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Second Avenue

Second Avenue is an avenue on the East Side of the New York City borough of Manhattan extending from Houston Street at its south end to the Harlem River Drive at 128th Street at its north end.

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Large tree ruins a pefertly good car on East Second Avenue near 19th Street. No one injured.
I voted for Paper Walls and Lift A Sail but Ocean Avenue and Southern Air were both my second choice
The second avenue Q train is really awesome and convenient! . .when it actually shows up
East Harlem children that use the playground on Second Avenue and East 96 Street may have to find a new place.
Congrats in your interest in second avenue
We don't understand it either Novel idea of making school zones longer so people slow down earlier!…
I just rode the Subway through the Second Avenue tunnel. It actually happened.
15:45, 40 Avenue crosswalk was a half-second and a half step from a disaster for a child
It's been over sixteen hours with no light's in Lawley ext first and second avenue Reference CPWEB2138509
This is the second time some little rotter has hacked my bank details, at least she's got herself a nice new bra from boux avenue THANKS HUN
Escape Rooms are coming to downtown for our happening July 3-7 on Second Avenue E.…
well. pittsburght traffic on second avenue and the 10th street bridge this morning was SOMETHIN'!
If you need to go anywhere involving second avenue, inbound OR outbound, just call now & tell them you aren't going to make it
Second avenue inbound is what my boss would call a poo storm. The cop that was in front of me just pulled a u turn.
Caxton house Kenyatta avenue second floor. . Where did you buy your phone from?
Come and check out some of our safes at our showroom on Fence Avenue Ind Est, SK10 1LT. . We stock all types of new, second hand safes.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
No madame is too busy finishing second avenue lines
Light's out in Lawley ext 2 area 1st-& second avenue.Reference CPWEB2138509
According to J.Lo's new movie Second Act that a Costco worker reinvents her life shows Madison Avenue what…
My second visit to Mecca for romance, Tiffany store on 5th Avenue was on a rainy Sunday. The store was crowded.
East Village staple San Loco is shutting down its Second Avenue location
Artist Sarah Sze on her commission for the Second Avenue Subway, “Blueprint for a Landscape”…
Manhattan, new Second Avenue Subway, 72nd Street station.
A Trumpian tone (and level of historical precision) from on the Second Avenue Subway and MTA.
Happy second year anniversary! ! festaconline. Wishing ya all da best! @ 5th Avenue Festac Town
Witness 6 is Andrea Noyes. She lived on the second floor of the Floral Avenue apartment
The only real well maintained area in Oakland is the Piedmont Avenue area with Rockridge and M…
Bennett Holmes are delighted to offer for letting this bright and spacious 3 bedroom second floor flat situated...
Second Avenue Incident June 19, 2017: Here are some photos taken from yesterday's incident. The…
Since its release, I've had the ST record playing in my car a ton. Southern Air is a close se…
It feels like ever since they opened second avenue station theres always some form of major delay almost everyday
Looking to live in Heaton? We have a 5 bed maisonette up for rent on Second Avenue for £65 per week:…
So, yes, it will be expensive. And, you know, time-consuming. It will be the Second Avenue Subway of prison cells, but it…
Looking down Second Avenue from the Roosevelt Island Tramway with
VIA is offering FREE ride-share today from/to the East Village - Saint Mark's Place. Use address 127 Second Avenue. Enjoy!
Chowing on some local South Dallas BBQ Po Boys at Sunny South BBQ on Second Avenue. 30 year veteran pitmaster cooks…
Who are the blockheads that decided to do road construction on Second Avenue,Ikoyi on a Monday morning!??
Monday traffic and travel: Accident on Second Avenue in...
Accident on Second Avenue in at Howard Way junction. Traffic said to be coping well
if that second picture doesn't describe us I don't know what does. my brother for life. I am so happy for you, ur gonna do…
Second Avenue Subway excavation drew a plague of flies—maybe because it dug up old hops from long-gone breweries?*
Linda Thorson IMDb, THE SECOND TIME AROUND, from March 24 Toronto @ Varsity, Montreal @ The Forum and in Vancouver @ the Fifth Avenue
First of all, he heard there were steps. Second, they closed the Dunkin Donuts on New York Avenue.
Second Avenue Subway line still does not exist on map on the 7 Train platform at Times Square.
I'm not exactly sure what *** is like, but I imagine it would be like having to drive on second avenue for all eternity
Back on the Second Avenue Subway, so labeled
Euclid Avenue home in Youngstown catches fire for second time
Second Farmers Market of the day (@ Mill Avenue Farmers Market in Tempe, AZ)
Did you miss our Editor-in-Chief's article on the 2nd Avenue Subway? It's all about the art underground!
The Second Avenue Subway, a century in the making. Thank you
Six weeks late on this...just took the Second Avenue Subway for the first time. Wow. Sooo nice. My sister says it has changed her life.
The début of New York’s newest train line took place on New Year’s Day—97 years after it was first conceived:…
Brand new and right outside of village!
If Mean Girls were filmed in NYC: "Wanna do something fun? Wanna take the Second Avenue Subway?"
Not very often you get to ride on a brand new NYC subway. @ 72nd Street (Second Avenue Subway)
A look at the comfort of New York's Subway.
When the World changes, you adjust. @ 86th Street (Second Avenue…
[Amazin’ Avenue SB Nation]Kensuke Tanaka was, until recently, the starting second baseman and…
this is the second request to fix the road at the corner of Main Avenue and Bond Street Ferndale, pathetic
A guide to where to eat along the newly-opened Second Avenue Subway line
Update: Construction on Both directions at E 86th Street: Second Avenue
“That’s not his food. He got on in midtown. Food’s been here since Brooklyn.”
Certain subsets of New York City treated the arrival of the Second Avenue Subway like the moon landing:
Pacific Eagle purchased the site at the southwest corner of Second Avenue and Virginia Str…
Where to eat near the Second Avenue Subway line:
". On New Year’s Day, the MTA opened the brand new Second Avenue Subway line in New York City. The..." …
The first phase of the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway line is underway. reports on
After a 96-year wait, the Second Avenue in City has finally made its debut.…
Bill Rudin closes lunch by encouraging people to "ride the Second Avenue Subway."
92-year-old man falls on Second Avenue Subway escalator via
It's official: NYC's Second Avenue Subway line is up and running
Second Avenue Subway opening: What to know
What you need to know about the Second Avenue Subway, which opens to the public around noon in Manhattan:
Joe Caronetti, 68, had been waiting for the Second Avenue Subway since 10:15 a.m. "Not counting the 68 years prior."
Here's our timeline of the Second Avenue Subway, with some great historical photos:
After taking nearly a century to build, the Second Avenue Subway extension in Manhattan opened h…
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NYTMetro: Second Avenue Subway opening: What to know
Billy Collins read his poem “Subway” over the announcement system for Second Avenue Subway first ride
NYC subway’s Second Avenue line faces deadline to open after 45 years via
I added a video to a playlist Second Avenue Subway Test Train
Popping my little bros second avenue 🍒
Hey, when's the 2nd avenue subway opening?
