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Second Baseman

Second base, or 2B, is the second of four stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a base runner in order to score a run for that player's team.

Dustin Pedroia Ben Zobrist Brock Holt Neil Walker Devon Travis Jose Altuve Darwin Barney Brandon Phillips Mitch Moreland Stephen Drew Starlin Castro Rougned Odor Adam Warren Xander Bogaerts Philadelphia Phillies Aaron Judge

jimin is a swift n observational shortstop or second baseman who almost always gets people out. If he doesn't he feels guilty n gets upset.
scrappy second baseman that can hit. I’m the Jose Altuve of
Looks to me like you'll be the starting second baseman in 2018!
Wait until they sign Brandon Phillips as their second baseman
Frazier has played first base and is being marketed as a second baseman as well, im not sure ***
They a NO 1st baseman, NO second baseman, NO rightfielder and NO catcher! You tell me that a…
Flores is a better second baseman than he is a third baseman. He is also a better back up first basem…
Flores is not a second baseman and we don’t know when Rivera will be back.
So everyone is talking about trading for a second baseman. Number 1. They don’t need one, they got Fl…
I can't wait for spring training. New Yankee second baseman. Potential rookie of the…
in 1958, the acquire Sparky Anderson from the Dodgers. Anderson will play one season as the Phils’ s…
I think our main 3rd baseman isn't on our roster yet. I doubt they will move Duffy back to 3B just to fil…
SpeedeNews: Indians could use Jason Kipnis as outfielder again - The Cleveland Indians are still trying to figure o…
With the sixth selection in the 2018 Minor League Madhouse Mock Draft, the select a second ba…
"Bronx Cheer". All Sports. Sarcastic support from a home crowd. Standing ovation for a second baseman throwing a run…
Max Schrock and his plus hitting are coming into the system. The second baseman has advice fo…
Hopefully the future starting second baseman.
Meet your Panther Monday! Today meet our other Fratercangelo twin! Soph is a Sophomore second baseman. She is a Health…
Your 10 are my 10. Jeff Kent would have been my 11th. Other than Alomar the best hitting second baseman of our time. Comments
Mets dont make this move they are dumb id get both of them from the marlins why not wont hurt they need…
Under tutelage greatest coaches Ric Conway of all time West Boca panthers team run out of pitchers ,a young li…
December 22, 1997. trade outfielder Doug Glanville to the Philadelphia Phillies for second baseman. Mickey Morandini.
Atlanta signs second baseman Dustin Pedroia to a three-year, $12.9 million deal.
Now sign Lorenzo Cain and a second baseman. Don't give up on Smith at 1B so fast use Wilmer to fill in against lefties.
So tell Fred to go out and actually spend a little cash. Mets got money, and I’m sure that the Marlins are willing…
Hey give us one of your players, yo…
I would take Castro in a deal for either one of them in a heartbeat. Perfect deal for Mets. I’d trade…
Okay - but how about a second baseman, reliever, bat .
You don’t trade a franchise player. You can find a Gerrit Cole in free agency but you don’t find a Gl…
Yolmer Carlos Sánchez (born June 29, 1992) is a Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman for the Chicago Whi…
Good front office move by Fred Wilpon because Mets do need help if they hope to field a competitive team in 2018. N…   10% Off
We aren't trading the starting second baseman for a pitcher we aren't in dire need for. I need to stop seeing his name
Well, the Yankees don't have a second baseman or a third baseman. Maybe the Yankees will blow so many…
Dec. 22, 1999 – The Padres acquire first baseman Ryan Klesko and second baseman Bret Boone from At…
Yankees must keep all the infielders they can, since they just traded away future HOF second baseman.
Really. What will met's get in return? A over the hill relief pitcher, a so,so, second basement or a part ti…
Rather you sign with the Mets we need a second baseman
For machado this year? No way. Last year possibly cuz of the 2 years that would've been left. Torres…
And what would you get for a one legged, mid thirties, second baseman with fading pop in his bat?
It’s shocking how much Dipoto over paid for an out of position second baseman based on Marlins situation.
