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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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When did news break that Scott is expecting a third child? Great news if so, or maybe it is sister Bonnie? Hope it is Scott and his wife! That would be wonderful! Much Happiness to all!
Avett Brothers need more classic folk stuff like Emotionalism and Four Thieves Gone. . And Seth, lose the braids, man.
Is say Seth Avett is up there too. No offence, Scott
Joe Kwon and Seth Avett after the end of the main set
Seth Avett spotted at the Harris Teeter in Concord
Talking to Seth avett in the teeter rn 😏
I'd love to hear Wesley Schultz and Seth Avett collaboration. It would be incredible.
Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself--- can't believe this was over a year ago, one of my favetts.
At the end of the show last night, Seth Avett walks off the stage with my sign and a baseball bat. You…
I could die a happy man if I had someone scratch my back while Seth Avett serenaded me.
Seth Avett can perfectly sing harmony right into my heart 💛
Check out Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on via
Looks like Seth is going to be an uncle again! Happy news!
One of my favorite Avett Brothers songs
literally saw seth and Scott Avett in the flesh and waved to him and I am 100 feet from them but their manager told us to leave :(
Love the great solo acoustic jam by Seth.
Photo credit to tracyinnc! My 50th show sign was a success. Thank you, Seth Avett, for making my…
remember when Seth Avett covered Neutral Milk Hotel wow what a beautiful moment
One little song / Give me strength to the leave the sad & the wrong / Bury safely in the past where I've been living
"Set Avett bares his 'soul like a wheel' in our latest Acoustic Guitar Session...
Seth Avett of discusses and performs “Souls Like the Wheels” for Mag. Watch here: http:/…
Seth and Scott Avett's voices are sent from Heaven. They're absolute delights.
"Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on play this please 😀
You won't want to miss Seth Avett's stirring solo acoustic performance on
“Set Avett bares his 'soul in latest Guitar... ... via
Seth Avett performs "Souls" and talks about playing for bankers in
Dear Avett Brothers (Seth&Scott),. Thank you for the amazing music you make that helps motivate me to write papers for school. . ~Krystal ❤️
Playing an Ed Sheeran song on my Seth Avett
I could listen to Scott and Seth Avett talk for hours.
NYE show in Raleigh NC- can't WAIT all u State fans!. Time for a PARTY!! Call the AvettNation crowd for some FUN in NC!!
I could listen to these two sing all day. and Seth Avett sing "Be Set Free":
antiquesherlock: This is the official petition for a Seth Avett and Langhorne Slim album. I need this. You...
"Seth Avett Sings California Seth can make "quesidillas on the stove" sound so sexy.
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett Sings, California (original composition)
Seth Avett explained that playing “” “we grew up watching this show. To us, this is what music looks like on television.”
covered by Seth Avett, this is beautiful.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling is my jam here recently.
Why can't I just be best friends with Scott and Seth Avett?!
A written account of the time I watched Seth Avett eat breakfast next to me could be considered spiritual memoir right?
Here's a bit of Seth Avett to brighten your Monday:
"Scott Avett said in a recent AccessAtlanta interview that he and his younger brother Seth could speak..."
PNC arena in RAL for the New Year!! Best way EVER to star out 2015 with Avett bros
I like to play this new game. I pull up The Avett Brothers videos, close my eyes and guess whether it is Scott or Seth singing. Its fun.
Ill clear at least 6 grand this summer at an internship, and I'm buying a *** Seth Avett Martin D35. Ill have it forever.
And one more from the Seth Avett guitar solo.
My phone died but I high fived Seth Avett. So that was cool
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Let's just say I was in a good spot for Seth Avett's guitar solo. @ Ziker Park
Of course someone I know was inches away from Seth Avett. OF-CUSSING-COURSE!!!
OK pretty exciting that I met Seth Avett tonight but even better is my friend Elaine's photobomb.
Seth Avett is just a soothing voice
Met another one of my fav musicians tonight, Seth Avett.
Had a dream I was playing music with Seth Avett and then woke up disappointed.
