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Sean Spicer

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NYT now reporting that Sean Spicer received KT McFarland's Dec. 29 email about Flynn's call w/ Kislyak on sanctions. . T…
And we all believe her, too, cuz she's so credible. Like Sarah Sanders. And Sean Spicer. And Paul M…
CLARIFICATION! . It's actually not Martin Shkreli, but Sean Spicer. And not Wu-Tang clan, but a rabbit costume. And…
Sitdown (effusive) interviews with Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Seb Gorka. Did any of the Catholics i…
Nicolas Maduro and were seen talking in Florida while Sean Spicer was seen listening behind a nearby Home Depot
That's no way to speak about Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer.
Isn't it strange that when Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer both left the internal…
The trump admisistration is an intense dumpster fire just ask, Tom Price, Sean Spicer, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Banno…
Sean Spicer and his new agent not getting along, according to "The duo underestimated the larger media indust…
"Hi I'm Sean Spicer, President Trump's former secretary. And I would like to talk to yo…
Mueller's team has reportedly spoken to former Trump administration officials Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus. Members of the White…
Here's this evening's DNC letter requesting discovery on Sean Spicer's activities on Election Day and his possible violatio…
Sean Spicer insisted “the vetting system did work” in the Sutherland Springs shooting with the daily Mensa Members…
Find me anything written about Sean Spicer, Josh Earnest or Jay Carney that begins with two paragraphs about his appeara…
My god, she is awful. Sean Spicer was an *** Her tone is condescending,approach - Machiavellian & calculating. D…
With this, he'll be tapped next as a Harvard Fellow, right behind Sean Spicer. I bet you didn't eve…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is channeling her inner Sean Spicer.
Sarah Sanders is less bumbling than Sean Spicer but no more honest. Lie upon lie.
I agree with Billy Crystal on the Sean Spicer thing 🖒
Trump's former press secretary Sean Spicer is questioned in Mueller Russia probe
Special counsel investigators interviewed former WH press secretary Sean Spicer as part of Russia investigation
President Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer met with special counsel Robert Mueller's team on...
Sean Spicer is now cooperating with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal
I'd rather listen to Sean Spicer than this flack hack! He lied with more style. Both sold their souls, but she evident…
Sean Spicer can be found in the hospital burn unit .
Fascist Dictator blocked CNN, BBC, NYTimes, Politico, LATimes and others from WH press briefing.
I'm sorry. Is that Sean Spicer in drag?
Sean Spicer discovered improper inciting mass panic and compromising conflict of interest for a climate change
I'm not ready to laugh "with" Sean Spicer. I think he is an evil, opportunistic liar that hurt our country.
Also remember that Sean Spicer is a harmless stooge and we should laugh with him about all the times he car…
Sean Spicer gets a recovery tour after lying to the public for months but the first woman nominee is supposed to go into h…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Attn Sean Spicer, you knowing looked as press secretary the entire time you wer…
Nope never happened. You have no evidence that I (Sean Spicer) ever did! Just prove it. I love Donny!
Was feeling a little down this morning, and then I remembered, Sean Spicer can't get a job. . Just bought some flowers.…
Don't be so distracted by Sean Spicer's awful grammar that you don't notice his awful logic.
Sean Spicer is what happens when you are looking for anything to somehow justify in you…
When will Sean Spicer donate the money he made while working for a known sexual harasser and assaulter?
Sean Spicer how many lies did you tell on that podium.
Sean Spicer and were seen plowing in Russia while Vlad Putin was seen thinking behind a nearby KFC
Sean Spicer is proof that you don't have to be employed to be bad at your job.
Shut your mouth Sean Spicer. We all remember you were one of Hitler's soldiers
Did I miss Sean Spicer apologizing to US citizens for lying his *** off to cover Trump? Will Sarah H suffer the sam…
Sean Spicer says this is the biggest crowd ever at any NASCAR event. Period.
Network bigwigs who met with Sean Spicer didn’t like that he wasn’t trying to “seek forgiveness," sources say:
Wait till Sean Spicer finds out that Hillary Clinton isn't President.
Sean Spicer is missing the media attention, so he makes outlandish and ridiculous comments with the hope of feeling good about himself.
In case anyone was tempted to believe Sean Spicer wasn't still a horrible person.
