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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Theres more than one on the East Coast??? Im surprised by that as he certainly has a favorite in midAtlantic states and plays it up for her. They both eat the attention up. MidAtlantic fans that have seen it happen every show over the passed few years have grown tired of it.
Famous for looking down shirts and dresses of ladies down front too... he's got a few regulars he likes to fixate on here on the east coast.
Yea, he like fishing for eyecontact with the girls in the frontrow... picking the candy ya kno
Ok that had to be it. High fiving Scott Avett on kick drum, and Seth during ain’t no man! A night to remember
If anyone needs me I’ll be listening to Seth Avett as Darling IV until my phone breaks.
or Seth? My son showed out tonight at The Avett concert!
The world needs more people like Scott and Seth Avett. So much love and respect for this boys after finally seeing this…
Seth Avett with Bob Crawford of the doing a fantastic cover of Jim Croce's song 'Operator.' If you're…
Seriously??? Oh my gosh what a creep. Cant believe I'm even surprised.
Black Range Rover cruising at slow speed, scouting collegegirls, looking for reactions, and who drives? omg.
Seth Avett singing Randy Travis is easily one of my favorite things in the world
Perfect musical pairing: Seth Avett and Jill Andrews. So good.
I met Seth Avett at Grove Park Spa once. He passed me a peppermint and lavender infused to…
This moment made my entire life. I’m seriously in love with Seth Avett and I was so close to him 😭😭😭😭
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett - Halo
I started my day listening to Seth Avett and it has quickly digressed to Pitbull. Whoops.
I have been informed that Saturdays are Seth day AKA Sethurday,so here's my contribution
mood // Between the Bars by Seth Avett & I feel confident enough to do not do that.
I was one of those lucky ones. Thanks Seth Avett
When you’re dressed up as Seth Avett for Halloween & your best friend moves to Indiana in the morning,chances are you cry your mustache off.
This version, just Seth Avett and his me feeling some kind of way 😍😍😍
Wondering if you should join Avett Guild? A couple of members got notes from Seth and guitar strings used in concert today out of the blue.
U look like an angry sorcerer turned u into Seth Avett for Halloween and u can't change back
check out the guitar Seth Avett was playing! Hometown respect.
Seth Avett: I think it’s funny to see people dressed like my brother because I kid you not, that’s all he wears. He looks like a lumberjack.
🎶 This picture reminds me of the song by David Mayfield & Seth Avett "Breath of Love". 💏 Listen to the song here:…
today marks a year since we touched Seth Avett and I may be crying just a little
Seth’s new Dale Earnhardt inspired guitar on Vanity Thanks for the photo Karen!
I'm so in Love with You by Jill Andrews feat Seth Avett.
Some day I hope to be buried with Seth Avett's Dale Earnhardt guitar. Killer show in Asheville tonight
Seth and his father last night in Asheville, NC A Beauty!
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The Avett Brothers Bring it in Asheville, NC last night "Colorshow"
One more classic from Asheville, NC 2014 show. Seth!
may it last was awesome! I wish it touched on a longer period of their lives but they caught everyone up to speed pretty quickly.
dear seth avett, thanks for asking how I was doing after wisdom teeth being pulled while I was vomiting
dear seth avett, thanks for the THIRD time bc they wont acknowledge the other two???
I'm checking out Farmer Innovators, featuring Seth and Scott Avett at Farm Aid 2017
You should try to get an interview w/ Scott and/or Seth Avett. They only live an hour from the FF NC show if they're home
Apparently,some people didn't know this video exists. A favorite from "May it Last" movie. Oh, Seth!!
There was a moment in "May It Last" where Scott and Seth Avett were fleshing out the lyrics to a song and I almost started crying.
Still thinking about that spectacular song that Seth Avett performed welcoming his son in Woody would be proud.
why do Seth & Scott Avett from look weirdly like Ashton Kutcher's brothers?
I went to see the Avett Brothers documentary tonight and tbh could I BE any more in love with Scott. also Seth but mostly Scott
Life has one period, but many commas. Seth Avett nailed it.
How did Seth Avett get the part for his braids so perfect?? Pls teach me
loved watching Scott and Seth craft "I wish I was" on a must see for any Avett fan!
Ok here's the deal the Avett Brothers exemplify the indie/folk/rock thing of last ~8 years that I loath bt also Seth Avett is incredibly hot
Seth Avett is so good that it makes me jealous.
A little snippet from the grand finale. Sheryl, Margo and Seth Avett joined Willie for the show's conclusion
Casually making friends with people that are childhood friends with Scott and Seth Avett.
