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Sen Rand Paul

Randal Howard Rand Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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So,Arpaio probably didn't have the resources to maintain and update his jails for these situations.Sen…
GOOD ADVICE from Sen.Rand Paul President Trump. They just keep raising d…
Hillary/Loertta Lynch aren't above law/Sen Rand Paul (KY) sed, "We now have two sets of laws, one for…
Sen. Rand Paul: Whoever leaked transcript of former NSA Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian ambassador should "go to jai…
Sen. on where he stands on health care reform
Sen. Rand Paul: it's past time to bring our sons and daughters home!
I liked a video Sen. Rand Paul at SFRC Hearing on the Taylor Force Act - July 12, 2017
So incredibly proud of Sen. Rand Paul for his filibuster. You did incredible. Even after the filibuster I'm proud to
1. Sen. Rand Paul [R-Ky.]. Just how crazy?. Said the Obama administration going after BP because of the Gulf oil spill was part of this
Sen. Rand Paul and I have very different ideas on providing health care in this country.
Sen. says likely has authority to pardon himself | Behind The
Sen. Trump's reported plans to send more troops to Afghanistan a 'terrible idea'
Sen. Rand Paul: 16 years on, it's past time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan
Sen Rand Paul: nobody would have survived without the Capitol police. It would've been a massacre without them
Sen Rand Paul's march up to the house did not go as well as Jeb Bartlet's. Maybe he needs a Josh. Get you a Josh, Senator. Nice try tho.
Sen Rand Paul has a plan. What is Richardson talking about?
"I would actually say we’ve done more in the last four weeks than we’ve done in the last six years.”. ~ Sen Rand Paul h…
In a classic Kingsley gaffe, Sen Rand Paul explains that wrongdoing doesn't matter when Republicans are involved
Sen Rand Paul unveils ObamaCare replacement - I highly doubt this will get through senate!
Most of this occurred through Medicaid expansion, which recently re-elected Sen Rand Paul wouldn't promise to keep in p…
I generally agree w/little that Sen Rand Paul says or stands for but I do love his Festivus airing of grievances! Makes lot of great points
Sen. Rand Paul: "Hillary Clinton should not be above the law"
clearly your teammate is Get the indecisive votes, and make a great presidency! 🇺🇸
This was the only man running for Prez. qualified to hold that position.
Sen. Rand Paul is lone dissenter as James Comey confirmed for FBI post
Rand Paul Exposes $250K Taxpayer Funded Trip to Space Camp & Dollywood for Foreign Kids in Latest
I promised myself to stay out of the political stuff, now that the remaining "candidates" consist of :. A proven...
Economic Freedom Zone is best thing to fight poverty.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation aimed at stopping the federal government from unil
Sen. Rand Paul speaks to professionals at The Medical Center today
A few months later, Sen. Rand Paul co-sponsored a bill that called for expanding MAT. His staff used Cherkis' story to argue for it.
In light of Trump supporters physically assaulting people, let’s all recall Sen. Rand Paul’s base...
Rand Paul's Waste Project sounds like a continuation of Sen Tom Coburn's work. Good for him. Coburn endorsed btw.
.why should American taxpayers pay 4r F-16s 2 Pakistan when they cn use that money 2 reduce student debt
Sen Rand Paul- Kentucky Republican mounted an effort to halt jet F-16 sale to Pakistan & failed via
US Sen "Why in the world would we be taxing American people to send this money to Pakistan?" |
This is why Rand should get the GOP nomination and not those eschatologists.
Sen. Rand Paul took a stand on the Senate floor Thursday against the sale of $700 million worth of F-16 fighter...
Amazed at the ignorant comments by Pakistanis on Sen. Rand Paul's res to ban slaes of F-16s to Pak as being an Indian attempt. Grow up!
Watching Sen. Rand Paul on proposed sale of F-16 jets to Pakistan
I liked a video from Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on Senate Floor Prior to 'Audit the Fed' Vote
Senate Votes on Sen. Rand Paul’s Joint Resolution of Disapproval to Halt Sale of Adv. Military Aircraft to Pakistan
"And yet the vast and out-of-touch establishment in Washington continues to do it. Is it any wonder people are...
Sen. Rand Paul dropping out of the presidential race has disappointed dozens of supporters.
College/Food Stamps for all: Sen Rand Paul can put a doobie in all welcome packets
3 Reasons the Rand Paul Campaign Failed: . Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), seen by many as the political heir to a libe...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Of all the people to back out, Sen Rand Paul will have the least effect, because his voters won't go to another candidate.
Sen. Rand Paul dropped out of the 2016 race for the White House Wednesday morning.
BREAKING: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he is ending his bid for the Republican nomination for president.
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul announced on Wednesday that he is suspending his 2016 campaign for president.
Sen. Rand Paul's populist campaign, based on advocacy of a smaller, less-nosy government, gained popularity at first but he soon faded
ICYMI: My talk with on dropping out of the race, solutions, & more!
Sen. Rand Paul quits GOP 2016 race: "I've run a principled campaign to warn people how godawful Ted Cruz really is" https…
Sen. Rand Paul will suspend his presidential campaign today, sources close to him say.
