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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Ready for March dates with Jessica Lea Mayfield!! Their voices blend beautifully !
I really want to see what this album of Elliot Smith covers is like.
Seth Avett/Jessica Lee Mayfield Elliott Smith tribute. Going to see them in March. ES is a favorite of mine.
Seth avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield. 🙌 That is all.
There's a video of Seth Avett singing The Ballad of Love and Hate live and it's basically the reason I live
got my Seth Avett and tickets for Mpls!!!
Crying because I have two tickets to see seth avett at the birchmere. This is the most excited I've ever been for anything.
Share this with all your friends! Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield are at McGlohon Theatre on March 10th -...
Don't wait...on sale now Seth Avett & sing Elliott Smith - March 14 -
"Because I had too..." Check out An Evening with Seth Avett
$55 to see Seth Avett. Might have to sell my soul. 😓
Tickets for Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, Walk the Moon, The Mountain Goats, The Wombats & more are on sale now
No Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield on the schedule?
On sale now: 'An Evening with Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield' on March 17. Get your tickets at
Just got tickets for Seth Avett and for Chicago in March. Can't wait! They are onsale now
Seth Avett of & Jessica Lea Mayfield are about to release album of Elliott Smith covers. First listen: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just bought tickets to go see Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield in Columbus!
just got tickets to see Seth Avett in Charlotte!! 😍
From the Vault: Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers talks on his punk roots, Bob Dylan and brotherly love - Fly Magazine
Seth Avett covers Elliott Smith's "Somebody That I Used to Know" and it's just a bit too sanitized...
Ive had this stuck in my head since i saw it earlier today... Seth Avett Sings, Halo:
Uh, I might be the slightest bit psyched about your covers album with Seth Avett. :)
Jessica Lea Mayfield & Seth Avett are about to release an album of Elliott Smith covers. Hear one he
Always planning ahead- going to Red Rocks again this year!!! Wanna come??
the things I would do to see Seth and Scott Avett live again.
I don't usually like Elliott Smith covers but this album by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sounds promising
Seth Avett is coming to Columbus March 18th. This is not a drill.
In support of their Elliott Smith covers album, Seth Avett + are hitting the road:
I can't be upset with Seth Avett... but I is
.Seth Avett and singer-songwriter have announced a tour ::
I can't contain my excitement about this seth avett at the birchmere thing. Seriously this is the best thing ever
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We are excited to share Seth Avett & tour dates in support of their tribute album: htt…
Quite a day; joins gets wins back; and Seth tour dates drop. Oh yeah, it's too
Seth avett tour this March but my closest date is Seattle on a Thursday.
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield are releasing an Elliott Smith tribute album and touring together
Seth avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield are performing at the birchmere AND MY AMAZING MOM IS GETTING ME TICKETS
Seth Avett (+ have announced a tour in support of their Elliott Smith covers LP:
Very excited about that Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield tour while Scott Avett is on new daddy duty.
btw, did you know Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett are a couple? CONNECTIONS, AM I RIGHT?
Sarah Fuller Hall explores some of Seth Avett's (paintings & an essay in this beautiful article.
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield to release Elliott Smith cover album.
GREAT- Seth and Jessica Lea Mayfield to tour together- they will be a GREAT team. They have always sounded so good together musically! Can't wait for the dates!,!
Jessica Lea Mayfield is working w/ Seth Avett on album of Elliott Smith covers. Check it out:
Sorry, Jared Leto. Seth Avett was rocking man-braids way before you.
Can I just say how excited I am for Seth Avett's tribute album to Elliot Smith. 2 of my favorite artists.
If you find yourself not inspired, it's your own fault - Seth Avett. . So true. Just go to the well. Take from it. …
Seth Avett and announced a cover album of songs!
This looks like it could be pretty special .
This should be excellent | Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield Announce Elliott Smith Cover Album via
Seth and I use MP3 Rocket. So he ends up w/ a bunch of Taylor Swift, Rod Stewart, & Avett Brothers on his phone lol.
