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Second Amendment

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

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Bill to end ‘reckless’ denial of Second Amendment rights in businesses – Arizona Daily Sun
UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh's illustrated lecture on Second Amendment scholarship and why the right exists today. http…
A Federal Court of Appeals Goes to War against the Second Amendment
Fact Checker: Keith Ellison’s comments on the Second Amendment: For the record
We've said it before. We'll say it again. Never. Stop. Fighting.
A little light at the end of the barrel!
. Are you going to hold a secret meeting to stop them like when you attempted to steal our second amendment rights?
Make it national no one needs an assault rifle it's 2017
Appeals court: The Second Amendment doesn’t protect the right to assault weapons. via
Court slaps down Second Amendment -- "..we have no power to extend Second Amendment protections to weapons of war,”
Assault weapons not protected by the Second Amendment, federal appeals court rules
So approved SB404 passes 6-4 but work on second reading amendment to address "legitimate" issues.
HUGE win for gun safety today: Fourth Circuit rules that assault weapons are NOT protected by the Second Amendment, noting…
*** on the bench: Fourth Circuit limits Second Amendment right to possess common firearms
The lower courts are being allowed to erase the Second Amendment as they create BS rights for foreigners
Military style rifles aren’t protected by the Second Amendment, 4th Circuit rules
The 4th Circuit Court has spoken: are NOT protected by the Second Amendment! https:…
The Fourth Circuit decision is the first to expressly reject a right to bear an AR-15 or other "weapons of war."
Appeals Court Rules Assault Weapons Like the AR-15 Are 'Weapons of War' and Not Protected by Second Amendment
"Military-style" firearms aren't protected by the Second Amendment, court rules
Assault weapons are not protected by the 2nd Amendment, federal appeals court rules, calling them “weapons of war”
But that was the exact reasoning for the Second Amendment. The citizens who defeated the king could not have done so wi…
All guns are assault weapons! This liberal ruling is a backdoor entry attempt to get at the 2A!.
4th Circuit upholds MD AR-15 ban: "we have no power to extend Second Amendment protection to the weapons of war" . http…
At issue in Miller: did the 1934 National Firearms Act restrictions on sawed-off shotguns violate the Second Amendment?
Old Video, but still has merit today!. Suzanna Gratia Hupp What the Second Amendment is REALLY For via
MARK HOPKINS: Why did the Constitution need the Second Amendment? - Holmes County Times Advertiser
If I'm understanding this conversation correctly, the Second Amendment has launched an invasion into a parallel universe.
. We believe that our constitution on the second amendment was tramples by Obama Administration on the secret law he sign before
Uncle Sam tattoo on arm. Beginning of Second amendment sleeve.
Obamacare and by the White House, right person and stronger and all over the Second Amendment. End — how are they?
Optimism over second amendment rights on display at Salisbury Gun & Knife Show - FOX 46 ... -…
How does feel about the second amendment? . "You can't win the super bowl if you don't have a team"
This is why everyone should support the second amendment- think about all the diapers that would be missing!!
Pepsi funds the anti- second amendment lobby and supports the progressive agenda. I buy nothing from…
So are you saying you're a second amendment guy?
But not your second Amendment rights as you don't belive in respecting the Constitution and the rights it affords.
the 1st amendment. It comes before the second.
Two very recent needs for Gorsuch on the bench:
My house literally just turned into a second amendment debate. Please save me from the republicans.
Of course the cows outnumber the people in Modoc but they are some God fearing, Second Amendment loving fantastic Americans!!
I'm still trying to work out how the second amendment points to the right of an individual to own a gun:
that was funny Dam I agree with Rosie now if she comes around to supporting the second amendment will be good!! NRA forever!
