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Sesame Street

Sesame Street is an American children's television series created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.

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Sesame Street has been mocking Donald Trump for decades:
'Sesame Street' introduces new Muppet with autism | The London Free Press
I did not know this: before called for defunding PBS, 'Sesame Street' had mocked him for decades. https:/…
At this rate Sesame Street's next few episodes will be "Trump Deports Elmo," "Big Bird's Big Sex Change," and "W is for W…
Sesame Street is introducing an autistic character. Big Bird takes her to Vegas so she can learn about numbers by c…
This is one Big Bird that will not be appearing on Sesame Street.
It was Big Bird who tapped Trump. And Trump is imposing sanctions against PBS, Sesame Street, and Big Bird.
visited the Sesame Street set in NYC during the filming Julia’s debut when Big Bird meets the show's first Muppet…
From a Sesame Street muppet to Dustin Hoffman's Rain Man: 7 depictions of...
Trump cuts funding for Sesame Street. Donald Jr. and Eric then hunt and slaughter all the muppets and mount their heads a…
Sesame Street debuts a character with autism
If liberals are so upset abt losing Big Bird & Ernie, get George Soros to divert some of his $$ to Sesame Street.
.Hamilton is great and all but Murray Had A Little Lamb from Sesame Street is probably going to outlive all of us
I know why Trump has cut funding to Sesame Street... he's jealous of Big Birds hair.😂🤣🍀🍁
Sesame Street was conceived directly to help single moms and other economically disadvantaged parents educate their kids…
We can't ask single moms to pay for PBS. But a border wall. sure
Breast Cancer Awareness
I think the problem is, none of these *** watched Sesame Street as a child, and so they don't know how to get along w…
My brother was reading newspapers by 1.5 years, due to constantly watching Sesame Street..
Sesame Street left PBS and is now on pay cable. They don't need our crony capitalism.
A reminder that Seaame Street's 25th Anniversary Special was LITERALLY about Donald Trump bulldozing Sesame Street to bu…
Leftists/MSM who don't know new episodes of Sesame Street are on HBO and not PBS are trying to say serious budget things.
You all know Sesame Street moved to HBO two years ago, right? PBS only shows reruns. Show’s not going anywhere.
I met "Maria" from Sesame Street. Great keynote presentation.
Important to remember, though, that Big Bird has a sweet new deal with HBO. Sesame Street better protected than most public TV content.
In 2011 Sesame Street had a net worth of $365 million dollars. Pretty sure they'll be fine.
>The government's funding of PBS is only a tiny percentage of its income. >DEFUNDING PBS WILL KILL SESAME STREET . pick one
Meals on Wheels gets less than 4% of their funding from the Fed gov. Sesame street, owned by HBO, gets zero%. Facts. No…
Sesame Street could pay for PBS itself.
I see so many Big Bird memes re: this budget proposal but didn't Sesame Street move to HBO like a year ago???
Seriously what kind of monster do you have to be to go after PBS? Mr. Rogers. Sesame Street. NOVA. . Oh, I see a pattern.
As a kid raised on Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, this makes me so sad.   10% Off
Sesame Street is just left-wing propaganda, so if Trump cuts funding--GOOD!!!
Ask any kindergarten teacher about Sesame Street and they will tell you how well it prepares kids to begin K
Shop Puma x Sesame St available now in-store and online:
"You guys are a little to entertained by that" -my teacher after showing us Sesame Street
And now something a little lighter for too funny! We will miss the Muppets and all of the original Ses…
from 10 works that wouldn't exist without incl. Rent, Color Purple, Sesame Street
Does he not know that Sesame Street is now on HBO?
Trump cutting funding to SESAME STREET but Melania has all the taxpayer money she needs to stay in her penthouse in NYC.…
Crazy how republicans will write a blank check for guns and missiles but if sesame street goes 10 bucks over budget it'…
While grandma and grandpa die from starvation and lack of insurance and junior has no Sesame Street to watch or lunch at s…
Its like he's never had to put a toddler down in front of Sesame Street just to go to the bathroom
The most hilarious garment rending demagoguery are the rote appeals to the virtue of Sesame Street, which is now on premi…
I'm from coal country, *** Programming like Sesame Street brought prep school-quality education into our hills. https:/…
Trump wants to cut funding for Sesame Street. If Melania lived with Donald, we could pay for every show on PBS and NPR…
Children: 🎶 Won’t you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?🎶. SesameWorkshop CEO Jeff Dunn: only if your…
YOUR COMMENTS: The great purge continues with Mail readings lining up to call Sesame Street ‘liberal propaganda.’
