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Sean Thomas

Seán Thomas (died 24 June 1999) was an Irish football manager.

International Jazz Day Orlando Thomas

Thomas Patrick Ward retained 🇬🇧 Super-Bantam title with a Points win over Sean Davis on Newcastle s…
Sean, you said you wouldn't rush to judgement, but tonight you committed yourself pin your show. Why?. Gloria Allre…
So, I guess Sean does not remember Hermain Cain or Clarence Thomas. Sean's statement as quoted, l…
Is it possible that Sean publicly just gave the judge the opportuni…
The family contributed to the Jack Dowd Memorial Scholarship at Holmdel HS where they presented Mr. Sean Dowd, Jack…
Jeff Sessions was asked why the FBI investigates ‘Black extremists’ but not the KKK. It did not go well for him.
Jeff Sessions is very confused about the existence of "white identity extremists." Oh my goodness. Rep. Bass is handing h…
The offense, however, is as good as any in the Sean Payton era, if not better. Offensive line is phenomenal, run game i…
Kent trio up to the ‘tache for Movember - Kent cricketers Sean Dickson, Adam Rouse and Ivan Thomas are growing ...
Boo! give back the rights. We need more Thomas McKael!
I know the story of Chris is done, but any plans for more Thomas McKael stories? That guy was awesome
2) Arsenal pursuit of Monaco forward they bid £90m for in the summer is no longer looking 50/50 h…
So, it turns out that helping Sean Hannity trivialize sexual harassment is not a good legal career move
That's very generous of you Sean. And also very forgiving. Good move!
"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the b…
.has NOT pulled their ads from Sean Hannity after his *indefensible* defense of Roy Moore, even though 5 other…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Sean Thomas is more concerned about how PAB movement will impact the single family segment of their portfolio.
"I want to make a lot of money so I can buy a television" that closing speech gave sean muffy a job kuwa doctor.
3) restaurants. My firmest evidence that he is a creep is that he hesitated in that Sean Hannity dial…
Congratulations to our music students who have been selected to participate in the NMEA All-State Ensembles!. Orches…
Luke Thomas would be proud of you Sean.
I tend to see Sean as more of a cheerleader than anything else. Doesn't mean I dislike him and I believe he does a…
And I believe its difficulty is part of why Christians are so often disturbed around people with disabilities. We a…
Check out this awesome video: Thomas Patrick Ward v Sean Davis British Super Bantamweight Title
Exclusive: Sean Davis focused on ripping British belt away from Thomas Patrick Ward…
sean smith is still,. barely, in the league. Daniel Thomas had a decent stint with miami as a RB. Jon…
Thomas: Lemme get this straight, you can talk to anyone in history; Jesus, Einstein, Steve Jobs, and you pick Big S…
Chiller lift on one of our London Datacentre projects as documented by Niall Mullet. Great credit to Sean Mylett, J…
Shameless plug alert: the holidays are approaching and 2 of my 3 of my children's books are easily available. Pleas…
Journalists have a responsibility to accurately report the facts - Sean Thomas TV Journalist
Hi Darius, it's Sean Thomas from Sunday Times Travel in London. Can I get a photo of you for the ma…
Popping into Brum for a catch up meal and drinks with Sean Thomas, Melanie Lynch and Samantha Clements. . Can't wait xx 🍷🍻 🍲 🍟 🍔 🍝 🍕 nom nom
Supermodels by Sean Thomas encourage you to VOTE! 👉 Vogue US November 2016 Article in 👉…
just saw and Sean Thomas on Gameday staring at Samantha Ponder, but I would to if I was that close to her...
Stephen Connolly offers a riposte to Telegraph blogger Sean Thomas's cynical take down of Seamus Heaney last week.
I tell you what. This whole thing has shaken my faith in MI5.
Watching "Save the Last Dance" on tv & remembering how much I used to crush on Sean Patrick Thomas.
For as many times Pandora tries to get me to listen to Matchbox 20, no matter the station, I think Rob Thomas must be the CEO.
Mr. Freeze is actually Thomas Wayne cryogenically preserved?
The competition 2nd place team describes their NLP win. Features & more features!
