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Senate Hearing

Senate Hearing is a novelty single by Dickie Goodman released in 1963 on 20th Century Records. Goodman was president of the record company at the time of the single's release.

Puerto Rico Holly Hunter

Sarah Goodman formerly of Tides Canada now Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada? S…
Senate hearing to examine proposed changes to laws has concerns
I added a video to a playlist Kian Delos Santos Senate Hearing Begins
America takes stage at Senate hearing on election influence America, News-Videos.
Not-a-scientist is getting major pushback from farm/food groups ahead of his Senate conf. hearing:
Supreme Rice tells "If we really move to free in this world, will really benefit."…
Dela Rosa: Out officers are taking their cue on orders from the president to keep the unrelenting. LIVE: htt…
Sen. announces Commissioner Kreidler will testify at Senate Hearing on health care on Sept. 6
.press release on the Senate hearing on the death of Kian Delos Santos in the htt…
Trump will be US Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with 54.27% of confession was escorted from the Market terror
August 26, 2017 at 12:02AMI've just posted a new blog: . LOOK: SENATE HEARING SA PAGPATAY…
Equal Rights Amendment Advocacy weekend in DC. Asking for Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. Women been waiting fo…
lol and why is there a crisis due to lack of judges? How many Obama nominees did the GOP Senate ne…
I'm sick of hearing the Senate and the Congress whine, delay and obstruct. You've been given instructions by the Presi…
SDAN members testify for at senate hearing:
Nugget from yesterday's Senate hearing: IOUs are over-procured, alternative suppliers don't lead to new builds- renewable gen builds crash!
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SENATE HEARING ON KIAN. By Jose Alejandrino. I was tuned in on the Kian Senate hearing over my IPhone when I was...
PH Senate hearing on the billion peso smuggling of shabu/meth has never mentioned the name of…
.S1514 threatens Endangered Species Act, bad for wildlife! Vote in full Senate hearing!
During your confirmation hearing in the US Senate you promised a lot: What have you achieved so fa…
Drilon: Even an ordinary mind would conclude that, based on your statement, your bias is so obvious. https:…
Five governors from both sides of the aisle called to testify before Senate on how to improve the ACA >>
OK Insurance Cmsnr John Doak, scheduled to testify at HELP insurance hearing,was "disappointed" skinny repeal failed
The beleaguered Ohio University professor who resigned rather than face the Faculty Senate hearing he requested...
Sobering responses from to my written questions following recent Senate hearing on Putin’s election interfe…
"I presume that [testimony] will be released," Grassley. Closed door hearing on Fusion GPS who commissioned dossier.
OK, looks like we're starting back up in House committee. Follow & for Senate hearing updates
👉Why was this hearing for Glen Simpson private? . 👉Why is this information out in public now?. .
HAPPENING NOW: hearing on nutrition improving health outcomes for older Americans. To watch, click here https…
Proud of our team. Deputy Div Chief Beau Roysden testified on a US Senate Judiciary Subcmte hearing on removing…
UP Manila students protest at the DOJ condemning the killing of Kian and Sec Aguirre's impartiality during a senate hearin…
MS Senate Transportation Committee meets this wk to discuss ways to raise $330M for state’s failing htt…
Kian's mother: I want justice for my son. Watch the hearing on
Philippines: Senate hearing highlights deadly consequences for children in ‘war on drugs’ -
Will u be calling for Senate hearing on leftists Antifa & Black Lives Matter as well that participated in violence?
Insurance commissioners from TN, WA, PA, AK and OK will testify at the Senate health committee hearing next month.
5 Governors to Testify at Sept. 7 Hearing on Stabilizing Premiums in the Individual Market
Hey since y'all wanna turn Guv's Mansion into City Hall, can folks come 2 pay utility bills?
When Jared Kushner finally speaks, the Senate Judiciary Committee should have him do so in an open hearing.
Senate committee approves bathroom bill despite daylong hearing that brought out hundreds of trans Texans
Republicans should hold at least one comprehensive public hearing in Senate to let public know health bill contents!!
During Senate confirmation hearing. Sessions: I did not have communications with the Russians.
(202) 224-5225 You can call the Senate Judiciary Committee. They need to be at a public hearing
Trump Jr. and Manafort reach agreement with Senate panel to put off public hearing
Follow for coverage of a Senate hearing on a bill to give teachers bonuses.
