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Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are a National Football League team based in Seattle, Washington.

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The coaching staffs of the Seattle Seahawks & the Atlanta Falcons are the reason why New England has won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls.
.sounds off on Tom Brady and the Seattle Seahawks on the Show:
Lmaoo no bandwagon I'm just loyal to the Seattle Seahawks that's all I've ever liked just like when the sonics left
FALCONS WIN! The Atlanta Falcons have defeated the Seattle Seahawks, 36-20. Atlanta will play next weekend to the NFC Cham…
Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons’ offense too much for Seattle Seahawks – USA TODAY
USATODAY: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons' offense too much for Seattle Seahawks
Thomas Rawls comment on victory of Seattle Seahawks over Detroit Lions - January 7, 2017
I would root against the Seattle Seahawks no matter who they played but it's been forever since Detroit made noise in football.
WEEK 17: Russell Wilson throws for 258 yards and a TD, as the beat the 25-23. Seattle takes 3rd seed in NFC.
are you watching the Green bBay and Lions game? Cause whoever loses this game faces the Seahawks in Seattle.
Brand new account to provide updates for the Seattle Seahawks
Where to Watch San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks in Week 17
Seattle Seahawks rally to beat San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Updated playoff picture: The winner tonight gets the Giants at home next week; the loser, the Seahawks in Seattle…
We beat the sticky niners now heading to the playoffs let's go 12th go Seattle Seahawks!!!
Yeah. They're lucky Seattle isn't playing well, but I still wouldn't pick them to win at the Seahawks next week
Another game. Another amazing catch by .
Get the Packers away from Lambeau Field &Seahawks away from Seattle & they're both extremely beatable
Loser of game at Ford Field tonight will travel to Seattle next week to play the Seahawks in the playoffs
Seahawks-49ers Final Score: Closer than Seattle would have hoped - Field Gulls
Top Best 5 seattle seahawks sweater for sale 2016
The will host the next weekend if they win tonight. They'll play the in Seattle if they lose.
Seahawks secure No. 3 seed after holding off 49ers 25-23 | The Seattle Times
Going I Seattle is scary but I think the Seahawks are highly overrated too.. Terrible their last few since they lost Prosise
This Packers/Lions game is a lose lose for both of them...Win and play the Giants, lose and play the Seahawks in Seattle.
Please, win today so you don't have to play Seattle when I'm in Seattle. I can't deal with Seahawks fans during a normal game...
Watch: Jimmy Graham shows off his basketball skills with boxout and catch to set up Seahawks TD - The Seattle Times
Hey just post up on the goal line. Cool?. Cool. 😳
Seattle Seahawks- Inconsistent offense. This team has looked pretty bad on offense this season, not enough playmakers, scary o line.
I would rather play the giants at home then play the Seahawks in Seattle. So this game is important for both teams.
While Giants are the better team, nobody ever wants to go into Seattle in the playoffs. Don't see Seahawks losing at home
The hold on to beat the 25-22. . If ATL holds on, Seattle is the 3-seed and will host the loser of tonig…
Seahawks wrap up regular season with 25-23 win over 49ers: With his game still in doubt, Seattle coach Pete Carroll
how cool! I sometimes watch college football. 😊 Seattle Seahawks followed by the Saints. How about you? 😃
sports world reacts to Seahawks clinching No. 3 playoff seed with 25-23 win...
'Seattle Seahawks announce playoff tickets on sale'
SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 01: Thomas Rawls of the Seattle Seahawks scores on a one yard…
"That's cool."-Budda Baker on Nick Saban comparing Washington's secondary to the Seattle Seahawks
[NFL Nation: Seattle Seahawks] - Brandon Browner jabs Seahawks after loss to Cardinals
Wow i didn't know Ray Finkle was the Seahawks kicker.. — watching Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks clinch NFC West title? Offensive woes for the Los Angeles Rams? 6 Takeaways from
Seattle Seahawks clinch NFC West as Los Angeles Rams fall again
Classic *** Seattle Seahawks play. WHY would you need to fake a punt this late in the game and risk huge injury on a play like that?