Second Avenue Subway opening makes a big impact on home sales
Cab it free to Second Avenue Deli this week. Apply credit code IBEX now on Lyft to get fifty bucks free. KillingIt.
Future entrance to the Second Avenue Subway. Looking good! Maybe it will actually open in 2017.…
Through the Cellar Door Hole: Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk, Second Avenue, for instance,… |
There are escalators on the NE corner of 86th and guys, I think the Second Avenue Subway is really happening.
Yeo! David Ireland's brilliant Cyprus Avenue in the top ten. David'll be in the sharing of my second show tomorrow.
It's just like Second Avenue Subway! Except with way higher projected cost per rider.
Another great review for another great customer of ours! Check out the new The Angry Baker King Avenue and don't...
See our latest 1610 SECOND AVENUE, CA and click to apply: Barista (US) -
The wall - connecting the F train to the Second Avenue Subway - is down. Service is due one month from now. http…
Still, Second Avenue Segways would have been a cheaper way to move people & wouldn't miss countless deadlines amirite
Planning Commission meeting today to discuss replacement ordinance for Short Term Rental legislation – 4 p.m. at 700 Second Avenue South
Boyfriend felt sorry for me for not getting early Hamilton tickets so he got us tickets to see Avenue Q next month! ^o^ My second time!
We need your good cheer! Recording burlesque in front of a live theatre audience!
Always have to stop for a second and think when someone stops me on the sidewalk and asks, 'Where's Fourth Avenue?'
only took me 13 years to finally see Avenue Q. loved every second and the aussie cast did a fantastic job ❤️
The Q train doesn't yet go to 63rd/Lex (or to three new planned stops on Second Avenue). But Google Maps is already…
An interesting wrinkle in the waiting game for a Second Avenue Subway opening date. Google Maps tells me to take th…
Weekly news from the District of Community Grants, Squamish Alert, Second Avenue upgrades & more
Michael Harris' parents also own another house in Bellevue, one near Belmont, a condo near Music Row, and a condo on Second Avenue.
Second Avenue closed near Bronson for truck fire: Ottawa police closed Second Avenue in the Glebe Friday afternoon…
Lislea Dramatic Players will perform Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon on Tues 19th April
MATCH REPORT | Avenue fall to just a second home defeat of the season at the hands of Boston
The two sides are out, and Avenue will get us underway trailing 1-0 ahead of the second half
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
MTA approves additional funds for Second Avenue Subway
Starting Tuesday, Westbound lanes of Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis will be closed from Second Avenue South to Hennepin Ave
Here’s your second chance! Back on the market due to buyer finances falling through. Inspection already complete
BREAKING: Yukon Coroner confirms a woman has died in result of the incident on Second Avenue and Strickland street.
Second Avenue Southeast closed all day via
Potentially big World Cup night pointer this evening at Kempton with the return of Sloane Avenue, last seen when second in Godolphin Mile
Changed price for 1167 Second Avenue, Apt. 3N. New price is $3,195/mo.
It pays to take a second look, view it from another angle, try on a new hat. Try something new.
The MTA may pour an additional $62 million into the Second Avenue Subway to met its deadline:.
Having a second Avenue is always the right thing to do, We are glad today we were invited to the offices of...
“A novel with no second act, a nameless *** protagonist and an unhappy ending.” And a black dress. It won 2 Oscars.
Tonight I will be at Comic Strip Live in NYC, 1568 Second Avenue, New York, NY. Please come out for some laughs.
New York City’s 'W' subway line is coming back from the dead after six years
Latton Farm rugby pavilion. Photos; shows proposed view across the pavilion from Second Avenue.
Second avenue Have missed my connection & can't attend a hospital appt. Not to mention £17 wasted fares I can't recoup.
Strickland Street to Alexander street is closed on Second Avenue heading southbound.
Injury accident in Council Bluffs at I-29 and Avenue G, second patient just extricated from the vehicle.
Sloane Avenue returns at Kempton tonight, first run since finishing second to Tamarkuz in the Godolphin Mile. Could he be Dubai bound again?
We can do it wrong too many people incorrectly assume "Mbps" means megabytes per second.
Occurred on the corner of Strickland Street and Second Avenue.
On the Market: Drake Performs at a Bat Mitzvah; More Money for Second Avenue Subway
The has big plans for the Second Avenue Subway - $66M worth, to be exact
Second Avenue Pier Restaurant and Bar in will reopen for the season March 3.
Sport Yukon ownership of their Fourth Avenue location given first and second reading last night.
just reemerged from hiding for the second time after the motorcade's return trip down Wisconsin Avenue.
"Night Falls on Second Avenue" Gavin Glakas, 24x36, oil on panel, 2016:
Governor is behind decision to spend extra $66 million to open up Second Avenue Subway by end of year.
The second Yiro/Gyro location is to open at 3900 Laclede Avenue, in Midtown this June.
Here's a more complete story about the arrests made on Second Avenue SW today. Two suspects were arrested related...
Incident on EB from East 86th Street: Second Avenue to East 68th Street: First Avenue
Hamilton Collection
Troy Turkey Trot Life Savers Honored: It happened at the corner of 101st Street and Second Avenue, one of the ...
From NY’s Second Avenue Subway to LA’s light rail line: the biggest U.S. projects to watch in 2016
Second Avenue Subway now 90% done on Upper East Side, $4.45 bil project first proposed in 1920s at a cost of $86 mil
Deep thoughts by the Jack Handey of the LES @ Second Avenue (IND Sixth Avenue Line)
Getting reports of flooding/high water along parts of Second Avenue, Community Park/Oaklawn Drive, and South 15th...
Share Space entrepreneurial center opens on Second Avenue downtown > Spokane Journal of Business
Christmas in the 1950s. Second Avenue in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photograph by W. Robert Moore.
The Miami Forum will be taking place tomorrow from 11 am to 4 pm at Hyatt Regency Miami, 400 SE Second Avenue. Stop by and see us.
Open burn at Second Street and Cliff Avenue. Kids reportedly set a phone book on fire.
Major new subway in NYC nears completion: New York transportation officials say the Second Avenue Subway line ...
Crown Heights co-working space to open 2nd neighborhood location due to "overwhelming" demand:
"The most common money-related mistake artists make is a reluctance to invest in their own careers"
Drone captures exclusive look at New York City ...
Drone takes tour of NYC's new 2nd Avenue subway line:
Opponents can't sway committee on 2nd Avenue townhouses: The city's planning committee…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Congratulations to all involved on the New York City Second Avenue Subway project! Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC is p…
Drone takes tour of 2nd Avenue subway line:
The Second Avenue gas explosion almost closed B&H Dairy for good but the store has persevered.
At least the Second Avenue Subway opened on time in 2013, as the MTA promised. Oh, wait.