I bet Seth want to hide under a bed at a Venice hotel to see whats going on there
Seth Avett owns the best vocal cords in the business and consistently blows my mind. I'm…
Jenn in Venice, Seth on the road... keep an eye out for the mystery fan this weekend
Also I am 💯 in love with Seth Avett. We are destined.
Im so inlove with you by Jill Andrews ft. Seth avett
I saw Seth Avett clean shaven last night and I thought he was Tom Cruise for a second.
That or if it's the beaches by the Avett Brothers 😭
More rain, coffee, and some virtual back porch time with Scott & Seth Avett complete with strings. Almost bliss.
New documentary is a must-watch for fans of the band. I spoke w Seth Avett about it for
Maybe he want to get even? sonce JC and VV affectionated makes 2 films in a row. Rumors from the woodland.
All this time I thought Seth & Scott Avett and Jared & Jensen were like twins but actually Scott & Misha are more l…
Avett Guild members should check their email for a little song from Seth
Seth Avett- Peace in the Valley. Sunday Avett gospel music is the best.
There is a shakeup in the band but this isn't Jacob 2.0... Pauly is leaving to be with Langhorne again.
hmmm things happening in the band again. Replay from 2012?
listen to the song "i'm so in love with you" by Jill Andrews and seth avett you WILL NOT be disappointed
10 plus shows but I've finally heard Seth sing the Ballad of Love and Hate
“disappointing you” from Timothy Seth Avett as Darling's lV is the Free Download of the week at
Age of smartphones: Easy to have a almost full relathionship with someone and still only meet IRL just for breif moments. (hint)
dear seth avett, thanks for the first time in my life and it smells exactly like Reeses Puffs
Listen to Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith by ramseurrecords on
Listen to "Miss Misery" performed by Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield on
I always feel sorry for the Avett Brother that isn't Scott, Seth, or Joe Kwon.
Seth Avett's song "Are You Thinking of Me?" hits me in the deep down nooks and crannies of my heart.
Still hoping couldnt be true. Sorry some "took crap" for reporting truth they saw before. I'm thinking of the whole band. As they've gotten bigger and well known, this type of thing could be an even harder hit. Thinking positive thoughts and hoping this is just meaness with rumors. Just can't see how it could happen as his wife is so visibility with him all the time
It's funny - we had some naysayers around here last time ppl thought something was fishy that disappeared when the story was ran. Saw Seth and Jennifer at Starbucks in the Galaxie with my own eyes two weeks after he moved out of the home he shared with Susan and dealt with crap for speaking out about it. Should be interesting to see ppl backtrack when he makes news for it AGAIN. Speak your truth, friends. It's time to acknowledge the Avett family loves to hide Seth's mishaps.
Hey I have a crush on Seth Avett, too! Great presentation today!
Murder in the City - The Avett Brothers. Scott & Seth Avett prove their talent as some of the greatest musicians/ly…
Keeping positive thoughts! As much as his wife is around him AND knowing how things occurred in past, surely band mates and brother would b more proactive. Am sure it cost band money and some disruption!!
I found Divorce Separation Blues tasteless but we don't know what actually went on I guess.
Was there really any 'bad' press? Just a few articles and the whole thing was just... accepted... like these two people didn't do something disgusting. It was unsettling to see the situation discussed so lightly with jokes and snide comments made in interviews during True Sadness press w/ band and management going along w/ it like it was selling point for the album.
TBD. I need to sleep on this decision. Overall I'd probably rather see John but avett bros don't come here very often
Avett Brothers is also NKU night at the stadium just saying 😉
He's being unfaithful AGAIN?? After the bad press last time around. Why aren't the band/management doing anything.
Avett Brothers after the Reds game is the same night as John Mayer and I've never had a more difficult decision in my life
8/4 11:21 said encounter was "some hours after a show" - What kind of meet and greet is that?.?.?.?
They are standoffish now and have been since Jenn started traveling w/ Seth in 2013 - basically only interaction w/ fans has been meet and greet from radio station or fans catch them in the mad dash to backstage doors. Time to accept they aren't nearly as approachable as they once were and has nothing to do with rumors. Jennifer is working again this year and not traveling as much since their son was born. Don't discount rumors so quickly... rumors that ended up being true in 2012/13 mind you...
