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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Radar Online used postings from this website as the unnamed source for the articles about Seth's affair and Jacob being fired. Most of us know the information was correct in both instances whether believed by the masses or not. There is a chance more information from here will be picked up again.
and one more thing. why hasn't anyone in the family gone to radaronline with anything? those cats ran the cheating story first and were right about it. this info about Jennifer seems right up their slley
to the posters that are close to the family.does the family really feel that way about Seth and Jennifer's lying and Jennifer's control over Seth by touring with the band? do you think will they stop covering for S + J then and start standing up for themselves? the cats in the band have to be tired of her tagging along by now right?
Congrats also to and Seth Avett, the other "extraordinary" CD reviewed alongside mine
So... I interviewed Seth Avett!. Chattin' with an Avett Brother via
Glad Susan is finally getting everything she willingly put on hold because Seth didn't want the same things. Seth went from a good woman who put these things on the back burner for his career to a conniving woman who has manipulated him to get what she wanted every step of the way. He's now stuck in a relationship that has roots in obsession instead of love.
Seth Avett will forever hold my song, and a pretty girl from melody lane will forever hold my heart!🙌🏻
Susan follows an IG account- a baby named Muriel. In the description it says she's her mom.
I heard Chris Cole is the father of Susan's baby. Because if you can't weasel your way into the band the next best thing is impregnating the ex. (Ha like she'd even touch that guy. Gag)
If that's true, Susan finally got what she wanted all along - a family. She loved Seth and wanted a family with him but he was foolish and strayed for Jennifer's fame. Shame Seth got caught in Jennifer Carpenter's web of manipulation. Now he's stuck with a child he never wanted and wouldn't give Susan.
I heard Seth's ex Susan had a baby. Anyone know?
No one does live music like Scott and Seth Avett. @ Rupp Arena
Of course she said Seth is happy to be a daddy. What's she gonna say, "he's kinda bummed because he knocked up the girl he cheated on his wife with so now he's stuck with her."?
*** That dude Eric's post on Rejects got me all excited. I thought Cole was finally going to be called out. We couldn't be so lucky.
When Seth Avett says "if love is a game, girl then ur gonna win, I'll spend the rest of my days bringin victory in"
I'm listening to Some Bad Dream by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling on Listen with me at GO MOLLY!!!
Guess who's kazoo this is! Can't guess? It's Seth Avett's 😁 my dad caught it at the concert Thursday!
Spent 30 minutes talking to Susie Avett about her new grandbabies and how happy Seth is to be a daddy. Makes my ❤️ happy.
Thank you to Seth and.Scott Avett for Sanguine it transported me to a heavenly place. Don't stop playing it. It's special.
Yes they've sure drunk the kool-aid haven't they. Hopefully they come to their senses or will talk to the right people.
It would be nice if we could actually say these things without a mob stoning us but they are all too busy following Chris Cole in a sketchy Charles Manson sort of way.
Hey Rejects - stop glorifying Chris Cole. can climb out of his butt anytime. He's not famous, he's not royalty, he's not a "brother from another mother". He's just a dude with way too much time on his hands and an unhealthy obsession that likes to use people. Please stop feeding this guys ego. He's not a good guy and if you just ask the right people you'll find out the shady stuff he's done.
His FB page makes me laugh. And I like how he makes it public to advertise his fame seeking adventures more. But literally 99.9% of every post is about the Avett Brothers. Dude - get a life! No wonder you are a single middle aged guy. You know that's not normal right? lol.It's pathetic is what it is. I think that he thinks he's going to wind up BFF's with the brothers some day. He has some serious delusions to carry on the way he does. He needs a wake up call is what he needs. There are PLENTY of us out there that love TAB just as much and have for way longer than this guy that know how to be a fan. What he an attention seeking *** who takes advantage of people to further his own weird delusions of grandeur.
Seth Avett was so clean shaven and dapper tonight that I almost didn't recognize him.
The Chris Cole circle jerk is outrageous; that whole group of people, too. Torn between rolling my eyes for days and vomiting in front of them. When will it all stop?
Seth Avett's acoustic covers are the perfect rainy day music.
NYC is probably some " culture shock" when it comes to leisure time for a family guy loving the outdoors, rolling farm land and some easy style country living with family and friends nearby.
