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Sean Spicer

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totally. Also bizarre to listen to Sean Spicer justify Trump's deportation plan by citing Obama.
Sean Spicer whining that Trump doesn't get praised enough reminds of Dudley Dursley crying about getting only 37 presents for his birthday.
"Yoko Ono broke up the Monkees. Period."- Sean Spicer
- And they don't inform Fox News, or Kelly Ann Conway, or Stephen Miller, or Sean Spicer.
Sean Spicer mistakenly refers to Canada's PM as Joe Trudeau. Coincidentally Justin Trudeau mistakenly refers to Spicer as…
Could have been worse... 'Stevenson Barring ' is my Sean Spicer name. via
President Trump and Sean Spicer have an important announcement about
Yelled at everybody. Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Stephen Miller are crying. Donald has locked himself in the bat…
White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, spoke to the media about POTUS chat with Egypt 3 weeks ago. See transcript
See how the real Sean Spicer compares to Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' parody
Sean Spicer working this week? Looking forward to a Spicey Saturday Night (Live). Lmao
We made a supercut comparing SNL's Sean Spicer to the real thing
Sean Spicer's explanation of Michael Flynn's resignation doesn't make any sense
"Harrison Ford is the greatest pilot in history." -Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer knows there's an official White House photographer, right?
Love your humor so much! Who knows, before the week is over, that may be the only work Sean Spicer can get...
SNL this week is just going to be Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer going full Gallagher on a watermelon with a journalist's badge attached.
Live look at Sean Spicer ahead of tomorrow's press conference after Michael Flynn news...
Now, when Trump has to fire Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Betsy DeVos in one day, I hope he does it…
Sean Spicer removes lint from Stephen Miller's jacket as he waits to go on air in the White House Briefing Rm. Phot…
To Americans who don't know who Liz Truss is, she's the Sean Spicer of the Tory Party. She spins with all the grace of…
Are shake-ups coming at the White House for Chief of staff, General Flynn and Sean Spicer after tumultuous start? https…
last week's SNL 'Sean Spicer press conference' Cold Open with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon
Jeff Sessions get the Saturday Night Live treatment; Melissa McCarthy brings back Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer in cold open
The funny thing is that Melissa McCarthy might be playing Sean Spicer longer than he has his job.
Melissa McCarthy back for another spectacular turn as Sean Spicer on
‘I’m going to freak if you ask me stupid questions’: Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL as Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL as an even more frustrated Sean Spicer
Watch Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer return to hit Donald and Ivanka Trump where it hurts htt…
SNL is not funny anymore. But I did laugh out loud at Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer skit. A bit mean, but funny
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Melissa McCarthy reprises Sean Spicer (in heels) on "SNL," Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is back and better than ever (!):
Remember how Trump got mad that Melissa McCarthy played Sean Spicer on Allow me to introduce you to LESLIE JONES AS TRUM…
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on "Spice is going to explain it so you dumb babies can understand it."
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer rejecting Moana at the border is too real.
Does anyone know how to edit Winona Ryder from the SAG Awards acceptance speech for 'Stranger Things' into a Sean Spicer press conference?
I just imagine Sean Spicer rubbing pine tree air freshners on himself like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy before each presser
.Sean Spicer = Frank Burns reincarnated. He looks just like him and he gets irritated and flustered the same way.
Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer on 'Saturday Night Live' is everything via
Sean Spicer just now: I can only hope that if Coretta Scott King was still with us, that she would support Senator Sessions's…
It has been niggling in my mind who Sean Spicer reminded me of, with his snarl and it came to me at last.Frank…
3 times in 1 week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer alluded to a terror attack in Atlanta that never happened
Invitation to all metro-Georgians to help me curb-stomp Sean Spicer. We can do it at Liberty Plaza for Deal to see.
maybe I should call Sean Spicer at home, or use his personal email address...
Don't know if I'm rooting for Sean Spicer to suffer four years of doing this, or for a Murphy-Brown's-Assistant parade…
Sean Spicer references imaginary Atlanta terror attack to defend Trump's travel... by via
How long will Sean Spicer last as press secretary? Ingram house
Sean Spicer just set an extraordinary standard for criticizing military operations under Trump - The Washington Post http…
according to Sean Spicer, NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen supports an UP or down VOTE for the IMMINENTLY QUALIFIED Gorsuch?
...Sean Spicer and Joe Walsh both said two completely different but equally ludicrous things and I can't decide which one I want to RT.
