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Senate Dems are using obstructionist tactics to delay confirmation of nominees. Tell
If the Senate Dems can't support Kate's Law, why are they even there? Let them face the parents face to face and explain why! Good luck!
Senate Dems & I are calling for a decrease in taxpayer funding for Trump’s deportation force, which is disastrous. . https…
Starting tonight, Senate Dems intend to stymie "business as usual," objecting to secret GOP health care talks
Senate Dems introduce bill to block GOP from holding ObamaCare repeal vote without a hearing first htt…
Senate Dems enter new territory on Russia probes with push to grill Sessions, Trump via
Senate Dems on Armed Svcs questioning Air Force officials on widespread PFC ground pollution at US bases.
Insane what's the average age of the House of reps and Senate Dems near 72- 76 average ag…
Joy, urge Senate Dems to have their own fix-it bill ready to go to floor. There is no excuse for their not hav…
Senate Dems to FCC chair: Repealing net neutrality will lead to public uproar
With Obamacare troubles, should Senate Dems work with GOP? - on
You mean like Senate Dems are regretting Reid precidents TODAY. What happened today is 100% result of…
Skip to 2005, Bush nominates Roberts to be Chief Justice. Senate confirms him 78-22 – half of Senate Dems voting for him. 4/
In other news:. Senate Dems are taking measures to insure RBG has an indefinite life su…
Senate Dems don't give a rip about our country. They stop at nothing to destroy it!
Conservative group launches ad blitz pressuring Senate Dems to back Neil Gorsuch - PBS NewsHour
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Senate Dems are calling on Judge Gorsuch to help find out the secret backers who donated $17MIL to support his nomination…
.calls out Senate Dems for calling to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch: "He deserves a fair up o…
Senate Dems would rather have a Supreme Court Justice who makes Law up than follow the Constitution. http…
Senate Dems announce they'll vote to confirm Gorsuch but will do it in a sarcastic voice while making the "jack off" han…
Demonic Democrats are in hiding👉Senate Dems are REFUSING To Hold Meetings due to fear of UNPOPULARITY .
Just shows the system is unjust. Senate Dems had 23 Million more votes than Senate Rs. HRC 2.9M more than 45.
Unfortunately, the Senate Dems are gummin up the works. I have been watching the hearings. Such venom!
Senate Dems demand hearing on Russian attempts to attack election infrastructure
Everything you need to know about why the Senate Dems are going to the mat against Betsy DeVos is right here
Senate Dems thinking about backing off filibuster of Trump's Supreme Court pick. Here's why
I hope when the Senate votes you remember which Dems were cowed, your voice will matter so much in the primaries next year!
Between this & blatant lying to Senate by Mnuchin, who in their right mind can blame Dems for trying to slow proces…
Senate Dems give SHOCKING reason for blocking Trump nominee!
Bluntly,if Dems won every *** seat in the House & had 65 Senate seats, they wouldn't impeach either!Still run scared
Will Dems demand Bannon submit to confirmation?
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Blame for the change in the senate rules starts and ends with one person, Dirty Harry Reid and Dems said they'd nuke SC filibuster.
Unprecedented opposition all over the place from Senate Dems. They always escalate. Burn them with their own tactics. https…
1. You can’t count on the WH imploding. 2. You can’t count on the GOP reining Trump in. 3. You can’t count on Senate Dems. 4. You…
BREAKING: Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycott the committee votes... by via
Your protests this weekend were pivotal for a lot of reasons, but one of them: Senate Dems fully realized where their base i…
Democrats on Senate Finance Committee boycott votes on Treasury and Health & Human Services nominees. h…
Finally, Dems are showing some spine by boycotting Trump cabinet nominees.
Senate committee approves DeVos nomination Dems in the Senate, you know what to do!
JUST IN: DeVos senate committee confirmation heading for recount after Dems object. via
Senate Dems thinking about backing off filibuster of Trump’s Supreme Court pick — here’s why
.on why Senate Dems boycotting Price and Mnuchin committee votes.
