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Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift.

Merry Christmas Bill Gates

Just got my Secret Santa book pledge for Glarnies, Green Berets and Goons, the Larry Stephens biography at Unbound books…
Looks like by Mastercard is helping from wrap up his Secret Santa shoppi…
And our vote for most gorgeous stocking filler/Secret Santa goes to... this beautiful Italian stainless steel spoon…
I signed up for Secret Santa at work and look at this amazing thing I just found on the internets.
BlizzNerds Secret Santa! Give a gift and get a gift! More information can be found on the BlizzNerds FB (located in…
Secret Santa top on today under my new jacket 😋 @ Trinity Park…
'Secret Santa' picks up $10K tab to pay off layaway orders at toy store
Stuck for Secret Santa? Wondering what to get a wonderful friend? In the pursuit of the perfect Advent devotional?…
my friend group is doing secret santa and i have someone who I’m kinda distanced from WHAT TF SHOULD I GET
The Secret Santa word is Dasher enter to win for an iPhone X, belk gift cards, and more!
Thanks we really need the wrapping paper. . Thank you Mrs V Pittaway for the six recipe books! . Thank you Sharon Collard fo…
Those who wanted in on my pet secret santa, it's UP! Applications run til 21/11 and then I'll send ou…
I did all my christmas and secret santa shopping today, I'm proud 😁
if anyone is interested in this secret santa DM me!!! ❤️💚
I'm trying to write a letter for the BaordGameGeek Secret Santa, which I should've done a week ago, and I'm choking…
If you’re interested in a sister secret Santa let me know and I’ll send you details (:
Shouldn't be mentioning that word yet but just bought my book for our Reading Group 'secret santa', exciting.
Perfect worst secret santa gift for any lol available from
Got a secret for you.he doesent exist, just like santa and the tooth fairy.
My friends never do Friendsgiving or secret Santa or ugly sweater parties 😩
Its FREE. Its XMAS. Its Art du deplacement/ parkour and. its secret santa - all in one! Come join us Dec 17th Espri…
Looking for a funny secret santa gift ... how about a set of bronze teeth .
Secret Santa time! I need ideas for normal people gifts. I need like 5 little gifts so the person feels acknowledge…
With lots of gifts under £10, we’ve got your Secret Santa presents covered!
You might be surprised: If you suggest scaling back to your family (eg: doing Secret Santa rather than e/o getting…
Big news, penguin pals! Secret Walrus, the first ever community Secret Santa is back! 😁🐧❄️.
I'm on my way home from the inspiring and amazing workshop. I'm also on a secret mission regarding chocolate…
Do u want to be a part of our secret santa
Ugly Christmas jumper parties and Secret Santa gift exchanges are popular holiday party themes for a reason. But th…
A6: To keep things secular I've done something similar to Secret Santa, but used Secret Snowflake which was found a…
A6: I treat my yearbook staff to a Pizza party once the first deadline is made (b4 Christmas break), & they do secr…
A lucky has received a gift today. A simple thank you from to his Secret Santa. 🎉🎄…
A5: Secret Santa here too! We also have a staff potluck. I, of course, bring the utensils.
We’re doing secret Santa at the studio and I’ve never been more excited!!
Anyone hear or see the Secret Santa word yet?
We're doing secret Santa at my new job and I literally only know like 2 people how tf am I supposed to get someone a gift???
If your Secret Santa is a concert junkie, this gift will be music to their ears
A5 Week b4 break all staff members participate in a secret santa with other staff members that always gets everyone in a good mood
A5- Secret Santa! Lots of participants this year, Elf on the Shelf- they get excited when Rudy visits their room, C…
Get me his address, Secret SANTA can always send him one!
PSA: we won’t be holding our annual secret Santa because these new girls suck ☹️
A5 We do secret santa, which gets everyone in the spirit. We also put up a tree in the commons area and have a faculty party.
