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Senate Judiciary Committee

The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary (informally Senate Judiciary Committee) is a standing committee of the United States Senate, of the United States Congress.

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Heads up. Senate Judiciary Committee is planning to shut down the FBI Investigation into the Trump treason. Cover up. GOP are traitors.
Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into former AG Loretta Lynch for tampering with the election:
I get more info from on the Senate Judiciary Committee opening up a probe about Loretta Lynch… Next
Senate Judiciary Committee opens investigation into Loretta Lynch's interference in Clinton investigation
This from explains why the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing got cancelled today
Apparently I can make Moments? So here's one about my morning: ⚡️ “Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee”.
Campus speech that intentionally intimidates, threatens, or interferes with rights of others is not protected:
"One important job of the govt is to prevent violence w/o suppressing at U.S Senate Committee!
ICYM the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing “on College Campuses,” here you go:
The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the nomination of Paul Feinman to the Court of Appeals. Will be first open…
Mueller expected to meet Senate Judiciary leaders as soon as Wednesday
Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed a hearing scheduled for 2:30pm on "Concurrent Congressional and Criminal I…
Today we gave ideas about how to address campus & hate speech:
Mueller to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee members: report
Senate judiciary probe may review obstruction of justice.
SPLC President Richard Cohen testifies before US Senate Committee on the Judiciary about speech & the 1st amendment https:/…
Mueller to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee senators (from
Special Counsel Robert Mueller will meet with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow, committee aide confirms.
Senate Judiciary Committee opens investigation into Trump for firing former FBI Director James Comey
Mueller to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee senators FireMueller Corrupt
.hit the nail on the head today during the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing: "Truth is more powerful than force."
We have concerns about legislation shifting discretion on campus free speech from the university to the statehouse: https…
We have ideas for on how to address campus & hate speech. Read all about it here:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller to meet with top members of Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday
Senator Klobuchar on why Jeff Sessions can't snub the Senate Judiciary Committee
Mueller to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee Leaders. -
Here is Comey on May 3 lying through his teeth to the Senate Judiciary Committee
Catherine Herridge points out that Comey LIED to Senate Judiciary Committee when he said he had never asked anyone to lea…
judge William old false information to Senate Judiciary Committee about ties and length of ties to Planned Parenthood
Senate Judiciary Committee poised to probe Trump obstruction via
Grassley rebukes Trump for OLC opinion on withholding info requested by members who don't chair a committee.
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Top Judiciary Senators consider subpoenaing Comey to testify before their committee
Sen. Dianne Feinstein is calling on the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate all issues related...
Comey associate/cutout Daniel Richman gets a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee.
We’re asking for any Comey memos detailing conversations with Trump to be turned over to the Judiciary Committee. https:/…
Looks like the Senate Judiciary Committee will now investigate any obstruction of justice by Trump & associates:
Senate Judiciary Committee targets Donald Trump for obstruction of justice
I believe the Judiciary Committee should investigate all issues that raise a question of obstruction of justice.
Firm behind the Russian "dossier" on Trump refuses to answer Congressional questions--Senate Judiciary Committee
Vacation Home Renters and Owners Sign the Petition have Expedia & Trip Advisor go to the Senate Judiciary Committee
reason why I have to believe that the teens are good: the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman is 83-years old
EPIC has sent a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing on "Russian Interference in the 2016 Uni……
Assembly bill requiring police to record interrogations emerges from Senate Judiciary Committee with no recommendation. On to Senate floor.
165/1776 In December 2006, FBI Director Robert Mueller appeared before a Senate Judiciary Committee with serious egg on his face.
New Hampshire's Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a bill to establish a commission to study the legalization...
