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Second Baseman

Second base, or 2B, is the second of four stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a base runner in order to score a run for that player's team.

Marco Scutaro Neil Walker Rickie Weeks Robinson Cano Devon Travis Stephen Drew Jose Altuve Matt Holliday Jedd Gyorko Matt Holiday Ian Desmond Starlin Castro Ryan Flaherty Adam Warren Miguel Tejada Jeff Kent Paul Goldschmidt

… bottom of the eighth inning. second baseman Ron Oester homered to tie the game. Reds third baseman Buddy Bell doubled … (8 of 10)
Tigers shut down Kinsler with concussion symptoms: Second baseman took to a stationary bike…
Kinsler, V-Mart unavailable for series opener vs. Twins: Second baseman is out with a mild concussion while D...
Cano's triple was off the bottom of the second baseman's cleat.
Altuve tallies 200 hits for 3rd straight season: Astros All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve cranked out his 200th…
MINNEAPOLIS - The Detroit Tigers kept second baseman and designated hitter out of
Paul Goldschmidt rocketed a two-out single past second baseman Adam Rosales in the fourth for Arizona's first hit.
He's a second baseman who is making $4 million dollars!
Jobu was not happy with A's second baseman for not giving MarWin a lane. This is what happens when you mess with Jobu.
The error off the second baseman's kneecap into the corner in right field in the SEA/TOR is just the craziest *** thing.
Sports players of reddit, what do you talk about with your opponents (i.e. when guy on second base is talking to second baseman) on the fie…
you called it. Great at bat by . And Russell Martin smack. Picks up his second baseman!
I've never seen a second baseman kick a ball into a triple before and I've been watching baseball awhile. Just terrible.
If the Mariners are smart, all they have to do is hit the ball to the second baseman
If only had a second baseman that could hit AND field. Goins can't hit and Travis is playing for the other team.
Warm up a Second Baseman in the bullpen.
With his next hit, will become the 1st second baseman with 3 straight 200-hit seasons since 1937. (per
Nothing quite like a good old fashioned triple off the second baseman's kneecap.
There's a big gap between "not as good a defensive second baseman as Ryan Goins" and "not as good a second baseman as Ryan Goins"
As a second baseman Devon Travis is a *** of a hitter.
Umm. Time to switch the second baseman. Sorry those errors are unacceptable.
How do you get a triple when it hits the second baseman? That's unbelievable!
Cano gets credit for a triple after hit kicks off second baseman Travis. 2 runs score. up 2-0.
Get a second baseman warming up in the pen?
He turns a nice double play, to be sure, but I'm ready to entertain the possibility that Devon Travis isn't a good second baseman.
I'm a huge fan of the second baseman in this inning. Thank you, Devon Travis.
Robinson Cano triples (2) on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Michael Saunders, deflected by second baseman Devon Travis.
One of the best Second Baseman of the 50's,Nellie Fox takes a break in the White Sox dugout.
Now the shredder has it right! Houston Astros: Jose Altuve Rated as Second Baseman.
You called Neil Walker a top-flight second baseman. Why would anyone care about your baseball opinions?
It made me appreciate our new second baseman significantly more. Great article!
I wouldnt..We just got a better second baseman for nothing pretty we can go sign someone
Mets: Neil Walker bought a new home in Pittsburgh before he was traded: The second baseman is now a...
Today in Tribe History: December 11, 2001 - Second baseman Roberto Alomar, a 12-time All-Star and ten-time Gold...
If I were to play baseball, I'd like to be the second-baseman like harucchi and ryosuke
Welch whacks it straight to the second baseman and Schultz is left stranded, we're down 3-0 going into the bottom of the third.
i like van slyke, don't like Frazier tho. We need a second baseman tho, don't think *** Utley and pareza will get it done.
Kiki should be our everyday second baseman at this point I think. Would like to see Peraza in pre season though.
but the 85 Royals second baseman could field grounders
[Japan Times]After two years in the United States, most of it spent in Triple-A, second basem…
If you can pry the 7th-best starter away with nothing but a quality starting second baseman, you do it every time, right
acquire second baseman Neil Walker from in exchange for left-hander Jonathon Niese -
Harrison will become more consistent defensively now that he'll be an every day second baseman and not platooning at 3B, SS & OF
"Obviously, there's mixed emotions." Pirates trade Neil Walker to Mets.
Did the Pirates make the right move in trading second baseman Neil Walker to the Mets?
