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Senate Democrats

The Senate Democratic Caucus (or Conference) is the formal organization of the current 51 Democratic Senators in the United States Senate.

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JUST IN: Senate Democrats have 41 votes necessary to block cloture vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
Please sign the petition: DSCC pledge to de-fund Senate Democrats who help to confirm Neil Gorsuch:
WaPo: Bernie Sanders saying Senate Democrats are not filibustering Gorsuch is pretty much a lie
Here's what happens if Senate Democrats successfully filibuster over Neil Gorsuch
Senate Democrats, and vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch for
Elizabeth Warren "does not play well in Montana and West Virginia," says calling her "dictator of the Senate Democrats"
Dems still have a card to play to stop GOPcare: Cripple the bill on procedural grounds.
Senate Democrats continue to try and set Judge Gorsuch up for failure in answering questions and he isn't taking any of…
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Judge Neil Gorsuch about torture and presidential power.
Democrats crank up the heat on Gorsuch at marathon hearing via for iOS
If only the GOP House had passed an ObamaCare repeal bill & let the democrats obstruct it in the Senate. Would be a much better position.
Crucial to AHCA vote: Dems hope to get Sen parliamentarian to strike out the provisions used to win over hard-right.
Presumption should be Gorsuch doesn't deserve confirmation, the process that led to his nomination was illegitimate
Senate Democrats vastly outspent by right in Gorsuch fight
I know you don't know how this all works, but...the republicans control the senate...not the democrats.…
GOP leaders threaten to use the "nuclear option" if Democrats decide to filibuster Neil Gorsuch's nomination
Hamilton Collection
Senate Dems would rather have a Supreme Court Justice who makes Law up than follow the Constitution. http…
Keep calling! It's working and has never been more important: How Dems could bring down Obamacare repeal
Senate Democrats have scores of legitimate political fights in front of them. Judge Gorsuch is not one. . He should be confirmed.
Sen. Franken's questioning of Gorsuch was the high-water mark for Democrats at today's Senate confirmation hearing. https:…
Gorsuch promises he would be independent on Supreme Court, including from Presid...
Sensible rule = no SCOTUS pick for POTUS under FBI investigation for treason: by via
"The process that led to this nomination is illegitimate"
Bret Baier: Trump may have leverage over Senate Democrats
EXPOSED: 30 Senate Democrats secretly met with Russian diplomats to help Obama's Iran deal, Claire McCaskill was one of them.…
California's Senate Democrats messed up. They created a new Republican star in the process: State Senate leader……
See America. Democrats R acting like a bunch of O'Possums! . Backed them in a corne…
How did Democrats miss this during confirmation hearings? Sessions was meeting with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office.
Senate Democrats' request on Trump's tax returns rejected -
Democrats in the Senate must approve of Trump's plan of rebuilding infrastructure in the US. It's the only good thing Trump has going on...
Senate Democrats are pushing to get Trump's tax returns
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We would like to see senate democrats disclose their conflicts and move to Obamacare from their special plan. Live like we do
Trump power-points to Senate Democrats telling them to GET TO WORK!
Democrats, Republicans in Washington put different spins on 32nd Senate District special election win…
Democrats got highest vote % they've ever received in CT's most GOP state Senate district Please RT
It is time for Senate & House Democrats to deny unanimous consent until an independent commission is created & we get 45's taxes.
My newest theory involves the in methodically getting every Trump pick on tape committing…
MT Senate Democrats obstruct Trump nominee out of reflexive opposition.
Senate democrats should seek a clue
And afterwards, she led the Senate Democrats in the tomahawk chop, but Pruitt still hit a homer.
Robert Byrd was elected multiple times as their leader by Senate Democrats until he died in 2010--& both Bill Clinton & O…
Senate Democrats are pulling out all the stops to block Trump's outlandish cabinet picks. They debated all night...
Senate Democrats just made a stunning move to delay votes on Trump's Cabinet nominees
The *only* name Senate Democrats should accept as Trump's Supreme Court pick is Merrick Garland - PERIOD.
Democrats in House and Senate, remember who you are dealing with. Quid pro quo is something will understand
Via Senate Democrats Block Committee Votes On 2 Trump Nominees Tell me again who is the
Senate Democrats vow to review Betsy DeVos plagiarism allegations before full vote
WH Press Sec is exasperated at Senate Democrats, whose tactics he calls 'outrageous' ht…
Senate Democrats, citing lies, block two confirmation votes for Trump nominees by
Democrats: We won't vote on your nominees. GOP: Ok. Senate is now in recess. Trump: Recess appointment.
