williams at some point this season
I like Seth Curry better than Stephan Curry I don't know why.
I'm happy the Mavs passed on resigning Felton, Lee and Zaza, bring in Seth Curry, Acy and Barnes who are only in their mid 20's
mavs replaced Charlie V and Raymond Felton with Quincy Acy and Seth Curry. Did someone hit Cubes in the head with a frying p…
Mavericks are real close to a Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes, Bogut lineup
Seth Curry Is a poopy trick that programs slugs
Seth Curry Is a dirty ride that dances cuts
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Lol Mavs have Bogut, Barnes and Seth Curry. Tryna make a copy of the Warriors team
At 2K RTs we will give away this signed Steph & Seth Curry, D. Cousins & R. *** shirt to 1 person who RTs & follows. ht…
Thas dope that Barnes and Bogut still get to play ball wit a Curry next year, since Seth got picked up by Dallas.
Mavs got a steal too with Seth Curry 2yr/6mil contract. Always thought there would only be 1 relevant Curry but he had his moments last yr.
Seth Curry Wants a dirty dancer that loves trucks
Mavs got Seth Curry, Harrison Barnes, and Bogut. You can't make these things up lol
Seth Curry, Harrison Barnes, & Andrew Bogut.. Mark Cuban throwing out Golden State B team on the court...
Extremely happy for Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut and Seth Curry to land on the Mavs
Seth Curry Wants a phat raver that dances drugs
Justin Anderson for Convington. Thoughts, given Seth curry and Barnes were just signed to Mavs?
Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry and Andrew Bogut, resigned Deron Williams and Dirk 🤔 Mark Cuban idk man
Yeah, but he's 65. I don't need an aging vet, go nab a Seth Curry or splurge on Allen Crabbe.
Seth Curry will be an all star this year
Seth Curry Is a straight disco that dances bucks
Digest: Mavs have deal with Dirk Nowitzki, will add Seth Curry - Tue, 05 Jul 2016 PST
Dallas Mavericks, Seth Curry agree to two-year deal
Seth Curry's future depends on Kings' willingness to keep him - Sacramento Bee (blog)
I'm like Seth Curry congratulating y'all on the success that you had😂
Mavericks have done well getting Seth curry and Harrison Barnes great defense just need to improve shooting more
Report: Mavericks sign Seth Curry to two-year deal
interesting. Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, LeBron's, Porzingis, and... Seth Curry. If little Curry hits equal threes we're good
Seth Curry is finalizing a two-year, $6M deal with the Dallas Mavericks. (Y!)
Seth Curry Is a phat dancer that eats nugs
Cuban trying to get mini Warriors team.Barnes, Bogut and Seth Curry!!
Seth Curry is a Mav now!!! Literally we are the Knock of version of the Golden State Warriors
Report: Mavericks to sign Seth Curry (repeat: Seth, not Steph) to a free-agent deal
Seth Curry in the last 11 games of 2015-16:. 15.2 PPG. 3.8 APG. 2.7 RPG. 48% from field. 51% from three. Apr. 11: 20 pts, 15 ast, 3 reb, 3 stl
Seth Curry Does a dope guy that trips drugs
Seth Curry will sign with the Mavs on a 2-year/$6 million contract.
Seth Curry compared to Steph Curry is like Amir Khan to Achmed Khan.
Seth Curry and Harrison Barnes are the new splash brothers
NBA: Mavs have deal with Nowitzki, will add Seth Curry --
Sources: Seth Curry finalizing two-year, $6 million deal with Mavericks. report on
My wish list for the Lakers. Mo Harkless,Seth Curry, Ty Lawson , Terrance Jones and Wayne Ellington.
Seth Curry is better at basketball than both Tim Curry and Ann Curry, so the Mavs have that going for them. 👍🏼😐
Dirk took a pay cut so the Mavs could help the Warriors sign Kevin Durant, and bring in Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry...He gotta be hurt
Instead of Conley, Whiteside or Parsons.. Dallas is going to end up with Seth Curry, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes.
Wanting the Wolves to sign Seth Curry and Myers Leonard.
Hear me out. Mavs sign Seth Curry, Jason Thompson, & Gerald Green. Then roll out a lineup of . Curry, Thompson, Green, Barn…
Some names I'm looking at for the . . Mario Chalmers. Jarret Jack. Seth Curry. Ramon Sessions. Anyone else?
any shot Knicks get any of these guys to fill out bench? Seth Curry, Steve Blake, Mario Chalmers, Kevin Martin, David Lee
Hornets should go after Seth Curry or Mario Chalmers to back up Kemba. For the big man, should either go after Greg Monroe or Vucevic.
right now Thomas Robinson, Seth Curry, Ian Mahinmi are my 3. Then try to steal Mo Harkless or Harrison Barnes
Hope they try and go after either Seth Curry or Mario Chalmers for backup PG, and maybe go after Zaza as backup center.