We all brought up our kids with Sesame Street, It's as American as apple pie. Hey Big Bird, how about kicking Trumps butt
got him yodeling in the bedroom. Our sex tape makes Mia Khalifa look like Sesame Street
Listening to Sonia Manzano, aka Maria from Sesame Street, at Conference! It's like seeing my old babysitter.
Sonia Manzano or "Maria" from Sesame Street keynoting at the American Society conference.…
Sonia Manzano!!! We're thrilled to have Sesame Street's "Maria" at the 2017 Annual Conference
Sesame Street value: $1mn worth of weed plants found at children’s day care center
A little perspective: Sesame Street costs PBS $4,000,000 a year, which is the price of eight days' worth of NYPD protection of Tr*mp Tower.
Pope John Paul II, Mike Murphy: Dream of the Everyday Housewife, Sesame Street & Boy - only in the Sound Library
I admire efficiency of using one impression to cover Count from Sesame Street, Mendoza, Pipa and Count Chocula.
The little girl behind me asked her mom what murder was, confirming my suspicious that Sesame Street doesn't prepare yo…
And of course my hair is taking too long to dry, and the kiddo is convinced he has to finish watching Sesame Street instead of get dressed.
I liked a video Sesame Street - Oscar and Andrea Martin shows us anger
My sister in law was watching Sesame Street with my nephew, when she realized these characters and settings were a…
It’s time! Join us 8pm hint: Who is the tallest resident of Sesame Street?
Phillip Glass produced music for a Sesame Street video about circles in the 70s and you'll watch it more than once.
Sesame Street does awesome, effective awareness videos!. Thank you RT
Sesame Street has taken over Kathy Lee show... and the Count, directing, just interrupted the show to count down to commercial! ❤️
ben: Elmo seems like a friendship *** right? . me: he has no genuine connections, just fake friendships with everyone on Sesame Street
Whats in the Box? A Cookie? Remote viewing Sesame Street style
lol Sesame Street? Mr. Rogers must've been Marx himself then
Kit Harington on avoiding “surly heroic” roles and wanting to appear on Sesame Street - https:/…
When Fed $ for comes under attack, remember it's not just Sesame Street but Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Poldark, Victoria,…
Sesame Street: "One of these things is not like the other." Or Highlights magazine: "Spot the difference." Trump w…
Counting with the Count, Sesame Street's most famous vampire [count sounds like triumph the insult comic dog !!!]
Sesame Street had the best instrumentals along side Blues Clues
Happy Birthday to Muppeteer Eric Jacobson, from Liv and Maddie, and the late Sesame Street composer Bruce Hart!
A little straight outta Compton, drive-by gang shootings in the morning; appearing with Elmo on Sesame Street later
Don't miss today's Sesame Street event at Perimeter Mall today!...
that reminds me of the operatic orange on Sesame Street!
This was one of mine. Sesame Street - orange sings Carmen via
Ok I loved La La Land but why did John Legend look like a guest on Sesame Street in his first scene?
Now we're watching old school Sesame Street clips.
That meme should only be viewed with the old Sesame Street "person in your neighborhood" song playing in the background.…
This reminds me of an apocryphal story about Sesame Street's first foray into Russia circa 1990. They held open auditions.
Sesame Street trivia: Who wrote and sang the theme song to "Murray Had A Little Lamb"?
as a kid I used to cry every time an episode of sesame street ended, the rest of my life has just been variations of that
Think of Sesame Street. Pizza...gate. Pizza...gate. Pizzagate. There! I just taught you how to read a new word!
And so the legend was full-filled he became the most blocked muppet in all of sesame street ! ha ha ha.
Well said. The vast majority of humanity are not much harder to distract & manipulate than a 4yo watching sesame street
why they got u on Sesame Street bro?
Watching the pilot for Sesame Street in class and it's amazing
What if I fall into Sesame Street *** and start doing fanart im laughing
Do torrents for all Sesame Street episodes exist this is a serious question
holy smokes, I had no idea he was your dad. Sesame Street was such a huge influence on my generation.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I think ur dad looks like Mr.Noodle from Sesame Street
Oscar the Grouch is a character from Sesame Street. He's just grumpy all the time. Like me.
Diego Luna on Sesame Street is why I am alive and well.
