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Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel (born 3 July 1987) is a German Formula One racing driver, currently driving for Red Bull Racing.

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Lewis Hamilton battled from the back to fourth at the where Sebastian Vettel was victorious. 👉
Brazilian GP: Lewis Hamilton to keep up pressure on Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel says his controversial collision with Lewis Hamilton in Baku was a bigger mistake than any of the…
Helmut Marko compares how Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher deal with the pressure of a world championship battle
Sebastian Vettel says F1 title defeat to Lewis Hamilton is 'tough to take' - Check it out at…
Watch the latest drivers' briefing as Lewis Hamilton points the finger at Sebastian Vettel in Mexico...
Vettel wins Bahrain Grand Prix ahead of Hamilton. MANAMA: Sebastian Vettel moved into a clear lead in this year'
Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button are the few, bu…
Even Sebastian vettel wants to race in other Motorsport disciplines as well not just f1 which is great
Remember what happened the last time and Sebastian Vettel started from the front row? 😮. Don't miss Sunday's
.moves onto title no. 4. Here's how he did it: Where does he rank among the F1 gre…
Sebastian Vettel congratulates Lewis Hamilton on winning the title today 👏 . 🎥 . 🇲🇽 https:…
Another video of Sebastian Vettel congratulating Lewis Hamilton on winning the title 👏 🎥 .
How beat Sebastian Vettel to the 2017 world championship:.
IndianExpress "RT IExpressSports: The best man won, says Sebastian Vettel.
IExpressSports: The best man won, says Sebastian Vettel.
Sebastian Vettel on pole for Mexican Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton starts from third' | via
Sebastian Vettel has been voted the 🇲🇽 👏👏👏.
The aforementioned Vettel interview can be seen here:
The best man won, says Sebastian Vettel.
Sebastian takes the DHL Fastest Lap in the The driver set a new lap record while charging…
Sebastian Vettel applauds Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race. . Respect 👏
Sebastian Vettel says "the better man" won after his title loss to Lewis in Mexico.
GRANDE👏I'm so proud of you Sebastian! Great job today and a true gentleman, I love you so much💗We'll get it next year!.
F1: Sporting words from Sebastian Vettel after he saw his title hopes end at the ⬇️
DHL FASTEST LAP AWARD ⏱️. Proof of just how hard Sebastian Vettel pushed as he tried to keep his title hopes alive . 🇲🇽 h…
Lewis Hamilton now has 4 world championships as Alain Prost & Sebastian Vettel. Michael Schumacher won 7 while Juan Manu…
Lewis Hamilton wins fourth Formula One world driver's championship after Sebastian Vettel falls short in Mexico
Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen's blistering laps will have Ferrari and Red Bull starting 1-2 at the Mexican GP.
Mexican Grand Prix 2017: Lewis Hamilton reveals why he couldn’t catch Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel and take pole position for the Mexican Grand Prix!
Nico Rosberg will be pipped by Sebastian Vettel not Lewis Hamilton this year
Sebastian Vettel forgot he doesn't drive for Red Bull anymore:
🎥 | Sebastian Vettel: 'Honestly' is my quote. I'm famous for 'honestly'! 😆. Watch more:
A tricky afternoon for Sebastian Vettel: just 11 laps completed and this trip into the gravel. 🇺🇸
AUSTIN -- Sebastian Vettel said he would have been starting from sixth, not second, without delivering under press…
Vettel 😭 Sebastian Vettel on brink of ten-place grid penalty after failing to ... ♥♥♥
3 year/ £120 million extension on the table. Rosberg was negative. Wants battle with Seb
Why Sebastian Vettel is an overrated driver
Sebastian Vettel with Valtteri Bottas after qualifying, today at COTA. 🇺🇸
Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton pose for a photo in parc ferme, today at COTA. 🇺🇸
Hamilton not backing off in 'game of chess' with Vettel via
Lewis Hamilton has had a better racing career than Sebastian Vettel - Fernando Alonso
P3 REPORT: Lewis Hamilton completes practice hat-trick, but Sebastian Vettel is just a tenth behind...
A on the hunt, in the form of Sebastian via
Lewis Hamilton discusses rivalries with Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg and reveals why he will NOT join Ferrari https…
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Lewis Hamilton beats title rival Sebastian Vettel to pole position for the United States Grand Prix
- Vettel: Final lap saved me from qualifying sixth
(Lewis Hamilton has Sebastian Vettel at 'check' in title chess match) has been published on Daily Info Facts -…
- Lewis not backing off in 'chess' duel with Vettel
Sebastian Vettel accidentally parks his Ferrari in the Red Bull pit box 😂. 📻 Sorry, I was looking down. 🇺🇸…
F1: "We got closer than really we expected" - Sebastian Vettel. 🇺🇸
Vettel: I could have qualified sixth without final lap
Sebastian Vettel 'struggled' for rhythm until last US GP Q3 run
Vettel found his form just in time in Q3...
