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Secondary School

Secondary school (the term high school is most often associated with English-speaking countries, though the two are far from synonymous) is a term used to describe an educational institution where the final stage of schooling, known as secondary education and usually compulsory up to a specified age, takes place.

Amazing System at Secondary School - built by .
I have just voted for Raha International School, Abu Dhabi as the Secondary School of the Year . Vote Now!
We are delighted that we have made the shortlist for Secondary School of the Year
I've read Danielle Steel's novels. About 15 of them, when I was in Secondary School. They made me cry.
Wishing our community and fun and faith-filled summer! Grade 8s good luck in Secondary School! See y…
This Community Centre has been built just after I have left Secondary School, and I've lived here for…
“The impact of the assessments was huge.” Andy Watts, Assistant Head of St Benedict's Secondary School:
A new Pre-Primary/Secondary School and Vocational Training Institute will open in Paranga, Olaba Sub-county, Maracha - Uganda in Jan, 2018
St Joseph's Secondary School has been targeted by thieves for the second time in a few weeks. Principal Mary Crawford joins Gavin.
Part-time MFL Teacher - Long-term - Weston-Super-Mare. A modern Secondary School in Weston-Super-Mare is ...
Sa’adu Zungur Model Pry and Secondary School, Bauchi Where Students 'Wed' Themselves Shut by the State Government
These are some of the many scenarios of learners at a well achieving Secondary School in Limpopo Province, Vhembe district,Nzhelele.
Brilliant. I'm leaving Secondary school, passing Dockyard to go for a pint in Drytown.
Then no teach the babe summary for secondary school?
My best summers were during secondary school and I had no money whatsoever. More so a case of being amongst fantastic company h…
Primary school, we fixed mechanical pencils. Secondary school, we fixed correction tapes.
Truancy at secondary level reaches new high,over 300 more pupils miss school in first half of scholastic year…
Ever since secondary school my sleeping pattern was never the same.
Loool nah I'm actually imagining being in secondary school and having a teacher look like this, I would have never…
Khelo India Block Harmain starts today at Govt Higher secondary school Harmain
Learners from Portia Shabangu Secondary School in Tekwane, Mbombela demand a road to their school.
Lool secondary school was too funny once I saw my mate lick his muffin with hella saliva I said wyd fam, man said so no one a…
Nandom Secondary School; the school that made me who I am today. "Idealism and Generosity"
I presided over the 2017 secondary school bursary issuance for students drawn from all the six wards of Kisumu Central Cons…
Loads of school delays and cancellations this morning, secondary roads are a sheet of ice in many areas!
"Kau stay back hari ani?" Common question in secondary school
This afternoon at Garden Estate Primary & Secondary School to revert back school land illegally acquired by a private deve…
Jubilee Government scrapped examination fees and capped school fees for secondary schools.
This was most girls in secondary school during P.E 😂😂😂
The are down at Mercy Secondary School giving out loads of Spini goodies this morning 😍🤗👌🏻
Yup. We were all taught in secondary school economics that the market buys the added value through the produ…
Today, Punjab government is going launch a Stipend Program for Secondary School Girls by the name of ‘Zevar-e-Taleem’. ht…
My brother is 14 with no secondary school place for the 2nd year in a row.. Where is his right to education???
20k for secondary school reunion?You people shouldn't worry I don't want to see you people. 2 Corinthians 5:17 'Old things ha…
Secondary School days. Guy: I like you. Girl: you mean you like like me?. Guy: yeah, so do you like me?. Girl: I'll tell you a…
President Lisa Ling of Tzu Tsing Foundation hands over Kyasa TX Secondary School to MOES
LMFAO that brought back to secondary school days. 😂😂😂
Check out Brampton Centennial Secondary School (BCSS) 50th Reunion on May 27, 2017. View event details at
This is a follow-up to the Youth Corper who boasted on Instagram about sexual conquests with a secondary school s...
Laptops to each secondary school kid please! !!
Getting robbed back in secondary school days 😄
Ponelopele Secondary School celebrates 10 years of student success
NSW: Calls for HATS to be made compulsory in high school How SunSmart are ACT Schools?
interesting aside: in secondary school English classes studying Hamlet this year, I'm told comparisons made with TV series
Minaret College in Springvale is hiring a Secondary School Administration Assistant.
