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Senate Intelligence Committee

The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (sometimes referred to as SSCI) is dedicated to overseeing the United States Intelligence Community—the agencies and bureaus of the federal government of the United States who provide information and analysis for leaders of the executive and legislative branches.

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- Ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele is called to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about The Dossier. . - Pop…
Great thread here on politics, Senate Intelligence Committee, and what Burr's White House calls means for future of…
Republican senator suggests Senate Intelligence Committee will get tax returns for if necessary. http…
WATCH: Chasing down Senate Intelligence Committee leaders in the Senate subway -
Today I will be asking the Senate Intelligence Committee to thoroughly investigate if Russia coordinated with Trump and his…
Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on this morning’s “Meet...
I am in favor of a vigorous investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee of the Russian email hacking allegations.
Ladies and gentleman, the Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Burr plays a vital role in keeping our country safe
"Sen. Dianne Feinstein, ranking Dem. member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has issued a statement ripping FBI Director J…
The US Senate Intelligence Committee found the CIA misled Congress about its longstanding interrogation program.
John McCain: The Official Senate Report on CIA Torture: Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detent
The Senate Intelligence Committee of 1975 and 1976 found that "both the FBI and CIA had repeatedly lied to the Warren Commission" (*63).
They all belong to Quaida in Senate Intelligence Committee.
Senate Intelligence Committee releases 13 videos of Aug. 21 chemical attack in Very disturbing.
Burton:US govt's abuse of thoroughly documented in unclassified sections of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Report
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Burr says death of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani will likely disrupt some ISIS attack plotting.
…Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Briefing by the Director, Central Intelligence Agency, on t… (p 244)
Rubio missed 20 of 23 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence meetings between Oct. 2015 and March 2016.
Senate Intelligence Committee should be reviewing newly recovered 14,000 emails, NOT the State Dept
Steve Jobs' widow donated money to opponent of Senator Burr, anti-encryption head of Senate Intelligence Committee.
Tech firms' encryption foe struggles for U.S. Senate re-election - Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina the ch…
Isn't fortunate for you, that intelligence is not required to be a member of the Senate "intelligence" committee.
I find it ironic that you're on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, but seem to show none.
I bet members of the Senate Intelligence Committee know! Surely they do! Just wait for ...
created/maintained by the George Bush & the Terrorist Screening Center and by the Senate Intelligence Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee wants to give FBI access to all emails secretly and without warrants.
Weisman brags in NYT about overseeing the Senate Intelligence Committee, then this story
How many oxymorons can you find in this phrase?. "Senate Intelligence Committee".
We can thank our California senator Vice Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee for proposing...
Pic of Senate Intelligence Committee chair w/ some of her fellow cronies is pretty telling- . Scary as F! http…
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Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee chair, says redaction constituted 7% of the report~>
They wouldn't let us take a photo of the Senate Intelligence Committee sign. Sad! But here's
Random observation: Michele Bachmann was on the Senate Intelligence Committee ...
"The recently released Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s interrogation program reinforced an...
boy if "Senate Intelligence Committee" isn't the oxymoron of the 21st century
Lie After Lie After Lie: What Colin Powell Knew ... to the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on WMD ... .
the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture disagrees with you
Sen. King is on Senate Intelligence Committee trip focused on national security. Statement released through spox:
FYI: The Senate Intelligence Committee is on a congressional delegation trip in Europe this week. Unclear what country they're in today.
Who would educate him on this? A member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve or a member of the CIA?
And with that, I'll start reading the Senate Intelligence Committee Report On Torture. Been avoiding it for months
ProTip: "One does not belittle people that report to Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein |
Senate Intelligence Committee considering bill to penalize companies refusing to decrypt
Painful read: Sen. Burr, leader of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, be so ill-informed about tech & law
- you killed it in the Senate judiciary committee. You rock. 🇺🇸. Thank you so much for you intelligence and service.
