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Seth Avett

Timothy Seth Avett (born 1980) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.

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Is Seth able to stay in NC some now, or has he had to go back to NYC? It would be great if he and his son could be here for a while in NC while Jennifer filming Limitless in NY
A Martin D-35 Seth Avett being put to good use on a sick day with the little... .
Seth Avett and Shane Smith look like the only ones who are actually happy to be poised for a big year...
for your listening pleasure: Seth Avett Sings, Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel
3a.m. I'm Just gonna lay here and listen to Seth Avett and Dave Simonett and burn incense cause I can't sleep.
There is no voice more comforting than Seth Avett's
jherskowitz is now listening to Fond Farewell by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Awesome night at TheDavis..Jim Avett and daughter Bonnie..loved Scott and Seth joining for gospel songs
Get tickets to tonight's Davis Theatre show by Jim Avett, father of Scott and Seth Avett.
Seth Avett D-35, but I'm left-handed. Big planning on it for 2 years so it's a pretty big bummer.. not sure if I will or not
Jack Steadman, Scott and Seth Avett, and Samir Ghadia have some seriously underappreciated voices
Well if Jennifer is back in NY, hope that Seth can be in NC for some time with older family and getting in some pre-planning for this upcoming tour. We hope to see these guys add some Carolina Dates to their tour schedule!! GREAT to see their wide appeal- but we do want to be able to get some " Carolina" time!!
A spiritual, in case your day was anything like mine. Seth Avett Sings, Any Day Now
I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett Sings, Any Day Now
I'm listening to this song: Artist: Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing
It's like 2006 me got together with 2016 me and came up with an album idea!!! Seth Avett & Jessica Lea …
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Seth avett is the love of my life were getting married
Yes, Seth, we have loved you for years now. The Avett Brothers - Sanguine (Acoustic) - D.A.R. via
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield have taught me who Elliott Smith is. Their cover album gets 8/10.
"I think there is something in people that connects with their soul when they hear acoustic instruments. It's not filtered. " - Seth Avett
When It feels like a private serenade from Seth Avett!
Yo, Ryan Adams, I’m happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield had one of the best cover albums of all time.
I will sacrifice my first child to have Seth Avett and Joe Kwon come over to my house and play slight figure of speech for me every Friday.
Hope the 2016 tour gives more dates soon- hope they plan more southeastern dates!!
Thanks, Seth Avett. Because of your guitar solo in KDH, I ran almost a mile more than I planned to. I couldn't stop until you did.
I actually dreamt about Seth Avett last night so that's where I'm at rn
Walking in line // Timothy Seth Avett as darling . my heart hurts so much from the beautiful music of this man
I could do this all day. Fond Farewell, either Elliott Smith or Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Seth Avett and John Autry listening to the Nemo playback for So is that…
speaking of Elliott, have you heard this album? Listening now
You won't have much luck with Scott but Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield cover Elliott Smith beautifully.
GREAT NYE show!, as always!! Looking forward to seeing more of the 2016 tour dates!
Seth Avett playing a solo to remember on NYE.
As long as I see Seth Avett in 2016, it'll be a good year
SETH AVETT & Jessica Lea Mayfield Somebody I Used to Know. with on or 88.5 FM in LA.
Love how Scott & Bob are focused on Seth. Brothers "Divorce/Separation Blues" NYE 2015
Seth Avett makes my heart skip a beat
I would drive to Mt. pleasant and buy Seth Avett What-A-Burger if he signed my vinyl of Seth Avett Sings Elliot Smith
As for the music, I've seen Welch/Rawlings, dig Seth Avett. Rest is a blur.
yes that's seth avett and yes I took this vid!!!
Seth Avett played right next to me and I may have actually lost my mind
I knew 2016 was going to be amazing when Seth Avett did a face melting guitar solo 3 feet away…
spending NYE with all 3 of my fave boys!! (Seth and Scott Avett not…
Jim Avett just showed me a video of Seth and baby Isaac. Oh my god. 🙃
Tonight's the night- NEW YEARS EVE!!! Greensboro!! Can't wait!! NYE shows are always the greatest!!! Maybe we'll get a glimpse of the baby!
Have you heard the cover songs by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield? Simply beautiful.
I liked a video Seth Avett Sings, Bleeker Street by Simon & Garfunkel
Seth Avett's personal Instagram makes me melt
No better way to celebrate Christmas than with some Seth Avett. Merry Christmas.
Seth Avett Sings, Silent Night via I wish this for all!
Not gonna lie, I'm impressed with vinyl selection. First Brandon Flowers and now Seth Avett with Jessica Lea Mayfield. 😻
Thanks for picking 'Seth Avett & Sing Elliott Smith' as a top 10 album of 2015! Buy:
"All I want for Christmas are two Avett Brothers tickets!"