Thank you to Sen. Rand Paul for running a positive, principled and productive campaign for President. His voice... https…
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Quits 2016 GOP Presidential Race: Rand Paul is dropping out of the 2016…
Rand Paul: Stop visas from ‘high-risk’ countries - Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has introduced legislation that woul...
Yep. "Catholic" Sen Paul Ryan praises Ayn Rand, ignores Matt 25:31ff, blames "inner-city" culture for its poverty.
Paul's proposal is fair it doesn't judge by race or religion
actually there really isn't a real vetting process. Paul has a plan.
Sen. Rand Paul (KY) moving to halt refugee visas. Best way to defend US is to prevent access into this country.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Love him or hate him, few people until recently would deny that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has a unique brand as an independe…
BTW, what do you think of Paul's new bill?
Breitbart: Cruz "teamed up w/ long time liberals like Sen. Reid, Sen. Boxer, & Sen. Durbin to pass the bill.
Great quote from Sen. Rand Paul at last week's
“It seems troubling that Sen. Rubio would advocate for illegal mass data collection from regular American citizens …
Don't miss my conversation with Senator about his bill on the crisis
Marco Rubio hits Ted Cruz, Rand Paul on intelligence gathering: Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida called out Sen. Ted…
On June 2, 2015, at a press conference in Washington, D.C., Sen. Rand Paul, flanked by former Sen.…
Sen Rand Paul takes a clear position on education
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has talked up his past border security bills in recent days, is introducing one to...
Among those leading the charge was Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of the party’s presidential…: online clothi...
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is now taking over a constituency that opponent Sen. Rand Paul...
Sen. Rand Paul on Saturday hints he'll ratchet up the attacks on Donald Trump in this week's debate. Can't wait.
Trump you are so right about Sen Rand Paul. Paul is such a wishy washy. You tell the truth Donald. TRUMP IS TRUTH 2016.
Why does want to gut the military through Sequestration? wants to rebuild military.
Congressman Ron Paul & Sen Rand both present as Mrs. Paul receives Homemaker of the Year Award from
Sen. Rand Paul was swarmed by the media at the game in Ames
On August 12th, Donald Trump wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post attacking Sen Rand Paul.
Rand Paul: 'I was too easy on Trump': Paige Winfield Cunningham Sen. Rand Paul joked that he wasn't hard enough on…
Rand Paul jokes: 'I was a little too easy on Donald Trump': Sen. Rand Paul is signaling plans to ratche...
Sen. Paul also said he didn't expect to absorb a wave of support from Perry since...there wasn't anything to absorb
Sen. Paul’s comments are unfair: It’s only natural that candidates are going to drop out.
Sen. Rand Paul speaking at the ISU Memorial Union in Ames
Sen. Rand Paul speaking at the Iowa State University Memorial Union in Ames
Sen. Rand Paul posing for photos at Iowa State University in Ames
Sen. Rand Paul:. "was for the bank bailouts and the stimulus." . - September 10, 2015 .
More than 500 students at rally for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at Iowa State University Memorial Union on eve of Iowa-Iowa State football game.
presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul after Rick Perry leaves 2016 race: 'What does it say about GOP w…
Waiting for Sen. Rand Paul to speak at the Memorial Union, Iowa State University, Ames
I think I just fell in love with Sen Rand Paul.
Little Giant Ladders
Lindsay Graham calls for an end to Sen Rand Paul's filibuster on NSA.
.has 1st Sen Rand Paul interview tomorrow after his announcement 10pm / Fox News
On Mar 7, 2013, US Sen for NV, Harry Reid, gave kudos to US Sen Rand Paul for his 13 hour filibuster & convictions.
Busy week takes Sen Rand Paul to NEW HAMPSHIRE , Nevada, Arizona Its early but he's THE ONE to Watch
Really? According to Sen Rand Paul and Rep Lamar Smith, the GOP Is Not at War With Science.
Sen Rand Paul on Mitt Romney 2016 bid: “It’s time for some fresh blood.”
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on “The Kelly File” - New Surgeon General 'thinks it's his job to bash Bill of Rights' (Video)
Don't miss out on this! Sen. Rand Paul's wife is speaking to WROCK on Jan. 8. Tickets are $25 for all attendees...
Sen Warren is too fact filled & articulate in explaining everything clearly- that's not Rand Paul either lol
Rand Paul hits Jeb Bush on support for Common Core: Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday said Jeb ...
ICYMI: Sen. Rand Paul takes a swipe at Jeb Bush over his support for Common Core:
Just got this card from Sen Rand Paul's press team
Smuggler’s Blues: “Sen. Rand Paul says that politicians and taxes are to blame for the ...
Rand Paul takes early shots at Bush on Common Core: At the start of Tuesday, Sen. Rand ...
Sen. Rand Paul: "There's great deal of evidence suggesting the President is wrong [claiming terrorism is declining]."
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Sen. Rand Paul: "It's so hard to fathom, but this illustrates, civilized Islam has to step up and take care of this."
Sen. Rand Paul on ISIS, the Middle East, and When America Should Go to War -
Books with anti-Semitic imagery included on Sen. Rand Paul’s ‘student reading list’ now scrubbed from his website
"The more the merrier," says of as two 2016 polls show KY sen. in the pack but in the hunt.