When you're Christmas shopping, please consider buying an extra gift for a young cancer patient. Take a look at our se…
Let me know if you’re interested in this secret Santa 🎅🏻
via . How can you make a child smile this holiday season? Become a Secret Santa by donating gift cards…
AVAILABLE: Montana Secret Santa (Love at the Chocolate Shop... by Debra Salonen -
LOOK! Something NEW has landed in our shop... It's super sparkly and would make a great stocking filler or secret santa…
when my friend gets her teenage crush on a tshirt for secret Santa 😂😂
🎅🏻 Give the perfect gift for you and a friend with Treetopia’s 6th Annual Secret Santa Sweepstakes. Choose one decorating…
Can I join that all girls secret Santa thing or no
🎁FFXV Secret Santa!🎁. and i are hosting are a ffxv secret santa!!. sign ups open today until the 20th of november…
I am super impressed wiv my personalised magnet!!! I got one for my grandpop for christmas and…
I’m just gonna get my secret Santa a pencil
I've discovered that a fellow co~worker loves to read almost as much as I do. And as luck would have it, I drew her…
Mate you'll be in front of my the queue ordering the same thing. I actually hope so b…
Best gift ever, Secret Santa from I buy for him, he buys for me. Neither of us know what we…
Plenty of banter at Home Bargains this year with the Christmas / Secret Santa etc range..
I hope the people who don't see an issue w these senators hiding the healthcare bill aren't thinking that its like a Secret Santa. It's not.
What is such big secret that won't be handled by America???
Turns out giving away the Caramilk secret is a lot like telling a kid Santa isn't real.
I think it's a secret. Or a myth. Like Santa and the easter bunny, but less reliable as to when they turn up! 😏
Get 6 Free VitaTops
.remembered the time was his secret Santa, and told his favorite story.
Get your Secret Santa on! Start reading for FREE: MONTANA SECRET SANTA
Today I have a 5 star restaurant secret recipe from Cassia Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. This casual...
A vibrant palette of colour & texture + lovely message from my secret Santa = Lots of positive energy for…
I mailed my secret santa box to a special piggy friend today! Excited! (Sorry for the foam on the box.) # ...
When u get badass secret santa and she gives u a mug that is just as badass as her as…
I mean close enough friends that they organized a Secret Santa gift exchange by mail this last year and spent a good amt of $$ on each other
Out for my Secret Santa meetup, lets get Christmas cheered up. May share Christmas jumper photos later.
My parents told me there was no Santa, but it was a secret and not to tell anyone.
One time, Secret Santa sent me a sampler of these. What a time to be alive
I like Buxom Mascara, got it for me for secret Santa and it's the bomb 💯
I just contacted by giftee for Sh Summerfest(kinda a summer secret santa thing) on tumblr and I'm…
So, My "secret life", is street painter. I'll be doing a master rendition of Four Roses in Santa Barbra, CA this weekend, spo…
The secret is to find someone like Santa *** *** *** 🍺🌹
My boss played secret Santa in her stockings.
Breast Cancer Awareness
remember when Alex let Nicki finger her as her secret santa christmas present lmao
Lmao I think this was about the secret Santa at bulla, ya girl quit before that ever happened 🙂
So hes asking me what I'm into and I'm telling him about my bible study group and secret santa events, afterwards he asks "Can I breed you?"
Charles Ingalls kept a secret compartment full of dead drifters in the barn. He called it "Santa's Workshop."
When u forget to throw away the "gift" you got for secret Santa. Happy Father's Day?
204 participants remain in the Summer Secret Santa 2017 event!
Secret Santa begins! A sideboob demonstration on how to RAK the goodwill 🍋
Santa Monica breaks through for stakes victory, winning G3 Munster Oaks at Cork. 4yo Mastercraftsman filly out of a half to Sakhee’s Secret.
The Group 3 Munster Oaks is won by Mastercraftsman filly Santa Monica, who is out of a half-sister to 2007 July Cup scorer Sakhee's Secret
I added a video to a playlist The Problems with Secret Santa - Numberphile
Lol yep i noticed XD they was trynna keep it a secret. It was too good to be true…
Waiting for new video is like waiting for your Secret Santa present. You never know what to expect. It could and couldnt be art
More pictures at Santa's Rampage over 300 Santa's showed up.
Best Secret Santa gift I ever gave was one of these with a 'Y' painted on the end in matching script to one Ms. Dad…
I drew a secret santa thing but nobody was buying commissions so I had no money without a debit card on Google play
Anything, beebs :) but we're doing a secret Santa kinda thing here!
Secret Santa gift for Without and with *** :3c
Dis is like Secret Santa, but with letters! AWWYISSS!
i forgot how funny the ending was. "SECRET SANTA SURPRISE! | 2015 Secret Santa Pt. 2"
I know it's June but anyone wanna plan a secret santa???
