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Seasons Greetings

The Christmas season, also called the holiday season or simply the holidays in the United States and Canada, is an annual festive period that surrounds Christmas and various other holidays.

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Happy New Year Best Wishes Christmas Eve Happy Christmas Helmand Province

Damnit now with the tour cancelled none of us need to buy tickets and just next year's seasons greetings
Reflect j and awesomewoon coming out with seasons greetings sobs
Seasons Greetings from all of us at Soul Digital.
Season`s Greetings, postage stamp 3472 from United States
Seasons greetings preordering is starting
I'm still selling my photocard and unopened stickers from Seasons Greetings. If anyone is interested.
gave me the approval to open for their Seasons Greetings! Be on the lookout for details 👀💦
Halfway thru the book of Forever Holiday stamps I bought by accident last November. Seasons Greetings! It's...Kamehameha Day in Hawaii soon.
Oh and the fourth song on "The Wheel of 4 Tunes" is a Christmas song. Seasons Greetings!
Seasons Greetings from Miss Madison and all of us here at World Dairy Expo!
Seasons Greetings from ANNO DOMINI Gallery. May all your days be Merry & Bright!
Seasons Greetings! We wish you all a wonderful holiday! . ~Rainbow Valley Elementary School
Seasons Greetings from the New Mexico Museum of Art. Our holiday schedule - open 24 Dec 10-noon. closed 25 and 26...
Seasons Greetings from Blank Park Zoo. May all your days be merry this holiday as you celebrate w/ family & friends!.
I take 2 buses as well, Cannon and Upper James. I've seen mostly Seasons Greetings, but Merry Christmas has appeared on a few
Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from The College of Sound Healing!
Seasons Greetings from the gentlemen of 1150 College @ Phi Kappa Tau
To all the lovely people celebrating Eid today, our heartiest wishes and seasons greetings
Seasons greetings to all my Muslim friends😃
Seasons greetings from the GTR & Z Club of South Africa . Merry Xmas
I write about the vanishing culture of sending Eid cards:Over the years, customers have managed to tread the path...
vintage Christmas holly 12 SEASONS GREETINGS by pureblisscottage via
Seasons Greetings to all our Muslim friends and family.
Eid cards remain a whisper of the past
My undies say "seasons greetings" on them and it keeps making me laugh because it's July. 👌🏼👌🏼
everyone! Seasons greetings to everyone celebrating today!.
Season’s greetings: Eid cards remain a whisper of the past Details:
We know it's only July, but if your BBQ loves like we do you won't be able to resist shouting "Seasons greetings!" to it.
Tune into NJTV tonight to see a special rebroadcast of Seasons Greetings from Asbury Park!
I'm not Muslim but seasons greetings from a non practicing Christian. Differences Don't matter!
for your seasons greetings. Fourth of July by little hurricane ♫
Seasons Greetings! We took this band family photo right around Christmas time... It couldn't…
it was either that or 'Seasons Greetings' by Alan Ayckbourn...
Gary Richards - Seasons Greetings: see more. Merry Christmas to you.
Seasons Greetings to the men & women of the US armed forces serving at home and abroad
Seasons Greetings from Mr and Mrs Walker in the celestial Rovers Return Inn
Seasons Greetings from Frost in Highland Park! Have a great Christmas Eve!
Seasons Greetings to all the Lord Mayors followers - I wish you all a peaceful and Happy Christmas 🎄👼🎅🏻
Seasons Greetings from all the staff at Port Moody Fire Rescue. Stay safe this holiday season .
Seasons Greetings to all our Guardians, clients and friends and Best Wishes for 2016!
Seasons Greetings! Make a date for our New Year talk: Meteor Detection using 2m Amateur Radio on Tuesday 5th January, by Peter Meadows M0ZBU
On occasion of Christmas Day celebrations we will close 24th Dec 2015, work resumes 27th Dec. Wishing you Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays
VIDEO: Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings from the Prince George's Economic Development Corporation. We thank you...
Seasons Greetings to all our family, friends and great customers. . This photo was taken while Mrs. Wright and...
NPT - PCSO Birch on patrol in Clydach offering Crime Prevention advice. Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings to you! This cool angel/preschool teacher follows you. Hint hint pls ;)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
NEWS! We've FOUR x new greetings cards sizes online for you! Ideal for forthcoming seasons
FYI 'greets' is Scots for 'cries' (also used for lovely Seasons Greetings pun in Burst Noel by
at least seasons greetings is releasing in December so I hope the pre-release is like early December. Gives us enough time
😪 I don't have money for seasons greetings. Ugh WWIC should have been released in the summer when we had nothing to spend on
And to think that there'll be JP single out soon, then Christmas album & then 2016 Seasons Greetings. 💸
Jinwoo uses a $286.15 phone case 👀👀 umm child can you lend me some money to buy your seasons greetings DVD!!!
and Best Wishes for a happy and Shubho from
We thank all the viewers for liking our page and wish them Greetings for the Seasons for 2015- Thank you once again
GET SEASONS GREETINGS FIRST!!! I'm not getting wwic yet bc I rather get the album + seasons greetings first!!!