He's not quite got Vettel at checkmate... yet .
Lewis Hamilton has clinched pole position for the ahead of Sebastian Vettel & Valtteri Bottas.
Lewis, Vettel serve reminder of what title fight could have looked like
12: Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna would be an interesting one, for me. Current:…
Lewis Hamilton takes a 59 point lead over Sebastian Vettel in the 2017 title race after winning the Japanese Grand…
"I need to protect them - they've done an incredible job so far". Vettel defends Ferrari as title hopes slip away
Pole "wasn't really an option," says Vettel, but the race could be a different story ⬇️
WATCH: Sebastian Vettel gives his thoughts after being forced to retire from the Japanese GP https:…
Vettel nears grid penalty with reprimand
Sebastian Vettel has clearly been the better driver this year, Lewis Hamilton getting all these flukes
Lewis Hamilton can win the title in 2 weeks if he wins & Sebastian Vettel finishes 6th or worse.
Had to feel for Sebastian Vettel this morning Im all for Lewis winning the title but come on I want to see a tussle right to Abu Dhabi
Sebastian Vettel waving to the fans, after retiring 👋. Grande Seb, we are ALWAYS with you ❤️. 🇯🇵 h…
Lewis Hamilton has one hand on the world championship after victory in the Japanese GP as Sebastian Vettel retired. http…
Hugs all around for every single Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari fan today. We win together, we lose together ♥️
Lewis Hamilton takes major step towards fourth world title as Sebastian Vettel falters again' | via
REPORT: Hamilton wins to extend lead to 59 points after Vettel forced to retire
.could teach Sebastian Vettel a thing or two about handling PU failures with class!
Like him or not, in victory or defeat, Sebastian Vettel has been the salt of F1 since he arrived on the scene.
What a blow for his title hopes. Sebastian Vettel forced to retire from the Japanese GP. ht…
Japanese Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton on pole, Sebastian Vettel to start second Via
Lap 5/53 Sebastian Vettel RETIRES with engine problems. Possibly spark-plug issues. Safety car back in, leads the
📻: "Box, Sebastian, box. We have to retire the car". A huge shame for Vettel, whose titles hopes are dealt a massive blow 🙁
INITIAL CLASSIFICATION: Huge day for in the 2017 title race - he's now 59 points ahead of Sebastian Vettel
2017 is the first season where Sebastian Vettel isn't able to finish a race in Singapore and Suzuka. .
🗣 Sebastian Vettel talks to the media, after retiring at Suzuka. 🇯🇵
LAP 5/53:. 📻Ferrari: "Box, Sebastian, box... we will retire the car". More heartbreak for Vettel - his race is over. 🇯🇵…
Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari garage, after retiring today at Suzuka. 🇯🇵
Sebastian Vettel on the Ferrari pit wall with Maurizio Arrivabene after retiring from the 🇯🇵. http…
MOST POLES, ALL-TIME . out on his own at the top. Sebastian Vettel still one short of 50. 🇯🇵
Sebastian Vettel on the brink of ten-place grid penalty for failing to attend national anthem at Japanese Grand Prix
Who has been the youngest ever - Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Find out here>>…
Sebastian Vettel rates his chances of overhauling Lewis Hamilton to win the F1 title.
Sebastian Vettel sets a new lap record of 1:32.566, beating Juan Pablo Montoya previous record of 1.34.223 which was set…
No F1 gearbox penalty for Sebastian Vettel in Japan | Autoweek via phew
Sebastian Vettel thanks Pascal Wehrlein, after giving him a drive back to the pits after the race today 😊.
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SPOILERS: What a race for Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel! And of course, my fav Aussie in third.
(Malaysia GP: Max Verstappen beats Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel fourth to limit ...) has been published on -…
on pole for Grand Prix - with title rival Sebastian Vettel starting at back of grid
New post (Malaysian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes pole as Sebastian Vettel starts ...) has been published on -…
BREAKING: Lewis Hamilton on pole for Malaysia Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel to start last on grid (ESPN)
Sebastian Vettel set the pace but Lewis Hamilton struggled to keep up. Here's a round up from 👇.
