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Sepp Blatter

Joseph S. Blatter (born 10 March 1936), commonly known as Sepp (Giuseppe ) Blatter, is a Swiss football administrator, who serves as the 8th and current President of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

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Blatter blasts Infantino over lack of respect. LONDON: Disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter accused his
Blatter quizzed over World Cups to Russia, Qatar. PARIS: Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter was called as a witn
Blatter regret at overstaying FIFA tenure. GENEVA: Disgraced former Fifa president Sepp Blatter, forced out as h
Today incredulous Sunil Gulati decision to remain in charge felt like deja vu. Reminded me of day when Sepp Blatter refuse…
seems it was Lee Nelson who handed Theresa May a P45 - he's the one who chucked money at Sepp Blatter
Sepp Blatter turning in his grave tonight, as Sebastian Velasquez wearing a snood while playing for Real Monarchs.
At least Sepp Blatter is no longer here to rig it for his midget *** lover. Thank God for little mercies
Well he did learn at the feet of the best, Sepp Blatter & João Havelange, only question is how much $$ did he accum…
"The likes of Sepp Blatter and Richard Branson, bodies like wineskins, being repeatedly straddled by lobotomised be…
Probably because of Danny Jordaan - they know he was corrupt under Sepp Blatter's FIFA and SAFA is…
Ah, cult ... . I misread that at first and thought it was a bit about Sepp Blatter
He served his time, and the fa is extremely corrupt to the point…
Sepp Blatter named as a former lover of Cristiano Ronaldo's ex Irina Shayk in Spanish media
I don't need sky sports or the network just give me an RSS feed of Sepp blatter and gabe sapolsky/tna stories and I'm set
Sepp Blatter has more chance than those two.
of the Day FIFA Edition: According to Sepp Blatter, the 2034 World Cup will be awarded to Nambia.
you take more bungs than Sepp Blatter
I suppose you would take her more seriously in a tighter shirt and shorter shir…
Mum's putting the Christmas decs up. She needs her Sepp Blatter.
I hope we're not going to have a 'Sepp Blatter - Gianni Infantino like' succession. A change is as good as 'arrest' I suppose
Martin Glenn is hardly fit 2 b running the FA .. In a proper Corporate he'd have been out by now ..…
The whole thing is a nonsense. Eg: If you trade in dollars or with the US you are subject to US laws and r…
They're a joke and as corrupt as Sepp Blatter.
Makes a mockery over their stance against Sepp Blatter. Though we knew that was hypocritical anyway.
Is it just me or have we replaced Sepp Blatter with Sepp Blatter?
Laughable "safeguarding" from an FA who turned a blind eye & financed Sepp Blatter for decades
Well the FAI got 5 million from Sepp Blatter for showing one
Hillary's view of *** is clearly creamy prawns far away from sepp blatter.
BREAKING: Switzerland to open criminal procedure against Sepp Blatter
Sepp Blatter ignored Australia as a football nation for years. Proof that Aussies can mix it with the best Go Girls.
Sepp blatter says prem divers irritating cheats :| clearly he does not watch la liga then. there is so much more play…
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Wayne Shaw (Sutton Goal Keeper) is no Sepp Blatter, stupidity, but for what he's done for football.
Now Sepp Blatter has been re-elected he can oversee next project, the construction of a new Death Star:
Yeah got a good documentary on Sepp blatter if you want it
Is anyone accountable in the EU, or do they model it on the Sepp Blatter method?
Sepp Blatter: For the game, for the world, finally do the right thing. Go
Ter-rif-fic! May becomes the Sepp Blatter of politics!
