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Sean Spicer

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Pelosi cals for Sean Spicer to be fired after Hitler remarks
Former White House spokesman doesn't have a "ton of sympathy" for Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer flummoxes reporters by claiming White House not responsible for hiring Michael Flynn http…
Sean Spicer: It's "outlandish" to think the WH would have a record of Flynn's calls while he worked at the WH. . ...but you're…
Todays Twilight Zone episode brought to u by the White House starring Sean Spicer w/guest appearance Secretary Ross
White House press secretary Sean Spicer is speaking now. Watch live on
It will be quit comical to see Sean Spicer lie about why DT lied when he say Luciano Pavarotti is a friend of his. Pavarotti died 2007.
Trump won't fire Sean Spicer because he gets "great ratings" | Via
Donald Trump's Television Presidency. and I go inside, where good ratings buy Sean Spicer another day. htt…
"The best thing about Sean Spicer is - Allison Janney 👍🏻😂
.has sent a letter to Sean Spicer offering to hold a Holocaust education training session for Spicer and W.…
"Sean Spicer's like a 'before' photo in a Xanax ad.". -- assesses Team Trump.
Chevy Chase giving the press briefing in Spies Like Us is where Sean Spicer learned how to do it.
BREAKING- Sean Spicer has decided to become an American Airlines flight attendant.
Will Martin Preib be the Chicago police union's Sean Spicer or its Steve Bannon?
Oh Rob!!! Gronkowski showed up at Sean Spicer's news briefing and did boycott the WH visit? Does this mean I...
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Rob Gronkowski's world tour continues as he crashes Sean Spicer's White House media briefing
Rob Gronkowski unexpectedly crashed Sean Spicer's press briefing this afternoon
Rob Gronkowski offers help to Sean Spicer in media briefing
WATCH: Rob Gronkowski crashes Sean Spicer's briefing because of course he did
Rob Gronkowski crashed Sean Spicer's press briefing via
NEW: Sean Spicer says at press briefing that Trump will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on May 3rd.
Trump will meet with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas at the White House May 3, spox Sean Spicer announced.
Sean Spicer gets the Muppet mashup he deserves via
Sean Spicer says lobbyists deserve privacy when visiting the White House
Sean Spicer reads to kids at annual White House Easter Egg Roll
Jimmy Kimmel shows hilarious clips of Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions reading to children at the White House Easter egg roll.
Sean Spicer reads "How To Catch The Easter Bunny" to a group of kids at the White House
White House press secretary Sean Spicer: The policy of strategic patience is “not one that is prudent” for the US
That time Sean Spicer (really) dressed as the White House Easter Bunny
FYI Sean Spicer actually used to be the White House Easter Bunny: https:…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
LIVE: Sean Spicer speaks at the White House news briefing
Did you know that Sean Spicer, WH Press Sec. , is a Commander in the US Navy Reserves? Thank you Cmdr Spicer for your service!
Sean Spicer suggests that President Trump is already under audit for his 2016 tax returns. The deadline for those returns is to…
What does Sean Spicer think of Melissa McCarthy's SNL impression of him?. "I'm usually fast asleep" by then, he says
Sean Spicer, who once dressed up as the White House Easter Bunny, celebrates Easter at the
White House press secretary Sean Spicer read the children's book "How to Catch an Easter Bunny" during the White...
Sean Spicer is turning gray instead of Trump this is the worst picture of Dorian Gray situation anyone could have imagined
Because Easter. Hilarious pictures reveal the White House press secretary Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny
► VIDEO: 'I know they're not really called Holocaust centres... duh!' - Melissa McCarthy is back as Sean Spicer https:…
A complete guide to every reference in Melissa McCarthy's epic Sean Spicer skit on SNL
Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy reprise roles as Pres. Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "SNL"
Melissa McCarthy returned to last night to play Sean Spicer cleaning up after a tough week https:…
On this Easter Sunday, let us all pause and remember when Sean Spicer was the White House Easter Bunny in 2008.
