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Sean Penn

Sean Justin Penn (born August 17, 1960) is an American actor, screenwriter and film director, also known for his left-wing political and social activism (including humanitarian work).

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Same mindset as Sean Penn meeting with of Venezuela & Castro & Deon Sanders with leader of N.Korea...dumb
Nice piece about Genius, the film about Maxwell Perkins and Thomas Wolfe. Doesn't mention that Sean Penn was...
Sean Penn is a great director too. Have you seen Indian Runner with David Morse and Viggo Mortensen?
Why are other celebs like Johnny Depp,Charlie Sheen,Sean Penn,Nicolas Cage who were charged with abuse not treated the sa…
Sean Penn & Robin Wright with the kids as they wolk from a restaurant in Santa M
Sean Penn with Robin Wright and kids at their L.A. home . Tirage C-Print 16
I've also been mocked for looking like Sean Penn in Carlitos Way. I understand that insult way, way more.
omg I love those films. Sean Penn is amazing in Carlitos Way! As is Pacino obv
We need to send this fool, along with Sean Penn & Michael Moore, to Havana
49ers- let him go. Go to Cuba with Michael Moore and Sean Penn and then tell us how good that is. Millionaires that are stupid!
Tonight in the Netflix Screening Room: "Racing with the Moon". Nick Cage, Sean Penn, Elizabeth McGovern -
Happy 56th birthday to two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn, who deserved the award a third time for Woody Allen's "Sweet and Lowdown."
I don't support anything Sean Penn or Woody Allen do because they are abusers.
Sean Penn: El Chapo's son's watch might be worth more than the money held by the central banks of most nation-states
We can forgive Nicolas Cage,Sean Penn,Charlie Sheen,Dr.Dre,Johnny Depp,but only bring up Chris Brown? Why? Cause he's the…
once I saw John Hawkes at a bar and thought he was Sean Penn and got really excited
Mark my words - Sean Penn will Win His 3rd Oscar for this Film...just wait
right? I vote with my wallet, it's why I don't watch Sean Penn movies. Or Woody Allen. Or Cosby. Ect
"Mel Gibson, Sean Penn to Star in 'Professor and the Madman'" yikes at this combination of trash, is Woody Allen directing
There's so many problematic people I don't want around Harry; Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Sean Penn,...
Mark Rylance had compared Harry to Sean Penn who was in The Thin Red Line which is Nolan's favorite who's making a similar movie with Harry.
I don't walk around with Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. -Brendan Coyle
[Florence & the Machine Brainstorming]. F: Happy, it needs to hit her. HARD. Sean Penn: Like a bus?. F: No, a train. SP:…
Every time I see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in a movie together I assume Sean Penn is gonna show up to explain how he misses her red ***
All three are pretty boys. Pretty boys should not play Gatsby. Who should? A young Sean Penn.
Did you read the Sean Penn interview with him in Rolling Stone?
I think Miesha Tate is the hottest fighter in the UFC but on fight night she looks like Sean Penn
lol, the male anchors still aren't Sean Penn, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, etc. who date nonwhite women
Movies portray certain gangstas in the wrong light Mickey Cohen wernt nothin like Sean Penn in Gangsta squad .
Free movie ("Milk" with Sean Penn) starts in 1 hour in the American Library - (Maharajgunj, Ktm).
Mos Def should've won best actor over Sean Penn. Be Kind, Rewind should've won Best Picture over Slumdog Millionaire. I'm serious about this
Sean Penn's acting >> . He looks like a older Patrick Dempsey lol
You guys ever see in her movie UTURN? Sean Penn, Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton..
Sean Penn definitely deserved winning Best Actor for Mystic River i'm in awe
What do Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Naomi Campbell and David Sirota have in common? They are Hugo Chávez fans
Mindy, have you ever been a Sean Penn person? I love him as an actor but I want to be careful because of his temper.
Sean Penn who outed El Chapo was in the Angry Birds movie
the painting or what ever it is in your profile pic looks like a civil war version of Sean Penn the actor 😂
Do I remember COLD MOUNTAIN? As much as I love Sean Penn, Jude Law was robbed that year the Best Actor Oscar!!