🎥 | Ferrari fan tells Lewis Hamilton that Sebastian Vettel is better. This is Lewis' response... .
In the space of three races, Sebastian Vettel has dropped twice as far behind Lewis Hamilton as he was ahead of him.
Lewis Hamilton leads after 15 laps in a dramatic . Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are both OUT!
"God blessed me today, for sure," said later, dripping with champagne. . 🇸🇬
'Hamilton wins as Vettel crashes out'. HOW THE F can Ferrari blame Verstappen for that..!?.
Hope Sebastian Vettel will have a beautiful upcoming week and can get some rest and then attack again with the help of the guys in Maranello
A lot in life is about attitude. Unlike some people aren't not just ready for prime time
Vettel on the pole for Singapore GP Vettel ♥♥
Lewis Hamilton wins the but what a crash between Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen...
Gap – 28 point lead over Sebastian Vettel is the highest lead of the 2017 season so far.
My Idol Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari 'n' his teammate Kimi Raikkonen plus Max Verstappen had to retire early !!! What a race !
The finishes with taking a comprehensive lead over title rival Sebastian Vettel.
Lewis Hamilton wins Singapore Grand Prix after his title rival Sebastian Vettel crashed in the first lap.…
Lewis Hamilton capitalises on Sebastian Vettel's first-lap drama in Singapore (ESPN)
Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Kimi wiped out in first lap carnage (ESPN)
FULL STORY: Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen avoid punishment for lap one collision https:…
REPORT: Lewis Hamilton wins the after Sebastian Vettel crashes out https:/…
Lewis Hamilton surges to victory after Sebastian Vettel's crashed out via
Lewis Hamilton wins to take 28-point lead of the title race. Vettel, Verstappen, Raikkonen crash out. https:/…
Lewis Hamilton wins Singapore GP as Sebastian Vettel crashes out
Sebastian Vettel gives the thumbs up 👍 as he leaves the circuit, today 🙂. 🇸🇬
It was going to take something special to beat the Red Bulls, and Sebastian Vettel did just that. His pole lap in full…
Sebastian Vettel crashed and now we gotta deal with Hamilton winning smh
BREAKING: Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the ahead of Max Verstappen (P2) and Daniel Ricciardo (P3) https…
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FIA: No further action on the incident between Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen, on Lap 1 of the
Lewis Hamilton won a chaotic and rain-hit to extend his championship lead to 28 points .
When is Sebastian Vettel get punish for reversing the on the track? Is Stewards going to looking to that?
Sad memories today of Sebastian Vettel's 2017 title bid which is unfortunately no longer with us.
Viewpoint: and the team mates he may never have
WATCH: Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen crash out in dramatic start to
Breaking: No further action after Sebastian Vettel/Max Verstappen/Kimi Raikkonen collision from stewards
It was a day to forget in Singapore for Sebastian Vettel after he crashed on Lap 1.
Sebastian Vettel on pole in Singapore Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton fifth.
A stunning lap from Sebastian Vettel sees the German take pole for tomorrow's Singapore Grand Prix, with...
Sebastian Vettel celebrates after claiming pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix .
Sebastian Vettel showed his mastery to take pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix.
Sebastian Vettel and take pole position for the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix!
Sebastian Vettel claims pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix .
Sebastian Vettel won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix for Toro Rosso, his first victory in F1 .
Sebastian Vettel's win at Monza OTDI 2008 remains as Toro Rosso's only F1 win. ©Cahier
2008 Sebastian Vettel scored Toro Rosso's 1st win and became the youngest driver to win in
in 2008, Sebastian Vettel did the unthinkable and won in a Toro Rosso
🗓 in 2008, Sebastian Vettel scored his maiden F1 victory ☝️, at Monza 🇮🇹, with Toro Rosso. https:/…
in 2008 Sebastian Vettel won the Italian GP for It was the first win for Sebastian Vettel…
SINGAPORE: Sebastian Vettel on Thursday (Sep 14) warned he was in for a close fight with Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes at the Singapore Grand P…
Enjoying to celebrate anniversary in with Jean Alesi, Sebastian Vettel, Chase Carey, M. Arrivabene &man…
Michael Andretti: we are signing a guy who beat Sebastian Vettel. [the Alonso people come online]. Mich…
Lewis Hamilton may have won the race but it was Sebastian Vettel who walked away the real victor:.
Lewis Hamilton on the 'trick' that helped him beat Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel in parc ferme, after the race. A big smile to come at the next race! Forza Seb! ☝️. 🇧🇪
Hamilton on the 'trick' that helped him beat Vettel.