Sepp Blatter looks decent in his conference
Not only UK. Sepp Blatter was against technology to assist until that Lampard (non)goal in WC
wrong it should b lik this with the help of hormone drugs,papa Sepp Blatter,uefalona,iniesta and xavi,a…
Like they did with FIFA n Sepp Blatter boxing needs independent enquiry and possible criminal charges against alphabet organisations judges
Boxing is the most corrupt sport going,who hires the judges sepp blatter
Sepp Blatter would do wonders in the boxing world
I wonder who's more corrupt Adelaide Byrd Sepp Blatter or Harry Redknapp
Lol. Still haven’t seen anything to beat this vid of Sepp Blatter, though.
You said you'd been up a Sepp Blatter earlier 🙃
Juncker IMO is the reason we are out of the EU…
Sepp Blatter employed by L&Q Same approach to problems, deny and shift blame.2 weeks, no lock on the doo…
Pls save the beautiful game n ban Messi from playing just like done with sepp Blatter..
The remoaners still are in Junckers pockets. The CBI. The MSM Ect. Juncker is the Sepp Blatter of politics.
Kindly welcome our new public editor, Sepp Blatter
yo I'm pretty sure FIFA is going to be saved from corruption by Sepp Blatter
reason no one will miss Sepp Blatter now he's gone
Michel Platini launches scathing personal attack on Sepp Blatter .
Sam Nyamweya sent home, Sepp Blatter followed it was only natural for Issa Hayatou to be dethroned. How corruption LOST
Barcelona REALLY missing Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini due to their 5yrs injury
CORRUPT. Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini just portrayed corruption
FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke expects to leave with Sepp Blatter -
Sepp Blatter loses his appeal at CAS against a 6-yr ban but says he "looks back with gratitude" at his FIFA years. Of co…
was banned for approving a $2 million payment to Michel Platini in 2011.
BREAKING: Ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter says his appeal against a six-year ban from football has been dismissed by CAS [ht…
Little Giant Ladders
BREAKING: Sepp Blatter lost his appeal against six year ban by FIFA
Why on earth isn't this bloke in jail. No wonder we believe it's one rule for the privileged and another for others😡
Sepp Blatter 6-year ban from football upheld by Court of Arbitration for Sport. No contractual basis for £1.5m undue gift to…
Former Fifa president Sepp Blatter six-year ban upheld after appeal to Cas
Sepp Blatter: Appeal against six-year ban from football dismissed by CAS
Sepp Blatter: Former Fifa president's six-year ban upheld after appeal to Cas
Germany got £20 million for winning 2014 World Cup in Brazil. . Sepp Blatter got £8.5 million bonus for helping to organise it.
Good, the *** deserves it. . Court of Arbitration for Sport Upholds Sepp Blatter's Ban
The Court of Arbitration for Sport has upheld Sepp Blatter's six-year ban from football. More: https…
Sepp Blatter has said that he has lost his appeal against a 6 year ban from FIFA. Let's hope that, for once, he's telling…
Nice work if you can get it... FIFA still investigating why Sepp Blatter paid himself bonuses totalling £26 million between 2…
BREAKING: Court of Arbitration for sport reject Sepp Blatter's appeal against his six-year ban from football.
Sepp Blatter's six-year FIFA ban upheld by sports court
Reminds me of when Al-Jazeera announced the name of the 2022 World Cup host thirty minutes before Sepp Blatter open…
How do you hide 100 mil euros? Put it in Manchester United midfield .take note sepp blatter
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sees parallels with FIFA. Sepp Blatter had just been re-elected to lead FIFA when Obama's Loretta opte…
Fright Night for Halloween? Sitting here waiting for Sepp Blatter to come on X Factor, it's more corrupt than FIFA lately
The referee was the most corrupt person on the planet during the game, he puts Sepp Blatter to shame
Michael van Praag emerges as new rival to Sepp Blatter for Fifa presidency
Did Sepp Blatter simply run for four months to respond to articles highlighting awful science:
Sepp Blatter: "Messi is a good boy, that every father, every mother would like to have it at home"
FIFA to investigate Sepp Blatter and former top officials over payments
In fairness,it was probably only set up by Sepp Blatter and run by Jeffrey Webb to launder more money from
Oct 2007: FIFA president Sepp Blatter wants new quota on foreign players
Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter is facing another corruption investigation after the ethics committee of world football's governing
Fifa launch fresh investigation into Sepp Blatter over and allegations
If Vice president of could plead guilty to all those charges, then Sepp Blatter doesn't stand a chance in his bribery case.
