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Sean Spicer

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Apparently, Sean Spicer turned down an offer to be Andrea Leadsom's Press Secretary. He wasn't prepared to compromise his…
Sean Spicer used to be "a perfectly normal guy": The dishiest bits from our Dana talk, by
Late-night hosts weigh in on reports of Sean Spicer stepping away from daily press briefings
Sean Spicer's job was less humiliating when he was the White House Easter Bunny.
Here's a look back at some of Sean Spicer's more memorable moments behind the podium. Watch:
WH press sec. Sean Spicer search likely to bump Martosko off list with extensive rap sheet via…
accuses Bannon of 'fat shaming' Sean Spicer. via cnn
Chelsea Clinton accuses Bannon of 'fat shaming' Sean Spicer
Liberals have no sense of humor at all. Chelsea Clinton on Steve Bannon's Sean Spicer fat joke! 😂
Watching Steve Bannon get SAVAGED for saying Sean Spicer got FATTER is poetic (if grimy) justice. I'm in. I'll just leave…
Steve Bannon just fat-shamed Sean Spicer and we've officially hit a new low via
Chelsea Clinton called out Steve Bannon for 'fat shaming' Sean Spicer
Steve Bannon called Sean Spicer fat today our country is officially run by Regina George.
This happened --> Steve Bannon says the WH briefings are being held off-camera because Sean Spicer got fat. .
Just an FYI: Sean Spicer used to be the White House Easter Bunny.
After hearing Steve Bannon joke about Sean Spicer being fat, I kind of want Steve Bannon as Press Secretary n…
CNN’s Chief White House correspondent just aptly described Sean Spicer in One Word!
Sean Spicer wants to stop doing Donald Trump's press briefings
The White House is mulling a new away-from-the-podium role for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, a WH official said
BREAKING: Sean Spicer out as White House Press Secretary as America wonders what the possible reason could be
Sean Spicer is searching for candidates to take over the White House press briefing via
CNN’s Jim Acosta goes off on Donald Trump and Sean Spicer after farcical press briefing via
"CNN reporter lashes out at Sean Spicer for off-camera briefing: 'He's just kind of useless'"
What bigger *** can they get to replace Sean Spicer? Maybe the last person who wore the bunny costume at the White House Easter Egg Roll?
Well called it. came to White House & Sean Spicer aka 'Spicy' ran out the gate.…
Besides the Easter Bunny, Sean Spicer will also play the Leprechaun, the Tooth Fairy, the Great Pumpkin and Santa C…
Sean Spicer used to play the Easter Bunny at the White House easter egg roll. (H/T
I liked a video 'Sean Spicer even forgot my name': PM Trudeau gets laughs at Press Gallery dinner
Sarah Huckabee Sanders' is even a bigger moron then Sean Spicer. These two jokers are the worst press secretaries of all time.…
June 8 2017: will launch his book, UK General Election, James Comey to testify, and Sean Spicer will be restless. Busy Day!
(Straight):peeks out from Vancouver bushes : The White House Press Secretary made his latest..
History is already being written on the Donald.
Trump’s quickness to deflect blame is hurting the country, writes
By many accounts, the atmosphere in the White House is 1 part high school cafeteria, 2 parts “Lord of the Flies.”
(For reference, what I originally said was Sean Spicer's response when asked what covfefe means.)
How Sean Spicer lost his credibility having to announce lies on behalf of https:/…
FYI wins so far: 36 bills signed, passed the House, historic foreign trip, and full bench
This might be funny if these guys weren't in charge. . Joke of the day. Asked about his reaction to news that a...
Even Trump's war room doesn't have soldiers to fill it, writes
Opinion: Donald Trump is never to blame
🔥🔥🔥Word among Trump staffers is that both Jeff Sessions AND Sean Spicer will resign over the coming weeks in sign of g…
How did it take so long for someone to ask Where in the World is Sean Spicer???
