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Senator Jim Inhofe

James Mountain Jim Inhofe (born November 17, 1934) is the senior United States senator from Oklahoma and a member of the Republican Party.

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Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe is completely ignorant about climate change. He's an embarrassment to the state.
is exposing just how dumb Senator Jim Inhofe really is. How has Oklahoma reelected this intellectual lightweight over and over?
What the hecks wrong w/ "Climate Change is a Hoax" Senator (R-OK) Jim Inhofe. Time for this old white man to retire. C a doctor
.today on Man made climate change is a hoax. Click below for the full interview!
What line of persuasion should liberals be using to convince, say, Senator Jim Inhofe, the know-nothing shill for oil and gas lobbyists?
hosts fundraiser for climate change denying US senator.
Well, Senator Jim Inhofe, that didn't take long. If you guys in Washington were as quick to work out a bill that...
Senator Jim Inhofe was paid $65K by the NRA to vote against gun reform, and Senator James Lankford is up for...
Speaking on the Senate floor on June 25, 2009, then Senator John Kerry ridicules Senator Jim Inhofe on global…
Senator Jim Inhofe visits with Oklahoma long term care providers in DC today.
The equivalent of U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe being honored as Man of the Year.
He said Senator Jim Inhofe is his best friend in politics for 25 years, the Pigeon shoot was his fundraiser which is political.
Every day more strength for ENDORSEMENT: U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe Endorses John Kasich for President
Senator James Lankford, Senator Jim Inhofe, This is why I like Ted Cruz. He does not pretend to be a...
Have you forgotten Senator Jim Inhofe? And Representative Steve King? She has competition.
I added a video to a playlist SHARK Exposes Corrupt US Senator Jim Inhofe
SHARK Exposes US Senator Jim Inhofe at fundraising pigeon shoot: submitted by p...
Senator Jim Inhofe, Chair of the Science Committe, doesn't believe that climate change is happening.
Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma enjoys shooting. tame, banded pigeons that are thrown into the air?.
Hey, remember when this past February when Senator Jim Inhofe threw that snowball in the Capitol Building? Yeah..
Fun video spoof of Jim Inhofe snowball moment, but with a frozen pizza:
The idea the Pope is less qualified to talk about than GOP Senator Jim Inhofe http:/…
Coming soon: Senator Jim Inhofe brings a magnet and a ball bearing to the senate floor to disprove gravity.
Jan. 5th is when denier Senator Jim Inhofe becomes chair of U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee
According to Senator Jim Inhofe, Barbra Streisand has cleverly fooled the world's best and brightest scientists into believing climate change is real. This man will chair the Senate Environment and...
On the morning of September 25, Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of President Barack Obama, signed the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty purports to disarm civilians and consolidate control of all weapons and ammunition in the hands of the United Nations and its approved member states. While it is undeniable that the president and many in Congress are anxious to surrender our sovereignty to the global bureaucracy and to force Americans to hand over their guns, there are many lawmakers, particularly in the Senate, who have said they will never vote to ratify the gun grab, as would be required by the Constitution. In fact, by a vote of 53-46, in March, the Senate passed an amendment to the budget bill sponsored by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) stating as much. “We’re negotiating a treaty that cedes our authority to have trade agreements with our allies in terms of trading arms,” Inhofe before the vote on his amendment. “This is probably the last time this year that you’ll be ...
Meet the Democrat who wants to replace Senator Jim Inhofe
U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) said this week that the Islamic State terror group is quickly developing a way to blow up a major U.S. city. The Senator, who serves as the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in an interview Wednesday with KOKH-TV that...
Senator Jim Inhofe thank you for standing for this children in Nigeria.