You're right! Some of this fan stuff the 30 year olds do are the things kids do- " selfie group shots"- immature and people seem to lack self confidence. How about seeing or meeting someone with some celebrity, and greet them as you would other adults; maybe say ( not GUSH) how much their talent is appreciated etc etc, but have some self- esteem. You'll probably be remembered longer for acting like an adult.
I think that's what makes me the most disgusted is there is no such thing as a quiet fan nowadays. And social media is partly to blame. It's all about me-me-me. Another thing that cracks me up is there is a certain someone out there that anytime someone meets one of the brothers she changes her profile picture to a picture of her from one of the several times she's met the brothers. It's like "yeah so you met them but I've met them a bunch of times and here's a picture to remind you" God forbid someone else be happy they met them and it's like she needs a bunch of likes that day as well.
A little Amazing Grace a la Avett for your Sunday evening. Bonus: Seth with long hair. ❤️
"I bought my Martin guitar from Seth avett for $400" - people I party with
LOL - One of the Avett fan boys is bragging about how he and his crew of ladies held down the rail at tonight's show. Congratu-freaking-lations. You've now done what millions of festival goers have done in the past. These newer fans want kudos for every little thing nowadays.
Marley told me she hasn't heard Seth Avett sing Halo and I threw up in my mouth
Tennesee theater- Knoxville. YEAH. GREAT break before exams- Guess where WE'RE gonna be on Dec 4- the Fourth Legendary Giveback!!?
I felt like a moment with both Seth and Scott Avett. Magical.
Man, I always thought Seth Avett was a handsome guy, but with his new haircut? Hot ***
Will you please grow out your hair and then braid it like Seth Avett sometimes wears it.
How excited are you to see at this weekend? Here's Seth Avett talking about new music: ht…
Seth Avett of The Vanyaland interview, by Headlining tonight
Which Idols contestant will not get to sing this week?
Interview: Seth on respecting Elliott Smith, music as conversation, & their rise in Americana
Interview: Seth Avett of on music as conversation and their rise in Americana tonight
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett cover Elliott Smith, which is obviously lovely.
What's your guess on how long they'll be together? At first I didn't think it would be long but now there is a baby it may be longer than I originally thought.
Press is playing Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield's covers of Elliott Smith. I'll be here for a while.
[Q+A] "We are 90 percent there," says Seth Avett about the new record:
All purpose parts banner
The pilot was filmed mid-March when Seth was on tour with Jessica Lea Mayfield. If the baby was born mid-May, wouldn't she be roughly 7 months along when filming? What a strange thing to lie about. Working on a tv show while that far along is admirable as it is. What is the point of making it seem like she was farther along than she was?
She had to be about that far along if the baby was born middle of May. Photos of her filming in NY came out in early April and nothing said that it was her last or only day of filming. Dates add up to me but maybe I'm missing something - not real sure why it would matter anyway. She looks fantastic now so wish she would share her post baby secrets!
Scott and Seth Avett were sculpted by angels
(Cont...) Our family is so tired of her lies and would love to release the birth announcement to prove what a selfish liar she is. Seth - and family - deserves better than this fame wh*re.
Why is Jennifer pushing the eight and one-half month pregnant lie with the media? She wasn't that far a long when the pilot was filmed. Trying to generate more buzz for her crappy police procedural?
low key just replayed Seth Avett saying "Knoxville, Tennessee" 27 times
BREAK TIME!! Headed to Lexington's Rupp Arena for the next show! Taking a truckload of FANS!! See you there!
Album of the day: Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield-Sing Elliott Smith
Seth Avett punched Scott in the nose! , Lewiston, NY
If Seth Avett asked me to run away with him I would drop everything and give up my whole life just for him
Just saw a video on " Jennifer Carpenter welcomes first Child" and she and Seth act like they are covering their faces to avoid pap photos - kinda silly isn't it when the paps are called by publicist to come TAKE the pic for publicity and to sell it?
How about Seth's career? Each is just as important- there should ALWAYS be team work and " give and take" in a marriage- that includes marriages of those in entertainment industry. We hope Seth is treated as fairly .
They announce information when Jennifer could gain positive press from the news. Just another way she's using our family.
Why not go ahead and announce- they could get good press from this- fully announced as a legally recognized family! Sounds good!
to when we managed to give Seth Avett of one of our chocolate bars thanks for taking the time
Order Miche Bag Online!
