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Senior Night

Senior day or senior night (depending on the time the game is held) is a term used in college sports, most notably football and basketball, to describe the team's last home game of the season.

Boys Basketball Red Storm Guerin Catholic

Lady Eagle golf team hit the links tonight vs N Decatur. Senior Night for 2 of the best people I know. Olivia Harmeyer and Kayla Patterson
CHS Golf -Senior Night honoring Andrew and Paul Monday 9/21 4:00 vs Lakeside . Dinner after will be at Barry Dyngles raccoon rd 7:15?
I wish an event like last night happened every weekend, that would make my senior year superb.
Last night was lit, thanks for visiting me I hope you have a great senior year💙 and stay safe✊🏾
Last night was a perfect way to set off senior year.
It's the night before I officially start my senior year. This summer has been one of best:)
I hope Celina Senior girls had fun last night, I should watch the video and pin point each one of your *** and make you come clean it up!!
Last night out with my sis before we begin our senior year of college! 👭
Also, a HUGE s/o to our offensive line led by senior for allowing our running game to excel last Friday night.
tonight is a school night. this is not possible. senior year here I come!
As top tier member I am very patient, but last night was ridiculous treatment for wheelchair senior PAX
lol not relevant but I chipped my tooth the night before the biggest comp of my senior year. 😂😂😂😂
Our annual VIP SENIOR FASHION NIGHT is tonight at 6 at the Levis commons Only night to...
Have no clue how I'm going to react to senior night this year.. 😳
shoot I have senior portraits Monday night
Filling out my Senior Night form and I'm not sure I want it to happen..
Safe to say I turned up last night lol now I'm ready to begin my senior year of college! 😊
And with last night under the belt, let's do this senior year
Awesome How Night, awesome first win for the football team, and then an awesome senior mud fight. This year is gonna be great 🔥
Thank god senior night is so far away
Last night definitely has me excited for senior year! I love you guys 😊
Sunday night! Almost time to BITE THE BEEF once again, office drones! Not me though. -Ed Davis, Senior Social Media Architect
1 spare v for Newcastle Away. FV. Says Senior Citizen. Can meet tomorrow night or in Newcastle
Spending my first night of senior year Sexiled on a couch while I can hear my friend having loud sex so things seem prom…
my beautiful dance sisters and I last night!
Going into senior year w full confidence bc Ari told me I was a star last night
same I seriously had a dream about my first day of college last night and it's only the beginning of my senior year😭
Crossed an item off my senior bucket list last night
Becoming emotional about senior night already and it's two months away 😭😭😭
Welp according to last night, Senior year is going to be insane.
Congrats to senior Amaria Allen who verbally committed to the Illinois State last night! http…
Taking any applications for a hc date & senior night partner starting today dont miss out 🙅🏻
We couldn't get a full senior pic but this was half of them last night
said I'm not welcome at her senior night.😔 and I was gonna write Deviney on my forehead just for her.
Last night made me way too excited for my senior year and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but EKU with all my favorite people.
After 3 years from the Bahamas senior trip, last night In AC I ran into a crew I was chillin with and we all remembered each other
Couldn't of ended my last senior Saturday night of summer any better😆
First honor to God, big s/o to my team 〽️cEachern on the W last night! I wouldn't choose any other school for my senior year!
Senior awards night 21-11-2015 at the club. Buffet and disco £5 a ticket. Contact your captains on how to purchase tic…
Last night was fun but tbh I'm excited for senior year 😈😈
I just got the most tragic news from my band director one of my fellow band members passed away last night he was a SENIOR I can't believe
Long night at the Georgia Dome. I love my McEachern indians this year. Filling my senior year w/ excitement!
Me last night. “I'm on shrooms right now and it's so beautiful”
At the boxing awards last night I was chuffed to have won Best Senior Newcomer. Big season ahead for me 👊 can't wait!
Great crowd, game, and WIN tonight at OHS. In case you missed it, here's our senior night performance...
Tonight is a school night... Tomorrow is the first day of senior year... Holy crap
I'm a boring old senior that's been in bed by 11 every night since I've been here 😕
Legit landing in Bradley at midnight & realizing it's a school night for wolcott, MAKE YOUR SENIOR YEAR THE BEST !