Sen Rand Paul shares "Lie of the Year" award from fact-checker PolitiFact for his Ebola claims. ^JC
. ***2016 Watch***. Jeb Bush announced he is forming a "Leadership PAC," like Sen. Rand Paul, Sen.
Bill Kristol says Sen Rand Paul 'Is Totally Overrated' For 2016- how does Kristol know? or anyone know right now about anyone?
If the US declares war on Islamic State, a la Sen Rand Paul, we should be prepared for an outburst of enthusiasm for war from Islamic states
I do not put political views, but I just read CNN regarding Sen Rand Paul's view on the war against ISIS as illegal. Dear Sen Paul anytime you put our troops on the ground in harms way, you need to support them and not sit in Washington and complian. Mother's and Father's, wives and husband's and children do not to hear about the war being legal or not, they need to know our support. Sen Paul you lost vote.
Sen Rand Paul is an isolationist , he also wants to isolate workers to the bottom of the pay scale.
Sen Rand Paul announcd what he wud do on his 1st day as PRESIDENT.His 1st act of business wud b-repeal all previous executive orders
My ideal conservative ticket would be Congressman Gowdy and Sen Rand Paul
Liberty Labs hosts Sen Rand Paul. It does not mean has drank the kool-aid. We are not that stupid.
BOO Sen Rand Paul for President! Your Penny Plan disastrous and unrealistic. Go home, Senator! Rand Paul BO!
Sen Rand Paul told Vice Chairman of Republicans Overseas he wants to to bring down
"If you like your doctor, send him to Washington!" ~ Sen Rand Paul at the rally today in Charlotte ~
Quotable: On GOP’s need to diversify -- “We need people with tattoos and without tattoos.” -- GOP US Sen Rand Paul in MKE to Charlie Sykes
Sen Rand Paul in Berkeley: "Remember when Domino's finally admitted they had bad crust?" he said to laughs. "I have that t…
Sen Rand Paul writes in If I were President, I wouldn’t let Vladimir Putin get away with it. via
PLEASE!!! He could have done that as Whistleblower to Congress (i.,e. Sen Rand Paul's Office)
Singer chastised for mongrel comment by Sen Rand Paul via
Sen Rand Paul not listening to Turd Blossom Carl Rove think's attacking Bill he will beat Hillary. Looser he cant beat her.
KY Sen Rand Paul's summer break. He & a partner teamed up to do pro bono eye surgeries for the poor. Compare to Obama's vacations?
The best thing Sen Rand Paul can do to broaden the GOP's appeal in diverse communities? Leave the GOP.
Sen Rand Paul keeps swinging at and Bill A bit of desperation reviving the scandal.
During a February 5th interview on the Steve Malzberg show, Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) insisted that, if Democrats want "any consistency" in fighting for women’s righ
-- captive audience: Should I think about national politics- like to with Sen Rand Paul as a HOGAN, PAUL or PAUL HOGAN 2016?
Interview w Sen Rand Paul says that those who want to throw book at Snowden ought to look at James Clapper lying under o…
Sen Rand Paul - After Clinton, Lewinsky Dems have gall to say we have War on Women From: newsninja2012 Views: 8 6 ratings Time: 01:45 More in People & Blogs
“I don’t think she’s a great campaigner. You know, she’s got her strengths, but let me ask you this. You know the hyperbole about her being Secretary of State? Name me one thing she achieved in the four years. One.” ~Charles Krauthammer I can name one...facilitate the murder of four brave American diplomats under her watch! ~Pete Fiske When I took Hillary Rodham Clinton to task in January for the mishandling of security in Benghazi, Libya, I told her that if I had been president at the time, I would have relieved her of her post. Some politicians and pundits took offense at my line of questioning. During those hearings, I reminded Mrs. Clinton that multiple requests were sent to the State Department asking for increased security measures. I asked if she had read the cables from Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens asking for increased security. She replied that she was busy and had not read them. I find that inexcusable. ~Sen Rand Paul
Sen Rand Paul-one of the Senators' that has common sense or not?
Sen Rand Paul leading law suit against over NSA spying. Read this article if you want to sign up!
Sen Rand Paul...i want to sign your petition
Same can be said for Sen Rand Paul.
There is a recurring theme in Washington budget negotiations. It's I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. - Sen Rand Paul
Sen Rand Paul said we shouldn't extend unemployment benefits set to expire momentarily because it will lead to perpetual unemployment. In other words, Paul thinks he's doing the unemployed a favor.
Sen Rand Paul is insane. He thinks someone wants to be long term unemployed. He doesn't understand what Someone goes through when they are unemployed. How hard it is. Let's help him understand. Let's make him unemployed.
Sen Rand Paul's Speech at the Tea Party Patriot's 'Audit the IRS' Rally: via
.what does it take to bring an Expulsion vote? Sen Rand Paul is an admitted plagiarist & now challenging to a duel.
The current dust-up over the ever growing plagiarism evidence involving Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) and his subsequent denials prove that he does not know the meaning of plagiarism. But it also is an example of the march-in-step mentality of parroting what neo-cons are TOLD to think, not using curious discernment of facts to develop an independent thought. Sen Rand Paul has in just a week’s time been found to have plagiarized: 2 speeches lifting sections from; a Sept Op Ed piece in The Washington Times; and a section—a whopping 1,318 words—in his book. In response, Sen Rand Paul calls names and strangely reveals his desire to ‘shoot the messenger’. But the word lift in his book was from the Heritage Foundation, one of the Koch brothers information arms, so that is okay??? Too many citations needed for all this—just google for the evidence.