Dems just blocked a vote on Mnuchin because he lied to the Senate on robo-signing. Evidence: https…
They didn't this time. All 10 Dems voted nay. It goes to the full Senate now.
Cotton also brought up Sen. Finance Dems boycotting. Pointed to Senate Sergeant at Arms and said he may be needed to br…
Senate Dems now trying to invalidate DeVos committee vote based on Hatch vote by proxy ... gambit would delay DeVos commit…
"Senate Dems deployed a dramatic eleventh-hour maneuver to deny committee votes to two of Trump’s Cabinet picks."
Now question moves to whether Senate Dems can shave off GOP votes on floor. sez DeVos can't "count o…
The scene at finance committee vote where Senate Dems are boycotting the vote, demanding more information.
The way Senate Dems are holding up the Trump Cabinet is disgraceful. They are preventing the country from having a func…
BREAKING: Dems boycott Senate Finance meeting for nominations of Price for HHS and Mnuchin for Treasury (photo by
Senate Dems r boycotting votes for Mnuchin & Price until they clear up lies they told during hearings. Vote can't take…
Dems boycott confirmation votes for Trump nominees
"Senate Finance Committee" laughable watching the Dems walk out like children & obstructing the nomination of Cabinet.…
if you think Dems should stop playing games & confirm as Attorney General.
Promise to block & obstruct before they meet & hear him/her. Senate Dems to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ht…
Senate Dems boycott the confirmation votes of 2 Trump nominees today. GOP doesn’t have quorum to move forward
Dems boycott confirmation votes for Trump's Treasury and Health nominees
I wonder if Senate Dems who oppose Yates firing will be voting against Jeff Sessions to replace her.
Senate Dems need to look at this order and think about whether they want to bless Jeff Sessions enforcing civil rights la…
.thinks Senate Dems vetting Trump's nominees is "reprehensible"
Eye on Boise: House, Senate Dems react to State of State message, plan inspector general legislation…
House Dems who objected today to electoral college results are on the right side of history. Senate Dems must do better. Our st…
Senate Dems place one attorney on Judiciary Committee. Sen. Paul Doyle will be Senate co-chair joined by Sen. Gary Winfield as vice chair.
LOL at the visual of Senate Dems as "damsels in distress" tied to train tracks. And the...
Senate Dems. speaking out against HB17. The debate continues
Senate Dems shamed for nearly all-white top staffers. Only Black Chief of Staff in Senate works 4 GOP Sen. Tim Scott ht…
Crazy thought:. What if the Senate Dems could get, say, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins to caucus with them?
Sheila Simon adds $51K including $21K of inkind mail from the Senate Dems in her open seat race against Paul Schimpf
Senate Dems transfer $87K to Sheila Simon, plus she has another $30K in in-kind mail.
Here's Clinton aides planning hit on Bernie Sanders for *gasp* raising money for Senate Dems
Chuck Schumer transferred millions to Senate Dems to help them take over! I interview his rival on http…
Speaker Ryan says Senate Dems should be ashamed for blocking Zika bill. Will likely be part of stopgap spending measure needed by Oct 1.
Senate Dems again blocked $1.1bn to tackle Zika, due to its targeting Planned Parenthood, allowing Confederate flag at veterans’ cemeteries
The Clinton camp is counting Maine's Angus King as a GOP supporter ... he was GOP, but has caucused w Senate Dems since elected
.Yes! President Obama supported single payer & it was Senate Dems like Max Baucus & Mary Landrieu who prevented it.
Senate Dems & call on GOP majority to convene Hoosick Falls hearing.
One down 10 to go. Dems take back the senate
Are these the same Senate Dems who abide by Obama and Hillary even at the expense of lies and betrayal to USA?
Good news Tuesday... Dems in chaos as they face sliding polls over economy and . https:…
Sen Bernie Sanders complete with Secret Sevice detail, walks mistakenly into the Senate GOP Conf lunch rather than Dems. R…
Lee Bright loss in the Senate due to open primaries, dems supporting his opponent, bragging on social media.