Is it true Seth and Jennifer eloped?
Get the story on our famous Seth Avett ad.
Between the Bars by Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield - What a great cover.
We all get to sit back and watch how the mighty will fall. Get the popcorn!
I think word will spread. He'll burn people like he already has. People like him can't keep it up forever especially when it's not genuine.
He loves himself and the attention he gets too much to slip up and show the fanatics his true self.
Whatever. He'll never surpass Karen. Plus he's a jerk. You can't be the most famous Avett fan if you are an ***
The circle jerk continued today because he got a photo with Scott and Seth. Everyone has to meet him because he's a legend. VOMIT.
Screw Chris Cole. You people that keep kissing his butt have no clue what this guy is really like. Mark my words, karma is going to get his sleazy *** and his true nature is going to be revealed very publically. If you butt kissers really knew this dude, you'd know that the Avetts would think he was the lowest of the low and the way he uses them to get ahead is pathetic and against everything they stand for. I don't know how you sleep at night Chris. Get a freaking life and act like a grown up.
A little more Seth Avett and for monday via
The real shame is they secretly eloped in LA last month without telling their families before it happened. They are keeping it secret now because Jennifer wants it that way. They asked their families not to tell anyone but Seth Avett has slipped a few times and called her his wife, so why do we all have to be quiet about it anymore? That woman needs to go. She's just about more trouble than she's worth. Family and friends are tired of doing things Jennifer's way.
Hopefully soon because I want to vomit every time I see his face. lol
He and one other guy are really bad about taking advantage. The group they belong to just love how many shows they go to and continue to turn these two into little Avett celebrities. When do they find out they aren't special?
I liked a video Breath of Love - David Mayfield and Seth Avett, Fox Theater, 7/20/11
made my life. Billy Idol's signature and I touched Seth Avett. I can die in peace.
Also I had no idea Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter was born in KY. MINDBLOWN bc I didn't know she married SETH AVETT. Like what?!?
I can't stand him and I know quite a few others feel the same too. Only the fangirls like him are the ones feeding his massive ego. People like that can never keep it up long though, eventually his true nature will be clear to everyone. It's just a shame that he uses the Avetts as a way to weasel his way into friendships, relationships and to the rail.because obviously he can't manage any of that on his own. TAB would be disgusted with what kind of person he is.
Oh gosh! Seth might not get to see his baby much! The horror! Never mind the fact that the rest of the band has been sacrificing family time for years to tour. Things only started changing when Jennifer got pregnant and threw a fit about their touring.
TAB has such a heavy touring schedule in Sept. , even Seth may not get to see baby much.
Oh, and Seth jammed while standing on the piano during "Kick Drum Heart" in St. Louis '14
Sunday spin with Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield doing a beautiful tribute to Elliott Smith.
That guy is the worst. Why does everyone love him? He's only out for himself and will take advantage of others so easily. Watch out - he walks up to the entry line at the last minute and stands with "friends" to cut in front of everyone and get close to the stage.
Who cares about the game when I was THREE FEET AWAY FROM SETH AVETT TONIGHT 🙌🏽🙌🏽
"Seth Avett rocking my face off" Keep running your hand through his hair creepy middle-aged Fanboy.your Avett bubble is going to be popping real soon.
Seth Avett has the voice of an angel... but we already knew that
If Seth Avett Sings 'Halo' tomorrow night I will lose all grasp on reality. Just so you're aware.
Keep on touring guys! We LOVE you! Never heard of you till couple of hrs ago- been to 4 shows this year- TAB best band EVER!!!
I have two extra tickets to Avett on Saturday in Chattanooga for sale!! I mean who doesn't want to see Seth and Scott?? Let me know ASAP!
I just a guy that looked like an older version of Seth Avett. I couldn't sneak a pic though.
They (he.I think we all know who we are talking about) come(s) across as so douchy too. It's hard to believe that some of these women actually fall for this crap. And they are also trying to be the most "famous" Avett fan which I hate to break it to them but that title will always belong to a certain someone no matter what they do. I try to avoid him at all costs but it will be fun to watch it implode in his face which I'm sure will happen eventually.
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have you heard Seth avett sing that song? It's so so good
One of the creepy Avett fanboys is celebrating the fact that he's outnumbered by women and calling himself a ladies man. I swear, Avett fanboys and fangirls are the craziest people.