So both & are reporting US Sen Rand Paul is a plagarist (of Wikipedia). Even for a grifter, he's a…
Sen Rand Paul says he intends to place hold on chair nominee Yellen...focused on vote to audit the
Thanks to local members of Congress who voted NO last night: Sen Rand Paul & Hon Steve Chabot. They listen to their constituency.
Sen Rand Paul "we should never default. " He spouts confusion for the American people yet keeps stirring the pot.
As we near a govt shutdown i would like to announce the candidates for schmuck of the year. Sen Ted Cruz. Prez Obama and Sen Rand Paul.
Sen Rand Paul has an idea: Congress and SCOTUS must also enroll in He joins w the details.
Sen Rand Paul address to Judiciary Committee today You have to listen to it trying to get a copy . Most honest republican I heard addressing the Drug problem.
Sen Rand Paul wasn't invited by the Republican Party to give a rebuttal to Obama’s speech, but chose to do so “as a concerned senator.”
WATCH: Sen Rand Paul supporting McConnell for 6th term? Not so fast says challenger Matt Bevin to .
"After the last 10 scandals, forgive me if I don't believe the President every time he speaks." -Sen Rand Paul.
Sen Rand Paul to Obama: Don't Use US Weapons to Kill Christians in In an August 29 interview on Gov Mike... http:/…
Our justice system is often anything but: Sen Rand Paul- Fighting racial bias in federal judicial process
Sen Rand Paul talks Chris Christie and other issues in two interviews with Sean Hannity ( 07/29-30/13)
Just a note: Funding [Buzz words] is a huge mistake according to Sen Rand Paul [Why?...because it means...
Sen Ted Cruz makes the point: there's a new generation of GOP leaders including Sen Rand Paul, Gov Nikki Haley, Rep Paul R…
Sen Marco Rubio's Presidential support collapses in Iowa, as Sen Rand Paul pulls to the head of the pack
99.9 percent of Americas problems are cause directly from us as a people=the government,so before we can change the government we have to change us our self's! The main and only one really defending this nation is US Sen Rand Paul from Kentucky, you gutless republicans and democrats that is up for re-election kiss your seats good by!,and lets hope so for the sake of this nation that is on life support! So lets be Conservative and put life first of all choice!
I know it is super early but I am very close to picking a presidential candidate to throw my support behind. I am basically at Sen Rand Paul or Sen Marco Rubio. Rep Ryan is a distant third because he would be a replay. Don't get me wrong I prefer governors but I feel like they are all establishment/played out already.
Possible candidates on the GOP side for President in 2016; Sen Ted Cruz-(R-Tex) Sen Rand Paul (R-Ky) Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) Governor Rick Perry (R-Tex) Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) So far my first choice from this list Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) Governor Scott Walker (R- Ws) Also one of my top choices Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) Also a very good choice Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) This list doesnt include any wingnut fringe candidates that might pop up, also their may be some dark horse candidates that might emerge. I will in the next weeks months write a piece about each of these individuals and what my thoughts are on them.
"Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their government. Our entire Constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible." - Sen Rand Paul
Sen Rand Paul is worried about a drone strike on leaker Snowden. Snowden has been called a "traitor" by most on the Right... So does that make Paul a "traitor" as well.?
May I PLEASE GET AN ANSWER ON THIS!Sen Diane Fienstein a Democrat says that the domestic spying and collection of innocent Americans is protecting America. Sen Rand Paul a Republican is outraged. Wasnt it the Democrats that were outraged about the undermine of civil liberties back in the Bush days? Wasnt it the Republican Party the ones stating things like "Keeping us safe'? Why the change?
Sen Lindsey Graham says its "fine with him" if the NSA seizes records from Verizon, Sen Rand Paul says its an "astounding assault on the Constitution". There are two very different wings of the Republican Party right now: those who support more war, interventionism, bigger government, bombings, drones, expansion of the TSA & DHS and less rights for citizens (and ironically, on all of those counts they are identical to Pres. Obama) and a smaller number of Republicans, led by Rand Paul who are against foreign intervention, military aggression and who favor smaller government, more rights and true adherence to the Constitution. It is impossible to dislike Pres. Bush, VP Cheney or Sen Graham and their policies without finding some policies of Rand Paul to your liking as he is nearly the opposite on many major issues. Ironically, Pres. Obama has continued many of Pres Bush's policies that his supporters felt were in need of improvement. For Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and Greens, its t . ...
I am so impressed with Sen Cruz. How about a Ted Cruz/Rand Paul ticket
Apparently Sen. Rand Paul isn't pleased that the Senate passed a budget. Also, our chart is better.
"Not one penny more to the countries that are burning our flag." Amen, sen. Rand Paul.
I do not understand why anyone would vote for a bill they have not read. Just vote NO if there is not enough time given to read it!!!