Sean Buckley, 28 and his girlfriend, Chloe Thomas tried to claim the toddler had fallen downstairs. PHOTOS
Sean Buckley: Sentenced to a minimum of 17 years for murder of Finley Thomas
always low key about to unfollow Mike since he changes his name to like Sean Thomas or another regular guy name every week 😭😂
And now Sean Patrick Thomas goes off to Save The Last Dance
Sean Patrick Thomas really carved out a niche for himself as the guy trying to get into Juilliard.
dude was too cold. But who nicer? Sean Taylor, Eric Berry, Ed Reed, or Earl Thomas?
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Our tour guide for St. Thomas was named Sean Conner, on his card it said "007". He did a great…
bruh somebody tell me why my dad look like Sean Patrick Thomas
yeah he can, Celtics already have smart, Thomas, Bradley, rozier etc
Thomas Walkup will be on the Warriors summer league team! Congrats
I love your work. I also had a crush on you before you were famous. We went to same school. =)
Gee, looks like NOBODY killed Freddie Gray. Guess he just died of being black. Funny how that happens in this country.
Per sources, Thomas Vanek has been informed the will be buying him out
They did give us Benny Hill, after all.
Quarterly reminder that Save the Last Dance's soundtrack has stood the test of time, and is fine as ***
get out of my head Sean. Said that last night. (My dearest English friends excluded, of course)
Let's hope we're smart enough to vote for and oust Republican obstructionists in Nov. TY for supporting HRC
Covers from my 10 Alaska State Trooper Mystery Novels, many award winning and 5-star
Isaiah Thomas on Kevin Durant - "Hopefully I can get him to come to Boston and we can bring Banner 18 here."
Peacekeeper Lanes is hosting a bowling instruction camp and Pro-Am with champion bowlers Sean Rash and Thomas...
"Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy." ... Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson
4 of 5 stars to The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill by Sean-Paul Thomas
Think the Suns regret trading Isaiah Thomas? Yeah... they just drafted him.
they treating him how they shoulda treated Thomas Robinson.
Okay Nets show me something now. First pick for Sean Marks regime
this pick is worse than the Thomas Robinson pick!
No shooters on the team outside of Isaiah Thomas and what we do, draft another player who can't shoot…
Sean your standing on his shoelace xD
BREAKING: Sean Buckley found guilty of murdering 17-month-old Finley Thomas
Sean Buckley for life for Finley Thomas toddler murder
BBC - Sean Buckley jailed for Finley Thomas toddler murder .Hope they beat him to an inch in prison.
Healthy Sean Lee is one of my favorites so I might have put him or Thomas Davis on here.
Sean Buckley and Chloe Thomas are the latest additions to Britain's long list of child killers. Both should be put to death immediately.
Top three keepers in my lifetime:. 1. Northy. 2. Sean Thomas. 3. Andy Carter. Bob Iles was good but I can't remember much about him!
The 1st team won 8-0 v Kingstone Harriers today with goals from (3) Mark Davies (2), Tom Jenkins & Sean Thomas.
Ik someone that makes awesome intros he made me a intro tell me if u want him to make one
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Listen to Khleo Thomas X Sean Roxs - Tonight by KhleoThomas on
Georgia Tech's Justin Thomas kept ball and proceeded to bust out a 60-yd TD run. GT not going away easily.
JUSTIN THOMAS RACES FOR 60 YARD TOUCHDOWN! Jackets down 13-10 with 2:22 left in half.
Not being funny but Justin Thomas kinda owed us that.
If Earl Thomas/Sean Taylor had a twin it would be me
well would you dismiss Bede or Thomas Aquinas as "scholas" because they weren't dispassionate observers
Sean Kelly!!! If you ever get chance to see him live.GO. That's all…
Thomas Jefferson punches it in for a 1-yard TD run. Raggo's PAT is , Delaware suddenly leads 24-14.
On the very next play, Thomas Jefferson goes seven yards untouched for the touchdown. Walker runs in the 2-point conversion.
Thomas Jefferson leads Delaware's rushing attack with 57 yards. QB Joe Walker and Kareem Williams have 23 and 22 yards, respectively.
UD QB Joe Walker hits Thomas Jefferson for a 13-yard completion down to the UNH 1. The President runs it in on the following play.
I believe Bill Snyder when he says that his son Sean Snyder is basically running the program these days.