Seattle runs a fake punt, up by 21, with 5 minutes left in the game. Stay classy
Punter laying dead on the ground. Announcer "and that's a Seattle first down."
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This is why I can't stomach the Seattle Seahawks as a franchise. Mainly Pete Carroll your up 21 and you run a fake punt LMAO smh
Dude lmao this Seattle Seahawks punter is one hel of a gok
Seattle Seahawks to take the field looking like the Riddler
The Seattle Seahawks are wearing the craziest NFL ‘Color Rush’ uniforms yet
Seattle Seahawks punter is so weak for dropping that *** ball the way he did😂😂
Seattle Seahawks punter just made the best gif in the history of the net
This game. Goff dead for no reason, now the Seattle punter hurt for no reason. *** is going on? .
Why do the Seattle Seahawks look like a Doublemint commercial
Honestly I have admit, I would wear the Thursday nigh jersey of the Seattle Seahawks.
Someone must think the Seattle Seahawks are pretty important. . They highlighted the whole team.
When you realize your feed is heavily Seattle and former-Seattle-ites until there's a Seahawks game and you're not nine hrs ahead.
How do the Seattle Seahawks get away with so much holding and helmet to helmet hits? Especially on prime time?
Seattle sports teams show support for the Sounders.
You could see the Seattle Seahawks players from space with that neon on 💚
Rams No. 1 pick Jared Goff has gone to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion.
Finals week is the Seattle Seahawks color rush uniform of college
Those Seattle uniforms are a . if you don't want me to watch Keep using uniforms
The Seattle Seahawks look like they're radioactive.
How about the Green Glow in Seattle? Wicked cool.
I am seriously trying NOT to opennAfter Effects and overlay a Seattle area Doppler map over the Seahawks unis.
Another offsides for 3rd and 11 now. Seattle's 12th penalty
I'm just not a *** *** Seattle bandwagon fan like all you others.
Watch the Seattle Seahawks' reaction to the Sounders' MLS Cup win | FOX Sports
Loss of Earl Thomas big hit to Seattle Seahawks' playoff plans - Southgate News Herald
Youve heard of the legion of doom, Seattle Seahawks being the legion of boom...this would be the legion of (Buggs B…
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, ” We are ready to bounce back”.
Cliff Avril quietly having one of the best seasons of his career: Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril……
Today I got to meet and draft Kaladesh with Seattle Seahawks player (and Magic player) Cassius Marsh. https:/…
📷 wizardsmagic: scumkitty: wizardsmagic: Seattle Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh had his Magic...
3 essential leadership lessons you can learn from the Seattle Seahawks. MindaZetlin Seahawks
📷 mtg-realm: Magic: the Gathering - Cassius Marsh  Seattle Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh had...
Seattle Seahawks went 4-0 against afc east. Does this mean they are 2016 AFC EAST champions?
if cards win all games til Seattle rematch and the Seahawks lose 1 won't the rematch be for 1st place
"Kam slammed the ball and went crazy." The last defensive play Sunday was also the last play at Friday's practice. https:…
The Latest Seattle Seahawks NFL news articles from around the web
Here are New England Patriots' snap counts from Week 10 loss to Seattle Seahawks
UPDATE: is STILL unstoppable. His THIRD TD of the night!
The seattle seahawks continue to get away with calls at the end of the game. I wonder if Pete Carroll is paying the refs as much as r bush.
Did refs get late call right in Seahawks' win over Patriots?
Seattle Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor rules in key moments
Seattle Seahawks make statement with win over Patriots
Wilson to Baldwin. Wilson to Baldwin. Wilson to Baldwin. They connect AGAIN. 🔥🔥🔥
Lost amid a great game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots was Pete Carroll's decision to forgo...
