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Seb Coe

Sebastian Newbold Coe, Baron Coe, KBE (born 29 September 1956), often known as Seb Coe, is an English former athlete and politician.

Steve Ovett Lord Coe Steve Cram Mo Farah William Hague Daley Thompson Serena Williams Denise Lewis Sergey Bubka Dave Bedford Paula Radcliffe Roman Abramovich

Also IAAF while they're at it. Seb Coe for sure.
When Seb Coe was elected IAAF President he resigned as GB NOC President realising that it was not p…
He and his cousin didn't fail a test after testing positive several months earlier. I…
This *** Seb Coe wants to make athletics like football. And this is off the back of one of the most memorable SP…
Seb Coe stood down as GB NOC President when he became IAAF President recogni…
Seb Coe used to do alot of weights on legs... and he wasnt a bad runner lol
Trillion times NO to the new young hating racist Hitler of Austria"No to racism in EU!I migrate…
I was at Con Central Office for an Election night shoot when Hague was leader. Absolu…
Russia banned? USA not attending? this looks like the ideal time for Seb Coe and Steve Ovett to make a comeback
Nike names three new buildings at its headquarters for Serena Williams, Seb Coe, and Coach K. The story behind the process:…
Ken Livingston as ever proves to be Teflon coated in this debacle. His and Seb Coe’s arrogance had a…
Nar man, ah just tell Seb Coe it's lemon flavour n he loves it man
Seb Coe doesn't even kna' worra steak bake is like... worra borke
Few sports didnt go think GBR didnt send a sailing team.the Fco put lot of pressure on seb…
This one from same group shows who turned up for Lords Vote for Welfare Reforms. You will see a lot of fa…
Seb coe and WADA engaging in scoring political points in return for favourable funding Seb a freemason?
New buildings coming to Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon named after Serena Williams, Seb Coe & Mike Krzyzewski. ht…
Nike's new buildings at their WHQ named after Serena Williams, Coach K, Seb Coe, and the city of NYC.
What popular athletes define your teenage years? My time was all Seb Coe & Steve Ovett (Pre-Steve Cram) and Daley Thompson givin' it large.
Just like Seb Coe not reading the emails...
Is that Seb Coe or Pepe le Pew on my screen?
Reminds me of the famous story of Seb Coe arriving at the North Gate at Lord's with a ticket for the Grace Gates.
Edwina Currie saying should speak to McCartney about her vocal health is like asking Mo Farrah with a broken leg to speak to Seb Coe
Seb Coe visited Hallfield School to meet children who will be running in London wave
Mo Farah, Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Seb Coe the lot of them!!! Im an elite sportsman Rick, as u well know
Mo Farah defended by Seb Coe over London Marathon doping slurs
Seb Coe and Laura Muir's coach on why the double Euro indoor champion can triumph at London 2017 World Champs.
Here is Seb Coe's long explanation explaining his view that he did not mislead the UK Parliament-->
New email evidence to shows Seb Coe may have misled MPs on knowledge of doping allegations
I love the podcast anecdote that Danny Boyle was asked to do the Olympics after being a guest with Seb Coe on…
Seb Coe will talk to MPs but wants more info about questions: He probably asked for his exam papers before his GCSEs
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Seb Coe 'will do what he can to help' but is seeking further detail on the information MPs want him to…
IAAF president Seb Coe willing to speak further with Government doping inquiry. NEWS: …
Culture, Media & Sport Committee publishes letter re its request Seb Coe reappears before in Russian do…
tbf that's not too new - Regan was an ex actor, Seb Coe a runner and Arnie a body builder
Breaking: Seb Coe to be summoned in front of DCMS select committee MPs by Jan 31 after Dave Bedford evidence
New questions for Seb Coe on his handling of doping information with the IAAF-
President of Venice Commission "worried about worsening situation" and "alarming" events in Poland regarding Constituti…
It's just 16 days until our Relive some classic action as Seb Coe wins Euro GOLD in 1977.
Reet, how aboot me, Mooney n Seb Coe start an ahll male ABBA tribute act?
if it was Seb Coe I'd be in with a chance!
I made a small video on my thoughts on and and an email attachment,
Deep thoughts on Seb Coe forwarding an email from David Bedford - RunBlogRun
By the power of Greyskull, Seb Coe has built a block flats bricks & the house of Hera.
A winner is you: Seb Coe has admitted selling information about Fruit Pastilles to from the Guardian.