Senate Judiciary Committee requests all Comey memos related to Pres. Trump *and* Pres. Obama, as well as Trump & Obama DO…
Jim Comey declined an invitation to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Intel only. Grassley/Fei…
Hey Will u be reporting on "meticulous" notes from his Obama meetings when Senate Judiciar…
Senate Judiciary Committee tells Trump to turn over Comey tapes
New: Senate Judiciary Committee leaders have sent a letter to the Acting FBI Dir. seeking copies of Comey memos and possi…
My thoughts: The big story today is the Senate Judiciary Committee requesting Comey memos including on Obama, DOJ offi…
Senate Judiciary Committee requests Comey memos—and Trump's recordings of those conversations
The Senate Judiciary Committee has officially sent a letter to Comey inviting him to testify regarding his firing and int…
2 wks ago Comey testified under OATH before the Senate Judiciary Committee exactly the OPPOSITE of what he leaked t…
The top members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have invited former FBI Director James Comey to testify publicly. >https:/…
Tacky gold everywhere. And a gym. Which would be in pristine condition since Trump never uses it:
56. Sen. Mazie Hirono has kidney cancer. Key questioner at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings. Get we…
Dems Push for Special Trump-Russia Prosecutor: Senator Amy Klobuchar, member of the Senate Judiciary Committee,…
React from Sen. Pat Leahy of Vt, longtime Dem on Senate Judiciary Committee
Sally Yates set for May 8 w/ Senate Judiciary Committee. Different from either House or S…
FBI Director James Comey testifies at an oversight hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee...
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The entire Justice Dept, House Judiciary Committee, House o/Reps, Senate.EVERYONE needs to go down with him! He had a chance.
Even the Senate Judiciary Committee thinks Anthony Weiner is a joke
Comey says it makes him "mildly nauseous" that he might have impacted the election, but wouldn't change decision:
She is, the hearing is in the Senate though. The Senate Judiciary Committee. Should be interesting!
Comey just said something about how you need to know "who's penetrating you." Good advice from the FBI director!
Where to watch Yates online on 5/8. Meeting | Hearings & Meetings | United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
SB 167, the YIMBY bill to strengthen the Housing Accountability Act, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee 6 - 0 - 1! No "noe…
It is evident by Senate Judiciary Committee meeting this am that Republicans will abdicate their duty to the American p…
FBI Director James Comey says he feels "mildly nauseous" to think he affected the election
Director is testifying live right now.
Calif. residents -- heads up! May 9 state Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing set on adding trucks to lemon law:
Planned Parenthood Referred for Criminal Prosecution to Department of Justice by Senate Judiciary Committee
The FBI director told a Senate committee today that it's upsetting to think he might've affected the 2016 election.
The report said the former Senate Judiciary Committee member in British district court set aside $60 million to kill injured officers.
Teen Sexting passes unanimously out of the Senate Judiciary Committee! Thank you &
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Speaking soon at Senate Judiciary Committee and promised repeal. The ACLU Edited a happy Passover to cut all
I will wait for the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing findings and…
Senate Judiciary Committee. Russia 🇷🇺 Interference in 2016 US Election. Brought to you by:. [New Thread] http…
Does the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee not understand what "classified" means? Or is he being a…
FBI said Russia posed “the greatest threat of any nation on earth” in a testimony to the Senate judiciary committee.
Reminder: FBI Director Comey is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
How do you get asked to testify in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee and have the…
THIS is what Neil Gorsuch has been waiting for! Talk about a MASSIVE win! Let's get 750,000 Shares so the world... htt…
Durbin asked panel to quantify the amount of actual trolling going on. ..[crickets].. Durbin: “Won’t touch it, huh?” . https:…
FBI Dir Comey at the Senate Judiciary Committee on 2016 election May 3,2017 via
Use legal force to get Susan Rice before the Senate judiciary committee
Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, FBI director James Comey casually dropped the news...
.urged Comey to recommend a at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. You can help by ca…
"Senate Judiciary Committee" hmm, there evidently was an Email they discovered showing that Lynch was trying to protect…
Judge Gorsuch has won approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee and will now move to the full Senate. He will be conf…
Little Giant Ladders
Today the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a judge with integrity, experience and dedication to the Constitution.
Senate Judiciary Committee considers Gorsuch nomination; Democrats have enough votes for filibuster
"Senate Judiciary Committee". As long as we see fighting we will have your backs. Nuclear option or not! F…
Neil Gorsuch fielded a few laughably easy questions from Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee
You won’t believe how the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Judge Neil Gorsuch!