SENATE DEMS BLOCK ZIKA BILL: Democrats blocked a deal to fight the Zika virus Why prevents funds going to Planned Parenthood
Hey, blocked Zika funds because other pork projects were not funded? What about the children, Chief?
to many Dems in Senate. It could prevent other needless deaths, i hope to stop HRC, who. is eyeing
Congress at its worst: GOP loads Zika bill w/ riders about guns, abortion & *** rights, and Dems refuse to pass it.
call a re deal. What if Rubio wins Senate seat, and Dems did a revote so he might not win second time. Ur in the heat of2/
Like gun control when dems held the house and senate?.
He has voted & caucused with the Dems 98% in the Senate. He expected a fair, unbiased DNC, & honest primary. He got none.
Before the GOP wrings its hands completely off, remember in the election of 1984 Reagan won 49 states, yet Dems went +2 in t…
Hey do you really think Dems arent paying attention Pack your bags because in Nov we are taking back the Senate
DEMs BLOCKED IT! You think the US people are dumb enough to believe your bold face lie? You must, you somehow got to the senate
Love my senator! And I'm truly hoping she stays in the Senate for awhile - tired of giving up MA Dems to the country.
Dems will block any bills sent to senate except open borders.Time for government by the people & for the people
The GOP was going to do something smart and proactive for once & the Dems stopped it.
Senate Dems are letting politics hinder the safety of Americans threatened by supporting
Kankakee schools would see increased state funding under Senate Dems plan: Hutchinson
Zika vaccines prove 100 percent protective in mice - Senate Dems block GOP's Zika funding bill - FDA approves first pill to treat all forms…
Puerto Rican Gov Padilla met with nine Senate Ds today -- clear the reluctance is with Dems on this bill
Senate Dems blocking veterans & funding today shows they continue to put politics above meaningful action
The polls are skewed Dem. because there are more Dems than Rep?. then why is the Senate, House, Govs and s…
Dems-GOP squabble stalls Zika funding: Efforts to combat the Zika virus stalled in the Senate Tuesday when…
How did it hold no chance of passing when Dems held Senate, House and Prez?
Q: Why is it bad when the Dems control the House, Senate, Supreme Court, & the WH?. A: Because they only have themselves to blame
Can Dems win the gun debate? It would require a Hillary Clinton-led Democratic wave carrying the House and Senate.
Senate Democrats just blocked a critical measure to fund the fight against the Zika virus
Senate Dems block a Zika funding package, blaming "poison pills" attached to it
My statement on Dems blocking treatments for
Senate Dems are right: Public Health emergencies are not the place to inject harmful partisan policies
Aurora Sentinel - Ryden, Fields still campaigning for Dems’ nod for state Senate
Last week, the House approved funding for & to stop Today, Senate Dems blocked these resources.
This is ridiculous. Senate Dems just blocked resources to help & stop
Senate Dems plan to introduce school funding, stopgap bills Chicago Public Schools would get a total of $286 milli…
-- House Dems unafraid to sit-in on guns for 25 hours?? Would've been unheard of 4,8,10 years ago. -- Senate Dems holding 1…
-- Senate Dems holding 15/h filibuster and winning votes that put lawmakers in bad spot. -- Hillary hitting entir…
Just hit 9 hours on Senate Dems' filibuster. Still going.
Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan is 26th Democrat to join Chris Murphy & Senate Dems in filibuster.
Senate Dems seek action from Education Dept. for trans students - Washington Blade
While all my PA Dems are out voting for please also cast your vote for Senate hopeful
VdN? Come on this would be like Dems going with Sestak again in PA Senate race. Known loser.
Senate races turn Tuesday in political minefield for Dems
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Just a reminder to my fellow Dems. Let's get a Dem president again, but take the time to vote on your local and Senate positions.
let's hope we don't see how he fares in senate if he causes Dems to lose the White House. Not surprised-Bernie is about himself
Unfortunate and unfair that wasn't invited to the tonight! https…
A do nothing GOP House is reason why She is working now for us 2put Dems in control of House &Senate
Spending tons on a losing campaign, when it could be used to help down ticket DEMS, . Helping DEMS win the Senate is important for America
This is why DEMS & like minded must vote DEM regardless on Nov for President & Senate & by extension, the Supreme Court.