For the first time, MTA allows a drone inside the subway system to show off progress on Second Avenue line:
Spotted on Second Avenue bet 82nd and 85th. Actual pavement!
This was the second poem I read. I grew up in the Bronx. Under the elevated Third Avenue El. A train that came as...
LIVE on . A drone look at what will become the Second Avenue Subway station
ONLY ON First drone view of what will become Second Avenue Subway station on East 72nd Street h…
Our lovely Andrea is going to be baptised this Sunday at 4pm at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Second Avenue,...
Initially on Second Avenue, then moved to Time & Life on Sixth.
More seating & bike racks are headed to Second Avenue once the 1st phase of the subway is completed:
Police to direct Air Fair traffic on Wednesday: Limited access to intersection at Second Avenue and 15th Street West
New signage on our Second Avenue building is up. WELCOME CENTRE.
Sago is missing: Spotted on Second Avenue and East Sixth Street via
Explosion, collapse reported at 7th Street & Second Avenue in East Village.
Rydges Capital Hill would like to thank A Touch of Elegance, Mugshots Photobooths, Second Avenue and all those...
Police: Pregnant woman choked on Second Avenue: A pregnant Columbus woman was choked Tuesday in the 2900 block of…
Glad are bidding for funding to improve western cycle route, disappointed cyclists not being listened to ref Second Avenue
Amnesia, Peter Carey (M, 60s, white hair, dark-rimmed glasses, NYPL copy, walking on 4th Street at Second Avenue)
The reading of the Christmas story at Second Avenue Baptist The real reason for this season
STL cops release a second video that shows absolutely nothing & for what reason??
The Second Ave. subway is 75% complete ... the first phase, at least:
NYC Can't Afford to Build the Second Avenue Subway, and It Can't Afford Not To via
...Curb stones laid out to its junction with the Sixth Avenue. Ambitious little row of houses starting up in Forty-second Street —
First thought with any picture of that quality: surely it's rights managed.
.It Happened on 5th Avenue is amazing. "Michael J. O'Connor, second richest man in the world!"
Monthly meeting will be held at the Baron Dekalb Emmons Avenue. New day Second Wednesday of the month.January 14, 2015 8:00 PM.
Getting tracks set for Second Avenue Saloon tonight. Christmas Party slide thru and party with us!
To clarify, shooting on Park Avenue, off Broadway and Second.
At Second Avenue and West Broadway, scene of gunfire after confrontation between police and suspects.
Second day in a row you forgot to 'Rock down to ADVENTure Avenue'!!
The folks at Our Town LOVE Second Avenue Social.we think you'll love us as well!
Transporation infrastructure is best govt invstment mo mobility=mo jobs wealth & tax revs for all
The Public Works Department would like to advise residents that there will be a Road Closure on Second Avenue...
I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons (Cover) by Second Avenue: via when u find out about there new channel
Everybody take a second to check out and support Devon Aaron drop a comment on HipHopEarly (you can leave a guest...
The Second half of the twin Vanderbilt mansions at Fifth Avenue & 52nd Street
Looking for a Home in Boonsboro?? This Home is Currently Constructing a Second FULL Bathroom on Lower Level,...
Red-shouldered Hawk at Avenue A in Didn't see it till last second as it didn't flush.
2nd Ave Subway Hits Key Milestone. Now let's help out the businesses that are suffering!
Christmas at 1A Second Avenue, thank you so much for my wonderful prezzies!
"Second Avenue Subway's first phase is 76% done"
Let Second Avenue Social help you devise a social media plan that will help your business grow!
Photos: See the Progress on NYC’s Long-Awaited 2nd Avenue Subway: For New Yorkers, the Second Avenue Subway is...
Oh good. Second Avenue Subway's first phase is 76% done via
"10 new photos of New York's Second Avenue Subway via
City Avenue's 7-Eleven at 54th street was robbed this morning for the second time this month.
Christmas came early for Albany parents! G2 Fun Zone bounce house is opening today on Second Avenue downtown!
Second Avenue Subway's first phase is 76% done -
For all you Sanford Fl kids, tell me what is wrong with this statement which was in an Orlando Sentinel article earlier this week about development in downtown Sanford (or am I mistaken?): " Because the property sits between busy First Avenue — considered Sanford's Main Street —" if I am not mistaken, the article also mentions Second Avenue. I think I'll look at a Sanford street map now just in case I need to apologize. Like · · Share Tom Makin Follow up: I don't see any First or Second Avenues in downtown Sanford. I can rest easy.
Scheduled an open house for 1703 Second Avenue
grand opening is this October 25 from 10 - 6 3718 Second Avenue
The story revolves around the escalating problems of a couple living on Second Avenue on a Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City.
Happy Birthday Anne Bancroft. September 17, 1931 – June 6, 2005.In 1961, Bancroft met Mel Brooks at a rehearsal for the Perry Como variety show. Bancroft and Brooks married on August 5, 1964.Respected for her acting prowess and versatility, Bancroft was often acknowledged for her work in film, theatre and television. She won one Academy Award, three BAFTA Awards, two Golden Globes, two Tony Awards and two Emmy Awards, and several other awards and nominations.She made her film debut in Don't Bother to Knock (1952) and, following a string of supporting film roles during the 1950s, won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Miracle Worker (1962), receiving subsequent nominations for her roles in The Pumpkin Eater (1964), The Graduate (1967), The Turning Point (1977), and Agnes of God (1985). Bancroft's other acclaimed movies as a lead actress include Young Winston (1972), The Prisoner of Second Avenue (1975), To Be or Not to Be (1983), and 84 Charing Cross Road (1987).was an American ...
- SDOT to begin installing Second Avenue bike lane a week after cyclist's death
Early Frederick and Nelson Building. I believe this is on Second Avenue at Madison.
Alienated? Aliēnātus: the truth is out there police arrest 50 anti-Israeli protesters in New York City, Norman Finkelstein being one! Nearly 150 protesters gathered in front of the Israeli mission to the United Nations on Tuesday. The protest was organized by professor and author Norman Finkelstein. (too place July 29, at United Nation Head Quater Nyc 800 Second Avenue! THANK YOU! more @
Learned to swim at a recreation center in NYC on Second Avenue & 2nd or 3rd Street.
The BP station on Second Avenue at East First Street sold for $32 million -
Don't miss downtown Decatur's 3rd Friday Downtown Decatur this Friday, July 18, 2014!!! between Bank Street and Second Avenue will again be provided by MCATS for $1 per rider per person. The Bank Street shuttle location is beside Tammy Eddy Antiques and Interiors and the Second Avenue shuttle location is in the Alabama Center for the Arts’ parking lot. Music Main stage will be located on Bank Street and will feature the “Jeff Whitlow and the Old Barn Band” from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Six other musicians/groups will be located outside throughout Downtown: Tim Cannon – on Bank Street by Tallulah’s Kim Stone – by Bank Street Green Food Court The Morgan County Dulcimer Association – on Bank Street Mad Hatters – on Second Avenue by The Antique Basket Kevin Teague and Shawn Ferguson – on Second Avenue in Casa Grande Park TBA – on Moulton Street by Downtown Dawgs Jason Crow – on Second Avenue by Emiron Music Entertainment inside Downtown Restaurants: Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que: The Wheelers fr ...
