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Sean Payton

Patrick Sean Payton (born December 29, 1963) is the current head coach of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

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Ingram had his first 1,000 yard rushing season, 1362 total yards and 10 touchdowns and for…
Sean Payton's savagery will never cease.
I'm so ready for this. I now hate Mark Ingram as much as Sean Payton does.
*** really blind mice talmbout Sean Payton and Brees like they bout to win something again
Mike Florio: can you root for the Falcons in the SB. Sean Payton: absolutely not, u want everything bad that can pos…
Reason number 456,972,381 why Sean Payton is the 🐐.
I love me some Ingram. Sean Payton should use him in a 3 down roll, but nah. He's an ***
Don't let Sean Payton see this. He will go out and sign four more RBs the Saints don't need.
The Sean Payton Special, according to Junior Gallette. That's not the only thing he belted out, tho
Drew Beers in final season of contract, Sean Payton 7-9 record in each of last 3 seasons: via
Nice. The annual Sean Payton speculation is getting a super early start this season!
When Sean Payton finds a rumor he doesn't like.
Sean Payton even has a nickname for BS rumors "splash reports" but Dell Demps is continually allowing this fire to burn out of control
Say what u will about Sean Payton but when he wants to dismiss a rumor, he finds a media outlet immediately & emphatically shuts it down
If only pels management had the marbles to just come straight out and strongly dismiss rumors a la Sean Payton style
The amazing Sean Patton (or Sean Payton) returns to Lafayette on Sunday, July 9th, for a special…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
how do you leave Sean Payton off of that list? Putting bounties on players is mildly fiery.
If the do another face plant, I wouldn't be surprised if the
Sean Payton pigeon holes his players into micro managed roles. Bellichick will have Cooks running a wider variety of routes.
Lord I ask you to convince Coach Sean Payton to let and to sign with the team they need $$$
Can you pls tell Coach Sean Payton to add to our roster I think he could be the next you and he got a 4.38 in
The only slight crutch Drew Brees Has is Sean Payton .that man is a genius
Still can't understand why Sean Payton traded him
Sean Payton to play in Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am. Full story coming soon on WOAY website
Sean Payton insists he will be in New Orleans past 2015. "This is where I call home."
Sean Payton: Adrian Peterson not declining like most older running - Yardbarker
Sean Payton was not at Saints OTAs today. He's attending Cortez Kennedy's funeral along with some other team officials.
Sean Payton is not at today's OTA as he & a number of Saints staff members are attending the Celebration of Life Service for Co…
Makes sense as Sean Payton hates Mark Ingram. Peterson & Kamara can hold the running game down
Sean Payton should have some fun with RBs Mark Ingram, Adrian Peterson and Alvin Kamara.
Sean Payton has to go. Mickey Loomis has to go. Tom Benson has to go. Everyone must go!!
I forgot I seen Drew Brees and Sean Payton yesterday. Bree jump fresh out the uber and Payton got a nice la benz
ESPN can't shut up about gun control either, parroting false claims by Sean Payton, Steve Kerr that you can buy guns online w/o check
Sean Payton: Saints working to gather information on Gareon Conley accusation (
Sean Payton is the guy closing Adrian Peterson. If/when he lands in New Orleans, Payton (and an actual contrac…
Thanks to the New Orleans Saints, Tom Benson, Sean Payton & Mickey Loomis for hosting us yesterday.Everyone had a great…
IMO this is a make-or-break season for Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis. It's playoffs or bust!
would you be shocked if Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis take Christian McCaffrey at pick No. 11??.
Heard Dan Quinn, Sean Payton, Bill Belichick have all been to Knoxville for private workouts. Cam Sutton, Jalen Reeves-Ma…
Sean Payton: Ted Ginn Jr. still the fastest player on the field
Sean Payton also told NFL Network that taking Ted Ginn Jr. away from is "like two wins"
Sean Payton on WR Ted Ginn Jr.: 'He's still, when hes playing in each game, the fastest player on the field'
Kaepernick is jobless for calling for social justice. Johnny Manziel did coke and beat his gf.meets with Sean Payton. S…
He had breakfast with Sean Payton at the Super Bowl. Payton is a social animal. Give it a rest, man.
