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Senator Toomey

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To the men and women serving in 45 administration: if you are in the presence of 45 and you do not speak up and cal…
I called Senator Pat Toomey who is a lockstep weasel Republican. I read this message with Irela…
Betsy is disgusting. She paid my Senator in exchange for a cabinet seat leading…
Well at least he held a town hall meeting; no so our Senator Scardy Cat Toomey.
Most All Dems. and some in your own party are obstructionist and are on a mission to destroy your…
We need a party for Senator Toomey and Mike Kelly. Both must go!
This letter to Pat Toomey should be a letter to all Republicans in office who refuse to speak up for what’s right b…
So why the push by to just pass and talk border security later? Senator Pat Toomey tells…
Senator Toomey, U need to condemn the Stable Genius' vulgarities, unless of course, U share his demented views. Get a backbone.
-- Crawl out of the Trump muck and stand up for what is right. An Open Letter to Senator Pat Toomey
Also FYI Cambell’s is a major donor to PA Senator Pat Toomey (R) so boycott them anyway. Ge…
This is one of Pennsylvania's senators. A poor excuse for one. Senator Pat Toomey
Toomey’s silence proves he agrees with Trump, he a punk and another reason he’s the wor…
Spineless as usual, Toomey. Take a leaf from your fellow PA Senator and denounce Trump and his blatant racism completely.
How shameful of you Senator Toomey. You continue to astonish me at just how craven you are willing to be for the sa…
Senator Toomey: You think I can get away with this nonsense?. Aide: I mean, there are a LOT of clauses, sir…
"We ask that Senator Toomey, Represnetives Costello, Meehan, and Smucker immediately and publicly state their oppos…
Trump's racist comment denounced across the globe. Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Glenn Thomson are enabling... https…
My rep senator Toomey, whom I am not a fan, just said something. Not as strong as people would lik…
What is Senator Santorum doing in this picture? Is he back in the Senate? Is he filling in for Senator Toomey? Just…
By lying, Senator Toomey just confirmed what John Dickerson said, "GOP officials are commit…
I think Allentown would love to have you.Rep Brian Fitzpatrick is good but Senator Toomey is invisible & a party hack
Health insurance companies would get $1 billion or more windfall under the Congressman Thompson, Senator Toomey... https:…
Senator Toomey your staffer are not taking your constituents seriously. U work for us!
PA Senator waits >284 days for Garland hearing, in UNDER 24 HRS says he'll appoint racist Jeff Sessions.📞
If you're in PA: Senator Toomey's # is (202) 224-4254, Casey is (202) 224-6324. Let them know you're concerned.
It's amazing how many voicemails I've had to leave regarding "extreme disappointment in Senator Toomey" all in the…
Tell Toomey that Bannon does not belong in the White House!. Senator Toomey (202) 224-4254, (215) 241-1090, (717) 782-3951, (610) 434-1444
.I called Pat Toomey today. Got a repeated "Senator has not made a statement" when asked about Bannon, Sessions. Sounded annoyed
It would be the height of irresponsibility to report that Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey enjoys wearing frilly lin…
What about the rumor where Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) likes to dress in lacey underthings?
Sen. Pat Toomey: "Senator Jeff Sessions will make a great Attorney General." Who could possibly argue otherwise?
Dear Sen. Toomey's aids/ social media interns: Are y'all listening to the messages in the senator's answering machine? LMK
Couldn't get a commitement from Senator Toomey to condemn the appointment of Steve Bannon.
Finally got through to Senator Toomey's Philadelphia office.
My 1 senator (Toomey) introduced "police lives matter" legislation co-sponsored by Jeff Sessions. I know we need to fight the good fight,
I still can't get through to Senator Toomey's office. No busy signal this time, but I did get to a voicemail box.
Just called my Senator AGAIN, asking him to denounce both Steve Bannon AND Jeff Sessions. Come on, Toomey. Do the right thing.