5 years from now, Sean Spicer will have late night informercials advertising own brand of Holocaust Centers in every Courty…
See Powerline of 4/15/17 Posting by Paul Mirengoff titled Alan Dershowitz Turns the Tables on Sean Spicer's Critics. Very insightful article
Wow, even the Melissa McCarthy/Sean Spicer sketch sucked. It's like the whole show tonight has sunk down to Jimmy Fallon's level.
I need to see a SNL Sean Spicer bit with Melissa McCarthy soon.
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer will never not make me laugh:
Melissa McCarthy is back on as Sean Spicer!
Top: Melissa McCarthy returns to 'SNL' as Sean Spicer ... the Easter Bunny: For its first…
Cue up Melissa McCarthy. Thank you, Sean Spicer. Your unmatched stupidity is going to make SNL AWESOME this week https…
Sean Spicer just called Nazi concentration camps "Holocaust Centers" because Melissa McCarthy hasn't been on SNL in wee…
Watch Melissa McCarthy rip Sean Spicer to shreds over his Hitler comments
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer tells story of Passover dressed as Easter Bunny on
"Fool me once... shame on me. Fool me twice... shame on jews!". -Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy).
If Melissa McCarthy does nothing but impersonate Sean Spicer for the rest of her career, it’ll be enough.
OF COURSE Melissa McCarthy returned as Sean Spicer on 'SNL' this week.
Melissa McCarthy reprises her role as Sean Spicer reprising his role as the Easter Bunny:
LOL Melissa McCarthy just destroyed Sean Spicer again on 'SNL' via
Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer returns to SNL, dressed as the Easter Bunny, to explain Passover
Who wore it better Sean Spicer or Melissa McCarthy?
.Who said it? Sean Spicer or Cliff Clavin:. "Look, it's a genetic quirk. It proves Pres. Trump is…
I made a Sean Spicer puppet out of a potato and went live at the same time as him 😭
Sean Spicer knew what his was saying with that Nazi holocaust centres
Nazi - Concentration Camp just sounds so harsh. Sean Spicer - Call em Holocaust Centers. Nazi - and the gas chambers?. ***
Tim Blake Nelson in O Brother looks at Sean Spicer like: dude, try and think before you speak.
I would watch a 24 hour channel that was just Sean Spicer answering questions.
Dean Blandino was the Sean Spicer of the NFL
Howard Stern unloads on 'moron' Sean Spicer over 'embarrassing' Holocaust gaffe
Howard Stern: Donald Trump should fire Sean Spicer over chemical weapons comments
Meet the man who trolled Sean Spicer, Pepsi and United Airlines in one meme I like this guy!…
This holocaust survivor has a powerful message for Sean Spicer, following the press secretary's horrifying comments about Hitler:…
Sean Spicer is a spokesman for a terrible boss I don't think media should make him a sc…
Who said it? Sean Spicer or Cliff Clavin: . "It’s a little known fact that an orange tan was actually a sign of virili…
Sean Spicer opens his daily press briefing with the news that the U.S. dropped a non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan:
"Elliott Carter didn't even sink to using V7-I cadences on his audience" - Sean Spicer
GOP Rep. Mike Coffman says Sean Spicer 'needs to go' - ABC News - via
Republican congressman calls for Sean Spicer to be fired
A Republican congressman says White House press secretary Sean Spicer "needs to... by…
'Sean Spicer is serving the President poorly & needs to go' Mike Coffman, GOP Rep's admit
Sean Spicer would be the perfect commencement speaker for Bob Jones University in SC where excellence is stressed in all fields of endeavor
Do you know that Sean Spicer demands a $100,000 speaking fee on college campuses? Bob Jones University should go after him for commencement
on what's fun for the internet these days- who's going to get fired first, Oscar Muñoz, Bill O'Reilly, or Sean Spicer?
Sadly, Sean Spicer's Hitler comments serve as a useful distraction for Trump
Couldn't tell if this was satire. Sad! 'Sean Spicer saves face'
Sean Spicer saves face: Robyn Urback. Got to love coping skills through comedy!
A disheveled, heavily-bearded Sean Spicer bursts into the Oval Office clutching airline tickets. "We need to go back!" he yells.
We don't need Sean Spicer to bring up Hitler to know these men are acting like nazis 'Heil, Orange Hitler!'
