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Serious Fraud Office

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is an independent UK Government department that investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud and corruption.

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And still being investigated by Serious Fraud office re alleged fraud over offender tagging. (p.s. Love…
Experienced that first hand at Weymouth David - also they're still under investigation by the Serious…
They've got their fingers in more pies than Jack Horner & still under investigation by serious fraud offic…
Trial of 3 former directors accused of in relation to £263m accounting scandal adjourned
It is for real which is why the seri…
Tesco fraud trial adjourned as Serious Fraud Office braces for change - via…
Seven members of chambers have been appointed to the Serious Fraud Office lists of counsel | 23 Essex Street
Ex-Tesco executives due in court on fraud charges: The trio were charged by the Serious Fraud Office…
Buckland praised the work of the Crown Prosecution Service and Serious Fraud Office, which he oversees, citing the SFO’s recent charges
Treasury Committee chair presses PM on future of UK Serious Fraud Office
UK Serious Fraud Office boss David Green reads his final report to the Cambridge International Symposium on Economi…
when will the serious fraud office be investigating TTL and uber? The FBI are already into uber. House of cards
UK Serious Fraud/Farce Office dragging heels on helping Thai government with Rolls Royce corruption? Time for Change
Shackleford Hurtmore Sensible Party pledges to allow Serious Fraud Office warrantless searches of anyone associated with the National Party.
Serious Fraud Office investigating Formula One over bribery claims after tip-off from MP
Does the Serious Office have a future? > Fraud busting: PM must come clean on plans for the SFO
Also still under investigation by the serious fraud office for alleged fraud over tagging of offenders
issues Arrests in connection with Investigation by serious Fraud Investigation Office Rules. In exercise of...
Serious Fraud Office launches probe into Tinto over |
SFO to investigate Formula One following allegations of bribery in the sport -
Just what is happening with the Serious Fraud Office? Me
Serious Fraud Office has announced several new bribery cases in last month - do they have sufficient capacity?
Cigarette giant BAT being investigated by Serious Fraud Office over East Africa… UK business
The Serious Fraud Office is investigating British American Tobacco for bribery
The Serious Fraud Office is probing British American Tobacco (BAT) in relation to corruption and bribery allegations
British American Tobacco being investigated by Britain's Serious Fraud Office for historical misconduct in Africa
British American Tobacco investigated by Serious Fraud Office - via
The Serious Fraud Office opened an investigation into British American Tobacco in relation to corruption and bribery…
BAT admits it is under "official" investigation by the UK Serious Fraud Office regarding bribery and corruption allegations in…
In Ep 26, we analyse the Serious Fraud Office's probe into suspected corruption in Rio Tinto’s activities in Guinea.
The Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom has opened an investigation into suspected corruption in Rio...
British American Tobacco is now under criminal investigation by the Serious Fraud Office over corruption around Af…
2016 the UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) closed its criminal investigation into allegations of price-rigging foreign exc…
UK's Serious Fraud Office opens investigation into BAT bribery claims in East Africa
Serious Fraud Office opens formal probe into BAT via
If I were you I'd also report them to the Serious Fraud Office.
British American Tobacco (BAT) is under investigation by the UK's Serious Fraud Office over claims of bribery in East Africa.
BAT investigated by Serious Fraud Office over bribery allegations - via
Panorama investigation leads to Serious Fraud Office probe of British American Tobacco
New post (BAT investigated by Serious Fraud Office - British American Tobacco ...) has been published on T ... - -…
UK's Serious Fraud Office confirms formal investigations into BAT Plc, its subsidiaries and associated perso…
British American Tobacco investigated by Serious Fraud Office on suspicion of corruption.