We are outraged at Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon. Call & write to today:
PA folks: Call Senator Toomey and ask him to condemn the appointment of Steve Bannon to Senior Counselor:
How much did Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race cost?: How much does it cost to pick a U.S. senator in Pennsylvania?…
TAKE ACTION: Tell Pat Toomey to speak out against Steve Bannon!
Thank you Speaker Ryan and Senator Toomey for standing up for fiscal sanity and saying NO to wasteful government...
Meet the man who could sit 25 feet away from Oval Office and who has the full support of Senator Toomey and...
Called Congressman to urge removal of Bannon; Senator who did had a full voice mailbox, and Toomey's has a constant busy signal. Redialing.
Yes! By calling Senator Pat Toomey and asking him how he plans on pressuring Trump to remain in the agreement!
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can my excuse be that I don't trust myself to be kind to the poor people working for Senator Toomey so I emailed
. He's White Supremacist and has no place near White House…. I'm calling Ryan, McConnell & my Senator, Toomey, to tell them that…
American businessman and politician,US Senator Pat Toomey (PA-R) 55 today
Senator Toomey, please ask that Steve Bannon Appointment be RESCI. NDED. Demand investigation into RUSSIA tamperin…
I should try that with our illustrious senator Toomey. :-/
Call Senator Pat Toomey & let him know that having white nationalist Stephen Bannon who harasses Jews, Muslims & women appointed is not ok.
Senator Toomey what is your opinion on the Bannon appointment? Thank You
Any friends in PA...please call Senator Toomey's office and let him know you want him to stand up against Bannon.
Hope Senator Toomey gets my request for tickets to the Trump inauguration.
just got through to Senator Toomey's office, staffer sounded a bit harried (but very pleasant) will call again tomorrow
Here are their numbers. Senator Toomey: (202) 224-4254. Tom Marino: (202) 225-3731. Ask them to publicly renounce the appt of Steve Bannon!
Tomorrows plans include returning to work and calling Senator Toomey and Rep Costello again until they speak out against Bannon.
Remember Pat Toomey senator Pa.that co-authored the bill on sanctuary cities and mandatory sentences for illegals
Let's not forget that Senator Toomey voted for Trump.
cc: Would Toomey be the first R Senator t…
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Called senator Toomey's office about Bannon, almost broke out crying in fear of a White House beholden to white supremacists.
I am very proud of my Senator. Now, we need to get PA's other senator, Pat Toomey, to stand up for decency.
Thank you, Senator Casey. Now, I hope we can get Senator Toomey to join you.
Called Senator Toomey's office this afternoon. Voicemail was full. That fact felt satisfying. Will try again tomorrow.
PA Residents: Don't forget to call our Senator Pat Toomey to remind him to oppose Steve Bannon getting appts as Chief Strategist.
Senator Toomey. You must denounce the hate crimes in PA as well as the atmosphere that encourages them. Denounce Bannon.
There is no place for this kind of hate in the White House! . Call Senator Pat Toomey (202) 224-4254 and...
Call Senator Pat Toomey (202) 224-4254 and Congressman Glenn Thompson (202) 225-5121 and tell them to stop...
Statement from the Southern Party Law Centre on the racism and bigotry now endorsed by Trump, Senator Toomey,...
Today's Republican Party clearly the party bigotry, racism and hate. It is sad to see Senator Toomey, Congressman...
Our other senator has yet to make a statement. PA residents should call up Pat Toomey @ your local office
Senator Toomey is refusing to give President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court a hearing and a vote. He says...
Boo, PA Senator Toomey:. "The next court appointment should be made by the newly elected POTUS.". Vote
We so much we just donated to hlp the vry cool kick Toomey out & become our new US Senator frm PA
"As senator repeatedly voted in favor of other bills that benefitted vets"
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Senator Toomey, you are not just part of the problem…You are the problem. You and the entire establishment.