Agreed. Now we're looking for a second baseman and remind me how did Dee do last year? 😁
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The Chicago Cubs made a big splash by signing second baseman Ben Zobrist on Tuesday night, but another shoe has fallen as well as Starlin
Why pay market rate for a 2b, when said second baseman can only play against rhp
Kip led AL second basemen in average, OBP, slugging % and OPS. . More:
Castro is their new second baseman, arriving Tuesday in a deal with the Chicago Cubs for pitcher Adam Warren and a player…
have they ruled out traded for a third baseman and putting Rendon at second
Oh well.. At least they have a second baseman now.
Yankees get second baseman Starlin Castro from Cubs for right-hander Adam Warren
The move essentially cuts ties with two of the longest tenured Mets: Niese and Daniel Murphy, the free-agent second basem…
Yankees GM jokes he's getting coal from his pitching coach: The addition of Starlin Castro gives the Yankees their second baseman of ...
Getting to know Mets second baseman Neil Walker
Thank you Great Pirate, second baseman and a great man and role model to many! You will be missed! Good luck!
A day after failing to land Ben Zobrist, the Mets traded Jon Niese to the Pirates for Walker, a second baseman, and added Cabrera, a
Serious question: would Raul Mondesi by every bit as good/productive as the every day second baseman this year as Omar Infante?
possible trade talks for Salazar to Giants in return for a second baseman and 4 prospects.
Welcome Neil Walker I hope your as good as daniel murphy or better as a second baseman
Oh, boy, a 34 year old arthritic at all trades, already got a ring second baseman. I'm predicting a .302 OBP when he goes on the DL.
a soon to be declining second baseman for an average pitcher with a few years of control. Money will be better allocated soon
Yesterday we acquired from Pittsburgh. More on the trade:
Here is the reality: the Pirates gave up a good second baseman for a bad pitcher yesterday to save money and there is no excusing that.
New second baseman talked about joining the Hear what he had to say:
Do u agree with MM that Walker is one of the top 3 or 4 second baseman in MLB?
.fill hole at second base, pluck Pittsburgh kid from
Walker is an average second baseman? Okay, nice conversation.
I'm not sure if I'm a pitcher (Actually, I know I'm not), but I think I could be a good center fielder or second baseman.
"Not to be negative, but how was this guy a second baseman until last year? They didn't see this?" - An actual quote from Shank, obviously
Happy birthday to my fav second baseman 👊⚾️🎉
I'm hoping the Giants' second baseman gives you a reason to invent a Panik number
Its not close at all. Kendrick is just a M's killer. Robbie is the clear cut better second baseman.
In an effort to rest Marnie Skinner, the usual second baseman stepped into the circle and pitched five scoreless i…
im going to Pearland next year😒 seems like you need a second baseman😳😂
Ex-Danbury Westerner second baseman Tucker Nathans pitches the 16th inning for the Frederick Keys tonight - and gets the win.
Tim Beckham goes 0-for-3 w/ walk in chance to start at 2B for stock is up in updated 2B ranks
Cardinals second baseman commits two errors, takes blame for 5-4 home ...
Frederick just had a second baseman retire Lynchburg's 1-2-3 hitters -- all former draft picks. Because baseball.
Pacelli senior second baseman Troy Flugaur makes the most out of the talent he's been given.
Ian Kinsler is hitting .414 with 7 RBI's so far and our second baseman is hitting a measly .136 with 6K's and 3 RBI's.
Jedd Gyorko appears to be in platoon w/ Yangervis Solarte, batting .143, plummets in 2B ranks
if he's the everyday second baseman, why not the starter tonight? Why Petit?
he got the 8 hitter to ground to the 2nd baseman and k'd the pitcher. Not his fault the second baseman ***
It's amazing how a good second baseman makes Simba that much better.
Rookie Devon Travis hopes every day might be the same: DiManno: Blue Jays second baseman has quietly been taki...
Why was the third baseman backing up second base on the steal?? ***
Maybe the Padres could trade for a Second Baseman too.
Solarte might not be a second baseman, huh?
What was the name of the old twins second baseman? Was pudgy and always seem to hit .320
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Andrew Miller is the real deal. Well done. Hat is off to Stephen Drew- clutch hit. You make a nice backup second baseman.