British American Tobacco faces investigation by the Serious Fraud Office over bribery claims
British American Tobacco investigated by Serious Fraud Office. Over allegations of paying bribes in east africa. https…
British American Tobacco under investigation by Serious Fraud Office over claims
Good to see public sector taking a stand in British American Tobacco investigated by Serious Fraud Office
Big escalation of Rio's Guinea problems.UK Serious Fraud Office suspects company,staff and associates of corruption
Cops move slowly in $big name cases: UK top corruption agency Serious Fraud Office confirms Rio Tinto probe
Rio Tinto Group faces a probe by the U.K’s Serious Fraud Office over its business dealings in Guinea…
UK’s Serious Fraud Office opens investigation into suspected corrupt activities by Rio Tinto in Guinea.
UK Serious Fraud Office launches probe into Rio Tinto over Simandou: via
Quite extraordinary the coup and are plotting via closure of the Serious Fraud Office. vi…
Don't forget the manifesto proposes to abolish the Serious Fraud Office.
General Election 2017: Theresa May reveals plans to scrap Serious Fraud Office as she launches Conservative manifest https…
Well,well,well. And according to Tory manifesto, they are going to abolish the Serious Fraud Office.
One of Theresa May's pledges is to scrap the Serious Fraud Office, against the advice of lawyers & anti-corruption campaig…
And is getting rid of Serious Fraud Office 😡
.caught covering up fraud. She plans to shut the Serious Fraud Office too. http…
People accused of being too *** the Tories by Tories: . Serious Fraud Office. Jeremy Corbyn. C4 News. Jake Painter. God…
Before the Serious Fraud Office, Michael went to the state in his own case, directly in opposition.
BREAKING: Theresa May has pledged to scrap the Serious Fraud Office
Tory MP Craig MacKinlay charged with election fraud. May wants to scrap Serious Fraud Office. Some Tories want to scrap…
And this explains why Tories will close the serious fraud office ...
The Serious Fraud Office will never be the same if the Conservatives get elected. A whole history lies behind this manifest…
that Tory manifesto wants to shut serious fraud office while MP charged with election fraud?
As Craig Mackinlay is charged over good time to remind you Tory manifesto calls for Serious Fraud Offic…
Any company hiding its accounts would attract the attention of the Serious Fraud Office says
🇬🇧 Tesco share price dips as supermarket is fined £129m by the Serious Fraud Office.
Tesco fined £129m by Serious Fraud Office for false accounting
tesco should b held accountable as much as anyone else would b what a class!c example of do as ! say and not as ! do😉 "S…
Tesco faces £129million fine from Serious Fraud Office after supermarket giant is probed over ...
Tesco fined £129 million by Serious Fraud Office over accounting scandal via
This is no big deal for a big company like Tesco. The size of the fine? The peanuts are in aisle thirteen.
Slap on the wrist; one law for them and one for 'the little people' . Tesco to pay £129m fine over accounting scandal
Steal a sandwich ? Go to jail . Commit large scale Fraud on shareholders ? A fine & no criminal record . http…
"Serious Fraud Office" only Tesco, there was me, thinking, they were doing right, by the Tories, silly me
BREAKING NEWS: Tesco faces a £129million fine from the Serious Fraud Office but escapes ...
Supermarket reaches deferred prosecution agreement with Serious Fraud Office and will pay investors £85m in comp...
Tesco reaches agreement with Serious Fraud Office over past financial practices
BREAKING Tesco facing fine of £129MILLION from Serious Fraud Office
To avoid a prosecution, Tesco pays the Serious Fraud Office a fine of £129m. The money is arriving as vouchers for certai…
Net closing in on those seeking to benefit from the - need Serious Fraud Office to investigate!