Sepp Blatter also used the "President of everybody" line before being ousted as FIFA President due to corruption.
FIFA's former president Sepp Blatter faces an investigation into multiple allegations including bribery and corruption, the football
FIFA to investigate former president Sepp Blatter following allegations of bribery - Irish Mirror Online
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No surprise here: Sepp Blatter, former FIFA president, is back in the corruption game, this time w/ bribery charges
Sepp Blatter arrives at Court of Arbitration for Sport as former FIFA president appeals against six-year ban -
Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter is now facing a bribery case
BREAKING | Sepp Blatter claims that UEFA rigged draws:
I'm starting to think that FIFA and even Sepp Blatter might just be corrupt.
The dismissal is not connected to the payment made to Michel Platini by former president Sepp Blatter in 2011.
Yes, in general, I think there is too much club football on TV.
The 12 most farcical things Sepp Blatter said or did as Fifa president
last time i checked Sepp Blatter, Platini, Putin & Cameron weren't from Africa...
Sepp Blatter is retiring to spend more time with his money.
Why is sepp blatter so relatively poor for how much infamy he has?
Gianni Infantino is continuing Sepp Blatter's legacy at FIFA... the baton has ... -
and I get tired of you rigging candy tournaments, but sometimes you have to deal with dudes who idolize Sepp Blatter.
It was Sepp Blatter now it's probably
Uncover FIFA Corruption ✔️. Oust Sepp Blatter ✔️. Beat Netherlands & Germany for the first time in their history ✔️. USA are on a roll.
lolz - publishers are not FIFA with every higher-up Sepp Blatter.
Best of the Podcasts: Fifa's Sepp Blatter, wearable technology, secret trade deals and artificial intelligence
this just in Sepp Blatter and Vince McMahon to officiate next Cavs Raptors game. Can do a lot better than officiating 2nite.
Sepp Blatter is seeking new employment...
If spiders were the head of footballing body they'd be Sepp Blatter
Mourinho Utd manager !. When at Chelsea they thought he was crap & morally corrupt. Any truth that Sepp Blatter is to be Utd's new president?
The Swiss have an anthem as dodgy as Sepp Blatter.
REMINDER: from the esteemed of how won
Today in history, 15 May 2004 in Zurich; "The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be organised in South Africa" ~ Sepp Blatter
ALERT: Michel Platini's office says Sepp Blatter called as witness in appeal against 6-year FIFA ban at Court of Arbitration for Sport on F…
Sepp Blatter to be called as a witness in Michel Platini's appeal against FIFA ban.
In 2002, Issa Hayatou ran for president of FIFA, but was defeated by Sepp Blatter. He got 56 votes to Sepp Blatter's 139.
Issa Hayatou has been President of CAF since 1988, which is longer than the amount of time, Sepp Blatter was FIFA President.
Sepp Blatter, disgraced former FIFA president, to "
We'll see if they hire Sepp Blatter to "oversee" things.
Sepp Blatter: Fifa is still working well. It's in the game.
It's all Jann Wenner's fault. He's the Sepp Blatter of the music world.
Linda Barras Net Worth: Linda Barras is the girlfriend of Sepp Blatter who’s a President of FIFA. The couple c...
congratulations to you and the team for National Headliner Award - best documentary for film on FIFA & Sepp Blatter.
Racism and discrimination of any kind have no place in football.
I don't see how David Cameron can bedroom tax someone for having a spare room yet hide 500 thousand. He makes sepp blatter look legitimate.