Manafort, Trump Jr. to be interviewed, won't testify at Senate hearing via
Trump Jr., Manafort reach deal with U.S. Senate panel to avoid public hearing.
Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenas Glenn Simpson. Donald Jr. and Manafort have agreed to be interviewed in private bef…
because I had to watch Don Jr. senate hearing.
How do 2 morons who showed us emails they colluded with Russia get to "negotiate" a private hearing with senate instead of p…
Jeff "Perjury" Sessions archived lies as a video …
Senate State Affairs Cmte passes SB3, bathroom privacy bill, after day-long hearing.
Our lobbyists are @ the Capitol today fighting for you! Watch 1 pm Sen Finance hearing on teacher pay: http…
FUSION GPS head Glenn Simpson won't testify before Senate Judiciary next week, his rep attacks "partisan" hearing and vows to p…
Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort now to testify before Senate committee behind closed doors
Senate hearing next week on "“Progress Toward a Cure for Type I Diabetes: Research and the Artificial Pancreas"
He's a slime!! Wednesday's hearing is a set up-The Dossier hearing is to discredit the…
Senate Judiciary can/will still have a public hearing later on, but it will be informed by the info due to Manafort/Trump…
Terry O'Quinn and Holly Hunter are doing a great job playing the roles of James Clapper and Sally Yates at the Senate Hearing.
Latest news update from Luisa Florez. Comey Is Expected to Face Tough Questioning at Senate Hearing
Tillerson, who headed ExxonMobil's lobbying operation, gave $4.6 million to members of senate committee who held his confi…
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Senate hearing today on the crisis in Libya
Ouch. Remember the senate committee hearing on Climate Change that Prof Manning had to contend with? He was correct.
He looks like adult banjo boy from Deliverance movie. Sessions is one evil dude. He lied about Russia in Senate…
International Criminal Court juz one of d false witnesses that couldnt get past the PH Senate he…
Talk of suicide in senate hearing, how many are there that are too afraid to speak up or it's already too late? Reprehen…
I'll appear on being nominated Dep Secretary of the Senate hearing. I will have been his work are ready.
Why doesn't the Senate Intelligence Committee have a single Trump/Russia he…
.does not support | Abortion regulation bill heads to Senate for hearing
What's up to? Gettiing ready to stir it up in preparation for Tuesday's open hearing and testimony by Yates?
The very nice crew from visited a Senate hearing I was at in March. (Also in attendance there: The New York…
Rod Rosenstein is in AG line of succession. He sidestepped special prosecutor question…
Senate gives limited resources to Russia election-meddling probe
It means nothing. It's a sham. Corruption runs deep in Congress. Senate hearing will go nowhere fast. They…
Has there been even a single hearing in House or Senate about the wall? Basic stuff like: why build it, what effect will…
In 3 months, Senate had only 1 hearing on & no more scheduled. . If no outrage, they will go after Comey…
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Reminder- Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. That's a crime.
Moving relatively quickly, compared to W'gate when nearly a year passed from burglars' a…
Here's a good question to ask when you call: Why doesn't the Senate Intel Cmte have a single hearing scheduled fo…
Real Progressives Arn Menconi - Activist was arrested protesting Secretary John Kerry in a Senate Hearing three... http…
"Clay Bennett - he's very popular around here." says staffer, draws chuckles in the Senate Hearing.
Andy McCarthy Reads in Senate Hearing: "Jihad is to Wage War on Non-Muslims"
Senate Hearing on Pending Health Care Bills: On Tuesday, the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee held a hearing to...
BTC Senate hearing's a big bag when I buy a ticket for 1 hours worth of content
57% of Iowans want to do his job and hold a hearing on Garland:
It's unacceptable for obstructionists in the Senate to play political games with the Supreme Court. Say you agree: https:/…
if you agree with President Obama: It's time for the Senate GOP to hold a hearing on his Supreme Court nominee. https:…
Say you're one of the majority of Americans who want Senate leaders to give Judge Garland a fair hearing.
As a rational, independent voice in the Senate I urge my colleagues to give Judge Garland a fair hearing and a vote. https…
Senate to 'close chapter' on William Go at 3rd hearing on stolen funds - Rappler: RapplerSenate to 'close chap...