Seth Avett is in this article from the June 1997 Charlotte Observer
av you heard the stuff shes done with Seth Avett, the Elliot Smith covers are very good..Angel in the snow..etc
"...What an apt description of people in general: We’re all complicated, and we all have a way of being two ways at once.” -Seth Avett
Great pic of legend that's John Prine playing D-35 Seth Avett. Order
Seth Avett has the voice of an angel.
My is Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Elliott Smith cost "Angel in the Snow"
Can't wait!! NYE show in NC is just a short drive from Virginia- We are READY to GO!!!
I wish my name was Seth Avett and my wife was :O
Wow! John Prine playing the Seth Avett Life is good!. ~MarySue. SiriusXM The Village
he also has a Seth Avett skateboard model. Let that sink in
The Seth Avett Martin guitar is quite possibly one of the most hideous Martin guitars ever built. Why ruin a great guitar like he did?
I could seriously listen to Seth Avett yodel all day long!
Next on our Favorites of 2015 playlist: Seth Avett and |
2. I would like to be significant other/wife to both Scott Avett and Seth Avettt
I just want to sing with Scott and Seth Avett, is that too much to ask?
Seth Avett looks good with short hair
Avett Bros wrote a song about DIVORCE where Seth YODELS they are truly revolutionaries
• so last night Seth and Scott Avett blessed my soul•
Seth and Scott Avett are two of the most beautiful men ever created.
Seth Avett is an today, y'all. Lord, have mercy...that man. 😍
Jennifer on Seth Meyers was excellent- she talked of her 6 month old Baby and named him. She never named Seth and still used term fianc? - if they are truly married, it would b so honest and true to own it- the support could be VERY positive!
Watch perform "I'm So In Love With You" right here in Nashville with Seth Avett! She'll be here 12/5. >>
Sure hope they were able to make it home on Thanksgiving! With Jennifer on Nov 19th Seth Meyer show, maybe Seth, Jennefer, Baby and Mother-in-Law were able to take filming break and ALL go to NC- sounds like her Mom around all the time, she is also is being the nanny, at least while Seth is Touring. Maybe Jennifer Mom and Seth can take turns parenting while Jennifer still filming- then, Jennifer and Mom parenting when Seth's touring schedule picks up. It always "takes a village" to raise children. ( Jennifer gave Meyers the name of her baby, and she only mentioned the term her "fianc�"Magen referring to Avett- wish she would go ahead and say his name). And aren't they married now?
love me like I love Seth and Scott Avett.
I'd watch Seth Avett do anything. I would watch him peel a bag of cucumbers, and I'd be hanging on his every word while he narrates it.
I think I might be able to watch Seth Avett dance and play music for just about forever
Thinking about this a little more, I really enjoyed the No Depression tribute & Seth Avett's and JL Mayfield's Elliot Smith covers.
Anyone know if Seth and baby made it home to Concord to celebrate the holiday with the rest of his family or were they stuck in NYC with Jennifer Carpenter - and her MOTHER? Jennifer's news on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she convinced her mother to move to NYC to LIVE WITH THEM was surprising to say the least. For the few keeping track - she's STILL telling the lie about filming at eight and a half months pregnant. It's very well documented that Jennifer followed Seth around the country for YEARS - now he's stuck in an NYC apartment with his motherinlaw ! ! ! while his wife works all day? Jennifer's leash was short enough... Can't imagine what motherinlaw's is like! Shesh! We feel for you Seth.
McKittrick Hotel~ "I used to bounce basketballs over seths head" .. "Oh yeah this is Seth by the way
Seth Avett & music & clothing on sale too in holiday sale!
Getting ready for a great TOURING. Summer- out of school, then tearing up the highway travelling to see my favorite bands- YEP, Avetts are one!
The mourning, the silver, the bell by Seth Avett
I added a video to a playlist I'm so in Love with You- Jill Andrews (feat. Seth Avett)
Can't wait till NYE- should be a GREAT show in Greensboro!!
If Seth Avett could sing me to sleep every night... That would be nice.
"It's 2am.../To be [up] at this hour, decent folk would tell me I'm a fool."~Seth Avett {but it's okay bc I'm a writer 💤✌😁}
My teen dreams came true tonight: I sat in on an art lecture given by Scott Avett, and after, he and Seth serenaded the audience ✨😍✨
Seth Avett: "... And I would watch you as you undress.". Crowd: *flips out*. Man nearby: "OK"
LOVE the large crowds and venues- just want respectful fans who want to listen and sing to the music- not the ones who come to talk about their social lives while the band is playing- come on y'all- respect the ARTISTS!!