While Saints fans have day dreams of Malcolm Butler dancing in their heads, Sean Payton was doing work
Sean Payton? Also you don't know then personally so you're not aloud to call them by their 1st name.
New Orleans HC Sean Payton has apparently taken an interest in former QB Johnny Manziel.
Sean Payton, Saints have interest in Johnny Manziel: (via
Sean Payton and Belichick are by each other, discussing Butler? *jk
Sean Payton, Saints have interest in Johnny Manziel -
Johnny Manziel got a meeting with Sean Payton, and Colin Kaepernick is (allegedly) "hated" by some NFL owners. Let tha…
Johnny Manziel, Sean Payton reportedly met to discuss return to football
Drew Bree's is 38 and Sean Payton is wanting to sign Johnny Football!! J will be a pro bowl in 2 years. Mark my words!!
Johnny Manziel in talks with Sean Payton about a return to football
Saints HC Sean Payton met with Johnny Manziel during Super Bowl week about making a return to the NFL. (via
Could the return of Johnny Manziel come in New Orleans?
When it comes to this Manziel news, I treat it like Sean Payton on 3rd and inches. I'll pass.
Johnny Manziel met with Sean Payton and discussed a return to football, per
FA QB Johnny Manziel has kept a low-profile as he trains for a return. coach Sean Payton appears to have taken an int…
Sean Payton reflects on Brees joining the 11 years ago this week, Malcolm Butler's visit (on
Sean Payton talks about Drew Brees, Malcolm Butler’s visit in radio … –
Bill Belichick taking No. 32 back for Butler as favor to Sean Payton when entitled to No. 11 would be irresponsible & he…
Wonder if Sean Payton want Butler enough to come up off that pick.
saints trading Sean Payton for butler!!!
.HC Sean Payton impressed with after visit. "He's a sharp, sharp kid."
coach Sean Payton to AP: RFA Malcom Butler visiting New Orleans on Thursday.
Sean Payton said it will take a lot to get Brandin Cooks. Sources say they still want quality defensive starter, plus draft…
Another huge thanks should go out to my favorite NFL coach, Sean Payton. Without him we may have never known the glory of
Gentry trying to coach the personnel is like Bret Bielema trying to coach the or Sean Payton trying to coach Arkansas.
Parcells got to the playoffs w/ Quincy Carter, & built the 07 team. I'll take Parcells & Sean Payton.
Former IndState assistant football coach/ex-Eastern Illinois quarterback Sean Payton on the Dan Patrick Show right now.
If you can get me John Harbaugh or Sean Payton, I fire Caldwell instantly. But no rookie HC for these Lions. No college guy…
ICYMI explains why Sean Payton is right for the
I would GO BIG get Sean Payton if Saints let him go. Or Check in on Jim Tressel or Steve Spurrier
Sean Payton is petty enough to go to the just so he can have the satisfaction of firing Gregg Williams again. *** for
Only thing that makes me wonder if Sean Payton wouldn't go to the Rams is Gregg Williams.
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Peyton Manning as Colts GM: first hires = Reggie Wayne as OC and Teddy Bruschi as DC. Bring in Sean Payton as HC and we have ourselves a SB!
ideal. Out of box trade for Sean Payton and Brees. Trade Roby or Barrett draft picks and Lynch. Keep Wade Phillips
trade Roby or Barrett. Trade Lynch a draft pick this year and next for Sean Payton and Drew Brees
NFL coaching rumors: Chip Kelly and Gary Kubiak are likely out; what about Sean Payton? - Washington Post
Sean Payton says Saints shut out of Pro Bowl due to lack of team success (
Names on the radar for the Jaguars: Coughlin, Cowher, Saints might part with Sean Payton, David Shaw of Stanford.
