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Semper Fi

Semper Fidelis is Latin for Always Faithful or Always Loyal .

God Bless Chesty Puller United States Marines Marine Corps Iwo Jima Marine Corps League

Thank you for all that you do. God Bless and Semper Fi! Thank you very much for the follow!
Mission of the Semper Fi Fund? To provide critically injured and ill service members from all branches of the Armed Forces with immediate f…
Semper Fi to the Marine and his family who perished in Iraq. Nephew is active Marine-Dad was in Korea. Semper Fi to all Corps members.
Marines march through SC on journey to support fallen service men Semper Fi!
Today marks 10th anniversary. Semper Fi, Raiders. Watch the full video:
Semper Fi: Three Marines with full packs march north on Highway 17 through Pawleys Island in rush hour traffic as...
Love the graphic. Semper Fi. Is this a another pic of Trump?
While at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Wednesday, had dinner with some great young Marines. Semper Fi
Officer Ashley Guindon, Marine vet, was honored today. She was killed Feb 27, in the line of duty. Semper Fi, Cpl.
If you pick General Mattis as your running mate, this election will be over before it starts. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi. For those who don't know who this is, this is Tug McGraw, father of
Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue. Thank a vet for their service! Semper Fi
Today is the anniversary of Iwo Jima. "Ira Hayes" and Semper Fi to my Teufel Hunde
My father was an Air Force career veteran, I was US Navy, my son joined USMC in Parris Island at age 26. Semper Fi. Go for it.
Dear Bill, .       The problem with being too busy to read ... Semper Fi, Mattis.
Semper Fi. When you look on Heaven scene you will see the Streets are guarded by United States Marines...HIS...
8552, Master Close Combat Training Instructor for Search and Rescue SF. Thanks for your service! Semper Fi
Happy Anniversary to the 2d Marine Division this month. Semper Fi.
You mean you didn't get a trophy for participating in USMC, thanks for your service...Semper Fi. Lived in Avery County, NC.
Well sir, be steady on the thumb and a double swirl on the single malt, it's going to be a rough 1 Semper Fi
United States Marines, Semper Fi!. United States Marine Corps Monument in Washington D.C. on Friday as snow falls.
Prayers & condolences for the tragic loss of these brave men. God Bless & keep your souls. . Semper Fi! . htt…
SEMPER FI Brother! Thanks for the follow, back at you!
Bucky, an incredible solider deserves this. His story speaks for every fallen soldier, marine, airman, and seaman Thank…
I will pray for you and your family. Semper Fi.
semper fi hello from Cleveland Ohio I am 62 yrs. so I am not hitting on you just wanted to tell you thank you and all military
Semper fi. {He gave a two finger salute and headed off in the other direction.}
I liked a video from Call Of Duty Campain semper fi w/ Unleashed Fury
The Marine Corps 0311's will now be coed. I pray this is done responsibly as infrantry life is unforgiving regardless of g…
*** of a year J.J.! All of Wisconsin is proud of you. Semper Fi
Thanks for listening and thanks for your service. SEMPER FI.
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Tks for following Welcome to The Truth Army. God Bless and remember Semper Fi Sgt. USMC DSGW
Thanks Derek. And thanks for you service. SEMPER FI.
Welcome back and semper fi home boy.
best times of my career. Felt like I had purpose more than handing out Motrin to the SLL. Semper Fi shipmate
when it comes to this nation the USMC phrase semper fi seems to fit you well
Thank you Marine! Semper FI Brother and I appreciate you're following! Right back to you!
When your friends put you on semper fi ✊🏾
We the People..!🇺🇸,Respect the Oath ! Article III, Semper fi Fidelis , Or I'll fight you forever, about USA !
The best feeling anyone can imagine is being called a United States MarineFi
Marines? I knew there was a reason I liked you... Semper Fi.
He's got semper fi tattooed on his left arm
One Veteran to another, Thank you for your service and sacrifice SSgt. Semper Fi.
He was more kind than me. . Sally gets jealous, photo of Sally. Semper Fi
thanks, goodnight patriot, Semper Fi. It's all I know
Excellent letter. Says out loud what many are thinking! Semper Fi 🇺🇸
Semper Fi! It was My AWESOME HONOR to Serve Our Great Nation as an Officer of Marines Commanded by a TRUE HERO!