I went through some nonsense in secondary school and even early uni.. Can't be a full adult and still be dealing with shade and gossip folks
PLS SHARE: Free Inclusion BC Transition Planning Workshop for families of youth with disabilities. Revelstoke Secondary Sch…
it's only been a week and i already miss it @ Lake Braddock Secondary School
15-year-old Loyang Secondary student dies after collapsing in school
Bramalea Secondary School is in da house!
They're silly in general. They act like they're still in secondary school.
Opportunity for Secondary School Educators in Apply for a 6 wk academic program in the US:
Yooo I'm listening to all the old korean songs i listened to in secondary school and college
I'm 80% sure I left one Nicholas Cage in my locker when I left my secondary school 😂😩
Lagos cancels resit of secondary school placement test -
I keep thinking oomfs icon is the English teacher I had in secondary school he really is haunting me
Bring me back to secondary school times.
Just read that Dr. Gorka went to my secondary school and feel a little bit horrified
Dear Sec 4s . You will realise you'll actually miss being a lower sec student once you graduate . love,. Post depressed seconda…
The students at Beaver Brae Secondary School just got the thrill of a lifetime: seeing the https:…
Dear secondary school kids. Prepare urself for adult fares, DO NOT underestimate the amount of stress it will cause you :…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
By Agboola Bayo Ibadan Eight secondary school students in Oyo state are now in the custody of the State Social...
I knew there was a reason why I didn't like her and that video confirmed it. someone told me she was a bully in secondary school
We all have secondary school scars, but mine is my back and ain't healin' anytime soon..
Boys were groomed by 'charming' rowing coach during decade of abuse, at George Osbourne's Secondary School
Why does everyone from North West London say High School instead of Secondary School?
Platonic Solids on display for the fair in the Secondary School's beautiful Maths Room.
Great lecture today by David Lambert & I managed to get him to sign my 'Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School' textbook
Applying for Secondary School? Come and see what King Edward VI Academy can offer...
Businesses are booming on the Lakeside town of Kisumu with beehive of activities as Secondary School games progress.
both attending the same Secondary School, pointedly referred to as Mount Saint Gabriel's Makurdi Benue State
Happy National Day France! Favoured Country 'o' Ours! French became the 3rd Language I learnt, knew and good from Secondary School days a...
Biggest congratulations to for winning Secondary School of the year! Proud to be one of the team :-)
Slim Shady & I went to the same secondary school, but I rarely saw him during class period. It was usually after maths.
Happening now In Ibadan: secondary school students stage road protest calling Ajimobi Ole for planning to privatize sc…
Photos: Secondary school students in Oyo state protest planned privatization of th...
Project "My in Kinder, primary and secondary school . Published @ 4
Kitted out Ella for secondary school today & she was so excited!Going to be nice having both kids at the same school
Oxford Uni run support scheme for secondary schools kids where 30% free school meals accessemail for more details.
Successful secondary school appeal = one happy girl 😊
Come out to State Championship game ⚽️ @ Lake Braddock Secondary School on Friday
I feel like im back in secondary school. Like why are humans like this? Need to embrace my mean self more.
First day of secondary school vs Last day of secondary school. 😹
Are you doing reader's workshop in your secondary ... -
Thank you Lord for seeing me through my secondary school. Shoutout to the set of 2016 for helping me throughout. ❤️ http…
Police say student's backpack caught fire at Northern Secondary School. Fire is out and fire crews are clearing.
Little girls trekking to school as they bypass a secondary level student. GOOD MORNING from Rural Africa https:…
Teen wins award for his 'outstanding' kindness: . Teachers at a Cospicua secondary school are mar...
Sola Ogunmefun was a Home Science Graduate. Funmi graduated from Bells Secondary School.
Nothing actually. Lol, heard you people were beating secondary school students today
If we dated you in secondary school, please don't call me ur EX... I no get sense that time! 😰😰
Joseph Njoroge a student at Highway Secondary in Kisumu was shot by police while playing in school
My best friend from secondary school fasted each year so I know a bit about it, but not the practical tips.
Download the 2015 reports for BC elementary and secondary schools. How do your facilities compare?