I miss working with these guys! Seth Avett + releasing an Elliot Smith tribute album
Kent’s Jessica Lea Mayfield to Release Album with Seth Avett via
Seth Avett (and Jessica Lea Mayfield make Elliott Smith cover album
Cool. Seth Avett and team up for Elliott Smith covers album
Wow- WHAT a SHOW at PNC for New Years! Always great way to ring in the New Year!!!
This is v important. Let us all just appreciate Seth Avett's hair. (And rly good music 2 I guess)
I cannot decide between Seth or Scott Avett. I want both for my birthday.
Very clear picture of giving Seth Avett a back pat.
Ok this rly looks like Seth Avett amirite
Now that she's moved to NC, wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that she's pregnant with Seth Avett's baby?
Seth and Scott Avett have really good hair.
Never washing the hand that I high fived Seth Avett with last night
Seth Avett touched my hair last night. Okay.
"happy 2015, suckers. seth Avett touched my hand today. 😭😭😭😭
Last year I rang in the new year with Seth and Scott Avett and my bud, tonight I celebrated with the best people I know. So hashtag blessed.
I think the only people that actually know the words to the New Years song are and Seth Avett. Great show yall!
Seth Avett playing Ballad of Love and Hate on that beautiful
Seth Avett performs Ballad of Love and Hate with so much emotion like *** it's awesome
Very excited daughter with her Seth Avett doll
Had breakfast next to Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter this morning. But they didn't recognize us.
Sounds like she has grovelled on down to NC to be with musician Seth Avett. Hope she DOES NOT stay there. Not enough action there and already seems fans and those that can employ her are already forgetting her.
YEA! On way to Raleigh for the NYE show to see our favorite band ring In The NEW YEAR with us!
Nice to see 3 of my fave AG Sessions in the Top 10!
See you there! spoke to our friends at about tomorrow nights show at
had a dream that I was texting Seth Avett. *sigh*
Seth spoke to our friends at about tomorrow night's show at
Seth Avett came to my walgreens while I was working the other day. I died.
Watching a Georgia O'Keeffe documentary and this dude with her looks like Seth avett. Also Georgia O'Keeffe was very cool.
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:. IF YOU LOVE THE Avett Brothers, GO SEARCH . "Timothy Seth Avett as Darling" on iTunes or Google. 3 albums out
Just saw Seth Avett checking out a classic car in Lexington as I drove by.
Looking through some pics from LGIII. Do you know who Seth Avett is?
Avett Brothers "Crossroads" with Randy Travis during the holidays!
So Seth Avett covering Silent Night may be the best thing I've heard in a while
In case any of y'all haven't seen this yet. Merry Christmas. Seth Avett Sings, Silent Night:
Seth Avett Sings, Silent Night via this is very important
In The Curve - Seth and Lily cover Avett Brothers (again): via
Among many other crazy dreams, last night I dreamt I was teaching Seth Avett how to tie a tie.
Does anyone know know if Seth Avett has remarried?
I'm really jealous of Seth Avett's hair length tbh.
"closer walk with thee" we are "Walking Betty" in the style of Scott and Seth Avett 😏
I think her bf is Seth Avett who is in the Avett Brothers and they're from where I live but *** they look good together
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Y'ALL. best 18 minutes of avett. (that audio tape of seth talking made my heart explode)
Can't wait for NYE in Raleigh w so here's a to when Seth jammed two feet away
seth avett, seth Meyers, seth rogan it's like a name that goes along with greatness
you know seth Avett is sitting right in front of you? Or are you Seth Avett?
The Avetts should just do all the Croce songs . Seth Avett (w Bob Crawford) Sing, Operator By JIm Croce: via
Only 2 more weeks until I get serenaded by my two favorite humans, Seth and Scott Avett.
I came this close to Seth Avett on Saturday and yes I'm still breathing
Christmas fun with family then friends and I head to Raleigh for NYE show! Can't wait!!
