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Selma Blair

Selma Blair (born Selma Blair Beitner; June 23, 1972) is an American actress who has worked in film, theatre and television.

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Best in Drag Show sets Selma Blair, Dylan McDermott and Holland Taylor for judges table
- Legally Blonde's Matthew Davis had a crush on Selma Blair, Matthew, 39, played...
Emma Roberts, Selma Blair, Busy Phillips and Kate Mara have all worn these Madewell jeans
Mom and Dad: Nic Cage is still 100% sex. Selma Blair is astounding. Great tension, laughter, and performances all a…
Selma Blair and share sweet Legally Blonde throwback photo
If you are a proud instead of being a proud as Liz Sherman(Selma Blair) from Hellboy said...
loved they kept you on screen, I could watch you all day. Selma Blair needs to play you in the Trump impeachment movie.
I'd like to submit Selma Blair & Olivia Thirlby to the Midnight Society in a movie abou…
Can you afford your first glimpse of Selma Blair as Kris Jenner on FX's American Crime Story: The People Who Are Cleaning Up West Baltimore
Selma Blair and her silver fox beau Ron Carlson go for a spin
This is such a trigger for that scene in Cruel Intentions where Sarah Michelle Gellar makes out with Selma Blair an…
in his first leading role, as well as Judy Greer, Selma Blair, Dallas Roberts, Chris Messina, Fred Armisen, Brian Baumgartner, and
Excited to channel my inner Selma Blair in Legally Blonde though
if Selma Blair, Jennifer Coolidge or Holland Taylor show up in any of these snaps I'm going to die 😵😵
See what Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Ali Larter wore to the 'Legally Blonde'…
Selma Blair apologizes, explains bizarre in-flight outburst: report
Hol up. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair are shooting a movie in Louisville?
AND it's that case she didn't read on the first day and Selma Blair shows her up in class but she actually got the answer wrong.
I have very little faith that I'll ever find someone. I've had some bad luck and I've made s...
Selma Blair's ranking is 963. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
Selma Blair with son who is wearing the ANTHONY's in red.
35mm Slide of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Selma Blair at the premiere of Existenz. 19
I'm one of those hovering mothers and I know it's really important to have an independent ch...
I'm open to anything. I would love to play someone completely off the wall.
If I get married, it's something you really have to work at. It's hard enough to work at hav...
In high school I would mess with my hair and makeup all the time.
Can we show Selma Blair some support after her outburst"
I think Vegas is the answer for pregnant people because of insomnia. I...
God knows, I never want to hurt someone's feelings.
Selma Blair and the Art of the Celebrity Apology
I'm flatchested, I'm short, I'm brunette, I have droopy eyes, and so p...
Selma Blair from The Perfect Man stars in Lost in Translation about a blue Records manager named Janmarie
I used to wear a lot of red lipstick and when I got a pimple I'd cover it up with eyeliner to turn it into a beauty mark - Selma Blair
My sister, I have a sister who's 12 years older, she was always the pa...
I don't have the pressure of being a world-famous bombshell that has d...
5 days in and Selma Blair has definitely made herself at home. She's so sweet and full of funny…
Hot pics for Castle's Stana Katic Selma Blair in Feast of Love
Selma Blair is at her best when she looks like she's slept in her makeup.
Selma Blair enjoys a snack and soda as she and a friend stroll around LA with her little dog
The classic *** kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions
I don't always know how to communicate. I think I get a bit unfiltered...
I put my foot in my mouth every time I'm interviewed.
Selma Blair, Jason Segel, Jamie Pressley, Donald Faison, Breckin Meyer, Eric Balfour, what's her name from Sabrina, and other Sitcom ppl
I have always liked Selma Blair as an actress and this was a mistake. She shouldn't be too *** herself.
Selma Blair's ex speaks out after the actress' outburst
Actress carried off plane on stretcher after weird outburst: FOX: Selma Blair was reportedly removed from a D...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Selma Blair ‘very Sorry’ About Plane Meltdown. Actress Selma Blair has apologized to passengers and crew who witne…
Selma Blair apologizes, admits to mixing pills and booze. I hope she isn't covering up the abuse
Selma Blair "filled with shame" after shock plane outburst: . The actress, 43, said she'd mixed alcohol with medication on the flight...
Comfort: Selma Blair was comforted by two nurses (above) aboard a Delta flight after she lost c…
According to the news, Actress Selma Blair has lost her mind. Some people have all the luck.