Aug 28 11:26 poster- agree with you!! Let the band tour as musicians and let actresses do the TV and movie thing- tough to try to make these two careers blend!
Yeah- what's up with these Avett fan boys- these single guys who seem to have NO LIFE but the band- crazy- it's one thing to ENJOY the music AND even going to as many concerts as you can ( what u can afford) - but it's sad that those 30-50 year old fan boys have no other interests! I'm as big a fan as any- but , man , I have a life!!(and friends, and job ,and family, and other interest etc)
Seth Avett cut his hair again and I am pleased.
Seth Avett feel free to take me away to South Carolina any time
I just need next Saturday to hurry up so I can see my main man on the right side of that stage. Seth Avett is everything.
Hope this past short break in touring schedule has allowed some time for Seth to bond with baby!
The voices of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield together to sing Elliott Smith is something beautiful.
It's official. Peyton Manning is my third favorite person. Right behind Seth Avett and Queen J.K. Rowling.
Who is Seth Avett? I love his guitar - sounds so nice. Now I have to check out his band & their music.
My three favorite musicians have had kids this year. Seth Avett and I had a kid this year. That's something.
My art teacher compared the likeness of a 6th century painting of Jesus to Seth Avett...
Love the Avett Brothers? Join Scott and Seth Avett at the Minnesota State Fair this Saturday at the Grandstand!...
Hey I think Seth should play some of his Elliot Smith covers in Augusta! Just a thought!
Nice. I bet it's the same guy I'm thinking of. I'm sure it will all implode in his face soon, hopefully people will see through the fanboy sleeze act. You can only keep that up so long.
The majority of Avett fans are women so the men stand out. This group of 35-50 year-old men make friends with the women and get attention from them. Several of them have actually started using concerts and fan groups as their own dating service. One guy dated someone and left her when she didn't want him to move in with her. He is now living with and dating ANOTHER Avett fan. The Avett fan community is a dicey place.
*** I think anything acoustic gives me the feels. Mellencamp singing Small Town. 😢 Seth Avett singing Halo. 😭
That's so true. I never thought of it like that but it makes perfect sense. The more they talk about TAB the more they keep themselves in the spotlight in the Avett community. It's just so obvious and makes me feel sad for them.
Been listening to a lotta lately Seth Avett does a great job
Those fanboys love the attention they get. It's their own 15 minutes of fame.
Scott and Seth Avett probably fight and argue a lot
Actually some of the women are the same way but for some reason it's more weird when it's a middle-aged single man!
Is it just me or are some of these fan boy Avett fans just completely over the top? I get being a fan and I love them as much as any one else but some of these 35+ 40+ single men that are constantly everything Avett 24/7 really need to get a life. It makes me want to gag. I feel like I can't be part of any of the Avett communities without being overdosed by certain people and their being a constant fanboy.
Most of us are more concerned about what is best for the band instead of what's best for Jennifer. Accommodating the actress is not what is best for the band and puts stress on their tour manager.
"Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith." Click below to watch! via
An unbelievable kindness from Tanner Williams. Hand painted portrait of Scott and Seth Avett wearing Albion...
Will Jennifer still be able to travel on tour and film "Limitless"-let's HOPE so- the best of both worlds!!
Jennifer Carpenter Is A Mom!: Jennifer Carpenter gave birth to her first child with fiancé Seth Avett, she...
My photo of Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers performing at Carter-Finley Stadium - Official Home Of Wolfpack...
No way! You a fan? Seth Avett went to the same college as me and NOW he makes his return.
my english professor taught Seth Avett at UNCC.
Finally got the "Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfeild sing Elliott Smith" :)
Anyone else notice Jennifer was referred to as Seth's wife in a recent article?
I thrive at the intersection of theater and Seth Avett
"Like when you had to choose between your WIFE and Dexter's sister-wife?!?!" - on Seth Avett
Thanks for featuring Seth Avett and live: .
I feel as if I may have been the only one who noticed was playing a Seth Avett signature
Read what Seth Avett of had to say about collaborating with here -
Seth Avett always ends up in a white tee shirt I don't know why he bothers wearing anything over it lol
**ATTENTION** A new Seth Avett sketch is in the works finally! I can't wait to get it to a lucky fan! Keep your eyes pealed!
