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Secretary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama.

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Shouldn't Darrell Issa be named as well? Talk about trying to frame Secretary Clinton! He was as bad if not worse.
"I want a president..who's tested and tough enough to win in general election..Secretary tough & she's tested" Tom Vilsack
Why does everyone still call Hillary "Secretary Clinton?" Isn't that insulting to Téa Leoni?
"when Secretary Clinton was Secretary of State, she took very little action to bring about peace. " - Jimmy Carter
All: During a phone interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, Secretary Clinton grew...
Secretary Clinton and her State Department worked to export fracking throughout the world to reward companies...
"Secretary Clinton .. has several super PACS. ..." Also mentions she's given Wall Street speeches at $250,000 a pop. . Fee was actually $225k
I agree with Secretary Clinton, I am not qualified to be Commander in Chief
The former secretary of defense is a Hillary Clinton supporter.
" Brian Fallon, [Clinton's] national press secretary, told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the state “somewhat...
Hey democrats. Lets start voting for Secretary Clinton. Experience, knowledge, world view, unbeatable against trump and Cruz.
Is "on to something by referring constantly to as “secretary
With the lion's share of state-appointed and super delegates already stockpiled in her corner, former Secretary of State…
Secretary Clinton used her office to sell fracking to the world. It's devastated Pennsylvania. https:/…
Clinton and Sanders Agree: No Constitutional Protection For the Unborn - WATCHThe former secretary of state said sa…
Sanders Beats Clinton in Wisconsin - Sen. Bernie Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in ...
Secretary Clinton and I have this outrage. The only major country on Earth that women aren't people. That's what this de…
This is why I will NEVER vote for Secretary Clinton.
This is why Secretary Clinton won't release the transcripts of her speeches to banks. And yet another reason why... https…
🐦"Don't tell Secretary Clinton, but I believe we've got an excellent chance to win NY"😃✔️
And they criticized Hillary Clinton for her role in as Secretary of State. Looks like her efforts were...
Secretary Clinton has our back, so we need to have hers.
"Do not destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to be president,” he said on CNN" .
Weaver to Team Clinton: "Don’t destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the Secretary’s ambition to become President of th…
Bernie Sanders: "It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big money"
Thank you, Senator Boxer. It is time for ALL Democrat Senators to shout their endorsement of Secretary Clinton!
Very little criticism of Secretary Clinton from "Nonpartisan" Immigration Bar Assoc'n
For sure Al, it was a great night for Secretary Clinton as well as the Demo. Party my dear friend. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Mrs. Bill? It's Secretary Clinton. She earned that respect. & Van Jones has more class & intelligence than most.
"Secretary Clinton brags that she gets advice from John Foster Dulles. Well let me tell you..."
45 times Secretary Clinton pushed the trade bill she now opposes
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"Secretary Clinton will not get to the White House without going through the extraterrestrial issue," Bassett...
Bernie Sanders: "I am very glad, Anderson, that Secretary Clinton discovered religion on this issue"
On June 2, 2011, Secretary Clinton was given the George C. Marshall Foundation Award for a career of distinguished public service
"One month later, Secretary Clinton appeared at the National Defense University with Leon E. Panetta, who had...
" Harold Geisel, a career State Department official, served as interim IG and that “Secretary Clinton and her...
Fact-Checker reminds us that Secretary Clinton's email "scandal" isn't really a scandal at all.
Secretary Clinton's grasp on the issues and local knowledge is second to none. Her ability to tap into local issues is a real strength.
Secretary Clinton wrote this wonderful letter about the passing of Winifred Green, my wife's colleague at The...
Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton convinced President Obama to go back on his campaign promise to bring our troops home. WARHAWK
Marco Rubio voted YES to Julian Castro for Obama will be Clinton VP
Secretary Clinton isn't pandering to black people she has always addressed them as equally appreciated and entitled to equal rights
What you won't hear in the debates. helped overthrow the gov't of Honduras
Hillary Clinton: A criminal responsible for perpetuating mass murders in America & over seas. An incompetent Secretary of State
."I just spoke to Secretary Clinton and congratulated her on her victory here in Nevada."
“Secretary Clinton has proven herself as the fighter and champion". via thedailybeast
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Politifact's analysis is incomplete...she did change her position
We don't even tell the truth about why Obama made Clinton Secretary of State. Was in return for her conceding in 2008. Period
"lack of the secretary of state.." "Clinton should drop out." Ex-Obama official.
The 1st Pres of color named Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State after 2008 election. Big tent of Dem party supports her too
I think Elizabeth is counting on an appointment in the Clinton administration. Treasury Secretary? :)
Class if Bernie said not just "Secretary Clinton supported the Iraq War" but "Secretary Clinton led the disastrous intervention in Libya"
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for boasting about the praise of former Secretary of State
(COMMONDREAMS)On June 28, 2009, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, democratically elected Honduran...
as usual the onus would be on him to unite us,as it was for Secretary Clinton in 2008
. Please tell Hillary Clinton she should be embarrassed and ashamed of her horrid performance as Secretary of State
Because everybody knows Clinton's corrupt, every Beltway reporter who wants to be her Press Secretary *** up to her.
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton tried to force other countries to approve seeds or face retaliation
Watch my Exclusive interview with Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tonight on Balitang America and ANC.
Senator Bernie Sanders attempting to close significant gap with Secretary Clinton in South Carolina.
Hillary has shown little understanding that her work as Secretary of State was a catastrophe for the Middle East. http…
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Clinton has been more involved in policy, especially as Secretary of State under President Obama.
Not as much as Clinton's failure as Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton’s Real Scandal Is Honduras, Not Benghazi. Ms. Clinton was NOT a good Secretary of State.
The State Department on Friday released 562 of Hillary Clinton's official emails as secretary of state, bringing the department closer to
Blanca Melgar, a cafeteria worker, broke down into tears as she embraced Clinton, telling the former secretary of...
"Secretary Clinton, Are you willing to release the transcripts of your paid speeches to Goldman Sachs?" https:/…
Former Clinton Labor Secretary shows you how to address the concerns of Bernie skeptics.
How Secretary of State Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras -
.almost endorsed 'She was an outstanding secretary of state!' https…
Isn't that the Clinton's, hey America, don't sell your soul for something you think is free, Hillary, shameful as secretary of sta
Entrance polls: Older women turned out for Clinton: Older women turned out in force to support former Secretary of…
Hillary Clinton still can't name a greatest achievement as secretary of state |
DTN Israel: Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution': Former Secretary of State says she'...
Thank you, Secretary Clinton. Faith leaders have spoken out against I'm glad you are too!
Way to go Secretary Clinton. I have my Florida absentee ballot proudly marking your name ready to mail!
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Hillary Clinton gave the Wall Street bankers a stern talking to yes um and how did that work out for us Secretary Clinton?