Trump continues to insist on destroying the credibility of his at every turn. This is going to be a long week for Sean Spicer.
there's:. frank. claire. Doug. Sean Spicer guy. not Putin but it's Putin. Republican guy. FBI guy. not Hillary but it's hillary. hammer smith
Press moans after Sean Spicer ends White House briefing with complaint about 'fake news'
Sean Spicer shuts down the White House press corps via Trump has castrated Spicer.Sp…
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Let's send Sean Spicer a message... This can all be over with two simple words. "I quit". Mike Dubke did it and so can y…
WATCH LIVE: Sean Spicer holds the daily White House press briefing
"Today happens to be Sean Spicer says, as he leaves the White House Daily Press Briefing.
This is perhaps the most subdued we have seen Sean Spicer in a daily press briefing.
The White House communications director Mike Dubke,has Press Secretary Sean Spicer will hold on t…
“What gives Sean Spicer the confidence to go out there and say that Donald Trump is the patron saint of diplomacy?”
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is still hotter than real life Kellyanne Conway.
Ike would be a better Press Secretary than Sean Spicer. (Seen here with his executive assistant 🇺🇸
Sean Spicer weighs in on 'covfefe,' continues to baffle America:
Sean Spicer says 'covfefe' wasn't a typo: Trump knew 'exactly what he meant'
Sean Spicer's going to wake up to a throaty "Scooch" & Trump leaning over his bed w/a F…
President Trump did not make a typo. Period. And I better not read any negative covfefe about this -- Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer refuses to answer whether President Trump knew about Jared Kushner’s back channels with Russia
Tomorrow, Sean Spicer will claim Trump never said covfefe. Fox News will claim it's a real word. Trump will say he definitely said it.
Analysis | Sean Spicer returns with a press briefing for the ages
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As I listened to Sean Spicer lie through an entire briefing I thought to myself. There is Posh Spice, Spor…
Sean Spicer looks like he wants to get out of the press briefing so bad he can't stand it 🤡
'I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts.' Sean Spicer's greatest hits via
Mike Dubke is out. Which reduces the White House Communications team to Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and a Magic 8…
"Mike Dubke" has resigned. Sean Spicer is boss less. Trump doesn't count.
Sean Spicer, devout Catholic, didn't get to meet the Pope. Even reporters feel sorry for him. via
I'm considering replacing Sean Spicer with Kimberly Guilfoyle. I've never seen her show but she looks like she has tal…
Pres. Trump met with Pope Francis and Sean Spicer, a Catholic who eagerly anticipating the meeting, wasn't with him
Sean Spicer, a steadfast Catholic, was eagerly anticipating the meeting with Pope Francis – but he wasn't present
I like Kimberly Guilfoyle but can't see her in that job. Boss can fired anyone he wants but I like Sean Spicer and Sarah H…
Sean Spicer didn't get to meet Pope Francis
Newser ♦ The Five host Kimberly Guilfoyle may be in the running to replace Sean Spicer —but she'll be replacing…
Meet Kimberly Guilfoyle, the woman who might replace Sean Spicer as Press Secretary
Donald Trump just totally screwed Sean Spicer at the Vatican today via
Trump didn't let Sean Spicer meet the pope even though he really wanted to:
I have nothing to say nice, so I will say this:. Anyone willing to fill Sean Spicer's job is a *** Man or woman. https:…
Sean Spicer is reported to have lost the president's favor – and Kimberly Guilfoyle may be his replacement
Kimberly Guilfoyle to replace Sean Spicer? . Outstanding! I've never jerked off to a White House Press conference before.
how do you feel at Sean Spicer taking your behind two ferns idea and making a mockery out of it for press releases?
Am I the only one who really wants to see Sean Spicer go into a closet in the Lincoln Bedroom & then come out as Mr. Tumnus?
I can see Ruth Davidson actually battering somebody here. She's turned into Sean Spicer.