Lewis Hamilton has revealed how smart race tactics enabled him to keep Sebastian Vettel behind him when the...
Lewis Hamilton holds off Sebastian Vettel in thrilling Belgian GP via
Arsenal could do worse than ask Lewis Hamilton for tips on how to defend against high-quality opposition…
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Sky F1: Hamilton explains Vettel 'trick': Lewis Hamilton has revealed how smart race…
It's still an exciting battle at the top. Who will become 2017 Lewis Hamilton/Sebastian Ve…
Lewis Hamilton holds off Sebastian Vettel to win in Belgium
Hey you made it into Sebastian Vettel's top football team. What do you think of that? And him?
Sebastian Vettel kissing his 2nd place trophy 😚🏆 on today's 🇧🇪 podium 😊.
Lewis Hamilton wins the Belgian Grand Prix in his 200th race ahead of Sebastian Vettel!. The gap is down to seven points.…
therealautoblog: F1 racer Sebastian Vettel likes racing for Ferrari so he's not leaving …
Sebastian Vettel: Belgian GP restart too quick for my own good
Lewis Hamilton cut his championship deficit to Sebastian Vettel to just seven points with a closely fought victory in the Belgian Grand Prix
Good morning to Sebastian Vettel, who's still my sunshine and the loml.
- Lewis Hamilton holds off Sebastian Vettel in Belgian GP, All had been relatively plain sailing for Hamil...
F1 racer Sebastian Vettel likes racing for so he's not leaving (Image credit: Reut…
🏁 HAMILTON WINS 🏁. He closes the gap on Sebastian Vettel, who finishes second. Daniel Ricciardo is third.
Congratulations Sebastian Vettel , all drivers & teams of the Magic of
Sebastian finishes in P2, a well deserved battle with Lewis Hamilton. 🇧🇪
Vettel: Restart was too quick for my own good
Lewis Hamilton wins the ahead of Sebastian Vettel to narrow the gap in the Drivers Championship to just seven…
Sebastian Vettel thinks he peaked too early, and got too close to the back of Lewis Hamilton on the safety car restart
BREAKING: Sebastian Vettel agrees new 3-year deal with - full story to follow...
Hamilton cruises to victory: Lewis Hamilton held off a spirited challenge from Sebastian…
He's done it, perfection for to take the chequered flag from Sebastian and
Vettel offers an explanation on why he couldn't pass Hamilton at the SC restart...
Sebastian Vettel's comments after the race ☺️
BREAKING: wins Belgian Grand Prix, his 58th GP victory in 200 races, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel…
Ferrari have announced Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel has signed a new three-year deal with the team
Sebastian Vettel extends deal with Ferrari for three years via
Lewis Hamilton lays down the challenge to Sebastian Vettel in Belgium - Aberdeen Evening Express
Driver superstitions and good luck charms 🍀 | Sebastian Vettel & his lucky coin charm . 🔗
Sebastian Vettel in fine fettle for F1's August break - The Indian Express
Sebastian Vettel has admitted team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was "a lot faster" than him in the Hungarian Grand Prix:
Sebastian Vettel claims a tense victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix -
Hungarian GP: Sebastian Vettel wins after a favour from Kimi Raikkonen - SkySports
Check out this blog by Latest Stories
F1 Hungarian GP qualifying: Sebastian Vettel wins pole on all-Ferrari front row
Ferrari's championship leader Sebastian Vettel smashed the absolute track record in final practice.
Sebastian Vettel's 2017 🇭🇺 Pole Position ☝️ is his. 48th career pole. 2nd in 2017 . 3rd at the Hungaroring…
It's pole for Sebastian with a 48th career pole, and a front row in P2 ahead of Bottas…
Sebastian Vettel waving 👋 from his Ferrari at the end of qualifying today at the Hungaroring. 🇭🇺
🇭🇺 Qualifying Quotes 💬 | Sebastian Vettel: Today has been a great day ht…
"We have a good chance" - Sebastian Vettel hopeful of turning his 48th career pole into a victory on Sunday. https…
Lewis Hamilton only fourth as Sebastian Vettel takes pole in Hungary
Sebastian Vettel just set the fastest lap ever at the Hungaroring
Sebastian Vettel & Kimi Raikkonen waving 👋 to the fans, after qualifying at the Hungaroring 🇭🇺 today 😊.