ICYMI here's our statement from yesterday blasting the Senate Judiciary Committee for pushing through
USA: Senator Richard Blumenthal, member of Senate Judiciary Committee, says he won't vote for Gorsuch due to Trump's 'l…
BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee votes 11-9 to advance nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Senate floor.
Let's be honest do you see any scenario where Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats would vote to confirm a DJT pick
.Senate Judiciary Committee expected to vote today . ST🛑P your childish antics .
Senate Judiciary Committee members give opening statements ahead of vote. Tune in to Fox News Channel.
Senator Chris *** will NOT vote for Neil Gorsuch and will not vote to advance his nomination
Senate Judiciary Committee Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing: SHOCK!! ALL democrats on committee have announced they will vote…
Senate Dems don't give a rip about our country. They stop at nothing to destroy it!
Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Judge Neil Gorsuch Blumenthal you are an uncha…
Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) explanation of his decision to filibuster strong, articulate, compelling. .
Sen. Dianne Feinstein announces at Senate Judiciary Committee re: Gorsuch: "I cannot support this nomination."
Recap of Senate Judiciary Committee . Wawawa Republicans didn't give Garland a hearing so we will vote no!. Dem's…
Hatch, on the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving the most hypocritical lecture of his life on the rights of the Presid…
if you want the Senate Judiciary Committee to
The BBC's weighs in on the near certain approval of Judge Neil Gorsuch by the Senate Judiciary Committee . h…
Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Gorsuch -- live blog |
LIVE BLOG: Senate committee to vote on nomination
Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on Putin's first-ever lifetime appointment to the US Supreme Court
Warner makes 41 Democrats against cloture by our count. Nuclear option, here we come.
"Senate Judiciary Committee". Fillabuster We have a Prez under FBI Investigation for colluding with a foreign g…
Big day for Senate Judiciary Committee with votes on:. - prosecutor who will oversee Russia-Trump inquiry;. - SCOTUS nominee h…
Senate judiciary committee votes on referral to Senate today under cloud of treasonous collusion
Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on for via
In the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, Franken rightly notes missed the absurd meaning exception in the A…
Senate Judiciary Committee now in session on Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court
WATCH NOW: Senate Judiciary Committee votes on SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch . now against c…
Senate Judiciary Committee voting on Gorsuch this morning
Senate Judiciary Committee voting on Gorsuch now. Merrick Garland never got a hearing or a vote
Dianne Feinstein, ranking Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee, says she'll oppose Gorsuch. “He refused to answer even bas…
The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Neil Gorsuch now.
While we are distracted by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Gorsuch, and 45 is starting a war with North Ko…
JUST IN: Senate Democrats have 41 votes necessary to block cloture vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are grasping for straws in their obstruction efforts
Gorsuch's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was darkly cynical and marked him as a political charlatan. http…
"Nearly two dozen people from five states are accusing Jeff Sessions of lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee" https…
As expected (and as is typical), Senate Judiciary Committee holds over Neil Gorsuch + Rod Rosenstein/Rachel Brand n…
As expected: Senate Judiciary Committee "holds over" Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination for a week, setting up April 3…
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing just opened, says committee vote is delayed until next week
Read my full testimony from today's here: We must
Watch now as of testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee to
Please take a few minutes to call up the members of the TN senate judiciary committee and help reform our parole la…
This afternoon NSI director will testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary for Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch
Tomorrow will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. Tune to C-…
I don't want him to resign. Would prefer him to be charged and jailed, preferably on live TV
Live video: Witness testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Al has no business on the senate judiciary committee.
Thank you Senator Schumer, and all of the on the Senate Judiciary Committee!
Watch live: witnesses testify about Judge Neil Gorsuch’s qualifications in SCOTUS confirmation hearing.
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from individuals for and against Neil Gorsuch's nomination.
"Key Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch"The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding another round of hearings Thursda…
'Gorsuch declined to say during a marathon question-and-answer session before the Judiciary Committee this week wh…
Judge Gorsuch's opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee was a model of gratitude and grace.