Oh sure you're street smart. Sesame street smart.
Yep. You have to pay for HBO to get Sesame Street now.
Stop it you guys, this is not Sesame Street ffs lol. 😂 
…as a Chicagoan include watching three things on tv: Sesame Street, something I forget, and Cubs day games.
Sesame Street is on and everything and he's still going for it 😂😂 this is new!! Nothing comes before Elmo
Learn How Crayons Are Made, Courtesy of 1980s Videos by Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers
First thing the name "Happy Valley" is not appropriate for that place. It's like evil Sesame Street.
you, logically: but teru was 4. He was prolly watching sesame street not high sc-. me: Teruki Hanazawa Likes The HSM Saga…
I'm still in disbelief that all of Sesame Street only had one trash can.
It had Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock and Muppet Babies and lots of Christmas Carols. I…
Delight in the old-timey wonder of Sesame Street's holiday special . The snow tumbles down on Muppets in top hats …
LIVE on - Put Down the Duckie by Sesame Street h…
And trolling everyone by inserting Sesame Street's version of "Surfer Bird" right after "Reign in Blood". Merry Christmas!
I liked a video Sesame Street: Neil Patrick Harris has Telly's New Shoes
Here's a video of Nina Simone singing Young, Gifted and Black on Sesame Street incase you needed a pick me up
Sesame Street producers: “yes, kids should learn not to trust those who repeatedly prove untrustworthy, but this is overkill, unrealistic"
Sesame Street would’ve rejected the pitch for the story on the grounds that no one could possibly be fooled again this many times
Thx for the scholarship & letting me live in Denmark for a hot second but JFC the puppets from Sesame Street could run a better school.
Christ, Trump showing up in the middle of this Morgan Spurlock documentary is like Slender Man showing up on an episode of Sesame Street.
Dr. Jensen examines reaction to Sesame Street in Denmark. Ready for surprises?
I grew up on Mr. Rogers, Speed Racer, Ultraman, Sesame Street, Capt. Kangaroo, New Zoo Review (kind of horrifying, really, this one)...
Sesame Street is honestly one of the funniest things. I am waiting for a real housewives spin off.
Abbey and I visited some friends on Sesame Street today!
I think about the Sesame Street theme song when I look at you
Homies on Sesame Street are as smart as they come. Says something when Sesame and Simpsons foresee the future
That's the Grouch muppet from the Israeli Sesame street. Moishe Oofnik.
I've been laughing at Sesame Street memes for an hour, please send help
The Count never messed up on Sesame Street, why can't voting for president be that good as a kids program?
(Race) Celebrity News:. 'I cannot wait for the day Luna goes absolutely nuts over this. Thank you, thank you...
From Nickelback to Sesame Street: how music is used to battle crime and fight wars
Y'all.I just cried when I watched the Sesame Street video made for Luna, & are amazing people & parents ❤️
Charlamagne sure as *** didn't make bathtime lots of fun on Sesame Street.
Everyone needs to go look at instagram of Sesame Street saying hi to baby Luna because it's the cutest thing ever 😍
Sesame Street Freestyle Neezy x Smoke Da Great Produced by Neezy Macintosh by NeezyMacintosh on
is me running through the woods with The Count from Sesame Street chasing me...Huh?!🤔
So excited to have spend some time on Sesame Street!
This is Kermit the Frog, reporting for Sesame Street News. We are at the scene of my last class, and this is me, Kermit in a blender.
Since August we've reached 13,000 children in rural Afghanistan with community viewings of Baghch-e-Simsim, the Afghan S…
Omg I'm missing bgc Bc cam watching Sesame Street and my gma watching a *** Christmas movie 😩😤
What I remember most about working on 'Sesame Street' is havin...
INJAC in the community. .The Kids Count Conference 2016. Quote from Sonia Manzano "Maria" from Sesame Street.
IYI's Because Kids Count Conference has Sonia Manzano, Sesame Street's "Maria," as our keynote speaker this morning…
"Every generation of kids gives me a chance to do better by them." -Sonia Manzano (Maria from Sesame Street)
I grew up watching Sonia Manzano on Sesame Street. Now I'm listening to her open the
Kicking off BKCC16 with Sesame Street legend Sonia Manzano. It's going to be an outstanding conference!
Glad I worked on this. 😂. Sesame Street: Cookie Relaxes on Pecan Sandy Beach.
Whoa. Sonia Manzano a.k.a. Maria from Sesame Street is the judge.
