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Sean Kinney

Sean Howard Kinney (born May 27, 1966) is an American musician best known for being the drummer of the rock band Alice in Chains.

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Jesus, Sean Kinney is such a good drummer
Sean Kinney. Part time job as drummer with Alice In Chains. Full time Clown enthusiast👍
Three times this should be for Jerry Cantrell Sean Kinney and me with The Adam Sandler Jam Band…
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Edge computing is essential for real-time and 5G (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
If scaling small cells is a problem now, what does that mean for 5G? (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless…
my roommate sean kinney. me: yo sean can you stop doing what you're doing I'm trying to get work done . sean: *shakes gourd vigorously*
WaPo headline: "When you treat politics as entertainment, you get Sean Spicer at the Emmys". ...
Florida Keys: Returning to normal one call or text at a time (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.
Officer Sean Aranas approached Beto Matias as he was selling hot dogs without a permit outside UC Berkeley’s...
ATT, Georgia Tech team to help visually impaired hear the eclipse (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
i just hope Sean Kinney is happy rn he deserves it
ATT, Verizon want to continue testing 5G in 28 GHz band (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
China Mobile to wait for maturity of 5G to determine capex plans (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
Using small cells to connect the unconnected in Northern Canada (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR Wireless News)
Hamilton Collection
Gigabit LTE continues to gain traction; latest deployment by Proximus in Belgium (Sean Kinney, Managing Editor/RCR…
good morning to everyone especially Sean Kinney
As a drummer I've looked to those who have set the bar and blazed the trail. Scott Phillips, Dave Grohl, and Sean K…
Photo of Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains warming up during soundcheck at The Hollywood Palladium by Marty Temme.…
Glad to work w/ to host in Jason Kinney has relationship & keeps it happening. https:/…
The difference for me is I just don't sleep on friends' couches anymore.
Just had a 20 minute conversation with Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains
When you play at before a game and then meet Sean Kinney, drummer from 😮🙃
Interview Alice In Chains - Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney about Layne S... via
I think female drummers are great. I think there should more of them.
There's nothing worse than talking about yourself to find out that you'r...
The next Led Zeppelin is playing somewhere, and they'll likely never mak...
Hey Sean Klosterman I just found your drivers license on the ground on Abbot Kinney street, let me know how to...
Great deflection by LB Sean Walters to force another punt by Kinney.
Google gets called out by EU antitrust regulators (Sean Kinney/RCR Wireless News): Sean…
TIL that Alice in Chain's self-titled 1995 album has a three-legged dog on the cover because drummer Sean Kinney was always chased by one w…
so Sean Kinney, drummer of Alice in Chains, went to liberty???
DEBATE... Drummers... SEAN KINNEY of Alice in Chains vs MATT SORUM of GnR, & Velvet Revolver... who ya got???. posted by SP
Merry christmas and happy holidays to you William Duvall and Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, and Mike Inez, too 😊❤💓
Sean Kinney in the final's at the Flo Kickoff Classic in Tulsa, OK
Portnoy, Vinnie Paul, Sean Kinney and Scott Phillips. Like their unique styles. Clearly not on their levels. You?
Radisys on LTE-U, SON – HetNet Happenings: Episode 40: On this episode of HetNet Happenings, host Sean Kinney ...
I added a video to a playlist Zumba Warm-up on Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind Remix by Vijaya
Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, they are forever my favourite
Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, Layne Thomas Staley, and Mike Starr too we missed they
Jerry Cantrell, he are forever our favourite rock person in AIC and Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, LTS, MCS missed😢❤❤
I love they so much my forever favourite rock person in AIC Jerry Cantrell, and Sean Kinney they are the best of all❤❤❤
Sean Kinney: “On fans who criticize Alice In Chains for continuing without Layne Staley: “I always have the c…
and im aware that Sean Kinney can't do half of what Lars barely can lmao
Sean Kinney, he are the really cool, raw clever, and awesome rock person ❤ ❤ ❤
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sean Kinney is so excited for the opener, he's been running around the gym for months!
This picture loves I'm so much Jerry Cantrell, William Duvall, Mike Inez, and Sean Kinney, to on the stage 💓
"Be yourself! That's what makes you beautiful!" - Check out the new Shiseido ad starring Lady Gaga and Asia Kinney: htt…
Good night to: the coolest Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, and Kurt Cobain, to
Photo: cantrells: “We’ve mastered the art of making pretty music that makes you want to die.” — Sean Kinney
Drum sticks signed by Travis Barker during a Transplant tour and Sean Kinney sticks of Alice In…
How did John Popper end up with these cats?
