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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Like u, 14:19- wonder how much seth knows about how some not-so-upstanding agents and staff plan " breaking news"- the Avetts are managed by some hard working professional people- it's not all like that in LA & NYC . Interesting when looking at times the publicity shots came out- coincided with some other important dates for band and others close to them
Seth Avett covering Elliot Smith. My heart can't take it.
7/28 14:19 here. It does surprise me that she hasn't scheduled a run-in with a pap yet. Might be waiting for a decent break in the tour and album work to have the whole family together in NYC for pics. I've always questioned whether or not Seth knew those pap run-ins in LA were set up or if he thought (and still thinks) it's a natural occurrence because she is an actress.
Yeah, regarding comment 7/28 14:19- Many fans just figured publicity seeker Mom would want to " announce" arrival and hire pap's for a photo op as occurred in Feb in LA when pap's were called in to get photo of "pregnant on a coffee run",, and those earlier pics where she and Seth were outside a store shopping and had an " impromptu photo shot" outside the pink building .( wonder why no publicity pic's in new home state of NC??) It's All OK- she's an actress, with publicity people, and is used to calling the pap's to take a picture. The other wives maybe more grounded with the usual activities of motherhood , some more challenging with children with special needs , and some wives have professional careers that don't require the publicity shots like their husbands get in the band. Sometimes hard to break old habits .
None of the other band members officially announced that their children were born. An adorable photo might pop up, but nothing was ever mentioned on the band's website. Seth didn't have to post a photo but he did. Why does an official announcement need to happen? Will Jennifer Carpenter's fans not be happy unless news of the baby is mentioned in some tabloid rag? She's D-list anyway... The story would only make Perez Hilton and JustJared.
Probably my favourite cover. Seth Avett can sing a song, you guys.
So I think Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield need to sing "Sing Elliott Smith" in someone's living room, and invite me.
My is Timothy Seth Avett. What else is knew? But *** I mean LOOK at this man. 😍
Hi Jen ! You know what ? The day i die, i wanna come back as Seth Avett... How lucky is that guy !
This time last week I was in the presence of Scott and Seth Avett :/
Dear @ wives of Scott and Seth avett..what's it like to be married to such lovely humans 😭
Wonder when news will be announced on baby?
My desktop is a bit of a mess, but Scott Avett still shines through. Sorry, Seth.
SETH AVETT does a version of Halo I'm so emotional
We're going to Asbury Park! Parents bought me 2 tiks - what a great Birthday Gift! Taking my best friend Bobby! This is gonna b BEST TRIP EVER! Stopping off in NY before getting there!
It's a 'get drunk, listen to seth avett, and write until there's nothing left to be said' sort of night
I want Seth Avett to know how much he means to me
One of my favorite parts of The Avett Brothers' show at SlossFest. Scott leaning over at Seth who was…
Scott, Seth, and Bob. of the original Avett Brothers trio from
That time me and Seth Avett took the most perfect selfie that has ever selfied
and Seth avett and Jennifer Carpenter.
Can't wait!! Headed to Philly for Aug. show- never been? Man, you are in for a treat! these guys ROCK! Hope to catch another show before headed back to school- Wanna go?
Listening to Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith. Because my wife just sent me an email telling me I should.
bc Sloss Fest was super rad and I touched Seth Avett's body and caught his set list b/c…
deb need NO ( help from us. she just had a baby with seth avett, which if you don't know, well GOOGLE that ish!!!
Will you sign my guitar at CMAC on July 29th Scott and Seth Avett? Huge fan.
19: got jumped, met Seth Avett, dog died, got Scott's setlist, car accident, lomax fundraiser, eye accident, got golf job in Clt.
WOW-sounds like Crazy Town- sure hope pre-nup in place before wedding. Would hate to see misfortune in this for some very nice people in the family
Jennifer won't be seen unless she wants someone to see her. It's almost time for another scheduled paparazzi photo op from her. Pics of the baby would make more money than photos of her and Seth. She will laugh all the way to the bank.