Your father will always be your Secret Santa via .
it was me who gave Cindy "the 'stache" the bottle of Nair for the secret Santa exchange.
New top post: Finally got around to hanging my baseball secret santa gift right above the TV
first thought: is Secret Hitler like Secret Santa... but Hitler? XD
In case you missed it, here you go 🙌 Toffe Kerst Secret Santa Unboxing ★
My unnamed anonymous undercover hidden secret santa source close to the investigation says…
MY SCHOOL IS DOING A SECRET SANTA THING FOR TEACHERS DAY which is tomorrow cb but I got Suthagar.what do i get a young-ish straight man?
AP Art part 2 . Our first secret Santa ❤️. They made senior year the best year.
if there was a Secret Santa, and Murphy got Bellamy, what would he get him?
Shoutout to for the secret Santa gift from 2 years ago
All purpose parts banner
📷 ultraformats: My shendak secret santa for thanks for finally giving me the excuse to...
pat told everyone that for a secret santa he got a football and a pokémon watch. he then told me to check my phone:
My Reddit Secret Santa knocked it out of first place.
is there a club secret santa? I'll happily get it printed on to a tea towel or something.
BREAKING: The Illuminati has pardoned Trump's secret impeachment but the…
Two weeks remaining in the Summer Secret Santa 2017 sign-up schedule!:
Use this powerful, simple scientific secret to force the Universe to give you anything https:/…
We can do a secret santa, get me an FTP sweater
If anyone would like to participate in a Libertarian "secret santa" group, Please let me know and I'll add you!
I never asked for this. I never even knew i wanted this. I would like to thank God for being the ultimate secret Sa…
A game. . Manito is guardian angel / secret santa. Mafia is like .. i don't know
4 of 5 stars to Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks
hey, would you be interested in a secret santa style miniature swap? In the process of starting one up.
And we got you a present for secret santa on Christmas Eve Eve because I'm a nice person
Oh we'll never know who our secret santa eh?
LRT secret santa my *** taehyung literally bought gift for jungkook.
Received a Darth Vader onesie from my Pajamas secret santa...all it is missing is a cape and mask...…
~ Who the signs got for secret santa in Seventeen
Looks like my secret Santa gift had to travel a long way! Worth the wait.
Sebastian got me a bottle of this for secret Santa and I fell in love with it!
Instead of what... a Secret Santa exchange?
Glad you got them... Secret santa has good taste!
Hm like a secret Santa but on sundays but comments? 🤔
My Reddit Secret Santa knocked it out more for advertising than Lucas ever could have.
Flat clearance. Secret Santa: the coalition years...
I covered Jishou Mushoku for the Youtaite Secret Santa! I'll do better next time!.
So I did an Asakiku and enstars secret santa this year. Merry Christmas guys! ! ! !
📷 nursecatherine: My Iwata Secret Santa gift for Alex!  He asked for art of one of his ships, so I drew...
Do we think it's okay to use a bottle of bath and body works lotion I found at my parents house that I received for secret santa in 2002?
BTW, he was my secret Santa recipient on Reddit last Christmas. I gave him a couple s3 gold Jawas and some hypers. He was happy
I know I'm doing a good job if someone buys me a coffee mug with that printed on it for the office secret Santa
I can't wait to do secret santa again for FL again but only this time I won't actually tell people who their santa is obviously lOL
2% of Americans and their greed, it is legal to fire someone for being a part of the best secret Santa.
Bill Gates Proves to be the Best Secret Santa, Giving One Redditor a Replica Loki Helmet and a Donation in Her Name…
Thinking about buying Premium Edition Personalized Toy Box - White? Read our late via
Less than 50 days until sign-ups for the Summer Secret Santa 2017 event close. :)
I'm late but a friend recommended your music at a secret Santa party
My reddit Secret Santa allowed us to get this little fellow
my late Secret Santa gift for Asked for some angst + widowtracer! . Hope you like it!
Secret santa gift for CNWgraphis on da! 🎅🏽 . SPEEDPAINT:
What, are you not delighted to have somebody so great like me as your secret Santa?
With a nod to I must admit that I am now Amazon Secret Santa drunk... and I don't have his residuals.