Jennifer Carpenter reveals she and Seth Avett have welcomed their first child
She waited until the news could give her some positive press and buzz for her new show. She made money off the photos of her and Seth, so naturally she would use the baby too.
Yeah- Avett fans knew the baby was born- interesting that Jennifer waited until now for publicist to release- maybe waiting till she convinced Seth to move - NC does not hav paparazzi.
Mike killed Seth, Tania and Joe during Slight Figure of Speech.
Between The Bars by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, found with Listen now:
Looks like in an interview Jennifer has already committed the baby and Seth to join her on the set of Limitless while she's filming. Nothing like getting your OWN creative juices flowing as you're sitting there watching spouse act- Seth needs to be in studio and touring!
When does 30 years come.? Hum.. How does 3 years sound ( including time served?). ! Any votes? Most true friends know what happened.
Yes,their pic looked staged. Surprising, when J Carpenter talked about sending in her request for the Limitless spot , she said she and her" fianc� were just sitting sound the table having some laughs ." Wonder why she does not call him by name? "Seth and I were sitting. ". That would have been nice way to acknowledge and honor her baby's Daddy- not just making him sound anonymous !!!
Oh NOOO- seth moving to NY- maybe he can start a solo career. The confines of NYC may not make this guy his happiest and most creative! Hope he will spend time there as needed, but hope he doesn't venture too far fom the roots and structure that made him
Jennifer Carpenter, Seth Avett welcome first child -
Jennifer Carpenter is a mom! The actress and fiancé Seth Avett welcome their first child:
I'm calling it now. I think Seth and Susan are going to get back together. It may be 30 yrs from now but I think it's going to happen.
Are people actually buying the story of this relationship starting after his divorce instead of being the cause of it? Are they buying that Seth wanted a family so badly that he and Jennifer planned to have a baby when he denied Susan a family? Are they accepting those staged photos as real when Jennifer has a death grip on Seth every time. Seth has moved to New York now that Jennifer is finally working again. She can't follow him around the country so he has to be in NYC or LA with her. It doesn't seem to be about love - it's about keeping that leash pulled tight. I'm not buying any of this. Other fans can have it. I'm done.
Any Avett fan could have told you that Seth had his baby almost 3 months ago and celebrity magazines are just now reporting it lol nice try
I never gave that Elliott Smith cover album by Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield a good listen, but you reminded me.
no one new, but the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliot Smith album is a very cool interpretation of his music imo
I appreciate Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield for recording a compilation of Elliot Smith songs and actually doing them justice
“Operator” by Seth Avett w/ Bob Crawford is my new jam. Listen:
Jennifer Carpenter reveals she and Seth Avett have ...
I think the only people that actually know the words to the New Years song are and Seth Avett. Great show y…
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter welcomes her first child with fiancé Seth Avett!
Congratulations to Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett, who recently welcomed their first baby:
PEOPLEbabies: Congrats to theavettbros' Seth Avett and J2thecarpenter - they've welcomed their first child …
Congrats to Seth Avett and - they've welcomed their first child
Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter Welcome First Child: Jennifer Carpenter is a new mom!. The notoriously private actress touched on he...
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and her fiance Seth Avett have welcomed their first child!
Jennifer Carpenter Gives Birth to First Child With Fiance Seth Avett: . Jennifer confirms she has given birth to her first child with ...
Jennifer Carpenter welcomes her first baby with fiance Seth Avett!!
Not posting about Seth's baby and engagement bc we already knew. Avett Fans > the media
Congrats! Jennifer Carpenter recently welcomed her first child with fiance Seth Avett:
There you go with the staged photo.and that's definitely a recent one based on his hair.
Headed to DC then on to Philly this coming weekend- catching my FAVORITE BAND , The Avett Brothers!! yay!!!
WHERE has this been all my life? Via Review: 'Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith'
One of my favorite Seth Avett covers:
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Fond farewell by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield from the album Sing Elliott Smith
Seth Avett knows a lot of pretty girls
Before going back to school - on way to Columbus OH to catch Lake Street Dive and Avetts- gonna b best show ever!!! to end my summer!!!
Drunk in North Carolina Seth Avett come find me.
What Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did with Country covers, Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield have attempted with Elliott Smith covers!