Moore morally obligated to help. He promoted Chavez and Maduro. Sean Penn also. Hypocrisy
Pamela Anderson shows off strapping son Brandon Lee at Sean Penn gala via
One day Daniel Day Lewis , Tom Hanks , Meryl Streep , Robert De Niro and Sean Penn will win Oscars again
Allen West "Amazing: We’ve finally found something that SHUTS UP Sean Penn" |
I imagine Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are spreading their wealth around to keep the memory of their comrade
Wonder if Danny Glover, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone still believe in the Chavez revolution ?
Wondering where the Venezuela fans are?? Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone??
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Well now, don't despair compadres! I'm sure Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, and all the other lefties in Hollywood will host a fundraiser
impossible! Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and Michael Moore said Venezuela was a workers paradise!!!
"Where are the three morons?, amigo Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Oliver Stone." — Patriot
📷 Madonna and Sean Penn in 1988 (From Rolling Stone, 1989) Jumping from one kind of exposure to...
Oren Moverman, Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn, and the ubiquitous paparazzi lol (2009):
let's see if Hollywood banishes Johnny Depp the same way they did Sean Penn, Woody Allen, Bill Murray, Sean Connery... oh wait
I look at actors like Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, and Benicio Del Toro, an...
Y'all always bring up Chris Brown, but never Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Nicholas Cage, Sean Penn and Emma Roberts.
Sean Penn. Literally tied Madonna to a chair and beat her for 9 hours. A terrible person
Sean Penn, Gerard Butler and Owen Wilson enjoyed a bros beach day together over the weekend in Malibu, California.
Depp's career is will be destroyed, just like Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, Josh Brolin, Christian Slater, Terrance Howard, Nick Ca
Ike Turner and Chris Brown were ruined. Sean Penn beat up Madonna for nearly 24 hours after tying her to a chair and
still got movies and TV shows. Wasn't blacklisted. Same with Rob Lowe and Sean Penn
At least we didn't miss Sean Penn laying in the grass in front of the Hilton.
and Johnny Manziel and Sean Penn and Woody Allen and Nicholas Cage and Alec Baldwin and John Lennon and Ray Rice and Michael Fassbender
Rob Lowe is probably replacing Michael Strahan. [Lainey Gossip] . . Robin Wright loves watching Sean Penn get...
"Radical tourists have been deluded pimps for Venezuela" AKA: Oliver Stone and Sean Penn are enabling shmucks.
WHS: at screening of new Sean Penn film, Ban says movie industry can spotlight humanitarian work: New York, M...
Sean Penn and Danny Glover don't care. It's not THEIR pets.
I still stand by my Sean Penn as Kraven fan cast also John Stamos as Uncle Ben
Sean Penn's film The Last Face is savaged after Cannes premiere, with viewers laughing, booing and joking Charlize Theron broke up with the…
THE LAST FACE (Sean Penn): That Xavier Dolan movie doesn't look so bad now, does it?
Is it possible Charlize Theron saw a rough cut of THE LAST FACE and *then* ended things with Sean Penn? I would.
Um... Sean Penn in Mystic River can get it all.
Lets play a game. John McAfee or Sean Penn or Tony Stark??
About time. This time no Sean Penn please.
I can't wait to see Steven Baldwin play Sean Penn!
Lunch with the FT: Sean Penn on El Chapo, Donald Trump, and the problem with Hollywood
In "The Angry Birds Movie," Sean Penn reaches the Method Acting pinnacle of getting paid to grunt. Somewhere Brando is positively green...
Hey Oliver Stone and Sean Penn. I guess I was misguided in doubting your assessment of Venezuela being the model of democr…
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reminded me of this - which - Sean Penn voiceover notwithstanding is fantastic
Congratulations to Sean Penn and Good work loyal comrades. You own this:
On the film, how about contacting Michael Moore or Sean Penn? Both are supporting Bernie. They might be able to help.
Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Sean Penn, Mike Tyson, the list goes on and on. We need to stop.
reminds me of The Game w Sean Penn & Michael Douglas which was gr8
Awesome interview! Love the story about Nnamdi, dinner w Hilary Swank, Sean Penn & Kobe. Thanks for sharing.😉
I'm watching a movie where Michael Douglass talks to a young Sean Penn and after 3 beers I bet it'd look like Jon Stewart talking to Trudeau
Cape Town, Port Edward, Upington and Pella in the Northern Cape got the nod from Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn as...
