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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Seth Avett Sings, That Lucky Old Sun: via Thanks for the beautiful music, a great way to start my day.
The only reason I can see Seth Avett leaving his wife for Jennifer Carpenter is because she was at a few of his shows.
Seth's white Doc Martins and Joe's blue sneakers. Classic!
We're giving away a Martin Custom Signature D-35 Seth Avett guitar! Enter to win it at
Timothy Seth Avett as darling is slowly breaking my heart and destroying my life
I added a video to a playlist David Mayfield & Seth Avett sing, Breath Of Love by David Mayfield
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett Sings, Halo
Seth Avett is one of my favorite people right now
Seriously morning song by the Avett Brothers is the theme song of my life thank you Seth and Scott for being you
So Seth Avett was just in the coffee shop where I am & I missed him 😩
I still can't get over how The Avett Brothers make Beyonce sound exactly like she wrote Halo for Seth Avett to sing. It was really good.
Can anyone say "RED ROCKS??"" What a GREAT time! TAB, as always were on their game! Beautiful venue and crowds were great!
Seth Avett just made panties fall off.
Playing the "Is Scott or Seth Singing" game for every Avett Brothers song on my phone on the way home with mom. 😂
Love watching Seth Avett move his happy feet!
The way Seth Avett moves onstage has me forever smiling
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Peter Dinklage and Rupert Grint and Seth Avett are the BAES OF ALL BAES
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter Steps Out with Boyfriend Seth Avett!: Jennifer Carpenter and her boy...
I also dreamt about Seth avett coming into Starbucks again and being mean to me so eff you brain
You didn't have any fist fights with the air like Seth or Scott Avett?
Still haven't gotten over Seth Avett's cover of Halo, complete with Joe Kwon. 😇
to meeting the man who started it all, Jim Avett, Scott and Seth's dad! Can't wait to see the…
That moment you realize that the Avett Brother's names are Seth and Scott.
Avett Brothers cover Townes Van Zandt's 'No Place To Fall' Seth on banjo. video by
Seth Avett is my background and I couldn't be happier
Photo: martinguitar: The D-35 Seth Avett sports a three-piece back composed of East Indian rosewood with a...
Well many of my favorite designs have been deleted from the site. Skreened removed the Bob, Joe, Seth, and Scott shirts.
Seth Avett's braids are what keeps me going
That no one else thinks it's a joke.. Well at least I'm right… ♫ About Love by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling —
Mart just asked me "do you think seth avett knows how to braid his own hair or do you think someone else does it for him?"
I live for Seth Avett in a sleeveless shirt.
I heard Seth Avett let out some screams last night that would make tremble.
rocking a solo. Seth Avett watches on.
Remember last night when Seth Avett remembered us?
"Darling" seems to represent a deeper set of feelings that for me borders on some sadness and melancholy . I appreciate the more enthusiastic, mostly positive vibe of TAB
Woke up this morning thinking meeting Seth and Jim Avett was just a dream... but it actually happened... IT ACTUALLY FREAKING HAPPENED
is that the 1 Seth Avett played "Pearly Gates" on when he came to visit couple years back? Youtube.
sometimes I just need to listen to this cover ten times in a row ||| Seth Avett Sings, Halo: via
I didn't know it was possible to love someone as much as I love Seth Avett.
Just discovered the "Timothy Seth Avett as Darling" albums... I'm disappointed in myself for just now finding these
Seth WAS one of the lead singers of The Avett Brothers. Thanks Jared.
There is not a day so bad that watching Seth Avett dance wouldn't put a smile on my face.
Jennifer Carpenter and musician Seth Avett try to get a picture perfect shot
Seth Avett singing Halo by Beyonce is the best thing I've seen all night.
when will Seth avett realize that I'm his and he is mine and we are perfect?
everyone should go watch Seth Avett sing "Halo"
I don't care for Darling either. It's too cheesy and teen-bopperish...Which makes me feel better because he's got a great voice but there's something about those Darling songs that just make it seem like a teenage boy writing and singing.