The 25 best 42 sketches, from David S. Pumpkins to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer
After Donald Trump’s nut job moment, even Sean Spicer isn’t willing to lie for him anymore
Fed job/unemp numbers, long dismissed as fiction by Trump, quoted today as rock-solid fact by Sean Spicer.
BREAKING: Newly released images of Sean Spicer reacting to the "Nut Job" story.
I'm sure Sean Spicer is willing to offer Jared Kushner a spot next to him in the bushes.
tRump gonna demote, or is it promote (i'm not sure?) Sean Spicer & Kellyanne Conway to Feed/Care for and w…
What do Trump’s golf courses and his presidency have in common? "Quality," says Sean Spicer.
And 8 other questions Sean Spicer moderates press briefings like an overworked kindergarten teacher.
Brad Stevens should have just sent Sean Spicer to handle this post-game press conference.
It is tacky if you are indeed publicly after Sean Spicer's job, have some dignity while he still has it.
Say Sean Spicer -. Many dictators have been known to throw people who displease them out of helicopters and airplanes. Keep a…
White House in lockdown after someone tried to climb the fence. I'm sure they would have let Sean Spicer just walk out i…
Underneath everything, I bet Sean Spicer just wants someone - anyone - to stop yelling at him.
I don't understand how Sean Spicer can even get up in the morning? Trump must be holding his kids hostage.
u don't know extra until ur sister changes her FB profile pic to one w/ the Easter Bunny in may just to make a joke about sean spicer
Sean Spicer will no longer be doing daily on-camera briefings. He’s decided to spend more time at home lying to his fa…
Important note: "Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, did not dispute the account."
First sentence from Sean Spicer's upcoming memoir. "The longest year of my life was the 10 hour flight I took to Saudi Arabia…
Flynn: Hold my beer. Trump: You hold it. Jared Kushner: You hold it. Ivanka: You hold it. Sessions: You hold it. Sean Spi…
Spicer Show canceled? Trump to downsize Press Secretary after expressing ‘dread’ over daily briefings
Sean Spicer has confirmed that Donald Trump told the Russians that James Comey was a "nut job." We're living inside a Mon…
Sean Spicer preparing for his next press conference.
Sean Spicer tomorrow: "The President has never met Jared Kushner. He played only a minor role in the campaign.".
Spicer is no longer expected to do a daily, on-camera briefing after Trump’s foreign trip, White House officials say
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Look, Sean Spicer opened a comedy club. I'll be at Dead Crow Comedy Room with Wilmington, NC May 20th 9:30pm…
And just in case you want to hear Sean Spicer confirm when Trump knew about Flynn, here you go. It was as soon as Yates br…
Sean Spicer defends lag in Michael Flynn's dismissal, takes aim at Sally Yates
Bad news for Saturday Night Live fans: Trump reportedly demoting Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer bloopers from "Saturday Night Live" may be funnier via
President Trump is considering Joe Lieberman for FBI director, according to Sean Spicer
Sally Yates to Sean Spicer: Hope you're enjoying this "heads up", dear.
Let's see what likes of Jeffrey Lord, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Jason Miller, Kayleigh McEnany have to say about Robert Mueller.
Now they know how Sean Spicer feels. Russian Foreign Ministry denies Trump shared classified secrets, then Trump confirms…
Sean Spicer just said they told the President about Flynn as soon as Yates gave him a heads up. The WH just confirmed the…
Fox host claims she's in talks to replace Sean Spicer
I want somone to love me the way pete loves Starbucks or Sean Spicer loves cinnamon gum or dean winchester loves pie
Of course Melissa McCarthy was great as Sean Spicer on SNL this week, but this flew under the radar and was SO good. h…
Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean Spicer on ‘Saturday Night Live’, Watch the Best & Worst Sketches
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression hits the streets of NYC
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Melissa McCarthy rolls down the streets of NYC in character as Sean Spicer ahead of her 5th time hosting this weekend htt…
Melissa McCarthy did her “SNL” impression of WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the streets of NYC this morning
This is how Melissa McCarthy started last night's Sean Spicer sketch on "SNL"
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is legit one of the funniest things I've seen in my life
On SNL, Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer emerges from the bushes and finally confronts Trump
A day after Sean Spicer returned to the briefing room, Melissa McCarthy brought her Spicer impression back to "SNL."