Support for Trump, the Second Amendment on display at 57th Annual Bel Air Gun Show - ... -
County stun gun ban prompts Second Amendment lawsuit by
.Pak Constitution does not give equal Rights to citizens. Objective Resolution & Second Amendment
I think they attacked our second amendment a little late, I'm locked and loaded and ain't scared to die.
when the founders wrote the Second Amendment, this is what they had in mind:
The ONLY thing stated NECESSARY in the Entire Constitution is the Constitutional Militia (that's us) and Arms. Second A…
Does the Second Amendment protect packing heat in secret? Categorically no, says the Ninth Circuit:
Ninth Circuit Court rules that Second Amendment is “not a second class right” - Hot Air
America needs an Attorney General that supports police and our Second Amendment rights. That is Jeff Sessions.
Remember when Donald Trump publicly suggested that Second Amendment supporters could "do something" about Hillary Clinto…
So glad the second amendment remains untouched, to all you gun haters out there guns don't kill people, people kill people it's that simple
I'm all for supporting second amendment rights, but does anyone want to speak up for the First Amendment while it's still allowed?
Our second amendment starts with a thumbs up that got cut off
I'm honestly pretty torn. While I'm glad he's keeping the second amendment, he's making a mockery of some of the...
United Citizens Patriots would like Senate/Congress with Executive/President to strengthen our "Second Amendment" Americans' need protection
Trump's stance on the second amendment is on point.
I'm so happy to have a president who realizes the severity of our second amendment rights as a US citizen.
Tim Farron reax: will table amendment to ensure second referendum before UK leaves EU
I think for people like Bishop the constitution begins with the second amendment.
Thrilled with stance on the Second Amendment!
Interesting how those who love the second amendment seem to have to little regard for the first. What rights then are they…
Second amendment, that's why no one tries.
In all honesty, Trump's second amendment policy is heading in the right direction.
The Second Amendment to the US Constitution. . Guaranteeing no 'Second Referendums' since 1791. . Genius.
the people in South Dakota need to stand up and fight as loudly as they do when it's a second amendment issue
“The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period,”
Trumps second amendment plan is so beautiful it hurts.
you'll say please stop second amendmenting me, I can't take anymore second amendment
Look at... how many guns are there? This is why we need to repeal the Second Amendment. This is too much work.
'Murder central... Amend the second amendment!?' Dea
I get the women thing, I don't get walking all over the second amendment. What's your view on gun rights?
Oh no! the US already does! It's called freedom to practice our religion. You know the second amendment!
The second amendment doesn't give the right to own a firearm it reaffirms my gun rights.
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BOOO we already put up with Malloy's unconstitutional gun laws. We don't have a second amendment right in CT. Get real!
You have a second amendment right to carry a gun which immediately makes you superior to any attacker
And Trump wanted Second Amendment people to go after his opponent.
Smith and Wesson MP-15 rifle giveaway from Second Amendment University
I know a few folks who are loud about exercising their Second Amendment rights & are daring folks. Folks who are quiet about their 2nd..
You're making me not hate you (as much) Stop it. :-) You're still wrong about the Second Amendment, though.
Had great meeting with of America to discuss pro-Second Amendment legislation that I'm cosponsoring
This is the time that Native Americans take full advantage of their Second Amendment Rights. Words are better but be prepar…
This is why Constitutional Carry is so important. should never compromise on the Second Amendment! ht…
Once you understand it, it makes as much or more sense than the Second Amendment..
Tom Sullivan on why it’s important for everyone — CCW permit carriers and other Second Amendment advocates —...
The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government f...
Military spouses should not be denied their Second Amendment rights based on the orders of the military member
I welcome all religions They equally suck and the second amendment protects me!
It is utter stupidity to think the second amendment envisioned a machine gun in every house in current society.
Obama’s Outrageous Expansion of Gun-Buyer Background Checks: he’s bidding to strip millions of seniors of their
4 rifles/shotgun wood gun rack w/shelf and the second Amendment carved in.
So what's more valuable; the second amendment or being pro life when they contradict one another?
So much talk about Second Amendment in US. First Amendment so much more important, so much more at risk, with much gre…
The second amendment does not give anyone any right whatsoever. It is a PRE-EXISTING SELF EVIDENT RIGHT.
Delaware judge completely disregards the Second Amendment and Delaware’s state constitutional protections:
It's weird that my liberal principles might need to be protected against the oncoming totalitarianism by the second amendment.