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Sessions has spent about 20 years on the Senate Armed Forces Committee and serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee
The former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, wants to declassify 28 pages of documents that...
The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says a bill to give law enforcement access to encrypted data cou…
Fun fact: Top Senate intelligence committee members voted for legislation that funded Tor, crypto used by WhatsApp.
Senate intelligence committee put blame on the state department which Hillary was in charge of how is she innocent
Why don't you make one of those w/ Senate Intelligence Committee and you will actually be accurate? Congress directs POTUS.
As a member of the senate select committee on intelligence, he is directly affected by ALL threats against
The Senate Intelligence Committee found that Only the Secretary of State could "OK" the Location in Benghazi. Is that True?
No...this isn't the Senate's Intelligence Committee have encrypted websites or secure email -
As Chairman of the Senate Lack of Intelligence Committee, the security of Me is my No. 1 priority.
North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is working on legislation ...
ty Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee plans to criminalize encryption resistance
And he's on the Senate Intelligence Committee. They serve as the main oversight for our clandestine ops and intel gathering.
Morality aside, the Senate Intelligence Committee report kicks off by saying that torture does *not* work. Twice.
offers gathering opportunities at Senate Intelligence Committee hearing
James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee more sophisticated technology and encryption is 'overwhelmingly affecti…
he got briefing before. He is on Senate Intelligence Committee. But I understand the narrative.
None of the Dems are on the Senate Intelligence or Foreign Relations Committee.
Re: previous RT: To be fair to Rubio, there is a regularly scheduled classified committee briefing the next day.
Senator James Risch is 2nd in seniority on the Senate Intelligence Committee and Foreign Relations Committee and...
…Cohen, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, re: SSCI Questions on -, at 7—8 (DTS (p 45)
announces staff changes on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, charged with oversight of all I.C. activities.
The Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee he just let them lie?
Land of the free and home of the rectal hummus! pfftt! . Source:
Interesting. Senate Intelligence Committee doesn't offer https, but is hosted on a CDN that blocks Tor exit nodes.
Senate Intelligence Committee chairman confirms he'll push for crypto legislation .
Hmmm. Rubio is on Senate intelligence committee. It is almost like he knew something may be coming.
I'm taking a break from reading the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture to watch tonight
…, Briefing for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, March 14, 2008;… (p 116)
Here's a state-of-art emotion analysis (Emotient) of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee checking if Ted Cruz released classified info in
Senate Intelligence Committee chairman demands encryption backdoors be legislated in 2016 via
Senate Intelligence Committee chairman calls for encryption legislation in 2016
WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Wednesday he has asked his staff to look into whether Texas
I love that the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee didn't watch the GOP debate...z
1976 Senate Intelligence Committee, the Church Committee proved (GovAgencies) control the Media
Marco Rubio, supposed member of Senate Intelligence Committee, is clueless on Syria/ISIS. George wiped the floor with him.
Amazing scoop by about CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee
.says Senate Intelligence Committee being briefed on attacks
"This is coming out of the Senate Intelligence Committee, not the Commerce or Homeland Security Committees,"
is back! Join in urging the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee to say no to CISA & protect
A while ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee released, what is called, "a torture report," authored by the C.I.A.
So, we'll start with North Carolina Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence...
Predicted? Amazing. No mention that he sits on "The Select Committee on Intelligence."
…tement for the Record, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, provided by General Michael V. Hayde… (p 332)
2/2 US Senate Intelligence Committee found torture by CIA to be extensive, and concluded it produce no useful intelligence
The Senate has an Intelligence committee...RT FIFA has an ethics committee?
The TPP secret pact is so secret that the senate intelligence committee can't see it & Rand Paul was only able to glance at it
US Senator Ron Wyden asked the new NSA boss - General Mike Rogers - at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing...
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, spoke from the...
