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Second World War

World War II, or the Second World War (often abbreviated as WWII or WW2), was a global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945. It involved a vast majority of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

River Thames Civil War

Have an ancestor who was a POW during WWII or Spanish Civil War? The ICRC can help!
Explain why you helped kill to many Jews during the second world war. This book is abo…
Look out! Ouch! So sorry! Discover the posters that helped Britain prepare for air raids in the Second World War
Catalonia... I've just read that there's never been so many hurt people in a single day in Spain since the end of the Second World War 😢😢😢
Some teaser screenshots in advance of the release of Makjng History: The Second World War
I would have thought the Second World War would get a mention here.
"aimed to build a deeper understanding of the actions of Japanese forces in the region during the Second World War."
Flag Raising over the Reichstag (Germany, 1945) | Arguably one of the most iconic photographs of the Second World War. ht…
An MMORPG taking place over the second world war, containing a neutral, complex ragdoll physics system
After the Second World War, Britain invited those in their former colonies to migrate to help rebuild Britain…
During the Second World War when many people were starving due to the Siege of Leningrad by Nazi German military f……
The Daily Star need some new reporters.the second B.S. story in a single day
Since second world war, have been waging jihad against state of to create an islamic nation as promised…
We need to give the EU a take it or leave it package We are far to humble at mo Didn't we win the Second Wor…
Because freedom won the second World War.
It Was Adopted by policy in the 1940's during the second world war that flag and anthem…
During the Second World War the USA built 300,000 aircraft, 160 aircraft carriers and more than 80,000 tanks.
It's 1 month since German invasion of Poland, start of what some now call "Second World War". New York Times covers major…
I liked a video The Complete History of the Second World War | World War II Documentary | Part 2
German voters put a far-right party into parliament for the first time since the Second World War - Quartz
Never forget the second World War and the men and women who sacrificed because of it
assists the historic move of rare Second World War aircraft, Lancaster KB882
A must listen. I really wish we could take all of our students to nursing homes so they could hear first hand... https…
The Second World War was a death blow to the European spirit, for both sides.
A Royal Canadian Air Force Spitfire plane that was shot down during the Second World War is flying once again.
New Toronto museum offers a lens into the Second World War in Asia
End austerity – and kickstart revolution of values | Richard Kozul-Wright…
It was called the great war till the second world war took place
Nah. Im going to prevent world war 3 and save the world. Stay tuned and watch the news.…
New Toronto museum, set to open in 2019, to provide one of a kind look into the Second World War in Asia:.
RCAF assists with historic move of rare Second World War aircraft. Read the article here:
like so many electronic achievements of the Second World War as a age.
If we hadn't fought the Germans in the Second World War, Russia would've gone, they would've had nuclear weapons, think a…
That time HAITI donated a million Dollars to support the allies in the second World War.
EU and UN created in answer to atrocities of the Second World War. EU will always vigorously react against evil, violenc…
If Donald Trump is going to use WW2 to justify his UN speech, it would be good if he got his facts right
Britain's war on Iraq isn't seen as a failure by British oil firms (like BP) which gained access to the world's second l…
If this guy had have been around during second world war he'd been shaking Hitler's hand
During the Second World War, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia lived in Zennor in Cornwall.
I'm 94 years old, I fought in the Second World War and I have a serious warning about where 2017 is headed
"What would have been if Germany had not won the Second World War in Europe, what if the Soviet empire would had defeated Germany?"
Second World War bomb found off coast of Hinkley Point station No
WW2 vet is reminded of the summer of 1939 this summer.
The clouds of doom are thundering Harry Leslie Smith
I fear that just like august 1939 that the winds of war are leading us towards carnage.
"In 1939 I didn't hear war coming. Now it's thundering approach can't be ignored."
May’s gov't insists that peace can only be achieved through the proliferation of weapons of war in conflict zones
Stop being stupid. Half a million in the British Indian army, plenty from the Middle Eas…
chill of remembrance has come over me during this August month:
I was born after the Second World War. .