DeVos has been voted out of committee for a full Senate Vote. All 11 Democrats on the committee voted NO.
Democrats take the fight over Trump's Muslim ban to the Supreme Court, House and Senate floors
The extraordinary and abrupt postponement came as congressional Democrats also used lengthy speeches at a meeting...
Dem planning to chicken out of Supreme Court filibuster. . FEAR OF TRUMP REPRISALS GETS SENATE DEMS IN LINE..
Elaine Chao confirmed as transportation secretary, with some top Democrats balking
Look at these sore losers, abandoning their posts! Muslims, all of them! via
4 Democrats on Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources voted to proceed on Trump's Interior nominee. Anyone know who?
.called out Senate Democrats for appearing to slow the confirmation process of Cabinet nominees.
Senate Democrats boycott votes on two Trump nominees
Trump’s Transportation secretary pick Elaine Chao confirmed in Senate, with some top Democrats balking
Democrats boycott confirmation hearings for Price and Mnuchin, blocking votes
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Chao confirmed as secretary of transportation
Senate Democrats want government chaos. They want Obama holdovers wreaking havoc. What you saw happen with the Acting AG was…
perhaps thats true. but in 2013, Republicans boycotted Gina McCarthy's vote too
BREAKING: Senate Democrats to boycott votes for Trump's Treasury and Health & Human Svcs secretaries; 1 Dem required for votes…
Orrin Hatch has apparently had enough of Senate Democrats trying to undermine the new Trump administration...
Elaine Chao confirmed as transportation secretary, 93 to 6.
Senate Democrats boycott votes on Trump’s Health and Treasury nominees
.Thank you. Senate Democrats boycott committee votes on two top Trump nominees.
Senate Democrats are being led on a Suicide Mission by Blocking Picks & will be Defeated in 2018. htt…
."The only response from Senate Democrats so far is to try to stall the core functions of our government." http…
EVEN BEFORE A NOMINEE HAS BEEN NAMED: Why the GOP has to learn to play hardball with these guys
Right on cue, here they come with the voter suppression strategy. Let's get loud about this. https…
Sabato: 2018 looks like a looming disaster for Senate Democrats .
Dems boycott inaug, won't meet w POTUS, now filibuster Supreme CT nom? JUST QUIT! Why the *** are we paying YOU?. https:/…
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) said he will filibuster any pick that is not Merrick Garland
2018 is coming. Senate Democrats in states Trump won are going to be voted out.
Senate Democrats call for probe of Drumpf officials' failure to obey court orders via
Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it. - The Washington Post
Betsy DeVos nomination stirs more controversy with Senate Democrats
While House and Senate Republicans are in Philadelphia with the media, Senate Democrats have quietly headed off to West Virginia.
Hey Democrats in Senate! Did you see the mills that marched this 1/21? We want U to fight Trump's cabinet. If you don't, we'r…
Spicer said "Senate Democrats are holding up" Trump's nominees. Um, they can't filibuster. GOP could confirm nominees with…
Senate Democrats have dug in their heels to stall confirmation proceedings for President Trump’s Cabinet nominees. https:/…
Senate Democrats have kept their promise to delay confirmation of Trump's nominees.
I contributed to to help Democrats fight Donald Trump's dangerous agenda and take back the Senate. Join me >>
In the last 4 yrs Conservatives have. WON the HOUSE. WON the SENATE. WON the Presidency. WON the Court. Democrats have Rioted!.
Democrats expected to delay vote on Sessions' attorney general nomination
Senate Democrats propose $1 trillion infrastructure plan that they say would create an estimated 15 million jobs.
I'm feeling as if Senate Democrats are unclear on this whole "resistance" thing.
The 14 who voted to confirm sympathizer Mike Pompeo to lead the They must be primaried…
This crop of Senate Democrats have no heart. Really miss the leadership of Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and Barb Mikulski.
Democrats block vote on Sessions nomination for AG
14 Senate Democrats fall in line behind far-right Trump CIA pick who left door open to torture
Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich have been better at the resistance than actual Senate Democrats.
If I were the Democrats, I would focus on flipping the House, even if it means losing Senate seats. . You only need a majority to impeach.
We have National Parks with more moral courage than Senate Democrats.
