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Senator Al Franken

Alan Stuart Al Franken (born May 21, 1951) is the junior United States Senator from Minnesota. He is a member of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, which affiliates with the national Democratic Party.

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Senator Al Franken makes Jeff Sessions very nervous & makes him stutter. He also makes him angry. I love seeing this ra…
Senator Al Franken is joining Salon CEO for a live interview this Tuesday, Oct. 3. Here's how to watch:
Senator Al Franken is joining us for a live broadcast of Salon Talks on Oct. 3 at 7pmET/4pmPT. Save the date here:…
Senator Al Franken will be in conversation with Salon CEO Jordan Hoffner next week on Salon Talks, live from...
Senator Al Franken blocks Trump’s racist judge – and conservatives are flipping out. By h…
It's impossible to unify our country if white supremacists have an ally running The White House. -Senator Al Franken https:…
I quite like Senator Al Franken and wouldn't be upset if he was on the Democrats 2020 ticket in some capacity
The former writer and current Senator is coming to .
Al Franken pushes senator to 'have fun,' but Tom Coburn says 'there is nothing humorous' via
I so wish I had a recording of the call I just had with U.S. Senator Al Franken. He called to say he was sorry...
If Al Franken can be a senator ANYONE CAN !
"Weird sociopathic political skills"& on using jokes to reach across the isle
ICYMI: Senator on which senators have and don't have a sense of humor on
Senate Republicans are worried Donald Trump is mentally ill, says Democrat Senator Al Franken
can we have Senator Al Franken as our PM? love this guy =D watch this then this clip
Do you realize that there are kids today that have never known Al Franken as a working comedian? Only Senator Al Franken.
If anyone n US Senate is a 'nutcase' today it is SC Senator Lindsey Graham...same as MN Sen. Al Franken really--wow! What's the difference?
Good morning to everyone especially the junior United States Senator from Minnesota Al Franken
I have seen Al Franken on the talk shows. Perhaps you & a Democratic Senator friend could hit the l…
Senator Al Franken! 😂The Left and H'wood elite go hand in hand. Sad.
Senator Al Franken doesn't think Donald Trump is "funny at all," except this one time via
Al Franken never lost his comedic chops, but he reveals one senator in particular never had them in the first place
Former comic Senator Al Franken did a tight 15 on Trump and the GOP on
“Satire is protected speech, even if the object of the satire doesn’t get it.”. — Senator Al Franken (he was sued by Bill…
.was on hand to witness the extraordinary scene on the Senate floor as the GOP's healthcare failed. h…
Senator Al Franken was brilliant. My disdain for former Texas Governor Rick Perry is turning into pity. He's in WAY…
Senator Al Franken just referred to Ted Cruz as the Dwight shrute of the senate. I'm dead.
The Wallis Annenberg Center needs to do what is right and cancel Kathy Griffen and Senator Al Franken.
[big campaign] LCV Calls for Immediate Certification of Senator Al Franken
Senator Al Franken please step up, I know you can be the next president of these united states.
U.S. Senator Al Franken spends his recess delivering to elderly Minnesotans. More of our...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Thank you Senator Al Franken for supporting Duluth and recognizing Community Development Week which invests...
Dana Perino just predicted that MN Senator Al Franken will run for President in 2020. Heading off to bed I'm thinking, "my worst nightmare!"
Senator Al Franken delivers Meals on Wheels to elderly Minnesotans
"The camera switches from President Donald Trump to a disgusted looking Senator Al Franken." . Could you imagine reading that…
This is the Senator Al Franken who called Donald Trump mentally ill. . Take a moment to let that sink in.
‘Yes, We Can’ get through all of this crap together, thank you and God bless, Senator Al Franken!
With some amazing people U.S. Senator Al Franken, Mazie Hirono, U.S. Senator Chris *** at Senator Chuck...
Giuliani didn't get the memo to smile. - Senator Al Franken
I am normally a fan of Senator Al Franke, but Pokemon privacy is NOT Job One.
A US Senator is questioning about its privacy.
Senator Al Franken of Minnesota sent a letter…
Senator Al Franken writes to Niantic CEO John Hanke, seeking assurances over Pokem... via
Just let all those components sink in, Al Franken is a senator, and privacy in a Pokemon game is a political issue.
this guy... 🙄. US senator Al Franken writes to 'Pokémon Go' devs Niantic over privacy
Thank you to Senator Al Franken for asking about privacy issues for children and Pokemon Go.
Senator worried about Pokemon Go invading privacy. via cnn
Senator worried about Pokemon Go invading privacy
US Senator Al Franken has privacy concerns about Pokémon Go’s data collection: . The popularity of augmented r...
Me noticing pic of AirBnB host couple with MN Senator Al Franken: "Oh, that's neat."
Clinton/Warren would be amazing. Love idea of Al Franken for VP. Rust belt senator who can fling zingers.
Position just opened in Senator Al Franken's office 🙃
Make VP Debates great again; or why Senator would be a great pick for VP. From
Senator discusses Antonin Scalia's legacy on our latest Benchmark podcast
Doing a story on possible Hillary Clinton VP bets. Both home state senator get a mention. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. — watching MSNBC
Al Franken.we have a real life "Corky" as a Senator. The downfall of America continues.