Maybe can glimpse Jennifer and baby when the Avett tour is in NY at end of July
Saw a picture of Seth avett and thought of
Front row at The Avett Brothers concert with the Fest Friend. *currently holding Seth's set list*…
I'm gonna brag on here again that I TOUCHED SETH AVETT
When you're front row at The Avett Brothers, you get to touch Seth and you and catch…
I touched Seth Avett's guitar and hand. Tonight was amazing. Nothing could top that.
Last night @ the Avett concert a dream was achieved. At the end, a man named Seth Avett balled up their set list and threw it into the crowd
That moment when Seth Avett comes off stage and plays right in front of you.
While trying to figure out where we were who walks by our car? Why, Mr. and Seth Avett! Can't wait to see the show tonight, guys!
Thanks and Seth Avett for taking pic w hubby's phone while I was at home
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield - Miss Misery GORGEOUS cover of Elliott Smith
Still waiting on new albums by The Lumineers, The Head And The Heart, and The Avett Brothers.
Baby just wants Seth Avett to play guitar. We've all been there, baby.
Can't get over how well dressed Lord Huron was and how their dance moves rivaled Seth Avett.
No public announcements yet. Seth told some fans that Jennifer had a baby boy May 10 named Isaac Mitchell. They aren't married yet. Seth proposed after Jennifer got pregnant so it seems like he's just doing the right thing there.
Any announcements from publicity On arrival of baby? Boy or girl? Are they married yet? Can't wait to see them on the road touring with the band!
Any baby and Mamma Jennifer sightings at concerts yet?
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Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, JRAD at Cap, Modest Mouse, Robert Plant at Mountain Jam, and Van Morrison.
love this Elliott Smith cover by & seth avett. you are the best DJ has! (no offense to the others)
the fact that me, kit & em touched Seth Avett makes me the happiest girl :-)
Just Seth Avett over my left shoulder.
Listening to Seth Avett + Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliott Smith covers for the first time. Mixed feelings! It's easy to judge covers, tho. :/
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett's cover of Between the Bars is SO GOOD.
Jennifer stepped right into poor Susan's life. She's gotten everything Susan wanted. Such a shame Seth chose a manipulator over a good woman.
musiciansfriend: Take a look at this gorgeous MartinGuitar D-35 Seth Avett Dreadnought! …
Who is that behind me well lots of people and Seth & Scott Avett
If and I were Avett Bros, we decided, I'm Scott and she is Seth.
she's great, I've been really into the Elliot Smith project she did with Seth Avett
Found this in the middle of a Seth Avett song video. Not really sure what to say.
1:44, Scott like a preacher, Seth like a pendulum The Preacher & The Pendulum would be a sweet album title.
How did I not know about this until today?! Via 'Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith'
Susan did want a family but Seth was too busy with Jennifer. Remember, they were at it for three years before he told Susan he wanted the divorce. Live your truth.
when u touch Seth avett and ur just like bye 4ever 💘💘💘💘
"Fond Farewell" from Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield. - Summer Fundraiser happening now, details on site.
When you are in CB, IA check out Lidgett music. Two custom Seth Avett's sold.
I used to avoid any emotions correlating with love...but I am no longer afraid to say it. Seth Avett. I love you.
GREAT concert with Avett opening for the Stones- Both groups are amazing- but your could tell it was very structured and staged. Stones and high security
Really need to stop having dreams where I meet band members, the pictures I took with Scott and Seth Avett were really good too :(
oh man, it's so on! I'm coming for your farts Seth Avett!
If Jennifer Carpenter & Seth Avett aren't goals then idk what is
"Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith" is the most apt album name ever. It's also great.
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett. "Fond Farewell to a Friend". have them play this at my funeral, someone.
has selected Seth Avett {& sing Elliot Smith,as 1 of the best albums so far this year.
Ready for the STONES. On stage- that is why I came!! Avetts were good- but nothing is better than STONES!! Should we head to Red Rocks next week? Why not- nothing better to do than cruise country for music before going back to school!
This is a fantastic album. Check it out! ...Sing Elliott Smith by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield on
when I listen to avett I think of my future. does that mean the rest of my life will be accompanied by seth & scott?
