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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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RED ROCKS! third Nite will be the BEST!! Celebrating oir anniversary! Couldn't be a better place or a better concert!!
If you can't hear the difference between Scott and Seth Avett then it's not gonna work sorry
Bf told me about a dream she had where Seth Avett took her to a concert and wanted her banana bread recipe.
of Timothy Seth Avett, 1 of the lead singers & founding members of The Avett Bros. in Concord, NC.
Kind of forgot about this record. So freaking good! Listen to Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield on
So does the new avett brothers album have any instruments or is it just Scott and Seth harmonizing
if I could marry an inanimate object, it'd be the sound wave made by Seth Avett singing the word "resuscitation" in Divorce Separation Blues
love your guitars and Seth Avett playing your guitars
Beautiful story of Seth Avett meeting and spending the day with Doc Watson.
Now listening to I'm so in Love with You (feat. Seth Avett) by Jill Andrews
I touched the avett brothers tonight. BOTH of them. scott AND SETH.
when u grab Seth Avett's bicep oops
The toughest part of Seth Avett getting divorced has to got to be the effect it has on Mumford and Sons, one of whom must now get divorced.
Seth avett looked like demetri martin tonight.
First stop at C.F. Martin & Co. in Nazareth, PA. Loved this Seth Avett special dreadnaught.
Beautiful song from our alum with Seth Avett
Can't wait until Red Rocks- final concert for me this simmer? BUT ending on such a positive group-AVETT!
I've watched Seth Avett sing Halo 9 times in the last 23 minutes , I need some kind of Beyonce side by side oh my
How I know Seth Avett and I were destined to be best friends
"dynamic w/its audience is not shallow. It's not a selfie & then forgotten"-Seth Avett h…
Seth Avett at the microphone at the fest with the
Seth Avett has the voice of an angel
Playing Seth Avett's custom Martin at the Matin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania
I'm having one of the best things I have ever heard in my whole life // Between the Bars by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea M...
Great and abundant media coverage on Avetts continue to propell sell of the new CD True Sadness- a great mix of their evolving sound!!!
Scott and Seth Avett used to have a screamo band. I have a lady ***
If Sam and Dean Winchester were folk rock singers, they'd def be Seth and Scott Avett of 😍😂
I liked a video from 'Ballad of Love & Hate' Seth Avett - Chautauqua, NY - 7/8/16
Scott Avett grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes and Seth Avett had a guitar solo at my feet, I am dead
So this happened in the aisle next to my row. Seth Avett everybody!!
Seth Avett talks about music, fame, more. The group plays a sold-out show tonight at featured in NBC s Science of Love
Found Seth Avett's Instagram and just like that the last hour of my life is gone
"The Avett Brothers head to Chautauqua for sold-out show" - interview with Seth Avett via
Seth Avett bonds with bandmates over fatherhood via
I don't hate Seth anymore. As always, some SOLID lyrics. And my fav song is the most atypical Avett song (May It Last). A++
Seth Avett says married life with Jennifer Carpenter 'feels very right'
Listen to Somebody That I Used to Know by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield on
Is Jennifer really living in Concord now? Or did she convince Seth to stay in NY. Wonder if her Mom is still with them? Jennifer mentioned in earlier interview that her Mom moved to help with baby initially.
Wonder how Jennifer likes living in Concord?
Please tell me Seth Avett did not cheat on his wife.
Again, what a great tune. Really strong on the new release. "I Wish I Was"
The younger Avett opens up about the making of the group’s new album, True Sadness
Hope Jennifer and baby can live in Concord this summer- it would be such a wonderful slower pace and she (and Seth when in town) could enjoy a quieter life!
It's their prerogative, but I have to admit I'm unhappy that Seth didn't take a stand here against (skip 2 end)
The Avett Brothers talk stepping out of the 'Americana box' on 'True Sadness': . Seth Avett hasn't seen Inside...
So Scott and Seth Avett's dad wished me a happy birthday so nbd basically I'm in the band now. .
"Smithsonian" may take a couple more listens. "You are Mine" is great. All the Seth Avett songs are stronger.
Pretty cool apologia for the new album from Seth Avett.
What do you guys think of the new album?
That time Emily caught Seth Avett's kazoo and I caught one of the picks. Perfect…
Requirements to be my boyfriend: be Seth Avett
Actually, was close enough, she coulda turned & kissed Seth Avett, but she believes in consent, y'all.