I still can't get over the fact that Sean Kinney broke a table on Jerry Cantrell's head
Sean Kinney next to Layne Staley. And Mike Starr's on the right with the ciggie & LA Kings jacket
American Rock Heavyweights ALICE IN CHAINS were formed in Seattle, Washington in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley. The initial lineup was rounded out by drummer Sean Kinney, and bassist Mike Starr (who was replaced in 1993 by Mike Inez). Although widely associated with grunge music, the band's sound incorporates heavy metal and acoustic elements. The band rose to int'l fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s, along with other Seattle bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. In 1992, the band released their album Dirt, which was critically acclaimed and has been certified quadruple platinum. The band also achieved two No. 1 Billboard 200 releases ( The Jar of Flies EP and the self-titled album), 14 top ten songs on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and eight Grammy Award nominations. The band reunited in 2005 with new lead vocalist William Duvall, and released their fourth studio album, Black Gives Way to Blue, in 2009. The albu ...
hey enough PLL crap we want to know WHAT IS A SEAN KINNEY
urban dicticionary pls reply to me I need to know what a Sean Kinney is his is urgent
laney is so nice like thanks . a good person is one who gives you pictures of Sean Kinney
having a broken phone means having a broken heart bc I can't see pictures of Sean Kinney
In 2005, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, and Sean Kinney reunited to perform a benefit concert in Seattle for victims...
In today's free drum lesson, Tom Brechtlein explores grooving on the kit with almost no bass drum strokes.
Any fans out there? Here's our interview with Sean Kinney about the band's latest album.
Sean Kinney: Off The Chain: Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney gives us a look into the band's ...
Artist Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains featured on site...
in Chains LSMS on Sean Kinney's drum kit tribute to Layne Staley and Mike Starr.
Woot Woot, got a Sean Kinney Drum stick. (drummer from Alice in chains) from the concert in Indy tonight :) Thanks Ma
I remember when Sean Kinney bowed at me
and she's like "you know mckenzies gonna bring home some drummer with a nose ring" and I said "yes. and that drummer will be Sean Kinney"
Thank you for all the encouraging comments on my work- particularly Sean Kinney's Drawing- that is my masterpiece as far as I am concerned. Here is today's update- unfortunately I will not be back online until after the weekend- I need a new netcard card for my new PC system- the old card wont fit in there so I got to get another- office will be installed then and I still need to pull the harddrive!! Sorry guys and gals I know it has been a while but I just cant help it- I will resume as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding. Love Flynn
Well, safe ride back from Fayetteville and made really good time. Huge thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law Sean Kinney for fixing my car! Soory I didn't say later to you, you looked to peaceful sleeping. Also huge thanks to Shay and Jay jay for welcoming me into their home. You guys are the *** Big sister! Wish I could of stayed longer but what we had was good enough, stay strong Ashy love you bunches and I will send you the pictures I took when you were sleeping cause they are hilarious. I'm on to a new journey and all of you will never be forgotten.
"I remember tracking guitar for Facelift in this room right here. We finished that record down here," recalls Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains with a smile. Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney are surveying a studio in the Capitol Records building,
Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney of - - "Nothing that does well just happens..."
Happy birthday to Pete Sears from Jefferson Starship, Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains, Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez, Andre 3000, and Jadakiss.
Today in Rock History: Led Zeppelin’s definitive live CD “How The West Was Won” is released. It was recorded during the California portion of their '73 North American tour. 2003 Black Crowes keyboardist, Eddie Harsch, has a birthday. He contributes to the group’s second album, “The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion” in '92, and becomes a full member a short time later. 1957 The Crickets (with Buddy Holly singing) release “That’ll Be The Day.” 1957 It's a birthday for drummer Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains). 1966 The Iron Butterfly record their seventeen minute epic “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” at Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. The west coast band performs the song as part of a soundcheck while waiting for their producer to arrive and are unaware they are being recorded. According to VH1 (in '09), the title track of the multi-platinum album is the 24th greatest Hard Rock song of all time. 1968 “Tumbling Dice” peaks at in the U.S. The Rolling Stones track is fro ...
