Serena Williams & Charles Barkley

Serena Jameka Williams (born September 26, 1981) is an American professional tennis player and a former world no. Charles Wade Barkley (born February 20, 1963) is a former American professional basketball player and current analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. 5.0/5

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For some reason there is a huge flaw in society that when people and especially athletes and celebrities go against the social norm the media and people want to and try crucify them...Jackie Robinson, Branch Rickey, Muhammad Ali, Bear Bryant, MLK, JFK, Malcom X, Arthur Ashe, Martina Navratilova, Charles Barkley, Coach Ken Carter, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Barack Obama, Lebron James, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Miley Cyrus and now we have Richard Sherman...all of these people all have things in common: Influential, Leaders, Pride, visionaries, something to prove, pioneers, highly intelligent, the best at what they do or did and all with the exception of Sherman is or will be apart of some hall of fame and all have been abused by the media and words of their peers which is us as a society...they speak and do how they feel when they feel it and never flinch when they say or do it...I don't know why we as humans want to bring individuals such as these people down sure they have their faults but what hum ...
Why does Charles Barkley always seem to root for the underdog? Did he root for Serena Williams? Hm.
Charles Barkley watches Serena Williams in Wimbledon final, feels for Andy Murray
The second set much closer for Serena Williams, Radwanska serving, Serena is down 6-5 in the second stanza. It will be a dogfight today. The match is being shown live on ESPN this morning. Charles Barkley in the house (Williams family box).
Charles Barkley is in Serena Williams' players box at Better order in more strawberries.
Lol Charles Barkley doing Wimbledon coverage? Is it on Serena Williams cakes? And the lack of coverage her clothes give it?
So it turns out that Charles Barkley in drag for isn't as bad as you'd think. Think an older prettier Serena Williams
Anyone else think Charles Barkley looks like Serena williams in the Weight Watchers for men commercial lol
I just say a picture of Charles Barkley in a dress on tv and I have to say I thought it was Serena Williams. My bad and stuff.
Charles Barkley rules! I thought he was Serena Williams for a second! ha!
Charles Barkley looks like Serena Williams in his dress
Wait when did Serena Williams start doing Weight Watchers commercials? oh never mind it's just Charles Barkley in a dress.
Just saw the Weight Watchers commercial with Charles Barkley, thought for a sec. it was Serena Williams,
Is that Charles Barkley or Serena Williams in the Weight Watchers for Men commercial? I can't tell...
Just saw the Charles Barkley dressed like a woman WeightWatcher commercial ... Gosh that looks like Serena Williams.
Who looks better Serena Williams or Charles Barkley as Serena Williams?
That Weight Watchers commercial... is that Charles Barkley? Or Serena Williams?
Why is Serena williams dressing up as Charles Barkley for this messed up commericial
Serena Williams is looking pretty good in these new Weight Watchers commercials, but why is Charles Barkley narrating them?
Is it me or does Charles Barkley on that Weight Watchers commercial look like Serena Williams?
Charles Barkley looks like Serena Williams in that Weight Watchers commercial
Charles Barkley looks alarmingly like Serena Williams when dressing up as Jennifer Hudson in those Weight Watchers commercials.
Serena Williams looks great in the new Weight Watchers commercials. Wait, that's Charles Barkley. My bad
Wait. I'm looking at Charles Barkley on tv dressed as Serena Williams I think. Why am I still looking.
Why is Charles Barkley on my Tv dressed like Serena Williams?
Charles Barkley new Weight Watchers commercial with him wearing a dress is just wrong...but to be honest he does look like Serena Williams...lmao!!!
Why does Charles Barkley look like Serena Williams in that Weight Watchers commercial?!?! Lol
Charles Barkley in the commercial dressed as a girl - looks a lot like Serena Williams.
Charles Barkley dressed in drag for a Weight Watchers commercial.
just stumbled upon a screen grab of Charles Barkley's new Weight Watchers ad on a sports blog, and before I realized who it was, my first thought was "man, Serena Williams has bulked up".
Ex-NBA great Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to show off his feminine side. To prove it, the Weight Watchers spokesman donned a wig, a black dress and some stilettos -- Jennifer Hudson-style -- to shoot a commercial for the diet giant, USA Today reports.
Who else thought Charles Barkley dressed in drag was Serena Williams at first glance?
Charles Barkley looks like Serena Williams in his Weight Watchers picture in that black dress. Could be her twin. Not a compliment for her.
Did anybody catch that picture of Serena Williams in that black cocktail dress for her Weight Watchers ad? It was Charles Barkley...? What?
Just saw the pic of Charles Barkley in a dress...or was that Serena Williams
Charles Barkley in drag looks like Serena Williams
Charles Barkley in a dress or Serena Williams? Seriously I can't tell the difference
I thought Charles Barkley was Serena Williams in that Weight Watchers ad
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