HOLE CHETOS, Seth Avett just dropped to the floor next to us & rocked a solo. My heart is a-knocking.
Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett are married! What we know about their secret wedding:
Observation: Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter look like twins!
Jennifer Carpenter secretly ties the knot with Seth Avett. >>
Actress secretly ties the knot with Seth Avett
Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett quietly married in a "small and private" ceremony:
Actress secretly ties the knot with Seth Avett
Actress secretly ties the knot with Seth Avett: According to reports, Avett hinted…
Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett are Married! Couple Tied the Knot in North Carolina
Jennifer Carpenter: Actress secretly ties the knot with Seth Avett
Wow. Even though expected, still seems a shock. But the classy thing to do is wish them well, happiness, and family time with their baby.
The Martin D-35 Seth Avett got me feeling some type of way 😍😍😍
Night time lullaby: I'm so in Love with You- Jill Andrews (feat. Seth Avett)
It is a wedding band. They married Memorial Day weekend in North Carolina
Looks like a wedding band on Seth's left some recent videos.maybe?
All I've listened to lately is Beartooth, Seth Macfarlane, The Avett Bros, and Logic. What an odd combo
Fond farewell cover by Seth avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield
Seth got in my face last night. In a very good way.
'True Sadness': Seth Avett's Brutal Ballad of Love, Hate, and Divorce - The Avett Brothers get roman via
Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield did a great Elliott Smith cover album you should check out!
The Avett Brothers get romantically forensic on their 9th record: via
This was last year in Kansas City at the Avett Brother's show. First time that I was ever this close to Seth.
Loving the short hair looks on both- makes them look younger!
Can't wait for Red Rocks- Gonna b a GREAT summer! then traveling the rest of summer with friends! YAY!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
True Sadness is Seth Avett's lack of braided pig tails
Seth Avett Sings "I Wish Was" from the upcoming new album, True Sadness,(6/24) Video by
Congrats!!! I have been a big fan & supporter of yours and a devoted Avett Brothers fan esp Seth. So happy for you both!
seth avett's new hair is eVERYTHING
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett plays the D Jr. E 90% of the time.
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett always reaches for his D Jr. E
Head to a dealer to play the guitar that Ambassador Seth Avett swears by.
Yeah. Kinda funny a band members wife( although on TV) runs up and gets in video with her husband as he's performing at MSG. O brother ! Can't picture the other wives being so silly.
Maybe the other family members can insist on traveling with husbands once in a while- a VERY good idea!!
I've never really got into the Avett Brothers but I love that Seth Evett/Jessica Lea Mayfield album ...
Seth's Jennifer Carpenter phase can't be over soon enough. Jennifer stans are unbearable_ always so concerned about seeing her on the road_ not caring that other families stay home because the band decided that was best like six years ago.
Wonder if jennifer and seth still in NY. Wonder if Jennifer's mom still with them? Hope we get to see jennifer and baby touring with seth this year!!
In other news, I want to make Seth Avett's yodeling my new ringtone.
Seth Avett's voice is always good for my soul.
hearing Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Angeles makes me scream internally
Buy Miche Bag Online!
just putting a video idea out there but Seth Avett and a female vocalist of your choosing covering "Islands in a stream"
Seth Avett cheated on his wife a while ago. look up their song Divorce Separation Blues it fits lol
When you find out Seth Avett is divorced 🙃
Hope Jennifer and baby tour with Seth this summer- we may get a glimpse of them!
Check out Brothers poster New Year's Eve 2013 signed by Seth Avett
The Avett Brothers set of 8 pins the Emotionalism I and Love and You Scott Seth
Gonna take a break from avett shows. I wanna do some other traveling, and the last show was such a bummer. Sorry seth
I'm also pretty positive Newport Folk 2009 was the first time I told Seth Avett I'll tattoo his words on my body I had zero chill in 2009
Seth Avett Sings, No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses that time Seth Avett did No One's Gonna Love You
I like to imagine that Scott and Seth Avett sleep in the same room on twin beds
Yay, Avett Brothers concert for my birthday! Can someone tell Seth not to cut his hair before October? Thanks.