'I'd rather be a Hobbit, than a Troll.' - Rand Paul to Sen Insane McCain +10
Check out this article! Sen. Paul: Helping Syrian rebels a risk Article posted at... May 29, 2013 at 07:28PM
— Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz — were willing to sell out the people and vote in favor of Monsanto
Rand Paul: "I treat Sen. McCain with respect. I don't think I always get the same in return."
America will stand STRONG again, oust the democrats, and We The People will with Sen. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul !!
The bill is co-sponsored by another Oregon Democrat leader, Sen. Jeff Merkley and Republican Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell from KY.
Senator Ron Wyden has introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 3240, the Senate version of this year’s federal farm bill, that requires the federal government to respect state laws allowing the
Sen Rand Paul argues high levels of public debt can lead to high or hyper-inflation so does history
This oration by Sen Rand Paul is a year old, but nothing has changed ! ~ This is how Congress still operates ! ~ Why?
Rand Paul offers bill to protect privacy of electronic communications
Rand Paul scoffs at Obama's drones speech: due process more than looking at flashcards on 'Terror Tuesdays,' he says.
In 2010, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas retracted his apology to BP for the Obama administration's effort to get compensation for those affected by the Gulf oil disaster. Will Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky hav
Apple CEO Tim Cook may have been the first, but he won't be the last tech company executive to face a congressional grilling about tax practices.
Rand Paul claims Obamacare will include diagnostic codes for 'injuries sustained from a turtle, walking into a lamppost and burning water skis
"We have a sort of Old McDonald's farm of scandals; here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal." – Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) thinks someone should go to jail over the IRS’s systematic investigation of Tea Party...
Senator Rand Paul calls for additional work visas in Immigration bill.
From Hoover to Reagan, with the Silicon Valley in between, CA trip keeps feeding the 2016 speculation.
Nothing funny about Obamacare but Sen. Paul sheds some light on the insanity that is the "Affordable" Care Act.
Rand Paul to Seek Re-Election to the Senate: It's no secret that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is co...
One of my favorite political figures to lampoon, Michele Bachmann, has decided to not run for reelection. But her decision has nothing to do with a House ethics investigation, or a Federal Election Commission investigation. Let me reiterate something - I try to listen to the arguments of figures at both ends of the spectrum, but with voices like Rep. Bachmann about, the Republican Party continues to hurt their own credibility.
Sen Rand Paul: “This is an important moment. You will be funding, today, the allies of al Qaeda.” (New American)
enator*Rand Paul (R-KY) was the keynote speaker at the Iowa Republican Partyâs Lincoln Dinner at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on may 10, 2013
Sen. Rand Paul apologizes to Apple, which avoided paying taxes on $44b income. weekends at 5pET on
Why was obama running guns through Benghazi?
Appearing as a guest last night on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, Dr. Ben Carson said he is impressed with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). The junior senator from
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul – where are you going next? Well, California, but NOT ...: Kentucky ...
The Sen. Rand Paul video is shaping up to be the winner, we shall see...
Voting for Sen. Rand Paul great sense of humor!
Rand Paul to visit Reagan Library, Silicon Valley: Sen. Rand Paul sure is making the rounds in some very high-...
Sen. Paul says Obamacare Diagnostic Codes List 'Walking into Lamposts' (think one fell and hit his head) News Max
Sen. Rand Paul sure is making the rounds to some very high-profile places as he considers a 2016 presidential bid. The Kentucky senator, ..
So far I have been through the metal detector x ray scanner and patted down very thoroughly by a cute brunette. Had my hands wiped with a swab to see if I had explosive residue. Only to get to my gate and find out there is a mechanical issue and I am now in jeopardy of missing my connecting flight in Atlanta
Speaking in New Hampshire last week, . Sen. Rand Paul just destroying ObamaCare by mocking the ridiculous morass of diagnostic codes that will be central to the program. Doctors must enter a code for every diagnosis, and Paul says the number is going from 18,000 to more than 140,000 codes under ObamaCare. The codes include nine for injuries sustained from a “Macaw,” and two for injuries from a “turtle.”
Walked into a lamppost? Bit by a turtle? Search and share the new diagnosis codes for medical issues.
t's been another week of the insane, inane, and outright offensive. Here's your top ten: Pennsylvania governor can't find any Latinos to work for him. Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) told a Spanish-language newspaper this week that he didn't have any Latinos working for him. There are approximately 18,000 Latinos just in the Harrisburg, PA area alone. Pennsylvania governor remembers single Latino who works for him. A day after saying he didn't have any Latinos working for him, Corbett suddenly remembered a single Latino appointee working in his administration. Conservatives freak out over Boy Scouts decision to admit *** Here's the ten best conservative freak-outs over the group's decision to admit *** scouts while maintaining a ban on *** leaders. Tea Party congressman mansplains his anti-abortion views. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), speaking at a hearing about an unconstitutional ban on abortion after 20 weeks that House Republicans are championing, told a witness that she should've been forced to wait and give .. ...
My LOVE Story You have kept me awake for thousand nights, help me day dream all this while, u gave me my boat of dreams and helped me sail in an ocean of desires, you made me fall in love and feel it closer, you became my breath spread it into the clouds, you rolled yourself in my bed, never to complain and all the while shared my pain, you became me, and i can gladly say that, Im in LOVE with you Milds !!!
I wish EVERYONE would just listen to RAND PAUL!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rand Paul challenged President Barack Obama‘s moral standing in the wake of multiple controversies.
