Sesame Street & Big Bird

Sesame Street is an American children's television series created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett. Big Bird is a protagonist of the children's television show Sesame Street. 5.0/5

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I love how this video only slightly exaggerates how weird this movie was. A Sesame Street car chase/heist film w factions chasing Big Bird
Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' starring Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang
At this rate Sesame Street's next few episodes will be "Trump Deports Elmo," "Big Bird's Big Sex Change," and "W is for W…
Sesame Street is introducing an autistic character. Big Bird takes her to Vegas so she can learn about numbers by c…
This is one big bird that will not be appearing on Sesame Street.
It was Big Bird who tapped Trump. And Trump is imposing sanctions against PBS, Sesame Street, and Big Bird.
visited the Sesame Street set in NYC during the filming Julia’s debut when Big Bird meets the show's first Muppet…
If liberals are so upset abt losing Big Bird & Ernie, get George Soros to divert some of his $$ to Sesame Street.
Important to remember, though, that Big Bird has a sweet new deal with HBO. Sesame Street better protected than most public TV content.
I see so many Big Bird memes re: this budget proposal but didn't Sesame Street move to HBO like a year ago???
He kind of looks like Gordon from Sesame Street ... if Trump had just hit Big Bird with his car and was claiming he…
"TCU's pitcher looks like Big Bird off Sesame Street"
LOL! At first I thought it was "Sesame Street!" I was looking for Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, and the Cookie Monster!
You're wearing a Sesame Street shirt because of Big Bird and Cookie Monster hats😂👏🏻
Michael Keaton to play Vulture in the next Spider-Man. What's next, Big Bird in the live action Sesame Street?
The episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird throws the Old Testament at Bert and Ernie and asks them to read the part about h…
"I figured out my calling in life, I'm gonna be Big Bird; from Sesame Street." . -Easton
Mittwit Romney wanted to defund PBS in 2012; it appears that Big Bird of Sesame Street beat Big Turd of Wall Street!
Big Bird is relocating to HBO? Cost of children's programming is way too expensive so Sesame Street will be in a new place.
In 1969, the first episode of Sesame Street premiered on TV. This is one of Jim Henson's designs of Big Bird.
Watching an excellent documentary on Carroll Spinney (AKA Big Bird) on Sesame Street. Fascinating stuff!
also 30 years ago - Snuffy became real to more than Big Bird on Sesame Street. Coincidence? I think not.
Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a Big Bird. And I know “stealers” and they not from Pittsburgh
I just realized Sesame Street used to b the hoodest show ever big bird =pimp Elmo= blood Cookie Monster = crip rover= local crack head
you might want to interview Sonia Manzano, Sesame Street. She said kids lack grit. from your mouth to Big Bird's ears
Sesame Street: Ernie and Big Bird have bursitis in Manchu Wok. Lyndon B. Johnson massages Rick Astley. Sponsored by Fart
This seems to be the exact opposite of what Sesame Street stands for... I sadly acquiesce: Apparently, Big Bird...
Now that Sesame Street is on HBO I'm hoping to see Big Bird take his rightful place on the Iron Throne
I grew up on Captain Kangaroo rather than Sesame Street, but I know Big Bird needs a big budget. I still disfavor a paywall on the Street.
16th century church apse painting: proof they had Sesame Street's Big Bird in the renaissance.
Big Bird just taking a break from the stress of Sesame Street in Central Park
Solange Knowles stands out in yellow fur coat at star-studded event via big bird from Sesame Street
she looks like Big Bird off Sesame Street
Big Bird speaks: Why the Sesame Street star missed out on a space trip
Sesame Street: Big Bird and Cookie Monster read Big Bang Theory in the meadow. Smokey the Bear meets Liam y Eiza. Sponsored by JC Penney
Just finish watching Sesame Street and I think big bird is Pregnant 😜🐦
Mr. Caroll Spinney is 81. Is the voice of Big Bird and Oscar on Sesame Street.
I just realized... Caroll Spinney has been performing Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for 45 years, ever since Sesame Street started! Wow!
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster and Big Bird meet Michael Keaton in the North Pole. Oscar plays Surround. Sponsored by Bank of America
Nice to see excellence recognized. Caroll Spinney celebrates 45 years as Sesame Street's Big Bird
Today, November 10, the beloved children’s show Sesame Street turns 45 years old, sparking kids and adults alike to reminisce about their favourite episodes and characters. But while we’re used to seeing Big Bird, Elmo, and the rest of the gang’s happy faces on set, we’ve never really seen the peopl…
It's Sesame Street's 45th Anniversary! Buffy Sainte Marie was my favourite character. She was on for 5 years from 1975-1980, my prime viewing years. Here's my all time favourite clip - Buffy, cody and Big Bird. As Big Bird says at the end, "That's nice."
So they said on the radio this morning that 45 years ago today was the first airing of Sesame Street... I am not thrilled knowing I'm a month older than Big Bird!
True confession time. I am an adult who still watches Sesame Street on a daily basis. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and countless other black celebrities put aside their adulthood and sing along with the likes of Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus and a...
Big Bird from Sesame Street reminds me of Steve Martin's character in "The Jerk"
Ehn we don hear, Big Bird of Sesame Street. RTI would've given the whole Nigerian team a yellow card.
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...and when I spoke of Sesame Street...someone said I should be Big Bird 🙀 I was thinking the big Elephant that randomly walks in.
Today Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter H. H is for Hella turnt. *Big Bird rolls oscar the grouch into a g…
Asked to name a redhead from Sesame Street. "Big Bird. Oh wait, that's yella isn't it?"
We all grew up with Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. At 77, he is the last of the original Sesame Street muppeteers. Here's the trailer for I AM BIG BIRD the documentary on his life and career. WARNING: tear jerker!
This is a cute little clip from "The Flip Wilson Show" with Big Bird from "Sesame Street" as guest star. as they sing the Alphabet Song.
Big Bird. Why is he yellow? Is he... "chicken"? This controversial story brought to you live from Sesame Street by the Letter Y.
I snuggle up with my life-size Big Bird dolly... My girlfriend gets jealous... But I can't sleep without him! He makes me feel like I live in Sesame Street counting with Count Dracula... Dancing with Elmo! And sleep in between Bert and Ernie! Oh how I love my big bird! Don't tell my girlfriend, Please she will hurt him because she knows I love him more than her. Yeah I'm so happy I got this off my chest!
Big Bird the real gangster of Sesame Street
my friend just got a *** pic & it seriously looks like Big Bird from Sesame Street
Day of our Sesame Street Live contest. Today you're looking for the letter "A" on our website, Once you find it the letter, click on it and fill out the form. You could win a 4 pack of tickets to June 3rd or 4th's show - and one lucky winner wins the grand prize of a Meet and Greet with Big Bird and the gang! Jay and Barclay will announce the winners Monday, May 12th on NBC 26 Today. Brought to you by the letter "X"...
TOMORROW - Head to the Biggby Coffee in Okemos at the corner of Mount Hope and Hagadorn for your chance to spot Big Bird and win a family 4-pack of tickets to Sesame Street Live! Stay tuned for details tomorrow morning.
Public television and public radio cross paths tonight on Q on CBC Radio as host Jian Ghomeshi interviews Caroll Spnney who, for 50 years, is the man behind (and inside) Sesame Street's Big Bird. If you appreciate shows like Q that bring you interesting interviews with fascinating people, please consider making a text donation right now: just text RADIO to 85944 then answer YES to the confirmation. $10 supports WVXU/WMUB and the charge shows up on your phone bill. Thanks - we really do appreciate it.
Sesame Street Politics I used to watch Sesame Street as a kid. I learned how to count before i started school because of that show. I was counting to 100 and knew my ABCs. But listening to David Chappelle, I got to thinking; What was going down on Sesame Street that made EVERYONE ask, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" Oscar was a grouch, Big Bird was always laughing, mister Snufalufaguss seemed to like was always fiending, and what about the Count. I also believe Chappelle when he said The Count was a pimp. Dude wore a cape and was able to withstand sunlight. Always counting ish. The dude at the store never sold anything but maintained the store. Maybe he was serving? What about Ernie and Burt? Ernie was a crew-cut wearing, weed smoker. He had to be. He was always laughing and doing crazy stuff. Burt had to be a drinker. He was always uptight and aggravated. Cookie Monster must have been eating cookies cooked with ganja too. Look at his eyes. Dude was glued up daily. I think Grover was a bas ...
Text from Clegg: "The new series of Benefits Street isn't as good without Big Bird". One think he might be confusing it with Sesame Street.
Hold tight Sesame Street. Shout out the mandem, Elmo, Oscar Grouch a.k.a OG, Big Bird, dem man there.