Melissa McCarthy Rides Podium as Sean Spicer in Search for Trump - Watch!
Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer gets lost in the bushes on Saturday Night Live: via
If this was final SNL performance as Sean Spicer, she definitely went out in style:
'Spicy's back': Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer and SNL guest...
This has to be Melissa McCarthy's crowning achievement with the Sean Spicer character. We have a new legend!.
Sean Spicer is very stressed out and seeking answers in Melissa McCarthy's latest 'SNL' performance.…
The latest featured Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on a rolling podium through NYC.
"Spicy's back!": had Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer meet with Alec Baldwin's President Trump last night
Melissa McCarthy reprises her role as Sean Spicer on SNL: "That's right -- Spicey is back, Sarah is out."…
"Spicey's back!" Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer emerges from the bushes on SNL
Awesome! Yes, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes on 'SNL' is perfection
.Sean Spicer reportedly hid in bushes to avoid reporters following controversial James Comey firing
Rumor has it Sean Spicer is in talks with Fox for post-WH talkshow based on Between Two Ferns. They're gonna call it Among the Bushes
President Trump is considering a major shake-up of his press team, including replacing Sean Spicer
Q: a former FBI official said he thinks the president is "simply out of control." Any response?. Sean Spicer: "That's fran…
Cutout of Sean Spicer in the bushes becomes Internet meme (Brandon Carter / The Hill)
Let's be clear, Sean Spicer repeatedly refusing to answer if trump is taping Oval Office convos is the same as trump ad…
So this is happening ... Melissa McCarthy, as Sean Spicer, was spotted dressed up and driving a podium around the streets of N…
Save some room for Sessions, Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page and Sean Spicer if idiocy is a crime
My mom says no one missed Sean Spicer this week.
so... when's Sean Spicer's episode of Between Two Ferns?
Sean Spicer won't deny that Trump is secretly recording White House
Annie Wilkes is now subbing for Sean Spicer as Trump's Press Secretary 😲😲😲.
Sean Spicer riffs in Between The Bushes, a spin-off of Between Two Ferns.   10% Off
It'll never happen, but I kind of want to see Sean Spicer interviewed on Between Two Ferns. Thoughts,
The problem is not Sean Spicer, its the President of the United States. - Josh Earnest
So yea... Sean Spicer is not denying that Trump recorded his conversations w/Comey or that there's a recording device in the W…
Sean Spicer on Russia investigation: Trump is growingly "increasingly concerned about this false narrative that is being perpe…
Sean Spicer is the whiniest Press Secretary ever. Just like his boss. The fish rots from the head.
Melissa McCarthy has the Sean Spicer podium on 58th Street right now
Melissa McCarthy was spotted on the streets of Manhattan in full Sean Spicer mode – motorized podium and all
Is it me or does this Sean Spicer laddie look suspiciously like Vladimir Romanov...?
I want Sean Spicer's job. One condition: I get to shotgun a six-pack of Sam Adams Triple Bock before I take to the podium. I can do this!
I wonder if Sean Spicer will ever make a second appearance on Between Two Ferns.
Zach Galifianakis just announced Sean Spicer as a guest on his next episode of "Between Two Ferns."
"Sean Spicer" (Melissa McCarthy) rolled on by CNN's New York offices this morning on a motorized podium h…
The things you see in New York City. Melissa McCarthy riding Sean Spicer's podium through Midtown
Melissa McCarthy takes her Sean Spicer impersonation to the streets - Los…
When you roll up to the office and practically walk into as Sean Spicer riding a motorized podium down… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Arts and crafts: make your own Sean Spicer garden element.