Sean Spicer: I would like to apologize to Hitler, who is now dead and in heaven. he is God's favourite boy *touches earpi…
Sean Spicer is not a Holocaust denier or an anti-Semite or anything sinister. What he is is a blithering ***
Little Giant Ladders
Ancient aliens makes me laugh! It's like Kelly anne Conway or Sean Spicer talking about aliens!
Trump's word has become worthless. Neither he, Sean Spicer, or Kellyanne Conway, would even…
Sean Spicer spoke in earnest and said something wrong, immediately recognized it as wrong and apologized for it...
Sean Spicer should resign. Along with Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway and Reince P…
Doesn't appear that his staff is any smarter or informed. I.e., Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway.
Never thought I would say this, but Sean Spicer should go back to talking about crowd size at the inauguration.
What would you get if you crossed KelleyAnne Conway's genes with Sean Spicer's?
Sean Spicer is on the apology tour that Kellyanne Conway and Donald should have been on for months.
MT Are you wondering where Bibi Netanyahu's livid condemnation of Sean Spicer's Holocaust-denying blurt is? You are not alone.
Clueless, brought to you by Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer
Kelly Conway says she is not the darkness; Ben Carson is stuck in an elevator; and Sean Spicer says Hitler did not use gas to kill. Insane!
Alert 🚨. Sean Spicer has been fired and Trump is putting in Kellyanne Conway , To replace him , Lol 😂
*Sean Spicer gets a box delivered to his desk*. *it's a cake*. *the frosting spells HOLOCAUST CENTERS*. Kellyanne Conway from…
Breaking news: Sean Spicer saves face: Robyn Urback - "My point was simply that Bashar-Ashad ... um ... Assar? ...
United did something Pepsi, Sean Spicer, Donald Trump, and Kellyanne Conway could not... They got "Hold My Beer" to tre…
Sean Spicer offers apology for comparing Hitler favorably to Assad. Put him in the doghouse with Kellyanne Conway.
Sean Spicer is NOT the problem. The problem is that Sean Spicer is a pitch perfect representative of this administrati…
I hope SNL does a skit where Air Force One is overbooked, and either Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway is dragged off the p…
Sean Spicer's Holocaust gaffe has now been immortalized with memes
Actually can you just make Sean Spicer g…
BREAKING: Sean Spicer necessitates the unearthing of Kellyanne Conway.
Might as well take Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway with Bannon too!
I honestly don't know who is the most ridiculous and absurd at this point...Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, or Trump?
"Sean Spicer has no credibility left outside the circle of hardcore Trump supporters."
White House spokesman Sean Spicer also forgot that the US govt. used chemical weapons at Waco in 1993 - for which Janet Reno…
WATCH: 5 times White House press secretary Sean Spicer became the news
No one's saying Sean Spicer is an anti-Semite. What many _are_ saying is that this man and his boss aren't sharp enough f…
Sean Spicer fails again as White House press secretary
There has been more coverage of Sean Spicer misspeaking on camera than Susan Rice admitting to wiretapping the President…
Sean Spicer misspeaks, quickly apologizes--> media makes huge story out of it. Susan Rice lies, on video,repeatedly--> media… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tillerson: I don't know what Syria is. Sean Spicer: I don't know what the Holocaust is. Ben Carson: I'm stuck in an elevato…
Ben Carson found 500Bil stolen by Obama and you're talking about a Sean Spicer gaffe. Some in America have no interest in m…
After watching the Sean Spicer press conference today, I'm pretty confident the Rick of C-137 has messed with our unive…
Whilst we all watch Sean Spicer making a buffoon of himself, remember what UK's current Secretary of State for Foreign A…
Look at Sean Spicer's holocaust comments & remember that History classes are deemed less & less important by the day by decision makers.
Trump, who doesn't read books, is ignorant of history – and so is his pet chump Sean Spicer | By Robert Fisk.
Sean Spicer goes nuts. Carter Page was busted all along. Trump disses Steve Bannon. Somebody wake up Ben Carson, he's mis…
"Before I go, General Pinochet dindu nuffin, and all that talk about Saddam gassing the Kurds is *** " - Sean Spicer
"I can not stand for your buffoonery" - Tommy Lee Jones to Jim Carrey. See also: America to Sean Spicer
United: We’re having a bad week. . Sean Spicer: Hold my Pepsi.