Sesame Street: Old School - Volume One (1969-1974) - K50 for a 'copy'. Availability: Wednesday 12th of March 2014 Location: BSP Waigani Banking Centre (opposite Bemobile Building), Waigani Drive Actors: Fran Brill, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Caroll Spinney Directors: Jim Henson Format: Box set, Color, NTSC Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Run Time: 440 minutes Special Features: Celebrity appearances by Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Jackie Robinson, James Earl Jones, Lena Horne, Johnny Cash, and more The premiere episode from each of the first 5 seasons, completely restored 45 bonus segments Original sales pitch film from 1969 Product Description: Were some of your first friends named Grover, Mr. Hooper, and Bob? Do you remember the Ladybug Picnic? How about Pinball Number Count? Sesame Street Old School is a time capsule of the early days of the ground-breaking series you grew up on. Take a trip back in time with Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus. Sing along with classics like "C is for Cookie," "I Lo ...
I took Zimbio's 'Sesame Street' quiz and I'm Big Bird! Who are you?
Muppets to make hostile takeover of Fox TV. During halftime of the Superbowl the Muppets gathered in the bowels of Met Life Stadium and realized how much money they just spent on pregame and first half advertising. Muppet Accountant and Sesame Street math teacher Big Bird says owning the station is better than renting advertising time. Rupert Murdoch and Miss Pigggy to have post game meeting at Scores GO-Go bar and plan a Press Release for Monday.
Sesame Street Live: Can't Stop Singing is in full swing! Don't miss Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all the Sesame Street friends this weekend only! Great seats still available!
Caroll Spinney playing Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.
This photo of the boys and Big Bird from Sesame Street was voted on Billboard's Best Instagram pics of 2013! http:/…
One Direction hang out on a Sesame Street stoop with their pal Big Bird in this first photo from their appearance! The guys — Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan — are set to appear on an episode during the 45th season in Fall 2014. PHOTOS: Check out the latest [..
Happy Holidays from our friends at Sesame Street Live! See Elmo, Big Bird and all of your favorite Sesame Street friends when they perform at the Palace Theatre for 7 Big Shows, January 31 - February 2!
"the first episode of Sesame Street on TV. This one of Gabe Hogue designs of Big Bird.
The Summer Rae squawking is quite apt actually, because she's dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street.
Having a superbly surreal experience at the Butlin's Sesame Street show. Just watched Bert dressed up as John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever) being serenaded by Big Bird and the Cookie Monster. Obviously, I sang along too.
Carrol plays both characters in Sesame Street but honestly I can tell that he is playing only Big Bird in this Colbert sketch!
I want a Big Bird from Sesame Street in the streets and an Animal from The Muppets in the sheets
Detroit has been getting Ron Darling who hasn't been good since he was on Sesame Street w/Big Bird in the 80s
Crazy today in the 'burg! Who knew Elmo, Big Bird & Liam Neeson are this popular?! Reminder: come see Sesame Street's ONE WORLD ONE SKY at 1 and then BLACK HOLES at 215 & 330 narrated by Liam Neeson! Solar telescopes are also out and setup!! Follow our new sandwich board signs to the John C. Wells Planetarium at JMU!
Watching Sesame Street with Haskel and his chor chor, and I realised Big Bird looks so comical! :D
Big Bird still doesn't know the words to Sesame Street.
The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Big Bird, Elmo, etc. perform Sesame Street theme song, all is right in the world--WATCH:
Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets, "Sesame Street" and "Fraggle Rock," would have been 77 today (Sept. 24). The innovative puppeteer spent his career making people smile and laugh with Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and dozens of other characters that came to life through...
In 1969 a sexual abuse case involving several high profile muppets saw Marouane Fellaini kicked off Sesame Street and replaced by Big Bird.
Sesame Street sure got creative when they came up with a name for Big Bird.
[DailyStar] Emmy Collins likens Omotola’s “Muyiwa goes to Nollywood” outfit to Big Bird from Sesame Street -
I want to write with the clarity & directness of that "Sesame Street" episode where they tell Big Bird that Mr. Hooper d…
Today's Ag South Fun Fact of the Day is: Without turkeys, Big Bird would be naked. Big Bird, of Sesame Street is... http…
free- 4.Center For Puppetry Arts Museum – The Center for Puppetry Arts offers world class puppet shows and a fantastic museum of all kinds of puppets including a collection from Jim Henson. The Henson display includes Big Bird and Bert from Sesame Street, Kermit and the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, and others from commercials, TV shows and movies. The museum is FREE each Thursday from 1 – 3 pm.
Was there an ep of Sesame Street where Big Bird got his head stuck in a basketball or did I dream that?? Been wondering all day. Seriously.
The Central planning committee has declared Big Bird an enemy of the state. Sesame Street is hereby banned from the Peoples Union of Yoville.
*** do 2 Chains got on look like Tina Turner mix with the black Big Bird from Sesame Street!!! Tru lol
Following the success of the cat on Monday's will feature Big Bird off Sesame Street and the Smurfs.
"If Sesame Street's Big Bird were to walk in front of you and collapse with a heart attack, THAT would be impeccable timing…
I just finished watching Sesame Street n I think big bird is pregnant lol
I'm the man 'round here, capiche? Call me Big Bird like Sesame Street
Michael Dukakis or Big Bird? Maybe it's Laura on Sesame Street w/ Big Bird? Cause that a real thing! Barbara too!
It's an original Sesame Street song performed by Bert, Big Bird, Amazing Mumford, Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Ernie.
Sesame Street just spoofed Boardwalk Empire and now Sarah Jessica Parker is on making vague references to Sex & the City (she's waiting for "Big"--turns out to be Big Bird). So when I was a kid, were there references to Dynasty and TJ Hooker that were going over my head?
First Lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird of "Sesame Street" participate in public service announcement tapings in...
My college roommate just told me she rarely watched Sesame Street and when she did she thought Big Bird was creepy...
Sesame Street - Big Bird Antenna Topper: Who is big and bright yellow? Big Bird, of course! Here is everyone's...
Between Oscar and Big Bird it seems like one out of three people on Sesame Street can't make rent.
Good morning, Cookie Monster (Emma Lander)! Today is the day. Don't take anything for granted. Pray, play hard, focus, and gobble up those rebounds. Give God the glory for the journey. Now you, Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, Ernie and the rest of Sesame Street go get yourselves a state title.
Mel Kiper Jr. kinda looks like the human version of Big Bird from Sesame Street.
Mark your calendar for a musical event like no other-monsters making music! Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird and all their Sesame Street friends are taking to the stage to share their love of music in Sesame Street Live "Elmo Makes Music."
"Where was the fire you fought today?" "123 Sesame Street, I saved Big Bird. We caught the arsonist, it was Mitt Romney" i love Kelly.
In more cable news shakeups.. Big Bird is in contract talks with to leave Sesame Street for lucrative offer
Check out these great Sesame Street coloring pages! Print out cute coloring pages starring Elmo, Big Bird, the...
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Just finished watching Sesame Street, I think Big Bird is pregnant
Tune in to CBS Weekend News this Saturday, Feb 23rd at 6:45 am to see Sesame Street's Kristin Cook and Abby Cadabby discuss our FREE apps!
As Big Bird does a victory dance in the White House today, here's the bottom line. Sesame Street costs $17 million a year to produce. In 2011, Sesame Workshop (a 501 C3 nonprofit) took in $46.9 million in licensing income for the Sesame Street franchise (think Tickle Me Elmo). So, cutting taxpayer funding would kill Big Bird? Yeah, right...
First of the Transition Carbon Coverts, frame swap from an alloy Covert. Already now known around the shop as "Big Bird"! Mike seems (very) happy with his Sesame Street bike.
"Michigan looks like a bunch of bananas pops said they look like Big Bird from Sesame Street lool
Current Thinking February 1, 2013 January’s employment report was a bit of a disappointment with only 157,000 new jobs against expectations of 165,000. The unemployment rate also increased from 7.7% to 7.9%. The rate goes up as more people come back into the work force and look for jobs. Job growth is still lacking. With all due respect to Sesame Street, Big Bird, Elmo and of course The Cookie Monster, today’s letter is the letter “R” for Recession or Rebound. The most recent Real GDP number (“Real” means adjusted for inflation and yes it begins with the letter “R”) from Wednesday (1/30/2013) revealed our economy shrank 0.1% against an expectation that it would grow 1%. The culprit was government spending which shrank 6.6% for the quarter driven by shrinking defense spending. Remember that the strict definition of a recession is two back to back quarters of negative GDP growth. An unintended consequence of trying to reduce the size of our government is the possibility of flirting with a .. ...
Did you know that on Sesame Street, Snuffleupagus used to be invisible? He could only be seen by Big Bird. The show intended to have it help represent the imaginary friends that kids sometimes have. Instead, it became a matter of adults not believing Big Bird when he told them something. I remember watching it when I was a little kid and being frustrated that the adults didn't believe Big Bird. I remember actually having stressful, angry feelings at the adults for not believing what Big Bird understood to be the truth. I had been sexually assaulted more than 7 times in my life by the time this was on tv. I was about 4 years old. I had not told anyone what happened. I had been told it was "secret" and that "no one would believe" if I told. Watching this show about adults who are supposed to be "the smart ones" and are supposed to believe their children when they are telling the truth really got to me. Why didn't Maria stay a minute longer? Why didn't Bob hang out with Big Bird more often? Then, they would ...