Al Franken: Senator Franken, change your superdelegate vote to Sanders to avoid a Trump presidency. -... via
We had a hotdish competition today. We pretty much stole the idea from U.S. Senator Al Franken. And let me tell...
To Hillary - chose Al Franken, senator from Minn, for your VP. No one could skewer the bombastic Trump better.
People are embarrassed by Beyoncé day. And yet they have Al Franken as their senator. Go figure.
Senator Al Franken makes the most sense in SO many ways.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I’d be happy to see either Senator from Minnesota get the nod
Here are two good ones. 1. Al Franken is a US Senator. . 2. Being considered for Hillary tkt. Good grief 🙄😳
can totes see Senator Al Franken as Host!! Lol
and who knew Al Franken was a future Senator?
Al Franken, before he was a Senator. Love it.
Happy 65th birthday to Senator Al Franken (D-MN), because he's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it,...
Happy 65h Birthday to the junior senator from Minnesota, SNL alumnus and right-wing whipping boy Al Franken:
American actor, screenwriter, and US Senator Al Franken 65 today
CNNinterview,Senator Al Franken confirmed he planned to break with voters in his state by casting his superdelegate vot…
When you're looking rough on a flight but Senator Al Franken is one seat in front of you…
Senator Al Franken: The Oculus Rift is an exciting development that will have a big effec...
congratulations, US Senator Al Franken! great game!! on
congratulations on the win, US Senator Al Franken! great game!
reassures Senator Al Franken that its practices r not creepy via
Al Franken turns 65 tomorrow. Bill O'Reilly's on-air reaction when Al became senator is pricelessly thin-skinned:
And it wasn't the classic Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell-- it was the real show...
Oculus reassures Senator Al Franken that its data collection practices are not at all creepy
Thanks to Senator Al Franken for speaking to the audience at the Criminal Justice and Mental Illness Conference... htt…
This is not a joke. Senator Al Franken should be the Democratic Party’s choice for Vice President:
Thank you Senator Al Franken. Also, there needs an action for a post mortem star on Hollywood Blvd.
Senator Al Franken has written to Oculus CEO Irabe detailing a list of privacy concerns about the Rift
U.S. Senator Al Franken thank you for this and for all your hard work in the Senate.
Watch Minnesota Sen. Franken Praise 'Icon' Prince, in Senate: Watch as Senator Al Franken takes to the floor o...
Senator Al Franken (D, Minnesota) remembers Prince as an example of why the arts matter
Senator Al Franken responds to the passing of Prince.
Gotta love Al Franken playing Senator Paul Simon is strange/not strange.
Since I posted that, I've learned that my other Senator, Al Franken (D-MN) has been contacted by the Sanders campaign
SHAME ON YOU AL FRANKEN! . "When Senator Al Franken was asked why he’s using his superdelegate vote for Hillary...
takes on Oculus over VR data mining. via engadget
PSA for Neckbeards: Your headset knows your're jerking off: Sen. Al Franken takes on over VR data mining
Senator Al Franken wants answers from Oculus about their privacy policy
Great piece! A clear and concise argument for Senator Al Franken for VP. I'm with ya!
Senator Al Franken calls for transparency about how Oculus collects and transmits user data:
Privacy: Sen A Franken Letter to CEO of Oculus Rift Re Info on Collection, Storage & Sharing of Users’ Personal Data
When it comes to the Oculus Rift, Senator Al Franken has some privacy concerns:
Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) is a Democrat. Did I hear one of your AM news anchors say he is a Republican re: SCOTUS Nomin?
Brunch this morning includes a lovely view of Senator Al Franken. He has a very dignified profile.
Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov Jesse 'The Body" Ventura and Senator Al Franken would all disagree.
Senator Al Franken on Republicans refusing to hold hearing on next Supreme Court Justice:.
Senator Al Franken is a super strange guy. Super. Strange. And he never was very funny.
Senator Al Franken seeks answers to murders
Senator Al Franken admits he received a call from Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office in the WTC on 9-11 -
Senator Al Franken admits in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003), that he received a call from…
Not completely unheard of. Al Franken was on SNL before becoming a Senator. In the future, who knows?
Drew with Senator Al Franken advocating for Alzheimer's. What causes do you fight for?
Senator Al Franken wants more investigations into the violence against trans women. . I never thought I'd utter...
Is Senator Al Franken drunk right now giving a speech on the Senate Floor??? Massive Slurs and eye rolls
Sen. Al Franken solicits Minnesota veterans' stories for Library of Congress collection
Senator solicits veterans stories for Library of Congress collection: U.S. Sen. Al Franken listens to Minnesot...
League members from MN thank Senator Al Franken for supporting the
Thank you to Dan Solomon, Senator Al Franken's education advisor, for talking with Edgerton's school lunch committee
Spring & Summer Internships with the Office of Senator Al Franken. See the Tunnel on the Career Center homepage for details.
A Change to Textbooks Could Mark a Shift in America's Future: Senator Al Franken hopes to change the student l...