So did Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and Steve Bannon, but it was different when Hillary did it because... uhh..…
⚡️ “Anthony Scaramucci's nickname for Sean Spicer is 'Liar Spice'”. BS...Alien to everything not extreme left wing
Somebody help me out. Ari Melber had a guest today. In segment Fallback Friday, a young man said Sean Spicer should be home growing beard
scaramucci's nickname for Sean Spicer is lying Spice.Sean's nickname for Scaramucci: Old Spice.
Trevor Noah has a theory as to why Sean Spicer isn't the right fit for TV
New nuggets from the Russia investigation! Plus, Sean Spicer struggles to stay relevant.
Allison Janney knows what her West Wing character would have told Sean Spicer via
Hmmm, but you denied Russian involvement to press for 9 months. Mark Zuckerberg sounding an awful lot like Sean Spicer tod…
The original story here is by and it has ANOTHER extremely interesting detail that involves? Sean Spicer. https:…
Linda Tripp transitioned to Sean Spicer who has now become the most un-employable American.
Harvard Alumni Slam Kennedy School for Offering Fellowships to Corey Lewandowski, Sean Spicer - shame on JFK School!
Sean Spicer, Harvard Kennedy School fellow, says he'll "contact .. legal authorities" if seeks comment from him ag…
I liked a video Don Lemon Vs Ben Shapiro on Sean Spicer's Trump Roast at The Emmys
People need to stop acting like Sean Spicer is the first White House press secretary who ever lied
The Shameful Embrace of Sean Spicer at the Emmys Preach, Thanks for this.
Pretty sure everyone at the Emmys should have been giving Sean Spicer the Tommy Lee Jones treatment.
Donald Glover, Jackie Hoffman, "Big Little Lies" and Sean Spicer — highs and lows from this year's Emmys
Sean Spicer has turned out to be a "RAT FINK" An "UNGRATEFUL JERK"
WaPo headline: "When you treat politics as entertainment, you get Sean Spicer at the Emmys". ...
Glenn Greenwald on Sean Spicer and Bush-era war crimes: by
The Internet was not into James Corden kissing Sean Spicer
Woke up to an image of James Corden kissing Sean Spicer on the cheek and was reminded that all your heroes betray you. Fu…
My opinion of Sean Spicer has really fallen since he allowed himself to be photographed with James Corden.
James Corden has been slammed after kissing controversial political aide Sean Spicer at the
I'm definitely not and never will be a fan of Sean Spicer but why is everyone shaming James Corden for a silly picture?
Anna Chlumsky's face when Sean Spicer walked out was all of us!
Anna Chlumsky reacting to Sean Spicer at the is me
Sean Spicer's stint in the Emmys just reminds me that Hollywood will always reward whiteness and racism despite how destru…
Anna Chlumsky's reaction to Sean Spicer was. Way. Too. Big. I say that mostly because he shouldn't. Have. Been. There.
Sean Spicer is an accessory to an ongoing attack on American democracy. Stop giggling and pull your head of of your ***
The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.
Steve Bannon got a 60 Minutes feature & Sean Spicer got an cameo, but Hillary Clinton needs to "shut up & go away"?…
When they announced Big Little Lies won an Emmy, did Sean Spicer stand up thinking they were talking about him?.
Lying evil Sean Spicer got called to Emmys. Activist Colin Kaepernick is a jobless pariah. Don't tell me white privilege isn't a thing.
The best part of the Emmys was Ann Dowd and Sterling K. Brown. (Lots of great winners' moments tbh). The worst was def Sean Spicer.
I hate the fact that Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, etc are being used as "jokes" by people who never have to worry about thei…
White privilege is Sean Spicer "reinventing" his image on the Emmys while Colin Kaepernick is black balled from the NFL
Alec Baldwin, when asked about Sean Spicer: “I have done jobs that you shouldn't respect or admire me for too. We have th…
Alec Baldwin on Sean Spicer backstage: "I've done some jobs that are things you shouldn't admire or respect either." https:…
I don't know what's more terrifying: the Emmys trying to normalize Sean Spicer or the fact that my Uber driver just name-dropped Chaz Bono.
"Robert Dinero is here. He's nominated for his role in Wizard of Lies, which I believe was the Sean Spicer story"
Love the Have to love Sean Spicer's bit! Congrats to the upcoming winners!
The reaction shots to Sean Spicer showing up rival the ones from the La La Land/Moonlight mix up my god
Sean Spicer got invited to the before Constance Wu. ***
Harvard should have invited Colin Kaepernick to be a fellow instead of Sean Spicer. One of them told the truth & one of…
Analysis: Sean Spicer basically admitted that he was willing to lie for Trump
Jimmy Kimmel is so charismatic he made Sean Spicer tolerable - charming, even: .