and Serious Fraud Office near to deal over accounting scandal - Guardian
So if Joe Blogs gets caught fiddling £20 on the dole, will he get the oppotunity to negotiate his punishment? "Serious F…
The first time the FCA has used its powers to require a listed company to pay compensation for market abuse -
any fraudsters out there dont panic! you can now negotiate a pay off with the Serious Fraud Office just like . E…
Tesco says it's facing a £129 million fine from the Serious Fraud Office, but won't be prosecuted over claims of false ac…
Tesco pays £129m to settle Serious Fraud Office probe into accounting scandal
Former Rolls-Royce CEO John Rose has been interviewed by Serious Fraud Office, source says
.Criminal Division is sending an attorney to UK Serious Fraud Office & Financial Conduct Authority
Confiscation Orders & the first Bribery Act 2010 prosecution where SFO has obtained them - explains
startupnewsUK. Tesco's former commercial boss cleared of fraud by Seri - Telegraph
Tesco's former commercial boss cleared of fraud by…
If there are criminal offences wouldn't it be best to send it to the Serious Fraud Office, than to a shareholder? Just an idea.
SFO drops Somali corruption probe into Soma Oil & Gas: The Serious Fraud Office has announced it is dropping its…
US needs a Serious Fraud Office so the next group of fraudsters does not get away like the last groups did.
Chat room talk unpalatable but not illegal.
How might the UK's Serious Office use in
Australia's NFP regulator and tax office get serious about charity fraud
Identities of BAE Systems witnesses among data lost by Serious Fraud Office
So if JohnKeynotPM received a knighthood, would that make him our first Sir to have lied to a Serious Fraud Office?
Ironically De La Rue was the subject of a serious fraud office investigation in 2010 centred on currency quality control
I'm on hold to the serious fraud office
If the same thing was happening in the private sector then the Serious Fraud Office would have been called in years ago.
Obama orders full review of possible election hacking and fraud before leaving office! So, he knows how to be serious and get things done?!
All serious concerns. But the election interference is most urgent because it will put a fraud in office.
I'm serious we cannot let Orange Hitler take office even if we have to as he says "lock him up", he committed elect…
Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler probed by UK Serious Office over deals
This is serious. And if it's true, it's a fraud committed by the highest elected office on an entire nation!
Qatari Prince HBJ who gave letter to Sharif is undr investigation by UK Serious Fraud Office in Barclays Fundin Case.
SFO ends foreign exchange probe but admits wrongdoing occurred in City of London via Libor?
Justice Committee 2016 evidence session: The Work of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
Serious Fraud Office granted more cash for Unaoil investigation
Serious Fraud Office gets blockbuster funding for case
Are you interested in what the head of the UK Serious Fraud Office has to say? Of course you are.
Transcript of our session with David Green, Director of the Serious Fraud Office, now at https:…
Sir Philip took a call from his superyacht off Greek island Skorpios. MP Frank Field has met with the Serious Fraud Office, which is
Britain Launches Fraud Probe Into Airbus: . Britain's Serious Fraud Office has said on it had opened a crimina...
Serious Fraud Office launches corruption inquiry at Airbus via
+NOTE+ Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus via
Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus via
UK Serious Fraud Office launches corruption probe into Airbus Group: Probe covers irregularities over the use...
Airbus lands in crosshairs of UK corruption investigators
Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus: Britain's Serious Fraud Office said on Sunday it had open...
Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus
Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus: Serious Fraud Office
Serious Fraud Office opens Airbus corruption investigation- fraud is fraud but 90% of gov officials want bribes.
Should Sir Philip Green lose his title? I voted YES in the poll! Have your say:
Serious Fraud Office in talks with MP Frank Field over Sir Philip Green and BHS collapse - Mirror Online
Airbus Group SE said the U.K. Serious Fraud Office has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud, br…
Airbus investigated in Serious Fraud Office inquiry into third-party consultants
Serious Fraud Office but excluding individual cases and advice fiiven within government by the House consists of all the members and the
Further scrutiny of the U.K. Serious Fraud Office calls for a review of its funding
reports - UK Serious Fraud Office cites cooperation as valuable tool for companies under investigation
The UK's Serious Fraud Office reexamines its use of blockbuster funding. Here's why:
Pleased to have raised poorly resourced Serious Fraud Office leads to unhealthy dependence on top accountancy firms.