Jose Altuve documentary to premiere Thursday: MLB Productions’ new documentary on Astros second baseman Jose…
Congratulations to Raider second baseman on being named a governors scholar
I wouldn't want Stephen Drew as my starting second baseman. But, well, eh. Maybe I would.
East second baseman had a different look tonight after battling through an earlier injury.
The ninth hitting little white second baseman needs to learn how to bunt
WOW, Stephen Drew redeeming himself to people saying he's an average and overpaid second baseman!!
//I only pinch run bruh. XD. And occasionally am the Second baseman.
second baseman steals his first base of the season but is stranded as we go to the sixth. Gwinnett leads Norfolk 3-0.
Do the Rays constantly put their second baseman on second base with Odorizzi on the mound?
Krug with a routine groundout to the shortstop who overthrows to the second baseman, run scores and runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out
B6 | Hot shot single off the first baseman by but he is left at second. . back out for the Still 1-1.
Congrats to Teton second baseman Palmer POWIS on getting engaged on the mound!!!
Hard shot to 2nd baseman gives them second out. Tooley grounds out for out
Tim Beckham is actually a nasty Second Baseman
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Duke second baseman Andy Perez is in the running for best headshot of all time.
It was a lazy reach of a tag. There's no way a ML second baseman should let that happen. I'm sure Petit would admit that.
Marple's first hit of the day is a line drive home run by second baseman Riley Filman to left center. 3-2 Marple in the…
Smart, smart play by Schoop. More and more, I like him as the O's second baseman.
Brett Gardner is so good at getting the ball in to second, too bad Gregorio Petit is the second baseman
Victoria East grounds out to the first baseman to open the Seminole second inning.
Jones with an infield single up the middle. Second baseman Gregorio Petit makes diving stop but doesnt make throw.
i hope you're enjoying that second baseman for the Dude is legit and went to a high quality academic institution
Do you see Negron as the future second baseman of the Reds or a career utility guy?
BYU softball: Cougars sweep WCC weekly awards for second time this season: First baseman/pitcher Ashley Thompson…
Hawk's batter hits one to the short-stop, throwing to the second and then first baseman making a double play.
Fielder's choice eliminates the runner at second. Runners at the corners with two outs for second baseman Mike Moroff.
Jedd Gyorko remained out of the Padres' lineup again on Monday. Things aren't looking good for the second baseman.
End 3: Mooresville 7, Edgewood 4. Great diving catch by second baseman Dylan Johnson robs Zack Harrison, keeps Edgewood off the board in 3rd
Hawks tries to steal from first to second and is thrown out, then next batter up hits a fly ball caught by Titans first baseman.
Andrew DeRubertis with 5 strikeouts thru 3 innings. A nice play by second baseman LaManna gets him out if a jam. 8-0 BC af…
from Hawks hits one to Titan's second baseman who throws to first making a double play! Titans are up to bat!
I will not rest until the entire Mariners lineup is just converted second baseman playing anything but 2nd base.
On this date (April 13) in 1963, second baseman tripled for career hit number 1.
But the second baseman has to hit second. It's in his job title.
I can't watch MLB network talk about Second Baseman without getting heated unless Harold Reynolds is on TV he actually values D-Fence.
The Braves win their final home spring game this afternoon at Champion Stadium against the Miami Marlins 9-2. Braves Julio Teheran his final tuneup before he starts Monday against Milwaukee. He went 6 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 9 strikeouts. Aligning the stars: Second Baseman Tyler Pastornicky went 2-for-4 with 3 RBIs he's battling for the backup Second Baseman's spot. Center Fielder Jordan Schafer went 2-for-4 with two runs scored. He's battling for a backup outfield spot and could see him pinch-hit. The Braves offense produced 11 hits today. The final game of the spring in Florida will be tomorrow the Braves go back to Joker Merchant Stadium in Lakeland to face the Detroit Tigers. Aaron Harang who the Braves just signed on Monday will start. SportsSouth the Braves main television station will air the game. The Tigers will send Max Scherzer the reigning AL Cy Young award winner to the mound. The Braves where in Lakeland on Tuesday and defeated the Tigers 12-3. It's our last look at the Tigers th ...
Jedd Gyorko just became the 5th Second Baseman in MLB History to hit 20 Home Runs. I'm glad it came off the Dodgers and especially Edinson Volquez.
Photo: Houston Astros second baseman Jake Elmore tries to get a bird to move along during a break in action...
And Tejada was never signed to be a regular second baseman. Sometimes you have to work outside the box.