Had a nice chat with Seth Avett of in advance of their ACL Fest gigs and ACL TV taping:
Am so NOT digging those braids! :( He is always SO cute with the shorter hair-much more young, fresh modern ) appearance.) Braids are too much a reminder of an older Willie Nelson.
Dreamt I was around a bonfire with listening to live music by and Seth Avett. Such a wonderful dream 💙🎶
The Avett Brothers were beyond incredible. Seth Avett broke out into Free Bird during the bridge of Kick Drum Heart like ??? Amazing.
Though I'm concerned by Seth Avett's braids, I'm in love with luscious locks.
Headed to Louisville. Hoping for NO distractions. Just want to have the best TAB show EVER!
Looking forward to next album for TAB . Would LOVE to see another Darling work of art!
The award for most into The Avett Brothers concert goes to... Seth Avett and his legs.
Seth Avett's pigtails are by far the hippest pigtails there ever was
If guys can pull off pigtails, that is such a turn on. Example: Seth Avett
I hope Seth Avett throws me $12 while I'm in GA. Because that's how much more I paid than probably most people around me
this is my favorite thing today & also every other day ||| Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself: via
In case you missed it, Seth sings "I'll come running back to you"by Sam Cooke Edgefield, OR 09.06.14 Classic!
the Apple Store man she was with Seth Avett too
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy ab
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy bruh
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy 😍
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy
“My obsession with Seth Avett is unhealthy same
then you have to look up Timothy Seth Avett as Darling. Then look up a special album that is just Seth and Scott.
But seriously, the Church of Christ boy within me belted out every word to "I Come to the Garden Alone" when Seth Avett started it.
welp Seth Avett dancing was the cutest thing I've ever seen
Seth Avett just kinda hangin out, playin his solo... No big deal.
When is Seth planning another "Darling" album? Thought provoking; soulful.Guess with so much touring, it must be hard to work in other interests
I woke up this morning absolutely in love with Seth Avett.
Seth Avett power move closing out the today! Not a bad night to be in Nashville, eh?
So. Seth Avett's fancy footwork while he strums is all kinds of badass, right?
Kind of digging this man braids moment at least on Seth Avett and Cary Fukunaga not gonna lie
Just saw Seth Avett hug Jennifer Carpenter and now I want to die 💔
Good lord I am on my way to see Scott and Seth Avett in the next 3 hours
Should Seth "Crazy Legs" Avett ever take up ballroom dancing, I bet he'd excel at the quickstep
Throwback... Saturday? To the moment Seth became my favorite Avett... my first show :)
One of best guys I've ever interviewed, Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers
Meredith just texted me and told me that Seth Avett touched her hand. Never have I been so proud to be her sister. 😍
An absolutely wonderful 3rd Avett Brothers concert! Scott and Seth, thanks for another good time.
Seth Avett looked me right in the eyes and smiled.
Bought tickets to the Avett Brothers concert 4 hours b4 it happened. Were 2 rows from the front. Seth gave us the set list.
Seth Avett threw me the set list for my birthday
I feel a Timothy Seth Avett as Darling binge coming on! I'm feeling emo today.
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Sometimes I just watch Seth Avett sing things and it makes me feel good
I saw some one in Noda that looked just like Seth Avett tonight... Can you confirm or deny? Lol
Got to play the Seth Avett custom Martin today. What an incredible sound. I'm in love.
There's a guy in the ferg who looks eerily similar to Seth Avett
Why does my poster get to tour with seth avett and I don't 😭
In the old cheerwine video Seth Avett can be seen wearing a bracelet with the name "HALLIE" if that's not cute idk what is.
ATTENTION: my avett math teach buzzed his luscious seth locks off 😨😨😨
As we plan our Anniversary Celebration- We were going to use January Wedding as a song for our anniversary party(we were married in Jan). We're so sorry that 2 beautiful souls like Seth and Susan could not rise above and overcome the bad " traps" that life presents. When you work together and DO use your love and inner strength- you will overcome ALL obstacles!! 10 years to celebrate!.Very Sad for them- the song hurts now-We will choose another song that brings us joy
Seth Avett is as sensitive as a hangnail.