Wonderful role model Sean Spicer proving to kids everywhere - you don't have to listen in school to have a well paid career.
Can't wait for the next Sean Spicer press conference.
Sean Spicer's version of Schindler's List is Liam Nelson just walking around for three and a half hours and nothing else!
"Hitler never owned the USFL's New Jersey Generals. Back ach you, Sean Spicer." - Assad's Press Secretary.
What was really happening inside Sean Spicer's head today, via htt…
The Anne Frank Center has released a statement calling for the White House to fire Sean Spicer:
Sean Spicer really called concentration camps "holocaust centers" like Hitler was sending Jews to the YMCA
Stay focused! Sean Spicer's Hitler comments are just trying to distract us all from making fun of how awful Mike Pence…
Sean Spicer is a profoundly stupid liar working for a profoundly stupid liar.
BREAKING: Sean Spicer calls slavery an "unpaid internship"
Sean Spicer needs to visit the holocaust museum on Raoul Wallenberg Place
Pepsi: That was the biggest PR blunder of the week, year maybe. United: Hold my beer. Sean Spicer: LERRO…
Breaking: Sean Spicer saves United from losing billions of dollars more.
These 3 people need TO GO this week:. 1. Bill O'Reilly . 2. United CEO. 3. Sean Spicer . and yes, they are related!
I think Sean Spicer should record a duet with Kate Bush: "Suspended in Gaffes".
Sean Spicer's hitler comment + his attempt at trying to clarify basically
NBC and Lester Holt are so bias back and forth Sean Spicer is the man God bless
Wolf Blitzer grills Sean Spicer on Holocaust: Did you "not know" Nazis used gas chambers? https…
So, according to the Peter (Cottontail) Principle, Sean Spicer peaked when he played the Easter Bunny @ the White House egg hunt?
Sean Spicer doesn't do a very good impression of Melissa McCarthy.
Sean Spicer just referred to concentration camps as Holocaust centers. Y'know, like shopping malls, but for genocide.
Having recently toured the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, I think it would help Sean Spicer to have a guided tour.
Pepsi, United, Sean Spicer, FOX News, Trump (as usual) y'all better use Good Friday to get right with the Lord ☕️
Sean Spicer is shopping naming rights for the latest sports arena: "The Holocaust Center"
I was once a Barista. I didn't show up after a staff do & I had the shop keys. Bet cafe Nero regret firing me after that Sean Spicer comment
The AHCA, the travel bans, Sean Spicer in general, Gen. Flynn ...…
Alex Jones denounced Sean Spicer. Let that sink in. Alex Jones is slightly more sane than White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer-What a day
If you picture Sean Spicer as Dr. Steve Brule the stuff he says sounds in character. "Holocaust Centers" is definitely a Brule-ism.
"Nancy Pelosi: 'Sean Spicer must be fired'"House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called for the firing of White Hou…
I am going to say this nicely to Sean Spicer: Bye Felicia! Pack up, honey.
Donald Trump, do the right thing and delete Sean Spicer's account. Fire that man immediately.
Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump has to fire Sean Spicer for "downplaying" the Holocaust
Elect a CLOWN, expect a CIRCUS. Donald Trump, Sean Spicer & the other clowns are UNFIT to run this country & must leave.…
Donald "Nobody loves the Jews more than me" Trump skips Seder and then trots out Sean Spicer to deny the holocaust. Wh…
Robert Downey Jr. to play Sean Spicer in upcoming biopic. Preview here:
John, that's liberal nonsense! Trump hires only the best people, like Sean Spicer, Gen. Flynn, and Stev…
Sean Spicer: Hitler "not using gas on his own people in the same way Assad is doing." So I guess those German...
Good to know Sean Spicer opened his mouth. Trump will be back in the top headlines tomorrow
I wonder what Jared Kushner (Trump's top guy/senior advisor/son-in-law) thinks about Sean Spicer's comments? I think someone's getting fired
Donald Trump: NOBODY can top the outrageous comments I make to distract the public from the issues! . Sean Spicer: Hold…
Sean Spicer, how about you go down to Raoul Wallenberg Place in DC and learn about I bet you can see it from your office.