When browsing Positions, see if you can spot this work by Sean Paul at Thomas Duncan Gallery
call me Thomas sean and we'll be having a serious discussion later x
You sure you don't want nothing, cuz you not getting none of my fries'.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
FaceTime calls, cards and pictures from Amsterdam ❤️
Leaders: 23-106, Wilcox 10-49, Thomas had a TD catch and had the TD pass.
w/ the dashing and debonair Scotsman, Sir Thomas Sean Connery.
Sean Patrick Thomas has the best laugh.
Crate LM Heat 2 is on the track. 7 cars also in this group. On the front row is Steve Landrum and Sean Thomas.
thx better to here from u then him thx again Sean
The homies linking up in the 305 we coming
Trips to Miami during the middle of the semester? Lol why not right!
Please help support Sean and his family in any way you can. Whether it be sharing his You Caring... https:…
Remembering the victims of the Shankill Bomb today, carried out by Sean Kelly & Thomas Begley & ordered by Eddie Copel…
If we want Thomas Bryant somebody needs to transfer. BJ will get no PT with Mali coming in.
New vocal mix of our song G L O G A N G w me and prod by mix by Sean Prince …
without key defence tonight. Liam Maaskant, Max Iafrate and Dmitrii Sergeev are out. Thomas Welsh, Connor Hall and Sean Allen in
I'm so happy Big Sean came through with the Dope album
I swear this *** big Sean took everybody hunger on the second verse of paradise... *** spittin 🔥🔥🔥 featured in NBC s Science of Love
The only way to get through is with at
Sean Thomas and Old North have done it the right way - they are a model on how to build a 21st century community
I’d trade back for Collins, but not at 8. Top 10 picks should only be used on S named Sean Taylor, Eric Berry or Earl Thomas
Isaiah Thomas lifts to W v huge pickup for
Congrats 1st year Sean Thomas whose short film "Horse Love" has been accepted into Film Festival 2015
If you've 10 mins to spare, and haven't seen Sean Dyche's thoughts on the CHEvBUR game on Saturday then watch this: http…
miss you already brother sorry I couldn't see you the last couple days but kick *** at training and come back to the crew
Isaiah Thomas is fun to watch. Jae Crowder still isn't.
don't worry Thomas your mother and I still love you
I meant it's awkward that Thomas thought he gave you it when he didn't not the fact that you dated..
never unless you're Sean Taylor or earl Thomas
I'm so tired of the LOB. Earl Thomas is midget. Sherman is overrated. Kam Chancellor is a poor mans Sean Taylor.
Did U know this is Sean Connery's last film role?
Big Sean delivers his best album yet with Dark Sky Paradise
Who is the Sean is the face, starter and closer. PERIOD.
Thank you new followers. Award Winning/5star mysteries. FB: . Amazon.
Sean Penn is Armed and on the Run in the Second ‘Gunman’ Trailer
“Thomas Robinson has reached agreement on a deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league source tells Yahoo Sports.”
Back in '07, the Lakers had a trade in place to send Kobe Bryant to Bulls for Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and T…
Phil, from the US... Happy National Banana Bread Day and thank you for the follow ~ Sean
New player Isaiah Thomas ejected in first contest against - still as excited?
listened to sean ting this morning. Theres a few tunes on there still and i didnt want this to be a repeat of the last one.
Hi Thomas, Sean Duke here, with RTE Radio 1 in Dublin. Could you give me a call please at 353 89 4237605. Thanks
Yer ok will watch some vids and then I will
Hey there could you please like and subscribe to my channel thank you
sean thomas knox thomasknox :. Dear girls-who-went-to-join-ISIS, when you have your "jihadi" wedding, make it a big one. Visible from, s…
Sean Thomas will be wearing in honor of Orlando Thomas at tonight's game against ULM. http…
What an awesome sight to see Sean Thomas wearing 42 tonight in honor of Orlando Thomas!!! http:…
Photo: amy-ambrosio: Amanda Murphy in “Sex on the beach” by Sean Thomas for Vogue Online, July 2014.