3 dvds in the space of 3 days.crazy. but I'm more curious about what content is on the seasons greetings dvd
Cece and I : hate when ppl stare. Cece: like seasons greetings atp . me: Happy Holidays
We came across this spooky little Kickstarter project and thought some of you might find it interesting. Once... https:/…
Tempted to sell my seasons greetings sla sa and summer packages. I already have the scans and soft copy or everything else hmm
I learned with bad ways that I should have bought Vixx's Seasons greetings T-T . 0 organization in my life
Seasons Greetings - Kitten by on Prints, Cards, Home Decor and More at -
Get your iPhone insurance today!
[TRANS] WINNER Official 2016 Seasons Greetings calendar will be on sale 12/16!
going to find a job tomorrow so that. I am afford the *** ikon seasons greetings
Also i see stuff for their seasons greetings so i guess there goes more of my money again
. Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you and to yours. May you have A safe and happy Holiday Season!
Greetings from sweden. Thx for the first 10 seasons. Just what i needed to rewatch the whole thing again.
FIFA's gift to 2022 WC in Qatar :- Seasons Greetings. We all knew it was coming.
Seasons Greetings from everyone at 2gether. Remember to keep warm and well. Read our winter top tips, here:
I did indeed & I've the following view to prove it (that's a skyscraper lit up in "Seasons Greetings" to left)
Sepp, I didn't know what to get you for Christmas in 2022, so I just put some cash in a card. Seasons Greetings, Qatar
Seasons Greetings to all our followers
I don't want feb to end because I'm not ready for a month of yoongi's face on my seasons' greetings
Whole tlp pack and seasons greetings all look like that
[Video] Check out Seasons Greetings Shooting with Eng Subs. and see how boys were cutely playing around ^__^.
Father came today, on his sleigh. Seasons Greetings!
best line: "those who want to replace 'Merry Christmas' with 'Happy Holidays' or 'seasons greetings'...*whatever that means*"
No, I want 450 million dollars! Don't budget the ole Korean guy! He is stuck on stupid now. Seasons greetings for the marines and navy.
Just got my seasons greetings today with the babe, not sure if to use the items tho..
Incluiding the seasons greetings 2015 but i don't have a picture yet
Seasons greetings from the awesome and her sweet candy stick! 22nd December update
Seasons Greetings from the Ghost of "The Defiled" past!!!.
i didnt get seasons greetings xDD try jamie,i think she bought it.
hi Sir, seasons Greetings & Best Wishes for a fantastic new year & new horizons ahead
I had enough money for seasons greetings + now2 but not enough for shipping so i only got now2 i'll get seasons greetings later heheh
My mom wants me to start selling things online if I sell exology/seasons greetings will you be interested ooo
Seasons greetings from the zaughty boy family :) 👌 🎅 2015!!! htt…
Just want to wish everyone a Bless and Safe Holiday Season. May u truly KNOW that Jesus is the Reason for the Season but ENJOY your Family Time, Gifts and Text Messages or Phone Calls. I Thank you Lord for the Ferrell Family, Pinson Family, Sister-in-law ( Sweetas Honey) and her Family, Cardwell Family, Spotsville, Louisiana Family, California Family, York, Shelton, FB Friends/ Family, Lady Angela E. Jasper / Church Families and any other family members I might have missed. MUCH LOVE ALWAYS. Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings from all at The Kobal Collection (and Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet too!)
Seasons Greetings to all our visitors old and new. We look forward to seeing you all in Eat heartily and train hard!!
Good Lord! At a stroke cutting contact with many relatives. Might only need another coin in the meter? Seasons Greetings!
Seasons Greetings from the vice chancellor.
Seasons Greetings to all who make Mr. Dennehy's your favorite Irish Pub & Restaurant in Greenwich Village.
Seasons Greetings from the Oneida Nation. Watch our holiday video now:
The Vice-Chancellor Prof. George Magoha has sent Seasons Greetings to all students and members of staff.
Turns out the noise from my room last night was mating cockroaches. About to spend next 24 hours on a hot, cramped train. Seasons Greetings.
Seasons Greetings from the cast of A Christmas Carol at The Show Palace!
Soon to be moved here: Good video: Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas ...
Seasons Greetings from the Middleville Fire Department. We have some great upcoming events you're not going to want to miss. Friday night, December 19th, Santa arrives in Middleville on Engine 120. He will be making his rounds throughout the village starting from the firehouse at 6. Listen for the Christmas music and you'll know he's on his way...or better yet, meet him anywhere along his route. We will start going up North Main St. to Huyck Ave, then back down North Main St. to Park Ave and Reservoir Road. After that, we will travel up Fairfield St. to the village line and turn around. Next we will come back down Fairfield St. and turn onto South Main St. and go all the way up to the old school. We will then travel to Herkimer St. and Kanata St. and then end up back at the firehouse. Sunday, December 21st, come to the firehouse for an all you can eat Pancake breakfast with Santa. $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for kids, 5 and under eat free. Breakfast includes all you can eat pancakes, eggs, sausage, ha ...
Seasons Greetings, thank you for the support shown for our new online store!! A massive thank you to Ulamila Williams, Meresimani Swann, Joeli Naivalarua & Linda Valevou for all completing their orders. The consignment is still on course to arrive in the UK on 21st of December. Current location is the Suez Canal so currently everything is as per scheduled.