Grow House DEM change Senate to DEM with and her down-ballot fundraising for DEMS
Sanders would not get anything without support from congress yet he's not helping down ticket DEMS, we need to take back the Senate. .
Next President raises big funds for Dems down ballot so even more results can be achieved with DEM Senate
I've focused on how Dems have failed to capitalize down ballot, but this is complete malpractice from the NRSC
How Tuesday's Senate races are a political minefield for Dems via
Ah yes I remember how the ACA would've been a single payer primer but senate Dems shot it down. Rahm flat out said it won't pass
Bernie's going to be very lonely in the Senate. Dems don't like Dems that don't support other Dems.
good chance Dems will take back senate. And if they don't I would rather have her than Trump. Country can't handle Scalia 2.0
. But Cruz said Obama and Senate dems. wsnted it dead. Should I believe you or Ted?
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Didn't realize there was a senate debate... TV Senate debate offers rarity: Dems, Repubs on same stage
Senate Dems call for powdered caffeine ban.. Related Articles:
Bill Clinton: Dems win back Senate with Hillary as nominee
How Tuesday’s Senate races are a political minefield for Democrats. (photo: Barria/Reuters)
great show yesterday. Question, why did JC donate funds to help senate dems campaigns in 2014, seems odd to me as he is a repub
While here ran into WV Young Dems (this is Kristen Ross running for WV StateHouse). Total of TWO women in WV Senate!
IMO Dems lost majorities in Senate and House bc of their lukewarm to non-existent support of Obama's policies throughout h…
HRC knows she can't get her agenda done without Dems in the Senate. She is down for the down ballot!
Thread here now describing what happened in Ca w/state w/Dems in state senate in 2012. Via blog posts 2
.endorses MJF! >> "For Dems looking for a change in the U.S. Senate, John Fetterman is their best choice" http…
please help unify the party! We need a revolution that starts with Dems taking back the House and Senate! https:…
Have to wonder what Sanders standing is going to be in the Senate after this is done. Alienating establishment Dems could h…
Good that the Senate Dems pushed for funding today -- but it shouldn't be a partisan issue.
I don't know if Senate Dems are filibustering Planned Parenthood bill, but if they are all the FFA introductions are providing an assist.
SCOOP from Senate Dems want the Labor Dept to audit Restaurant Associates over wage practices
On Harry Reid says unlike GOP, Senate Dems never held up a SCOTUS nomination
Hollywood doles out dollars for Senate Dems: Democrats seeking to unseat Sens. Rob Portman and Roy Blunt are a...
Yeah, I don't think so. 82 House Dems and 29 Senate Dems voted for W's *** Iraq War Resolution. How many R's voted for ACA?
Former Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, Grassley's Dem challenger, will be joining Senate Dems for their weekly lunch today
Heh — New Jersey state Senate Dems will not give any hearing to state Supreme Court nominee from Christie.
Senate Dems in 2013 changed chamber’s filibuster rules but didn't include the SC. That means 41 senators can block a nomination.
Senate Dems urge governor to let job bills move forward: Democrats in the New Mexico Senate are calling on Gov...
Senate Dems pledge debate on gun violence research
Senate Dems unveil college affordability package: “One-half of all the students in our country that go to coll...
Senate Dems make college costs a top priority: Susan Ferrechio Senate Democrats on Thursday called on the…
Senate Dems make college costs a top priority
THR: Senate Dems make college costs a top priority (WASHEX)
Senate Dems make college costs a top priority via
.kicks off Senate Dems presser on college affordability agenda
Senate Dems talking college affordability. Livestream at
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Senate Dems may try to pin GOP with immigration votes
I remember when former Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Repub, tried to work with Senate Dems on gun control.