.asking questions in committee. WATCH:
C-SPAN LIVE: Osage Nation Congresswoman Shannon Edwards testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this...
Tomorrow I will present testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee re Find report on his record belo…
Donald Trump will quit as President 'soon', Judiciary Committee Co-Chair hints
Gorsuch assured the Senate Judiciary Committee, “A good judge doesn’t give a whit about politics” |…
.Trump will resign 'soon'. She must know something we don't know.
Our distinguished alum is testifying today at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. Watch video:
If you were able to catch even a little of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on the promotion of Judge Neil...
WHEN this happens, party at my house. .
Just called my Senators and the Senate Judiciary Committee to request that they make every effort to prevent Neil Gorsuch's appt.
Does the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the American Bar Association if they rate 9th Circuit Judges who bar travel bans
Gorsuch keeps doing this thing where he takes time to repeat basic legal lessons that every member of the Senate Judiciary C…
Watch LIVE coverage of Witness Testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee
Testimony of Heather C. McGhee, President of Demos Before the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Sena…
Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein
Today the Judiciary Committee will hear testimony from outside witnesses invited by both parties. Witness list: https:…
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Judge Neil Gorsuch about torture and presidential power.
This is not a joke. The conservatives on Senate Judiciary Committee need to grill Gorsuch on stare decisis/precedent and R…
Judge Gorsuch greets members of the Senate Judiciary Committee before his confirmation hearing starts
More than one year after the death Justice Antonin Scalia, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its first...
On Monday, March 20, Judge Neil Gorsuch will have his first hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee as ...
Judge Gorsuch, Trump's SCOTUS pick, will have his hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.
RW: Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are getting plenty of advice in the run-up to next weeks Supreme Court confirmation hearing...
🚨URGENT ACTION🚨 . Call the GA Senate Judiciary Committee to Hearing on Tuesday. Find talking points here:…
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing sponsored by -
From a friend watching the live broadcast: "live stream of the Senate Judiciary Committee's first hearing on...
Ask Senators to oppose appointment of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. First hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee is Mo…
.and cut away from the Senate Judiciary Committee's Russia hearing to cover Trump's rally. This is why we can't…
Here's the letter that all nine Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent to AG Sessions
I hope to see the day that a justice nomination is fully supported by the Senate Judiciary Committee
SB 20-juvenile Justice passes out of Senate Judiciary Committee. supports!
Senate Judiciary Committee now hearing SB 20, related to juvenile justice, sponsored by -
SB 120, criminal justice reform bill, is reported favorably out of Senate Judiciary Committee w/a committee substitute.
First black chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Defends Jeff Sessions "He’s just an outstanding guy” http…
Jeff Sessions was just approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. What a great way to start off
Senate Judiciary Committee approves Sessions on party-line vote. He'll be one of most dangerous AGs in US history
Jeff Sessions approved by Senate Judiciary Committee for attorney general
All 9 Dems on Senate Judiciary Committee voted NO on for AG.
Jeff Sessions is approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Happy everyone.
"Senate Judiciary Committee". Dems were stalling and wasting time. I said they couldn't stop him. . Sessions is a great…
A slap in the face 2 all who fought 4 Civil Rights, Senate Judiciary Committee voted 2 confirm its biggest opponent in
We condemn the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote to advance AG nomination this morning:
BOOM !!! President Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General, has cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee.…
Senate Judiciary Committee blocked Jeff Sessions as judge in 1986 b/c he was too racist. Confirmed him as AG today
Sen. Jeff Sessions, President Trump's pick for AG, has cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be taken up by full…
John Cornyn just gave Al Franken an Al spanken in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to confirm Jeff Sessions, lifelong opponent of civil rights, on 1st day of
Ted Cruz speaks to reporters after the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Jeff Sessions
BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee approves nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be attorney general.
All Democrats on Senate Judiciary Committee ask Sessions to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian interference in…
Sen. appointed to serve as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read:
Ask your senator(s) on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to support state-level marijuana policy reform!