WOW! I just found this on a comment on a mealymouthed announcement by Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe (who voted AGAINST veterans' benefits) that he wanted more veterans clinics in Oklahoma. One of the most detailed diatribes against a half century of Republican policy I have seen: Take Off Your White Sheets and Listen An Open Letter to all Republican Voters and those of you who are thinking about it. I have endured endless GOP presidential debates in which each and every candidate has repeated lie after lie about Obama, Democrats, and even moderate Republicans. Their stunning lack of respect for the truth and Americans in general is maddening. There are some basic themes that are chronically spewed with each successive debate. One immutable truth that emerges from their failed rhetoric is that GW Bush never existed. Somehow Obama is responsible for everything that GW did. Those who boldly admit that GW existed fault Obama for not cleaning up Bush’s mess sooner. I could recite a litany of lies that these .. ...
You make me more confused than Senator Jim Inhofe talking to a scientist.
Here is another elected official blabbing away. . Senator Jim Inhofe claims that is suppressing our...
Our US Senator in Oklahoma Jim Inhofe is a joke n disgrace! President Obama is a Christian but nothing wring with being a Muslim either!!
Oklahoma GOP senator defends death penalty in wake of botched execution
GOP Senate would give environment chair to Okla's Jim Inhofe, climate-change-denying senator from Exxon.
Attn: Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Richard Shelby, Representative Martha Roby . Members of Congress ... . We've all read the various accounts by the Bureau of Land Mismanagement, Senate Majority Leader Hairy Reid, ad-nauseum ... that the Bunkerville/Bundy Ranch scenario was all about over a $1million in grazing fees past due. My question is this . According to Various Reports, POTUS Friend, Reverend Al Sharpton owes over $1million in back taxes . WHY ISN'T THE RACE-BAITING PERSON IN JAIL FOR TAX EVASION?
Senator Jim Inhofe may be denying until he no longer serves but now 57 followers to 1,0…
Our children deserve better than Senator Jim Inhofe.
Why am I not surprised at people stirring up a fight that doesn't exist ... and Senator Jim Inhofe riding the...
Mike Enzi: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shouldn’t be passing more regulations until the American people know the damage the current regulations are causing. Senator John Barrasso and I cosponsored a bill introduced Wednesday by Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., that would block the EPA from finalizing any new major regulation until the agency analyzes the economic impact of its current air regulations as required by the Clean Air Act. The EPA under this Administration has a track record of putting politics ahead of the economy and even the environment. It’s time that the EPA answer to the American people for the jobs lost and that we bring a halt to its heavy-handed brand of environmentalism.
DOD Cuts being called for. Only problem? They are calling for cuts to pay, housing, and medical for the soldier!!! They are calling for cuts to base commissaries! Why is the military member paying for all the cuts? Stop the BS contracts that the military does not need! Stop paying for contracts that are not being met! Stop paying for other countries' wars! Stop abusing the Military Members and their families!!! Why are you allowing this Administration to DESTROY our Military and put our Country at further risk? Senator David Vitter, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Dan Coats, Senator Jim Inhofe, United States Senator Mike Lee, Col. Rob Maness for US Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rand Paul, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Jeff Flake, Mary Landrieu, The White House, Congressman Steve Stockman, Congressman Ron Paul, Rick W. Allen for Congress, Congressman Gerry Connolly, Congressman Tom McClintock, Congressman Thomas Massie, Congressman Darrell E. Issa, Con ...
Replace coal with gas well tracking, and it says Senator Jim Inhofe
What's the harm in letting people believe what they want? Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) for one...
Blind Oklahomans urge Senator Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn to please by removing Section 511 and removing language that would transfer RSA to the
Senator Jim Inhofe is sure the President told an "outrageous lie" during it about Benghazi, which he charged is part of a cover up on par with Watergate.
The long debate over passing a new Federal Farm Bill may finally be over as the U.S. Senate approves the measure. But some four state senators say it's not enough. Senator Jim Inhofe said that while it is an important measure it spends the vast majority of its funding on food stamps rather than supporting agriculture directly. Meanwhile, Senators Jerry Moran of Kansas, and Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill of Missouri voted in favor of the Farm Bill. What is your view on this issue?