Sean Spicer did not compare Hitler to Assad. He compared him to Bissaa al-Ashar & Basa Ashaad & Felicia Rashad & Aladdin Jafar. Never Assad.
Someday we will find out that "Sean Spicer" was just Zach Galifianakis' version of Tony Clifton all along.
Sean Spicer: "Even Hitler didn't sink to the level of using chemical weapons like Syrian leader.". Me:
The Anne Frank Center is not impressed with Sean Spicer. Calls for his immediate firing.
In other news, Sean Spicer applies for job at The Onion News Network
Sean Spicer just said that Hitler didn't sink to using chemical weapons. Yes, this is real life.
"You even have someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn't sink to using chemical weapons." Sean Spicer, presidential press…
Who said it, Sean Spicer or Zack Galifianakis - "I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust?"
Tue:. -Eric Trump: Ivanka got Dad to bomb Syria. -Sean Spicer: Hitler didn't use chemical weapons. And it's not even noon…
Asked abt this comment by Eric Trump, Sean Spicer said Trump's actions make it clear that there are "no so-called backchannels…
This is where Scott Bakula jumps into Sean Spicer's body and says "oh boy"
Hope there's going to be a WH version of 'Apprentice: You're Fired!' where Sean Spicer gets to cringe at all his bloopers with Adrian Chiles
Sean Spicer actually just said "Hitler didn't even sink to level of using chemical weapons"...
Sean Spicer just said in a WH press conference re children being killed in Syria: "Even Hitler didn't use chemical weapons." ***
Sean Spicer can’t possibly mean what he just said about Syria. Can he? via
Russia is receiving support from the Taliban & Sean Spicer considers them an "ally". Let that sink in. http…
Sean Spicer calls reports of administration infighting "overblown" and "little more sensational than it truly [was]…
US goal is to destabilise Syria, says White House's Sean Spicer in unusually frank (perhaps Freudian) moment today. https:/…
BREAKING Sean Spicer crashes Podium into Media at WH Press Briefing. Obama arrives and saves the day!
People who need to be fired by the Trump administration: Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Nikki Haley, Rex Tillerson, Sean Spicer.
After watching this you'll never be able to take Sean Spicer seriously again
Donald Trump is a liar. Jeff Sessions is a liar. Paul Ryan is a liar. Sean Spicer is a liar. REPUBLICANS ARE ALL PATHOLOGICAL…
Harris. Will there be a Sean Spicer press briefing today? Marty
MUST SEE:. Trump ruins Sean Spicer's duet with the Muppets on Stephen Colbert's Late Show
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Tonight, Stephen Colbert used that classic Muppet Show song “Mahna Mahna” to poke fun at Sean Spicer
Stephen Colbert set Sean Spicer's go-to response when speaking about the Trump administration to Muppet music.
Sean Spicer called ProPublica a "left-wing blog." ProPublica came back with the receipts.
Sean Spicer publicly slammed ProPublica and they responded with a must-read flurry of damning facts
You have 2 realize that Sean Spicer is 1 French Frie short of a Happy Meal, & a man who test the depth o…
Nixon had Dan Rather, Reagan had Sam Donaldson & now, Trump & Sean Spicer have irrepressible & tenacious -
CBS reporter grills Sean Spicer on Jared Kushner: ‘White House isn’t meant to be run as a family business’
Sean Spicer is gonna be hoping Obamacare covers blood pressure medication after he gets those questions about Carter P…
Sean Spicer claims the Whitehouse is not aware of Erik Prince meeting in Seychelles. That's for we all kn…
Whenever I think milk might have gone bad, I ask Sean Spicer to smell it. If he says it smells fine, I know to throw it ou…
Norway hires backer to prevent boom-bust cycle in 2017 for him, Sean Spicer sends love or we'll include South Korean
Sean Spicer would like you to know about Evelyn Farkas, so: here.