Over a year ago I offered Seb Coe some advice... He'd probably be better off now if he'd listened to me!
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First bit of my report on Dave Bedford's unavoidable 'undermining' of Seb Coe more on the way
Seb Coe defies select committee over Russia corruption scandal In the shadows of sport lawyers n…
Can't answer for individual titles, but up against City drug story, EFL SF, Seb Coe, editorially KS not as big story
So Seb has no further info to provide to 'Doping in Sport' inquiry? Really?! Say it ain't so, Coe!
Not everyone can run a mile in under a min. But that doesn't mean I grab seb coe in to teach my kids. Students have…
Totally agree. I think the best hope is that Seb Coe is exposed for corruption. No more legacy!
David Bedford displaying lawyer like caution as MPs delve into Seb Coe alleged laziness when it comes to reading import…
Good to listen to this on the iplayer; missed opportunity to ask about conversations with Seb Coe
There was such a great feeling in the stadium and not only when Team GB won! Everyone from Seb Coe down has done such great…
Seb Coe and Dave Brailsford must go to bed every night thanking their lucky stars for Donald Trump...
I got told off by Seb Coe in a William Hague press conference once, but that looked a tiny bit more intimidating.
The rank hypocrisy of Seb Coe, the self-styled saviour, who refuses to answer drug questions
that's a pity. I was told once that it changed from six to eight minutes when Seb Coe missed a vote. Sorry that's my true!
Seb Coe told to settle row with MPs in private by UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner -
Make sure you talk to Seb Coe in person about this... As he apparently doesn't open his emails!!!
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The credibility of recent evidence given by Seb Coe has been questioned by a Conservative politician:
The best case scenario for Seb Coe here is that he was wilfully negligent... ...that's how bad this looks!
Seb Coe defies MPs demands to attend another doping hearing this month
I thought Seb Coe would sort athletics out when he took over. Seems like he has overlooked some very dodgy stuff. Interest…
Good point. Always liked Seb Coe, but looks like he's got some skeletons in his cupboard. He needs to come clean.…
Seb Coe didn't read the emails. . I wonder what the subject line was.
Could you ask your dad what he put as the subject line on those emails he sent to Seb Coe about IAAF corruption (cc
Argh! Seb has voted to replace the Monopoly iron with a piece the shape of the Egyptian Army.
Seb Coe more than disappointed over Russian doping coloring
Disappointed that Lord Coe kept schtum at FIFA and IAAF, But London 2012 was still fantastic, thanks Seb.
Seb Coe said he is angry after doping scandal taints Games
Worst run in weeks. Had to settle for a Seb Coe (800m). Disappointed but legs still knacked from Sunday. Better than nothing I suppose.
ICYMI Seb Coe's anger at "shocking" Russian duplicity but could its athletes be back in Olympic stadium next year?
I see Seb Coe is talking tough against the Russians now. Somebody told me the only honest athletes come last.
Lord Coe angry at scale of Russian doping at London 2012. But there's still a chance they'll return for the worlds
My interview today with seb Coe.well steves interview, i shot it.
Just saw Seb Coe on Sky News surely these games MUST be boycotted!
the balls of Seb Coe talking about Russian cheating.
Perhaps he wouldnt feel as angry if the IAAF had actually protected the sport and athletes. .
Have I misunderstood something but wasn't the IAAF complicit about allowing suspicious Russian athletes to compete
[ITV]Seb Coe has told ITV News he is “angry” that the London 2012 Olympics were the most corrupted …
Seb Coe 'angry' at the scale of Russian doping during London 2012 Olympics ^ITV
Coming up on ITV News - Seb Coe's anger at Russia over London 2012 doping. Will they be back again in 2017?
On shortly Seb Coe anger at Russian duplicity, whether they'll be back for London World Champs and what FIFA should do re 2018 WC
Head of world athletics Seb Coe tells us he'd welcome Russian athletes at World Championships in - if they'…
Seb Coe expresses his anger at Russian doping at London 2012:
Seb Coe says his job isn't about getting lots of athletes to world championships it's about ensuring they're clean athletes
Seb Coe live with after quite a year in athletics! Talking Russian athletes & says doesn't care abou…
It's beginning to look a lot like...etc. Specials start tonight at 10pm on Challenge featuring Seb C…
Former FA chairmen calling for change in FA reminds me of Seb Coe trying to reform IAAF. Change starts when these guys have no input.