Semper Fi, and thank him for his service, don't know how to do the oohrah correctly, my brother can though
thanks for following, and I followback vets,Christians, and Conservatives- God Bless and Semper Fi
Semper Fi till the day we Die brother
Amen to that and I would know.Semper Fi
a President who has courage to make a change not make things worse. May God Bless You for being a voice for us Semper Fi 😀👍🇺🇸
Semper Fi to you Hal, God Bless you, your family, our Corps, and the Unites States Military!
commit RB Amir Rasul talks in depth about the Noles, visits & big Semper Fi Bowl night
Hi Keith! Thank you as well! My father was also a Marine. Semper Fi! 🇺🇸
Thank God we have Rep's like you. Thanks for standing up for and Proud to know you. Semper Fi.
Im surprised that you feel that way, being a Marine...semper fi brother
Semper Fi: TCU Commit Isaiah Graham - South Carolina tried to sway him but TCU just felt like home to Louisiana...
Scout: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon, Texas represented as the best of the day at Semper Fi
Well same to you all in the U.S.M.C. and God Bless you. Semper Fi
A long read, but incredibly worth the time. . I'll never cut my hair. Ever!. Semper Fi.
Lance Corporal Travis Williams... His story of our fallen brothers that never got a chance to come home Semper Fi .
wanted to thank you for your time this morning to speak with me and let me get a photo. Semper Fi
nice pics, and I enjoy the picture of Chesty Puller on the wall. Semper Fi.
I prefer 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade - Locate, Close with and DESTROY!! Semper Fi!!
Fellow Marines sold out by Curtis John Roth 4 attention? No profit, only loss, Semper Fi. Dead site.
Much obliged, John. In my day we used to throwback a beer or two on Thursdays as well as most days. Semper Fi, Marine!
Happy Birthday to my fellow Marines! Semper Fi! (@ Jimmy's Old Town Tavern - in Herndon, VA)
My big brother, Ray, was a Marine at Khe Sahn. 1968. Field artillery guy. Took a round of 7.62 x 39mm to the elbow. Semper Fi!
Happy 240th Birthday We are honored to work with Semper Fi, the official magazine of the Marine Corps League.
Thank you Secretary for joining us at Cape Cod Veterans- Walter Reed Society event in Yarmouth. # Semper Fi
Semper Fi!! Just remember that it was the U.S. Marines who dealt with the Muslim Barbary Pirates.
HD 4131 invited to Marine Corps League ball to receive recognition for partnership. Semper Fi!
Semper Fi, Gunny & good morning Chesty Puller wherever you are!
Semper Fi. I'm an old retired Marine who was privileged to serve in Nam with 1st Force Recon. 100% S.C. Retired. God Bless
FYI: Fallout 4 releases on the United States Marine Corps' birthday! Semper Fi, Marines!
He's got the Red, White & Blue flyin high on the farm, Semper Fi tattooed on his left arm... he ain't prejudiced, he's just Made in America
Just graduated from MCRD Parris Island. Officially a United States MARINE. Best feeling in the world Semper Fi!
Louisiana Patriot keeps TYRANNY! at bay by shooting himself in the ankle while trying to holster his gun. Semper Fi.
One Marine's final sacrifice to save her children. Not an easy story to read: Semper Fi
this far right wing Southern Christian Marine wishes you good luck tonight. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi! As a Marine Officer & a Retired History Teacher I would go to this Teacher & Explain the 1st. Amend
Semper Fi, Marine. checkout Tears of an Assassin. Pre-Vietnam, recon Marines, CIA, snipers,
1945 The Battle of Iwo Jima. Remembering the Marines of Iwo Jima 70 years ago. Semper Fi
Semper Fi brothers, fair winds and following seas.
lmao! Semper Fi!! ."take me to the brig, i wanna see the REAL Marines!" ~ Chesty Puller
Semper Fi, to all my brothers and sisters! Ooh-Rah!
Semper Fi! RIP, sir. . I bet he's inspecting St Peter's Gates after checking in w Chesty Puller.
We will be bringing home Deputy Barry Sutton U.S.M.C. tomorrow. Killed by suicide bomber in Kabul,Afghanistan last Saturday. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi my Marine brother... May God forever bless all you love!
10% of sales goes to the Semper Fi fund. Hooray 2nd Amendment!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Semper Fi to this evening's groom Cpl. Patrick Anderson. Cpl. Anderson is pictured here with Il Villaggio...