UPDATE: Sean Penn might be enemy in Stewart's sights over the summer.
Does anyone remember from 1988, Sean Penn, Robert Duval, young Don Cheadle, Leon, Damon Wayons, Mario Lopez what an all star cast
My the last fifteen minutes of Taps, with baby-faced Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn.
Tommy Lee, Sean Penn, and Alec Baldwin, and call them "bad boys". But when black men do the same, they are labelled...
Tom Hanks, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sean Penn and Russell Crowe have all played characters with mental issues and played them well
Sean Penn looks like what you get if Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp crapped out a baby.
when white media fixate on Chris Brown and stay mum on Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn etc. like white men are angels, black feminists are the 1st
I can't stand Chris Brown, but they usually reserve this for black men. Have they done this for any Sean Penn movie?
The Ladykillers, starring Sean Penn and Mae West. Directed by Terry Gilliam, music by Scott Mackenzie. Budget: $105m
way to kill Michael Moore and Sean Penn's collective ***
Yes or no: James Franco would've accepted a role in Sean Penn's El Chapo film
Jodie Foster, Steven Spielberg and Sean Penn to screen - Cannes 2016 | Eurasia Diary via
Films by Steven Spielberg, Jodie Foster and Sean Penn to screen at Cannes: organisers
Send in Michael Moore, John Oliver, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Sean Penn and Mark Ruffalo too. You know, as palate cleansers.
The Progressive Widening of Sean Penn's Face: submitted by /u/PianoManGidley [link] [comments]
FriendsTVshow is the only sitcom in history that had Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Selleck & Sean Penn as guests.
it's super cool how we ruined Mel Gibson's career & life but continue to celebrate Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Woody Allen, John L…
Charlize Theron tearfully opens up about her breakup with Sean Penn -->
📷 wifigoth: Kristen Stewart in Into the Wild (2007) dir. Sean Penn
just curious,. why is. Sean Penn . from. "Carlito's Way". co hosting . ESPN's opening day...?. ©
Mexican Actress Kate del Castillo has finally broken her silence regarding the meeting between Sean Penn and the M
Charlize Theron reveals what REALLY went wrong between her and Sean Penn (via
Charlize Theron talks about her breakup with Sean Penn in the latest issue of
Kate del Castillo, the actress who arranged Sean Penn's interview with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, says he misled her.
"Nobody respects women more than me." -Donald Trump; Joe Budden; Sean Penn; other misogynists; every nice guy you know.
If forced to listen to either Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins at a Hollywood party, which do you choose?
Unfortunately, they don't keep their vows. Sean Penn & Marisa Tomei twice vowed to leave if Bush got elected; they never left...
Starz Black is playing Colors. The only movie other than Fast Times at Ridgemont High that has Sean Penn & is worth watching.
It's interesting that the faces of domestic violence are Ike Chris Brown, & Bobby Brown instead of Sean Penn and Mark Wh…
Sean Penn: I did not bring down 'El Chapo'
From Kelly Capwell to Claire Underwood what a transformation for Robin Wright. Mostly I heard of her kids with Sean Penn than her shows.
Why Is Sean Penn Suing Lee Daniels? - because Sean Penn is a redneck and a thug, So glad he's left Marin County
.is "hurt" and "angry" after helping Sean Penn land his El Chapo interview.
Craig Northey (Odds) shows his Sean Penn-like disdain for paparazzi while Rob Baker (Tragically Hip) steals a...
"She's escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo, perhaps Sean Penn should interview her" Bars 🔥🔥🔥
you could've mentioned Sean Penn, Woody Allen or Charlie Sheen but no, you just had to pick Chris.
I hope with all this frustration towards Chris you feel the same towards Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn and others who has done worse.
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Hunter S. Thompson and Sean Penn. Two friends at wildly different ends of the Rolling Stone spectrum.