not just the Big DL meets and some World Challenge, those are d issues d crock seb coe need to address
The most depressing thing about running up Seb Coe hill is watching other people run down it while your legs are burning 🔥🗻
Seb Coe for 2012 and achieving his dreams
Excellent article on Seb Coe and his fondness for working for dictators
Seb Coe is not the solution to athletics' problem: he is the problem
Why is Steve Ovett outside 's gaff with a big grumpy head on him? Seb Coe is a much bigger villain.…
Good Dinner conversation for K Dumpleton who beat both Steve Ovett and Seb Coe in English school CCChanps!…
International track & field federation, IAAF, about to hold pre-Olympics news conference in Ipanema, with president Seb Coe.
'What we have now is a circuit' – Russell Davies on Seb Coe and Steve Ovett.
Coming up on the Grille: 4-time Olympic medalist Seb Coe shares how he led London to its first Olympics in 64 years
And ppl can thank scumbags in the US govt and moronic ultra liberal filth like Seb Coe, Beckie Scott, and others in WADA and IAAF
Off to Amsterdam tom to be presented w my gold from Berlin09 by Seb Coe at Euro Athletics Cship on Wed https…
When *** pound said Seb Coe as the man for the job, as he called him Lord Coe, whilst having another go at lance, how can you back WADA?
The global leader of our sport, Seb Coe, answers my questions,
Hard-hitting i/v with Seb Coe starts thus: Steve Cram - "What made you want to be president of the IAAF?" "I love athletics". Not promising.
It sometimes goes unsaid that our "problems" derive from our desire to lead. Well said Seb.
how about seb coe removing his disgusting self from athletics. That might change people's opinions
Seb Coe spent his time avoiding Steve Ovett but says we need more head-to-head races among elite athletes
seb coe is part of the anti Russia propaganda team. Disgusting behaviour of these people towards Russia
I've always wondered, have you got a london 2012 tattoo on your right bicep? How did Seb coe convince you to get that??
If Seb Coe is worried about Athletics being boring, just let them all take drugs. Liven it up a bit.
Head of IAAF Seb Coe: "We've got to find as many Usain Bolts as we can, and there's not a conveyor belt"
.Reading that, I've never been more convinced that Seb Coe IS THE PROBLEM! You see this ?
Oh lawd, now Seb Coe thinks athletics is "boring". Is he going to have Mo Farah run with a backpack on?
lets remember Seb Coe has been involved in those two years. Why is BBC doing so much PR for him?
Seb Coe and You have a long way to go to persuade us. "IAAF proactive, not protective of drug cheats" .
Seb Coe can't save athletics, he is part of the problem. Double jobbing Tory.
Seb Coe says the IAAF are "proactive, not protective of drugs cheats.". Watch:
Marvellous new string to the bow of this morning 👍🏼 Seb Coe and *** from *** amp;Dom best watch out
Back onside . . . Paul Deighton called up by Seb Coe for key role in trying to turn IAAF around
Also from 4pm, Steve Cram talks about his new documentary, Can Seb Coe Save Athletics? And after 3 years the main road to Rothbury re-opens.
Pleasure speaking to on all things from Seb Coe to Somerset and prospects for
IAAF bounces Cesar Moreno Bravo as head of Masters Commission: IAAF President Seb Coe is moving to clean up th...
Steve Cram on the challenge facing his old pal Seb Coe and why the Olympics will always rise above
Running round Olympic Park tomorrow with Seb Coe and 9 others in support of
Athletics boss Seb Coe appoints his former London 2012 CEO Paul Deighton to head up IAAF's audit and finance commission
Last night on - 'gaming', repeat cricket match, repeat Seb Coe documentary thing, poker and wrestling. Wow
Seb Coe "They’re not outstanding athletes (US 800 male runners) but they are prepared well" Isn't Boris Berian an oustanding talent Seb?!?
Seb Coe "And there is no substitute for competition, there really isn’t. You are not going to get it on the training track." Agree on that.
Is athletics in terminal decline? IAAF president Seb Coe doesn't think so -
British athletes told they are 'hiding' from competition by Seb Coe. via
British athletes told they are ‘hiding’ from competition by Seb Coe after World Indoor Championships
Seb Coe insists track and field not in ‘terminal decline,' won't name greatest-ever athlete.
Alright Uncle Tim, we get it. You lurve Seb Coe. Jeez.