Senator Al Franken came to see the show!
Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) is NOT married to Senator Al Franken. One flight attendant could not believe this.
I met "rising star" today at and apologized for MN Senator Al Franken pushing Net Neutrality. 😉
Another race won by Vote Fraud: Al Franken's first election as US Senator from MN. Vote fraud is a Felony !
Minnesota survived electing Jesse Ventura governor and Al Franken US Senator. They grew in the job. Hopefully, USA can survive Donald Trump.
something else to know: Al Franken from SNL is our senator. Really.
U.S. Senator Al Franken hears about CN and rail issues in Ranier, Minnesota at the Canadian border
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Senator Al Franken: "I have heard no persuasive arguments that there is a better alternative" to
"Will The Senator Yield The Floor?"-Al Franken pass this onto bobby redford 4 me as a b. day present
Al franken is a senator how did i not know this im dumb AF
Waiting in Senator Al Franken's office to talk ESEA!
Senator Al Franken backs the Iran deal. Thankfully MN GOP Congressional leaders oppose it. .
"Al Franken Is Fifth Jewish Senator To Back Iran Deal" out of nine. 8/13/15 Read more:
Minnesota senator Al Franken, a marginally funny genetically flawed leftwing freak who *** actually voted in because of name
is no more ridiculous than Al Franken being senator.
Senator Most of what Congress does isn’t sexy
I might vote for Trump.. Al Franken is a competent Senator and at least he has the Demeanor to play this Grandiose role!
he was goofy on SNL and he's Al Franken is a senator
So pleased to see our funny but incredibly smart and talented senator Al Franken on today.
I'm so happy that Al Franken won that election and is my senator! We love Al!❤️
Al Franken, former "SNL" cast member and current U.S. Senator, says comedy was the perfect route to Capitol Hill.
Hey your favorite loonie lefty Senator first won his seat through voter fraud.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Senator Most of what Congress does isn't sexy
meet and greet Senator Al Franken this morning
spotted: Senator Al Franken nicely shaking hands w passerby near Busboys & Poets after some sort of fender bender. No one hurt.
Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is introducing a bill that would deny voter registration in stinkin' thinkin' districts.
I love him for eating that burger. He is now my favorite senator next to Cherry Hill's Bobby Ryan and Al Franken
Senator Al Franken has placed his support behind new safety standards for trains transporting Bakken crude oil.
All children in grades K-12 throughout Minnesota are eligible to enter Senator Al Franken's "Celebrating the...
student with Senator Al Franken of Minnesota in the Hart Senate Office Bldg
No dude, everyone gets this wrong. Al Franken was the name of the DOCTOR. The Senator is called Al Franken's monster.
SNL Stuart Smalley= Al Franken. DemonRAT Senator WHO NEVER SAYS OR DOES ANYTHING but what he is told. He ousted good Repub Sen USING FRAUD.
I was honored to introduce a great Senator (and a very smart man), Al Franken.
US Senator Al Franken unhappy with Uber answers on user data
Current Minnesota Senator: Al Franken. Default channel in Minneapolis hotel: CNN. Coincidence? I think not... =P
Met another straight ally in the fight for Senator Al Franken. ❤️
Heading to see the great Senator Al Franken this afternoon.
I just love that this Al Franken is a senator! Gave one of the best speeches on LGBT students I've…
Al Franken went on to become a senator and was never preempted by preseason baseball.
HRC Los Angeles is pleased to announce Senator Al Franken as our Featured Speaker @ http:…
Having a great evening with the HRC family in Los Angeles at LA Live. Senator Al Franken was very funny with...
So many VIPs, celebrities and allies. at the HRC Gala in LA. Senator Al Franken,
Great news! Senator Al Franken (D-MN) writes to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Agriculture Secretary Tom...
Al Franken, U.S Senator from Minnesota speaks out for
Last week, Tea Party Darling Ted Cruz made the bizarre claim that Net Neutrality is 'Obamacare for the internet'. The comparison drew fire from Net Neutrality supporters who called the Senator's comparison 'nonsensical'. Many like Senator Al Franken, have said Cruz simply “doesn’t understand” what n…
Senator Al Franken questions Uber about its privacy policy, 'God View'
Senator Al Franken smacked down Teabagger Ted Cruz over Net Neutrality on Saturday, saying that Cruz "has it completely wrong" and that he "doesn't understand the issue is," which isn't a first for Ted Cruz.
We are excited to announce that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota will speak during the morning session of the symposium! Join us at 9 A.M. sharp on November 20! Send your R.S.V.P. to inspireThe event is free and open to the public. = Senator Al Franken's Biography Senator Al Franken was born on May 21, 1951, and grew up in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In 1973, he graduated from Harvard, where he met his wife Franni. They've been married for 37 years, and have two grown children, Thomasin and Joe. Senator Franken has one grandchild, Joe, born to Thomasin and her husband Brody in May 2013. Before running for the Senate, Al spent 37 years as a comedy writer, author, and radio talk show host and has taken part in seven USO tours, visiting our troops overseas in Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Uzbekistan - as well as visiting Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait four times. In 2008, Al was elected to the Senate as a member of the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) Party from Minnesota. He currently sits on the Health, Education ...