If you do anything today, read this
"This August resembles too much that of 1939; the last summer of peace until 1945."
Beautiful images of WWII veterans - now on display at Second World War gallery. Hope to visit soon! https…
US President Truman now live on radio, announcing unconditional surrender of Japan. The Second World War is over. https:/…
Read this extraordinary piece by WW2 RAF veteran Sir, you are an example to us all
With as President, I truly fear for the future of my grandchildren & their generation.
To learn from the Papst enables the changing of the future: 1939 vs. 2017 -via Flynx
"Because I am old, now 94, I recognise these omens of doom"
The war in Afghanistan has been going on 3x as long as the second world war and Trump's the problem? Give your head a shake.
a really interesting place for its history in the second World War. And in Russia... Well, the Red Palace it's unbelievable and oh dear lord
It is also the reason they the second world war in the pacific dragged on for so long. all tho…
These women risked their lives to get crucial information
Huh, I'm not sure how a global conflict on the scale of the second world war would in any way provid…
Canada remembers the Calgary Highlanders. Their service during the Dieppe Raid will never be forgotten.
"It doesn’t matter where you are, or who you are or what you are living in, you need a safe space."
insight that drove drafters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the Second World War. In the wake of
Discover stories from the overlooked Evacuated Teachers of the Second World War via and I https:/…
Brexit is the worse thing that has happened to Britain since the Second World War.
No, not a fact. Ever heard of NATO? . And the EU has only existed since November 1993, not since the end of the Seco…
Land of Mine review – tough, shockingly violent war movie
Italian Campaign: longest Canadian offensive of the Second World War
Survived the Second World War despite Nazis best efforts?
Final act of the Second Age. Drowning of Númenor / Bending of the World. All one event. Sauron (instiga…
🇦🇷Juan Martín del Potro🇦🇷. An unlucky fighter. Germany would have won the second world war if they'd used his foreha…
If we ever had a major conflict like the Second World War where the future of democracy was in danger, I wo…
EUSSR JACKBOOT OPPOSITION - You WILL PAY: Poland on OFFENSIVE - Germany ordered to pay MILLIONS in WW2 reparations https:/…
In the museum for the Mukden incident, the Second world war is called "The Sino Japan" war. Probabl…
to confuse further, it's also known as Zante after being occupied in the Second world war
Japan holds air raid drills for first time since Second World War over ... -
The chufets chaim sad that if its wouldn't been smartphones . wouldn't never been the second world war
A fine salute to Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, mastermind behind the evacuation by
Absolute must read: especially if you've seen - fantastic thank you for writing it!
Lovers saying goodbye, April 1943 by Alfred Eisenstaedt at the height of the Second World War.
The second world war was. survive and annexation-. swallowing of Imperialist and. Caesarism
the wrong side won the second world war - if 3rd Reich had finished its work we would be liv…
British persons revealed the film showing German felonies during the Second World War.,,
Find out more about Les Fusiliers Mont Royal and The Dieppe Raid
The Second Congo War (or Africa's World War) is the the world's deadliest conflict since World W…
Just wondered what you had read/watched about the second world war and the fact we were conned
Prisoners of Second World at Royal Legion tea dance
The Eternal flame is a memorial to the military and civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo, Bosnia an…
This weeks bed time reading. The Royal Ulster Rifles in the Second World War by David Orr & David Truesdale. A really…
Poland on the brink of requesting Second World War reparations from Germany
The Cambridge History of the Second World War is out in paperback this month! Pre-order individual volumes or set https…
Handful of networkreburns show that the Ninth Amendment was lower in the Second World War and business schools.
Lord Carrington (let's not forget decorated veteran of the Second World War), magnificent…
English people get over the First and Second World War. American people get over the Civil War,
A Barrie family has donated a rare pair of shoes from the Second World War to the Canadian War Museum
Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath htt…
'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell was released nearer to the end of the Second World War than to today.