Senator Toomey, through battle the American people are going to see what you really stand for… MONEY.
Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) constantly says President Obama intends to hurt the US in effort to lessen the country's standing. Insanity!
2016 Election: Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania expected to endore Marco Rubio (via
Joe Sestak is running against U.S. Senator Pat Toomey in PA. I heard him speak in Clarion, PA. He is very good.
.and Senator Pat Toomey talk about Ted Cruz's victory in Iowa.
I contact my congressman and Senator Pat Toomey's office but they could not help me and my mom. Thanks for the help
PA can do far better than the squishy Senator Pat Toomey.
.talks to Senator Pat Toomey, who give Ted Cruz credit for standing up against ethanol.
Senator Toomey Calls for an End to the Corn Ethanol Mandate on Senate Floor
PA Senator Pat Toomey the "Gun Control" fan endorses Rubio. Old enough to remember when Toomey was considered a "Conservativ…
Senator Pat Toomey is a proven conservative with a record of winning in a purple state. He is w/Marco!!
Pennsylvania Senator & former Club for Growth president will support [cfga…
Sen. Toomey's endorsement means one more senator *not* endorsing GOP frontrunner, Sen. Ted Cruz.
There's still hope for Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Senator Pat Toomey talks to and give Ted Cruz credit for winning Iowa.
Establishment is circling the wagons: Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) endorsed Rubio. (Toomey is in a tight race & can't afford to anger bosses.)
Senator Toomey has endorsed Marco Rubio! Welcome to and we're glad the has come to PA!. https…
Apparently sellout RINO Senator Pat Toomey is endorsing Marco Rubio! They stick together don't they?!
Ah Pat Toomey, the GOP Senator that almost single handedly brought Gun Control back to life.
Not a new sitcom on your TV this fall: Everybody Loves Marco.
Here come the new Rubio endorsements: Pat Toomey, Tim Scott, Rick Santorum
Americans betrayed by Paul Ryan and Congress Freetrader Senator Pat Toomey got his quadrupling of the work visas.
Senator Toomey has worked in a bipartisan manner to help nominate and get confirmed U.S. District Court judges in...
I cant believe that the IRS still owes me my refund from 2009, after contacting The White House, and Senator Toomey
We need a US Senator who gets it & who can kick Toomey's a$$. Join me in supporting John Fetterman
I am not voting 4 in Pa. Not voting 4 a State .We have to throw these guys out once & for all
Holy cow Pennsylvania State Senator Pat Toomey just nominated me for the Air force Academy
Thank you 4 voting against the 1.1 billion $ spending bill. . Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is 1 of the good guys!!!
Ok, PA, this is easy - call both Senator Toomey and Senator Casey and tell them to support this legislation!...
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Senator making it possible for corporations to ship more over seas - thank you -
Pennsylvania's U.S. Senator, Pat Toomey, needs to to the Democratic ASAP.
Lying Dems -WV Democrat Senator Joe Manchin interested in reviving gun control push after running as PRO GUN RIGHTS -
Senator Pat Toomey calls for gun control legislation
Pat Toomey Republican senator has done nothing for the working people of Pennsylvania and will never do anything for them
Hopefully, the DNC, & the can find a candidate to unseat U.S. Senator Pat Toomey in general election. PaDems
Please, consider dropping out of the race to run against & hopefully unseat Senator Pat Toomey.
Senator Toomey might be looking for gainful employment next after PA's election
I give Feingold (a GREAT senator) a much better shot of knocking off whackadoo Johnson in Wisconsin rematch than Toomey
US senator says gun control is ‘not likely’: A leading US senator says a recent push for gun control in the co...
1k+ people signed petition since last night to tell to press GOP to vote on Restrepo
if you and Senator Toomey stand ready to unite people of good will to create a safer America, count me in!
Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey pushing for gun control. This pretty much cements the fact that it was a mistake to elect him.