The sad thing is , we play South Sioux City on Senior Night 😐
But it's also Senior Night for my team and my last home game in Saint John Arena.
Indiana State University has confirmed they will be at our Senior Night. We are up to 8 colleges!
Senior Night coverage from the Bethel Park boys' lacrosse games!. JV & Varsity:
Varsity first in softball tonight versus Stanton. 600 PM start time. Senior Night!
Johnston senior first baseman Matt Shaver collapses, hospitalized on Senior Night:
Senior Night 😈 . LAST HOME GAME!💦🏀. Come support you're lady jackets . playing WB @ 7.. $5 at the door💯 . 🏀❤️
Senior Night for these special ladies.
We would like to say Thank You to everyone who came out last night to our Senior Night '15󾔗 Congratulations Class...
SCORE UPDATE:. Carlynton defeats Northgate 7-6 on Senior Night. Adam Trombetta with the walk off single. Nick Schultz wi…
Badger Bob Johnson award and Senior Night picture with my parents. I can't believe it's all over.…
Northside to award the Bryan Keith Woolard Scholarship tomorrow on Senior Night
Senior Night for our 1st Boys' LAX Team. Thank You Seniors! htt…
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Senior Night tomorrow at 7 vs. Westerville North following the 5:30 JV game. Free admission for students.
Absolutely honored and blessed to be a part of Athens Drive GLAX Senior Night and overwhelmed by the sweet messages from my seniors! ❤️
Go down to the Husky Stadium at 6:30 to watch our WLax Team play Millbrook for Senior Night! Senior festivitiesht…
Daniel Bowen threw out the first pitch on Senior Night in Holliday. Eagles beat Henrietta 3-0 to lock up 2nd place
Congrats to the N.D. Baseball Knights for earning a W tonight over West Forsyth on Senior Night! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
Two big wins tonight by over Notre Dame on Senior Night!
Senior Night tonight 7:00!! Vs York!! Wear your red, white and blue and come support our Seniors and team!! Go Lady Eag…
Come support Derby Senior Celebration at Chick-Fil-A tomorrow night 6-8pm. Need to give receipts to reps so we get credit.…
just a few of my lovely ladies for senior night, we got a 4-0 win! I will miss all of you so much ⚽️💙
Beyond thankful for all of the people who helped make our senior night the absolute best❤️ wouldn't want to share it with anyone else!
Everyone come out for soccer tomorrow night for senior night!. Girls: 5:30. Boys: 7:30
Everyone come out &support this hot chick tomorrow at 3:30 on the tennis courts for her senior night!!
Senior night for track tomorrow... Where did the time go?!
that's good, I hope he somehow gets to show up for ur senior night
Senior Boys and all the Senior Soccer players... Senior Night 2015
Can't believe tomorrow is senior night 😭
I'm not ready for it to be senior night tomorrow😕
No respect to someone who won't play seniors on senior night
“Best friend killin it on senior night!💚⚾️ 😌
I would be livid if I didn't play on senior night after all the years of playing a certain sport.
I'm not ready for the water works that will come tomorrow for my best friend's senior night😭
congrats to these Greeneville softball babes for the win on their senior night! 💚💚
Tomorrows senior night.. Someone bring the tissues
Senior night is tomorrow (at 5, see u there) and I'm not even sure where time went since this but I love u two❤️⚽️
Last game tomorrow night. 😔 But it's Senior night! Come out and support Be there or be ◾️
Senior night was so special. Love my soccer girls & I love my seniors.💜⚽️
"Prom night, where a senior girl had sex with a junior guy on someone else's truck and threw the condom in the back." - Bishop High School
Brock beats Peaster tonight 4-3! Come out tomorrow night for senior night, game starts at 6 so be there early!