It is often hard to hear what Uncle Tim is saying about the IAAF, but that is because he has his head lodged half way up Seb Coe's backside
Today, SKY have a triple bill featuring the best career triumphs of Seb Coe, Mo Farah & Kelly Holmes - starting at 6.55pm on SKY Sports 2
It gives me a eyeballsache: Seb Coe has theorising ways which he could stuff himself.
Gossip: Seb Coe has written a story about a thong belonging to his wife!
David Rudisha confident Seb Coe and IAAF can ‘clean up the house’ after scandals
.800m champ using Melbourne visit as launching pad for -
Athletics is ‘cleaning up the house’: KENYA’S greatest athlete David Rudisha is saddened by the drugs scandal ...
No doubt, doping protocol not withstanding, these leaks are high profile and meant to help Seb Coe grab a much needed sigh of relief.
The late, great Brian Moore presented it. In Seb Coe v Roger Bannister, studio vote was deadlock - Brian had to adjudicate!
Beamon one of my all-time track faves, along with Lee Evans & Seb Coe.
Fact of the day: MPs have 8 minutes from when the division bell rings to get to the chamber. Used to be 6 mins until Seb Coe missed a vote
BREAKING: Seb Coe disheartened by Google dung agony.
There was a time when announcements like this from Seb Coe would be welcome. But now I am much less sure.
good luck sorting out officials in the . More Sep Blatter than Seb Coe unfortunately. Devalues the product
Well done another game gone and bunching up at the front. We're like seb coe coming to the bell on the shoulder!
Area presidents meeting with Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka in Monaco , good to exchange ideas about our sport
2001 GMT Our first Comment - FIFA is cursed by the Seb Coe Syndrome. The 'new' "President' was ASLEEP all those years! He is NOT NEW! at all
Maybe he could reverse roles with Seb Coe at IAAF.
are hosting Britain's Biggest Breakfast for and the Seb Coe Foundation. Hope to see you there!
Francois Carrard is a big cheese at the Montreux Jazz Festival, beloved by Seb Coe
Seb Coe and Jowell refused because they were too arrogant in thinking athletics could sustain
it's like Seb Coe as VP of IAC not knowing anything about drug taking. Anything is possible.
Highly amused at a very awkward-looking Seb Coe surrounded by women discussing urinating for drugs tests, on the show.
Seb Coe looks like a Bond villain sat there!
Seb Coe interview on Claire Balding show is an embarrassment. Not exactly grilling him on corruption.
For all his current issues, Seb Coe was my childhood hero. On Clare Balding on BBC2 now.
is it just me or does Seb Coe come across as a pretentious *** !!
Wonder how probing Clare Balding will be with Seb Coe
Turns out I have something in common with Seb Coe (other than being an ex-athlete). :P
BREAKING: Seb Coe responsible for giant marmoset terror.
Area Associations declare unequivocal support to Seb Coe and reform process - International A...
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Under-fire Coe backed to lead IAAF - World athletics chief Seb Coe has been backed by leaders of track and fiel...
So if World Athletics is laughing at Seb Coe, Seb Coe is literally laughing back at them were the IAAF in one year suspend Russia and Kenya.
Spicy Linford Christie interview in The Times on Monday, where he tackles topics like Seb Coe and publicises his appearance the
Posh boy vs rough diamond: Steve Ovett on his famous rivalry with Seb Coe
Linford Christie now joining in the chatter re Seb Coe. I always thought it was sad he was marginalised in 2012.
IAAF’s Seb Coe didn’t know Nike was helping with Hayward Field tart-up?: Sara Germano has the latest wildly im...
is this how a friendly rivalry starts? you can be Seb Coe and I'll be Steve Ovett ;)
Puts my session to shame but a great quote and good banter between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett!!…
Seb Coe's deputy steps down. But relax everyone, Lord Coe knew nothing about any of this
"Thank the Lord" - Paula Radcliffe on the election of the completely corrupt Seb Coe to head IAAF
" Seb Coe's rise was funded by Roman Abramovich, via Chelsea accepting funds ?
Renowned Tory *** Seb Coe about to get some Blatter it appears.
Seb Coe's rise to the top of the IAAF was funded by Roman Abramovich, via Chelsea Football Club - from
Blatter & Plattini have been nailed by the Courts, next in the corruption cross-hairs must surely be "Lord" Seb Coe
he may have thought he was a "spin doctor" for Seb Coe. Out of false loyalty to the guy who hired you. But did Lord Coe know??