Good for Mark Ingram speaking up on Sean Payton. Payton has been screwing him all year. I'd be tired of that $hit too
the question is, would Greg Williams and Sean Payton want to work together again lol. Bountygate 2.0
Smith's wife was emotional following the decision. Teammates and coach Sean Payton were also there for the verdict.
Photo: head coach Sean Payton walks Will Smith's widow Racquel into court Saturday
Sean Payton calling the plays again this week! I would say 49 points will get you that honor lol! Geaux Saints!
brees also wasnt putting up HOF numbers until he got Sean Payton 🤔🤔
WATCH: A funny Saints head coach Sean Payton talks about the Willie Snead to Tim Hightower…
I believe every O/C has to have s/p rein them in. Bill Parcells said as about Sean Payton & # of pass plays!
Saints Video: Sean Payton says trick play that led to TD in Sunday's win had been in the playbook for 7 or 8 years…
Jk Rowling probably the only one who matches Sean Payton's pettiness, tbh.
The New Orleans Saints head coach is not a fan of what the NFL is trying to do.
Tell Sean Payton he can bring his whole staff next year.
Super Bowl win buys him at least three crappy seasons. Ask Sean Payton.
Didn't they say this before when they did it to the Saints & couple of yrs ago and Sean Payton went off? Nothing changed
Calling shots in my city call me Sean Payton 😈
Tim Tebow gets run out of Denver and Sean PAYTON gets punished. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Gucci on my gaters. I can Walter Payton.
Sean Payton frustrated with special teams miscues
LSU better hope they don't land Kippen. He was far more arrogant at USC with the press than Sean Payton continues to be in NO.
We.need to go all Sean Payton and throw it 60 times.
Drew Brees and Sean Payton's road to the Super Bowl
should change it up big time - Priefer call for an on-sides kick, channeling his inner Sean Payton.
and you posing the question what is Colston without Brees I would like to ask what's Brees without Sean Payton?
LOCKED ON SAINTS December 1 - Locked on Lions, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Jim Caldwell and more via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Coach talked and much more on this morning's conference call. 👂
Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about upcoming Lions game -
Sean Payton poured it on against old buddy Gregg Williams
Saints' Sean Payton not in favor of potential NFL developmental league -
Sean Payton said he's not in favor of the developmental league proposal. Thinks there could be bigger practice squads.
Saints News: Sean Payton would favor more practice squad players over developmental league…
Sean Payton not in favor of a potential NFL developmental league
isn't going to prepare you for what Sean Payton needs
We should be thankful I guess he talks in person---told us Sean Payton does CONFERENCE CALLS a ton! M…
sean Payton wanted him way back when
Sean Payton not in favor of a developmental league
Sean Payton admitted he was jealous and former Lion Darryl Tapp said Detroit has developed an "invincibility factor"
Brandin Cooks is a fraud as are Sean Payton and Drew Brees
Yep, Sean Payton definitely is still mad at Gregg Williams...
Nice little treat for Gregg Williams, courtesy of Sean Payton.
Payton, Williams show signs of moving on as Saints host Rams: Saints coach Sean Payton and Los Angeles Rams…
Mike McCarthy/Sean Payton are eager to get into the conversation but they have a tall hill to climb with Jim Caldwell and Gus-Gus Bradley
If you want to talk about something talk about Sean Payton's complete lack of confidence in his offense and Riverboat Ron becoming...Ron.
Sean Payton says NFL should pay referees full-time – (Who Dat Dish)
Sean Payton: NFL having part-time refs is “madness”: Saints coach Sean Payton is sick of having his games cal...
Dan Quinn, Sean Payton call for replay reviews of pass interference after disputed calls -
The way Sean Payton is handling Mark Ingram is laughable. Is he going to bench Drew Brees when he throws a pick?