Oh & before I forget to mention... That Senate hearing scene with Holly Hunter is one of the most creepiest I have ever seen.
Update your maps at Navteq the Senate hearing...that should A. Have been about MOS deatruction and B. That should have..
not support that matters, in the Senate! The only support for hearing is coming from Liberal media outlets like CNN!
Us Senate hearing on reforms in Ukraine: Ambassador Herbst and Ian Brzezinski
the senate hearing stuff was alright, arguably good.. But the way it was resolved was terrible and its never addressed again
Senate leadership should work for the American people—not obstruct the judiciary:
Back to Eisenberg's Lex. Had his "woah this is great" moments. A little spoily, but the "grandma's tea" moment at the Senate hearing. LEX.
Republican Couple from Said: Judge must get a Fair hearing from Senate, even if dude does not get the post.
Am I to interpret this scene as meaning lex Luther gave Holly Hunter a jar of *** to drink at the senate hearing
At the senate hearing my sister compared the people protesting superman to people who support trump I thought that was pretty funny
let's have a senate hearing to discuss what should be done with her. I'll bring granny's peach tea
Clean air and water depend on a functioning judicial system. US Senate: hold a SCOTUS hearing, and vote. ht…
GOP senator breaks with leadership and calls for hearing on Obama's SCOTUS nominee
That's the deal. The Senate can have a hearing, they can vote against confirming Obama's pick, and boom. The people decide. Wh…
LIVE: Biden is urging the Senate to give Judge Merrick Garland a fair hearing and timely up-or-down vote.
Tell Senate leaders to do their jobs and give Judge Garland a fair hearing:
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Every Senate Judiciary Republican should be willing to meet with Garland and hold a hearing. They're not. ht…
When the was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, every single nominee got a hearing and a vote.
Judiciary Committee hearing today on theft. An issue that costs billions 💸
Senate hearing today on deporting undocumented persons in US who committed crimes
My gratitude 2 , who support the rights & protection of residents at the Hearing-# Senate …
US Senate to hold hearing on AB Inbev
Senate should seek answers from relevant quarters,the relevant committee should conduct public hearing.
'Crisis escalating': In the past 10 years, 300,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the mainland!
Chaired the first hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Children with Special Needs (CSN) mapping state and...
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Meeting & Oversight Hearing on the Tribal Law and Order Act: via
Thanks we'll read the doc with interest Look forward to hearing next week at the Senate Inquiry in Renmark
Puerto Rico avoids default on $355 million debt payment but still owes $72 billion, Sen. Blumenthal, D-Conn., says:
It kind of reminded me of that Senate vaccine bill public hearing.
CABE and Californians Together participated today in the Senate Select Hearing on Biliteracy and Dual Immersion Programs in California!
My opening stmt at hearing today on next steps for defense acquisition reform: Watch: http…
Happening now: hearing on next steps for defense acquisition reform - watch live:
Hearing some strange things about the Senate meeting tonight. Things that happened after I left.
Puerto Rico's governor tells Congress they have no cash, faces $355 million debt payment
Our own is in at Senate Judiciary hearing today.
A-B InBev/SABMiller deal headed for Senate hearing
Haslam Administration Tries to Snuff Out Medical Marijuana: . The state Senate is hearing testimony this ...
Per this is where my 15 minutes of fame started and ended:
Cheesehead Report (Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy public hearing)...
Disrespectfull behavior was that of Senate Congressmen in todays hearing. No class
Judicial Council investigative hearing is tomorrow at 4pm in the DSU Senate Chambers.
6 min CLIP from 11/2/15 Senate Hearing - re: the Future of Warfare and Cyber Threats, etc.
Senate continues confirmation hearing for ministers next week
This is what a hearing should look like. Not Nigeria's senate and code of conduct tribunal
Senate continues confirmation hearing for ministers next week
WE ALREADY KNOW! 8 Congressional investigations, 2 senate, 2 by defense and intelligence.This is hearing is a SHAM!
Following a biased attempt to discuss the DARK Act, we call on you!
At the ongoing SSS pension hike hearing in the Senate
Happening Now: Senate hearing on bills proposing increase in monthly SSS pension
Privileged to testify in Senate today on global challenges. I hear the House had some hearing going on, too...