My life has been in a steady decline since after the night I touched seth avett
just remembered that this song exists and i couldn’t be happier. Seth Avett Sings “In The Curve”:
So tonight I decided that Seth Avett is my spirit animal...
Okay, Seth Avett is giving Taylor a run for his dancin' money. Who knew LA was getting a proper hoedown tonight?
Seth Avett Sings, Save Part Of Yourself . I'm so in love w/Seth Avett singing this song. 💗
Knoxville on the 19th! Can't wait!! Bout time we get to another Avett Bros. Show!
I thought you would enjoy Seth Avett trying to break a string
Introducing this song Friday night in Sacramento, Seth Avett of The Aveltt Brothers said the band learned the song from versions by George Jones and The Grateful Dead. Bass player Bob Campbell took a rare lead vocal on this 'un.
really loved January Wedding song. Will TAB ever play that again?
Jim Avett sings Friday at Erie Ale House: The boys, of course, are Seth and Scott Avett, leaders of the Avett ...
I think I want the Seth Avett custom Martin
Hope all members and family get better soon!!! We are sorry that the show for Hunboldt was cancelled.Get Well Soon ! We'll be back!
is also not a fan of the Seth Avett news.
Stumbled across the news that Seth Avett left his wife for "Dexter" star Jennifer Carpenter. Their music can no longer bring me joy.
Jennifer Carpenter hangs onto her boyfriend Seth Avett as they leave a CVS pharmacy
Tonight, I heard Seth Avett sing The Ballad of Love and Hate live in concert. . Tonight was fairly remarkable.
I got to meet SETH AVETT from the Avett Brothers!!
SETH AVETT of The Avett Brothers has his copy of Every Kiss a War. Do you have yours??? Grab it at...
Because was sweet enough to make a couple of my dreams come true at once! SETH AVETT W/EKAW. ❤️❤️
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter was seen giving her boyfriend Seth Avett some love while out and about this week:
Can't wait to see these talented guys in December!! NYE 2014 in Raleigh, NC!!! What a way to spend the EVENING!
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Listening to Billy Joel lately, & love this cover: Seth Avett Sings Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
Video: Langhorne Slim, Scott Avett, & Seth Avett sing “Bye Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers {by...
I'm dating Seth Avett. Sings like him too.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling . Aka my heart and soul
The Avett brother write the best lyrics ever. I think Seth Avett is the best song writer that ever lived.
Can you get much better than Seth Avett kickflipping a skateboard?
& Seth cracking up at the beginning of "SSS"last night, funny!
That's Seth Avett if you didn't notice
Last night I spotted Jennifer Carpenter at the Avett Brothers concert. Who knew she was dating Seth?!
Pretty Girl at the Airport by The Avett Brothers will always be one of my favorite songs. You can hear so much emotion in Seth's voice
"Slight Figure of Speech" the amazing Mr. Seth warms his hands by the fire of his
Avett request:can Seth Avett do a cover of "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding?I'd melt
Seth Avett's guitar is mesmerizing. Very beautiful.
"Don't doubt the courage of man that tells another man that he loves him in a room full of this many people." -Seth Avett
Sorry but the braids on what's-his-face at the are nothing compared to Seth Avett's braids. Sit down.
What if Mr. Seth Avett asks for more than a pinky swear?
How did your interview with Seth Avett turn out? Has it aired?
the Avett Brothers are such Nolans. person one ; Wow, Seth is so cute. person two; oh yeah! it's ok he is such a Nolan
best part of Avett Brothers concert: when Seth randomly turned and threw the tambourine into the backdrop. And everything else.
“Scott and Seth somewhere before a show. O
Christ, Seth Avett is so talented. Up there with Buckley in my opinion.
The only two men able to pull off the "alright, alright, alright" are Matthew McConaughey and Seth Avett. I love you Julia, but don't.