I need a shout out from every starting second baseman in the league SO PLEASE HELP OUT
Had to follow my favorite second baseman !
Now on MiLB.TV: Second baseman Jonathan Diaz makes a diving stop for
I'm ready to bring in a decent starting pitcher and a second baseman for the love of god
People wonder why Descalso isn't our everyday shortshop. He can play it (and third), but he's a second baseman... Am I missing something?
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You know, in my life I thought I'd never say, "Look at the *** on that second baseman." But look at the *** on that second baseman
I hope the dodgers don't find a second baseman.
A's need to make sogard everyday second baseman and find a legit dh that's all
Well, I'm not going there tonight. I've said all along we need a legit major league second baseman.
Roberto Alomar inducted into Hall of Fame. Best second baseman I ever saw
tor, 6, Brett Lawrie grounds into a force out, third baseman Chris Nelson to second baseman Howie Kendrick. Colby Rasmus out at 2nd.
Angels expected to keep shortstop Erick Aybar and second baseman Howie ...
tex, 5, A. J. Pierzynski grounds out softly, second baseman Eric Sogard to first baseman Brandon Moss. Adrian Beltre to 2nd.
OC Batbusters' Mckenna Arriola grounder to 2nd ... bad hop, bounces off second baseman and Karsyn Guzman scores tying run from 2nd
Wahoos get a run in the top of the ninth on a throwing error by the second baseman. 16-8 PNS as we head to the last of the ninth.
Another terrible call. The second baseman never caught that ball. How the *** is that an out? Just ridiculous.
Girardi stop sitting on your hands. Saw live that the second baseman never had possession!
And then the second baseman drops the ball and he calls him out on the transfer. Unbelievable it never ends
Orioles place second baseman Brian Roberts on paternity leave
was, 8, Ian Desmond lines out softly to second baseman Rickie Weeks.
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nyn, 10, Daniel Murphy grounds into a force out, second baseman Miguel Tejada to shortstop Alcides Escobar. Zack Wheeler to 3rd. Marlon
As a second baseman, that feed that Tejada made is not as easy as it looks.
oh, well I know Pedroia, who doesn't? Top 3 second baseman in the league
Guys, this team needs a second baseman. Just one would be nice.
Twins short stop and second baseman forget to cover second on attempted steal!!! Heads are not in the game embarrassing play sloppy play
Robinson Cano is a pretty good defensive second baseman.. If you didn't already know that.
No, 6+4+3=3. You don't know baseball." How tf?" It involves 3 people. Shortstop, to the second baseman, then to the first baseman.
sdn, 1, Chase Headley grounds into a force out, shortstop Derek Jeter to second baseman Robinson Cano. Everth Cabrera to 3rd. Chris Den
was, 6, Ian Desmond grounds into a double play, third baseman Jeff Bianchi to second baseman Rickie Weeks to first baseman Juan Francisco.
Replays award Flaherty overturned home run: Orioles second baseman Ryan Flaherty hit a ball off the ...
cin, 8, Jay Bruce grounds out, second baseman Matt Carpenter to first baseman Matt Adams.
Second baseman for the Class High A went 2-for-5 with a double tonight.
Aug 2, AB 1: Mike Trout grounds out, second baseman Maicer Izturis to first baseman Edwin Encarnacion.
Miguel Tejada needs to become the starting second baseman. I don't ever want to see Johnson in the starting lineup.
The second baseman has the GREATEST NAME EVER!
sea, 9, Nick Franklin grounds out, second baseman Ryan Flaherty to first baseman Chris Davis.
It was a good day to be a second baseman
win, 11-8. Quite the day for second baseman: Alomar inducted to HoF, Roberts on paternity leave and Flaherty 3-for-4.
Porter opts for cautious approach with Altuve: The Astros continue to play it cautious with second baseman Jose...
My mom taught a bunch of kids from Lakewood, NJ that took home the title, including a girl second baseman.
| | Alomar inducted into Orioles Hall of Fame: The Orioles inducted second baseman...
and McCarthy just called the Phillies second baseman Uggla. The properly fitting uniform should have been a clue.
I honestly think that I could be a pretty decent second baseman.
So happy pedroia was voted the second best second baseman even though i think he is better than cano
second baseman Mark Ellis and manager Don Mattingly have been ejected for arguing balls and strikes.
yeah! Trade Uggla. He's the worst second baseman in the history of baseball. Who cares about his 30+ HRs a season. (Sarc)
Blake Headley reached on an error by the second baseman moving Comstock to third with one out.