Impossible to watch Sean Spicer without seeing Melissa McCarthy
I believe Melissa McCarthy has ended the career of Sean Spicer.
Tuned into Sean Spicer's briefing for a few minutes and all I see is Melissa McCarthy. "The president will 'knot' be de-turd.'"
Sean Spicer thinks Melissa McCarthy "could dial back" her SNL impression.
Wow, Sean Spicer sure does a great Melissa McCarthy impression.
Just heard Melissa McCarthy make up terror attack that happened in Atlanta! So funny. Oh wait, it REALLY WAS Sean Spicer???
If you haven't seen Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, Trump's press sec, you really, really should. Incredible. https:/…
Sean Spicer's WHOIS data is public for everyone to see: Image: Alex Wong/Getty ImagesBy Brian……
Donald Trump 'hated Saturday Night Live's Sean Spicer impersonation because it was done by a woman'
Donald Trump has soured on "weak" Sean Spicer because a woman played him on SNL
"This is an action that was fully coordinated w the departments, to make sure it was compliant," Sean Spicer said. "to…
Watch Melissa McCarthy make Sean Spicer great again on SNL
Sean Spicer quoted as saying patriots won 35–0 Atlanta had too many immigrants on the field
Mad props for Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL
I would pay to see Malcolm Tucker vs Sean Spicer.
Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer is the best thing to happen in 2017.
“I will put you in the corner with CNN,” Melissa McCarthy, playing an agitated Sean Spicer, said on SNL
Melissa McCarthy took on Sean Spicer for SNL... And it was amazing
SNL's Alec Baldwin taunts Trump again, but Melissa McCarthy steals the show playing Sean Spicer
"It's not a lie ... if you believe it” - Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, and the George Costanza rule of lying:
That's the best SNL of the season so far, F-bomb, Colin premature ending, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, i enjoy all sketches. Hands down.
Melissa McCarthy should be immediately granted an Emmy for her Sean Spicer impersonation on SNL last night.
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is easily the funniest SNL bit of the last 5 years. Absurdity as therapy
More from Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy as Trump alternative facts minion Sean Spicer on
Melissa McCarthy steals the show as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live
Melissa McCarthy was unbelievable on SNL tonight by literally becoming Sean Spicer! Just watch!
I think 2017 actually started when Melissa McCarthy became Sean Spicer
One of the best SNL skits ever: Melissa McCarthy NAILS Sean Spicer.
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Oh. My. God. Better than Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Better than hot cocoa in December.
Whoever thought up Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer deserves a Presidential Medal of Freed…
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is even better than Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on
Melissa McCarthy in the role she was born to play: Sean Spicer (via
Oh my God my face hurts from smiling so much bcuz of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression
Is it really parody if Melissa McCarthy basically repeated Sean Spicer verbatim?
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on is something that you just NEED to watch! So good!
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer .. This might be the best skit I've ever seen 😂😂
Ok, who wrote the Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer sketch because they just made America great again
On SNL, Melissa McCarthy makes a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer
Whatever your politics--don't miss Melissa McCarthy playing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Instant classic…
Melissa McCarthy crashed SNL to play press secretary Sean Spicer, slam reporters, and swallow gum
Oh my god, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. "I'm here to swallow gum and take names."
Internet clown Lars Larson asks Sean Spicer when will start aggressively logging our forests & he was serious
"Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, got so charged up he even accused Iran of attacking a U.S. navy vessel,...
Sean Spicer looks like the grown up version of every 1980s Billy Zabka character.
Sean Spicer just claimed that President Obama's last jobs report is really Trump's. Because Sean Spicer lies.
Sean Spicer:. The Bowling Green Massacre was real. And I think if you ask Frederick Douglass, who is alive in the prese…
Every time I see a clip of Sean Spicer speaking I think of Louis Tully defending the Ghostbusters in court
Sean Spicer doesn't need notes and he doesn't owe you an explanation. . Deal with it.
Every time I see Sean Spicer, I think Of Hugo from Bob's Burgers... It's strange.
I cannot not stop hate-watching Sean Spicer. I have never seen a guy lie some much about something other than sex.
Ethan Coen turns Sean Spicer's own words into a tragically beautiful poem
Time for a round of: Sean Spicer or Selina Meyer??
Ignorance is NOT bliss. It's a f***ing nightmare in the case of Donald Trump (and Sean Spicer). Such an embarrassme…
In the White House Press Secretary briefing today Sean Spicer talked about Ryan and that the information gained...
probably a fake news (person) invite from the press attaché in the first place. Sean Spicer for OCI.