Spotted in the Mount Pleasant What-A-Burger: pictures with Seth and Scott Avett.
Can we just turn the instagrammies in pics of Seth Avett and cats?
The difference between this"Moving Day" & they one they played Sat nt is Seth wasn't playing stand up base!
Scott and Seth Avett played a new song tonight and it was the greatest song I've ever heard. Lyrically and musically
I enjoy those old recordings of Seth playing drums. Don't recall seeing him on bass. I haven't seen them all though.
My whole Avett world has turned sideways. Seth on stand up bass, Tania playing guitar... Is mike marsh going grab a banjo?
Seth Avett's voice leaves me speechless. I want a man that sings like that to sing to me everyday.
You know, just hanging out with Seth Avett on Myrtle Beach.
Loved seeing Seth open the red Avett Armoire of Fun
Waited on Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter tonight at work which was cool af.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - The Mourning, the Silver, the Bell
Mostly my assistant would just restart Seth Avett's cover of "Halo" every time it ends. I can't be expected to do everything around here.
I love the Avett Brothers. I've been trying to learn songs of theirs on the guitar. Seth is just too good...
Sure wish January Wedding and Salvation Song were still played... My friend said "Sorry Man" was more real - oh no!
Leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Couple days re-lax with buds- Avetts at House of Blues For Sat 13- Let's GO!!!
have you listened to any of the Timothy Seth Avett as Darlin stuff? X
Only Seth Avett could cover Beyoncé in Folk Rock style and completely slay.
I picked up a double at work. I got to meet Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett, get a free meal, and praise from my manager.
Psych. It was her. And Seth Avett. And I had zero clue. Way to go me.
Timothy Seth Avett you stop this right now. My heart 😭😍
Been to Avett Bros. It was great. Mat Kearney is coming in March I think to The Complex
Seth Avett, you know my soul. Can we please be besties.
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I swear. I'm always 5 minutes away from Seth Avett and I always miss him :(
I just saw Seth Avett and Deb (from Dexter) at Concord Mills. I fangirl'd rather hard.
About Love by Seth Avett is probably in the "top 3 best songs ever" category
Planning for Myrtle Beach 12/13- Legendary Giveback concert House of Blues". Great concert contributing to 3 great charities!!
preferable seth avett man I love him pls come sing to me ok bye
Was reminded recently - " If I could do what I did to you, the same to me that I would love for you to see that I sleep with remorse and regret hangs round my door...for ever more." Words to live by...
Only 4.5 weeks until weekend in Raleigh NC- checking out TAB at the RCB center- GREAT way to ring in the NEW YEAR! YEAH!
Nice family meal, then served the homeless with Lennon and Mom & a special performance by Seth Avett!
What a great honor it was to have Jim and Seth Avett play for our Thanksgiving service. Thank you for sharing...
hanging out with Jim and Seth Avett tonight.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, this Martin D-35 Seth Avett made our acquaintance today. This outstanding beauty...
If there has been a marriage- why not ANNOUNCE happy news??!! All we want is seth to be happy! Maybe someone can share the good news!
Who would b the "wife" that is jogging down union with seth avett?
"What Seth Avett is to the Avett bros. Pinkston is to Villanova" badass reference on Sportscenter 2night!
thebby is cheating on Seth Avett smh
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We can't WAIT for end of semester- knowing that a NYE in RALEIGH Is NOT far behind...TAB Gold!
also, Seth Avett is about 45 minutes away from me right now
Casually seeing Seth Avett and his wife jogging down union
Seth Avett Sings, Fish & Bird by Tom Waits I like this version of it tho.
FYI to anyone who may be at the camp house tonight... There is a guy that looks like Seth Avett. Don't freak out like I did. It's not him.
Among celeb dudes who thought pig-tails would look good on them are Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Seth Avett. . So far, none have been right
Maybe about time for some Darling - those melancholy sounds are what I'm needing right now.