Headed to Raleigh NC- spending day with buds at STATE, then party and going to AVETT BROS AND STONES on WEdnesday!! Man, what a start to July!!
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When Seth Avett hits the high notes in Paranoia in B Major
This album of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield singing Elliott Smith covers is pretty cool.
Best birthday ever! Emotionalism, I and Love and You and Seth Avett and sing Elliot Smith LPs!!
I have not seen him nearly enough! Last night was only my 3rd. He blew me away in Tulsa with Seth Avett in 'Be Set Free'.
hang out with Marcus Mumford and Seth Avett
I thought that was Seth Avett. That was definitely not Seth Avett.
Whoever works her records, we need much more from Jessica Lea Mayfield. We're loving her new CD with Seth Avett, of Elliot Smith songs.
ATTN SETH AVETT: I'm a therapist and I can help you work through childhood panic. Call me dude
Aah-The Stones and Avetts in Raleigh- then Red Rocks - how much better could it get??? Since this is a big family time, maybe first glimpse of Seth's child, Scott always does a great " fatherly" and family thing by sharing with his fans the announcement of a new arrival in his family( keeping the info close to the vest) but still announcing- very much appreciated by fans- congratulate, then let family have their space
Sometimes I look up pictures of Scott and Seth Avett and I get really emotional.
Happy 39th Birthday Scott Avett, the older of the The Avett Brothers (Seth is 35 in July). . We're stoked that...
Remember the beginning when you didn't know which one was Scott and which one was Seth? Thems was long ago days...
Super into this album right now. Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Between The Bars (Live on KEXP)
No baby sightings yet. I imagine the child will go where Jennifer goes... is she filming Limitless?
Is baby traveling yet with them on tour? Would be fun to see them!
Can't wait for Red Rocks!! Always a great show! Then we head to the Texas show- this is turning out to be THE best summer EVER!
That time my friend photobombed me and Seth Avett in Santa Fe.
Forever one of my favorites. 🌀😴 Seth Avett Sings, A Famous Country Singer By Matt Butcher
Yes, Seth Avett is one of Nice cover w/
Seth Avett of and Blind Willie McTell's Pearly Gates on Hank Williams' original D-18.
One of my friends touched Seth Avett while he was playing his guitar,.. She touched Seth Avett.. The Seth Avett
Saw Seth Avett delivering the mail today
Crackerfarm just posted this on YT . Seth Avett Sings, Alberta by Doc Watson Seth at 20…
“Angel in the Snow” by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield is my new jam. Listen:
This has been the BEST. DAY. EVER. I saw Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett in the flesh.
is Seth Avett. Again. Cause he's just so badass. And cool.
So I touched Seth Avett from at and it was great.
No one said that her potentially not wanting children made it okay for him to cheat. It was just trying to reason as to how a relationship and marriage that had lasted that long ended and he doesn't take very long to get engaged again and start a family with someone else. It was more trying to give both of them the benefit of the doubt. That he was not actually a terrible human being and that she was not a person who would have fallen for a terrible human being.
Yay! No more rocking the braids! Looking forward to seeing the new Daddy on stage- wonder when the" brood " will follow? Maybe the fan girls out there will now be more respectful with their comments! Now with a baby and fianc�e maybe responsibility will follow
Maybe Susan didn't want children and Seth did? That makes it okay to cheat on someone he spent nine years with? People don't stay together that long if they aren't of the same mind about kids.
Still very interested in braiding Scott or Seth Avett's beards. Lmk if you see them tonight
I touched Seth AVETT. how was ur Saturday night ???
👼 Also Seth Avett is a literal human angel. We are blessed. 👼
If I touch Seth Avett today I swear I will cry forever
things that happened tonight: I fell deeply in love with Seth Avett
here's to hoping that Seth Avett rocks the braids tonight
KC last night- photo by Pam Morris Seth in the tie, Joe with Braids.
Timothy Seth Avett sharing a little love and light. .
Seth Avett's guitar solo right in front of me in KC - on point. Also worth mentioning, he has a delightfully muscular back. 😜
I regret nothing I posted about my love for Seth Avett.
I'm not crazy I just want to spend the rest of my life with Seth Avett.