Hunter, did u just hear: Sean Penn announced he is voting for Hillary
Remember, Dan White was a | Sean Penn is nostalgic for George W. Bush via
Only bad thing about Carlito's Way is that Penelope Anne Miller was so blah. Sean Penn's hair was great, though
Sean Penn now says El Chapo interview was a 'good failure'
Husband: Why would ANYBODY care what Romney has to say?. Me: Why would ANYBODY care what Sean Penn has to say?. Both: …
they have to run a gauntlet of being yelled at by Sean Penn, and Alec Baldwin about social issues.
straight men. For every Azealia out there having her career shut down, there's an Eminem and a Sean Penn and an Emma Roberts who still (5)
Kate del Castillo did not know Sean Penn planned to write an article for Rolling Stone about his interview with El Chapo in the Mexican
because you're a big fan of Sean Penn?
trivia..Aimee Mann is married to Sean Penn's brother. .Michael
Sean Penn is keynoting a conference on RSA and Morgan Freeman is narrating an ad for Hillary Clinton. . Just you think about that.
...and I'm still mad about Sean Penn's green card comment last year. The disrespect.
Who is Kate del Castillo, the Actress Who Brokered El Chapo's Interview with Sean Penn?
Topic of Conversation ...Alejandro handles Sean Penn's comment with grace as Mexicans celebrate ra…
Really thought Sean Penn was going to give Inarritu his green card this year.
Absolutely, The Queen, The Empress...and that sap Sean Penn goes for the HAG Kate Del Castillo HA !
I got very excited for the competition between Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn for best actor a few years ago. It's all paled since then.
Sean Penn - Oscar nod for Keynote Speaker at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on March 4?
When El Chapo was arrested, he was reading book on Mexican drug cartels https:…
She was married to Sean Penn and they have two kids. Oh
lol really? Sean Penn being in it kinda ruined it tbh
This Major is almost as good a film as the 1986 Madonna & Sean Penn "Shanghai Surprise":
Sean Penn is more evil than Madonna in case you forgot
I urge you to watch "into the wild" screenplay by Sean Penn I think it'll inspire you in a great way!!!
Aww and Sean Penn's was probably the meanest 😂😂😂. I like a lot of those actors
they did Sean penn and oscar isaac 😂😂
"Sean Penn, your face looks like a scrotum." Tonight on
Sean Penn, Daniel Day-Lewis - Best Actor winners over the last 20 years
The rise and fall of El Chapo, and where Sean Penn got it wrong
R Kelly, Woody Allen, Mike Tyson, Sean Penn all doing great too 👌 women aren't worth much
El Chapo speaks: Sean Penn recounts his secret visit with the most wanted man in the world https:…
I am convinced that Sean Penn and Ed Byrne put their genetics together out of true love and made Paul Russ.
Y'all can forgive Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Mike Tyson, Eminem etc for beating women but Kesha has to wor…
Sean Penn did his thing playing Mickey Cohen
That's not what Sean Penn and Chokwe Lumumba said. Solidarity!
Didn't Sean Penn sue Lee Daniels for defamation.? I don't see a problem with what Ciara is doing. All rich people sue over stuff like this.
Sean Penn sued Lee Daniels for some comments. why y'all act like celebrities ain't petty
No just Brits. Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore & Danny Glover are just 4 of Chavez's US celebrity supporters
If one more top secret email is found on Hillary's private server, Sean Penn will conduct her next interview.
"undocumented Demorats" Gee Ted . Now you are picking on Sean Penn? This is the most ludicrous election ever.
This dude looks like the infatuation child of Sean Penn and Bob Denver.
Million dollar idea for Willie Nelson: a remake of Pancho and Lefty called El Chapo and the Lefty. Cover art is El Chapo and Sean Penn.
Hi conspiracy lovers of the world. Today in a venezuelan newspaper:. "Did Naomi Campbell & Sean Penn kill Chávez?"
I heard Sean Penn is going to play Nelson Mandela in a new comedy should be intriguing .
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Good piece on Haiti (includes Sean Penn for good measure)
Reminder: Anderson Cooper is a knight in Haiti. (Sean Penn and Bill Clinton are too) by
Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Sean Penn have all won best actor Oscars for playing *** men. “How clever,...
struggling to like Sean Penn as an actor because of his personal life...but is that so wrong of me? Probably not
"Sean Penn Can U Help Me Find My Dad?" Best Content of the week from Funny or Die.