Scott and Seth Avett will always have my heart
"Talk on Indolence" Portsmouth,VA 06.22.13 Seth in his black muscle shirt! Bec…
Hope all you men are still having a great November! You know Seth Avett is!!
Wishing for some January love.- some loves really WERE perfect! Can it be again? I'd like to think so- Getting back on track would be wonderful and we could be the BEST EVER again.
No telling how popular I would be if could sing like Scott and Seth Avett and be so talented that I could play ALL those instruments.
Seth Avett Sings Sam Cooke. Thank you for a beautiful capture ❤️
It's been brought to my attention that exactly one year ago, I laid witness to Mr. Seth Avett's beautiful rendition of a Sam Cooke song.
Seth Avett is an Indian chief why would he need to ride one?
so I need to be Seth Avett in a tie dye shirt?
What's better than listening to the Avett Brothers? Having Seth Avett teach you how to play one of your favorites.I really love YouTube!
You guys have seen Seth on Banjo, right?! " No Place to Fall" Malmo, Sweeden 03.03.13
Who's looking forward to NYE in Raleigh?? Rocking in Raleigh with TAB!
Dear sassy Seth Avett dude who sassed me and I hope the rat living in your beard(who is probably your only friend) leaves you.
I still shed a tear when I think about Seth Avett playing his guitar next to me
"I walk your lane girl, with a hand full of dandelions and a belly full of apple wine on your lane" Timothy Seth Avett
"You shouldn't have to tell someone. You shouldn't have to tell them what they're missing." Timothy Seth Avett
last year, as Seth drug his hair across us Seth Avett ~ KDH "Thank You So Much"
I had this dream that Taylor Swift lost total interest in a conversation we were having when Seth Avett walked into the room.
Killing the Headlamps - Timothy Seth Avett as Darling: Killing the Headlamps Timothy Seth…
Literally just wanna cuddle w Seth Avett then things might be better
Lord please grant me the guitar playing abilities of Seth Avett, amen.
Can't WAIT for the rest of the 2015 touring schedule to be sent. Always looking for Ohio shows!!!
Seth Avett singing Moving Out by Billy Joel might be my new favorite thing.
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Timothy Seth Avett, marry me and i will protect your sad and weary bones.
Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself this one is a good one ! Have a great weekend
There's an Avett Brothers song for every season/ every day/ every year- " it goes on and on! Oh Yeah!
Previous poster mentioned Seth Avett and " wife" stopping in Duncan and York. Did he get remarried recently and was it to Jen C?
Excited for the next local event.Raleigh NC HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Seth Avett playing a ballad on his Saturday.
just found out you can get stickers made with any pic you want on them so I'm gonna cover everything in seth avett stickers
oh. Okay well I'm an Avett fan and I think she just kind of assumed I only wanted to talk to her because of Seth but she
Seth Avett without a beard is like cinnamon rolls without icing
My love for Scott Avett is slightly superior to that of Seth however Seth's voice range and random high notes really touches the heart
How beautiful Seth and Scott Avett are makes me genuinely sad good god
Shout out to Seth Avett and his wife for stopping in Duncan and York today 🙌
Scott and Seth Avett share a moment onstage in Asheville.
Set Avett bares his 'soul like a wheel' in our latest Acoustic Guitar Session... …
Wow- GREAT crowd for Halloween show! Can't believe they were able to perform in full Wizard of Oz costumes for over 2 hours - AMAZING??BUT did miss each band members wonderful faces and expressions!
Seth Avett as the Tin Man rocking his at the on Halloween night. Perfect show.
Who was the dude dressed up as Seth Avett last night in
"Asked if he would characterize Magpie as a breakup record, Seth pauses for a moment. “Hmm … that’s an..."
You guys, Seth Avett is dressed up as the Tin Man for tonight's show and I am not there!! Why am I not there?! we should've gone!
I'd still bang seth avett as Tin Man.
How can this "Tin Man" only have 196 views. Classic! Charlottesville, VA 09.15.11 Great Audio! Look at Seth!