“Roseland Spitfire” to fly over Parliament Hill on Canada Day. Canadian-built Second World War-era aircraft, more at
"Britain did not fight the Second World War, the British empire did"
The back of this country since the Second World War was built on Keynesian economics.
Police rush to residential street after fears of unexploded Second World War bomb found in garden
Who are Explosive Ordnance Disposal? The experts called in to deal with Second World War bomb discovered in Aston https…
Apart from killing more people that the Second World War, Abbot reckons Chairman Mao wasn't a bad chap really🤔
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Learn what it was like to hear that the Second World War in Europe was over from Veteran Lloyd Swick http…
A 1940s weekend is set to commemorate the second world war in Sunderland
Britain's first female spy The Spy Who Loved to get overdue recognition
Haven't seen any coverage on Mexico being the 2nd most dangerous nation in world. Can you say
Second World War Veteran gets to fly again for his 98th birthday
we are glad to inform you about our activities related to Holocaust, Second World War and Judaica studies.
(continued) healthy. After the Second World War veterans attending colleges on the GI bill weren't interested in fraternities; many...
Starbreeze currently showing off RAID: World War II, basically Payday 2 but set in the second world war:
Verdun Williams from Croyde, north Devon was in Royal Signals during Second World War and is now bidding to jump……
23,000 people killed in Mexico in 2016 in drug war. Second deadliest conflict in the world.
Hospodarske Noviny: New technologies bring the greatest changes in European energy since the Second World War
like I hardly remember what happened between Middle Ages and the second world war? But hey that kind of memory loss is common for me.
Did you know? 2.5m men from undivided India fought for Britain in WWII. PhD researcher Diya reads their letters:…
Krystyna Skarbek/Christine Granville's story is amazing. Do read brilliant biog of her to learn more:
Britain's first female second world war
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Some Second World War mothers feared their children would not be safe in the evacuation areas. They were right https:/…
Recognition for heroic Polish spy treated appallingly by Britain after WW2. (Her story is in 'Shadow Warriors')
Meet Kathy, the daughter of WWII refugees, who has welcomed asylum-seekers into her London home https:…
Britain's first female second world war spy to get overdue recognition.
Beautiful story set in the aftermath of the second world war for InkTears 094 - The Dispatch Rider -
Russian Ministry of Defense published rare historical photos of the Second World War htt…
Here's the link to my article about WW2 Special Operations Executive in Albania h…
Today marks the 72nd anniversary of end of the Second World War in Europe. Here's all you need to know about http…
had a great time this afternoon hearing talk about morale in Leeds during the Second World War ☀️☀️
Mexico's drug war was the world's second-deadliest conflict in 2016
Thanks to our for participating in the Second World War V-E Day Ceremony at Toronto City Hall
Step inside Gdańsk's Museum of the Second World War, floored by
She skied out of Poland with footage – hidden in her leather gloves – that landed on the desk of Winston Churchill. htt…
The secret deal the Associated Press made with the Nazis during Second World War
Britain's first female Second World War spy to get overdue recognition
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
HMS Belfast's story shows how computer science and Bletchley Park helped make the difference in the second world war
Recruitment of young Africans into the Colonial British Army in Northern Nigeria, to participate in the Second World War,…
Mexico's drug war was the second deadliest conflict in the world last year, claiming 23,000 lives in 2016
Tales of heroism on the Second World War's forgotten battleground ➡️via
Join us in remembering those who lost their lives during the Second World War. Remembrance page:
May 8, 1945: Victory in Europe (V-E) Day celebrated to mark official end of Second World War in Europe ht…
THEY were the only corner of the British Isles to be conquered by Hitler’s forces in the Second World War.
A charming British Pathé film on the eve of the Second World War when Flamborough Head was saved from being sold for dev…
portrays the fear and anxiety caused by the Second World War through the twisted portrait of Dora Maar
Deutschsprachige - Wir brauchen euch!. At the opening of our Tiger Exhibition, we invited two Second World War...