Congrats to Congressman and DPE Co-Chair Steve Pocan, Senator Al Franken, Congressman Steve Cohen and Seantor Jeanne Shaheen - fighters for strong public schools!
Senator Al Franken represents Minnesota in the Senate. He is running for in 2014
Senator Al Franken has clarified, he is in fact in favor of the proposed "assault weapons" ban.
LIVE CHANNEL: Michelle Obama campaigns for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken in Minneapolis, MN. Source: WCCO
The DFL has announced that First Lady Michelle Obama is set to headline a grassroots GOTV event in support of Senator Al Franken and Governor Mark Dayton Tuesday. 
Today was the first anniversary of the Indigenous People's Day in Minneapolis. The event was amazing! The Mayor of our great City of Minneapolis, Mayor Betsy Hodges, has last year declared Columbus Day into Indigenous people's Day. The Mayor has kept her promise to the Native American community. I celebrate that! Many of our leaders were there. Of course Mayor Betsy Hodges was the key speaker. Senator Al Franken spoke well, Congressman Keith Ellison was there and made a great speech. Legislature Karen Clark, Legislature Phillis Khan, City Council Caano, City Council Andrew Johnson, Minneapolis Public Schools Director, Rebecca Gagnon was there. Amy Elliott Van Steenwyk, an ESL teacher in Cedar Riverside was there. It was a great night to celebrate a victory with everyone.
Former President Bill Clinton is bound for Minnesota to campaign for Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken. He will be...
One of Minnesota’s U.S. Senators has joined the state’s governor in urging the Vikings to deactivate Adrian Peterson. Shortly after Governor Mark Dayton said the Vikings should not play Peterson while he is under indictment for injuring his son, Senator Al Franken released a statement saying the sam…
Senator Al Franken of Minnesota writes to US Secretary of State John Kerry raising concern about the
On August 2nd, from 10 am to Noon, Tom and Senator Al Franken will be at our Albuquerque office for our Grand Office Opening. Come visit - and bring your friends!
We are still in Senator Al Franken's office with now 4 St. Paul police. Reading names of the Palestinian dead and...
Protesters are occupying Senator Al Franken's office in Saint Paul right now. Details and media to come.
Just got another email from Senator Al Franken (and his campaign Manager Matt Burgess) asking for a donation. I thought I should reply this time, after all those emails he's sent to me. I like the guy, but don't often get the chance to keep him up to date. So this is what I replied, without all the links: --- This is great, Matt and Al. Thanks for the update. You're right: $20,000 isn't much when you look at what's been spent on attack ads. And it certainly isn't more than a drop in the ocean when it comes to how much money goes into political campaigns these days. But I'm running a small non-profit theater company in Minneapolis called Skewed Visions and we recently lost our foundation General Operating funding because our budgets are too small. And for us, $20,000 is a whole lot. (Go ahead, take a look at some of what we've done with less than $20,000 over the past 17 years.) In order to hold on to our small studio space, we're encouraging our supporters to become members by donating just $35 a year to ...
Some photos from the NAIFA Congressional Fly-In, where we met with some of our lawmakers on the import role that insurance plays in helping people. We met with Senator Al Franken, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Paulsen.
Veterans Mental Health Advocacy Week Day 5 Status Report: Today, Military Mental Health Project Executive Director, Jacob Angel took meetings with Senators and Staff. Among the topics discussed were; 1. Lifting the Tri-Care monetary and counseling session caps on mental health services. 2. Tri-Care for Kids 3. Secondary PTSD Research and Treatment for Military Spouses and Children 4. Legislation requiring Tri-Care to amend its policies that require CACREP accredited clinicians to include all accredited clinicians. 5. College Credit for Military Service 6. Transitional assistance for veterans with pending VA claims. Stay tuned for updates each day this week, we have a lot to talk to Congress about so there is more to come. Special thanks to the offices of Senator Susan Collins, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senator Al Franken, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Maria Cantwel ...
Confused about ? Senator Al Franken makes it real simple:
Senator Al Franken has a pretty good idea of what the term “Net Neutrality” means—and that, he says, puts him head-and-shoulders above many of his colleagues in the U.S. Congress.
The PCCC is stepping up the pressure on the FCC. And so is Senator Al Franken -- a leader in the fight for Net Neutrality! Watch Sen. Franken's video and then sign the petition. As more people sign, more media will cover this campaign, more political leaders will speak out, and the FCC will face mor…
“Senator Al Franken: Congress doesn't get the net
“.Senator Al Franken: Congress doesn't get the net Neither does SCOTUS
Senator Al Franken: Congress doesn't get the net
Senator Al Franken claims that the FCC is trying to undermine Net Neutrality. Being in full agreement with Al Franken on ANYTHING, first thing on a Monday morning, means one thing. ... I REALLY need coffee.
Video message from Senator Al Franken at voicing his support for the Marketplace Fairness Act!