Do you guys think Seth Avett does okay with the ladies?
They came back and it still love Seth Avett more than I love most things
Me, to the girl next to me who I do not know: "do you think I have a chance with Seth Avett?"
Seth Avett is the best thing that has ever happened to me
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Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett "Between the Bars" - Elliot Smith song, of course.
I've got a date with Seth and Scott Avett on October 2nd in Madison
Seth Avett is having a baby with what TV actress seems like kind of an odd question
Oh my god, this Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield Elliott Smith album is beautiful and I'm only second into Between the Bars.
Seth Avett Sing Elliott Smith once again in our show.“Cheers from Madrid, Spain
Avett Brothers.. Scott and Seth... Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing, like the love t
Seth Avett and that long hair. Yes! I do love when he grows out the beard too though!
Seth Avett is always worth a listen.
I may or may not have screenshot Seth Avett jamming in that BottleRock snapchat story...
Seth Avett is always my C u n 3 days bb. 😍
Seth Avett of my favorite casually killing it in the crowd at 😍
I liked a video Seth Avett Sings, Alberta by Doc Watson
Today is a good day to listen to the Avett Brothers and channel my inner Seth Avett.
Bottlerock snapchat ft Seth Avett made my day
Seth Avett of hitting some high notes at
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It was pleasant to see Seth Avett in the bottlerock snapchat story 👍
If Seth Avett cut his hair I think I would cry
Loved seeing Seth Avett in that snapchat story 😍😍
Check out BottleRock snap story if you want like 4 seconds of close up Seth Avett guitar solo.
Seth Avett casually breaking into "Is This Love" in the middle of another song. What a babe. .
I got lost in the modern female rock stars rabbit hole of the Internet & found Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliot Smith. It's 👍🏾.
be sure and check out Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield covering Elliot Smith. So good.
Maybe Susan didn't want children and Seth did... Just a thought.
i guess i'll have to marry Scott or Seth since they are the only men that will sing me Avett Brothers songs.
"You said I wouldn't know you now, well I didn't even know you then" -Seth Avett
"Calendar says July 4th, but it's still winter in my heart" - Seth Avett
and Seth Avett sound so good together; I feel like I've been waiting for this harmony my entire life 🙆
Scott Avett and Seth Avett of Avett Brothers perform during day 2 of... News Photo | Getty Images
Covers 2 die 4 from brilliant Avett and Mayfield. Very respectful and true to the heart of Mr Smith.
Ok but all I REALLY love in this world is Seth Avett singing Halo.
Via Seth Avett doing Elliot Smith. This album is great, going to be on my playlist for a while.
They aren't close friends but they are cordial to one another.
So are they really friends? Or are Jennifer's comments and likes on Susan's instagram just for show?
But God *** if her cd with seth avett isn't the best thing I've heard this year.
Susan is still in law school and doing well health wise. Her struggles with anorexia are real, whether believed or not, as were her struggles with alcohol during the divorce proceedings. She is a strong and beautiful woman who is still rebuilding her life after it was stolen from her. Jennifer has also struggled with anorexia. Early on in the relationship with Jennifer, Seth told Susan about Jennifer's eating disorder and how it was beating her at the time. Susan, being the wonderful person that she is, reached out in hopes of being a sponsor, but Jennifer already had sponsors and exercise coaches so she wouldn't over do anything. I sincerely hope she doesn't regress after carrying a child. Jacob and his wife moved to Nashville. He has toured with a few artists and done studio work. Jacob's wife was very close with Susan and played a hand in breaking the news about Seth's affair. Seth informed Susan he was leaving her not long after Jacob's wife broke the news.
One must tread very, very carefully when covering a classic Blind Melon tune. Watch Seth Avett do it perfectly...
I had a dream last night that Seth Avett and I went to church together and fell in love. It was beautiful.
Seth Avett covering Sam Cooke, that's real music
I like the Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield's cover of it, but their version almost takes away some of the sadness of it.