Ever realised that some of ur coworkers remind u of Sesame Street or Bugs Bunny Characters. I can definitely recognise Snuffleupagus, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Foghorn Leghorn (rooster from Bugs Bunny), Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Marvin the Martian. Who can u recognise from ur job?
Oh no, I just realized I'm watching Sesame Street & Catlyn is sound asleep! On the Journey to Ernie with Big Bird.
The big yellow bird on Sesame Street was to big to walk around in public and everything was normal
Oh uhh... This is sesame seed tobacco. I got it from big bird on Sesame Street
It would've been tight if G-Unit was also a group of thugged out puppets from the ghetto side of Sesame Street. Big Bird talmbout "And remember kids when you see the letter G, tuck your chain in..."
Oh, you know, just listening to Big Bird and Tanya Tucker sing a song from Sesame Street's "Sesame Country" album.
Big Bird is in the middle of his first song in a live Holiday Show staring Sesame Street when he gets too close to the edge of the stage and slips off. while...
is it Big Bird? Cos he got sacked from Sesame Street recently. X
Breast Cancer Awareness
I thought my TV tuned to Sesame Street but I realized that's not Big Bird, it's just Brooke Hogan
This Is A Child's Brain On 'Sesame Street' Jacqueline Howard, Posted: 1/6/13 9:26 AM Updated: 1/6/13 9:29 AM By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 01/04/2013 09:46 AM EST on LiveScience Children are not the only ones who can learn from Big Bird � brain scans of children and adults watching "Sesame Street" reveal how brains change as they learn reading and math, researchers say. One goal of brain imaging is discovering more about how children learn. Such an understanding of the building blocks of learning might help diagnose and treat learning difficulties. For instance, "when children fail to learn mathematics well, there could be a number of different reasons for that � it could be that they have weak concepts of numbers, that they have poor memory, that they have limited attention," researcher Jessica Cantlon, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Rochester in New York, told LiveScience. Brain tests could help determine the precise cause of a kid's math impairments ...
Gilbert Gottfried on Sesame Street. Far out. Will he do a roast of Big Bird?
Explore the night sky with your favorite friends from Sesame Street. Join Big Bird, Elmo, and their friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu, on a journey of discovery to learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun, and the Moon.
In this house we are pretty obsessed with felt clippies! Wondering what you would like to see? I do have Strawberry Shortcake, Lala Loopsy, New Years fringe party hats in pink and purple coming to name a few.. But what about Sesame Street characters like Snuffy? Big Bird? Any animals? I will have St Patricks Day hats.. And Shamrocks, all sorts of Valentines Day ones but what else???
East Tennessee PBS brings you an education that never ends! With programs like Sesame Street, Curious George, Angelina Ballerina and others, we start our audience off early with learning that lasts a lifetime. East Tennessee PBS also brings favorites like Antique Roadshow, Nova, Nature and Masterpiece's award winning series Downton Abbey to our region! Tonight, Big Bird rides on a 1945 F-99 Ford belonging to Dewhirst Properties in the 2012 WIVK Christmas Parade in downtown Knoxville! We hope you'll come out to see us!
but that's the song that plays when Big Bird and the little girl ice skate on Christmas Eve on Sesame Street! lol
Well I think I may have been molested by Big Bird in a former life. And I have a phobia of garbage cans too, I bet Oscar the Grout may try and do some strange things to me in one of my future lives not yet to be discovered.Either way, I'm suing EVERYBODY who ever lived on Sesame Street!
Who would you vote for? Sam Champion vs. Big Bird who lives on Sesame Street
Canibus - Nigganometry; with a Sample of Big Bird from Sesame Street cut and scratched saying "N" on the hook. CLASSIC
We found classic Sesame Street episodes on Netflix...even older than my cool to see all the young actors that are still on today.but Big Bird looks PSYCHO LMAO!
Sesame Street need Union Leader. But untill then me just give phone to Big Bird. Him say Weird noises, them go away. Him great politician!
0.0 The REAL Big Bird... not the nice guy you know from Sesame Street!
Who'd have thought it ! . Just watching the News and it seems all of the problems in the Middle East are going to be resolved by everyone joining in on Sesame Street !!! Well done Big Bird !!! :)) . I may have misheard ... I was hoovering at the time ... :)
Last week, a friend of mine told me he never understood why the government funded PBS in the first place. Sesame Street is marketable and could be bought out by Disney or Nickelodeon in a second. The same goes for all of PBS’s best shows. So why should taxpayers fund PBS?
I swear - I'm watching old Flip Wilson episode with Big Bird, Susan from Sesame Street, Flip and Raymond Burr all dancing around.
Soccer and the Obama nation One thing that struck me in the first presidential debate was when President Obama said that “everyone deserves a fair share”, as opposed to my view that everyone deserves a fair opportunity. He quickly back pedaled and tried to qualify his remark, but it seems to be consistent with his take from the rich and give to everyone else philosophy of government. Anyway, back to soccer. I coach my son’s soccer team which is made up of 8 year old boys. As we were walking to a game recently (prior to the election) one of the boys remarked that Mitt Romney was going to sell Sesame Street, and he could do it because he was rich. He said the word rich with the intonation one might use with the word evil or mean. I explained to the boy that although Mr. Romney was wealthy he couldn’t sell Sesame Street because he didn’t own it, and besides Big Bird is probably richer than Mr. Romney. If you study and work hard you could become wealthy too. The child gave me a curious look as he p ...
Tough year for Sesame Street...1st Big Bird caught up in the presidential debates now Elmo in a sex scandal
Sesame Street turns 43 years old today. Thanks to our 44th president and Obamacare, Big Bird will live to see 44.
Sesame Street turns 43 year old. Happy birthday Big Bird and friends!
Today in history, November 10, 1969, 'Sesame Street' debuted on PBS. 43 years later, Big Bird would take on Mitt Romney... and win!
Just got home from listening to presentation by film documentarian, Ken Burns, at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. He showed some excerpts from "The Dust Bowl" which will be shown on local PBS station, KCTS Channel 9, next weekend. Got a book autographed and even a baseball (as I loved his documentary "Baseball" the best). Great guy with a terrific sense of humor! (Had to love his political jokes now that the election is over and how Sesame Street's "Big Bird" is no longer endangered by potential government funding cuts!)
Jim Henson's Sesame Street debuted in 1969. Kid's (yeah me back then, my kid's later and my grandkids now, loved it and still do). Sesame Street took home 109 Daytime Emmy Awards n Seven Primetime Emmy's, making it the most-awarded TV show in the country. Thank-you Jim Henson, Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, Bert n Ernie, Mr. Hooper, Bob, Maria, Gordon and all the cast puppet and human.
Day 3 of just coasting by in life. Today was my day off so I caught myself eating a bag of Cheetos while watching Sesame Street. A warm tingly feeling flooded my body as I realize that our wonderful President saved Big Bird so the unemployed masses have something to watch while eating Cheetos. I wonder if Sesame Street will someday be in Mandarin? Peace!
Big Bird's nest was blown away by a hurricane this morning :'( But, the Sesame Street community came together to build him a new one :) Even Oscar helped!
It's a sad day on Sesame Street today.Big Bird's nest was blown away by Hurricane Sandy.poor lil, I really need to get out of my house at some point today :)
Big Bird's nest got blown away on Sesame Street.
The Se7en Signs Of The Apocalypse: 1. Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold reunite on the Letterman show. 2. Disney releases the long awaited anime Daffy Does Dallas. 3. Fox cancels House because it requires its viewers to think through the commercials. 4. Howard Stern makes a guest appearance on Sesame Street. A fight between him, Big Bird and a stripper puts all three in the hospital. 5. Deuce Bigelow III. 6. OJ Simpson gets jury duty. 7. Santa Clause writes every boy and girl back in America just to say, "Get it yourself you spoiled little brat; I'll be out drinking that night."
If you have young children, they may have had difficulty understanding what was happening last week during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Tomorrow morning, Sesame Street airs a special episode about revolving around Big Bird losing his nest in a hurricane, and his friends rallying around him to help him rebuild. It airs at 10 am on WHYY. And if after watching your children want to do something to assist with recovery efforts, check out our previous posts about what is needed and where to help.
I was given the letter "L " Can you describe me using a word that starts with the letter "L"? Why do I feel like I'm a guest star on Sesame Street? Has anyone seen Big Bird? Oh that's right, Mitt Romney fired Big Bird. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I know Big Bird and The Muppets are on Sesame Street popping Bottles!!