Tiger attacking second baseman was one of the great moments in sports history
If Fred and Jeff don’t think there’s enough talent to win here right now, there’s a first baseman, second basemen,…
Should not even be a conversation. Torres is more that just a prospect, he is going to be there seco…
Who could forget when a actual tiger attacked the second baseman
happy birthday to my favorite St. Anthony’s second baseman
Best prospect in baseball. Gonna be the second baseman this year
Lou has all the numbers and surpassed second basemen already in the hall. Could his religious beliefs…
Wouldn't do it neither will they Torres is our second baseman and there is no room for Frazier in outfie…
The cubs second best second baseman is a gold glove finalist
But is his bat below average for a second baseman? I'd argue no.
Stephen Drew was our starting second baseman hitting 190
JD Moffett with an RBI groundout to the second baseman! 2-0 tigers
ICYMI: After knee surgery, Dustin Pedroia unlikely to play until at least May. But what then? Story, via
Appreciate the reference from my wonderful second baseman
Former and second baseman has a bone to pick with the company that made his…
He is one top prospects in all of baseball. If it was me he would be my starting second baseman on op…
When your second baseman takes it off the nuts but still makes the play
I want Dee Gordon to be our lead off hitter and second baseman too. That's it…
And second you will feel the difference, and how spacious the second baseman’s position is
brother Patrick Robbie Thompson former great second baseman for the Giants great Fielder not a bad hitter
Longhorns 3rd baseman makes incredible play to get the second out. Amazing diving stop w great throw too
Jose Ramirez is a second baseman.I don’t get it.
with the cover story! Almost as good a journalist as he is a second baseman.
Let's welcome Second Baseman/IF Joey Ponder! Joey was top 5 in a number of offensive and defensive…
B8 | Lowrie chops one past the second baseman and Whitehorn scores from second. leads it 26-0.
From earlier: Two Marlins outfielders and their second baseman are Gold Glove finalists.
Ian Kinsler is a Gold Glove finalist, looking to win his second straight award.
Honestly it looks like a hard hit ball and the second baseman wasn’t at the base yet. SS bought sometime then made…
With all due respect to Ben Zobrist who's a terrific ballplayer -- how on earth can not be the second b…
Best defensive second baseman in the game!
Trivioid I just dug up: every postseason HR in MLB history hit by a second baseman in extra innings has been by an…
A no to what? That he's not the best second baseman they ever had?
Ben Zobrist is a Gold Glove Finalist. Um, what? He's the 4th best second baseman.on his own team.
Is willie considered best Yankees second baseman? Or Martin?
for real. I gotta say, Zobes is probably the third best defensive second baseman...on the Cubs.
Best defensive second baseman in game
The two best second baseman in baseball! ⚾️💪🏽 &
Astros second baseman Jose was honored by his peers Thursday, winning his se…
Baez is the best defensive second baseman in the NL. I think stats are helpful…
Zobrist? He's not even the best second baseman on his own team.
is Zobrist even a second baseman anymore? are we getting pranked?
Is Zobrist even a top five second baseman on his team 😂
Rizzo, sure. But Zobrist?? do have an elite second baseman. But his name starts with a J
Zobrist played the 18th most innings of any NL second baseman.
NOBODY & I mean NOBODY is a BETTER second baseman in this century than future
Ben Zobrist is the second best second baseman on his team..
Pedroia undergoes cartilage restoration surgery at HSS, likely out until June.
Ben Zobrist is like, the fourth-best defensive second baseman on the Cubs
A Cubs second baseman is a finalist for a award. and it isn't Javy Baez?
Second baseman Dustin Pedroia gives the another finalist for the award!
I can only assume that he was so slow he still thought the second baseman could beat him to the bag if he ran there.
Happy birthday to my second baseman, much love big man!
Different definition of routine I guess. These are professional athletes a…
Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has knee surgery, likely out for seven months . CLICK BELOW FOR FULL STORY...
Dodgers have a second baseman at first base, a catcher playing second, a SS in LF and a starter pitching in relief.
[USA Today]Tsuyoshi Nishioka, the Minnesota Twins second baseman who was just a week into …
Indians fans ooh'ing and aaah'ing a ball the second baseman almost caught.
Odor collides with Mazara, sprains left ankle: Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor had to…
The second baseman genes are strong
Sad day for reds family. BP is a class person as well as player. One of the all time best second baseman. Gonna miss y…
Mike Zunino singles on a pop up to second baseman Ben Gamel scores.
Happy birthday to the best second baseman I've ever known. Love you always Maddi Mac, I hope today has been great ❤️
Salvador Perez infield single to the second baseman
Corey Dickerson lines out to second baseman Brock Holt.