Gr. I am so upset with my congressman. An hour ago he supported the NDAA. Why in the world did he do that? I have been so happy with him since he took office and than he does something like this. The good news is that he voted "no" on the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal. Unfortunately, his "no" vote didn't help, the budget deal still passed and now it goes to the Senate. Poor Abigail will be paying our debt. Hope our children are hard workers. They will have to work some long hours to pay for our selfish ways. Congressman Markwayne Mullin, Senator Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn
I don't care what race, religion, gender, sexuality preference, or other defined characteristic you align yourself with, if you are not outraged by what happened today in the Senate, you need to read what exactly Senate Rule 22 is. The short answer is: it is the heart of democracy. It allows the Senate the opportunity to debate a measure regardless of who has the majority. It is often referred to as the "Soul of the Senate" rule. It prevents measures from being strong-armed into and through a vote. - Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Marco Rubio
Jason Chaffetz, Senator Ted Cruz, United States Senator Mike Lee, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Rand Paul and anyone else back in Washington, is this true? Did President Obama really sign this executive order? If so, what are you all going to do about making sure this cannot be implemented?
Thanks to all who joined us for the Piedmont Quarterly Legislative Breakfast. Speakers were Craig Smith for Senator Tom Coburn, Brian Hackler for Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Rob Johnson, Senator Ron Justice, Representative Mike Sanders. Guest speaker was Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives T.W. Shannon.
TONIGHT ON THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW: COUNTDOWN TO OBAMACARE… Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) stands with Senator Cruz and believes we need to fight for what the constituents are asking for, which is not the ACA. He is also vehemently against any action in Syria and wrote a letter to Secretary Kerry yesterday.
Here's the latest score card on the supporters of Ted Cruz. He is still standing Patriots. ~Dirty~ Thank the other Senators and Congressmen who have joined this effort. Senator Mike Lee (UT), Senator Jeff Sessions (AL), Senator David Vitter (LA), Senator Mike Enzi (WY), Senator Jim Inhofe (OK), Senator Rand Paul (KY), and Senator Marco Rubio (FL), and Pat Roberts (KS) have all voiced their support for this effort and have spoken on the Senate Floor today about Obamacare's many flaws. Congressman Paul Broun (GA), Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX), Congressman Richard Hudson (NC) have all stood in the cloakroom or back of the Senate Gallery supporting Sen. Cruz. These Senators and Congressmen are standing up to the powerful DC establishment and Ruling Elite, and they are standing up for the American people.
Did I just hear, "Screw you, Senator Jim Inhofe!" He is so self-righteous when it comes to the military!. LOL...
Senator Jim Inhofe accused liberals of exploiting tragedy recently, and the magnitude from the hypocrisy shock wave was felt on Pluto.
Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma says Liberals are using tornado tragedies to forward their political initiatives on climate change. Little reminder, in 2008 at the Republican national convention, republicans cited 9/11 over 5000 times in the 3 days of speeches. Kettle?
Remember, tomorrow Senator Jim Inhofe will be at the Tulsa Republican Club. Join us Friday at 11:30am at the Summit in downtown Tulsa at 6th & Boulder.
In an interview Thursday, on the Rusty Humphries Show, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) talked about the Benghazi cover-up and officially started the impeachment buzz. Senator Inhofe proclaimed that "of a...
“Do you not think I have my own reasons for doing this? Is that not reason enough?” Newtown father Mark Barden wants Senator Jim Inhofe and the rest of Congress to know the reason he’s fighting for gun reform – his fallen son Daniel. Watch his powerful interview with The Rachel Maddow Show:
I discussed sequestration last night on Special Report with Bret Baier. The plan Senator Jim Inhofe & I are proposing will allow for flexibility for smarter reductions in overspending while still making sure that the overall spending cut targets are met. Do you think president and agency managers should be able to prioritize spending cuts rather than carry out across-the-board cuts?
Don't miss our exclusive interview with Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Jim Inhofe who co-introduced a bill that will adjust the current state of sequestration-- Tonight on Special Report 6pmET on Fox News!