STOP IT - it can't b true!! TAB is very affectionate with fans/ must have been a meet and greet - rumors like this get started and they will end up being standoffish like other large bands that meet & greet as they sit at a table while u stand behind them seated at fable- for a picture. Besides, his wife seems to go everywhere with hi . Unfounded info.
Hope not Karma. I've seen some of these fan girls and some married- instagram and TOTAL stalkers. Terrible!!! Neither one of those guys can hardly BREATHE! Kinda like his current wife stalked him in 2012... Who knows. Maybe Susan interested?
the 'seth avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith' record feels like warm apple cider and the voice of my current emotional state.
And thanks for sharing... Disappointed to know its happening again but we know to keep our eyes peeled now.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Can't say that i'm surprised but i'm v disgusted by it. Same behavior as before but now with a kid at stake. Was this a fan you've seen at many shows before? A few really go out of their way to be noticed by him.
.A portrait show at hall with Scott and Seth Yes please.
Saw him huging/cuddle/caress a woman few months ago, some hours after a show. Thougt that was my chance to see Jen, but it wasnt her. Album IV is so so so great.
Care to elaborate 8/2 06:24? Interesting to see someone probably didn't learn his lesson. This wife won't go quietly into the night to cover for him like the last one did.
Jessica Lea Mayfield performing "For Today" with Scott and Seth Avett and the Americana All-Star Band at the 2011...
If you're wondering why actress Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's sis) is in Asheville a lot. She's Seth Avett's wife.
Bad karma comes back to you as a boomerang... it happens again, TSA is boning and dipping another fan... *** it... :(
7:02am My True Story / A Life To Live by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling from IV
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett. Thank you for your music. . Thank you for your help.
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett! Thank you for the music and continuous inspiration. Sorry for cutting your face in half…
Well apparently I don't type Avett enough on my mac. Dumb autocorrect. However I may have more success trying to find a Seth Avert.
Here's Seth Avett & singing together in honor of Vid: 2014. https…
Happy Birthday Seth Avett. A man of many songs and hairstyles. Ily 🎉🎉💖💖
Happy Birthday, Seth Avett! Thanks to your music, this world is a better place! 🎶🎼🎉🎸 📸:
Happy Birthday to Seth Avett of Catch them at on Fri, December 1st:…
Happy Birthday Seth Avett of Looking forward to good times & great music at
Happy Birthday Seth Avett. So thankful for all the heart you put into the songs. Bend, Oregon loves you!
Happy Birthday Seth Avett Thanks for making me dance
Happy Birthday to the amazingly, wonderful and über talented, Seth Avett! "Give me a window so…
Seth Avett, lead singer and founding member of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers was born today in 1980
Seth Avett,thank u for sharing your songs on your journey around the sun🎶We find love in the thoughts and love in the word…
. A missive I wrote a few years back:
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS Timothy Seth Avett!!! He has given us all so much through his music, kindness, generosity and…
Happy Birthday mr Seth Avett of thanks for being there thru hard times 💐
Happy Birthday Seth Avett and a million thanks for (co)-writing gems like this
Brunch, fun and flirty, should be inspirational: Paul McCartney, Seth Avett and Winona Ryder.
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett discusses his love of the Martin Dreadnought.
Familiar with the cover album of ES songs that Jessica Lee Mayfield did with Seth Avett?
play tonight We talk with Seth Avett in the lead up to tonight's performance.
Seth Avett and NEED to sing a song together. It would be sooo magical
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Fond Farewell (Live on KEXP). Always kills me, this version is so stellar
Some people call this Seth's Snarl.He and Joe on "Ain't No Man" Night 3 Red
If you depend on your creativity, you need to watch Seth and Scott Avett (talk about their process:.
Seth Avett took this song and made it 20x better.
Best of Red Rocks shines on fiddle into a classic "Tin Man" by Seth! LOVEITALL!!!
Update eating at tupelo honey while seth Avett is here listening to ain't no man by Avett Brothers.
Eating at Tupelo Honey and Seth Avett is here!!!
One day I'm going to meet Scott and Seth Avett and idk how I will react but I can guarantee that I will not be able to say a single word
Honestly can't wrap my head around how beautiful Scott and Seth Avett's voices are. plz come to Nashville.
Thanks to Seth Avett form making this kids life!!! .
10:25pm Your World by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling from IV
"What will make you feel better tomorrow? If you woke up and your boyfriend was Seth Avett?" - My boyfriend, trying to cheer me up.
Metro Spirit - Banjo-B-Que Recap - Seth Avett almost died on the Lady A stage Saturday night. Not really, but a...