If only it was a one way ticket and he had to live forever in the destruction he helped make!
Why are so many Washington insiders trying to get us into the Syrian war on the side of the terrorists?
GOP senator defends Apple's efforts to avoid billions of dollars in U.S. taxes. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in a move reminiscent of Rep. Joe Barton's infamous apology to BP in the wake of its disastrous oil spill, apologized to top Apple officials for being called in front of the Senate to explain how they use complex structures and gimmicks to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced a bill Thursday that would extend Fourth Amendment rights to electronic communications. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure and requires that warrants only be issued when there is probable cause of wrongdoing.
Sen. Rand Paul claims Pres. Obama is losing"moral authority" to lead. I got news for him! Obama never had it. How can he lead when he just goes round and round in circles grinding our great country into the ground?
The one thing he did say, and I hate that it was him that said it, was that he wanted to end AUMF, effectively ending the perpetual war state we have been in for 10 or 12 years. It also is the law that allows the Pres to do virtually anything to go after a suspected terrorist. If he in fact does th...
Sen Rand Paul - Obama is really losing the moral Authority to lead the Nation: via
At Howard University in the protest area with HU student Yari protesting Sen Rand Paul's DC hypocrisy
I Support H.R. 75: American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013. Get the US out of the UN..NOW! Join Cong Broun and Sen Rand Paul in this.
Sen Rand Paul (R-Ky) said Sunday that President Obama and former President George W. Bush “got lucky” by not being arrested for smoking weed
I am 45 and actually believe in the integrity of Sen Ted Cruz and Sen Rand Paul and a few others. But they fight
Patriots of the Republic. We have to now start making a stand. We cannot do anything about getting the Progressives out of the Democratic Party NOW, their numbers are too many. However we can continue and agressively to get them out of the Republican Party, for their numbers are only at around 24%. I was shocked last week to see these so called Patriotic Republicans, when they went after with condasending remarks towards a fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul. The 2 biggest culprits were Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, 2 of the most powerful Progressive Republicans serving. There is the word serving! Who are they serving with attacks like the attack on Sen Rand Paul? They are serving their own interests and not the American People that elected them. Why would they go after Sen Rand Paul? Because he is not a Progressive and instead represents those Americans that believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and do not want our leaders trampling on those laws and rights. Progressives and Liberal ...
GREAT= Sen Rand Paul used HANOI JANE FONDA as an example of an American sympathizing with OUR ENEMY (would they drone strike HER?)
Sen Rand Paul filibusters for 13 hours straight. Super Beta Prostate does work!
At 4:24 pm Washington CNN Thursday 7 2013 Brennan confirmed for CIA after drone delay The. US Senate approved - John Brennan as the next director of the CIA after a Republican senator ended his delay vote earlier today Sen Rand Paul Brennan 63-34 vote that crossed party lines elevation to the post was widely expected! Vocal opposition from critic like Sen Rand Paul who filibuster the vote and demand answer from President Barack Obama Administration on when they might use unmanned drones to target Americans suspected of being terrorist 63- 34 vote across party lines. Sen Paul led the session senate floor ended Thursday afternoon today! Satisfied from the response from some members wanted more information before agreeing to vote on Brennan's nomination. regarding torture methods Brennan will replace retired Gen. David Petraeaus Sen. John MC Cain a Republican lawmakers who threat to hold up a vote on Brennan s nomination in the full senate . The Paul led the marathon session satisfied with the response. Mr B ...
Was it right for Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) to filibuster John Brennan for CIA director?
GOP FILIBUSTER FALLOUT: Sen John McCain says Sen Rand Paul and other Republicans who participated in the filibuster did a disservice by making Americans "think that somehow they're in danger from their government. They're not." Sen Lindsey Graham said, "This is an important issue...But to my Republican colleagues, I don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that President Bush was going to kill anybody with a drone, do you?" John Brennan was confirmed as CIA director late today on a 63-34 vote.
Let's not forget that Sen Rand Paul voted NO on VAWA.
Where were Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker during the filibuster last night? Sen Rand Paul wanted a simple answer to the question "Does the President have authority to use deadly force by drones against non-combatants on American soil?" ~
"I yield the floor." Sen Rand Paul in a heroic filibuster to get the Administration to declare its position on using drones to kill civilians. Nearly 13 hours.
"This isn't a struggle between Republicans and Democrats. This is a struggle between the President and the Constitution." - Sen Rand Paul
Today history will record that Sen Rand Paul led the people up Bunker Hill. Their rights will never be infringed again. Thank you Sen Paul.
Ring... Ring... "Hello Brennon? Yeah this is big daddy BO. hey add Sen Rand Paul to that list we talked about today..."
I'm having a weird 72 hours in ideological terms. First, Piers Morgan made me ill with suggestions that a political interest group (the NRA) should not have First Amendment rights. Second, I'm watching and agreeing on some level with Sen Rand Paul. Third, I liked a George Will column. ***
This guy. "I will speak until I can no longer speak ..." Sen Rand Paul
DRONES: Sen Rand Paul may not like drones, but Ohio sure does. Governor John Kasich has mentioned them in his State of the State speeches, saying "they could change the whole face of Ohio." The state plans to spend $1.5 million to start drone production at a complex in Dayton. Kasich points to the "strength of its aeronautics industry." The governor has called drones the "vehicle of the future" and has been firm in his belief that "no doubt about it, it could bring a lot of jobs to Ohio."