Sean Spicer thinks only qualification for Govt Service is blind obedience. Government by Yes Men.
Sean Spicer reminds you that we only detained a 75-yr-old grandma in a wheelchair who's had her green card since 1997 to…
Sean Spicer just now: When people use phrases like "travel ban," they "misrepresent what it is." President Trump yesterday: htt…
Sean Spicer's job so far as White House Press Secretary:
Why does Sean Spicer always sound like he's about to cry?
Sean Spicer using Quebec to justify Muslim ban. Main shooting suspect is a white Canadian who was involved in anti immig…
Sean Spicer is the worst press secretary since that time Josh filled in for CJ.
Sean Spicer wipes the floor with the press every time
Sometimes I just close my eyes and think Bernie Sanders is POTUS and this is all in my head, and then I open them and Sean Spicer is talking
It turns out Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer are also registered to vote in two states
Sean Spicer is saying Paul Ryan supports increasing import taxes to pay for a wall. Import taxes passed on to Americans!!
And now reports Sean Spicer is also registered to vote in two states:
Wouldnt be surprised if Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively weren't together anymore and Kellyann Conway and Sean Spicer got married.
I'm so sick of the MSM talking bout how hard Paul Ryan and Sean Spicer got it. These fools made choices; they are accoutible 4 them
If you say three times while facing a mirror, Sean Spicer will come out of it & turns you "alternative alive"
Reporter Jeff Zeleny actually told Sean Spicer at Tuesday's briefing, "Maybe Donald Trump did not win."
Sean Spicer announces Trump will sign executive order today stripping federal funding from so-called "sanctuary cities…
Sean Spicer: ‘No idea’ who wrote draft executive order to lift ban on torture and ‘black sites’ https…
EXCLUSIVE!: Sean Spicer is to be replaced as White House Press Secretary by J. Jonah Jameson! (from Marvel Comics W…
Big shout out for Enda Kenny (Irish Prime Minister) by Sean Spicer at White House just now. He's welcome with his shamrock bowl on Mar 17.
JUST IN: Sean Spicer says Trump will sign executive order that will strip federal grant money from sanctuary cities.
Trevor Noah burns Sean Spicer: "Wait, did he just say unemployment isn’t a number, it’s a feeling?"
lol! Sean Spicer must have given her this fact!
former Dept of Justice spokesman Matthew Miller on Sean Spicer:
Is there really some grand strategy concocted by Steve Bannon, et al.? Or does Sean Spicer just work for a madman h…
Everyone needs to go look up the definition of bc Sean Spicer lies, and lies about lying.
Sean Spicer, back on message: Reality isn’t real and we should all pity poor Donald Trump
Angela, our Associate Director, discusses Sean Spicer's comments from a PR point of view:
WH press secretary Sean Spicer's first briefing of Trump's presidency: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims
Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary: "Sometimes we can disagree with the facts.”
Why do we trust anything the press secretary Sean Spicer is saying now?
In literally the least surprising news of all time, Sean Spicer is a Patriots fan.
Fact check: Sean Spicer said "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration." That is false.
Sean Spicer is so shallow and ignorant, he makes Ron Ziegler seem like Confucius.
"White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the move “counters the dramatic expansion of the federal... https:/…
An important lesson for dealing with Sean Spicer and
Fact check: Sean Spicer said D.C.’s Metro had more riders Friday than it did for Obama’s 2013 inauguration. That is false. htt…
Sean Spicer looks just like Ben Linus from Lost.
Sean Spicer is a fellow soldier in the War on Christmas
Watching Angela Mitchell covering Sean Spicer is like watching Charlie Brown get ready to kick the football Lucy is holding
Sean Spicer doing a great job today. Much much better.
Sean Spicer breaks tradition, gives first question to NY Post at press briefing:
This is amazing. Sean Spicer is literally begging for the media to say nice things about them, because it hurts when we don…
Close your eyes when Sean Spicer is talking and tell me you don't hear Mayor Quimby.
William Wallace just asked Sean Spicer a question.
I think Alistair Campbell has met his match with Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer now setting up an 8mm projector with a reel that says "Spiro Agnew" in hand.
Sean Spicer and Doug Stamper.tell me the difference?
I suppose I would prefer NPH over Donald and Patrick Warburton over Sean Spicer
. Sean Spicer is a commander in the US Navy Reserve, when he takes his uniform off it's okay to challenge the POTUS.
Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway seem to be channeling their inner Spiro Agnew. And we all know how that turned out.
They were applying the old ideas of tact and mutual respect until Sean Spicer showed them how much the rules have changed.
Acoording to Sean Spicer, Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the New England Patriots tonight 17-36, in front of a crowd of…
Watch Joy Reid eviscerate Sean Spicer: ‘How are we supposed to trust anything you say at all?’
All those U.S. journos who (rightly) laughed at 'Baghdad Bob' back in 2003 but now have to deal daily with Sean Spicer mus…
Sean Spicer channeling Ron Ziegler/Spiro Agnew. Should save the vitriol for things that matter. There will be plenty opportunities.
Steve Kerr on his in unmemorable, short Magic career: "Sean Spicer will be talking about my career any second. 14,000 p…
.The issue with Sean Spicer isn't "arguing about crowd sizes." It's deceiving the public in a deliberate a…
In October, I asked Sean Spicer to confirm a quote. "I never said it," he replied. But it was on tape.
Seems Eric Cartman grew up and changed his name to Sean Spicer. He's no CJ Cregg, is he?
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Sean Spicer: Donald Trump drew the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration. Get ready for this. 4 years of blata…
Kellyanne: “Sean Spicer...gave alternative facts”. Chuck: "Alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods.”
I think the prez had his hand up Sean Spicer's *** like a puppet during that press conference
If the Spice Girls reformed, and Geri Halliwell wasn't avail., maybe Sean Spicer could fill in as Ginger?…
It is embarrassing, as an American, to watch this briefing by Sean Spicer from the podium at the White House. Not the RNC.…
Sean Spicer releases new photo showing true size of crowd for Trump's inauguration
Trump made Sean Spicer go out and lie for him then immediately threw him under the bus. Trump administration, Day 1
According to Sean Spicer, these people were just keenly dressed as bleachers.
Sean Spicer's presser for the Titanic's maiden voyage.
I've known Sean Spicer since he was the press aide to the House Budget Committee. I don't know this Sean Spicer. https…
Here's my first crack at that tirade.
SINCE DAY 1. has LIED about crowd sizes. Sean Spicer
White House Press Sec. "That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period."
Sean Spicer got his inauguration numbers mixed up bigly with a perfectly reasonable mistake for his 1st day i…
Proud to walk today on 5th Ave. Sean Spicer and the administration may 'blur their eyes' but the global ima…
Sean Spicer just took y'all to church. . Let the people say amen. 😂.
This is what happens after you watch a Sean Spicer press conference.
Sean Spicer looks and sounds like the member of a cult. So does Kellyanne Conway. Gross. I can feel his spit flying th…
Sean Spicer said Trump received a 5 minute standing ovation at CIA tonight. Here is raw video of that not happening. http…
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer used his first press briefing to lie to the American people. He should resign. Who…
Trump had biggest inaugural crowd ever? Metrics say no via
Just realized Sean Spicer's initials are SS and how did I Nazi that before?
Sean Spicer lacks the guts or integrity to refuse orders to go out and lie. He is a failure in this job on his first full…
Pay no attention to anything Tomi Lahren, Sean Spicer, Piers Morgan or Richard Spencer says. They're not real people. Do…
In all seriousness, what Sean Spicer said today was an unmitigated act of propaganda.
methinks the lady and Sean Spicer doth protest too much
Jesus Christ, Sean Spicer is whining about crowd-size reports and photographs as if it's a national crisis. What a pathe…
Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a hero! He's a war-lion! He blitzed the MSM so hard today we should call him
This ridiculous whining by Trump and Sean Spicer is a pretty clear sign the pressure is working. Keep it up, everyone.
Sean Spicer, aka flat out lied about the inauguration turnout. It makes you wonder what he's lied abou…
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Trump mouthpiece, Sean Spicer, just had a full-on hissy-fit about Trump's poor turnout. Sad!
man-child trump attacks media, upset again re "small" reports. sends sean spicer to defend his size! Released pics…
Sean Spicer this afternoon giving the media a spanking for their never ending lies & 😁
Sean Spicer's press conference for the Hindenburg's maiden flight.
White House Press Secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds
The New York Times correctly says that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a liar. Won't be the last time. https:…
I work in political PR. I spin all the time. What Sean Spicer did today was Soviet-style propaganda mixed with lugenpre…
Sean Spicer has just released the unedited photos from Trump's inauguration.