Big Bird announces tomorrow's episode of Sesame Street will be sponsored by the letters F and U.
News Alert: There is no truth to the rumor Sesame Street is changing Big Bird's name to "Flip the Bird."
Im hearing that its a Block Party on Sesame Street and Big Bird poppin bottles too!
I wonder what Big Bird is doing on Sesame Street today. I bet they are having a Block Party.
Update: GM is alive, Osama Bin Laden is dead, Barack Obama is still President, Big Bird is back on Sesame Street & Karl Rove is irrelevant.
Big Bird's hosting a Block Party on Sesame Street today! LOL The right-wingnuts have been saying "Cut funding to Public TV" for over 20 years.
In some of the comments I've been reading regarding the election there are people actually saying they voted for Obama because they didn't want their kids to not be able to watch Sesame Street/Big Bird(personally I find this mind blowing). Producers revealed in 2011 they received $7,968,918 in government grants . Also revealed that Sesame Workshop received $44,984,003 in royalties last year, which includes sales of Sesame Street brand merchandise like "Tickle Me Elmo" dolls. $30 million in revenue from content distribution and media production. Raised $34 million in private funds also. I'm trying to understand why tax money is going to a media program that made $109 million in one year. Maybe I am misunderstanding something? It seems Big Bird is rich,lol. (There are people still positing Big Bird political stuff and insults in my feed so just curious)
IRS forms from Sesame Workshop show the salaries of the puppeteers who play Big Bird and other "Sesame Street" characters.
This just in.Big Bird and Clint Eastwoods' chair spotted at a local polling booth.Exit polls indicate they voted for Obama.. CNN declares Obama the winner in Sesame Street.
Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum. Rick Perry. Herman Cain. Michelle Bachman. Ron Paul. Jon Huntsman. These are the names of the presidential candidates that Republicans championed as the answer to the problems of America. One by one, they all imploded and fell to the wayside. And then, Mitt Romney, the left over candidate floated to the top. Romney is the choice on GOP list. An eighth-string quarterback who still hasn't released his tax returns, who hides his wealth overseas to avoid U.S. taxes, who refuses to give details about all his "plans" to fix America, who ran away to France during the Vietnam War as a draft dodger, who has promised to make himself Commander-In-Chief of every American woman's body and issue orders about what they can and can't do with their *** and considers Big Bird and Sesame Street to be a threat to America, he has also been cataloged as being the presidential candidate that has told more blatant lies during his candidacy than any other presidential candidate in the histor ...
Just remember, every time you vote for're encouraging Big Bird's crack addiction. He's can't deal with the stress of unemployment and neither can we. Do you really want Sesame Street to become Skid Row?
Taxi driving Big Bird takes youngsters on a trip to adventure and fun! Cheerful checkered cabbie cap and shirt lend authentic big city style to this cuddly Sesame Street plush toy.
I just had a though and maybe someone can explain it. Disney owns Jim Henson company, Jim Henson as in The Muppets, i.e. Sesame Street. Last week Disney dropped a check for over 4Billion US$ to buy Lucas Arts. .And why does Big Bird need public funding?
LIES OF OMMISSION -- CNN failed to mention that – Romney Bain are destroying American cities by closing businesses and sending jobs to China. Romney is off shoring money to avoid paying taxes needed to pay for public services. Romney Ryan plan to explode the deficit with huge tax cuts for the super rich. The Romney Ryan plan will destroy America by cutting funding for public education, cutting funding for student grants and loans, cutting funding for food for children and the poor, cutting funding for Medicaid for seniors and the poor, cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare, cutting Obamacare – even cutting Sesame Street and Big Bird (the successful cost effective preschool education program). The Romney Ryan plan will bring the usual Republican recession (Reagan, Bush, Bush, and now Romney) and cut 2.5 million jobs by cutting essential government services and deregulating the Wall Street Banksters. CNN fails to mention the Republican pledge on the eve of Obama’s inauguration to block everyt ...
"PUPPETS PROTEST" Several hundred supporters of US Public Broadcasting marched on the US Congress Saturday in a "Million Puppet March" in favor of on going Federal Funding for non-commercial programming. The good humored protest was prompted by republican challenger Remmit Romney's threat, in a televised debate with President Barack Obama month ago, to halt government funding to public media if he wins the White House on Tuesday. Marching alongside "Sesame Street" characters such as as Big Bird & Kermit The Frog, Were A protester in a latex Romney masked in Halloween themed ensemble that billed itself as the finest skeletone from the national closet. It is not just Sesame Street, co-organizer Michael Bellavian told AFP prior to the marched, citing the long running PBS educational television show tailored to young children.
With the stupid antiRomney ads with Big Bird, I couldn't help but think if the studies done that indicate how ineffective Sesame Street has actually been . . . Sesame Street was supposed to help children be ready for kindergarten. It didn't work. Know why? Because kindergarten isn't like Sesame Street.~ Neil Postman from Amusing Ourselves to Death
I totally agree with Romney about PBS and Big Bird. The CEO or one of the officers of PBS makes over $650,000 a year. The sell of Sesame Street clothing, toys, etc. make millions and millions of dollars a year. WHY SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT GIVE PBS ANY MONEY. PBS are always having "BEG-A-THONS". They want MORE money. The more they get, the more they want. "OUR" BANK SHOULD CLOSE TO PBS. They need to be self-supporting. This is one way Romney can save money and get us out of the SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. That is a DISGRACE!!! VOTE FOR THE REAL AMERICAN, ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT. HE HAS BUSINESS SENSE AND COMMON SENSE. OBAMACROOK DOESN'T HAVE SENSE TO TALK WITH HIS ADVISORS ON HIS TELEPROMPTER. HE IS A JOKE!! OBAMACROOK IS A LYING KENYA BORN MUSLIM MORON MURDERER!!
Romney may need Sesame Street and Big Bird to expand his knowledge of reality in easy to follow and understand terms. Today's word: TRUTH
2 shows down, 5 more to go!! Next Sesame Street Live: "Elmo Makes Music" is tonight at 7:00pm!! And don't forget about the Playzone open before the show, FREE with your ticket!! Sing and dance with Sesame Street friends, sit in Big Bird's nest, twirl in Zoe's dance studio, sit on the steps of 123 Sesame Street, and much more.
When she was watching the Big Yellow Bird on Sesame Street
Just thinking if Mitt was trying to down play MY PRESIDENT..why would he call him BIG BIRD??..he must not have watched Sesame Street..cause he would have known that everybody loved and needed Big Bird and offen went to him for help w\ their Mitt I'll take Big Bird over you (oscar the grouch) any day
The quality of Yo Gabba Gabba episodes is declining. I watched an episode last weekend with my sons. First of all, most of those tricks were not cool, as advertised. Second, several kids gave me their names and said they liked to dance. They sucked - as bad as I am at dancing, but you don't see me on television. DJ Lance Rock was still epic and he can still break it down for me. Perhaps some of that fat (and phat) Sesame Street funding that Big Bird is hoarding can go to Nick Jr when PBS collapses.
Big Bird is in no danger of going anywhere, with hundreds of millions of dollars in its nest egg. Sesame Street makes for a nice public face for Public Broadcasting, butPublic Broadcasting isn’t anywhere as cozyas that. But it’sactually worse than that.
Will ABC go the way of Sesame Street and Big Bird? | Fox News via
Wat i cant understand is why Mitt Romney really wants to take Big Bird n Sesame Street away from r kids. Its n educational program r kids love. Why would Mitt Romney not support an educational program. That speaks for himself. He is the selfish person thr making him to b. If he gonna punish r kids like that. Least Obama supports educational programs. Big Bird has been around for so long.
Adam Levine sounds like Big Bird in Sesame Street.. but it's ok.. he still cute! :)
Big Bird halloween costumes are flying off shelves after Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney made reference to the Sesame Street character during the debates but that's not the only costume that's popular this season. Lezlie Johnson has more.
Big Bird needs public funds? If the Occupy crowd is really against corporations and corporate greed then they should look no further than Sesame Workshop, a corporation filed under section 501 (c) 3 of the IRS code where the average salary of the twenty-one highest paid executives is north of$400,000 and the top dog brings in nearly $1,000,000. For the record, I am not against highly paid executives except when said corporation receives government grants and subsidies, AKA money taken by force from taxpayers or borrowed from China at interest. Mitt Romney had it right in last week’s debate when he suggested to Jim Lehrer, “I’m sorry, Jim. I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS. I love Big Bird. I actually like you, too. But I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it.” Liberals howled at the suggestion that Mitt Romney and the evil Republicans would dare kill Sesame Street. They decry corporate greed exc ...
Big Bird should demand a raise. He's the real seed-winner for PBS, not those greedy PBS executives!