Congratulations to President-elect and Vice President-elect Time to make the Second Amendment…
Joe don't let us down and support our second amendment. In my community I need protection.
If I'm reading this correctly the Second Amendment allows me to shoot a bear, tear off his arms and ke.p tyem.
Your second amendment guarantees it fight for your 2nd Amendment rights everything else is false.
second amendment for the win. I would consider dancing but I'm already a mug clubber
The second amendment was created as a limit on Govt just like the rest of the BOR. It is not a limit on the people
Legal for now, anyway. The second amendment wasn't created so you could play sports.
Sen. Jeff Sessions will fight for the Second Amendment: Column via
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In the NRA's America..."Sessions as AG will fight for the Second Amendment": Column via
I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Founding Fathers were not thinking of infants when they wrote the Second Amendm…
As governor of Virginia, I will protect your individual Constitutional right to keep & bear arms. Join our team:
after Obama was elected "nobody will stop him" was code for what Trump alluded to as a "Second Amendment Solution"
Sessions’ record in support of & his prosecuting violent criminals make him the right person to serve as AG
Twenty-second Amendment proposed by the U.S. Congress on March 24, 1947. That's very recent.
Unlike his predecessors, Jeff Sessions knows that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem.
Why is the RIGHT person to serve as our next AG⬇️.
We are a great enough country to respect the Second Amendment rights...
Via STAND UP FOR AMERICA. National Rifle Association. Your Second Amendment rights are not subject to the whims...
The ruling by a 3-judge panel holds the law does not violate an individual’s Second Amendment rights
MIDDLEBURGH -- A small-town mayor is stirring up a big debate on Second Amendment rights in New…
I'm practicing my second amendment tho 🤔
Every fatal flaw in the Constitution has slavery as one of its core issues, including the Electoral College & the Second Amendment
Liberals clearly that the Second Amendment is the most serious impediment to their fantasies of a magical, egalitarian utopia.
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. Maryland judge strikes down ban on AR 15s and components.
This kind of thinking is why we have the Second Amendment.
no it wasn't. The US has its own second amendment that has nothing to do with the UN.
In the USA, DJT's Second Amendment Ppl want concealed carry everywhere - how hard to i.d. a shooter in a veil? Yep, this'll fly.
Are you allowed to buy a flame thrower under the second amendment
. I seen hillary in closed door meeting video say she would disarm. She said second amendment was misunderstood.
Shoutout to my Dad's friend who shot the man who entered his house and was trying to rob him. And shout out to the secon…
Remember when he said Second Amendment lovers should keep HRC from becoming President?
Maybe some of those Second Amendment people should take care of him. Just sayin'.
Smh. The second amendment does NOT give you the right to own ACTUAL AR15's and pistols. For what? Duck Hunting? Please...
He couldn't pull this one: "If you like your Second Amendment, you can keep your Second Amendment."
New York aims to apply the Second Amendment to Tasers
They must be frustrated that it is taking so long for one their Second Amendment people to set the example a…
we have a great document that not even you can destroy Mr. President - second amendment rights will outlive every President!
New York lawsuit aims to apply the Second Amendment to Tasers -
So proud that our second amendment will be protected under President Trump
Actually "minorities" are said to make up the majority of the country 😁 and I'm not scared, no no, I know my second…
Daily reminder that the second amendment's militias were intended to supplement the government, not resist it
* Trump's pro second amendment platform could end gun sales boom... In the Obama years, the gun industry had record sales.. But, now that
Is THIS what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment?
This is why we must protect the Second Amendment
and try to get an amendment in the Article 50 bill providing economic benchmarks for a second referendum. They don't, so they will not.
dreading how many times the second amendment is going to be brought up while I stuff my face in Turkey ***
why because she lost and you *** that the Law it the constitution article 2 of the Constitution Second amendment
If Trump really is fascism coming to America, it's time for the left to reevaluate their stance on the Second Amendment.
If the left weren't so hellbent in changing the definition of the second amendment, I'd trust them more with the first.