I'm calling you to join me for the 240th United States Marine Corps birthday ball, guarantee you it will be fun. Semper Fi!
Best of luck to baseball alum '15 who begins Marine Corps boot camp this week. We are incredibly proud of you. Semper Fi!
From a Recon Marine (Ret.), Semper Fi!! I had the HONOR to be friends with Col. Robert Howard USA (Ret.) - Semper Fi
Warrior at rest. Semper Fi brother Staff Sgt. David Wyatt. You will never be forgotten.Salute.
& Central City Police Boosters Hosting in DTLA. Plenty of fun, rides and Marines. Semper Fi
Thanks... Semper Fi. My Deepest Gratitude goes to All Marines that have sacrificed so much. Condolences
To all Marines past and present; including my day, my brother and my son. Semper Fi!
Vern, I thank you always for the encouragement. As we'd say in the Marines, "Semper Fi!" :D [cheers]
Thanks! My thoughts are with your fellow Marines today. Semper Fi!
Any time...Semper Fi.from a family of Marines!
To me, Semper Fi and Hoorah take on on much more significant meaning. The Few...The Proud... The
If you look up you will see the United States Air Force providing cover for the Marines. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi! marines baseball hats by rapiddominance. . . .
Semper Fi is how Marines commonly say it though. That abbreviated form is fine.
Sounds like a blast. Love the Marines. Semper Fi.
The Marines are closing the books on this storied machine. Semper Fi!
Chattanooga Marine’s Message to Obama: You have done more Damage to this Country than Anyone via -Semper Fi
I knew Grayson Story when he was 6 years old. He wanted to be a Marine. Today he's a Lt.Col. in the USMC. Semper Fi!
Semper Fi! I'm an AF Vet surrounded by amazing Marines.
The Texas Roadhouse in Chattanooga, TN set a table for the four fallen Marines. RIP and Semper Fi. Merica.
Goodnight Chesty wherever you are. Goodnight Marines, Semper Fi. God Bless America. God protect the protectors. Hillar…
And Thank you for supporting my fellow Marines.. Semper Fi!
Semper Fi by Trace Adkins is such a good song 🇺🇸
Fly safely Semper Fi. Marines first service to declare new fighter operational. new shirt to support the Marines in Tennessee that were taken from us. Semper Fi, gentlemen!
Fellow Marines knockout 25 final push ups for their fallen comrade... Rest easy, we will take it from here. Semper Fi …
Thank you for sharing, Perry. . Welcome home, Marines. Semper Fi
Today I finally enlisted in the Marine Corps, and I'll be shipping off to boot camp on August 24th. Semper Fi!
back in the day, Marine Corps Regs, Doc Taylor (FMF)..Semper Fi my brother
Marine, I just want you to know that you can have dinner at my house anytime. Semper Fi, Brother.
Although not a personal loss. It's a loss for the Nation & my Marine Corps Family! We are all BROTHERS! Semper Fi!
Help reform the Marines tattoo policy by promoting this petition help keep the tradition alive. Semper Fi
though I'm not a marine, I feel the same Semper Fi
Great profile for "I'd rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone!" Yep. Bout sums it up. Semper Fi
RIP to the Marines who were killed by ISIS I may not be a Marine but I still serve alongside all branches. Semper Fi. Gone but not forgotten
Absolutely! Semper Fi ..however r u aware that obama made his Marine detail remove their ammo and gun bolts to guard him!!
Semper Fi, zip code 29456 if we are grouping up. Brothers and Sisters, I believe the chains are off.
Rest in peace my brothers. Thank you for serving. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi.
I'm a proud Marine Mom! Prayers to the four Marines and their families. We are one huge family. Semper Fi!
I didn't know your son is also a Gunnery Sergeant, David I've noticed the Marine/US flag on your lapel for years. Semper Fi!
Your a true Patriot!! Semper Fi! As a " Old time Marine 1950s. When are we going to stop reporting these events and go after
Header picture: In Memory of the fallen four Marine's. Semper Fi!
Sorry for your loss may out Marine RIP. Semper Fi
My prayers are with the families of our slain Marine brothers. May the Lord be with you ! Semper Fi
Deepest condolences to the families of the four United States Marines who were murdered today. Semper Fi
Just one thing for now sir: help me ID a real leader who can turn this country around & get him elected Semper Fi bb
Happy fourth of July ya'll! Semper Fi do or die goodnight Chesty Puller where ever you are.