Reminder: The Exam Schedule has been set and posted. Teachers have been notifying and preparing secondary...
,these are secondary school kids,engaging the governor of a state, asides education, I tink we've lost moral values already
There was a riot of sorts today by primary and secondary school students in Ibadan. I don't know why.
CONFIRMED: Softball in State Semifinal vs Osbourn Park will be Friday, 5:30pm at Robinson Secondary School, Fa…
because here we graduate at the end of the 4th year of secondary school, with 16 or almost, but I won't turn 16 till after
Need a transcript? If you're still in secondary school, visit your guidance department. Learn more:
I'm sorry but this isn't secondary school I don't play those games
Vandals hit Salmon Arm Secondary School: Police report that both the Sullivan and Jackson campuses w...
Introducing St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School. Home of the Panthers. Best school in the world.
Hello to all primary school pupils and secondary school students!!!
Education is nt 2 much 4 secondary & primary school student to demand for please do the needful give the student their right
I remember Mr Alabi's Ramadan wake up call in secondary school. Wake up the whole *** school just for the *** of it.
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Sex jokes: Father and son in supermarket. "Dad, what are these?" "That's a 3pack of condoms son for secondary school lads. 1 for Frid...
Today I visited my former school NEP Girls Secondary to donate variety of foodstuffs to boost their supply of iftar https:…
From secondary school teacher to heritage sector trainee
Thank you, for supporting 2016! We're glad to have Ontario secondary school teachers on board!
Recalling my Secondary School days of 70 students in a class &imagining how it feels like sitting in M7's Cabinet meeting of 80 Ministers.
Join us for the annual “Yard Sale For Hope” at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School on June 12, from 8 am to 1 pm https:…
Day 6 Swellendam Secondary School painting done and a football handover for the lads https:…
My girl is finally ready for her first few days at Secondary School.
I was good at Financial Accounting in secondary school and I did well in the university atleast
AMS Sityana Secondary School is one of the schools we work with. Log onto to read more.
What I looked like in secondary school V what girls look like in secondary school nowadays
yeah. It's because I'll be finishing secondary school and moving on ti university
It still shocks me that some girls from secondary school are now engaged and married. Happy for them obviously but wow
Born on November 19, 1949, Mr Sam Jonah grew up in Obuasi, and had his secondary school education at Adisadel college in Cap…
Teaching in the Secondary School by Tom V. Savage, David G. Armstrong and...
After 15 years,gathering with my friend Mr Digen Rajbansi and otherHigher Secondary School jalthal,jhapa.
Slightly more Adult games for your Secondary School kids -
Firefighters have been called to a blaze at St Bede's Secondary School in Cambridge:
A local History expo targeting Secondary School students to be held on March 11th.
Secondary School adventures. . Students visited 2 sites on the Collie River to test for water quality. . They...
Massive recruitment in a Nursery/Primary and Secondary School in Lekki, Lagos
Just been to Waddesdon CE Secondary School school library which is now open to the community in the evenings .Lovely celebratory event.
Qualified but not . Want to Return to a Career in Primary or Secondary School? .
Calling all Secondary School science teachers, application deadline for 3 week CERN summer school is 31 Jan.
.: On education, our policy is to have a Secondary School in every sub county.We have 126 Primary schools …
* cough * Gary Cooper died in 1961 Birdie.You'd have been halfway though Secondary School !
Drama Teacher: Acorn Appointments is currently assisting a Secondary School in the London Borough of Redbridge...
Francisco Salgado-Robles added a discussion to the group The Pedagogy of Secondary School: Lan...
Maths Teacher: A large Secondary School in the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames is currently looking to ...
Health & Social Care Teacher (part-time): A Secondary School in the London Borough of Redbridge is looking to ...
Hamilton Collection
Every time I see an old friend picture from secondary school I always think: . Me and my friends got so *** hot.
If I have no friends, why is that any concern to you? Is this secondary school where you need friends to survive?
Special dedication to the people I met on the very first day of secondary school life 😆 I love you…
Graduation day end. Last performance in secondary school... Thanks to all of you.
Nothing in my childhood up to secondary school level prepared me for the current Nigeria. Staggering the change of mindset.
Don’t be gender blind. Take a moment to understand gender gaps in education.