Proud of Sen Rand Paul for holding the Senate floor to stop drone strikes inside the US. This man deserves our support! Like and share if you stand with Rand!!!
6! The Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, has taken to the floor to point out that the filibuster is not about partisan politics or politically motivated, but rooted in the principle and defense of liberty. Sen Rand Paul (R) Sen Ted Cruz (R) Sen Mike Lee (R) Sen Jerry Moran (R) Sen Ron Wyden (D) Sen Marco Rubio (R)
Everybody who does not want Obama or any President to have the ability to decide to kill you or your spouse sitting in a cafe that you might be a terrorist in this country, will bomb you with a drone without due process but terrorists must have due process. Call your Senators and help Sen. Rand Paul who is fighting this President should take away due process of law and kill any American in this country with drones. I do not agree with Sen Rand Paul on everything he believes in but save this country and go against Obama or any President having the right to kill any American he does not like and decides to kill him right on the spot with drones already seen in Brooklyn, N.Y. Stop this President from making his own decision on us Americans but the 9/11 terrorists are not finished and killed. He will soon send back the blind sheik to Egypt. He gives money to the Muslim Brotherhood and now he wants the right to even set a curfew and have drones go down the streets like the trucks did in Germany and sh ...
Sen Rand Paul is filibustering in opposition of Obama's CIA director nominee and the use of drones to assassinate Americans on US soil without trial. AG Holder and Obama say the President now CAN use drone bombers to assassinate Americans, on our soil and without trial (see Holder's quotes yesterday, & links to sources below) .the Constitution says otherwise. Obama supporters: at what point do you draw the line? War, more war, bombings, the NDAA, The Patriot Act and now assassination of Americans. When is enough enough? This is not the hero you were looking for he is everything you despised about GW Bush but far more extreme, far worse and far more dangerous. Regardless of party: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or Independent this is an important issue. Do you agree with Sen Rand Paul that Pres Obama does NOT have the authority to assassinate Americans with drones on our own soil? Share then "Like" or comment.
Sen Rand Paul: AG Holder's refusal to rule out drone strikes on US citizens on US soil an affront to Consitution.
To Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States: You have, by your recent response to Sen Rand Paul concerning targeting of American citizens on our soil, declared war on us. "...Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it and to institute a new government..." Keep pushing Obama's agenda and you will have a revolution of which you will not win, you frigging moron! I hohpe the NSA gets this!!
— That would have to be who ever told Sen Rand Paul about arms going from Libya to Turkey he used to question Sen Hilary Clinton.
Sen Rand Paul: We won't 'let the liberals tread on the Second Amendment' via
Corps Update From Wade White Who Represented Us In Washington D.C. This WeeK DOUG NOTE: The following is from Lyon County Executive Wade White. He and Livingston County Executive Chris Lasher flew to Washington to help us overcome the silliness the Nashville District Corps Of Engineers has created in Tennessee and Kentucky. So many folks spending so much time trying to defeat a move that should never been attempted. It's a shame, but I'm thankful for all who are giving it their all. More tomorrow. Dam restriction update 2/5/13 by Wade White Judge Lasher and I requested a meeting with the General of the Corps of Engineers to voice our arguments against the restriction at the 10 dams on the Cumberland River by the Nashville District. Congressman Ed Whitfield set up the meeting and invited Chris and I to Washington. We were joined in the meeting by Congressman Ed Whitfield, Senator Lamar Alexander, TN Congressman Jim Cooper, reps from Sen Rand Paul, Sen Mitch McConnell and other TN congressmen reps. We were ...
Sen Rand Paul attempted to STOP this sale with a Senate amendment. but it was blocked by 79 Senators. See...
With leadership like Sen Mitch McConnell & Sen Rand Paul is it any wonder . Hepatitis C Cases Climbing in NKY" (01.26.13):: Terry DeMio The rate of people infected with hepatitis C in Northern Kentucky (NKY) is far higher than the state or national rate. NKY’s infection rate was three times the state’s in 2011 and approximately 10 times above the US rate when compared to CDC’s 2010 rates. National data is not yet available for 2011. According to health department records, NKY reported 23 cases of acute hepatitis C in 2010, but the number increased to 42 in 2011.The likely cause for the high rate is the region’s heroin epidemic. To combat the problem, the Independent Health Department District is participating in a pilot program that targets high-risk groups and offers free testing. The department offers counseling, education, and direction in how to get care to those who test positive for the disease. Emily Gresham Wherle, NKY health department spokesperson, says health offic ...
We must have a true conservative candidate for the US Senate who will not change his or her tune as soon as the election is over. Someone who will work with Sen Rubio and the new Texas Senator, Sen Rand Paul and others to bring sanity to our government. No other candidate will do, now, let's get busy.
talkstraight: Sen Rand Paul calling out John Kerry on the War Powers Act, Obama’s Bombing in Libya, Providing…
Sen Rand Paul "Our Country is in need of a revival!"