Good Night Chesty Puller - wherever you all. Good night to you too Gina. God Bless-Semper Fi!
Semper Fi you ol' devil dog dad you
As a ARMY and Marine Corps Vet. I ask you. how many other actors today can say they served in the military. Semper Fi 1st Mar Div 88-92 3042
Howdy, Sammy. Thanks & mornin' to you too! You have a great day as well. Rain in the Bluegrass. Semper Fi!
Semper Fi Welcome Home also Gunny. Thanks for the follow and Obama's Hippy friends are starting up again Brother with our flag,
Congratulations, Marines. . Semper Fi. . Did someone remember to send this to General Kearney?
Sorry I've been inactive, its official November 2 is my bootcamp date. Yay. SEMPER Fi do or die.
Semper Fi & Welcome home, Bro! Thank you for the follow, Brother Marine
You got it Gunny. Proud to follow my Marines No matter if they are older or younger. Semper Fi!!!
Did the last tour of USS America 20 years ago as a TBolt. Sounds like they're talking about us. Semper Fi Marines!
hsdaustralia thanx for your support. Semper Fi via benwynkoop1
Semper Fi: Marine completes 32 years of service
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Thanks for your Leadership on and advocacy for Semper Fi
SEMPER FI. Hopefully one day I'll see you down range man.
Thanks for the cup . I wasn't necessarily talking to you, but.OK!. Check him out! Semper Fi!.
But need to keep trying. Semper Fi Gunny!
honored to be a Marine brother, Semper fi!
Yes thanks to the Raiders the Force Recon is the best there is today. OORAH! Welcome back Raiders. Semper Fi!
as the real deal ops manager at the Commissioned Officers' Club and Semper Fi Catering & Events!
Semper Fi back at you. Plz be honest. Do you really think HRC is right for the USA? All the scandals are not just a RW conspirency
Official invite to Semper Fi AA Game came today!
Motivating fact about - she served in the United States Marines. Semper Fi Ms. Kelly
I love how their apologetic press release was "uhh that's just like your opinion, semper fi, sci fi has no boundaries"
Semper Fi! MUST READ: How Hollywood legend Dale Dye earned the Bronze Star for heroism in Vietnam
please share my story of Marines in combat doing heroic things daily! Semper Fi
Hello, do you happen to have a coupon code, or any discount promotions for a 1 year Football subscription? Thank U -Semper Fi
Company came over be back later. Semper Fi till the day we Die
Little Giant Ladders
Extremely Humbled and Blessed to announce that I have committed to play in the Semper Fi All-American Game
Tony, the honor and privilege is all mine. Thank you and Semper Fi, Brother!
the already has an elite force, we're called Marines. Semper Fi
and the first Bernie Sanders sticker I've seen is on a Nissan Titan pickup with SC plates and a Semper Fi sticker.
Remember when? The HRC legacy lives on. Join a real army by enl;isting at Semper Fi.
Iwo Jima marine corp memorial gives chills every time u c it - raise the flag! Semper Fi
Stop whining when we make you do 1 or 2 minutes... :D
the story of flat Stanley is the story of America. Semper fi
angels of the battle field... the proud...the few! yeeehaw! Semper fi Oorah!
Last post for a while... I'll see you all on the other side. SEMPER FI
for a good as yourself? You are most welcome. Semper Fi bb
Amazing feats of endurance.. 4 - 5 minutes in a plank is no joke. This personal trainer, a former marine, just...
I wish my fallen brothers could be here to enjoy this beatiful day of fishing.. Semper Fi Marines
It’s the job of every U.S. to adapt, to adjust, and to over come. Semper Fi, Ooo Rah. Get it done.
Howdy "C". Looks like you had a busy night. Hang in there girl, you're awesome. :) Enjoy your night. God Bless/Semper Fi!
18 more days and I'll be signing papers to the US Marine Corps Semper Fi till I die,
You are a good human being, I appreciate you. Semper friend
OUTSTANDING thank you for your service SEMPER FI
I got mine end of 2008! Good luck future war dogs Semper Fi
Thanks for the follow, but more importantly thanks for your service to our great country, patriot. Semper Fi. Back to you.
Semper Fi - Latin for Always faithful and that's just not to the corps 💯 don't let him go 🇺🇸
Thank you for the follow. Honored. Semper Fi!