Selma Blair gets visit from mystery man who brings flowers after 'actress was ... -
Selma Blair Roofied Herself On A Plane Or Something: Selma Blair was pulled off a flight ...
Selma Blair reportedly removed from flight.
Selma Blair removed from plane following ‘outburst’
Selma Blair carried off plane in stretcher 8:22AM
Selma Blair -- The Calm Before the Flight (PHOTOS): Selma Blair was the picture of serenity over the weekend ...…
Selma Blair -- Outburst on Flight ... Removed by Stretcher via
Selma Blair removed from plane following 'outburst'.
Actress Selma Blair has a mental breakdown about someone sexually torturing h…
I'd rather you get involved with this, rather than Blac Chyna. via
has outburst on plane. What do you think triggered it?
Rumors of me and Selma Blair are not true.
Selma Blair removed from flight after strange outburst
Selma Blair reportedly had a creepy, pill-fueled meltdown on a plane.
Selma Blair -- Outburst on Flight ... Removed by Stretcher: Selma Blair was taken off a Delta flight Monday…
Olomoinfo: Selma Blair removed from plane on a stretcher afte...
Selma Blair removed from plane on a stretcher after outburst
Selma Blair Has a clean disco that loves butts
may have induced unconscious traumas."He burns my private parts..he's going to kill me."ht…
Selma Blair: The Calm Before the Flight Is this the sign of a bigger issue or a simple mistake?
Selma Blair suffers breakdown on Delta flight, rushed to hospital: report
Selma Blair reportedly removed from flight on a stretcher following alleged outburst:
Actress Selma Blair was on a flight with her 4-year-old son when she allegedly had a concerning outburst on...
Selma Blair ‘carried off plane on a stretcher after worrying mid-air outburst’
Actress Selma Blair removed from airplane on a stretcher via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Selma Blair was reportedly hospitalized after experiencing a mid-flight outburst.
Selma Blair is taken off flight after yelling ‘he’s going to kill me’
not sure if anyone corrected you but Selma Blair wasn't in any of the scream movies or party of five! That was Neve Campbell
SNAP: Actress carried off plane after outburst...
What was up with Selma Blair that got her kicked off a flight? knows! You Need To Know
Selma Blair finds the perks of being an older, single mom
Selma Blair 'carried off plane on stretcher while travelling with son Arthur after mixing…
Selma Blair 'taken off plane on stretcher after mixing wine and meds' via
.carried out of LAX bound flight by stretcher after bizarre behavior
Selma Blair carried out of Delta flight after bizarre behavior - - may have mixed medication with alcohol
Be Informed: 'He beats me. He's going to kill me': Selma Blair ...
Selma Blair removed from plane following 'outburst'
Can we show Selma Blair some after her meltdown? via
I literally see Selma Blair every week but miss Haley James Scott by minutes. also, note to self: avoid the cameras
Watching the movie loving it so far . Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci, Selma Blair, Courtney Cox and Mira Sorvino 💖 🎥 🎬
Three's Company is turning into a movie?! Ryan Reynolds, Selma Blair, Anna Farris. Done.
I finished Courtney B. Vance finishes as the MVP. Selma Blair was the LVP, I thought she was completely miscast.
Selma Blair on a date with David Foster who was married to Linda Thompson ex of Bruce Jenner, who married Kris Jenner, who Selma Blair plays
I mean, you can't go wrong with Selma Blair, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe and SMG.
Aside from the fact that I can't separate her from Selma Blair... Olivia Williams is pretty amazing in MAPS TO THE STARS
American Crime Story Actress Selma Blair, 43, is more than just a silver-screen talent. The brunette beauty engaged in a series of twists
Selma Blair plays the perfect Kris Kardashian in The People vs. OJ
The beautiful and funny Selma Blair does coffee with on
ooh an ACS web series starting Selma Blair
If there's 2 actresses I love that definitely don't appear enough, it's Ali Larter and Selma Blair. Always funny and always talented.
I'm just moving a little slow today due to the news that David Foster and Selma Blair went on a date
wait, it’s Selma Blair that JoF is a fan of. My bad.
I liked a video Selma Blair DSTMS promo: Curly or Straight?
I liked a video Selma Blair on DSTMS: Curly or Straight?