Favorite part of my favorite song, performed by Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett
Nothing about Susan looked like she had an eating disorder. Jennifer looks healthy so not sure why those claims are made about both of them. Didn't have any problem getting pregnant. At times, Seth looks like he gets too thin but nothing that looks like a problem. As for Scott, he is ALWAYS perfect! Does anyone know if Susan has finished law school? Has she remarried? What about Jacob? That story about him still bothers me more than the affair. I really liked him and hate that the whole band seemed to turn on him. If Seth really was staying with Jennifer when they did the Live and Die video, Jacob was right there and may have seen more than he was supposed to see.
would've been nice too... Ready Covers Album
Jennifer waltzed into Susan's shoes. Seth won't be able to walk away from her when he learns her true nature now that the baby is here.
Well now she's trapped him forever. Good for her.
Congrats to Seth Avett for becoming a daddy!!
Wedding weekend soundtrack of Seth Avett and The Supremes.
Seth Avett and Chris Thile both became fathers today. This is a monumental day for the future of music!
My love goes out to Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter tonight as they start their lives as proud parents!
Seth Avett has his firstborn. My heart wants to explode from happiness!!
So thrilled for Seth Avett on his new bundle of joy!
Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett named their baby Isaac Mitchell. Mitchell is Jenn's mother's maiden name... could Isaac be a family name too? Happy to report that mom and baby are doing fine!
Seths baby has arrived. Grandpa Jim says its a boy!
So what do you think of Seth Avett & would you do him
Gosh i miss that show. Bucci and Melrose are to hockey highlights what Seth and Scott Avett are to good music.
"Brother Husbands": the show that will air when I marry both Seth and Scott Avett
how many times can I listen to seth avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliott Smith album at full volume before my neighbors think I'm dead?
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliot Smith cover album is so good. Holy cats. 10/10
If you're an Elliott Smith fan, I highly recommend the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield cover album...very cool takes on some great tunes.
We LOVE the Avett fans ( and certainly TAB)!: new and original- it's just hard to listen to generalizations from newer fans that make statements without knowing more background. The Avetts are not superficial like some of the bands the young fans follow, so when younger fans talk about TAB it may not be the deeper truth.
There should have been some "smackin" going on when a celebrity groupie starts following married band members around from town to town
*Listens to Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield's "Between the Bars" on loop for the rest of my life*
Man, that Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield album of Elliott Smith covers...
It's cool you've been to a bunch of Avett Brothers shows, but if Scott and Seth Avett heard you trashing their new fans, they'd smack you
Scott and Seth Avett are the most adorable brothers and they melt my heart every time I see them
Seth and Scott Avett have the shakiest knees of all at
I got to touch Seth and Scott Avett last night, so my life basically has purpose again. M
Highlight of being this close to Seth Avett of
Me and touched both Seth and Scott Avett Tonight and are currently in line for Taco Bell, idk how this night …
Don't worry guys. I did NOT cry when Seth Avett of sang The Ballad of Love and Hate. No tears at all.
I'm about to be 10 feet from Seth Avett (my husband) and I can't handle this
This is so weird, Seth Avett and I are in the same place and he hasn't come to propose?
if the names were Steak and Scotch Avett I'd reconsider. But sadly they're just seth and scott.
My husband is convinced that Seth does cocaine because of the nail on his pinky finger.
It's almost as if Seth has White Knight Syndrome; like he needs someone who is struggling with something to "fix". Susan managed to wrangle anorexia - it was still a daily struggle but she was healthy - and Seth needed to go to someone else he could take care of. There are many unlikable traits in the man but most ppl are too concerned with how he looks than to see the real person. If only they could spend some time around Concord to see what he's really like... Personality-wise, he and Jennifer are a good fit- they are both so needy, uppity, and sometimes flat out rude.
Wouldn't it have been compassionate and manly to stick by a wife who needs support with an illness - instead of mentioning this same illness in the woman who the affair is with( and who had setback due to stress caused by the affair)- thus, this could likely cause wife to struggle again with the issues of the disease. We certainly hope Susan is living a wonderful, happy life now. So many positive thoughts flow her way- we miss seeing her- beautiful woman inside and out!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Wow. Susan must really be a saint. I don't think I have it in me to feel anything over the difficulties a woman was experiencing due to the "stress" she was experiencing over the affair she was having with my husband.