Surprise, surprise.your "pro-gun" Democrat Senator still earning your vote West Virginia?
Gun rights are the 3rd rail for Pennsylvanians who don't live in Pitt or Philly. Tread carefully, Senator
Toomey has been borderline since becoming a senator. A disappointment.
Manchin, Toomey both interested in reviving gun control push U PA gun owners better elect a new senator
Senator Toomey,I heard you are going to try to pass a gun law to restrict American Rights to Guns, Again! Tea Party Watching you!
SOACloud article: Pennsylvania's U.S. Senator Toomey turned his back on working families and our communities by voting to send our jobs out…
Tell Senator Toomey -- It's Time for a Vote for Judge Restrepo | Keystone Progress
Time for to push to move fwd vote on 3rd Circuit nom Restrepo?
.calling for to prevent delay of committee vote for Phil Restrepo.
Tell to end emergency in 3rd circuit by pressing GOP to vote on Restrepo
BREAKING: Former Dem Gov Ted Strickland up by 9 in Ohio, GOP Senator Toomey up 13 in PA
thank you Senator Toomey for being a Corporate and Right Wing Tool and ineffective Senator for Pennsylvania
PoliticsPA: Property rights group rolls out the dough for Toomey ad: “Thank you, Senator Too...
Free market group begins online advertising for Senator Toomey
Great to see a letter back from Senator Toomey on the JOBS Act!
This letter from senator Toomey is garbage! I still believe the minimum wage needs to go up
Great day in DC. Met with Senator Toomey along with Congressman Barletta & Marino.
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objection to Toomey request to pass S.1596: This afternoon, Senator Toomey asked unanimous consent the HELP co...
Just last month I spoke at length to Senator Toomey's office when the 'liquefy' button on my blender got hinky.
PA Senator Pat Toomey voted AGAINST - Senator Bob Casey voted in favor of it!
Senator Pat Toomey will speak on the Protect Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act on Senate Floor.
Senator Toomey once again votes against PA citizens……..
The Toomey Bill will Allow your Doctor 2 ADD YOUR NAME WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE 2 the NICS Database as Mentally Ill
MARCH TO TOOMEY'S OFFICE TO DEMAND THAT HE SUPPORT EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION Thursday, Jan. 23 at 11am– Meet at the PUP office at 112 N Broad St, 11th floor Senator Toomey voted against extending the EUC program. Let him know you won’t accept this from our Senator! Time is running out in Congress to pass an extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Next week advocates are working to put pressure on swing Republicans in the Senate. Another vote is expected immediately after the State of the Union Address in two weeks. Please help us as we try to deliver Senator Toomey for unemployed Americans struggling to find work.
Response from Senator Toomey regarding the Investigation of the IRS Scandal. Dear Mr. Heberling, Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its targeting of conservative groups based on their political views. I appreciate hearing from you. Regardless of one's political beliefs, every American should be concerned that the IRS has been targeting specific groups for extra scrutiny and intimidation. The IRS's actions are akin to an enemies list and further contribute to the deep cynicism that many Americans have about the government. I therefore am extremely troubled by the IRS's targeting efforts. Initially, I was pleased that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have condemned this abuse of power. However, I am worried that some in Washington are no longer taking this issue seriously. The Department of Justice appointing an Obama political donor to lead the investigation is cause for even further concern. At this point, it is import ...
I was not allowed any subsidies for a family of 3. I called US Rep. Murphy, US Senator Toomey, and US Senator Casey.
Tea party Senator Toomey strikes again, voting alongside Ted Cruz NOT to fund the government. Way to go, Pat! (I hope the sarcasm is coming through loud and clear). What an ***
Today we received a call from Senator Toomey's Washington DC office. They are currently working hard to reach a decision on how to proceed on our Veterans Unstoppable program request for assistance. Specifically we discussed our grant requirements and the Cliff Park Inn usage concept. Today would be a great day to contact their staff and show some support for our Veterans!! (610) 434-1444 - 1150 S Cedar Crest Blvd, Ste 101, Allentown, PA
Young Political Leaders Voluntary Visitors Program Zimbabwean participants at Senator Toomey's office in...