EWK∆148. Dwight David Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of allied forces in Europe during the Second World War.
When interviewing a Second World War vet, our colleague Harry Sullivan found out the 93-year-old was trying to...
This video of two Second World War vets reconnecting after 30 years is delightful. Thanks…
.examines the lives of two English women during the Second World War utilising a microhistory approach h…
to 'live at sea' in preparation for part in Second World War film
Roads reopened after unexploded Second World War bombs removed .
From the end of the second world war until 1991, the threat of nuclear devastation dominated apocalyptic fiction
Rare colour photos of the Second World War released by the Imperial War Museum via
Labour MPs stand down as party faces worst result since before Second World War
But then the movies go out of their way to make it clear that the Minions were frozen during the second World War.
Repatriating to Canada during Second World War generally logistically impossible. Buried in place, usually.
With the rationing in the Second World War, the ingenuity used to create fashion items was inspirational. We have...
Lieutenant Vernon R Richards of the 361st Fighter Group flying his P-51D Mustang during a bombe…
Apr 17, 1945: Brave Canadian soldiers liberated the Dutch town of Apeldoorn during the SWW
If you watched and want to learn more about these directors & their work in WWII:'s a book! http…
Rare colour pictures of the Second World War released by the IWM
A leftist stronghold since the end of the Second World War, this French town is now an emblem of the National Front
Deacon, Valerie. The Extreme Right in the French Resistance: Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War. LSU Press,2016
Rip a mixed-breed terrier, was a Second World War search & rescue dog awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery in 1945.…
Our military has been the Police force of the world since the end of the Second World War .It doesn't even matter who the President is
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From is open at Explore Canada's role in the First and Second World War: h…
Avro 683 Lancaster in flight during the Second World War.
also Germany was divided after the Second World War into a 'pro west' (BRD)and 'pro east' (DDR) state. Be…
World War III will surely be remembered as the time western countries split into entities too divided to take action
Children of the Blitz images show kids' lives during Second World War via
A man looks across the River Thames towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in 1939 on the eve of the Second World War.…
Children who survived the Fukushima meltdown are now being subjected to 'nuclear bullying'
Five Came Back tells the story of how a group of legendary Hollywood directors went to war and came back changed:
Tom Hardy made his screen debut in the Second World War television miniseries Band of Brothers in 2001,
They are still fighting the second world war, inside their pea brains...
"During the second World War she worked as a wireless operator in London.".
Incredible: AP journalist sacked for announcing end of Second World War
The Second World War will pervert 54 yards from the summit in Philes Monday and include typical jazz tallest time co-operation.
I think the world has moved on in the seven decades since the end of the Second World War
The conflict created since the Second World War destroyed everything and the decisiveness of the declaration of World War III is the
Yemenis protest on war's second anniversary.
... considering that, during the second world war, the US government used census data to send more than 100,000 Japanese Americans to
British second world war veteran, 92, facing deportation from Australia
Coincidentally that is also how the second world war began. I'm willing to go to great lengths to reclaim my dorm and my side of the room
❤ The man discovers the old cars that were hidden from Hitler during the Second World War 🌵
Panerai Luminor GMT created for Navy commandos during the Second World War.
Hitler almost died from a cocaine overdose during the last days of WWII, a controversial new book has claimed
nice to know Will catch you up History specially Second World war has occupied me
Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Swallow). The only inline-engined fighter aircraft to see service in Japan during the Second W…
Second World War evacuee, Val, sells poppies for those lost in First World War
EXCL Lord Heseltine says Brexit is like letting the Nazis finally win the Second World War https:…
The immense happiness of a little boy who receives new shoes during the Second World War
Yemeni Civil War: Two charts show why UK should pay attention to the ongoing conflict's anniversary The Independent
In memory of the officers & men of The Commandos who died in the second World War 1935 – 19…
Brexit is basically a nostalgia for - and complete misunderstanding of - the Second World War featured in NBC s Science of Love
Maritime battle that helped turn the tide of the Second World War
Islander who served in Second World War receiving highest national order from France
Or the UK which has been practicing torture non stop since the second World War?