Senator Al Franken to the rest of congress: "Come on, just try to understand the idea. Or at least just don't give a speech if you don't know what you're saying. Please - it hurts my head" You're my boy, Blue!
There’s a refrain familiar to any regular Capitol Hill reporter trying to ask a question of Senator Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota and Saturday Night Live alum: “I don’t talk to national press. You’ll have to speak to my staff. I only talk to Minnesota press.”
Sunday Skype Call with Senator Al Franken! First Democrats Abroad Scotland event of 2014. Let's do this!
I just signed a petition to Senator Al Franken, Governor Mark Dayton, Rep. Rick Nolan (MN-8), and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN-1): Gang Stalking is a RICO CRIME and the criminal acts associated and carried out to fulfill it's grander purpose befit the criteria of a Hate Crime, though not indicative to any…
My fellow Senator Al Franken is an effing moron
Walking in the May Day parade with Keith Ellison. Great progressives Mayor Betsy Hodges in front of us and Senator Al Franken behind us. Great day to be surrounded with such good energy
Senator Al Franken on ABC's This Week. The Senator gave good answers to some rather silly questions. I am proud to call him my senator.
The very very very very good Senator Al Franken takes down Thune without actually insulting him, which would violate the rules of the Senate.
This week four on our city council flew to Washington D.C. to once again talk transportation with several of the elected leaders from Minnesota. As usual, both Congressman Erik Paulsen and Senator Amy Klobuchar met personally with us. We also met with the staff of Senator Al Franken and several Representatives from Minnesota. The meetings all went well. We pressed the need for a long-term transportation bill, thanked them for past support and explained current and future projects that are regional in scope and need federal support. In general, both sides of the aisle agreed with the need for a four to six year plan, but all agreed such a bill would be unlikely. They also understood that Rogers' transportation challenges affect people in all parts of the state - they are certainly regional in scope. We left every office with support for our projects.
I'm having a wonderful time at the Cinco de Mayo festival in St Paul! Stop by and say hello at the DFL booth! Always good to see Mayor Chris Coleman & Senator Al Franken!
Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is having a bit of a freak out out over Sarah Palin's endorsement on Thursday of state senator Julianne Ortman, the leading candidate to win the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in Minnesota and challenge him in the November general election.
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Today me, Ashlyn and Kailyn will be on Capitol Hill visiting with Senator Al Franken and Congressman Collin Peterson then we're off to the National Museum of Natural History and The Holocaust Museum. Yesterday they visited the National Museum of the American Indian and the Air & Space Museum. They have been busy, busy since we arrived in DC... Ah, we have another day of walking and walking. Good Morning All.
You KNOW something is a bad idea if Senator Al Franken and *I* both agree on something:
When the President said he's looking forward to Easter & March Madness too, sadly, Senator Al Franken misunderstood. h…
Senator Al Franken supports curbs to free speech? I can see that from him.
Feel like your being watched on your smartphone?? Find out what Senator Al Franken wants to do about it...right now on KSTC!
Support Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Al Franken who are staying all night Monday and demanding...
Senator Al Franken nominated Greta Colford of Eden Prarie for admission to the U.S. Naval Academy.
Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) warned regulators in a letter last week that the proposed merger between cable industry giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable should be scrutinized because Comcast h...
Senator Al Franken was elected by felons voting illegally.
Are you an early riser? Tomorrow at 6:40 we'll talk propane with MN Senator Al Franken on the Wednesday Morning Show.
Senator Al Franken and Senator Amy Klobuchar do not have a lot of seniority.
I am joining U.S. Senator Al Franken in supporting his call for a constitutional amendment that will overturn the...
On 2/7/2014, Senator Al Franken made a visit to Blue State Coffee, Providence to speak about the 2014 campaign!
Senator Al Franken is coming by our 300 Thayer Street store at 3:30 this afternoon. Come by and have a coffee and get to hear about the 2014 campaign!
Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has spoken out against a Google Glass app that uses facial recognition to identify strangers. Yesterday, Franken published an open letter to the makers of NameTag, an app...
Farm Bill Passes House, Moves on to Senate Bill Provides Increased Opportunities to Reach Hungry Seniors After more than two years of debate, House and Senate negotiators produced a bipartisan bill to reauthorize key national agriculture and nutrition programs. If enacted, this Farm Bill would set the agricultural and nutrition policy for the next five years – including policies impacting America’s hungry seniors. While H.R. 2642 makes significant cuts to our nation’s largest nutrition safety net program, the Association remains optimistic about other elements of the bill that could enable Senior Nutrition Programs and partners to reach more seniors in need. Deep Cuts to SNAP projected Bipartisan Provision to Reach Homebound On the upside, a bipartisan provision spearheaded by Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) in the Senate, and Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-MN) in the House, would benefit low-income individuals who are homebound and currently unable to easily utilize SNAP. The la ...
Senator Al Franken condemns today's Net Neutrality ruling -
SNL has created some of the biggest celebrities in Pop culture. Lorne Michaels is more than a genius. Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrel, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Senator Al Franken, Chris Farley, Kirsten Wiig, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Seth Myers, Martin Short, Tim Meadows, Phil Hartman, John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Molly Shannon, Mya Rudolph, Chris Kattan... infinity I can keep going but you get me!!