Fantastic Friday morning my friends! Only 13 more days to go! Seasons Greetings!!! . Zan ;)
Wishing you the warmest of seasons greetings, with love from
Seasons greetings back to you... Daughter will be home tomorrow- last exam is today. Hope all is well with your family!
Seasons Greetings from Feel free to share or use our holiday cards during this festive...
Seasons Greetings from The Pedantic Punctuator Thank you everyone who has supported me this year. ht…
Seasons Greetings from Spices Negril. Come to our Costumer Appreciation Party Sunday 12.21.14. 6pm-12pm. Complimentary buffet with Karaoke and DJ.
Seasons Greetings from Spices Negril! You're Invited to our Complimentary *** .. -
Are the stockings all hung by the chimney with care?:
Seasons greetings Nigeria press 1 to copy this tone
Hi Liz thank you for your blog wonderful to meet you! Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings from us..Apologise for the dodgy acting from Mark...his daughter was the star.
Seasons greetings from Gala's Organic Kitchen! There are a few yummy events coming up and you can purchase christmas gift vouchers too!
- Good one - I have some of these I'll need to dig out. Seasons greetings.
I do love a bit of cheese (unusual for beavers I know) and you can't get much cheesier than our festive vid, enjoy and seasons greetings!
Seasons greetings! We come bearing gifts of laughter, music and mince pies. The festivities begin at 7pm THIS...
Pick up 12 months for 10 on VideoScribe this
To all my fb family&friends.. The seasons greetings brings.. LOVE.. PEACE.. amongest everyone..
Seasons Greetings from - even your conductors agree your service is dire. Shame on you
[08:43, 12/12/2014] JAL: share - Title:CHRIS SPARKLYN'S MOTIVATIONS,Content:MIND NOT THE CRITICS (1st edition ) You don't get worried by the rainfall when you know the roof doesn't leak. Don't be like a man who watches his face in the mirror yet doesn't know how he looks. Why do you want to doubt yourself simply because someone said "jack" about you? You don't expect a blind man to tell you how bright is the light or how fresh the roses are. How sorrowful and tragic it is when a man that sees allows himself to be lead by the blind. Criticism is not an evidence of wrong doing, ironically, it is the manifestation of good works. Surprisingly, negative or bad things cannot be criticised because it is already justified. Criticism is an act of arithmetic, it is only meant for hard and tough figures, so if your deeds are not uncommon to the extent that it is doubted and questioned, then you haven't come yet to the place of envy, for the place of envy is the place of success and the place of success is the place ...
thanks for the follow Rayan, happy Friday and seasons greetings
Cheers & Seasons Greetings - as music lover u might like: my 2 yo granddaughter is dancing & singing to Pink Floyd - job done 👍
hi P where can I buy your delic plum pudding in Cork City ??? Seasons Greetings
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
If our festive vid doesn't get you in the mood for the holidays we don't think anything will, seasons greetings
Good morning everyone. I hope y'all have a wonderful blessed and productive day today. Its Friday and Christmas is almost here so be careful on d black carpet. Seasons greetings to u all.
The best e-mail address for us is infoWe are not in the office all the time but please feel free to call 07971 409977 at any time for a faster response. Very Best Wishes and seasons greetings.
Seasons Greetings everyone!. Because the 4th Wednesday of December falls on Christmas Eve, we are moving the...
A warm welcome and huge thank you to all our lovely new followers. Seasons greetings everyone!
Hope this gets you into the xmas spirit . SEASONS GREETINGS
Seasons Greetings from the staff of the International Office
I expect you got less than crippling views?!. Seasons Greetings and all that.
Seasons Greetings to the staff in the Children's A & E's
Seasons greetings from us at eoeleadership! Check out the festive office Christmas 'Leader-Tree'. http:/…
Congrats on your award !!! Seasons greetings thanks 4 the follow x
Seasons greetings comrades.its that time again of the year again..., the christmas TV ads have started airing,we have just finished touring for the year with a sold out 24 date UK tour and 4 wonderful dates in Germany, so naturally I have been asked (reminded to re-post THIS post actually) by the fund raising committee asking 'can I put a 'special' 'UB40 Christmas handwritten lyric package' together consisting of A) The lyric of your choice, B) The corresponding music score written out on manuscript and C) An autographed publicity shot of the band... 3 pieces in total.' We have priced this at £100 + £5:00 P+P (unframed) .They look great in a mount & frame, I've seen an example already, a very rare one off piece of UB40 memorabilia...every commission is bespoke, handmade and therefore 100% unique) If this is something that appeals to anyone or sounds like a great present for a loved one then drop me a private message on this page, to be sure of delivery in time for christmas order early, its a lot of wo ...
Hmmm. What a group, keep it up and don't stray far from the reason it was created. Like King Kypher said there should be a reason. I am happy for you all and the story you will live to tell. Seasons greetings my dear friend OREM. faithfully,
Seasons greetings from Northern California! Gonna rest up here a bit, ride my motorcycle and write…
On two wheels or four, two legs or more, this Christmas, we move London. Seasons greetings from plse RT
Seasons Greetings To You and Yours! From all of us at OutofDbox Project Consult.
Seasons Greetings...wishing you a happy fireside read.
Create your own Season's Greetings video in 10 steps by via
To all my very special clients. I just want to thank you for such amazing support during the last 6 months. Its been a learning and life changing experience.To all of you, Merry Chistmas and Seasons Greetings, I hope your New Year is blessed with Peace, Goodwill, health and tolerance towards all. Love and Light xxx
A new Friday Blog features and season’s greetings!