During Benghazi hearing, Senate is marking up get out of jail free bill more important at this …
1/ MUCH more important hearing in Senate: passes preliminary vote 83 to 14 over loud tech sector opposition
Ohio Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood after hearing limited public testimony via
On rule I learned on the Hill. No House hearing runs less than 2 hours. No Senate hearing runs more than 2.
bfp_news: McAllister: How can I get fair Senate hearing?
McAllister: How can I get fair Senate hearing?
Tune into the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing, beginning now:
I want to believe that the would look better if this was a Senate hearing, but then I remember snowballs & tubes
McAllister: How can I get fair Senate hearing? via
Yesterday's hearing made me think there's more support in the Senate for a GMO labeling bill than I'd reckoned
Rep Tammy Duckworth(D-Il)-distinguished herself today at Benghazi hearing!We support her Senate bid2defeat MarkKirk!
A supplementary budget hearing into cross-portfolio Indigenous matters gets underway at 9am
Puerto Rico rescue plan raises eyebrows at Senate hearing
Asylum seeker self-immolated amid fears he was being sent back to detention, Senate hearing told via
Senate hearing on Puerto Rico underscores need for action
How do you feel the Senate hearing went? I watched part of it and thought you handled yourself very well.
Clinton's opening statement at Senate Benghazi hearing
ENLACE VISTA PR ANTE CONGRESO EE.UU.:Hearing on Puerto Rico: economy, debt, and options for Congress.
A recap of yesterday’s hearing on and the urgent need for a uniform, national labeling standard: htt…
Senate Hearing on Campus Sexual Assault Wed at 9am. Dolores Stafford among witnesses asked to testify. Tune in here:
Spent the day at the Senate Hearing on no knock warrants in the State of Georgia.
you formerly had a youtube channel. This channel had a video of a Senate Hearing on a banking bill in 1933.Can you repost it?
Was listening to one of the recordings made during the Senate Committee Hearing on the once controversial and then-approved Rizal Law.
Day 2 I Senate hearing into Austns w. disabilities in aged care. Reprieve like 'winning the lottery.'
Yes there is. MILF say's they have spotted 8 US ARMY who joined the Clash and also died from the Mamasapano...
I liked a video from Elon Musk US Senate Hearing on National Security Space Launch Programs
The Board of Inquiry's presentation during yesterday's hearing on Mamasapano:
ICYMI: Senate Transpo Committee visited St. Cloud. has coverage of hearing, with comments frm
Thanks for having on to discuss field hrg in Monroe on ed & workforce training: http:…
URGENT ACTION ALERT: Next Tuesday the Wisconsin State Senate will begin hearing a fast-tracked Right-to-Work...
Qld ALP must learn from the LNP’s mistakes. Toowoomba Senate hearing today.
"What I can surmise from watching the last senate hearing was that BSP was bullied into transacting…" — jayoliver
I will interpellate in the Mamasapano Senate hearing on 12 February, Thursday.
Breaking: Senate antitrust subcommittee hearing 3/10 on ASCAP/BMI consent decrees. Our positions can be found here: htt…
Tonight presented Dr. Kissinger with set of boxing gloves for his next Senate hearing!
Senate hearing for Indian Education is next Weds Feb 25th at 8:30am in Room 112 at the MN State Capital. Please be there …
Hmmm ... To quote Arte Johnson, "Verrry interesting." Considering Senate committee has commercial hearing earlier in the week.
The Senate Inquiry hearing in Toowoomba is one of the LARGEST yet and is covering serious issues regarding...
If you want to watch the senate hearing of
We are hearing there will be debate on the Senate floor all day Wednesday, Feb 25th and a vote by the full Senate...
West Virginia: Permitless Carry Bill Still Awaiting Hearing - Critical, NRA-backed Senate Bill 347, has still not ...
Last I heard, nobody had been paid in 7 months but it is likely some will be paid before next senate hearing.
"Senate will hold public hearing on next Tue,pass it Wed …
Wisconsin Senate will hold public hearing on next Tuesday, pass it Wednesday:
Georgia brewers and distributors faced off at the Capitol on Wednesday. Here's my take:
Smoke-free Chair Amy Barkley says Senate - by sending HB 145 to hostile committee - showed it's not serious about hearing the bill.