David Foster Was Spotted on a Date with Selma Blair and You Won't Believe Who Joined
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Seeing a photo of Selma Blair and genuinely thinking Kylie Jenner looks good today. 🙈
Report: spotted on dinner date with (and
I was mostly kidding but thanks! Selma Blair is uncanny. But Courtney is still the BEST.
Selma Blair in frayed jeans shorts while stopping by a convenience store in LA -
Selma Blair is equally gorgeous in this movie. Her eye make up is on point. 😍😍😍
I liked a video Webby Award for DSTMS (guest: Selma Blair)
David Foster spotted on a date with Selma Blair! We wonder how Yolanda feels about that?
David Foster and Selma Blair Spotted on Dinner Date (and Caitlyn Jenner Joined!): ... and he and estra...
David Foster & Selma Blair spotted on dinner date (and Caitlyn Jenner joined!)
one ep so far... Connie Britton/Selma Blair combo at funeral was like seeing the face of *** god.
Travolta, Diane Ladd, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Selma Blair, Bob Costas, Ross...this show knows how to appeal to a demographic
The only time I didn't mind seeing yt ppl kiss is the scene of Cruel Intentions with Sarah Michelle Gellar & Selma Blair
The People Vs OJ Simpson star Selma Blair steps out for pamper session. via
Selma Blair steps out for the first time since the dramatic and gripping butchered accusation on ...
Your eye makeup just got sexier, thanks to this trick stolen from Selma Blair:
The Connie Britton as Faye Resnick/Selma Blair as Kris Kardashian scene at Nicole's funeral is the greatest scene in telev…
Cool that Ryan Murphy re-used his old Coven wardrobe for Connie Britton and Selma Blair.
Selma Blair & Connie Britton looked like a scene from Death Becomes Her.
Selma Blair and Ex-husband Ahmet Zappa and Their son: via
worth it just for Connie Britton and Selma Blair and their hats tbh
Everything that Ryan Murphy touches is trash, but I'd watch a whole season of Selma Blair as Kris Jenner gossiping at her friend's funerals
Connie Britton as Faye Resnick & Selma Blair as Kris Jenner. God bless you, Ryan Murphy
1- Last we heard from Selma Blair was what? That movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar & Ryan Philippe ?
Selma Blair yelling at kourtney and khloe at the funeral like I get it Ryan Murphy you made another show about the kardashians lol
📷 crfashionbook: In our upcoming issue, Actress Selma Blair opens up about playing Kris Jenner in Ryan...
Connie Britton AND Selma Blair? Well, I'll try to watch this OJ Simpson series if I can.
.on I would like to see it. My mom and Selma Blair have become good friends.
Reese Witherspoon shared this amazing Legally Blonde throwback with Selma Blair:
Please enjoy this epic flashback photo of and
Actress, @ Selma Blair with a male friend in West Hollywood
Buy Miche Bag Online!
By Aaron Couch, David Schwimmer and Selma Blair play Robert and Kris in the FX drama more...
Selma Blair, 43, gives her positive endeavor of $1.1 Million by opting an Oscar De La Renta Dress at Los Angeles
Check out the latest looks from Diane Kruger, Michelle Monaghan,Laverne Cox, Selma Blair, Allison Williams & more at
Momager: Selma Blair was spotted with co-star David Schwimmer on the Los Angeles set of their upcomi
David Schwimmer and Selma Blair as Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner is legit one of my favourite things to ever happen
Selma Blair is playing Kris Jenner in American Crime Story... cool
The fact that David Schwimmer is playing Robert Kardashian and Selma Blair is playing Kris K on ACS gives me life
See Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and the Rest of the 'Legally Blonde' Cast Then and Now
Remember Elle Wood's best friends Margot and Serena in See them now here:
Selma Blair dines out with son Arthur during break from OJ Simpson drama
*** is with Selma Blair's chest in this pic?!
The receptionist at Holland Secretary of State looks so much like Selma Blair.
OMG! There was a major reunion last night that you've just gotta see:
Selma Blair to instantly improve your day
We're still smiling at the Cruel Intentions ladies reuniting
Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar re-created their famous cinematic kiss
Searching for the perfect bohemian summer dress? Look no further.
The cast of reunited last night... and yes, they recreated THAT kiss:
Selma Blair bumps into Amy Adams while shopping in LA following Cruel Intentions reunion with Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sons of Anarchy's Kenneth Choi plays Judge Lance Ito in Ryan Murphy's series American Crime Story with Selma Blair as Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner and Selma Blair meet face to face before the actress plays her in "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson."