Sepp Blatter to host panel on FIFA reform...wait, what?. >>
Ah yes, it's made for comment: Sepp Blatter's appearance on a panel discussion on reforming
Sepp Blatter is my favorite character from the Star Wars expanded universe
Sepp Blatter, disgraced former president, will serve on a panel about how to fix FIFA . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
to serve on panel on how to fix Note: this is NOT an overripe April Fools' joke, surprisingly.
Please do not choke on your Weeties. A panel discussion on how to reform with speakers including Sepp Blatter ht…
So what you're saying is we need snookers, point deductions & Sepp Blatter as a consultant?
If Sepp Blatter's staying I wouldn't be surprised if the next World Cup was held in Islamic State. (& I bet we're in the gro…
This is like electing a racist president who tries to fix racism
Officials are more corrupt than Sepp Blatter
Sepp Blatter will appear on a university panel about FIFA reform after being banned from FIFA -...
it's gonna be Sepp Blatter. Thinks he can root out corruption in the ranks
Sepp Blatter to serve on university panel on how to fix FIFA. (Yes, really!)
If Cameron does resign I hope we get a leader more trustworthy and in touch with the British people, like Sepp Blatter
You'll never guess who's joining a university panel to discuss how to reform FIFA ... it's ... Sepp Blatter?
Knowledge exchange & impact agenda hilarity. Sepp Blatter to appear on uni. panel about FIFA reform .
both where dodgy decisions by Fifa sepp blatter money scandals. Also the reason England should of get is. England is the home
David Cameron had this to say about Sepp Blatter last year.
Sepp on panel to discuss how to fix while serving six-year ban ? |
French authorities seized documents from the French Football Federation in connection with Switzerland's investigation of Se…
Excited to be at FIFA meeting Sepp Blatter to secure the World Cup.
University panel discussion on FIFA reforms to include Sepp Blatter
Lol we will come to Sepp Blatter. No need to invite
Sepp Blatter named on panel to discuss how he would reform FIFA via
Things that make sense: Sepp Blatter, a man banned from FIFA, is on a panel being converged to discuss how to reform F…
Seriously, did they put Sepp Blatter in charge of the Pokemon Championships?
Banned by FIFA, Sepp Blatter will now serve on a panel on how to fix FIFA.
Sepp Blatter, disgraced former FIFA president, to serve on panel about fixing FIFA
Sepp Blatter: Let the women play in tighter shorts. It's in the game.
What a coup for our show! We have Andrew Jennings - arch and Sepp Blatter-hunter coming up after 9pm ... Only
Count Dracula, Lance Armstrong, Sepp Blatter, Lewis, kittens- it's a heady cocktail from
Mike Brey looks like the guy who bribed Sepp Blatter
French Football Federation documents are seized in connection with the criminal investigation into ex-Fifa boss Sepp Blatter.
Have this weird feeling that Gianni Infantino will pull off his mask to reveal Sepp Blatter.
Good to know athletics is in such safe hands with Sepp Blatter's former FIFA ethics czar Lord Seb Coe ?
inks World Cup deal with Chinese sponsor linked to Sepp Blatter:
Sepp Blatter was paid £2.5m last year, Fifa lost £84m, Jerome Valcke is now subject to criminal proceedings. Just another d…
It's Sepp Blatter's birthday, here's his best moment: .
Disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter launches scathing attack on English football and the FA - Mirror Online
NICK HARRIS: The favourite to succeed Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA, Sheik Salman, was at the centre of fresh controv…
Try fired Much deserved after defaming Chris Cairns & comparing to Sepp Blatter !
