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Senator McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. He was the Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 United States election.

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Thank you, President Obama. Your words give me hope for Senator McCain.
We know you can't believe the American people chose Trump and not you, Senator McCain, bu…
Who better to bestow the honor but Joe Biden. Excellent. Welcome home Senator McCain... welcome home.
Senator McCain is starting to appear as addled and confused as Sen Strom Thurmond did at the end
Senator McCain it's your turn for questioning. John McCain:
Maybe it's time to look at Senator McCain like Strom Thurmond and Robert Bryd. Senators that stayed in office to long.
Is there some kind of stroke or concussion protocol they can do on Senator McCain?
I have concluded John McCain is a craven *** I have not concluded why I ever believed he wasn't. See, Senator McCain! It's easy!
McCain says Putin bigger threat than ISIS via -
Putin a bigger threat to world security than Islamic State, according to veteran US Senator John McCain ht…
Senator McCain is great at saying things...
Syrians would agree with Senator McCain's threat assessment, putting Russia before ISIS.
Senator McCain says Putin bigger threat than ISIS.
US Senator John McCain says Putin is the "most important threat" when comparing the Russian leader to Daesh
Senator McCain: is a greater danger than
McCain was a hero, a songbird as a POW, and a POS as a se…
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President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator John McCain were instrumental in each of these efforts to effect regime change.…
Do you agree with Senator John McCain's claim that Vladimir Putin is a greater threat than ISIS?
Senator McCain: Putin's Russia is a bigger threat to the US than ISIS … ht…
US Senator John McCain who also Admits makes him "nervous".
With last week's disastrous NATO and G7 summit for Trump, is Senator McCain worried ab…
Memorial Day photo:. John McCain when he was a POW in Hanoi during Vietnam War. This is a hero. is no hero.…
Sorry you had to read this senator McCain. Here is a picture of a more rational Corey from Au…
Senator reacts to reports Kushner sought a backchannel with Russia: 'I don't like it':
Senator McCain says Putin bigger threat than ISIS
Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to global security than ISIS – US Senator, John McCain
FYI - Here's my story with photos on visit to prison where John McCain was held during Vietna…
Top story: Senator McCain says Putin bigger threat than ISIS. | Reuters see more
Thank you, Senator McCain, for the courage of your convictions. And I'm a Democrat.
nobody cares what McCain thinks, he is just another Senator.
Senator McCain is completely right...and Trump has embraced Russia which is a serious threat and ruthless communist dictatorship
So. Senator McCain will be on Seth Meyers tonight. This is how scared the deep state is. Daggers are out.
"We saw the world as it was, and we made it better." Thank you for this call to conscience, Senator McCain.
US Senator McCain: The Russians are as bad as Assad
Senator McCain. I'm a Democrat and see you as one of our greatest American…
I want to hail Senator McCain and other Republicans senators who are calling on President Trump to apologize to President Obama.
Senator McCain and Senator Graham are the worst liberal GOP Senators!!!
Good for you Senator McCain for standing up to Russian interests pretending to U.S. Senators.
White House told to prove case of wire tapping of Trumpco's campaign,Senator McCain is stepping up and demanding clarifi…
Senator McCain testimony at House Veterans Affairs Committee on Veterans choice program. via
Senator Graham & Senator McCain are a disgrace to the Republican Party They are both weak leaders & bitter losers NO RESPECT…
Cheato's team of billionaire flying monkeys is "in disarray", U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe
team in disarray, US Senator McCain tells Europe - Reuters
"Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe" -
McCain in Germany w/ warning: Western world is "uniquely imperiled" this yr ... by Trump. Senator McCain and we nee…
Trump zero Senator McCain war hero McCain in better position to say Yemen raid failed American soldier life lost $75 million chopper lost
Every single day is undermining It's getting old, and Senator McCain seems bitter and jea…
Senator McCain used to have my respect as a man of integrity. That respect has been damaged now.
Dear El Presidente del Mexico (Sp.), Senator McCain drew the line on criminals under your...
Iraq war Veteran, Aaron Hughes, "I believe Senator McCain will meet with us. Why wouldn't he?" Waiting in office in opposition to Tillerson
FYI the Russians are threatening former POW Senator McCain and our troops. Tell him we have his back. The traitors…
Take your best shot , Senator McCain ! Bob Corker is gonna catch *** in phone calls and emails if this isn't televised EVERYWHERE
The Democrats want government to do the spending. Senator McCain want...