News of Powell & Rice emails exposes the phony, fraudulent, taxpayer-funded attacks on Secretary Clinton.
Sanders: "Secretary Clinton, you're not in the White House yet"
"Pres. Obama & Secretary Clinton's energy plans weaken our economy and threaten our global power." -
"Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, and Governor O’Malley answered questions about criminal justice,...
"Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton-- final question-- what's up with John Travolta on that new O.J. Simpson show? What is going on there?"
Uh yes, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, this question is for both of you:. Is it "Step Up To The Streets" or "Step Up 2: The Streets?"
-is Secretary Clinton now calling for universal health care, 3 days after saying it will never, ever happen?
Secretary Clinton, I want you to come to Texas, 4 ONE reason only I was amazed with the wind Farms in West Texas I believe
Lester Holt & Hillary is no longer Secretary of State. Secretary Clinton no more.
Secretary Clinton is high-energy, crisp, animated in her answers tonight... much stronger, more engaged than the others at
Secretary Clinton hired Victoria Nuland, former aide to *** Cheney in the State Department.
"Secretary Clinton, why is Sanders beating you 2 to 1 amongst younger voters?" . Hilary: uh *dabs* how bout now?
"Secretary Clinton, were you not in fact dancing in front of the owl shrine with the Rothschild's at Bohemian Grove?"
Secretary Clinton says we just need to impose a few more fees and regulations on the financial industry. I disagree.
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WATCH: "I don't want to get Secretary Clinton nervous, but I think we're going to win here in Iowa.". https…
Thank you Secretary Clinton for establishing Children's Library My kids are getting a lot of benefits
You've got my vote Secretary Clinton, hands down!! Would love to see a Clinton/Castro (Julian) ticket in 2016!!
~"foreign policy tag team of Obama&Secretary Clinton withdrew America from world leadership&shrunk U.S. military".
Amb. Ryan Crocker, who served as ambassador to 6 countries under 4 presidents: . Secretary Clinton did the job right. http…
What about Secretary Clinton's post-Benghazi concussion? Was it real or a Laurence Harvey/Manchurian Candidate head injury?
Riddle me this: if Secretary Clinton never sent one single CLASSIFIED email on her ONLY server, how did she send CLASSI…
Secretary Clinton did not order the military to stand down, and she neither approved nor denied requests for additional s…
How can Secretary Clinton take responsibility given she didn't review one of the 600 requests for additional security? …
Striking moment when Lynn Westmoreland asks Secretary Clinton if Chris Stevens had the ability to email her like Sid Blumenthal. Answer: No.
One of my favorite moments:. Anderson: "Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?". Hillary Clinton: "No."
Anderson: "Secretary Clinton says her plan for financial regulation is tougher." "...That's not true."
"this one's for Secretary Clinton..if Bill becomes 1st lady can he still get *** in the Oval Office or no?"
.“the Benghazi Committee is not focused on Secretary Clinton,” but then there's this
"I am glad that Secretary Clinton has NOW come on board." - Bernie Sanders
"We applaud Secretary Clinton for opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership... The tides are turning"
Let's just write the story the way it should be. Secretary Clinton violated the espionage act and mishandled classified.
Secretary Clinton think about Sen Sherrod Brown of Ohio for your VP.
Secretary Clinton's campaign is in TROUBLE😳😳. She needs ole faithful's help.And by ole faithful I do mean one WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON
Secretary Clinton's willful disregard for federal records-keeping laws may have jeopardized our national security: http…
Secretary Clinton was asked about a private email account in 2012. She never responded.
.calls THE "thoughtful and nuanced" in its evaluation of Secretary Clinton's policy:
“...potentially hundreds of classified emails within the approximately 30,000 provided by former Secretary Clinton.”.
Top Republican *** Reince Priebus, so eager to trash Hillary that he forgets who is Sec of State:
"Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State in all of U.S. history" -
...and some of you want this lying, empty suit as your president. If you get her, you deserve her.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Planned Parenthood videos – click to read
The audacity trump has to call Clinton the worst Secretary of state is disgusting she's done so much for women & children's rights globa
16 false claims by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her email:
Republican so eager to attack Hillary Clinton, forgets who's Secretary of State
Trump slams Hillary Clinton as "the worst secretary of... via ...HILLARY=THE BEST OF THE BEST
Top Republican so eager to attack Hillary Clinton he forgets who's secretary of state
."Easily, [Hillary Clinton is] the worst secretary of state in the history of our country."
From new Q-pac poll of swing states: ''The large drop in Secretary Clinton's favorability in Iowa... has to be worrisome for her."
Well there will certainly be a Republican president in 2017 if my fellow Democrats and I don't nominate Secretary Clinton.
Secretary Clinton got the memo on wearing purple for the meeting with House Democrats today!
“Secretary Clinton had a statutory duty to preserve records from her time in office”
Lincoln Chafee: 'Secretary Clinton is not going to be the nominee.'.
Currently, nothing is to stop Secretary Clinton from destroying emails she would like to keep secret.
At State Department briefing on wildlife trafficking & conservation with Secretary Clinton.
"Education should never fail because it gives a child a sense of normalcy." - Graça Machel, Founder of the Graça Machel Trust and Foundation for Community Development, widow of Nelson Mandela, and 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Awards Honoree Watch Graça Machel's remarks on the importance of education as a stabilizing force for children in conflict zones, and her full conversation with Secretary Clinton:
Watch Clinton Global Initiative's CGI 2014 Annual Meeting on Hosted by President Bill Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton, the 10th Annual Meeting will bring CGI members together under the 2014 theme of Reimagining Impact to facilitate the development of forward-thinking…
waited 12 hours to reassess but, yes, this sexist attack on Secretary Clinton by Rand is still pretty grating
Hillary says she feels your pain. (When Sen Warren went to W Va she and one aide drove down overnight in the Senator's SUV. and while her aide parked the car the Senator asked a policeman for directions to the event.,) According to some of these documents, Hillary Clinton's usual speaking contract includes: A round-trip on a chartered jet, specifically "a Gulfstream 450 or larger," which fits 16 passengers and runs around $39 million, as well as round-trip business class travel for two members of her advance team. Hotel accommodations which includes “a presidential suite for Secretary Clinton and up to three adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two additional single rooms for the advance staff.” This event is being held at the Bellagio, which is likely where Clinton will be staying as well. The smallest rooms at the Bellagio start at around $240 a night. A $500 stipend for Clinton's chief travel aide to cover daily expenses. The cost of meals, phone calls and other trave ...
