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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Spending Sunday afternoon listening to Seth Avett as 'Darling' . Oh what sweet sounds,
Completely jealous of my friend who manages a music store & just had a 30-min conversation w Seth Avett. *sigh*
It will never get better then Scott and Seth Avett's voices
I had a dream (well nightmare) that I shot Seth Avett. . This is not okay.
can I have Seth Avett's guitar please
"Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself: Brandi Carlile will always be my girl, but this version is so relaxing.
is Jamie Benn secretly Seth Avett's identical twin?
"My words feel so plain and rehearsed when I say. Would you forgive me?". -Seth Avett
Let's review: seth avett blew a kiss at me last night.
Seth Avett reminds me of a hipster bluegrass version of Dave Grohl
Just saw Seth avett one of my favorite musicians... And Jennifer Carpenter one of my favorite actresses... And said nothing 🐔
Enjoying some tasty coffee in the beautiful state Seth Avett is from.
Had a dream that I met Seth Avett last night.if only😩
I've got to get one of these Martin HD-35 Seth Avett Edition guitars. My birthday is coming up if you would like to really surprise me.
Seth avett and luis scola are the same person. ***
Just checking out antiques alongside Seth Avett and his girlfriend
Any plans coming up to be in Asheville? Either for a show or just to enjoy the great mountain areA?
I made it to Seth's in Provo. You've got to love the Avett Brothers quote on their wall. Tomorrow I leave for Seattle
I love you more than Seth Avett's beard.
Interview with Scott and Seth Avett from when they toured in Norway
casually running into Seth Avett in downtown Asheville.
Who's excited about Auburn Airwaves being in 13 days? Scott and Seth Avett are!
have you heard of the musical empowerment concert with seth avett on Tuesday / should we all be going to this??
Deb from dexter looks like Seth Avett
Seth Avett has one of the best voices in the bidness
Seth Avett - "Pearly Gates" (Blind Willie McTell cover): viaif this doesn't give you the chills, your a fool
Spring time brings some melancholy- 1st time meeting Susan Avett@ Avett show. So pretty,and OBVIOUS look of love in her eyes for Seth & letting her man be the center of attention. So personable to talk to, reserved, polite, and very pretty-she brought style! Really miss that! "OK, so I was wrong about my reason for us fallin' out of love.I want to fall back in".
Seth Avett's solo stuff is beyond good, step up your game
Lucky to have Joe Kwon of the Avett Brothers, along with Scott Avett, Seth Avett, Paul Defiglia, and Tania Elizabeth joining us on the 15th!
Seth Avett maintains the sole reason he began playing acoustic was Doc Watson. But I his father Jim is darn good so I dont know
Overheard: About the Pretty Girl songs - Fan: Play an ugly girl song! Seth Avett: There are no ugly girls,...
Please someone give me money for a VIP Lollapalooza ticket. My life will not be complete until my arms around Scott & Seth Avett.
Just saw Seth Avett running down the Greenway...not many Concord ppl run with long braided pig tails! So that was cool...
Cutaway or no cutaway? PegHead Guitars is an authorized dealer for Martin Guitars. Here is just a fraction of our stock, DCPAR4 Rosewood, and D-35 Seth Avett signature with copper snowflake inlay, and rosewood & koa back.
I wanna marry Seth Avett because I know he'll cuff his jeans and wear the boots I want him to wear
There is a Seth Avett look alike in the library right now.
Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers -March 8, 2014 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo by Mary Ouellette.
Seth Avett makes me cry on the daily
When I woke up this morning I would have never thought I'd get to meet Seth Avett today.
Tampa was great, and looking forward to summer with Red Rocks!!
Um yes hello Seth Avett is a total babe
Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter spotted walking by Chuy's and Cowfish this evening in Southpark.
But seriously, what ever happened to Seth Avett as Darling? Can that be a thing again? cc:
Just now realized that Seth Avett is basically George Harrison
She's dating Seth Avett and is known to tour around with them. Especially now that Dexter is done.
But I also met Scott and Seth Avett so it was a good dream overall.
seth avett. So i never had to leave Scott Avett's side.
Ant it like most people, I'm no different, we like to talk about things we don't know about. Seth Avett
Guys, don't tell anyone but Seth is my favorite Avett.
Jamming to the sweet harmonies of Scott & Seth Avett and their guitars/banjos on the plane home to Louisville!!