"Sean Spicer, White House press sec,con'td on Friday to use misdirection & misleading claims to defend President Trump's..."
Sean Spicer needs to watch on to learn how a WH press sec is actually supposed to act (and…
Sean Spicer should go back to the job that matches his face: t-ball coach who hits grounders too hard at practice.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sean Spicer went way over the line with a veteran black female White House reporter
*** Black MSNBC guest goes BERSERK, calls Sean Spicer a racist, then calls the guest a racist for the helluva it.
Sean Spicer definitely got a Men in Black alien inside of him.
Sean Spicer's head is shaped like a swear jar.
Sean Spicer reminds me of Gretchen Wieners in this press conference. He is all over the place jumpy and desperate.
Sean Spicer says the White House does not expect any more staff shake-ups after Katie Walsh's departure
Sean Spicer on Mike Flynn (tomorrow):. He played a very limited role in the campaign. We're not sure he worked here, we'll l…
Tomorrow, Sean Spicer will describe Mike Flynn as a part-time doorman that sometimes picked up Trump's laundry.
Sean Spicer, being asked tomorrow about Mike Flynn
Darlene_A_10101: Sean Spicer watching tonight and thinking of tomorrow's presser.
Sean Spicer on Flynn in tomorrow's briefing: "You're all so negative, stop shaking your head, Mike Flynn played a minor…
Sean Spicer's next press conference after Mike Flynn revelations become public knowledge.
Sean Spicer-- Journalists have confidential "sources" in order to affect optimum transparency, not to cover-up high cr…
Sean Spicer's today confirmed that the Trump White House is a totally criminal enterprise hellbent on obfus…
Sean Spicer, if he actually had to tell the truth, interviewed today, Phil Hendrie Show
Sean Spicer said this report was 100% bogus. The Washington Post seems to disagree. It leads the home page.
Sean Spicer, with straight face, says Trump is "committed to empowering women"
Sean Spicer, Joe Walsh and Bill O'Reilly: Your Hatred for Black Women is Showing by
I see April Ryan in the press room and she's not shaking her head. Maybe she only shakes it when Sean Spicer lies or says ridiculous things.
Privledge, arrogant, white Sean Spicer telling anyone what to do is wrong. April Ryan maintained her composure. Class act.
Sean Spicer is "astonished" people are upset over the way he treated April Ryan via wha…
Sean Spicer: Reporter April Ryan should be able to 'take it' when I push back on questions htt…
Melania Trump: Fight for women's rights. Sean Spicer: Melania was not talking about Maxine Waters, Sally Yates, or April…
April Ryan will still be shaking her head in that briefing room long after Sean Spicer is gone.
Sean Spicer used to be the White House Easter Bunny & should wear the costume at every press conference
"Stop Shaking Your Head!" Sean Spicer's tense exchange with reporter going viral -
Sean Spicer announces immediate and unconditional surrender on at the first whiff of gunsho…
Sean Spicer: The White House "took no action that prevented" former acting AG Sally Yates from testifying on Russia https:…
Sean Spicer is rude to everyone, but it's difficult to imagine him speaking to a white, male reporter the way he spoke to…
Here's Sean Spicer telling April Ryan not to shake her head.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sean Spicer is a remarkably brazen liar.
Why does Sean Spicer keep diminishing the role played by former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort?. He spoke very…
At roundtable w/ female biz owners, stressed “empowering & promoting women in biz is an absolute priority"
Josh Earnest will opine on such hot button topics like fake news, Sean Spicer lying & the Trump administrations many dysfunc…
Apparently April Ryan confronted Sean Spicer with a question about the hate crime in NYC and Spicer launched into this…
Sean Spicer at press conference. No one would tell him because...
'Normal' or not: Sean Spicer's credibility gap via
I am extraordinarily skeptical until I see something more verified. Like a leaked document or a Sean Spicer denial.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at the lectern, and Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary…
saw Sean Spicer ear piece today.Trump watch them like a Puppet on a string.His Robots
Sean Spicer gave his daily press briefing with something in his teeth. But what was it?
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer calls Politico reporter *** with no real sources.'