John McCain was one of the Keating Five in the Savings & Loan fiasco in which Senator McCain lobbied for KEATING.
Sen. John McCain's top priority: Cyberwarfare >Will we look back someday and view the DNC hack as the tipping point?
thank you Senator McCain and Graham for loving America more than party politi…
Armed Services Chairman top priority as he enters new term: Cyberwarfare.
Lindsey needs to put the moonshine down! This man and Senator McCain are a real threat to real reform!
I give respect to McCain for his Service, & for that part, is a hero. As Senator he has not been such, FRAUD.
Senator John McCain served & risked his life over & over for all of us. I Argue his politics, but never his heroic patriotism
McCain is a bitter old man who believes the GOP base denied him the presidency. He also forgets he's a senator, no…
senator McCain must know where he is...
A photo of Republican Senator John McCain with Syrian Freedom Fighters, for Bush, turned…
Thank you Senator John McCain for standing up for us. We really do appreciate it. Yes. Please save our...
Attempt made to hack Senator John McCain's campaign server WATCH at:
he mocked Senator McCain for being a POW, saying “I like people who weren’t captured”?
Senator John McCain is truly a Republican and a Patriot. What a solid guy.
he is in bed with senator McCain, you ll find him there,
Another person that is having sleepless nights over Putin is Senator John McCain. He's also crying over CIA's report on Russian interference
John McCain for Veterans Affairs. McCain can't say no to the vets, and Gov Ducey gets to pick a new Senator to replace him.
"My friends..." "Senator McCain, let's get something clear, I am not your friend" -Mad Dog Mattis
Senator McCain goes after Putin's interference in US elections.
that may be true, but there's senator Flake, McCain, and Graham who can block any cabinet nomination they want.
Attempted hacking on McCain's campaign server: ABC15 has learned there was at least one attempt to hack Senator…
Maybe Senator Manchin can switch sides of the aisle with McCain or Graham.
I trust Julian Assange 1000x over compared to you, Senator McCain, the CIA, Barack Obama, or any entity related to the US govt
Senator McCain, do you have a link to share that shows was you & your fellow congressmen did to help Aleppo?
Senator McCain - PLEASE HELP. This election was not clean. WE MUST not allow this to stand.PPLe: wri…
From a Senator I admire & trust. He was very similar to John McCain in his day.
okay. Senator McCain, and those who HATES Putin, ignore this. To the %37 that loves him, MOVE TO RUSSIA, TRAITORS.
Senator McCain is right Donald J Trump asks Russia to hack in Hillary's messages that should be a treasonous offense Trader own country
McCain on doubt Russia hacked DNC. "I don't think there was any doubt about that, that it was Russian."
Happy to friend who shared this message during his recent visit!
When will Senator John McCain suffer a stroke that affects his speech centers. I'm tired of his constant BLAH BLAH BLAH!
If McCain was a Senator from Missouri he would be out of Congress so fast he would not know what hit him. Yet we ca…
Senator John McCain has NOTHING to do with Obama ignoring his OWN red line. Allepo is his legacy
. well, that is what senator McCain calls them
lol, integrity is hard to recognize these day, eh? Do you agree that Senator McCain was a loser because
I heard senator McCain is gonna help trump move
"China is militarizing the South China Sea; its leaders continue to lie about that fact," says Senator John McCain https:…
Ah McCain it was a Drone not a ship listen to There reporting on it now. senator.
. 2 of several videos on Senator John McCain. You judge...
Senator John McCain Lies About his links to Al Qaeda / ISIS terrorists.
Great news. Senator McCain on course to win primary (up +26 vs Kelli Ward) & senate race (up +13 vs Ann Kirkpatrick)
GOP: Senator McCain is not entitled to the Senate. If the people of Arizona has had enough of him. Don't blame Trump
We wish Speaker Ryan and Senator McCain the best in their re-election races, of course!. The voters will speak at the ballo…
Just indecent, Senator McCain: John McCain: Obama is ‘directly responsible’ for Orlando attack
The President of the United States: Support Senator McCain's request to stop the bloodshed in Syria. ... via
Ann Kirkpatrick, endorsed by NWPC, waging an excellent campaign against Senator McCain. Go Ann, go!!
to be fair, I think Senator McCain would acknowledge this was a mistake.
said her Dad, John McCain told her lil Marco was not ready for prime time. Jr. Senator, pshhh
I'm sorry but Meghan McCain only has media jobs because of daddy Senator, not work and talent.