📷 bookwyvrn: The best secret santa gift ever
HUGE congrats to my boy and goalie for getting drafted to the OHL by Guelph. Don't forget who your secret santa buddy
I liked a video from Hermitcraft III 314 Secret Santa
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
What happens when kids dial Santa's Secret number? Watch the full story here:
'Tis the season fr family, friends, and hopefully new devices...if only secret santa included tech 🎁 Tech the Halls! ht…
I liked a video from Hermitcraft Advent III 169 | SECRET SANTA PRANK | A Minecraft
Ugh happy belated birthday to the best secret Santa ever ily so much so sorry I'm late!!!💛
If I ever have Jordan Spieth for secret santa.
Just found the pictures of the Sonic amiibo I made for our office secret santa the other year. I hope is…
Sometimes i think about the time i saw someone say they would be mad if they got writing in exchange for their art in a secret santa event
ya I was gunna say like I spent time trying to create a cardboard cut out of u and Dom for secret santa so
Not even a huge Trump guy but the reaction alone here in CA would be priceless. And my next secret santa contributi…
btw I tried the "Santa is the spirit of love and now you're in on the secret" bit and she was like, let's discuss you lying to me for years
📷 mr-doctor-felicia: Levihan through the years– my gift for for Levihan Secret Santa hope...
This would make an incredible Secret Santa gift for next Christmas...I almost can't believe this is a real product
I was introduced to the character in a secret Santa gift exchange in grade school with this issue. Hellu…
I just got the best Mystery Mordechai (Secret Santa for Purim) gift!
you finished up both boxes I gave you on the boards secret Santa? . Also oops
Secret Santa. Is the secret that he's a Paedophile? Cause it's not a secret anymore.
Implement secret Santa program for officials. Bad call doesn't result in official catching a slap but one of the other 2 gets one, get it?
Pulling out the Christmas secret Santa gift! Thanks Jeff! :D
it was a secret Santa thing, I wish I'd spent more time on it but needed to fling it in the post 😂
lmao I relate to this so hard. I wrote a DRRR secret santa with sex but the person didn't even check it out for a month, so I -
the last sex I wrote was for a secret santa ç_ç but i hate everything i write so i just deleted it after
Guess what?! Last week I kept a secret: I was on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico!! It was…
Whoever gets secret Santa for Sean this Christmas, I've saved you the effort.
happy birthday beauty🖤 I also forgot to tell you I was cleaning and found your letters about twilight as my secret Santa😭
also every Christmas you should play that part of Secret of Mana where you save Santa Claus by beating h…
Party Swag: Best part of the season is the swag:From my managing partner: A rolexFrom my work secret santa: A…
thank you! I got it from a secret santa or I'd let you know where I got it. 😞
Signed up! This is a lovely idea. (Basically like a Secret Santa thing for academics.)
Panel Idea: Secret Santa art trade? Put your name and link to your ref in a hat and everyone choses and draws someone a random thing. AAAHT?
📷 stillstudies: I needed to show you guys these socks I got from my Secret Santa this week because...
I believe got one from her secret santa this Christmas!
Finally trying out the weird face masks i was given as a Secret Santa in Sri Lanka.
So this is what my office Secret Santa got me. Oh the irony 😂
I've always wanted to buy my own community. And I wanted to be an every day secret Santa if you will. America is very selfish.
I'd love to buy this piece of tech. 4 me This is the best looking smartphone ever. Someone please be my secret Santa
Thank you to my Secret Santa for my H&M bathrobe! 😄
I wish secret santa would deliver another job, in another time zone. She emba…
So, we do secret santa among the adults of the family & I opted for a RAOK instead of a gift. ❤
Breakfast!. 🍳 recipe book (the best secret santa gift I've ever got!)…
the woman in the shop had no idea what the story behind it was -- it works perfectly - when I get bored I'll Secret Santa it :-)
Finally finished this electric craft. It was an secret Santa gift from 2years ago, so it wa…
My secret-santa gift made by an FR colleague has been much admired Natural Partners event this weekend…
But April is when I start to my secret santa.
Done buying for the secret santa event 🙆
he also wears it in the unboxing reddit secret santa video. Good tshirt tbh. Also HIS FACE HAS CHANGED SO MUCH.
omg yes please! The only thing people from work ever buy me for Secret santa us Guinness as they know I love it! 💚
we are currently planning on doing secret Santa at approximately 10 PST on Friday does that work?
I've resisted the need to watch my Secret Santa gift WALVENG
Still havent got the secret santa gift?