An incoming president shouldn’t do anything but express full and unmitigated support for the First Amendment. And the secon…
Wish some of the handgun lovers obsessed with Second Amendment obsessed half as much about the First Amendment.
Why we need the second amendment, i don't care if this hurts liberals feelings.
Protect the second amendment rights of Marginalized People of Color.
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Brad Johnson Appointed to Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence. Posted on November 22, 2016 by Ammoland...
How many campaign promises does The Drumpf have to break before his second amendment people do something about it?
Agreed. Which is also why The Founding Fathers Gave Us The Second Amendment... Let's hope we never ne…
Justice Samuel Alito is right: When the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that the Second Amendment "actually means……
GOP: Pass bill to restore Second Amendment rights - by Jeff Knox In the wee hours of the morning of Nov. 9, a c...
America (Second Amendment) by The Nice. I trust Lenny Bernstein and Antonin Dvorak are still spinning in their Graves? :-)
Second Amendment, Supreme Court ups the ante on 2016 election
Here's another one for They will be coming for you! First Amendment, Second Amendment. Get off your hi…
Justice Clarence Thomas on Second Amendment: Some "want to pretend it doesn't exist"
REJECTED: Second hostile amendment on resolution These amendments must be rejected.
Trump says in his position paper on the Second Amendment provides an absolute right to buy a own firearms. Democrat
Earlier today exercising my second amendment rights. Wanna take them away? Come and get them.
Not that they were homicidal maniacs, but people get stupid and Second Amendment themselves and others all t…
Hillary says she supports the second amendment and yet she says that toddlers don't have "the right to bear arms"?
Blaming gun manufacturers for mass shootings is like blaming pencils for misspelling words. Guns aren’t the problem!. https:/…
The Second Amendment and Hillary Clinton's basket of inconsistencies via the App
there is no way Texas would support she is a second Amendment hater!
Joe Biden believes in your Second Amendment right to carry finger guns anywhere you *** please in America.
Would Hillary lie and cheat to subvert the Second Amendment to the US Constitution? You can bet your a$$ she did!. http…
No gun owner in America who votes for Mrs. Bill Clinton can say they cherish their Second Amendment freedom.
Third presidential debate stumbles into gun rights, Second Amendment
A Fact-Check shows Clinton’s claim is not only false, but is exaggerated by 66 percent. Anti-Second Amendment...
"I support the second amendment ... but I also believe that there can be and must be reasonable regulation." -
Democrats are threatening to use executive orders to restrict our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Hillary: I support the second amendment, now let me tell you how I want to regulate it, change it, limit it, and gut it.
The second amendment is a constitutional right just like voting. You need an ID for one. Why not the other?
Waiting for Black Lives Matter to come up with this Second Amendment conversation like:
The Second Amendment is not a second class right.
I'll trade the second amendment for 1 dead innocent child who got their hands on a gun their parents bought to protect them.
Say it with me everybody: regulating & implementing stricter gun laws does not equate repealing the second amendment.…
Trump is like this kid in class: "Which amendment.." "THE SECOND!" "No, Donald..which amendment secures..." "THE FIFTIETH!!"
Clinton: "There's no doubt that I respect the Second Amendment."
Without the second amendment, we'd all be speaking British. . Take that, liberals.
Enjoy your first and second amendment right while they last.
Hillary sneers at NRA. Trump proud to have endorsement of Second Amendment activists and gun owners.
Trump's Supreme Court appointments will "be pro-life, they will have a conservative bent, they will be protecting the sec…
you mean his wanting to repeal the second amendment? Oh wait...
I get it now, trumps hand motions, 👌👉, okay guns. Protect the second amendment
Hillary, plain and simple: The second amendment was designed to save peoples lives. It doesn't need government involvemen…
The Fix: Clinton says she backs Second Amendment. Let’s look at her record.
Neither of these candidates respects the Second Amendment. Here's what has to say about gun rights. https:…
Let’s be honest about this: He is giving the signal to his “Second Amendment people” to take the law into their hands on N…
."I see no conflict between saving people’s lives and defending the Second Amendment”
The second amendment should remain intact and not be altered.