I love hearing Seth Avett's voice on the radio 💚
Have you picked up a copy of the most recent Timothy Seth Avett as Darling release? IV is available now!…
Watch. And probably cry. So good. This Seth tribute pulls on every heartstring I have
It's a Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - About Love kind of day.
Seth Avett's cover of "Preaching to the End of the World" was the most moving musical performance I have ever seen.
Uhhh...I think I might have accidentally stumbled across Seth Avett's house on my walk this morning…
Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, Calvin Harris, Scott Avett, Seth Avett. They've all had beards at some point.
Happy Anniversary to Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett! - Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett celebrate their 1st...
Ambassador Seth Avett shares his love of the Martin Dreadnought in our award winning documentary.…
He was fantastic. Check out Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield's album of E. Smith covers. V good, especially…
Seth Avett singing Halo. None of you can doubt how awesome this is.
I know I've said it a million times but Seth Avett's cover of Halo messes me up
I talk to a lot of kind, insightful musicians, but Seth Avett of just shot to the top of my list; 3 June sh…
Separate from the rest but I like you the best.. Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Between The Bars (Live on KEXP)
I liked a video Seth Avett as Darling, A Weakness and a Strength
Listening to should we move by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling (via
Kid plays guitar, she instinctively mimics Seth Avett. http…
Kid plays guitar, she instinctively mimics Seth Avett.
I'm in love with that Timothy Seth Avett album
Want to win a signed Timothy Seth Avett test press LP? Just stop by the store and enter to win!!
Just got an amazing guitar. Martin D-35 Seth Avett. Have a listen here.
So I met Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett yesterday at work 😬😬
Getting ready for the summer touring time for these talented guys!
a weakness and a strength: a weakness and a strength Timothy Seth Avett as Darling | Format…
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling IV is as beautiful an album as I imagined it would be. ☺️ 🎻🎸🎹🎶 Placates the soul.
MP3 Songs. New Releases in Folk. should we move. Timothy Seth Avett as Darling .
You are going to love Martin Ambassador Seth Avett's solo album "IV". Out now!
And we can't forget Seth's album release day! Thanks for the great video.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling released his 4th solo album today. I think u will love it as well.
Ya'll, I just bought Timothy Seth Avett as Darling's new album on vinyl. Brb bc I'm weeping.
samuel and the baler by Timothy Seth Avett from his new album IV. Available now.
My unofficial boyfriend Seth Avett has a new solo album out as Darling! Out on cd and vinyl!
The message Seth Avett left for Maggie. Happy Seth Day. One of the best humans I've ever met.
It's release day! Be sure to stream, download, or purchase the new Timothy Seth Avett as Darling album, 'IV'.
This new release Friday brings us Bob Dylan, Aimee Mann, Goldfrapp, Seth Avett and lots more.
My refusal to pay for Seth Avett's album digital and choosing to just not listen to it cause it's not on Spotify says a ton about streaming
Seth Avett released another solo album today and I'm reminiscing on how sweet he is. Congrats, TSA!
The new Timothy Seth Avett album is exactly what I needed on this Friday morning.
Such a great record. IV by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling.
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling IV is available on now! 180 gram vinyl & Digital Download. Ph…
In the feels this morning with IV. You never disappoint, Timothy Seth Avett
Seth is open over the middle and Dane delivers a strike! Good hands Seth!!
Timothy Seth Avett AS DARLING new LP out tomorrow on !!!
I liked a video Seth Avett as Darling, Should We Move
New Timothy Seth Avett as Darling album out March 31st! Pre-order your copy of IV here:
Anyone know why crackerfarm's kids are on the back of the Seth Avett album? Lol
Can't get enough Avetts? Pick up Seth Avett’s new solo album, IV: Timothy Seth Avett as Darling tomorrow, March 31s…
Little Giant Ladders
Who else is stoked about the new Timothy Seth Avett As Darling "IV" LP out 3/31? Stop in tomorrow & get yours!…
Scott and a fan, Lawson Swan and his D-35 guitar that he got Seth to sign.
Funny- was thinking back on comments many posters made couple yrs ago- disputed when I commented that both Scott, Seth and band were conscious of appearance with certain shirts and their look- many commented back that they knew that band was casual and didn't care on their look or how they wore a -t-shirt or their hair/beard etc.. What I KNEW back then- casual fans thought they knew better- look at them now on Red Carpets and the new documentary "May It Last"- dressed to the 9's, hair styled, beautifully dressed, spouses attending- band has stylists. These guys are well-grounded, high standards, good roots and are so professional and they play the part- always have. As a long time fan- I am SOOO proud of these classy guys! And yes- May It Last!!!