It's great for second baseman, when you're too far for an underhand flip but if you throw it the shortstop will freak out lol.
At the plate: second baseman Brad Miller was 0-for-1 with a strikeout as a pinch hitter in yesterday's win.
A beautiful day for baseball and an equally beautiful play by the second baseman.
Evan Longoria pops out to second baseman Brock Holt.
Merrifield flew out to right field. Cain grounded out to the second baseman. Cabrera lined out to the first...
Mets score a run because Reds are in shift and d'Arnaud's slow grounder does not have a second baseman to field it. But the shift is great!
Taylor should be the everyday second baseman
Your catcher and second baseman need to be fired / sent to the beer leagues. So disappointing!
Rafael Devers grounds out, second baseman Brad Miller to first baseman Lucas Duda. Mitch Moreland to 2nd.
Dan: Kinsler is the number one defensive second baseman in baseball by dWAR.
That second baseman is a good teammate 👌🏼
… homered in the fourth inning. Red Stockings second baseman Bid McPhee had three hits and scored one run. (4 of 4)
Non-drafted free agent second baseman from Oregon absolutely shouts
has stolen 50 bases for the third time in his career. Read about it on Marlins Mania on
Some plays in baseball wish they were on video. Playing second & made a circus catch that had tipped off the 1st baseman after he bobbled it
… the first of two errors by second baseman Rafael Landestoy. On this same date (September 9, 1984), traded … (8 of 9)
Jesus Sucre grounds out, second baseman Brock Holt to first baseman Mitch Moreland.
Cesar Puello grounds into a double play, second baseman Brock Holt to shortstop Xander Bogaerts to first baseman Mitch Moreland. Danny Esp
If I'm the 2nd baseman I RKO him as he rounds second
Brock Holt remains in the game as the second baseman.
J.P. Sportman lines a single past the diving second baseman to start the bottom of the fourth.
Kevin Kiermaier singles on a ground ball to second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Danny Espinosa to 2nd.
Holy cow! Seems like the infield has the shift on. Look were the second baseman is standing
Hanley Ramirez singles on a line drive to left fielder Cesar Puello. Hanley Ramirez out at 2nd, left fielder Cesar Puello to second baseman
Boston Red Sox second baseman Eduardo Nunez left the game due to an injured knee.
Oh by the way we have been on this 17 game winning streak without 2 all stars and our starting second baseman.
Jackie Bradley Jr. pops out to second baseman Danny Espinosa.
Merrifield popped up to the second baseman. Cain hit a triple to the right field corner. Cabrer grounded out to...
"Now batting for the Washington Nationals, second baseman, Westboro Baptist Church."
Worst Cuban team I've seen in a long time. Not physical at all. Half of them are overweight. I like the second baseman.
… hit a run-scoring single. In the top of the second inning, first baseman Lee May hit his thirtieth home run … (4 of 6)
Odor has had a bad year but he is their second baseman. Napoli is a different story
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NBA 2nd baseman camps out under a fly ball for his second consecutive put out of the inning
Love that bullpen and that idiotic second baseman of ours.
Who was the second baseman for the New York Yankees minor league team in 1966
[On Rougned Odor] "He may be the best second baseman in baseball."
Sep 9, AB 4: Aaron Judge grounds into a force out, third baseman Will Middlebrooks to second baseman Rougned Odor. Starlin Castro out at
That means nothing he has less errors than altuve and other second baseman. So this doesn't prove your point Justin.
Trump has supposedly pivoted more than a second baseman turning a double play.
Giovanny Urshela your second baseman for today's contest. To my knowledge, never played second base in the minors.
It seems to me, it’s not about this girl. It’s about how good a second baseman she is... via
I gotchu hold up and btw for Zobrist being trash he has better numbers then both ur Second Baseman 😉😉
didn't see the replay but the second baseman isn't on the bag, close enough I guess.
second baseman DJ LeMahieu extended his hitting streak to 16 games. He has reached base in 20 consecutive contests.
Jeff fletcher! Is the Angels still looking Dee Gordan or any trades right now for a second baseman
Hosmer grounded out to the second baseman. Three down. Tigers win. Final score 10-2
Moose lined out to the second baseman. Torres grounded out to the shortstop. Moss took a four pitch walk.