'Have you ever seen the president naked'; Sean Spicer ribbed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.
Jimmy Kimmel did not let Sean Spicer live down that crowd size debacle.
Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel that Melissa McCarthy's impression 'cost me a lot of money in therapy'
Sean Spicer says he needed therapy after Melissa McCarthy's SNL impressions
Of course the Melissa McCarthy portrayal came up when Sean Spicer appeared on
Sean Spicer proves he's still Team Trump on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’
In his late-night debut, Sean Spicer was still unwilling to admit the facts about Trump's inauguration crowd size
Spicer selected as Harvard visiting fellow. Thank goodness Sean Spencer quit the WH with his integrity in tact..
Sean Spicer is dedicated USNR. Bradley Manning was/is a traitor. Harvard makes no distinction
Sean Spicer just gave his first interview since resigning from team Trump
Hope Hicks and Sean Spicer on Mueller's witness list proves the Trump Russia probe is dead. Now they're just fishing for a…
'It proved my point,' Spicer told Kimmel of Anthony Scaramucci's profanity-filled rant
Sean Spicer, Chelsea Manning join list of Harvard fellows
Spicer stands by Trump inauguration size claims via
Sean Spicer, trying and failing to rehabilitate himself on Jimmy Kimmel. via
4 takeaways from Sean Spicer’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel: Former White House press…
Reasons we should Because I'm pretty sure she ate Sean Spicer.
"Sean Spicer" sold his soul to the devil and then the devil cast him aside.
Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel he wasn't expecting press conference first day on the job
Smiling Spicer on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" contrasts with 6 hot-tempered months he spent as White House Press Secretary.
In recent weeks has named Sean Spicer and Corey Lewandowski fellows, and now it’s giving Fox News veto power ove…
Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Spicer talk facts, Trump and inauguration crowd size via
So people want to give Sean Spicer the benefit of the doubt?! Like he was forced to work, lie, and defend Trump. GT…
Sean Spicer on :"Trump's heart is in the right Price". Bit of a Freudian slip?
Sean Spicer makes first late night appearance
Ok,you're not blind,lucky you...'I have not' seen Trump naked, Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel via
Right! Sean Spicer doesn't get a pass! Shame on Kimmel for doing this interview.
Does Sean say that Trumps heart is in the right price? - Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with Sean Spicer
Bold Unapologetic Jimmy Kimmel mocks Sean Spicer to his face about that inauguration crowd size incident!
of Israel broadast by Sean Spicer pressed (gently) on ‘Jimmy Kimmel...
Spicer talks crowd size and facts on late night show
I didn't think it was possible but Sarah Huckabee Sanders is more annoying than Sean Spicer.
Sean Spicer, Chelsea Manning added to list of Harvard fellows
Charlie Manson & Sirhan couldn't make it: Chelsea Manning, Sean Spicer named fellows at Harvard |
Chelsea Manning, Sean Spicer named fellows at Harvard: BOSTON (Reuters) - Chelsea Manning, the transgender…
when Sean Spicer came back to Rhode Island he received the largest welcome any Sean Spicer has ever had. record breaking turnout
Ray Liotta has been cast as the new Colonel Sanders for KFC. Up next: Sean Spicer as the new Colonel Klink.
I miss Sean Spicer so much and wish him the best of everything. He earned it looking at all those disgusting MSMs.
Sean Spicer meets Pope Francis at last - CNNPolitics ➜
Yep, what Trump did this spring was messed up and cold-hearted. I'm glad Sean Spicer got to meet the Pope.
Sean Spicer met Pope Francis on Sunday, months after he was apparently snubbed from a visit with the leader of his……
Since leaving the White House, Sean Spicer’s life seems to have markedly improved
Sean Spicer gets his revenge on Donald Trump via
Spicer got to meet the Pope in the last few days.
Sean Spicer finally got to meet the pope
live shot of Sean Spicer forcing his way into the Vatican to meet the pope
Sean Spicer finally gets to meet the pope via
Sean Spicer finally got to meet Pope Francis after Trump snub:
Sean Spicer got an audience with the Pope because his holiness is always doing opposition research by talking to former empl…
Also not a Sean Spicer fan but it's great he finally got to meet the Pope.
Sean Spicer finally gets to meet the Pope
I don't feel all that much sympathy towards Sean Spicer, but this is a nice story and makes me genuinely happy. https:…
Donald Trump just went full Sean Spicer on the violence.