Rebuttal: The CIA Responds to the Senate Intelligence Committee's Study of Its Detention and In... by Bill Harlow
61. that the agency's director of legislative affairs sent to staffers at the Senate Intelligence Committee last year alerting them
First, I have the privilege of being Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is not an oxymoron I assure you.
Senate Intelligence Committee wants sites and email service providers to report 'terrorist activity'.
did you read the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture before you voted?
Collins, a key member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was informed her Social Security number and other...
"Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture" on
John Oliver had Helen Mirren read the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report:
TV today Dan Coats who I met long ago, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has my autographed "Just Wait" CD. http…
Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued a statement Su..
On Thursday, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee freaked out privacy experts when he "conflated" two government spying programs.
The Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee should understand the difference between NSA surveillance programs.
NC Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, visited Samaritan's Purse today and spoke...
On Rereading the The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Focus on "if" torture worked instead...
The new head of the senate intelligence committee loves the CIA so much. Is there anything he wouldn't do for them?
Senate Intelligence Committee chair, Richard Burr R-NC, wants to hide torture, even returning documents to the CIA.
Senate Intel committee under Burr holds threats hearing entirely behind closed doors for first time in years -
Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US Senate
Liberal Torture?: By Bobby Wetherington Ever since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on th...
Read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture. Posted on December 9, 2014
You would never see Sen. Feinstein play the coquette about her role as Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
"In December, when the Senate Intelligence Committee issued its long-awaited report on the C.I.A.’s..."
“If I had my way, with the exception of nominees, there would never be a public intelligence hearing.” - new chair of senate intel committee
Despite multiple requests, DOJ has not turned over key 1984 OLC memo on EO 12333 to Senate Intelligence Committee:
…support from the CIACustody."*3 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing transcript for April… (p 50)
I agree with the spineless Dems but Bush manipulating intel (lying) was proven in the Senate committee
CFR synopsis of CFR mbr Feinstein's Sen. Committee's report - missing the CFR runs the CIA …
"The twin publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture and Mohamedou Slahi’s Guantánamo...
January 28, & Scott Horton to discuss Senate Intelligence Committee Report on
A predecessor of the initiative passed the Senate intelligence committee last year but went no further.
CIA's search of Senate Intelligence Committee computers was reasonable - CBS News
GOP Senator Ted Cruz from Texas will throw the second egg (stone) at Obama from the Senate Intelligence Committee Room.
A controversial Senate Intelligence Committee report contains graphic description of torture methods employed by the CIA. ://
A CIA internal watchdog clears its officers of improperly accessing the computers of members of the US Senate intelligence committee.
Richard Burr being the chairman for the Senate Intelligence committee is horrifying thanks to 36% voter turnout.
CIA director apologizes for spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers:
Remember that scandal involving the CIA spying on staff-members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee? Well, it...
"For example, the C.I.A. helped edit a speech by Mr. Bush in 2006 to make it seem as if key intelligence was…"
"the more recent fight over the C.I.A.’s penetration of a computer network used by committee staff members working…"
"The report also said that the C.I.A.’s leadership for years gave false information about the total number of…"
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"The Senate report found that the detention and interrogation of Mr. Zubaydah and dozens of other prisoners were…"
"The interrogations lasted for weeks, and some C.I.A. officers began sending messages to the agency’s headquarters…"
"Within days of the Justice Department’s approval to begin waterboarding the prisoner, Abu Zubaydah, the sessions…"
"The torture of prisoners at times was so extreme that some C.I.A. personnel tried to put a halt to the techniques,…"
"the tumultuous history of her investigation and called the C.I.A. interrogation program “a stain on our values and…"
"using the C.I.A.’s internal records to present 20 case studies that bolster its conclusion that the most extreme…"
"President George W. Bush, said repeatedly that the detention and interrogation program was humane and legal. The…"
"Mr. Obama welcomed the release of the report, but in a written statement made sure to praise the C.I.A. employees…"
"that C.I.A. officials routinely misled the White House and Congress about the information it obtained, and failed…"
"WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday issued a sweeping indictment of the Central Intelligence…"
Head of Senate intel committee on a roll, warns of "ramifications" for Middle East countries not fighting terrorism
Head of Senate intel committee expects “unbelievable amount of data" from Paris attacks to help anti-terror effort
The book we crashed into existence is now on sale everywhere.