Watch the hole Blount would have had on that left side
SEAHAWKS WIN!. Seattle's defense holds off New England in the final seconds to hand Pats their 2nd loss at home this seas…
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Takeaways: Seahawks come up with signature win vs. Patriots via
WHAT. A. GAME. 😶. Seattle Seahawks hold off the Patriots 31-24.
Seattle Seahawks travel over 1,000 miles to Foxborough/Boston, Massachusetts East Coast and proved to the entire NFL that they defeated
Pete Carroll is gaining ground on ghost he's chasing
Love Doug Pederson. Just went through a whole press conference with him with Seahawks game looming. And none of his answers were "Seattle."
Seattle Seahawks fans might be the worst fans in sports after last night
Good morning, We've landed safely in Seattle 🛬.
Little fact about Pete carol Seattle Seahawks coach. He chews on *** till the game ends
It's Halloween &I'm at a Longhorn 🏈 presser &I'm hoping a player will be in costume like Seattle Seahawks cornerbac…
Tanner McEvoy Doing it all for Seattle Seahawks.. Juco- Arizona Western college
Jimmy Graham returns to New Orleans with the Seattle Seahawks: Tight end Jimmy Graham makes...
10 points to Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman for dressing up as Harry Potter during a press conference:
Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman dresses like confirms Quidditch is harder than football:
“…make like the Seattle Seahawks and just lose the big game.” . Harsh, Paul!
A game for the memory vault. Oct. 23. Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals. A 6-6 tie after OT and short kick misses. SMH
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For the first time in the history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise-- a game ends in a tie.
How's the headline going to read in The "Arizona Cardinals Don't Lose to the Seattle Seahawks, of King Co…
[NFL Nation: Seattle Seahawks] Seahawks' challenge will be to slow down Cardinals RB David Johnson
Seattle Seahawks rookie Alex Collins was a former BALLER.
Seattle Seahawks capable of beating any team in the NFL. Found themselves a legit RB post Lynch Era. The Former Cowboy Christine Michael.
Steven Hauschka's 44 Yard Field Goal in the 4th gives the Seattle Seahawks a 26-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons.
Predict that the Arizona Cardinals will survive on Sunday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks by the score 34-31.
Seattle Seahawks rally to defeat the Atlanta Falcons: Score, recap and stats -
Jordan Tripp has been signed from the Seattle Seahawks practice squad.
Let's go Hawks!!! — watching San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks
Dr. Harry Edwards tells us how Seattle Seahawks decided on their team protest:
Wow— this is a must-watch. Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman addresses police killings of African American men at presse…
Kasen Williams has been signed to the Seattle Seahawks practice squad.
What I love most about achieving whatever I've achieved is that the Seattle Seahawks follow me
BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles Rams have ended a 22-year losing streak with today's win over the Seattle Seahawks. http…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Twenty things we learned in the Miami Dolphins' 12-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks - Su…" via App:
Get a summary of the Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks football game via App
Ray McDonald and Chris Cook of the San Francsico 49ers, Tony McDaniel and Kevin Williams of the Seattle Seahawks,
"Five keys for the Miami Dolphins against the Seattle Seahawks - Sun Sentinel" via App:
Seattle Seahawks' Doug Baldwin announces 'our team will honor the country and flag'
Wonder what Seattle Seahawks gonna do Sunday as far as the National Anthem...
protest matters. And so do black lives.
If the Seattle Seahawks want to ban the National Anthem on 9-11 by not standing, I say ban the Seakhawks by not watching/attending.
Screw you Seattle Seahawks! it' just unreal, you are not being paid to protest, you are being paid to play.
The Seahawks are planning a pregame "demonstration of unity" prior to their Week 1 game vs. Miami:
Oohhh can't wait until Sunday.if the whole Seattle Seahawks team takes a knee.the racists are gonna be on 10
The Seattle Seahawks could easily protest and kneel during the National Anthem, but Pete Carroll would probably call a…
Which do you love more... Your country or professional football?. Boycott
Seattle Seahawks consider team-wide National Anthem protest at NFL opener
Entire Seattle Seahawks Team To Protest National Anthem on 9/11..this is totally unbelievable, unpatriotic, disgraceful esp…
Dear Seattle Seahawks = last straw. I don't need u any more. is better.
COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD OF OUR I love you so hard.
If they want to sit, let 'em sit in locker room. Seahawks team may SIT during Anthem on 9/11!
The Seattle Seahawks may join Colin Kaepernick in protesting the National Anthem.
Competition is more than a word in Seattle, it’s a lifestyle. . Welcome to life as a Seahawk on the https…
Are you sick of the anti-American cesspool that is the Well, here's another reason...
The Seattle Seahawks will become the 1st NFL team to join protest during the National Anthem Sunday.
they also dissed a MG ( hometown Seattle) who led the 1st CAV in Iran. I think I'll pass on them.
Seattle Seahawks plan to show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick on 9/11. I hope they get their *** handed to them.
Please stay home if you have plans to see Seatle this weekend
🇺🇸 The Seattle Seahawks may protest the National Anthem. 🇺🇸 As a team. 🇺🇸 On the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
Insider: Marshawn Lynch's football future in the news on huge NFL showcase night. Again.
Seahawks sitting during the National Anthem? Folks I haven't seen a Seattle protest like this since Temple of the Dog did…
The entire Seattle Seahawks team is planning a sit down of the National Anthem. Let them know how you feel .
plan some sort of National Anthem protest on Sunday
Little Giant Ladders
The entire Seattle Seahawks team will protest the National Anthem at opening game
Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins: National media has Hawks at...
Rochester, Minnesota native Marcus Sherels helps put away the Seattle Seahawks with a pick 6 for the Minnesota...
RB Cameron Marshall has been waived by the Seattle Seahawks.
Nice sponsorship by Windermere R E with Seattle Seahawks to 'tackle' homelessness:
RG Alvin Bailey was acquired from the Seattle Seahawks. He started games there as well.
Nate Boyer, you are a true inspiration! From being a green beret to playing for Seattle Seahawks! Glen and I had fun
Apparently the Seattle Seahawks have a petition calling for a replay of Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots. Should've run it
From the Mustangs.. To Carver middle school .. To BTW high school.. To K-State.. To the Seattle Seahawks!! God you are so…
Former NBA player Nate Robinson had a tryout today with the Seattle Seahawks. (via
3x NBA Dunk champion Nate Robinson is trying out for the Seattle Seahawks 👀
Nate Robinson has a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks today. Robinson is working out as a cornerback.
I'll go first! My name is Liz, I'm from a town called Warrington in the North West and my team is the Seattle Seahawks!
If the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl I will kill myself
what's up wit skittles, did he sign a new contract?? Seattle Seahawks for super bowl next year 😎
The Warriors are the Seattle Seahawks of the NBA. Gassed but still good, great coach. Steph is Russell Wilson
Big Homie Kyle Coleman just signed w/the Seattle Seahawks 😈💯🙏💸
congrats to Kyle Coleman, formerly of Arkansas State, LB who is now a part of the Seattle Seahawks! Just picked up as UDFA
Kam Chancellor signs contract extension with Seattle Seahawks
Trevone Boykin (jersey swap to the Seattle Seahawks. -. Design/effects done by (IG)
We are SO excited to have Justin Britt from the Seattle Seahawks coaching Football Camp at the Arlington Boys &...
I do, but I'm a Sound Transit fan for life the way I am the Seattle Seahawks!
Michael Bennett: Pete Carroll ‘understands the black athlete': Seattle Seahawks defensive line...
Every weekday morning, we'll round up local and national Seattle Seahawks-related links. Accordin...
Pete Carroll has already called a "real prize" for the Seattle Seahawks after his mini camp debut
Do you agree that the Seattle Seahawks are having a good off-season?
Warren Moon maybe a hall of famer but geez he is a Seattle Seahawks homer.