I know you've heard of Seth Avett, but you should also hear of Langhorne Slim.
I would prefer it if Seth Avett or Mike Marsh would read me the new Harry Potter stories but I guess I'll just settle
OK so I think I can be either a fancy cat or Seth Avett or Kristy from the Baby-Sitters Club. Currently lacking appropriate mustache/tail.
Operator came on at work and I'm just cheesin' thinking of Seth Avett.
pretty sure I discovered the Avett Brothers through this channel
Asheville for the weekend. Snow, skiing -maybe can check out available tiks for Avett show!!
Listening to anything Seth Avett Sings is good for your soul. Even doctors agree.
Seth Avett Sings, Are You Lonesome Tonight?: great cover of an Elvis standard
or Seth Avett. why do so many men have such beautiful hair?
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Dang this was a good day in years past. That one time I met Seth Avett :)
We think this should be on everyone's holiday list! http…
Seth Avett's falsetto is what I live for
the mighty will fall the day Seth Avett loses his thumb ring
Oh just re-stringing a Seth Avett custom Martin...
Seth Avett & at the Palace in Louisville, KY 10/17/14.
This is what Scott and Seth signed after the 3rd night of Louisville. A tambourine.
I've had the avett bros. in my ears all day. Thanks Scott and Seth + friends, for centering me and helping me study!
Seth Avett, Scott Avett, Julain Kincaid, Clint Trickett, Dan Holgrsen, Josh Lambert and The Squad in all one weekend? How does he do it?
Then "Magpie and the Dandelion" totally foretold 2014 from the year 2013. God speaks through Scott and Seth Avett. I know it.
Nathan Followill. Seth Avett. Titans quarterback. Guy at the park RIGHT NOW.
I love Scott on Electric, and Mike Marsh, oh and then there's Seth
Hey-where is Willie Nelson, man. Worse than backwards in time! Lose 'em!
Finally!! Seth, gives some insight into the making of "Souls Like the Wheels." Seth Avett
The Mourning, the silver, the Bell by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling
So great to meet Seth Avett at the Hornets game. Huge fans! Thanks for being so gracious
Seth Avett is at the hornets game. Why am I not at the hornets game.
Yeah, man PLEASE lose the braids! ONLY acceptable if grown for Locks of Love .otherwise, not a good look!
When did news break that Scott is expecting a third child? Great news if so, or maybe it is sister Bonnie? Hope it is Scott and his wife! That would be wonderful! Much Happiness to all!
Avett Brothers need more classic folk stuff like Emotionalism and Four Thieves Gone. . And Seth, lose the braids, man.
Is say Seth Avett is up there too. No offence, Scott
Joe Kwon and Seth Avett after the end of the main set
Seth Avett spotted at the Harris Teeter in Concord
Talking to Seth avett in the teeter rn 😏
I'd love to hear Wesley Schultz and Seth Avett collaboration. It would be incredible.
Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself--- can't believe this was over a year ago, one of my favetts.
At the end of the show last night, Seth Avett walks off the stage with my sign and a baseball bat. You…
I could die a happy man if I had someone scratch my back while Seth Avett serenaded me.
Seth Avett can perfectly sing harmony right into my heart 💛
Check out Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on via
Looks like Seth is going to be an uncle again! Happy news!
One of my favorite Avett Brothers songs
literally saw seth and Scott Avett in the flesh and waved to him and I am 100 feet from them but their manager told us to leave :(
Love the great solo acoustic jam by Seth.
Photo credit to tracyinnc! My 50th show sign was a success. Thank you, Seth Avett, for making my…
remember when Seth Avett covered Neutral Milk Hotel wow what a beautiful moment
One little song / Give me strength to the leave the sad & the wrong / Bury safely in the past where I've been living
Seth Avett of discusses and performs “Souls Like the Wheels” for Mag. Watch here: http:/…
Seth and Scott Avett's voices are sent from Heaven. They're absolute delights.
"Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on play this please 😀
You won't want to miss Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on
“Set Avett bares his 'soul in latest Guitar... ... via
Seth Avett performs "Souls" and talks about playing for bankers in
Dear Avett Brothers (Seth&Scott),. Thank you for the amazing music you make that helps motivate me to write papers for school. . ~Krystal ❤️
Playing an Ed Sheeran song on my Seth Avett
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I could listen to Scott and Seth Avett talk for hours.
NYE show in Raleigh NC- can't WAIT all u State fans!. Time for a PARTY!! Call the AvettNation crowd for some FUN in NC!!
I could listen to these two sing all day. and Seth Avett sing "Be Set Free":
antiquesherlock: This is the official petition for a Seth Avett and Langhorne Slim album. I need this. You...
"Seth Avett Sings California Seth can make "quesidillas on the stove" sound so sexy.
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett Sings, California (original composition)
Seth Avett explained that playing “” “we grew up watching this show. To us, this is what music looks like on television.”
covered by Seth Avett, this is beautiful.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling is my jam here recently.
Why can't I just be best friends with Scott and Seth Avett?!
A written account of the time I watched Seth Avett eat breakfast next to me could be considered spiritual memoir right?
Here's a bit of Seth Avett to brighten your Monday:
"Scott Avett said in a recent AccessAtlanta interview that he and his younger brother Seth could speak..."
PNC arena in RAL for the New Year!! Best way EVER to star out 2015 with Avett bros
I like to play this new game. I pull up The Avett Brothers videos, close my eyes and guess whether it is Scott or Seth singing. Its fun.
Ill clear at least 6 grand this summer at an internship, and I'm buying a *** Seth Avett Martin D35. Ill have it forever.
And one more from the Seth Avett guitar solo.
My phone died but I high fived Seth Avett. So that was cool
Let's just say I was in a good spot for Seth Avett's guitar solo. @ Ziker Park
Of course someone I know was inches away from Seth Avett. OF-CUSSING-COURSE!!!
OK pretty exciting that I met Seth Avett tonight but even better is my friend Elaine's photobomb.
Seth Avett is just a soothing voice
Met another one of my fav musicians tonight, Seth Avett.
Had a dream I was playing music with Seth Avett and then woke up disappointed.
Had a nice chat with Seth Avett of in advance of their ACL Fest gigs and ACL TV taping:
Am so NOT digging those braids! :( He is always SO cute with the shorter hair-much more young, fresh modern ) appearance.) Braids are too much a reminder of an older Willie Nelson.
Dreamt I was around a bonfire with listening to live music by and Seth Avett. Such a wonderful dream 💙🎶
The Avett Brothers were beyond incredible. Seth Avett broke out into Free Bird during the bridge of Kick Drum Heart like ??? Amazing.
Though I'm concerned by Seth Avett's braids, I'm in love with luscious locks.
Headed to Louisville. Hoping for NO distractions. Just want to have the best TAB show EVER!
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Looking forward to next album for TAB . Would LOVE to see another Darling work of art!
The award for most into The Avett Brothers concert goes to... Seth Avett and his legs.
Seth Avett's pigtails are by far the hippest pigtails there ever was
If guys can pull off pigtails, that is such a turn on. Example: Seth Avett
I hope Seth Avett throws me $12 while I'm in GA. Because that's how much more I paid than probably most people around me
this is my favorite thing today & also every other day ||| Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself: via
In case you missed it, Seth sings "I'll come running back to you"by Sam Cooke Edgefield, OR 09.06.14 Classic!
the Apple Store man she was with Seth Avett too
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy ab
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy bruh
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy 😍
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy same
then you have to look up Timothy Seth Avett as Darling. Then look up a special album that is just Seth and Scott.
But seriously, the Church of Christ boy within me belted out every word to "I Come to the Garden Alone" when Seth Avett started it.
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welp Seth Avett dancing was the cutest thing I've ever seen
Seth Avett just kinda hangin out, playin his solo... No big deal.
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