Congratulations to Sean Kinney who was hired as Whitmans head baseball coach. Well deserved! Those young men have a great coach/mentor.
Congrats to Whitman alum Sean Kinney ('05), today named HEAD BASEBALL COACH at Whitman, after leading the team to it's best season in 38 years as interim head coach this past year. Watch out folks, Whitman Baseball is on the rise!!
Coach Sean Kinney '05 will be able to build on last year's record-breaking season Whitman's baseball team put together. After stepping up to serve as interim head coach last year, Whitman made it official by hiring him to be the head coach.
I've got an all Alice In Chains Drive @ 5 for you today along with an interview with drummer, Sean Kinney! - Evan
So I need 38 of y'all to tell me you're available June 7th from 5:30-7:30 and can get babysitters if need be. Start prepping your livers too. Dear God I won me a happy hour!
One guy that I consistently cling to for comments and philosophy on the music industry. Sean Kinney and a select...
"- Sean Kinney: New Led Zep won't make it - - SO TRUE
Alice in Chains are getting ready to release their second album with singer-guitarist William Duvall in the fold, as well as co-headline the upcoming
Sean Kinney: New Led Zep won't make it -
I am starting to feel like I jinxed the Hawks over the weekend... jokingly referring to Eric Daze every 5 minutes. He is haunting them with his overblown mediocrity...
The next Led Zeppelin is out there but you'll probably never hear them.
"I'm the best drummer in my band. And that's because nobody else can play drums in my band. I got that down." -Sean Kinney- AIC. Awesome!
***Jerry Cantrell TALKS DINOSAURS*** This summer is shaping up to be big for Alice In Chains, starting with the release of their new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, on May 28. The 12-song collection is the band's first studio album since 2009's Black Gives Way To Blue, which earned the quartet — guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, bassist Mike Inez, and vocalist/guitarist William Duvall — back-to-back GRAMMY nominations in 2009 and 2010 for "Check My Brain" and "A Looking In View," respectively. With GRAMMY-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Deftones, Foo Fighters, Rush) once again onboard for The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, the foursome dragged their trademark melodic hard rock sound deeper into the depths of sludge. The result is a powerful work that stands comfortably next to not only the gold-certified Black Gives Way To Blue, but classic Alice In Chains albums such as Facelift and Dirt. With Alice In Chains in the midst of a global tour, spoke with Cantrell about ...
I am moving in with my dad on Saturday. Gonna start packing.
"Sean Kinney said "Shelby be crawlin like a spider Mmk
General Music News: Sean Kinney compares concerts and festivals in the US to…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sean Kinney has been hired to coach baseball at Kinney was interim coach last season for the 16-win Missionaries.
you talking about Sean Kinney? If so, I give him a pass because it wasn't really a "woe is me"
" These rock bands, rock doesn’t hold the place it did on the charts. It’s these lip-synching karaoke people, but it’s become okay. You can see how it’s changed. It used to be a cardinal foul, you couldn’t go to a concert and have a tape on and people pay $100 to sit there and watch you fake your s—, that was a crime. It’s totally fine now, apparently. Okay, that’s the way it is. That’s horrible, you know. And it makes guys like us who really play everything, we’re at a huge disadvantage [laughs]. We actually play and stuff and you have these other people come out, hit the play button, and like, ‘Dance monkey,’ and they sing and they act like it." --Sean Kinney
Alice In Chains members Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney discussed the significance of the LS/MS on Sean’s drum kit, in memory of Layne Staley and Mike Starr, in a new interview at the MMRBQ. Jerry said, “Layne Staley Mike Starr, they’re with us.” Sean said, “There’s been six people in that band and t...
Check out the second part of Alice In Chains' interview with
Like a dutiful music fan, I arrived at Zia Records this past Monday at Midnight to pick up two new releases..."Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk and "Love Lust Faith + Dreams" by 30 Seconds to Mars. I can't begin to say how AWFUL both of these albums are! So disappointed! And this is coming from a person who LOVES 30 Seconds to Mars and Daft Punk. Hopefully, Alice in Chains won't disappoint with their new album next week!
Yes, climate change is happening. But it's hard to say that the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, was influenced by climate change.
Highlights of Sean and Brett Backus at the 2013 Silver State 300. Filmed by TUBA ART FILMS. visit
It's about time some girls got a bit of respect for themselves
Enter for a chance to win a flyaway trip for two to the Uproar festival to meet Alice In Chains!