. alum Chad West (Cincinnati Offensive lineman) has signed a free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks.
With the No. 171 pick, the Seattle Seahawks select RB Alex Collins out of Arkansas
oh it is, but i turned heel at Super Bowl 49 because I didn't want to say "Back to back super bowl champ, the Seattle Seahawks"
Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets the latest teams to show interest in 'The Gannon Cannon' QB Liam Nadler.
Seattle Seahawks have odd tie to Josh Norman - 247Sports
BREAKING: CB Josh Norman has signed with the Seattle Seahawks
Oakland Raiders rebuild nearing completion after following blueprint of Seattle Seahawks - Silver and Black Pri...
Seattle Seahawks beaded bangle. The beads may move around the bangle at times (Shown below) :*...
Five players officially sign with Seattle Seahawks - 247Sports
Seattle Seahawks led by the the blocking wonder Jimmy Graham
Kazim Richards looks like a safety/corner bsck who's about to get drafted to the Seattle Seahawks in the nfl draft
Derrick Henry has met with Seattle Seahawks, others...
NFC Championship Game tonight! Winner goes to the . Seattle Seahawks (15-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16-0)
Seahawks re-sign Mike Morgan: The Seattle Seahawks announced on Saturday they've re-signed linebacker Mike Mor...
Seattle Seahawks prove its better to be lucky than good - and the rest of the ... -
Report: Walter Thurmond thinking about retiring: ...five years of his career with the Seattle Seahawks and New...
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has proposed to Ciara and she is now flaunting her big fat rock...
As a nurse, seeing sports injures always makes me cringe. Shoutout to these folks who also save lives.
[Sportspress Northwest] Seahawks agree to terms with DT Ahtyba Rubin
Seattle's Ricardo Lockette says trainers saved him from dying on the field via
Still not done with the 2015 season yet. For - Seahawks Season in Review:
What they're saying about the Seahawks: On Donald Penn, Brandon Mebane and more.
Russell Wilson's tribute to Peyton Manning is all class, which is no surprise, because so is https…
FieldGulls: Seahawks free agency tracker 2016: Tracking news and rumors about Seattle's free agents and target...
in 1997: 21 years after starring at returned to Seattle. . READ [
Mostly quiet for Seahawks as 'legal tampering' free agent period begins, b...
I feel like he should go to the but I'd like him in
Seahawks reach agreement with DT Ahtyba Rubin to three-year deal
The ONLY Seattle Seahawks DB that is better than the system he plays in is Earl Thomas. All the rest are System guys.
Feb 7 (The Sports Xchange) - Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may be getting closer to announcing his retire…
Seahawks free agency cheat sheet: Ten players who look like potential fits.
Comparing Thomas Rawls to other out-of-nowhere running backs, via …
Seahawks bolster their defense by retaining one of their own
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jermaine Kearse unlikely to return to Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks working on an extension for Pete Carroll
Seahawks, Pete Carroll working on contract extension: Report: Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll are...
1/2. Washington state taxpayers paid 3/4ths the cost of the Seattle Seahawks stadium for which billionaire & Seahawks owner, Paul Allen, pays
Pete Carroll, Head Coach of Seattle Seahawks, questions coaches and parents who single children into one sport.
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll discusses why failure is an important part of success.&-- This feed and its contents are
Report: Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson plans to become a free agent: Seattle Seahawks quarterba...
Seattle Seahawks say goodbye to Marshawn Lynch with BeastMode video via FoxSports go Seahawks,Jerry
This is OSU, what did Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll say about recruiting at USC? Why multiple sports?
Take over the city and pick up some gear! Richard Sherman of Seattle Seahawks and Navarro Bowman…
Aaron, mark my word, the Seattle Seahawks will not even make the playoffs in 2017 with Pete Carroll as their coach.
Seattle Seahawks calling Cam Newton classless are probably the same fans who threw stuff at Navarro Bowman when he was carted…
Lisa at last night's Grid Iron Gala with local celeb Luke Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. Nice haircut Luke!
