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Selena Marie Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American actress and singer best known for portraying Alex Russo in the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena Gomez Grand Prairie Justin Drew Bieber Texas Ranger New York Hannah Montana Mitchel Musso Disney Channel Glens Falls Hospital Demi Lovato Taylor Swift Good Night Princess Protection Program Steal My Girl

i'm so excited for SG2 i cannot wait to have my wig snatched by the one and only selena marie gomez
she took pics with most of us and left and everyone was like "girl Selena marie gomez tried to kiss your cheek and you didn't let her"
Wendy Williams saying that Selena Gomez is no Selena.. Selena never claimed to be Selena she is Selena Marie Gomez and…
Selena marie gomez . For me she's the queen of selfies
Selena Marie Gomez is the true definition of aesthetically beautiful human art.
Perfection has name and it's Selena Marie Gomez.
I'm living for my stunning model Selena Marie Gomez 😍❀️
Selena Marie Gomez is not playing in 2017. She is only here to *** weaves and end careers and she is succeeding.
Selena Marie Gomez possesses an endless amount of unreal beauty and perfection. She is out of this World.
You dont need makeup when you are Selena Marie Gomez 😍😍😍
Selena Marie Gomez, you are the GODDESS of Selfies!
No one makes me happier than Selena Marie Gomez.
selena marie gomez is a hero who saved millions of lives all around the world . PRIDE OF SELENA. h…
I love you selena marie Gomez and the scene
I don't know what I did to deserve an idol like selena marie gomez...
if u have pride of a woman named Selena Marie Gomez. Happy B-day Selena
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Selena Marie Gomez, i've pride of you
.Play Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez. I love this song so much, please play it ! Thank you!
Please play Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez, thank you!
"Hands To Myself" by Selena Gomez is a great song, play it please
Selena Gomez is so fashion goals to me 😍😍
Proud to say I am a Selenator and that I support not just someone, but the one Selena Marie Gomez.
Selena Marie Gomez, owner of my heart
Selena Marie is so perfecttt my good. . My for is Selena Gomez!
Selena Marie, where's your selfie with Niall??πŸ‘€
I love you with all my heart Selena Marie Gomez Happy 23rd Birthday in Jesus Name AMEN!
zedd ft our idol marie Selena Gomez
Selena Marie Gomez don't you dare to grow up ):
"My fans mean the entire world to me." - Selena Marie Gomez
I’m gonna spam with pics until we win this Link in my bio vote for Selena
I want to show you guys how amazing person Selena Marie Gomez is...READ THIS TEXT & RT
I love Selena Marie Gomez, I support her through her ups and downs. Mistakes and Success
I'm in love with emma stone , megan fox , Selena Gomez , holland roden , marie avgeropulos and kat dennings πŸ’― fav actress
I hope you know that I luv you more than anything in this world, and nothing will change that, I luv Selena Marie Gomez
. Selena marie the pantene gorgeous gomez beauty queen
I love you Selena Marie Gomez I wish and pray we could meet fall in love get married and spend forever together in Heaven AMEN
Zedd on working with Selena Gomez: "I Want You To Know" was the first one β€” we recorded a couple more songs.”
What if we could πŸ“Ό Like a Movie πŸŽ₯ Revine if your proud of Selena Marie Gomez ❀️😱... (Vine by
Selena Marie Gomez!!! My first crush. Massive fan of her since 2009. Grew up listening to her music and watching WOWP
if you think Selena Marie Gomez is the most adorable human being on earth!
Selena Marie Gomez, you should come to Portugal again 😊
"Who says you're not perfect, who says you're not worth it?" - Selena Gomez.
My My Selena Marie Gomez you r so flippen beautiful !
"Always be yourself, there's no one better." - Selena Marie Gomez
The most elegant queen in the world πŸ‘ΈπŸ’•.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the work of art Selena Marie Gomez is. πŸ™
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Someone: Do you love Selena Marie Gomez?. Me: Selena? What a stupid question. How I can not love my life. (Cause Selena is m…
Selena Marie Gomez is better than u
The way she walk 😍😍. I'm so in love with everything she do ❀️. .