Another beautiful cover by Seth Avett & filmed by Crackerfarm - They're Hanging M…:
11x14 Print of Seth Avett from The Avett Brothers by 2medrawings via
Timothy Seth Avett has the most beautiful lyrics
I'm not certain. I have yet to hear back about the Seth shirt. This is frustrating.
And now Skreened has removed the 'Scott's many looks' shirt from my shop as well. Still no response as to why they removed the Seth shirt.
Ugh Seth Avett kiss my neck and sing me to sleeep
the 'Seth's many looks' shirt. Unsure why. Haven't heard back yet.
Seth shirt is gone. Scott shirt is ok so far
it's a gray area. Even though I had the artists permission for the image, using Seth's full name might not be allowed
If you have recently purchased a 'Seth's many looks' shirt, I don't know if they will process the order.
The 'Seth's many looks' shirt has been removed from my shop by Skreened. Under their new T.O.S. agreement this is a violation. Sorry all.
I look so gross but I just met Seth avett in the airport holy mother
bro, you're too kind. I've got Seth avett on my play list right now. Let's hang out again soon.
I honestly don't care much for Timothy Seth Avett as Darling
I'm currently living Timothy Seth Avett's "Ballad in Open D" and it's a strong feeling.
on Seth Avett for at least a solid ten years now. Guys go seem them at Britt. Talented people they are.
Seth Avett playin the KDH solo right in front of me!
After I read this, I sat in deep thought, thinking of every Avett picture I've seen. I thought of none with a Seth frown.
From last night in Tulsa "Set Me Free" Langhorne and Seth Video by Michael Boothillier
I'm close enough to smell Seth Avett.
So how long before you blow us away with a new + Seth Avett video? Can't wait to see what you guys made!
Love that Seth Avett is wearing Willie braids. A look our own Stylist Jana loves! And wears in the salon.
Seth Avett has his hair in pigtail braids and I'd still marry him so hard
It's blurry but that's Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett
Seth avett just smiled for my picture!
Sounds great + cool camera angle: Seth Avett & Bob Crawford on Operator by JIm Croce:
Halo just came on and it wasn't Seth Avett singing so what's even the point?
Was that Seth Avett or Jesus Christ with pigtails?
I just wanna hang out with Scott and Seth Avett for a day or two, is that too much to ask?
Seth Avett may be my soulmate. Pigtail braids and all.
I would love to shake the hands of Scott and Seth Avett's parents!!
Why do people keep talking about Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall together?? Move ON people, she is with Seth Avett now!!
Avett Brothers Prepping New Album, Expect to Record With Rick Rubin in November: Seth Avett says he and older brother Scott are "sitt...
My favorite Seth Avett is the long braid Seth.
Red Rocks only 3 weeks away! This is going to be Great - See you there , Maggie and June and don't lose your luggage this time!
I could listen to Seth all night long. Such a beautiful voice.
Thanks to Seth Avett I just listened to Beyoncé's 'Halo' 10 times.
So I touched Seth Avett's guitar and gave Scott Avett a reassuring pat on the shoulder at the Avett Brothers last night! Life complete!
Seth and Scott Avett killing it as usual
Seth Avett and I had the same hairstyle yesterday
Seth Avett at Bonaroo. we see you peeking!
Can I also say that Seth Avett rocks pigtail braids better than I can. Cause wow
There are 80,000 people at Bonnaroo right now and Seth Avett JUST JUMPED ON TOP OF ME
Not to brag... But I touched Seth Avett today!
We have banjo! Aand I'm pretty sure Seth Avett just walked by me
Thank you Seth Avett for shredding directly in front of my sister and putting a cherry on top of her first Bonnaroo
Just so everyone knows, I touched Seth Avett... And I have one of Scott's banjo picks. Pictures to follow oh my gosh
Anyone else watching Bonnaroo? Seth Avett, I love you, but you went just a little too far.
Brian when I told him Seth Avett was divorced- "How many tries does he need? He's had Pretty Girl from freaking everywhere!"
When Seth Avett waltzes with his guitar
jsyk Seth Avett and I have matching pigtails
Seth Avett and Chris Baio need to have a dance off.
Seth Avett needs to always wear the festival braids.
The Avett's are about to take the stage at Bonnaroo and Seth has pigtail braids. Oh lord I'm SO sad I'm not there.