Today I saw a young man that looked like a combination of Jesus and Seth Avett. However he was covered in piercings. Mixed emotions rn.
ok I can't choose and Avett bros song but I will say one of my top favorites Timothy Seth Avett songs is
my teacher looks like Seth avett, my school iz better than urs
Why do I think its so sexy when this man plays the piano? Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - I Can't Remember:
Great video on Avett Brothers home page -Red Rocks and some behind the scenes footage
Rocking the Seth Avett braids on this fine August day!
I wish Seth Avett would teach me his secrets to the perfect middle part. Fifth times a charm?
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling is my latest man crush. These songs push the in terms of quality, meaning, depth. Great stuff.
This song is very special to me and my loved ones. Love this duo. Langhorne Slim & Seth Avett: "Be Set Free":
Filthy mood of last 24 hours finally lifted by spending some time with Scott & Seth Avett
Seth Avett sounds better out of tune than just about anyone else in tune. .
Scott and Seth Avett hittin me hard in the feels tonight
How does Seth Avett do the thing the sing song
“Scott and Seth somewhere before a show.
Scott and Seth somewhere before a show.
Backstage, Burlington VT 8/14 this song was written by Lou Handman with lyrics by Roy Turk...and made famous by Seth Avett in the mid-2000's
Could there b A better time to see the Avetts than New Years Eve!! I think NOT !! Still hoping Hollywood and LA have not blinded Seth.
Beautiful, I love his covers! Seth Avett Sings, Are You Lonesome Tonight?: via
Tonight in things I enjoy: Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers sings "Halo"
Dude is a dreamy mofo. If I weren't already in love with Seth Avett, I'd be all over it. ;) Photo taken from
Seth Avett Sings, Halo deze is ook mooi !!!
oh, my heart. /// David Mayfield & Seth Avett sing Breath of Love: via
ready for slow-dancing at weddings: Seth Avett Sings, Are You Lonesome Tonight?:
Seth Avett has a voice that makes me melt like a popsicle on the hottest day of summer
Seth Avett Sings "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" seems like something you'd enjoy as well!
It's like he knows. Seth Avett Sings, Are You Lonesome Tonight? via
just heard about the Avett Brothers and Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter and wow I want to barf
What was it that you said about Seth Avett on SC last night? Missed what you had to say about him watching espn in my hotel room
So cool to see Seth Avett rockin those toms
Right at the stage. Seth Avett jumped down and played less than 3 feet away. Amazing show.
Have lost in interest in the Avett brothes- Seth's divorce showed me what a girly man my husband always said he is.
Bless the girl who gave Seth & I free tickets to see The Avett Brothers tonight
So true, everything about it is great, from Scott's faces to Bob to Seth never pretending to know Joe that well
Seth Avett has the best dance moves ever
"I just wanna run my fingers through his hair. that's it. that's not cheating." - my aunt on the topic of Seth Avett
Seth Avett and I need to be together because our love for Mickey Mouse shirts goes above all.
"Seth and Scott Avett aren’t content to merely play gorgeous roots music; to just lay some lovely..."
I will never get over Seth Avett's cover of Halo. It wrecked me just a little. I cried real tears.
Hamilton Collection
Seth Avett's version of Halo is so beautiful
Harvey captured some magic backstage with Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett (of The Avett Brothers). Please enjoy!...
Have been thinking about this Seth Avett cover of Jim Croce's "Operator" ever since the show last month
Seth Avett's braids have called into question my judgment on every Avett Brothers song I have ever liked.
ugh SWOON seth avett, Langhorne Slim, and one of my fav songs
Avett Brothers! Those are my hometown boys! I met Seth once at a concert in NoDa. So cool.
Incredible.check out Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett singing "Be Set Free": via
BRAND NEW VIDEO. Seth Avett and I sing Be Set Free - watch here and enjoy
I love when Scott and Seth Avett scream in there songs.
Seth avett is in his own element and I love it
He is amAzing and beautiful and from my home state makes me want to go back waiting for a show in northern Virginia or I have to hit the road
Enter to win a Seth Avett custom Martin Guitar AND tickets to see at
Love this pic of Seth Avett, from , in this ad for stings.