"Before you think of taking your life, think of all the lives you could save" -Selena Marie Gomez-…
Selena Marie Gomez AKA the most gorgeous and sexy woman all over the world
Just had a huge test. I think I didn't pass πŸ˜₯.
When you're ready come and get it . .
Hot the light let the music move you lose your self tonight . .
Haters gonna hate . And . I'm just gonna shake . Shake it off πŸ˜‚. .
Keep calm . And . Look at this . Beautiful face . 🌚. .
How could she be that beautiful . . What is your secret SELENA MARIE GOMEZ πŸ˜•πŸŒ.
Perfection has a name, selena marie Gomez
Excuse me Ms. Selena Marie Gomez, Who gave you the right to be so gorgeous?
if you're here to support Selena Marie Gomez!
I present you my idol selena marie gomez
Update your maps at Navteq
β€œI present you my idol selena marie gomez
When a Selena Gomez song plays on the Justin Bieber station.
Selena Marie Gomez aka queen of everything
There is nobody more perfect than Selena Marie Gomez
In 2007 I sold my soul to selena marie gomez .
Selena Gomez doesn't get enough credit 😍
Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer
SMG is selena marie gomez so stop this
Selena perfection Marie Goddess Gomez, now you have to unfollow me :/
Selena perfection Marie Goddess Gomez... Lets see if it works! πŸ™ˆ
Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American actress and singer.
The definition of the perfection : Selena Marie Gomez, my life πŸ’•
SELENA MARIE GOMEZ. The beautiful , classy , adorable ,kind. Love you like a love song baby
All I need in my life is a Selena Marie Gomez β€πŸ’™
Selena Marie Gomez is a very talented girl. She is living a happy life while her haters are stuck working at their mini…
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Such classiness, elegant and beautiful, all in three words.. Selena Marie Gomez
The way she has matured and grown into an incredibly stunning woman waw, I am so proud of Selena Marie Gomez!
Selena Marie Gomez. [I reciprocate the kiss as I reach for the keys in your hand]
i will always love and adore Selena Marie Gomez
Only Selena Marie Gomez could look like she's modelling for vogue, when filling her car up.
Finally able to share my new movie... Meet Dot
Selena Marie Gomez? . My smile, my inspiration, my queen, my idol, my everything. Selena Gomez htt…
All I need in my life is Selena Marie Gomez πŸ’›πŸ’™
Selena at the Golden Globes last night
More pictures of last nights Golden Globes
I introduce you to my idol, . Selena Marie Gomez 😍. {IB: Holy Cabello}
If you're new here and you're looking for a cute username just type selena, marie or gomez next to any type of food and you'll just be dope
A year ago today I got to see the most beautiful girl in the world perform, my queen Selena Marie Gomez. 😍
I know I'm a Ariana Acc but I love also 1D , Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale,Lia Marie Johnson, 5H, Meghan Taylor, Taylor Swift, Nash, Jack and more
How could someone be this adorably cute and gorgeous at the same time!! Only Selena Marie Gomez!
Only here for support the love of my life, Selena Marie Gomez.
here to love and support selena marie gomez Selena Gomez
.and buddied up at the InStyle party!
This is my Idol, Selena Marie Gomez, Proud of being SELENATOR. Siete Selena Gomez
The heart what it wants by Selena Gomez makes me think...πŸ’”πŸ˜’.
"I love Selena Marie Gomez. She great, I love her songs and her acting. Oh and I ship Jelena. And no I'm not delusional or whatever."
Always so cute and adorable at the same time! Selena Marie Gomez everyone
Selena Marie Gomez and Jasmine Marie Villegas I love you so much queens
Stuck in traffic, listening to Selena Gomez, drinking a warm Sprite, praying that I make it home in time for Dancing With …
Selena Gomez's new song gets me tearing up every time πŸ’”πŸ˜’
Always be yourself, there's no one better! - Selena Gomez
I love you so much Selena Marie Gomez. I'm so proud of you baby!