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield's album covering Elliot Smith is seriously golden
I haven't had a photo ID for about 6 months but at least at any given moment I have a bottle of hot sauce and a pic of seth Avett on me
Believe me.Seth's private life, the fans (new or old), bad concert experiences and what direction the band is going in do not dictate my personal life or cause me any strife. It's just fun to complain about them. :)
All this negative talk about "new" fans, and this group and that group is a shame. The band is no longer playing shows for 75 people. Like it or not, that was what the band wanted. They WANT to appeal to a wider audience. I understand that the behavior of some fans is annoying. Believe me, ive had my fair share of terrible show experiences, but the good always outweighs the bad for me. As far as groups go..who cares? If you dont like the nation, or rejects, you dont have to be in either. If you dont like the direction the band has taken, dont go to the shows or be in the groups. Seths relationship with whomever, has nothing to do with any of us. Its HIS life. And contrary to poular belief, he doesnt owe us a *** thing. These poor guys have been put on some kind of ridiculous pedestal, with impossible expectations. If the life choices of some guy in a band has that much of an impact on you personally, the problem is not with him.
THANK YOU THANK YOU, poster nov 17, 8:25- I'm from the early days too- whatEVER happened to polite singing along, listening to the music and lyrics- and now the "kid" fans who go to every concert to stand on the floor General Admission talking laughing in small groups like they're at a neighborhood party- AND drunk. Some of us pay to hear the artists and sing along respectively when asked( by TAB) We LOVE the enery, excitement and we get loud too, but still respecting the artist! Maybe one day when the newbies find another " flavor of the month" to follow.
Long time Avett fan here. I'd like to express my disgust to the "fans" that just discovered TAB last month, come to the shows drunk and are always mis-signing TAB lyrics at top of lungs. I paid to hear TAB sing and play, not some drunk new fanboy *** that doesn't even know the words to the songs. SHUT UP AND LET THE BROTHERS SING.
If we all loved each other the way I love Seth Avett nothing bad would ever happen in the world.
Jill Andrews and Seth Avett I'm so in Love with You Adler Theater Davenport IA
Seth Avett signature D35 is great guitar. Order in UK
Sit back and fall in love with & Seth Avett of beautiful duet 'I'm so in Love with You'
Check out Watch Jill Andrews and Seth Avett Perform ‘I’m So in Love With You’ [Exclusive Video]
Seth Avett Sings, Halo via arguably better than the original. Can't get enough of this guy !!
Always been a fan of the Avett Brothers. It's pretty incredible watching Jill Andrews and Seth Avett sing this...
It's a fb page called Rejects in the Attic. They acted like it was all elusive and secret and you have to know someone to get in but once you are in all it is is a bunch t's just a bunch of crazy fan boys and girls. It's the new Avett Nation page. Which that one went south real quick so people left and started this one and now this one is just as annoying.
What is this Rejects page? Also, this is why the good hearted people need to stay together. When at shows, we need to support one another and stand against rude pushing and selfish line cutting. We can do this in a respectful way but I know when this happens and I say something, that people usually back me up. As for new fans sucking, this will happen with any band. We just need to keep in mind why we love the music and not hold these men to higher standards then they are. The brothers are human and they make mistakes. We all do, and if you've been listening to their songs from the start, they never implied that they don't have guilt, shame, and remorse. These are honest lyrics are men that make mistakes. All we can give them is love and support and one day maybe they will be true again in the eyes of some of you that are pretty hurt and upset by them. I didn't grow up in the South and I didn't start watching the Avetts live until the toured the Southeast a couple times. I don't know what it's like to go ...
Look I can't stand what JC has brought to the mix but there's a difference in her giving her opinions on a song and Seth conferring with her before or as he writes it. We all give input into things our spouses do, especially if they ask for opinions. My husband does work for his job and on the side where he'll say "what do you think of this design" etc.I guess my point is that is he's writing a song and then plays it for her and asks what she thinks, that's no different then what the rest of us do. But if she's sitting down and trying to change lyrics, sounds, the song is being made then I completely agree - she needs to stay out of it.
That's like a surgeons spouse conferring with the professional surgeon before performing the operation. WHAT?! OUCH!!
Caught Seth Avett kazoo gonna auction in the spring for Chicago to Peoria run
I'm not even a fan of cats, but I love the fact that Seth Avett has a song with 2 and a half minutes of just rain on a roof & his cats meow
PSA for Avett fans: Seth wrote "January Wedding" for his first wife and hasn't played it since their 2013 divorce. Give him time to heal.