Purple Hatters Ball blew my mind. I feel so very fortunate to have participated in such an awesome festival. Inspiration was everywhere, ALL the Bands and musicians really were pushing my creative juices to new horizons! Thanks to Paul Levine, Trey Hebron, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (staff, volunteers, and otherwise), the family and friends of Rachel that have carried her torch so well - and kept it lit for others to see!! The New Mastersounds, The Nth Power - just absolutely crushed the place! Big UPS go out my bandmates of Herd Of Watts - reminds me daily how much love there is for Matthew Strok, Sean Thomas, Jamal MusicCity Wright, Corey Peterson. Thanks to Sam Williams, Chris Woods, Michael Jordan, Elijah Tietjen, Pat and Matt (on the horns), and all the aux percussionists! And THANKS to all the fans who raged friday's set, and those who got in on the secret Saturday night super jam - that was something to behold! Cant wait for next year!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Entertainment News T&T Jazz Week starts today Jazz enthusiasts will get yet another chance to indulge themselves when the second annual T&T Jazz Week is launched. The JATT, in collaboration with LiveArt Bistro, will launch the event, celebrated globally as International Jazz Day, from 6.30 pm at LiveArt Bistro, 5 Albion Street, Port-of-Spain. The launch will feature live performances by a cast of local and regional performers who have been recognised for their work in lifting audience appreciation of the beauty of jazz. Among them are Douglas Redon (upright bass); Martiniquan Eddie Clarion (guitar) and Sean Thomas (drums).
Just had an *** (Sean Thomas) try to argue that bullying has no basis in psychology. It's 100% interpersonal psychology!
After our auditions this afternoon we are excited to welcome six new players to our ComedySportz family. Please welcome... EJ Crowell, Kim Fairchild, Austin Harriman, J'Leen Saeger, Sean Thomas, and Don Wilkinson. They'll be headed in to 3 months of ComedySportz training, hoping to make into the big leagues and onto the ComedySportz court later this summer.
Sunday nights game then saw notch his 250th goal for the club.
Thomas St Building - from hole in the ground to standing tall in one year.
If Scotland leaves, we can blame Heath, Letwin, Cameron and Labour via Spot on comment by Sean Thomas...
Thomas was right, how tf can drake do a bunch of solo songs then call his last song with 2 Chainz and Big Sean "all me"?
doesn't remember Sean Thomas or Santamoose . He does remember Pikachu tho.
if I can go see big sean I will cry 😍😭🙌🎶
The 76ers have signed former Memphis Tiger Adonis Thomas for the rest of the year. That means he'll play in Memphis th…
The Thomas lunch ladies' are about as good at English as Jameis Winston.
Need to do Derrick Thomas, Alstott and Sean Taylor on PS3 . Maybe get a positional collection done
So cool! I'm so impressed with the charity works he does! As I learn more! 👏👏👏👏
Punk Rock Jesus, by Sean Murphy, is unbelievably good! Thomas is a BAMF.
Thank god for laptops when there's a power cut This movie! Sean Patrick Thomas 😍
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Just learned that .(Save the Last Dance) is from Del. Thanks .for making my Monday:
Published: April 7, 2014 Scottish independence would be a disaster for Labour, but a death blow to the Conservative Party By Peter Franklin When Nigel Farage trounced Nick Clegg in their debate last week, some of the loudest cheers must have come from SNP headquarters. There’s not much ideological affinity between the UKIP leader and Alex Salmond, but the latter must hope that he too can outwit the Westminster establishment. Right now, the NO campaign is still ahead, but according to Sean Thomas of the Telegraph, the referendum result is far from certain: “YES is in with a real shout, as shown by the latest betting on the referendum. William Hill have the odds on YES at 10/3. Those are not the odds of a rank outsider; they are roughly the chances of pulling a spade, any spade, from a pack of cards. That’s how close we are to the UK breaking up in September: pulling a random spade from a pack of cards.” And if Mr Salmond comes up trumps, what then? Thomas is in no doubt as to who the biggest loser ...
I met this wknd after what an amazing man & actor. Def a must see!
I can't even go there! Seeing Cardinal Sean in the desert I thought he was auditioning for a film about Thomas Merton!
Sean Dyche reveals that Kieran Trippier and Danny Ings are back in contention for Tuesday's trip to Barnsley. Dean Mar…
Sean Thomas's (hate-filled views on are perfectly aligned with ours. htt…
Among those considered for the lead in this film were Thomas Jane and Sean Bean -
Brilliant pastoral letter from St. Thomas Dupont Circle in response to ABofC throwing people under the bus http…
Hearing Philadelphia 76ers will sign Adonis Thomas for rest of year, which means Thomas will be in his hometown to pla…
Came from nothing to one of the most prestigious and most talked about inspirational speaker other than Eric Thomas.