Spicer finally got an audience with the pope, after being cut from a delegation with the Holy Father in May
"Sean Spicer finally got to meet Pope Francis"
Sean Spicer meets Pope Francis months after Trump denied his request to see him
Excluded from Pres. Trump's audience at the Vatican in May, Sean Spicer finally gets to meet the pope:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sean Spicer finally got to meet the Pope after he decided to quit working for Satan.
Sean Spicer: Bless me, Your Holiness, for I have... Pope Francis: Sh... I read the news. Just bring it in for a hug, my ch…
Want to know why liberals are decent people? We're all pretty happy that Sean Spicer got to meet the Pope.
Sean Spicer gets his revenge on Donald Trump
Pope Francis to Sean Spicer:. I absolve you of your sins. . Say 3 Hail Marys and repeat your confession to B…
He made a clear and unequivocal commitment to Michael Flynn and Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon too.
So glad Sean Spicer finally had the opportunity to meet the Pope.
Sean Spicer defends Michael Flynn: "The President does not want to smear a good man"
Phillips is the Sean Spicer of NYC politics.
Exactly. Eric Phillips is jealous that SNL parodies Sean Spicer but not him, and he's bucking hard to change that.
Can we get Farage as Sean Spicer, Paul Nuttall as Scaramucci, Hannan as Priebus?
i just accidentally called Sean Spicer "Shawn Spencer" im so sorry
I’m thinking of your fawning conversation with Sean Spicer, and how great you think he is. Monster.
BOOM! Sean Spicer gets caught trying to sneak into Canada | National Newswatch
is repeatedly stabbing Sean Spicer's ill-fitting suit as Coretta Scott King expresses sincere opposition to Sessions.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Sean Spicer turns down Dancing with the Stars
Sean Spicer signs with top TV lawyer after meetings with networks
Sean Spicer will not appear on 'Dancing With the Stars', is not a good dancer
Sean Spicer signs w VIP reps Thurs to weigh TV, speaking & possibly book opportunities in new career.
You know who is having an even better day today? Reince Priebus & Sean Spicer. Also, why does Jared Kushner still have a secur…
Sean Spicer has admitted that he met w/the wealthy Trump supporter who helped create the fake Seth Rich story.
We'll take Corinne over Sean Spicer any day.
Sean Spicer reportedly turns down Dancing with the Stars
Will & Grace: Megan Mullally pitches Karen as 'the new Sean Spicer'
Sean Spicer had notice of discredited Fox News story on DNC aide's death
📍Hypocrisy alert: Joe Scarborough brags about comparing Trump to Hitler, then attacks Sean Spicer for comparing Butcher As…
If nothing else, come for my reminiscence of election night with Sean Spicer:
Sean Spicer Turns Down 'Dancing with the Stars' - Sean Spicer will NOT be bringing his dancing talents -- or la...
Admit it -- you're kind of bummed too. Sean Spicer reportedly declines 'Dancing With The Stars' via
A humble pitch: Sean Spicer on Dancing With The Stars partnered up with Please???
Sean spicer has a new spring in his step - where others see clouds, he sees 🌈
Someone just corrected me and said this was actually Sean Spicer leaving the White House.
"I don't think the president owns a bathrobe. He definitely doesn't wear…
Sean Spicer turned down offer to appear on 'Dancing with the Stars' Apparently he has more dignity than Rick Perry
not sure who besides FOX ..I think Sean Spicer would like to go away for awhile..if he has an ego he owuld
Press Sec.: "I hate to start the Q&A off on a low, I cannot confirm whether or not Sean Spicer will be on Dancing with t…
pitches Karen as 'the new Sean Spicer'
Sean Spicer's gonna pull a Costanza and just come into work tomorrow as if he didn't quit
The Mooch is out! Let's go live to Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer for a reaction.
It's all rainbows and sunshine if you're Sean Spicer
Scaramucci was fired for being too vulgar; that's the President's job. (Somewhere, Reince Priebus & Sean Spicer are laughi…
And you hope Sean Spicer don't steal it.
Sean Spicer lied, saying Seth Rich had nothing to do with Trump's agenda: Shifting focus from Russia is Trump's…
Sean Spicer Turns Down 'Dancing with the... via | 🚀 by…
LMAO...I don't think she realizes that this isn't the real Sean Spicer lol
Sean Spicer turns down 'Dancing with the Stars': Report
So TV networks want to employ notorious serial liar Sean Spicer - indefensible. Media as enabler. https:…
New post (Sean Spicer Turns Down 'Dancing with the Stars') has been published on World Fast News -…
Bob Barnett now repping for potential TV and book deals, reports
The Daily Show turned the BBC guy into a GIF with Sean Spicer, Pres. Trump, Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway - tw...