Senator McCain fires back at General Welsh regarding A-10s
I'll base my opinion on it from a Vietnam vet and respected conservative senator.
This is still the same for today's GOP "Senator John McCain Doesn't Get It!"
I live in McCain's district he is a disgrace as a AZ Senator! And I will fight with any means necessary to stop Evil
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Senator John McCain was the epitome of a RINO
And I would rather have Cruz as my Senator of than McCain...tell u that much!! Im more comfy with Cruz.
your kitchen; your husband who also happened to work for Senator John Mccain at the time: THAT SOUNDS GOOD, DOESN'T IT? DREAM:: Go Long!!!
More concerns, complaints from employees at Phoenix VA
Sign this petition. Senator McCain is up for re-election. Tell him to do his job, to uphold the Constitution and...
How can anyone support Donald Trump For President after he said this of Senator Jihn McCain? “He’s not a war...
And he made fun of Senator McCain for being a POW.
I remember senator McCain rally after he lost to When crowd booed Obama. He admonished them for doing so that's a leader
Nicely done, Senator John McCain sells out sacred native American land for foreign companies for $10k bribe $RIO $BHP
Gergen comparing Trump to Wallace is absurd. John McCain is a do nothing senator.
Thanks to you, McCain, and Romney's pathetic campaigns, we got eight years of that half-term senator
I remember Senator McCain - a man who has lived to serve his country - tell a follower during a town hall meeting...
The disrespectful attitude by Trump is just a nonstarter for me. He can say anything about McCain the Senator...but not POW's
I just can't.I just...sigh *** you Senator truly is all your fault
Regardless of how Trump demonized Senator McCain it is not as dastardly as this, Should successfully end his Hero-ship.
Is that the one that Senator McCain signed over to Australian mining company?
"Senator McCain has lifetime of experience" "Barack Obama has speech he gave in 2002" - Hillary in 2008 supporting McCain > Obama
Senator McCain and the vanishing elephant - The Hill (blog)
We looked at Senator's McCain & Dorgan having their own agendas in deciding why they should get involved in the issue.
Tell John McCain we will take down Senator's and Gov. At the voting box when your trying to re,up leave it alone.
Thank u Senator McCain 4 your commitment&stand My family blames my former marine&alcohol but me it was the concept of ignore
Just had a wonderful interview with Senator John McCain about the POW MIA wives. Thank you Senator!
Why didn't Senator John McCain take better care of the VA?
Rubio says re: Vets Choice bill, the senator says HE passed it. In reality, Rep. Miller and Sens. McCain and, yes, Bernie Sanders, passed it
When your bro works with senator McCain
example attack on Senator McCain you and others always leave out the attack McCain made calling Trump and supporters crazies
John McCain called Trump supporters crazies first is that okay for a senator to call American people crazies.
I will be voting against Senator McCain in the primary. First time since I moved to AZ.
The time has come you must apologize to Senator McCain and their entire family ... Humble yourself to all POW
great point about the difference between senator McCain and Trump! you Cnn news folks are super stars 😀
John McCain is a true patriot, but no longer an effective Senator
McCain- "I would never contemplate going to the floor of the Senate & impugning the integrity of another senator. Very wrong thing to do."
Senator John McCain: Climate Change is Real! (I took this video clip in May of 2006 in Phoenix AZ) via
The time to retire Senator John McCain is when he wants to retire not one day sooner, Honor this Hero you mouse.
Senator McCain says could subpoena U.S. sailors held by Iran About time!
Iowa elected the last four Presidents including another First term Senator. Iowa was right that McCain & Romney couldn't win
Some European countries want Russian sanctions lifted, McCain says US to decide: Senator John McCain says the US…
Senator John McCain says the US will decide when EU sanctions on Russia can be lifted.
"We have even forgiven you for repeatedly praising Senator McCain" on 2008 campaign https:…
it is a lame name change it to ex Senator Marco Amnesty future Lobbyist establishment friend of John McCain
Senator Marie stay on topic. You were rude to Sen. McCain because he pointed out a fact. Palin is not a factor
Senator McCain says is the first test. Iowa was "only a couple of hundred thousand people".