Recent interview on new album - indicated JC shares her thoughts on the songs . TAB- Just PLEASE keep doing and recording( even your new visions/sounds) what you have through the years- your creativity and Honest lyrics have been BRILLIANT thru the years- brought you this far with fame. Please keep YOUR music & it's development and let others excell at their own profession( acting) as other family members /spouses excell in their endeavors. We wish acknowledgement of marriage if it occurred. Fans don't understand the need to keep such news a secret- seems one acknowledges the ? marriage, but the other does not-- it seems so hurtful. People make mistakes- supportive fans may be a positive surprise!!
So much passion from Seth and Scott last night.
Seth Avett has the voice of a demigod
Poor Dolph getting added on the Rejects page. He's going to regret that one.
And I give JC another 5 yrs or so with sticking around before she's moved on to someone else. Which will be sad for Daddy Seth but you know it's coming.
And what gets me about some of these new fans from that *** annoying Nation and Rejects page is that they act like they are holier than thou and then I see them acting like *** and being disruptive at shows. I saw someone that is always preaching the "say love" crap online cut her way in line and then push through people that had been waiting for hours to get herself on the rail. I really wanted to call her out on FB but restrained. Because I'm sure I would have been the one picking on the say love super fan.
I feel like they are as big as they are going to get right now which means the crazy fan girls and fan boys are out in full force taking things too far and ruining experiences for others. I think as the years go by that things are going to die back down and those people will find a new flavor of the month and the shows will get smaller and smaller again. It may be 10 or 20 years but I feel like it will be back to what it once was some day.
The D-35 Seth Avett is one of our favorite custom signature editions ever.
Just hoping they can get back to the old ideals- hope "Hollywood" has not turned the heads of the more mature, realistic band members. Unfortunately, the past couple of years dealt a blow with some poor life choices and how issues were handled. They are a good team with strong family roots& ideals that we hope can be maintained, or in some cases, recaptured. We send our positive energy and thoughts.
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Older fans are dropping like flies. The Avett Brothers have become a band with ideals we can NO LONGER support! Add in the pretentious and SELFISH newer fans and we want to be as far away from shows as possible! We NEVER thought they would become this band! Enjoy it while you can before Rejects and Nation destroy it for everyone.
Scott Avett of smiles at his brother Seth during talk about giving back at last September.
Seth Avett on their new album:. "It’s the most honest and true voice we’ve had in a way we haven’t had before."
“The man knows how to write a song” - Seth Avett . Scott Avett in good form. South Bend, IN 11/5/15
Seth Avett interview:. The Avett Brothers have a new CD coming very shortly (honest!)
Would be GREAT to see the band playing more localized shows in the Southeast- they could stay closer to home, spend more time with their growing families, and some of us native fans could go to more shows! We would provide GREAT SUPPORTIVE crowds! Then Jennifer could get more acquainted with how much the " locals". LOVE TAB!!! She will LOVE living in NC!
Already trying to get my schedules to click with the Avett Bros. shows in 2016. Maybe have to take a week break from SCHOOL!! YAY!
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield covers are the most beautiful of covers
I'm listening to A Change Is Gonna Come by Seth Avett on Listen with me at GO MOLLY!!!
I love seth avett more than you have loved anything in your entire life
Jennifer sells information by scheduling paparazzi photos to be taken and sells them to whatever tabloid rag will run the story. She did it to announce her relationship with Seth, her pregnancy, and the baby's birth. Every single one of those announcements happened well after the fact. The relationship with Seth was announced almost a year after Seth told Susan he was leaving her for Jennifer. The baby was announced when she was 6 months pregnant and the birth was announced almost 4 months after the baby was born. Marriage information will come out when she can sell the photos to make money or when she needs to keep her name in the news for relevance.
Wonder why " getting married in secret"?? - they are both mid 30years old, have been married before AND they have a child together. CELEBRATE this or at least ACKNOWLEDGE it!
8-year-old practicing to be Seth Avett for Halloween.
It is a Seth Avett Halloween for the 8-year-old Grayson.
What a generous gesture as these great guys continue to give! Dec 5 show for participants in the fund raising events for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis!!
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Who wore it better, Seth Avett or Grigori Rasputin?
Know that song The Devil Went Down to Georgia? Replace the fiddle with ping pong, Johnny with Seth Avett, and Ga with NC.
Usually he's pretty active on Rejects and he's been quiet on there too.
He hasn't had a show in a while so he can't rule over his little kingdom. He has some competition in the fanboy fame department, too.
that looks like Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield sing album. Hmmm, maybe they're fans. Probably.
Notice someone has been awfully quiet lately.wonder if word got back to him people are onto his sleaze act.
A second duet with Seth Avett & Jill Andrews, from Charlottesville. Such a fabulous blend of their voices.