Didn't know I was a badass in secondary school
One of Manchester's most notable secondary schools is the Manchester Grammar School.
Random fb msg from my ex president of student council when I was in secondary school. Lol. Why me? After so Long. Awkward Sia
Reigning Secondary School Swimming Champions Harrison College had their day in the pool yesterday. The swimmers... http:/…
Navratri in full effect! Come one come all to Gladstone Secondary School for some Garba fun!
Just incase you missed it School hunting - Primary and Secondary
Yr 12 Graduation Dinner at Asaroka Lutheran Secondary school in PNG. Sister school to 200 yr 12s
I remembered in secondary school n I developed our own language “Bitter like GAAL” “Bracket YuhSELF”
Yesterday night with the boys from Primary school and Secondary School..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Received a secondary application from my number one medical school and saw The Martian today. I'd say it was a good day!
Junior Girls move onto the semi-finals tomorrow at 1:30 against Orillia Secondary School. Well done Cru!
Hastings Boys' High School have beaten St Pat's Wellington 41-21 in the Cup final of the Hurricanes Secondary School 7s tournament
Hearing word that D.W. Poppy is in lockdown tonight after a hatchback was found in the secondary school parking...
Never forget who was with you from the start @ Jurong Secondary School
This movie is giving me flashbacks to my first few weeks in secondary school.
We addressing the learners of Swobani secondary school today. Inspiring the youth for a better tomorrow. http…
I feel so upset everytime I think about how happy I was in secondary school.knowing I can't relive those moments anymore 😢
We lost but it was still a great night with everybody@ Robinson Secondary School
Cant take it from us!!🏈🏆@ St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School
Everyone that attends St. Thomas More Secondary Catholic School is unfriended:)
holds free breast cancer detection camp at MCC higher Secondary School
Explaining in the Secondary School (Successful Teaching) by George A. Brown. Fre [link removed]
Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings has been with Jerry John Rawlings right from Secondary School. Mahn.
Zzzschool closed and I need my books (@ Sri KDU Secondary School in Kota Damansara, Selangor)
My classmates used to bully me in Secondary School. Now, they just greet me like I'm their senior. Situations always change.
NEW Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School by Jon Davison Paperback B
Teachers and local government workers are yet to be paid their salaries in kwara state. Primary & Secondary School students resume on monday
Downloadable lesson plans for Secondary School by the on French Rev. Great resource!
Looking through site and found great downloadable lessonplans for Secondary School teachers on French Rev
Learning to Teach Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School - Norbert Pachler
Worried about your child starting Secondary School and how they will cope with learning a modern foreign language?
Every SS3 set in Secondary School is always the Worst set from the school.
School Librarian - A Secondary School in the London Borough of Waltham Forest is looking to...
I'm not even sure it was a fête, rather an extravagence for Bucks Fizz's Cheryl Baker who for some reason visited her old Secondary School.
I got a village health care book for my secondary school graduation. 😩
in Grade 3 (as example) don't go to post-secondary, we can say Teacher X, School Y or Board Z is the problem.
Can't believe I'm 16 I'm finished secondary school and I still get grounded
I should point out this was at Primary school, not Secondary. Don't think Sec school had a choir, even though it's now a performing arts one
But for graduating at uni... Not secondary school lol
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Valedictory service of our great citadel, see photos of graduates from the secondary school (SS3).
Kokoro Your nickname in secondary school?
Ah too many memories, I actually miss secondary school
2. I got married at a pretty early age. Right after secondary school. I was just 16. He was 31.
was this not a song we sing on assembly ground( SOP) when I was in secondary school?#
When your parent &all your friends parent were classmates in secondary school but claim they came 1st in every class http:/…
New legislation would fund lessons to primary & secondary school students on recognizing & reporting sexual abuse.
I must get back all the sleep I missed in secondary school.
it's like Sarah Harding was probs one of the best girls at drama at secondary school but then stopped progressing
How an alternative school program for people living in isolated,communities is working in
Sped International, . secondary school Oyo,. We adore you for peace and love,. Home of builders & molders,. Erudition & learning,
The reason I didn't do any homework in the 3rd year at Secondary School...
everyone claiming some side of London they were from in secondary school
Just sitting at this indomie joint, it reminds me of secondary school night life.