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is right-Jim Naughtie's position is first to defend Seb Coe rather than act like an real journalist
UKAD board member John Brewer talks the Seb Coe and doping via http…
Seb Coe would appear unembarrassable. More front than Brighton, as Arthur Daley would put it.Arthur would be a more cred…
MP Chris Matheson tells Seb Coe during Parliamentary grilling that he's never even heard of Eugene, Oregon, let alone its athletics history.
In Portcullis House to hear from Seb Coe before the CMS Select Committee. Should be interesting.
Seb Coe = tosser. . Coe supported cameron on tax credits and will always be a slag for that. £100,000 from n…
I don't want someone who brought the Olympics to the UK & left us with no legacy. I don't want Seb Coe or his mates
Daley Thompson on Seb Coe, WADA and why athletics is at rock bottom after doping scandal
► Exclusive - Daley Thompson on Seb Coe, WADA and why the doping scandal is athletics' nadir
*** Pound's words of praise for journalists and whistleblowers are by extension a massive criticism of Seb Coe who want…
Remember when you see Seb Coe quotes today, he claimed The Times "declared war" on athletics by investigating doping back in A…
Strong from on what Seb Coe requires to restore not just atheltics' but his own credibility
And why Seb Coe needs to deal in actions rather than words -
Some of the Lords who voted for tax credit cuts for the poor:. Seb Coe . Karren Brady. Michelle Mone. Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Anthony…
and bizarrely William Hague taller than you'd think. Seb Coe - teeny.
Can't believe I managed to get a photo with Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah and Seb Coe!
Thank you to the British Olympic Association and Seb Coe for recognising my 15 year anniversary of Olympic Games...
Seb Coe led the olympic bid, is a lord, has a KBE. Steve Ovett is commentating the 20k walk race at 2am. Think we know who won in the end
There are whole articles in which Seb Coe talks abt Here, he appears in PR Week (!!!) to say so.
MATT LAWTON: Seb Coe has said he will feel ‘queasy’ should Justin Gatlin, or any other convicted drugs cheat, win gold at the World
British Olympic champion Seb Coe elected president of world athletics governing body:
Seb Coe and Brian Cookson the only difference between these political leaders is a beard.
Ben is it true that Seb Coe gets paid by Nike to 'represent' them? Like Sepp Blatter of if so
don't worry, Seb Coe is here to save the day, like Sergeant Wilson. "I say, would you mind terribly not taking steroids"...
Despite obvious conflicts of interest, new IAAF president Seb Coe won't give up six figure Nike role
Seb Coe becomes IAAF president, reneges on previous promise to give up conflicting business interests with Nike:
Seb Coe wins IAAF presidency; quotes from Vin Lananna re: Coe and outgoing president Lamine Diack
Lord Coe. WORLD PRESIDENT of athletics. - Seb Coe's new business cards
What wonderous thing did Seb Coe exactly do to become a Lord?
Seb Coe beats to become IAAF president
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Daily Mail comments are usually dire, but today they are absolutely detsroying Seb Coe :)
I seem to switch off when I hear words like Lord, Sir, Baroness etc, just me I guess. Nothing against Seb Coe, great athlete.
Seb Coe: 4 Oly medals, 800m record for 16yrs, MP, Lord. But still all they remember is the time he was KO'd in a Judo bout by William Hague
"Seb Coe as IAAF president is a great appointment. He succeeds in everything" says
Seb Coe says winning IAAF presidency ranks second only to the birth of his children in his proudest moments
Seb Coe is the Pat McQuaid to Lamine Diack's version of Hein Verbruggen
"Seb Coe has his work cut out as IAAF president" says former British athlete
Seb Coe is the second Brit to be IAAF President, after Lord Burghley (1946-1976). Both were also Conservative MPs.
I remember in VI form going to a black tie dinner at a country house and meeting Hague, Seb Coe and Ken Barlow from Corrie!
Doping expert Michael Ashenden responds to Seb Coe and the IAAF re the recent Sunday Times doping disclosures
I was just having a nice cup of coffee and wondering...who is paying for Seb Coe's travel expenses? He's like Phileas Fogg at the minute.
35 years ago today at the Moscow OG. SEB COE won the 1500m
if we have to do a seb Coe test next week I quit
What's going on all my supporting mates going on about Seb Coe all the time
See, London 2026 is just meant to be - simply appoint Eddie The Eagle in the Seb Coe role and we're surely sorted...