I imagine this was the conversation Trump had with Press Secretary Sean Spicer before he went out to talk the media.
President Trump's hands are the "largest hands to ever exist, period." - Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer claims the media inaccurately reported crowd sizes, but video footage suggests otherwise.
Vanity Fair puts the lie to Spicer's first press briefing. His credibility is gone, he's "inoperative," so to speak. https:/…
Sean Spicer is basically an Andy Daly COMEDY BANG BANG character who's crossed over into our plane of existence.
“No, I did not become a meme about telling absurd lies after my very first press conference.” - Sean Spicer
Who is the better Press Sec: Josh Lyman or Sean Spicer?
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Sean Spicer is the new Baghdad Bob. That was positively Soviet.
Suddenly wish Carrie Fisher was still with us to give her expert opinion on whether Sean Spicer was coked up for that press scolding.
Sean Spicer: The Titanic did not sink. It's all fake news. Brian Williams: Sean, it definitely sank. I was a passenger.
Sean Spicer is now claiming Scott Baio is an Oscar winner and 3 Doors Down was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of…
Sean Spicer just fudged the facts at least 4 times in 5 minutes
Sean Spicer just gave us a taste of the Trump administration. Propaganda filled public relations designed to divert, disto…
Sean Spicer announces new deputy press secretary
Instead of celebrity death pool, we need to play Trump Death Pool. Who quits/fired first? pick Sean Spicer- whose next?
Me thinks this was an early exercise that Trump wanted to put Sean Spicer through to test his loyalty. Spicer passed with flying colors.
Sean Spicer also said the Indians won Game 7 of the World Series. Period.
It is amateur night in DC: Sean Spicer has a soviet style meltdown about people not showing up to https…
"Up is down. I'm sorry I don't have time for questions." -- Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer: Crowd size & TV viewership for Trump's inauguration were larger than ever before. . Data: Lol, no.
Sean Spicer trying to explain to the media how 250,000 people is really over a million people.
Thought I was sitting on my futon by myself, but Sean Spicer just announced that there are actually 400,000 of us sitting…
replace Sean Spicer he's too combative. Hire Laura ingraham
Very important point from NBC's Katy Tur... Dear Leader sent Sean Spicer out there to humiliate himself denying realit…
Sean Spicer must have been trained at a seminar on filling out a Southern Baptist annual church profile.
Sean Spicer lied about inauguration crowd numbers at his first White House presser.
Dear Reporters:. If you do not state clearly that what Sean Spicer just told you was false, you are Trump's cuck.
Sean Spicer proves with his first Press Conference that he was the perfect pick for WH Press Secretary.
I think a nice beta-blocker is in order for you and the rest of the Orange Turd's crew. You're gonna need it. lol. "Sean Spicer"
The new era. White House spokesman Sean Spicer rants at the press for several minutes and then walks out without taking a…
BREAKING Sean Spicer just announced USA beat Belgium at the 2014 World Cup after a late, great goal by heroic super sub C…
Sean Spicer. Yeesh. Well, we Barrington natives will always have Brad Faxon, at least.
We love Sean Spicer! He stated nothing but facts & held Media accountable for their fake news. Show him our full support!.
I'm pretty sure Sean Spicer coached one yr at Farleigh Dickinson, went 7-22, and was fired because of "The Bathroom…
Sean Spicer hasn't lied to me yet. The liberal media has lied repeatedly, so I will go with Spicer.
Trump is as insecure as it gets. Sean Spicer lied. Thanks for reminding everyone why they protested today.
.Sean Spicer blasted the media's reporting of low attendance at President Trump's inauguration
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"Heath Bell was the best closer in Diamondbacks history, period." - Sean Spicer also probably
That happy laugh you just heard was Yakov Smirnoff getting new material from Sean Spicer.
I think I had slightly more respect for Larry Speakes than I do for Sean Spicer.
No but Sean Spicer said we can't estimate things anymore
Sean Spicer is not going to be very good at this job.
Wow. Sean Spicer walked to the podium. Unloaded on the media for bias. Accused reporters of dishonesty. Walked off withou…
MEDIA attempts to lessen enthusiasm about inauguration are shameful and wrong. --Sean Spicer.