Trump had ongoing conversations with Russia during the campaign. This is the worst kept secret since Santa.
I got Patrick's secret box for Secret Santa. I think he liked it.
Secret Santa got my cat a sombrero and I think this might be the best thing to happen in 2016
S/o to for mine best secret Santa I could ask for🐚
My mother: I don't know what to get my Secret Santa pal!!. Me: Does she drink?. Mom: No. But she should.
From a Secret Santa exchange- but eyyy kisses! These two need to confess their love in already, gdi
This secret santa thing is genius. Had two orders go out for lucky recipients today!!…
Alright so. Modding this event has been extremely hard. I modded the secret Santa as well and it had its challenges for sure. But honestly,
Got a USB Brute Force Password Stick from secret santa. Im going to start using it in delivery meetings to get…
I finally got a Christmas present!! My secret Santa left me a present at Frank's house. So, a bottle of wine and chocolate ! :)
If you feel left out, know that last year my family forgot to give me a secret Santa, and this year they fixed that by makin…
is a god send. Just found the Malteasers from Secret Santa
My sister gave them to me for our secret santa this year. It was phenomenal
Colleague still doesn't know I was her Secret Santa. I bought her notebook to reflect what she says all the time.
Secret William? (As in like Secret Santa). Also why don't you just give them a yacht and some vintage car.
Sticky Bandits secret santa was v good to me.
I added a video to a playlist Secret Santa Mail Bag 2016
I still have 18 packets (5 per packet) of malteaser reindeers to eat from my secret santa, I'll never have them finished 🦌
I've found the perfect secret Santa gift through the power of stalking! Yes my work's Christmas party is next week...
I added a video to a playlist The Secret of Santa Vittoria 1969 Anthony Quinn Eng
I went to Santa Fe and tried out the best base layers for
FAM ITS . Jelli the Internet. Your parents in a secret santa claus. 4.
Psst.. don't tell anyone but.. Felicia from the Internet is secret Santa and she'll load your stocking with canned chees…
Sorry, not sorry, but I've totally won at Friday already!
Yes, Virginia, Santa is a fiction perpetuated by temporary lies that can create parental mistrust as warns http…
Just redeemed my gift card my secret santa gave me for $12.59. What an odd amount to put on...
I think of you song, *** Daniel, and I are doing a secret santa thing this year
Finished for for secret santa! I'm sorry I'm so slow and thank you for your patience! ;_D
dexter morgan . ib shut up stilinski . dt bri, . love your secret santa 🎅🏼💚 (Vine by
We did secret Santa at work. This girl spent 140$ to get my manager a watch. Why he got her an alarm clock & said "get to work…
This woman got the Secret Santa package of a lifetime from Bill Gates, and it was awesome as you'd think h…
I swear straight ppl love to buy gifts like this for *** ppl. They secretly want the *** person for their secret santa
they sold a Christmas one in Dec, got it for my secret Santa at work ;)
I am Shura's ❤️Secret Santa (Hope you will like it and Merry Christmas!)
My secret santa gift from someone I ❤️it and will come in useful as well. Also loved the message on th…
Finally got my secret santa present from work 😻
2nd Annual ΑΣΣ Secret Santa gift exchange was lit. Glad you liked your gifts ❤️
When the boss lady points to the mistletoe and says, "It's a rule," what are you going to do?...
"This isn’t the kind of thing you want to phone in," says in
I drew a little Guzma boy for our small friend secret santa. Hope you love this boy
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Wrapped my Secret Santa gifts for the Elevator party tonight and went for a pregame shower beer but realized I had none. Life is suffering.
"fernando describe your person!!". "um.. female. asian.". shoutout to the secret santa who knew I really wanted hot c…
This is Momo in his Reddit Secret Santa gift. Little late, but who doesn't want to see a munchkin cat in a sweatshi… htt…
I hope my secret santa gets me some bricks, it'd be a start xx
to when I made a music video as my secret santa gift
It was at that moment that Ben Grimm decided it would be Clobberin' Time the next time he ever heard the phrase "Se…
Merry X'mas to 🎄🎄🎄 I'm your secret santa!! Here is long haired Viktor & Yuuri getting into the holiday spirit~!! 💞💞…
My entry for the Voltron Secret Santa! Ended up getting my roommate XD so her design is on Lance's sweater. :) https:/…
I feel like if we did a secret santa, I'd just get sex toys & booze. . And i'm okay with that.