Driving one of the most broodingly dark bands of the 1990s, Kinney didn't trample over or fully succumb to Alice In Chains' plodding melodies; instead, he laid back with a strong dynamic sense, bustling with inventive fills but never getting too busy for Layne Staley's narrative of decay and despair...
Leaving in an hour & 45 mins. to go see one of the GREATEST bands EVER ALICE IN CHAINS:) !
I'm incredibly excited to say that after many long days and sleepless nights, the BOSS Imports Canada LS3 JZX100 finally came together. The amount of support and dedication from my friends and family really made this entire endeavor possible. I thank Cindy Hogg, and Sarah Ali for putting up with a lot of my crap over the recent months. To my crew and cronies; without the likes of Colin Greenwood, Mark Kinney, Aaron Ratzlaff, Kevin Lassaline, Scott Pynn, Sean Jedrusiak, Michael Boulanger, Mathieu Boulanger, SerialNine, and many more, none of this would have been possible, I really owe it all to you folks... Here's to a fun filled, and successful 2013 drift season! :)
Sean Kinney is only This top chunk better be spectacular.
Uhh Sean Kinney should be named number one but I am being extremely biased
Saw Alice in Chains this weekend and really watched Sean Kinney. Amazing restraing yet very powerful drumming. Nice inclusion.
West Coast: 30 minutes until we say goodbye. Don't miss the finale of The Big C: hereafter on Showtime!
Sean Kinney looks like a cool version of Professor Snape, Lol.
Seamus Patrick Kinney was born today at 4:11pm central time coming in at 5 pounds 10 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long. Congrats to two of my best friends Sean Kinney and Victoria Kinney the proud parents, and I love all 3 of you!
When change happens and people pass on"home" today, I think of my loved ones. In 2002, when Layne passed, AIC's Sean Kinney and I hung out for 5 days. It began with, "Fab hurry up and get here, I have to take Bill Siddons , to SeaTac." I, zoned and oblivious to who this was, rushed to Sean's, and there he greeted me with a beer and a smile, as Bill zoomed into his driveway in Jerry Cantrell's lil' red Corvette. I drank my beer fast and said hello and remembered him at Layne's memorial that Chris Cornell and Susan Silver had at their home. He was the guy smiling at me when the food came out and I said, "Oh yes, chicken nibblets!" I was hungry and so was Bill. I was surrounded by the music "big guys"...unknowingly, but I know it was a remnant to their old days. I figured this out later at Sean's when he said, "Do you know who he is?" "He's Bill Siddons, who managed THE DOORS! Gulp...Wow...really?! So Sean driving, with a beer in between his legs and Bill in the passanger seat and I in the back.fully ...
"Face it like white girls and white girls like country. You need to join in!" Sean Kinney
Thought me and the wee man Luke Shingleton would give ballee pitches ago for our 2 mile run tonight wee man smashed his first time for 2 miles proud dad
Sean Kinney is on the cover of the May 2013 issue of DRUM! Magazine, on newsstands now.
Sean Kinney and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains new interview on East Coast radio station WMMR 93.3
This is doing the job today: 'Stone' by Alice in Chains. Great to see Sean Kinney back behind the kit.
**Caught up and talked with Alice In Chains today (Drummer of AIC: Sean Kinney)
Anti done gave herself to Mike lnez, Sean Kinney, Chris Cornell and William Duvall in a span of less than 5 minutes. lmao
Sean Kinney & Mike Inez still fine too. With they raggedy lookin *** lol
Just talked to Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains and I was nervous as *** but it was probably the most real interview I've ever been a part of.
Just spoke to Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains today - Rock on the Range
Just got done recording with Sean Kinney from Alice in Chains, we couldn't take any video or photos but we got some great audio!
(OX) Just wrapped with Sean Kinney from at
OK. My non-country, non-classic-rock musical IQ is pretty low. Who are the people onstage on SNL right now. (Not the SNL cast members—them I know.)
What.the.Heck.almost 6 am.Caleb cried all night last night...I was exhausted al in bed at like 11... Nope.still up.sleep!!! Where are you!!! And hey you eyes- quit that crying!!!
Watch the music video for Stone by Alice In Chains and more new Rock videos on VEVO.