Written and performed by Lenny Bruce. Animation by Jeff Hale ("Sesame Street").
'Grown up version of Sesame Street' production is coming to the Slidell Little Theatre
Gosh. I still remember when Sesame Street first aired.
always the best and simultaneously most surreal part of a trip to the student health center: the Sesame Street char…
angry *** monster coming soon to Sesame Street
as of yesterday I am watching only Sesame Street and blues clues, big comfy couch and anything not news, what a shabby bunch!!!
The South African version of Sesame Street has a character who is HIV+ and it educates the children about danger of AIDS…
Today is the only day of the year when a Sesame Street character will serve you at a restaurant and a fraggle rock wil…
I was a fan of Sesame Street when I was much younger. But when it comes to Henson, I like what they did in Farscape :D
5 year old thugs Sesame Street edition (Vine by
.AP story says "Tony Bennett...and the cast and Muppets of 'Sesame Street.' I read that as the Muppets from SS.
I liked a video Classic Sesame Street - Computer trouble
Khan Academy teams up with Sesame Street to explain how our election system works.
Anyway, *I* read it as "Muppets of Sesame Street." Who were also in the parade LAST year as well.
With the amount of times I've almost put mascara on my brows, it's a miracle I've never left for work looking like Bert from Sesame Street
Empathy may be something we all struggle with. How are we supposed to feel about somet
Lit af on Sesame Street...why do I even like these people? 😂. // //
I liked a video Sesame Street: Rosanna Pansino and Cookie Make a Snack!
I'm enjoying this all about dogs Sesame Street episode more than shark is
when you got a mob hit at 7 but you gotta tell someone how to get to Sesame Street at 9
Same people that think Sesame Street is a vegan dish.
yeah i think hes done the Sesame Street float.
Both the Muppets and Sesame Street are returning to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year!…
Watch Mark Ruffalo explain empathy perfectly on 'Sesame Street.'
Enjoying a morning of Sesame Street... again.
Glad everyone's as excited as we are about POTUS coming on RT. And I see Trump went on Sesame Street today and screamed "YOU…
Today's assembly was all about keeping Healthy. Sesame Street:Ellen Pompeo is Healthy via
I'm tryna see if we going to Sesame Street live or just wait for Mickey. 😩
Sarah McLachlan, Laurie Hernandez and 'Sesame Street' Muppets will appear at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
put some googly eyes and a big red nose and you'd have Grover from Sesame Street.
Tony Bennett, Sarah McLachlan, De La Soul and the cast and Muppets of "Sesame Street" will be among the stars…
Happy Halloween from and all your friends at Sesame Street!
Just imagine a visual novel version of Sesame Street made by George Lucas.
That time when Phillip Glass was on Sesame Street.
We were only allowed to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and 3-2...
Not too many people at today's Trump Rally. I've seen bigger crowds at Sesame Street on Ice. They could have held it at a…
'Sesame Street' (1969 -) is a television series by Joan Ganz Cooney & Lloyd Morriset.
Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters HERDING CATS and CORN POPS and by the number FRISEE.
LIVE on - Rubber Duckie by Sesame Street https:/…
Did you know the Philly Phanatic has its roots in the world of Sesame Street?
He kind of looks like Gordon from Sesame Street ... if Trump had just hit Big Bird with his car and was claiming he…
Am I wrong, or was the HBO purchase of Sesame Street what got Bob and Gordon fired? Because that was inexcusable.
I think we all know who Gordon from Sesame Street is voting for
Watching with Samantha and the guy from the totally looks like Gordon. Boy, I love Sesame Street.
Rubber Duckie’ by Ernie on Sesame Street won a Grammy nomination in 1970.
Gordon from Sesame Street won the amirite?
There's an earnest politician and a giant babbling Wotsit. Is this Sesame Street?
He also totally looks like Gordon from Sesame Street.
The Donald just got death-glared by Gordon from Sesame Street.
The black dude looking like Gordon from Sesame Street.
I added a video to a playlist Sesame Street: Elmo and Taye Diggs Go for a Drive
yo! The first verse of Sesame Street, still makes me cry. That whole was just...
because Sesame Street has known about Donald Grump since I was a kid.
Elmo and Bigbird. Sesame Street is his jam.
With four kids, it's hard to watch anything other than 'Sesame Street.'
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Everybody loves Sesame Street! Coming live to the Monroe Civic Center** Tickets on sale now!