Another win for the Tigers!! + Congrats to the Seniors on Senior Night! http:
I really wish my dad could make it to my senior night
Tomorrow night is Senior Night. Recognition begins at 5:30 with varsity game to follow. Come show that Golden Wave spirit! …
shoutout to terrebonne baseball players for the most entertaining senior night I've seen
Don't forget tomorrow is senior night for our Jags. Come out and support them on their last game of the season vs Alamo…
Everyone come out and support our seniors tomorrow night @ home for Senior Night against Winfield! Be there or be square😈
Soccer SENIOR NIGHT is tomorrow at NSU, girls at 5! Boys play after. Come support. ⚽️🐯
cheesin way to hard!😩 tonight was senior night and I wanted to say I am so proud of you Red!😘 love you❤️🔥
have a great Senior Night. I am so proud of u I love you beyond words.
you're slacking on senior night on Wednesday?
S/o to girls and boys lax for slaying this senior night with back to back wins 💪🏼 🐝
Everyone come out and support the Softball Seniors tomorrow night at 7!! It's senior night. 😊 it's against Desoto!!
Why did this have to happen two days before senior night.
Everyone come and support the softball team tomorrow! It's senior night💙⚡️
We beat Hartselle on senior night and I couldn't be more proud of my team ❤️
Senior night tomorrow! Come out and support your lady Longhorns softball team! ⚾️
Senior night festivities will be held tomorrow night in between the boys and girls games. Everybody come out and
Update your maps at Navteq
Senior tea made my night so much better
North Pontotoc 14 Ingomar 2 Great game and all the other lady Vikings on Senior night. 💔😂
Line of the night goes to of when govt cannot fix senior care it will cause a "senior tsunami".
Tomorrows senior night and I don't think I'm going to be able to handle it😭💔
Senior night tomorrow! last regular season game for the boys! Girls still have one more. But come support both tomorrow…
Great come from behind win tonight over Lawrenceburg proud of my four seniors on senior night
Waubonsie Valley Badminton today at 4:30 vs. St. Charles East at WV Fieldhouse. Senior Night for the Warriors.
Tonight's Baseball game and Senior Night vs. Lake Highland Prep is being postponed due to the incomming weather until thi…
Mary Haines once threw a cupcake at my face on Senior Night.
Senior Night! Woodlands DI vs Memorial. 7:30pm Alden Bridge Sports Park. Come out and help us honor our senior players.
Senior Night is tonight for your RHS Softball Lady Rams, starts @ 5:45, game starts at 6!! 😊❤️
This Friday is Senior Night vs Steinbrenner. We will be celebrating 12 seniors at 6:30 so come early Go…
It really hit me at night that my brother is gone can't believe it's almost a year if I coudl I would relive my whole senior year over.
remember when I changed my entire senior paper the night before it was due
The only day you will see 3 white boys in the starting line-up for Kentucky. . Senior night. http:/…
One of the many highlights from Senior Night!!! Lydell Manigo (with the big time dunk
Excellent game between Senior squad and last night. Hard fought victory and proud of the lads performance.
But before that I just wanted to say senior night was perf, so sad to go 😭🎀
Very proud night, our name joins some of the biggest clubs in middx on the senior youth cup.
A little late but yesterday's wcw on our senior night vs cedar creek 👌💩
Senior night was great other than what happened on the field lol. 💗😘
Help support the senior parent boosters by going to Goldies on Thurs. from 5-8PM. $ will go toward fundraising for Senior …
senior Movie night Friday the 13th all admissions are free and there will be free popcorn!. you can also reduce grad nig…
Senior night was a success everyone had a blast!!
Need to stop listening to late at night. I get too nostalgic. I just really want to relive my senior year of high school. Sigh.
Prom, grad night, graduation, my birthday and my senior trip all in june ahhh I'm so excited :)))
PSA there's a rally this Friday night!! BE THERE!! Open to everyone, and senior ball venue/theme announced!! 😊
Prom proposal for on senior night with the help of the little girls she coaches.
Find out the👊💃PROM LOCATION💥 tomorrow during support in the PAEC!!! Also senior activities and grad night will be discuss…
Personalized kicks are hitting the court for Senior Night.
“I have so much homework I need to do but I just want to go to bed 😔” me every night of senior year
Good bye senior science math party last night
4Year Varsity Soccer Letterman. Senior Gift. Academic Award. & The Best Trophy of the Night gna miss you FB!