Senate Democrats try to split Donald Trump and Hill GOP over infrastructure
Senate Democrats want a second chance to grill Betsy DeVos via
Liberal Obama weirdos crashing Deploaball.. We can NEVER let the democrats occupy the White House, Senate, House ag…
Mike Gronstal led the Senate Democrats for the last 20 years. His e-mail to State Central Committee: 8/
All Democrats on Senate Judiciary Committee ask Sessions to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian interference in…
Senate Democrats want Jeff Sessions to recuse himself as attorney general on Russian hacking investigation
Senate Democrats' vow delays on votes for Trump's Cabinet - The Washington Times
Wish had realized this well in time that he had to keep one of the three with the Democrats! Senate was the…
In 2005 GOP was riding high w/ POTUS, Senate, and House - 5 years later Democrats had full control.
Hey progs, you can fight as Ed Sec, but you can't stop
The Senate Democrats sure ate their Wheaties today before DeVos hearing. Very skilled questioning.
.thinks Senate Dems vetting Trump's nominees is "reprehensible"
Mnuchin came under the scrutiny of Senate Democrats Thursday for his film financing operation, which has assiste...
Trump's treasury pick faces tough questions in Senate - Senate Democrats had some questio...…
“Viewers have been able to watch live as Senate Republicans indulge, and Democrats cross-examine,...”
I blame Senate Democrats for her loss.
Perhaps this was what enraged House Democrats (and Senate Ds like Wyden) were alluding to after their classified in…
You liberals/democrats lose the presidency, house & senate, literally are wrong about…
the Republicans are waging class warfare. If Democrats want oppose this agenda, they need to get on the battlefield.
You're clearly the only ignorant one here.. you & the delusional liberals/democrats it…
Democrats in the House and Senate should get on board the Trump train. Be a part of making America great. Be on the…
Senate Democrats ready to confirm Donald Trump national security team on Day One - -
. Also, Trump would have a cabinet if the Democrats in the senate didn't use stall tactics worse than anyone ever before!
Tempers flare as Dems try to delay confirmation votes - Senate Democrats are attempting to delay votes on many ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
ICYMI, yesterday victims of Steven Mnuchin & told Senate Democrats their stories. Here's one of them: https:/…
The Democrats had the White House. That was it. Not the Senate, not the House, not the Supreme Court, not the Governorships, etc.
Bernie Sanders criticized Steve Mnuchin for utilizing the tax code himself and other Senate Democrats passed/implemented. ZER…
Republicans stole that Supreme Court nomination by breaking tradition and norms ..Senate democrats ? Give em *** on any nomination
At least the Senate democrats are grownup enough to attend. I guess there wasn't enough kiddie tables for the House de…
Senate Democrats: Betsy DeVos is not qualified to be secretary of education
Scum complaining that will Boycot they Boycot For 8yrs,in Senate+Congress
The Senate Voted 51 Republicans to 48 Democrats to end prexisting conditions to be insured and children insurance!
Democrats to give Trump Cabinet picks the Garland treatment - POLITICO
Senate Democrats will only allow two nominees to be confirmed on Day One
Sign the petition to Joe Biden and Senate Democrats: Confirm Merrick Garland to Supreme Court on January 3
L⚡️ “Senate Democrats propose bill to force Trump to divest”.
Senate Democrats give up on coal miner health benefits as government shutdown looms # via
Confirmation hearing for as Attorney General on Jan 10-11, Read
Group of Senate Democrats pledge not to shut down government after threatening to delay funding bill to win……
EPA fears 'unprecedented disaster' for environment over Scott Pruitt pick.
some time after December 16 they do
Senate Averts Shutdown With Little Time to Spare as Democrats Stepped Up Fight on Behalf of Coal Miners:
Democrats shouldn't let a *** thing move on the floor of the Senate until McConnell explains his behavior.
Shutdown averted after Democrats relent in coal miner dispute
In a blow to Senate Democrats, the White House says should be given “significant latitude to assemble his team.”…
Senate Dems shamed for nearly all-white top staffers. Only Black Chief of Staff in Senate works 4 GOP Sen. Tim Scott ht…
Another John Kennedy in the Senate? No. tomorrow! Polls open 7am-8pm, find your polling location here --
UPDATE: Senate Democrats decided to join us and pass a bill to fund the military, help Flint, fight opioids, and boost cancer research.