RALEIGH NYE show only 4 months away! Planning for a big crowd of college friends to meet me there.we all LOVE TAB!!!
If you enter to win this Seth Avett custom Martin Guitar, you might actually win it!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
My hairstyle today... Inspired by Seth Avett and outright laziness! 😉
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett. I'm sure the fact that our birthdays are one day apart somehow means we're soulmates 🎶💗
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite men, Seth Avett and my brother !!
Seth Avett Your songs carry me thru the happy and the sad.Happy Birthday! Here is a Lucinda song on new beginnings🌹
Just realized I have Seth Avett's guitar pick!!
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett. Your music touches my heart. I love you, Bro.
HBD to the love of my life Seth Avett
It's also Seth Avett's birthday, wish him the best or you aren't human
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett cheers to another year of good times and great music.
Happy Birthday to our brother in Christ, Seth Avett from Jordan Glover and me.
Seth Avett, we're birthday buddies!Maybe next year we can hang out and you can sing me a song. :)
Happy Birthday!! to Seth Avett one of the lead singers & founding members of . ©Ted ParkerJr Photography
It's Seth Avett's birthday I hope you're all celebrating
In honor of the gift that is Seth Avett and since it's his birthday, I may have to listen to all of his solo records.
The Rain it fell, The Story went on. . Happy 34th, Timothy Seth Avett. .
happy bday Seth Avett see u Sunday ;)
Happy Birthday to the greatest man on earth, Seth Avett!
As if Seth Avett could get any cooler, we've discovered he shares a birthday with Kate Bush.
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world.
not a coincidence that Seth and Neville Longbottom share the exact same birthday. (despite the fact one is fictional)
just found out I share a birthday with Seth Avett! Happy Birthday Seth, we should celebrate together
Happy Birthday to this inspirational musician. This guy is by far my favorite of the brothers. You go, Seth Avett!
On this day in 1980, Seth Avett, lead singer of was born!
Happy Birthday seth avett. I hope your day is wonderful because you are wonderful.
Sending a HUGE Happy Birthday to Seth avett! The dreamiest man around 😍
Happy Birthday to Seth Avett from the - Seth Avett "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke
Seth Avett and my dad have the same birthday. Coincidence or fate?
Happy Birthday to my musical idol Seth Avett!
Happy Birthday to Seth Avett and his dancing legs!
Happy Birthday to one of the most inspirational musicians of our lifetime, Seth Avett!
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It's must also be, "National I met Seth Avett and you didn't day"
Happy Birthday Seth Avett. thank you for sharing your music with us.
Wishing Seth Avett and his dancing legs a very Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the adorable Seth Avett of
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO SETH AVETT! Thank you for everything you do, all that you inspire and for just being you!! We l…
Happy Birthday to Seth Avett, AND to Me! I'm in good company!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday our dear friend, Seth Avett! We love you!
Scott & Seth Avett are serious musical geniuses
Listening to Avett Brothers on the beach and praying that Seth Avett appears out of the water with his long hair blowing in the wind.
Just talked to Seth Avett on the life is officially made 😍😍
I can see that. I'm all set for the rest of my life with Jenny McCarthy interviews. Now get Seth Avett on there! :)
That time your friend FaceTimed with Seth Avett and didn't die on the spot!
Just saw Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter at Target nbd 😍😱
Seth Avett Sings, That Lucky Old Sun: via Thanks for the beautiful music, a great way to start my day.
The only reason I can see Seth Avett leaving his wife for Jennifer Carpenter is because she was at a few of his shows.
Seth's white Doc Martins and Joe's blue sneakers. Classic!
We're giving away a Martin Custom Signature D-35 Seth Avett guitar! Enter to win it at
Timothy Seth Avett as darling is slowly breaking my heart and destroying my life
Seth Avett is one of my favorite people right now
Seriously morning song by the Avett Brothers is the theme song of my life thank you Seth and Scott for being you
So Seth Avett was just in the coffee shop where I am & I missed him 😩
I still can't get over how The Avett Brothers make Beyonce sound exactly like she wrote Halo for Seth Avett to sing. It was really good.