Honestly I'd be way more excited for a young developing bunch of Seth Curry, Thomas Robinson and Ian Clark.
yes! Or Anthony Morrow, and Lou Willams. Trade for Ricky Rubio and resign Seth Curry
yo play me Tmmr I'll use Seth Curry and Jeremy Lamb
My top 5 favorite players rn are Giannis, Seth Curry, KD, Marc Gasol and Kemba Walker
plenty of players. Seth Curry, Robert Sacred, Mozgov, etc.
Refs are treating Steph Curry as if he's Seth Curry.
I'm rockin with Seth curry and Demarcus cousins watch
*** the Curry family is building an empire, Ayesha got a cooking show, Riley making cash too, Seth is in the shadows about to shine.
Yes Seth curry took a L tonight too
Seth Curry went to a 100x better College than Steph, but Steph did better, that's amazing.
"..and there I sat.. front row, when that THUG Steph Curry hurled his mouthpiece at me"
Everybody wanted an Ayesha curry, what happened?
"Yes can I speak to Adam Silver? This is about Steph Curry striking a fan with an object. I'll hold."
thanks for this lol you know im a huge Seth curry fan
Ready for Sunday?. Highest ppg all-time in Game 7s (min 2 games). 1. Stephen Curry, 34.5 ppg. 2. LeBron James, 34.4. 3. Mich…
I think we can all agree that Seth Curry is the better brother now
I love curry, Fav player! But he's childs play, compared to MJ.
If Curry not suspended then the league is 100 pct rigged. It's not fair. And no one will respect the Warriors
People saying the call on Curry was rough. In 2012 Amir Johnson was suspended one game for throwing his mouthpiece
Brian Windhorst just put Ayesha Curry in a BODYBAG
Seems everyone had something to say about Game 6, including Ayesha Curry. Social reaction:
Steph Curry better get Ayesha, his mom, Dale, Sydel, Riley,& Seth in the gym to practice shooting under all types of unwanted circumstances
Ayesha curry acting like steph was making a difference tonight anyway lol
not curry fouling out, the collection of horrible calls throughout the playoffs that just happen to give the NBA that game 7 💰
Seth curry gone be at his wife like.
I wish Ayesha Curry had been dating C-Webb during the 2002 Lakers-Kings series.
Is this series fixed or what. Seth Curry hasn't played defense in his life and has been in foul trouble thruout this series.
Stephen Curry had his first career ejection, and his wife Ayesha was NOT happy about it.
Golden State should feel good going into Game 7. Steph Curry found his game and Klay Thompson woke up in the 2nd half ton…
Fun Fact: Steph Curry's brother, Seth Curry was supposed to be that BOY when he got to the league... Things certainly have changed lol
showed up and showed out after LeBron James block Seth Curry he said you know this myhouse
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Yo you know you can't say nothing bad about the Curry's not even Seth lol
Curry isn't the biggest, strongest etc. but he's a DAWG. HATES to lose. I love that more than the best athlete to ever touch a 🏀 (Bron)
Can we trade Barnes for Seth Curry before Sunday?
But none of y'all are going to call Steph Curry a cry baby, right?
2night solidified y Ima Curry fan tho. Loved the raw emotion, the heart. NOT the acting job Bron did when he blocked his shot 😂.
Did Ayesha curry really just say the NBA is rigged😂😂
YO Curry drilled homeboy in the chest with his mouth guard.
But if we are talking about the Curry's Seth is way hotter than steph 🙄
I'm a Seth Curry fam what do I know?
Ayesha Curry: The NBA is rigged. Bobby BigWheel: I bet if Seth Curry said this no one would mind
well then I'll use the Kings so Seth Curry can equal things out lmao
If the NBA even THINKS about suspending Steph Curry for throwing his little plastic mouthguard, the NBA should be asha…
Ayesha Curry kind of makes what Seth Maness' girlfriend did seem not so bad
you should start referring to Steph as "Seth Curry's brother"
First time Seth Curry gets ejected via
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"Credit to his teammates for giving him the mouthpiece to wear". -Coach Karl,if it was Seth Curry ejected in the Finals…
she talking Stephen Curry doe not the actual seth curry😩
Steph Curry, the self-proclaimed humble religious guy, is one of the most arrogant and unprofessional players in the l…
Looking at the next tier of PG's -- Seth Curry, Brandon Jennings, Austin Rivers via
Batum, Seth Curry, Darrell Arthur, Crabbe, Howard. We got our main. Need versatility and youth.