Inspection of the Serious Fraud Office governance arrangements.
Please look at the statistics compiled by our serious fraud office.
The UK's Serious Fraud Office is taking another look at its use of so-called 'blockbuster funding':
Serious Fraud Office drops rate-rigging case: The Serious Fraud Office will no longer pursue its case against...
UK Serious Fraud Office hears criticism over its use of blockbuster funding:
1/2 CEO told me his company was "more attractive" to buyers, following Serious Fraud Office probe
fraudsters sentenced to a total of 21 years via Serious Fraud Office
BBC is going to make a new drama series based on the Serious Fraud Office -
Serious Fraud Office hurt by reliance on irregular 'blockbuster funding'
Serious Fraud Office hurt by reliance on ‘blockbuster funding’ - | UK Politics & Policy
Regulatory enforcement is about to get sexy. Here comes the BBC drama on the Serious Fraud Office
Serious Fraud Office re-examines funding model :Auto pickup by wikyou
National Crime Agency has been given direction over the Serious Fraud Office. Read more
Tata Steel reacts to probe launched by serious fraud office in UK. gets us more details.
Tata Steel: Office probe hints at serious possible fraud from the 2015 audit
Serious fraud office investigating claims of false test certs with Tata UK ...another nail in the coffin ??
Britain's pound-shop crackdown on money laundering and tax cheats. I feel sorry for the "Serious" Fraud Office.
I interviewed David Green, the director of the Serious Fraud Office. Busy man (with no time for his critics).
Good to see the boss of the Serious Fraud Office fighting back against those who have an interest in undermining him
Watch out self-employed tradesmen and women. HMRC and the Serious Fraud Office are coming after you.
Tory donor named in raided by Serious Fraud Office
Tory donor Javad Marandi was trusted middleman for oil firm raided by the Serious Fraud Office
Tory donor Mirandi trusted middleman of Monaco oil firm Unaoil, target of bribes inquiry by Serious Fraud Office
Serious Fraud Office opens criminal probe into Tata Steel
Theresa May is considering giving the National Crime Agency the power to order the Serious Fraud Office to investigate…
SFO launches criminal inquiry into Tata Steel. Good thing the Tories are so pro business, eh? .
Tata Steel Confirms UK Fraud Probe: Tata Steel said on Saturday that Britain's Serious Fraud Office is investi...
Tata Steel confirms UK fraud probe: Tata Steel has said that Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is investiga...
continue to contest £50million fine for dodgy fundraising during the financial crisis:
backs down in battle with Serious Fraud Office
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Grocery Code Adjudicator are to reveal this week the extent of the accounting ir…
Barclays will hand over internal docs,had argued privileged,to SFO,investigating its fundraising in financial crisis
Barclays to hand over documents to Serious Fraud Office:
Barclays agrees to hand documents to investigators
Barclays under investigation by serious fraud office
3. quashing an investigation by the serious fraud office into the allegations of corruption in the Al Yammamah …
Barclays agrees to hand over internal documents to Serious Fraud Office: Bank, which is being investigated by ...
Libor verdicts are a blow to the Serious Fraud Office:
Man found not guilty of bribing council worker: An Auckland man charged by the Serious Fraud Office of trying ...
Arriva subjected to Serious Fraud Office inquiry after it inflated figures on contract. https:/…
Tesco is reportedly in secret talks with the Serious Fraud Office
Tesco meets with Serious Fraud Office behind closed doors.
Was bemused to hear commentator describing (under investigation by Serious Fraud Office!) as a "wounded giant". Bless ;-)
Tesco have met with the Serious Fraud Office to discuss a deal over the accounting scandal which found a £326m shortfall in profits
Tesco profits fall by 55% in 6 months the once might business is now in serious terminal decline as the Serious Fraud office close in
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Tesco is said to be in secret talks with the Serious Fraud Office
Tesco has been holding secret talks with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) about a deal to settle a criminal probe into the accounting scandal.