October 24, 2012byTim BrownSesame Street Gets $1 Million Simulus Grant – Creates 1.47 Jobs0Everyone recall the first presidential debate where PBS funding and Big Bird came up? Well apparently we don’t know the half of the Sesame Street tale. In 2010 the Department of Health and Human Services issue...
The 'Sesame Street workshop' has assets in over $400 MILLION-that's JUST in assets. Big Bird isn't broke. Time for a new argument people.
Fox has enthusiastically echoed Mitt Romney's call to end public funding for Sesame Street and other Public Broadcasting. Fox's attacks on Public Broadcasting have focused on criticism of Big Bird.
Thinking of Big Bird & PBS ... The government gives PBS $445 million annually, a mere 12% of funding($3.5 billion) it receives. The president of PBS earns $632k annually, more than the president of the country. PBS airs Sesame Street which is produced by a separate company, Sesame Workshop. Sesame Workshop generates $130 million annually and has assets of $290 million, yet accepts $10 million in government support annually. Big Bird makes a $314k salary. The president of Sesame Workshop earns just shy of $1 million annually. So, if cuts were implemented by the government, these companies would most likely survive, maybe more fund raisers or shows picked up by the numerous cable companies, and the government would save close to 1/2 billion annually, small in the overall picture, but a beginning. Lots of small pieces can add up to one big pie. Just thinking ...
Just a quick little fact to keep everything on an even keel (warning, I mention BIG BIRD and 1%ers in this!): According to the 990 tax form all nonprofits are required to file, Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 -- nearly a million dollars -- in compensation in 2008. And, from 2003 to 2006, Sesame Street made more than $211 million from toy and consumer product sales. I think Big Bird has a well feathered nest.
Big Bird is the big homie on the lows in Sesame Street
did you know that Big Bird can't count and is a girl? What's up with the equal education on Sesame Street?
Obama sounding lot more like Ernie tonight. He's taking this support of Big Bird and Sesame Street seriously.
No way Mitt Romney is becoming president of the United States, he is dishonest and down right ruthless, plus Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew will be homeless and might end up doing criminal activities, no no Cookie Monster put your pistol down, you dont have to steal chocolate chip cookies
Romney needs to increase the military budget so he can send tanks into Sesame Street , so we can get Big Bird
Big Bird? Sesame Street? ...Well, Tonight's Debate is brought to you by the Letter " O " and the number 16 TRILLION. ~ selah.
A new poverty-stricken Muppet will highlight the issue of hunger struggles on an episode of "Sesame Street", the show said in a statement on Tuesday. Pink-faced Muppet Lily, whose family deals with food insecurity, will join Big Bird, Elmo and other favorites on a one-hour prime-time special featuri...
Because some people believe every costume should be available in a sexy version, Yandy is selling these sexy Sesame Street costumes for ladies. They come in Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch versions, and...
Democrats Think that Sesame Street is a hard News program and Big Bird is Edward R. Murrow.
After recently promising to end funding for beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is now refusing to take questions from children on a Nickelodeon special,Kids Pick the President: The Candidates.
Hey politicians, pop culture is not yours to pillage at will. Democrats, leave Big Bird on Sesame Street, he is not interested in campaigning for you. And Republicans, you have truly stepped OVER the line using the phrase 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose'! Now you tell Coach Taylor you are sorry, and step out of the Friday Night Lights.
Political spin, unwound- from the first presidential debate: What Mitt Romney said: "I would end funding of PBS." What the Obama campaign declared in their TV ads the next day: "Mitt Romney declares war on Big Bird! He wants to shut down Sesame Street & PBS!" (Independent organizations supporting Obama ran smear ads going so far as to say "Mitt Romney doesn't care about your children!: Says he will foreclose on Sesame Street & evict Big Bird!") What Big Bird said: "Mr. President, leave me out of politics! I don't want to be used as leverage in a political campaign." What PBS said: "Federal funding accounts for approximately 15% of PBS revenues, and 2% of Sesame Street's revenue." (Sesame Street is a successful, largely self supporting entity due to licensing of Sesame Street merchandise. ) If Federal funding is cut for PBS, children and loyal adult fans need not worry- Sesame Street is not going anywhere. Only a small percentage of Sesame Street's funding comes from the Corporation for Public Broa ...
Romney's response to Obama's criticism that Mitt will cut Sesame Street's "Big Bird".
Looks like SC has been playing football on Sesame Street with Big Bird.bwaaahhaahhhaa
Mitt Romney Wonder why he talks about Big Bird so much. I grew up on Sesame StREET what the heck is wrong with this guy. A good wholesome show and all he can do is make fun. I really do not like this guy. I bet alot of of grown up on that show but now since we are adults we do not care about the show anymore we are just to grownup. Maybe a Big Bird offeded him in some way I do not know but I do not want a President who makes so much fun over a childs program that helps them learn. WHAT A JERK IN MY BOOK.
Ok... had to share. When the whole Big Bird comment was headlines the boys asked who "Big Bird" was (yeah, I was never into Sesame Street, sorry) and Zach said he thought we were talking about a rapper, like Snoop Dog.
What courage! Just to think that we whine about Sesame Street.insisting that Big Bird teach our children!! What kind of mentality is that?
Recently my "friends" have been posting about Big Bird and Sesame Street. Did you know that from 2008 thru 2011 Sesame Workshop, the parent company has a profit of 244 milliion from sales, promotions, etc. and doesn't rely on fund raising from PBS. Have you been in a store that sells Elmo or Big Bird dolls, games, etc. where do you think that money goes to??? It's a corporation, that exists by making a profit. Wakeup people. Understand and research before you just make a blind vote. We need help.
Any Politician who will not show multiple year taxes may be hiding something, & will not get to Sesame Street, sd. by Big Bird, Count, & Miss Piggy.
The, ummm, flap over Big Bird is nonsense but, still, we can't help but give Sesame Street a thumbs down for continuing to insist on public funding through PBS. Sesame Workshop, an independent non-profit organization headed by a million-dollar-a-year CEO, is hands down the most lucrative franchise carried on PBS, taking in more than $100 million a year from licensing fees for its many, many products as well as in donations and grants. Remember, publicly funded PBS does not own Sesame Workshop. If PBS ceased to exist today and stopped giving Sesame Street a subsidy every year, Big Bird and his buddies would show up tomorrow on a commercial station and Sesame Street would continue doing extremely well financially, thank you very much. Meanwhile PBS continues to be funded by a Federal Government that is - what is the latest trillion-dollar figure? - $16,157,753,419,211 in debt as of last Wednesday. If you think we can afford to keep subsidizing a popular childrens' TV program that is making millions of dolla ...
For the record, the McAllister family planned on being Sesame Street characters well before the Big Bird comments. Kermit (me), Miss Piggy (Cat), Bert (Mallory), Ernie (Ruby). Happy Halloween.
Big Bird binder. All the rage this holiday season.
Sesame Street will Survive W/O Government Subsidies, says CATO legal scholar | Big Bird can be taken off welfare now.
Very easy to Demonize Romney et all but let's be clear Sesame Street (Big Bird) is no NEA...: According to financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2011, Sesame Workshop and its nonprofit and for-profit subsidiaries had total operating revenue of more than $134 million. They receive about $8 million a year in direct government grants and more indirectly via PBS subsidies. Big Bird and friends also receive corporate and foundation support, and donations amount to about a third of revenue. Distribution fees and royalties comprise another third and licensing revenue makes up the rest. At the end of fiscal 2011, Sesame Workshop and its subsidiaries had total assets of $289 million. About $29 million was held in cash and "cash equivalents," mainly money-market mutual funds. Another $121 million on the balance sheet was held in "investments." According to the accompanying notes, these investments included stakes in hedge funds and private-equity funds
Big Bird makes a cameo in an Obama campaign ad, as both the president and Mitt Romney continue referring to the iconic Sesame Street regular on the stump nea...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Welcome to This Week in Sesame Street, a new feature in which we’ll revisit all the funny, touching and memorable moments Sesame Street has produced since it was first aired in 1969. This week we’re taking a look back at the first time Big Bird appeared on the classic game show Hollywood Squares. *** ..
Those sexy lingerie Big Bird, Elmo, et al. costumes you might have seen aren't actually endorsed by Sesame Street . In fact, they're actively trying to get the site to stop selling them.
Alright go ahead and cut Big Bird...DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MR. ROGERS!!! (I had to watch Mr. Rogers when I was a kid because I couldn't keep up with the fast pace of Sesame Street. If he moved at the same pace he talked he'd be on last weeks breakfast.)
Some Big Bird statistics & why Romney wants to cut tax payer funding to PBS: The Pres of PBS salary is $632,000 per year, Big Bird generates in royalties and sales an income of $50 million a per for PBS, Sesame Street generates from toy sales, etc an estimated $211 million per year in sales. The Pres of Sesame Street has a salary of $956,000 per year. WOW, and the tax payers should continue to give them money. And somehow Romney is the bad guy for wanting to cut taxpayer funding to them. Someone pinch me and wake me up, this has to be a bad dream.