McCain, Cruz share rare friendly exchange: The Texas senator gave his colleague a shout-out on the campaign trail.
McCain, Cruz share rare friendly exchange: The pair have bad blood, but that didn't stop the Texas Senator fro...
"Arizona Senator John McCain, one of the highest-ranking members of the Republican Party, even called Cruz a 'wacko-bird'"
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New poll shows Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick in a statistical tie with Senator John McCain for Arizona Senate...
. What security missions Senator McCain? Your admin is destroying the ME for the sake of those lunatics in
Senator John McCain sends his regards but cannot back a loser like
Kelli Ward hopes to unseat John McCain: A republican woman named Kelli Ward is looking to unseat Senator John…
Ann Kirkpatrick following Senator McCain. "What about that equal pay for women, Senator. Do you believe as...
praises Panthers after lost bet over Cards. :
Friends of Senator John McCain get a FREE PASS on Terrorism? Send to GITMO.
Good to discuss security issues in the Middle East & Asia with a great friend of Australia, Senator John McCain. https:/…
full of his opponents, always show respect and decency...I remember him joking about Senator McCain at the correspondent Dinner in 08 and
Lead war monger and Senator John McCain has confirmed what many people had suspected
Release a video from Senator McCain's Laptop which alleges IS executions are stage managed
John McCain's (not so) gracious congrats to the after the Cards lost the NFCC. The tie comment-- smh.
.Senator McCain doesn't like candidates who get beaten.
.doesn't like candidates who finish second"- Senator John McCain
Maybe so -- but I remember who finished 4th in 2008 (Senator McCain
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After losing a bet to Senator Tillis(Carolina), Senator John McCain(Arizona) spoke on the Senate Floor to congratulate the Panthers:
At a news conference after their meeting with Mr. Emerson, Senator McCain
Senator McCain voted with Dems along with Collins, Kirk, and Toomey to keep no fly list from buying guns.
on my way with Senator McCain. I kid. Keep cooking and a pleasure 2 meet. EVERYONE was so kind in Phoenix
New Democrat RINO: Senator McCain “said he wouldn’t be able to find the votes to do what the White House wants.”
Senator McCain has a plan for how to deal with Russian planes bombing ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria: Shoot them down! .
Got to photograph US Senator McCain today @ a press conference. That's cool right?
Senator McCain speaks at the launch of joint US Pakistan center for advanced studies in energy. 
Senator McCain at US-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies of Energy launch: climate change is occurring and energy susta…
. Senator McCain is an elected Representative of the United States as such he is fulfilling his Sworn duty job
It seems Senator McCain was not exactly welcome at the Navajo Nation. Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff...
Watch here Walter Russell Mead' s dialogue with Senator McCain at
Concerned Veterans for America Condemns Donald Trump’s Disgraceful Attacks on Senator McCain’s Military Service an...
McCain beans Senator for 50 years yet the border is still wide open. VA in Phoenix killing veterans
Trump blasts McCain for insulting conservative base as GOP defends Senator
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McCain has been Senator for 50 years. The VA in Arizona is directly responsible for hundreds of deaths
GOP Candidate, Do you agree with Senator McCain that Trump supporters in Phoenix were "Crazies"?: ...
McCain a War hero... Not to Me! He fought for. His Country only to become a US Senator and. Disgrace this Country.
Sen. Jim Webb on Donald Trump's Attack on John McCain: The former Virginia senator is interviewed on "This Week."
Never ever did I think I'd be defending senator McCain, Trump your the biggest *** I've ever seen. Way to go GOP.
.statement in response to Donald Trump’s comments on
McCain betrayed the AZ voters by running as tough on border, then no. McCain NOT senator from AZ; senator from Mil/ Industrial complex. Liar
Hey Trump, you're a *** for your comments on McCain! He's not a perfect senator but you're clearly not presidential.
Disparagement is the brand.Just ask Senator Kerry..even . The Chickens are coming home unwanted now to rouse
McCain couldn't beat inexperienced unknown "senator from IL" in 2008. His time has come & gone. VA still a disaster.
Marine tells senator McCain he should be held accountable tried for treason classic clip!
ON THE SUBJECT OF SENATOR JOHN McCain. I never knew McCain nor did I serve with him, he is somewhat older than I...