Belliard, named after the greatest second baseman america has ever seen
.second baseman Dee Gordon chats with about his game-winning hit in the 10th inning Monday…
"Ahh wait, That ball was caught by the second baseman. do you like that Susan, something new every day."
don't let go best second baseman u can have hands down if u trade him I will lose interest in following the
Was watching on started by a second baseman and a base runner after a sing…
No need to get people just to get them. We simply don't need a second baseman.
Glad Castro is back because I couldn't stand to see Toe continuing to be a horrible second baseman
Is anybody else sick of watching a continuous set of weak ground balls hit to the second baseman from our all star 3 hole hitter?
What were the odds there was a story attached to Pedeys turn at second that involved the Indians and a first baseman'a mitt?.
No, he's a second baseman. Don't care if he makes highlight reel plays at short
Jul 17, AB 3: Kris Bryant grounds into a force out, pitcher Julio Teheran to second baseman Brandon Phillips. Ben Zobrist out at 2nd. Kris
as a second baseman in 1979 for the Expos' AAA farm team, the Denver Bears
Troy Tulowitzki pops out to second baseman Dustin Pedroia.
throw, center fielder Kevin Pillar to second baseman Darwin Barney to catcher Russell Martin.
Must he tough knowing that Kris Bryant is now the second best hitting third baseman in this game
Little Giant Ladders
Phil Pollis wiggles around the tag from the Gold second baseman and loads the bases with an infield single.
Jul 17, AB 2: Aaron Judge grounds into a force out, shortstop Ehire Adrianza to second baseman Brian Dozier. Jacoby Ellsbury out at 2nd.
Xander Bogaerts pops out to second baseman Darwin Barney.
He was playing out of position as he's a natural second bas…
Garrett Cooper just cost his team a run. Don't make the pitcher cover first on a ball to the second baseman.
Agreed need a Catcher and second baseman next year. Let Rivera/Flores at third
I will tell my son of the glory it was to watch Pedroia play as the greatest second baseman ever. In the history of ever.
Yes, pure genius, played him straight up with bases loaded, that's why Abner Doubleday or whoever put a second base…
Very happy and content Mets second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera with a nice play to snare Gyorko Store's sinking liner & strand three.
That's part of it. Like, if he pops up to the second baseman, that's a huge diffe…
The Los Angeles Angels have designated second baseman Danny Espinosa for assignment Sunday.
… with a double. With the potential winning run at second base, Jim Dyck pinch-ran for Lawrence. Redlegs second baseman … (3 of 9)
Make that a 5-3 lead now after a solo home run by the Chiefs second baseman Irving Falu.
Steve Pearce pops out to second baseman Dustin Pedroia.
Lucas Duda just lined out to the third baseman, who was at second base. You know, your second baseman could have done that too, Mike.
second baseman Eric Sogard could be going to the minors for a rehab assignment.
Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays are both showing sincere interest in Miami Marlins second baseman Dee G…
play by play guy just referred to Orioles All Star second baseman as "Scoop". Think mouthwash, genius
Hanley Ramirez grounds into a double play, shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to second baseman Darwin Barney to first baseman Justin Smoak. Mitch
(Doc: Reds are showing no signs of future) - . Second baseman Scooter Gennett breaks ... -
Antoine Duplantis singles on a line drive to second baseman Ethan Paul.
Jul 17, AB 1: Yoenis Cespedes grounds into a force out, shortstop Paul DeJong to second baseman Kolten Wong. Michael Conforto to 3rd.
Taryn Swartz with a triple to the right field gap and scores on an errant throw by Columbus' second baseman to third. Eddyville up 1-0. T3
The Mets not only got good news on Matt Harvey, they also got some on second baseman Neil Walker, who ran the...
With Danny Espinosa DFA'd do you see us grabbing a second baseman or playing with what we have?
Mets second baseman Neil Walker runs bases as he eyes his return via
Do you flip second baseman Devon Travis - if you are Toronto?
who would have known! 15 Triple-Plays by a single player. 8 by the short-stop, 5…
Gennett has the third highest wRC+ among second baseman, and is in the top-20 in baseball. Scooter. Gennett.
And I'm not prepared to give up solid prospects for a slap hitting second baseman
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Braves second baseman Charlie Pick went 0 for 11 and made two errors in a 26-inning tie with the Dodgers on May 1, 1920.