I think that if Sesame Street can't pay it's own bills then it should be cancelled due to funding . Big Bird has made big bucks for years and spent it on hookers and coke, Oscar is a drunk , and only Kermit has any common sense but Miss Piggy is an expensive ex. There I said what everyone knows
Had a friend email m saying why would I support anyone who would cut funding for Big bird… Well at first When I heard Romney say he would cut the funding I thought not so sure I completely agree with that… Then came all the liberal stabs at Romney for being heartless, and I thought maybe I should see what Big Bird and PBS really need from us funding wise. Wow was I shocked . By 1981, Sesame Street had entered the toy realm with licensing agreements with Fisher-Price, Mattel, and others. (People in the industry still talk about the Christmas of 1996, when the “Tickle Me Elmo” doll became a national sensation.) As early as 1984, Forbes estimated that the characters were appearing on 1,700 products doing $200 million worth of business just at the wholesale level. And that was the last year before things really took off. In 1990 CTW (Childrens Television Workshop) licensed their franchise to a company building Sesame Street Store retail shops. There were Sesame Street videogames, sheets, towels, soap ...
Takes Blame for Benghazi In yet another twist following the second presidential debate, Big Bird has declared that the buck stops with him and has taken the responsibility and blame for the entire Benghazi attack and its aftermath. In an exclusive interview originally scheduled for release after the presidential election, the oversized Muppet asserts that the potential loss of government funding for the Children’s Television Workshop -- although only 15% of its total budget -- weighed so heavily upon President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Intelligence Director James Clapper that it interfered with their decisions about embassy security and communications about the attack. Big Bird’s decision to come forward so soon was due to reports that an old episode of Sesame Street was broadcast in the Middle East in which he has a sleep over with Elmo. Television logs show that the broadcast occurred in the week prior to the Benghazi attack and had many more viewers than the 12 ...
Sesame Street's 'Word of the Day' is "Gangbanger"! The President and Wolf Blitzer used the word.. Love to hear Big Bird use the word.. LOL
Sesame Street is privately funded by a nonpartisan group. Stop bringing up my Big Bird!
Right after the debate, Big Bird and Elmo gave Romney the old Sesame Street beat down! Big Bird in his best Rick Ross voice: "Yo, that!"
"Mr. Romney, Mr. Romney! My question is about Sesame Street. Well it's important to me! It's the only job I;ve ever had!"-Big Bird
Anybody nervous about a possible plan on an etchesketch (sp?) or toilet paper, taking down Big Bird and saving Sesame Street ? Romney
Something no one seems to understand is this: EVERYONE, no matter who ends up being elected, is going to have to step up and do their part. With the deficit as big as it is, how can anyone expect to not have to pay their fair share of taxes? How can anyone complain about something being sacrificed for the sake of getting the deficit down to where are children won't be responsible for what selfish politicians during OUR time have created? Everyone is going to have to give up something. I mean, Sesame Street makes enough money in retail to keep PBS on the air. I love Big Bird, but when times are tough, we have to make sacrifices. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the world. They make tons of money from killing babies, let them support themselves for a little while. The money they get from the government is only lining a few people's pockets. Until we lower the debt burden so that our children don't pay for mistakes made during this politial era, we are just gonna have to suck it up ...
"Governor, there is a question from a Mr. Bird. Mr. Big Bird of Sesame Street in New York City. The question is on government funding."
Big Bird: after tonight Elmo and I are feeling much better about not getting evicted from Sesame Street.
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And I really liked Big Bird growing up. What kind of leader gets rid of Sesame Street? You can't tell me that's ok.
Oh yea lets turn off Big Bird... you kidding me, I love the Grouch lol.. Hey check this out, these new cartoons sucketh a loteth (lol)... Ok, I know ThunderCats, Voltron, Smurfs, Snoorkles, He-Man, Fat Albert & The Kids, just to know name few are no longer relevant to this generation.. but one this that has stayed constant in this country is Sesame Street.. I know we shouldn't let TV raise our kids, but face it we can watch our kids 24/7...
Blake Griffin on Sesame Street, what the *** bc I'm sure every 2yr old knows who Blake Griffin is, maybe this is why Big Bird wasn't in Old Mitt's budget and got the ax, or Hey maybe Griffin will pick up the tab
From Frank Withrow An Open Letter to Mitt Yes, the GOP has been trying to kill PBS and Sesame Street since Richard Nixon. They do not feel it is fair and balanced. I once had a woman from the Heritage Foundation tell me Sesame Street was Communist inspired. She believed Big Bird was not born in America. Nixon’s first budget tried to cut PBS funding in half, but my late friend Fred Rogers testified before Congress and saved the funding. The production costs for Sesame Street over the years has been less than $2.00 per viewer for 126 hours a year of programming. Even a Bain based economist should be able to understand the value of this. Very importantly Sesame is in 140 countries of the world, which makes Big Bird one of our best Ambassadors. In addition, it is produced in twenty languages and co produced with monies from the host countries. Let us look at other benefits of PBS. It does offer relatively unbiased News programs. I understand your standards are relatively low here Mister Governor. But have ...
Let me first say that I love Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover and the rest of them. - I once had a conversation with the woman that plays "Susan" on Sesame Street and she told me that I am an original "Sesame Streeter" because my birthdate falls into the original demographic when the show went on the air and I was watching it. My son started watching it on the day he was born. I haven't seen it in a few years but have always liked it when I did see it. They offer wonderful teaching opportunities to little ones. In fact I enjoy many things on PBS and watch it on a regular basis. With that said, I do not believe that the Federal Government should be subsidizing PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) or NPR (National Public Radio) - the key word in both titles is PUBLIC - NOT Government or Tax dollar funded. Two HUGE shows on PBS are Sesame Street and Barney. In 2005 their marketing rights were $1.3 Billion with a B. Their stuff is all over the the place and if you've ever worked retail when "Tickle Me El ...
I like this line from a Michael Barone op-ed this morning in National Review. Barone said..."The Big Bird offensive would have been more effective in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Obama came of political age. Lots of people then saw Public Broadcasting as a needed alternative to commercial television. Better your kids watch Sesame Street than cartoons interlaced with ads for sugared cereals. And they’d learn to respect ghetto kids in the process. It’s an argument that may still have had some appeal in 2002, in the state-Senate District Obama sculpted for himself that year, linking black neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side with the rich liberals in Gold Coast apartments. But for ordinary voters today, who can choose from among 133 cable channels, Sesame Street and PBS are just not a big deal." Like I have said in this *** with Big Bird..I prefer Old Crow or even Wild Turkey !
Big Bird is leaving Sesame Street and heading for Washington, D.C.
Subject: List of Republican cuts in Ryan's plan, please pass on ! For the un-informed: Big Bird and Sesame Steet are products of CTW, not PBS which only transmits the show. The Children's Television Workshop (CTW), is a Worldwide American non-profit organization behind the production of several educational children's programs that have run on Public Broadcasting around the world (including PBS in the United States). Sesame Workshop was instrumental in the establishment of education children's television in the 1960s, and continues to provide grants for educational children's programming four decades later. Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett were the original founders, with the intention of producing a revolutionary television series based on cutting-edge research into childhood learning. The result was Sesame Street, a landmark program which has been reproduced in countries around the world. Although it was originally funded by the Carnegie Corporation and the United States Office of Education, the maj ...
Via Michael "Clip" Payne ... Glenn Grau wrote: Friday morning Richie Shakin' Nagan picked me up at the airport in Lexington, KY and we went to a place called "Josie's" to eat. As we pull up there are lots of cops and secret service agents out front. It seems that Paul Ryan is eating inside, so after getting the old anal microscope from the secret service we are allowed in and they sit us right by the door in a little cove-like corner out of the way! After a while Paul Ryan is leaving and has to walk right by me and Richie. He stops directly behind me for a photo op with some folks and there are two kids there with their mom ages like 5 & 7 or so. Right there with Paul Ryan less that a foot from me I turned to the children and said "You guys like Big Bird?? Because if this guy gets elected into office he is going to take away the money that makes Big Bird & Sesame Street able to stay on television!!" To which Paul Ryan responds to me very sincerly yet uncomfortably: "Sir we can't afford to pay China to kee ...
“Plans to save Big Bird, the fuzzy yellow character on U.S. public television’s “Sesame Street,” from possible extinction are taking shape in the form of a puppet-based protest next month dubbed the “Million Muppet March.”