Chiefs’ Andy Reid says Saints combo of Sean Payton, Drew Brees will go down as one of the best
Sean Payton called for pass interference calls to be reviewable "sooner than later."
to Ryan Pace... Hopefully he will fire John Fox & find a way to bring in Sean Payton this off season. But George & Ted must go
i agree. Although calling plays isnt unusual for HC. Gary Kubiak, Sean Payton, Bruce Arians, Andy Reid and others do it
Top 5 of my most hated ppl in the nfl Rex Ryan, Jerry jones, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Phillip rivers
Sean Payton on muffed punt after D. Harris ran into Lewis: It's a terrible play. Two mistakes: Runs into returner and tries to pick it up.
Jon Gruden on John Harbaugh telling Sean Payton about Wil Lutz, as kicker nails 57 Yard Attempt "Harbaugh never recommended players to me!"
Sean Payton offers praise for TE Chris Manhertz, WR Tommylee Lewis: Manhertz, Lewis record first career games...
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Sean Payton said Saints wanted to get WR Tommylee Lewis some game action last week. Part of the reason RB/RS Marcus Murphy was inactive.
Saints CB P.J. Williams is 'doing better,' Sean Payton says
Is it Garrett or Jerry? Coaches seem to excel once they leave. Sean Payton, Mike Zimmer, Wade Phillips, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley
Wilson says Sean Payton. Both were on staff at Miami Ohio in mid-90s.
Notes from Sean Payton's Patriots post game press conference - Official Site
One of darlings of training camp so far. 5'7 WR Tommy Lee Lewis. Bill Parcells recommended him to Sean Payton
Sean Payton on rookie WR Tommy Lee Lewis. "Says without Bill Parcells' recommendation he wouldn't be here."
Bill Parcells is the reason TommyLee Lewis was put on radar according to Sean Payton. This was Bill's guy
HOF inductions just another good opportunity to point out that Jonathan Vilma, Sean Payton and Darren Sharper are trash How's prison Darren?
Sean Payton optimistic New Orleans Saints will be better on defense –
Sean Payton on offensive line depth: "Jack Allen's flashed some." Allen is the only free agent he named.
Saints Nation Blogcast: Top 5 Best and Worst Free Agents in Sean Payton era via and -
Saints Nation Blogcast Ep. 14: Top 5 Best and Worst Free Agents in the Sean Payton era
Sean Payton offered big praise for rookie free agent wide out Tommylee Lewis compared him to David Patten.
I want people to say "He is Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, Sean Payton, and Lombardi wrapped into one" maybe I stretched it but dream big right.
Sean Payton's gf was miss West Virginia. Don't know if she's with him anymore but that would give him some incentive.
Column: Cozy relationship aside, Dennis Allen realizes Sean Payton counts on him to fix Saints defense
Sean Payton has expressed excitement over improvement of WR R.J. Harris. Here's Payton's talking about his IT FACTOR.
coach Sean Payton spoke like Roman Harper will make the team & his contract supports it. $80K signing bonus, $150K mo…
Akiem Hicks supports Rob Ryan in spat with Sean Payton over defense
Sean Payton addresses Rob Ryan’s comments by saying are focused o ...
Sean Payton & Rob Ryan had a fun 3-year run in NOLA. Well, maybe some of it was fun. Payton's got final word here. ht…
That's why our Defense will continue to be bad. Sean Payton doesn't give our DCs power to coach their way.
Where does Sean Payton rank among NFL coaches? via
Saints rookie WR Michael Thomas has impressed head coach Sean Payton with his hands so far this off-season.
This is just one glaring reason I believe coach Sean Payton is overpaid and overrated. Too many terrible personnel choices
Saints head coach Sean Payton responded to Rob Ryan's claims and said...
OKC is wishing they had Sean Payton as a coach to put a bounty on Clay Thompson right now😳
Saints coach Sean Payton said second-year CB P. J. Williams is "a lot farther along" than they expected.
Where does Sean Payton rank among all 32 NFL coaches?
Saints expect Andrus Peat to start, but aren't sure where: Saints coach Sean Payton said last...