But all that did happen. And now Brandon Phillips is the second baseman, and we know what Cama…
… bottom of the eighth inning. second baseman Ron Oester homered to tie the game. Reds third baseman Buddy Bell doubled … (8 of 10)
Tigers shut down Kinsler with concussion symptoms: Second baseman took to a stationary bike…
Kinsler, V-Mart unavailable for series opener vs. Twins: Second baseman is out with a mild concussion while D...
Cano's triple was off the bottom of the second baseman's cleat.
Altuve tallies 200 hits for 3rd straight season: Astros All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve cranked out his 200th…
MINNEAPOLIS - The Detroit Tigers kept second baseman and designated hitter out of
Paul Goldschmidt rocketed a two-out single past second baseman Adam Rosales in the fourth for Arizona's first hit.
He's a second baseman who is making $4 million dollars!
Jobu was not happy with A's second baseman for not giving MarWin a lane. This is what happens when you mess with Jobu.
The error off the second baseman's kneecap into the corner in right field in the SEA/TOR is just the craziest *** thing.
Sports players of reddit, what do you talk about with your opponents (i.e. when guy on second base is talking to second baseman) on the fie…
you called it. Great at bat by . And Russell Martin smack. Picks up his second baseman!
I've never seen a second baseman kick a ball into a triple before and I've been watching baseball awhile. Just terrible.
If the Mariners are smart, all they have to do is hit the ball to the second baseman
If only had a second baseman that could hit AND field. Goins can't hit and Travis is playing for the other team.
Warm up a Second Baseman in the bullpen.
With his next hit, will become the 1st second baseman with 3 straight 200-hit seasons since 1937. (per
Nothing quite like a good old fashioned triple off the second baseman's kneecap.
There's a big gap between "not as good a defensive second baseman as Ryan Goins" and "not as good a second baseman as Ryan Goins"
As a second baseman Devon Travis is a *** of a hitter.
Umm. Time to switch the second baseman. Sorry those errors are unacceptable.
How do you get a triple when it hits the second baseman? That's unbelievable!
Cano gets credit for a triple after hit kicks off second baseman Travis. 2 runs score. up 2-0.
Get a second baseman warming up in the pen?
He turns a nice double play, to be sure, but I'm ready to entertain the possibility that Devon Travis isn't a good second baseman.
I'm a huge fan of the second baseman in this inning. Thank you, Devon Travis.
Robinson Cano triples (2) on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Michael Saunders, deflected by second baseman Devon Travis.
One of the best Second Baseman of the 50's,Nellie Fox takes a break in the White Sox dugout.
Hamilton Collection
Now the shredder has it right! Houston Astros: Jose Altuve Rated as Second Baseman.
You called Neil Walker a top-flight second baseman. Why would anyone care about your baseball opinions?
It made me appreciate our new second baseman significantly more. Great article!
I wouldnt..We just got a better second baseman for nothing pretty we can go sign someone
Mets: Neil Walker bought a new home in Pittsburgh before he was traded: The second baseman is now a...
Today in Tribe History: December 11, 2001 - Second baseman Roberto Alomar, a 12-time All-Star and ten-time Gold...
If I were to play baseball, I'd like to be the second-baseman like harucchi and ryosuke
Welch whacks it straight to the second baseman and Schultz is left stranded, we're down 3-0 going into the bottom of the third.
i like van slyke, don't like Frazier tho. We need a second baseman tho, don't think *** Utley and pareza will get it done.
Kiki should be our everyday second baseman at this point I think. Would like to see Peraza in pre season though.
but the 85 Royals second baseman could field grounders
[Japan Times]After two years in the United States, most of it spent in Triple-A, second basem…
If you can pry the 7th-best starter away with nothing but a quality starting second baseman, you do it every time, right
acquire second baseman Neil Walker from in exchange for left-hander Jonathon Niese -
Harrison will become more consistent defensively now that he'll be an every day second baseman and not platooning at 3B, SS & OF
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"Obviously, there's mixed emotions." Pirates trade Neil Walker to Mets.
Did the Pirates make the right move in trading second baseman Neil Walker to the Mets?