"Every last breath that I draw tells the story of love." -Timothy Seth Avett as Darling
Found an old pic from meeting Seth Avett for the first time a while back. I'm such a dork, lol
Do you want to hear Seth Avett covering Of course you do
Jennifer Carpenter has done to Seth avett what tammy 1 did to Ron swanson
That'll change when I see Seth and Scott Avett's faces tho hopefully
that Seth Avett signature looks even more amazing with out a pick guard. Feel free to send a lefty my way
If you ever get the opportunity to hang out with Seth and Scott Avett for the evening, you should totally take it.
Seth and Scott Avett are husband goals
My 8th concert has confirmed one thing: I'm still in love with Seth Avett. 💕
I've never seen Seth play a ukulele in concert before. Watch PG Feltre.
I thought this was Seth Avett's new album they look very similar
Play like guitar hero and Martin Ambassador Seth Avett.
I have a Seth Avett mancrush as well!
Seth Avett opening the show last night with story time of a lady named Love and a fella named…
Scott and Seth Avett are real, just wanted to let you guys know. 🙂❤️
Gonna be in the same arena as Scott and Seth Avett in a few hours. No big deal.
Scott and Seth Avett might be the hottest men ever
Twice! Got the Seth Avett designed, screen printed & signed poster too!
BRB gonna cry about how much i love seth avett for the rest of the night lol
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"You're always so nice to us in Tuscaloosa...I don't know what we did to deserve it" -Seth Avett 😭😭😭
The framer at Michael's wanted to glue down our Red Rocks Avett Brothers limited edition poster handmade by Seth Avett. um no
No one's gonna love you more than I do . -me to Seth Avett
I wish I could sing like Seth avett
we'd lean towards Seth Avett's views. On balance, maybe THE best Dreadnought?
"I've always leaned towards the warmth and strength of the D-35."- Ambassador Seth Avett
I was very touched by Seth Avett's cover of "No One's Gonna Love You". Here's my attempt to return his great favor - http…
About once a year I spend a beautiful afternoon going down a "Seth Avett cover" YouTube rabbit hole. Do it. You'll be happy you did.
.fans, meet Seth Avett by bidding in RAINN's celebrity auction:
Can't wait for Red Rocks! spending the month in Col. Before going back to school!
Seth Avett Net Worth: He sings and plays the guitar, drums as well as the piano for group based from the Conco...
I just want to drink wine and listen to seth avett sing for the rest of my life okay
Ben has a better voice than Seth Avett tho
Well, it was only a matter of time until Seth & Scott Avett went full "MFG Co." & "made on honor"-brand-y with their haircuts.
If you're a fan of Avett Brothers and/or Band of Horses, this cover will make your day.
Great opening ceremony! Big thank you to Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter for making Spring Games extra special! 😄🏆 http…
a kind of currency to buy a little courage when you’re having trouble feeling courageous on your own.” - Seth Avett
Seth Avett from The Avett Brothers covered a Band of Horses song, which is sorta like Madonna covering Madonna.
Found Seth Avett covering Band of Horses' No Ones Gonna Love You, and my life is complete. 💕
Seth Avett does No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses incredibly well!!
Seth Avett Sings No One's Gonna Love You (more than I, dude) for
I honestly just want to marry Seth Avett. I know he's taken, but that seems irrelevant.
Seth Avett Sings one of my favorite Band of Horses songs... ❤️ via
Seth Avett covering the Band of Horses classic, "No One's Gonna Love You" is incredible and now I'm weeping.
Seth Avett covering a Band of Horses Song is a blessing none of us deserve, and yet here it is.
Seth Avett singing some Band of Horses is everything rn
Sounds of the Season Ending by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling ♫
Got an autograph from Seth Avett today. So I'll say it was a productive one.
Sorry you felt his and her showing of affection was a bit much for a professional show ( a la Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey couch). Maybe one day.
Apparently Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter and Seth Avett were at Special Olympics yesterday and I didn't know.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Seth Avett covering Band of Horses, I think I've died and gone to heaven ♥♥♥
I can't take credit for it. That's the master bass work of Seth Avett!