Watch: fights back tears during performance at
I always know that SELENA MARIE GOMEZ is a Angel ❀
β€œSelena Marie Gomez is my life. your born cute as well as sexy 😩😍
ong really for this beautiful creation of yours(Selena Marie Gomez) my angel:)
As I so often do if I feel emotional I have a sing song... feel free to have a listen :) xx
share this amazing cover of better than Selena Gomez!
Weird how Selena Gomez and I almost have the same exact full name, her middle name is even Marie 😱
selena's performance was life!! you did great! we love and will always support you! te amo Selena Marie Gomez
Beautiful.. No words . Wow you killed it once again Selena Marie Gomez
Congrats on the AMA's Selena Marie Gomez you had the most beautiful perfect amazing performance I have ever seen AMEN!
I love you Selena Marie Gomez you were the most Amazing Angel Queen and Goddess I had ever seen at the AMA's in Jesus Name AMEN
Selena Marie Gomez do you mean perfection
selena marie gomez, my amazing idol. Im so proud of you! I love you so much and us selenators will always be here for you.
Best performance of the night I seen thus far, Selena Gomez, my heart broke for her, shout out to baby girl for BEIN able to finish.
Listen to Selena Gomez's TWO new party-worthy tracks
Those angel wings were a literal representation of what Selena Marie Gomez truly is. AN ANGELπŸ˜­πŸ’“
I can relate to Selena Gomez new song so much it's unreal πŸ˜žπŸ˜…
Queen of Pop Selena Marie Gomez is back to save the music industry!!!
I'm only here for the boys and Selena Marie Gomez.
John Cena" Salute to you Miss Selena Marie Gomez! You Have Grown to be an amazing girl and may you grow up to be an amazing women,
I hope after Selena release her album, she will do world tour and it means WE WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO MEET SELENA MARIE G…
The most elegant princess in the world aka Selena Marie Gomez!!
I feel beautiful thanks to the best idol in the whole world selena marie gomez
SELENA MARIE GOMEZ. Today is November 3rd and we want the new album. COME ON, Sel.
Holy moly mamacita Selena Marie Gomez slays the world!! total beautiful hottness! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Sselena Ggomez Selena Marie Gomez i love u with all my heart
These are the reasons I call Selena Marie Gomez the queen of Selfies!!!
When people abbreviate Steal My Girl to smg I read it as selena marie gomez
Steal My Girl is SMG for short so is Selena Marie Gomez & she hung out with Niall @ his house last year. I think I cracked t…
I forgot how to breath one day. I searched up Selena Marie Gomez. She became my oxygen, . And my life❀️
I can't describe how much I love Selena Marie Gomez
Selena Marie Gomez walking like a champion
please Selena Marie Gomez follow me . could you please tell to Justin to follow me . i love u.
Selena marie gomez and her beauty smile
Dear Justin Bieber, I love you. I really do. I love you with everyone, But I love you the most with Selena Marie Gomez. // πŸŒ»πŸ‚
I'm addicted to a drug named Justin Drew Bieber and Selena Marie Gomez
When u say 'SMG' i don't think about Steal My Girl, i think about Selena Marie Gomez lol
I until the end of my life with great pride I tell my idol Selena Marie Gomez.
Selena Marie Gomez is the definition of perfection 😍 β™₯
"Selena Marie Gomez is the definition of perfection 😍
Selena Marie Gomez is the definition of perfection 😍
Thank you Selena Marie Gomez for hitting the lights, for owning the night, for dreaming out loud and for loving like a love song,
You follow Selena Marie Gomez on Instagram. Selena Marie Gomez follows you on Instagram.
Selena Marie Gomez, perfect in every situation.