I think I really need to listen to Seth Avett though. I need a musical cleanse.
Watching LIVE on seth avett in the curve
Hope to run into Seth Avett in hometown now that most of their touring is over!!!
Seth Avett has a Freddie Mercury look going on.
"Somebody That I Used to Know" by Elliott Smith, covered by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Remember that time I interviewed Seth Avett of Yeah, I'll never forget that.
A rumor is going around that she and Seth Avett married in secret sometime in the summer.
Looking forwRd to NYE show! Maybe they can give more info on new album!
still can't believe I saw the Avett Brothers live. I think a part of me died when Seth sang "I wish I was." 😍
I hope Seth avett didn't mind the reunion lol
When you're listening to David Mayfield Parade and Seth Avett's voice chimes in on backup
Last night show at festival. Included a cool breeze & a new haircut from Seth Avett.
*Seth Avett Sings in the background as my heart shatters*
Hoping that they both will keep NC as their home base- so much support and love for them here and with Seth's family connections here, it's a wonderful place to raise their child!
Seth Avett with short hair wearing a button up and a tie has got me feeling some sort of way oh lord. 😍😍😍
Closest I'll ever be to Seth Avett 💜 Thank you to the Avett Brothers for…
Easing into Sunday morning at the shop . Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliot…
Seth will go where Jennifer goes for the holidays. She has control in the relationship and can use the baby to get what she wants out of him. If she wants to stay in NYC or go to Louisville, that's where he will be. Family events aren't the same since Jennifer came into the picture - she distances herself and keeps Seth away in the process.
Jennifer didn't take time off work to travel with the Seth Avett; she couldn't get work during those two years. Hard to get work when traveling the country.
Love that Seth Avett short hair!!! And more practical than baby pulling on braids!!
Read article jennifer quoted sister and applauded - ' marriage shouldn't b more than a pinki- swear' ---WHAT???!! Hope thats a misquote!! How SAD would THAT be?
Greensboro will be GREAT venue for NYE show- close to home and being with family. Hope Seth and family will be able to be close to Concord during the holidays!
Seth avett's hair is gone and I am not happy about it
Seth's guitar list, that beautiful new guitar! Augusta ,GA 10.16.15
I'd kill to have a voice like Steve Earle or Seth Avett 😅
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - The Mourning, the Silver, the Bell [American Folk]
I think the moment I lost faith in love happened when I found out that Seth Avett cheated on his wife
Yeah- gotta be tired of "extra" touring with band- now she's working- Seth may be staying on the set of filming with her now...something to consider
Good covers of hauntingly beautiful songs. Now I want to revisit the originals.
NYE in Greensboro NC- close enough for a day trip!! Can't think of better way to spend New Years!
Random question. Ever a fan of Elliot Smith? . If yes, check out Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield's album covering him.
Seth Avett's cover of Halo on repeat today, stuck in my head 🙌
I really like her cover of Fond Farwell to a friend with Seth Avett :D
Radar Online used postings from this website as the unnamed source for the articles about Seth's affair and Jacob being fired. Most of us know the information was correct in both instances whether believed by the masses or not. There is a chance more information from here will be picked up again.
and one more thing. why hasn't anyone in the family gone to radaronline with anything? those cats ran the cheating story first and were right about it. this info about Jennifer seems right up their slley
to the posters that are close to the family.does the family really feel that way about Seth and Jennifer's lying and Jennifer's control over Seth by touring with the band? do you think will they stop covering for S + J then and start standing up for themselves? the cats in the band have to be tired of her tagging along by now right?
Congrats also to and Seth Avett, the other "extraordinary" CD reviewed alongside mine
So... I interviewed Seth Avett!. Chattin' with an Avett Brother via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Glad Susan is finally getting everything she willingly put on hold because Seth didn't want the same things. Seth went from a good woman who put these things on the back burner for his career to a conniving woman who has manipulated him to get what she wanted every step of the way. He's now stuck in a relationship that has roots in obsession instead of love.
Seth Avett will forever hold my song, and a pretty girl from melody lane will forever hold my heart!🙌🏻
Susan follows an IG account- a baby named Muriel. In the description it says she's her mom.
I heard Chris Cole is the father of Susan's baby. Because if you can't weasel your way into the band the next best thing is impregnating the ex. (Ha like she'd even touch that guy. Gag)
If that's true, Susan finally got what she wanted all along - a family. She loved Seth and wanted a family with him but he was foolish and strayed for Jennifer's fame. Shame Seth got caught in Jennifer Carpenter's web of manipulation. Now he's stuck with a child he never wanted and wouldn't give Susan.
I heard Seth's ex Susan had a baby. Anyone know?