Hillary's account of and D.C. v. Heller was wrong. Here are the facts.
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Trump comes out hard for the Second Amendment, attacks Justice Ginsburg
Leaked audio has Hillary saying "The Supreme Court is wrong on the 2nd Amendment"
.hit at economic record during the final (Photo: AP/John Lo…
She respects the Second Amendment like every other issue: whatever gets her votes.
Hillary Clinton, on her stance on the Second Amendment. More updates:
You have 2 choices-A man who creates thousands of jobs & will save our second amendment. Or a *** who has more scandals…
Hillary Clinton says she supports the Second Amendment. So let's look at her record.
Hillary in 2015: “The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I ge…
From Exec. Dir. Chris W. Cox: is the Second Amendment candidate we need
Here's how Hillary Clinton actually feels about the Second Amendment
what they say: Hillary is gonna repeal the second amendment!! If they want my gun they can come get it!. what I hear:
8/9/16: Suggested “Second Amendment People” could act against Hillary --Ayotte called it like she saw it and continued to support
is the Republican candidate, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I…
Does Trump literally have to shoot somebody for you to not vote for him? Or does him shooting somebody mean he supports the s…
I support the second amendment no matter how reckless or inconsiderate gun owners are
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The second amendment wasn't made so that you can hunt. It was made so that you can shoot at your government when they curb yo…
Join us today 2-4pm for Guns, pizza and good times as we exercise our second amendment rights!
would you defend him? Seriously! They are both ridiculous! But just remember the second amendment is at play not to mention the
What? backer: Second Amendment remark means brace for armed revolt, not assassination
The Second Amendment protects our FREEDOM from Tyranny!!. to inform fools!.
"is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and people’s right to protect themselves."
TERRIFIC: Prof of Independence Institute spoke about IMPORTANT 2nd AMEND HELLER SCOTUS case he worked on…
"In America the second amendment only applies to those with less melanin" logic of every gun nut who's defending the polic…
If we lose our First Amendment , say good bye to our second.
it should be me cause I plead the second amendment
Time to practice the second amendment
if she encroaches on our second amendment rights, there will be civil war. No doubt about it.
second amendment. & Jackson said something about our responsibilities if our government no longer represents us
Who inspires whom? Jan 2016 Zeman and undemocratic path - called Kalashnikov. August 2016 Trump and his suggestion about Second Amendment
When your second amendment is all that matters
They also probably weren't thinking "it would be a good idea for someone to come in and change our second amendment…
BREAKING: Ultra-Liberal 9th Circuit Court Rules In Favor of the Second Amendment via
Register to vote to protect the Second Amendment:
Advisory referendum to seek repeal of 2nd Amendment in Oak Park Township WHATS WRONG WITH CHICAGO TRIBUNE COMMENTS.
Reminder: the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. She wants to take away the peoples' check on tyranny. https:/…
Well, the maniac has already called for 'the second amendment people' to shoot her, you want to make sure they get Bill too?
Trump literally says 'we have to take their guns' and the Second Amendment advocates are silent His hate incited
Trump told supporters at a rally in Miami on Friday that Clinton "wants to destroy your Second Amendment"
Trump is apparently incapable of discussing the Second Amendment without evoking a Clinton assassination.
Don't Lose Your Second Amendment rights like these people did-2nd Amendment
I mean... I guess. The second amendment was more intended for protection against bears and the British lol
I say that the Second Amendment doesn't allow for exceptions -- or else it would have read that the right "to ...
people supporting Hillary, who gave guns to militias to overthrow governments, are going to whine over Trump saying Seco…
Nah. Maybe the second amendment people will take care of that.
Great Again. other night in Iowa, I told them. Second Amendment. The crowd is spellbound. We’re doing great.
You don't have a second amendment, nor a vote on ours.
"You can go from the right, to bare arms like the second amendment!" 🔥
Now though he we must spend less time courting our adversaries and working with our second amendment rights.