And this is what a *** moment looks like, Jk. kill it at boot camp Devon. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi comment is sad.You're conflating 2 issues not related to each other. Armstrong=loyal to NV & US, not a tax pledge.
semper fi Marine I salute you another one America's Heroes on
tell your Thomas from one marine to another semper fi
My hardest goodbye yet. Kick *** in boot camp bro. Can't wait to see you there! Semper fi brother 🇺🇸
Semper Fi does not mean anything to him
Learn some tips on how to hold plank pose from George Hood who just set a new world record of 5 hours 15 minutes...
CJ, check into using "Periscope"! It's awesome and a lot of news channels are using it!. Semper Fi,. Russ
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
MT Recon compete for fallen brothers and the families left behind. Semper Fi.
Former Marine officer breaks world plank record to benefit Semper Fi fund:
Semper Fi! . Honoring my Father today... And always, I miss you so very much. Korean Conflict.
TY for the props... Enjoy Memorial Weekend. Thanx for your service. All gave some, some gave all Semper Fi
Honor the Fallen. LCpl. Matthew Determan died Tues. from injuries sustained during the Osprey mishap Sun. Semper Fi
Semper Fi brother ! What part of Louisiana you from. I grew up on black bayou north of Shreveport near Vivian and Caddo lake
. He only has an open ear to VALERIE JARRETT. HEAD MUZZIE. SEMPER FI
Come on Washington D.C., bring this Marine home now! Semper Fi, Amir!
Semper fi my friend. Obama should be required to go into the fight as commanderless in chief. Then he's understand.
When you hate gun violence, but George Zimmerman gets shot in the face.
Semper Fi! Thank you for your service. My 16 y/o is headed to the Marines after school. So proud!
Welcome to the Semper FI Society at IU Bloomington! This is our first post and we'll soon be up and running here at the university.
*secretly cries inside after remembering Semper Fi* 😭
Matthew Hoh: “I will no longer pay taxes for war”. That’s SEMPER FI! to your faith, to your conscience, to yourself.
We have to get rid of our Islamic sympathizer President and start supporting the American way! Semper Fi !
Semper Fi! I can Feel My Brothers Beside me I don't even need to Look to make Sure! God Bless
You did, sir. It just came across as beneath a Marine & tenured patriot. Semper Fi, ~Atis.
ICYMI Please check out "People Trust Their Lying Ears More Their Brain" at Thank you & Semper Fi
Enough stalling, bring our citizens home from Iran! Semper Fi, Amir.
Memories start flooding my mind. How could this happen? Our group will never be the same. RIP my dear friend SEMPER FI
. Semper Fi Drew. I love the models, all beautiful.
viabledigital thank you for your support. Semper Fi via benwynkoop1
thank you for your support. Semper Fi
Semper Fi stay faithful God is with you (bow)
Semper Fi stay strong God remove Satan every time friends go it means either u meet him her for reasonlesson.
Is that Squaw Peak in Phoenix. Been there, done that. Semper Fi!.
Saw you in Bakersfield sat night, you were amazing!! Was hoping you would have sang Semper Fi as it has deep meaning to me
Thanks Tom. Following you also. Thanks for serving. Semper Fi!
Thank you Devil Dog! Guy knows nothing about Marines. We fight for each other first. Semper Fi
;Thank You for your service and for the follow! SEMPER FI and Welcome Home!
As the day comes to a close, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM'S. Tomorrow is Military Monday . God Bless you all. Semper Fi
Hope all have a motivating day, Oohrah and Semper Fi!
As a fellow I knew who was a Marine Corps Chaplain used to say, "Adonai is Semper Fi." :)
I wasn't familiar with the phrase, "Semper Fi", the motto of the US Marine Corp. Thanks for making the correction.
1 Former Marine who will stand with and protect Pamela and free speech. Semper Fi !
Why Pres. Obama's decision to nominate Gen. Joseph Dunford as next chairman of is a very good move - T. Donnelly
First chapter is on me: Come see what all the talk is about! Amazon $2.99 paperback also available. Semper Fi
We need more men like Mike SALUTE SEMPER FI! You will not be forgotten.
He is one of my brothers. Semper Fi.
“It means this production sticks extremely closely to the original” - Thanks, Adam … semper fi (lol)
Since I can't copy and get Semper Fi on my forearm think I'll get this
Remember it were the NCO's who decided I was to be an Officer!!! Semper Fi! God Bless My Brother!!