Darwin Barney ha got to be the best defensive second baseman in the league.
So Flaherty flexing his bat. It befuddles me as to why he a). doesn't get ABs at AAA or b). Isnt our starting second baseman.
Aug 2, AB 1: Bryce Harper pops out to second baseman Rickie Weeks.
Charlie Culberson called up? We already have a good Second Baseman and Back-Up Second Baseman.
4 this date in sports is brought to you by Famous Birthdays and On this Today in Sports History 1997 - Mike Tyson was disqualified for biting Evander Holyfield's ear after three rounds of their WBA heavyweight title fight in Las Vegas, NV. 1971 - The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali. 1995 - The NBA Draft was held at the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario. It was the first time the draft was held outside the United States. 1996 - Darryl Strawberry hit his 300th home run. 2000 - Jeff Cirillo (Colorado Rockies) hit three home runs and a double against San Francisco. ROB DYRDEK 39 He first won over audiences in MTV's Rob and Big, and later gained fame on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. JOHN ELWAY 53 Legendary Denver Broncos quarterback BRANDON PHILLIPS 32 MLB Second Baseman who has played for the Cincinnati Reds since 2006. MARVIN JONES 41 NFL linebacker who played his entire career, eleven seasons in all, with the New York Jets. CHRIS PFAFF 39 Skat ...
Here's who I think should go to the All Star Game of the NL: Catcher: Yadier Molina (STL) First Baseman: Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) Second Baseman: Brandon Phillips (CIN) Third Baseman: David Wright (NYM) Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (COL) Left Field: Carlos Gonzalez (COL) Center Field: Andrew McCutchen (PIT) Right Field: Domonic Brown (PHI) But it'll probably just consist of Giants and Mets players because they let fans vote. ~Will
Trivia, Who is this person? Born in Wheeling West Virginia in 1936, Second Baseman, elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001. Hit a famous home run in 1960.
Second Baseman for the SF Giants: Nick NOONAN. Let the heckling begin…
MLB Top 100 Prospects per position: Second Baseman here is the Top 4 and 2 are Padres 1. Jedd Gyorko, Padres: When the Padres took Gyorko in the second round of the 2010 Draft out of West Virginia University, he was an advanced hitter who didn’t rate as highly as some others because of his size and lack of a natural defensive home. He’s proven that reports about his bat were not grossly exaggerated, reaching the Minors’ highest level while hitting for average and power with a high on-base percentage, too. He’s played both third and second base as a pro and been fine at both positions. He’s a second baseman now and profiles nicely as an offensive-minded player, one who should hit in a big league lineup for a long time to come. 2. Kolten Wong, Cardinals: The No. 22 overall pick in the 2011 Draft out of the University of Hawaii has shown that reports of his advanced hitting abilities were on target. The Cardinals have pushed him aggressively and he responded with a solid first full season in Double ...
How does Craig Biggio not get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the first round voting? 3000+ career hits, 5th all-time in doubles, exceptional fielder, initially an All-Star Catcher then a Gold Glove winning Second Baseman for many years. He is the definition of Baseball. He should be automatic.
It has been 19 days since the Red Sox reached agreement with free agent Mike Napoli on a three-year, $39 million free-agent contract. Yet, the deal still is not official. Napoli's hip problem is bad enough that it caused the Seattle Mariners to back off their pursuit of him, reports Jim Duquette of MLB Network Radio. And a source tells Ken Rosenthal that the players’ union views the Red Sox concerns as justified. One has to wonder; if Napoli’s condition is so serious, why would the Sox risk even going through with his contract? Why is it taking so long to rework the contract so that the Sox have protection in the event that Napoli isn't able to play for extended periods due to the hip issue? There have been reports that the Sox are actually seeking to reduce the contract to two years. The main reason the Red Sox haven't instead turned to free agent first baseman Adam LaRoche or Nick Swisher is that both received qualifying offers from their previous clubs. So, signing either would cost the Sox a secon ...
Stafford throwing like a second baseman.