Someone just asked Sean Spicer if Trump has considered meeting w/ HRC to ask for advice on healthcare after the failure of
These lies are giving me a headache. ⚡ Sean Spicer addresses Rep. Nunes' visit to White House.
Why do we all know about Sean spicer?. I can't remember any other press secretary.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Sean Spicer's credibility, in two screenshots. (Also, is a *** of a reporter and I'm proud to work along…
Make no mistake: when someone like Sean Spicer publicly dismisses hate crimes, he’s consciously playing to the racists…
4. So today, Sean Spicer was asked if the White House had any reaction. SPICER REFUSED TO COMMENT
Office of American Innovation will apply “ahead of schedule & under budget” mentality to federal government
ok just got through list very nice, especially liked pic of Sean Spicer the CIA has same list
I see you are trolling again Alt Sean Spicer is really Don Lemon with a wig
Instead of denouncing hate crime murder, Sean Spicer implies conservatives are the victims
.calls out Sean Spicer for having something in his teeth during presser
The DOJ has a duty to enforce our immigration laws. Sanctuary Cities will be stripped of funding. .
The rotting food in Sean Spicer's teeth is distracting and makes it hard to absorb today's WH misinformation. ;^P…
Sean Spicer has spinach in his teeth. Or, as he calls it, “splunbage”
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has entered the briefing room with Sean Spicer.
Sean Spicer "Donald Trump's serious about working with democrats.". Trump, serious about working? . He's always at Mar-a…
I don't know either, but I'd like to know and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. (From Thursday's press briefing with Sean ***
Sean Spicer just tried to claim the GOP health plan was a “bad deal" - Vox
Docs:Sean Spicer co-owned company that ran media campaigns in Russia.
What does someone like Sean Spicer think to himself when his head hits the pillow at night? I wonder about that sincerely.
Hey now! There's a Sean Spicer vest that clearly explains what the shirt meant to say.
Sean Spicer says the WH will "look for other opportunities to defund Planned Parenthood" after failure of vote.
Wants Sean Spicer to become hysterical like they are:
Here are all three cards. Pick one and play during Sean Spicer's
Sean Spicer is complaining the Democrats asked for a one-week delay on Gorsuch nomination process. Must be awful!
I desperately want a reporter to ask Sean Spicer what he has in his teeth
Sean Spicer just held a press conference with food in his teeth ☹️
I wish Tim Gunn were the press secretary instead of Sean Spicer.
Sean Spicer will soon explain the alternate fact. "That's wasn't Mr. Trump. He has a body double. His name is John…
Melissa McCarthy explains how she became White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "SNL."
Sean Spicer on the state of Donald Trump's credibility: The President kept his promises to the American people
I get why Sean Spicer would spin this debacle so it burnishes Trump's reputation. But why does Chris Jansing keep doing it??
I would say you can hear Sean Spicer's soul leave his body when he has to call Peter Alexander's name for a question. Except he has no soul
Sean Spicer when Peter Alexander starts to ask a question.
pitch: a short video series about Peter Alexander and Sean Spicer running into each other at Starbucks on Pennsylvania Ave each morning
Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as press secretary, and tell me you don't basically come up with Sean Spicer. Just try it.
.Sean Spicer is a proud graduate of the Edith Ann School Of Communications at Trump University.
Peter Alexander strikes again and gets under Sean Spicer's skin! "Obsession with the process!"
Listening again to NBC hack Peter Alexander pressing Sean Spicer as he obsesses about the surveillance of Trump claims...he is pathetic
Our favorite combative LIAR Sean Spicer is at it again, berating, hollering at NBC Peter Alexander. Shame on u Spicer!!! How LOW will he go?
Listening to the Alt right reporter, a PLANT, ask Sean Spicer a race laced question of a no doubt faux event...
So, it looks like Sean Spicer publicly lied about British involvement in "wiretapping".
I'll say it louder for the people in the back. Sean Spicer meant... Golfing while white: strategic. Golfing while black:…
Sean Spicer reminds me of the kid who would stuff a whole pack of Bubble Yum into his mouth just so he wouldn’t have to sh…
Paul Manafort was in charge of Trump's campaign longer than Sean Spicer has been press secretary.
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