Agreed. Now we're looking for a second baseman and remind me how did Dee do last year? 😁
The Chicago Cubs made a big splash by signing second baseman Ben Zobrist on Tuesday night, but another shoe has fallen as well as Starlin
Why pay market rate for a 2b, when said second baseman can only play against rhp
Kip led AL second basemen in average, OBP, slugging % and OPS. . More:
Castro is their new second baseman, arriving Tuesday in a deal with the Chicago Cubs for pitcher Adam Warren and a player…
have they ruled out traded for a third baseman and putting Rendon at second
Oh well.. At least they have a second baseman now.
Yankees get second baseman Starlin Castro from Cubs for right-hander Adam Warren
The move essentially cuts ties with two of the longest tenured Mets: Niese and Daniel Murphy, the free-agent second basem…
Yankees GM jokes he's getting coal from his pitching coach: The addition of Starlin Castro gives the Yankees their second baseman of ...
Getting to know Mets second baseman Neil Walker
Thank you Great Pirate, second baseman and a great man and role model to many! You will be missed! Good luck!
A day after failing to land Ben Zobrist, the Mets traded Jon Niese to the Pirates for Walker, a second baseman, and added Cabrera, a
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Serious question: would Raul Mondesi by every bit as good/productive as the every day second baseman this year as Omar Infante?
possible trade talks for Salazar to Giants in return for a second baseman and 4 prospects.
Welcome Neil Walker I hope your as good as daniel murphy or better as a second baseman
Oh, boy, a 34 year old arthritic at all trades, already got a ring second baseman. I'm predicting a .302 OBP when he goes on the DL.
a soon to be declining second baseman for an average pitcher with a few years of control. Money will be better allocated soon
Yesterday we acquired from Pittsburgh. More on the trade:
Here is the reality: the Pirates gave up a good second baseman for a bad pitcher yesterday to save money and there is no excusing that.
New second baseman talked about joining the Hear what he had to say:
Do u agree with MM that Walker is one of the top 3 or 4 second baseman in MLB?
.fill hole at second base, pluck Pittsburgh kid from
Walker is an average second baseman? Okay, nice conversation.
I'm not sure if I'm a pitcher (Actually, I know I'm not), but I think I could be a good center fielder or second baseman.
"Not to be negative, but how was this guy a second baseman until last year? They didn't see this?" - An actual quote from Shank, obviously
Happy birthday to my fav second baseman 👊⚾️🎉
I'm hoping the Giants' second baseman gives you a reason to invent a Panik number
Its not close at all. Kendrick is just a M's killer. Robbie is the clear cut better second baseman.
In an effort to rest Marnie Skinner, the usual second baseman stepped into the circle and pitched five scoreless i…
im going to Pearland next year😒 seems like you need a second baseman😳😂
Ex-Danbury Westerner second baseman Tucker Nathans pitches the 16th inning for the Frederick Keys tonight - and gets the win.
Tim Beckham goes 0-for-3 w/ walk in chance to start at 2B for stock is up in updated 2B ranks
Cardinals second baseman commits two errors, takes blame for 5-4 home ...
Frederick just had a second baseman retire Lynchburg's 1-2-3 hitters -- all former draft picks. Because baseball.
Pacelli senior second baseman Troy Flugaur makes the most out of the talent he's been given.
Ian Kinsler is hitting .414 with 7 RBI's so far and our second baseman is hitting a measly .136 with 6K's and 3 RBI's.
Jedd Gyorko appears to be in platoon w/ Yangervis Solarte, batting .143, plummets in 2B ranks
if he's the everyday second baseman, why not the starter tonight? Why Petit?
he got the 8 hitter to ground to the 2nd baseman and k'd the pitcher. Not his fault the second baseman ***
It's amazing how a good second baseman makes Simba that much better.
Rookie Devon Travis hopes every day might be the same: DiManno: Blue Jays second baseman has quietly been taki...
Why was the third baseman backing up second base on the steal?? ***
Maybe the Padres could trade for a Second Baseman too.
Solarte might not be a second baseman, huh?
What was the name of the old twins second baseman? Was pudgy and always seem to hit .320
Andrew Miller is the real deal. Well done. Hat is off to Stephen Drew- clutch hit. You make a nice backup second baseman.
Jose Altuve documentary to premiere Thursday: MLB Productions’ new documentary on Astros second baseman Jose…
Congratulations to Raider second baseman on being named a governors scholar
I wouldn't want Stephen Drew as my starting second baseman. But, well, eh. Maybe I would.
East second baseman had a different look tonight after battling through an earlier injury.
The ninth hitting little white second baseman needs to learn how to bunt
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