Seth Avett and Joe Kwon, one half of The Avett Brothers! Such a perfect Sunday 😎✌️🎶
Just walked by Dierks Bently, met the lead singer of Lake Street Dive, saw the lead singers of Bronze Radio Return and Cage the Elephant and finally met Joe Kwon and Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers
A great opening song with Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett! jendcox's video
Seth Avett from the front row. Great show last night.
Part if Seth Avett's guitar solo after Kick Drum Heart.
"Bye, Bye Love" Seth and Langhorne Slim, yesterday in Indy video by Brian Hiller
Sean (Langhorne Slim) and Seth Avett sang The Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love" tonight and it was amazing.
Avett singing "January Wedding" with Randy Travis on CMT Crossroads. Seth is pure!
T-not many minutes until the Avett Brothers take the stage. Seth Avett has pigtails. I repeat pigtails. HOTTT
Seth avett singing with longhorn slim
Patiently waiting for Seth Avett to ask for my hand in marriage at my fourth concert!…
Seth Avett sings..."In The Curve": if only i could be as talented as this dude
I like alot of Seth Avett's solo stuff. Also you should listen to this guy called Taj Mahal, his song queen bee is aweome.
I cannot wrap my head around what Seth Avett is doing with his fingers here.
lol don't even try to deny that you are a hippie you beautiful Seth Avett lookalike.
Seth and Scott Avett are so talented and attractive I just want to look at them and listen to them forever
A classic song done beautifully by Seth Avett and Bob Crawford. shoots some amazing moments.
"In the Curve" Portsmouth, VA , Sunday night...Scott hitting Seth with the sign
Love how watches and cheers on Seth. Y'all keep getting better & better. The band is perfect right now. http…
Seth Avett sings..."In The Curve" of my favorites and a great drunk song...
On the way to Bonnaroo- we can pick you up along the way- the BEST concerts ever!!! Traveling ALL summer before heading off to college in fall
my face says it all...I touched Seth Avett for the second time
Check out Seth Avett in his power Chord rock stance!
here in VA swooning over seth and scott- you haven't been to a concert until you've been to an Avett Brothers concert
I just want Seth Avett's legs. Is that too much to ask?
Seth and Scott Avett are the best thing that has ever happened to this world
Back in Norfolk. Playin VIP at the Avett Bros show tonight. Oh what's that in the backround? That's…
Mannn I just had a dream Scott and Seth Avett and Marcus Mumford were about to play around a campfire I was at and I woke up crying.
"The presence of God is something that's there either way. We can accept it, or try to ignore it. It tends to come back around"-Seth Avett
I get to lay my eyes on Seth Avett tonight, and I couldn't be happier.
Let's hope NEVER. The guy deserves a long time love who will put him first in her life- complications from careers cannot be an option. We want only the best for Seth!
Seth Avett is dating the girl actress on that show. lol
Signs seen last night, 'Seth will you go to prom with me?' And these. The other says 'Mike Marsh for president'
Where does Seth Avett buy his clothes?
Wonder when Seth is going to marry the groupie??? LOL
You stop that right now, Seth Avett. That run at the end of Talk On Indolence was completely unnecessary and perfect.
I wonder what type of conditioner Seth Avett uses
both Seth and Scott Avett have tremendous voices and give 150% every time it appears
Watching Seth Avett dance awkwardly is one of my favorite things.
HUNTER NY. We are on our way!! Catching up with friends and family - headed to show. And weekend wedding!!!fb
99.9% sure I just passed Seth Avett driving
I wish Seth & Scott Avett would follow me around with their guitar and banjo respectively and just serenade me
"Slight Figure of Speech" Nelsonville Its starts out pedestrian, but WOW, what a finish. Seth's Guitar Solo.
Usually I'm pretty chill in terms of finding meaning in life, but Seth Avett's mustache makes me have existential crises.
I just found out Seth Avett is my birthday buddy!
Scott and Seth Avett have the voices of angels
New Seth Song from Savannah music festival. In case you missed it "My Words" 03.20.14 Very Nice, huh?
Just thinking they have been hanging out for a year and she is in Concord, lots and travels with him for most of the shows - is divorce final?
