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Secret Service

A secret service describes a government agency, or the activities of a government agency, concerned with the gathering of intelligence data.

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People are calling for Trump's children to stop receiving Secret Service protection
Glimpse of Secret Service dog on flight back from Palm Beach Trump duty. Sat quietly in his own seat next to handler.
If he's a multi billionaire then he can pay for secret…
Why doesn't the Secret Service buy golf carts & store them there or fly down with them? It would be cheaper &we wo…
Two Secret Service agents fired after White House breach - Breitbart Drain the swamp
Donald Trump charges the Secret Service for golf cart rentals so that they can protect him. $35,000 worth so far since…
Just so you know...the American people have spent $35k on Mar-a-Lago golf carts for the Secret Service.
2 Secret Service agents let go over WH fence jumper incident in March
I don't think anyone understands how terrifying it is when my doorbell rings I always feel like the secret service is coming to get me
Anybody remember back in the day when the GOP touted itself as the party of fiscal responsibility?
His salary so far not enough to even dent the massive b…
Secret Service costs for Trump family protection continue to mount -- new review shows how much it costs taxpayers:
USSS costs for Trump family continue to mount -- $35,000 spent on golf cart rentals in West Palm Beach alone
wait – taxpayers are paying for secret service who are forced to pay trump for golf carts at mar-a-lago??
Rolling Easter eggs on grass is questionable anyway. I have seen Secret Service step on an egg.
And here are the again spouting nonsense. Love to see the room where Secret Service h…
White House on lockdown after ‘suspicious package’ discovered as Secret Service investigate from http…
US Secret Service on 'verge of collapse', says former agent
Mike Pence demands the Secret Service hire eunuchs to protect him and his wife
Secret Service agent suspended after meeting with prostitute - KRMG
Secret Service agent on Pence’s detail suspended after meeting with prostitute
A Secret Service agent on Vice-President Mike Pence’s detail has been suspended for soliciting a prostitute
Politics: Secret Service agent loses security clearance over an incident at a Maryland hotel
Amazing what can be pumped into an *** BRAIN:. .
Secret Service agent arrested, suspended after hotel meeting with prostitute
Pence Secret Service agent arrested after he was caught meeting with a prostitute: report
So many Secret Service scandals now for years.
*** Who knew Melania liked sneaking out at night with Secret Service?!
Secret Service Agent on Mike Pence’s Detail Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting a Prostitute
More importantly, was she a Russian prostitute? "Secret Service"
Tonight on News at 9: Member of Pence Secret Service detail caught in prostitution bust. Plus: London terror victim speak…
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Secret service agent for Pence tried hiring prostitute .
Bea Reviews Secret Service Dogs: The Heroes Who Protect the President of the United States by Maria...
Secret Service releases sketch of possible suspect in the laptop heist.
I first heard of you when I saw the Obama Secret Service Visit video. I was hooked.
Pence's Secret Service agent suspended after prostitution arrest
Too busy wind surfing or some other stuff. He is young which means m…
Clint Hill never had a negative word to say about her.…
CNN: Secret Service agent on detail caught after meeting with prostitute at Maryland hotel
Secret Service agent on VP Pence's detail suspended after meeting a prostitute at a Maryland hotel, sources say
business. Secret service agent suspended after meeting with prostitute — Bl…
Secret service agent suspended after meeting with prostitute
Reports: Secret Service agent on Pence detail consorted with hooker Not the first time Secret Service…
Secret Service agent on Pence's detail suspended after meeting with prostitute
Is your "20committee" based on the British WW II Secret Service group that handled NAZI spies as "Double Cross" assets?
President Vladimir Putin says Secret Service is investigating whether blast was a terrorist act.
Per pool, Donald Trump has just arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. "Secret Service was inspecting a golf c…
Chanel now why would the Secret Service find a suspicious package near White House unless it…
Produced by Mossegg, the Israeli really secret service?
Secret Service locked the press inside the briefing room after evacuating the North lawn.
For anyone still unable to understand what makes Trump's golf vacations so egregious. Making $ from golf cart rentals to t…
US Secret Service detains man with package outside White House
I had no idea the Secret Service doesn't work at night.