This is just making me smile right now... Seth Avett (with Bob Crawford) Operator, By Jim Croce
Seth Avett has broken at least two strings so far in this knockout show.
I have successfully wooed Jennifer Carpenter away from Seth Avett. We were going to remake season 8 of Dexter where she & Dexter bump uglies
Sitting pretty close to the stage for probably could reach our and grab Seth and/or Scott Avett
Gonna call this one the "Scott checking to see if Seth is still alive" shot.
Alright Seth, I'm ready for that yoga class now.
I can't look at too many pictures of Scott and Seth Avett at one time because their overwhelming beauty makes me cry a little bit.
Can't wait for Tampa sunDome. Watching them is Amazing!!! The expanded band is great! Looking forward to Jennifer Carpenter honing her "drumming" skills, and playing with them soon. It will be as great as Paul & L inda McCartney ( and the band kept her mike turned real low)
"When u give it all u have every night, u need ur . strings to do the same.” Seth Avett
That time Seth dragged his hair over us Seth Avett ~ KDH "Thank You So Much": via
to last weekend when we were thisclose to Seth and Scott Avett.
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Marissa Cristine check out my favorite Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - About Love:
If u ever feel like crying a lot you can go listen to Seth Avett sing 'Stand By Me' and u will cry a lot. A lot a lot.
Every time Seth Avett comes into the grocery store I work at, I just want to ask him about his performance on
Avett Brothers "New Seth Song": So, the Avetts wrote this and performed it in the same day. New favorite.
Is it bad that I want to take my baby brothers to Lollapalooza because I know Seth Avett is a sucker for front row babies
In case you missed it, new Seth song from Savannah, GA last Thursday evening Watch it again
Imagine this dreamers... Alex Turner and Seth Avett in one room
Still not over the time I touched Seth Avett. That happened.
Remember how Seth Avett wrote his girlfriend's name on his shoes like a ten year old
Seth Avett owns a house right behind mine... & now he's dating Jennifer Carpenter from the show Dexter, omg I would love to meet her 😍
For my I've chosen Seth Avett. I don't even need to say why.
The only thing keeping me from having a full on panic attack right now is Seth Avett singing in my ears. Not even kidding.
I wish I could play the guitar like Seth Avett
I blame my sudden avalanches of emotion on every Seth Avett as Darling album in existence
I touched Seth Avett yesterday idk what you did
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Just touched Seth and Scott Avett. More like hugged Seth.
yea I took a selfie with Seth Avett last night.
Tonight, I touched Scott Avett and got a selfie with Seth Avett. Amazing concert in Savannah. Today was a good day.
Seth Avett granted mine and wishes and wore his hair in pigtail braids tonight. Bless him.
I liked a video Seth Avett Sings, Fish & Bird by Tom Waits
I liked a video Seth Avett sings Sam Cooke
i would really love Seth Avett but also anyone who sings like him is fine
In other news, I am (also) totally in love with Seth Avett and his scruff.
YEAH -TAB coming my way in August! Can't wait! Looking forward also to Red Rocks! These guys are so talented! Ready for OCMS when they perform with TAB
I think I got them all in this pic. And Seth's crazy leg dance mid step!
Seth Avett for sure has better hair than I do
Had a dream last night that I met Scott & Seth Avett. If only it wasn't a dream.
Just hanging out with Seth Avett before the Avett Brothers concert!
“we're really lucky that we've never had a hit, like a clear, discernible radio hit” -Seth
I liked a video HEATHER FAY harmonizes to SETH AVETT singing "FISH AND BIRD" by Tom Waits
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"We love you too. Sincerely. It's real difficult to sound sincere on a microphone but we love y'all too in a very big way."…
No-one can harmonize so perfectly with themself like Timothy Seth Avett. Bless that man.
🙋I feel personally victimized by Seth Avett.
Seth Avett with no beard looks like Anna Kendrick. Holy cow.
There was a guy on my bus that looked exactly like Seth Avett!
At Lola I'm gonna ask Seth avett if he likes my tattoo since it's his words
I just checked out Seth Avett at work and had no idea who he I'm slightly embarrassed.
Sometimes i feel like all Seth Avett needs in life is a big hug.
my favorite version of this song ever ... well done Seth .. The Avett Brothers
What I would do to sing like Seth Avett: 1. Wear a dress made out of duct tape. 2. Pretty much anything else you could think of.