Susan struggled with anorexia like Jennifer. Jennifer had a set back due to stress from the affair and stopped eating. Seth mentioned it to Susan, who has asked after Jennifer ever since.
Why would her having an eating disorder make Susan feel compassion for the woman her husband was cheating on her with?
from and Seth Avett covering a couple of songs -
(2/2) Susan was unfortunately forced to talk to US Weekly and her words were edited, and completely changed in some cases, by Jennifer's agent to make Jennifer look good. Susan has always been one to take care of others before taking care of herself. Jennifer's eating disorder is what made Susan have some compassion toward her. Her long relationship with Seth and the fact that she didn't really get closure is what allows her to maintain her friendship with him.
(1/2) Seth and Jennifer had a texting relationship in the beginning. She started following him around the country in 2012. During the Live and Die video shoot Seth and Jennifer spent a lot of time together. He even stayed at her house during this time. Seth and Susan split in mid-November 2012 and Jennifer was seen riding around with Seth in Concord and Charlotte at the beginning of December.
I don't know if I buy that Seth cheated on her. It appears as if Seth and Susan are still friends. They follow each other on instagram. Have commented on each others stuff. I've read comments Susan has made to other people and family members. Her and Jennifer even follow each other. That doesn't sound like the actions of someone that was cheated on. And if she was cheated on than Susan deserves even more respect for moving on and handing the situation like she is.
Scott and Seth Avett make me smile even during finals
Petition for Seth Avett to revisit his Darling material, bring it into concert rotation, record some more...
I've heard it on the local college station. Looked it up: Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfield. It's brutal. They made it upbeat.
Now playing at the downtown Portland EM! Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield!
May 6 14:40. You are so correct. Many of us loyal , long time followers were also hurt by the divorce turmoil. Very sad and bad situation. We also had to step back- checking out the "human".- Not the music. So many hurts for the entire family and band. I can't judge that- a higher power will. I still am intrigued by the talent and creativity of them- they were held to higher standard because they portrayed that identifier with their words and songs. That is what hurt the most and opened our eyes. They ARE now a well-oiled machine and I'm more educated on WHO they are now -still impressed with talent- and yes, sounds like you can tell the new fan base also
The only reason I know I actually do have a heart is because I feel it beat when I hear Seth Avett sing
May 5 05:55 and :57 here. I was like you, 13:01... I had them on a pedestal for many years while following them around the country. I thought their music and public persona represented who they were all the time. I thought they were the best people 100% of the time, that their lyrics were gospel, and that they could do no wrong ever. What opened my eyes was Seth's cheating on Susan and the way he, Jennifer Carpenter, and Jennifer's agent railroaded Susan to save face. Do I love their music any less? Not at all. I see them as what they are now, though: human. They make mistakes and do stupid things. Their organization is absolutely a well oiled machine now, that can't be denied. But I don't think they put as much thought into menial things as you think.
Bar show- years ago. THATS your answer- the old days . They DO care. They respect what they represent- music and family, friends, fans. Thank you TAB!
Full time stylist- and why not? They talent had made big business This is not the college boys they once were, folks- no more vans jumping into with instruments- 3 tour buses with over 20 crew members- GREAT JOB and CONGRATS on Big Time business- we are PROUD of them! They dress up when they perform and wear t-shirts like the rest of us otherwise. They respect the business, the music and themselves- giving the BEST- keep on giving your best, TAB- we love and respect your growth.
Advertising rules? Ha ha ha. He wears his shirts both ways!!! They are from a thrift store!!! Seth is just lazy about stuff like that and doesn't care. I saw someone ask him that years ago after a bar show and ppl STILL think it's a intentional thing? If they cared about how they looked as much as yinz think the stylist they hired would dress them for every show.