Still can't believe Sean Spicer tried to do Between Two Ferns without Zachary Galifianakis
Sean Spicer wasn't hiding in the bushes; he thought that's how you audition for Between Two Ferns.
In light of recent events, Zach Galifianakis should try to get Sean Spicer to be a guest on "Between Two Ferns."
"COME ON!": Melissa McCarthy, imitating Sean Spicer, takes on the crowded streets of NYC on motorized podium.
Behind the scenes picture of Sean Spicer Between Two Ferns
You already know it's going to be a good week for when Melissa McCarthy is spotted on 58th st with the Sean Spicer po…
.I really need Between Two Ferns with Sean Spicer to be a thing 🙏
Zach Galifianakis is having Sean Spicer on his show, he's trading out his ferns for bushes.
Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders supposed to be a replacement for Sean Spicer? It's like going from smelling a fart to smellin…
Just like Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is awesome. They both do such a great job with those media jerks.
Source confirms report that Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus "are on their way out.". .
I fired James Comey because he was doing a bad job! He was much worse than Betsy Devos, Scott Pruitt, Sean Spicer, Rei…
Sean Spicer behaved "like a deer in the headlights" & will be replaced with Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Docs: Sean Spicer co-owned company that worked on political campaigns in Russia.
Remember, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is supposed to be the Lou Gehrig to Sean Spicer's Wally Pipp. Whoo boy.
White House "journalists" attack Sean Spicer over Michael Flynn: and — |…
Sean Spicer watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House press conference
BREAKING: Sean Spicer is being evaluated as Press Secretary. . Sarah Huckabee Sanders being evaluated this week as re…
On May 3rd - just one week ago - Sean Spicer stood at that podium and said Trump had confidence in Comey. https:/…
Sean Spicer is a Commander(Army equivalent: Lt. Col) in the Navy Reserve 😭. If you're a vet this is extremely funny & sad at the same time
WATCH: SNL teases Melissa McCarthy's return as Sean Spicer in new video
If you like Melissa McCarthy doing Sean Spicer more than you like Sean Spicer you don't get comedy
She's gonna hide in the bushes. It'll be hilarious😂. SNL teases inevitable return of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer ht…
The reason we haven't seen Sean Spicer this week.Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL. He doesn't want to provide any material.
Melissa McCarthy lip syncing 'I Feel Pretty' as Sean Spicer is perfection, obviously
Maybe as Sean Spicer? Is that too on the nose? Paul Manafort has to be Ray Wise right? Maybe aged dow…
Sean Spicer had a meltdown after Trump fired Comey, hiding in the bushes and demanding darkness https…
Sean Spicer reportedly hid in bushes after Comey firing
Really though, when next will Sean Spicer do his job?.
so did Annie Wilkes kill Sean Spicer or what
You could not pay me enough money to be Sean Spicer right now for this daily briefing
Sean Spicer, at the direction of Donald Trump, lied directly to the American people. He is worthy of no respect or tru…
It was a proud Democrat, a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton,” Sean Spicer is holding a press briefing.
Sean Spicer, who already has 0 credibility, characterized Yates' warnings on Flynn as "an utterance from a political opponent…
According to reporter decision to fire Comey from WH officials came last week -- long before Sean Spicer's presser.
Sean Spicer just called Sally Yates a "political opponent of the POTUS.". ...Yates is a 30-yr DOJ employee who was appointed b…
In a span of 5 min, Sean Spicer has called a "good man" & denigrated Sally Yates as a partisan opponent.
The more you people lie Sean Spicer the harder we will dig. Trump can't hide from the Russian scandal no matter how many l…
Sean Spicer in today's press briefing assures everyone nothing to worry about regarding Russia & besides Sally Yate…
Sean Spicer is doing his best because he talking for Pres. Trump. If Pres. Trump can't talk Spencer cannot answer.