This character was so much fun to draw, my part of Bawfle's secret santa. Gift is for Tala ^^ 🎄🌟🎄
I love how Turtle's staff bought each other lush bath bombs for secret Santa, but no one picked them up. Now we have a bag full of them. 🛀🏼🦄
so, your Secret Santa says they sent it around Dec 8 and they don't have a tracking number :/ you can only wait, i really
the 69min secret santa thing gained me so many mutuals tHANK U
My friend gave me Harambe Operation for a secret Santa, and it's the greatest gift I've ever received
Get sorted with great travel size & stocking fillers perfect for friends, colleagues and family…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Experimenting tonight with the Xanthan Gum sent by my Reddit Secret Santa. Looking forward to getting my feet messy…
Finaly draw something again! Fairy tale AU for 's Captive Prince series for the CP Secret Santa! :D .
Secret Santa surely?. What kind of actually puts it out though?
A pixel riko for the LLSIF Secret Santa on Reddit!
Found: When your replacement Secret Santa hooks you up GOOD! via /r/magicTCG
My rematch Secret Santa was the best this year!! Came home from the gym to this perfect…
The famous did Secret Santa gift exchange for the 4th year in a row.
I got the book from Reddit's Secret Santa and went all in into pizza making.
See the Alabama treats this Redditor sent as a thank you for her Secret Santa bonanza http…
So Snoop Dogg is your reddit Secret Santa, huh? (
I added a video to a playlist Conava Unboxes: Reddit Secret Santa
[NO SPOILERS] Secret Santa finally came through. Signed and mounted copy of script for episode one.
We received our Secret Santa surprise, and we totally got BeanBoozled!
figure out how to get Bill Gates as your Reddit receiver for their Secret Santa ...
Kinda disheartening that My reddit Secret Santa never responded to me or thanked me even though it says the gift was delivered.
I'm the Secret Santa that got your kid's that drum set.
Secret Santa gift! Shirley of Hollywood Hot Style 90025 Fishnet Body Stocking with halter tie in red black or white. htt…
Once broke, a Secret Santa in Missouri spread joy $100 at a time. He died, but the cheer goes on:…
hidey *** and happy holidays! I'm your (not so) Secret Santa so I drew you a thing! Merry Christmas and much lo…
Secret Santa and El Segundo Police team up to help bring unexpected Christmas cheer this holiday season.
Ok is $42 a lot of money in ur opinion for a secret santa gift if ur 13. I'm just wondering
Alabama woman receives secret santa gift from Snoop Dogg -
Tomorrow me and my friends are doing our secret santa exchange and I'm scared cause what if I have to pretend to like my gift lmao
Okay for everyone who is participating for secret Santa. You'll get a dm like really really soon
Which player is the worst secret Santa? Who is terrible at baking cookies? 🎅🎄. Find out in our Christmas Superlatives:…
Wanted to do a Secret Santa but then I remembered I have like one friend 😂
Dope new pashmina from my Secret Santa. About to bring that funk straight to Free…
plans for tonight: Kimi no na wa screening. yay I made it. Also > finish watching secret santa!!
I'm sure none of us can do every member, but I plan on hitting as…
Did the whole secret santa thing and got dvds lol i dont have a dvd player 😅
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Co-worker bought all my secret Santa gifts from Dollar Tree, including lotion.
Bummed i forgot to do reddit secret Santa again this year 😕
Secret Santa is a great game for people who like buying gifts for someone they never talk to and don't care about.
Anyone up for a game of Fantasy Secret Santa 🎅🏽? Which Holby character would you give a secret gift to and wha…
I just received a secret santa parcel addressed to me, opened it, and discovered it's for someone e…
Pretty sure I win office Secret Santa for the second year running (last year I got an amazing Gingerbread House)
My Reddit Secret Santa got me something very relevant. VGB
remember when George W. Bush dressed up as Santa and handed out toys at a children's hospital?. SECRET SECRET ELVES
Tis' the season for secret santa!!!🎅🎄. Different areas are ready for exchange!.
Whoever has me for secret santa really didn't fall short
This lucky woman got Bill Gates as a Reddit Secret Santa, and he showered her with…
going all out this year on secret Santa for the gamer I got. Thanks,
Tom's ugly Christmas sweater! Given to him by his RPG night secret Santa who was totally not me,…
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