So why should YOU care that Senator Al Franken, Senator Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator Chris *** REFUSE to...
Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is the latest Democrat to suggest Congress may have take action to delay the Affordable Care Act?s individual mandate if the
The Wall Street Journal put it this way… “Today's Democrats have grown up in the Saul Alinsky tradition, and on In our country we believe that everyone, and especially the minority, has the right to be heard. Senator Al Franken and the radical Democrats in the U.S. Senate have rejected that fundamental and uniquely American principle. In recent history, this principle was defended by Americans like Martin Luther King and Minnesota’s own Hubert Humphrey who fought hard so that a small minority of Black Americans could vote and be heard. In a seat once occupied by Humphrey, Al Franken voted to deny the Republican minority an opportunity to be heard. Republican Senators represent millions of Americans and, because of radical Democrats, those voices won’t be heard. And during this momentous vote, Al Franken was...laughing Thursday they proved it with a partisan vote to break the Senate filibuster rule for confirming judges and executive-branch nominees.” The Journal goes on to point out that Al Fran ...
Which kept Senator Al Franken from being sworn in, until the next July.
Call Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Al Franken and tell them that we need safer chemicals for our families.
I met both Senator Al Franken and Senator Amy Klobucher in one night
making phone bank calls so I can have a dinner with Senator Al Franken!
US Senator Al Franken speaks at ...He's both funny and effective as a US Senator!
I had a dream last night that Senator Al Franken was speaking at a rally against surveillance. Weird.
Super fun having one of our most famous alums, Senator Al Franken, at The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre today. . . shooting film for an upcoming feature on the BNW for Twin Cities Public Television's MN Original series. Thanks to Senator Franken and TPT! — with Al Franken and John Sweeney.
The Office of Senator Al Franken is now accepting applications for the Spring 2014 Internship program. Internships in Washington The intern program in Senator Franken’s office strives to fully immerse the interns in the legislative process. Interns will be paired with a legislative assistant who matches their issue area of interest, and will assist this staffer with policy research, as well as attend committee hearings and other Senate events. They will be a vital component of keeping the office functional, by assisting with the constituent mail process and managing the front desk. In addition to assisting the office, interns will receive unique career development opportunities. Through working with legislative staff and meeting with senior staff and the Senator, interns will be able to make an informed decision about what areas of political work interest them. By making full use of the career development courses offered in the Senate, interns will know how best to succeed in a political career in the a ...
Senator Al Franken donates salary to hungry people during ? … ?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Unlike some in Congress who claim they won’t be taking their salary, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) specified the charity to which his salary will be sent. Franken will be donating his salary during the GOP shutdown to Second Harvest Heartland, a hunger relief organization that works throughout Minnesota. “Second Harvest Heartland is a great organization that works throughout Minnesota, providing vital assistance to families who would otherwise go hungry,” said Senator Franken in a statement. “Just as I was prepared to do in 2011 when we faced a possible shutdown, I won’t be taking my salary. I believe that while the government is shut down, donating my salary to charity is the right thing to do, and I’m going to make sure that money goes toward helping people who might be badly affected by the shut down.” The Senator’s office explained that he chose this organization because “he said people who rely on the federal government’s safety net programs may need help making ends meet as a result ...
Senator Al Franken voices privacy concerns over Apple's Touch ID in letter to Tim Cook -
Senator Al Franken quizzes Apple's Tim Cook concerning the security & privacy of fingerprint files on 5S. Here is PDF
Letter to from Senator Al Franken, chairman of the influential Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, T…
Senator Al Franken concerned about Apple's fingerprint technology
After stealing someone's thumbprint, hackers could "impersonate you for the rest of your life," wrote Senator Al Franken to Apples Boss Tim Cook, raising substantial privacy concerns over fingerprint technology in iPhone 5s.
Senator Al Franken's provision in health care reform is already saving Americans billions of dollars. GOP won't save you a penny
Senator Al Franken joined last night to talk about how the White House is publicizing the Affordable Care Act
To all RHS Marching Band members, Alums, Parents and supporters! Please help us fill the Performing Arts Center!! Join us to give a warm welcome to Scott Jenkins, 2014 President of the Tournament of Roses Organization. Welcome Pep Rally! Friday, July 12th at 10 am Please arrive between 9:30 and 9:45 to help welcome Mr. Jenkins and his wife, Cindy, as they arrive. The Rosemount High School Marching Band Tournament of Roses experience kicks off Friday, July 12 with a community Pep Rally at the RHS Performing Arts Center at 10:00 a.m. The 205-member Marching Band, Band Directors, business leaders, and State and local dignitaries will welcome Tournament of Roses President, R. Scott Jenkins and his wife Cindy, to Rosemount. Expected guests include: U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator Al Franken (via video), Minnesota Representative Anna Wills, Minnesota Senator Greg Clausen, Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste, along with District 196 officials. The Jenkins will meet with Feed My Starving Children Executive Direc ...