Christine Jones isn't just funding Democrats through her GoDaddy PAC, she couldn't say enough good things about Hillary Clinton on her blog and prediction posts: 8. Secretary Hillary Clinton will become even more powerful and well-respected as she negotiates for America overseas. This will have the side-effect of causing pundits to acknowledge she should have been the Democratic candidate for president in 2008. TRUE: Not only was Secretary Clinton selected as the most admired woman in American for an unprecedented 16th time, but she has been basically single handedly running US relations with foreign governments. In fact, admiration for her has grown so substantially, there have been several grass roots movements to either get her to run for president and challenge President Obama in a Democratic primary, or at the very least, to replace vice president Biden on the 2012 ticket. 30 Dec 2011 Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will continue to stand out as a capable and respected leader and a commanding pr ...
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Hillary Clinton explaining the situation between Israel and Hamas controlled Gaza in a firm, sane and clear voice. Secretary Clinton tells the world the trut...
Gov. former Sen. Webb, former Secretary of State Clinton and Sen. Warren should all run for President in
Hillary Clinton, Wrong Again Follow was best Secretary of State since Groucho!
When this was posted by Bill Barnes, he added this: "A question of my own for Madame Secretary Clinton: Did you...
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed that Qatar – the chief financier of Hamas –... via
Coming up next on -- we are joined by former Secretary of State
In my administration is going to replace Bill Clinton as the Secretary of Explaining Stuff.
you're too optimistic about Madam Secretary. A political infomercial for Hillary Clinton will bomb with 50% of the country.
Former Secretary of State comes to MN on Sunday. Before that, she's on today.
In suggesting Russian-backed rebels are responsible for the MH17 disaster, former US secretary of state Hillary...
Hillary Clinton: Europe should toughen sanctions on Russia after MH17 crash: Former US Secretary of State Hill...
"The former US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, made some of the most potent remarks in a television...
Would Hillary Clinton skip 2016? She talks about what might stop her "The former secretary of State told Charlie..
Former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on Hamas and the Malaysian plane crash. 2013588 / 0530G
Benghazi-inspired 'Madam Secretary' aims to 'pull back the curtain' on DC
On the bright side I didn't have to worry about calling her Madam Secretary or Mrs. Clinton or Hillary because of my tears
Former Secretary Clinton says EU should lead response to attack on
Hillary: Insurgents probably caused the crash: During an interview with Charlie Rose, the former secretary of ...
Going 2 NYU graduation ceremony @ yankee stadium tomorrow... Secretary Clinton will give commencement. I wonder if they will serve beer?
Barkha Dutt interviewed Hillary Clinton in Los Angels and here is some question related to India and new Indian government! Barkha Dutt: In a sense of existential almost apart from Pakistan, I have to ask you, because so many people in India are going to pick up this book and read it, we have a new government, this is an interesting crossroad for India and the USA. And India knows you, admires you, likes you, Secretary Clinton. And therefore the question is this: is this a long shadow hanging over this relationship because our current Prime Minister is somebody who was denied a visa by the USA? Hillary Clinton: In the prior administration... Barkha Dutt: By the Bush administration Hillary Clinton: Yes, by the Bush administration. Here's how I see it Barkha. I am very hopeful that the new government with its very large majority will be able to take actions that will improve the economy, strengthen the foundations of economic growth and prosperity broadly based for the Indian people; that they will be able ...
Another reason to like Secretary Clinton - that blowhard Bradshaw doesn't.
Mitt Romney had some harsh words on Sunday for the person many believe will be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016: Hillary Clinton. "Consider what's happened around the world during the years that she was secretary of state," the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee said on NBC's "Meet the Press", calling her tenure "a monumental bust." Romney slammed U.S. foreign policy, saying both Clinton and President Barack Obama have "repeatedly underestimated" America's enemies on the international stage. "This administration, from Secretary Clinton to President Obama, has repeatedly underestimated the threats that are faced by America," Romney said. "It has repeatedly underestimated our adversaries. And whether that's Russia or [Syrian President Bashar] Assad or ISIS or al-Qaida itself, it has not taken the action necessary to prevent things from happening. We have not used our influence to do what's necessary to protect our interests." Romney also blasted Clinton for com ...
KABILA, KAGAME MEET AUGUST 6 AT BORDER 1. (SBU) Summary: Presidents Kabila and Kagame met yesterday, August 6, in the adjoining border cities of Goma/Rubavu (ex-Gisenyi). We do not yet have information on the private meetings between the two heads of state; Kabila and his team are still in Goma where they will meet with Secretary Clinton on August 10. While in public view, however, they reinforced this latest, historic step in the DRC-Rwandan rapprochement with a communique and press conference underlining their commitment to put the past behind them and to cooperate on several fronts. The summit is a sign that the January deal between them is holding and that the still-budding new relationship is more on the track than off. End summary. 2. (U) In his first official visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwandan president Paul Kagame took a few steps into Goma at approximately 12:20 pm on August 6, meeting his Congolese counterpart Joseph Kabila at their joint border and proceeding with him ...
Big Winners with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loss – I think Senator Rand Paul and Secretary Clinton;
"The sad thing about Secretary Clinton is, it seems to be all politics all the time." That is some funny, funny *, Senator. Has there ever been a more shameless demagogue in all of American history than Ted Cruz? Alan Dershowitz says as a law student he was "off-the-charts brilliant." If that is true, then he is even worse: he is a secretly utterly amoral self-dealer who blithely assumes the stupidity of those he panders to for his own gain. He had better hope that the *** he professes to believe in (but obviously does not) does not exist, because otherwise, he's going to be the fuel that allows Beelzebub to grill bratwursts in *** for all eternity. (P.S. Is there anything more predictable than Republican talking points whenever something good happens, or something bad happens, or nothing in particular happens?) (P.P.S. God, please make this ridiculous fraud the GOP nominee in 2016.)
"The President enjoyed an informal, private lunch with Secretary Clinton at the White House this afternoon."...
A coalition of 30 environmental and progressive groups is looking for a new ally in its fight against the Keystone XL pipeline: Hillary Clinton. “Secretary Clinton, will you stand with us against Keystone XL?” the groups wrote in a letter to the former secretary of State, set to be relea…
Secretary Clinton played an integral role in the New START Treaty with Russia.
cid:image001.pngmorning, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to Meet the Press to rehash a series of misleading or debunked foreign policy attacks on the Obama Administration and Secretary Clinton. On Boko Haram... Priebus attacked the Obama Administration for how they designated Boko Haram. Just last week, former US Ambassador to Nigeria under George W. Bush John Campbell debunked that charge. Campbell told Fox News Sunday:“No I don't think [the GOP charge is] fair, and along with a good many other Nigerian experts, at the time, we all opposed designation.” While the Obama Administration and the rest of the world focus on finding these girls and bringing them home, the GOP is focused on petty politics. On Benghazi... Priebus later accused Democrats of trying to sweep Benghazi under the rug. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that in the years before the Benghazi tragedy, Republicans voted time and again to cut diplomatic security funding – one Republican House member even boasted abo ...