(WARNING: Blood!). Check out these rad Sesame Street band-aides I was given after the IV was removed at the hospital…
Tobias Funke worked on the set of Sesame Street? It all makes sense now
looks like a strange cross between Brian Doyle Murray, Ray Reardon and the Count from Sesame Street
September 4, 2013: Tom Hiddleston taught the Cookie Monster about Delayed Gratification on Sesame Street
My dad fell asleep watching Sesame Street there aren't any kids around so idk why he was watching it in the first place
The first show I saw in colour was Sesame Street at a friends place on the walk to school. Blew my mind!
I'll cross Sesame Street to buy speed from Oscar any *** place i want. And i double park Bert's Tesla so what prude
She must've watched that Sesame Street episode where Pattie Labelle bought the ABCs to church 😂
As funny as any Charlie Chaplin, as silly as a Sesame Street script.
Toots Thielemans's harmonica has greeted kids to "Sesame Street" for more than four decades https:…
Dear god child FALL ASLEEP, your awakeness is frustrating. Although your singing of Feist's Sesame Street version of 1234 is adorable.
Sesame Street was brought to you today by the words Charlie uniform November and tango
Look back @ Sesame Street's 1st calendar from 1972 with amazing art by the great Jack Davis! https:/…
But of course Sesame Street has a more empathetic and considered take on immigration than a presidential candidate. http…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
We watch Sesame Street songs with celebrities on weekends and S is scared of Ed Sheeran. Every time.
DYK: the theme song for "Three's Company" was written by Joe Raposo, who did the theme songs for "Sesame Street" & "Electric Company"?
Was the bumper music you just used the funky Children's Television Workshop music that aired after Sesame Street credits?
When I was young, I thought Sesame Street was made by children; that the Children's Television Workshop was some sort of kids' art club.
It's also Richard Belzer's birthday! I celebrated by watching his cameo on Sesame Street's Special Letters Unit
On Sesame Street, to choose the King or Queen of Jesteros, Ned Stark organizes a "Game of Chairs" - :D
Donald Grump. Sesame Street does a parody. Well done lol.
Wow! Bob McGrath, Emilio Delgado, and Roscoe Orman may return to
‘Sesame Street’ may bring back actors who were fired in new show format
I mean seriously Sesame wld have never been the same without them!
‘Sesame Street’ reconsiders firing 3 longtime actors what could they have done that was so bad
You've been here before, man. You might see Sesame Street characters in your room as you're falling asleep, but you'll be ok.
‘Sesame Street’ trio may return after layoff in new show format
Check out Donald Grump on this Sesame Street video from back in the day.
Jessica is down to the final 3: Bert from Sesame Street, Ashy Knees, and Mr. 5'10. Who will get the final rose?
That Sesame Street bit made my day. Nice to have some laughs in a serious political season.
Bob from Sesame Street should get to stay permanently because Ralph Nader stay ruining stuff.
When you literally had a sesame street puppet show on Facetime just to get your niece attention 😀 Hay! Sofia!🎀 Can't wait to see you x
That awkward moment when үou realize that үour child has left the room and үou've been watching Sesame Street bү үourself.…
What's Really Happening With Sesame Street's Fired Actors: If you were shocked and saddened to lean that some...
Bruh somebody help me! I just wanna go to sleep but my son wanna stay up watching Sesame Street and I'm tryin not to buck on him
'Sesame Street' vets may not leave after all
Katy Perry's cleavage too much for Sesame Street 'HELLO' Elmo is naked
I'm still kinda mad they never told us how to get to Sesame Street 🐥😠
'Sesame Street' fans mourn loss of Gordon, Bob and Luis
It's Obama's fault Sesame Street is moving to HBO.
Up watching Sesame Street with my daughter who refuses to go to sleep.
Michael Jackson with Oscar the Grouch on the set of A Special Sesame Street Christmas.
Sesame Street CEO: Door Is Open for Bob, Luis and Gordon to Return via
I feel like Sesame Street would have dealt with it well. Like when the actor that played Mr. Hooper died. :(
Lol Lil Yachty look like a Sesame Street character
no, thankfully. we will not start. but still living on Sesame Street a while.
Earlier today, the CEO of Sesame Street, Jeff Dunn, announced that the firing of the three beloved actors who...
Sesame Workshop apologizes, says Bob, Luis and Gordon may return to show via
Shame on HBO. Sesame Street and it's cast are an American icon. The producers should be fired.