Gianni Infantino named as Sepp Blatter's successor as Federation Internationale de Football…
Gianni Infantino was born in Brig, Switzerland, 6 miles from Sepp Blatter's hometown of Visp. 🇨🇭
This is how my good friend Sepp Blatter is following the
Sepp Blatter could return to football in time for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Prince Ali profile: FIFA will have a new president on February 26. After 18 years, Sepp Blatter's controversial re…
Olympics: Sepp Blatter back at FIFA for appeal against 8-year ban
I see Sepp Blatter has a new job at Hollywood Foreign Press. Matt Damon in best Comedy/Musical, maybe I missed the songs
FIFA banned Sepp Blatter; and Russia says he will be invited to the 2018 World Cup.
Russia to invite Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to 2018 World Cup despite bans
|FIFA chief Sepp Blatter: You can't blame corruption on the organization |
Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter to be invited to 2018 World Cup despite 8 year bans
Sepp Blatter is gone but fresh controversy has hit FIFA
Soccer-Russia says Blatter, Platini to be invited to World Cup: Disgraced world soccer president Sepp Blatter ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Domenico Scala. The man who sets & passes Presidential candidates' integrity test.
Game World ID : 226659 - You have to sack this Sepp Blatter type cheat COMPLETELY. 2nd time. I pay.
Sepp Blatter has turned up in the Köln Karneval parade - saying no to video technology.
"Peyton how are you going to celebrate this big win?". "I'm getting a cheeky Nando's with Boris Johnson and/or Sepp Blatter."
.The man who might take over from Sepp Blatter looks ahead to Qatar 2022
Illustration for latest issue of on the downfall of Sepp Blatter
FIFA president Sepp Blatter: "I managed to agree to get the Executive Committee to agree to publication, under certain conditions." SSNHQ
Let's start a campaign.Sepp Blatter for president of the NFL or NBA decide in this poll below.I am serious
The bid by Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa of Bahrain to succeed Sepp Blatter as the president of FIFA received a big lift when the
I do not think Sepp Blatter will appear in court. Its the same US & Swiss that perpetuated him as FIFA president.
Tokyo Sexwale given the red card by CAF, as his hopes of replacing Sepp Blatter as Fifa President diminishes. Read the
this is soccer bru, was Sepp Blatter in Swiss government before he became president?
FIFA Presidency: Sepp Blatter is the out-going President & M.Platini was favourite to takeover, until both were suspended by Fifa's Ethics
CAF has decided not to back Tokyo Sexwale to replace Sepp Blatter as Fifa president.
Sepp Blatter in hospital. The BBC understands president suffered what has been described as a “small breakdown” and “nervous shock”.
BREAKING: Sepp Blatter steps down as FIFA president.
Gianni Infantino continues to gather momentum in his attempt to replace incumbant Sepp Blatter as president of...
FIFA announces final 5 candidates to replace Sepp Blatter as president in February elections
I don't even watch the NHL & even I'm starting to get the hint Gary Bettman is about as wonderful a man as FIFA's ex president Sepp Blatter.
I hope it Sets Fire to Your Reign. May you never be President. . You & Sepp Blatter together in a padded cell, now.
BREAKING NEWS: president Sepp Blatter has announced the MVP(most valuable placeholder) aka the orange cone award
Fifa president Sepp Blatter has been banned..! -
FIFA president Sepp Blatter will return to football’s governing body headquarters on Feb. 16 when his appeal...
Blatter to attend appeal hearing on February 16: Disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter will return to the head...
Sepp Blatter and Tywin Lannister. King of the Castle defeating all-comers in their Empire & going horribly wrong
FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini had to wait until receiving the document before they could take…
MARTIN SAMUEL: Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, Lamine Diack, Russia — delightfully, 2015 may go down as the year the cheats, at last, failed
Suspended Fifa president Sepp Blatter has been stripped of the honorary degree he was awarded by De Montfort University
Having Boris as mayor of London, is like having Sepp Blatter do your Christmas club
Photos of the Year:. FIFA president Sepp Blatter is showered with fake dollars by a protester – July 20.