Preserving the Multistakeholder Model of Internet Governance - U.S. Senate Committee hearing, 25 Feb
Senate Armed Services holds hearing ahead of confirmation to be SECDEF - tablet video
Open Letter re: Senate Hearing on Patient Safety: “More than 1,000 Preventable Deaths a Day is Too Many”!
Was filthy about short notice to appear at NBN Senate hearing, would have been there in a shot if had even 7 days :(
People magazine dragged out its goo bucket again to praise ultraliberal Senator Elizabeth Warren in the latest (November 3) issue. The headline is “The YouTube Senator: As she fought the big banks, she never expected that Senate hearings would go as viral as cat videos – and make her a political sta…
Latest polls tell the same story we've been hearing for weeks: midterms are down to the wire, but GOP has the edge
Sen. Betty Unger - CBC irrelevant, doesn't know anybody in younger generation who watch/listen. Tell her she's wrong!
Joint House and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committees Hearing to Receive Legislative Presentation of the American... ht…
.Do you think it's appropriate to leave a Senate hearing on Ebola 13 minutes into the testimony?
"maybe I can bring it up to senate for hearing that we as individual person intact deeply with our…
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Senate consumer panel to hold hearing in April on GM recall
When you like a senate hearing, bring enough supplies for all senators.
New details expected in Senate hearing on GM recall
He sure is stupid all he needs is ths youtube story, PROGRAMMER TESTIFYS AT SENATE HEARING ABT RIGGING VOTR MACH
FISHY - an opinion in Senate Hearing re Ownership of alleged Binay Hacienda- by. Winnie Monsod PDI
how do u cure ths, PROGRMR TESTIFYS AT SENATE HEARING ON VOTR MACH RIGGIN,also, Va nativ stry at chk my 8comnts
I added a video to a playlist Livestream: Senate hearing on Makati City Hall Building 2
OMG Totally LOL as Hetty jumps out window 3 stories into trash bin to escape *** Senate Hearing in NCIS:LA. Totally inspiring us old gals!
Computer Programmer testifies at senate hearing to election voting fraud~~
That song much more appropriate if played during $AAPL 's next meeting w/Ireland's IDA, or next Senate Hearing on taxation!
A good read. Not a race I've been hearing much about: "A comedian walks into the Senate — and there’s no punch line"
I get sick of hearing old people talk about politics when they talk about it as if they were sitting in the senate chair. Hush please
This is why I testified in Senate Committee Hearing in Ohio 17 YEARS ago to create a law protecting the rights of...
Things got heated between the secretary of state and the senator during a Senate hearing.
Republicans push for NFL hearing - GOP lawmakers are joining Dems who want to examine domestic violence in the lea...
Former Senator Pangilinan back in the Senate today for budget hearing of NFA, PCA, NIA, FPA
Pleasure to have testify @ Senate Hearing MN Teachers of the Year. Proud
Inspired by MN Teachers of the Year! Great passion & innovation in teaching at Senate Ed hearing testimony!
Whisper executives have been summoned to Capitol Hill to answer questions about how the app track
Why are we hearing about surge order for green card IDs now...2 weeks before elections? Someone doesn't want Dem Senate. Wish it were GOP.
Cornyn calls for hearing on release of criminal immigrants
After the investigation hit, Whisper has been summoned to Capitol Hill to answer questions.
. tells Senate N.S. Acadians, francophones rarely hear news, programming about their area on htt…
. ASADA DID attend another senate committee hearing 5 days earlier. . No problem. Ben McDevitt had to get to Turkey.
/Programmer testifis at senate hearing about voter mach rigging/ fla candit wntd 2win and did
So I had a dream that the VP actually attended the Senate hearing and my takeaway is why am I dreaming about these things 🙊
(2/3) said Boxer, who later in the hearing added, "Woman to woman, I'm disappointed." (In part from:
Senate to hold police militarization hearing in wake of Ferguson protests – live
I think ths link wrks, Progrmer testifys @ senate hearing/this has already startd happening n early voting
Ten privacy questions Whisper should answer for Senate committee
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Jay Rockefeller summons Whisper execs to Capital Hill to answer questions on tracking, privacy
Watch this heartbreaking video of Jordan Davis' mother Lucia McBath as she testifies at the first-ever Senate Hearing on "Stand Your Ground" Laws Held on October 29th 2013.