Senate Democrats dig in as shutdown approaches
Senate likely averts government shutdown - Democrats drop their objections to the spending bill after taking th...
10 Senate Democrats face re-election in 2018 in states Trump won
Senate Democrats end coal protest to avert government shutdown
EPA fears ‘unprecedented disaster’ for environment over Scott Pruitt pick.
Democrats back down from shutdown threat
This is Democrats' last chance to "beat Trump" - long shot Foster Campbell in the runoff for US Senate from Louisiana htt…
Attention Senate Democrats. Here's a chance to show some spine.
Checking out "Senate Democrats want extra scrutiny of Trump Cabinet picks, dem" on Tea Party Command Center:
The leader of the Senate Democrats is from NY City and their leader in the House is from San Francisco. I hope they enjo…
5 Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2018 are from Indiana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri and Montana where Trump won by 19%+
Senate Democrats have hinted they might work with Donald Trump on issues like infrastructure, maternity leave, and not b…
Senate Democrats name chair of outreach, ranking member of Senate Budget Committee
Okay, we need Chuck Schumer's emails. He's just as corrupt as the rest of them. Senate Democrats. Bullying…
Senate Democrats are sticking with Schumer. Some ppl refuse to see that Neolib Dems helped bring us Trump. W/out change th…
"Trying to Unite Factions, Democrats in Congress Begin Picking Leaders" by EMMARIE HUETTEMAN via NYT The New York …
Democrats name Schumer their new Senate leader | Washington Examiner
Yeah Senate Democrats can demand whatever they want but they aren't going to get it. They aren't exactly in a position…
Senate Democrats, thank you for sealing the deal with Schumer realized that with you, it's same…
Here's a thought. Maybe senate democrats should make an actual minority, minority leader. Schumer is more of the same old crap
Can someone please explain why this guy gets a leadership role in the senate DEMOCRATS?
Bernie Sanders is joining the leadership team with Senate Democrats
Chuck Schumer will replace Reid. Sorry Bernie, we're going with an actual Democrat to, you know, lead Sena…
McConnell will lead Senate GOP, Schumer will lead Democrats
The Latest: Senate Democrats elect Chuck Schumer to be their new minority leader when Congress convenes in January.
Why is a registered lifelong Independent a part of the new leadership team for Senate Democrats?
Dems select Bernie to lead Outreach and Engagement Task Force since it worked out so well for Hillary. 😜😱😂.
Bullying in the Age of Trump: Senate Democrats try to tell Republican President who he can hire for EXECUTIVE staff. ht…
Senate Democrats tap Bernie Sanders to lead outreach via
Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) was elected as the next leader of Senate Democrats on Wednesday, establishing...
Senate Democrats elect Chuck Schumer as their new leader
Senate Democrats settle on leadership team, Sanders elevated - Politico
5. What I didn't expect was that we - the Dem base - would have to resist cowardly craven & complicit Democrats in Senat…
Congratulations to Sen Bernie Sanders, the new Outreach Chair for Senate Democrats!
"Senate Democrats". Added seats to the Senate. Won popular vote close to 1 mil. Who is saying the election was a big lost ?
and proved that Senate Democrats are CRIMINALS. confirm Senate Republicans are INEPT…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Alternate headline: Senate Democrats willing to appease fascist.
Obama defends Trump at White House press conference - Senate Democrats
Public: "You lost the entire country because you keep putting up Wall St *** ". Senate Democrats: "We will change. Her…
Senate Democrats elect first Jewish supremacist minority leader while Trump puts a Harvard grad/Naval officer in the White…
It’s more important than ever for Democrats in the Senate to fight for the people and communities we represent.
Sen. Mitch McConnell will lead Senate GOP next year ; Chuck Schumer will lead Democrats:
Democrats in Louisiana have one last chance to win a Senate seat in 2016
You want to help? You want something constructive to do? There's one Senate seat that might flip Dem. Get to work.
The future for Senate Democrats are Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Tammy Duckworth not Sanders and Manchin.