Cruz fights Senate Dems on illegal immigration - Washington Examiner
What have the Senate Dems been smoking, drinking or otherwise ingesting? They are definitely out of touch with reality
and Dems don't care Israel is being constantly bombed
Ted stands out becoz we've witnessed him walking the walk, standing up to the Dems & his own party on the Senate floor
Really Brit? A little hard to win ANYTHING when RINO-controlled Senate caves in to Dems demands.
Senate Dems unveil measure to close gun background check loophole. NRA is not impressed
.DEMs wanted 2 keep Immig as an issue,the Senate wouldn't have passed it. GOP's r culprits!
Right?It's better to concede EVERYTHING to Dems.Nothing feels better than winning the House/Senate but STILL losing!
Yes, his response was excellent - no dems criticized for missing Senate appearances over campaigning.
When is he going back to work in the Senate?
Dems roll out bill to close infamous gun sale 'loophole'
Senate Dems block anti-sanctuary city bill - Fox News. They just want the votes
Dems roll out bill to close gun sale ‘loophole’ - (via
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Irony: The blame the for 'Government' when we've been under a Republican Congress and Senate who MAKE LAWS
PBO and the Dems are the only ones who thought of th ppl & if they had th congress & senate they would have done much better
Apparently you have no idea what I meant. The Dems controlled the House and Senate 06-08. Makes them in control, genius...
nothin is goin 2 change even w/ a new speaker as if this pres,dems n the house/senate r worried.NOPE!
No - they just control the House. The Senate is part of Congress also and that belongs to the Dems. And Obama has to sign bills
the Dems suffered devastating losses in '14 midterm they lost the Senate majority, lost seats in House & governorships.
Senate Dems block anti-sanctuary city bill. This is what happens when you don't pay attention when you vote!
Marco Rubio on his absence from Senate: hey, those Dems were delinquent too!
Reagan raised taxes 11 times...please gop candidates, STFU...oh and the Senate was led by the GOP 6 of his 8 years so it wasn't the Dems
CNBC pre-game announcers act like the Dems don't even get to vote in the House or Senate.
The idea that Marco should resign from the Senate is the perfect example of the double standard between Dems and GOP
Dems roll out bill to close gun sale 'loophole'
Need the WH to do that. Obama and the Dems won't allow budget negotiations. They had super majority in the Senate
Senate Dems, look Kate's family in the eye, tell them why you won't pass this law. . https…
Take note of the ONLY Republican who voted with Senate Dems to block sanctuary cities bill | BizPac Review
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Senate Dems block bill to punish "sanctuary cities" – Just one Republican voted with them, another didn't vote:
Senate Dems: "not surprising that the Republican Conference that brought us Dean Skelos and Tom Libous would accept this money from Bruno."
We agree - read the new plan put out today by the Senate Dems. Call your Nevada Representative & tell them to ACT!
Senate Dems ask Ohio Dept of not to give any of $71 million grant to E-schools:.
Senate Dems block GOP measure to kill Iran deal Return to yesterday..The Roman Senate, corrupt, immoral and deceitful
Senate Dems block Iran disapproval resolution in major victory for Obama:
Obama & Senate Dems have said to Amir Hekmati, Jason Reznian, Saeed Abedini and Robert Levinson that their lives truly do not matter!
General Funds spending obligations estimated by Senate Dems at $34.4B in FY16, unobligated spending at $4.2B
Senate Dems get 34th vote to hand Obama victory on Iran deal: Sen. Barbara Mikulski o...
Reid: It "seems pretty clear," that Senate Dems have the votes to sustain Obama's veto of motion to block Iran deal.
Senate Dems urge Mitch McConnell to start budget talks to avoid 'manufactured ... - Washington Times
Va GOP chairman has some fun with Senate Dems minority leader over judges fight.
At same time, not be surprised if Senate Dems took Schumer voting record into account when deciding next Dem Lea…
Senate Dems just blocked a Republican bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Why do they want to defund it? These videos
Senate Dems block Repub Bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Dems support the selling of baby parts for profit. That's…
None of the 13 Senate Dems who voted for fast track should ever receive a dime of union money again.
As conference cmte meets today, a vibe among some insiders that Asm, Senate Dems differ on revenue estimates, poss delay to deal.