Just thinking - they have been hanging out quite a while...Is divorce final?
Seth Avett Sings, Halo: via When does this stop being the greatest video of all time? Answer: never.
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Of course u met Jennifer Carpenter in concord. She has been seeing Seth Avett for couple years now. We should all be used to it, unfortunately . Hope Seth is careful on this one. Too many broken hearts the last couple of years.
Where have you heard about Seth and Jennifer getting married?
"My song has changed so much but you're such a fine melody." -Timothy Seth Avett
Pretty good day at work. Was thrilled to see Seth Avett today from the Avett Brothers. Not sure who they are? Google them! Or if you watched the Grammys they played with Mumford and Sons. Such a nice down to earth young man. He did however forget my autographed CD but promised to drop it off to me. :)
Hey white girls . Seth Avett is downtown
Seth Avett is the only person I would let scream into my face.
Seth Avett is on fire with these new songs...
got to meet Seth Avett today at target concord NC. Great guy and thanks for the pic
Seth Avett during The Ballad of Love and Hate last night. The English language doesn't have a word…
No big deal just hanging out with Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter at work.
Remember when I was 2 feet from Seth Avett last night?
Seth Avett just melted my heart with the ballad of love and hate per usual
"Nelsonville, sweet Nelsonville," said Seth Avett to open .set at the
Realized Seth Avett has longer hair than me :(
It's hard to think that I live in a world where Seth Avett doesn't know that I exist.
Impressed that you listen to such quality music like and Seth Avett!
Anyone heard thoughts on wedding date? How long will she b satisfied raising children in Concord?
Wish tht was me!❤️Seth! “I still can't believe I met Seth Avett today! Life=complete
The world needs more people like Seth and Scott Avett
All I've really wanted was just to transform into Seth Avett.
Last nightmare: dad played a gig with the Avetts and didn't bother to introduce me! And then we followed Seth to the Edi…
Nothing wakes you up quite like a Seth Avett scream in the morning
Why is it that the best part of any Avett song is when Seth screams at the top of his lungs?
"I'm jammin out to this right now in the office...a little Sam Cooke cover from Seth Avett" -RS
Seth Avett was just heavenly. And the crowd couldn't have been more loving.
My dream is that Seth Avett will be sick at a concert and I get to fill in for him
Pic I took this weekend of Seth Avett rockin at Fest scottavett
“race day! Seth Avett is my man crush every day.
Completely changed my agenda for the night. I will meet Seth and Scott Avett and I will buy them a beer.
I lowkey wish that Seth Avett had been wearing a flower crown Friday night.
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Seth Avett is the only man who can pull off the long, braided pigtails with a center part look
My dad says that all things must pass,. At least he's right about love. . -Timothy Seth Avett
I came all the way to Augusta Georgia to hear Seth Avett clear his throat, and I definitely wasn't disappointed.
Making eye contact with seth avett atm.
Seth finishing up the end to Tales of Coming News-The Avett Brothers. Edgefield-Troutdale, OR 8-26-12: via
Fame has ruined them--- I can no longer stand to listen to the Avett Bros. - their music now makes me sick- my husband calls them "winey boys"
Wedding must be pretty soon if Kwon is sending public messages to her for all the fans to see...really hoped this would not last and still can't get back to loving them knowing that she is just off the stage...sure miss January Wedding. Does anyone know how Susan is doing? What about Jacob?
Is that you Seth Avett in a Samuel Adams beer commercial? Love the new facial hair👍
I forgot I'm in love with Seth Avett but I am.
Literally walked into Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter while leaving work. Is this really life?
I had a dream last night that I was texting Seth Avett and giving him restaurant recommendations for the next time he's in Louisville
Scott and Seth Avett of the put on a great show at gala
I liked a video from Seth Avett's Guitar Solo 5/18/2014
singing back to Seth Avett as he showed us his astounding range.
idk about that. The Mountain Goats, Mandolin Orange, and Scott and Seth Avett can give them a run for their money!
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To all the people who think that Scott Avett is more attractive than Seth. I understand your argument but you're wrong. Just wrong.