Looking forward to Prom, Senior Sunset, Grad Night and graduation day :)
So like where the *** are the senior meeting tomorrow b4 action night? 😂
the week be for our senior year, Davin, tj and I stayed up all night talking about how close we were going to be when we go older...crazy.
I have our picture from that night 😂😂😂😂 8th grade prom and senior trip we were a hot mess
The night before the senior sunrise is still to this day the best night of my life so far
Hon. MLA and Senior Leader Shri. inspecting road works in his constituency late night.
A preview of my photos from senior night meet. Featuring
Opening game of the 2015 Manager's SEC Tourney. Hometown Vandy vs. Florida. Senior night for Rafi Goldman.
celebrates the huge senior night win over Cody.
Johnny Edwards in slo-mo at the Oaks Christian Invitational. Track and Field has Senior Night against…
GIRLS SOCCER: Harker Heights def. Killeen 4-0 on Senior Night. Gracie Grimm had all 4 goals for Lady Knights
Ladies are back in action Tuesday, 3/17/15 at home against Cedar Hill for Senior Night. Fajitas will be on sale, so come out hungry!!
FALCONS: Senior Night at the Boys Basketball division championship game tomorrow at 7 at home! Come out & support your…
Wyoming runs through Utah State on memorable Senior Night: LARAMIE, Wyo. -- Inside the Arena-Auditorium on Wed...
What a Senior Night! Duke is destroying Wake Forest 52-15 at the half. looks primed and ready to get that ACC tourney championship
John Groce previewing tomorrow's game vs. Nebraska/Senior Night. Called the "tougher team in the first meeting"
Senior Night for your Varsity Lady Lions tips in 5 minutes! Get here and cheer your Lions on to victory! Thanks Syd and …
Head coach Dan Muller inserts Bobby Hunter, Daishon Knight and John Jones into the starting lineup on Senior Night.
Princeville defeated United 57-43 on the Red Storm's Senior Night. United slips to 17-13.
Noble Moore hits 6 3s to lift Pacers past Braves on Senior Night. Check out for more.
8 minutes til tip-off. United band is holding its own, a good crowd here in Red Storm country. A quality pregame ceremony for Senior Night.
Senior Night!!! Please join us tonight as we honor our seniors! Tip off is at 6pm. We will honor them before the game.
Boys Basketball: Carteret cruises by North Brunswick for GMCT win on Senior Night via
Last home game tonight @ 7:00 vs Webster Schroeder. Big game on Senior Night. Be there
.downs on Senior Night, led by Rory Flaherty's 19 points.
Senior Night tonight! Come support your WHS Men's Basketball team, 7:00 @ the Field House
Senior Night here in Ariel Arena! The Cougars get set to take on the Lancers on 90.9FM and
It's Senior Night! Come watch the Trojans take on Sault Ste Marie @ 7pm tonight. After the game, we'll...
Senior Night to night vs Monclova-Varsity Girls at 6:00 and Varsity Boys at 7:30-Northwood students can get in for $1-Wear Blue and Cheer!
Bear Nation salutes Dinuba Boys Soccer team for show of class before the game during Senior Night and after the game.
Charter Oak will honor Anthony Ortega, a student battling cancer at Senior Night. Be there.
Come on out and celebrate our Senior Boys Basketball players as the team takes on Central Square for Senior Night at 7:00
Despite it being Senior Night, usual 5 for the Boys (Joiner, Gibbs, McEwen, Jones, Dennis) although last 4 are seniors. Gamecast coming.
Tomorrow night will be Senior Night in The Hot Box vs Holston. Come support Ricky, Alex C, Jordan, Hunter D, Hunter T, and Brian!
Senior Night at Cordova and the Wolves lead Bolton at halftime, 35-30. Jaylen Fisher of Bolton the high man so far with 13.
Senior Night at Lady Hoops. We're really proud of Sydney and Val. Game time 6:00 vs. MN Academy for the Deaf.
Gahanna girls win over Lancaster on Senior Night. Final score Gahanna 55 Lancaster 40! Great job girls.