I'm sick of illegal immigration, and I'm sick of Senator John McCain.
I'm still waiting for El Chapo and Senator John McCain to band together and kick his *** in a surprise move.
McCain has been a disgrace as a Senator ...a full fledged RINO siding with Democrats many times ..war hero having nothing to …
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ugh McCain anything but honorable as a Senator of course I'm just a "crazy whackobird" so what would I know
Just heard on She's running for Arizona State Senator against John McCain. Sounds like …
You're right on the money as always Jim! As my senator, McCain is NOT my senator!
I know Senator John McCain is an American hero. Period. Stop.
Senator John McCain owes an apology to the thousand of Americans rally, who he called "CRAZIES!"
Senator is a liar. This is him lying in 2003.
But don't get me wrong now, I love Senator McCain. But let's be honest here, is a very BAD (yet very rich) man. Period.
speaks the truth about McCain & his record as Senator. VA has gotten worse under McCain's tenure.
John McCain is a war hero, but he's a failed Senator.
Trump Refuses to Apologize for Comments on McCain’s Service. Donald J. Trump wouldn’t back off references to Senator John McCain’s Vietnam W…
ALso, for a longtime US Senator McCain has DONE NOTHING 4 veterans & for securing the border in his OWN state. Go Home, McCain
FYI: Complete list of Prisoners of War returned alive from Vietnam/Southeast Asia, including Senator John McCain.
Senator John McCain's abuse as a legislator goes back to his military service.
Donald Trump seems to the master of the impossible. who on earth would have imagined Senator McCain being made to look statesmanlike
Funny how many people who hold Trump accountable for one statement refuse to hold McCain accountable for decades of crap as a Sen…
Donald Trump's opponents continue to hammer him over his comments about Senator John McCain.
Donald Trump's personal opinion of John McCain doesn't bother me-John McCain's actions as a SUPPOSED GOP Senator do!
A defiant Donald Trump has refused to apologise for dismissing the military record of Senator John McCain, a former priso…
Why did Vietnam even come up? Luntz was trying to manipulate. McCain a senator for many yrs; not above reproach surely.
DTN Libya Unrest: US Senator McCain in Kabul, Asks US Bases Remain: Spending the American Fourth of July holid...
US Senator McCain condemns European reluctance to provide military aid to Ukraine
CONTACT YOUR SENATORS (in Illinois that is Mark Kirk and *** Durbin) and ask them to oppose Senator McCain's...
A remarkable event considering Senator McCain's time at the Hanoi Hilton.
Senator McCain, chair of Senate Armed Services Committee, said is beneficiary of current chaos, fueled in part by
This revelation is 4 all Anglo-American media and people like Senator McCain, PM Harper, Kerry et al... . News — RT
Senator McCain it's Jim Crow or James Crow, Esquire at it's best the hold that is being placed on the final vote for Attorney Loretta Lynch
So, Senator McCain, if you don't like what Russia is doing, go and talk to Vladimir Putin yourself. i don't want to hear it.
Protesters call for arrest of Henry Kissinger at US Senate hearing Senator McCain: "Get out, you low-life scum"
The practice of candidate endorsement by leaders in various sectors of our country in the current political dispensation though new but is a welcome development. This practice is well entrenched in advance democracies and it helps in defining issues for voters who may have not decided on any candidate or having doubts about a party or candidate. During the 2008 US Presidential Election, Collin Powell, a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Secretary of State and a reputable Republican, endorsed the then Senator Barack Obama of the Democratic Party. He said his decision was based on the VP pick by Senator McCain. Recall that McCain picked the then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who was later described as "Going Rogue" by the campaign for her actions and utterances. Palin, adopted the same words, Going Rogue as the title of her book. Collin Powell said Americans cannot afford to elect Palin as Vice-President and keep her a heartbeat away from the presidency of the USA because of her inexperience beca ...
Senator Feinstein, Senator McCain, Secretary of State John Kerry, & King Obama want you to feel sorry for him!
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Senator McCain urges Kerry to expedite resettlement of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty
Senator McCain and Senator Feinstein-your actions were a slap in the face of the 9/11 survivors and the deceased!