The fall of Sepp Blatter. The inevitable fall of Mark Emmert
think you've made mistakes in 2015? Just remember someone starred as Sepp Blatter, as a hero, in a movie this year
Long corrupt reign of Sepp Blatter finally ends. Now what about Qatar & Russia World Cups?
Sepp Blatter is the sport equivalent of Robert Mugabe.
The rise and fall of Sepp Blatter at FIFA
Long before he was barred from soccer, Sepp Blatter's FIFA reign was dotted with scandals
I thought Sepp Blatter was a villain from a Douglas Adams book. (Still not sure I was wrong, mind)
Sepp Blatter : "You can't go against me, I am the president!"
Sepp Blatter has demanded for many years to be treated as a Head of State! Cast your mind to 2010 and the protocols...
Sepp Blatter delivers ominous parting shot to the press after ban
It appears that FIFA's Sepp Blatter has IL Speaker Mike Madigan Syndrome...thinks he'll be empowered forever.
Sepp Blatter, paradigm of white male privilege, references Nelson Mandela when protesting his 8-yr ban from football htt…
Sepp Blatter is a patsy like Jack Ruby. Blatter looks like Brian Doyle Murray who played Ruby in "JFK"!
There can't be many more brazen people in the world than Sepp Blatter!
Panorama: The FIFA Republic, Sepp Blatter et al and reporter Andrew Jennings, I can only say wow!
Just been watching Andrew Jennings documentary ---> Panorama, Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me: via
*** are shots of Andrew Jennings in his underwear or getting a haircut doing in a Panorama about Sepp Blatter &...
Watching FIFA, Sepp Blatter and Me on BBC1. Fantastic stuff. Andrew Jennings for 2015, anyone?
Why don't Fifa officials want to talk to Andrew Jennings? Watch Fifa, Sepp Blatter & Me, 8.30 tonight
Just watched the Panorama on Fifa and Sepp Blatter. Jack Warner is a stain. Says he wants to ’spit’ on Andrew Jennings
Global press coverage of was more important for than stories on Sepp Blatter in 2015?
This guy chasing Sepp Blatter is just an old Dennis Pennis
.says Sepp Blatter will go before the FIFA ethics committee. My first thought: FIFA has an ethics committee?
Wonder if DoJ announce who is on the day Sepp Blatter appears before ethics committee
Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to face FIFA ethics committee soon -
Wanda's owner, Wang Jianlin, was sat with Sepp Blatter at the latter's presidential re-election last May
Sepp Blatter facing life ban from football for Michel Platini payment (Photo: PA)
Revealed: Sepp Blatter thought he was dying - The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (b…
Sepp Blatter 'saw angels and the devil' as he almost died, and vows ...
Sepp Blatter and his ilk have ruined trust in sport’s leaders | Owen Gibson: Governing bod... via
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Just noticed an uncanny similarity between Baron Greenback and Sepp Blatter!
I love the work of Sacha Baron Cohen, but I think this "Sepp Blatter" character of his is getting a bit ridiculous now
Sepp Blatter: Russia was chosen as 2018 World Cup host before vote
Wonder if Sepp Blatter will be saying that we are jealous of Russia and just being sore losers again now?
Sepp Blatter suffers medical incident: Swiss radio from RT
[Al Bawaba]Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter has again accused former French presiden…
[Al JAZEERA]Sepp Blatter has claimed there was a backroom deal to give the 2022 World Cup
The FT's lunch with Sepp Blatter: restaurant chef in FIFA-embroidered jacket serving up the 'Mama Blatter' salad
Go well in the final Nigel!! You've earned this chance. No pressure, yours Sepp Blatter & Chris Cairns.