The Serious Fraud Office launched a probe into Soma in July relating to payments made to officials and advisers in Somalia.
Serious Fraud Office to conclude probe into Tesco within weeks via
Eric Feldman talking about prosecutions, here's our film with more details
Serious Fraud Office to conclude probe into troubled Tesco within weeks - This is Money
& Serious Fraud Office investigations. trading principles for security?. when Saudis back extremism?!
Tesco plea bargain talks with Serious Fraud Office over accounts scandal
Tesco and Serious Fraud Office hold talks over deal - Fast News -
The Serious Fraud Office is looking into whether the Bank of England rigged emergency auctions
Sky Sources: has held talks with the Serious Fraud Office about settling an investigation into its accounting scan…
Tony Blair told the Serious Fraud Office to not reveal £1bn kickbacks paid by BAE to Saudi Royals (Al-Yamamah arms). htt…
Opinion: Banking on the Serious Fraud Investigation Office may be dicey
SFO $30 million gaming charges, four plead not guilty - The Serious Fraud Office laid charges in February after an...
If we get 10m for wickham the serious fraud office will come knocking FTM
As many as 121 White Collar crime cases are being probed by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), according to the government.
U.K. Serious Fraud Office wins forfeiture for DOJ in Griffiths Energy bribery case
Tell the Serious Fraud Office to investigate HSBC - via
As the Serious Fraud Office investigates the Bank of England itself, is there no end to this financial corruption?
The A-Z of the OMRLP Manicfesto Just a sample of what you'd get by voting for insanity... know it makes sense! Vote now (well, on 7th May actually). Vote OMRLP! A.AIR bags will be fitted to the Stock Exchange immediately, ready for the next crash. B. BRITAIN will exit Europe and join the Duchy of Cornwall to benefit from tax exemptions. C. CAPITAL Punishment will be opposed on the grounds that it is unfair to Londoners. D. DATA will be secured, placed in a brown bag and hidden in the PM’s socks and pants drawer. E. ENTRANCE fees to all amusement parks would be waived to those aged 80 and over. F. FRIVOLOUS Fraud Office setup to inspect fraud too silly for the Serious Fraud Office. G. GREYHOUND racing will be banned to prevent the country going to the dogs. H. HALF the grey squirrels will be painted red to increase the red squirrel population. I. INNOCENT prisoners will be released in order to reduce prison overcrowding. J. JOBSEEKERS will be made to stand two abreast in order to halve dole que .. ...
MINING: BSGR launches legal challenge against British home secretary and Serious Fraud Office... via
Three men were sentenced today at Southwark Crown Court as a result of the Serious Fraud Office's investigation...
I'm confused. When George Osborne defers costs and declares income early, it's a success. When Tesco do it, the Serious Fraud Office gets called in.
Ex-Serious Fraud Office head mauled by MPs - as it happened - Telegraph
Th Serious Fraud Office should not be creating reports using made up numbers & hiding methodology
Fraud could be worth 3.9 percent of GDP: The draft report by the Serious Fraud Office to quantify the cost of ...
Five government contracts are being investigated by the police or the Serious Fraud Office
Will the Serious Fraud Office take another look at this scheme following Martin VB's investigation?
The UK Serious Fraud Office's general counsel talks about the SFO and deferred prosecution agreements
"Serious Fraud Office. Heh heh. Should be a thing.
Tchenguiz v Director of the Serious Fraud Office and others – WLR DAily
The Serious Fraud Office won't say why a key witness wasn't called to give evidence in the South Canterbury Finance Trial
SFO won't comment on why Treasury witness not used in South Canterbury Finance trial: The Serious Fraud Office...
Saudi and MOD Guns4Bungs: Serious Fraud Office announce new investigation from Private Eye article. Time for Change
Did Prime Minister ex forex head lie to the country's fraud office?