Can anyone say "RED ROCKS??"" What a GREAT time! TAB, as always were on their game! Beautiful venue and crowds were great!
Seth Avett just made panties fall off.
Playing the "Is Scott or Seth Singing" game for every Avett Brothers song on my phone on the way home with mom. 😂
Love watching Seth Avett move his happy feet!
The way Seth Avett moves onstage has me forever smiling
Peter Dinklage and Rupert Grint and Seth Avett are the BAES OF ALL BAES
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter Steps Out with Boyfriend Seth Avett!: Jennifer Carpenter and her boy...
I also dreamt about Seth avett coming into Starbucks again and being mean to me so eff you brain
You didn't have any fist fights with the air like Seth or Scott Avett?
Still haven't gotten over Seth Avett's cover of Halo, complete with Joe Kwon. 😇
to meeting the man who started it all, Jim Avett, Scott and Seth's dad! Can't wait to see the…
That moment you realize that the Avett Brother's names are Seth and Scott.
Avett Brothers cover Townes Van Zandt's 'No Place To Fall' Seth on banjo. video by
Seth Avett is my background and I couldn't be happier
Photo: martinguitar: The D-35 Seth Avett sports a three-piece back composed of East Indian rosewood with a...
Well many of my favorite designs have been deleted from the site. Skreened removed the Bob, Joe, Seth, and Scott shirts.
Seth Avett's braids are what keeps me going
That no one else thinks it's a joke.. Well at least I'm right… ♫ About Love by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling —
Mart just asked me "do you think seth avett knows how to braid his own hair or do you think someone else does it for him?"
I live for Seth Avett in a sleeveless shirt.
I heard Seth Avett let out some screams last night that would make tremble.
rocking a solo. Seth Avett watches on.
Remember last night when Seth Avett remembered us?
"Darling" seems to represent a deeper set of feelings that for me borders on some sadness and melancholy . I appreciate the more enthusiastic, mostly positive vibe of TAB
Woke up this morning thinking meeting Seth and Jim Avett was just a dream... but it actually happened... IT ACTUALLY FREAKING HAPPENED
is that the 1 Seth Avett played "Pearly Gates" on when he came to visit couple years back? Youtube.
sometimes I just need to listen to this cover ten times in a row ||| Seth Avett Sings, Halo: via
I didn't know it was possible to love someone as much as I love Seth Avett.
Just discovered the "Timothy Seth Avett as Darling" albums... I'm disappointed in myself for just now finding these
Seth WAS one of the lead singers of The Avett Brothers. Thanks Jared.
There is not a day so bad that watching Seth Avett dance wouldn't put a smile on my face.
Jennifer Carpenter and musician Seth Avett try to get a picture perfect shot
Seth Avett singing Halo by Beyonce is the best thing I've seen all night.
when will Seth avett realize that I'm his and he is mine and we are perfect?
everyone should go watch Seth Avett sing "Halo"
I don't care for Darling either. It's too cheesy and teen-bopperish...Which makes me feel better because he's got a great voice but there's something about those Darling songs that just make it seem like a teenage boy writing and singing.
Another beautiful cover by Seth Avett & filmed by Crackerfarm - They're Hanging M…:
11x14 Print of Seth Avett from The Avett Brothers by 2medrawings via
Update your maps at Navteq
Timothy Seth Avett has the most beautiful lyrics
I'm not certain. I have yet to hear back about the Seth shirt. This is frustrating.
And now Skreened has removed the 'Scott's many looks' shirt from my shop as well. Still no response as to why they removed the Seth shirt.
Ugh Seth Avett kiss my neck and sing me to sleeep
the 'Seth's many looks' shirt. Unsure why. Haven't heard back yet.
Seth shirt is gone. Scott shirt is ok so far
it's a gray area. Even though I had the artists permission for the image, using Seth's full name might not be allowed
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