What if Sean Spicer just threw up all over the podium right now. I bet it wouldn't affect his image at all
Was reminded of this glorious piece in . "Spicey boy, saucy Sean Spicer.". -
"It's true that ... President Obama made it known that he wasn't exactly a fan of Gen. Flynn's," Sean Spicer said
Sean Spicer: "If the [Obama admin] was so concerned about Flynn, why didn't they do anything about it?". ...THEY 👏 FIRED 👏 HIM…
Sean Spicer: The White House is seeking applicants for top security positions. Just send in a blank application. Will fig…
If the White House did not properly vet Flynn, per Sean Spicer statement, it's safe to say they have not properly vett…
"If YOU want a candidate who LOOKS like Sean Spicer but TALKS like Richard Spencer..."
Sean Spicer is now claiming Eric Trump played a very limited role in Donald's life.
At a wedding, Sean Spicer reluctantly explains to President Trump that poets are utterly useless. Richard Spencer quotes Marcuse.
Sean Spicer has no idea how to pronounce the president’s name. Help the poor guy out ffs it's BASHAR AL ASSAD.
Sean Spicer tomorrow: 'The River Of Blood Battle is an alternative name Trump made up for the Gettysburg Battle.' h…
Alright; the mass SJW assault on Sean Spicer will fail! (mic drop gif) Respond before I notify Richard Spencer.
Steve Miller, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer. Trump's top people have something in common:
Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is filling in for Sean Spicer today at the
Sometimes people accidentally call Sean Spicer "Sean Spencer" and it makes me sad.
This boy just confused Richard Spencer and Sean Spicer whose mans is this
Want to be California's Sean Spicer? Dept. of Water Resources is hiring PR person for state's Oroville Dam efforts.
The only person worse than Nick Spencer at justifying things is Sean Spicer. And that's bad.
lol Erin Burnett just mixed up Sean Spicer and Richard Spencer.
Do you guys think Sean Spicer cries himself to sleep every night?
Sean Spicer says Trump would meet with Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances, but right now they are not there https:…
Sean Spicer today: "You have a country in north korea". You literally can't make this stuff up. This WH is dangerously…
Sean Spicer listening to Trump's comments on the Civil War and Kim Jong Un
I pray Sean Spicer doesn't call plantations "Civil War Centers" today when asked about Trump's comments today.
Holy crap is this Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer playing Alex Jones!?
The Simpsons' take on President Trump's first 100 days is pretty dark
As Liar Sean Spicer tries to blame Mike Flynn's Russian dealings on President Obama, let us all remember, MIKE FLYNN WA…
Sean Spicer says Obama administration was responsible for Michael Flynn’s vetting
White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer on Syria today: . "Hitler didn't even sink to level of using chemical weapons". Let…
.Spicer says the White House has "not tried to push" House Republicans on passing a health care bill
So her ratings aren't as good as Sean Spicer's?
Sean Spicer is the Lorem Ipsums of human beings. Period.
100 days of Sean Spicer: A data dive into the man behind the podium via
And then Sean Spicer, as if on cue, blamed Obama for the fact that Trump neglected to…
domain names
Sean Spicer is trying to blame Obama for Trump team's failure to vet Gen Flynn. *The Obama admin fired Gen Flynn*
Sean Spicer: Sanctuary cities have the 'blood of dead Americans on their hands'.
Trump isn't pushing it because he wants Congress to look inept. Less faith in another branch gives him more power. https:…
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday deflected blame for the firestorm surrounding Michael Flynn,...
100 Days of Sean Spicer: The White House Press Secretary's greatest hits.
100 days of Sean Spicer counting to 100
‘Hold on, calm down!’: Sean Spicer spars with CNN’s Acosta over claim Flynn was all Obama’s fault
short opens with an animated Sean Spicer hanging himself in the White House.