Saw Seth Avett on the streets of Asheville last night. Pretty positive the creeper grin on my face made him walk a little faster by me. 😬😬😬
Seth Avett's braids inspired this gem and a portion of $ goes to thanks
My saint Patrick's day Seth avett cosplay
our family friend Tara was very close with The Avett's funeral was today and they performed. Jennifer is dating Seth Avett.
Shout out to for showing me Seth Avett's solo albums that I was completely oblivious to. 😊
Looking forward to seeing talented Jennifer Carpenter in her new pilot series being filmed in Vancouver !
I just saw Seth Avett in a bookstore in Asheville, and now I'm freaking out like a middle school girl
Scott and Seth Avett are two of the nicest guys you could ever meet! Their concerts are the best! Fan forever!
My goodness. Seth and Scott Avett look so handsome in the Another is Waiting video. *swoon*
The next series of How Do They Do That should feature Seth Avett's live performance of Souls Like The Wheels on Magpie and the Dandelion
that was my reaction. Lol in the irony of Jennifer Carpenter (Debra) dating Seth Avett though.
Seth and Scott Avett make incredible music
Seth Avett speaks to be in volumes. As this song does, too.
Forever in love with Seth Avett's voice.
Photo of Scott and Seth Friday night at the Barclays in Brooklyn via
Seth Avett's hair is more beautiful than mine.
Been pretty obsessed with this Seth Avett cover of Jim Croce's "Operator" ever since hearing it live on Saturday:
Scott Avett, why. Seth Avett, why. Thank you though.
none other than the Jason Mraz, Alex Ebert and Scott & Seth Avett! I kinda have this thing for…
Save Part of Yourself For Me by Seth Avett of the
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Seth Avett performs "Ballad of Love and hate" at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on 7 March 2014.
One other thing I learned. Seth Avett is currently rocking pigtails. Thank you so much Jimmy Fallon.
Seth Avett is 12 years old and I do not stand for this type of behavior
I just can't handle Seth Avett's pig tails.
How does Seth Avett manage to demonstrate how rhythmically gifted he is at the same time as looking so physically uncoordinated?
Scott and Seth Avett are right here I'm dying
The last time I was here was for KISS. Here's hoping Seth Avett pukes blood while flying 60 feet over the audience.
why do more people not follow . like it is an account for Seth Avett's hair
The time Seth Avett leaned down, looked into my eyes, and handed me his pick
Seth Avett rocking the arena! Amazing night watching them live in Brooklyn!
Talking about the Avett Brothers: seth and idk avett I think they're brothers.. Oh wait I don't wanna talk about it 😂😂😂😂
All girls are jealous of Seth's hair
Seth Avett is cool; I don't think Scott Avett is someone I would not punch.
Quote of the night: "You can only ignore and act like you can't hear it for so long" Seth Avett in reference to fan screaming I love you LOL
Seth Avett says "Don't be sad, don't be sad, it can't be that bad"
Seth avett told me he loved me tonight. There were 20,000 other people there but it was to me. Then he sang me goodnight.
A little Seth Avett for you Avett fans!!
'You can only pretend to ignore it for so long when someone says I love you.' - Seth Avett [in reference to a screaming fan]
"You can only pretend to ignore it when someone tells you they love you so many times." - Seth Avett
so Seth is wearing his hair down and a polka dot shirt, well well well!
Scott and Seth Avett at RIT Gordon Fieldhouse 3/6/14. Photo from jenmfinj
Reed just told me that I looked like Seth Avett... . BEST COMPLIMENT EVER 💁
I'm digging Seth Avett's Willie Nelson-inspired visage as of late.
Seth Avett looked like Pocahontas with a mustache on Fallon. What the ***
Anyone else see Seth from the Avett Brothers on Jimmy Fallon? He looks like a little girl with a mustache.
"I want Seth and Scott Avett to smell my farts." -guy next to me to his girlfriend
Seth Avett, I'm comin for ya, babay.
Watching the Avett Bros performance from Fallon last night & I have one thing to say: pigtails, Seth, really? Pigtails? Pigtails.
Chris Cornell covering Pearl Jam with Seth & Scott Avett on Jimmy Fallon - that's like discovering single malt bacon.