Proud of Ujah. Broke my secondary school record.
domain names
Remember when we need to sing the national anthem again if it was not loud enough during secondary school days? Lmao.
...ive never been pumped for a Monday glad I've finished secondary school
LOL exactly! Anderson or a new secondary school? Hm
It doesn't get any better than finally being able to say "when I was in secondary school..."
You people have seen my secondary school pictures, they've probably been passed around group chats & if that's the case, I wish you lot ***
Has competition in secondary school sport gone too far?. Schools must do more to ensure teen sporting stars do...
My life got good the second I finished secondary school
I would share my throwback pictures from secondary school but no thanks sjdjsjdksksksks
I'm so proud to say that I've maintained my bestfriend throughout secondary school, literally, we made it 👭
Congratulations to the team at Abram Zuil Secondary School for winning this Science Competition in Tampa...
07-23-2015 📷 Viking Head of the Burnaby North Secondary School
[ Teaching ] Open Question : I been away from secondary school for 1 year. I...
More shots from our session with students at International Secondary School, RSUST. cc
In a few minutes we'll be speaking to the students of International Secondary School, RSUST.
An article from May affecting St Monica's primary school in the Milton and All Saints secondary school in Barmulloch http:…
Update your maps at Navteq
I remember back then in secondary school, my geography teacher. used one of my classmate's tribal marks to explain erosion
Z 3 requests were:. Restoration of the Awoliya College and Secondary School admin. sacked by the gov't.
having beef with every other secondary school in Birmingham just cos you can
My first teaching position, 1987 for 3 years, Chikankata Secondary School, Aged 23 yrs.
Number of secondary school pupils to rise by 20 per cent in next 10 years
Thank you very much for such motivational talk @ Topfaith secondary school Mkpatak.
Learning to Teach in the Secondary School. Noelene Weatherby-Fell - Cambridge University Press - Kindle Edition.
Here's an update from Lucas Lameck and me about Amahoro Secondary School. Asante! -Rai Farrelly
Uno in secondary school when you tried to eat food in class so the teacher don't clock you 😂😭💀.
Everyone in secondary school owning at least one of these.
Congrats to St.Patricks High School Keady,voted top Secondary School at awards. Well done Governors,Principal…
Secondary School fees these days are exorbitant. N4M per annum just for you to get WAEC certificate? Nah bruh.
May the Lord comfort the family of one of our primary and Secondary School friend and sister who passed away...
Richard Hight joined Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland on stage at the Texas Association of Secondary School...
Runner up senior category Schools' Competition is St Brigid's Secondary School, Killarney
3) aims to connect with every Federal & State Universities/Polytechnics as well as have Secondary School affiliates
Had great fun today filming new Secondary School singing repertoire with Y10 GCSE group & Senior Choir for
St Paul's Collegiate School in Seminar Central now Site E54 How to Choose a Secondary School...
Earlier today,we dropped by the Caritas Wu Cheng-chun Secondary School in Pok Fu Lam to pick up our surveys. We...
Wow. What age do you start secondary school?
Do you know how Kitstopher didn't know his real name until he went to secondary school? That's my goal for Marcy.
I kinda miss Secondary School. The school that I was dying to leave as soon as possible turns out to be the school I miss…
Everything you need to know on Secondary School Entry:
My tie won't doing anything other than the 'secondary school chav on the back of a bus' look.
Oshinowo timi of yabatech at on Life in secondary school and…
Biology notes was always the biggest back then in secondary school yea?
Those *** that couldn't really speech English in secondary school always said "English no be my mama thong"
Where did you meet your best friend? — When i was in secondary school :')
Well that's it, secondary school is finished for me
Serene Hills Secondary School, Sankhu, has the green pass of safety check. Students from grade 1…
is blowing my mind right now. I feel like I'm learning more in a random 15mins than in 6 years of secondary school👊🏾
She's like my own sister. Ofcos I want her to go secondary school. Be a very very very successful person in life.
I can remember my first day at secondary school and now I'm leaving school forever , it's mad
Anyone who says they will not miss secondary school is a liar 💨
'Seniority,' except maybe from a supervisor or boss at the office, ends immediately you leave secondary school.