Hey John Badal we just landed I'm Columbus how's it feel? Sean Kinney in first class
Alice in Chains invaded The Rave in Milwaukee on May 15. They are touring on new music, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," slated to be released on May 28. The ban
ALICE IN CHAINS (live 1991) NObody from the west coast rocked like AIC in their prime. thx to Brad Ketchen for turning me on to these doodz way back when...
When I was 17, in 1993, I already had a few years experience with video editing and a few years heavily invested in the music of Alice in Chains. I thought I...
Catie Wilkes, Cortney DeWaine, Steven Snyder, Sean Kinney, .you guys ready for ROTR?! :)
Girls & Guys! We are back again! If there's anyone you would like to see, hit us up :) x
Have you ever loved someone who was so beautiful and pure, you couldn't bear to show them your own darkness?
One week until the finale of The Big C: hereafter!
Congradulations to tasha and sean kinney a daughter mccay was born tonite at920pm.weighing in at8lbs 1oz.she has 2brother at home. Colin and evan.also 2dogs and grammie ann
Sean Kinney told Greg Prato in the book Grunge Is Dead: The Oral History Of Seattle Rock Music that Staley had long resigned himself to an early grave: “Layne told me straight up, ‘I’m never coming back. I’m not going to quit doing drugs. I’m going to die like this—this is it.’” Staley’s body was found sitting upright on the couch, his remains illuminated by a flickering television in an otherwise darkened room. A stiff cocktail of drugs composed of cocaine, codeine, and morphine was rattling around his ravaged, 86-pound frame. A syringe loaded with a fresh supply of heroin sat in his hand; a used needle lay at his feet. Two crack pipes were waiting on his coffee table, and several more used needles were uncovered when his body was moved. Staley wasn’t the sort to hedge his bets when it came to calling his own drug-related death.
Who is your favorite bassist or drummer ever?
All of my nieces are very talented when it comes to hair. One will soon be a licensed beautician Mykell Cameron. She is good , but I dont even think she is the best one ... you must see what one of the youngest is capable of ... she is only in the eighth grade. My niece Candice Cameron is very good also, but that little crazy Charity Cameron is the most beastly of them all. I only allow a very few people to touch my kids hair beside my wife of course. I allow no relaxer productd at all (never will). Her God mother is the one that does it the bulk of the time Shondale Ingram. Look what Charity did. What do you all see in my daughter's head?
The mother of late Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley is taking legal action against her son's former bandmates, claiming they've not made good on
***Layne Staley'S MOTHER SUES AIC*** According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the mother of late ALICE IN CHAINS singer Layne Staley has filed a lawsuit against the surviving members of the band, asking for a court order establishing her right to 16 percent of the group's revenue — half of the money due Staley — as well as any of her son's assets currently controlled by the band. According to the lawsuit, an attorney for ALICE IN CHAINS members Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney told Staley's mother, Nancy McCallum, last September that the revenue-sharing agreement that had seen her paid in the decade after the singer's death would be terminated. Band attorney Peter Paterno also alleged in a December 2012 letter that McCallum has tried to trademark the ALICE IN CHAINS name, a move he described as "disturbing." Staley's former bandmates say the singer's heirs will be able to collect royalties on songs he wrote or co-wrote, while arguing McCallum no longer has a role in the band’s business decisions. ...
Had a wonderful day with all my kids and my Sister June Kinney and Arthur Potter. Thank you. Love you Joette Messing, Angie Potter, Sean Potter, Aaron Potter , Nicki Potter, Tony Potter.
Happy Mother's Day to Gail Kinney. She and the family have always been there for me and helped me through more hard times then they realize. Thank you for everything...with Love.
Aloha! I am still campaigning for votes on my "Bruddah Frosty" photo. Dreaming about playing the beautiful Kamaka Ukulele! Please continue helping me; I am at right now and need to move up to It is so easy, just click onthe link below. Mahalo!
Nice night of chilling! Megan Ariana, and Sean Kinney night!
This Saturday 2-5 PM WIMS and We will play the best of "Duos and Trios", all bands from all genres with either 2 or 3 members. Tell us your favorites and tune in.
This student is working on a pretty intricate groove from a song his band will be covering in an upcoming performance.
Sean Kinney had "LSMS" on the bass drum cover, Layne Staley Mike Starr
Jerry Cantrell shot of mine in the new May 2013 Drum! Magazine with Sean Kinney on the cover.