Liz Max, 27, was walking near the corner of 62nd Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan's Upper East Side around 8...
"‘Animal Farm’ at 815 Second Avenue?" ECUSA reaps it's actions of installing Gene Robinson as a bishop
The countdown to Friday has begun! FRIDAY, JUNE 6th Downtown Pine Bluff will be jumping with the “Sweet Sounds of Downtown” street party! Beginning at 7 pm on Second Avenue and in the second block of Main Street musicians and street performers will present sidewalk performances reminiscent of New Orleans and Beale Street….Band 357, Brian Austin Blues Band, Dave Sadler, Kenneth Cole and Friends, karaoke, street dancers, clowns, and more! Did I mention free?
Is that the bar at the corner of Second Avenue and 42nd Street where reporters hung out?
Excited to teach erotica writing tonight for New York Academy of Sex Education at 7:30 at The Pleasure Chest, 1150 Second Avenue on the Upper East Side. Link in comments to sign up! I'll be sharing how former Williamsburg coke bar Kokie's inspired my erotica story "Secret Service" and how you can find erotica inspiration anywhere and everywhere and make money selling your work.
RUDY SHEPHERD’S PUBLIC ART SCULPTURE ABSORBS Lower East Side’S NEGATIVE ENERGY NYC Parks and First Street Green are pleased to announce the public art exhibition Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber by artist Rudy Shepherd in First Park, Manhattan. The sculpture will be on view at the western side of the park at Second Avenue and Houston Street through November 2014. First Street Green and Shepherd will host a public opening on Tuesday, May 27 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm to celebrate the installation. Rudy Shepherd’s ten-foot-tall abstract sculpture made out of wood, metal lathe, and dyed concrete continues a series he started in 2006 at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens. Since 2006, Shepherd has continued the series with smaller sculptures in varying materials, sizes, and forms, but this will be his return to monumental outdoor work. Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers are a group of sculptures with a magical function: “to expunge negative energy—which may come in the form of prej ...
Police Department Daily Blotter-Sunday, May 11, 2014 • 0800: Alaska State Troopers requested Dispatch assistance in arranging transport from Juneau to Haines. • 1400: A caller reported lost property on Second Avenue; the caller later called back to say that the property had been found. • 1520: A caller from the Battery Point Trail requested HARK assistance with pulling porcupine quills from a dog; HARK advised. • 1800: A caller from Dusty Trails advised that a second party's dog had run away; HARK advised. • Medical Calls: 1. • Canine Calls: 2. • Traffic Stops: 0.
New Yorkers and folks living in the Tri- state must come to watch film Zinda Bhaag being screened in NY Indian Film Festival 2014l, today6:16 PM, at East Village Cinemas,on the Second Avenue, 11Street East.. Will also be followed by showing a short film 'night life' by our friend and Zinda Bhagg's assistant director Harune Massey.
3rd Ave at 9th St, looking down Stuyvesant St, taken from Cooper Union Bld, circa 1856 The steeple of St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery can be seen in the center background and the Baptist Tabernacle is just to the right, across Second Avenue. A close up shows the Ninth Street Bread & Cake Bakery. You can see the bakery on the right in this 1860 pic, looking north from 9th Street along the east side of 3rd Avenue. By 1895, you can see on the left that buildings still stand but the bakery is gone and the statue/monument store is now a hotel.
Tonight at 10 on FOX23: fire in Albany still has streets closed around Elizabeth Street and Second Avenue,...
Heavy traffic means five lanes needed on stretch of Second Avenue: city staff: Second Avenue in Minnow Lake is...
Condo sticker shock is likely to fade once the Second Avenue Subway opens.
MEDIA ADVISORY Who: Ukrainian Cultural Group of Timmins Where: Timmins Public Library, 320 Second Avenue When: Friday, February 28th at 1:00 pm What: Donation to the Timmins Public Library of a hardcover book titled the “Kobzar” translated from the Ukrainian version to English by Peter Fedysnky Why: “Kobzar” is the title to a collection of famous poems written by Taras Shevchenko. The event commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the birth of this national poet to Ukraine which is on March 9th, 2014. This is also the official kick-off for a fundraising effort by the Ukrainian Cultural Group of Timmins to rejuvenate Kobzar Park in downtown Timmins with landscaping and a replacement statue which was vandalized beyond repair in the early 2000’s. Fundraising is being sought from government grants, local businesses, and individuals. Donations can be mailed or dropped off to: Ukrainian Cultural Group of Timmins Care of: Timmins Museum - 325 Second Avenue, Timmins, ON P4N 0B3 Please make cheques payabl . ...
The Crown Condominium at 2132 Second Avenue in East Harlem was constructed in 2005 and the building's two-story penthouse immediately caught our...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Conversation of the Day: Toms River Township Officials have announced they will be begin condemning and demolishing homes "Abandoned" since Hurricane Sandy. Here is a memo issued by the town: The following properties have been declared by the Toms River Township Division of Code Enforcement, or identified by a Structural Engineer’s report, as structurally unsound, unsafe, and an immediate threat to public health as result of damage caused by Super Storm Sandy. These properties have been approved for Demolition by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Please be advised that on or about February 7, 2014 the following properties will be demolished by the Township Demolition/Debris removal contractor COBRA Enterprises, Inc. 34 North Beach Drive 311 Eight Avenue 431 Sixth Terrace 84 Tennyson Avenue 311 Second Avenue 229 Joseph Street
FORA board meeting today at 2pm. Is there consistency? We think not. Carpenters Union Hall on the former Fort Ord (910 Second Avenue, Marina. 8. OLD BUSINESS a. Consistency Determination: Consider Certification, in Whole or in Part, of 2010 Monterey County General Plan as Consistent with the 1997 Fort Ord Reuse Plan
The 1905 Birmingham City Directory listed the address of the company as 1215 Avenue B (now Second Avenue, South). However, on January 1, 1908 the local Jefferson County prohibition laws went into effect and the business was closed down only to reopen in 1911 when the county voted to again allow the sale of alcohol. This time, Lem Motlow served as President of the Jack Daniel Distilling Company and the Jack Daniel Distributing Company, located on 2 nd Avenue North. When the Alabama legislature passed a statewide prohibition law in 1915 (five years before National Prohibition), Motlow moved his company to St. Louis only to return to Lynchburg, Tennessee following the repeal of National Prohibition in the 1930s. The Jack Daniel’s sign at the corner of 2 nd Avenue North and 24 th Street in Birmingham. Our letter is dated August 13, 1905. It is from Jesse Motlow to the youngest Motlow brother, Felix W. Motlow. Felix had recently graduated from the West Point Military Academy in June of of 1905 and had return ...