No one does live music like Scott and Seth Avett. @ Rupp Arena
Of course she said Seth is happy to be a daddy. What's she gonna say, "he's kinda bummed because he knocked up the girl he cheated on his wife with so now he's stuck with her."?
*** That dude Eric's post on Rejects got me all excited. I thought Cole was finally going to be called out. We couldn't be so lucky.
When Seth Avett says "if love is a game, girl then ur gonna win, I'll spend the rest of my days bringin victory in"
Guess who's kazoo this is! Can't guess? It's Seth Avett's 😁 my dad caught it at the concert Thursday!
Spent 30 minutes talking to Susie Avett about her new grandbabies and how happy Seth is to be a daddy. Makes my ❤️ happy.
Thank you to Seth and.Scott Avett for Sanguine it transported me to a heavenly place. Don't stop playing it. It's special.
Yes they've sure drunk the kool-aid haven't they. Hopefully they come to their senses or will talk to the right people.
It would be nice if we could actually say these things without a mob stoning us but they are all too busy following Chris Cole in a sketchy Charles Manson sort of way.
Update your maps at Navteq
Hey Rejects - stop glorifying Chris Cole. can climb out of his butt anytime. He's not famous, he's not royalty, he's not a "brother from another mother". He's just a dude with way too much time on his hands and an unhealthy obsession that likes to use people. Please stop feeding this guys ego. He's not a good guy and if you just ask the right people you'll find out the shady stuff he's done.
His FB page makes me laugh. And I like how he makes it public to advertise his fame seeking adventures more. But literally 99.9% of every post is about the Avett Brothers. Dude - get a life! No wonder you are a single middle aged guy. You know that's not normal right? lol.It's pathetic is what it is. I think that he thinks he's going to wind up BFF's with the brothers some day. He has some serious delusions to carry on the way he does. He needs a wake up call is what he needs. There are PLENTY of us out there that love TAB just as much and have for way longer than this guy that know how to be a fan. What he an attention seeking *** who takes advantage of people to further his own weird delusions of grandeur.
Seth Avett was so clean shaven and dapper tonight that I almost didn't recognize him.
The Chris Cole circle jerk is outrageous; that whole group of people, too. Torn between rolling my eyes for days and vomiting in front of them. When will it all stop?
Seth Avett's acoustic covers are the perfect rainy day music.
NYC is probably some " culture shock" when it comes to leisure time for a family guy loving the outdoors, rolling farm land and some easy style country living with family and friends nearby.
You're right! Some of this fan stuff the 30 year olds do are the things kids do- " selfie group shots"- immature and people seem to lack self confidence. How about seeing or meeting someone with some celebrity, and greet them as you would other adults; maybe say ( not GUSH) how much their talent is appreciated etc etc, but have some self- esteem. You'll probably be remembered longer for acting like an adult.
I think that's what makes me the most disgusted is there is no such thing as a quiet fan nowadays. And social media is partly to blame. It's all about me-me-me. Another thing that cracks me up is there is a certain someone out there that anytime someone meets one of the brothers she changes her profile picture to a picture of her from one of the several times she's met the brothers. It's like "yeah so you met them but I've met them a bunch of times and here's a picture to remind you" God forbid someone else be happy they met them and it's like she needs a bunch of likes that day as well.
A little Amazing Grace a la Avett for your Sunday evening. Bonus: Seth with long hair. ❤️
"I bought my Martin guitar from Seth avett for $400" - people I party with
LOL - One of the Avett fan boys is bragging about how he and his crew of ladies held down the rail at tonight's show. Congratu-freaking-lations. You've now done what millions of festival goers have done in the past. These newer fans want kudos for every little thing nowadays.
Marley told me she hasn't heard Seth Avett sing Halo and I threw up in my mouth
Tennesee theater- Knoxville. YEAH. GREAT break before exams- Guess where WE'RE gonna be on Dec 4- the Fourth Legendary Giveback!!?
I felt like a moment with both Seth and Scott Avett. Magical.
Man, I always thought Seth Avett was a handsome guy, but with his new haircut? Hot ***
Will you please grow out your hair and then braid it like Seth Avett sometimes wears it.
How excited are you to see at this weekend? Here's Seth Avett talking about new music: ht…
Seth Avett of The Vanyaland interview, by Headlining tonight
Which Idols contestant will not get to sing this week?
Interview: Seth on respecting Elliott Smith, music as conversation, & their rise in Americana
Interview: Seth Avett of on music as conversation and their rise in Americana tonight
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett cover Elliott Smith, which is obviously lovely.
What's your guess on how long they'll be together? At first I didn't think it would be long but now there is a baby it may be longer than I originally thought.