Throw in Seth Curry and Caron Butler and we got a deal
Knicks sign say two out of these names and its a nice summer: Seth Curry, Dellavedova, Bazemore, Fournier, Solo Hill.
Boogie Cousins has some postgame words of encouragement for Seth Curry
But Evans not the PG. Frazier showed we need a PG in Gentry offense. Maybe Kris Dunn, Seth Curry, Ish Smith or Fazier.
Seth Curry connected with Willie Cauley-Stein for this alley-oop smash last night . .
Seth Curry is everything that we had hoped Marco Belinelli would...
Seth Curry really nice though bs aside Steph ain't start making noise till he was in the league for a little while
Seth Curry dished out no-look passes & turnaround 3s last night for his 1st career double-double (20 Pts, 15 Ast). https:…
Seth Curry might have dibs on the recliner with this performance in Phoenix. VIDEO:
Seth Curry throws it up, Willie Trill throws it DOWN!
Seth Curry better drop buckets tonight!
Seth Curry low key look like young Mike Bibby
First, he could have given Seth Curry a try what would it have hurt, then u trade Ish Smith is living up to his name
Darren Collison came off the bench to lead Sacramento in scoring with 26 points, Seth Curry went for 21 points,...
George Karl says Seth Curry will be in the NBA for a 'couple years' - Sactown Royalty
Seth Curry is replacing James Anderson in the starting lineup tonight.
I haven’t seen this lineup before: Rajon Rondo, Seth Curry, James Anderson, Caron Butler and DeMarcus Cousins.
Now Anderson is facilitating, posting up Seth Curry. Kings down 74-50. Anderson has 21 points this quarter.
"I'm going to play Seth Curry more" *Rondo, Belinelli, McLemore are out* *Starts James Anderson. FIRE THIS MORON COACH.
Seth Curry got into the game in the first quarter tonight but only ended up playing 6 freaking minutes. Come on George.
I want a starting lineup next November of Cousins, Cauley-stein, Ryan Anderson, Rondo and Seth Curry. What say you?
I'm pretty sure Wesley Johnson fouled Cole Aldrich. Spot the problem in that sentence. (Seth Curry got called for it.)
We see you Seth Curry. And yes, I said Seth
Seth Curry, Darren Collison, and Rajon Rondo all on the floor for the Kings. Interesting, a 3 PG offense.
Gonna trade for Seth Curry aren't they?
Rajon Rondo, Omri Casspi and Seth Curry were the only three players to attend Kings shoot around this morning, according …
remember when Nolan Smith and Seth Curry put together that come back in Cameron?
Seth Curry lowkey looking like his brother rn
I wouldn't be surprised if Byron Scott asked Kupchak to trade D. Russell for David Stockton/Seth Curry to play with Larry Nance Jr.
20 minutes for Seth Curry tonight. Dude can shoot. Kings need that.
OH on ESPN: "Seth Curry, rockin the suburbs, just like Angels and Airwaves do." 1) it's 2015 does AvA still exist?, & 2) that was Ben Folds
Rudy *** and Seth Curry listed as probable on the Kings official injury report. Darren Collison is doubtful.
Tonight's auction includes Seth Curry, Darren Collison and Chris Mullin autographs. Place your bids on
Let Trevor Ariza guard Seth it really that serious Mark Jackson?
Seth Curry's iTunes is nothing but Frank Stallone jams.
Seth Curry with 24 pts and 10 asts, Harrison Barnes had 23 pts with 5 rebs and 4 asts and Klay Thompson pitched in 24 pts in a Warriors win.
Lowkey Riley Curry is more famous than Seth Curry 😂
Seth Curry declined an offer from GS before signing with the Kings because he didn't want to be in Curry's shadow. http:…
The Gauntlet on 2k I had Seth Curry, Grevis Vasquez and Zach Randolph and the dude I was playing had Lebron, Westbrook and Howard. ***
Seth Curry still ain't found a barber in Sacramento he can trust
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Whoops Steph Curry, not Seth. I'll stick to hockey
Elsewhere, Quinn Cook looking to land spot with CLE, Jabari Parker returning from ACL tear and Seth Curry in SAC: http:…
Why did the peli pass on seth curry.
When you slip, you look like a fool. . When Steph Curry slips, he does this:
Crazy how Seth curry all in commercials cuz of his bro and dad lol
Not a Steph Curry fan, but the Sportscenter commercial with Seth and Dell is good.
Seth Curry hit a game winner on Westbrook I couldn't hold it in
Seth Curry game winner in Westbrooks face bruh I'm hanging up the sticks
How is Seth Curry guarding Kevin Durant right now? I need answers God.