Organizations do keep pushing for change. One example is the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2013 (AFA), S. 878 and H.R. 1844, recently introduced by Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) and Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga) and supported by a large coalition of public interest organizations such as the ACLU, NAACP, AFL-CIO, and U.S. Public Interest Research Group. (From press release:
U.S. Senator Al Franken: "I can assure you, this is not about spying on the American people." Et tu, Al?
Senator Al Franken: from SNL spoofer to NSA surveillance hawk
Senator Al Franken: from SNL spoofer to State surveillance hawk by Jon Rappoport June 11, 2013 Al used to be a funny guy. Now, he's not. Make no mistake ...
Deeply disappointed in Senator Al Franken who says it's appropriate to keep the program secret to keep it out of the hands of the bad guys... I guess he forgets all the bad guys who have been involved in our government, spying, corruption, and abuse of our system. You know, just trust him... I have in the past donated to both Franken and those he has supported. Not any more, in the future all my donations will be invisible and he'll just have to trust me.
The wonderful Senator Al Franken from Minnesota was one of the 10 Democrats that was putting pressure on the IRS to target the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Just think about this and than ask yourself do I want someone who is willing to have the American people targeted because they have a different political view than his party!! This is outrageous!!! Vote him out 2014!!!
Words of wisdom from Senator Al Franken in his SNL days; hey bubbee; if you dont like yourself; than who will?
More Fraud in FL – Dem. Joe Garcia’s Chief of Staff Resigns After Admitting to Absentee Ballot Scheme This has to be an imaginary story, right? Most Democrats and others on the left continue to insist that voter fraud is not a problem, even in the face of examples like Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken, whose 312-vote “victory” margin in 2008 may have entirely consisted (and then some) of illegal votes by felons in just one county. More recently, it seems that the claim is under revision. A Democratic Party county chair, in a Cincinnati Enquirer story about three out-of-staters who voted or attempted to vote in Ohio, is reported to have “long said there is no evidence of systemic fraud.” Well, though they were were prevented from casting illegal ballots, a Florida Democratic congressman’s chief of staff and his alleged cohorts definitely attempted large-scale “systemic” fraud last year. The Miami Herald, which played an important investigative role, had the story on Friday. A Google News ...
Say what you will about but when they send a US Senator into a civil war, they don't send Al Franken:
Al Franken also wrote IRS demanding they block conservative groups is another Democrat who probably is a Senator because of election fraud.
Frankin Gets Last Laugh. What is it with Republicans believing they can make someone a one-term Senator, President+
NewsMax : No GOP Challengers So Far for Franken Senate Seat When comedian Al Franken was narrowly elected senator for Minnesota in 2008,
He's been a serious senator & GOP has big problems, so looks strong for 2014, says
MN Al Franken has been an outstanding 1st term senator! should be so lucky! 😹Go Al!
Senator Al Franken's reelection chances look good.
Franken Yet to Draw Serious Challenger in Minnesota: Senator Al Franken may have won by a whisker in 2008, car...
Franken gets last laugh - Republicans promised to make the funnyman a one-term senator, but look who's ...
GOP promised to make funnyman Al Franken a 1-term senator. Who’s laughing now?
Not to alarm anybody, but the GOP doesn't have an opponent for MN(D) Senator and former SNL funny-man Al Franken yet.
Franken gets last laugh via And who will the GOP run for Senator in MI?
:-) Yep. Lol Stuart Smalley did ok--he's now a US Senator from Minnesota--Al Franken, of course. Lol
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Senator Al Franken (D-MN gave the commencement address 2013 University of Minnesota-Morris
Comedian Al Franken (cheated to get in office) & Senator Schumer Pushed IRS to target Tea Party & JEWISH GROUPS.
If Al Franken can be a U.S. senator, I could, and I am an ***
Grading Al: Joe Doakes from Como Park emails: Time for the monthly newsletter. Senator Franken’s p...
You'll "like" this one... How big of a joke is Al Franken as a Senator? Take a listen to this new ad that reveals...
Senator Al Franken OMG, so I just heard you say has bought your vote on immigration.
Happy 61st Birthday To Funnyman Turned Senator Al Franken! What name would you give for those frames?
Al Franken turns 62 today; read our 2005 story on the comedian-turned-senator:
Today's 50+ Birthday: Comedian, Politician and Incumbent Senator from Minnesota Al Franken is 62. Also celebrating,
Al Franken is 62. He's now a U.S. Senator. Didn't you like him better with a satellite dish on his head?
Al Franken is 62 today. He was elected senator from Minnesota with no prior govt positions. Will Stephen Colbert run for senator in NJ?
This day in 1999, Susan Lucci finally won an Emmy. It's also the birthday of Emmy winner (and Senator) Al Franken.
Senator Al Franken? *** ! I hope that joke has never been made before, but I think I know better.