The fact that Seth Avett's voice comes out of Seth Avett still kind of surprises me.
Went to target. Met Seth Avett. No big deal.
I think Seth Avett is getting in touch w/ his inner Willie Nelson - long braided pigtails. Just need Trigger and u got it.
I'm so happy I get to see Seth Avett in person again tonight. I'm in love with him.
Before I knew Seth Avett's name I used to call him the 'Willie Nelson guy'. Seems even more fitting now.
Seth Avett looked like Pocahontas on the Tonight Show w/ . Killed it, but still looked like Pocahontas.
hey. Seth Avett is a beautiful man.
on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Seth Avett channeling his inner Jimmy Carl…
Oh man. Scott Avett. YES. Stay on the screen forever. Seth Avett's braided pigtails on the other hand...those can go.
Seth Avett, the only man I know who can make pigtail braids look foxy...
Look at Seth Avett of rocking the Willie Nelson hair on
Let's just talk about Seth Avett's braided pigtails.
Seth Avett's twitchy, spasming legs are really worrying me at the moment.
Although Avett kills it every time, Seth's stage presence is p awkwardly tense
I've bagged Seth Avett's groceries so many times. It's so weird to see him on TV right now.
oh look at that, went with the all black. I am a fan of the new Willie Nelson look via seth avett
Seth Avett looks like Sacagawea right now on Love the guy, but what?
Is seth avett wearing pigtail braids on national television
The Avett Brothers! Seth with the Willie Look going on I love it!
LMAO Jonathan isn't an Avett fan AT ALL, but even he said that Seth did an outstanding job. Listen to Marty Robbins version
I bet Seth Avett would raise an insane amount of money if he did
.new video, starring Scott, Seth and Asheville -
With those braids and bright yellow vest, I thought of him as Dorothy, Scott as the scarecrow, Bob as the tin man, and Joe as the lion. What an image! Can't wait to see the show tonight to check out the shoes - wonder if they are red?
there's nothing creative to say i just want to kiss Seth Avett's face off
I'm 6 heads up from the bottom, right in front of the barrier, looking up at Seth Avett.
any chance you'd make me a "Sethajawea" shirt with a Seth braids silhouette? Ladies cut?
Seth Avett has the voice of a friend
Seth Avett:"We're so hapy to be im Portland, Maine, the original Portland, I hear"*Everybody screams*
Seth Avett's cover of 'A Famous Country Singer' remains the most beautiful thing I have ever heard
Seth Avett is wearing braids right now. I'm in love.
As the word “Concord” signifies “Harmony,” it is appropriate that the two best-known residents of the town of Concord, NC, are Scott and Seth Avett, namesakes of the band the Avett Brothers. Since 2000, the brothers, along with their honorary “third brother” bassist Bob Crawford and
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I still can't believe I met Seth avett and Bob Crawford
I missed my chance to get a picture w/ you in Fairfax. :( that darn Seth Avett came out and you disappeared too soon. Someday!
...but I bet you know what Scott and Seth were wearing in Pittsburgh!
My paper recently profiled Jim Avett, father of the Avett Brothers Seth and Scott. He was fascinating to sit and...
I tried to sneak a selfie with Seth Avett last night but I couldn't get Liz to turn around.
Seth Avett Sings, Stand By Me: via This man kills me.
seth avett and I both braided our hair in two pigtails tonight. if that's not destiny idk what is.
There's a guy here who looks like seth avett !!! ah!!!
Avett Factoid for today: From last nights concert…"Swept Away" has 34 views, and "Seth's Jello Shooter Story" has 264!
Hey Seth Avett, I will see you tonight! 😘😆
I will meet Seth Avett tonight. Mark my words. 😍😍😍
Seth Avett's hair is braided in pigtails. I'm dying.
I want the same magical hair growing powers as Scott & Seth Avett...
I wish Seth Avett had more solo stuff
Friday music break! Did you know that Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers went to
"At some point you have to believe you can still do something. otherwise, you got nothing." Seth Avett
Seth Avett doing an amazing acoustic song //
Camera pics tomorrow, but for now: Seth Avett and The Avett Brothers put on an amazing show in Morgantown.
I was literally shocked when Seth Avett came out and played this song. One of my faves.
Seth Avett touched my hand and at the end of the show I caught a rag.
Guys I was this close to Seth Avett.