Daily News Building The Daily News Building (220 East 42nd Street) also known as The News Building, was built in 1929-1930 as the headquarters for the New York Daily News newspaper. Its design by architects Raymond Hood and John Mead Howells, among the first skyscrapers to be built without an ornamental crown, can be seen as a precursor to Hood's design of Rockefeller Center. A 1957-60 addition to the building which expanded the lobby on the southwest corner of Second Avenue was designed by Harrison & Abramovitz, echoing the vertical stripes of the original design, except with a wider stripe. The Daily News Building was designated a New York City Landmark in 1981 and its interior in 1998. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1989. Importantly, the building is the model for the headquarters of the fictional newspaper Daily Planet where Superman works as journalist Clark Kent.
The BRIDGE Program announces the completion ceremony of Class 2014-02 on February 13, 2014 at Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church at 12:00 noon, located at 222, 5th Avenue. The guest speaker will be Mayor Eddie N. Lowe, of Phenix City, AL. We are now accepting applications for our upcoming class of February 24, 2014. We offer a 12-week free GED course for ages 18-24. For more information, please contact Willie A. Coleman at (706) 322-6433. We are located at 1024 Second Avenue, in the St. Luke Outreach Center.
Weston Morrow/wmorrow| Updated 18 hours ago FAIRBANKS – Watching the start of the Yukon Quest from the banks of the Chena River — or in this year’s case, the storefronts of Second Avenue — brings a thrill that draws thousands of spectators. This year, from those thousands of spectators, 18 were given the opportunity to witness the start from a unique kind of front row seat. The Yukon Quest implemented a new program for this year’s race, called the Yukon Quest Starter Program, through which each musher pulled a second sled with another driver and spectator for the first 1.5 miles of the race. Starter program participants were able to zoom out of the starting gate on Second Avenue in Fairbanks and race down the frozen surface of the Chena to a checkpoint near a river boat launch on Fort Wainwright. The ride-alongs were created to help raise money to increase the race purse for mushers. Anyone could bid for the chance to ride along with the musher of their choice. Most rides went for between $300 a ...
Just heard the great Johnny Allen passed away. Johnny was such a quiet gentleman that kind of shrugged it off that he arranged parts of “Shaft”. He was a great pianist, producer, arranger and conductor Funeral at Unity Temple, 17505 Second Avenue, Saturday February 8, 11:00am. Preceded by a family hour at 10:00am.
Billy Joel’s former Excelsior co-op asks $1.5M mm| Jan 28, 2014, 1:30:32 PM Billy Joel and his former co-op at 303 East 57th Street A two-bedroom co-op at the Excelsior owned by Billy Joel in the 1980s just hit the market for $1.5 million. The 1,800-square-foot unit at 303 East 57th Street near Second Avenue features floor-to-ceiling windows, a newly renovated kitchen, mirrored walls and a wet bar. Joel — who shared the space with then-wife Christie Brinkley — later sold it to Alan Aufzein, a former New Jersey Nets partner. It sits on the 44th floor of the 48-story building. “With all the amenities, like a pool, gym, 24-hour doorman, the separate driveway — it’s just waiting for the next budding rock star or master of the universe,” Halstead Property broker Elayne Reimer, who has the listing, told the New York Daily News. In May, Joel sold his two-bedroom pad at 128 Central Park South for $11 million. Five months later, he relisted his 5,500-square-foot Sagaponack oceanfront property with th ...
NBC 4 New York viewer Jonathan Smith shot this cell phone video of stalled traffic at the intersection of 79th Street and Second Avenue on the Upper East Side at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. 'We have had buses stop in the middle of Second Ave. We have to contend with dangerous conditions for both driver...
Bond New York’s Upper East Side office had an unwelcome visitor Monday afternoon, as an automobile ran over the sidewalk and slammed into the brokerage’s front window. The driver lost control of the car and crashed into the office at 1500 Second Avenue at 78th Street, the FDNY told NBC. The crash...
We have 2 job openings at Valley Rescue Mission. Please pass these along to qualified people that you know of who want to serve God by serving others. Thanks! Administrative Assistant (part time) — Columbus, GA - Responsible for the data entry, tracking and reporting of monetary donations/gifts, and ensuring timely completion of donation acknowledgments (receipts), reports, and other projects. Must be detail-oriented, computer literate with intermediate to advanced proficiency with Microsoft Excel. Building & Groundskeeper (full time) - Hamilton, GA – Responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of buildings and grounds, to include minor electrical and plumbing repairs, painting, and lawncare. To Apply In Person: 2903 Second Avenue, Columbus, GA 31904 Via Fax: (706) 322-3397 E-Mail: humanresources
Submitted by Sylvia Bryan:Northwest Florida State College will hold open auditions for the spring production of Neil Simon’s The Prisoner of Second Avenue, directed by Clint Mahle, Wednesday,&n,Theater
CRIME-STOPPERS, (STOLEN VEHICLES): Two snowmobiles were recently stolen in town. If anyone has any information about these vehicles, please call the police department. The first stolen snowmobile was taken from Maniilaq Housing, (400 block of Seventh Avenue) during the overnight hours of 7-8 January 2014 from the yard of Ashley Morris. The vehicle is described as a white 2013 Polaris 550 IQ Shift. The second stolen vehicle was taken from Frank Hays' yard, (100 block of Second Avenue) on 8 January 2014, between 8 am and 10 am. The snowmobile was described as a white two-person Ski Doo Expedition, with a long track and low windshield. The front bumper is missing.
KICKSTART YOUR YEAR! Whatever your age, whatever your reason for training, the TKO Academy can help you achieve your goals. At our full time, fully equipped 2700sq ft academy in Chatham we offer the following classes: TKO TOTS (Pre-school Martial Arts for age 3-5) Junior Kickboxing (age 6-11) Cadets Kickboxing (age 12-17) Adults Kickboxing (for all abilities) White Collar Boxing (Adult Boxing) We offer a FREE introductory class as well as very economical and affordable training programs. So all you have to do is call us on 07912573 and we can book you in for a class, it’s as simple as that. TKO is the longest running and most successful Academy of its kind in the area and our team of instructors have many years experience. We look forward to hearing from you TKO Academy, Unit 2 Dajen Business Park, Second Avenue, Chatham,Kent ME4 5AU Tel: 07912573
I arrived in New York in May, 1982. In September, when I was working at Accessories By Pearl, I enrolled at FIT, taking the handbag design course. One month later I landed the design job at Calderon, jumping ahead of the class by several years and starting to get practical industrial design experience in the field even as the rest of the students were still learning to fold the paper. I had taken the course in the hope of preparing for an eventual opportunity of breaking in as a designer, so I was tempted to drop out. But since I had already paid the tuition, which wouldn’t be refunded in any case, I decided to stick with the program and see what I could pick up, because although belts and handbags adhere to the same fundamental principles, there are subtle differences. Not that I had much else to do with my time. I didn’t know a soul in New York and I was desperately lonely. I was very sexually horny. One evening I was walking on Second Avenue in midtown near where I was staying, when a beautiful, el ...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Demolish A Troy Building, Will You? Not So Fast! It's RR To The Rescu...Wha??? "The city engineer has threatened to halt a planned rebuilding of a Stewart’s Shop in Lansingburgh after a company representative became disagreeable in the midst of a public planning board meeting. Chuck Marshall, a real estate representative for Stewart’s, proposed a plan to rebuild the Stewart’s convenience store and gas service station at the corner of Second Ave. and 112th St. during Thursday’s city planning board meeting. The plan calls for the demolition of a nearby two-story house on Second Avenue to make way for an expanded convenience store. Once the new store is constructed, the company plans to demolish the existing store, expand the gas service area from two tanks to three, and nearly double the number of parking places. After Marshall responded negatively to suggested alterations to the project to address safety and aesthetic concerns, City Engineer Russ Reeves said that if Stewart’s “creates such an o ...