This is my Seasons Greetings to all my Fb friends specially for this Christmas 2014. God has a great plan for you and I to fulfill in this world. This harmonica clip is my composition from my Christmas Album "Joy to the World" Orchestration Lijo Mathew.
Good morning & seasons greetings, from a damp but warmish (8) Hertford !
ITS FRIDAY! and only 13 DAYS till XMAS! I hope everyone has got their gifts sorted and plans made to spend the days with great people and wonderful food! Don't forget we have SPECIAL RATE Xmas Vouchers with an Amazing discount swing by and pick up yours for that special someone! Today at Black Tide Studio we have in Ben 0900-1600 Karl 1200- 1700 Seasons Greetings and Warm Wishes from everyone here at Black Tide Studio
Seasons greetings to everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, Mindchamps Reading & Writing @ OneKM would like to join in the festivities by giving you the chance to participate in a 'Sure Win Cash'* Lucky Draw ! *Terms and Conditions apply To find out more, do drop by our centre at 11 Tanjong Katong , 437157 We look forward to seeing you soon! Have a nice day !
Seasons Greetings and thanks for your business! . Sincerely, Heidi Fleiss. .
HAPPY DECEMBER 2014! May your December be filled with grace, joy, favour and blessings. May you enjoy the best of God this season, and may your December be merry and bright in Jesus name Amen. Seasons Greetings to you! Harcourt
Seasons Greetings from your friends at Rogers TV St. John's! 🎄
"Seasons Greetings from the Irish Republican Army" flashed on electronic board in famous Times Square, New York City
8Ball - Seasons Greetings, Everyone. Boy o' boy do we have a special holiday treat for you! Fellow...
Many thanks and Seasons greetings to you and yours.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
[WTS/LFB] Pre-Loved EXO Stuffs ALL ARE IN MINT CONDITION, NEVER BEEN USED EXO 2014 SEASONS GREETINGS - 1700php EXO 2013 Seasons Greetings Desk Calendar 'It's Showtime' Global Ver. - 900php KRIS FANMADE PHOTOBOOK - 400php Meetups at SM Megamall at weekdays only around 5pm Items can be shipped as long you handle the fee. PM me at or mention me
Seasons greetings to all my friends, am back for real.
Hi All. Seasons greetings from your Open Morris Area Rep. Sorry I haven't been in touch for some time. Please...
Hey it's about that time of year where I contemplate jumping off the third floor of the 900 building again!! Seasons greetings!
Plan almost materialize for the weekend gurneybdrive char kuey teaw and prawn mee . tanjung tokong banana fritters . with magnum gold ice cream. next where to materialize my list of Santa Clauses for Seasons greetings
Goodie from the archives:: Season's Greetings from LL World Tour
Seasons greetings was the number 1 and only thing on my secret Santa wish list
Hi Howard, seasons greetings. The commissioner did the right thing today and I'm just gratefull that he acted so quickly.
Wow, that's almost like being bent out of shape because someone says Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.
Seasons greetings young doran . Soon to have a Barnett like the old mans . Or am I your old man ??
“Seasons greetings from opium country. & I in poppy fields Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Why not send that wedding IV, Naming ceremony IV, adverts, seasons greetings to clients/customers, Sallah...
A quick reminder that you can buy a set of these Four Seasons Fairies as greetings cards in my Folksy shop here...
Seasons greetings from opium country. and I in the poppy fields of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
From our family to yours: Seasons Greetings!. lukeedgemon
Create your own holiday cards! *FREE* high-res images on Seasons Greetings board
Summer seasons greetings. Sani Resort is officially opened.
Hey friends! Start ur Christmas Eve the right way w/on seasons greetings!!!
Seasons Greetings: Download the Seasons Greetings app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android devices from th...
Those lucky people that got CNBLUE's seasons greetings wah
seasons greetings Bert have a good'en mate ! See u soon
Seasons greetings from Grizzly Bear is the funniest thing I've ever seen to this day.
*send this as our Seasons greetings card*
sending you seasons greetings from the Midwest👍 how are you?
Seasons greetings from our family to yours
omg i got my bigbang seasons greetings in the mail. (BREATHS HEAVILY) ITS SO BEAUTIFUL
what if Kim and Kanye had 3 more kids so their Christmas card would turn out "seasons greetings love Kim Kanye north south east & west west"
.there is a bus driving around flashing "Seasons Greetings". Give that driver a raise.
Seasons greetings from the activists of the world.we aren't going any where.but you will be we hope you enjoy the ride.
Seasons greetings and welcome back. enjoy as we celebrate the upcoming release of Dec31st …
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I don't know where I'd be without my kids. They're the world to me, seasons greetings, everyone!
RU admire your program is great art is great art and many greetings from Argentina! we will find many more seasons!
WREHOA quick updates: - Fence repair along 468: Insurance finally cut the check, contractor selected and work to begin soon. - Plow damage along Plantation is being reviewed by contractor and quote expected this week. - Flags (seasons greetings) will come down as soon as our volunteers schedules and mother nature align.
Seasons greetings to you by adding dollars to your confident sexuality and dignity through checking out what’s...