Press is playing Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield's covers of Elliott Smith. I'll be here for a while.
[Q+A] "We are 90 percent there," says Seth Avett about the new record:
The pilot was filmed mid-March when Seth was on tour with Jessica Lea Mayfield. If the baby was born mid-May, wouldn't she be roughly 7 months along when filming? What a strange thing to lie about. Working on a tv show while that far along is admirable as it is. What is the point of making it seem like she was farther along than she was?
She had to be about that far along if the baby was born middle of May. Photos of her filming in NY came out in early April and nothing said that it was her last or only day of filming. Dates add up to me but maybe I'm missing something - not real sure why it would matter anyway. She looks fantastic now so wish she would share her post baby secrets!
Scott and Seth Avett were sculpted by angels
(Cont...) Our family is so tired of her lies and would love to release the birth announcement to prove what a selfish liar she is. Seth - and family - deserves better than this fame wh*re.
Why is Jennifer pushing the eight and one-half month pregnant lie with the media? She wasn't that far a long when the pilot was filmed. Trying to generate more buzz for her crappy police procedural?
low key just replayed Seth Avett saying "Knoxville, Tennessee" 27 times
BREAK TIME!! Headed to Lexington's Rupp Arena for the next show! Taking a truckload of FANS!! See you there!
Album of the day: Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield-Sing Elliott Smith
Seth Avett punched Scott in the nose! , Lewiston, NY
If Seth Avett asked me to run away with him I would drop everything and give up my whole life just for him
Just saw a video on " Jennifer Carpenter welcomes first Child" and she and Seth act like they are covering their faces to avoid pap photos - kinda silly isn't it when the paps are called by publicist to come TAKE the pic for publicity and to sell it?
How about Seth's career? Each is just as important- there should ALWAYS be team work and " give and take" in a marriage- that includes marriages of those in entertainment industry. We hope Seth is treated as fairly .
They announce information when Jennifer could gain positive press from the news. Just another way she's using our family.
Why not go ahead and announce- they could get good press from this- fully announced as a legally recognized family! Sounds good!
to when we managed to give Seth Avett of one of our chocolate bars thanks for taking the time
Is it true Seth and Jennifer eloped?
Get the story on our famous Seth Avett ad.
We all get to sit back and watch how the mighty will fall. Get the popcorn!
I think word will spread. He'll burn people like he already has. People like him can't keep it up forever especially when it's not genuine.
He loves himself and the attention he gets too much to slip up and show the fanatics his true self.
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Whatever. He'll never surpass Karen. Plus he's a jerk. You can't be the most famous Avett fan if you are an ***
The circle jerk continued today because he got a photo with Scott and Seth. Everyone has to meet him because he's a legend. VOMIT.
Screw Chris Cole. You people that keep kissing his butt have no clue what this guy is really like. Mark my words, karma is going to get his sleazy *** and his true nature is going to be revealed very publically. If you butt kissers really knew this dude, you'd know that the Avetts would think he was the lowest of the low and the way he uses them to get ahead is pathetic and against everything they stand for. I don't know how you sleep at night Chris. Get a freaking life and act like a grown up.
A little more Seth Avett and for monday via
The real shame is they secretly eloped in LA last month without telling their families before it happened. They are keeping it secret now because Jennifer wants it that way. They asked their families not to tell anyone but Seth Avett has slipped a few times and called her his wife, so why do we all have to be quiet about it anymore? That woman needs to go. She's just about more trouble than she's worth. Family and friends are tired of doing things Jennifer's way.
Hopefully soon because I want to vomit every time I see his face. lol
He and one other guy are really bad about taking advantage. The group they belong to just love how many shows they go to and continue to turn these two into little Avett celebrities. When do they find out they aren't special?
I liked a video Breath of Love - David Mayfield and Seth Avett, Fox Theater, 7/20/11
made my life. Billy Idol's signature and I touched Seth Avett. I can die in peace.
Also I had no idea Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter was born in KY. MINDBLOWN bc I didn't know she married SETH AVETT. Like what?!?
I can't stand him and I know quite a few others feel the same too. Only the fangirls like him are the ones feeding his massive ego. People like that can never keep it up long though, eventually his true nature will be clear to everyone. It's just a shame that he uses the Avetts as a way to weasel his way into friendships, relationships and to the rail.because obviously he can't manage any of that on his own. TAB would be disgusted with what kind of person he is.
Oh gosh! Seth might not get to see his baby much! The horror! Never mind the fact that the rest of the band has been sacrificing family time for years to tour. Things only started changing when Jennifer got pregnant and threw a fit about their touring.
TAB has such a heavy touring schedule in Sept. , even Seth may not get to see baby much.