Hungarian GP: Sebastian Vettel leads Ferrari one-two in practice
Sebastian Vettel was on 🔥 in He broke the Hungaroring track record on his way to pole at the 🇭🇺
Hamilton Collection
Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the in a Ferrari front row lockout. Live reaction
The fastest lap ever at the Hungaroring. What a drive from Sebastian Vettel 🔥. 🇭🇺
Lewis Hamilton dominates the Canadian Grand Prix to close the gap on championship leader Sebastian Vettel
Lewis Hamilton's wait to equal Michael Schumacher’s record continues as Sebastian Vettel is fastest at Hungarian GP
Sebastian Vettel wins qualifying round three of Hungarian GP, as title rival Lewis Hamilton struggle…
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel took pole position at the as Lewis Hamilton missed out.
Sky F1: Three-way battle in Hungary?: Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are anticipating…
Have Red Bull set up a three-way battle at the Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton think so...
Hamilton's victory cut his deficit to Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to just one point in the championship
Lewis Hamilton delivers driving masterclass to win British Grand Prix Report by
F1: Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel finishes seventh – as it happened
Sebastian Vettel waving 👋 to the fans during the drivers parade. 🇬🇧
Sounds like Sebastian Vettel's birthday party was the hottest ticket in town 😂.
📻 Sebastian Vettel Post Race Team Radio: There was no sign of that happening. . 🇬🇧
Hamilton romps to Silverstone win, Vettel seventh
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Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen joking after qualifying, today at Silverstone 😁. 🇬🇧 http…
Sebastian Vettel questions what "jumpy" Max Verstappen gained from their early battle at Silverstone.…
REPORT: Lewis Hamilton cruises to victory at the to cut Sebastian Vettel's lead to one point
Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix for record-equaling fifth time
British Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel does not like 'shield'
Lewis Hamilton's cruise to victory at the cuts rival Sebastian Vettel's lead to one point. Vettel finished 7th.
Sebastian Vettel speaks out on his duel with Max Verstappen in the claims Max is still “a bit jumpy”.
Sebastian Vettel finished seventh. He now holds just a one-point advantage over Lewis Hamilton in Drivers Championship.
👀 - Sebastian Vettel studying the monitor, as he sits in his Ferrari in the team garage, today at Silverstone 🇬🇧.
Sebastian Vettel on his way to the 🇬🇧 Drivers' Parade today 😋 😎.
mark webber and sebastian vettel are the duo that remind me of my little girl Formula One childhood im CRYING
Sebastian Vettel - wearing his cool new 🇬🇧 helmet - preparing in the Ferrari garage during today.
Lewis Hamilton wins closes in on Sebastian Vettel in championship.
Sebastian Vettel defiant after having championship lead cut to one point by Lewis Hamilton.
Max Verstappen still 'a bit jumpy' in defence - Sebastian Vettel
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Lewis Hamilton won his fourth consecutive to narrow the gap to Sebastian Vettel in the drivers championship to…
Lewis Hamilton takes pole for the ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.
Lewis Hamilton ahead of Sebastian Vettel in British Grand Prix practice
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are Formula One's odd couple via
Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton & his brother Nicolas, today at Silverstone. 🇬🇧
Hamilton, Vettel rivalry heads to Silverstone. The escalating title rivalry between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton is expected to rous…
New agreement is adult to Sebastian Vettel, says Ferrari trainer Sergio Marchionne
Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne says he is open to renewing Sebastian Vettel's contract whenever he is ready to sign.
Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne admits his team is waiting on Sebastian Vettel to reveal his plans for 2018
New contract is up to Sebastian Vettel, says Sergio Marchionne
Vettel claims Bottas start at Austrian GP was 'un-human'. A headstrong Sebastian Vettel continued to flirt with controversy on Sunday by ac…
Valtteri Bottas wins ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Ricciardo. Hamilton finished 4th.
Valtteri Bottas holds off Sebastian Vettel to win Austrian Grand Prix
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel is certain an "unhuman" Valtteri Bottas jumped the start of the Austrian Grand Prix:.
Lewis Hamilton says Valtteri Bottas will not back up Sebastian Vettel in Austria... sure he won't 😉🤣 . More ➡
Sebastian Vettel shaking hands 🤝 with Valtteri Bottas on the podium. 🇦🇹
Sebastian Vettel congratulates Valtteri Bottas in parc ferme, after the race. 🇦🇹
BREAKING: Valtteri Bottas wins the ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo - Lewis Hamilton finishes P4 🇦🇹 https…
Todt warns Vettel over 'road rage' repeat. Sebastian Vettel faces "very severe" consequences if he is the cause of any further major racing…
has won pole in qualifying for the , while Sebastian Vettel starts in second with Kimi Raikk…
Lewis Hamilton: 'No sense' in getting Valtteri Bottas to back-up Sebastian Vettel
"President Jean Todt instructed that no road safety activities should be endorsed by Sebastian Vettel until the end of t…
What's up with Sebastian Vettel's right ear? It is a monster!