Sean Payton will speak with the media around 12:10 pm CT. Watch Live on our App or ->
Just had a conversation with Saints head coach Sean Payton. . Me - what's up coach. Sean - *wave and kept walking* . Highlight of my life
coach Sean Payton at in FW right now with a ... friend
On Friday's PFT Live, Saints coach Sean Payton explained that losing a week of OTAs really isn't a big deal
Ep 126 is now up! We talk Fitzpatrick, Rob Ryan vs Sean Payton, Eifert & introduce our new segment:
If we woulda had Darren Sharper da first year Sean Payton took over in '06 we woulda won da Super Bowl dat year too.
Sean Payton remembers Arian Foster as an undrafted free agent who got away
Watching tape: Sean Payton will find matchups in the game plan. Snead, Watson. He put guys in a position to produce.
Saints Image: Coach Sean Payton dressed to impress at Kentucky Derby, sporting bow tie before giving \"riders up\"…
Sean Payton would turn Andrew luck into Tom Manning
Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis pose with Mo Tom's 4th post position.
Vonn Bell said Sean Payton called him a few times over the last couple weeks. Payton requested some video of him doing…
ICYMI: Vonn Bell delivers for Sean Payton, gets drafted by Otherwise he'd be stuck 'eating nachos'
Keyshawn Johnson’s nephew, OSU WR Michael Thomas, selected by Saints. Johnson played for Sean Payton in Dallas, now nephe…
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Keyshawn Johnson -- Mike Thomas' uncle -- and Sean Payton were both with Cowboys in 2004 and 2005.
Sean Payton looking for some beans moe!
Saints, Tom Benson banking on Sean Payton, Drew Brees to return
Sean Payton coach Marshall Faulk 🤔 . This explains the reasoning for a versatile running back in his systems 🤔
Sean Payton again calls for gun control after death of former Saints star Will Smith. Sporting News:
Week's Top 10 quotes fincludes Kobe on Kobe, Sean Payton on NOLA violence and conflicting views of moms & football.
Week's Top10 sports quotes include Kobe Bryant, Dusty Baker on Bryce Harper and Sean Payton on gun violence in NOLA.
Sean Payton's attack on guns was clear and courageous. His words mattered | Les Carpenter
Sean Payton been hanging around the liberal anti-gun ppl in New Orleans too long. .
It didn't take you liberal pukes at ESPN long to jump on using Sean Payton's words to push your anti gun agenda
Sean Payton says he hates guns.Coach, Im sorry for your loss but if not for guns, you'd be coaching soccer & singin…
Talked to coach Sean Payton for a long time today. He expressed many emotions. Column posting soon on USA
Tyrann Mathieu and Sean Payton speak out about New Orleans in the wake of Will Smith's shooting: Emotions are ...
I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Sean Payton. Let's blame all guns on an isolated incident of revenge!
Mickey Loomis is a magician of equal talent as Sean Payton's brother
Saints just made Sean Payton the highest-paid coach in the league. And you thought McCarthy was coasting off his one trip…
Kinda ironic that Sean Payton calls for new improvements on helmets. When he was one of the masterminds for the bounty gate scandal
Sean Payton, Joe Vitt were on Eagles' coaching staff when Turner played there. James Willis was a teammate.
Sean Payton's extension, Mackenzie Bourg, Jay Walker's selfie with Kelly Clarkson, UL softball & how the NCAA ...
Laurinaitis quotes DC Gregg Williams: "Every day's an interview." Probably shouldn't quote him around Sean Payton.
Sean Payton is an *** obviously he does not understand rules he's the bounty gate guy. It's for unsportsmanlike
New Orleans Saints : Videos - Sean Payton talks about the hiring of Dan Campbell:
Sean Payton agrees to five-year extension with the New Orleans Saints - NewOrleans, Saint…
Sean Payton agrees to 5-year contract with Saints: Sean Payton announced Wednesday he's agreed to a five-year…
Sean Payton confirmed that have added former LB Craig Robertson in his WWL interview.
a tight end is big in a Sean Payton offense, especially with a qb like drew bress. They still have the draft!!!