Today is visiting w/ some of our nation’s heroes to take serious action to fix the broken VA
Analysis | Sean Spicer briefly suggests Trump is going after your 401(k)s — and shows what a nightmare tax reform is
Sean Spicer tomorrow: "Trump and Flynn occasionally passed each other in the hallway with an obligatory "Sup?", but that's…
OMFG. Sean Spicer just said the Trump transition team didn't do *any* of their own vetting of Gen. Flynn before he entered the…
What is Sean Spicer going to do after this job? Who would hire him? Seriously. He's like the Arnold Horshack of the Trump Administration.
my *** as Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer as Elizabeth Shue as Eva Braun
Pelosi cals for Sean Spicer to be fired after Hitler remarks
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Former White House spokesman doesn't have a "ton of sympathy" for Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer flummoxes reporters by claiming White House not responsible for hiring Michael Flynn http…
Sean Spicer: It's "outlandish" to think the WH would have a record of Flynn's calls while he worked at the WH. . ...but you're…
Todays Twilight Zone episode brought to u by the White House starring Sean Spicer w/guest appearance Secretary Ross
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is speaking now. Watch live on
It will be quit comical to see Sean Spicer lie about why DT lied when he say Luciano Pavarotti is a friend of his. Pavarotti died 2007.
Trump won't fire Sean Spicer because he gets "great ratings" | Via
Donald Trump's Television Presidency. and I go inside, where good ratings buy Sean Spicer another day. htt…
"The best thing about Sean Spicer is - Allison Janney 👍🏻😂
.has sent a letter to Sean Spicer offering to hold a Holocaust education training session for Spicer and W.…
"Sean Spicer's like a 'before' photo in a Xanax ad.". -- assesses Team Trump.
Chevy Chase giving the press briefing in Spies Like Us is where Sean Spicer learned how to do it.
BREAKING- Sean Spicer has decided to become an American Airlines flight attendant.
Will Martin Preib be the Chicago police union's Sean Spicer or its Steve Bannon?
Oh Rob!!! Gronkowski showed up at Sean Spicer's news briefing and did boycott the WH visit? Does this mean I...
Rob Gronkowski's world tour continues as he crashes Sean Spicer's White House media briefing
Rob Gronkowski unexpectedly crashed Sean Spicer's press briefing this afternoon
Rob Gronkowski offers help to Sean Spicer in media briefing
WATCH: Rob Gronkowski crashes Sean Spicer's briefing because of course he did
Rob Gronkowski crashed Sean Spicer's press briefing via
NEW: Sean Spicer says at press briefing that Trump will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on May 3rd.
Trump will meet with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas at the White House May 3, spox Sean Spicer announced.
Sean Spicer gets the Muppet mashup he deserves via
Sean Spicer says lobbyists deserve privacy when visiting the White House
Sean Spicer reads to kids at annual White House Easter Egg Roll
Jimmy Kimmel shows hilarious clips of Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions reading to children at the White House Easter egg roll.
Sean Spicer reads "How To Catch The Easter Bunny" to a group of kids at the White House
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: The policy of strategic patience is “not one that is prudent” for the US
That time Sean Spicer (really) dressed as the White House Easter Bunny
FYI Sean Spicer actually used to be the White House Easter Bunny: https:…
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LIVE: Sean Spicer speaks at the White House news briefing
Did you know that Sean Spicer, WH Press Sec. , is a Commander in the US Navy Reserves? Thank you Cmdr Spicer for your service!
Sean Spicer suggests that President Trump is already under audit for his 2016 tax returns. The deadline for those returns is to…
What does Sean Spicer think of Melissa McCarthy's SNL impression of him?. "I'm usually fast asleep" by then, he says
Sean Spicer, who once dressed up as the White House Easter Bunny, celebrates Easter at the
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer read the children's book "How to Catch an Easter Bunny" during the White...
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