Great to have Actress Selma Blair for
I really like this casting! Selma Blair is a good actress. Maybe it will be watchable? via
Sarah Michelle Geller wearing all black with Selma Blair in all pastels. SUBTLE filmmakers. So subtle.
These first photos of Selma Blair as Kris Jenner are incredible! Can you say twins?!
I've heard it looks like the OJ Simpson case. With Selma Blair playn Kris Jenner.
Foto: Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar on the red carpet after winning Best Kiss for Cruel Intentions...
Selma Blair is a dead ringer for Kris Jenner on the set!
Kris Jenner approves of Selma Blair portraying her ...
Selma Blair as Kris Jenner seems like perf casting tbh
Cuba goofing jr? Nah don't see it. Don't ppl know how to cast? Selma Blair resembles Marcia Clark in that pic!
I heard tale that they r gonna do the OJ Simpson trial & that Selma Blair has been cast to play Kris Jenner..who killd Matt
First Look: Selma Blair and David Schwimmer as Kris Jenner and Robert ... - People Magazine
Met the gorgeous Selma Blair last night who is going to play me in the television series American…
David Schwimmer playing Robert Kardashian in OJ movie. I will watch anything with live-action Ross:
Schwimmer & Blair 'American Crime Story' Photos. 1 transition while being brought back to life.
Holy twin alert, Batman! See the first photos of Selma Blair as Kris Jenner:
Selma Blair as Kris Jenner on set of American Crime Story via Looking forward to this show!
Check out the first pics of David Schwimmer & Selma Blair as Robert Kardashian & Kris Jenner!
Please say someone else finds the concept of David Schwimmer and Selma Blair playing Robert Kardashian Sr. and Kris Jenner absolute ***
Ron Pearlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones as the voice actors. Really well animated too.
Because awesome~ It's got Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaaks, Johnny Knoxville, & Selma Blair in it :3
I added a video to a playlist Selma Blair - Grocery Shopping at Ralph's in Studio City - April 2015
Selma Blair in seasonal ensemble as she enjoys some time wi... . |
THAT is AMAZING. And Selma Blair would be a perfect Madame Hydra. Perfect casting is perfect.
Selma Blair grocery shopping at ralph in Studio City -
Selma Blair Stops by Ralph's in Studio City April 28-2015 x22
Selma Blair stops by ralph in Studio City april 28 2015 x22 -
Selma Blair takes her adorable son Arthur out in LA.
Selma Blair gives her Saint a sweet smooch ::
... this is without a doubt one of the coolest kid around! Selma Blair with her son Arthur who is wearing his...
We love stylish kids. Even better, the moms that can appreciate good quality, well designed product. Selma Blair...
Hands-on mama smooches her son, gushes about joys of -
Selma Blair welcomes spring in seasonal ensemble as she enjoys some quality time with son Arthur
yeah I think Selma Blair played the girl she was with
wish she came out dressed as Selma Blair in A Dirty Shame tbh.
Selma Blair goes shopping with son Arthur who sports his ow... . |
Greta Scacchi in "The Coca-Cola Kid"... not ashamed to admit I had something of a thing for Selma Blair, also
. 3. Scarlett Johansson in The Island. 4. Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions. 5. Greta Scacchi in anything.
From Actress Selma Blair:. "I love Chris Henze for being the man and father he is to make such a beautiful movie...
All purpose parts banner
Donna D’Errico and Xena the warrior princess and Liv Tyler and Selma Blair. All combined in a timeless little black dress by
you mean Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions!! Now that was seriously hot 🔥🔥
This is an old Gap commercial I did with the very cool Selma Blair that has a twisted, fun Xmas vibe. Enjoy.
Dwayne Cameron (born 28 October 1981) is a New Zealand film actor, writer, director, producer and fine arts painter and sculptor. He is perhaps best known for playing the lead roles of Bray on the teen drama series The Tribe and Tyzonn in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, and recurring lead roles in Street Legal, The Cult, Mercy Peak, Shortland Street and Legend of the Seeker and lead roles in feature films Nice Package, The Locals and Desired. Biography[edit] Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Cameron began painting and sculpting at the age of 6 years old. He began acting professionally at 12 when he appeared in a nationally syndicated commercial for Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Within three years, he had landed his first role in the American television movie Amazon High where Cameron played the boyfriend of Selma Blair. Two years later, he guest starred alongside "William Shatner in A Twist in the Tale. The series was produced in Wellington by Cloud Nine, the same company who would cast him in the lead ro ...