LATER TODAY -- The Knox Mansion Holiday Open House is set for later today from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Knox Mansion at 104 W. Second Avenue in Johnstown. Admission is FREE with a non-perishable food item to benefit the local food pantry. FREE Operation Safe Child ID's by the sheriff's office and photos with Santa and Danielle Trumbull - Miss New York International 2014! FREE refreshments and lots of holiday decorations.
Below is some additional info from my father on this 1868 photo of Anoka: The photo is of downtown Anoka in 1868. It was taken of an oxcart team on Anoka's Main Street, when Anoka was just a township (ten years before it became a city) and the country had just ended some vicious Indian wars and its unCivil War—and had lost a great president in 1865. The oxcarts in the picture were on the Red River trail, which ran through Anoka. Minnesota has a north-south continental divide running through it. That's why the Red River can flow north carrying trade through Fargo to Canada, and the Mississippi can flow south doing the same to St. Louis and New Orleans. The tallest building in the picture is the first brick building in Anoka. Many more brick structures would follow after Anoka's great fire around 1880. The tall building was built by Heman Ticknor to be his drug store. You know the house Ticknor built for himself. He built it on a bluff facing Second Avenue and the Rum River, however, when Third Avenue ...
LA NEGRA -Play Reading 2013 HOLA Reading Series 10 December at 19:00 in EST IATI Theater, 64 East 4th Street, Second Floor. Between Second Avenue and Bowery) INSPIRED BY THE LIFE OF GRISELDA BLANCO AND THE REAL LIFE EVENTS OF CURRENT TIJUANA. As the Day of the Dead approaches, Drug Cartel Queen LA NEGRA takes a ritualistic journey from child prostitute to Patron Saint of Mexican outcasts- Santa Muerte. Siete, her top drug pusher lover, a *** tourist painter, and hundreds of street children inhabit her world towards light and peace. The citizens of Tijuana, police officers and skull figures of the night force her to face her relentless darkness. These light and dark symbolic forces within her battle for the future of Mexico itself.
Blasting for the first phase of New York City's $4.45 billion Second Avenue Subway-expansion project is complete and excavation work has "reached...
Hello FB friends. TGIF and thanks to god for this much needed rain that cleans the Arizona desert and lifts our spirits. For those who have not heard about Attorney Ben Miranda's funeral service, they have been scheduled for Monday, November 24 starting at 9:30 at St. Catherine's 1954 N. 24th Street and his burial will be at National Memorial Cemetery 23029 N. Cave Creek Road at 2:00 p.m. followed with a commemoration of his work at the American Legion Post 41, 715 S. Second Avenue. Good to see that Cesar Chavez (grandson) will be a pallbearer as I know how much Ben loved Cesar Chavez. Speaker of the house Boehner announced that immigration reform is not dead yet and that there is still time to discuss maybe piecemeal legislation which means we have to push harder before they close this session. Oh, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is having her Coffee Club meeting tomorrow, November 23 at 1:15 to 2:15 at Cafeteria on Thomas located at 507 West Thomas if you could stop by and tell her your story and why you need i ...
Minister of Finance (Pravin Gordhan) is at NMMU today to meet students. If you want to meet him come to South Campus XM Dining Hall at 14:00 today. From there, he will move to North Campus and Second Avenue.
News on the Avenue The Avenue of the Americas Association hosted a membership meeting in September with guest speakers Edith Hsu-Chen, Director of the Manhattan Office, New York City’s Department of City Planning, and Kyle Kimball, President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Edith Hsu-Chen reviewed the East Midtown Rezoning Plan, outlining the East Midtown area which consists of 70 million square feet of office space with 250,000 jobs. As a regional transportation hub, the area will soon include access to the Long Island Rail Road as well as the Second Avenue Subway line. Long-term challenges of the area include: • Aging building stock • Limited new development • Zoning impediments • Pedestrian network challenges • Competitor cities The proposal is to increase as-of-right floor area ration (FAR) from 15 inches up to 24 inches, which will be made possible by contributions to a District Improvement Fund (DIF) for area-wide pedestrian and transit network improvements. The DIF ...
A mass and funeral service will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 1:30pm for Richie Marini, at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, 88 Second Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717. Following the church service, we will be having a memorial service at a location nearby which is still undetermined. When we finalize our plans, we will let everyone know. Thank you please spread the news.
Ok, the webs of petitions when we are asking about the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's issue are clearly intercepted, censored, and the signatures deleted by FBI. I suggest to collect signatures in paper and send all of those to the adress of some supporters or to his lawyers, Their adress is Miriam Conrad, Federal Defender Office. 51 Sleeper St. 5th. Floor Boston M.A. 02110 USA, and Judy Clarke, Es. Clarke & Rice, 1010 Second Avenue 1800 San Diego, CA 92101 USA. You can put the following sentence or another similar: Massachusetts State Authorities and USA's Government, I think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent, please release him and let him life in peace. Your name and your identification number. And: I put also my postal adress if some of you want to send me the signatures I will remail them to the lawyers and compulsed fotocopy to the Hague's Court were they are studying now the case in order to give an informed decision about it. Montserrat Alarcón Flix, C/ Alfauir, n 4, 1 pis, porta 4. 46702. Gandia València, ...
Sen. Bill Perkins just congratulated Prendergast on coming "to the end" of the Second Avenue Subway project. Confused looks in the crowd.
Watch ETVNEWS24's Press Conference about "Parliament Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nation" on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will meet the press today at NewYork, USA About Parliament Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations. Venue : 820 Second Avenue, 4th Floor, Diplomat Cent...