A cover of Seth Avett performing a Band of Horses song was just released, and I feel like my heart is going to burst
My love for Father John Misty has almost reached my love for Scott and Seth Avett honestly
"Jennifer Carpenter is theavettbros' Seth Avett's future wife—and his biggest fan
Jennifer Carpenter is Seth Avett's future wife—and his biggest fan
Seth Avett nuzzling Jennifer Carpenter while playing the KDH guitar solo is all I need in this life
Also Seth Avett walked so close to me and his sound guy just followed along with the cord trying…
With Seth Avett and before the big show tonight at MSG. New songs sounded great!
Spent money for a flight, hotel and ticket to the show at MSGarden to watch Seth play to his girlfriend and not his fans. This band keeps condoning this childishness and making themselves look bad. New tunes were mediocre and energy was low outside the pit. What this band has become is so disappointing. Walking away after 8yrs. Somebody remind them their sh1t still stinks.
martin D-35 - seth avett signature edition. I love the snow flakes!
& Pop & Rock Listings for April 8-14 - The Avett Brothers — Scott Avett on microphone and Seth ...
The wood of the D-35 Seth Avett features a tight and even grain. Explore the model:
Seth Avett plays the Dreadnought Junior in daily life.
Seth Avett + covering Elliot Smith on perfect Wednesday listening.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett is a fan and we guarantee you will be too.
okay but also Seth Avett's cover of Halo?
Ambassador Seth Avett does not leave home without his Dreadnought Junior.
One time I met Seth Avett @ farmer's market in Vermont. He told me his favorite band is it's been on repeat since
I will forever have a crush on Seth Avett
Seth Avett just came through in his M5 😭
Play your Dreadnought Junior as much as Martin Ambassador Seth Avett. Find a dealer near:
Actually just cried a little because Seth Avett is getting married and now I officially don't have a chance
Martin Ambassador Seth Avett doesn't leave home without his Dreadnought Junior
I liked a video from Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Seth Avett
Scott and Seth Avett make my day so much better
Hope Seth made it home for Susie's birthday and could take Isaac with him. I bet she would have loved to have all her grandkids under one roof for the first time in long long time.
that time Seth Avett was literally 2 feet away from me killing…
that lil sway Seth avett does while playing LMS if u agree
Part 2...Thoughts on Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield tribute disk. Ill take your answer off the air lol
Where's our buddy Chris Cole been lately? He's awfully quiet. Did he go find another band's fans to weasel his way into?
Eloquent words announcing the new album True Sadness
Adam Scott looks like Seth avett in the movie sleeping w other ppl and bangs a girl, now I'm weirdly turned on seeing him in parks and rec
The letter Seth wrote was so beautiful that when I read the email I thought it would end announcing their breakup 😂
Listen to The Avett Brothers debut new single over the weekend + Read a note from Seth about band's new LP
Seth Avett wrote a really long letter about the Avett Brothers and what their new album... [Key]
󾬔my heart is melting. Seth Avett can...
Amazing show last night, especially in front row! The never disappoint! Pic of Seth Avett. 💕
If you get the chance to see and read Seth Avett's intro to new album.DO IT! Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant.
Seth Avett's thoughtful write-up and announcement of the new album, True Sadness:
The Avett Brothers (announce upcoming release of new studio album. Read Seth Avett's note on new LP
Just received the email announcing a new album for June, but I'm even more interested in what Seth Avett wrote to fans:
Resharing this soulful Sunday fare because I LOVE it, and I think you will, too. Seth Avett - Save Part of Yourself
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling getting me through this Friday afternoon like:
D-35 Seth Avett- The Martin D-35 is totally my favorite acoustic guitar.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Seth Avett's voice is soothing to my soul
Seth Avett - Save Part of Yourself [Folk] (2013) Written by Brandi Carlile: submitted by /u/YouAreDuc...
Less than a month until I get to be near Seth avett again :)
Seth Avett and Jessica's Elliot Smith covers are fire
Clearly, Seth Avett is cheating on the
Late to the game, but: Very much here for the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield album of Elliott Smith covers.
better than I could've imagined. Marcus Mumford singing w/ Scott & Seth Avett made me weep like a baby I'm so emo.
Congratulations and !! You both won a pair of Avett Brothers tix! Come by ticket office M-F 9-5 to pick them up!
I liked a video Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett sing "Be Set Free"
talking about 2016 win with . singing a fav by Seth Avett of
Seth Avett Sings Halo. Holy crap this is amazing. Amazing.
Seth Avett and the kid from the Little Rascals that puts on an Abe Lincoln wig
- my lady just said your "Black Mass" character looks like Seth Avett. Nice 'stache.