Farewell to Josh Earnest, our last Press Secretary. With Trump in charge, Sean Spicer's title will be changed to Minister of…
Now we go from the popular Josh Earnest to the lying *** Sean Spicer
CNN defends Acosta: "As we have learned many times, just because Sean Spicer says something doesn't make it true." https:/…
I can't wait until Sean Spicer gets fired and true psychopath Alex Jones becomes press secretary.
Sean Spicer: "This is another fake news lie!". Russian State Propaganda outlet: "Well, actually..."
Journalists stand up to Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press secretary, for threatening to ban CNN’s Jim Acosta
Cohosted party for new WH press sec (and old friend) Sean Spicer last night. PBS' Judy Woodruff L and Rep. Issa. R
Sean Spicer and Mike Pence didn´t say a peep when Donald was being a "birther" or saying Ted Cruz´s dad participated in K… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sean Spicer is a whiny little man he's the Trump team's Frank Burns from MASH
Jay Clayton is Trump's choice to run the SEC, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer confirms on daily press call.
This just in: former WH press secretary Robert Gibbs will be joining David Axelrod and Sean Spicer at tonight's event
Sean Spicer: We should be talking about ‘punishing’ Clinton for manipulating election via
… we’re likely to hear more of this line of argument, road-tested Sunday by Sean Spicer : “Hillary g…
Sean Spicer questions the 'magnitude' of new Russia sanctions via / UnAmerican & dangerous!!
U right, Sean Spicer. Christ died for our salvation. Trump won't even show us his tax returns. NO comparison here. Trump is the king of cons
Sean Spicer sees it as an attack on King Boxer himself.
Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer and Preibus already anointed as King. Wow!!
Sean Spicer's response ROCKS: "“I hope you are kidding. Christ is the King in the Christian faith. To ask this on Christmas is...offensive"
Sean Spicer to serve as press secretary and comms director for now, with Jason Miller's withdrawal:
Sean Spicer talks about how Trump admin might change things up re: daily press briefings
RNC communications head Sean Spicer to become White House Press Secretary
Sean Spicer named Trump's White House Press Secretary - a great reason to NEVER WATCH TV AGAIN. via…
I somewhat agree. That said, Sean Spicer is an insider, tight with Reince Priebus and it's actually smart, bc he's…
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I bet he cried when he heard Sean Spicer 's name. Do yall think that he cried?!?!?
RNC's has just been named as the new WH Press Secretary!
Obama press secretary Josh Earnest has some advice for his successor, Sean Spicer
Trump chooses Sean Spicer for press secretary, rounds out communications staff
Trump picks Sean Spicer for press secretary |
How will Sean Spicer balance the responsibilities of WH press secretary job while raising kids?
Sean Spicer in July, citing My Little Pony to argue that Melania Trump did not plagiarize her convention speech.
Sean Spicer (?) was on FoxNews at my parents' house and he said Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to win a presidential election.
Spicer said Trump team's reassessing traditions like televised daily White House briefings and seating arrangement https:/…
Sean Spicer, a veteran political operative, will be the face of Donald Trump’s administration as press secretary
"Sean, Hope, Jason and Dan have been key members of my team during the campaign and transition.” ht…
Sean Spicer will be a Great White House Press Secretary. Compare him to the *** w/bad teeth, Obama has in that position…
Think this holds true for other crimes as well? Murder? Robbery? Peeing in public?.
Trump picks Sean Spicer for press secretary @
Last week, Trump's new press secretary Sean Spicer said corruption is legal if you do it in the open
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Tr*mp: When you say press secretary, I think, guy that melts under pressure. New press secretary pick, Sean Spicer…
Donald Trump announces Sean Spicer as his new press secretary
It's Official: Trump Selects Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary and they'll have his back, with media, too
Trump announces Sean Spicer as press sec; Hope Hicks director of strategic comms; Jason Miller director of comms; Scavino…
WaPo: President-elect Trump named Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Jason Miller & Dan Scavino to senior roles on the White House communications team
BREAKING: President-elect Donald Trump names Sean Spicer to be his press secretary
Donald Trump is now receiving the President's Daily Brief three times a week, according to RNC adviser Sean Spicer
News from Mike G. - Tuesday on the Mike Gallagher Show: GOP communications director Sean Spicer
TUES 12/13 MIKE GALLAGHER SHOW 9a-12pET: Guests include GOP communications director Sean Spicer. That and more at
Stone expressed discontent to me about Sean Spicer being potentially selected as press secretary.
RNC's Sean Spicer screaming at Andrea Mitchell just now about Huma laptop. She dealt with it well, but just wow.
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