Semper Paratus & Air Force

Semper Paratus (Latin for Always Ready ) is the official march of the United States Coast Guard. An air force, also known in some countries as an air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. 4.7/5

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Posted by Lewis Eoff 10:44pm Mar 30 Folks I post this every night so get past it or enjoy! Put the hammer down and Let's rock! To all the Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Nephews and the general public that supports the Troops our thanks. We could not do it with out your support and you are the reason we all serve. To my fellow Service Members past, present and future: Army: "Hanc Defendemus (This We'll Defend)" Navy: "Non sibi sed patriae" (Not self but country)" Marines: "Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful)" Air Force: "Aim High - Fly, Fight, Win" USCG: "Semper Paratus (Always Ready)" Remember to keep your friends close, your enemy closer, guns clean and well oiled, edged weapons clean, sharp and well oiled and your powder dry! Show no mercy for you will receive none. Salute the Colors, Kneel before God, Live according to the Constitution, Support and respect the soldiers who fight and DIE for our way of life, Love your Family and fellow man. Then call yourself a Patriot! If you can't agr ...
The various branches of the military and many military units have mottos that sum up their missions. The slogans speak volumes about the character of the men and women who serve in uniform. Here are a few of the mottos—some official, some unofficial—of those who defend us. Army – This We’ll Defend Navy – Non sibi sed patriae (Not for self, but for country) Air Force – Above All Marine Corps – Semper Fidelis (Always Loyal) Coast Guard – Semper Paratus (Always Prepared) National Guard – Always ready, always there U.S. Military Academy (West Point) – Duty, Honor, Country U.S. Naval Academy – Ex Scientia Tridens (From Knowledge, Sea Power) U.S. Coast Guard Academy – Scientiae Cedit Mare (The sea yields to knowledge) Green BeretsDe Oppresso Liber (To liberate the oppressed) Army Rangers – Sua Sponte (Of Their Own Accord) and Rangers Lead the Way Army Corps of Engineers – Essayons (Let us try) Navy Seals – The only easy day was yesterday Seabees – Construimus, Batuimus (We B ...
Ok! We now move toward Memorial Day. That makes today Coast Guard Day. (tomorrow - Air Force, Saturday - Army, Sunday- Navy, Monday - Marines) If you know anyone who has served (or is serving) in the Coast Guard, give them our thanks today. Post their name if you would like, so we can thank them personally. Stand tall and let them know we appreciate their service to our great country!! So here's the Coast Guard battle song, We fight on land or sea. Through howling gale and shot and shell, To win our victory. "Semper Paratus" is our guide, Our pledge, our motto too. We're "Always Ready" do or die! Aye! Coast Guard we are for you! Now be seated!
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