Jackson issues an austere warning to advocates about submitting lengthy skeleton arguments Tchenguiz v Director of the Serious Fraud Office
This is now a case the UK Serious Fraud Office should take up. CY, you are SO BUSTED !
SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE needed right now in Australia. Why the delay?
The Serious Fraud Office charges three former Barclays employees in connection with its investigation into the manipulation of Libor.
Slap in the face for Serious Fraud Office
Serious Fraud Office's Sth Canterbury Finance probe has been blasted as incompetent, 'inept'
SCF probe blasted as incompetent: The Serious Fraud Office has been castigated by one of its former bosses for...
Slap in the face for Serious Fraud Office (Business)
The Serious Fraud Office defends the South Canterbury Finance prosecution, after two out of three men are cleared.
Hamish Fletcher: SCF verdict a huge loss for Serious Fraud Office ..someone had to say it.
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UK Serious Fraud Office must not allow political interference in the GPT/ Saudi bribery investigation:
Hey ask Andy Townsend about his association with Harlequin Property currently under investigation by Serious Fraud Office.
Did Prime Minister ex trader lie to the country's fraud office?
Britain has a “Serious Fraud Office.” I hope they establish a Comical Fraud Office and put John Cleese in charge of it.
This is what the spineless Lib Dems consented to: The Whigs are a complete joke who are never to be trusted. Here are their achievements (apologies for the length): NHS - Health and Social Care Act 2012 Thanks to Liberal Democrat votes they must share responsibility for wasting £3billion on a top-down NHS reorganisation while more people wait longer in A&Es and over 5,000 nurses are cut. Tuition Fees: Trebling Tuition Fees to £9000 (despite promising to abolish them. Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Lib Dems helped Tories abolish it Snoopers charter - DRIP bill support. Bedroom Tax (Spare Room Subsidy) Voted with the Tories to charge poor people between £14 and £24.00 PER WEEK inflicting distress and suffering on millions, now over 50,000 people are in rent arrears and face eviction and the figures will continue to increase. Privatisation of Probation Service to G4S / A4e / Serco, who have behaved criminally and ripped off tax payers, and are being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. Also ...
The US department of justice and UK’s Serious Fraud Office are still investigating.
bribery charge in to seek details from Serious Fraud Office
lied to the Serious Fraud Office has been available in the public domain since before H-Fee even existed. No hacking, no stolen info. 2/2
Serious Fraud Office hires new CTO from The Bar Council - CIO UK via
UK Prosecutor Reviews Alleged Link Between UK Aid And Jailed Ibori Britain’s leading fraud prosecutor on Wednesday started the evaluation of material alleging UK aid might have been channelled to companies linked to the jailed former governor of Delta State, James Ibori. Solicitor-General, Oliver Heald, said that as part of that review, the Serious Fraud Office, was examining whether there was any indication of an offence falling within the criminal jurisdiction of England and Wales as opposed to criminal jurisdictions overseas. “No formal decision has yet been made in relation to this matter and no investigation has been opened,” Heald said in written response to a parliamentary question. The Serious Fraud Office confirmed it had received material from the government’s Department for International Development this February but said it was too soon to say whether it would launch an investigation. A full-blown investigation could be an embarrassment to Prime Minister David Cameron, who brushed asid ...
‘Lord’ in scam to fund champagne lifestyle told to pay back £13.9m A self-styled lord who led an international playboy lifestyle bankrolled by a global fraud was yesterday ordered to pay back £13.9m or spend an extra 10 years in prison, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has said. Edward Davenport, 48, dubbed “Fast Eddie”, enjoyed a champagne lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous at his £10m central London mansion and boasting that he counted Kate Moss and Princes William and Harry among his friends. But the socialite was unmasked as the mastermind of a multimillion pound scam and in September 2011 was jailed for seven years and eight months for conspiracy to defraud. He fleeced funds from 51 victims, including Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer, Elizabeth Emanuel, who lost her life savings in the audacious scam. Davenport and his accomplices set up a company called Gresham Ltd which cashed in on the global crash by offering bogus start-up loans to entrepreneurs who needed ca ...