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BOOM: Seb Coe and Martin Sorrell team up. Sports focused Chime Communications bought by WPP and Providence (who?) for £374million
Significant. Major shift in UK sports business, involving Seb Coe and many others.
Something's smoking: Seb Coe has left hospital almost one months after un-marked banknotes fell onto his ear lobes.
It's been going on for years. Judy Oakes complained about this way back in 1988. Not sure if Seb Coe will change this?
Also, for those interested, Seb Coe has just ordered pea soup.
Seb Coe edging closer to victory in IAAF presidential race after 12 declarations of support, via
Cant beleive 3 years ago today we were invited to the Opening Ceremony by Lord Seb Coe for our dedication to sport
Sir Geoffrey is my all time sporting hero, even ahead of Seb Coe and Ron Shudra :)
Seb Coe. The whole team investigating should be independant.
Least he's not a boring old fart like Seb Coe :)
Coe confident that athletics will survive without its biggest star:
Last time I seen wa 1500 meters like that,Steve Ovett was running away from that tory shyster seb Coe
Please attend Special olympics world games-sepp blatter and his bandwagon,seb Coe and all rio qualifiers,tour de France entourage et al
I think the 2 suggested are the key. Like Seb coe don't agree with him but I think fits
IAAF boss Diack says he will be leaving a financially stable Federation when he hands over to either Seb Coe or Sergey Bubka. ~
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An animatronic model of Seb Coe hasn't ever heard of Tom Hanks.
"The sport, for all sorts of reasons, needs Usain to come through in Beijing." -Seb Coe
The combination of Tony Blair and Seb Coe were unbeatable. Political opposites, but the charm offensive was on, London won!
Seb Coe says track and field needs Bolt to beat Gatlin in Beijing via
I'm a huge fan of Seb Coe but he's become a sort of Diack's puppet in IAAF...
Baku 2015 chief operating officer Simon Clegg could be one of names in frame to replace Seb Coe as BOA chairman
Guy at Bloomsbury Theatre on phone: 'Yeah and Seb Coe got on the Labour leadership ballot'
Seb Coe, Ed Warner, Jonas Gutierrez among our guests on tomorrow 9am...then off to chicago
lovely pic to end the day! Seb Coe features in this old song by John Shuttleworth
Seb Coe is the man to clean up athletics, says Brendan Foster. via
It's the Dale Winton/Seb Coe crossover from Israel again! Never forget a face!
I'm writing to Seb Coe and Sue Barker as we speak.
In the absence of Seb Coe, this looks a good appointment
.Rabid right-winger Seb Coe was Tory's 1st choice to take over from Lord Patten 😐
Spectacular talent on screen. Jonathan Edwards, Seb Coe, Denise Lewis and Katarina JT.
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Watching the athletics. I really don't think Denise Lewis likes Seb Coe. (Denise Lewis is awesome)
David Cameron, Seb Coe, David Mellor, Peter Osgood, Paddy Barnes. We're giving your blue 'establishment boys' one *** of a beating COYS.
Boris Johnson backs Seb Coe as his mayoral replacement in 2016
All I remember from last night's dream is telling Seb Coe he had the wrong shoes on and apologising to Michelle Gomez in a service station.
Seb Coe was FIFA's 1st ethics cttee chief (2006-08). So does he think Sepp Blatter should go?
Carole Barnes, Gordon Banks, , Seb Coe, John Motson, your boys took one *** of a beating tonight! Can you hear me?
Seb Coe announces candidacy for IAAF Presidency London, 27 November 2014: Seb Coe, Vice President of the International Association of Athletics Federations [IAAF] has today announced that he is to stand for the position of President of the IAAF. Coe, a double Olympic champion who led London’s successful 2012 Olympic and Paralympic bid, chaired the London 2012 Organising Committee, and has been a IAAF Vice President since 2007 [full biography below], also confirmed that he will unveil his election Manifesto and vision for Athletics and the IAAF in early December. Speaking about his decision to stand for the position of IAAF President, Seb Coe said: “For as long as I can remember, I have woken knowing that Athletics, in some way, would shape my day. As a young boy, running was the thing that I loved beyond anything else and I have been hugely fortunate that Athletics has been at the centre of my life ever since. “As I speak to friends and colleagues around our great sport I appreciate that we are ente ...
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