."...The fact he's a U.S. senator says something about how bad politics are today." ~ Fred Silverman about Al Franken (THR 5.24)
You really do not hear the media, even Fox talking about this much. It should be blasted from the rooftops: So Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. The Tea Party (and all other "groups to be investigated") started in 2009 against Obamacare . Ergo: Sarah Hall Ingram was the person who implemented the policy. Now who do we know who wrote to the IRS insisting that they "vigorously" investigate these groups? Yes its in writing. They wrote letters. Its on the record Senator Carl Levin (D - Michigan) also chair of the current IRS Investigation! Think he should recuse himself? Senator Charles Schumer ( D - NY) Senator Max Baucus ( D - MT) Senator Michael Bennet ( D - CO) Senator Al Franken (D - MN) Senator Jeff Merkley (D - OR) Senator Jeanne Shaheen ( D - NH) Senator Tom Udall (D - NM) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D - RI) Rep Peter Welch ( D - VT) There may be others. I am sending the above list to my senators here in VA ( only one ...
All purpose parts banner
We had the opportunity to meet and chat with Senator Al Franken about the good bipartisan things happening in USA...
Hey every body Senator Al Franken is following me.We will follow him back and listen to what he has to say.:) :)
Listening to Senator Al Franken at The Defense Alliance meeting at The University of Minnesota
Senator Al Franken and other Lawmakers Urges SEC to Act to Curtail Mandatory Pre-Dispute Arbitration Provisions in Investor Account…
Why weren't Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Al Franken featured in Charlotte, NC? Something is really up in American politics when the North Star State has a status eclipse like this!
Not a dull moment tonight with Eddie Izzard and Senator Al Franken
Thank you to the Land Stewardship Project, Rochester Franciscans - Sisters of Saint Francis, and First Unitarian Universalist Church - Rochester, MN for a great collaboration at today's Community Forum. We are especially thankful for the immense support and and generous donations of the participants toward the Pa'Delante youth's trip to Washington DC. We will take your messages to DC and make all our voices heard. We are also thankful to John Keller from the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota and staffers from offices of Senator Al Franken, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Kim Norton, and Rep. Tim Walz for being there to answer questions.
Senator Al Franken scooping cookie dough with our youth employees!
Senator Al Franken introduced a bill on Thursday that would provide federal grants to school districts to raise the level of access for students needing counseling services. Minnesota ranks 48th among U.S. states providing counseling services for students, according to Franken. I always say both cou...
Fun facts about new Bears coach Marc Trestman I learned from the Sun Times this morning. He grew up in St. Louis Park MN., also hometown to Senator Al Franken and filmmakers Ethan and Joel Coen. His father owned a music store but Marc was a jock. An all state high school quarterback he went to U. of Minnesota where he backed up Tony Dungy who went on to coach Tampa Bay and Indianapolis in the NFL. Trestman transferred to Minnesota State Moorhead his senior year where he started 5 games after taking over for Ed Schultz. Yeah that Ed Schultz, the MSNBC TV host. Schultz made All-American and became the NAIA Division II passing leader in 1977 and signed as a free agent with the Oakland Raiders. I don't know about you but when I look at Ed Schultz I don't think quarterback. Offensive lineman maybe but quarterback? No way.
Why did I write in my script that Senator Al Franken was secretly breeding an army of child soldiers beneath Graceland?
Today Ken and Dave met today with Senator Al Franken and 25 other mental health organization reps, professionals & law enforcement to talk about the pressing issues facing the mental health community today...very informative BUT lots of work for us all to do!
Help me pass on the word to Senator Al Franken: Protect Social Security
Current Events - Reclaiming Government for the People with Senator Al Franken
Trading Places. Who can forget the cameo by future US Senator Al Franken as baggage handler Always knew he'd go far and contribute.
"Senator Al Franken" is still not at all comprehensible. Only through utter vote fraud does this title apply.
Congress considers ban on smartphone tracking apps Legislation that would allow civil lawsuits to be filed against anyone collecting and sharing location information from an electronic device without the permission of that device's owner is close to clearing its first hurdle in Congress. Filed by Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, the Location Privacy Protection Act is aimed at makers of so-called smartphone stalking apps, which allow the location of a cellphone to be tracked in secret. Action on the measure by the Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled for Thursday, but that session has been postponed. Franken was motivated to file the legislation after he learned about a Minnesota woman who was stalked by her abusive partner after he installed location tracking software on her mobile phone. As the woman consulted with an advocate in a county courthouse, the abuser sent harassing text messages to her phone
Last week, President Obama and other heads of state set a deadline of the coming year to complete their massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement. Please urge your Senators to weigh in with the President now and demand that the TPP focus on workers' rights and job creation rather than corporate profits. If it continues on its current course, there is no question that the TPP will become a job killer. Big corporations hope to use the TPP to undercut working conditions at home and abroad, furthering the global race to the bottom that enriches the few at the expense of the many. TPP countries like Vietnam are being specifically marketed as low-cost labor alternatives to China, giving manufacturers and retailers alike improved access to exploited sweatshop workers who are paid only a fraction of what Chinese sweatshop workers are paid. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has drafted a letter to President Obama demanding that the TPP include enforceable obligations to protect fundamental labor righ .. ...
Below is the list of thirty legislators who were brave enough to stand up in defense of rape and vote against Senator Al Franken'santi-rape amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill. We applaud these courageous men! Roll over the portraits with your mouse to see the Senator's phone number,...
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