Macalintal — Vice President Binay has all the right no to appear on the Senate Hearing
Loved Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s show earlier during the Senate Hearing. You’ve just earned one more fan here sir.
International Cruise Victim Association Board Member, Philip M. Gerson Speaks to Congress at Senate Hearing in o...
A public hearing into out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare is taking place in Canberra today
Gambling and its proceeds having been nothing but good for Eastern Band of Cherokees Indians, chief tells US Senate.
Sheldon Whitehouse just spilled the beans on the secret Senate can drawer. Expect a full ethics hearing to follow.
Policy Officer Eleanor very much enjoying the out-of-pocket cost senate hearing today.
Senate Committee hearing today in into out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare - includes
Reminder: there's a hearing today. witnesses include iiNet, Comms Alliance, EFA & APF
MT Giving evidence to Senate Committee hearing today at 10:45 EST. We'll post link to statement at that time
Tomorrow is the day that our voices needs to heard! Our Puget Sound Steelhead hatchery's are at risk. If you fish the OP or the east side please voice your opinion on this matter. It will not be long till groups like WFC comes after your local hatchery. If you cant make it to the hearing then please email your thoughts to WDFW. Every voice must be heard loud and clear. Hear is the Hearing info: When: July 29, 2014 at 10:00 am Where: Senate Hearing Rm 1 J.A. Cherberg Building 304 15th Ave SW Olympia, WA 98501
Just include Paul Cameron for the anti *** legislation and we've got ourselves a party!
Saving for an Uncertain Future: How the ABLE Act can Help People with Disabilities and their...
EPA chief Gina McCarthy issued a strong defense of controversial proposed new curbs on carbon emissions from power plants, telling a packed Senate hearing Wednesday the agency talked to all sides in the debate before issuing its draft recommendations.
Yes! is the latest to recognize the junk science presented by our opponents at the Senate hearing:
The first Senate hearing on guns and convenes this week!
Sauk-Suiattle Chairman Norma Joseph scheduled to appear Wednesday at the Senate's Oversight Hearing on natural disasters in Indian Country.
Senate hearing was like bank robbers listening to the explanation of their mastermind why they all should keep loot. Ni…
Raymond Keating with will testify tomorrow before Senate EPW Committee. Watch here
Senate hearing focuses on safety, security issues in cruise industry: (via
RESTORE hearing Tues at 10:30 AM ET. Big discussions about Gulf recovery, we'll update post-hearing. Watch live here:
Check out our newest blog post:"WHPA Revives Debate over Abortion Restrictions at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing"
Shedding light on troubled federal programs is useful, but the ultimate goal should be to terminate them:
Junk science and junk politics go hand-in-hand. .
Senate to hold July 31 hearing on campus financial productsBallard Spahr CFPB Monitor
GAO’s David Gootnick testifies on tobacco taxes tomorrow at 10:00 am:
Chief Hicks testifies at Senate gaming hearing
US Senate Budget Committee hearing tomorrow on costs of inaction on change via
.is tracking reauth. See latest blog for the hearing on state role, solutions
U.S. Senate hearing set to press for quicker commodity bank curbs
Getting ready for his first Senate Hearing. @ Dirksen Senate Office Building
"Students play college sports for the 'love of the game' not "love of money." That's the ideal." - Jay Rockefeller at NCAA Senate Hearing
Agham's LTTE on Senate Hearing on Philex Mine Spill DENR and MGB, blind followers of Philex Yesterday's Senate public hearing on the Philex Mine Waste Spill was a response to Senator Serge Osmeña's speech last February 5, 2013. The public hearing exposed the DENR and MGB's ineptitude to take action to the Tailings Pond Breach that happened in August of 2012. Clearly, these government institutions are beholden to the Philex Mining Corporation and cannot be trusted to fight for the welfare of the communities affected by the mine tailings spill. Submitted by admin on March 20, 2013 - in Environment Mining Written Letter to the Editor March 20, 2013 In the early days of the TP3 breach, there was no effort on DENR and MGB's part to determine the real cause of breach as well as the extent of environmental damage to the ecosystems and communities living within the impact sites. They chose to buy Philex's alibi of “force majueure” that caused the TP3 to collapse. There is a remiss in their duty to conduct re ...