If you just saw sound bites of Senator McCain's speech do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes watching the man's finest hour: was deeply moved by McCain's eloquent oratory following Senator Dianne Feinstein "Profile in Courage" report to the nation on torture and what appears to be the highest of crimes committed against our Republic since Nixon. I for one was not ready to ever forgive McCain for his choice of VP candidate in 2008. To my eyes picking Sarah Palin to potentially be anywhere near the West Wing bordered on treason. But Tuesday watching McCain calmly and clearly define who we are and why torture is abhorrent to American values was better than Spencer Tracy's sentencing of Burt Lancaster in Judgment at Nuremberg: "There are those in our own country too who today speak of the 'protection of country,' of 'survival'. A decision must be made in the life of every nation at the very moment when the grasp of the enemy is at its throat. Then, it seems that the only way to survive is to use the mea ...
with Senator Mccain chair Armed Services committee he assured me he will continue to work hard…
On September the 2nd, Senator McCain tells Greta Van Susteren of Fox News that, himself, Hillary Clinton and the National Security Team had a meeting two ...
Republican control will give Senator McCain chairmanship of Senate Armed Services Committee
joins at the Club on Nov. 13 to discuss American heroes and Senator McCain's own story.
Open Letter to President Obama, Senator McCain, Secretary Kerry, Secretary-General Ban ki Moon, Members of US Congress, Members of the Media
what in the name of John Wilkes Booth is Senator McCain talking about of us having had victory in Iraq
Senator McCain: 'Congress should vote on it': Senator John McCain talks with Andrea Mitchell, NBC New...
Some people made an issue because Senator McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone.
A meeting between Senator McCain and ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghadadi ! W H A Y?! What did they talk about?! Very confusing and very strang?!
Let's get the McCain story out of the way first. Back in May 2013 Republican Senator John McCain made a secret trip to Syria to talk to the forces fighting against Assad. Senator McCain met with...
IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Brian Rogers or Rachael Dean Thursday, July 10, 2014 (202) 224-7130 STATEMENT BY SENATOR McCAIN ON BIPARTISAN SPORTSMEN’S ACT KILLED IN SENATE Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today issued the following statement expressing disappointment that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) effectively killed the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2636), a bill co-sponsored by Senator McCain to promote hunting and outdoor recreation on U.S. federal lands. “I’m very disappointed that the Democratic Majority Leader killed the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act today. I co-sponsored this legislation along with 45 other Senators who want to enact policy that promotes hunting and outdoor recreation on our federal lands. The bill was pulled for no other reason than to keep Democrats from having to take election-year votes on amendments that promote gun rights, hunting, fishing and other activities that are part of our great American heritage. “I was also denied the oppor ...
WHY does the media keep showing clips of Senator McCain's inane statements. He may be a war hero and a really...
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And now a word from our senile Senator McCain calls Hillary Clinton president before adding an 'if'
Senator McCain, Hillary Clinton has said you are her fav Rep. How does that make you feel? "WEVE GOT TO FIX THE GOT DERN VA!!"
Senator McCain not a leader nor a President feel he is taking advantage of Obama with his war crap.
. brags about links to Senator traitor John . |
Great job Senator McCain! Yes we know you are for arming pretty much any group around the world and for getting U.S. Armed Forces entangled in any conflict worldwide but this is a little much even ...
Senator John McCain meeting with He's buddies with them. Or was…aren't they Public Enemy No.1 right now?
Senator and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain was born in Panama
would “probably” change name of Landover, Md., franchise name | ProFootballTalk
exceptions are when they suffer from Stockholm syndrome like Senator John McCain.
But the "Isakole"is payable only to Her Majesty The Queen,but The Illuminati led by Senator John Mccain wanted a new additional entitlement.
ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain. Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with...
Newt Gingrich is just as big a horn dog. McCain has boinked some senator's wives. They just divorce & marry.
Senator McCain started out from the bottom of his academy class,. after his humiliating record on Iraq. why is anyone asking him anything?
I hear that makes my senior senator John McCain sound like Billy Crystal.
Senator McCain of reiterates that he would “probably” change Washington name via
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ProFootballTalk: Senator McCain reiterates that he would “probably” change Washington name
Must See: Senator, John McCain in secret meetings with Terrorists cells.
Curious to learn more about our newly released video messages to Then read this:
ETN India, US must commit to it for true strategic partnership, says Republican Senator John McCain: McCain pr...
McCain joins chorus for Modi to address joint Congress session: Senior Republican Senator John McCain has join...