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was awarded the 2013 Liberty Medal in recognition of her lifelong career in public service and for her ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls around the globe. Secretary Clinton was honored with the prestigious award during the 25th ann…
Karl Rove’s comments against Secretary Clinton prove that her strength and experience are driving Republicans to their wit…
Who said this? "I am totally opposed and deeply offended by Karl Rove's comments about Secretary Clinton. I have many policy disagreements with Hillary but this kind of personal charge is exactly whats wrong with american politics. he should apologize and stop discussing her health. i was angry when people did this to Reagan in 1980 and I am angry when they do it to her today." Newt Gingrich!
Secondly, aside from the fact that I find Karl Rove and *everything* he says or does objectionable, I really resent what he seems to be implying about people who have had traumatic brain injury; exceptionally good recovery, even from severe TBI, does occur-- so, even if then-Secretary Clinton fell and hit her head, it doesn't necessarily change her fitness for office; to cite an unfortunate example, look at all the chronically brain-injured athletes who not only are paid tremendous sums of money, but are cited as figures of unparalleled positive influence generally to American children-- there seems to be, at best, a double standard here-- but that's nothing new for the right... just sayin'.
I sent the following message to Speaker John Boehner: Get on with helping the country instead of inventing problems like Benghazi. There was no cover up. You *** cut the funding for security to the State Department and 4 Americans tragically lost their lives. It was your fault and not Secretary Clinton's failure to protect our embassies overseas. Shame on you. Why don't you spend the taxpayer dollars on legislation that will get this country going again like a jobs bill. Our roads and bridges are in bad need of repair. You should vote to increase the minimum wage for the same reasons you voted to give yourself a pay raise in 2015. You should close the tax loop holes that allow millionaires and billionaires to pay less than their fair share in taxes. Stop leading the party of hate and become the party of compassion. Your billionaire masters the Koch brothers, need to keep their opinions and money out of politics. You have been bought off by people that don't care about anyone or any body. Y ...
VIDEO: Amb. John Bolton on the Secretary Clinton, the Boko Haram and Hamas Indoctrination -...
Elizabeth Warren To Jim Cook Today at 11:09 AM The House GOP is on a waste-of-time-and-resources witch hunt to make President Obama, former Secretary Clinton, or Secretary Kerry look bad. Earlier this week, Speaker John Boehner announced the formation of a new select committee to investigate Benghazi led by Rep. Trey Gowdy. All three of my brothers served in the military, and I know firsthand how much Americans serving abroad -- and their families -- sacrifice. What happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 was a tragedy. Four Americans died putting themselves in harm's way in service to peace, diplomacy, and their country. I look at what happened in Benghazi with sadness, with seriousness, and as yet another call to honor the men and women who keep us safe. So let me be blunt: that kind of seriousness is sorely missing from the no-holds-barred political theater of the House Republicans. I know a little bit about the way Trey Gowdy pursues oversight. I was on the other end of it when I was setting up the new ...
Rep. Gowdy: Death Threats ‘Not Gonna Keep Me From Doing My Job’ BY FOX NEWS INSIDER // MAY 07 2014 // 9:46PM AS SEEN ON THE KELLY FILE Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he responded to media reports that he has been getting death threats since being appointed chairman of a House select committee on Benghazi. “I was a prosecutor for 16 years. This is not my first death threat. I’m always happy when it doesn’t come from my wife, and this one did not, so I’m gonna be fine. It’s not gonna keep me from doing my job,” Gowdy told Megyn Kelly. Kelly asked him what he thought of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that some people are choosing not to be satisfied with the probes into Benghazi. Benghazi House Select Cmte. Chair Gowdy: Murder of 4 Americans ‘Should Transcend Politics’ Gowdy said the family members of the four murdered Americans still have unanswered questions. “I would just ask Secretary Clinton, with all due respect, can ...
“If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything” Hillary Clinton attended and spoke at John McCain’s annual Leadership Forum April 26th. McCain through his Institute announced, “I am very pleased to have my friend Secretary Clinton join this year’s Sedona Forum… From her years of servic…
Grandchild on the way for Bill and Hillary Clinton: Former US President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hi...
When you're President Obama who do you root for if both VP Biden and Secretary Clinton decide to run?
Secretary Clinton should explain her role in the 6 Billion dollars missing from State Deptm
Meat your next president. (NOT !) 32yr: A new poll shows former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's (D) ...
Congratulations President and Secretary Clinton! Also congratulations to Awesome news!
Daughter of ex-president and secretary of state awaits baby alongside husband, Jewish investment banker Marc...
Chelsea Clinton is pregnant: Clinton, 34, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of st...
Times of Israel: Chelsea Clinton expecting first child in fall: Daughter of ex-president and secretary of stat...
The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power: A Journey with H...
[LA Business] Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers takes big Hollywood gig
"Inequality for all" is a excellent documentary by Robert Reiche. He was Labor secretary during Clinton yrs
Chelsea Clinton, the 34-year-old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary...
"I love - Thank you for being in girls' corner with us, Secretary Clinton! Clinton, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton walked right in...
This will be the first Grandchild for former Pres BILL CLINTON & Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Congrats!!
Chelsea Clinton expecting first baby: THE daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and former US Secretary...
Chelsea Clinton expecting first child: Hillary Clinton, former U.S. secretary of state and possible p...
Congrats Chelsea Clinton! And soon to be awesome grandparents President Clinton and Secretary Clinton!
Secretary Clinton and Chelsea will host Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation, a discussion with girls from across the country about their lives, experiences, and hopes for the future.
When even the GOP House Armed Services Committee Chair exonerates President Obama and Secretary Clinton on Benghazi then you know it's time to finally let it die the quiet death it so richly deserves.
So next week this time, I will part of a faculty contingent at a lecture at UCONN, Storrs to be given by Secretary Clinton. This may be as pivotal as Lincoln at Cooper Union.The century of the woman is before us.
Gutless EU governments together with gutless USA government announced that they will not provide Ukraina the "lethal weapons" so it can defend itself from invasion by Russia.This,while both west European's and American's companies make regularly hundreds of billions of dollars selling their arms all over the world to the parties that don't really need them.This is a direct appeasment of Russia in the manner of "Munich Pact" that expedited the start of the WWII. And I thought that the world learned something from that infamous "Munich Pact."In reality the same self-interest is in forefront both in western Europe and USA.Even former Exterior Secretary Clinton acknowledged that together with many other politicians who do not "bury their heads in sand."Yep,everything for immediate comfort until it will be too late to stop the blood-letting.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tomorrow! If you are in or near Rhode Island, please join us for our FREE event, open to the public; beginning at 2:30 tomorrow at East Providence High School as we tune in to the Clinton Foundation's "Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation" live webcast, hosted by Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton and Moderated by actress America Ferrera. Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested! The talk will discuss accomplishments women have made in the last 20 years and challenges still faced. Join us to take part in this important talk!
