Serena Williams & Michelle Obama

Serena Jameka Williams (born September 26, 1981) is an American professional tennis player and a former world no. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. 5.0/5

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Shout out to my fave absolute power houses! Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Karen Brady, Adele, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama
Catching up on these Michelle Obama & Serena Williams interviews from a couple weeks ago. These women are special.
Rankine says that what she loves about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama is that they don't dodge the attempts to era…
when someone described Michelle Obama as Jackie Onassis and Serena Williams with a PhD I wasn't mad
List of famous people I want to bang . 1)Michelle Obama . 2)Serena Williams . 3)Sarah Palin . 4)Nicki Minaj . 5)Ronda Rousey. 6)Kate Upton
These videos about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama being a Transgender is crazy . I can see it lol
I'll admit it. I'm turned on by powerful women. Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condolezza Rice, Serena Williams... wait a minute…
I had a weird dream last night! What would my girlfriend look like and her behavior? Would she look like them Atlanta house wives or LA house wives or love and hip-hop chicks?would she look like Haley berry, Serena Williams or Michelle Obama or would she look like you!? What u think she would look like and behavior traits? My blood pressure is rising. Dreams scare me.
My dad is trying to tell me Michelle Obama and Serena Williams were men.
Earlier today, I read something worth sharing. In the wake of the backlash the new Indian-American Miss America received after her win, one woman wrote this letter. Good evening. = Dear Miss America, Thank you for reminding us what classic American beauty looks like today. For the rest of America -- in case any of you have been sleeping for, say, the past two decades, or clinging to out-of-touch fashion magazines -- here's an alert: Beauty is Serena Williams and Michelle Obama. Beauty is Angelina Jolie and Marissa Mayer. And yes, beauty is Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014. Women's beauty cannot be debated or dictated by others. So in tribute to women across the globe, I celebrate your beautiful brown skin, your breathtaking Bollywood dance skills, and the hard work that I'm sure you put in, not only to earn top grades and graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science, but to become the first Indian-American woman to take home the tiara. I love it. The beaut ...
Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Condolesa Rice, Hoda Kotb, etc are people you should look up to
BE PROUD AS AN AFRICAN. If Africa has produced Oprah, Obama Tigerwoods, Michelle Obama, Condeleza Rice, Serena Williams, Nelson Mandela, kofi Annan and other influencial persons like me Amanzuru William LESLIE on the global then you shouldnt despise yourself that you cant get there one day. You create and impact no matter where your are, with the little you have with the best you can do to impact that change you want to see in the future. the era of responsibility begins with you not only the politicians, businessmen or other leaders but its you who starts what others have to follow. YES WE CAN speech is what got obama into power, imagine the youngest president ever to govern a super power. its not age but just brains, not just brains but action, not just action but better performance outcomes that can make Uganda that America, China, UK, Dubia, South Africa you admire. you will never be an American Africa needs You so just work towards making it Admired.
ONE HOUR THURSDAY SHOW IS UP! WILLIAMS WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE RAPE VICTIM • LAUSD names an elementary school after Michelle Obama • LA schools give away cash, iPads & cars to students for attendance • The Jimmy Z Show Comment Line: Troy, Sam, Ray and Kelly • Lisa Murkowsky: Another Republican Senator for homosexual marriage • Union bosses threaten Hurricane Sandy clean up workers in NY • Serena William was right: 16 year old rape victim made herself vulnerable • IRS rally in DC called 'massive' but only 7 to 10,000 people turn out • Obama wants to team up with the NBA to promote Obamacare
My Inspiring women Michelle Obama, Mary J.Blige, Winnie Mandela, Venus & Serena Williams, my friend Mel Stewart, my aunts so many more!