Sepp Blatter's bizarre ramblings are a masterstroke - if his plan is to ... -
Sepp Blatter admits FIFA planned to award Russia the 2018 World Cup before vote even…
Sepp Blatter reveals Russia secured the 2018 World Cup before vote
Sepp Blatter: Russia agreement in place before 2018 World Cup vote - via App
Sepp Blatter blames UEFA, which isn't surprising. Also not surprising that bid was rigged:
Sepp Blatter says 2022 World Cup was meant to be in USA; deal in place for Russia 2018 before the vote
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Sepp Blatter tells TASS there was an agreement in place for 2018 World Cup to go to Russia before vote took place:
Sepp Blatter: Fifa planned to hand Russia World Cup finals before the vote had taken place: The su...
Sepp Blatter says the U.S. was supposed to hold 2022 World Cup and is now out to get him for losing out to Qatar:
Sepp Blatter is a shape-shifting lizard that lives in the centre of the earth with the Queen and Barack Obama
Sunil Gulati is the Sepp Blatter of America. Unchallenged for decades now.
Why did Jeremy Clarkson and Sepp Blatter argue over Christmas Monopoly?. Neither wanted the Boot.
Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini may be facing 5-year suspensions
BBC understands Fifa’s ethics committee is currently meeting to discuss suspending its president Sepp Blatter and Miche…
Fifa president Sepp Blatter says he had a "gentleman's agreement" with Michel Platini
Sepp Blatter's FIFA suspension inspired John Oliver to grant him a gem of a nickname. .
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Sepp Blatter is the Pepe Le Pew of Soccer: . On Last Wee...
I'm convinced that if Sepp Blatter & Jack Warner ran the EU then Cameron and his stooge Rose would still vote to keep …
"Sepp Blatter: the Pepe Le Pew of FIFA: boundless, aggressively European & if you get near his stink wafts all over you."
Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini and Greg *** don't get it... via
Sepp Blatter's career is at its lowest ebb, but his hallmark for Africa has to be South Africa 2010
Sepp Blatter's lawyers say he has "not been notified" of any action taken by Fifa's ethics committee - via
BREAKING: Lawyers for Sepp Blatter say FIFA president has not been notified of any action by FIFA ethics committee.
Hoping FIFA will crumble as Sepp Blatter is suspended for 90 days, I'm calling for fair and clean elections and change for good
Franz Beckenbauer has backed Tokyo Sexwale as a possible candidate to succeed Sepp Blatter as Fifa president and will get…
FIFA boss Sepp Blatter says he will fight to clear his name, while South African Tokyo Sexwale may run for president http:/…
Following the suspension of Sepp Blatter, Issa Hayatou is the first ever African FIFA (acting) president
Issa Hayatou will serve as acting President of FIFA in the wake of the ban on Sepp Blatter.
IOC member takes over as head of following Sepp Blatter's 90-day suspension
FIFA’s Sepp Blatter suspended, along with Jerome Valcke and Michel Platini
FIFA has provisionally suspended its president Sepp Blatter, secretary general Jerome Valcke and vice-president Michel Plat…
Sepp Blatter is a and a , John Delaney and Sepp Banter have been victims of PC crusades
FIFA has provisionally suspended pre Sepp Blatter, vice Michael Platini and sec general Jerome Valcke for 90 days
Sepp Blatter has been suspended by FIFA for 90 days. It's a start, folks. It's a start.
Breaking: FIFA chief Sepp Blatter provisionally suspended from organization for 90 days, his adviser tells CNN.
Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter has slammed the criminal investigation into his conduct , according to reports in Switze…
DTN Libya Uprising: No evidence for wrongdoing - Blatter: Fifa chief Sepp Blatter says he will fight to clear ...
FIFA president Sepp Blatter labels Swiss criminal investigation into him outrageous
Swiss prosecutors open a criminal investigation against Sepp Blatter, the head of the world football body Fifa.
ThiS man FIFA president Sepp Blatter slams criminal investigation and vows to be
Given Prince Ali was the only candidate bothered to take on Sepp Blatter for the presidency maybe he'd be the new broom
Prince Ali to challenge Sepp Blatter for Fifa presidency - (via FinaBiz)
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