Selena Marie Gomez, the QUEEN of my heart.
tomorrow is going to be turnt✌️ We will have to do some head banging to their Selena Gomez cover πŸ˜‚
Justin Drew Bieber and Selena Marie Gomez belong to each other. bye
Haters believe the lies, Media believe the rumours but Selenators know the real Selena Marie Gomez.
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I love Michael Adam Rickard , Selena Marie Gomez , Caitlin Victoria Beadles , etc and so many again :D
Happy 22nd birthday Click through to see 25 times the singer looked STUNNING
Not ashamed my idol selena marie gomez. Selenators
if you're proud to call Selena Marie Gomez your idol. SELENATORS
22 years of happiness with Selena Marie Gomez
"How many inches in a mile, what it takes to make you ... -
Photoset: selena-marie-gomez-news: Julio 24: Selena con Cara en LAX July 24: Selena with Cara at LAX
I'm not Selena Marie Gomez so i cant talk to uπŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚
Her name is Selena Marie Gomez but you can call her perfection ☺️
i love selena marie gomez Selenators
May I represent you the one and only Selena Marie Gomez
You are all confused... July 22nd is not Selena Gomez' day, it is Marie's day
*buys a magazine, 10 facts you don't know about Selena Gomez* "Her middle name is Marie" Me:
"selena marie gomez aka my lifesaver". My queen and my goddess
i wake up and ask my self "why didn't god make me Selena Marie Gomez?". then i ask again "why?"
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who are your style icons β€” Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Ariana Grande lia Marie Johnson and the Kardashians but most...
I'd like to be a singer and actress when i grow up ~ Selena Marie GΓ³mez . MI ÍDOLAβ™₯
22.7.1992 Best Day in my Life. Queen Selena Marie Gomez is born.
actually my brother, she's all mine, I mean do you ev... β€” Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 to Mandy...
Selena Marie Gomez is my everythink. My life, my world, my lifesaver, my hero, my smile and my angel. I love her so much β™₯
Follow The Real Selena marie Gomez .the girl that just being .um...Herself! !'! ;)
She killed our fandom with 1 pic, guess who she is? Selena Marie Gomez
where can I buy selena marie gomez ?
Justin Drew Bieber is my ONLY BOY , Selena Marie Gomez is My beautiful princess sister , Miley Ray Cyrus and Demi Lovato is my inspiration they are all cool , LadyGaga is like my superstar mother , Taylor Swift is a sweet girl , Jenner sister's inspired me how to dress in a swag way , Barbara Palvin is like a lovely angel alive , Caitlin Beadles is like a barbie alive , Ariana Grande has a nice hair that is makes me wants to have hair like her :3 , 1Direction is like a bunch of hot boys that sometimes makes me daydream , Katy perry is like my superstar aunt , Robert Downey Junior is like my supertar father , Robert Pattison is like my superstar brother he is cool , Kristen Stewart is like a snowwhite alive , Lily Collins is the sexiest shadow hunter alive and real x) , Taylor Lautner is like OMFG this guy is like the boy who entered my school walk along the hall and makes all girls gone crazy same as Justin though :3 , Debby Ryan is so sassy but she is cute by the way , Nina Dobrev is like the combinatio ...
I don't wanna be perfect, I wanna be Selena Marie Gomez.
if you are proud of Selena Marie Gomez!
β€œWhen asked how to cure Bieber Fever, Selena Gomez says there's no cure.” Well duh Marie
Selena Gomez's trespasser gets 45 days in jail
Selena Gomez's trespasser gets 45 days in jail: A 20-year-old man, who...
Selena Marie Gomez your music saved my life,your voice makes me believe in everything.
OMG Selena Marie Gomez! Why are you doing this to me? How is it possible that you make me love you more!
When people ask me if I love Selena Marie Gomez. My reaction and response:
You appear as lovely as always, Selena Marie Gomez.
if you are here to support Selena Marie Gomez "Birthday"
Proud to be fam of Selena Marie Gomez
That's right my idol, rides horses while doing soundcheck. Selena Marie Gomez.