In 1983, Starr formed the heavy metal band SATO, his first group of note. They are best known for the song "Leather Warriors", which appeared on Northwest Metalfest, a compilation album featuring various metal acts released in 1984 by local Seattle label Ground Zero Records.[2] Starr briefly joined another band by the name of Gypsy Rose, which included early Alice N' Chains producer Tim Branom on lead vocals and his future bandmate Jerry Cantrell on guitar. Starr and Cantrell left Gypsy Rose and the two of them began working together to form a new band. First, they contacted drummer Sean Kinney, who coincidentally was dating Starr's sister Melinda at that time and had exchanged phone numbers with Cantrell's roommate Layne Staley.[3] Then the trio began staging what Cantrell and Kinney later said were fake auditions in order to coax Staley into joining their band.[3] Eventually, Staley quit the other bands he was performing with at that time and joined their band as well.[4] This band gained attention in t ...
What a nite!! Met Kelle Rhoads!! Met Phil Demmell from Machine Head!! Met Matt Greene from LA Kings!! Sean Kinney from Alice in Chains!!
Roy Mayorga, Andy Hurley, Neil Sanderson, Chris Gaylor, Daniel Adair, Sean Kinney, Chad Smith and Mike Portnoy all have pictutes in MC c':
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Beating The Odds: Seattle Metal Men Score Big With Debut Disc Daina Darzin 1991? It's the ultimate metal-band nightmare. You're opening for Slayer, and the fierce children who make up their crowd hate you. They're throwing large objects at your head. You know you're going to die.   So why is it that, coming offstage at Red Rocks in Denver on the Clash of the Titans tour, Alice In Chains look so jazzed? More than that. They look positively euphoric.   "That was great, it was so funny," enthuses vocalist Layne Staley, and he means it. When that plastic gallon jug came careening onto the stage (splashing many disgruntled fans with purple punch during its descent), Layne laughed.   "We were kinda asking for it," admits drummer Sean Kinney. "We were yelling back to kids who were heckling us."   "That red-headed girl, I was gonna throw the mike at her," says guitarist Jerry Cantrell. "That must have been the ugliest chick I ever saw in my life."   "And it was daytime," says Sean. "So you can duck. At night ...
Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney are special guests on this weeks Chop Shop radio show. The show will air on various...
This weekend we will sit down with Jerry Cantrell & Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains and talk with Jim Root of Stone Sour on the Chop Shop!
(hennemusic) Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has confirmed that the band has completed recording its new album. Joined by singer William Duvall, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney, Cantrell recently wrapped up the album sessions with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters, Deftones) and engineer Paul Figueroa. The follow-up to 2009's "Black Gives Way To Blue" is the band's second record with DuVall; original lead singer Layne Staley died in 2002.
Had a strange dream... I was in America, not sure where it was, doesn't look familiar so maybe it's not Seattle... and my band and all my good friends from Japan were there with me... and we were coming to see Alice In Chains secret show at this small building, there were long line of people waiting outside, and I was talking to Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains drummer) and he was a very nice guy. the place opens and people rushed in, the show starts with Mike Inez (bassist of AIC) solo set, with all those photos and memorial stuff of late Layne Staley on the back screen behind him. Strange thing was, by the time he finished his set, half of the people were gone, and there were just few of us left in that building. People were still chatting and smoking, drinking outside, including Sean Kinney and some of my friends lol. People started coming in again when the lights went dark, and the show started with the song "Last Of My Kind", off their last album Black Gives Way To Blue. I was so excited, people were ...
Here I am again, preparing to write a paper with the help of my favorite four study buddies: Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney and Mike Starr. We're in for a late night, boys.
Anybody ever have that poster of Dave Grohl and Sean Kinney and Lerenzy Apodaca... At the bottom they always printed different band names.. They always took pictures when we would meet up to get stoned in the park... The one I really like says Seattle on it. I know the one that say Soundgarden is a collectible. They asked me if I had one at second time around a couple years ago.. Like wow what?
Twisted Willie (Written by Willie Nelson Performed by Johnny Cash with Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains), an...
As promised. Layne Staley and Sean Kinney's soundbites from the Guam interview remixed into some funky dance song?
Burke with Sean Kinney, of Alice in Chains, backstage at Nokia with his brand new RBCDJ bag
Sean Kinney, Matt Cameron, Dave grohl, Taylor Hawkins. What do all these have in common?...
A personal favorite of mine from Alice In Chains, good job on the drums, Sean Kinney!
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