from the national archives. Many were interned. ALL Nazi sy…
A new book claims Hilter almost died of a cocaine overdose
Halstead Gosse of Queen’s Cove turns 95: Second World War vet marked birthday milestone on March 23
I already said "in a perfect world, Spider-Man gets the symbiote during infinity war, second movie is him in the black suit.
Adolf Hilter almost died of a cocaine overdose despite publicly claiming he was 'teetotal', claims new book
Call of Duty: WWII is official, the return to the second world war, will launch the series Activi...
The largest humanitarian crisis since the end of Second World War. more than 20 million people in 4 countries facing
”I'm glad we captured Armenia. . They sided with the Russian's during the Second World War. . Disgusting.”
The Japanese House exhibition at the explores the experimental architecture in Japan from the end o…
Hear the stories and experiences of local Southenders, both young and old, throughout the Second World War,
The Gathering Storm (The Second World War) Book of the Month Club by Winston ... via Help Understand ..
LCC Bomb Damage Maps, 1939-45 maps were made by the LCC immediately after the Second World War.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sad to hear this happen with one of the most important battlefields for Australia in the Second World War . If...
Burglars steal irreplaceable First and Second World War medals in cruel raid -
- I'll point to the Black & Tans in Ireland, the Second Boer War and the famine inflicted on India during the Second World War. (7)
Read letters written by Second World War evacuees on my blog
Day 11: Guwati War Cemetery. It was started during the Second World War fo…
While I was working for Britain's Naval Intelligence Division during the Second World War, I was involved in planning Operation Goldeneye!
The Second World War has exerted a strong hold on the imagination of British thriller writers.…
Before the Second World War, long prison sentences were rare in the UK. Most sentences were short. The problem lies in society.
Im so sad there wont be a Friday the 13th this year or the second World war z
Falco Sky 3 2.4 - Falco Sky 3 - a great simulation of air combat in setting of Second World War!
During the Second World War let evacuees from in for free htt…
Oscar Isaac to star in World War II spy thriller "The Garbo Network"
Grandpa fought in the second world war in Japan,I think that is too cool for the history of the family
Second World War Canso airplane rescued by six farmers gets ready to soar anew
most will be conscripted as the US will be in the second or third year of its war for world domination.
Alzheimer's disease took my dad. He was a Veteran of the second World War. He was a good man. H…
Sonarock is behind the Jacksonville Second World War, indicating that he is at different times it isn't too smooth to inform the man.
Familiar with the wisdom of a Statesman who led Britain to victory in the Second World War?
the second one looks like a cover from a romantic World War II movie.
Check out Airplanes of the Second World War Carlo Demand 1981 Dover Coloring Book via
that's possibly the most skewed view of the Second World War I've ever heard. Wow.
1/4 Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War...
Watching "Apocalypse The Second World War" the documentary series on Netflix. I'm starting to understand the Hitler comparisons.
Unexploded bomb from Second World War found under gas station in Thessaloniki, Greece
Film was often used as an escape from the Second World War. Yeah. Pretty usual.
it’s not a coincidence that anti-Euro sentiment is growing just as the Second World War is passing from living memory
"Several books downplaying or denying Second World War genocide appear in countries where doing so is a…
An unexploded World War Two bomb has forced the evacuation of 70,000 people in second-largest city:.
Ajit Doval Reveals : Why did British Leave India all of a Sudden Even After They Won Second World War??
Government should not shut doors when British people are willing to open their homes to refugees.
Second world war veterans urge Britain to stay in the
Unless you successfully damnatio memoriae entire Second World War, that image is in memetic circulation.