Man in custody after claiming to have bomb near White House, source says
The Secret Service has spent $16k so far on golf cart rentals for Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago.
Is this the official Secret Service account?
BREAKING: White House North Lawn reopened after Secret Service detains male suspect -- with a package -- who made suspi…
the Secret Service. DJT has locked himself in the head again. It's been 41 minutes now.
Trump businesses for which we pay secret service protection for son to they can enhance business
The fact that secret service is investigating a suspicious package outside the White House is concerning. Liberals? Rus…
Secret Service just locked doors of WH press room, which is standard procedure for a suspicious package. Not yet clear wha…
They are now all clear! Great work by our police officers and the secret service!
It cost the Secret Service $17,000 for golf cart rentals and another $8,000 for ground vehicles to cover Old Fat *** pla…
NEW: Secret Service agents just cleared all media/visitors off White House North Lawn. Snipers seen roaming property.
Has aired Obama daughter intoxicated in bar with her Secret Service detail? We're paying for that?…
Secret Service: Suspect in custody after 'suspicious package' puts White House on lockdown
The secret service claims you sleep with a nightlight so that the Democrats don't get you.
"Secret Service" check and these are your suspects. They are on record, saying death to
White House is on lockdown after suspicious package found on north side of grounds; Secret Service is investigating
White House goes into lockdown mode briefly, male suspect taken into custody
It takes a real everyman 2 charge the Secret Service $16k of taxpayer $$ to use his country clubs' golf carts. . Surely,…
Trump charges the Secret Service for the use of golf carts to protect him. TRUMP CHARGES THE SECRET SERVICE FOR THE USE OF T…
3/27/17: Obama The Traitor needs to be impeached from the presidents list, and have the Secret Service Removed From Prot…
The is on lockdown over a suspicious package - Secret Service
UPDATE: Secret Service detains man who approached White House with suspicious package
If Secret Service can't keep track of who has access to at Mar-a-Lago, then that's a national security issue ht…
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White House on lockdown at 10:25am for a “suspicious package” per Secret Service Uniformed Division officer
Please just shoot anyone that walks up and says they have a Bomb... |
BREAKING: Secret Service says it is investigating suspicious package on White... by via
Secret Service reveals contents of the suspicious package that triggered a lockdown (what the fuzz!).
BREAKING: Secret Service tells me a man approached the White House and claimed to have a bomb
Trump could rape a woman in the White House with Secret Service walking in and Republican's would find an excuse not to…
Gee, you'd think a guy worth $10 billion might have his club just comp the Secret Service some golf carts.
. How many Secret Service employees have received the Valor Award for heroism?
Woman who got tangled in shoelaces trying to jump White House fence is arrested for 3rd time, Secret Service says
Trump and family's extravagant lifestyle is 'costing US Secret Service extra $60m'..
Navy SEALs, Rangers, Marines should be placed at the SCOTUS, Congress and White House to back up the Secret Service, Marshals DC Cops
Can you hear that? It's the Marshals discussing how to serve an arrest warrant to the Secret Service.
The story that the intelligence services, the FBI, the Secret Service, etc., and gatekeepers like Jim Marrs don't...
a reminder: on record against guns on campus Police. Faculty. Staff. Students. the Secret Service. Thomas Je…
In particular, we're paying for Secret Service & other staff to stay at Trump properties, plus impact on local poli…
Cut your three White Houses down to one. Too much flying around. Baron can be tutored in DC. Secret Service in Aspen?
dear mr. President, it's time for you to fire some of the Secret Service . go to the Marine Corps and get people you can trust.
How would 'someone' know to go to driveway of parked car of Secret Service person and take a backpack with a laptop? h…
Oh, now have the video. From a local Palm Beach Station. Trump uses Secret Service to pick up fans along the road. He's s…
Secret Service says laptop stolen from agent's car in New York
Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen in New York
"The U.S. Secret Service uses Belgian Malinois to guard the grounds of the White House". NOT GERMAN SHEPHERDS.
BREAKING NEWS: Secret Service responds to another fence jumper at White House
A Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower plans was allegedly stolen in New York
A Secret Service laptop allegedly containing floor plans of Trump Tower has been stolen in New York
Was the same Secret Service agent on duty when "back pack boy" wandered the White House grounds for 17 minutes?
Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle calls for Secret Service to "kill" Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow for their Trump attacks https…
Don't they mean, the FORMER Secret Service agent Marie Argentieri left the laptop in her car?
People should listen to former Secret Service agent podcast on iTunes regarding the wiretapping by
The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino,
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Spare a thought for the poor Secret Service: how to differentiate one lunatic from an entire pack of them.
Former NYPD officer and Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino had harsh words for the Secret Service today:...
President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent |
Secret Service under scrutiny over fence jumper, laptop reported stolen. has more.
the secret service. CIA IS OUTSIDE usa borders
What has been going on with our Secret Service lately?
Secret Service confirms an intruder was loose on White House grounds for 16 minutes
A Secret Service laptop was stolen today in NY. All microwave cameras in the localized area will be reviewed to try & catc…
The Secret Service was never this bad.until Obama became president. He has destroyed everything in this country.
💥Breaking News:Laptop stolen fr secret service!Floor Plans of Trump Tower in it ! It's being investigated!I want also 2 know…
Secret Service has been embroiled in a lot of scandals the last 1,5-2 years.But that's not important to the hardcor…
Secret Service has a problem Trump not safe at the White House and they can't control their lap tops lax agents need blame & correction
The Secret Service needs to get their act together. Allowing people to jump the WH fence and now a stolen laptop. Fix your…
A US Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower floor plans and other sensitive material has apparently been stolen
a couple of trained german shepherds would do a better job. What has happened to our secret service? WH breach??Computer caper???
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The failures by the Secret Service this past week alone is beyond disturbing..almost seems deliberate.
Here's some breaking news on the latest Secret Service stories about the laptop and fence jumper -->
The man who climbed over the White House fence last week managed to roam undetected on the grounds for 17 minutes
Secret Service employees "extremely disappointed and angry" over handling of White House fence jumper
Does Secret Service who has always been non partisan now has an agenda?R They negligent & lazy?
⚡️ “Secret Service agent's laptop was stolen in New York ”.
So what were the Secret Service for those 16 mins. 22 seconds, taking selfie with Trump's sleeping grandson, who got fr…
A Secret Service laptop with information on Pres. Trump and Hillary Clinton has been stolen, CBS News has learned
I pray that Trumps secret service isn't Obama infiltrated. And Obama can pay 💰 for his own protection. Tax payers shouldn't have that expenc
Maybe not, but can we ask coal miners & single moms to pay for secret service to protect Trump sons making overseas…
Secret Service issues unusual press release over White House intruder via
White House intruder on grounds 16 minutes before arrest: Secret Service | Reuters ➜…
A laptop containing floor plans for Trump Tower and other security info was stolen from a Secret Service agent's vehicle in New York.
Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service agent...
..has learned Service agent's laptop stolen in has security information about
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Suspect took an Uber to the Secret Service agents home, just opened the car door in the driveway, took out the laptop,…
.on Secret Service “The agency's broken, the management has failed. They need to be flushed out top down”
Recent events show Secret Service is broken. Management and responsible agents must be investigated and held to a…
Secret Service agent had their gun, badge and radio stolen in 2015 .
First on CNN: White House jumper on grounds for 15 minutes before caught, Secret Service source says - CNN
Replace the Secret Service at the WH with a pack of chihuahuas. Chihuahuas would let you know the SECOND someone wa…
A laptop belonging to a Secret Service agent has been stolen in New York, multiple senior law enforcement sources confirm t…
Secret Service agents under investigation for taking photos of President Trump's sleeping grandson…
Secret Service took my hairspray at the Republican National Convention... The horror!
Secret Service, and others bust organized crime ring!.
Deep State: How a rogue Secret Service got back at Rep. Jason Chaffetz via Fire these ***
Nope, Mexico ain't paying for that fuwall! Our Coast Guard, FEMA, Secret Service and TSA are. . How did the 9/11…
I really don't see why US Secret Service just doesn't release its data on this given the account numbers out there.
Intruder who scaled White House fence arrested by US secret service
Former Secret Service agent: President is not safe at WH
C'mon Secret Service, what the *** If deranged fools can scale the fence what about a highly motivated ISIS suicide mission?