Loved covering today & seeing this brilliant cast at the end of their big week
Sean made his very own Thomas frame!
A great end to Chatting with and after http:/…
Everyone seems to be heading to NYC lately- make sure to grab tickets to w/our friend
In the Lee Oliver Cup for under-50s, Calum Bavin finished first with 66, Sean Thomas was 2nd with 67, and Darran Gallagher was 3rd with 70.
I don't think I like Sean Thomas very much
Video: Sean Thomas ‘14, Huntsville, Ontario, captured campus while on his longboard. Check out the...
Sean Smith has been burned many times. I'd put Cooper on Thomas with safety help.
Demaryius Thomas-Sean Smith on SNF should be a great 1-on-1 battle. About the same size. Smith has been lights out as FA pic…
nope but Byfield & Wayne Thomas both played for Sean at Donny if any help!
Sean Patrick Thomas is quite possibly the most beautiful guy
Watching save the last dance forgot how much I love the film and
A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own, -- Thomas Mann
Andy Brasfield left a comment for Sean Thomas Freeman
Who are some of the realist people you know? — Sean Thomas Camira Tatiana Kiyara Jahlen Corey Tonio Olu
If it's Sean and Thomas from Wicklow, this island is too small. :L
Thanks to all new followers. 10 mysteries. Plz chk website blog Amazon
Without a doubt in my mind that gossip girl is Sean Thomas
A PRJ sequel would be about Thomas' struggling faith & the fallout of Chris' death. And more terrorist threats and action!
Watch Sean Thomas in Lyman Hall High School and Branford's match-up on
T Magazine: Art Matters | Bruce Weber on the Intimacy of Portraiture: Sean Thomas. As Bruce Weber releases a ne...
Bristol City manager Sean O'Driscoll admits he may have to sell top-scorer Jay Emmanuel-Thomas in January. (
I liked a video from Thomas Was Alone Part 9
"We will be soldiers, so our sons may be farmers, so their sons may be artists.". Thomas Jefferson. . (Thanks Sean Davis)
I want to close my eyes, and fall just straight to sleep 🎵
Bristol City boss Sean O'Driscoll has told Jay Emmanuel-Thomas that he WILL be sold in the January transfer window!
VT fans have love-hate relationship with Logan Thomas .
We may have to sell Jay Emmanuel-Thomas in January, admits Bristol City's Sean O'Driscoll: BRIST...
Sean Lee or no SL,couldn't tackle if they were in a phone booth.
N Sean Payton a *** for letting mark run to da 3 yard line then putting Thomas *** in didnt want to give mark that incentive money I know
Sean Payton run the ball to Thomas for the rest of the game!
Okay Sean Payton, you really can put Pierre Thomas back in the game
2.2 fantasy points away...if they take Brees out and/or don't run with Pierre Thomas I will tap a strongly worded Morse Code to Sean Payton
Sean Thomas Freeman is now a member of Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
Yawl aint ready for Sproles, colston,drew,graham,nor thomas,not even sean payton
I've face twice in fantasy this year. He has Peyton AND Demarius Thomas. I played him this week and week 1. Sheesh.
Hope Sean Lee wont be out long term, he is the Dallas defense.
should've started Pierre Thomas also I hope Sean Lee is okay also watching the
Pierre Thomas with a 2 yard touchdown. 14. 10. Sean Lee out for the remainder of the game is going to hurt the D.
Sean Payton was like "cut that 💩 out" when pierre Thomas was celebrating.
Football: UL's Worthy Steps Up Big In Secondary Buckley, Daily Advertiser, October 31, 2013 _ Coming out of Gadsden City High in Gadsden, Ala., T.J. Worthy was on the receiving end of things. Now he’s catching praise – for his play in the Ragin’ Cajuns’ defensive secondary. “He’s starting to come into his own,” UL coach Mark Hudspeth said of Worthy, a sophomore safety who leads the Cajuns in interceptions this season with two. “He was a really talented receiver out of high school. But his frame sort of made you think, ‘Maybe he can really be a great safety.’ And he has done an exceptional job. (He’s) improved each week. I really love the direction this secondary is going.” Worthy, originally an Ole Miss signee, led the 5-2 Cajuns with a team-high 11 tackles in last week’s 23-7 win at Arkansas State. He’s part of a remade UL secondary coached by Tim Rebowe that also starts Sean Thomas at the other safety spot and Trevence Patt and Corey Trim on the corners. “It seems like we . ...