We need to get Sean Penn to talk to ISIS
El Chapo met with Sean Penn because Dennis Rodman was busy shopping for wedding dresses.
Journalists can ignore standards but Sean Penn can't. How Trump trumped the press
Sean Penn and El Chapo are the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
Sean Penn Pressed to Defend His Journalistic Style: Sean Penn has added “experiential journalism” to his resum...
The actor and the drug lord: how Sean Penn met 'El Chapo'
when is Sean Penn gonna interview Carson Palmer?
Some of the new Sean penn/El Chapo revelations will blow your pants off
Buy a drug cartel, but never grant interviews to Sean Penn
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson always looks unhappy. He's as joyless as Sean Penn. Dude, your team is going to the Super Bowl! Smile?
Sean Penn comes on tv and my dad goes "ohh it's champagne" I go "you mean Sean Penn" he's like "no,champagne"
Can someone decipher Sean Penn for me? This guy is beyond confusing.
Sean Penn is what happens when people confuse fame with intelligence.
The opsec used by Sean Penn surrounding his meeting with El Chapo
Mr. Penn (Sean to Cheryl Mills) hangs with the best: Bill Clinton, El Chapo...
Cheryl Mills to Sean Penn in email: "I am just so friggin proud of you." . Penn: "Ur the coolest".
Actors make lots of money pretending to be other people Sean Penn has become part of a news story himself
- Well, if Mexican authorities arrest her then El Chapo can break her out, then Sean Penn can interview her on money laundering.
Sean Penn was originally meant to play Tom Hardy's character 'Fitzgerald' in The Revenant. DiCaprio persuaded ...
No doubt in my mind that Michael Moore, Cher, Sean Penn, Danny Devito and other liberal actors truly despise America that gave them so much.
Sean Penn used multiple burners phones and drove to the jungle to see El Chapo. And I can't even get a text back
A real response someone gave to my thoughts on Sean Penn. Oh Internet...
I dunno why Sean Penn's character in Assassination of Richard Nixon was upset to shave off his mustache. He looked way hotter without it.
Sean Penn to interview Minneapolis field goal kicker as soon as he goes into hiding.
Just saw Sean Penn digging out his car
Update your maps at Navteq
Just realized I know how to find Ian Kennedy. Get me Sean Penn on the phone. Let's get a national conversation going about opt outs.
Sean Penn uses the email handle "CIA" for some reason. Emailed w/ Hillary chief of staff Cheryl Mills.
So, is Sean Penn really a CIA agent? Body language expert reveals the truth behind El Chapo interview after studyin…
And Sophia Coppola lost to Peter Jackson, while Bill Murray lost to Sean Penn in some film called Mystic River that I've never heard of.
Body language expert reveals the truth behind the Sean Penn interview via CIA?
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Oscar-winning Mexican film director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has stood by U.S. actor Sean Penn for his
Sean Penn's hot mess on El Chapo is putting my struggles with this article about Gothic Revival architecture into perspecti…
(Reuters) - Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn on Friday rejected Mexico's claim that his secret meeting with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was
Sean Penn is about to cry on 60 minutes because apparently El Chapo is "misunderstood". The drug lord has killed 1000's..
Next on Sean Penn, in his first interview, talks about his secret meeting with the drug lord "El Chapo
Why does Sean Penn have to apologize for being an absolute savage. Sorry he is the legend that interviewed a wanted drug lord?
Sean Penn thought he'd wander into a jungle, talk to a drug lord and write a rambling "article" about himself that would s…
Sean Penn was not glorifying a drug lord in his article! But, big pharma has killed more people than El Chapo and they get away with it!!
“Let me be clear. My article has failed.” -- Sean Penn to on “El Chapo” article ht…
The interview with Sean Penn about the drug lord should be good.
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Sean Penn is such a huge windbag in this 60 Minutes interview, I'm actually sympathizing with the Mexican drug lord.
Sean Penn tells all on his clandestine meeting with fugitive drug lord “El Chapo,” tonight:
Watched the Charlie Rose interview with Sean Penn. Wow is all I can say. Now onto Dowton Abbey.
Sean Penn is a bad version of Chris Foley's Van-by-the-river motivational speaker from SNL.