Being right next to Seth Avett while he sang The Ballad of Love and Hate made me love the song even more than I already did.
are killin it right now! Also if Seth Avett wants some dreadlocks I can totally do that!
Totally just shook Seth Avett ' s hand. Yup
Heading to Morgantown for the Avett Brothers show! I hope Seth and Scott like my outfit.
Man Seth Avett singing Indianapolis in "Salina" will never get old
So excited to see my favorite brothers this evening: Seth Avett, Scott Avett, and Zach Williams!
Rhyne just said that Seth Avett was his spirit animal.
Photo: themeadow: seth by jeremyokai® on Flickr. Seth Avett is amazing in everything he does.
Seth Avett is at Marvin's in Mt. Pleasant. and no one but me seems to notice.
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"I find it hard to believe when someone tells me they aren't a Dylan Fan. I pretty much have to sit them down and have a conversation with them and be like, "Okay, now explain it to me. What gives you the right to not like Bob Dylan?" It just kinda scares me I guess. Obviously we are all Bob Dylan fans in this band, but folks not liking Dylan scares me in a way."-Seth Avett- Love watching their interviews, this one had me rolling Chris Barchak
Operator cover by Seth Avett and Bob Crawford. So great to see these guys do some Jim Croce.
"I am sick with wanting, and it's evil and it's daunting how I let everything I cherish lay to waste.” - Scott and Seth Avett
Seth Avett just a few feet away singing one of my favorites!!
I had a dream I met somebody who looked like seth avett but was really short and evil and he tried to cut me with scissors
Favorite quote from Saturday Night: "The duct tape of Mr. - Seth Avett
Monday Morning Seth Antics, in this case "Jamming on the Piano" from STL Friday Night Have a great week!
Hearing Scott or Seth Avett cuss is the weirdest thing ever.
Seth Avett cheated on his wife and now they don't play January Wedding at their shows. WHAT THE *** SETH.
Another good one. Motown x Carolina Bluegrass. Seth Avett sings, A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
I just used Shazam to discover The First Big by Timothy Seth Avett As Darling.
Just joekwon80 and Seth Avett setting the house on fire
So Haley and I just ran into Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter at the mall.. Just sayin
Slow lines at TSA in STL, too bad TSA doesn't stand for Timothy Seth Avett! Lovely show last night
"I'm yours and that's it, what ever. I'm yours and that's it, forever." My life is now complete, thank you Seth Avett for singing my favorite song since high school :)
I wonder if Seth Avett would just come over and play for me.. We could chat and sing and drink sweet tea...:) I adore that man..even more now..oh man.. I'm gonna be flyin high for days!!! How am I gonna sleep tonight??!
- God's greatest gift to the world was that of Seth Avett's legs... good Lord. I guess his voice is pretty okay too.
Looking at Seth avett while typing this because I can't not look at his beautiy
Seth talking to us before love and hate!
Seth Avett strings his Martin with our traditional strings.
Gonna see and and my husband Seth Avett today. What a party.
Found a perfect dress to wear to the concert 😍 Gotta woo Seth Avett.
If Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter arent' actually twins, I'll eat my hat
Don't forget to grab your poster at the show tonight!!! The Avett Brothers St. Louis, MO Night 1 "Seth" Poster.
Seth's pigtails looked a little shorter, no?
Why yes, that IS Seth atop the piano with 3 white mice between his feet
When the phone rings with Seth Avett singing "Living of love" on the other line, you answer
Seth Avett is my soul mate. He just doesn't know it yet.
Had a dream I finally met Seth Avett. We hung out and took crazy selfies, then none of the photos came out, I was heartbroken
Every sad lyric that Seth Avett has ever written down
Seth pose... Half in the shadows...
Here's an awesome Martin Guitar (D-35 Seth Avett) wearing an Orion Guitar Gear Whiskey strap. Thanks to our fan Janice for sharing! The Avett Brothers
Just give it time. Give it time. North Carolina will ALWAYS call you home!
I can't even imagine watching my loves, Seth and Scott Avett, singin and dancing around on a beach.
One time I met a guy at an Avett show that had an engagement ring because he was in love with Seth.
Chris Thile and Seth Avett are my future husbands
Dexter season 7 Episode one: when Deb is filling the gas tank I swear Seth Avett walks by.
Somber tune, but Seth nails it.. I could listen to the Avett Bros for days on end. Find good music, pass it on.