Senate Dems agree to GOP plan to fund Homeland Security Your turn GOP ?
Senate Dems float alternative to relief bill
No question Senate Dems are offering a scaled-backed banking bill - it's 201 pages shorter than the GOP proposal.
Senate Dems sink TPP. Read why, by Richard Trumka via
Senate Dems call on AG Lynch to investigate Corinthian College+other s
As debate looms, Senate Dems embrace right-to-talk — and $3 billion for Medicaid is caught in middle.
THIS is why education should NOT be privatized! Senate Dems call for DOJ probe of Corinthian College | TheHill
Sen. Scott Wagner tells Senate Dems "Get ready because we're coming into your tree house!"
Finally!. House, Senate Dems call on lawmakers to ban via
White House to Senate Dems: If you oppose us on this terrible Iran deal, the GOP wins - Hot Air
Lefty hero took "start up" $ by Senate Dems to launch his nat'l radio show! So who's "bought off"?.
House Dems break from Senate Dems in passing bipartisan sex trafficking bill. Pelosi: no rift on "doc fix"
Senate Dems vow to restore funding for veterans’ funerals: (via featured in NBC s Science of Love
A vague and unwritten Iran framework likely won't be enough for many Senate Dems
.McConnell has delayed the vote to until Dems give in!
Senate Dems threaten to oppose deal on Medicare doc fees via the Android app
.McConnell delays vote 2 until Dems give in!
.McConnell delays vote 2 until Dems give in
He should't have any. Someone had to speak up and the dems were silent!
.McConnell delays vote 2 until Dems give what he wants
.McConnell delays vote 2 until Dems give him what he wants
Senate Dems block move to negotiate Homeland Security bill with House via
Senate Dems on Monday night blocked a Republican request to negotiate a DHS spending bill with the House.
Senate Dems block negotiations on Homeland bill: Senate Democrats have blocked a Republican move...
Senate Dems block attempt to reconcile DHS funding bill with House. Why do want another 9/11? (Channeling my inner Democrat)
Even with policy conditions they don't like, Pierce County's Senate Dems-& Conway- plan to vote for tax bill.
NYS Senate Dems to honor Pedro Martinez. Supporters of elder abuse?
Big win for rule of law: federal judge halts executive amnesty. Now time for Senate Dems to stop blocking DHS bill:
McConnell since Senate Dems are spineless why not make Senate votes a simple majority. Then vote on HLS bill.
Inquire of Senate Dems eager to protect the president from vetoing bill. Then consult Justice Jackson in Steel Seizure cases
The Hill: "Boehner: Senate Dems should 'get off their *** on Homeland Security bill"
Senate Dems stick to deadline for Iran deal via
Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton, Senate Dems are responding to the g...
. ➢ Keep immigration riders off DHS bill, all Senate Dems say via
Senate Dems are accusing Mitch McConnell of breaking his promise for an "open amendment process" on
wonder what Robert Byrd said about Senate Dems for 51 years?
Senate Dems: Don't politicize Congressional Budget Office /wow, that takes some nerve. And mountains of hypocrisy.
don't forget the Grand Wizard, Sen. Byrd of West virginia, leader of the Senate Dems until he died in 2000
Spike Lee's Get On The Cromnibus 2. Reid (Biden) tries to get the Senate Dems (Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton) on the Cromnibus (still a bus.)
Part of CIA torture was to feed detainees hot or cold food. We torture ourselves every day then? Sour grapes, Senate Dems?
BRAVO ZULU with on Senate Dems shameful effort to send CIA and the US I.C. to the bilges.
Sorry Jon, but gov gridlock last six years caused by Senate Dems who refused 2 allow voting on 390 bills passed by US House!
Senate Dems press Obama for strong global climate treaty via
Flashback to April '14 - & I report Senate Dems fear Obama caves to Rs if they win the majority
Senate Dems stand by Reid - The Nevada senator is seen as Democrats' best hope to counter the GOP agenda in 2015.
Indie Senator, caucuses with the Senate Dems, but endorsed Repub Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) re-elect...