Sean Penn is going to end up like the guy from Grizzly Man, except instead of a bear it's going to be a heavily armed drug lord
The widespread reaction to Sean Penn's interview with El Chapo demonstrated we're still way off from breaking the "war on drug's" shackles.
The moment Sean Penn decided to expose the US drug war, the NSA/FBI probably jumped the MBR, firmware, kernel and bios of all his devices.
Can we get Sean Penn on the Steve Avery appeal next?
What if Sean Penn interviewed Art Vandelay? "So Mr. Vandelay are you an importer/exporter of illegal substances?"
Who else can write about Sean Penn & Michael Lewis in same story? Ask her about Jonathan Franzen
Salute to Sean Penn as winner of the Hunter Thompson gonzo journalism award for January.
Sean Penn performed a spoken word set at Coachella in 2008. I can only imagine the audience choked on flowers by the end.
Rolling Stone sparks new scrutiny after Sean Penn interview with 'El Chapo'
Sean Penn denies dropping a dime on El Chapo and thus facilitating in his recapture.
NAT HENTOFF: Journalists should worry about Obama, not Sean Penn via
They say it comes in 3's...David Bowie, Alan money is on Sean Penn...
Is it safe to say that Sean Penn is a terrible "gonzo" journalist (Hunter S. Thompson would take offense) & should stick to Hollywood?
The Week In Style: 1.15.16 - Three great tuxedos, an embalmed Sean Penn, and more from the week in style
Rick Santorum is running so low in the polls that Sean Penn can't even find him
The leaked messages between El Chapo and Kate del Castillo are quite awkward for Sean Penn
Sean Penn: like if every B- college writer got to be published in Rolling Stone
Sean Penn said he farted in front of You don't see Ed Bradley farting in front of Obama!
Journalists should worry about Obama, not Sean Penn - Nat Hentoff via
Pains me that Hunter S Thompson wasn't around to give Sean Penn a Rolling Stone rejection good as this one from 1973
MEDIA BUZZ: Sean Penn blames America, not 'El Chapo', for drug violence - Penn: 'I've got nothin' to hide' over 'El Chapo' sitdown - ...
Sean Penn is twice the writer Charlie Sheen could be, and should not try to channel Hunter S Thompson
icymi Nat Hentoff: "Journalists should worry about Obama, not Sean Penn"
Can someone please ghostwrite a Hunter S. Thompson rejection letter to the Sean Penn piece. Thank you
It’s common for a writer’s ambitions to outpace his talents.(Sean Penn, you are no Hunter Thompson).
Sean Penn, in Damage Control Mode, to Speak with Charlie | Thompson on Hollywood
Sean Penn wanna be Hunter S. Thompson so bad
"Sean Penn, you are no Hunter S. Thompson." Great take-down of the RS debacle from
Finally reading that Sean Penn article and I see why everyone says the prose is confusing
You're surprised Sean Penn isn't a good writer and HE's the ***
maybe Sean Penn and Hillary Clinton can use Martha Stewart's old cell
Brief interview on Sean Penn and journalism. Tropic Thunder meets Hunter S. Thompson. .
Line of the day about in "Sean Penn, you are no Hunter S. Thompson"
"OFFER: Broken husband (SW Fort Collins)" -- I didn't do any interviews with Sean Penn. How'd you locate me?
looked for Bomber Thompson all day to appear on the show. No luck finding him. We've sent Sean Penn after him.…
Sean Penn dismisses criticism of El Chapo interview: American actor says he has nothing to hide as US and Mexi...
Sean Penn, ‘El Chapo’ and Hollywood’s mutual fascination with Big Crime: Show business and t...
2 my trap rappers.. If Rolling Stone calls & wants Sean Penn to interview u in the trap house just hang up & trash ur …
Where's the $ the Clintons, the Red Cross and Sean Penn have raised for Haiti?
The night Sean Penn's El Chapo story came out, he was holding hands with his rumored new girlfriend Huh? http…
Mexico says Sean Penn meeting was 'essential' to finding kingpin Chapo: By Dave Graham and Anahi Rama LOS MOCH...
SICARIO was like if Michael Mann wrote and cast a great film, and then - six days into shooting - was replaced by Sean Penn.