The student government president at Villanova got to give Senator Toomey his honorary degree.
Meeting with Senator Toomey not as happy as the meeting with Senator Bob Casey
Senator Toomey vs. the NRA "Senator Pat Toomey defended his push for stricter gun legislation on Friday, but...
Senator Toomey ready to move on, but Sen. Manchin continues to press for background check bill.
Mayor Nutter and Gov Rendell call for enforceable gun checks at Senator Toomey's office.
Joe Manchin is talking to Sen Pat Toomey on gun control. Hope Pennsylvanians let Senator Toomey hear from them too.
19 LaRouche: There Can Be No Concessions to the President's Defiance of Law March 6, 2013 • 9:16PM On Wednesday evening, Senator Rand Paul led a nearly thirteen-hour filibuster in the U.S. Senate against an immediate vote to confirm John Brennan as Director of the CIA as urged by Harry Reid. Rand Paul was joined by, among others, Senator Lee of Utah, Senator Cruz of Texas, Senator Moran of Kansas, Senator Rubio of Florida, Senator Wyden of Oregon, Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Senator Toomey of Pennsylvania, Senator Cornyn of Texas, Senator Barrasso of Wyoming, and even Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, who unequivocally voiced his support for Rand Paul's filibuster, stating, "I think it's entirely appropriate that the senator from Kentucky engage in an extended debate with the support of his colleagues." The Senators all addressed the fundamental Constitutional question of whether the President of the United States can authorize the targeted killing of an American citizen in th ...
PA Senator Pat Toomey was on TV this morning. Apparently, he believes that government spending destroys jobs and that removing the burden of taxes and regulation on the private sector will lead to it creating zillions of jobs for people that will make us all rich. Ignoring a look at tax rates and working/lower middle class wages for the past 60 years, I will leave the latter claim alone. As for the former, if government spending is so detrimental to the economy, perhaps we should close all the military bases and cancel all government contacts to private companies? I wonder if Senator Toomey would be eager to embrace that.
Appointments have been made with Congressman Doyle is at 10 am Senator Casey is at 1, Senator Toomey is at 3 and if we have time Congress woman Swartz is at 4. ALL Pennsylvania Lawless America representatives should call and confirm their appointed time so they know how many to expect. I will be calling all on the feb. 2nd to discuss where we will meet I want to have a meeting with whomever in Pa will be there on the 4th and for those coming in on the 5th I will be talking to you on the phone. There are certain ways to present ourselves and we want to make sure it is with the upmost professionalism but also get our points across. We will be going as a group, not as individuals. If you want to meet with your representative separately, it must be done at another time. These appointments are set for us as a whole, unity in numbers to deliver the testimonies from our state. This will be done professionally no antics no bickering Bill has worked so hard for US ALL. I will not tolerate any disrespect to his g . ...
Senator Toomey is introducing legislation that stops Obama from holding Social Security recipients hostage if we don't raise debt ceiling.
I have contacted every politician from local representative all of the way to the president to express my views and to ask for them to protect all of our 2nd amendment rights. So far I have actually gotten responses from almost all. Aside from the president who doesnt seem to care (got 2 email responses), and the vice president who didnt bother to respond, and Senator Casey (no response), all have expressed their support for the 2nd amendment. Senator Toomey, Governor Corbett, Rep Payne, etc etc, have all said they will stand behind our rights as gun owners. Now all of you gun owners need to do the same, protect our rights. The NRA has a great link to make it easy to contact all politicians who represent you and more, you can write your own letter, or use theirs. Take action, dont stand by the sidelines and wait for them to try to take even more!