Happy Tibetan King Losar 2014 to you all. Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings!!!
Greetings blog; A place to find all sorts of seasons greetings, messages, wallpapers, SMS,ecards and a lot
Seasons greetings to all my friends and colleagues.
Liz Jones - just received your christmas card in the mail - so seasons greetings right back at you - smiles- feeling a bit 1850's
I'm taking bets on how long the "SEASONS GREETINGS" will stay up on the Pet Supermarket sign. Before or after we greet the season of spring?
A few of my paintings were published in 2001 in "Gatherings" which is a Queensland Government publication. Premier Beattie requested my "Happy Valley Brolgas" be used on his seasons greetings card and I agreed. Over 100 Queensland artists' were featured in the book so I was happy to be the one he selected.
Southern nights and northern lights Summer breeze with winters ice Soft warm whispers with piercing screams Slowly appearing as a ghost in the light English tea and Turkish delights Early blooms with autumn leaves Enveloping waves with receding flames Eventually showing as a shadow in the night Orbiting satellites and self centered men oppressive distancing with seasons greetings oddly quite thunders with forbearing lightning Occasionally smile as a stranger might 2:29 R Purves 25/2/14
Hey Peeps. Came across this funny Christmas Greeting and I just had to share it. Seasons Greetings to all my peeps. One Perfect Love!
I enjoyed writing, found a local artist bring to life in song.My oldest daughter playing her flute in Seasons Greetings
TO Bello Saidu and PPP. Seasons greetings to you guys. I appreciate your effort in keeping this house intact. I observe with keen interest for the past few months some people who think they either hold the key to this forum or are the most intelligent now dump issues of national interest to discuss issues of no importance. They formed a group nd only members will be discussing the topics. They don't recognise other persons posts or comments no matter important they may be. One of them will just post,'am broke' and you will see 54 coments and 30 likes. And if it were someone different who does not belong to the group wrote on for instance ' the state of insecurity in Adamawa' none of them will comment. They wll be busy discussing either love matters or things of less importance. And most of them parades themselves as ADMINS! Secondly, the posting of religious issue is posing a big threat to this group.Such post should be totally discourage. Anyone brought in anything that hs to do with religion be sanction ...
Christmas décor – some items are NWT and others have been used one season in my work office. Lot includes Lenox table cloth for a table that seats 6-8; burgundy damask table runner; set of 9 Santa placements; set of 4 plaid placemats; “Seasons Greetings” door rug; 3 boxes of ornaments; 2 handmade stuffed snowmen; 4 cookie/appetizer plates; various Santa and snowmen knick knacks. Entire lot for $30. All clean; no stains; smoke free home.
So I found a couple really cool old things at my house on John st. First I found a milk bottle from the "Highland Lake Farm" and then in my attic I found a seasons greetings booklet from the old Opera House from 1900-1901 with all the upcoming shows listed in great shape!
Seasons Greetings to another season of NASCAR. go Jimmie
Craft stickers £5 for 50 sheets I have valentines, Thankyou, Happy New Year, thinking of you, with love, wedding, numbers/ages, graduation, from both of us/all of us, sympathy, seasons greetings, Christmas, congratulations, birthday, patterns & pictures & mixed, ideal for card makers inbox if interested.
wow you know you have been away to long when you are getting seasons greetings at the end of Feb
Ok, so today I did reluctantly take down our "Seasons Greetings" Lights... Thinking about Mardi Gras, Lights, Easter Lights something...
Seasons greetings to all my pals.Ur season of success nd upliftment has *** All tins shall work 2wards dat goal.Say amen
Good times with the youth club putting on Seasons Greetings 1985
Eating birthday cake with my honey and my cat, up with my night owls wishing me seasons greetings. Luv y'all
Seasons greetings to you all. there is a brief discussion I wish we share together. . add odas and choose next weekend a date and time let's talk. refreshment is available too.
Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year! I'm moving my fitness posts to .Please follow for a mutual follow.
Seasons Greetings to all from and and Medicine!
Seasons Greetings to all from and Journal of Medical
Hello Runners/walkers, strollers of all ages 0-99+; SOLE Experience & the Muller Family is hosting the 6th annual New Year's Day 2,5,10k Generation Run We hope you can come! Stomping Grounds Cafe will be open for tasty sandwiches, breakfast and warm-ups pre/post run. We will be accepting donations and there is a sign-in & waiver release but NO REGISTRATION FEE!! Come enjoy a first of the year kick off to health, wellness & charity in Osprey Village Pitt Meadows. Sign in starts at 9:30am 6th annual Generation Run Start is at 10am SHARP! Donations over $10 will receive "the sock guy" Athletes In Kind/SOLE socks while they last. 100% of donations will go to "BCCCPA" the BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association C/O Athletes In Kind Share this with everyone and join us January 1st in the village!! Seasons Greetings, the Muller Family Eric, Reid, Elly, & Lorie
Seasons Greetings to all of you my family and extended family. As we continue to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we will be conducting Watch Night Services at Douglas Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 3659 Stanton-KoKo Road,Stanton, Tennessee 38019. The celebration will kick off on Tuesday, December 31,2013 at 10:00 P.M. The theme this year is "Ching Ching in 2014 Breaking The Chains". There will be testimonies, praying, singing, preaching, and straight blessing. Please come join us and let us worship together. Hope to see your face in the place.