Serious Fraud Office launches investigation into bribery allegations concerning operations in Morocco
Ex-Barclays executives face Serious Fraud Office questioning - when will SFO finish its investigations? via
Anthrax Letters, Now on View, Represent the Serious Threats Faced by the Post Office: The National Postal Muse...
Anthrax letters, now on view, represent the serious threats faced by the post office
All purpose parts banner
Is the UK soft on white collar crime? My story re Serious Fraud Office, David Green and a very different legal system htt…
The Serious Fraud Office is to investigate Sweett Group, a consultancy involved in major Scottish construction projects
New Companies Act have given statutory power to The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO).
SFO Probes Sweett Group: Sweett Group says the U.K. Serious Fraud Office launched an investigation into allega...
Serious Fraud Office has opened a formal investigation of bribery claims at Sweett group:
Ben Morgan speech to UK Aerospace and Defence Industry seminar | About us | SFO - Serious Fraud Office
what is Prithvi Info Solutions unto? 2nd largest stakeholder complains to serious fraud office!
Sweett Group being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office -
“Serious Fraud Office messes up its VAT return and gets fined by Inland Revenue!!
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was fined more than half a million pounds for owing HMRC £4m in VAT. How accurate are your VAT records?
Serious Office arrests, questions 6 wrt investigation re alleged corruption by subsidiary
British drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline is being investigated by the UKs Serious Fraud Office over its "commercial practices".
Who could write a script like this! Proves that even big organisations can get it wrong.
Next Cook Island prime minister will have to survive a NZ Serious Fraud Office investigation first.
Cook Islands election kingmaker is under investigation by the NZ Serious Fraud Office - recalls the days of Albert Henry
domain names
UK’s Serious Fraud Office interviews Airbus employees in Saudi Arabia as part of a long-running corruption probe {$}
Two men are arrested in London as part of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into Rolls-Royces activities in Asia.
UK Bribery Act 4 Years In: David Green, Director, Serious Fraud Office will explain how the Act has been implemented
Dear Sirs   FRAUD ON THE COURT – UK – SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME – HEREFORD, UK   David Shaw, Chief Constable, West Mercia Police     “Fifty to seventy police officers and a police helicopter” deployed in unlawful eviction in Hereford says victim of British criminal banksters!      Please move the slider to 19.40 on the following YOUTUBE video, and hear for yourself the testimony of Guy Taylor of Hereford. He has had several serious frauds committed against him. One alone was nearly a million pounds and included forgery by Barclays Bank. The Serious Fraud Office turned him away on the pretext that the fraud was only 900,000 pounds and not one million, so they said they could not act, but they admitted that a fraud had been committed.   I personally have sent a batch of serious fraud cases to the Serious Fraud Office, on the recommendation of Lincolnshire Police, all with common denominators. My communications were ignored. One has to wonder if people are collecting brown envelopes ...
Faisal Islam writes on the SFO developments: Although the stories about hacking your phones and bung policemen will capture the headlines, the money trail might prove more toxic. If the Serious Fraud Office launches a full investigation about misuse of shareholders' money as suggested by Tom Watson MP, this will play into the hands of some News Corp shareholders angry about the power of the Murdochs. The SFO might also become the agent of any US based inquiries by the likes of the Department of Justice
LONDON: Britain’s Serious Fraud Office announced on Monday that three more ex-employees of Barclays bank have...
Serious Fraud Office of the UK's investigation into Glaxo may become the seminal UK Bribery Act enforcement investigation if charged
SFO head repeats calls for extended Bribery Act: David Green, head of the UK Serious Fraud Office, says mo...