Watching the hearing today, Sen John McCain, who couldnt even tell of how many homes he own during the elections, should never question any one else and should realize he lost the election, and Sen Rand Paul should take of his family before critize anytone else,
Sen Rand Paul how large is the State Department? Hush yourself please! Worse tragedy since 9/11--how about the decade long wars & no WMDs
Had a very productive meeting w/Sen Rand Paul today in my office to discuss strategy for our legislative agenda centered around private sector job creation. I look forward to testifying in Frankfort this session w/him
ALERT!! I was the first with the news re: Sen Rand Paul & 2016 two days before Politico reported it. Tonight on TheFive I have some HUGE news re: a course of action from a US Senator and Obama’s Executive actions on Guns!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sen Rand Paul is an *** The Revolutionary War was fought because we didn't want taxation w/o representation. Read a book, Randy!
Sen Rand Paul is a disgusting pig. Monarch? King? Is he talking to his Daddy? Screw your TBaggedness
The very weak protections for Americans that were added to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013 via an amendment that was introduced by Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Mike Lee, and supported by Sen Rand Paul, has been stripped by the NDAA conference committee. Even those weak protections are now gone. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America. Today, Rand Paul issued the following statement regarding the newly released NDAA conference report:
Kentucky Sen Rand Paul rated one of the dumbest congressmen.
90% of American agree with Sen Rand Paul, why doesn't it stop. Bill Nelson votes to continue sending foreign aid to evil regimes. Do you know how the vote went on this bill? What say yea on sending money we don't have to countries who do not share our values?
Sen Rand Paul calls out Egypt's muslim brotherhood president for failing to protect the embassy from mob on 9/11/12 -
.Everyone need to sign Sen Rand Paul's stop the UN Gun Control
Sen Rand Paul just said he would give all senior citizens the same healthcare as congress. isn't that what democrats wanted to give everyone before it got watered down?
I agree with Sen Rand Paul. They should read the bills they are voting to pass before the pass them.
I would have preferred Sen Rand Paul or Marco Rubio but can you imagine the debate with Joe Biden?
Double-plus good for Sen Rand Paul! Im happy that the Senator continues to thin (
Thanks everyone! Just returned from "Restoring Love" at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. I took Max and Coleman, wow what a show. Met Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, James Robertson, Michele Bachman, Monica Crowley, Deneen Borelli, Fr. Jonathan Morris, Timothy Ballard, Sen Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Sen Jim Demint just to name a few. BUT hearing the ringing of the "Liberty Bell" with my sons inside Cowboy Stadium was the best Birthday present anyone could hope for. Hearing that bell ring brings tears to your eyes, it was increditable!!
The FDA is expanding its power base beyond drugs to food and dietary supplements. Sen Rand Paul offered and amendment (amendment to Senate 3187, May 24, 2012) to prohibit the FDA from regulating food and dietary supplements and prohibit the FDA from carrying firearms and making arrests without warrants. The amendment was killed. Senators Alexander and Corker voted to kill the amendment. So, when you hear all that stuff on those commercials about how vigorously Sen Corker is fighting for us up in Washington, just remember, talk is cheap.
Reminds the crowd that Sen Rand Paul supports his race.
Arrogant Sen Rand Paul thinks he knows better than what's Constitutional, and isn't!
US Sen Rand Paul said that he intends to force the vote on aid to Pakistan on July 20, ''unless we get some satisfaction, unless this political prisoner is released.''
spoke the Sen Rand Paul office, he voted against to keep Govt out of it, I respect that, he is against GMO, says we need other solution.
Today on the show 230pRep Dennis Ross R-FL Oversight Cmte and Judiciary. 336pm Sen Rand Paul
Video: Sen Rand Paul on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Sunsteran - 05/30/12 (by SenatorRandPaul)
I have to pat Sen Rand Paul a pat on the back. He is introducing a bill next week that will cutoff all funding to Pakistan and make Dr. Shaki Afridi a US citizen and bring him and his family to the US. He is the doctor that received 33 years in jail, because he helped the CIA get Bin Laden. My question is were is the President? The president should be a leader and should have done this. Remember the President continues to spike that bin laden football especially in the swing states. That's how desperate he is. Also i have done some research about this film that will be coming out in Oct about how (HE) obama was so courageous in killing OBL, that the administration gave access to the producer to the seal team leader who's team completed the mission and could have given the producer sensitive or classified information. It is still being investigated at this time. All of this to make Obama look like a leader.
: Sen Rand Paul hits it out with his ideas on Pakistan and the money we try to buy them off with while they plot against US
Sen Rand Paul introduced a bill amendment that would reign in FDA abuses, mainly that of eliminating raids on...
Looks like a victory tonight in KY 4 GOP Primary for Sen Rand Paul, as his candidate Thomas Massie is winning
U.S. Sen Rand Paul endorses Thomas Massie in 4th Congressional District race; makes TV campaign ad for him.
Sen Rand Paul on Obama-what version of the bible is he reading--let me answer the black liberation theology.or Marxism.
I think that is why I think has to pick Sen Rand Paul to coalesce the south & the RP people, Rand is the future of GOP
Sen Rand Paul in Lost Wages for 3 days at Ballys in July
Sen Rand Paul was detained by TSA which directly violates the constitution TOP NEWS STORY DRUDGE REPORT INFOWARS TODAY
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