2 LB's signing and also the S from the CFL. Do u see Sean Payton going WR with . And getting a rusher in the 2nd?
i agree with u bro but we talking Sean Payton not Rex Ryan lol
Thinkin' Sean Payton is leaning toward Treadwell @ now. ?
agree with u but Sean Payton is STUBBORN
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sean Payton picking Treadwill I just got a feeling. . Imagine: Treadwill, Cooks, Snead, Coleman and Fleener.
Sean Payton has a potty mouth. That is why I like him so much.
Sean Payton and Drew Brees will be Redskins the following year.
All Lies!! Nick survives on roux and withering looks from Sean Payton. 🐐🐐🐐
Can you imagine this guy coupled with Cooks in Sean Payton's saints offense?
I heard his head was getting too big and he started referring to himself in 3rd person a lot and irking Sean Payton lol.
Belichick could handle Hardy No Reason Garrett should not be able to Sean Payton could probably handle him as well
I sometimes feel like Sean Payton's wife watched The Color Purple and hit him with "until you do right by me.?!?!" before they split.
Who dat nation best decision ever thanks Sean Payton
Let's see Jordan beat Magic, Chuck, Clyde Drexler, Sean Kemp and Gary Payton, and Stockton and Malone in the finals
Amongst the Saints triumvirate of Drew Brees, Sean Payton and Tom Benson, I definitely had the lowest odds on Brees fronting the Ponzi.
Sean Payton talks about keeping Drew Brees healthy in the ...
If a teacher knows what payton shirt say they should get fired 😭😭
He and Sean Payton completely changed the fortunes of that franchise and city
they wanted Drew and Sean Payton no good though
Sean Payton is the worst at free agency, Tomsula could've stole his crown but was fired prematurely.
Onyemata's agent Carter Chow of California based sports firm Yee & Dubin will be in attendance. Y&D reps the likes of Tom Brady, Sean Payton
if any one could keep him motivated Sean Payton can
got firsthand look at him in their facilities at the NFL Regional Combine. Wonder if Sean Payton was there.
Like Sean Payton would want him for the Saints - not gonna happen
sorry to say as long as sean Payton the coach no he will not get a chance
No as long as sean Payton the coach
i much rather have spent that money on coby fleener. *** sean payton for being a QB genius.
feeling old when I can remember Sean Elliot playing for and Gary Payton playing for
Sean Payton was Faulks RB coach in college thats awesome
. I think Coby puts up big numbers with Drew Brees throwing and Sean Payton play calling. Still 1 dimensional though.
Coby gonna have production with the saints just because Sean Payton
Sean Payton really gotta be *** in the locker room, these players are leaving for PENNIES man smh
Sean Payton in the locker room must be bad
It's all good though. I know Sean Payton has something up his sleeve. He's up to something!
Sean Payton. When you have a moment, ski down the mountain and call your office.
Easy to see why Sean Payton wanted him.
Clemson DE Shaq Lawson also went out to dinner with members of the Saints, including Sean Payton and Jeff Ireland, last…
Sean Elliott and Gary Payton chatting each other up two rows in front of me. No word on why they aren’t including me in the conversation.
Not every day you sit four feet behind Gary Payton and Sean Elliott talking ball. Lil' chubby…
Can we get him a jersey 2nd half? Sean Elliott w/ Gary Payton after being honored to All-Century team
Sean Elliott and Gary Payton selected to first team of Pac-12 All-Century team.
Bill Parcells to Sean Payton, as told by John Lynch ... cool.
Sean Payton really loves Michael Hoomanawanui. I think we can officially call the Akiem Hicks trade a positive one.
"Plaintiff is homeless because defendants are greedy and selfish." Defendants? Gayle Benson, Sean Payton, Robin Roberts, Sally-Ann Roberts.
Watching a football life w/marshall Faulk. Found out coach Sean Payton was his rb coach. Wow never knew that
Drew Brees contract 'will get done very easily,' Sean Payton tells NFL Network...
4. Sean Payton was got caught stealing pills from the team's pharmacy. Jim Irsay was involved in transporting traffickin…
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