Lake Highlands Senior Cayla Gray taking her oath to join the U.S. Navy prior to tipoff on Senior Night.
Senior Night under the lights at CLU vs. Santa Paula
Both teams win on Senior Night. Girls officially ChesMont champs!! Will Coach Kelly stay dry after the finale vs Great Valley? I think not
WHoops takes on at 7 in Pepin on Senior Night. Stats and HD video
Don't forget to come out to Cabin John Ice Rink and support your hockey team as they take on Churchill on Senior Night. Puck drops at 9:30.
Breast Cancer Awareness
It's Senior Night! Come out and support the Lady Jackets Basketball team at home as they take on Tyler Lee!...
UNC Coach Roy Williams and Steve Robinson will be at Kinston high Viking gym to attend Senior Night of Brandon Ingram on …
Guess what day it is? No, not hump day. Game Day! Fresh of their Senior Night win, the KP Varsity Boys host Nauset in Foxboro at 4:50 PM
Richmond's girls varsity Red Devils celebrated Senior Night with a dominant win over Guerin Catholic
No drama on Senior Night as Red Devil girls basketball dominates Guerin Catholic.
As expected, Nico Clareth announced on Senior Night that he will attend Siena College, joining locals Lavon Long and Maurice White
Senior Night!. Praying for God's Will in their lives. . May it be more than just a graduation one liner- . http:/…
Come out and support the Tigers Boys Basketball team tonight as they face off against Edison @ home @ 7. It will also be Senior Night
Senior Night vs Southridge, its a black out!! Girls at 545 Boys at 730.
Senior Night for Boys Basketball! Come out for the ceremony at 7 pm and game at 7:30 pm against Pulaski!
Come out and celebrate Senior Night with our Boys Basketball players and Band Members tonight. We play West County @ 6pm. Go Cougars!
Senior Night at JeffCo tonight, get out and support these seniors who have taken JCHS basketball Girls and Boys to new level…
Thursday is Senior Night for the Boys Basketball team Rep an all out Purple & White wardrobe & purchase a Northern Nati…
It was a battle royal for the Btown Crown on Jefferson's Senior Night! The Eagles scored first, but the Jaguars...
Come support Boys Soccer at 6:30 for our Senior Night! ⚽️💪👌
Senior Night for HHS boys soccer tonight at 6 vs North Canyon. Huge game and the last game for some great seniors
5 days until Senior Night for Adam Thoma (Thoma is finishing his second season for the Hoosiers.
Come to the Hockey game tonight against Riverton! Senior Night!!! 8pm at Acord Ice Center. Come support the seniors!
Come cheer on the Varsity Gymnastics team for their FIRST home meet/Senior Night today- 1:15 at Ten Point O (38818 Taylor Pkwy, RIdgeville)!
American Heritage Vs Miami Country Day at American Heritage @ 6:00pm. Senior Night for Samantha Johnson, please come out and support. 💯👑💛
Senior Night at 6:45 vs South Plainfield!! Come and support the team, we appreciate the continued love. ❤️
S/O to my boys, Hope you swam fast on Senior Night. Wish I could of made it, but I'll see you on Thursday.
Senior Night at West Point. Proud of both boys and girls teams. Proud to be there and support them.
Congratulations to the Boys Basketball team on the great Senior Night win!
show these boys some love this evening for Senior Night
Boys Swim team defeated Lebanon tonight. Girls got 2nd. Great job on Senior Night.
JV will travel to Steinert on Monday for a tournament and the team hosts Perth Amboy on Wednesday for Senior Night.
Big win tonight for the Varsity Hockey team over Davis County 4-1! Next game is Senior Night next Wed. Let's get a big crowd out there!
Senior Night on Halloween. Truly the oddest and coldest Halloween of my life! Kind of cool though that I have that memory …
Toros VB against at 7 pm. Join us for Senior Night in the Torodome!
Maple Shade earned a big win on Senior Night. My FB Story for
Aye Sierra Canyon, how it feel losing Senior Night? Lol yall new name is Sierra Overrated.