"In fact John McCain even had his picture taken with a group of Jihadists. One of those Jihadists was FSA Khalid...
time I will vote to drop John McCain as a senator. Where will the nonsense stop?
Senator John McCain in Syria last year posing with ISIS terrorists
My statement on the passing of former Senator Howard Baker - one of our nation's finest public servants:
Senator John McCain offer insight in reformation of Democrat party. He was once a Democrat. He understands importance of a value system.
But first, lemme take a Senator selfie. 🇺🇸 Senator John McCain of Arizona loves his Alaskans!
I spoke to Senator Flake yesterday by way of email. I have spoken to McCain and all I can say is PHX is in trouble. Need a Miricle
Bush/McCain '00: "Senator McCain was making such an explicit pitch, reaching over to the most partisan Democrats..."
ISIS brags about links to US Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain speaking at the convention in D.C.
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Senator John McCain delivering a keynote speech at the luncheon
Photos of Senator "chillin'" with Leaders in Before Their Rampage Through
Raila's constituency in Kenya is made of people who sit around waitin for handouts.That's why senator McCain branded him a SOCIAL MARXIST.
John McCain (serving US senator) has 1.8 million and is not on the list.
Senator absolutely correct,Pelosi,MCCain,MCConnell signaled they want to avoid constitutional responsibility
Senator John McCain is shocked at what he sees [2500x1663]
"Photos of Senator McCain “chillin’” with ISIS Leaders in Syria Before Their Rampage Through Iraq" --->
On Monday, Senator John McCain will encourage Mississippians to get out and vote for Thad during a rally at 8:45 a.m. at the Mississippi War Memorial Building in downtown Jackson on North State Street (next to the Old Capitol Building). When you arrive, enter through the front door on State Street and proceed to the auditorium in the back of the building. Address: 120 South State Street, Jackson, MS 39201 The public is invited to attend to welcome Senator McCain – a legendary American military hero – to Mississippi and to show support for Thad Cochran as we approach the June 24, 2014, Republican Runoff election day.
Senator McCain called on Obama national security team to step down after Iraq crisis
Senator McCain on CNN calling for air strikes AND GROUND TROOPS to go back into Iraq.
Senator Mccain is a fine one to talk, he chose to sit out the Vietnam war in the Hanoi Hilton. He didn't want to go back to war.
Senator McCain wants US POW returned to Taliban prison, but in his angry confusion, McCain misspeaks &says send him back to the Hanoi Hilton
We Are Guahan, I want to convey to you that I contacted Arizona Senator McCain's office as well as Rep. John Kline's office today by phone. I registered my opposition to the Guam build-up for the following reasons and I will be calling other key members of Congress on these matters throughout the summer: Join me in contacting Rep. Kline and Senator McCain. Senator McCain's office 241 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Main: (202) 224-2235 Fax: (202) 228-2862 Rep. Kline's office 2439 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Toll Free: (888) 808-6644 phone: (202) 225-2271 fax: (202) 225-2595 Registered concerns made today include: 1. Lack of authentic political representation for the people of Guam on the build-up issue and all issues brought up before Congress. 2 Lack of focus on environmental remediation and restoration concerns on Guam that are related to the Navy and Air Force dumping of toxic chemicals that have compromised the environment. 3. Lack of cultural issues being di ...
SOME FOOLS WANT TO BLOCK SAM KUTESA'S APPOINTMENT TO UN JOB!! I hear some fools are campaigning to block Sam Kutesa to ascend to the UN job due to a homosexual act passed by the parliament of Uganda. Worse, it is led by John Kerry, US State Secretary!! Really, so Kerry does not know his country properly. Seventeen US states including Arizona agree with Uganda. Will John Kerry send Senator McCain and other Representative home for coming from Arizona? The bill was passed by the Parliament of Uganda. You can't punish an individual for a collective decision. Talk of hypocricy. Sam Kutesa is a Pearlan who is very qualified for that job and we support him. See you Sam Kutesa at UN.
U.S. Senator McCain's, as well as other elected critical comments on the negotiations leading to the release of the Talban from GITMO and the recovery of the Army Sgt. POW is not only an outrage but spits in the face of how the U.S. got McCain and all other POW's released from the Hanoi Hilton.