AP footage of when shoes meet former Secretary Clinton:
In June of 2014, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton will host the fourth meeting of CGI America, an annual event focused on finding solutions that promote economic recovery in the United States.
I got as far as 'Secretary Clinton helped restore America’s leadership and standing in the world '
1997: Nominated by President Bill Clinton, Madeleine K. Albright becomes first woman U.S. Secretary of State.
Somebody ask Secretary Clinton how she would deal with Putin ?
What does Governor Sarah Palin think about Secretary Hillary Clinton running for President? Click to find out
With Clinton Present, Message Goes Out to Low-Income Parents: Talk to Teach: with former Secretary of State Hi...
. Dempsey and Ham have testified that they did not speak with Secretary Clinton on 9-11-2012 ! . THATS HOW HRC TREATS HER FRIENDS !
Secretary Clinton did not request Department of Defense and Intelligence assets to assist the victims in ! . WHAT DID SHE DO?
McCaskill on Clinton: Not 'besties': The Missouri Democrat says she has a "fine" relationship with the former secretary of state.
Thank you, Secretary Clinton, for speaking to we educators at the Globalization of Higher Education conference today.
As Sec. of State raised awareness for religious minorities
Hillary Clinton says Our Country's going in the wrong direction. Why didn't she try to change it while she was Secretary Of State?
Outstanding analysis, General understands Hillary's accomplishments as Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton kicks off 'Talking is Teaching' at Tulsa Educare site: Former Secretary of Sta...
Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy signed action memo “that green-lighted the operation”
Clinton and Bush promote higher education: The former secretary of state encouraged more than 250 lea...
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Tulsa today to launch the "Talking is Teaching" campaign at a...
Secretary Clinton is very famous for being famous and as long as she can continue to be famous, she will be famous
Here is comically mistaking Madam Secretary Clinton for the Demiguv. Again.
[President Obama & Secretary Clinton]’s failure … is due to their failure to act when action was possible and needed.
Secretary Clinton now talking about the positive impact on the world when girls and women are educated. At Globalization of Higher Ed conf.
Hillary Clinton says as Secretary of State she "made education a major focus of our foreign policy efforts"
President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton joined more than 1,000 students from around the world to begin the seventh annual meeting of CGI U at Arizona State University.
Who is this fool calling Hillary Clinton "Mrs. Clinton".gurl it's Secretary Clinton to you.
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 5:00pm 5505 Vilas Hall -The Role of the Spokesperson in the U.S. Foreign Policy Process- Ambassador Ian Kelly was State Department spokesperson, appointed by Secretary Hillary Clinton, in 2009-2010. In that capacity, he advised Secretary Clinton on media engagements, accompanied her on her travels, and briefed the State Department press corps on a daily basis. He will talk about how the State Department uses engagement with the press with promote U.S. Foreign policy objectives.
Secretary Clinton: *** rights and foreign policy: there is unfinished business
Jan. 23, 2013: Secretary Clinton's opening remarks before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the September 11th attacks against the U.S. mission in ...
Former United States Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton could shake up the Political World should she decide to to run in 2016. The few Republicans that hate being under the helm of our First Black President would really pitch a fit if they found themselves under the charge of Secretary Clinton. The way a few Republicans feel that a woman's place is in the home taking care of the family. It would really drive them up the wall should they face such a catastrophe. The few Republicans that have been brazen in their attacks on President Obama because of his skin color and not his policy. Just might be driven to drugs like stelazine or thorazine to cope with such a plight. The attacks on her would be about things in the past and many things beyond her control. We would hear them talking about, of course "Benghazi & Monica." What these special group of Republicans have forgotten. While they think the women's vote is not important. They will find the women's vote along with all the other classes of voters would ...
The Rush to Define Hillary as a Space Alien or the 50-Foot Woman Posted by Anita Finlay on Jan 24, 2014 in Hillary Clinton, Misogyny, Presidential Election, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sexism, Uncategorized, Women in Politics Time magRepublicans fearful of Secretary Clinton contesting for the Presidency in 2016 are falling over themselves to define her early, trotting out tired ageist, sexist attacks while screaming “Benghazi” 24/7. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is their best hope to defeat her. While he works overtime to tamp down the “Bridge-gate” scandal that threatens his presidential hopes, RNC Chair Reince Priebus and others shout “she’s inauthentic”, she represents the past (i.e, “she’s old”), she has never answered questions about Benghazi! Five and a half hours of testimony on Capital Hill before a hostile Congress don’t count, in their estimation. Should Hillary Clinton choose to run, and most assume that is the case, she will once again define herself for t .. ...
Bill O'Reilly asked for a "first question" to ask the President during the Super Bowl: "Mr. President, given the VERY real scandals (NOT "phony," as you called them) at the IRS, Benghazi, the AP, the NSA, Fast & Furious ... and in view of the lowest labor participation rates in 30 years ... and in light of recent comments by AETNA CEO Mark Bertolini that the Affordable Care Act will not attract the young and healthy consumers needed to make Obamacare work ... and after the revelation that Defense knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack, revealing the utter mismanagement and obfuscation by then-Secretary Clinton ... as you enter your 6th year as president, where you own this economy and foreign policy . can you name one public corporation from which YOU (Mr. President), along with Attorney General Holder, Secretary Sibelius, Susan Rice, James Clapper ... and others ... would NOT be fired?"
Why is this Pr. and Secretary Clinton have the nerve to say they can run this Country.
Toby likes to think about life as the chief diplomat & enjoyed The Secretary about Hilary Clinton's tenure.
“Bill and Hillary Clinton as students! 1972 so cute - too bad he cheated on her with his secretary... Cold Men ❄️
Hillary Clinton did a bad job of her last year as Secretary of State and was the main person to blame for the Benghazi attacks
I'm still waiting for subpoenas to be sent to Secretary of State Clinton staffers.
Only Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can approve a waiver to allow the TMF in to operate with substandard sec…
For communist waste, fraud and abuse, Issa might want to subpoena Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton an
Senate: Benghazi attack could have been prevented - Then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pounds her fist...
As a matter of fact, Secretary Clinton is not mentioned a single time in the 58-page bipartisan section of o…
The University of Miami welcomes Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State and former U… via
. One MB> Huma Abedin, who worked closely with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton pushed for US ‘green light’ for Israeli attack on Iran: Former US Secretary of State Hillary C...
Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the 2012 Women in the World Summit: via
HelloHello Clinton has Aides are you reading this? Just whom was Secretary of Stat on 9/11/12?.