Adam Kredo reports that Senator Jim Inhofe is urging his colleagues to vote against cloture for Chuck Hagel: Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) has warned fellow Republicans they will be held accountable if they vote to end an ongoing Senate filibuster over the nomination of embattled secretary of defe...
Senator Jim Inhofe asked Chuck Hagel why the Iranians had endorsed his nomination for secretary of defense:
US Senator Jim Inhofe: "A good strong country has a good strong leader. All great men get criticised"
While all of the attention today in Washington is on the looming fiscal cliff, President Obama’s administration is quietly handing over billions of dollars to the United Nations in the name of global warming. Hello, I am Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican Senator from Oklahoma, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and chief critic of President Obama’s far left green agenda Over the past decade, I have been leading the charge in Washington to make sure the global warming hoax is exposed. A big part of that effort has been putting the spotlight on what takes place at the UN’s annual global warming conferences. While I have been unable to travel to the last few conferences, I have counted on groups like CFACT to provide “on the ground” reports. This year’s UN conference is in Doha, Qatar and I’m pleased that Lord Christopher Monckton is there working with his partners, including CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker and Marc Morano of I’m ...
Senator Jim Inhofe joins me at 7:15AM CT to discuss Bengazi and the election.
Sitting in Grace Church waiting to hear OK Senator Jim Inhofe speak.
Do you know what I'm grateful for? Work that really really maters. I'm so blessed to be working for Moms Clean Air Force a project of the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington DC. I'm lucky enough to be running their social media and marketing and am blessed to be working with an amazing team of people like Dominique Browning and Ronnie Citron-Fink ! If you don't know, Moms is working on protecting the quality of the air that we breathe against big industrial companies and people like Senator Jim Inhofe who believe that we need no regulations at all. Please like Moms !
Senator Jim Inhofe is the Grover Norquist of the Oil, Gas & Coal lobby.
In a speech to the Senate on Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) addressed what he calls the "major environmental crisis of our time," and took aim at the "myths" of Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Ok.) and other legislators who ignore or actively deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change. "The ...
Military Fact: Renewable Energy Saves Lives: U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe is an *** Why? Because in an effort to...
 A YouTube video released by Senator Jim Inhofe's office shows a top Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official admitting that the whole point of President Obama EPAâs air regulations was to
Time is running out to prevent the EPA's regulatory onslaught, which is poised to drive up energy costs; destroying American jobs in pursuit of a radical environmentalist agenda. The EPA's reckless "Utility MACT" regulation threatens Tennessee's electricity grid with double-digit cost increases, and will kill jobs across the state with higher energy prices for all Americans. The good news is that this EPA train wreck can be stopped. TAKE ACTION NOW We must help Senator Jim Inhofe block these new EPA regulations that could cause double digit energy price increases and kill more than 180,000 jobs. Please tell Lamar Alexander to support Senator Inhofe’s S.J. Res. 37. Tell him that, with the economy continuing to struggle, the last thing President Obama’s EPA should do is raise energy costs and kill jobs. It’s time for Senator Alexander to get off the sidelines and stand up for Tennessee by supporting S.J.Res. 37. Lamar Alexander needs to know that Tennessee voters and the American people are counting o ...
The Fracturing Regulations are Effective in State Hands (FRESH) Act will remove the federal government’s authority to regulate the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Introduced in the Senate in March 2012 by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), and in the House by Representative Louis ...
Senator Rob Portman is "Lost" on LOST: Below you will find a that Senator Jim Inhofe has submitted a letter to S...
Why are gas prices so high? Ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (hat tip to Senator Jim Inhofe)
Senator Jim Inhofe, Mike Huckabee, may this be a reminder of why we don't take remarks like Ted Nugent's lightly. The insanity that comes out of that man's mouth is not about "freedom of speech". It's about provoking people who may be a little off the edge to going over the edge. One would think these two men, who claim to be Christians, would be the first to condemn such statements as Ted Nugent. It's time Romney shows some class and admits to his colleagues and counterparts, the rest of the nation, that remarks like Nugents are uncalled for.
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