Just when I think Liberals have reached the pinnacle of ignorance, I blink. Desperate to galvanize the electorate in any manner possible to save their supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama, progressives are now planning a Million Muppet March! That’s right, you heard correctly, Oscar the Grouch – the 99% who are tired of occupying Mitt Romney’s garbage can – is coming to town! The minions of Marxism, those who fought to help the poor by occupying Wall Street instead of getting a job, are now determined to save the nest egg of Big Bird! Sadly, there’s only one problem with their grand scheme: PBS is the 1%! Sporting a net worth in the billions, PBS could fund its entire budget with the annual revenue it makes from Sesame Street alone. That’s a lot of *** bird seed! With government funding comprising a mere 15% of their budget - a staggering $445 million – why are we paying for a thriving enterprise, a liberal bastion at that, when America is $16 trillion in debt and borrowing from communist C ...
"I love Big Bird and I hope no one tells Romney how to get to Sesame Street ... or to Pennsylvania Avenue," ~ Barbra Streisand.
Big Coal and Mitt Romney do and say a lot of things that make us mad and could make our world worse off. This week was no exception. Did you see the first presidential debate? In perhaps Romney's biggest flub of the night, he flat out said he'd fire Big Bird. The comment was meant to be cute, but it obscures a huge issue. Mitt Romney actually thinks we can balance our federal budget by defunding Public Broadcasting and is willing to sacrifice educational programming for a few political points. PBS (and NPR too, while we're at it) provide an incredible educational service to all of us, but especially kids. Sesame Street was my first TV show. I learned my numbers from the Count and how to be a good neighbor from Maria. I can't imagine that programming disappearing. Will you sign our petition telling Romney to back off Big Bird and PBS? Not only do coal-fired power plants spew toxins and carbon pollution into the air, but the on-the-ground system threatens communities. We've been campaigning to help the Lumm ...
Somebody has to stick up for Big Bird. It is more than about "feathers" or Miss Piggy or the Cookie Monster. . Sesame Street and all the other PBS programs have value to the cultural aspects of our society. Big Bird and company have taught so many little ones valuable lessons and have preapred them to be ready for kindergarten not only in our country,but around the world. . Everyone should get health care. It is not about who has what, it is about making an even playing field so that every one is covered. Medicare and Social Security are taxes that are deducted from evey person's pay check who works. They need to leave them alone. We have all worked for it and are entitled to it when we are of the age to receive it. Ladies, all of us everywhere in this country have to stand up and protect our rights to make our OWN decisions about our HEALTH CARE, not politicans. Any lady could be in a deseprate situation that they must have an abortion because their lives may be at risk or God forbid,they have ...
If Obama had been as aggressive in defending Ambassador Chris Stevens as he has been in defending "Big Bird" and "Sesame Street", then Ambassador Stevens WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY.
So I keep seeing these adds about Romney wanting to kill Big Bird. PBS has already told our government that they don't need the money. I don't know about you but I am tired of paying PBS twice, once with my tax dollars and again every time I purchase my children Sesame Street toys. And the fact that they have also asked our President to remove Big Bird from his adds and he refuses just gives me my 101st reason not to vote Obama. I will be voting NOBAMA.
I find it ironic that with 23 million Americans without a job and 85 Billion dollars being added to our debt every month, our President is on a campaign to save Big Bird when Big Bird doesn't even need to be saved! Sesame Street and Big Bird are huge cash cows for PBS, bringing in tens of millions more in royalties...than production costs. Thank you Bruce for sharing.
Bored? How about another BLAST FROM THE PAST? This is a survey I filled out many moons ago on a place called MySpace. 1. Where were you 2 hours ago? Plotting my revenge against the people of Sesame Street. Imagine my surprise when I grew up and puppets didnt live next door to me and in my trash can. *** you PBS for raising my expectations. You will rue the day Big Bird...Oh yes, you will rue the day. 2. What do you think of your last kiss? Wet, wild, passion filled and smelled of dog bisquits. Why grandma insists on eating dog bisquits I will never know. 3. Do you kiss a lot of people? Yes but only use tounge on a few of brother stopped returning my calls after I did it to him. 4. Are you wearing socks right now? Only one and it aint on my feet. 5. When was the last time you went out of state? I drift in and out of the state of reality all day long. 6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No, I keep trying to use THE SECRET and make the movies come to me... So far it is Movie Theatre ...
Ok, I let the Big Bird thing go, but after watching the Vice-Pres debate last night, I think Obama/Biden campaign does remind me a little of Sesame Street! And now listening to the O/B press put a positive spin on acting like a spoiled child is sickening! If they think he "won" last night, then I guess it wasn't about the issues, only a show boating attempt to make fun of someone trying to talk about the issues. Joe Biden thinks this is all a joke!! Paul Ryan is clearly a numbers guy, and Biden was clearly OUT OF HIS LEAGUE, so the only way to cope was to act like the *** we have always known him to be--on steroids! He almost seemed "high" at times, or the acting class he took really paid off! Can you imagine the prep room???! His joker-esk laugh, and body language were laughable---mission accomplished. But I guess when you have the press on your side to "spin" in your favor, what the heck! It looked more to me like "Meet The Press" on Sunday mornings--not a debate. The only time Biden was quiet ...
It's old news by now that Mitt Romney wants to fire Big Bird (and Rick Santorum wants to eat him, apparently) by cutting federal subsidies to PBS, where Sesame Street is broadcast. Romney's remark should be tempered, no surprise, with
Did you see Romney's little diatribe on PBS? Specifically, Big Bird. I did. I shouldn't have to pay to watch Masterpiece Theatre, Mystery, MI5or6, and Nature, other than donations I choose to make to help them. Millions of children who grew up with no state-mandated kindergarten grew up learning their spelling and numbers due to Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Can I get an Amen. And don't forget, Romney promised to protect a woman's right to choose. Saw that again last night, from 8-10 yrs ago. Now he wants to make abortion illegal. Not just a man doing this, but a Morman. It makes me even sicker when I see old friends from HS here, people who believed exactly like I do, who're cking, "iLike Romney." You make me want to puke. High school buddies who never left HS. Ugh!
David M. Walker isn't running for office this year -- although some think he should be -- and the 34-day bus tour he completed this week received less media attention than the squabble between President Obama and Mitt Romney over Big Bird, star of "Sesame Street."
Barely blinking once throughout the entire first presidential debate, moderator and timid minute-counterJim Lehrershould have taken pointers fromPBS colleagueCount von Count from Sesame Street, because Mitt Romney ran roughshod over Jim and in the process flattened Big Bird, too. Mitt informed a st...
Well if Romney gets his way and defunds Sesame Street, I have a great idea who can take it over, Tony Soprano. Think of it, you can have Big Bird in charge of extortion, Ernie would be in charge of loan sharking, Bert drugs and of course Elmo is in charge of prostitution (Now that's a new way for Elmo to get tickled). Of course there are more, let's see what you can come up with for the rest of the cast!
The text of Romney's Big Bird moment Felicia Muftic / My View Grand County, CO Colorado The Denver Presidential Debate on Oct. 3 left us with some hangovers including Mitt Romney's proposed defunding of Big Bird. You may smile, but that may have way more importance to the outcome of the campaign than the minuscule impact Public Broadcasting has on the debt. It symbolizes Romney's detail deficit, his insensitivity to women's interests, and accounting practices for the birds. Passions are high in this campaign, but the reaction to defunding Big Bird was sheer outrage. I got heated calls from suburban moms, late-40-year-olds who grew up with Sesame Street, and even grandmothers. Romney is further cementing the gender gap he already created by his move to the right on women's health issues. The Gallup Poll Monday showed Romney bumped up to a tie, but “the impact was not so strong that it changed the race to the point where Romney emerged as the leader among registered voters.” In Colorado a Denver Univers ...
Wonder how Big Bird gets 'fed'? Watch S.E. Cupp on Real News explain how much taxpayer money Sesame Street gets- and how much revenue it makes on its own:
Eliminating federal spending for the whole Corporation for Public Broadcasting, not just Big Bird and 'Sesame Street,' would save about $445 million a year. It is less than a speck in overall government spending, but that's not Mitt Romney's point.
Big Bird is BIG BUCKS, for some: I caught a brief news quip regarding the folks at Sesame Street saying they did...
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets $432 MILLION in taxpayer bucks per year. Almost $300M goes to PBS and $100M to NPR (the GOP's best friend). $8 million of that goes to Big Bird and Sesame Street...which in turn MAKES $126M in revenue. So Mr you think Sesame Street can spare $8 million when they make $126M? Sure you want to talk about this and not a plan for JOBS?
I think it's hilarious that Big Bird just gave Obama the bird and bit him in the *** LOL... Seems the folks at Sesame Workshop (who own and produce Sesame Street) have asked the Obama campaign to stop using Big Bird in their just released attack ads. Doesn't the Democratic party know how absolutely stupid they look by latching onto the Big Bird "issue" and making it a campaign theme? They know they're in trouble and when you've got nothing, you've gotta make something happen. Guess this is their idea of making something happen. I'm embarrassed for them. Romney's line in the debate was used to interject a little humor while the point he was making was serious. (We dont need to help fund PBS with the taxpayers money or money borrowed from China) Nope. The government does not OWE US a TV station folks. PBS gets massive amounts of money from corporate sponsers and underwriters and from the public. If you enjoy some of the PBS shows as I do, (Front Row Center, Austin City Limits, Antiques Roadshow, etc.) chip ...