This means something to me: FOCUS Marines Foundation - "The Lodge". Semper Fi.
Classroom so hot someone asked if we in Africa 💀
> Semper Fi my friend > FUTURE Legends soon will be recognized.YOU know the drill. > > Bennie
Us Air Force SP's took the same oath. Count this DV in where ever you need him. Semper Fi Brother.
.and heartbreaking. These dogs truly are "Always Faithful - Semper Fi".
what a class act David . Semper Fi !
May is I want to thank the men and women of our military for their service. Semper Fi.
On 05/05/95 i proudly stood on those yellow footprints of & became a man. Thank you USMC, you changed my life …
Happy birthday to a real hero, Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy. Thank you for living John 15:13 for us. Rest easy & Semper Fi!
wish you were gonna be the next president. I could rest easy that the USA is in good hands. Semper Fi sir.
Semper Fi!! Thank you brother for the follow and for your service!
LMFAO messing w Daniella is the funniest
2 months til I return to USMC OCS! Here's a of repping the Marine Corps! Semper Fi, Richie!!
When your groupchat just trys to corrects every message i send 😤
I bought two for two of my grandsons - they were absolutely delighted with th…
A Marine Gen. under this admin. still impotent, no matter how great a soldier he is.. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi do or die. The mission must …
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Semper Fi do or die. The mission must be completed
Semper Fi,Lance Corporal you are a brave son of a -.
Love that ! God Bless all the devil dogs active and retired! Semper Fi
sure, that's the fastest way to get singled out. Not trying to do all that. Semper Fi
MT BATTLING BULLIES WORLD-WIDE SINCE1775. A lovely young lady on her first date. Semper Fi, Sergeant. http:…
We here at Uncle Sam love our United States of America! God Bless the Marines,Navy,Army and Air force! Semper Fi~ Kill ISIS or Die!
Hey Bat Boy Thanks for your service, Like the Gadsden Flag and hope your feeling well. Semper Fi
You defined well, the Marine Corps motto to those unfamiliar with the Latin, "Semper Fidelis," commonly spoken of as Semper Fi.
Semper Fi = Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful = Not just a catchy motto but a Marine's way of life. For all of us, UR VERY WELCOME
To watch Hoosiers one night and then Heartbreak Ridge a couple nights later is truly great. Semper Fi
GM Sgt My pleasure and will always be, God Bless 🙏 ❤ Semper Fi 🌟
Will pass the detail back to get it checked. Hope your day gets better.
Doesn't feel like it - off the train now but was roasting.
In theory it should regulate itself once the doors are shut - is that not the case.
When are you going to turn the heating off on the 07:24 from EUS - its so hot, just in a t shirt and sweating like crazy!!
Hope all is well. Glad you cheated death again. Semper Fi,
Curt Schilling takes on daughter's cyberbullies | I can imagine the praise Curt is receiving. Semper Fi.
tell him Semper Fi from a marine mom
just don't let it go to your head, we still need you! SEMPER FI!
Semper Fi Marine and please share my story of Marines in combat Afghanistan 2009
Semper Fi is the Marine Corps motto. It means Always Faithful! 😀
Walk down memory lane with Semper Fi and listen to my interview.
no! cheese gave us one of the greatest quotes: *** yall some semper fi muhf*s, huh? Where cheese go to enlist?"
Semper Fi do or die all for one one for all 🇺🇸
LOL - I'm about to kick him out. Sweet Dreams to you too. Good night. :) Semper Fi!
Glad you have the night off. Hope the lil SOB has your spot all warm for ya. Sweet dreams! Semper Fi!
reminisce them days much? A USMC hashtag will take you back to even the excited poolee days. Semper Fi!
Here's to leathernecks, devil dogs, and jar heads, Paris island in July.. Semper Fi🎧🎶
Face of a warrior. Not a racist or a bigget, but a true American Hero! SEMPER FI, Brother!
Respect you! My Nephew was a Marine who went to Afghanistan! Semper Fi!
Finally - good news. I'm doing the same thing. Enjoy the night and have fun. God Bless - Semper Fi! :)
Hazard: 'We are top of the table and we want to stay there.'
Lol almost lights out for me. I get up at 4:30 I'll talk to you tomorrow ! SEMPER FI
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