Are you cleaning to procrastinate? There's probably a senate hearing on C-SPAN that isn't going to report itself... Plus ca change
Silly me. Brain must still be addled from Senate hearing & rants.
HFT does not rely on maker/taker. In fact, operates in many venues and markets that do not have maker/taker. http:…
LIVE: hearing on U.S. policy in with
Popular TV doctor said he believes most products he features on his show are effective and safe,
Dr. Oz defends weight-loss advice at Senate hearing on diet scams -
Dr. Oz under fire at Senate hearing for product mentions
As Attorney General I fought big tobacco. Now, I’m taking on those who are trying to addict a new generation:
Electronic cigarette executives get schooled in Senate hearing
U.S. Senators take Blu/NJoy top execs to task over advertising/marketing of their products.
Senate Climate Hearing: Sen. Cory Booker says opponents of Obama CO2 rules are 'EVIL.'
Senate Climate Hearing: Ruckelshaus boasts of DDT ban. Why isn't Cory Booker worried about millions of black children dead…
Helped by our research, e-cigarette execs get schooled in senate hearing:
Interesting news from Appropriations Hearing. One member mentioned. US flying unmanned and "UNMANNED" ISR missions…
Dr. Oz grilled by U.S. Senate; defends weight-loss advice at hearing on diet scams - Durn! And I like Dr. Oz!
Curry on Senate hearing:"None of the witnesses invited by Democrats made much of a case for the urgency of acting now h…
Maker-taker and payment-for-order flow take priority in Senate hearing
A Failure to Communicate . The same Prof Hal Scott was at Senate Hearing yesterday:
Senate Finance Committee will discuss ways the tax code can be used to make higher education more affordable at a June 24 hearing.
Dr. Oz testifies at a Senate hearing. He doesn’t fare so well.
FYI, the senate committee hearing on college athletics still has not been rescheduled.
Eight Thumbs Down! US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works held a hearing today on "climate change".
Here's a link to the archived webcast of the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on e-cigarette advertising:
Harvard Prof Scott should have disclosed his relationship with at Senate Hearing
Health Services Nominee Questioned and Praised at Senate Hearing - New York Times Vía
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Live: Senate Hearing on Comcast-TWC Deal: Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee are grilling Comcast and Ti...
Senate Hearing on NP bill. An exciting day in FNA political action.
“NY Jobs for Heroes” Senate Hearing just started. You can watch live here:
He invented the internet, but tried to kill rock and roll Part 3 - Dee Snider PMRC Senate Hearing:
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ( Senate Hearing on Rice Smuggling ) Funny thing is that, The Senators looks starstruck by Davao City Mayor Duterte. Makita ...
Differ on - Executives Share Views on Security at Senate Hearing -
Opening Statement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte during the Senate Hearing on Rice Smuggling February 3, 2014 Whenever a request for my assistance is made by someone who I believe is motivated solely by the desire to advance the interests of the government and the people, never will I say no. For I consider it my duty and obligation as a government employee, to cooperate and work closely with the agencies of government within the limits of my capacity and authority and do what the situation calls for, conscious of the fact that at the end of the day, I and I alone, am responsible for the consequences of my deed. Someone once said, “I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm”. That has always been my norm of conduct in my more than 20 years of public service and I intend to keep it that way. On December 17, 2013, I was informed that BIR Commissioner Kim Henares was asking for my help in addressing the problem of rice smuggling which she said bedevils the port operations in Davao City. You and I kn ...
Snowden Leaks Assailed in Senate Hearing on National Security Wall Street Journal (01/29/14) Gorman, Siobhan In his Senate testimony on Jan. 29, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden had made America "less safe" by leaking information on the NSA's surveillance programs. He also called for the return of the leaked documents. According to Clapper, terrorists are "going to school" on those documents, which he said were stolen in "the most damaging theft of intelligence information" in the nation's history. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) responded to Clapper's testimony, saying that the intelligence community had misled the public for "years" about the nature of its surveillance activities. He additionally pushed Clapper and other intelligence officials to set deadlines for answers on whether Americans' communications had been searched without a warrant. Sen. Wyden's attack on Clapper was not unexpected, as Clapper told Wyden at a he ...
Seriously? the Senate Hearing on Al Qaeda etc is not on Cspan... but Flood Insurance and FCC crap is? proof Liberals are running that show.
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