Is Seth able to stay in NC some now, or has he had to go back to NYC? It would be great if he and his son could be here for a while in NC while Jennifer filming Limitless in NY
A Martin D-35 Seth Avett being put to good use on a sick day with the little... .
Update your maps at Navteq
Seth Avett and Shane Smith look like the only ones who are actually happy to be poised for a big year...
for your listening pleasure: Seth Avett Sings, Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel
3a.m. I'm Just gonna lay here and listen to Seth Avett and Dave Simonett and burn incense cause I can't sleep.
There is no voice more comforting than Seth Avett's
jherskowitz is now listening to Fond Farewell by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Awesome night at TheDavis..Jim Avett and daughter Bonnie..loved Scott and Seth joining for gospel songs
Get tickets to tonight's Davis Theatre show by Jim Avett, father of Scott and Seth Avett.
Seth Avett D-35, but I'm left-handed. Big planning on it for 2 years so it's a pretty big bummer.. not sure if I will or not
Jack Steadman, Scott and Seth Avett, and Samir Ghadia have some seriously underappreciated voices
Well if Jennifer is back in NY, hope that Seth can be in NC for some time with older family and getting in some pre-planning for this upcoming tour. We hope to see these guys add some Carolina Dates to their tour schedule!! GREAT to see their wide appeal- but we do want to be able to get some " Carolina" time!!
A spiritual, in case your day was anything like mine. Seth Avett Sings, Any Day Now
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett Sings, Any Day Now
I'm listening to this song: Artist: Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing
It's like 2006 me got together with 2016 me and came up with an album idea!!! Seth Avett & Jessica Lea …
Seth avett is the love of my life were getting married
Yes, Seth, we have loved you for years now. The Avett Brothers - Sanguine (Acoustic) - D.A.R. via
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield have taught me who Elliott Smith is. Their cover album gets 8/10.
"I think there is something in people that connects with their soul when they hear acoustic instruments. It's not filtered. " - Seth Avett
When It feels like a private serenade from Seth Avett!
Yo, Ryan Adams, I’m happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield had one of the best cover albums of all time.
I will sacrifice my first child to have Seth Avett and Joe Kwon come over to my house and play slight figure of speech for me every Friday.
Hope the 2016 tour gives more dates soon- hope they plan more southeastern dates!!
Thanks, Seth Avett. Because of your guitar solo in KDH, I ran almost a mile more than I planned to. I couldn't stop until you did.
I actually dreamt about Seth Avett last night so that's where I'm at rn
Walking in line // Timothy Seth Avett as darling . my heart hurts so much from the beautiful music of this man
I could do this all day. Fond Farewell, either Elliott Smith or Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Seth Avett and John Autry listening to the Nemo playback for So is that…
speaking of Elliott, have you heard this album? Listening now
You won't have much luck with Scott but Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield cover Elliott Smith beautifully.
GREAT NYE show!, as always!! Looking forward to seeing more of the 2016 tour dates!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Seth Avett playing a solo to remember on NYE.
As long as I see Seth Avett in 2016, it'll be a good year
SETH AVETT & Jessica Lea Mayfield Somebody I Used to Know. with on or 88.5 FM in LA.
Love how Scott & Bob are focused on Seth. Brothers "Divorce/Separation Blues" NYE 2015
Seth Avett makes my heart skip a beat
I would drive to Mt. pleasant and buy Seth Avett What-A-Burger if he signed my vinyl of Seth Avett Sings Elliot Smith
As for the music, I've seen Welch/Rawlings, dig Seth Avett. Rest is a blur.
yes that's seth avett and yes I took this vid!!!
Seth Avett played right next to me and I may have actually lost my mind
I knew 2016 was going to be amazing when Seth Avett did a face melting guitar solo 3 feet away…
spending NYE with all 3 of my fave boys!! (Seth and Scott Avett not…
Jim Avett just showed me a video of Seth and baby Isaac. Oh my god. 🙃
Tonight's the night- NEW YEARS EVE!!! Greensboro!! Can't wait!! NYE shows are always the greatest!!! Maybe we'll get a glimpse of the baby!
Have you heard the cover songs by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield? Simply beautiful.