Dear face book tomorrow I will be mourning my birth.i ask all friends to respect my wishes by sending me a Furbish I wish you were never born so I know you like me.i will however be celebrating Sean Thomas as he ages.he is black American I am white,so we as ebony and ivory on the key board have decided to invite our peeps to eat drink paint freestyle at my house. Later in the evening we will walk or drive to Avalon beach to watch the sky. If you are one of my friends that can only take me in small doses, it's cool if you want to stop by for 15 minutes. Hot dogs hamburgers and fruit salad is what I'm bringing everybody else bring what you want BYOB.Ethan Comee your *** better report.grill fires at 4:20 let's do this. 25 desmoines rd.
Hitting Deception Pass tomorrow on the ebb with Sean Thomas and Geovani Cervantes Perez of Sayulita to test our...
Can you make a contract with a plaintiff to be a witness in his behalf in exchange for a cut in whatever the court awards him in damages? A federal judge says absolutely not and has thrown out a six-figure jury award to that plaintiff because of it. No brainer, right? But how this shady deal came to light is the stranger part of the story. The court only became aware of it because the paid off witness took the plaintiff to court for reneging on their deal. Seriously. Sean Thomas sued the New York City Police Department claiming they used "excessive force" when he was arrested on December 20, 2008 on a domestic violence dispute that occurred at the Bronx apartment of Thomas' then-girlfriend, Letitia Marrow. "The night ended with Thomas handcuffed, wrapped in a restraint blanket, strapped to a stretcher, and transported in an ambulance to receive a psychiatric evaluation at St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was involuntarily sedated," U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter Jr. explained.   Marrow stepped forward ...
Pastor Dale and Sean Thomas will be co-leading a Sunday night book study using the Bible and a new book by Eric...
Well it's progress! Hopefully by this time next week we will be swimming. We may need a new fence too! Sean Thomas this is best birthday gift ever! Hope our friends are ready for a pool party!!!
Many people may not know, but I have a fondness for Jazz. It's always playing at O'Connor Street, and I was honored to receive an invitation to the Jazz Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago's honoring of Fitzroy Coleman on International Jazz Day : Fitzroy Coleman to be Honored by JATT JATT will honor Fitzroy Coleman during Trinidad & Tobago Jazz Week scheduled for Monday 24 – Friday 28 June in celebration of International Jazz Day 2013 under the theme, “The Bridge Between Their Soul & Our Music”. The main event on Friday 28th June at Central Bank Auditorium will bring the curtains down with a stellar performance by local and foreign artistes. According to President of JATT, Sean Thomas, “…due to unforeseen circumstances our activities for IJD had to have been postponed. However, TnT can and will experience a week of jazz music, workshops and collaborations. Audiences will witness an unforgettable jazz event come Friday 28th June at Central Bank where local icon, Fitzroy Coleman, will be honored.” C ...
Please listen to my son's latest production with singer Don Jay,son Sean Thomas shameless promotion
Had a great day at Fresh Film Festival with everyone. So much good news in one day. Aidan Gaults film "Unjust" got through to the final, aswell as a film Sean Thomas was working on, "The Event". Noel Murphy & Liam Durnin won the Audience Award for their film "The Man Who Thinks He Is A Fork". Which starred the writer of my film "DIVE", David Howard, who also starred in "Before It Breaks Out", which are both also through to the final in Limerick. PHEW. WOW
Completely sold out concert last night at LiveArt Bistro, Port Of Spain, Trinidad! The Trinidad Edition of BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO played their *** off. So proud of Sean Thomas & Bj Saunders who tackled really tricky tunes all night with alacrity. (Ben Miller & Colin Kingsmore - the touring cats for B.E.T. - already know). so thanks to all who came -- was so gratifying to see a rammed room of Trinidadians so truly & totaly engaged by the music. And thanks for all the great media coverage the event has been getting all week from the Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad Express Newspapers, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Newspaper and the TV crew who showed up (I know that's your handiwork Andrew Nicholson - you're the man) So grateful for that. Special thanks to Maria Nunes for the fantastic pics she took last night (and for making a shot of the lead sheet to my tune "Evolution Revolution" her cover photo! Honored by that. To have an image of one's composition made into a personal cover photo, is high tribu ...