It's official folks, we will be hosting The Avett Brothers on Friday, September 11th in Burruss! Can't wait to see you there
Watching 'Million Ways to Die in the West' and all of the extras look like Seth Avett
Happy Birthday Seth Avett. Can't wait for the show in CLE!😍🎤
Have y'all listened to the awesome album that and Seth Avett from made!? Huge fan of Elliott Smith? Check it!
Things I just realized: if Neville Longbottom was real he would have been born the exact same day as Seth Avett
Happy Birthday to Seth Avett! ❤️ from Magpie & The Dandelion to A Carolina Jubilee, you stole my heart and never gave it back
"If I were a kitten, I would stay outside." Happy birthday, Seth Avett! Thank you and for all you do.
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SETH AVETT! Can't measure all you do and how much of an impact it's had on me but THANK YOU …
Happy birthday to Seth Avett thanks for blessing us with timeless music
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Martin Ambassador Seth Avett!
1980, Born on this day, Seth Avett, lead singer and founding member of the folk-rock band The Brothers.
Happy Birthday to our good pal, Seth Avett of
Happy 35th to Seth Avett, lead singer/founding member of The Avett Brothers.
Happy birthday to Seth Avett of born in Charlotte, N.C., Today in Music History
Happy Birthday to my most favorite musician on this earth, Mr. Seth Avett. Your voice makes my heart happy 💚
Happy 35th birthday Seth Avett xoxoxoxox all my love :-)
So are Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett still a thing?
Like u, 14:19- wonder how much seth knows about how some not-so-upstanding agents and staff plan " breaking news"- the Avetts are managed by some hard working professional people- it's not all like that in LA & NYC . Interesting when looking at times the publicity shots came out- coincided with some other important dates for band and others close to them
Seth Avett covering Elliot Smith. My heart can't take it.
7/28 14:19 here. It does surprise me that she hasn't scheduled a run-in with a pap yet. Might be waiting for a decent break in the tour and album work to have the whole family together in NYC for pics. I've always questioned whether or not Seth knew those pap run-ins in LA were set up or if he thought (and still thinks) it's a natural occurrence because she is an actress.
Yeah, regarding comment 7/28 14:19- Many fans just figured publicity seeker Mom would want to " announce" arrival and hire pap's for a photo op as occurred in Feb in LA when pap's were called in to get photo of "pregnant on a coffee run",, and those earlier pics where she and Seth were outside a store shopping and had an " impromptu photo shot" outside the pink building .( wonder why no publicity pic's in new home state of NC??) It's All OK- she's an actress, with publicity people, and is used to calling the pap's to take a picture. The other wives maybe more grounded with the usual activities of motherhood , some more challenging with children with special needs , and some wives have professional careers that don't require the publicity shots like their husbands get in the band. Sometimes hard to break old habits .
None of the other band members officially announced that their children were born. An adorable photo might pop up, but nothing was ever mentioned on the band's website. Seth didn't have to post a photo but he did. Why does an official announcement need to happen? Will Jennifer Carpenter's fans not be happy unless news of the baby is mentioned in some tabloid rag? She's D-list anyway... The story would only make Perez Hilton and JustJared.
Probably my favourite cover. Seth Avett can sing a song, you guys.
So I think Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield need to sing "Sing Elliott Smith" in someone's living room, and invite me.
My is Timothy Seth Avett. What else is knew? But *** I mean LOOK at this man. 😍
Hi Jen ! You know what ? The day i die, i wanna come back as Seth Avett... How lucky is that guy !
This time last week I was in the presence of Scott and Seth Avett :/
Dear @ wives of Scott and Seth avett..what's it like to be married to such lovely humans 😭
Wonder when news will be announced on baby?
My desktop is a bit of a mess, but Scott Avett still shines through. Sorry, Seth.
SETH AVETT does a version of Halo I'm so emotional
We're going to Asbury Park! Parents bought me 2 tiks - what a great Birthday Gift! Taking my best friend Bobby! This is gonna b BEST TRIP EVER! Stopping off in NY before getting there!
It's a 'get drunk, listen to seth avett, and write until there's nothing left to be said' sort of night
I want Seth Avett to know how much he means to me
One of my favorite parts of The Avett Brothers' show at SlossFest. Scott leaning over at Seth who was…
Scott, Seth, and Bob. of the original Avett Brothers trio from
That time me and Seth Avett took the most perfect selfie that has ever selfied
and Seth avett and Jennifer Carpenter.