In Search of The Lost Ones: German Soldiers of Transylvania in the Second World War and Their Stories
For example, the Second World War will be examined from the perspective of history, geography, and math.
Unlucky with the great depression, second world War and his polio as well?
Rare picture of George Soros from the Second World War. He worked as Hitler's double and personally built Auschwitz with hi…
Do you recognize this compact machine gun that many Canadian soldiers used in the Second World War?
Second World War veteran who helped liberate France is honoured
He was also legitimately a Nazi collaborator during the second world war, so there's that.
'Hacksaw Ridge' review – Mel Gibson's war drama piles on the gore
from the Second World War. What Lowry is trying to do is change the definition of nationalism to lessen it's meaning in order
I think it is slightly disrespectful to the millions who lost their lives in the Second World War to compare it to current times.
exposes how this generation is forgetting lessons of the Second World War by putting faith in nationalism/populism.Bad. :-(
first of all, we need every COD from World at war to black ops 2 remastered. second, ADD THE NEW MAPS TO HARDCORE!!!
Trumpism is the gravest threat to UK interests since the second world war. But a courageous strategy on article ...
Electronic Device Insurance
Isn't it strange looking at the past, at the industrial revolution, at the first and second world war, the Civil Wars...
3 of 5 stars to True Stories of the Second World War by Paul Dowswell
America during the second world war is a way better America than the one we live in today
The Second World War made my father an American. The Holocaust made him a Jew.
my mam never replies to any of my texts but the second I don't reply to one hers it's like World War III 😑
The world is turning a blind eye as it did during the second world war!
If the new cod isn't world at war or related to second world war i won't buy it
Gordon Brown took 50 billion dollars from the US after we paid off lend lease from the Second World War and then sold our
I'd be quite impressed if they went back to the Second World War, actually.
“UK faces its gravest national security threat since the second world war. The threat comes from here, the USA …” .
Yeah, it's just that I get taught in school that it's good that Germany lost both the second and first World War.
China warns US to brush up on its history over disputed South China Sea | The Independent
02-09 During the Second World War, the citizens of Hansted were...
The sad thing is that they do 'stidy' th3 second world war but really badly at least in the UK.
Have you actually ever read a whole book on the Second World War? Try The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Very good.
Milgram’s Authoritarian Experiment - After the Second World War, Stanley Milgram wanted to understand why...
The elite started the first and second world war, and every war since.
Pensioners in Germany and Austria suffer from delayed trauma caused by their experiences in the Second World War…
“You have the American Revolution, you have the Civil War, you have the Second World War; they’re getting bigger and bigger.
that 30 second sound byte is like the single shot in Sarajevo that started World War 2
Poverty among the ‘Silent Generation’ who lived through the Second World War
Emma Roberts in on Ivanka: "She's like the Chelsea Clinton from a parallel universe if Hitler wo…
Counter-memorial quoting 1997 Bundestag resolution: "Second World War was an offensive war of extermination, a crim…
The Independent The man with the golden tongue: India's master of Second World War espionage The Independent The…
Dig For Victory. Allotments in Greenwich Park during the Second World War read more -…
Next Military Lecture, Feb 16 - "Reconstructive surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital during the Second World War" http…
many Canadian women worked in factories to support the Allied efforts during the Second World War? htt…
A rare example of a Second World War German multi-role combat aircraft, the Junkers Ju88, has arrived at Cosford!
"America has been at war in every year since the Second World War"
Those who think war solves everything, how come it didn't solve everything during First & Second World War?
After the second world war the country took in more than 650,000 displaced Europeans
Breen: "In the face of the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War, the United States has a leadership role to play.…
Harper with the worst economic record of any Canadian Prime Minister since the end of the Second World War.
"It was like going to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & not mentioning those who died in the Second World War."
My grandad didn't hide under a table during the Second World War for us to just roll over and let Gerry march...
An unexploded Second World War bomb has been discovered in the River Thames.
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