If tonight's episode of were like Sesame Street, it would be brought to us by the phrase
'Sesame Street' walks back decision to evict three long-time residents, actor says
Believe me, I sound so much like what's-his-face...Rover on Sesame Street...your head it'll make spin
What if all the Children's Television Workshop shows belonged to the same cinematic world? Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, Electric Company...
I just found out that Sesame Street made a parody of Colonial Williamsburg. Might be because of their being SS attractions at Busch Gardens.
Pink slips on Sesame Street: HBO issues 'Bob,' 'Luis' and 'Gordon' their walking papers
Bowie dead. Prince gone. Now Bob, Luis, & Gordon kicked off Sesame Street? 2016 is the last year of civilization.
Re: Sesame Street firing its longtime cast members: is a Television Workshop run by children even legal?
⚡ Sesame Street says goodbye to three longtime characters 😯.
Maybe Bob, Luis and Gordon got let go from Sesame Street because HBO thought it’d be depressing to do like three more Mr. Hooper episodes.
It'll be interesting to see what characters Kim Dickens, Chris Bauer, and Michael K. Williams will be playing on Sesame Street.
Wow, - FIRES original cast from Way to kill the golden goose, jerks.
HBO lays off original human cast of ‘Sesame Street’ in retooling
Sesame Street fired 3 of its human actors. Don't say Donald Trump didn't warn us about good American jobs going to Muppets.
Bob, Gordon & Luis - thanks for helping to teach us how to read & what getting along looks like on Sesame Street. Wow.
There goes the neighborhood! 'Sesame Street' cuts Bob, Luis, Gordon after 45 years via
Kellan Lutz talking about things that vibrate on Sesame Street 😳😳
Dear MTV Classic, did you fire Bob from Sesame Street, too?
Now I'm just picturing the Iron Sheik watching Sesame Street and all is right in the world.
We've updated our news item on Sesame Street cast changes with an official statement from Sesame Workshop:
Most discussed topic in Toronto right now: Sesame Street
SAY IT AIN'T SO: "Sesame Street" is getting rid of three beloved human characters
Can you tell me how to get/How to get to destroying your childhood via
BOO!!! Jim Henson would not approve! And BTW HBO-- Sesame Street is supposed to be for poor kids!
BREAKING: has cut longtime characters Bob, Luis and Gordon (via
On the next episode of Sesame Street, we learn how to spell AGE DISCRIMINATION .
So wrong! Glad I grew up with the full strength Sesame Street. Smh.
45 years later & 3 characters from Sesame Street were removed from the show?!?!? That show was part of my childhood!! Why?? 😭
First Sesame Street moves to HBO, then it axes three beloved characters. Let's just be happy it wasn't a red wedding.
Not a sunny day on Sesame Street: HBO whacks three beloved cast members.
I'm still very angry about the cast of Sesame Street being fired, but this numbs it a little
Sesame Street continues gentrifying, evicts its oldest residents.
I can't believe Bob from Sesame Street was fired. A chapter of my life has just come to a close.
I have feelings about the Sesame Street cuts. Bob, Luis and Gordon are foundations of that show. I grew up with them. Don't cut them.
L is for layoffs: lays off original human cast:
LT: If Sesame Street were started today, it would be set in Park Slope.
'Sesame Street' is getting rid of three beloved human characters
SPLASH & BUBBLES has Henson Co. DNA and was created by John Tartaglia, of both SESAME STREET and AVENUE Q.
There goes the neighborhood! 'Sesame Street' cuts beloved actors after 45 years
After 45 years, 3 characters from Sesame Street have been removed from the show -
This basically reinforces my concerns about the HBO deal:
Sesame Street now literally destroying childhoods. .
💔 legit broke 100s of millions of American hearts today. Bring Bob, Gordon & Luis back to Sesame Street! 😥
Sesame Street axed Gordon AND Luis!? I could really use a hug from Elmo right now.
There goes your childhood: Sesame Street cuts three longtime cast members
Loop - and not necessarily near City Hall, according to a recent survey of Chicago residents on the city's :-) Sesame Street
Bad enough we have the wrong sounding muppets. Now the original cast members of Sesame Street are all gone. The Elmo machine is running wild
Well, we knew this was coming, especially whe Maria left... 'Sesame Street' vets axed, actor says
Sesame Street trending for cutting oldest characters Bob, Luis & Gordon. brought to you by the Letters FUC https:/…
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