Intelligence Bureau DG to appear before Senate committee
Pelosi pick tied to Islamist 'front' group. Intelligence-committee choice linked to Muslim Brotherhood, more-ALL YOU TRAITORS
1. She will no longer chair the Senate Intelligence Committee
The facts are in the report. 500-page exec summary, fully footnoted, offers definitive evidence.
Senate Intelligence Committee report on rectal rehydration appears to match *** Cheney's most prurient sexual
yeah, its in the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture. Around page 4,200
Sen. Dianne Feinstein of the Senate Intelligence Committee disagrees, saying that the breach violated the Constitution.
Members of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee meet in secret “closed door” session on January 12, 2015
New Senate Intelligence Committee chairman says “unbelievable amount of data" will pour in following Paris attacks
the Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee says we have terrorist cells in the U.S. That means you didn't do your job Senator
Hey Look! Sen Richard Burr new head of US Senate Intelligence Committee, showing his lack of intelligence
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was so upset over the report on torture, released by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, that he made an unusual offer. He suggested demonstrating the ineffectiven...
In scathing piece, paper's editorial board calls for criminal prosecution of former VP, other Bush-era officials mentioned in report In an editorial board piece published Sunday, The New York Times called for criminal prosecution of former Vice President *** Cheney and others featured in the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee's report that details the post-9/11 torture program that went on during the Bush administration. [ 332 more words. ]
The CIA launched a campaign to convince Congress and the public that its torture program had been key to locating bin Laden. CIA deputy director, Michael J. Morell briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee, and two days later CIA director Leon Panetta himself led a second such briefing. In both briefings, the CIA asserted that using torture of CIA detainees played a substantial role" in developing the intelligence that led to bin Laden, according to the committee report. But the report shows that, contrary to the CIA's claim, torture did not produce any information on bin Laden's courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, The CIA sought to prevent the Senate Intelligence Committee from learning that the most reliable intelligence on Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti actually came from an al-Qaeda detainee named Hassan Ghul. Former CIA targeting officer Nada Bakos recounting how Ghul provided the critical information on Abu Ahmad al-Kuwaiti to Kurdish officials in a free-flowing conversation in a Kurdish safehouse where he was ...
Glenn Greenwald is wholeheartedly unsatisfied with the manner in which American media has framed the conversation about the Senate Intelligence Committee's repor...
“By calling it a ‘torture report,’ the senator turns our enemy into the victim.” – Judge Jeanine Pirro Judge Pirro slammed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) over the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's "torture report," which was critical of the CIA's enhanced interrogation methods on terrorist detainees post-9/11.
Cheney has long backed torture, blithely supporting techniques that were called war crimes when used by Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany, and outlawed in treaties signed by most civilized nations. His central claim — not supported by a phone-book-thick body of evidence — is that torturing terrorists produced “phenomenal results,” including “the intelligence that allowed us to get Osama bin Laden.” Without having read the Senate Intelligence Committee report, he was quick to say on Monday that the barbarism committed in our name was “absolutely, totally justified.” And of course, he would do it all again, without hesitation. By Wednesday, he was the petulant child caught and cornered. Confronted with evidence that 26 detainees were wrongfully held, with examples of “rectal feeding” (rape by another definition), or induced hypothermia that most likely killed one suspect, he proclaimed the exhaustive inquiry “full of crap.” He still had not read the report. It’s impolite to call someb ...