US State Department defends its role in Nauru/Manus resettlement deal before US Senate Judiciary Committee https:…
Senate Judiciary Committee refers Planned Parenthood for criminal charges
Top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee flags missing documents in Sessions' AG nomination questionnaire
U mean the Estrada who couldn't get past Orrin Hatch's Senate Judiciary Committee? Justified torture for Shrub 43?
By a Senate Judiciary Committee headed by Strom Thurmond, no less
First-time Senate committee chairs: Bray (Judiciary), (Veterans Affairs), (Ethics). Charbonneau is new Health chair.
Canadian economist Alex Tabarrok is now testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about immigration reform.
Losing from Senate Judiciary committee would be a disaster for civil liberties, privacy, transparency
It has to go through the House Judiciary Committee before it can go to the Senate for a vote;
The FBI is reviewing new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department, Director James Comey says https…
Worth doing: Call Democratic members of Senate Judiciary Committee, ask for probe of FBI+Russia Trump interference.
Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on record labels accounting practices. Before it was over the labels had a bloody nose & RIAA
Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on ag chemical deals
JUST IN: FBI is reviewing new emails in Clinton probe, director tells Senate Judiciary Committee
We all forget Joe was on that all-white male senate judiciary committee for the Hill/Thomas hearings being racist & dumb af
FBI reviewing new emails in Clinton probe. FBI Director James Comey said Friday the bureau is reviewing new emai
"many conservative appellate nominees were stalled in Senate Judiciary Committee and never given hearings or committee votes"
380 foreign born per DOJ Senate Judiciary Committee on Immigration and National Interest
if the right wants us to unify...a first step might to for the senate judiciary committee to start the Garland hearings
We have allowed Senate judiciary committee to hide from world. Enough is enough
"Polls wrong" COMEY FBI SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, RUSSIA, WIKILEAKS have decimated US democracy and our country
The Senate Judiciary Committee is determined not to let Obama get another Justice on the Supreme Court
Grewal set for confirmation hearing to be permanent Bergen Prosecutor: The Senate Judiciary Committee is due to……
Sessions is a member of the Armed Services Committee on the Senate, as well as a senior member of the Judiciary Committee.
They will sing a different tune if the Senate Judiciary Committee and FBI did their jobs
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Senate screens Justices Bage, Galinje for S/Court. The Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal...
Worked on Capitol Hill when Chairman of US Senate Judiciary Committee...Joe's a Good Guy...kinda Crazy..b…
I admit I thought the Senate judiciary committee was going to cave.
Trump tells roaring crowd FBI is reopening case into Clinton’s “criminal & illegal conduct”
Comey notified Congress of email probe despite DOJ concerns ⚡️Sue him!
John Cornyn, US Senator from Texas serves on the committee of the Budget, Finance, and Judiciary, and senate majority whip
Senate screens two nominees for Supreme Court justices: The Senate Committee on Judiciary…
2/3 testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, etc...and will tell you that you quickly understand why people don't get
I hope Dems on Senate Judiciary Committee use all means available to block every Trump SCOTUS appointee.
Will the Senate Judiciary Committee refuse to nominate if Trump does not pick from his list?
In Iowa, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, targeted by Dems over Scalia vacancy, coasts to 24-point victory.
231 days since Merrick Garland was nominated to it's time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to https…
How did Trump win Florida? Maybe it was about disgust with globalization, or maybe...
2007- In vivid testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, Comey said he alerted FBI Director Robert S. Mueller
McConnell isn't up for re-election this time, but Chuck Grassley of Iowa is (chairs Senate Judiciary Committee). V…
Justice David H. Souter's Supreme Court nomination was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today in 1990.
Today in 2005: John Roberts' nomination as chief justice clears Senate Judiciary Committee. Food and SCOTUS:
Farm groups weigh in: U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to examine merger mania: -MLO
Fifteen Jewish groups joined an interfaith coalition in calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to consider...
At 10ET, the Senate Judiciary Committee will discuss the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015. Watch here:
The IG will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow at 10am about Oversight of the DEA
blogs on the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the FCC’s Proposed Privacy Rules.