Sesame Workshop, the owner of Sesame Street is an 800,000,000.00 - 1,000,000,000.00 per yr enterprise. 90% of it is privatley funded. The Guy that plays Big Bird makes $314,000.00 a YEAR!! The POTUS would have us believe that Sesame Street is going to go away because Mitt Romeny wants to cut taxpayer funding to it? This is a distraction from the hard truths of a failed president. Don't drink the kool-aid my friends.
So Obama's new add campaign is aimed towards Mitt Romeny's comment that he would cut public funding to the Public Broadcasting Service. Obama's new campaign ad slogan is “It’s not Wall Street you have to worry about; it’s Sesame Street.” Give me a freaking break. Are you serious with this?! This is what you think is important?! Its no wonder your losing in the polls. Speaking to a crowd of 15,000 in Columbus, OH the President said, “Today (Romney) decided we’re going after Big Bird. Elmo’s making a run for the border and Oscar is hiding out in a trash can.” Speaking in Van Meter, Iowa, Romney fired back: “These are tough times with real serious issues. You have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving Big Bird.” But Sesame Workshop – the nonpartisan nonprofit behind Sesame Street – wasn’t pleased. In a statement, Sesame Workshop objected to the ad: “We have approved no campaign ads, and, as is our general practice, have requested ...
Big Bird told them to stop but they continue anyways --> Michelle Obama attacks Romney for threatening Sesame Street
Mitt Romney stuck firm to his pledge to cut federal funding for Public Broadcasting in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday. Romney's now-immortal line, "I like Big Bird!" became one of the biggest takeaways from the first presidential debate, and thrust "Sesame Street" and PBS into the center ...
The Glenn Beck Program Air Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Barack Obama, Sesame Street & Big Bird. The real issues Obama does not want to talk about, because ...
I have to ask. Is anyone else tired of the bold & blatant lies the Obama campaign uses. This morning while watching the early news I saw a clip of Michelle Obama say, " Romney is against Big Bird.." I wonder if her or her husband has ever told the real truth?? You never heard Mrs Reagan, Mrs Ford, Mrs Carter or Mrs Bush stand in front of a crowd and tell an obvious lie. I hope the American people finally recognize that these 2 people are just what we've seen, liars & blamers. Oh by the way, Sesame Street told the Obama bunch stop the negative add about Romney, they weren't given permission to say those things.. Shocking, Obama making things up.. Yep that's a real shocker..
Youir tax dollars at work (just a tip of the iceberg but enough to send chills up and down your spine) " the whopping $6.7 million cost per job under the $50 billion stimulus-funded green energy loan program -- which funded politically connected but now bankrupt solar firms Solyndra ($535 million), Abound Solar ($400 million), Beacon Power ($43 million), A123 ($250 million) and Ener1 ($119 million). And the $1 million in stimulus cash that went to Big Bird and Sesame Street "to promote healthy eating," which created a theoretical "1.47" jobs. (As Sean Higgins of The Examiner noted, "That comes out to about $726,000 per job created."
We're doomed. Barry & Co. are out there raising *** because Mitt fer Brains said he'd defund PBS if it meant borrowing more $$$ from the Chinese. Says MfB is out to get Big Bird. Has this yo-yo seen the bottom line from Sesame Street? Something like $350 million profit a year! Why do they need any support, much less taxpayer support? If we can't ask obviously successful folks to get off of the Gummint teat, what hope do we have in asking people to stand on their own and pay their own way? Look into the decline and fall of the Roman Empire some time. They gave away cheap food and entertainment (bread and circuses) o the plebs a) wouldn't notice what was being taken from them and b) wouldn't squawk about it. Hurry up December 21.
Obama vs. Big Bird: Find out why Sesame Street isn't too happy with our current President
Everyone seems so worried about PBS no longer getting tax payer funded government subsidies for funding saying "they wanna kill big bird!". Here's a lil tidbit for those folks. Last year, and these numbers are just for Sesame Street, this us what they made. royalties: 44,000,000. Licensing: 30,000,000. Other revenues (not including government subsidies) 120,000,000 (and these are dollars). Now tell me. Do they really need our tax money? Big bird can pay for his own nest
Big Bird should remind Romney that blacks were on Sesame Street 9 years before they were allowed into the Mormon Church.
  COLUMBUS, OH -- Feathers were ruffled on Sesame Street on Tuesday when the Obama campaign launched a campaign ad starring Big Bird. The new spot, which airs on cable networks, mocks Mitt Romney for saying during last week’s debate that he would cut public funding to  …
Big Bird, it seems, isn’t thrilled about his cameo in the presidential race. The folks at Sesame Street are asking the Obama campaign to pull down a TV ad that mocks Mitt Romney for vowing to yank the subsidy to PBS.
The producers of Sesame Street have asked that Barrack Obama's campaign stop sending activists in Big Bird costumes to picket Mitt Romney's events. I'm sure that there's a really joke in there somewhere, but I'm really not awake enough to find it.
In honor of all the Big Bird hubbub I am watching the Sesame Street 40th Annvrsry Special
Hamilton Collection
You know you have problems when you have to resort to running Big Bird ads only to get rebuked by Sesame Street for doing so. Obama has really stooped to a new low! Not Presidential material.
The Barack Obama campaign has made an ad mocking Mitt Romney over his Big Bird comments – but Sesame Street isn’t happy.
Big Bird has proven to be a good thing for America,s children over many years, and many adults who were on the down low about thier inability to read, Big Biird and Sesame Street was what changed that ,they taught team work, morals ,how to share , how all people had value , taught our children that bulling is wrong, so much was learned on that tv show, so I see Sesame Street is National Treasure in my opinion for that reason!
Several people I know, and, have known, call me Rogers ( Do not know exactly why. There was the Roy Rogers, Buck Rogers and even Will Rogers influence, I guess. )Yesterday, one of these persons was coming by my house to pick up something. On the telephone this person asked, "Now Mr Rogers, where exactly is your neighborhood?" I told the person it was near Sesame Street, just past where Big Bird resides... They replied, "That is PBS.".
My friend, Kristy DeGraaf, posted this and I thought it was good enough to share. Ok, I just gotta say it: The question should not be "Will we let your government murder Big Bird?" Instead we should be asking if it's our government's responsibility to provide "Educational TV" for our young children? Consider the fact that there is a LOT of experts and many many people who say that kids have too much TV time as it is and that young children should be playing and outside and learning through other ways than TV. Don't get me wrong...I love Sesame Street and PBS. I think they are SO valuable in many instances. But it's not our GOVERNMENT's responsibility to provide this...especially when we don't have ANY MONEY. If we as communities value it...we will support our local PBS broadcasters. And you can't tell me that ANYONE will really let Sesame Street die. They will get the funding that they need. If we value it, we will support our stations and those program. I do think there are other things that can maybe be ...
What.! Big Bird told Obama to quit using them in his campaign garbage. Pretty bad when that's all you have to complain about.besides, Sesame Street won't go away. NPR, AARP and the stations it is on are all owned by National Education Association (NEA), the biggest and most radical union in the country. They have been bleeding this country for years. They can more than afford to keep Big Bird in feed.And, they may have to kick in some for AARP as well as they are loosing membership in droves.
Sesame Street and Big Bird usually are topics reserved for preschoolers and their parents. But last week’s Presidential debate thrust both into adult territory after Republican candidate Romney promised to stop subsidizing PBS.
President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign released a new ad today prominently featuring the Sesame Street character, Big Bird, but it comes with a questionable message.
After Mitt Romney appeared to suggest that the beloved "Sesame Street" character Big Bird was surplus to requirements in Wednesday's debate, viewers around the world wondered how targeting a popular children's character could be a vote-winner.
Fair. I also find it humorous that Sesame Street asked Obama's campaign to stop airing the Big Bird ad.
Liberals and Conservatives both need to let this go...Sesame Street makes plenty of tickle-me-money, but the duty of any civilized nation is to provide quality educational programming to its populace (young and old). Since we're America and television networks are allowed to broadcast (within reason) anything, there needs to be a counterbalance to the profit-margin-hungry networks that would sell Girls Gone Wild to five-year-olds if it meant they'd get talked about on Entertainment Tonight. Maybe if Mitt was less interested in scoring political points and actually had an original or even fresh idea on how to run this country, we wouldn't have to bash Big Bird. Instead, he recycles Reagan. Which we just went through four years ago. Is Bert and Ernie going to get evicted if Mitt Romney wins? NO. Is PBS the reason this country borrows money from China? Also NO. Let's move on from blood-boiling vapor and get into finding real answers. Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter: best idea in the room wins. That ...
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