Sean Spicer 'turns down offer to be on Dancing with the Stars'. via
Sean Spicer won't be joining 'Dancing With The Stars' after all
And finally (for now),. Paul Giamatti as Reince Priebus. Kevin James as Sean Spicer. Martin Sheen as Robert Mueller. Jo…
Trump: I'll surround myself with the best people. Mike Flynn: 24 days. Sean Spicer: 182 days. Reince Priebus: 189 days. Scara…
Sean Spicer admits to White House coordination with Fox News on DNC murder conspiracy reports
2. scoop is damning: Sean Spicer admits to meeting with a wealthy donor who was pushing the Seth Rich conspi…
DNC is pointing out what Sean Spicer originally said about Fox's (discredited) Seth Rich story -->
So here's who left the White House in July:. ❌ Sean Spicer. ❌ Derek Harvey. ❌ Michael Short. ❌ Reince Priebus. ❌ Anthony…
somewhere Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are enjoying...I want to say a Miller Genuine Draft?
Live footage of Sean Spicer commenting on Scaramucci right now. .
Ousted press sec. Sean Spicer says he would "proudly" help Pence if he launches a presidential bid.
Sean Spicer says he would proudly work for Pence if he runs in 2024
Ah the disgraced look in background Adam Werritty is hiding in the shrubs there with Sean Spicer 😉
It's remarkable that Priebus is out on the one-year-anniversary of Sean Spicer leaving the White House
If this was Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and Michael Flynn would be sailing for Westeros with Jeb Bush & 3 dra…
Casual reminder that it hasn't even been a week since Sean Spicer resigned & Anthony Scaramucci announced he was joining th…
Mike Flynn and Sean Spicer of RI are out, while John Kelly of MA is in … New England states’ influence shifting at the White House
Sean Spicer [thinks] *And the President told ME never to mention that thing Steve Bannon does.*.
for as curious as I was to see Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars I'm now even more interested to see Steve Bannon on…
Sean Spicer eating Doritos right out of the jumbo bag, laughing so hard he sprays clouds of bright orange crumbs across the…
"Get your tap shoes ready, Spicey! 'Dancing with the Stars' wants Sean Spicer" . 🤣😂 .
Reports: Sean Spicer has been approached to join 'Dancing With the Stars': via
1. Justin Bieber ran over an old old old man with his truck on accident. 2. Please Jesus God let Sean Spicer accept Dancing With the Stars
'Dancing with the Stars' reportedly eyeing Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer, who spent months yelling "fake news," just had high-level meetings at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
'Dancing with the Stars' wants to waltz with Sean Spicer
Oh my god. 'Dancing with the Stars' wants Sean Spicer, per Page Six.
Sean Spicer on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Five reasons why this must happen
I hope the world ends after Mahershala Ali is on True Detective but before Sean Spicer is on Dancing with the Stars.
Sean Spicer's name is made for dancing competitions, right?:
Sean Spicer's Dancing with the Stars résumé:. * Have danced with the devil . * Can waltz around questions . * Nimble enough to…
Sean Spicer might be going on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" after being eliminated in FOX's reality show "Lying To The…
Anyone else want to see Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci in a buddy cop movie called "Spicy and the Mooch?"
Sean Spicer laments the click-bait nature of modern news media... while giving an interview to Sean Hannity. Rich.
Reason for Sean Spicer's resignation finally revealed: turns out it's because he was working for Donald Trump.
.one-line description of Sean Spicer's first press conference will never be topped (
Here's another Rhode Islander who embarrassed the state! Sean Spicer via
I bet Sean Spicer is in his boxer shorts drinking Schlitz malt liquor watching Golden Girls covered in nudie magazines.
Democrats are more upset about losing Melissa McCarthy impression than losing Sean Spicer
In final address Sean Spicer gives thanks to be free of "this g*d s*e insane asylum full of f*s b*s c***s…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Average news consumer this week was vastly more likely to hear about Sean Spicer leaving than the blocking of Barbara Lee's AU…
Update: Sean Spicer to join Spice Girls reunion tour as Misinformation Spice.