Avett Brothers. Those fellas put on one heck of a live show. Highlight: Seth Avett climbing into the wing seats to play a surprisingly raucous guitar solo (on a beautiful vintage Gibson es-175) for an elated, dancing little girl (maybe 6 or 7 years old). Thanks for the much-delayed birthday celebration, Lindsay!
Also, Seth Avett looked smokin' hot with his hair braided.
Seth Avett has braided pig tails. I cry.
Seth Avett's braids made me giggle 😂
was 2 feet away from Seth Avett tonight. My life has no meaning.
The only thing that matters today is that Seth avett is wearing braids and that skool sux.
If this Avett Brothers concert gets rescheduled again because of weather. I'm moving to another planet. And taking Seth and Scott with me
Is there a better way to spend my night than being serenaded by Scott and Seth Avett? Nope, didn't think so.
Just met Seth Avett in target. Nicest guy ever
Reese eggs are the best. And Easter. Seth Avett could have played The American version of Jesus a few…
My forever and ever and ever and ever and ever Mr. Timothy Seth Avett
I'm not one for gossip but as a huge fan of both Dexter and The Avett Brothers, this is definitely some strange news: ht…
Seth, Ima let you finish in a minute, but Scott is the best Avett brother of all time
Today was pay day and so now I'm just fighting temptation to buy this
Enjoyed talking to Seth Avett of in today. Talented musician and nice guy. Hope to catch a show soon!
In other news: Nana thinks Seth Avett is a total babe and looks like someone she went to high school with (she digs flow)
Recap: Fai just got a pic with Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter in Asheville? Does that even happen? Do we throw a party now?
I guess we'll stick to spotting Seth Avett at the Galleria.
Do you want to go to Red Rocks to see Seth Avett?
Just spotted Jennifer Carpenter and the wonderful Seth Avett of Avett Brothers strolling downtown.
It will all be worth it when I see Seth Avett on the beach..
The only thing getting me through this night is Scott and Seth Avett. I'm marrying them both one day, they just don't know it yet.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Look up Timothy Seth Avett as Darling and listen to Seth's solo stuff! "Guilty" is probably my all-time favorite song
2 reasons why practice was great this morning. 1. Got to demo for the Mongolian team 2. I'm pretty sure Seth Avett works out at uco
Awww! You guys got to hang with SETH AVETT?!?! Super jealous!! Love the Avett Brothers!
Very love with Seth's move ♫ Laundry Room by The Avett Brothers
What a day to listen to Seth Avett. And what a day to forget my headphones.
Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan) is apparently dating Seth Avett and I can't even compute
Oh hey Seth Avett!l ☺️I'll have to learn more about this cause!
I'm freaking out just thinking about them. Can I just have Seth Avett for my birthday this year? Would that be acceptable?
Man Crush Monday goes out to Seth and Scott Avett! So excited to see these guys on Thursday
You are GORGEOUS and an AWESOME actress! And I hope the rumors that you are dating Seth Avett are true, LOVE
I sorta just want to be Seth Avett.
Seth and Scott Avett are such musical geniuses
Just found out Seth Avett is a Tarheel fan. I am devastated.
Last night's haul from the record store. Found out Seth Avett is also picking my honey hole. Richie Furay please notice 2 great Poco finds!! I had to make the owner take $20 dollars for 22 records, feels like christmas every time I go.
Watch “Breath of Love” performed by Seth Avett & LRB artist David Mayfield. See David live on 2/22 at Tellus 360.
Day 4 (a musician a day improves the music taste) . Scott and Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers. Banjo, guitar, vocals. …
"I will never be the same as I was when you knew me." - Timothy Seth Avett
I blame Seth for the last three Avett Brothers albums.
to the time when I was breathing the same air as Seth Avett @ when i actually went to concerts
"I know you just like I know the sun is blue, the grass is orange, and the sky is green." - Timothy Seth Avett
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - About Love [HD] Mountain Music Album : The Mourning, the Silver, the Bell
With a new show coming up for Jennifer Carpenter, Seth Avett will be following her around for a change. Plenty of potential true love for her to find.
Seth Avett trusts our traditional strings on his Martin.
skin and bones cover with my new Martin d35 Seth Avett
Just did a new Avett cover with my new D35 Seth Avett Martin.
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