I drew a tic tac toe board on the field and me and the other second baseman took turns every inning
2006-2008 memories still make me smile. I miss those days. Especially seeing my favorite second baseman play.
get a good closer or second baseman , and I could part ways with him
Don't hire a great SECOND BASEMAN and then put him in the line-up as a catcher. Apologetics Media Centre (AMC)
Flight canceled. I'm thinking about just settling down here, planting roots. Do the need a second baseman?
it's a baseball/ softball term. It's a double play from the shortstop(6) to the second baseman(4) and the first(3)
no it's not and I was highly disappointed. But is the second baseman. No doubt
Not many other places to put him if he has a second baseman's arm.
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Nobody turns a silky smooth double play like a shortstop and second baseman can
I just hope u can hit the second baseman with your throw
Steve Sax, the former five-time All-Star second baseman, becomes new 1B coach, and Turner Ward is new assistant hitting coach
Warning - this post will make you cry! I just love these kinds of things!! You should read the entire story to get the message Subject: Two Choices What would you do?.you make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning- disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered aquestion: "When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my son?" The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. "I believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature pr ...
Let me know. I batted .415 with 45 home runs. Not bad for a second baseman.
Another very popular player Fred McGriff. Jays, Braves etc.. Now coaching with the Braves. Thoughts? I think he will be on a second ballot, more than that?
Here's an update on the recovery of second baseman Neil Walker.
S/O to my brubru for being one of the most promising second baseman in PA! keep pushing bru!
the second game Mathis vs Aransespass. In the beginning I'm a pitcher. And a runner steels then the second baseman made an error
he helps by being a top 10 offensive second baseman. And his fielding is still bad but improved
The Cardinals are seriously looking for a new second baseman? What about Skip? Oh wait! He's gone! :(
and do me a favor nd tell that second baseman batting 8th or 9th I'm gonna *** up again!!!
"He just beat out a ball to the second baseman"
There is a special bond between a short stop and a second baseman
Who will be the second baseman of the next season?
doubt it..if he doesnt .trade him...Prado is a better second baseman
Only the greatest second baseman in the league.
Brewers Lose Farris In Minor League Rule 5: Second baseman Eric Farris no longer was in the Brewers' plans, but ...
Amazing how far a second baseman who couldn't throw to first base has come.
St. Louis Cardinals rumors: Are the Cardinals really satisfied with their ...: St. Louis Cardinals rumors: Are t...
Happy birthday to home run champ our great lead off and second baseman
A shortstops best friend is always their second baseman.
we’d be the best catcher second baseman outfielder combo in ESU history
Left-Handed Second Baseman: UPS and FedEx reps break down Santa's logistics and it's bizarrely, incredibly fa…
yesir. You're representing the best second baseman ever ;)
Let's get a second baseman so I have something to update on.
Second Baseman for the Cleveland Indians. Former Arizona State Sundevil. The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me?
second string 1st baseman, or headed to the Zephyrs..
On Baseball: An Aggressive Slide Again Bruises the Giants: The hit on Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro in Gam...
Trade rumors are circulating with team BTM's second baseman and Chicagos wnba team Team BTM really needs a new washing machine
This is how we should all treat one another.
Slow pitch softball LAKE WEIR 7, FOREST 3: At North Marion, in the first semifinal of the MCIAC district tournament, the top-seeded Hurricanes advanced behind the bats of junior left-centerfielder Rachael Nohr (1-for-3, 2-run HR), freshman leftfielder Aura Blackburn (2-for-3, 2 runs), senior third baseman Irene Medina (2-for-3, HR, 2B, 2 RBI) and freshman second baseman Cassidy Shannon (2-for-3, run). The Wildcats were led by Rebecca Koogler (2-for-3, run, 2B), Chloe Rasmassen (1-for-3, run, 2B), Kristen Coquillard (1-for-2) and Shelby Welch (1-for-2, run). The home runs hit by Nohr and Medina were the first of the season for each player. With the victory, LWHS (12-1) will face Vanguard in Thursday’s 7 p.m. tournament final at North Marion. Forest finished its season 6-6. This is in todays paper. So proud to see she finally went YARD!
Specifically, the way a good second baseman will catch the throw from SS and turn to first in one smooth motion (cont)
is the best second baseman In the league . And killed it In the playoffs ! Glover world series champs
Beltran sub boosts Cardinals in Game 3: Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro had two hits and a clean game in the...
I do anything to meet best second baseman in baseball !!
we just need a second baseman and a couple pitchers. And I think a first basemen too bc face it Reynolds is an awful hitter
All these lucky people posting about how they met , wish I could have! Best second baseman in the league
Happy (early) birthday to the best second baseman this side of the Mississippi Big 21st!!!