It's Senior Night here at South Fort Myers High School. Game between and to begin in 12 minutes.
Tonight is Senior Night at the PCEC for as they play their final home match, hosting Midwestern State at 6:00 pm!
Grambling High Kittens against Haynesville Tornadoes Friday night! No we did not win but you couldn't tell by the way the band, dance line, and the cheerleaders were cutting up and having fun! It was Senior Night so Bri and Kenya were leading the dancers in an upbeat stand routine. At 2:44 Trace Payne can be seen getting into his feelings with the band! The cheerleaders were loud and spirited as usual ! Go KITTENS!
Good evening from Owen T. Carroll Field on a cold, rainy Senior Night. Bolu Akinyode is 1 of 11 being honored
.Senior Night is starting at Renasant Field. In other football news, Horn Lake brought seven fans. SEVEN.
Senior Night at Stuarts Draft. Currently introducing band, cross country and football seniors.
Salem celebrated Senior Night on Friday with a 59-0 win over Carroll County. We have photos here:...
Hello Everyone, Kathy Pesce is looking for a volunteer to help sell spirit wear during the first half of this weeks Varsity game. Please respond to this email if you are available to help out. (It is also Senior Night) Please consider volunteering in the concession stand. Janice will be sending out an email for what shifts are needed shortly. Save the date, the football banquet will be held on December 2nd at the Holiday Inn in Budd Lake from 6:30 to 10:30. Invitations will be emailed out this week. Photos - if you are interested in purchasing a portrait photo of your football player, please go to Password is Corey. Individual photos were taken of all players. Thank you, MOHS Football Parents Association
Varsity Volleyball prepares to take on Notre Dame Academy on Senior Night! Go Seniors! Go Eagles!
Lady Vols coast to 3-0 victory on Senior Night | Sports: As the minutes in the Tennessee Lady Volunteers soccer…
Greenville *** News for 24 October 2014 The fall calendar is full. Fall festivals are all around us with Hogansville having its largest Hummingbird Festival ever last weekend. The city ran out of ice and water due to the crowds-but that was a positive problem. Coming up in Woodbury on the 23rd is FRA’s Fall Festival; on October 26th is Greenville Baptist’s Festival followed that night by the Methodist’s Trunk or Treatin.’ FRA Senior Night is this Friday night the 24th because the last home game on the 31st will be for the region championship. The home crowd will have trunk or treatin’ at the ball game on Halloween along with a Costume Parade. FRA will be performing its One Act Play on November 3rd and having a dessert program for guests. Call the school for more information. Next week schools and groups nationwide will be observing Red Ribbon Week. Coming up November 7 and 8- the IPRA Southeastern Region Finals Rodeo at Quercus Farms. This past Thursday a group from the Methodist Church took in ...
Devils win a nail-biter in overtime last night at Red Devil Hill on Senior Night! The team moves to 5-3 on the...
Senior Night in NP...among seniors, basketball players Tyler Powell and Kyler Harris playing last regular season FB game
Here at William L. Buford Stadium as Lafayette takes on Senatobia on Senior Night. A win for the 'Dores clinches the Region 2-4A title.
loses the third set, 25-21, and the match, 3-0. UMES returns to the Hytche Nov. 11 for Senior Night against East Carolina.
Hey . Ready to support the Hilltoppers on Senior Night with ? . Need a packed student se…
Andy said he's going to wear a pirate outfit tonight for Senior Night... 😅😳🙈
Tonight’s Football game is Senior Night so I thought it would be appropriate to post a picture of David’s first year of football (2nd grade) and his picture from this season (12th grade). Football has taught David so much and has helped to make him the man he is today. It also made me find a confidence I did not know I had by being the Team Mom/Manager and then the President of the DR Football Booster Club. It also gave me lifetime friends that I would not trade for the world. Time has flown by! Good luck tonight David Parker – go Eagles beat the Lincoln Lancers!
It's official! I will be singing the National Anthem for Senior Night, our last game of the season!
BHS builds big lead early, cruises past North Marion on Senior Night by 35-7 score. Game story, tons of photos here.