What do you think of these BBC tips for parents getting children ready for secondary school?
"I lost my dad in my last year in secondary school" - Emeka Official
Secondary campus: Last Day of School will feature the talent show and awards assembly!
MFL, Coventry: QUALIFIED MFL TEACHER REQUIRED IN COVENTRY AREA. A Secondary school in Coventry are looking for...
tell me about it omg!!! Just when we thought secondary school was easy !! 💜💜
Today has made me realise why I always felt sorry for my teachers at secondary school
Going back to secondary school to collect my testimonials & meeting my buddies for a short catch up session later 👌
Secondary School times were probably the best years of my life. I deeped it
Nottingham's ‘worst-performing' secondary school is now one of the best!
after a snow ball fight in secondary school. I came into class wearing 1 glove. 1/2
1998 I was in my first secondary school, OBMS, JSS2. I small gan
Student of Kinana Secondary School need Sola Light for Home work Studies.
Slacking off on the June photo challenge. Day 6: School. Six years of post-secondary education.…
Do you play an instrument? Which? - Timpani in the secondary school's band
When Abi's brother asked me in secondary school if the green of the Nigerian passport was because we swing in trees. Lol
Did you know that the World Economic Forum ranked Nigeria as 120th of 144 in secondary school education?. Follow by 9:30 am tmrw
The Use of Laboratory Method in Teaching Secondary School Students: a key to Improving the Quality of E...
New post: A New Secondary School for SE1 - sign up and make it happen!
Commencement exercises for our 6 secondary high school programs will take place the 1st week of June
I miss secondary school so much. Not the work etc but the fun we had 😂
Never knew a Principle of a secondary school can ban you from using the gym because of an incident on a Saturday
En route to Cardinal Leger Secondary School with to visit our awesome co-op student!! Cc:
What do you think of the proposal for proximity placing of secondary school students?
Welcome Looking forward to an incredible say at your future secondary school
Let's admit it secondary school is still the best time of our life.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If you work in a secondary school please share our 2015 secondary RE survey with your RE colleagues.
Man, if people being mean means they fancy you, I must have been hunky as *** at secondary school.
Secondary School pupils,Port Elizabeth writing their exams on the floor cause of furniture shortage.
Saw a snapshot of a newspaper that suggests a teacher from my secondary school might be dead. .__."
Aww, look at the little secondary school kids skipping school to sit at the bus station and smoke.
From music lessons in secondary school, to regulon of mycobacterium, to livestock in Uganda. PhD symposium at LSHTM
Launch of 21 days of at Chunga Secondary School
So my sister is registering at Unimas this wed. Now only left my younger sister & brother at home who are still in secondary school.
called my mom this morning she is a teacher at a school called Abbey 1 secondary school on the NPA expressway in Ekpan, Delta State. 2/2
UK charity launches secondary school e-safety initiative: School inspectors have identified the role that acti...
Mdm Teo I'll never forget the fun times of you being my form teacher during my secondary school days 😔
Goes to show how much I really treasure my secondary school memories. Not even a single poly memory found in there. Got rid of them all.
Just cleared my drawers from all the clutter and wow. Almost everything I kept in there were secondary school memories.
When I logged into computers at my secondary school it said something like 'Bone.R has arrived' lol
Buhari also attended Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College Katsina) from 1956 to 1961.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
100 Best Secondary Schools in Africa, Does Your School Feature in the List - How Africa
3 years ago today was my last day of secondary school.. How time flies
from secondary school days,I know lol
I'm lost for words 😪 Thanks for everything that you've taught me during secondary school days. Hope you're in a better place now
.kicked off the school holidays for Jurong West Sec the right way.
Had an amazing morning at my secondary school, talking to the kids about whats needed to progress and…
Advocacy and pedagogy in secondary school singing - Why do we want children to sing? Why should it be advocated
SP Higher Secondary School continues success spree: Jammu : Continuing with the success spree the students o...
Want to know where Scotland's MPs went to secondary school? Find out here
Did you know that 25% of secondary school kids don't Help them get a good start with yummy
Anyone who studied Ghanaian language in secondary/high school knows it is harder to read/write t…
In our final blog for school librarian Chris Routh explores ways of sharing stories with secondary students
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