Can't wait!! Headed to Philly for Aug. show- never been? Man, you are in for a treat! these guys ROCK! Hope to catch another show before headed back to school- Wanna go?
Listening to Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith. Because my wife just sent me an email telling me I should.
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bc Sloss Fest was super rad and I touched Seth Avett's body and caught his set list b/c…
deb need NO ( help from us. she just had a baby with seth avett, which if you don't know, well GOOGLE that ish!!!
Will you sign my guitar at CMAC on July 29th Scott and Seth Avett? Huge fan.
19: got jumped, met Seth Avett, dog died, got Scott's setlist, car accident, lomax fundraiser, eye accident, got golf job in Clt.
WOW-sounds like Crazy Town- sure hope pre-nup in place before wedding. Would hate to see misfortune in this for some very nice people in the family
Jennifer won't be seen unless she wants someone to see her. It's almost time for another scheduled paparazzi photo op from her. Pics of the baby would make more money than photos of her and Seth. She will laugh all the way to the bank.
Maybe can glimpse Jennifer and baby when the Avett tour is in NY at end of July
Saw a picture of Seth avett and thought of
Front row at The Avett Brothers concert with the Fest Friend. *currently holding Seth's set list*…
I'm gonna brag on here again that I TOUCHED SETH AVETT
When you're front row at The Avett Brothers, you get to touch Seth and you and catch…
I touched Seth Avett's guitar and hand. Tonight was amazing. Nothing could top that.
Last night @ the Avett concert a dream was achieved. At the end, a man named Seth Avett balled up their set list and threw it into the crowd
That moment when Seth Avett comes off stage and plays right in front of you.
While trying to figure out where we were who walks by our car? Why, Mr. and Seth Avett! Can't wait to see the show tonight, guys!
Thanks and Seth Avett for taking pic w hubby's phone while I was at home
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield - Miss Misery GORGEOUS cover of Elliott Smith
Still waiting on new albums by The Lumineers, The Head And The Heart, and The Avett Brothers.
Baby just wants Seth Avett to play guitar. We've all been there, baby.
Can't get over how well dressed Lord Huron was and how their dance moves rivaled Seth Avett.
No public announcements yet. Seth told some fans that Jennifer had a baby boy May 10 named Isaac Mitchell. They aren't married yet. Seth proposed after Jennifer got pregnant so it seems like he's just doing the right thing there.
Any announcements from publicity On arrival of baby? Boy or girl? Are they married yet? Can't wait to see them on the road touring with the band!
Any baby and Mamma Jennifer sightings at concerts yet?
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield, JRAD at Cap, Modest Mouse, Robert Plant at Mountain Jam, and Van Morrison.
love this Elliott Smith cover by & seth avett. you are the best DJ has! (no offense to the others)
the fact that me, kit & em touched Seth Avett makes me the happiest girl :-)
Just Seth Avett over my left shoulder.
Listening to Seth Avett + Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliott Smith covers for the first time. Mixed feelings! It's easy to judge covers, tho. :/
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett's cover of Between the Bars is SO GOOD.
Jennifer stepped right into poor Susan's life. She's gotten everything Susan wanted. Such a shame Seth chose a manipulator over a good woman.
musiciansfriend: Take a look at this gorgeous MartinGuitar D-35 Seth Avett Dreadnought! …
Who is that behind me well lots of people and Seth & Scott Avett
If and I were Avett Bros, we decided, I'm Scott and she is Seth.
she's great, I've been really into the Elliot Smith project she did with Seth Avett
Found this in the middle of a Seth Avett song video. Not really sure what to say.
1:44, Scott like a preacher, Seth like a pendulum The Preacher & The Pendulum would be a sweet album title.
Susan did want a family but Seth was too busy with Jennifer. Remember, they were at it for three years before he told Susan he wanted the divorce. Live your truth.
when u touch Seth avett and ur just like bye 4ever 💘💘💘💘
"Fond Farewell" from Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield. - Summer Fundraiser happening now, details on site.
When you are in CB, IA check out Lidgett music. Two custom Seth Avett's sold.
I used to avoid any emotions correlating with love...but I am no longer afraid to say it. Seth Avett. I love you.