How we should treat others is what this story is all about.The bible says to love your neighbour as yourself.
is the best! Best second baseman and the nicest guy! You already know why. He plays for the reds! ⚾
I always look at the second baseman's feet when there is a turn on the double play to see if they really touched the base
Now you might wonder why Leyland insisted on getting his car serviced on such a potentially momentous day. But you don't know Leyland if you are wondering."The light was on, and I was worried about it," he said.
Making diving plays to get the second out? Must be a Cardinal first baseman.
no hes not a good fielder. It was a late slide, but not a dirty slide. The second baseman didnt know to get outta the way!
he is probably to busy telling Jim cantore about how the second baseman can't protect himself from the "take out slide"
well actually he couldn't. When the second baseman is behind the bag you will try to get as close to the bag
Girardi worries about lineup changes. Jim Leyland worries about oil changes:
yea but cano is one of the best defensive players in the league. Especially for second baseman. It's him and phillips
Giants 2B Scutaro in Lineup for Game 3 Vs. Cards: Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro in lineup for Game 3 of NL...
Coukd the Giants' second baseman not start the double play? Gaffe.
Ok mom, we get it. The second baseman for the giants is an *** You dont have to scream it every four seconds.
St. Louis Cardinals second baseman grew up an Oakland A's fan -
I hear second baseman named gravy r the goofiest.
as long as they keep their mitts off MY second baseman! Damned babies.
get a real second baseman! One not afraid to get knocked down!!!
Ryan Lohse is from Chico, and the second baseman went to UCD... Hm.
Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter has 3 hits this postseason. Robinson Cano of the Yankees, a second baseman, has 3 hits this postseason
no thank u! I'd rather see them spend the money on Josh Hamilton have Cano play third and make Nunez a second baseman!
Former Giants second baseman and current Survivor contestant Jeff Kent thinks that it's Ma
I didn't get why you needed a second baseman in a movie about football
Former second baseman Jeff Kent thinks it's Marco Scutaro's fault that he got hurt on Matt Holliday's slide
Scutaro in Giants' lineup for NLCS Game 3: Second baseman Marco Scutaro is in the San Francisco Giants' lineup f...
I wish I could have been there for this game.Better than a world series.
I have shared this story many times. It is a compelling example of how a small act of kindness can have such an incredible impact.
How do the Yankees remake the team (and remake they must), when they have old players nobody would trade for at the salaries they make and a very talented second baseman who has no motivation?
Maybe this story has already made the rounds. (I've been gone for a few months)...but it is incredibly moving...people are wonderful.
What a fabulous story, even brought a tear to my eye. Very enlightening knowing there is still good in this world.
Ok first of all.good morning. To topics this morning to rant about. 1) Obama kicked Romney's *** last night, thats all on that one. 2) Ok it's no surprise that I am an A's fan. So it must be said that what I'm about to say has nothing to do with that fact. Now I know a lot of you are Giants fans and that's cool but if you watched the last game you have to being wondering.when did they become so soft??? Matt Holiday of the Cardinals slid into second base taking out Marco Scutaro of the Giants. Now the Giants are saying it was dirty.again? Yes they did this last year when Possey was taken down by a slide into homebase. Ok these guys are paid millions of dollars to play baseball and by the way it is the base runner's job to take out the second baseman. If the Giants have any hope of getting to the World Series they are going to have to suck it up, stop their whining and play ball. I've seen harder slides in Little League Baseball. Please stop !!! That being said, tomorrow is my Birthday and I feel great t ...
While Holliday kinda botched his slide in the game the other day while the whole Cardinals team played like a little league team, he has gained the ire of many baseball fans across the nation. But if someone like Ozzie Smith takes out the second baseman,...
X-rays came back negative on the thumb, and Infante said he hoped to be able to play Wednesday in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series.
Looking back at favorites. Did you know? How could we help him get this award? Lou Whitaker is currently ineligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame; he did not receive the required five percent of the votes in his first (and only) year of eligibility (in 2001). Despite having statistics comparable to other second basemen in the Hall of Fame (including contemporary Ryne Sandberg, a third-year inductee), Whitaker was dismissed from the ballot after receiving fifteen votes, or 2.9%. This surprised many observers, including Bill James,[3] who named Whitaker the thirteenth-best second baseman of all time in The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. Whitaker is now ineligible for baseball's highest honor until 2015.