Is this the difference between Gov. Christie and Secretary Clinton?
They say President Clinton is the "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" but I think is giving him a run for his money.…
2. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not do an appropriate risk assessment for Ambassador Stevens and other outpost personnel.
Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State - oh, wait...
WOW, I got selected as a "Times Pick" for a comment I made re: the Benghazi report. First time ever this has happened. Gave me energy to hit my deadline, Ann Denton! Brian P Austin, TX 2 hours ago This should not have happened. There were stupid mistakes, but mostly there was naiivete on the part of the State Department -- of course we made deadly enemies in Libya when we so publicly took sides and played a key role in ousting the Colonel. You can't just stick them out in the country and call it a security strategy. Just dumb. But the framework for calling it a tragedy and criminal malfeasance on the part of Secretary Clinton is that stuff like this should never happen to diplomats. Ludicrous! No country's people are more on the front line than diplomats, and that has always been true. Always. They are far more exposed than soldiers, with vastly fewer resources and less training with which to defend themselves. It has ever been so. How many Americans, soldiers and contractors, died in Afghanistan that ...
According to her, fmr. Secretary Clinton isn't to blame, it's the State Department. So she wants America to believe that the Secretary of State ( tha hmfic of the State Department) is innocent while her subordinates are guilty.
HERE'S THE DIFFERENCE KILLARY Was Secretary Clinton hoping to create a substantial legacy with the establishment of a diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya? Without a doubt, success in Benghazi would also help support the 2012 campaign narrative coming from the Obama White House claiming that Al Qaeda was "on the run.”
A great running mate for Secretary Clinton-- Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. Definitely would have my vote!
SENATE REPORT: BENGHAZI PREVENTABLE! Although the report only mentions then-Secretary Clinton by name once, the committee has determined that the attacks were preventable and cites the State Department for failure to act while having ample opportunity to heed the calls coming from Libya for increased security. Members of the committee said this in a press release... Now. Did we already KNOW this or DID WE ALREADY KNOW THIS?! "I" was told just the other day by a die-hard liberal that the whole Benghazi fiasco was DEBUNKED. Oh, really now? Debunked, was it?! **DON'T FORGET TO NEVER, EVER VOTE FOR Hillary Clinton** SHE CANNOT DO THE JOB AS A PRESIDENT!
After reading the entire Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on Benghazi (including the minority views), I find myself in agreement with the minority view to this extent, which the bi-partisan report also acknowledged -- the tragedy could have been prevented. It seems to me to have been a monumental failure of imagination all down the line, not so much to anticipate the possible danger, as to prepare appropriate responses to it. Including but not limited to fire prevention and protection and a reasonable evacuation plan. It is important to remember that Stevens and Smith, because of the fires, were unable to evacuate safely and died not from assault weapons or mortar fire, but from smoke inhalation. Why didn't they have oxygen masks available? I don't buy intoo the minority's attempt to blame this on co-location, which specifically had to be approved by Secretary Clinton, and which kept the CIA from responding for 30 minutes. There were specific criteria that had to be met for co-location to b ...
I heard that the First Lady and Secretary Clinton are checking their calendars!!
Democrat US Senator from California and Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said with regard to Benghazi - "There is no evidence that Secretary Clinton knew anything." And therein lies the problem. Clinton said, she is responsible for Benghazi failures because it happened, "on my watch." Then she said In January 2013, during her testimony on Capitol Hill concerning Benghazi, Secretary of State Clinton famously stated to Senator Ron Johnson, when testifying about the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and my nephew Sean Smith, “...what difference does it make?” Mrs. Clinton - It makes a huge difference so much of a difference in fact that you will NEVER be POTUS.
It does make a difference Secretary Clinton! A Bi-Partisan Senate Committee agrees that the State Department let us down!
We had some posts from folks that were offended by our political satire. So we googled political cartoons and other political editorial photographs and imagines of the 1861 Election (Abe Lincoln), we looked at some Sarah Palin stuff and some stuff of the 2012 election of President Obama and Governor Romney, we looked at some of the recent images of former Mayor Ravenstahl and former Police Chief Harper, we found some interesting images of former Secretary Clinton and Condi Rice. (do you sense our attempt at bi-partisanship) Our stuff is NO WHERE NEAR as interesting or edgy. We hope to do better next time. To our critics, political imagery has a VERY long history in this country. We even saw some great stuff of King George. We know that Ben Franklin published some great stuff in his day. If you don't like it, don't look.
The Senate report on Benghazi What bothers me the most is that Susan Rice was sent out to knowingly lie to the American people. And it is extremely embarrassing that the president of the United States went before the world and lied about the cause of Benghazi. I don't know if it was Secretary Clinton or Pres. Obama that sent Amb. Rice out to the media that Sunday morning. 'It doesn't really matter' either they were being purposefully dishonest or totally incompetent. The same is true when Obama addressed the United Nations.
Won't forget who's watch you died under, won't forget who left you to forfeit your life under the misunderstanding that your president, and secretary Clinton would have your back and work to protect you or at least stand up for you after you were killed by terrorist whom they seem to have an affinity for.
Secretary Clinton, the family's of Benghazi really appreciate the flat lie you told everyone. After having reports that a attack was building up and they couldn't defend their position you did nothing. You've done a poor service to this country and to the families of the deceased. After 18 months the truth comes out. Your own party that was part of the bipartisan review didn't support your leadership. And President Obama you are just as bad for coming out and delivering a lie about not knowing what was going on. Ugh!!
Ok so the details of the Benghazi attacks have been declassified. And the administration knew from a report from a General Officer that it was a terrorist attack from day one! Somebody needs to go to prison for the cover up! Lets start with Secretary Clinton! When are we going to take this dishonorable regime to task???
Quick breakdown. Today a Democratic Senate report says "ample" warnings were relayed to Obama and staff on Bengazi before attack. After attack Obama lies to America blaming this attack on a YouTube video, and that they had no Intel to prevent it.Action to be taken against Obama, former Secretary Clinton. NOTHING
Newly released Senate and House investigations the share BI-PARTISAN agreement showed 5 things: 1) the American public was lied to about a video causing the attack 2) on the anniversary of Sept 11, threat warnings were ignored 3) response forces and the military where not adequate to respond 4) the State Department FAILED to protect American citizens abroad even though they were clearly told that there were 10 Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda like groups training in Benghazi 5) the State Department and others have been blocking investigation efforts. How does this affect you? A) our government is squandering the public trust B) Secretary Clinton showed terrible leadership while in charge of the State Department and may run for president in 2016 C) those currently in power are serving themselves and not the interests of the American people!
The only person who can keep Secretary Clinton out of the White House now is...Ralph Nader.