United States Senator Mike Lee has been a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment. Say thank you, and take a... http…
The Second Amendment is the "permit." Did Washington's army have permits to bear arms against King George 111??
I made usage of the second amendment and shot my NSA-hacker off my harddrive yesterday...
.The Second Amendment is not an option!
So much is at stake. Are you determined to fight for your Second Amendment rights? Join the fight.
Appeals court rules mental-health ban on gun ownership might violate Second Amendment…
."I am going to save your Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association has endorsed me."
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules Second Amendment does not apply to medical marijuana card holders
-- Oh, those poor pics, out in the desert, quietly minding their own business, then BANG!. Repeal the second amendment!
. Sad! Maybe we should retire the Second Amendment! We gotta do it, believe me. THAT I can tell you.
Today at 2pm: Meeting of NA. Agenda inc 2nd Reading debate: Children’s Second Amendment Bill. Read the bill
Time to silence his Executive order! I don't know maybe the second amendment people can!
has a Nation like that has turned up dead. ! GET THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS OUR GUN PERMIT
I don't get anti second amendment people in the US. I'm in the UK & I'd love a gun. Break into my place & I should have the right to pop you
Plumb weighs in on Second Amendment - Corning Leader
"i feed my child fresh salmon that i killed with my AK-47 because the second amendment allows me to"
TRUMP will protect our second amendment!
Cbs evening news did 6 minutes on Trump second amendment and about 30 seconds on Hillary terrorist father at rally
The Second Amendment has been under sustained attack during the Obama era, and now we must do everything we can... http…
The NRA protects our Second Amendment rights. I am here in West Louisiana with 600 fellow NRA members to support... htt…
Second Amendment positions are, quite arguably, the strongest of the field:
Questions about your second amendment rights?
What has proposed that All Americans Who Love The Second Amendment go out on Nov 8 ►70 days from now & vote for Him ♥it ↑
No First or Second Amendment or borders if you don't.
The second amendment guarantees me the right to own my own nuclear missile, and you can't take that from me. Not in my America!
read the Second Amendment. Shall not be infringed means just that.
Just look up The Young Turks, find a video on, say, the second amendment, and watch them rip it to shreds with constant insult.
I liked a video Travis Haley Speaks on the Second Amendment and Reflections as an American
ObamaCare does not Trump the Second Amendment - American Thinker - - 123
Conservatives are so quick to defend your second amendment rights but completely disregard the First Amendment
Not so absurd. The second amendment issue is so so *** driven...
Trump knows a thing or 2 about shooting..'I don't know, may be the second Amendment people may have something to say about this'.
It's not just about the Second Amendment. All our freedoms are under the axe. -C.C.
Ah, yes, that pesky Second Amendment solution again...
Barry Bahrami went from incredulous to angry last month when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a batch of...
Please share! Leaked audio Hillary Clinton: The Supreme Court is just WRONG on the Second Amendment:
Why the Liberal Media Can’t Be Trusted to Write About the Second Amendment
President ratifies Second amendment to the Political Party Act
Looks like you're making a case for "guns being dangerous", which is suggesting that we forget about the second amendment?
This is like the guy after the Second Amendment comments all over again
The second amendment gives me the right to bear arms and my dignity tells me to not wave around sex toys on campus. Anot…
MT Live in America? Don't like the second amendment? Go to an airport and use my helpful map:
Second Amendment backers arm up with ink and paper to battle California's 'Gunmageddon'
Venezuela is what you get when you lose your Second Amendment Rights
Clinton Wants to Take Your Guns Instead of banning guns. Let’s ban politicians who don’t support the Second Amendment! T…
.Stand up for our Second Amendment rights and don't let any new gun control measures pass.
Trump’s words -can sow the seeds for something much more sinister". - son of assassinated Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin:.
Hillary Clinton supporters want to overturn the Second Amendment via
the second amendment people should really do som-. *gets tackled by secret service*. Never mind.
RelNews: Donald Trump speaks out on 'Second Amendment' firestorm -CBS News-
.You were fantastic in defending both the Second Amendment and me last night on Don Lemon is a lightweight…
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