Politico's Manu Raju joins Morning Joe to discuss why the president's standing with women will hurt Senate Dems. Tina Brown also joins the conversation.
'Unacceptable' to detain women and children at border, say Senate Dems: Senate Democratic leaders are challeng...
Senate Dems plan vote amending the First Amendment to curtail criticism - Hot Air
.An Ernst victory in Iowa would leave no margin for error for Senate Dems, forcing them to win NC, CO & LA. - Staff
House Republicans are focused on stifling min wages. What are President Obama & Senate Dems focused on?”
GOP set to again block Senate Dems on women's pay - Bradenton Herald
Reid & Senate Dems are a tumor on the butt of society. We can't have them removed because the good cancer hospitals aren't in network.
Even Susan Collins? Isn't she the "moderate" Senate Dems are helping to protect this cycle? Kochs own her too? Tell Liz Warren
Harry Reid and Senate Dems refuse to let GOP bring amendments to Senate Bills.
So House blocks immigration reform bill and you blame the President and Senate Dems who actually passed bill. I see…
Hey Bob.. Congress is made up of House and Senate. House controlled by Rep and Senate by Dems. Typical Lib
New NRSC ad focuses on fundraising, find that ‘Obama and Senate Dems are prioritizing their pocketbooks over yours’
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WAIT! Like 0bama, are you saying Dems will keep the Senate LMAO!.
WATCH: & Dems prioritize fundraising over policy making & their pocketbooks over yours.
Former head of CIA CT accuses Senate Dems of "lies & obfuscation" |
Yep Nov 2014 is my focus! DEMs Gotta give BO a DEM majority in Cong & keep Senate!
With clear shot at FirstFemale after FirstBlack, Dems unlikely to nominate WhiteGuy. Meanwhile, they NEED help in Senate.
Really? The Dude in the Senate? Cool! Petition aims at getting Dems to pick Mont resident Bridges to run via
Senate passes redistricting fix 25-12 with Dems Gibson and Montford defecting in support of Cong. Corrine Brown
If being elitist, arrogant & extremely LIBERAL makes someone a good candidate for Senate, then Dems hit the jackpot with
As does the Senate,need dems to hold and try to take the house.
Daines for Montana. Dems in disarray after plagiarizer Sen. John Walsh leaves Senate race
Fmr. head of CIA counter-terror calls out Senate Dems for intel report's "lies and obfuscation"
Blue State Republicans Hit Dems on Immigration: Two GOP Senate candidates in blue states are running new TV ad...
The Dems meet Sat to pick their replacement candidate for US Senate. No news for folks paying attention.
Red State Democrats Running from Their Gun Control Votes: Red state Democrats who voted for the failed Senate ...
Will those Red State Dems in the Senate vote to support Obama's executive amnesty or will they stand with American workers?
Obama and Senate Dems fundraising today on Martha’s Vineyard. PRIORITIES:
Do you remember who was in charge of Senate and house during both Bush's term?? Oh yeah Dems who backed him all the way
So after 6 yrs of Dems controlling the Senate & WH, Hillary says she’s essential to restoring faith in the Govt!
Dems say Republicans don’t offer solutions. Republican House has offered up over 500 bills to work with Senate..Reid f…
" Hawaii governor, Senate primaries preview political turmoil for Dems "
I'm sure he is totally impartial with absolutely no axe to grind. Ex-CIA Boss Slams Dems' 'Intestinal Fortitude' -
Harry Reid, the bane of Senate Dems via post: The democratic cowboys in the Senate are BLOCK by Reid!
House GOP wants to change policy on border bill. We do, too: CIR. Look forward to Senate Dems demanding CIR in conference.
.House Republicans are up in arms over DC gun control and pressuring 2014 Senate Dems to vote against defundin…
Senate Dems including PA Sen Bob Casey (Catholic) failed to overturn Hobby Lobby decision today. Respite from their
Senate Dems pushing “the most radical pro-abortion bill ever considered by Congress”
Conservatives, please get on and write on bills...WA VERY busy this week. New bill by Senate Dems women's health!
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