Preparing for Friday Night Football In Buena VIsta...The Bobby Williams Field is a Lush Green ..The Surrounding Trees in Autumn Colors of Rust, Orange and Red highlight the field , this beautiful Friday night.! The stands are full now, with lots of BLUE... Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins,Granny, Papa.. It's Senior Night... Very emotional for this 7 and 0 football team. It's Friday night Football at its Best...Fighting BLUES Style.As Coach Elilison use to say.."keep diggin til you get to the inzone..." The Blues Spirit is exclusive to Buena Vista... The Town and The Team that never gives up! GO BLUES!!!
Dear Lord, Thank you for all the service men and women that have fought to earn and protect our freedoms in America over the centuries. We pray for healing and comfort of our wounded warriors and aging veterans; we are blessed because of the sacrifice of each and every one. Please watch over all the players Friday, and keep them safe and healthy, as they take the field in Fenton and honor the names and lives of the veterans worn on the jerseys. Please Lord, on this Senior Night, bless and guide each young man as they begin closure of their high school years and spread their wings into a life of independence. We pray for all our injured of body and spirit and lift all the prayers and concerns on the hearts of Fenton's families. Amen
Senior Night at Girls Swim/Dive...a BIG congrats to Megan Contarino our lone senior on the team...Quite an impressive career young lady!
REMINDER: Monday Night is Senior Night vs. St. Francis! Come out and support your seniors in their last home game! (JV …
In the next two weeks it'll be Senior Night 😩😞
Come support the volleyball team as they host Senior Night against North Olmsted. 9th grade 4:30, JV 5:30, Varsity 7pm. Thank you seniors!
Hersey secures share of East title: Senior Night proved to be a big hit for Hersey's girls volleyball team at the…
Lady Houns get Senior Night win over El Dorado Springs 10-3!
Aurora trails El Dorado Springs 3-0 after three innings on Senior Night
And senior night is this thursday against canal so pls come out and support us kick butt 😊
Hard to believe that after 4 years in the program tomorrow is finally my senior night, even harder to believe that I can't even play. 😔
This week's games are as follows Tuesday- both away at Centre County Thursday- girls only away at Grier Friday- Senior Night both home against Great Commission. Girls at 3:30 and guys at 5:00
Boys Soccer Senior Night is tomorrow at 7! Everyone who can, come support :)
Busy & successful weekend..Started with shopping for clothes for pictures and homecoming sash/can supplies. Everything is done...sash, can and some awesome senior pictures! A special shout out to Sarah J. Dane Photography. Shannon loves them! Next: Senior night for tennis tomorrow, a match on Wednesday and Homecoming on Friday.
Amazing choreo sessions on Friday night and Saturday afternoon! Thanks senior / intermediate dancers…
Wait Tuesday is senior night and 2 of my bffs are seniors that's rlly sad actually
Can't believe our senior night is this week 😭
Oct 6: Girls Vball. Roosevelt at McKinley. White Team starts at 5:30pm. JV and Varsity to follow. SENIOR NIGHT. G…
I can't believe senior night is this Tuesday. This season went by way too fast.
Boys Soccer Senior Night tomorrow at 7 vs Latrobe! Come watch 😊⚽️
we play yall in a few weeks I think! I think it's our senior night! But I'm not sure!
😌😏😈 - You was wilding last night 💀 Lmfao funny asl! But you tall af and cute. I had no idea you were a senior! 😳 But History be t'd 😎
Senior night for Fall sports- football, cheer, band, swimming and dance- will be Friday, October 10. Parents are...
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Come out and support your phs volleyball team tomorrow night at 6:00 for senior night !! Wear pink 😜
Senior night is Tuesday, holy emotions😭
this Friday is senior night. come out and see your seniors play they're last home game. this Friday kickoff starts at 7:30
Walking across the senior parking lot barefoot at night because my sister forgot about her car for three hours..??
Pictured at above left are Hundred High School seniors and their parents, who were recognized during Senior Night at Cameron High School.
Senior night after party senior night after party
🏀🏆 my dude, love ya to death bro! Can't wait to give you this work on senior night. 😈😈😈😈
Really wanted my dad with me on senior night though..