"Seattle Seahawks on Instagram: “to former Seattle Supersonics and ..." via
Earl Thomas bowing out of Pro Bowl - Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas will not play in the Pro Bow...
So is Marshawn Lynch the LaMarcus Aldridge of the Seattle Seahawks?
Chip Kelly succeeding as the 49ers head coach is the best thing for the Seattle Seahawks / 49ers rivalry. Do it.
A Minnesota Vikings fan thought the Seattle Seahawks win was lucky. Colin Cowherd DESTROYS him.
2015 Seattle Seahawks best team, Russell Wilson passing game : The MMQB with Peter King
American Football expert and Seattle Seahawks supporter for the next 5 hours
Seattle Seahawks rule out Marshawn Lynch for Sunday's playoff game at ... - The Seattle Times
Michael Bennett manages to compare Seattle Seahawks season to a pregnant woman via
2016 Seattle Seahawks home and away opponents determined - via App
Here's the latest on what the Arizona Cardinals will be facing against the Seattle Seahawks.
Rookie receivers have rough time of it in Week 16: Thomas Rawls, Seattle Seahawks (156): He's on IR ...
Todd Gurley of the St. Louis Rams rushes against Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks. (Getty)http…
Coming in Early March, we will be holding a half day training at Century Link Field, Home of the Seattle Seahawks...
I'm selling '2014 Score Richard Sherman H100 Seattle Seahawks (5035)' Click to see
Marshawn Lynch won't practice this week, according to Seattle Seahawks coach ...
>> TV channel and time information for Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle Seahawks
CLE Plain Dealer: Getting to know the Seattle Seahawks: Cleveland Browns next opponent
Vtg NFL Seattle Seahawks crew neck sweatshirt. Seahawks are on FIRE! Get this DOPE fit for your fam this...
Seattle Seahawks re-sign a former Philadelphia Eagles player
Report: Seattle Seahawks to re-sign RB Bryce Brown - 247Sports: Report: Seattle Seahawks to re-...
I am rooting for the Seattle Seahawks from Japan. Please bring back the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Seattle. It is my pleasure.
I got a Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.
State of the Seattle Seahawks offense after the Jimmy Graham injury: via
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has taken a public vow of celibacy. Will it help him on the field? Broadway Joe says no.
. Miesha having to fight Bethe is like making the Seattle Seahawks play a Canadian Football League team
Greg Cosell's Film Review: Russell Wilson when he's at his best: . When you break down the Seattle Seahawks at ...
RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked this week whether he's tempted to have cornerba...
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on Patrick Lewis’ improvement, injuries and more...
Watch: Tyler Lockett with two scores as Seattle Seahawks take early lead over ... - The Seattle Times
2015 NFL Football Trivia, From 1976 to 1980 , who was the only member of the Seattle Seahawks to start every regular game ?
>> Jim Tomsula Comments on 49ers Performance in 29-13 Loss to Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll: “This season is this week” 38
Seattle Seahawks' offensive game plan never got a chance to unfold in loss to ... | Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks can’t have it both ways after loss to Arizona Car - Raising Zona
A player for the Seattle Seahawks was leaving the hospital last week, following surgery for an on-field injury he...
How the Seattle Seahawks run their Social and Digital Media:
Midseason Report Card for the Seattle Seahawks so-called pedestrian receivers - Seattle - Scout
Your weekly reminder that Tarvaris Jackson was Captain of the 2011 Seattle Seahawks.
Pete Carroll’s failures: How losing has defined winning for the Seattle Seahawks coach | The Seattle Times
Seattle Seahawks offensive line had best game, but it&far from fixed
Seattle Seahawks offensive line had best game, but it's far from fixed
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll faces another of his former...
He said / she said: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys — The Hit Job |
I am also trying to fulfill my daddy's bucket wish list of wanting to meet Russell Wilson n Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks.
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