I just got so excited! I heard in an interview Seth Avett is going to put out another Darling album. Except I don't know when :/
Just waiting for Red Rocks in July - can't come soon enough!
Got up close and personal with Seth Avett today.
I'm pretyy sure I met/cheered beers with Seth Avett at the Langhorne/Deer Tick show tonight.. But he told me his name was "Danny."... The mystery may never be solved
It makes me sad that Seth Avett cheated on his wife because now I'll never hear January Wedding live.
Seth Avett v. Joe Kwon: the sunset duel
I need to see Scott and Seth Avett live in concert and if I don't I might scream
Just needed to see this one again, Seth's New Song, "My Words" Savannah, GA 03.20,14
Seth Avett has the drunk eyes that would make proud.
I mean Scott and Seth avett were here too but Jennifer!!
Seth Avett singing Halo is the best thing of all time.
Seth knows that girls love Beyonce. 👌.
I would love to be kissing Seth Avett's face right now in ALA. Or kissing 's face. That works for me, too.
The Avett Brothers' music has roots in traditional folk and bluegrass, but also captures the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of rock & roll -- which is appropriate, since rock is where Scott Avett and Seth Avett first cut their teeth as musicians. Although siblings Scott (vocals, banjo) and…
"Life" Austin, TX Watch this just to see Seth's wife beater t-shirt!
The non-Avett bass player and one of the brothers. I cant tell Scott and Seth apart.
Levi, Andy, Scott Hutchinson, Aaron Marsh, Matt T.. I would put JP White and Joy Williams up there too. Also Seth and Scott Avett
Seth Avett Sings, Halo: via This is why they are favorite band
The Avett Brothers just get more anazing!! :) love you Seth!!
Best seller! Order ur and find our what songs are waiting for u! htt…
Now I know someone who knows someone who once talked to Seth day is made
My mom waited on Seth Avett at the antique shop she works at today I'm not jealous I'm not mad I'm not on the verge of tears I'm fine really
Holy lord Seth avett just shopped where my mom works !
Perhaps one of the DJs is going through an emotional upheaval. You should've seen my mixes when Seth Avett cut his hair.
I want to have a conversation with Seth and Scott Avett before I die. They seem pretty legit.📻🎶📰
Seth Avett singing Beyonce's 'halo' to me does make studying a little better...
If you are an Avetts fan I highly suggest listening to the album Killing the Headlamps, by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling.
is a clutch brother for many reasons, but one of them is Seth Avett covering Queen Bey. Thanks WF!.
This Starbucks employee is also shocked that a man can pull off a middle part and braids. We applaud you, Seth Avett.
i saw Seth Avett once but it was at a funeral so it wasn't really the place to ask for a pic u feel
Seth avett singing beyonce was something I did not know I needed until it happened.
Seth Avett does an amazing cover of Beyoncé's Halo, any song can be covered by the right person!
Very few things in the world compare the beauty that is Scott and Seth Avett
totally just passed Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter going for a jog in concord.
Had a dream last night that I was playing guitar with Seth Avett. So no matter what happens today, it's going to be a disappointment.
So I got in the car the other day and the radio was on and the volume was kind of low and I thought it was the Avetts and Seth was singing so I turned it up and it was the Beatles singing Strawberry Fields. Funny.
New Orleans festival was great !!! Old and new favorite songs . And the female fiddler is so talented.
I'm literally in love with Seth Avett. Sorry guys.
ruled at . Being front row and holding Seth Avett up while he crowd surfed was pretty cool too
Thank you, Seth Avett, for making all my dreams come true.
That is THE Seth Avett from the Avett Brothers crowdsurfing right next to me.
Edgefest Radio Interview today "Wrestling Comments by Scott and Seth" Great, funny stuff!
Seth Avett's crowd surfing/guitar solo at Edgefest. I was holding him up on the side during this lol…:
the best part of was Seth Avett's dance moves..
Awesome concert! Just awesome for to meet Scott and Seth avett Joe Kwon and Bob Crawford. Got a signed dollor is say I'm a happy man!