I liked a video Seth Avett Sings, Bleeker Street by Simon & Garfunkel
Seth Avett's personal Instagram makes me melt
No better way to celebrate Christmas than with some Seth Avett. Merry Christmas.
Seth Avett Sings, Silent Night via I wish this for all!
Not gonna lie, I'm impressed with vinyl selection. First Brandon Flowers and now Seth Avett with Jessica Lea Mayfield. 😻
Thanks for picking 'Seth Avett & Sing Elliott Smith' as a top 10 album of 2015! Buy:
"All I want for Christmas are two Avett Brothers tickets!"
Seth Avett is in this article from the June 1997 Charlotte Observer
av you heard the stuff shes done with Seth Avett, the Elliot Smith covers are very good..Angel in the snow..etc
"...What an apt description of people in general: We’re all complicated, and we all have a way of being two ways at once.” -Seth Avett
Great pic of legend that's John Prine playing D-35 Seth Avett. Order
Seth Avett has the voice of an angel.
My is Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Elliott Smith cost "Angel in the Snow"
Can't wait!! NYE show in NC is just a short drive from Virginia- We are READY to GO!!!
I wish my name was Seth Avett and my wife was :O
Wow! John Prine playing the Seth Avett Life is good!. ~MarySue. SiriusXM The Village
he also has a Seth Avett skateboard model. Let that sink in
The Seth Avett Martin guitar is quite possibly one of the most hideous Martin guitars ever built. Why ruin a great guitar like he did?
I could seriously listen to Seth Avett yodel all day long!
Next on our Favorites of 2015 playlist: Seth Avett and |
2. I would like to be significant other/wife to both Scott Avett and Seth Avettt
I just want to sing with Scott and Seth Avett, is that too much to ask?
Seth Avett looks good with short hair
Avett Bros wrote a song about DIVORCE where Seth YODELS they are truly revolutionaries
• so last night Seth and Scott Avett blessed my soul•
Seth and Scott Avett are two of the most beautiful men ever created.
Seth Avett is an today, y'all. Lord, have mercy...that man. 😍
Jennifer on Seth Meyers was excellent- she talked of her 6 month old Baby and named him. She never named Seth and still used term fianc? - if they are truly married, it would b so honest and true to own it- the support could be VERY positive!
Watch perform "I'm So In Love With You" right here in Nashville with Seth Avett! She'll be here 12/5. >>
Sure hope they were able to make it home on Thanksgiving! With Jennifer on Nov 19th Seth Meyer show, maybe Seth, Jennefer, Baby and Mother-in-Law were able to take filming break and ALL go to NC- sounds like her Mom around all the time, she is also is being the nanny, at least while Seth is Touring. Maybe Jennifer Mom and Seth can take turns parenting while Jennifer still filming- then, Jennifer and Mom parenting when Seth's touring schedule picks up. It always "takes a village" to raise children. ( Jennifer gave Meyers the name of her baby, and she only mentioned the term her "fianc�"Magen referring to Avett- wish she would go ahead and say his name). And aren't they married now?
love me like I love Seth and Scott Avett.
I'd watch Seth Avett do anything. I would watch him peel a bag of cucumbers, and I'd be hanging on his every word while he narrates it.
I think I might be able to watch Seth Avett dance and play music for just about forever
Thinking about this a little more, I really enjoyed the No Depression tribute & Seth Avett's and JL Mayfield's Elliot Smith covers.
Anyone know if Seth and baby made it home to Concord to celebrate the holiday with the rest of his family or were they stuck in NYC with Jennifer Carpenter - and her MOTHER? Jennifer's news on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she convinced her mother to move to NYC to LIVE WITH THEM was surprising to say the least. For the few keeping track - she's STILL telling the lie about filming at eight and a half months pregnant. It's very well documented that Jennifer followed Seth around the country for YEARS - now he's stuck in an NYC apartment with his motherinlaw ! ! ! while his wife works all day? Jennifer's leash was short enough... Can't imagine what motherinlaw's is like! Shesh! We feel for you Seth.
McKittrick Hotel~ "I used to bounce basketballs over seths head" .. "Oh yeah this is Seth by the way
Seth Avett & music & clothing on sale too in holiday sale!
Getting ready for a great TOURING. Summer- out of school, then tearing up the highway travelling to see my favorite bands- YEP, Avetts are one!
The mourning, the silver, the bell by Seth Avett
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