Today was the BEST day ever! Got to touch Gabby Douglas, Michelle Obama, Jordin Sparks, Rahm Emmanuel, Bob Harper, Serena Williams, & some others I totally forgot. I'm so blessed just to have this experience. :DD
Thousands of students will join Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Allyson Fellix and Gabby Douglas for her Lets Move tour
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Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Basset, Dorinda Clark Cole, Venus and Serena Williams, Mary J. Blige, and Beyonce Knowles are just a few Beautiful Black Women that I would like to salute this 4th day of Black History month!
This Hurricane Sandy is jealous, I shd be in the States to celebrate with Serena Williams and later see my sugar mama, Michelle Obama. The following week, then fly to Maria Sharapova, my Mistress b4 returning to SA. My plans are messed up.
Forbes Magazine Is Telling Black America Which Black Women To Look Up To? Forbes magazine is saying that Beyonce Knowles is the most powerful black woman in the United States and guess what? I believe Jay Z bought that spot for his wife Beyonce. Know why? Because everything in capitalist America has a price mane. Here’s Forbes magazines list of the top 12 most powerful black women in the United States: 1. Beyonce Knowles 2. Oprah 3. Michelle Obama 4. Ursula Burns 5. Debra Lee 6. Halle Berry 7. Condoleezza Rice 8. Tyra Banks 9. Ruth Simmons 10. Venus & Serena Williams 11. Robin Roberts 12. Whoopi Goldberg How funny is that? Beyonce is more powerful than the First Lady Michelle Obama. Why didn’t Maya Angelou’s name make the Forbes list? Steve Forbes is nothing more than a born right wing spoiled brat. The Forbes list is a paid for ad campaign and guess what? I’m not buying it. What are your thoughts?
If Bill is the Muhammad Ali of public speakers, Michelle Obama is the Venus and Serena Williams of public speakers on the feminine side. Domination and total pummeling of the opposition!!
Michelle Obama bumped herself up a few places on my Strong Black Women List last night. Now she's between Serena Williams and Harriet Tubman
"Michelle Obama is like a wonderful combination of Jackie Onassis and Serena Williams" - Robin Williams
Is it wrong that I want to see Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama old school bikini mud wrestle for the right to choose the president? Throw in my kids future step mom Serena Williams and I'm in heaven!
They gonna let 2 women in Augusta National and they weren't Serena Williams or Michelle Obama...I'm upset!
if i ever have a daughter these are the type of women want her. Michelle Obama, Taraji P. Henson, Gabby Douglass, Jordyn Wieber, Sanaa Lathan, Sonya Richardson - Ross, Allyson Felix, Jada Pinkett - Smith, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Luikin, Tina Turner, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams. These women are beautiful and inspirational. No all of them are not black. Sure it's great to have strong black role models, but there is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone outside of your race.
Serena Williams gets Michelle Obama in her players box, Maria Sharapova gets Chelsea Handler.
Michelle Obama gives the thumbs up to Serena Williams after her 63 61 win over Jelena Jankovic
Vanguard News shared the following link: champion Serena Williams breezed through her first round match against Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic on the Opening Day of the Olympic tennis on Saturday with U.S. first Lady Michelle Obama cheering her on.
Serena Williams, all decked out in red, white and blue, had her own royal box on Wimbledon's Centre Court today, during her 1st round match of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
Infatuation is when you think she's as sexy as Beyonce, as smart as Michelle Obama, as noble as Maya Angelou, as funny as Sheryl Underwood, and as athletic as Serena Williams. Love is when you realize that she's as sexy as Maya Angelou, as smart as Sheryl Underwood, as funny as Serena Williams, as athletic as Michelle Obama and nothing like Beyonce - but you'll take her anyway.
Serena Williams, Angela Bassett, Michelle Obama...buff black women are winning right now
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Robin Williams: Michelle Obama is like a combination of Jackie Kennedy and Serena Williams. Lol. :)
My ideal woman would be a mix between Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkette Smith, Serena Williams and Michelle Obama
Phil: I'll admit I get turned on my powerful women. Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Serena Williams...wait a minute
My wife ~~>> Face like Gabrielle Union.. body like Serena Williams and the brain of Michelle Obama
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