Listen to this beautiful Seth Avett song. His solo album Darling: IV will be released March 31 on Ramseur Records.
Tonight, Head full of Doubt TY Ms. Fisher for the photo. Seth!
New merch available at upcoming shows, including t-shirt w/art by Seth Avett:
Head to and watch the performance video for "your world" from Timothy Seth Avett as Darling…
Pre-order Timothy Seth Avett As Darling “IV” here at Monster Music & Movies! Only Available on LP and to be...
This is why you go to Red Rocks, things like this happen. Seth sings "Halo" Magic happens there!
Never a bad night with Scott and Seth Avett!!
The illuminati is real because the Avett bros have the cd "the CARPENTER" from 2012 & in 2013 Seth Avett started dating Jennifer Carpenter
First video from the new Seth Avett solo album (A Weakness and a Strength):
The 1st of 5 new performance videos from Timothy Seth Avett as Darling has been released! Watch:
Seth Avett's braids are back and that's really all a fan can ask for. Thank you
I'm listening to "Ballad of Big Nothing" by Seth Avett, Jessica Lea Mayfield on Amazon Music. h…
Scott & Seth Avett ruin my life with their beauty
Wait a minute, Seth Avett is married to Jennifer Carpenter? How am I just finding this out?
Seth Avett Sings Band of Horses "no ones ever gonna love you more i do" BRILLIANT .
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling Killing the Headlamps CD was available on this day in 2003
Seth Avett Sings, A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke they are amazing
Keeping it rolling with , , Jill Andrews & SETH AVETT - Watch Now!
That time Seth Avett met the prettiest lady in Mexico.
Here's your reminder that Seth Avett has a new solo album coming out in a month and a half. It will be the death of me and I am content.
So. Seth Avett did that on Live Volume 3. Color me unimpressed.
5 yrs ago today I heard my fave Avett song live for the first and only time, met Seth for the 1st time, & got Seth…
Well, Scott and Seth Avett waved at me (seriously, we were the only ones around), so this trip is a success.
"I'm So In Love With You," with Seth Avett, gave me all the feels this pre-Valentine weekend!
Jannah Keyes - did you know Seth Avett has 3 solo albums? I knew of the one he did with Jessica Lea Mayfield,but...
Thanks happy February 7th to you too!!
Listening to Seth Avett's solo albums, you definitely get the feeling he's the "weird" brother.
Timothy Seth Avett is about to release his 4th solo album, titled ZOSO. Just kidding. It's called IV. $17.97…
Scott & Seth Avett are bringing their folk-inspired stylings to the South Side Ballroom:
Dang. This Seth Avett cover of Movin' Out is dope.
At first glance I thought that the Budlight commercial had Seth Avett in it..
Scott & Seth Avett- It's alright if you finally stop caring, just don't go and tell someone that does. . Me-
I love this! Today I choose Scott and Seth Avett.
There's is nothing more beautiful than hearing the Avett Brothers on the radio. Seth, Scott, etc.please never stop doing what you do best
just met the avett bros in an art gallery in tribeca and talked to seth for a good 15 mins god is very VERY real
the Avett Brothers are such Nolansperson one ; Wow, Seth is so cuteperson two; oh yeah! it's ok he is such a Nolan
also, so excited one of my best friends gets to marry Seth Avett in 5 months ☺️
Those '14 Louisville shows certainly were memorable! Seth says, "Here's one we just learned"
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfeild are such a duo to hear. Kills me
Plus, the chick that played Debra broke up Seth Avett's marriage.
2017 is gonna bring us a new Timothy Seth Avett as Darling album. What a time to be alive.
Seth & Scott Avett sing, "ten thousand words". The dog makes me laugh which makes this video even better.
I just met Seth avett and the girl from dexter
Seth just announced an Avett gospel album in 2017! @ Bojangles'…
Put my hair in braided pig tails today and my first thought was that I looked like Seth Avett. That could be either good or bad.
2 years ago today Seth Avett played the bass
Remembering 2016 Mike and Seth enjoy a milkshake of love in London.
Seth Avett's cover of a change is gonna come gets me every time
Here's hoping for a Phil lineup of Lesh, Seth Avett, Scott Avett, Melvin Seals, Trey Anastasio and Joe Russo at Lockn'
I met Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter today, so i'm basically famous now
I swear to God I wish I never met her ...♫Sounds of the Season Ending by Timothy Seth Avett, from
"Out on the Weekend" (Neil Young Cover) by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield 3/15 Avett Calendar . Video by rt41959
Seth Avett's dance moves though, can we have a moment?