As we gear up for 2014, I would like to say, 'Seasons Greetings' to all the members of the current administrations 'Club Fed' Enjoy you indictments 4 being members in good standing with the Unification Church--as Noriega II regimists, you have more than earned it. Oh, yeah & resolve 2 sober up, will you? 'District of Columbia' doesn't mean what u Panama Jack-groupies think it means.
Seasons Greetings! A winter wonderland along the Penobscot River in Old Town after the ice storm.
On this edition of CAC Radio, David and Morgan bring you the 2013 Seasons Greetings edition of CAC Radio. Our first guest is the President of the CAC, a WWE Hall of Famer, and former AWA world champion, the legend himself Nick Bockwinkel! Our second guest, Dan Kroffat is a Canadian wrestling lege...
Hi There to One and All, Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings! It is Wonderful to see all your posts and request, I was pleasantly surprised! Thank-You for being patient with my responses…you see although I have had a FB account I never really followed up on it, I guess i was too intimidated by the daunting prospect of wanting to respond to everybody out there and not having enough time to do it. Well I am long overdue and I shall do my best to keep up. Forgive me if I am a little slow at navigating around…as my Son would say I am a "Newbie" on this site. May I come close to even hanging on the coat tails of a Jeff Phillips…The POWER of his Reach is Cosmic! Have a Happy New Year all and Best Wishes! Sincerely, Felino Menez
Roast Turkey, Sausage Chilly Fry, Garlic Pao and the best Christmas Pudding in the world - So, now bring back, bring back, bring back my Christmas dinner to me, to me - Everyday! :)) Seasons Greetings my dear dear friends! :)
Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from the distinguished ladies of the Gorgeous ΓΑ Chapter of ΖΦΒ Sorority, Inc 💙
Seasons Greetings followers of the turf. Crockford and the Dead Cert team are looking forward to the Christmas *** that will be the King George VI Chase tomorrow at Kempton. But who was the greatest of the Kempton Kings? Desert Orchid, Kauto Star, Wayward Lad, One Man, Kicking King, The Fellow, See More Business or perhaps Long Run?
Seasons Greetings from your friends at Siouxland Women’s Health Care!
Actually felt quite humble watching the International Space Station fly overhead. Makes me realise just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Soon got over it, and a nice red Bulmers will help me get even further in to the Christmas spirit!! Seasons Greetings!!
Overheard at the donut shop:"Merry Christmas! No PC Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings, just a good ole fashion American Merry Christmas!"
Seasons Greetings to you all with lots of love from us all @ Cool Breeze Oil & Gas Ltd
Raffle tickets have been sold in aid of one of our locally nominated Hilton in the Community Foundation Charities: Martin House Children`s Hospice, to win a Festive Hamper (which was kindly donated to Martin House Children`s Hospice recently). The winner was Emily Mansfield, HR Officer. Well done Emily!! Raised £164.50 for this worthy cause. Seasons Greetings to all.
It's not 'Night Fright' but it is 'Membury'. Seasons Greetings to everyone. Thank you very much for all the...
Seasons Greetings: Join us for The Advance Network Phase 2 on 10 February 2014. Find out more here:
Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from The Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders and Howard University.
On behalf of North Jersey Water Conference Board and Members. I would like to wish you and your families a very special Seasons Greetings. Please again take a moment during your day to remember the members and their families that were lost this year. Also please remember all our troops that are fighting to keep us safe so we can enjoy all we have. Regards Bill Hahn President NJWC
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Seasons Greetings from Jake Shimabukuro, and his version of "We 3 Kings"
- A message from the CB6 District Manager regarding NY Methodist Hospital expansion plan. Greetings (and Seasons Greetings)! As you may be aware, at its December 11, 2013 general meeting, Brooklyn Community Board 6 voted to recommit its recommendation on New York Methodist Hospital's proposed new ambulatory care facility (Center for Community Health) at 505-525 6th Street for further consideration based on the hospital's commitment to include further design changes and provide additional information. A copy of the hospital's December 6, 2013 letter to the Bureau of Standards and Appeals is available here, or at the following link: As a result, this item has been referred back to committee for continued review. Our Executive, Landmarks/Land Use and Transportation/Public Safety Committees will jointly conduct a committee meeting on January 6, 2014 at which they will take up that continued review. This will not be a Public Hearing at which formal pro and con testimony will be taken; such a hearing was alrea ...
Wonder Woman in this blast from the past Seasons Greetings.
Seasons Greetings to all from the Spinal Research Institute (SRI)! And a special warm thank you to all who have supported and assisted us in 2013. May 2014 be a big, successful year for spinal cord injury research!
Re book pick-up at Whitteker's Meat Market Please be advised that the final delivery of library materials for this year will be Monday, December 23, 2013 Weekly deliveries will resume on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year!
Seasons Greetings to the cosmetic dentistry profession. $
"People say 'Seasons Greetings' which is like walking up to somebody & saying 'Appropriate Remark' in a loud, cheerful voic…
Seasons Greetings! This Monday December 16th, the Liberal Party Christmas Reception will be held at the Rodd Charlottetown from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Come out for some great music and refreshments. Storm date is Tuesday December 17th. Rodd Charlottetown beginning at 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Have a wonderful weekend.
Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas from the Alpha-Omicron chapter of Sigma Pi at Santa Barbara.
Seasons Greetings everyone :) Im back on FB now because I FINALY got my Chromebook on sale for around $200 USD!! An Acer 700 Series. Im low income, so having extra play money only comes around when work an extra seasonal job or when I win it. Its a netbook, so that makes it about 1/2 the size of a laptop. Ive had all I could stand of Micro crap and you know Mac laptops are way to expensive. It automaticly checks for viruses, upgrades, and defrags itself when it starts up. And because its Google Chrome OS and Web browser you know its going to handle FB just fine :)
The Man Who Tried to Stop Christmas A real war has been raging over Christmas. Many retailers have instructed their employees to no longer say, "Merry Christmas," but to say, "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" instead. We see this trend being carried through to the public schools and other places. Some school districts in Florida and New Jersey have prohibited the singing of Christmas carols altogether. And in Texas of all places, a school confiscated one child's gifts for classmates, which were pencils with the inscription, "Jesus is the reason for the season." A Wisconsin elementary school actually changed the lyrics for "Silent Night" to a secularized version, "Cold in the Night." Attempts to create a politically correct version of Christmas are not only happening in the US, but abroad as well. Cardiff Cathedral, an Anglican Church in Wales, has made the hymn, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," more gender-friendly by renaming it, "God Rest You Merry Persons." (That just doesn't have the same sound.) ...
Seasons Greetings my friends and super Saturday to you! What Christmas activity are you involved in today?...Zan;)
Seasons Greetings from the 2 Save Souls Records family and Faith to Faith Family Worship Center.
"Seasons greetings from mankind. Good morning, do you copy?"
Commercial "Seasons Greetings" C7 LED display, perfect for commercial display day or night. Each le
Cloudy, rainy, dreary.U dang right I just listened to Dean Martin's Seasons Greetings CD on the way to Frankfort!!! 😁🎄
The Football League is back in my life from today. (New) Seasons greetings everyone!
Can Daisy's life recover after learning the truth? Seasons Greetings from Amelia
Seasons greetings to all my followers! Football is back! ;-)
UGHHHhgh this Japan edition and then seasons greetings then I am done :'(
Mumu seasons greetings by this time
I liked this Seasons greetings and a new suit for Caleb!
"How did that letter get here? There's nothing open. I checked all the doors and windows."
I knew what you meant lad, don't worry! Seasons greetings for tomorrow, have a good weekend :)
(Football) Seasons greetings from Texas Law Enforcement Extension at in Aggieland!
I have all but i always keep extras of items xD I will ask around and check if anyone is looking for their seasons greetings ^^
i think he is. I watched the seasons greetings video last night and joon is skin and bones there. Thats why he's more handsome now
both!! Belated seasons greetings to u too lol
Satisfaction is all I needed Oh Lord. Hapi new month peeps. Seasons greetings to all d august born. Hapi buffdai in advance.
RTrt Seasons greetings from the wise on this
seasons greetings, summer that is. Im not mad. Im the stranger on a train on my way to edale. got fired. Back in shef now.
I'm not that much into Christmas but want to send seasons greetings cards this year. Where is your thread?
Look what I found on Pair Country Store Pewter Christmas Ornaments 1998 & 2002 Seasons Greetings
Seasons greetings from the VU family. Thank you for your love and support.
Seasons greetings from the wise owl on this handmade winter card
"seasons greetings silvergod statement made oldboy" ... These coded telegrams never get old.
I don't do Seasons Greetings. I'm a Jehovah's witness
Daisy heard a noise coming from the backdoor. She froze. Her gaze fixated on the doorknob slowly moving.
Mango Salute B2B packages are popular. Organise your "seasons greetings" for end of year - 30% off to the 1st 5 replies (500-1000 cards).
You r so right! Christmas is the best, but I get such anxiety when people spoil it w/Happy Holidays, seasons greetings crap.
It's hard for and to exist together.
Seasons greetings from mr Bouchard and me
Seasons greetings. thought you'd like this
Seasons greetings as St Clare Hospice films Christmas video five months early
will never be the same for Daisy's family. Seasons Greetings from Amelia
Seasons Greetings.. Today is the opening of Striped Bass Season!! One of the best fish you can catch on northern east coast
Goodnight all, Seasons Greetings to everyone, hope you enjoyed your holidays. On the 9th Wednesday 2013, 5:30pm Business Block we would be having our first official meeting for the year. On our main agenda is to continue plan and update on what was done so far for the Dinner and other events. *Students who would like to participate, assist in any of these events can contact the Business club. *Please make an effort to attend this meeting. *Also the logo for the series of events is ready and would be shown when approved. List of Events March 2013 - 18th Business Week Begins - 19th Business Club "The Entrepreneurial Push" also known as "The Flea Market" - 20th Academic Challenge 1st - 24th 30th Anniversary Dinner (All university students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni) - 27th Academic Challenge 2nd April 2013 - 4th Business Expo - 8th Academic Challenge 3rd "DATES ARE NOT FINAL" Regards, Ashea Cadiz School of Business Club Secretary
Seasons Greetings from YesNetwork, Merry Xmas and an Entrepreneurial New year
Tonight at the New Year's Eve Food Truck Fiesta Gedunk Food Truck/Cart will have a limited amount of their "Seasons Greetings from *** sauce for those that like spicy toppings. It is a mixture of habaneros, pickled Japanese peppers, ghost peppers and a blend of herbs and spices. Central and Richmond at the Wells Fargo bank from 5 until midnight.
Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays! From all of us at Tom Boland Ford
Seasons Greetings from The Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health Maternal-Child Health Education, Consultation, Advocacy & Support “Promoting Mother-Baby Friendly Maternity Care” This past year, we have made a significant impact by creating a committed Mother-Friendly community in Los Angeles County. Together, we have accomplished much this year thanks to hundreds of hours from our dedicated team of consultants and volunteers. We need your help to continue our important work. Our work has caught the attention of birth advocates across the nation. We have exciting work to do in the coming year. Here are some highlights of good things to come: We are honored that our team has been invited to speak at the 2013 Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) Forum in Kansas City. ( The CIMS national Grass Roots Coalition has asked us to develop a Tool Kit so other advocates for Mother-Friendly care can bring together similar dedicated Mother-Friendly advocates in their own communities .. ...
Seasons Greetings from HFV! Senior Assisted Living in Metro Detroit at it's Best!
Time for Radio Santa brought to you by Indomie Noodles. Who would you like to send out Seasons Greetings to? Text or call in!!
Gutted that you've left Eastenders, Derek was one of the best baddies ever! Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year to you :) xx
Seasons Greetings. You have such beautiful children Boris, you have been blessed in many ways x
On behalf of the Veteran Alumni Chapter, we wish you all a Happy Holidays and the very best for the New Year. We hope that this time is of the year is filled with joy, good cheer and the company of those who respect and admire you. Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes to you and your loved ones!!!
Seasons Greetings. With a partner shift, we are beginning the proposal to the Institute o Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The Long Beach Public Library administrative leadership has agreed to be the needed library sponsor for the application. City of Long Beach elected leadershp must approve. We must move ahead as the grant is due February 1. I encourage you to go on line and look for the National Leadership Grant application under the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Some formation decisions have had to be made here for the sake of "getting our act together" to write the grant. If the grant is implemented. the Operating Committee will guide the future of the project. Project Co-Directors Sundaram Rama, Santa Ana, Cambodian Family of Orange County. Lamarin Pan, Long Beach, Khmer Oral Communications/Pacific Directions. The Co-Directors will be in contact with the following persons/communities to confirm their participation as members of the Operating Committee and of their communities in the . ...
Seasons Greetings to all! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!
Wishing all my followers and supporters a very Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Seasons Greetings or just a simple few days peace . Thanks to everyone for their support and look out for more in 2013 :o)
Seasons Greetings from Firefly! Our fabulous Boxing Day Sale starts tomorrow 10am at our Bondi store!! Pop in and grab yourself a merry little christmas bargain :)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Seasons Greetings from Ray Donlon Photography So another year draws to a close and what memorable year it was on the playing fields (and off) around the county, country and world and once again we had the pleasure capturing all those many happy moments. A special thank you to all the local sports organisations around the county, who we have built up a good working relationship over the years and also to all the teachers in our secondary schools who go out of there way to keep us updated about games. Thanks to Kevin Halvey, Kevin Leavy, James Donnelly, Frank McGrath and Jonathan O’Meara and Mel Harte for a good working relationship and to all the other sound people that helped us throughout the year. Thanks to Padraic, Sheila, Neil and all the staff at the Longford Leader that give us a weekly stage to highlight our work. Finally to a number of very sound and helpful young people that contact us about games throughout the year, they know who they are and without their help my business would not be as suc ...
Seasons Greetings from all of us at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. All the best for 2013!
Seasons Greetings to all our fans and followers. Well what a busy day. Lots of last minute shopping and running around today. We want to wish you all a happy holiday! Please check out our latest photo album containing photos of our 26 random acts of kindness (in 26 hours). It gave us such a warm feeling deep down inside to just select random people in the community to help out, even if it was just a simple little act... But lets not forget the reason behind all this in the first place; Our thoughts and prayers this holiday season are with the families and community of those who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy.
Seasons Greetings to all no matter your persuasion or location! Here's to a paradigm shift to a saner future!
Seasons Greetings, Theta Phi Alpha! Wishing you and yours a safe and blessed holiday season.
Seasons Greetings from the Jersey Shore! One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You to all our friends and customers and to wish you the very best for the New Year. Merry Christmas!
Time for 'Radio Santa' brought to you by Indomie Noodles. Call in, text in with your Seasons Greetings (or leave them below) Remember to include names!
At this time of year our thoughts go out to all the children and parents who will not be able to spend time together over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We fervently hope this will change for you and yours in the near future. Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes to all.
Seasons Greetings from ShelterBox Ambassador Ben Ainslie, the most successful Olympic sailor of all time -
Indonesian Rugby would like to thank all of its players, coaches, managers, referees, match officals and supporters in 2012 and it would also like to give a "special thanks" to all of its sponsors in Britmindo, Apple Coal, INTA Resources, Aphrodite Group, Fez by Aphrodite, Asiadrill, Leighton, Tsunami, Aqua, International SOS, Crane, Santa Fe, Atlas Copco, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Qantas, Slaneys Butchery, NOW! Jakarta, OB Golf & Lifestyle and WNJ. Seasons Greetings to you all.
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