I would ecstatic if we could get a third Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Seth MacFarlane & Jeffrey Tambor for 1 last ride...
But still, the Sarah Michelle Gellar necking off on Selma Blair. cinematic history!
Happy birthday! Celebrities Randy Jackson, Jason Mraz, and Selma Blair have the same bday as you!
it's super messed up. Great cast- Selma Blair, Reese Witherspoon, and that hot guy who's name I can't remember Lolo
I need a movie featuring Jennifer Coolidge, Selma Blair, Georgia King & Anna Faris. IDK what it would be called but it would be glorious!
Cute book,but c'mon Selma Blair, being "super honest" re:parenting w/ your white clothes/sheets...& a toddler.HA!
Among the "hot singles" that this popup is trying to sell me, are Amy Dumas, Selma Blair and the woman from Wifeys World. SOMEBODY'S lyin'.
Other things that confuse me about Cruel Intentions: why is the role of Cecile played by Jim Carey played by Selma Blair?
Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair have joined the cast of Amazon's comedy pilot Really. Get the details:
have you watched that movie with her and Christina Applegate and Selma Blair?!?!
The SoundScape Cinema Series screens free films on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall at the New World Center’s ExoStage, corner of 17th Street and Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Movies usually are at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays but there are also some films on Thursdays. The new season begins Oct. 2, 2013 and will continue through May 28, with a break for the winter holidays. Upcoming films: Jan. 29: TO CATCH A THIEF (1955), Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 2ith Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Feb. 5: LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (2002). Directed byPeter Jackson, with Elijah Wood and Ian McKellan. Feb. 12: LINCOLN (2012). Directed by Steven Spielberg, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field. Feb. 13 (Thursday): MARY POPPINS (1964). Directed by Robert Stevenson, with Julie Andrews and *** Van *** Feb. 19: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (2012). Directed by Joss Whedon, with Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof. Feb. 26: HELLBOY (2004). Directed by Guillermo del Toro, with Ron Perlman and Selma Blair. March 5: PACIF ...
FACT before accepting the role of Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar was also up for the part of Sabrina Spellman in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. In landing Buffy Summers, she beat out Selma Blair and Katie Holmes, who both ended up on other WB shows — Dawson’s Creek and Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane. (Blair also got to be the voice on the phone when Gellar is murdered in Scream 2, which is a consolation prize, I think.) Gellar initially auditioned for Cordelia, but Whedon and company felt she would make a better Buffy. Good choice. ~ Faith
This Afternoon's Movie: Hellboy @ 5.55pm on Fox Movies Premium. Stars: Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Selma Blair. Hellboy is a 2004 American supernatural superhero film and is based on the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Hellboy. A demon, raised from infancy after being conjured by and rescued from the Nazis, grows up to become a defender against the forces of darkness.
today in 2000 - It was opening day for Down to You in the U.S. The flick is a comedy with Freddie Prinze Jr., Julia Stiles, Selma Blair and Shawn Hatosy.
What I think about Jennifer Lawrence ( American Hustle) winning over Lupita Nyong'o ( 12 Years a Slave ) last night... = I first saw Jennifer Lawrence in the 2008 indie movie..."The Poker House"...which was her first movie role. I remember watching it...because, number one, I am ALWAYS here for "independent" films and I am ALWAYS here for Selma Blair...and the fact that Bokeem Woodbine was also starring in it...intrigued me to no end...I remember watching the credits roll at the beginning of the film film and becoming delighted when I saw that one of my favorite actresses Lori Petty had directed the movie...and that the movie was written by her and David Alan Grier, who also starred in it!!! I mean, the movie was as RANDOM as RANDOM can get...I won't give you a summation of the movie...because the movie should be experienced...and appreciated...I will tell you that the harrowing movie was based on Lori Petty's life...and I gained so much respect from the fact that she has been able to overcome a truly h . ...
Random trivia - Sarah and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., have BOTH locked lips with Selma Blair in a movie. You already know which Sarah movie, but Freddie shared a kiss with Selma in the romantic comedy, Down to You. -buffy
It's fun to go to the movies and be scared. ~Selma Blair
Netflix has tricked us all into paying $7.99 a month for movies we've never heard of starring Selma Blair that went straight to video.