"The truth of the matter is... No one, except the Icelanders, have to been the only culture on the planet to carry out this successfully. Not only have they been successful, at overthrowing the corrupt Gov’t, they’ve drafted a Constitution, that will stop this from happening ever again. "That’s not the best part... The best part, is that they have arrested ALL Rothschild/Rockefeller banking puppets, responsible for the Country’s economic Chaos and meltdown. Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction..." "...Pressure from Icelandic citizens’ has managed not only to bring down a government, but also begin the drafting of a new constitution (in process) and is seeking to put in jail those bankers responsible for the financial crisis in the country." "Sigurdur Einarsson, former chairman of the defunc ...
The Royal Mail sale should be in estimate by the serious fraud office. Hang those who committed treason.
Commentary By Kenneth A. Williams Anglo-Italian Fraud Scam Cost SKN $4 Million Basseterre—St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas announced during a Wednesday press conference that a multi-million dollar debt owed by the government to SACE, an Italian government entity, has been settled; but the Prime Minister failed to mention is that the debt was the result of a scam to finance hydrofoil vessels. The plan to finance and build five hydrofoil vessels was part of an elaborate scheme of “Anglo-Italian fraud whose tentacles stretched out to an unsuspecting and (perhaps insufficiently suspicious) unsophisticated small state in the Caribbean,” according to the conclusions of a 1999 Commission of Enquiry investigation. Dr. Douglas did not mention the Commission of Enquiry investigation during his press conference, but details of the scam were previously released in mid-September by Erasmus Williams, the Prime Minister’s press secretary (see details below). Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Duri ...
G4S set to face new Serious Fraud Office investigation - - facilities management for the British courts
LIBOR: Three former ICAP brokers to be charged | Press room | SFO - Serious Fraud Office
the Conservatives and the Serious Fraud Office: Drop the Bedroom Tax or face the serious fraud office via
Tony government stopped the SFO from investigating alleged bribes to Saudi royals in a £43bn arms deal.
SFO rejects criticism over Victor Dahdaleh trial:
U.K. charges former ICAP brokers over Libor UK Serious Fraud Office persists in charging the pan fry for Libor fraud
Serious Fraud Investigation Office denied nod to include names of Reebok MD ... - Times of India
Serious Fraud Office has serious problems getting info on untouchable city firms via
ETTN SFIO denied nod to include names of Reebok MD: During investigations, the agency had prima-facie found bo...
ALEX BRUMMER: SFO seeking to access intelligence sources: The Serious Fraud Office has found that pursu...
UK to charge 3 in rate-rigging probe: LONDON (AP) — Britain's Serious Fraud Office is charging three former em...
Three ex-ICAP brokers face Libor charges - UK Serious Fraud Office to charge three former brokers of ICAP as part ...
UK's Serious Fraud Office starts criminal proceedings against 3 ex employees in connection with the manipulation of
Let's cut the UK's Serious Fraud Office some slack;
Three former ICAP brokers charged with Libor rigging: The Serious Fraud Office’s investigation into Libor has ...
The UK Serious Fraud Office will charge 3 former brokers as part of its criminal probe into manipulation
3 former traders charged for alleged fraud by the Serious Fraud Office. LIBOR scandal criminal proceedings count climbs to 9
Serious Fraud Office: three former ICAP brokers to be charged in connection with manipulating LIBOR, bringing the total facing charges to 9
Serious Fraud Office admits tax error behind request for more funding -
Energy firms face enquiry. OFT / serious fraud office review petrol prices jan 2013 and we are still waiting...
serious about crackdown. this according to Office of Inspector General
Nat Rothschild, friend of powerful politicians, falls out with Indonesians. Neither fear the Serious Fraud Office.
Niira Radia's firms to be prosecuted: Serious Fraud Investigating Office tells Supreme Court
Niira Radia's firms to be prosecuted: SFIO tells SC: The Serious Fraud Investigating Office (SFIO) has told th...
What recent discussions he has had with the director of the Serious Fraud Office on funding arrangements for t...
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