Dark Again After Report on C.I.A. Torture We have not always agreed with Senator Dianne Feinstein on national security issues like wiretapping, but the California Democrat who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee has displayed commitment and courage in the investigation of the illegal detention, abuse and torture of prisoners by the Central Intelligence Agency. Realizing she had one last chance to get this report to the public before Republicans take over the Senate, Ms. Feinstein released a summary of the findings despite heavy pressure from Republicans and the White House to withhold it. She and her aides deserve enormous credit for their five-and-a-half-year struggle. Sadly, that is pretty much it on the disclosure front. In post-9/11 America, when it comes to momentous matters of national security, democratic tradition and the rule of law, there is precious little disclosure and no justice and accountability. It’s a bipartisan affliction. Employees of the C.I.A. and the military, as well as priva ...
CIA Director John Brennan spoke Thursday for the first time since the Senate Intelligence Committee released a damning report Tuesday about his agency's post-9/1...
In a rare press conference Thursday, CIA director John Brennan addressed the Senate Intelligence Committee's controversial report on the agency's Bush-era Detention and Interrogation Program. 
These are heady days for Americans who revel in running down their country. If you buy what they're selling, the USA is a place where white cops hunt down and kill young black men at the slightest provocation, where pretty much every college male is a rapist-in-waiting. And overseas? We torture our enemies with a level of sadism that would make Torquemada blush. Given all that perfidy, and without even mentioning corporate wickedness and income inequality, it's strange that we have a problem with illegal immigration. If the America-haters are even close to being right, we should be building walls to keep people from fleeing this wretched place. As usual, the self-loathing is driven by the far left, many of whose denizens get their daily sustenance from bashing America. Which brings us to the "torture report," released this week by the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is an early Christmas gift (or should we say "holiday present?") to the left wing. Exhibit A is reliable lefty Joan Walsh, whose latest pie ...
By next month, they'll have their drones on social media declaring it never happened. No sense of humanity. Liars from the pit of *** just because republicans convince themselves that they are more Christian and more Patriotic than everyone else does not make it true. Don't allow their fantasy to become your truth. They are evil, condoning this atrocity and making excuses as to why it happened in the first place, all the while claiming to be "Christians" and "Americans", in reality, they have no idea what either word really means. * Republicans dismiss Senate torture report 12/09/14 09:22 AM—Updated 12/10/14 08:46 AM By Jane C. Timm Republicans on Tuesday pushed back hard against the conclusions of a report by the Democratic-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee on the harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA against terror suspects. GOP members of the committee who withdrew their support for its investigation released their own 167-page “minority views” response to the Democratic rep ...
Tuesday's imminent release of the Senate's investigation into the CIA's harsh George W. Bush-era interrogation practices is further challenging President Obama's civil-liberties legacy. As a candidate in 2008, Obama was seen as the liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton and a guardian against the counter terrorism policies of the Bush administration. In office, however, he has repeatedly disappointed his liberal base as revelations about drone killings and mass surveillance have overshadowed his campaign-trail rhetoric. Now Obama is torn between a full-throttle embrace of the Senate Intelligence Committee's findings and an all-out repudiation of the report's release, a delicate balancing act that is further agitating many of his once-ardent supporters. While former President Bush, *** Cheney, and ex-CIA officials prepare to discredit the report, Obama's administration is saying publicly that it supports the decision of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein to release it. Still ...
Sen. Burr is no Sam Ervin: NC Sen. Richard Burr, the incoming chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, calls…
Sen Mitch McConnell should remove Diane Feinstein from the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Today's First Read: Congress is so Congress-y sometimes Congress’ sneak attack: It attaches to must-pass spending bill riders 1) overturning D.C.’s marijuana legalization law and 2) raising the amount donors can give to the DNC/RNC… Where were the hearings? Where was the congressional debate?... Two quick points on the Senate Intel report… Obama calls the interrogations practices “wrong”… 2016: Same as it ever was? Many of the same names probably will be running… And Howard Dean repeats his support for Hillary -- as MoveOn and DFA push to draft Warren into the ’16 race. From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann. FIRST THOUGHTS. *** Congress’ sneak attack: You’ve heard of 5:00 pm ET news dumps on a Friday, right? Well, on Tuesday night we saw what amounted to a Lame-Duck Congress news dump: As the political world was busy flipping through the pages of the graphic and headline-grabbing Senate Intelligence Committee report on Bush Era torture practices, Congress snuck in two measures ...
Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden pushed back against the idea that the CIA did "too much" in order to protect Americans from terror attacks. Tuesday's controversial report from the Senate Intelligence Committee essentially calls Hayden a liar, disputing his claim that enhanced interrogation m…
I am putting this out there as a concerned citizen and at the suggestion of a friend. It concerns yesterdays' Senate Intelligence Report on the CIA. Please feel free to share if you see fit. is what I, as an American Taxpaying citizen would have liked to see (please excuse any statistical errors, I am not googling the report). "Good Morning, this is Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. This morning we concluded our report and assessment of the CIA's and other intelligence agencies activities in the 6 years post 9/11. The committee looked at over 6 million documents, spent 60 million taxpayer dollars and utilized 6,000 person hours of time. We found areas of concern that we have addressed to make sure our American principles continue to be adhered to in this most difficult war on terror. You have our assurance, that as your democratically elected officials, every concern is given to intelligence gathering capabilities and how best to obtain and utilize them in our w .. ...
Let us praise our Senator Dianne Feinstein and her courage in releasing the Senate Intelligence Committee's CIA...
Mexico News Some reaction to the Senate Intelligence Committee report released Tuesday on the CIA's h... Mex Info
The CIA carried out "brutal" interrogations of al-Qaeda suspects in the years after the 9/11 attacks on the US, a US Senate report has said. The summary of the report, compiled by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the CIA misled Americans about what it was doing. The information the CIA collected this way failed to secure information that foiled any threats, the report said. In a statement, the CIA insisted that the interrogations did help save lives. "The intelligence gained from the programme was critical to our understanding of al-Qaeda and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day," Director John Brennan said in a statement. However, the CIA said it acknowledged that there were mistakes in the programme, especially early on when it was unprepared for the scale of the operation to detain and interrogate prisoners. The programme - known internally as the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation programme - took place from 2002-07, during the presidency of George ...
.Statement by the President Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
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Read the report on CIA methods. Awful. And it doesn't work. But mostly: this is not who we should be.
Snowden showed us that the NSA is out of control, but in this report we see a CIA that is worse. Way, way worse.
A spy agency that was wholly unprepared for its new mission as jailers and interrogators
It's a dog eat dog world --according to NYTimes: "A scathing report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee... http…
Senate investigators have delivered a damning indictment of CIA interrogations practices after the 9/11 attacks:
President Obama's statement on the Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:
10 key findings from the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA harsh interrogations
Excellent move by US Senate to publish everyone knew about the admitting e…
Top GOP on Senate Intelligence Committee blasts release of CIA report
America, a country that claims nigh-infinite moral authority, pureed a prisoner's lunch and piped it in his rectum:
CIA torture report released by Senate Intelligence Committee reveals horrors at hands of US agents: via
The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA Interrogation technics has been released. What’s about to happen...
Extraordinary NYT package on CIA torture report by our CIA experts . http:…
Senate Torture Report rips CIA for systematic brutality & lying about it in ‘war on terror’. Now what consequences? http:/…
of the Day from Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee chair:
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MORE SIGNS OF HOPE: At least this highly sanitized report has finally been released. Rest assured the...
President's statement on report of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on CIA's detention & interrogation prgrm
Would a return indictments for this? Senate Report Condemns Interrogation Program
The Senate intelligence committee's report on CIA torture – read the document
Some CIA personnel were unsettled by interrogation techniques, contrary to public statements:. http:…
The was so extreme that CIA. personnel cried, tried to put a halt to it, but internal channels did not work.
"America is big enough to admit when it's wrong" - Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee chair
A new report from the Senate intelligence committee says the CIA puréed hummus and put it in a detainee's rectum.