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions could get 11 good strokes, Selma Blair too... especially when they were making out
Just watched for the first time. Amusing, but not great. Selma Blair didn't seem particularly interested in what she was doing.
Watching Scream 2 and I had to stop and think about how much the casting would have to cost if they were to shoot it now with the same people: Jada Pinkett Smith, Omar Epps, Heather Graham, Neve Campbell, Liev Schreiber, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joshua Jackson, Timothy Olyphant, Jamie Kennedy, Jerry O'Connell, Courteney Cox, Rebecca Gayheart, Portia de Rossi, David Arquette, Tori Spelling, Luke Wilson, Adam Shankman, Selma Blair, Wes Craven, Matthew Lillard.
Selma Blair gets festive in her red Helena Quinn wrap coat!
- very good - or sexy for that matter. I do however like Selma Blair. And these days, also Reese Whitherspoon.
Think I will watch In Their Skin tonight Starring Selma Blair among others, heard good things about it.
see Selma Blair in a black leather jacket out in Studio City.
Pregnant Selma Blair In An Accident - UninjuredSelma Blair, who is expecting her first child, met with an accident...
selma blair supposed to be playing Pat Benatar?
Ouch, good luck! I heard that even Selma Blair couldn't save that.
look for the gap commercial form a couple of years ago with and Selma Blair
do u think Chandler should've just gone for it w/ Selma Blair merry Christmas
I would like to spend Christmas Eve with Selma Blair's voice.
You talk a lot and while I was tagging you I almost tagged Selma Blair.
Cruel Intentions is the movie lol There's a part where he goes down on Selma Blair and he does the alphabet on her lady ;P
so much of Jason's interviews were about Selma Blair. So sweet/gross.
How are Selma Blair's eyebrows even possible? Dammit woman, you're making the rest of us look bad!
Charlie Sheen is disgusting like the things he says about Denise Richards and Selma Blair and he SHOT A WOMAN
FAMOUS FIREPLACE. The smaller sitting room of Actress Selma Blair's home in West Hollywood has a modern fireplace...
*NO USA* Selma Blair and Arthur are serenaded by Christmas Carolers in Studio City, CA
Found out that Selma Blair is in Hellboy and I'm done with it shes so annoying and she clearly thinks she's just great
$TFM Selma Blair and son Arthur munch on fresh produce at the farmers market
I had a dream about you last night. You me and Selma Blair were trying to save Rich's cats
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Wahey! Selma Blair's son is starting early
this Season is grey and thanks for kicking Selma Blair out
especially after he kicked out Selma Blair
Is it strange Selma Blair is actually my favorite actress.
I'm giving away: Pop Cardz Selma Blair Card Check it out -
Talking comedy and blockbusters with
And Selma Blair is Russell's cousin married to Hugh Jackman step-brother to keira knightley
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I just scored 727 playing Selma Blair Quiz on IMDb -
I love the movie Cruel Intentions. I Always enjoy that kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
so I guess Selma Blair and Neve Campbell are not the same person
Watching Can't Hardly Wait on this lazy Sunday, I realized 3 things: 1) Peter Facinelli has not made it far in his career - he's gone from the 1998 teen flick Can't Hardly Wait... to the 2013 teen flick Twilight. 2) Every big teen star from the 90s makes an appearance in this movie including Melissa Joan Jart, Robin Tunney, Selma Blair and that token 90s Asian chick, with the exception of the rest of the cast of "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and Alicia Silverstone and Matthew Lillard (probably cause Freddie Prinze Jr. wasn't in it). I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt really wanted all the attention on her. 3) It's Saturday today.
Selma Blair and Ivanka Trump."Which of these celeb's ring bling is your favorite?
*** am I watching? This "movie" Dark Horse starring Selma Blair and Jordan Gelber is pathetically not funny at all
I'm ? s happy Selma Blair was fired from Anger Management.
Every time I think about a "secret society" I always picture Selma Blair saying it in Cruel Intentions.
Watching Anger Management cause I have a woman crush on Selma Blair
Pearls aren't just for country clubs or Selma Blair in Legally Blonde, we promise.
SELMA BLAIR Farmer’s Market Fun With Her Son:     Talk about a great way to spend your weekend! Hollywood act...