True love is in the people who support you and are always with you. Of de Selenators to Selena Marie Gomez I love yo...:-)
Oh no big deal, I am just perfect and my name is Selena Marie Gomez.
"Walk like a champion, talk like a champion.". - Selena Marie Gomez
Deleted the other one bc this one is better πŸ‘Œ. .β€’. β€’.
One day I hope to meet Mandy's daughter, Gracie's sister, Demi's best friend, and Baylor's owner. Her name is SELENA MARIE GOMEZ
Your smile. Your eyes. Your voice. My reason to be. My angel. My world. My universe. Selena Marie Gomez.
I hate Selena and Barbara friendship but i still love my beauty queen named Selena Marie Gomez, she rock my world
I'll be there to love and support Selena Marie Gomez unconditionally!
selena marie gomez is my angel ,and OMG IM GLAD U KNOW SERBIA (i always explain people where serbia is) ofc i know cyprus
Little Giant Ladders
I took Zimbio's ex-Disney star quiz, and I'm Selena Gomez! Who are you?
She's hotter than the Sun and more beautiful than the sunset. Ladies and gentlemen, Selena Marie Gomez! β™₯
this page is dedicated to the gorgeous the beautiful Selena Marie Gomez.I don't care who says they are the biggest fan they can say that they're big fan but I'm King of Selenators.any Selena Gomez super fan or the biggest fan in the world or any other Selenators are welcome to come join my group.and if the real Selena Gomez or any others Selena Gomez fan profile wonders about me I am NOT a stalker.
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Selena Marie Gomez is not Justin's present or his future, only his Past.
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My God is Allah not Justin ! my nabi is Muhammad SAW :" My idol is Rasullah, my mom, Justin Drew Bieber, Selena Marie Gomez :" jangan ngira karena gue tergila" sama Justin, berati gue nyembah Justin :3 Justin isnt God :3 Justin isnt my god but Allah is my god :" Justin Just idol just my inspiration :)
Now we have a new couple Niall + Selena = Horan member of the biggest Boy Band in the World ""One Direction" & "Selena marie Gomez" (Dating in London) Do you think they're Gonna be like ? "Zayn_Malik" & "Perri edwards" they are engaged now and they're Gonna marry at the last of this year (2014) wish to them all the best But now there's a problem we Don't know till now is Nial and Barbra Broke up or no? "Barbra palvin" A model at "(((Other pages please please please if you gonna copy this to your page please mention that you took it from ""Breathing for Selena Gomez""
Thanks Selena Marie Gomez- Priv your the best for liking my page! :) about Annisa yeah
I love these two women selena marie gomez and miley ray cyrus aka destiny hope cyrus that miley real name destiny hope cyrus love both your smiler and selenator for life josh metcalf
I believe in second chances but i don't believe in third chances. I'm The Real Selena Marie Gomez
Plz like Unofficial: Selena Marie Gomez i only need 30 likes pfv mete gosto so preside de 30 likes
Selena Marie Gomez Fans Davida please stop sharing our edits/photos thank you
My name is Emil Nikolaev Alexandrov but you tell me EMO. I am a boy I love to play sports. Skate and I love basketball. I love sweet stuff. I have a brother for 10 years and I have a birthday on March 17. I don't have a boyfriend. but I've always loved and loved it. from the moment I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about you! every time I think of you and I imagine both of us! because this is my truth! I love you Selena Marie Gomez! Alex Russo
Guys i know how to spell my its Selena Marie Gomez .-. Dont believe me? Delete me already ***
Remember to add fans of selena marie gomez
I can die for the presence selena marie gomez
Spotlight Of Justin Bieber -All About JB- shared the following link and had this to say about it: Req pict . Selena Marie Gomez {} Lagi? Ada lagi? Vampire
Hey my Lovatics! Wazzup? I've been with my gal Official: Selena Marie Gomez. Had a great day with you xxx
Need a faith full Admin (Content creator) for our Page Selena Marie Gomez Real Page send us your Email
Selena Marie Gomez why do you have to screw my life up like this?