Do these embiciles really think we are that stupid? Ati Raila was lecturing in universities and colleges across America, who told you that? In American terminology, those are called "speaking engagements" and anybody can do those speaking including carpenters and welders. In essence, Raila was just "talking things", not lecturing. Some people like decorated veteran former fighter pilot who is also current senior senator of Arizona Mr. John McCain disagreed altogether. Senator McCain said Raila went to destroy their "credible institutions" and branded him a "social Marxist" who is responsible for 2007 PEV in Kenya. Former Kenyatta University Students Association [KUSA] Secretary General Mr. Musili Mbuvi says Raila is not mature enough to run a country because he makes silly decisions he [read Mbuvi] never made when he was prefect at Kitui high school leave alone when he was KUSA Secretary General. Musili Mbuvi further says, if Raila Odinga became president, normal thinking people like himself [myself incl ...
Odd place to be watching John McCain grandstand throwing Shinseki under the bus: I'm in the lobby of Voc Rehab at one of CTs VA hospitals. Shame on you, Senator McCain. Where were you years ago when you KNEW there were these problems yet it was less popular to say so? Oh yeah, running for POTUS all the while voting AGAINST veterans' interests more than a dozen times. Shame on you Senator McCain . Have you no morals?
Senator John McCain , U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham & Senator Kelly Ayotte whining about time tables again . Did either Senator McCain or Graham complain that we were not engaged properly from 2003 - 2008 ?
What is this group's effort towards bringing back Jonathan's lost credibility in the eyes of the world? Jonathan was Booed yesterday in South Africa, Paul kigame of Ruwanda, Museveni, U.S Senator McCain and Hilary Clinton plus British Parliament all have lost confidence in Jonathan's corrupt leadership.
There is an American senator called John McCain. He saw it. Check his advice.
John McCain 2 protesters:This is your moment: ..American senator encouraging revolution against an elected government
"We shouldn't have waited for a practically non-existing government to give us the go ahead before mounting a humanitarian effort to rescue those girls" DAILY SUN newspaper, Tuesday, May 20, 2014, as quoting Senator JOHN McCAIN outraging the Nigerian Government. Honestly, there are words that no One has the right to use against a sovereign nation and Senator McCain crossed the line with that infamous comment. For me, it's impudent. It's a careless statement.
Oh, ya know, just reacting to Paul Goldschmidt’s first HR on Saturday:
Do you know the meaning of "some guy" used by John McCain, the US Senator from Arizona to describe our president?
McCain(common senator) crossed the line with his disrespectful comment on President Jonathan |
Bloody Day In Jos Abiodun Oluwarotimi, Abu Nmodu , Adesuwa Tsan And Edegbe Odemwingie , By CHIKA OTUCHIKERE, By George Agba — May 21, 2014 The city of Jos, the Plateau State capital, came under a major terrorist attack yesterday. Multiple bomb blasts suspected to have been ignited by suicide bombers rocked some parts of the city, killing over 100 people, according to eyewitnesses. The Agence France Presse (AFP) also quoted the the state Cordinator of NEMA, Mohammed Abdulsalam as saying that 188 people died during the blasts. Abdulsalam said, “the exact figure of died bodies is 118”. The suicide bombers came in two buses wired with explosive devices which went off simultaneously around the ever-busy Terminus Market area where second- hand shoe dealers sold their wares, close to the Nigeria Railway terminus. The second bomb exploded 20 minutes after the first, and while sympathizers and onlookers gathered at the scene of the first blast to see the extent of damage. It occurred just about five metres a ...
Enjoy the NOT WAR today! I noted there was NOT WAR today.. it went by without a murmur on the news... notice how NOT WAR isn't newsworthy. a couple weeks ago some of our elder statesmen were lamenting how our president was handling things... he was making it difficult for war to break out.. even though those rascally commies -- er Russians wanted to invade Seattle or sumpthin... but no it was just some country that most Americans don't even know existed until pundits on FOX news started raising the Neville Chamberlain analogies. WAR WAR, with commercial breaks.. bring out the old codgers.. raise the stakes... instead they suffered through diplomacy and economic arm-twisting.. which worked.. because it usually does work ... even better than sending in missile batteries or troops or advisers. as Senator McCain relentlessly proposed-- in a sort of gasping ghost of Cuba sort of way. but instead because President Obama blew them all off, and went his own way.. today we have NOT WAR. hopefully we will contin .. ...
>Senator McCain sees the presidency fall out of reach.jpg
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