Sean Spicer's departure is mourned: Darcy cartoon |
Sean Spicer has been caught on camera spying on the new WH Communication Director, Anthony Scaramucci. Secret Service is r…
Anthony Scaramucci is three weeks away from being Sean Spicer via
He didn't realize it at the time, but "scored Sean Spicer's exit interview"
No! We'll miss him 😬White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns
Obama's press secretaries now lead PR at Amazon (Jay Carney) and McDonalds (Robert Gibbs). What company would Sean Spicer lead PR for?
Sean Spicer says President Trump did not want him to resign as White House press secretary
Sean Spicer told he was thankful for the opportunity given to him by President
Sean Spicer says President Donald Trump did not want him to resign
Bye Spicey! We'll miss you! You did the right thing. White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns
Some priceless moments here. SNL will miss him. BBC News - Sean Spicer's most memorable moments at the podium
The EXPERTS | July 21, 2017 - Anthony Scaramucci in Sean Spicer out! How do you feel about that? Friday night toas… htt…
Sean Spicer is out as White House press secretary. Here are his greatest hits.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
BREAKING: The Browns have hired former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to tell fans daily the team isn't nearl…
Sean's Greatest Hits. . A history of Sean Spicer's gaffes as White House press secretary
Sean Spicer just resigned as press secretary — here's a look at all his greatest (worst) hits
Sean Spicer's most memorable moments at the White House. We will miss this! But surely more will come!
I'm as honked off at Sean Spicer for depriving us of any more Melissa McCarthy sketches as I am at OJ for ruining the Na…
I for one will miss as Sean Spicer on SNL.
LIED AGAIN. DID NOT fire or force Sean Spicer to resign.
I always admired Sean Spicer's ability to stand before the press and tell outlandish lies with a straight face.
Oompa Loompa song lyrics for Sean Spicer. This is awesome and I want one for everyone who resigns from Trump Admini…
I thought Sean Spicer was supposed to be the Oompa Loompa.
Oompa Loompa poomptity pum. Sean Spicer is now out on his bum
This made me laugh out loud. "Oompa Loompa dupity-dee. If you are wise, Sean Spicer, you'll flee.."
I feel like the next time we see Sean Spicer he'll be trying to talk someone into a deep discount on a 2018 Dodge R…
One of my favorite reporters of this White House has been from the Toronto Star. His Sean Spicer take:
BBC News - White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns in which *small* piece of happiness returns to the world
Analysis: It’s time to say goodbye to Sean Spicer, the human meme of the Trump White House
Watch the White House's first press briefing after Sean Spicer resigned
Farewell to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer. And regular Sean Spicer, too. via
I'm on the 8PM show - Also on the show Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, Blac Chyna, Blue Chyna, White Chyna, China Phillips
"White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns" We will miss him! 😂
I never thought I'd say this, but when he resigned Sean Spicer was one of the smartest people in the White House.
White House press secretary Sean Spicer quits after objecting to new communications director - US media
White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns in apparent opposition to Wall Street financier becoming top commun…
So will Sean Spicer just be living behind the bushes outside the White House now? Or does he also have to find a new condo?
Sean Spicer told Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director
Right now every publisher in the US: Get me Sean Spicer's agent!. Sean Spicer: I need an agent?
Sean Spicer seen leaving The White House after resignation.
Conversely, thanks to Sean Spicer for making Toby Ziegler's first day as Press Secretary look like Jordan in Game 6. (cc:
All you need to know about Trump's new spin doctor, who caused Sean Spicer to quit
Oh what a shame, Sean Spicer has quit. Now comedians have lost a source of inspiration now. .
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Report: Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary.
Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary
BREAKING: White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned Friday morning, according to three White House officials
Sean Spicer resigning while SNL is off the air is an American Tragedy.
The only bad thing about Sean Spicer resigning is the possibility that Melissa McCarthy will stop doing impersonations.
Sean Spicer has resigned as White House press secretary over a new communications hire Via
Sean Spicer to be replaced with a monkey cradling another monkey's severed head. It has a mohawk. Wears glasses with no lenses. Poops a lot.
Man, Sean Spicer is taking this OJ news pretty hard.
Sean Spicer leaving the White House for job at Disney World scrubbing vomit off the Employees Must Wash Hands signs.
Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, just resigned. But we still have Trump's lie defender, Sara Huckabee Sanders, at the helm.
Sean Spicer...he gone! (White Sox fans will get this reference lol)
Friendly reminder that Sean Spicer once called Ted Cruz an *** on national television. . He won't be missed.
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