Selena Marie Gomez-Bieber . Oh yaaa. Oneday this will come true
Selena Marie Gomez also known as the queen of duck lips.
Thanks for everything, Selenator infinitely, I love you Selena Marie Gomezβ™₯.
I love a girl who's 21 and becomes 22 on July 22nd 2014 named Selena Marie Gomez.
s4s?. Β» share us :3. Β» share me Selena Marie Gomez Portugal :3. Β» comment done :3. Β» i'll do to everyone, don't lie...
Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress, singer, fashion designer, executive producer, philanthropist and musician.
Selena Marie Gomez did you mean perfection :*
Thanks for make me smile little princess.
"Hi guys how are you? I haven't done live chat for so long and I'm so happy I can do it" SELENA MARIE GOMEZ YOU'RE NOT FUNNY AT ALL
Dear Selena Marie Gomez: We invite you to our country, a little place in South America south-east, that is (cont)
Selena Marie Gomez . To some people that's just name but to me that's a girl who inspire me to be who i am today and im forever grateful πŸ’•
I have school,homework,and finals & only one girl could make me forget about all of it She Selena Marie Gomez :D
Laying in bed twetting you girls that i love you so much as much as i love selena marie gomez
Selena Marie Gomez: Wednesday, July 22, 1992 (Rainy Day)-Born to 7:19 a.m.-3Kg Weighing 350 grams Glenn Falls Hospital / 4th floor, 54-room Grand Prairie, Texas, daughter of Amanda Cornett (Teefey) and Ricardo Joel Gomez-sister Scarlett and Gracie lives in Los Angeles, CA, has a dog named Baylor-Come oreos with fork-think-is flying chairs limon salt fanatic She dedicated songs to your dog She sings to a fan-Talk to the trees-Barney-He was in his first kiss at age 12-he had his own series on Disney-has a clothing line called "Dream Out Loud" -4 album "Kiss and tell "" A year without rain "" When the sun goes down "" Stars dance "-have done 3 world tours (one still is not finished)-sign is Cancer, has participated in more than 10 films Her single" COME AND GET IT "was # 1-Elected two years as the most beautiful a little sister His parents separated when he was very small, has millions of fans around the world-Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift's concideran his wife without make-Lost Sister- It was the girlfriend ...
Back to Virtual School with Selena Marie Gomez. Fun times.sort of. :) US GOVT IS NOT MY FAV SUBJECT.
Btw on my profile when it says selena marie gomez does not mean im her so DONT be blocking me or reporting me
"I am really starting to more than like you. Selena Marie Gomez, would you marry me, for real? and we be engaged for now some if you like?" Like these.. No more of this. I love you guys to death but not this please.
Hey guys it's me Selena Marie Gomez ( Teefey ) , this is Official page and account , I'm alway will be answer you and I'm add all , thankful you Selenators ❀️ Happy New Year
to SELENA MARIE GOMEZ hope you had a very merry x mas and a happy new year to you and family hope you have a very good year and find someone special to love ya and make some more sweet music and movies always enjoy them so far excellent actress n singer that you are s g lover loves the lone star keep shining bright tonight n 4ever
Please pray for SELENA MARIE GOMEZ cause she got LUPUS... Please pray pray pray for her
Selena Marie Gomez is my hero. She saved me so many times when I felt really upset, down and lonely. I love her β™‘
People enjoy it please my two pages they call Girl Jealous and Selena Marie Gomez thanks bye :*
A proposed roadway on my land, is welcome. (T/F)Picture elements (pixels) provide for a fine resolution, in 2014. (T/F)A marriage for my mom would be her 4th, of which she has already alluded to. (T/F)A marriage for my dad could suit him, like his recent hip replacement. (T/F)Nine member Canadian Football League (CFL) teams would parity, inclusively with the Ottawa RedBlacks, the CFL glory years again in 2014! (T/F)A return engagement for me to employment in Asia could include any of, as many as six, Asian countries. (T/F)Singer Selena Marie Gomez has yet to confirm, or deny, my recent marriage proposal to her and I'm still waiting? (T/F)Singer Jessica Simpson could declare publicly her affection for me, for old time's sake ... (T/F)Singer Faith Hill, Musician Ashlee Simpson, & recently recognized Artist Miley Ray Cyrus could be sure bets to perform at the annual Indian River Summer music festival on Prince Edward Island, with my property being a 15 minute walk away. (T/F)My sister is poised to retire fro ...