I got great friends for senior night coming 😤😤😄 s/o to my fam for senior night
MOHAWKS: tomorrow night is volleyball's senior night!!! Wear your Halloween costumes and come out to support your fellow Moh…
If you sit at home this coming Friday night I won't feel bad for you because you could be at CNE Soccer Senior Night @ the…
Can anyone please tell me how senior night is going to happen with the band and guard seniors? Time? Would appreciate some info. Thank you.
Families: There is a chance we may hold senior night this Tuesday. I wanted to give everyone the heads up in case any senior parents need to make arrangements with work. I need 3 people in the concession stand that are not senior parents. We also need hot dogs, buns, taco meat, and toppings as well. PLEASE volunteer to donate these items and work at least half the game. I do not have time to make calls or hunt people down. I am scrambling to get ready for this as it is, and will most likely be busy finishing the program, decorating, picking up the hot chocolate, and making announcements. Zack will confirm all the details tomorrow. I appreciate all your help! Thank you! ⚽️
I probably will cry though at senior night senior year is getting real b/c it's my last time playing high school sports 😭😭😭
So tomorrow is senior night and I'm going to bawl like a baby as I watch some of my closest friends walk down the field 😭💔💚💛
SV Girls Tennis Senior Night tomorrow 3:30 at SV with these girls!
My brother just asked if my dog could walk out with him on senior night 🚼
Varsity's senior night is tomorrow at 6pm on the turf vs. Minooka
Ok everyone, Mrs Matlock has agreed to let everyone wear pink tomorrow to kick off our Pink Week. We are asking everyone to wear PINK! If you wear a pink SHIRT you may wear Bluejeans. If you do not wear a pink shirt then you must be in uniform. Wearing pink socks alone doesn't mean you may wear Bluejeans. Tomorrow will be Senior Night for Volleyball and our last Peewee and JV football game. Everyone come dressed in pink and support the EAGLES!!
My dads birthday, senior night, Levi's birthday, & our 2 months are all this week 😊
low key gonna be in my feels and extremely tender at Riley's senior night friday but idgaf bc those are my dudes.
I'm excited for senior night at the football game
what seniors wanna do something fun every night of the week leading up to senior night?¿ 🙋🙋🙋🙋
Having Halloween on a Friday night for senior year >
Tiger softball finishes the regular season tomorrow with its final home and senior night against St. Clair at 4:30.
NE Field Hockey SENIOR NIGHT tomorrow begins at 6:45 and the game follows around 7:00!
Hard to believe tomorrow is senior night ⚽️😁
everyone better show up to water polo's senior night! come out and support everyone's favorite babies on Tuesday . ❤️😘❤️
Hope to see a full nest at Stellos tomorrow at 7! Come support the cards as they take on South for SENIOR NIGHT!! 💛💚
Attention everyone: girls soccer senior night is tomorrow and you must go to support. Thanks bye.
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Okay. Cheerleaders have gotten treated like crap in the past, but not getting a senior night is over the top and I'm not going to take that.
Senior Night for volleyball is Tuesday, 10/7 @ 6:30 p.m. @ home vs. Unity. Come celebrate our seniors!!
PSA: MSHS Field Hockey Senior Night is on Wednesday @ 6:30. Forget everything else you have to do and come see us play 😼💛💙
Senior night, the student section should do red and blue chalk 🔴🔵
How is it already senior night tomorrow 😥😭😔
“Don't forget Sr hoodies are on sale till Thursday!! Don't miss out for Senior Night.”
senior night tomorrow against brush at 7. EVERYONE COME
PSA: my senior night has been changed to October 14th against Buchholz! 🌊
Lost in the shuffle of last night's win, senior CB Tre Nicholson did not play and will redshirt. Should be great h…
Also ready for Senior night to get here .
“Come out and support softball for our senior night tomorrow at 5:30!☺️
Senior night is tomorrow! Please stop by and watch us take on LSN at home at 4!
Wellp senior night is already being ruined
For any friends and family that would like to come to MiCaela's softball senior night, it will be this Tuesday (the 7th) at Western Heights High School at 6 pm.
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