Schumer new leader of Senate Democrats, Sanders & Warren on board
Genius Senate Democrats pick Chuck Schumer as minority leader, proving they hate winning. Bernie, start a new party, this o…
wait...democrats call republicans racist for electing old white men, then Senate Democrats turn around & elect an old…
Game on: McConnell will lead Senate Republicans, Schumer will lead Senate Democrats
Senate Democrats elect Chuck Schumer of New York as new minority leader via
Chuck Schumer elected new minority leader by Senate Democrats   10% Off
Senate Democrats have voted to install notorious Wall St shill and Warmonger Chuck Schumer as their next leader
Chuck Schumer as minority leader shows how out of touch the Democrats in DC are with the parties new movement. Well done Senate Democrats
Senate Democrats pick Chuck Schumer as leader and give Sanders an outreach role: It’s not the job he was expecting,…
Senate Democrats demand cut ties with Steve Bannon you'd think he was Robert Byrd.
BREAKING: Senate Democrats elect Chuck Schumer to be minority leader.
In case you were worried the Senate Democrats were gonna lie down for this. That's my Senator! (Ed Markey)
"So important is that court to a president's priorities that Senate Democrats changed the rules in..."via
Senate Democrats still have a leadership problem - Sen. Patty Murray is talking one-on-one with...
Assuming of course that Democrats take back the Senate. That's more important at this point... GOP obstruction has to go.
Democrats trying to trim GOP majority in Senate this election.
Even if Democrats win the Senate in 2016, their majority is unlikely to endure
Democrats: You're going to win the oval office again, and you're likely going to take back the Senate. While...
GOP says this to suppress vote. Makes us stronger and understand we need majority democrats in house & senate.
ICYMI: Cuomo enters Senate races like he never has before, backing some Democrats that could flip majority from GOP
Democrats need to win the senate! It will never happen if Reps are majority.
corrupt Republicans in Washington in house & senate have conspired against Democrats & Democratic presidents 2 frustrate not 2 vote
I think HRC is going to win this thing, and it won’t be close. Democrats will take the Senate. Put a 9th justice back on SCOTUS.
already saying will suspend filibuster rules because of warning of obstructionism. If Dems win…
I pray Democrats retake the senate so they'll be able to confirm Supreme Court justices. If Republicans have control, it'll stay at 8.
Charlie Cook, the greatest pollster, predicts at least fifty Senate seats for Democrats. Go Dems. Go Hillary.
if they want universal health care smart thing vote Democrats in the Senate,Congress & President the Republicans want do it
You're reading the wrong pollsters. Hillary is predicted to win and the Democrats are predicted to wi…
"Blumenthal during the call reiterated that Senate Democrats would not stand for what he characterized as...
Noticeably absent in mainstream media headlines this mrng "Democrats to take back Senate" or "Dems expect to win House"
You do no that The House and the Senate were both controlled by Democrats that means they ruled Always blaming Rep
Prediction: is going to win. are going to gain control of the
Senate Democrats scrambling to kill anti-LGBT provision in defense spending bill
In Missouri, Donald Trump turns a sleeper Senate race into a toss-up — with a message that helps Democrats
Don't the Republicans control the State Senate through one of those odd coalitions with conservative Democrats ?
There was a democratic senate in 2008 and 2012. Democrats lost them in midterms.
Will the Democrats flip the Senate on .
Inslee, Murray rally Democrats in Tri-Cities to get-out-the-vote
We must stick together and vote for Clinton,democrats Congress and Senate strong together GO DEMOCRATS VOTE CLINTON http…
We Must elect Not just but we must also vote Democrats in the house AND Senate
that's true but this country isn't going to get any better with Clinton, now if we btw the Senate democrats in
Florida Democrats in District 17 let's re elect for the Senate!
Trump will get elected, but the people will give the Senate back to the Democrats, cementing into law Obamacare + 4 more…
GollyG democrats& panel-if lose Senate it's bc agst Trump AND they hav destroyed RNC Media racists
Democrats will win the Senate back.
Lest we forget, there were Democrats in the Senate threatening to vote for a filibuster if they didn't get their way on the ACA.
With essentially conceding NV in the face of early voting numbers, the Democrats look very likely to cl…
.endorses Clinton and downballot Senate Democrats in a new, slightly NSFW video for NextGen Climate: https:/…
The Presidency is plenty for the Democrats, because...It is Trump, but taking the Senate for SCOTUS Choices would be nice for Hill
Two Senate contests that Democrats once thought they had a shot at but have fallen off the map: Iowa and Arizona.
Six important, overlooked races to determine U.S. control
Senate Majority PAC, the primary outside spending group for Senate Democrats, has been raising more and more money.