If Cano gets the credit for a double play ball, why doesn't he have to step on the second base bag? Clearly he was two or three or more feet away from the bag but got the out anyway on Cabrera's hit. why are the Umpires not requiring that the Second Baseman "Step on the Bag" to get the out Credit?
Before asking for instant replay in baseball make sure your second baseman is on the bag when he actually has the ball in his glove. Way to go Cano.
So does Leland start complaining about the Cabrera double play because when you slow the play down you see that the second baseman is CLEARLY off the bag when he catches the ball.
I don't care if the slide by Halliday was legal or not. If you crumple my second baseman who is 2 or 3 feet behind second base, when the time is right, you are going to be wearing my fast ball. Sliding very aggressively into 2B is part of the game. My problem is he annihilated him way behind the base. Just my humble opinion.
Having been on both the receiving and giving ends of many a take-out slide (sometimes I think it was my favorite part of the game), I can tell you, Holliday's slide on Scutaro was absolutely dirty. When you end up five feet past the bag with your arms wrapped around the second baseman's legs, that's not just a dirty slide, that's roughing the passer. 15-yard penalty! And first at-bat next year, Matt? Don't step too far into the box.
10/15/12: Matt Holliday talks about his hard slide in the first inning of Game 2 and returning to St. Louis for Game 3
Report: Giants 2B Scutaro has left hip strain A person with knowledge of the injury says Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro strained his left hip when the St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Holliday crashed into him with a hard slide in Game 2 of the NL championship series Monday night.
I looked through the pundits pigskin pronouncements today trying to find an insightful, in-depth analysis of last night's Chargers performance. The best I found was by Telemundo (Spanish language) TV's highly regarded sports analyst Chico Escuela; who many of you remember from his days as an All-Star second baseman with the NY Mets. I will translate for you non-Spanish speakers. After noting that Beisbol had indeed been "berry, berry good to him", Chico offered this analysis-and I quote. "Ay Chihuahua! Los Chargers SUCK-BEEG time"! There you have it!
Not a big fan of Marco Scutaro but that slide by Matt Holiday last night was just a dirty play!! He makes no contact with Marco until after the bag and the contact he does make is initiated by him reaching out with his arms! My brother Neil and Billy Sawyer 2 *** good second baseman would have made sure the next guy that came in high to second, paid the price for a dirty play like that!! No need of a play like that!
Marco Scutaro, Second-Baseman for the San Francisco Giants.the best player name of the playoffs.
No, that is EXACTLY how you are supposed to slide. Jump OVER the bag, put your knees into the second baseman's knees, and come to rest well past the bag, such that you can't even reach it.
Talk about karma: In the Giants Cardinals playoff, Cardinals outfielder Holliday first does an illegal aggressive slide to injure the second baseman Scutaro. Totally uncalled for and unsportsperson-like. Then later, Scutaro manages to stay in the game and gets a clutch, 2 out, bases loaded single into left, to you guessed it, Holliday. Holliday makes a silly error and just drops the ball, so 3 runs score. It doesn't pay to be a jerk, holliday. Synchronicity is looking at you and laughing sadly tonight. I hope Scutaro is all right.
I saw the Cardinals play the Giants tonight. Boy did the Cardinals suck!! So much for them rocking. I don't know who said that. And what an unsportsmanlike "take out " at second base by that guy Halliday (spelling?). The Giants's second baseman had to leave the game and get x-rays at the hospital. Carpenter sucked - the Cardinals were boring.
As a former second baseman, I've got one thing to say: every Cardinal who comes down the line towards second base for the rest of this series needs to wear it off their lid or off their chin. Nuff said.
After the Reds blew a 2-0 lead in the NLDS, I was really torn on who to root for on the NLCS. But after watching Matt Holiday TACKLE the Giants second baseman, I am reminded why I HATE the Cardinals. What a bunch of dirty crybabies! Holiday deserves a fastball in his earhole!
Plowed my second baseman. Stay classy cardinals
Man what a cheap shot by Holladay on the SF second baseman tonight. He should have been ejected! Sorry St. Louis fans, but that was bad!
I am disgusted by Matt Holliday's dirty play. He succeeded in putting the Giants' star second baseman out of the game.
Matt Holliday should have been kicked out of game for his dirty play. He slid at the second baseman way after he had pasted second base. It was clearly unsportsmanlike. I'm now rooting for the Giants. I not like dirty players.
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