FDA Schedules Additional Public Meetings on FSMA Proposals The FDA has announced the second and third in a series of meetings on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Proposed Rules on Foreign Supplier Verification Programs and the Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors/Certification Bodies. As previously announced, the first meeting was held September 19-20 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. The newly scheduled meetings are set for October 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency Miami 400 SE Second Avenue, Miami, FL and October 22-23 at the Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center 701 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA. Public Meeting attendees are encouraged to register on-line or contact: Lauren Montgomery, Teya Technologies, LLC, 101 East 9th Avenue, Suite 9B, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, (443) 833-4297, fax (907) 562-5497 or e-mail. For general questions about the meetings, to request an opportunity to make an oral presentation or to request special accommodations due to a disability, contact: Juan ...
Fourth Avenue and Second Avenue will remain open for traffic.
Main Street will close from Second Avenue to Fourth Avenue beginning at 5 p.m. Friday due to the Bluegrass Along the Harpeth festival.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Harlem Program for Wayward Youth Threatened by Budget Cuts Jeff Mays East Harlem YouthBuild Cuts HARLEM — Michael Parker, 22 years old with no high school diploma, was slowly being engulfed by the drugs and violence that had left many of his friends either dead or in prison. "I wasn't a drug dealer but my friends were," said Parker, now 32. "I was putting in applications every day but I couldn't find a job. Then, my friend said, 'You have potential, come to YouthBuild.'" First launched in East Harlem in 1978, Youth Action YouthBuild East Harlem helps young people ages 16 to 24 get their GED and earn construction certification, all while renovating affordable housing developments and performing community service. Parker's GED is one of many that hangs on the walls of the offices at 118th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue where he now serves as the transitional director. He lives with his three young sons in a building that he helped to renovate with YouthBuild, just down the street. But now t ...
It's the birthday of poet Frank O'Hara (books by this author), born in Baltimore, Maryland (1925). While a student at Harvard, he met the poets John Ashbery and Kenneth Koch and got into writing poetry. They all moved to New York and became vanguards of the New York School, influenced by abstract art and modernism. O'Hara believed that poems should be improvisational, like action paintings, full of random references to movies and taxies and paintings and garbage. He said: "I don't believe in rhythm, assonance, [any] of that stuff. You just go on your nerve. If someone's chasing you down the street with a knife, you just run, you don't turn around and shout, 'Give it up! I was a track star.'" In books such as Oranges (1953), Second Avenue (1960), and Lunch Poems (1964), he wrote about taking walks, hanging out with painters, reading newspapers, and Billie Holiday. He said: "What is happening to me goes into my poems. I don't think my experiences are clarified or made beautiful for anyone else, they are jus ...
Hi all, here is the (nearly) complete raffle winner list! Everyone who is listed below as a winner should have received an email from me (Matt). If not, let me know here. Jamie McCabe graciously put the Specialized MTB Trail shoes back in for redraw, as they are not his size, so, anyone who bought 'tickets' who wears a 42, write 'I'm a 42!' below, and I'll redraw in a few days. Many thanks to all our generous sponsors, who made this raffle possible! Bridgehead Gift Pack - courtesy of Bridgehead, Second Avenue - Caron Cheng; Summer Nesrellah Brodie Romulus frame (53cm) - courtesy of Brodie - Jenn Adams Chris King Rasta Headset - courtesy of Tall Tree Cycles - Allan Cameron PRO Tools - courtesy of PRO: Chain Tool - Sean Ralph Mini-tool - Jamie McCabe BB Tool - Chris Mullington Cassette Tool - Jay Heins Kona Longboard - courtesy of Kona - Peter Plaunt Timbuktu Tool Roll full of Filzer and Orontas - courtesy of MEC - Rob Orange Axiom Kompressair G200A Floor Pump - courtesy Axiom - Tim Douglas Specialized Trai ...
The MTA recently awarded its 10th and final contract to complete the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway—a feather in the cap for Nuria Fernandez, who oversees the megaproject for the agency.
UPDATE: The 2013 Championship parade will follow the same route as last year, according to WSVN. Starting at 11 a.m., the parade will start at Southwest Eighth Street and Second Avenue, then head east on Eighth Street, then north on Brickell Avenue across the bridge, and finally north on Biscayne Boulevard into the American Airlines Arena. Who wanna go?
The driver of a the car that careened onto a Second Avenue sidewalk in the East Village is under arrest.
An allegedly drunk driver racing another car in the East Village jumped a curb and injured five people when it smashed into a deli and caused a fire hydrant to torpedo through the air and strike a Citi Bike rider, cops and witnesses said. Shaun Martin, 32, of Queens, was charged with DWI when his white Nissan Altima lost control on Second Avenue and smashed into the East Village Grocery just before 7 a.m., authorities said. Police also found hashish in his sock at the hospital, sources said, added that Martin refused a breathalyzer. A neighbor awoken by the crash said it sounded like “a massive explosion,” “It sounded like a 10-car pile-up. I hopped out of bed and looked over the edge and it looked like carnage,” said Matt Leayr, 44. A witnesses said the two cars appeared to be racing. "I heard them, and I saw them race past, both of them were going about 75 mph,” said Alvaro Alvin. “There were two cars, they were racing, there was a black car behind a white car. They were being reckless toget ...
Here is the 3rd Friday Downtown Decatur line-up for Friday night! SUMMER CELEBRATION presented by Platinum Sponsors: Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority and United Launch Alliance Gold Sponsors: Decatur Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Decatur Morgan Hospital, Lamar, Morgan County Commission and Supreme Beverage Company / Yuengling / Yuengling Light Silver: Bank Independent and Old Black Bear Brewing Company Bronze: Renasant Bank, Stovall-Marks Insurance and Temple, Inc. DOG PARADE! Registration begins on Friday at 6 p.m. on Friday Jones Park on Second Avenue. The parade will begin around 6:30. There is no cost to participate and goody bags will be given to all participants and prizes awarded in various categories. The parade will travel down Second Avenue, turn left on Lee Street and follow Lee Street as it turns into Bank Street, and finish at Founders Park. Bank Street Main Stage Located in the 800 block of Bank Street 6:30 p.m. Scott Boyer Trio Located in the 500 Block of Bank Str .. ...
The Second Avenue Subway (SAS) is a planned rapid transit subway line, part of the New York City Subway system. As of 2012[update], Phase I, consisting of two miles (3.2 km) of tunnel and three stations, is under construction underneath Second Avenue in the borough of Manhattan.
The Mankato Department of Public Safety responded to an incident on the 1400 block of Second Avenue this morning. Two victims were found upon arrival -- a female was deceased and a male was injured. One male suspect is in custody. Police believe this is an isolated incident and there is no danger to...
STONE HARBOR -- The Stone Harbor Seafood Festival will be held noon-8 p.m. Saturday and noon-6 p.m. Sunday, June 8 and 9 along 96th Street and down Second Avenue in Stone Harbor. The annual festival will feature food from local restaurants Jersey Bill’s BBQ, Henny’s Seafood Takeout, Donna’s Place, Back Bay Seafood, Quahog’s and other area vendors. A highlight will be the Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce beer garden. A clam-pitching tournament will be held throughout the event, weather permitting, during low tides. Prizes will be awarded to the top single and doubles contenders. To register call 368-5102. Other offerings include craft vendors, children’s activities and a play area, a boat show featuring a variety of watercrafts, and live music performed by local bands.