How Democrats Could Take the Senate: A look at the fight for the Senate. How many states do…
New Hampshire, an Eastern cornerstone for Democrats, appears to be cracking via
Once again, if Ralston is on target, Harry's seat will stay Blue and may be enough to tip the Senate to the Democrats. Excel…
Say, it's Why no huge headlines in liberal media "Democrats to take back Senate"... "Dems to take c…
The planet is screwed if Democrats don't win the Senate, warns Paul Krugman via
Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Democrats' Senate chances are peaking at the right time
Democrats poised for Senate takeover as unforced errors imperil Republican incumbents - -
"I assume Senate Democrats are peeing in their pants right now," the surrogate said. "The [Republican] ads are... https…
Senate Democrats demand more info from Comey | AP Photo
Elizabeth Warren wants answers from Wells Fargo: Elizabeth Warren and four other Senate Democrats called on W...
Unfortunately, the Senate Democrats have become an extreme party. They have beco
Democrats see Social Security as edge in tight Senate races
So Republicans decided to play games with the Zika Funding bill to blame Senate Democrats? How low can you go
"Each day that Democrats delay, the threat grows stronger."
Electronic Device Insurance
GOP keeps putting poison pills in Zika funding bill and then claim Senate Democrats are blocking it.
Senate Democrats are threatening the health and safety of the American People. . The Zika virus is a danger.
Senate Democrats are putting partisan politics over the health of the American People. . This November, let's clean house…
Senate Democrats all know but won't admit Bill Clinton has an illegitimate black son
Alexander: “No excuse” for Senate Democrats to block funding a third time
Senate Democrats block measure to battle Zika virus via the they gave $ to Iran.
Senate Democrats block Zeke of funding because how dare the Republicans get credit for anything. Politics before people
. Yeah it is pretty shocking that Senate Democrats would turn their backs on such an important health issue.
delaying ad spending in Senate race. .
Senate Democrats are deformed retards that wants mothers to be pregnant with deformed babies. So they can use plan par…
I don't really take an abortion stance but It seems like Senate Democrats seem to really hate babies.
$1.1 Billion ZIKA funding fails in Senate, as Democrats continue attaching useless pork and Republicans hold fast on VA funding.
Reminder that Senate Democrats BLOCKED funding for zika. That's conveniently been shoved down the memory…
If we have enough money to pay for illegal aliens, we have enough to stop the Zika virus. . Senate Democrats.
If Republicans cared about the they would not include automatic deal breakers for Senate Democrats.
In July a Utah woman tested positive for and passed away. Today Democrats blocked funds to fight it. https:…
Senate Democrats stymied a $1.1 billion plan to fight Zika because of an effort to block Planned Parenthood funding https:…
Republican's still up to their tricks Senate Democrats stop a Zika bill that included provisions on Planned Parenthood and Co…
Vile Senate block measure to battle virus via the App
Senate Democrats block measure to battle Zika virus
BREAKING → Senate have now blocked funding for the third time. Unacceptable.
Senate Democrats stand up for women as Republicans try to f us over AGAIN. . TY
Democrats yet again put politics ahead of fighting the AND providing funding for our https:…
Senate Democrats are evil and want babies to be deformed for life.
You do realize it was Senate Democrats that blocked Zika funding right?
Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a $1.1 billion bill to combat the virus.
GILLETTE It's the only Social Security reform bill supported by any Senate Democrats.
Elizabeth Warren and Senate Democrats press regulators to prevent another Trump U.
PRI will not be intimidated by Senate Democrats using their position to silence free speech
In win for Senate Democrats, Evan Bayh will run in Indiana
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cumming says we could have spent this time funding Zika fight. Senate Democrats killed the Zika bill.
Is Blocked by Senate Democrats Upset Over Provisions many reasons why Dems hated this bill. Please read
Why do Democrats hate children? They rejected a bill to fund the battle against Zika. . They want to keep killing... https:…
Illinois Senate Democrats to present education funding plan:
Senate Democrats have blocked the GOP's $1.1 billion Zika funding bill.
Hillary traded FALN terrorist pardons in exchange for support in her Senate Election. And thats who pick for
Illinois Senate Democrats to present education funding plan
Last week I voted to help fight Zika. The Senate should put politics aside and pass the bill immediately.
Zika funds fail in Senate as Democrats decry "poison pills"
Utah Democrats picked Misty K. Snow, the first transgender major party candidate, to challenge Mike Lee in Nov. https:…
.abandons proposal for IVF treatment to join Senate Democrats in filibuster. .
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