Selma Blair at the farmer's market wearing Kendra in I Don't Care! Get yours shopmanhattanite
.Selma Blair giggling shyly in "Pete & Pete" versus a black guy nailing her as he yells, "CALL ME N--GER" in "Storytelling"
So Sarah Michelle Gellar,Selma Blair,Ryan Phillipe,Reece Witherspoon,Joshua Jackson are all in Cruel Intentions.its a late 90s wet dream
you mean Linda Blair...Selma Blair is the actress from Cruel Intentions lol
I wanna tattoo Selma Blair on my sleeve. Pretty sure my mother would disown me.
Selma Blair and son Arthur enjoy a casual day out in LA (PHOTOS)
Just realised that Resse Witherspoon and Selma Blair were in "Cruel Intentions" together.
Selma Blair takes son Arthur for a pony ride at the farmer's market... before he tenderly feeds her a sweet treat
"Pretend like you're what you want to be. Not who you are." . Thanks, Selma Blair?
3 different people have told me I look like Selma Blair tonight...
I love Selma Blair's character in Cruel Intentions. "Do you want to have a sleep over?"
So this is when the Selma Blair character left. Lol
Watching my favourite film Cruel Intentions with the glamaous sarah michelle geller princze jr and selma blair
The Hellboy films are pretty good but Selma Blair's acting is meh
Sarah Michelle followed. Selma Blair . that's so beautiful
Listening to The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" always makes me think of Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar making out.
Selma Blair sits in a Vietnamese bar's back-room, playing Russian Roulette. She hits an empty chamber. *** it!"
I'm so hppy Selma Blair was fired from Anger Management.@
Completely forgot that Selma Blair was in the 2005 remake of THE FOG. I'm betting she forgot, too.
Ok actors in this movie but Selma Blair is no Adrienne Barbeau.
Oh Selma Blair is only 41, that makes a lot of sense now !
Is it just me or does Aubrey Plaza give you a Selma Blair doppelganger vibe? Love it.
I'm .so happy Selma Blair was fired from Anger Management.
"In and Out", I used to love this movie (still do). If you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it (Kevin Kline; Joan Cusack; Tom Selleck; Matt Dillon; Debbie Renoylds; Wilford Brimley; Bob Newhart; Lauren Abrose; Deborah Rush; Debra Monk; Kevin Chamberlin; Whoopi Goldberg; Selma Blair; Lauren Ward; Glenn Close; Jay Leno; and music by Marc Shaiman) Not deep, but fun.
Creepy movie alert. Just watched 'In their Skin' and though it's nothing new, or groundbreaking, it still had a quiet impact on me. One big reason why is because I love Selma Blair, (Cruel Intentions was the film that did it for me) who plays the broken mom here, with the dark, haunted eyes, trying to protect her family from a trio of crazies that invade her holiday home. The movie follows the same game as sooo many other 'home invasion' films, but this one comes with it's own magical spell. For one, the acting is strange and off the wall. The 'crazy family' who invade the home often come off as unnatural, or, otherworldly. The camera often stays on them for long passages of time, showing them, dreamy-eyed, taking in their surroundings as if they Just landed from Mars. (or, as if they were monsters waiting to peel off their skins ;) ) It's all very unnerving and spooky. But, it just doesn't stop there, the 'good family' is just as backwards, for they have their own dark issues to deal with it. What's als ...
Taking a break from the extra inning Dodger game to watch the scene from Cruel Intentions when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair kiss.
Having American Style Chinese food. Good day of shopping. Found the American Kath & Kim with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair dvd for only $10.also some cute tops and necklaces. FUN!
Selma Blair has called in the legal hounds ... threatening Charlie Sheen and Lionsgate Entertainment with...
I can't get this song out of my head from the movie "Purple Violets" with Patrick Wilson, Ed Burns, Selma Blair
And now Mike and Tricia present another edition of Bad Parenting or Bad Decision: Actress Selma Blair raised some eyebrows after she was photographed breastfeeding her 2 year-old ... CONTINUED: do you think, Bad Parenting, Bad Decision or No Big Deal?
I'm watching Sarah Michelle Gellar, Selma Blair, Resee Witherspoon n Ryan Phillippe... Good movie! I like...
We know how you're feeling about Julianne Moore as a blonde (not good). But how about Selma Blair?
Charlie Sheen fires one co-star and quickly hires a new one! Just days after giving the ax to Selma Blair,...
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