Just listened to a video of Seth Avett & singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, & it was Glorious. Beautiful tribute
Great Opener tonight in Detroit. Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. RIP Reminded me of a bit of Sethica.
For daily play Martin Ambassador Seth Avett reaches for the D Jr. E. Find a dealer near you:
maybe I don't have to be good, but i can try to be at least a lil better than i've been so far -Seth and Scott Avett
Twilight by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield from the album Sing Elliott Smith
.showcase versatility in Murat opener
Well deserved honor- induction into NC Music Hall of Fame- GREAT job! Thanks for the music!
Just saw Seth Avett at food lion...
What a great privilege to say a few words about two home-town boys, The Avett Brothers. Scott and Seth are our...
Listening to Seth Avett & covering Elliot Smith on your morning commute is def a good idea is you want a good cry b4 9 AM
Seth Avett of drinking some in 2001. Legendary Giveback 5 November 19 Salisbury Maryl…
I just found a video of Seth Avett singing Beyoncé's Halo and started crying
I hope this one stay in the regular Avett rotation. Seth OWNS it! "Tangled Up in Blue" Fairfax, VA 10.15.16
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett strings his D Jr. E with SP Lifespan strings. Learn more:
An older Seth Avett plays Gomorrah last night in Fairfax. Priceless!
I would marry Seth Avett at the drop of a hat
I've done literally nothing this morning except read about pitbulls loving ducklings and Seth Avett leaving his wife for Dexter's sister.
Once tonight's videos load, go straight to Gomorrah" Really!
Community News: The Listening Room shines spotlight on local talent: Scott and Seth Avett have been on it. So...
To be fair, Scott and Seth Avett started it ;)
Another good time planned! The Avetts will be in Charlotte for NYE show!!!
Wow! Seth signed it and his signature is his mustache! Cute! Last night in MS.
Avett Brothers - And It Stoned Me does Seth have on Jordan's
Tonight I will be graced by the presence of the beautiful Scott and Seth Avett
Theres a good argument to made that the Seth Avett as Darling album - "The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell" - is the best ever made
Will we get to see Jennifer and baby traveling on road with Seth? If not, hope they stay in NC for awhile instead of NY!,! NC is a GREAT PLACE to raise a child and he can be here with cousins, a GREAT upbringing!
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett tells about the time he joined on stage!…
Just discovered an album of Seth Avett covering Elliot Smith. A whole album. This could go either way. Crushing disappointment or pure joy?
Shhh... Seth is singing me to sleep. Seth Avett Sings, No One's Gonna Love You by Band Of Horses
Watch Ambassador Seth Avett discuss his love of the Martin Dreadnought in our documentary.
Inside Avett Brothers' Seth Avett's "built to last" style
Avett Brothers' Seth Avett shares examples of his "built to last" style
When you find out you have the same birthday as Seth Avett
Remember the other night when I was so close to Seth Avett I could see up his nose
Scott and Seth Avett used to visit and sing in our Church when they were young.
Jammin' and grillin in Caterpillar lot before Avett show. Brought enough for each of you & Seth
So happy about seeing the Avett Brothers again tonight so I'll ignore Seth cheating on his wife & ruining everything he's ever sung about
Question: Seth Avett has the voice of a literal angel. . Answer: yes.
I trust seth avett. he would never let me down.
I was in the same room as Scott and Seth Avett tonight and their voices were angelic 😍
Bob's New Jersey Transient band opened which Joe was in. Scott & Seth joined them for a song Joe's first Avett Show was 12/28/06
so the Avett Brothers always come to Louisville bc Seth married Jennifer Carpenter (Deb from Dexter)?
Love the new album- seems to b mostly Scott and Seth harmonizing- that's GREAT - their voices are the strongest and most eloquent sound- just BEAUTIFUL!!
also- I'm still sad that Matt Butcher & Seth Avett didn't sing this during the Orlando shows last year
Seth Avett Sings, Halo -- this is the best thing i've heard. . . via
bad timing... 😓 But remember that time I was going to give Seth Avett tickets until he threw shade at me?
Congratulations to Angela who won the D-35 Seth Avett guitar (and got surprised by
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett strums his D Jr. E 90% of the time. . Experience one near you:
Seth Avett wore shorts last night... You know that's hot.
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