Selena Marie Gomez, I'm writing you this because you mean so much to me. You're an amazing person in & out. thank you so much for being there for me. i admire you . your an inspiration Sel Marie
I get it all day. that i am not sexy enough. I promise you that every one of is made to be who you are . that is what's so attractive and beautiful ---selena marie gomez(pop queen of the world)
Everyone, please enjoy it to my other page? Her name is Selena Marie Gomez.
Selena Marie Gomez was born in July 22,1992 her first show was barney with Demi Lavato when they were little! Her 2nd show i believe was Wizards Of Waverly Place her mom's name is Mandy and her dads name is Ricardo & her step dad is his name is Briana Her step dad and her mom had a baby and her name is Gracie! Selena just turned 21 and she just started another tour Stars Dance Tour! I have been to the Stars Dance Tour! November 19th 2013 :) Selena's oyfriend/Ex is Justin Bieber!(:
We Love Selena Marie Gomez is introducing . The all day celebrate Christmas party which contains: 1-Admin contests 2- Selena Gomez Christmas song videos 3-We will accept profile and cover photos ( only with Christmas images of Selena ) 4- S4S & L4L & P4P are available the whole day Have a nice holiday!! Sincerely, The owner Jana
Selena Marie Gomez. A name with a huge meaning. She has been busy at work in the studio, going to magazine premiers, movie premiers, and photo shoots for her nail polish line with Nicole by OPI. Also keep an eye out for her movies! March 15th at 8 pm The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex comes on Disney... Musician/Band: 6,640 like this\
Selena Marie Gomez is the most beautiful in the World
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Sung by Selena Marie Gomez is Falling Down, off her new album Kiss & Tell :) I own nothing ^^ Here is the supposed track listing: "Kiss and Tell" "I Won't Ap...
why you don't believe me , I am the real selena marie gomez
I will not worship at the feet of Selena Marie Gomez I am not required to do So Being A Belieber does not require you to be A Selanator Im not nor will I ever be... BEING a Belieber does not require me to espouse a relationship of the past that is Dead I am not Dead so why should I be made to view or suffer dead things? Jelena is done and dead And that's not a bad thing... That's a Good thing No account on here is Big enough to force me to worship her I won't It doesn't matter if you like it or you don't I LOVE myself too much to allow myself to continually be reminded of a History that is gone Any of you who try to fight me on this will not be fighting me much longer... You will be removed Until only true accounts remain Who respect Me as a person and value my friendshiP as a human being...
No, I'm not obsessed with a girl who was born at 7:19am at Glens Falls Hospital on July 22nd 1992 named Selena Marie Gomez, I'm dedicated.
I'm The Real Selena Marie Gomez If you are a pretty selenator like my page !!
If there is a sequel to Getaway and there are Selena Marie Gomez and Hawkes I will b like Sa-weet
You just witnessed Eleanor Jane Calder shifting to Selena Marie Gomez in a matter of seconds, How was the experience?
-Selena Marie Gomez Portugal S2 was chosen as the Fan of the Week.
No, I am not obsessed with Selena Marie Gomez, born on 22 July 1992, on a Wednesday at 7:19 am at Glens Falls Hospital i…
Do everything your about to do. Even the bad stuff. -Selena Gomez πŸ‘Œ
te amo l love you like a love song Selena Marie Gomez
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