GREAT concert with Avett opening for the Stones- Both groups are amazing- but your could tell it was very structured and staged. Stones and high security
Really need to stop having dreams where I meet band members, the pictures I took with Scott and Seth Avett were really good too :(
oh man, it's so on! I'm coming for your farts Seth Avett!
If Jennifer Carpenter & Seth Avett aren't goals then idk what is
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett. "Fond Farewell to a Friend". have them play this at my funeral, someone.
has selected Seth Avett {& sing Elliot Smith,as 1 of the best albums so far this year.
Ready for the STONES. On stage- that is why I came!! Avetts were good- but nothing is better than STONES!! Should we head to Red Rocks next week? Why not- nothing better to do than cruise country for music before going back to school!
This is a fantastic album. Check it out! ...Sing Elliott Smith by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield on
when I listen to avett I think of my future. does that mean the rest of my life will be accompanied by seth & scott?
Headed to Raleigh NC- spending day with buds at STATE, then party and going to AVETT BROS AND STONES on WEdnesday!! Man, what a start to July!!
When Seth Avett hits the high notes in Paranoia in B Major
This album of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield singing Elliott Smith covers is pretty cool.
Best birthday ever! Emotionalism, I and Love and You and Seth Avett and sing Elliot Smith LPs!!
I have not seen him nearly enough! Last night was only my 3rd. He blew me away in Tulsa with Seth Avett in 'Be Set Free'.
hang out with Marcus Mumford and Seth Avett
I thought that was Seth Avett. That was definitely not Seth Avett.
Whoever works her records, we need much more from Jessica Lea Mayfield. We're loving her new CD with Seth Avett, of Elliot Smith songs.
ATTN SETH AVETT: I'm a therapist and I can help you work through childhood panic. Call me dude
Aah-The Stones and Avetts in Raleigh- then Red Rocks - how much better could it get??? Since this is a big family time, maybe first glimpse of Seth's child, Scott always does a great " fatherly" and family thing by sharing with his fans the announcement of a new arrival in his family( keeping the info close to the vest) but still announcing- very much appreciated by fans- congratulate, then let family have their space
Sometimes I look up pictures of Scott and Seth Avett and I get really emotional.
Happy 39th Birthday Scott Avett, the older of the The Avett Brothers (Seth is 35 in July). . We're stoked that...
Remember the beginning when you didn't know which one was Scott and which one was Seth? Thems was long ago days...
Super into this album right now. Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Between The Bars (Live on KEXP)
No baby sightings yet. I imagine the child will go where Jennifer goes... is she filming Limitless?
Is baby traveling yet with them on tour? Would be fun to see them!
Can't wait for Red Rocks!! Always a great show! Then we head to the Texas show- this is turning out to be THE best summer EVER!
That time my friend photobombed me and Seth Avett in Santa Fe.
Forever one of my favorites. 🌀😴 Seth Avett Sings, A Famous Country Singer By Matt Butcher
Yes, Seth Avett is one of Nice cover w/
Seth Avett of and Blind Willie McTell's Pearly Gates on Hank Williams' original D-18.
One of my friends touched Seth Avett while he was playing his guitar,.. She touched Seth Avett.. The Seth Avett
Saw Seth Avett delivering the mail today
Crackerfarm just posted this on YT . Seth Avett Sings, Alberta by Doc Watson Seth at 20…
This has been the BEST. DAY. EVER. I saw Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett in the flesh.
is Seth Avett. Again. Cause he's just so badass. And cool.
So I touched Seth Avett from at and it was great.
No one said that her potentially not wanting children made it okay for him to cheat. It was just trying to reason as to how a relationship and marriage that had lasted that long ended and he doesn't take very long to get engaged again and start a family with someone else. It was more trying to give both of them the benefit of the doubt. That he was not actually a terrible human being and that she was not a person who would have fallen for a terrible human being.
Yay! No more rocking the braids! Looking forward to seeing the new Daddy on stage- wonder when the" brood " will follow? Maybe the fan girls out there will now be more respectful with their comments! Now with a baby and fianc�e maybe responsibility will follow
Maybe Susan didn't want children and Seth did? That makes it okay to cheat on someone he spent nine years with? People don't stay together that long if they aren't of the same mind about kids.
Still very interested in braiding Scott or Seth Avett's beards. Lmk if you see them tonight
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