For those " newbies " and fangirls- and poster earlier.- where were YOU when Bob did have a beard and sometimes wore glasses- we ALL try to look best and change our appearance when we are " performing- Yeah, the " in-tune" fans KNOW their music is great! SOOO agree with comment- where will these migratory fans be in 10 years? And Advertising rules and regs- with big corporations and name brands like a band - there are rules where you can't wear and advertise certain brands unless releases have been signed, so sometimes, a big name will turn shirt inside out so as not to break any advertisement or infringement rules.. The " little guy" like us - doesn't matter if we are interviewed with a logo on our shirt.
Sounds like some recent posters are the "new" crowd- they haven't followed from inception. History and prior knowledge make all the difference. Keep watching.
Lol so we saw seth avett in person i just remembered that and how we are so dumb for not chasing him
Oh, I tried. I guess it's OK, but if I want to listen to an album of Elliott Smith songs, I'll play Elliott instead of Seth Avett/JLMayfield
This Seth Avett album of Elliot Smith covers has become an albatross around my neck.
. maybe it's time to reevaluate how much they really like the MUSIC. Give it 10-15 years... None of them will be the "hot guys" fangirls think they are now and will be playing every show in jeans and a stained t-shirt. Where will you be then?
Their appearance has no bearing on shows unless it's the Halloween show. Their appearance doesn't make anything any edgier - this is a folk rock band, not a punk band. If they were so worried about changing to keep fans on their toes, Bob would grow a beard, Paul would have long hair by now, and Joe would cut his. Maybe Seth would even make an effort to turn his t-shirts right side out. The truth is they don't care about stuff like that and those things aren't planned. Ever changing looks only keep the curiosity alive for the fangirls. What allows them to continue improving their live shows is the amount of effort that is put into improving studio songs for a live setting, stage energy, lighting, and sound. Not their looks. They could look like they live in a swamp but as long as their music - their real artistry - isn't lacking, folks will be there. The ones concerned with their looks will fade out. If a haircut is what it takes to keep people interested in a band then maybe it's time to reevaluate ...
The musical SHOW is " edgier" as they trade their sets, their instruments, their places on stage, their costumes!, and YES.their that more understandable? They put on a SHOW for us.. *** good shows and they are Creative ARTISTS that study their craft and they change many things to continue to attract audiences. Edgy. SELLS! Scott's ever changing looks keeps curiousity alive- We DON'T want them to get stale!! Seth was due for a new look to keep us excited - have you read many comments and this and other media on Seth's new hair cut- performers WANt us talking- Their shows have development over the past 12 years as being way more than just the " music". Just can't let the show get stale.. Edgy - Explanation for those not understanding.
His hair has "always brought a new edge to the music"? What does his appearance have to do with how he plays music?
Check this, St. Andrews Fall cover by Seth Avett... Love it!.
We're all so thankful to Seth Avett for this beautiful acoustic cover of Blind Melon's song to support the campaign ht…
Seth Avett and cover in support of a new documentary:
Yay!Seth cut his hair- looking soo cool! Glad he ditched the "Willie Nelson - I -got-stuck-in-the-'70's look"! Super fine! This is the best look yet!!! Most of us really love his easy trading of looks every couple of months! Has always brought a new edge to the music!!
Back on the farm sipping Bordeaux spinning vinyl Seth avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield do & my green plants are happy again ;)
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliot Smith on from The - 9:00 on Classical Stations
Def just saw seth Avett walk past me
Thank you Seth Avett for your cover of St. Andrews Fall and your support of the kickstarter campaign.…
I'm deeply troubled by Seth Avett's decision to cut his hair. I thought we had a mutual understanding that hair cuts are unnatural
When I got to avett the first thing I said was "SETH CUT HIS HAIR" 😱😱😱
Jim James and Seth Avett cover Blind Melon songs to raise awareness of the Kickstarter campaign to fund a Shannon...
There's a guy that looks like Seth Avett at this bar. Goodbye planet earth
I have a weird thing for Seth Avett's braids and I can't help it okay
Seth Avett's St. Andrews fall, not quite better than the original, but easily the best of all the covers
Soundhounder: mclittle888: So hard to listen to, and yet...I can't turn it off – ♫Twilight by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, from
so trippy, love it. Seth Avett also nails St. Andrew's Fall.
I met Seth Avett and my life is made.