VIDEO - Brian Stelter and Danny Cevallos on Sean Penn's Interview with El Chapo via
Wait. Sean Penn really tooted in front of El Chapo? Bold move Mr. Penn.
Apart from there are many famous ppl named after knives. Michael Kitchen. Michael Fish . Sean Penn. Jeremy Brett. Rabindranath Swissarmy..
no one wants to talk about Woody Allen, Nic Cage, Emma Roberts, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn or Michael Fassbender and their history of abuse
Like look. Sean Penn is a talented *** Michael Fassbender. And if you don't like JLaw, her too. Chris Brown is not talented anyway.
not that I’m arguing against punctuation. Sean Penn makes me cringe
Sean Penn met secretly with CHAPPiE in his Mexican hideout.
Sean Penn's naive and dangerous 'El Chapo' interview
Wow! El Chapo escaped 2 times from prison and was found first by Sean Penn? This is stranger than Hillary telling the tru…
At 6:36am, we'll ask former US AG Michael Mukasey if we can exchange Sean Penn for El Chapo even though it's unnecessary.
nytimes: What we know about the secret meeting between Sean Penn and El Chapo
Mexican authorities want to question Sean Penn over his meeting with drug lord El Chapo
Mexican authorities want to speak to Sean Penn about his meeting with drug lord "El Chapo"
Not sure I would want to be Sean Penn right now. . Possibly credited with taking down (again) one of the larger drug lords in our history.
White House says 'El Chapo's' boast to Sean Penn 'maddening' Sean must be his Fan Club President…
'El Chapo' secretly met Sean Penn in Mexican jungle before his arrest . Three months after drug kingpin Joaquin... https…
What a bizarre story the Sean Penn - El Chapo drug lord interview thing is.
nytimes: How Kate del Castillo set up the secret meeting between El Chapo and Sean Penn
Sean Penn been an enemy since he robbed my *** Mickey Rourke of an Oscar, hope El Chapo claps him
Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, The Pope, Hillary Clinton, Sean Penn, actually all liberals are a plague on society.
So, Sean Penn secretly interviewed El Chapo then El Chapo gets caught. Penn should interview Hilary Clinton and see what ha…
Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and Sean Penn were regressives before [they thought] it was cool. :p
Is there video of Sean Penn and El Chapo's dinner? I bet their Michael Caine impressions are hilarious.
Sean Penn interviews Mexican druglord for Rolling Stone.and markets collapse. Coincidence?
nytimes: In case you didn't get Ricky Gervais's joke about Sean Penn:
1985, Nancy Reagan whispers to Sean Penn:. "Your mission could take decades. It will be risky and thankless. And you report d…
News Update Sean Penn meets 'Chapo' -- what we know so far - Deep in the Mexican jungle US actor Sean Penn met ...
nytimes: Sean Penn's excursions into writing often mix activism with journalism
Wow, and real "journalists" wonder why El Chapo gave Sean Penn an exclusive interview.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jeff Spicoli … err… Sean Penn might be able to help you with that.
Jeff Spicoli - Fast Times at Ridgemont High!! who let Sean Penn out of the class room for this interview!!
Sean Penn's portrayal of stoner Jeff Spicoli is one of Hollywood's greatest triumphs. . A Golden Globes moment!
Omigod I tried to read that Sean Penn atrocity and it's like if Tommy Wiseau wrote a pastiche of Hunter S. Thompson
I honestly don't care about Sean Penn meeting El Chapo, but I'm going to use this opportunity to say I liked him better as Jeff Spicoli
Lord, my mom and aunt are verbally throwing the chancla at Kate del Castillo for associating with El Chapo *and* Sean Penn.
So where is your photoshopped version of the Sean Penn / El Chapo photo? I expect it on my desk by tomorrow morning.
Sean Penn writes like a high school student who really wants to be the next Hunter S Thompson
Sean Penn, You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for El Chapo
CIA HQ:. "Sean Penn, you're the only one that can help us". "What about Ben Affleck? He was in Argo". "This is more Dazed and Confu…
But who would play the Sean Penn character?
Sean Penn was also married to Jenny from forest gump so his GOAT status was secured long ago
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