Obama's Congressional Budget Office estimates that the "deal" struck early this morning in the U.S. Senate will increase the debt by almost $4 trillion over the next 10 years. Thank you Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio for voting NO on this terrible bill. Senator Toomey, we thought you were a fiscal conservative. What happened??
As Congress debates fiscal cliff Senators Casey and Toomey Read Names of Fallen Soldiers from Pennsylvania Senators Stood Together on Floor to Honor Troops at Year’s End WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) tonight stood together on the floor of the United States Senate to read the names of fallen soldiers from Pennsylvania. “We rise tonight to pay tribute to these Pennsylvania heroes and give thanks for their sacrifice on behalf of our grateful nation,” said Senator Casey. “I join with Senator Toomey to express our profound gratitude for those who gave the ‘last full measure of devotion’ for our country. “The values of the Commonwealth are exemplified in the lives of our fallen whom will forever be honored as Pennsylvania’s native sons and daughters and its hometown heroes,” said Senator Toomey. “They represent all that is good about America.” The list of names follows: (The list includes casualties from June 8, 2010) (Listings cited cities) Sergea ...
Op-ed: Senator Toomey lacks opinion on jobless: Pat Toomey and family Pennsylvania Republican ...
Senator Toomey and Rep. Pitts sent a letter about the major traffic congestion in Lancaster caused by Amtrak’s recent renovations.
November 14, 2012 Dear Representative Critz: Dear Senator Casey: Dear Senator Toomey: On September 11, 2012, America was under attack by radical Islamic jihadists. The result of this attack was not only the burning down and ransacking of American consulates and embassies throughout the Middle East. The end result included the atrocious, violent deaths of 4 Americans. Stand with us in fighting for these 4 men who gave all. Despite asking for reinforcements to help the consulate that was under attack, the Obama Administration denied the requests. Then, within hours of learning about these attacks, President Obama went to party and campaign in Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood. Although time and emails would prove that not only did Obama know about what happened, he and his team watched it in the Situation Room. But, there were no campaign pictures of that scene released. Instead, Obama attempted, poorly, to hide the truth of what he knew from the American people because the truth was an inconvenience to hi ...
Our Senate candidate, Tom Smith, will be at the Camp Hill Radisson with Senator Toomey, and Dave Freed on Monday...
I am voting for Senator Bob Casey. The reason I am voting for Senator Casey is that he and his staff have been helpful with questions I have had about healthcare in the clinic. If Tom Smith is anything like Sentor Pat Toomey, we will not make much progress in helping folks stay alive in spite of no healthcare coverage. I have been to Senator Toomey's office in DC , talked with his staff, and I still wait to hear from them with answers to my questions. Unfortunately, people are believing things that are lies.just wish that folks would do their own research instead of believing everything that is written!!
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Just received a letter from US Senator Pat Toomey, congratulating me on being listed in the Central Penn Business Journal's list of "top minority-owned businesses in Central Pennsylvania". It is always nice to be recognized for the effort it takes to build a successful business and for service to the community, so I thank Senator Toomey !
It's time to send Bob Casey, Jr back to Scranton and send Tom Smith to Washington to work with Senator Toomey.
Who voted "nay" on these issues: Honest leadership & Open Govt; Energency independance & free choice act, Small business tax relief,Troop rediness, vet care,Katrina relief reovery and Iraq accountabiiity, no withdrawal timeline, & Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act? Senator Toomey and Senator Burr. Oh, and today they voted nay along with Senator Johanns, and Senator Boozman on the "Veterans Jobs Bill". Vote guys like this out and our President back! We're not finished cleaning up America!
Senator Toomey, who resides in the Lehigh Valley, helps to filibuster the Veterans Jobs Bill today. What's up with that ??
With his calm demeanor and taste for compromise showing in his first term, Senator Toomey is poised to become a national power player. But if you think that means he's lost his inner Tea Partier, you better think again.
Tonight the US Senate approved the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act no thx to Senator Toomey (R-PA) who voted NO
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