Secret Service says person arrested on White House grounds after climbing fence
The Secret Service has arrested a man after he breached the White House grounds late last night.
Secret Service: Person arrested on White House grounds after climbing fence
The only intruder the "Secret Service" should apprehend on the White House grounds is a dead intruder. Do your jobs-you are an embarrassment
Secret Service arrests person on W.H. grounds
NEW: The U.S. Secret Service says a person is under arrest after getting onto the south grounds of the White House
News Alert: Officials say intruder had a backpack.
FAKE NEWS from Trump could anyone jump the fence?Unless,Secret Service all quit.
The intruder might be one of George Soros' paid thugs. Secret Service
Security at Mar-a-Lago is one thing, but remember that Secret Service doesn't do counter-espionage.
Secret Service did not immediately Approach Intruder. He was walking around Grounds freely until Cop noticed. Got to Front Door. Sad
Kudos to the Secret Service, which allowed protesters to set up where saw them while driving in and out of the e…
Trump ran for president only to get Secret Service protection so that Russian mobsters to whom he owes money could not brea…
Secret Service says nothing dangerous was found in search of backpack carried by person arrested at White House
Secret Service arrest White House backpack intruder Friday nite. How did he get so close to https:…
Please protect our President Secret Service! America needs him! Someone shouldn't be a…
I1/4 mile long wall/fence heavily guarded with secret service, sensors and cameras can be jumped over.Mexico wall will be ju…
C'not have scaled all the fences w/out being detected. . Either there r tunnels or some Secret Service looked the other way.…
Unbelievable that a no-name loser jumped over the White House fence. Secret Service must build a wall, as we will on t…
Again, the Secret Service has needed draining for years.
Man with by just before midnight...
Dan Bongino: "The Secret Service is not prepared to protect the White House." Sobering warning from on
Man with a backpack scaled the fence; caught at the entrance to Trump family residence.
Sounds like the Secret Service has room to improve!!!
Secret Service official confirms to NBC News there was an intruder incident at the White House late last night. Statement c…
Secret Service statement on White House grounds intruder incident
News Alert: was at the White House during intruder breach.
STEP IT UP!. Secret Service:. Person arrested on White House grounds with backpack. Trump was there!.
Secret Service: “On March 10, 2017, at approx. 11:38 pm, an individual scaled the South Grounds fence line of the White…
Trump administration weighing cuts to Coast Guard, TSA, Secret Service and FEMA to help fund border wall.
How much are we, NYC paying for Melania, Secret Service housing @ Trump Tower, 2 other NY res…
Actor LaMonica Garrett, plays Secret Service good guy Mike Ritter on Designated Survivor. In Mike we trust.
All the Secret Service, Border Patrol drive these Hybrids. They no longer make them. Too expensive.
. So Whoopi Goldberg is next in line for a Secret Service visit?
Donald Trump: "It's outrageous! has instructed the Secret Service to follow me around day and night."
Secret Service to give update on Trump flight restrictions in South Florida: An update from the Secret Service is…
for new Director of the Secret Service to replace Clancy. He may not be a Washington suit but he has crowd appeal.
Next week, FBI director calls up Secret Service director and says: "One hour warning: We're coming to take your guy to D.C. federal lockup."
Good for you. Tell them I have a Secret Service family member that protects President Obama.
Commentary: Advice for the new director of the Secret Service
'30 Secret Service and 30 cops and snipers in the trees, it was just a..
According to Secret Service director, Trump's private force is currently operating in parallel to Secret Service:
Secret Service director to step down, giving Trump chance to select his own security chief.
america's beliefs you also know the director of the Secret Service stepped down right.. put two and two together INTEL community not happy
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think about it, Trump insults the intel community and then the Director of the Secret Service steps down..CIA does not play met some in Iraq
Former agent: Secret Service overwhelmed King of confusion. He really don't know what to do
Has been given Secret Service director by President rapidaax. President rapidaax plans to nominate REDCOBRA111 to USMS Director.