REMINDER--TRAFFIC NOTE The City of Moncton wishes to advise the motoring public that maintenance related work will be performed on the following streets on Wednesday, June 5, 2013: Kendra Street (from Cedar Street to Northview Avenue), Mountain Road (from Hildegard Drive to North Street), Mapleton Drive (from Hopper Street to Transcanadian Highway), Evergreen (from Mountain Road to Logan), Killam (from Mountain Road to Atkinson Avenue and from Second Avenue to Ayer Avenue) and Vaughan Harvey Boulevard (from Mountain Road to Connaught Avenue and from Main Street to Assomption Blvd). This maintenance work is to allow crews to perform crack sealing on the above-mentioned streets. Traffic will be slowed in these areas.
Cass Tech Alumni Association’s 26th Annual Pancake Breakfast is Saturday, June 22, 2013, from 9 to 11:30 am, at Cass Technical High School’s Dining Commons, 2501 Second Avenue, Detroit. For more information about tickets, sponsorship or vendor opportunities contact us at ctaapancakesor call 313.963.9988.
A parade celebrating New Brighton’s 175th Anniversary will be held on Third Avenue this Saturday, June 1 at 10:30 AM. Anyone wishing to attend the parade should plan to arrive prior to 9:45 AM to avoid traffic delays. Motorists are encouraged to utilize alternate routes to enter town, including Sunflower Road in Pulaski Township and Ross Hill in Patterson Township, instead of using State Route 65 or the Fallston Bridge. Between 9:45 AM and 10:30 AM, no vehicular traffic will be permitted on Third Avenue between Twenty-First Street (Junction Stretch) and Fifth Street. At 10:30 AM, the northbound closure will be moved to Sixteenth Street detouring motor vehicles onto Fifth Avenue. Additionally, the Fallston Bridge and Second Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic. All traffic restrictions will be lifted when the parade concludes at approximately 12:00 Noon. Side streets will remain open, but without access to Third Avenue.
This couldn't of happened at a better place lol,lol,lol... Well, that was fast! First Citi Bike cycle stolen By NATASHA VELEZ Last Updated: 12:50 PM, May 27, 2013 Posted: 1:22 AM, May 27, 2013 The bike-share program rode into trouble last night before it was even launched — when someone stole one of the bikes as it was being delivered to a Manhattan rack, police said. The pedal pilferer snatched the blue Citi Bike at around 6 p.m. in Kips Bay, and was able to ride off before workers noticed. The crew had been busy placing a load of the $825 rental bicycles into a rack at Second Avenue and 25th Street, and had not yet locked them in place when the thief struck. Workers realized a bike was swiped only when a passer-by shouted out. After first trying to run after the crook — who was still at large last night — they flagged down cops. “A cop car was passing by and the workers said, ‘Stop, stop, we’ve just been robbed,’” said Bolivar Arellano, a Post freelance photographer who witnessed the aft ...   10% Off
MEDFORD, Ore. -- Local drug cops have spent nearly two years investigating the sale of marijuana from dispensaries and retail locations. On Thursday, they made four arrests, searched four businesses, three homes and one location in Josephine County: So-Norml, 300 block of West Sixth Street, Medford Puffin' Stuff, 100 block of Crater Lake Avenue No. A, Medford The Green Compass, 1700 block of East McAndrews Road, Medford The Compass, 500 block of Second Avenue, Gold Hill. 3100 block of Hyacinth Avenue, Medford 2700 block of North Keen Way, Medford 2600 block of Tahitian Avenue, Medford 3300 block of *** George Road, Cave Junction. Police believe the suspects violated state law by selling marijuana. "We are talking about a violation of state law," Medford Police Chief Tim George said. "You can't sell marijuana. Period." Part of the investigation included controlled buys at the locations. Over the two years, police witnesses made multiple buys at the listed businesses, according to a press release from the . ...
SRC Calendars are now available in all SRC Offices South Campus: SRC Goldfield Chambers (Office G17) North Campus: Multipurpose Centre (After the Cafeteria) Second Avenue: Student Counselling and Governance Missionvale: Student Life Centre
Swinging on the Churchyard Gate by Dennis John Ferado One of the most soothing and beautiful sights in New York City is the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity located in Yorkville at 312-16 East 88th Street between First and Second Avenue.  Built in 1897 by Barney & Chapman  in the French Renaissance style.  The complex consists of the parish house, the parsonage, the bell tower--with receding Gothic arches topped with intricate filigreed ornament--and the church which is done in stunning Roman brickwork.  The entire area rests in a beautiful garden with several types of grand trees and shrubbery and is surrounded by a beautiful eight foot high ornate black-iron fence.  Every year during Easter time there would be displayed scores of tulips planted in the shape of a giant crucifix.  They seem to have brought that tradition to an end some time ago.  Now, Trinity, is one of the few Church’s left in the city with a beautifully groomed sprawling garden. The Rhinelander or Children’s Aid Society w ...
Send all evidence to jahar's legal team. She will know what to do Judy Clarke 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1800 San Diego, CA 92101
Ray Charles, BB King among others stayed at the Southern Queen Hotel in the Shake Rag district at State Street and Second Avenue.
Emergency Road Closure: Bear Valley Road is closed from Second Avenue to Fifth Avenue.
Second try for Cape Cod Avenue building project
Transportation Watch: Second Avenue Sagas has some cautionary...: Second Avenue Sagas has some cautionary words...
Heads up second avenue East Village cyclists. DOT workers are blocking the bike lane, in order to enforce one way regulations. Genius.
River Avenue Blues - Wang takes the loss in second Triple-A start:
New York Second Avenue Subway: Giant caverns that will one day be Manhattan's 86th Street Station... via
We've got two promo teams out in One at the F avenue pub crawl, and the second is having a blast at the
I had a great time working at the Madison Avenue this is my second time;the Bath,Maine Domestic violence detective is standind
I think Boyce Avenue is my second band all time :)
Second visit to this new addition to 8th Avenue... I have some advice/thoughts that I will privately convey...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
TOMS RIVER--Toms River Police arrested Eric Scharff, 22, of 2417 Second Avenue Toms River just after midnight...
The newly opened on 10th Ave has a bowling alley & a bourbon room – it couldn't be more awesome! |
Reading about the second avenue line. The T will be a welcome addition
second night of AVENUE Q. come get some puppet lovin'.
Meet tonight for the second night of revival at First COGIC on Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville, AL
A semi loaded with supplies just left The Avenue headed to West. A second load will leave in the morning. Be the Church is spreading.
First tower west of UA set to get a 13-story neighbor: A second crane has moved in on North Park Avenue near t...
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