Edgefest, where crowd surfing is very real and very common and may include Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood and Seth Avett
Looking forward to and the Avett Family Gospel Hour tomorrow. Kinda wondering if Scott and Seth will be there
So, the new Allman Brothers biopic totally stars Seth Avett as Greg Allman, right?
I sing duets with Seth Avett all the time
Flying on a plane and writing an open letter to Seth Avett.
This is how close I was to Seth Avett yesterday.
I will always pretend you are mine. I know we both must part. Your memory..can live in my heart. Tom Waits- Fish & Bird (Seth Avett Cover) 👌
Seth avett looks like McConaughey in true detective. Not cool Rust from 1995, but meth addict Rust from 2012.
I added a video to a playlist Scott & Seth Avett sing, "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" (written in 1924
We always love coming back to New Orleans, a place that seems to be free like nowhere else in the US. -Seth Avett
Just in case you were wondering, I touched Seth Avett. And I got Scott's banjo pick.
Missing this serene moment with Seth Avett
Scott and Seth Avett started playing music in separate bands named Nemo and Margo before forming in 2000.
Seth Avett is both the reason i want to die and the reason i want to live.
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So this happened last night too. Seth Avett crowd surfing and melting people's faces.
Seth Avett and Lorin Ashton are the same person. Mind blown
Stood right beside Seth Avett while he played guitar in the crowd & met the lead singer of The Neighborhood. I'm basically famous now.
Seth Avett before he sat on my face. True story.
But seriously Seth avett crowsurfed on me and I stroked his hair and it was magical. His head is right there
I touched Seth Avett while he played guitar standing two inches from me.
Private concert by Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers. I touched him with my right hand y'all! I…
Seth Avett just crowd surfed over my head so that was pretty cool
This is a true story I just grabbed Seth Avett's ***
meeting Seth Avett ❤️one if my favorite memories from merlefest 2013 so excited for…
"Seth just got a divorce. He is such a mess. OMG we both like Greek yogurt. I could totally date him"-Avett analyst girl
Tonight's Athlete-MUSICIAN (whoa, switchin' it up) Comparison features Luis Scola and Seth Avett.
Need another big game from Seth Avett tonight.
Fairly certain I just saw Seth Avett walking past my window..
Is it josh mcroberts, Seth avett, or Jesus? The world may never know
Spending Sunday afternoon listening to Seth Avett as 'Darling' . Oh what sweet sounds,
Completely jealous of my friend who manages a music store & just had a 30-min conversation w Seth Avett. *sigh*
It will never get better then Scott and Seth Avett's voices
I had a dream (well nightmare) that I shot Seth Avett. . This is not okay.
can I have Seth Avett's guitar please
"Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself: Brandi Carlile will always be my girl, but this version is so relaxing.
is Jamie Benn secretly Seth Avett's identical twin?
"My words feel so plain and rehearsed when I say. Would you forgive me?". -Seth Avett
Let's review: seth avett blew a kiss at me last night.
Seth Avett reminds me of a hipster bluegrass version of Dave Grohl
Just saw Seth avett one of my favorite musicians... And Jennifer Carpenter one of my favorite actresses... And said nothing 🐔
Enjoying some tasty coffee in the beautiful state Seth Avett is from.
Had a dream that I met Seth Avett last night.if only😩
I've got to get one of these Martin HD-35 Seth Avett Edition guitars. My birthday is coming up if you would like to really surprise me.
Seth avett and luis scola are the same person. ***
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Just checking out antiques alongside Seth Avett and his girlfriend
Any plans coming up to be in Asheville? Either for a show or just to enjoy the great mountain areA?
I made it to Seth's in Provo. You've got to love the Avett Brothers quote on their wall. Tomorrow I leave for Seattle
I love you more than Seth Avett's beard.
Interview with Scott and Seth Avett from when they toured in Norway
casually running into Seth Avett in downtown Asheville.
Who's excited about Auburn Airwaves being in 13 days? Scott and Seth Avett are!
have you heard of the musical empowerment concert with seth avett on Tuesday / should we all be going to this??
Deb from dexter looks like Seth Avett
Seth Avett has one of the best voices in the bidness
Seth Avett - "Pearly Gates" (Blind Willie McTell cover): viaif this doesn't give you the chills, your a fool
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