Email Privacy Act passes unanimously in House; moves to Senate Judiciary Committee
He's still the *** that allowed Anita Hill to be obliterated in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee
judges of the Supreme Court". Unless the voters u r speaking of are the Senate Judiciary Committee then I c no probs with Obama
Meg Leal, former Asst. Counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, presents on Local and State Level
Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on lobbying bill: PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- On the same day this week that the top…
Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on lobbying bill
rules defended on Capitol Hill at a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing by Chairman Tom Wheeler yesterday
GOP Senator: Trump needs to earn my vote: Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican Senator J...
Update your maps at Navteq
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on nomination of Madison attorney Don Schott to 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.
More info about this afternoon's Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the new rules
Important TIME CHANGE: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on 702 tomorrow is now at 9:30.
The Tempting of America Judge Bork Shares a Personal Account of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Hearing on His
GREAT NEWS from Rep Senate Judiciary Committee will hear H.3036 on Tues! https…
Senate Judiciary Committee will meet at 3 pm tomorrow in Gressette 308. To watch live, go here:
Senate Judiciary Committee votes to approve "a bill of rights" for survivors of sexual assault.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chuck Grassley and Merrick Garland go way back, but when the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee cha…
It's still a no on nominee for this key Republican.
"...a Senate that included just two women and a Judiciary Committee made up entirely of older white men, was set up to fail Anita Hill."
lied his fat *** off B4 the Senate Judiciary Committee. . told the truth & that *** HOLE was still elected! .
It is a constitutional duty of the U.S. Senate, through the Judiciary Committee, to hold confirmation hearings
U.S. SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE voted to approve Clare Connors to fill the vacancy on the U.S. District Court for...
Yes, it did. Then it sat for six weeks and died in the Senate Judiciary Committee. ^JC
Watching Confirmation makes me look forward to seeing women like in the Senate & hopeful king on the judiciary committee
Anita Hill helped usher in tons of women legislators because the Senate Judiciary committee was trash!
The fact that they completely ignored that the senate judiciary committee came to her is mad disrespectful
You did it, advocates! The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee passed Kevin and Avonte's law this week!
A Dose of Accountability for the FBI? Bill to Protect Agency Whistleblowers Passes Senate Judiciary Committee
He was the head of the Senate judiciary committee, and as such had the power & discretion to call certain witnesses
My oped in corrects the record on tenure as Judiciary Committee Chairman on nominees: https:/…
Y'all see Carol Mosely Braun joined the Senate Judiciary Committee after the Thomas confirmation and so much changed for women.
The Grazing Bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary & Legal Matters is that it will involve amending the Land Use Act.
After public hearing, the bill came up on the floor of the senate for 1st reading in 2009 and was referred to Senate Committee on Judiciary.
I hated all those men on the Senate Judiciary Committee for how they treated Anita Hill and for giving us a PERVERT!
Amazing to see the 14-member Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 being all white men. Hello, America. Justice or Just us?…
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley had breakfast Tuesday with the man whose elevation to the Supreme Court he has vowed
Dear Senate Judiciary Committee. If you did your job the rest of the week, Saturday would be a lot more exciting for y…
Reminder: 25 yrs after the Thomas hearings, the number of men to women on the Senate Judiciary Committee is still 18-2.
IMAGINE if there were women on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Clarence Thomas would NOT be a SCOTUS.
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The Senate Judiciary Committee failed to recognize one key factor- the victim is NOT the villain.
Senate Judiciary Committee has rescheduled hearing "The Distortion of EB-5 Targeted Employee Areas: Time to End the Abuse" for Wed, April 13
EB-5 News Blog: Regional Centers in the USA: Senate Judiciary Committee to hold Hearing on TEAs...
Friendly reminder we would still like the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing for POTUS' SCOTUS nominee
Judge Merrick Garland needs a fair hearing. I hope people never forget the inactions of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
House-approved bill to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee is before Senate Judiciary Committee this Tues.
Senate Judiciary Committee member Amy Klobuchar responds to the nomination of federal appellate judge Merrick Garland.
When the was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, every single nominee got a hearing and a vote.
House Bill 40 (felony expungement) passes the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now will head to the Senate floor for discussio…
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