Austrian GP: More problems for Lewis Hamilton as Sebastian Vettel top
Jean Todt defends decision to not issue Sebastian Vettel with any further punishment.
WATCH: Lewis Hamilton rejects an invitation to make a public show of reconciliation with Sebastian Vettel
Is Sebastian Vettel half sloth from the Goonies? What's with his right ear?
Sebastian Vettel surely has the upper hand in The
snubs Sebastian Vettel... but F1 rivals DID shake hands
Oh NO! Sebastian Vettel has been arrested 😱 . Lewis Hamilton just can't let it go: . http…
Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton did make a handshake... 🇦🇹
Lewis Hamilton snubs TV reporter’s request for him to shake hands with Sebastian Vettel after Austrian Grand Prix……
EXCLUSIVE: Jean Todt defends Sebastian Vettel punishment but calls clash with Lewis Hamilton "unacceptable"
Lewis Hamilton snubbed Sebastian Vettel after qualifying, but the title rivals DID shake hands before awkward moment https:/…
Lewis Hamilton snubs request for second handshake with Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel fastest in final Austrian GP practice. via @
Lewis Hamilton has big problems - brake failure, a grid penalty and Sebastian Vettel, to name a few. Read more
Sebastian Vettel waving to the fans after qualifying, today in Spielberg 👋. 🇦🇹
'If Seb does it again they'll be serious consequences.' we've heard that before you *** !!
No, Lewis Hamilton did *NOT* snub Sebastian Vettel handshake after qualifying
Lewis Hamilton refuses to shake hands with F1 rival Sebastian Vettel as tempers flare at Austrian Grand Prix - Mir…
It's a P2 for Sebastian Vettel in Spielberg - just 0.042 off pole position!. Well done Seb! Great job 👏. 🇦🇹…
Vettel says he 'messed up', damaged Hamilton relationship. Sebastian Vettel has conceded that he 'messed up' at last month's Azerbaijan Gra…
Vettel on top in F1 final practice, Hamilton brakes failure. World championship leader Sebastian Vettel topped the times for Ferrari in Sat…
Earlier we asked you if Sebastian Vettel should have been disqualified in Azerbaijan. Here's the result of the vote
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Sebastian Vettel crash 'like a massive headbutt in football', says Eddie Jordan.
Sebastian Vettel has received 3 penalty points, 3 more and he gets a race ban.
Sebastian Vettel appears to be in denial of any wrong doing. The stewards beg to disagree...
Vettel: Hamilton should have got penalty: 17:11 – Sebastian Vettel heaped criticism on title rival Lewis Hamilton..…
Hang your head Charlie Whiting, FIA Safety Director, for not disqualifying the arrogant Sebastian Vettel. http…
Lewis Hamilton says Vettel was dangerous in the Was a 10 second penalty enough?…
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the press pit after
Sebastian Vettel chatted to Lee about his penalty after the
Sebastian Vettel is a disgrace to F1. Total *** with anger management problems. He should be banned from F1.
“For a four-time world champion, that was a petulant move,” says Damon Hill.
if Sebastian Vettel gets disqualified who's gona race against Mercedes
This just in - Sebastian Vettel has received three penalty points on his license for a total of nine 😬. Three more in 12 months =…
It's a P4 for Sebastian Vettel, after a dramatic 🇦🇿!.
News: Vettel contract speculation increases: Jun.25 (GMM) Speculation is mounting that Sebastian……
Ted Kravitz says that Sebastian Vettel is dealing in "alternative facts" with his incident with Lewis Hamilton.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What a crazy Daniel Ricciardo 1st, but the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel was very...
Driver Championship Standings 🏆 after the 🇦🇿. Sebastian Vettel extends the championship lead by 2 points 👏…
🎙 Post Race | Sebastian Vettel: I don't have any problem with Lewis. I think it was just one action today that was wrong…
🎙 Post Race | Sebastian Vettel: I 'm sure he didn't do it on purpose but for sure it was not the right move.
Police are currently looking for a fugitive who rammed them earlier today. He was driving a red Ferrari & has been named as Seb…
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