Got to have Respect!. New Curry advert with pops and brother
That SC commercial of the Curry family and the Panthers..
when Seth Curry doesn't get any time 😞
Guard Seth Curry, who excelled on the Pels' summer league team, is averaging 2.7 points for Kings. He's made 3-of-10 shots, 0-4 on 3s
Seth Curry getting commercial royalties is what family is all about IMO
at least Boogie didn't look constipated like Seth Curry! 😨😂
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Seth Curry is nowhere close to capable of controlling how excited he is to be in that spot
The curry commercial >> . I love Steph. I love Seth. I love Dell.
Lebron, rip Hamilton, TBT Caron Butler. Lose to three point cheese Patrick Patterson, James Anderson, and Seth curry. GG
Looks like the Curry family enjoys talk on SportsCenter @ Night too! -->
►Check out my all new NBA 2K16 My League ft. Seth Curry signing a contract with the Kings to redeem...
I think they have chance for MVP dont be sleep on my boy Seth Curry
New SportsCenter commercial with Dell, Seth, and Steph Curry is everything I need
u should trade for Seth curry, or Andrew Wiggins, or Devon booker
Riley Curry is more famous than Seth Curry 💀
Video: Curry family featured in new SportsCenter commercial: I think we have all experienced this at some point in…
who’s the next Seth Curry to come out and just destroy everybody one summer and catch everybody’s attention?
Seth curry, Damian lillard, and Anthony Davis. would be my big three if i could make a team. lmao ras af
Dell Curry still MVP of the Curry house - SportsCenter @ Night - Steph Curry, Dell Curry, & Seth Curry
That Steph, Seth and Dell Curry commercial is too dope.
it shouldn't be that hard. Like would anyone complain if Randle or even a Seth Curry were considered rookies?
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Hilarious ESPN plug featuring Steph, Seth & their dad Dell, the MVP of the Curry household |
I went to the barbershop and asked for he Steph Curry.. I walked out looking like Seth Curry smh
That new Steph, Seth and Dell Curry commercial is a awesome lol
Who caught cameo in the new commercial? Watch here:
You should try to get seth curry and make him a future MVP
today someone tried to tell me that Seth Curry doesn't exist?
I'm at your neck all night Xavier Curry 👿🏈
Y'all dumb turds passed on Seth Curry smh
are you going for Seth Curry or Jon Scheyer
(I'm joking because David Stockton and Seth Curry were in the game for the Kings)
I think I've seen enough of David Stockton... How about Seth Curry???
David Stockton into the game. Karl said during pregame that Stockton and Seth Curry both might get a look tonight.
Aubrey Graham and Michael Clarke Duncan vs. Seth Curry and Paul Wright nh
Definitely worth reading on former Duke guard Seth Curry if you haven't already
Thematic changeover read: on Seth Curry. If you think family psychodynamics are weird in team sports..
Seth Curry parlays strong Summer League into two-year deal with ...
I feel like Tyus and Tre Jones gonna be like Steph and Seth Curry
😐😐😐😐 fb sports group I'm in just said Seth Curry is going to be just like Steph. Man let me go to bed
Warriors should make a team of brothers, get Seth Curry, Jeff Green, Tristan Thompson (already have Jason) & Matt Barnes. K maybe not Matt.
Pelicans lose out on guard Seth Curry after Sacramento Kings ...
Person with knowledge of deal: Sacramento Kings, Seth Curry ...
Seth Curry signs with the Sacramento Kings, surprised the Pelicans dint go for him, seemed a good fit.
Seth Curry will wear for the Sacramento Kings. Same as his brother Steph Curry.
Just like his dad and brother, Seth Curry will be wearing for the Sacramento Kings next season!
Seth Curry will wear for the Kings. Same number as the MVP.
Kings announce signings of Seth Curry, Quincy Acy and Duje Dukan -
Sacramento Kings: Is there room for Seth Curry and Quincy Acy?
Seth Curry on Jim Rome Show: when asked about signing with the Kings. "The opportunity the Kings have given me...
Seth Curry on Jim Rome Show: "It means everything," said Seth Curry when asked about s
Seth Curry is signing with the Kings. 2 year deal worth $2 million. (Y!)
Free agent guard Seth Curry has agreed to a two-year deal with the Sacramento Kings, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
AP Source: Kings, Seth Curry, brother of Stephen Curry, agree to 2-year deal
Report: signing Seth Curry, 1st reported by Marc Stein of ESPN
- Seth Curry Lights up the NBA Summer League - Take a look at Seth Curry's best plays during the NBA Las Veg...
San Antonio's Kyle Anderson was just named MVP of summer league. Seth Curry was named to all-league first team. Larry …
Erick Greene, Seth Curry, Mudiay, and Tim Frazier have been delightful to watch
Seth Curry is going to ball out beside Ant Davis
I liked a video Seth Curry and Bryce Dejean-Jones Lead The Pelicans to Victory!
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