At Trump hotel. Secret Service swarms the place. Trump walks in, sits down next to me w/ Gov. Rick Scott, Nigel Farage, I…
He was confident that the Secret Service would promote him, but it didn't. He sued.
the director of the Secret Service just stepped down trump has insulted all now of the intel community so what do you think they are sitting
Secret Service agents reveal they LOVE protecting Donald Trump because he is punctual and polite.
Nigel Farage EVACUATED by Secret Service during LIVE radio show due to "security alert".
ON NOW: removed live on air from Conference in by Secret Service h… his own golf course five states away with Secret Service staff in tow. *sigh*
And let's not forget he's playing at HIS golf course, FIVE states away, with the Secret Service in tow (GR!)
Joe Biden update:He's now charging the Secret Service rent for a cottage to protect him
The Secret Service of the Skies, via scumbag trump creating havoc w airline travel due to his weekend trips
secret service rents extra space in Trump Tower to protect Melanie. Costs: 1,5 Mio $/year. Money goes to:
That's not true. The Trump sons are opening a Trump course in Dubai accompanied by Secret Service paid for by you.
s son in Dubai for opening of Trump business venture. His Secret Service Security at taxpayer's expense.
Secret Service investigating object thrown at Trump's motorcade: The Secret Service is investigating an incident in…
Trump family's elaborate lifestyle is a logistical and $ nightmare at our expense while his brand marketing is huge!
he's already doing it by promoting and patronizing Mar-a-Largo and making the secret service take up in Trump Tower in NYC.
Jr. & dummy went to Dubai 2 open new Trump hotel. It cost us $50k+ bcuz Secret Service w them at all times. RT
Today, we are paying for:. -Secret Service for Trump sons in Dubai to open hotel. -3rd $3m trip to Mar-a-Lago in a row. -NYC s…
Trumps in FL so often, Secret Service agts. have to answer 2 questions. Are you willing to take a bullet?. Will you put sun…
the 1.6m he turned down he already made back by vacay at his resort & secret service rent in NYC
No way Secret Service would have let Gene Huber on stage w/o his being vetted. Huber just said he salutes a box of para…
Trump: "I wouldn't say the secret service was thrilled with that but we know our people..."
.spy doc from the Soviet Secret Service-trump said he'd win the US Presidential 1996 as an independent
Assuming books won't be outlawed by then, looking forward to the inevitable Secret Service tell-all about life w the 1st fam
Secret Service investigating object thrown at Trump's motorcade
Trump’s sons Donald & Eric will be in Dubai Saturday to open Trump golf course. We’ll pay the Secret Service costs.
Trump is back home to WPB thanks to / Secret Service
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is us taxpayer also going to send secret service for the traitor Trumps 11 grandchildren?
Juvenile confesses to throwing object at Trump's motorcade -
This is some Travis Bickle behavior. The Secret Service had better keep an eye on this guy.
Remember we need "extreme vetting" for all Muslims but Trump told Secret Service this guy was OK bc "we know our people"
Juvenile confesses to throwing object at Trump's motorcade: A local middle school student has confessed to throwing…
The secret service investigated it so they reported.
Middle school student confessed to throwing a piece of wood at President Trump's... by…
the Secret Service let this man touch the President of the United States. Let that sink in.
An insane person whom the Secret Service was forced to let stand right next to the President of the United States unguarded.
Trump after bringing one of his biggest fans on stage: "I wouldn’t say Secret Service as thrilled with that."
Palm Beach, United States | AFP | The US Secret Service launched an investigation Friday, after an object was...
Trump's weekends will bankrupt us just paying for the Secret Service will bankrupt the United States
Trump needs to sign executive order that ends secret service protection after one month leaving office. Clinto s and Obama will flee country
The Acting Director of the Secret Service Says He’s Re-Retiring the Agency
BREAKING: US Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy announced his retirement to the staff, a spokesperson tells CNN https:/…
to heck with the Senate...Go run Secret Service! Dump the ones who won't take one for POTUS and let them chase paper hangers.
Nobody want to take a bullet for Donald-Russia Says-Trump: Secret Service director announces retirement
It is well known that Donald Trump prefers his own, private security detail
DIRECTOR OF SECRET SERVICE Has Resigned: “A new perspective is needed to restore status of elite agency"
The director of the Secret Service is stepping down
you want $200k so you can be tackled by the Secret Service?