The Bob Gates book is received by Democrats as favorable to the President and Secretary Clinton (not to the Vice-President) while Republicans depict it as being unfavorable. Disagreement between presidents and generals is an essential reality of their reason for being and the survival of civilization. Plus there is an irony in the death of the last man to give meaning to the death of the first to die in an ill-chosen war. Our most compelling obligation for those who serve is some logical public will regarding the beginning, the conduct, and the end of wars.
• Secretary Clinton personally intervened to reverse a Bush-administration ruling that barred Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder and son of one of its most influential early leaders, from entering the United States.
Let me get this correct. we had a us ambassador with special forces members killed trying to protect our embassy in Benghazi while secretary Clinton watched and yet the media and a nation are out crying on a corrupt political call to narrow lanes on an fin bridge. You have to be kidding me. The core of this nation is very ill. God please help us
Remember Benghazi. Why did the president lie? Why did Secretary Clinton lie? Why did UN Secretary Rice lie? Why is John Boehner blocking investigations and subpoenas? Running guns to Jihadists?
U.S. relations with ASEAN have been excellent since its inception. The United States became a Dialogue Partner country of ASEAN in 1977. Dialogue partners meet regularly with ASEAN at the working and senior levels to guide the development of our regional relations. In July 2009, Secretary Clinton signed the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC) which has greatly enhanced U.S. political relations with ASEAN. Every year following the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, ASEAN holds its Post-Ministerial Conference (PMC) to which the Secretary of State is invited. In 1994, ASEAN took the lead in establishing the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), which now has 27 members and meets each year at the ministerial level just after the PMC. On November 15, 2009, President Obama met with ASEAN leaders in Singapore. This was the first meeting ever between a U.S. President and all ten ASEAN leaders. The President’s meeting has greatly advanced U.S. relations with ASEAN and the East Asia region. David L. Cardenis th ...
Thanks, Cheyanne. Now we know that Christie knew as much about the GWB as Secretary Clinton knew abut Benghazi - no more and no less.
On November 1, 2013, while giving remarks at the Pennsylvania Conference on Women, Secretary Clinton announced a new Clinton Foundation initiative, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. No Ceilings will bring together partner organizations to evaluate and share the progress women and girls ha...
McCain's Guilty Role in the Benghazi Massacre John McCain went to Libya on a "fact finding" trip in July 2012. He toured Benghazi with Ambassador Stevens only weeks before the massacre there. After it was too late to save those lives, McCain made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows, blaming the massacre on Secretary Clinton, beating his chest and ranting about how alarmed he'd been about the lax security he saw there only weeks before the massacre. McCain was there in person and repeatedly claimed to have seen great danger. Secretary Clinton was in Washington, immedately accessible to McCain by phone or email. Why didn't he warn her? IT WAS JOHN McCAIN WHO HAD THE FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF THE DANGER IN BENGHAZI, NOT SECRETARY CLINTON. Yet post-massacre he blamed her and not a single journalist had the courage to call him on his treachery. On the Sunday after the massacre, not one of the talk show hosts asked McCain what he did with the "facts" he'd found on his trip... Why didn't they ask him the following ...
The truth, however, punches holes in the GOP’s preferred version of what happened that day, and in doing so, yet another right-wing conspiracy unravels before our eyes: “Months of investigation by The New York Times, centered on extensive interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.” Benghazi now joins a laundry list of debunked right-wing conspiracies during the Obama presidency, taking its place alongside such faux-scandals as the IRS, Fast & Furious, and Obama’s birth certificate. But the GOP, having invested so much into Benghazi, Benghazi, ...
"Speaking of housing inequality, Secretary Clinton splits her time between a $2.8 million mansion in Washington that later underwent an expansion and upgrade that cost an additional $900,000, and a $1.7 million, 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool in the town of Chappaqua, New York. If she really wants to tackle inequality, she’s going to need to move to a more humble residence, too. Clinton earned a reported $8 million advance for her memoir of her years as First Lady; if income inequality is a concern to her, perhaps that money, too, should be taken away and redistributed to the many other authors who earn less."
Secretary Gates tells all in his memoirs - blasting Obama & Biden. Read these excerpts on Obama's treatment of the military - courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. He says Obama was "deeply suspicious" of his senior military officers. Most of my conflicts with the Obama administration during the first two years weren't over policy initiatives from the White House but rather the NSS's micromanagement and operational meddling, which I routinely resisted. For an NSS staff member to call a four-star combatant commander or field commander would have been unthinkable when I worked at the White House—and probably cause for dismissal. It became routine under Obama. I directed commanders to refer such calls to my office. The controlling nature of the Obama White House, and its determination to take credit for every good thing that happened while giving none to the career folks in the trenches who had actually done the work, offended Secretary Clinton as much as it did me. The relationship between senior military ...
It is COLD. Also in Antarctica, where it's summer. Here's my Weekly Comments, which also includes the NY Times and the new NYC mayor. Still, America is optimistic. Weekly Comments: Optimism rules, except in Antarctica and New York City I read where Mr. Bernanke is optimistic that the economy will continue improving in 2014. But he’s leaving the Federal Reserve, so I doubt anyone will listen to him. Janet Yellen will replace him, and she says she is going to attack global warming and, I guess, let the economy take care of itself. Dr. Yellen might change her tune when she hears about the ship loaded with global warming scientists that went to Antarctica to show the world how warm it has gotten. Instead of basking in the warm ocean waters, the boat got blocked in by solid ice. They called in icebreakers, three of ‘em, and two of them got stuck, too. Finally a helicopter went in and hauled out the scientists. But their boat and the icebreakers are locked in there, maybe until Yellen and the scientists fig ...
Worst-kept secret. Secretary Clinton to run for US President in 2016 (also confirming that the Obama Presidency lame duck has waddled in much earlier than the swallows at San Luis Capistrano!).
I'm sick and tired of the horrible injustice that continues in Sudan. I'm tired of empty promises from people like secretary Clinton who was given Sudan as one of her duties, and who has done little or nothing about this. And Obama and the rest of the US government who have refused to to do anything to put a stop to the worst genocide since the holocaust. latest estimates are what 700,000? 3.5 Million refugees have fled Sudan to Chad and other regions to avoid being murdered by their own government? People are outraged about the 70,000 people who have died in this Syrian conflict. And they should be. It's all over the newspapers. Yet hardly a wimper is heard about a far worse loss of life in Sudan. I guess if you happen to be black, Christian and live in a place like Sudan you're F*d! Sorry pal, no one cares about you! This world is nuts. Outrage over 70,000 dead in one country, and a big "I don't want to hear about it" when it comes to the people of Sudan? I've been involved in the fight against the ge . ...
Mar. 2, 2012: Video remarks by Secretary Clinton in anticipation of March 10 Passport Day in the USA.