I remind everyone that the Senate Intelligence Committee, along with the House Committee, is the only group of people who provide oversight over our intelligence community and have the ability to actually investigate what happened. No one else – not the press, not other Senators, not the public or outside organizations – actually have the ability to investigate the CIA. And the implications of today's report on torture are profound. Not only is torture wrong, but it doesn’t work. Without this report, the American public would not know what actually took place under the CIA’s torture program. This critical report highlights the importance of Senate oversight and the role that Congress must play in overseeing the executive branch. The only way our country can put this episode in the past is to come to terms with what happened and commit to ensuring it will never happen again.
Can someone explain to me how Dianne Feinstein got to be head of the Senate Intelligence Committee? What are the requirements? The ability to fog a mirror?
By RYAN GORMAN The Senate Intelligence Committee's report of alleged CIA torture of terror suspects across black sites has been released. Ma...
A Democrat-led Senate panel released a scathing report Tuesday on CIA interrogation practices amid warnings from lawmakers that the findings could "endanger the lives of Americans" -- a concern the Obama administration apparently shared as it put more than 6,000 Marines on high alert. The report, from the Senate intelligence committee, claimed the interrogation techniques used were "brutal and far worse" than the CIA represented to lawmakers. Further, the report claimed the tactics were not effective and the spy agency gave "inaccurate" information about it to Congress and the White House. The report called CIA management of the program "deeply flawed" -- though agency officials have staunchly defended the program and credited it with helping track down Usama bin Laden and other terror leaders.
Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA's detention and interrogation program. The US and the UK have no right to lecture anyone on human rights not as if they did before.
White House Press Secretary: Declassified version of Senate Intelligence Committee torture report to be released tomorrow.
White House says Senate Intelligence Committee has told the WH it will release the Torture Report tomorrow.
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After seven months of promising to release a report exposing CIA torture of terror suspects, the Obama administration Friday reportedly sent Secretary of State John Kerry to ask Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein to consider holding off “because a lot is going on in the world.” The…
The House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the House Armed Services Committee, and the St…
CIA did not infiltrate Senate Intelligence Committee computers: CIA Director John Brennan
Was George Tenet a CIA plant in Senate Intelligence Committee back when he served his later oversight "masters"?.
its hard to believe someone that stupid could sit on senate Intelligence committee
"Senate Intelligence Committee reported State Dept DENIED HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS for more security at the Benghazi Consulate."
Speaking before the Liberian Senate Committee on Defense and Intelligence; Mr Nyekan confirmed that used as a sleep out
The CIA admits it spied on the US Senate Intelligence Committee (which is supposed to supervise the CIA)
My latest Huffington Post piece on the CIA break in of the Senate Intelligence Committee
The Senate Intelligence Committee (in charge of cyber) home page has Flash code on it. Not sure if sign of evil genius or gov incompetence.
"• The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence continues to proceed with work on its $50 million probe of the...
Yonhap points me to S.2741, the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015, introduced by Committee...
I have lost all confidence in Director Brennan's leadership of the CIA and forthrightness in dealing with the Senate In…
The CIA admits to breaching Senate Intelligence Committee computers.
Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, said last Friday that the U.S. must confront the...
"Senate Intelligence Committee report may be the best available account of how America lost its way."
The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday said the extremist group the Islamic State in Iraq and...
Reading: Mikulski Statement on Delaying the Release of Senate Intelligence Committee Study on CIA Interrogati
Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, said on Friday ISIS will attack from within America
CIA director John Brennan apologized to Senate Intelligence Committee leaders amid calls for his resignation.
Senate Intelligence Committee battled it out with John Brennan: via
Breaking News: CIA Director John Brennan apologizes to Senate Intelligence Committee after inspector general finds agency employees had improperly searched Senate computers last year.
For the love of God, take John McCain off the Senate Intelligence Committee already. That guy has been on that committee too long.
Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill Dianne Feinstein is Satan's *** . That is all.
CIA sued for spying on Senate Intelligence Committee during investigation of torture program.
Sen. Bob Graham, D-Florida, chairman of the Senate Committee on Intelligence had a responsibility to inform the public 2002
The Senate intelligence committee has postponed a markup of the info-sharing bill on
Dianne Feinstein the chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee: “There is no more direct or honest person than Jim Clapper.”
But the Senate info-sharing bill stalled in the Senate Intel Committee: Story from
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Meeting: Committee Meeting: Closed business meeting to consi...
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Way to go Dianne, nothing like 20/20 hindsight leadership. MT ISIS ..PLOTS TO KILL AMERICANS ..
The no fly list complied by the TSA, CIA and FAA contains approximately 21,000 names. This list is different from the terrorist watch list compiled by Senate Intelligence Committee and Homeland Security. Their list contains over 1,000,000 names. Here is a list of names. See if you can guess on which list these names were found. Here are the names: Mohamed Lamine Zemmamouche, Ange Postecoglou! Omar Gonzalez, Edin Dzeko, Vincent Aboubakar, Alejandro Bedoya , Yeltsin Tejeda, Yoichiro Kakitani, Ki Sung-yueng, Jozy Altidore, DaMarcus Beasley, Mix Diskerud. The list above contains a dozen names, four of which are Americans. Give up? These are 12 of the best futbal (soccer) players in the world. So for all of you who are watching the World Cup and claiming it is the best sport in the world, if you didn't recognize these names, shame on you! The World Cup is bigger than the Super Bowl and the World Series as it's truly a world championship that happens every two years. There has been no racism and bigotry d ...
Feinstein: Rise of ISIS in Iraq a Surprise to US Intel: Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoma...
Senate Intel Committee Chair Feinstein SURPRISED by rapid rise of ISIS? .
Feinstein surprised by ISIS's rapid rise in Iraq: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne ...
Feinstein warns of plots to kill Americans: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinst...
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein is surprised at the rapid rise o...
Background to the US Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture via
A report released last Wednesday by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; the Obama administration misled the American public.
Preview of what the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture program w/look like when declassified htt…
Report into alleged CIA torture set to be released: The head of the US Senate intelligence committee believes a...
What's the point of having of having a senate intelligence committee if they just buy Bush's Iraq war lies? Talk about ***
Please join in the No Stasi in America Congressional Call-a-thon by picking one member of the House and one member of the Senate Intelligence Committee to ca...
Oh the gall! The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence bothering the CIA Director back in 2002...about a National Intelligence Estimate...
Speaking of funds...and this Extraction of Asset campaign I was put into that God will deliver me from...I am starting to wonder where exactly my chipping in money is going...i heard rumors that many in congress have a secret bank account in the Bahamas or in Switzerland prepared for when the Economy goes belly up (another rumor)...I mean, I feel like all the chipping in I have done have gone into a black hole...maybe not..or maybe so, who knows? Just pray that the Senate Intelligence Committee is truly interested in saving this country and finding out why in the world the Appropriations Committee is truly allowing this to happen to Americans through these programs and to America, as a Sovereign Nation.
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of releasing these Generals by the Dem majority held Senate Intelligence Committee and they nixed it back then... (13/16)
Will anyone from the Senate Intelligence Committee be visiting Bergdahl at BAMC now that he is in Texas?
.asks again for statistics relating to "back-door searches" of Americans' communications.
The idea that this is "conspiracy theory" is bizarre. The US Senate intelligence committee even said it.
BREAKING: David Petraeus will appear on Capitol Hill before the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow.
This Senate report is damning evidence against Obama & Hillary incompetence in Benghazi incident!
Senate works on funding for agencies like CIA and NSA. heads Senate Intel Committee.
CIA accused of spying on US Senate intelligence committee - Reuters
You mean the "lie" that the Senate Intelligence Committee too to Bush and the Senate approved?
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