Who is going to investigate FBI, Secret Service & CIA??? They can be just as guilty as anyone!
Docs:Trump was spied on by the Soviet Secret Service in Prague.
A little birdy told me the NSA and the Secret Service are both currently leaderless and lawless ...
setting up Sturmabteilung-like private security force. Bypassing Secret Service. .
Secret Service director announces retirement, again
has called for the assassination tonight in Dallas do your job U.S. Secret Service
At what point do you say to yourself, "should I really be taking this call from the Russian secret service?"
The Trump campaign colluded with the Russian secret service. That is not a question anymore. The only question now is are you ok with that?
Hillary's code name for secret service was: Private Server
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The Secret Service director announced his retirement. President Trump will now install a replacement.
Secret Service director steps down after only three weeks of working for Donald Trump.
Easiest Photo Book Ever? Yes please! The SECRET is the new Make My Book Service!
When you're impeached and go to prison, do you get Secret Service protection in the showers? Asking for a friend
Our agency is Colva's best kept secret with some of the hottest busty independent ladies from across the globe. https:…
Secret Service director retires after leading agency amid series of scandals and missteps
The Director of the Secret Service Says He’s Leaving the Agency - Bloomberg
President Trump should pick Ray Kelly to lead the Secret Service. Competent, qualified and an outsider.
.If the FBI & Secret Service serve vengeance instead of justice, the US will be no better than Russia https…
A snapshot from my trip to Plains: Jimmy Carter, the Secret Service and a pickup truck.
Donald Trump 'complained hand towels on Air Force One are not soft enough' . His new Secret Service code name. President…
It costs taxpayers 1 million dollars a day for Melania to have Secret Service protection in NY and FL and avoid DC.…
The Day the President Was Shot: The Secret Service, the FBI, a Would-Be Killer, and the Attempted..
Secret Service paid to protect Barry's mom in law. Can I send you a bill for that?
Is Trump requiring DNAs with Secret Service? Silencing them was litigated under Clinton and found invalid.
it's time for his daily fix of Dallas reruns. Man, that Linda Evans--am I right, boys? Secret Service: Yes, sir.
then the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for Secret Service of Trump Tower
Got a friend who's in the Secret Service and he told me something pretty funny the other day. From now on if...
Secret Service investigation leads to guilty plea for NY man for role in $2.89 mil stolen identity refund scheme https:…
As you see, your name and identity have been submitted to the US Secret Service. Please expect a knock on your door. Good luck
needs Secret Service and FBI watching-- remember John Hinkley? Turned out he was crazy, too.
I believe the Secret Service protection of Trump Tower is a business benefit to Trump, an violation and taxable income.
America's going to return to days of Wild West. Making America hate again, but we don't have Secret Service
Secret Service agent says she would go to jail instead of take a bullet for Trump
President Trump is paying a huge price to be President family time life style freedom to come and go as he pleases Secret Service stops him
Teddy Roosevelt would tell the Secret Service to stand down, and fisticuff all the way to Cuba.
Oh dear ...secret service. have you visited her yet?
Secret Service is getting to meet so many celebrities..Madonna, Rachel.
Looks like you will be moved to new duties at the treasury!
Meet Kerry: The female Secret Service agent who would rather go to jail than protect President Trump. Kerry should be fi…
Hey, tell your *** president that we have all quit Secret Service so he's gonna have to get some kids in there
Secret Service agent wrote she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump | TheHill. Kerry O'Grady, my new shero! 😘
.I have Secret Service protection because of the media
Y Does This Sr Secret Service Agent Still Have A Job? via If she can't conform, resign or be fired.
Secret Service agent says she 'wouldn't take a bullet' for Donald Trump
So the National Park Service has an internal resistance movement. Imagine what will happen when the NSA does that. Or the Secret Service. ♚
Secret Service agent under fire after posting she wouldn't take bullet for Trump - USA TODAY…
A clear violation of the Hatch Act and dereliction of duty. WOW
she's a true patriot. Trump is hiring private security over secret service. he's a traitor
Leftists love women in positions of power. Look at all the white powder candy they're sending to Kellyanne.
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