"What, was Barack Obama doing on September 11, 2012, in the hours before he hopped aboard Air Force One —not to be deterred from a Vegas fundraiser — While those jihadists murdered four American officials and severely wounded others? And speaking of those others, why have they been kept under wraps by the Obama administration for the ensuing 15 months — with nary a peep from the press? Why have they been prevented from speaking publicly about what happened in Benghazi that night? After being informed about the siege in the late afternoon, did President Obama have personal or telephone contact with any top military brass or any members of his cabinet that night? Any engaged commander-in-chief would have been burning up the phone lines, but the White House initially represented to Congress that Obama made no calls. That astounding version of events was soon contradicted by Secretary Clinton. In January 2013 congressional testimony, she claimed to have had a phone conversation with the president at aro ...
Regarding the recent "hairstyles for Hillary" articles that is somehow newsworthy--i saw this as a comment on the fb page and thought it deserved a re-post. If you agree you can like it on that site: "Posting about Hilary's hair only enforces sexism. Secretary Clinton should be referred to with more respect than her hair. Ridiculous and offensive."
~CS~ As we all know, revisionist, anti-truth wingnut TeaHadist "Republicans" and their sycophants keep promoting and REPEATEDLY broadcasting a SINGLE SENTENCE with body language taken out of context from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Senate testimony regarding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Here is the actual testimony given by Secretary Clinton in January 2013 that has given rise to one of the greatest wrong-wing revisionist soundbites in the past few years: "With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans," she told legislators. "Was it because of a protest, or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again." Clinton's apparently unfortunate choice of words, edited down from 66 words to a simpleton set of five, "What differ ...
Whitewashing Benghazi I have been reluctant to comment on this topic because of my close personal connection to the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. My son is currently stationed in Khartoum, Sudan.and is no stranger to what he calls "combustible security climates." But last week, the bastion of journalistic little white lies, the New York Times, released it's conclusions of it's own "investigation." “The violence, though, also had spontaneous elements. Anger at the video motivated the initial attack. Dozens of people joined in, some of them provoked by the video and others responding to fast-spreading false rumors that guards inside the American compound had shot Libyan protesters. Looters and arsonists, without any sign of a plan, were the ones who ravaged the compound after the initial attack, according to more than a dozen Libyan witnesses." This "report" is laughable for many reasons. One: it completely flies in the face of testimony ALREADY given by State Department and CIA officials. Two: How ...
Hillary ordered: "No Marines and no bullets" for Benghazi 'security' ! " - Fox MinuteMen News' military analyst Col. David Hunt blamed the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans at the U.S. consulate in Libya, reported Friday. “The State Department just allowed our guys to get killed. If you approve no bullets in guns for the mission security guards and an outhouse for a mission, you’re inviting it,” he told Breitbart. On Thursday, he told radio talk show host Howie Carr that the American consulate at Benghazi "was like a cardboard building, there wasn't even bullet proof glass." Worse yet, Col. Hunt said the private security guards at the facility did not have any ammunition. "The rules of engagement were ridiculous," Col. Hunt told Carr. According to Col. Hunt, Secretary Clinton made the decision to keep Marines out of Libya when she signed the new State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya in 2 ...
420 C. DHAKA 421 DHAKA 0425 001.2 OF 003 ClassifiedBy: Ambassador James F. Moriarty.Reasons 1.4 (b) and (d)    - SUMMARY- 1. (C) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina still sees a conspiracy behind the border guard mutiny that dealt a huge blow to her government in February. She told the Ambassador on April 27 she welcomed U.S. Government efforts to facilitate better civilian-military relations and strengthen Bangladesh's security forces. She also underlined the importance of solving Bangladesh's crippling daily electricity outages, and discussed specific energy projects involving U.S. companies. The Prime Minister also promised to look into concerns raised by the Ambassador over a proposal to force foreign shipping companies to partner with Bangladeshi counterparts. Reftels B and C cover the Prime Minister's request to meet President Obama and Secretary Clinton during her upcoming private visit to the U.S. and her comments on terrorism; septel will discuss her plans to impose Government control over unregulated ...
Air Force One flight from the U.S. to South Africa on Monday was historic not only for its final destination, but for its passenger list. Joining President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for the trip to Nelson Mandela’s memorial was former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “The President and the First Lady have been able to spend time with the Bushes and with Secretary Clinton. And so I think it’s a unique experience obviously,” Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, told reporters aboard the flight. He added that the dignitaries had been reflecting on their interactions with the anti-apartheid icon. “He is a leader that intersected with so many different American political leaders of both parties over the years, and so each of them has their own experience with Mandela,” Rhodes said. Reporters on the flight said George W. Bush visited the press cabin twice for off-the ...
This Week on ABC this morning had Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) as a guest. Senator Gillibrand stated she would firmly support Hillary Clinton if she chose to run for President in 2016. She based her support in part on Ms. Clinton's record as Secretary of State for the Obama Adminisitration. Odd, the only recollections I have of Secretary Clinton are: (1) early on in the Syrian civil war, she gave a press conference where she characterized Bashar Al Assad as a "progressive leader with the interest of his people at heart"; (2) her support of the Arab Spring which brought, among other things, the takeover of Egypt by the Muslin Brotherhood, which led to a military coup to oust the government; and (3) Benghazi. Call me a "nay sayer" but I don't think she will run on this part of her "record".
Update your maps at Navteq
Statement by President and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Tom Foley New York, NY Statement We were saddened to learn of the death of Tom Foley. Tom was as skilled and knowledgeable a lawmaker ...
American Exceptionalism Died in Benghazi. Will it Pass Away or be Passed On? Susan Horton Four American’s including two of our bravest Navy Seals, went down September 11, 2012, but not without a fight. Order’s to Stand Down, were foreign words ringing hollow to hero’s ears when saving lives was their oath to this Country and ultimate mission in life. With one last fight still ahead to save 31 more lives they disobeyed orders and mission accomplished; put their lives on the line as they tirelessly fought into the break of day and waited for fellow soldiers to arrive and help, but help never came. Until last week’s hearings, Patrick Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management @ the State Dept., under Secretary Clinton, never mentioned he was the one behind the policy decision. He created the death trap on Sept.11, 2012 for not getting extra security. He was the State Official who signed off on the Benghazi operation with sub-standard security in an action memo, just surfacing, from Dec., 2011, nine mont ...
Congrats on your third anniversary & in welcoming Secretary Clinton to join your Leadership Council! :
“If we want to give peace a chance, we have some work to do,” said Secretary Clinton, urging Pakistan to do more to crackdown on extremists.
See the second video down to watch Bishop Taban speak with Secretary Clinton
We celebrate with Global Alliance on Clean Cookstoves, CCAC partner 3 yrs of progress in NY
.will chair leadership council; Alliance & partners celebrate 3 yrs of progress
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