Seth Avett offers Blind Melon cover for Kickstarter: Seth Avett, singer/guitarist for the Avett Broth...
On April 7, photographer-filmmaker Danny Clinch announced plans for a documentary on the late Blind Melon sing...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Seth Avett covering St. Andrews Fall by Blind Melon is the greatest thing I've seen/heard in a while.
Hear and Seth Avett cover a pair of Blind Melon songs:
Blasted through some albums last night and this morning. Listening to the Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield! Dig it
I have a massive crush of Seth avett 😋
Top story: Jim James Covers Blind Melon to Raise Awareness of Planned Do… see more
Never not listening to Seth Avett sing Beyoncé
My Morning Jacket's Jim James and the Avett Brothers' Seth Avett have offered up covers of two…
Covers Alert: & Seth Avett each covered a song for the
Watch Jim James and Seth Avett cover Blind Melon to raise awareness for an upcoming doc on Shannon Hoon
Would LOVE to see another month with Jessica Lea Mayfield traveling on tour.they are BEAUTIFUL together! Their voices together have always been so soulful and emotionally stirring.
Looking forward to TAB getting back on road soon- getting ready for summer festivals AND Red Rocks!!!
Great Blind Melon covers from Seth Avett & Jim James on Kickstarter page for by
Seth Avett of covers 'St. Andrews Fall' in honor of Shannon Hoon & his story http…
Loving these Blind Melon covers. first Seth Avett, now Jim James. Great stuff.
Seth looking good with the short hair look- really great style!
Scott Avett shaved his beard and Seth Avett cut his hair and why is life so uncertain
When Seth Avett cuts his hair, it's earth shattering news
Great set-this album is really growing on me. Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Just met Seth Avett while wearing my Avett Brothers shirt! If thats not destiny, I don't know what is.
Vinyl in today from Ryan Adams, Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, Courtney Barnett, Blur, Calexico, The Eagles,...
I always forget how attractive I find Seth Avett.
Geez and Seth Avett's new Elliot Smith album is absolutely beautiful!.
lovely. have you listened to seth avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield's album of Elliott covers?
The Seth Avett Jessica Lea Mayfield Elliott Smith album's been on repeat here all day. It's a bit of a stunner.
I'm taking 'er handy in the Viper Room listening to the new album "Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott...
Getting saucy and ready to become a "Daddy"!! How bout it!?
Graduate, then take small vacation, then headed to Red Rocks for TAB in July- WOW-what a summer!
Not that I ever fell out of love with them, but I am vibin' on the Avett Brothers hard. That "Wish I Was" song... Seth is getting saucy!
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield current mood for the day
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett's album of Elliott Smith overs a candidate for record of the year? It'll certainly be difficult to top.
Hamilton Collection
My cousin is headed to TAB concert.jealous!
happy birthday - I hope seth avett comes and sings u happy birthday at home
Nothing reaffirms my love for Seth and Scott Avett like a concert
Seth Avett is having a fun time with the audience playing follow along!
Wouldn't have wanted to share my time with Scott and Seth Avett with anyone else besides this fox.
Tom just played Jessica Lea Mayfield & Seth Avett's cover of Baby Britain on Deep Roots. So good.
Fan of the recent Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield do Elliott Smith album. Here they are Live on KEXP.
I can't look at Seth Avett and not want a beard :(
I'm listening to this Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield Elliott Smith cover w/ what must be an unhealthy frequency
No better way to start my day than to hear Seth Avett's voice.
For the 3 or 4 people that may care, Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield did an album of Elliot Smith covers. It's wonderful.
Seth hitting a high note at HoB's in Orlando Sunday night!
Can't WAIT till Kalamazoo MI!!! Party with my old college buds at an Avett concert! YAY!!
just called to inform me she just met and Seth Avett at Target.. What is life..
Meant to take a picture but got a video instead. I saw Seth Avett at target today.
Mom walks in to my apt at 11 am and I'm on the couch drinking a beer and watching seth avett vids on my tv. Sup mom, this is my life.
Seth Avett look alike at the library.probably the only bearded/long haired guy I've ever found attractive
...Seth Avett would've been a much better response.
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