Oh, and Seth jammed while standing on the piano during "Kick Drum Heart" in St. Louis '14
Sunday spin with Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield doing a beautiful tribute to Elliott Smith.
That guy is the worst. Why does everyone love him? He's only out for himself and will take advantage of others so easily. Watch out - he walks up to the entry line at the last minute and stands with "friends" to cut in front of everyone and get close to the stage.
Who cares about the game when I was THREE FEET AWAY FROM SETH AVETT TONIGHT 🙌🏽🙌🏽
"Seth Avett rocking my face off" Keep running your hand through his hair creepy middle-aged Fanboy.your Avett bubble is going to be popping real soon.
Seth Avett has the voice of an angel... but we already knew that
If Seth Avett Sings 'Halo' tomorrow night I will lose all grasp on reality. Just so you're aware.
Keep on touring guys! We LOVE you! Never heard of you till couple of hrs ago- been to 4 shows this year- TAB best band EVER!!!
I have two extra tickets to Avett on Saturday in Chattanooga for sale!! I mean who doesn't want to see Seth and Scott?? Let me know ASAP!
I just a guy that looked like an older version of Seth Avett. I couldn't sneak a pic though.
They (he.I think we all know who we are talking about) come(s) across as so douchy too. It's hard to believe that some of these women actually fall for this crap. And they are also trying to be the most "famous" Avett fan which I hate to break it to them but that title will always belong to a certain someone no matter what they do. I try to avoid him at all costs but it will be fun to watch it implode in his face which I'm sure will happen eventually.
have you heard Seth avett sing that song? It's so so good
One of the creepy Avett fanboys is celebrating the fact that he's outnumbered by women and calling himself a ladies man. I swear, Avett fanboys and fangirls are the craziest people.
Aug 28 11:26 poster- agree with you!! Let the band tour as musicians and let actresses do the TV and movie thing- tough to try to make these two careers blend!
Yeah- what's up with these Avett fan boys- these single guys who seem to have NO LIFE but the band- crazy- it's one thing to ENJOY the music AND even going to as many concerts as you can ( what u can afford) - but it's sad that those 30-50 year old fan boys have no other interests! I'm as big a fan as any- but , man , I have a life!!(and friends, and job ,and family, and other interest etc)
Seth Avett cut his hair again and I am pleased.
Seth Avett feel free to take me away to South Carolina any time
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I just need next Saturday to hurry up so I can see my main man on the right side of that stage. Seth Avett is everything.
Hope this past short break in touring schedule has allowed some time for Seth to bond with baby!
The voices of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield together to sing Elliott Smith is something beautiful.
It's official. Peyton Manning is my third favorite person. Right behind Seth Avett and Queen J.K. Rowling.
Who is Seth Avett? I love his guitar - sounds so nice. Now I have to check out his band & their music.
My three favorite musicians have had kids this year. Seth Avett and I had a kid this year. That's something.
My art teacher compared the likeness of a 6th century painting of Jesus to Seth Avett...
Love the Avett Brothers? Join Scott and Seth Avett at the Minnesota State Fair this Saturday at the Grandstand!...
Hey I think Seth should play some of his Elliot Smith covers in Augusta! Just a thought!
Nice. I bet it's the same guy I'm thinking of. I'm sure it will all implode in his face soon, hopefully people will see through the fanboy sleeze act. You can only keep that up so long.
The majority of Avett fans are women so the men stand out. This group of 35-50 year-old men make friends with the women and get attention from them. Several of them have actually started using concerts and fan groups as their own dating service. One guy dated someone and left her when she didn't want him to move in with her. He is now living with and dating ANOTHER Avett fan. The Avett fan community is a dicey place.
*** I think anything acoustic gives me the feels. Mellencamp singing Small Town. 😢 Seth Avett singing Halo. 😭
That's so true. I never thought of it like that but it makes perfect sense. The more they talk about TAB the more they keep themselves in the spotlight in the Avett community. It's just so obvious and makes me feel sad for them.
Been listening to a lotta lately Seth Avett does a great job
Those fanboys love the attention they get. It's their own 15 minutes of fame.
Scott and Seth Avett probably fight and argue a lot
Actually some of the women are the same way but for some reason it's more weird when it's a middle-aged single man!
Is it just me or are some of these fan boy Avett fans just completely over the top? I get being a fan and I love them as much as any one else but some of these 35+ 40+ single men that are constantly everything Avett 24/7 really need to get a life. It makes me want to gag. I feel like I can't be part of any of the Avett communities without being overdosed by certain people and their being a constant fanboy.
Most of us are more concerned about what is best for the band instead of what's best for Jennifer. Accommodating the actress is not what is best for the band and puts stress on their tour manager.
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