As the Eurozone sees a number of their wealthier citizens flee the unbearable tax burden and constant cuts of austerity, RT’s Sean Thomas explains what Russia has to offer new migrants.
Brown University FUSION nostalgia tonight while @ dance class led by the man himself, Sean Thomas! Got to give his class a shoutout bc it was legit: @ FIT 4 YOU NYC, check it out :o) Ps. Jacqui Nee Kerri Peto Alissa Mayers OC IA - you were missed! — with Meryl Pressman and 2 others.
Shoutout to everyone that helped me make DerDex a reality! Judy Khamphiphone, Sean Thomas, and AJ Davis! You all are appreciated!
Christmas is Here! Also come to Genesis Theatre on Sunday afternoon for the Delta Youth Orchestra Concert! 3pm - Sounds of the Season including Howard Blake's "The Snowman" with Tony Barton and Sean Thomas, Beethoven Piano Concerto N0. 5 and more!
yeaboi! our gig this friday at control lands on my bday! playing with the homies Chris White, Jonathan Fargo, Sean Thomas, & Sam Hiller! let's partay!
I have spread the mantle of my nation over the ocean, and will guard her forever. I am her heritage and yours. I am the American Sailor." -Anonymous— with Jennifer Babcock, Mike Baker, Sean Thomas
I saw Dexter Curry do this so now it's my turn. I have a small IQ test for whoever is interested. Let's see who can get the most right. If you don't you are either a complete moron or Sean Thomas xD. 1. What is Darrell Kemp's first name? 2. How do you spell "The Ultimate Warrior"? 3. What kind of Pokemon is the electric type Pikachu? 4. What is Dustin Krueger's last name? 5. What color is red? 6. What number question is this? 7. In what city is Warner Robins high school located? 8. Kevin Nash is 53. How old is he? 9. In what city do the Atlanta Falcons play their home games? 10. Where are the 2012 London Olympics being held?
Wow, today makes a month since i said "I Do"!!! It has been amazing and i'm ready for many many more, from Waking up to his soft kisses, ironing his clothes, to cooking for him everyday. What can i say, I love being Mrs. Thomas. There's no one i would rather spend the rest of my life with. Yes we gonna go thru some hard times, but whatever hard times we go thru I'm glad to be going through them with Sean Thomas by my side. God has bless me with a great husband that I love so so much and always will no matter what.
Really need to find a job soon. Need some money for the huge sale they're having at the comic book store next month. And I'd like to go to TNA in October. Unless somebody just wants to loan me some money? I don't ask for much. Just 5, 6 thousand dollars. Seems like a fair amount right? By the way if you don't have any plans for tomorrow night and you consider yourself a professional wrestling fan then make your way out to Ft. Valley, Georgia for Red, White, & Bruised featuring former WWE superstar "Big Daddy V" Viscera! W/ George Lamberth, Sean Cuebas, Sheila Leeshea Parrish Knight, Kimbro Jones, Riley Mastenbrook, Kennedy KriCertified Riley, Sean Thomas
Here is the XSNetwork crew having fun. During one of our last crew get togethers we shot this funny video featuring our very own Sean Thomas. Check it out!
Ok.OK.OK.since I'm bragging.Nathan is doing very well working on his acting career in New York. Dru is my wrestling guru. Jon Jon just go is first part time job at Family Dollar...whoo-hooo! Brett is on the honor roll yet again! Alex is excelling at karate AND baseball! Niccolas got accepted to Temple University!! Kate is working AND in nursing school AND being a mom!!! Brayden can count past 20 & he is only 2!!! William Coyle got his grades up from all "B" s and "C"s A's and high B's in one quarter.great job Will!!!Wyatt and baby Sean Thomas are growing to be awesome little boys! Heck, yeah...I'm a proud Aunt!!! !
Coming up your play whe and pick two draw and then Sean Thomas joins us to tell us more about International Jazz Day
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